“Weighing in at only 59 kg, it’s the one—the only—Katy Perry!”

The crowd cheered her name as Katy Perry made her way to the centre of the ring. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, which hung down to her lower back. She wore a low-cut lavender bra with matching panties, which left the audience to stare at her subtle cleavage. At 32D, she was one of the bustier girls of the night, and she knew it. She thrust out her breasts, which threatened to rip out of the straining bra as she shook her chest towards the audience.

She could always count on her huge rack to captivate every man who saw them, and turn every woman green with envy as they covered their own boobs in shame.

As Katy stood in the centre of the ring bowing to the audience, she turned towards the opposite gate from which she walked out. Her jaw nearly dropped as she saw her competition, and for a moment felt her confidence shaken as she caught a glimpse of her opponent approaching the ring. Her red hair hung down her back.

“Her opponent. You may know her for having some of the best endowments in Hollywood. At 73 kg, give a warm welcome to Christina Hendricks!”

The redhead stood taller than Katy, at about 5’7” compared to Katy’s smaller stature of 5’4”. Hendricks had a larger frame and more curves than the pop singer, but the biggest difference, Katy soon noticed, was the size of this woman’s bust! Katy was always proud of her assets, but this woman easily dwarfed her breasts and any other pair that she could remember seeing. As Katy watched her boobs bounce in a bra which was way too small to contain them, she noticed how firm they were, as well.

She was scared.

When Hendricks stepped under the ropes and into the ring, Katy approached her with a determination to win. Both sets of boobs nearly touched as the two women stood in the centre, and Katy struggled to avoid staring at the deep valley of cleavage Christina presented. Even though Katy’s Ds were enough to drive the crowd wild, Christina’s much bigger DDDs easily won out as the audience erupted into cheers.

“Oh, dear,” Christina laughed, staring down at Katy with an arrogant smile, “Are you the best they could send me? I was expecting Esther Baxter or Kat Dennings, but hell. You’ll do.“

“You big, fat bitch,” Katy hissed, stepping forward and lightly grazing Christina’s rack with her own. The difference in size was not lost on Katy, but still she held her confidence. “Sure, you have bigger tits than me, but I bet you anything that I can crush them with my firmer beauties.”

Katy had a point; her boobs were a lot firmer than most of the girls she’s fought before. However, she had to wonder if her firmness was enough to beat Christina’s massive size advantage.

Christina scoffed. “Please. How can you be so proud of those tiny bumps? You’re –what, a D cup? – and suddenly you think you can compete with my girls here?” With that, Christina lifted her bigger boobs up with her hands, pushing her massive cleavage up to her neck as the audience cheered, “These are real breasts, little girl. And just as firm. Soon, you’re going to see that.”

“Yeah, right,” Katy responded, “I bet they’re soft was cushions. They’ll feel great when my breasts are lying on top of them.”

“Well, step right up, lamb,” Christina challenged, getting into Katy's face. As she stepped closer, her huge boobs pushed into Katy's, causing her to smile as she noticed her bigger breasts nearly covering the singer's own assets. “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you?”

Suddenly, the referee intervened, stepping between both girls and motioning them to step backwards. After reviewing the rules with both women, he counted down from three and stood back.

Without wasting a second, Katy was the first to move. Using her entire body, she charged into Hendricks full force. Christina, not expecting such a bold move from the pop singer so early in the match, was sent stumbling backward into the turnbelt. Katy grinned, following through with a punch to Hendricks’ stomach. Katy expected Christina to go down after a punch like that, but was surprised as the bigger woman, although nearly doubling over, recovered from the blow quicker than Katy would have liked.

“That all you got, little girl?” Hendricks teased, “The busty redhead laughed, returning to her full height as she circled around Katy. Katy didn’t understand. Every other girl she had ever faced was nearly knocked out after such a devastating punch from her; the fact that Hendricks could take the blow without so much as a groan meant that this battle was going to be one of her hardest yet.

“Just getting started, bitch,” Katy hissed. She pushed herself into Hendricks, grabbing her wrists and forcing them to Christina’s sides. Using her legs, she pushed against Christina’s body. As their chests pressed together, she felt the redhead’s bigger breasts eclipsing her smaller pair.

“Oh, do I feel something? I thought they were supposed to be firmer than this?” Christina asked.

Katy ignored her taunting, and fought against the bigger woman with all her strength. Her breasts were on fire, as the bustier actress was enveloping her boobs with her own pair without any trouble. The two fought for minutes, each trying to hold their ground, but finally Katy was able to overpower Christina as both girls tumbled to the mat.

“Ugh…” Katy groaned, climbing on top of Hendricks and straddling the larger girl, “And I thought you were supposed to—to be tough.” Even still, Katy struggled to hold Christina underneath her. She couldn’t hold the bigger girl down for long, and knew she had to act quickly before she was overthrown.

“Katy, I suggest you let me go. I can make this match very unpleasant for you.” Christina warned, still wiggling underneath the smaller girl.

“And why would I let you go?” Katy replied, letting go of Christina’s wrists.

“Because I know my breasts are too much for your pair to handle,” Christina replied, her chest heaving as she fought for freedom, “So… if you don’t let me go, then I’m going to flatten your boobs into dust. You’ll be begging me to stop, but I’m going to crush you until your tiny tits are thinner than the pancakes that I had for breakfast. And you know I can, easily.”

“Ha! It doesn’t matter, because I’m going to make you submit right now.” Katy threatened.

Before Christina could reply, Katy had already put her plan into motion. She leaned backwards, and tucked her legs underneath Christina’s back until she was locked into a vine. Then, she began to squeeze. The redhead grunted in response, her hands moving to Katy’s thighs as the bigger woman fought to pry them apart.

“Not so tough now, are you?” Katy teased, keeping her legs firmly pressed together. She was nervous though, as her legs began to shake from Christina’s exertion. She couldn’t keep them locked together for much longer, and began to worry that Christina’s threat would ring true.

Though Katy managed to hold her thighs together for more than a few minutes, the powerful redhead was able to hold out. The stronger beauty was finally managed to pry Katy’s legs apart, and pushed the pop star off her.

“Oh, shit—“

“I warned you, my dear,” Christina replied sweetly, as Katy scampered to her feet. Christina stood up, brushing the sweat from her forehead and arms that had accumulated. Katy stepped back, but touched the turnbuckle as Christina continued to approach her. The buxom redhead laughed, loving the fear that shined through Katy’s eyes.

Katy leaned against the ropes, and then launched herself towards the bigger girl. Christina was prepared this time, and opened her arms up to catch Katy in a devastating bearhug. Christina grinned as Katy tried to break free, but the stronger woman held her tight. She pressed her ample chest against Katy’s more modest breasts, and then tightened the hold. Katy watched in horror as her boobs were instantly engulfed and crushed against her body! She threw her head back and let out a wail as she struggled against Christina’s superior bust.

“I have no choice,” Christina explained, tightening her hug as she felt Katy’s breasts submitting to her own pair, “I told you to let me go. Now I have to humiliate you in front of all these people. It pains me; it really does.”

With a burst of strength, Christina lifted Katy up into the air with her hug. The smaller girl’s legs dangled above the ground, as the pressure on her boobs increased significantly. Very few women could compete with Christina’s bust size and power, and Katy was no exception. Her boobs were being crushed flatter than ever, and even she could never crush a woman like this.

“Please… I’m—I’m sorry!” Katy begged, thrusting her chest outwards. Hendricks matched her thrust, causing Katy to groan even louder. She felt like her boobs were going to pop!

“Have you learned your lesson now? Whose boobs are bigger?”

“You bitch!” You’re crushing my tits!” Katy wailed, "No one's ever done this to me before!" As she tried to break free, pushing against Christina's powerful arms, she couldn't budge the buxom redhead. Her vision was fading, and she felt herself slumping over Christina’s arms.

“I can do a lot worse than this, girlie. I’m not even using my full strength here.” Christina admitted. Then she requested her question, “Whose boobs are bigger?”

“Yours are…”

“And whose are firmer?” Christina asked.

“Yours… are…”

“Good girl. Whose breasts are being crushed flat?”

“I… …” Katy was out cold. Her head fell to the side as her feet stopped flailing.

Christina dropped the defeated girl to the mat, and kneeled down. She had just gotten the ultimate idea for humiliation. She unclipped Katy’s bra and held it towards the audience. They cheered loudly as Hendricks removed her own bra and tossed it aside. Her boobs stood high and firm on her chest, with milky white flesh and rose-pink nipples.

“I can’t believe you tried to beat me with those poor excuses for breasts, girl,” Christina mocked the unconscious singer. She moved the bra to her breasts. As she wrapped the bra around her enormous bust, she groaned at how constricting the tiny bra fit in comparison to her own, “Ouch… It’s a bit tight.” Christina laughed, as did the audience.

As she clipped the back of the bra, she looked down at her chest. The bra was way too small, and groaned loudly as it struggled to contain Christina’s massive mammaries. The flesh of her boobs poured out the sides of the cups as the bra fought for dominance. Christina had to laugh to herself; this bra covered Katy’s breasts perfectly, but wasn’t even able to hide half of Christina’s bigger boobs. Finally, after a minute, it succumbed to the redhead’s power and snapped in half.

The audience laughed at the spectacle. While they did so, a woman poked her head out from the shadows. She grimaced towards the busty actress, and stepped out into the light.


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