In an effort to promote the new brand of the company, United Kingdom Fury, Sofia Vergara's latest title defense of her prestigious Bootylicious title was moved to England. Her challenger, Christina Hendricks, has dual citizenship in the US and England through her father. Christina has also lived in England, and visits frequently. She may not be a native daughter of England, but they considered her a distant cousin. The English fans are rowdy and passionate. English fans are like none other. They cheer for who they want and boo who they want, no matter who the marketing says they should like or dislike. All the elements for a sensational title match are there.

From the beginning the fans favored Christina over Sofia. She is a fan favorite there. Sofia is an international icon and is popular pretty much everywhere. So England is one of the few places on earth where Christina is such an overwhelmingly favorite over Sofia. Not even in Christina's home town of Knoxville, Tennessee would she have such an advantage. These English fans wanted to see their red headed cousin win the title. Besides the fans know that Sofia is associated with Pam Anderson and her Fabs group. They got salty at Pam during a visit with Eva Longoria and tossed full beers over the duo's heads and booed them out of the arena.

The fans seem to be give Sofia the benefit of the doubt when she comes bouncing to the ring with her Bootylicious championship over her shoulder. Sofia is bouncing both literally and figuratively. Sofia's bubbly personality has her seemingly bouncing on clouds as she struts to the ring with a big enchanting smile. Sofia's voluptuous body literally bounces with each step. Her big, phenomenal 38 inch breasts are bouncing around like bowls of Jello in an earthquake. Those natural wonders are bouncing like they have been while being immortalized in thousands of gif's across the internet. She has a black bikini top that is just hanging on loosely and not letting go. Not to be out done by the feature attraction, Sofia's ass bounces too. She is wearing a leopard print waist high swimming trunks. However they are cut pretty high allowing her ass cheeks to ooze out of the bottom of them, to the point that half of her ass is out. Her plan is have plenty of flesh available so her 39 inch booty can smother Christina out. Her ass jealously draws attention from her breasts by jiggling and bouncing every step of the way to the ring.

The mouth watering champion stands in the ring with her championship belt waiting for her contender. Christina is announced and the audience goes bonkers. Even Christina could not believe the overwhelming response and love for her. Her cheeks turn as red as her hair as a smile lights up on her face. Christina practically floats to the ring being carried by the cheers of the crowd. Once Christina enters the ring, the fans break out into the English football chant, Glory Glory Christina! Christina simply shakes her head in amazement of the fan's spectacularly warm welcome for her. Of course Christina's outfit fed the frenzy too. She wore a black bustier to hold her enormous breasts, and see-thru black stretch pants. The pants easily expand when necessary, like when she is sitting on Sofia's face to end the match. They also revealed Christina's black thong underneath.

It is a humbling experience for Sofia. She is normally the most popular woman in the room. Forget humbling, it is borderline humiliating, this overwhelming support for Christina. Sofia tries to put the emotions out of her mind. All she has to do is defend her Bootylicious Title and all those fans will be silenced. Then Sofia will have put this situation far behind her. Meanwhile Sofia tries to tone out this Glory Glory Christina! chant.

Christina HendricksThe fans settle down a bit as both women make their final mental preparations in their individual corners. It is a metamorphosis for the fun loving and smiling Sofia to get into character to become a championship fighter. She recreates her memorable, Madame Desdemona character from Robert Rodriguez's movie, Machete Kills. Desdemona is a heartless and vicious bordello owner, who cuts men's dicks off, and has a machine gun brassier and a cock pistol. Sofia has to loose a bit of herself to get into character. No matter how they get there, both women get that sparkle in their eyes to kick the other's ass. Both eagerly await the opening bell.

The bell rings and everything gets serious quickly. Christina and Sofia move out of their corners and slowly move closer together while circling the ring. Suddenly a voice cuts through the tension and everything else in the arena screeching, "I love you Christina!"

Christina along with the fans chuckle. Christina breaks away from circling to go to the ropes and shouts back "I love you too!" The fans respond with more devote affection for the big red head. Sofia gets annoyed. It takes a lot of effort for her to maintain her hellcat attitude. This playful interruption is upsetting. Christina turns back toward Sofia and instantly returns with a game face. Sofia takes several deep huffs and puffs to build up her aggression again to get ready to fight all over again. The two move closer and get ready to lock up. Then the fans break out in a chant of, "You're Gonna Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In!" The chant is from English football games and pro wrestler, Bryan Danielson matches from Ring of Honor and AEW abroad. The shocking violent chant makes Christina chuckle again. She breaks away from the lock up again at the last moment and walks to the ropes to acknowledge the fans again. They scream their love and affection for the buxom red head again. Meanwhile Sofia is visibly upset and annoyed across the ring.

Christina notices Sofia's hysterics out of the corner of her eye. She knows that she is getting the champ rattled. The fans see it too and are going to do whatever they can to give their favorite an advantage. The red head prepares to lock up with Sofia once again. Sofia struggles to get her emotions together and her game face back. Finally they are close enough to almost touch, when the audience resumes their, Glory Glory Christina more robustly than ever. Christina breaks away from the lock up at the last moment, and bashfully yells, "You guys...." Her cheeks turn rosy red again as she is overcome by the England fans' love and support. Meanwhile Sofia looks like she is blowing a gasket. She is visibly annoyed. The Champ grabs the hair on her head like she is about to rip a couple of handfuls out. Christina leads the chant like a conductor in front of an orchestra.

Christina is having a jolly ole time. The fans are having a jolly ole time. After a bit, Christina decides it is time to turn around and have some more fun with Sofia. Christina turns to face Sofia and turns into a super kick to her jaw from the hellcat, Sofia. It was the most devastating and powerful kick that her long exquisite leg could deliver. Christina is hit right on target. The fans let out a loud collective, "Ooooohh!" Christina's body goes stiff and she falls to the mat like a ton of bricks. The fans start booing like crazy, but Sofia did nothing wrong. The match had officially started and Sofia had blasted Christina with a legal kick. It may not have been the most sporting thing to do, but neither was Christina and the fans toying with Sofia like they were. Sofia is laughing and celebrating with fist pumps and pelvic thrusts.

Sofia hears a moan from Christina. She refocuses her attention back on the red head. Sofia reaches down for a handful of hair and an arm to haul the slack challenger back to her feet. The words dazed, stunned and confused only begin to describe Christina's mental state. Sofia whips the mindless woman across the ring into the corner. Christina slams into the turnbuckles and drops to sitting on her ass in the corner. Sofia rockets toward the corner and launches her body into Christina with a cannonball splash. Sofia smushes Christina in the corner and rolls on through and pops to her feet. The champ springs to her feet with her arms raised and wearing a huge smile. The crowd roars their disapproval, but Sofia acts like they love her with all their hearts. The champ shakes and shimmies her gorgeous body in a display that would mezmorize pretty much anybody.

Sofia sees the stupefied Christina trying to slowly crawl away out of the side of her eye. She takes a few quick steps and kicks Christina in the head as she passes by. Once again Christina's head nearly gets punted off her shoulders and she collapses back to the mat. The fan's ire rockets through the roof. Sofia did not care she jumped up and down and shaking for the audience. Then she could not resist one dig at the abusive fans. Sofia shouts out, "Who's getting their fucking head kicked in now?" The fans are almost ready to riot at this point.

Sofia immediately returns to the embattled Christina in the midst of the fan's venom. Sofia hauls the discombobulated red head off the mat to her feet. The champion lifts her challenger off of her feet and slings her slacken body across her shoulder. Sofia runs across the ring and leaps in the air to slam Christina down to the mat with Sofia using her own body to crush Christina with a devastating power slam. Sofia can hear and feel the fans' hopes and dreams for their favorite winning leave the building. She stands off of Christina with a huge grin on her face. Then she breaks out with cha cha dance steps to celebrate.

After her cha cha, Sofia changes into a bachata salsa. Every living being that loves exquisite women are thrilled at the sight. Sofia's delicious body jiggles and shimmers in unimaginable ways as she dances. Only the fans in the building that Sofia is in and maybe Christina's family and most die hard fans were hating the sight. Fans in the building were jeering, and giving Sofia gestures while she danced, but they could not deny that the champion had earned the right to dance and gloat. She is dominating, destroying and flat out kicking their gal, Christina's ass.

Then the fans receive a glimmer of hope. The gutsy and gallant red head sits up. Christina wore an indomitable expression on her face. The fans are excited by the heroic comeback, but the savvy fans facing the dancing Sofia keep jeering her to maintain her attention. The other fans quickly catch on and start jeering and insulting the champion more. Meanwhile their valiant challenger rises to her feet. Christina becomes aware of the audience's participation on her behalf and stealthy approaches behind Sofia. Christina raises her arm to hit Sofia, when the champion suddenly spins around to face her. Christina's arm is coming down to clobber Sofia. The champion dodges and swats Christina's whiff, and Sofia captures Christina's arm under her left arm at the same time. Next Sofia hammers Christina's soft belly with gut crushing punches. The fans cringe as each punch slams into Christina's stomach. It seemed like it would never end, but in reality there were thirteen hammering, gut wrenching punches to Christina's unprotected stomach.

When Sofia stops and backs away, Christina remains standing while holding her belly with both hands and swaying on her feet like a Mortal Combat video game character. Sofia steps back and admires her handiwork or a moment. Then Sofia grabs Christina around the waist with one arm, and grabs her hand and makes her beleaguered opponent a nonconsensual dance partner. Sofia returns to doing a salsa with Christina being forced to go along as much as the breathless woman could. Sofia stops and plants a bionic elbow blast on the top of Christina's head. The punch drunk red head stands wobbling in her tracks. Calling on the spirit of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, Sofia gives Christina another blast on the top of her head with another bionic elbow. Christina is still standing, but just barely. Sofia rotates she fists around each other and her hips, and then blasts Christina with a last bionic elbow blast that sends Christina to the mat very hard.

After making a mockery of Christina, Sofia finally drops her magnificent ass on top of Christina's face. Sofia shakes her ass from side to side like a bird settling in a nest. She stops once she can feel a tight seal over Christina's face. Then she imposes her weight down to insure a proper booty smother to retain her Bootylicious title. The high cut shorts let her butt cheeks fall out, so she has plenty of flesh to make a seal. Deep down Sofia knows that Christina is doomed now.

Christina is too shell shocked from Sofia's blitzkrieg to still be in this fight or put up much resistance. Sofia continued to make the most of the situation and continues tormenting the jeering and taunting fans. Sofia bounced and dances while sitting on Christina's face. She was really drawing their ire. A chant of "YOU STILL SUCK" and boo's are filling every corner of the small arena. The referee was a little confused. He was not sure that Christina was completely out, but she was no longer trying to compete or defend herself. She just lay there while Sofia dances and gyrates while sitting on her face. After Christina had lie still for a good bit of time, he calls for the bell to end the match. He raises Sofia's hand and pulls her off of Christina.

SOFIA VERGARASofia gets her championship belt back and starts celebrating another successful title defense. The fans not being receptive to her is totally meaningless to her. She jumps, dances and gyrates around the ring regardless of the fan's reaction. After a sufficient if not lengthy celebration, Sofia leaves the ring and begins back to the dressing room. At that time, Christina has recovered and grabbed the microphone. "Hey Sofia!" Christina calls out to the champion who is standing at ringside. "Congratulations on a victory. To be honest, I'll admit that you have a way cuter ass than mine anyway. But when the fans voted to put us in a match, I don't think they were thinking about our booties. I think they were dreaming about us matching another of our assets." Christina puffs up her chest and rubs her huge tits. Of course the fans loose their minds screaming. "Why don't we give the fans what they really want and have a quick tit fight." Christina finishes.

Sofia shrugs her shoulder and answers, "Why not?" Her title match was remarkably short, and Sofia came closer to breaking a sweat during her celebration than during the match. After Sofia climbs back into the ring, Christina removes her bustier top and gives Sofia a challenging look to do the same. Sofia reaches behind her back and unfastens her black bikini top and allows it to fall to the mat.

Sofia gamely walks to Christina and slams her award worthy tits into Christina's even larger pair. Christina bumped back and the tit fight began. Sofia quickly finds herself in trouble, because not only are Christina's boobs bigger, but the red head out weighs Sofia too. However gamely Sofia doubles her efforts. She slams into Christina faster and more energetically. Sofia starts driving Christina back steadily until the red head redoubled her efforts also. Before Sofia knew it she was driven against the ropes with Christina's huge hooters pinning her there.

Christina slams her whoppers against Sofia's Big Macs. Sofia groans then screams, "What the fuck bitch!" Christina swings her breasts from side to side and grinds her knockers into Sofia's tits. Sofia discovers that not only are Christina's breasts are as big as cannonballs, but they feel as heavy as them also. Sofia asks, "What's in those things?" The English fans hold their breath with a glimmer of hope for their girl. After seeing Christina dominated and blown away during the Bootylicious match, they had reservations about showing their enthusiasm. However Christina is pouring it on now. She is slamming her tits into Sofia's breasts with a vengeance. Christina has Sofia bouncing back against the ropes like a yo yo and back into Christina who is grinding her tits into Sofia's. Christina repeats the slam and bounce back into grinds process. She has Sofia's head bobbing from the slams and loudly grunting. When all seemed loss, Sofia responds with a mighty resurgent slam of her breasts against Christina's that knocks the colossal red head away.

The distance only gives Christina room for a running start to slam her tits into Sofia even harder. Sofia is sent reeling backwards into the corner turnbuckles. Christina rams her giant hooters into Sofia from distanceagain to deliver much more force. Then Christina lays her heavy tits into Sofia's legendary delights and grinds away. She flattens and steamrolls over Sofia's iconic boobs. Sofia is obviously suffering and helpless. Meanwhile all the fans are on their feet and cheering for Christina to dominate and destroy the Bootylicious Champion.

Christina finally feels vindicated for the Bootylicious match debacle. She has obviously bested Sofia handily in their tit fight. Christina mercifully backs away and shakes her precious heavenly boobs for the fans. She enjoyed the chance to grandstand like Sofia had during her title defense. Then to her surprise she saw that Sofia was not yet done. Her championship fire still blazed despite getting whipped. Sofia literally roars out of the corner and slams her big tits into Christina's huge rack. She might as well as hit a brick wall. Christina does not move an inch while Sofia bounces backwards from the collision. Sofia charges into Christina again with the same result. Horror is etched on Sofia's face. No matter how fabulous and perfect Sofia's breasts are, she is totally out gunned in this tit fight tonight. None the less she runs and slams her tits into Christina one more time. This time she budges Christina, but she still bounces back, and Sofia has a pained expression and is coddling her smarting tits afterward. Meanwhile Christina playfully plays with her tits.

Sofia is kind of lost in a funk, and wandering backwards toward the ropes. Christina advances and uses her tits to march Sofia back against the ropes. First Christina grabs Sofia's right nipple and gives it a twist. Sofia's knees get weak and visibility withers. Then Christina goes for the finish. She grabs the ropes on either side of Sofia and traps her in between. Next she slams her breasts into Sofia's. Again Sofia is caught in the middle, bouncing between Christina's killer boobs and the ropes. Except this time it is much worst. Christina is trying to finish the fight and Sofia once and for all.

Christina cups her whoopers and uses them as bat Sofia's boobs from side to side, The fading champion can no longer even put up a fight. Christina clutches Sofia around the throat with one hand and establishes total dominance over the pulverized woman. She still directs her tits with the other hand to continue battering Sofia's breasts while the other hand chokes her. The fans love it. They start their loudest chant of the night. They stomp and clap... Boom Boom Clap! Boom Boom Clap! Boom Boom Clap! Boom Boom Clap! POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS!

It is totally out of character for the nice and sweet Christina but she returns to a double nipple twist on Sofia. However she is getting off on hurting Sofia and ignighting this crowd. The champion came into the match overconfident and with very good reason. Sofia dominated in her title defense. The fan sensed her over confidence and turned against her before growing to detest her. They continuously chant, POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! Sofia wailed loudly and pitifully.

Christina returns to slamming and grinding Sofia's tits. Sofia sees that her breasts are being pounded flat as pancakes. She has been totally destroyed. Sofia says words that she never dreamed of uttering tonight. "I give up! You win... You're too much for me!"


"You pissed off these fans, and you got yourself into this." Christina responds. "This doesn't end until they say it ends." Sofia looks into Christina's eyes and sees that she is very serious. Anger flashes in Sofia's eyes again. She rips one arm free and tries pulling Christina's red hair. Several extra hard slams and Sofia's arms fall again. "Another really bad move." Christina says as the sound of smacking flesh gets louder. "You're really not very smart today!"


Sofia gasps, "Please, I can't breath." She was hoping for mercy, but found no sympathy in Christina's green eyes. Finally Sofia's head falls back and she shouts as loud as she can muster to the fans. "I give up! I can't take any more! I'm sorry! I give! Please!"


The camera gets a close up on Sofia's face. They saw that the woman was in misery and pushed to her ends. Instead of mercy, the fans chose to teach this foreigner once and for all about agitating British fans. Another chant rises for one last personal jab. SOFIA'S GOT WEAK TITS! SOFIA'S GOT WEAK TITS! SOFIA'S GOT WEAK TITS! SOFIA'S GOT WEAK TITS! That tramples Sofia's last vestige of pride. Tears start welling in her eyes. The fans mock, ridicule and trivialize Sofia's most cherished pride and joy.

Finally the cavalry comes for Sofia. Her Fab teammate Chrissy Teigen comes jogging to the ring from the locker room. Christina sees Chrissy coming and gives Sofia several more extra hard tit slams that takes Sofia's breath way. Christina releases Sofia and allows her to crumble to the mat and curl up in fetal position while holding her tits. Christina greets Chrissy as she climbs on the ring apron. "Hey, nice rack.", Christina compliments. "Did you come to tit fight?"

Chrissy quickly answers, "No! I just came to help Sofia and get her out of the ring. I don't want any problems. I don't want to fight." Chrissy answers very diplomatically.

"Well if you come in this ring, then you're going to have to tit fight me." Christina demands. Chrissy did not want any parts of a tit fight with Christina. She has a marvelous set of big beautiful breasts, but she doubted that they would fair any better than Sofia's did. More importantly, Chrissy is a mother of four young children. No matter the results, she would get milked in front of this hostile environment.

"No please Christina! I don't want to fight" Chrissy implores. "I just want to get Sofia and get out. There is nothing left to prove here."

As Chrissy is finishing her plea, Christina grabs Chrissy's hair and flips her over the top rope and into the ring, Chrissy was taken by surprise as she is unceremoniously flipped head over heels into the ring. The normally very aggressive and sassy woman feels that this is her reward for being passive. She then gets a knee to the face for being distracted about being passive. Chrissy is really cursing herself now. To be fair, everything happened at the speed of thought. Christina sought to annihilate Chrissy as quickly as possible. The red head was not about to catch another embarrassing ass whipping tonight.

The knee knocked Chrissy a little loopy and Christina is all over her. Eventually Christina captures both of Chrissy's arms and starts kicking and stomping her victim. Because Christina is holding both of Chrissy's arms, she is unable to protect herself. Christina opens up a Blackpool Combat Club ass whoopin' kicking Chrissy's face, chest and boobs. Chrissy in knocked adle by the brutal assault. Christina releases Chrissy's arms and lets her fall to the mat. Chrissy lifts her head and looks around like she did not know where she was.

Chrissy TeigenNext Christina seizes Chrissy's T-shirt while the dazed model is trying to rise. Christina pulls the shirt halfway off over Chrissy's head. Poor Chrissy is blinded by the shirt over her head and her arms are trapped inside the shirt too. Chrissy fires torpedo fists into Chrissy's ribs and soft belly. Chrissy wails and tries to free herself from her shirt, but Christina holds the shirt in place through Chrissy's squirms and wiggles. All the while Chrissy is getting pounded by knees, fists and kicks to her body.

Once Chrissy finally wrestles herself free of her T-shirt, she tumbles to the mat. The fans now have a better view of Chrissy's fabulous breasts that are stuffed into a lovely lace bra. Realizing her predicament, Chrissy tries to scurry away. But, Christina grabs Chrissy by her bra and drags her back. Then Christina starts jerking and slinging Chrissy around by her bra. Chrissy screams and yelps as the bra's fabric and wires dig into her skin, until the inedible happens. The bra rips and pops open and comes off in Christina's grasp. Chrissy gets slung to the mat with her big naked breasts bouncing around everywhere.

The fans are on their feet and going nuts again. The POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! chant began to rise again. Chrissy is getting scared. She nervously covers her breasts with her arm. Chrissy is normally a bold, brash spitfire, but she finds herself in a very unusual position. Chrissy stands and nervously backs away from Christina. Chrissy has three options. One, run away. Two, beg for mercy and three, trying to fight back. Chrissy already tried to run. These rabid fans will not allow mercy. They are more likely to riot if Chissy's tits do not get pounded. That leaves only one real option.

Chrissy bows up and lets her fists fly at the approaching red head. Chrissy blings Christina up pretty good with a two piece combination that turns Christina's cheeks rosy red. Then Christina dips and dodges a combo and counters with a flurry of punches to Chrissy's tits. Chrissy yelps and clutches her chest. Chrissy's worst fear was happening. She is so focused on getting out with Sofia and her tits intact, that she was not thinking clearly. Just like Christina thought, Chrissy's discipline falls apart. All she cares about is protecting her chest. Then Christina rocks Chrissy with a hard slug to her jaw. Chrissy wobbles and her arms drop from her breasts. Christina swoops in and wraps her arms around Chrissy's body and locks her in a breast-to-breast bear hug.

The audience roars anew. They are getting their second tit fight. Tits are about to get pounded and the odds are high that Thai & Norwegian breasts are on the menu. Chrissy moans loudly as her Thai & Norwegian breasts are being squeezed flat by Christina's milky white cannon ball sized breasts. Chrissy starts clawing at Christina's eyes and pulled her red hair. Christina readjusts her grip and hoists Chrissy off her feet. Then she carried the wild woman back to the ropes. Christina traps Chrissy against the ropes and swings her heavy hooters from side to side and batters Chrissy's breasts further. Chrissy keeps pulling hair and clawing at Christina. So the red head starts slamming her tits into Chrissy's at full force. Chrissy barks loudly at each slam before she lost her breath and her knees get weak. Then she could not resist much from there.

Christina is slamming her tits into Chrissy's like a mad woman. The fans are going insane. They are jumping up and down while screaming POUND HER TITS! POUND HER TITS! Their adopted heroine is destroying another jive taking brat. Chrissy is screaming and howling. Suddenly everything comes to an end. Chrissy disappears from Christina's trap and seemed to sink into the mat. Sofia had recovered and yanked Chrissy's feet out from under her and is pulling her out of the ring.

Sofia and Chrissy flee ringside with one arm around each other and the other hand holding their boobs. They get half way up the aisle when the ring announcer enters the ring and announces, "The winner of the match, and still Bootylicious Champion, Sofia Vergara!" The auditorium erupts with boo's. Sofia defiantly holds her championship belt above her head. Then beer start raining down on her and Chrissy as the fans start tossing their beverages at them. Eternally sassy, Chrissy and Sofia start yelling and cursing back at the fans while flipping them off.

Christina jumps out of the ring and starts menacingly towards Sofia and Chrissy, with a microphone in hand. "Enough!" Christina shouts. "Enough of you agitating these fans! You have worn out your welcome here. When I say here, I mean this country! Get out! If you two aren't on the first flight out of England, I'm going to bust your tits tomorrow for lunch!"

Sofia and Chrissy glared defiantly back at Christina. However given the condition that both of their breasts are in currently, neither doubted that Christina could carry out her threat. However Chrissy and Sofia are not showing fear at this point. Sofia answers, "Don't worry loser. We don't want to be in this stinking country any longer than we have to. I've already done what I came to do" Sofia shakes her title belt at Christina "I defended my title over your fat ass! We're out of here." Sofia and Chrissy turn and walk bristly back to the locker room. They got bathed by a few more beers along the way. The fans serenaded them with another chorus of Glory Glory Christina! that threatened to take the roof off the building.

In the wee hours of the morning, Sofia and Chrissy were caught by local paparazzi leaving their hotel. Both were wearing dark glasses and big hats. Both were also topless with two ice bags taped over their breasts. They were bound for a privae jet at the airport and back to the USA.


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