It wasn’t long after her loss to Carrie Underwood. Taylor Swift successfully lobbied the booking committee for another match. The booking committee decided to set her against Kesha. Once the fight was set, the committee had carefully set a date due the busy schedules of the two stars. They had set the match in the middle of the week in the beginning of the new-year. They each trained with their personal trainers for the coming fight from mid-December and later with a few days off for Christmas and New Year. The day finally came for the fight and the two were as ready as possible.

Taylor was the first to be called to the ring. She is introduced to ‘You Belong with Me’ and has loud cheers from the crowd. She waves to them as she heads to the ring. She finishes stretching while in the ring as she waits for Kesha who isn’t introduced much later. Kesha is introduced to ‘Die Young’. Kesha smiles and shakes hands with the crowd as they cheer loudly as she heads to the ring.

Once in the ring, the two stare across the ring at each other as they wait for the referee to ring the bell to start the match. “I’m glad the committee put us against each other. This is going to be an easy win for me country girl.” taunts Kesha.

“You’re going to beat me? Just like you beat Gaga and Carrie Underwood?… Oh that’s right, you lost that fight.” Smirked Taylor. “Good luck at beating me. You’re going to need it.”

Once the bell rings, the blond superstars come at each other. They send a flurry of fists against the other without trying to block the other’s punches. Taylor surprises Kesha with a quick right kick to her gut followed by a kick to side of her knocking her to one knee. Taylor spins around connecting with a kick to Kesha’s jaw knocking her to the ground. Smiling at her early success and feeling the adrenaline rushing through her, Taylor runs and bounces off the ropes. She comes back at Kesha and guillotine leg drops her making Kesha flop on the mat.

Taylor gets back to her feet. As she gets up, she grabs Kesha by the hair bringing her to her feet. Just as the two get to their feet, Kesha sends an uppercut to Taylor’s chin that catches her by surprise and knocks her back a few steps and in a slight daze. Kesha follows her uppercut with a drop-kick knocking Taylor to the mat. Kesha quickly gets to her feet and heads to Taylor for an elbow drop, but misses as Taylor rolls out of the way.

The two blondes quickly get back to their feet. Taylor goes for a kick to Kesha’s ribs, but Kesha jams her as she moves in and sends a knee between her legs while also partly deflecting the kick simultaneously. Taylor’s eyes bulge and she hunches over from the pain. Taylor’s hands instinctively go to her pussy. Kesha rears her right fist back and slams it deep into Taylor’s stomach and twists it while it’s in there driving the air out of her making her gasp for air. Taylor’s eyes and mouth widen as much as they can while Kesha has her fist in her stomach. Kesha whispers in Taylor’s ear, “What was that about me needing luck?”

Taylor drops to her knees before Kesha after Kesha removes her fist. “You bitch.” Taylor snarls between breaths at Kesha just as she sends a front kick to Taylor’s chest dropping her to the mat.

Kesha doesn’t waste any time as she bends over and grabs Taylor’s legs bringing them up and spreads them. Taylor’s eyes widen and she shakes her head, “Kesha, please don…OOOWWWWW”. Taylor’s spasms a bit and her back arches as Kesha slams her foot down between her legs, not once but several times. The referee comes in and pulls Kesha back before she could slam her foot down for a fourth time and warns her about her low blows. Kesha just shrugs off the referee’s warning and plays to the crowd a bit. In the meantime, Taylor curls up and holds herself on the mat groaning in pain.

Before too long, Kesha turns her attention back to Taylor. Kesha walks over and stands above Taylor and starts to stomp her. Taylor grunts with each stomp and tries to roll away from Kesha. As she’s rolling away, Taylor is somehow able to grab Kesha’s ankle and pulls on it as she rolls away from her. This catches Kesha by surprise as her arms flail back and she falls to her back in a thud.

Ignoring her own pain, Taylor releases Kesha’s ankle and jumps on the now prone Kesha. She straddles Kesha’s a bit oddly, but straddles nonetheless and starts to punch at Kesha’s head. Kesha grunts as her head snaps from side-to-side, as she is only barely able to block a few of the punches. Kesha starts to buck Taylor and sends her hands up towards Taylor’s chin to push it up and back. The combo attack by Kesha is enough to halt Taylor’s attack. Taylor’s arms flail a bit in the air trying to strike any part of Kesha. Kesha grits her teeth as she bucks Taylor harder and gives one more shove on Taylor’s chin finally making her fall off.

Both girls take a little time to recover from their pain before starting to get to their feet. As they get to their knees, Kesha makes the first move with a left hook to Taylor’s jaw making Taylor’s head snap to the side. Taylor comes back with her own left hook, but Kesha blocks it and quickly responds left hook to Taylor’s cheek making her snap again. Kesha immediately follows that up with a right hook to Taylor’s cheek making Taylor’s head snap again. Kesha follows that up with a left uppercut to Taylor’s that sends Taylor to her back.

Kesha smirks as Taylor lies on the mat groaning in pain as she finishes getting to her feet. Kesha slides her thumb across her throat and the crowd cheers her for that. Kesha reaches down grabbing Taylor by the hair pulling her to her feet and then shoves her head between her legs. Kesha squeezes her thighs around Taylor’s neck making her groan slightly in pain. Kesha then wraps her arms around Taylor’s waist and hoists her up in the air and while up in the air, Kesha repositions Taylor and getting her ready for the Widow’s Peak. She holds Taylor for a couple seconds before dropping to her ass and executing the Widow’s Peak. Taylor grunts and her body spasms for a moment just before she falls flat on her face in the middle of the ring unconscious.

Kesha quickly moves over to Taylor’s side, rolls her onto her back and covers her for the pin. The referee comes over and after he administers the three count, Kesha jumps up and smiles in her victory. The crowd cheers Kesha’s victory, more so after the referee raises her arm. Kesha accepts the cheers of the crowd for a couple minutes, before heading to her locker room.

“Congratulations on your victory Kesha.” Says Rihanna as she enters the locker room.

Kesha turns around to see Rihanna and smiles. The two hug each other since they’ve been friends for a couple years, “Thanks Rihanna. It wasn’t as easy as I expected, but a victory is a victory.”

“The first victory is always the hardest to get, but it helps your confidence. I was wondering if you’d help me out.” says Rihanna.

“What do you mean help you?” asks Kesha.

“I’ve been thinking of creating and heading my own group of wrestlers in the league. Actually, I’m thinking of re-creating the group that Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Shania Twain were a part of. I’m hoping you’d join me.” Said Rihanna.

“Aren’t you in Gen Next? What does Kelly say about your plan? Is anyone else with you?” asked Kesha.

“I am still a part of Gen Next. Kelly doesn’t know that I want to resurrect the Divas group, but I’m sure I can convince to not be pissed off at me for wanting to leave. I’m actually doing this to help Kelly out. As for other women interested in joining me; I spoke with Katy Perry while we were training for the tag team tourney and she said she’d join me if I get someone else. I’m thinking of asking Shontelle to join me too.” Smiles Rihanna.

“Sounds good to me. I love Katy. She’s fun to hang out with and so are you. I’ll join you too.” Said Kesha.

“Thanks Kesha. I’m sure we’ll make an awesome group.” Smile Rihanna as the two hug.

Meanwhile, Taylor finally awakens in the ring and slowly heads back to her locker room, not only having lost two straight matches, but having lost them fairly decisively. She knew that if she were going to be successful in the league, she’d have to start winning matches. She leaves messages to a few of the celebs, including Beyonce who had come to her defense in the VMA’s and Carrie Underwood who had helped her in her first match when Kanye interrupted her speech and match respectively. She waited for them to get back to her in order to help train her better.