37F-28-39 Columbian Sofia Vergara encounters 38F-28-37 American Christina Hendricks in a competition of huge hootered actresses

Prelude: Functions where actors and actresses show up in special dresses in order to be seen and photographed by the press for publicity can range from movie previews to stumping for TV shows to just about anything else. On this day, probably the two biggest naturally hootered MILFs in television show up....Sofia Vergara of Modern Family and Christina Hendricks of Mad Men. And if their bust measurements....37F and 38F respectively, wouldn't provide enough rivalry here, they happen to show up in almost identical dresses. They each are wearing a forest green, very low cut dress that show a lot of those F and G cup caliber gigantic gazongas that each woman possesses. And when the two happen to cross paths during their press interviews for their respective shows, sparks indeed begin to fly between the two as the two stacked sexpots also open the green eyes of envy as they look up and down the competition.
Sofia: "Well, if it isn't the redhead from that show on....what network is that again.....A&E? No wait, it is AMC isn't it? I think it is called Mad Men and Skank Sluts or something like that right?"
Christina: "Oh, you Brazilian street tramps have such a sense of humor. But hey I guess you have to take what you can when you are married on your show to Al Bundy, huh?"
Sofia: "Bitch, I think you know I'm from Columbia, and Al Bundy was his character's name on a previous show. God knows you are certainly old enough to have seen that show!"
Christina: "Ooooohhhh rrrrreeeeaaaalllleee, well I'm younger than you I know for a fact. Of course, no telling how many driver licenses you might have showing a younger age than what you really are. After all, I hear you tell everyone that your tits are natural. Who believes that one?" {laughing}
Sofia: "My humongous hooters are real as you claim yours are. There is one way to find out who the hotter MILF is and who has the best rack! How about a beauty contest....your tits and other assets if you have any against my assets, and we will find out who the hotter female is. I already know who it is going to be......and I'm her!"
Christina: "Ooooohhhh Sofia, you are such a character and with such the imagination. Too many tripses through the opium fields down in Brazil huh? {laughing, knowing she said Brazil instead of Columbia again} "Of course I accept you challenge and I have one for and me in a no holds barred/submission only catfight. Up for that, brunette bitch?"
Sofia: "Yeah, I'm up for that. I might as well humiliate you twice instead of just once. I can't wait to milk those gigantic gazongas you are so proud of!"
Christina: "Oh, I'll be the one doing the milking of your monster mammories...and that will be after I force you to cum as I assault that overrated pussy of yours!"

Beauty Contest: The two gigantic gazongas sexpots have now agreed to the beauty contest first and then the no holds barred submission only catfight afterwards. The assets comparison competition will consist of 8 anatomical areas to be judged by the press and other bystanders in a vacant auditorium type room with those areas being facial beauty/tresses, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, back, and butt. Whoever wins more of these areas will be declared the winner of the beauty contest. Of course with very private areas of their bodies involved that means they will ultimately have to strip nude for their tits and pusssies and asses to be judged.

The first comparison will be of their faces. Both have pretty faces but not world class Miss Universe caliber ones. In a narrow decision, the Columbian born Sofia Vergara edges out Christina Hendricks perhaps due to the more exotic and erotic look that the busty brunette has so Sofia takes a 1-0 lead. The next area requires the two superstacked models and actresses to take their dress straps off their shoulders to show off their treasure chests that no doubt Blackbeard the pirate would have loved to have plundered. In another narrow verdict, this one goes Christina Hendricks way with perhaps her 1" advantage in her bust measurement making the difference. Regardless, each could easily defeat almost any other model or actress but pitted against one another, Christina comes out on top so to speak to tie up the overall beauty contest tally at 1-1. Having dropped their green dresses down to their lower bodies, the next area to be judged...their midsections...are already visible. Both have great hourglass figures although each MILF does measure in at 28" in circumference. In fact, their midsections are so similar that a winner cannot be selected between the two so this competition ends in a tie which makes the score now 1-1-1 with the next area being their most personal of all...their pussies. This requires the two superbusty babes to now finish removing their green dresses as they seductively let their dresses hit the floor. That leaves only their panties which are also taken off but instead of letting them simply drop to the floor, they slingshot their panties into the face of their nemesis... another increase in the rivalry that has grown tremendously over such a short period of time. The two stacked babes clearly want to win out in this most personal of duels as they show off their snatches. In a very close decision like all of the areas have been so far, Sofia Vergara edged out Christina Hendricks with an even more inviting pussy than the redhead possesses. That gives Sofia a 2-1-1 lead halfway through the beauty contest.

The next area to be judged will be their legs. This is not a particularly strong area for either MILF, especially considering how good their other areas have been. This time in a close decision by a majority of those watching this competition, Christina takes this area to bring it the overall score back to a tie at 2-2-1 with the last frontside area to be judged now...their arms/armpits. Like their legs, this is not a really strong anatomical area for either actress but a majority of the spectators do rule in favore of Sofia with firmer arms and better armpits to retake the lead at 3-2-1 with the backside areas of back and butt left to be judged. Sofia and Christina turn around so that their backs can be compared. This one is a pretty good area for Sofia and better than Christina's so Sofia wins the back comparison and now clinches the overall beauty contest with a 4-2-1 lead with only the ass competition left. In this last comparison, neither of these MILFs has a world class butt however just putting their asses against each other only, Christina edges out Sofia who is probably hurt a bit in this judgment since her hips measure 2" more than Christina's which means her 39" circumference is too big for many. So with Christina Hendricks final win in the ass competition, that cuts Sofia Vergara's final margin of victory to a razor thin 4-3-1.

Catfight: Normally the beauty contest winner might be rubbing in her victory in the face of the loser but Sofia Vergara's winning margin was so narrow that she is just relieved she won. Plus, she is already preparing for her submissions only upcoming fight with Christina Hendricks including what if anything she will put on to start the battle. The setting will be in a television bedroom set in an adjoining room complete with a bed and plush carpeting to cushion their falls. Sofia and Christina have decided to redress just a bit but in keeping with the bedroom theme and the fact that these clothes might be torn during the catfight, they each go with similar outfits. Sofia reemerges with a one piece almost see through black lingerie outfit while Chistina counters with a similar albeit white one piece white lingerie outfit. Both women look incredibly sexy with each huge hootered MILF's top having trouble containing her gigantic gazongas....especially Chrisina's. They walk up to within a couple of feet of each other and eye their rival's skimpily clad assets...particularly their world class heavy racks that are overflowing the top of their lingerie a bit.

It doesn't take long for the action to begin as Christina launches a righthanded slap across the left side of the beauty contest winning face of the stacked Columbian doubt some of that out of frustration in being edged out in the just completed assets comparison competition. Clearly, that quick, unexpected move catches Sofia by surprise but the Columbian spitfire is hardly one to turn or other cheek and not go after quick revenge for that matter. The hit by Christina did cause Sofia's head to be jerked to her right but she quickly turns it again to face her rival and simultaneously launches a counter attack with the back of her left hand smacking the ravishing redhead on the left side of her face and also moving her head to its right in response to the hit. But although each loves slapping the fire out of her opponent, being hit in return not nearly as much fun so they end this duel after only one exchange.

They stay near each other however and still apparently are interested in using their hands as they now go for yet another very personal skirmish as each puts her hands in to the long tresses of her beautiful foe and begin to viciously move each other's head due to having to follow the forcefully pulled hair. The two stacked dolls stumble around the large room and brush against some of the furniture that has moved for the most part against the walls. As this very personal, classic catfighting type skirmish ensues, neither of seems to be gaining an edge but they apparently really want to continue their nemesis' hair even if it means their own tresses are getting abused. However, with all their body movement around the room, their hands eventually slip off their rival's hair and this particular battle ends with another draw.

Perhaps they have gotten the most personal, aggressive actions out of their system for a while as Sofia raises her hands in front of her body, and Christina is quick to match her hands with the Columbian siren's opposite ones in the standard test of arms strength now. Their arms begin to tremble as pressure for each of the MILF's arms hits each of them as they try to push their opponent's arms back towards her rival's body. And their legs are straining also since of course those appendages have to anchor their forms for the upper body test of power. Their arms go back and forth around the vertical/neutral position before Sofia finally gains the advantage and keeps it as she uses her advantage as leverage to throw the Mad Men actress down to the carpet. The white lingerie clad huge hootered honey ends up on all fours in front of Sofia who then proceeds to lift one of her legs up, puts that foot against the ass of the ravishing redhead and pushes hard to send her flying forward to land flat on her frontside or at least as flat as she can with DDD/EE/F caliber chest.

Christina of course immediately tries to get up but Sofia is hovering near her downed form and footstomps the back and butt and legs of the beautiful actress to keep her down. Sofia even walks across the back of her fallen form to help keep her down and gets special satisfaction since she knows that any pressure on the upper back of her nemesis with the gigantic gazongas pushes that beauty contest winning treasure chest harder against the plush carpeting. Christina screams as Sofia continues to keep her down prone on the carpet. Sofia footstomps the back areas of Christina and then drops down a knee in the back of her fallen foe. All of these attacks are stunning Christina and reducing her escape attempts. Sofia stays down on her opponent after the dropped knee and mounts her rival's back and pulls back on the redhead's tresses which in turn strains the lovely alabaster neck of the American actress. The Latin born spitfire has a sadistic smirk on her face as it is becoming clear that she stills hold a grudge against an MILF who has a better treasure chest than hers and perhaps in addition to that she has a problem with redheads to boot. Sofia literally rubs her rival's face into the plush carpeting as she hops up and down on her foe's form with her big butt. Christina occasionally screams from the torture at the hands of Sofia Vergara in addition to the grimacing and grunting happening almost continuously. Finally, Sofia's cascading tresses gets too close to one of Christina's hands, and the redhead is able to pull her tormentor's hair and pull her down to the carpet right beside her own form.

Both busty babes get to their knees and face off each other and go for the other's throat as this fight keeps getting more personal and vicious by the minute. Each hopes to of course choke out her foe before she herself loses consciousness. Sofia has proven to have a little advantage in arms and hands strength but this is too even of a dangerous duel for either sexpot to risk being choked out first so they don't keep this skirmish up for long. They shove each other away and look down at the top of the opponent's lingerie. Without words or gestures even having to be spoken or made, each of the superbusty babes pulls down the top of her skimpy wear to again unveil her world class rack.

At that point, they embrace their opponent's midsection and smash their epic treasure chests togethers in an epic battle of gigantic gazongas. Christina wants to prove to the audience that they were correct when they preferred her humongous hooters over Sofia's titanic tits. Meanwhile, Sofia wants to punish Christina's rack and prove what a miscarriage of justice occured when the redhead's jumbo juggs were chosen over her own. As the tit battle gets underway, both women scream and grunt and some profanities and claims of destroying the other's bodacious boobs are made. Both of these huge hootered honeys are accustomed to having titfights where they simply dominate their rival and make quick work of the other's treasure chest. But here, Sofia and Christina both have F cups so this promises not to be a one-sided battle. Each of these busty babes obviously though expect to eventually destroy the other's bodacious boobs so the enthusiasm and motivation is definitely there. Finally, after a long and determined skirmish, Christina's beauty contest winning monster mams begin to send Sofia's own world class rack into retreat... a state of which even Sofia Vergara recognizes. So under duress to stage some sort of a comeback, Sofia starts a kissing duel since the two actresses/models are so close to each other of course due to the ongoing tit battle. Both women think they have irresistable lips but as this duel starts and continues, it is clear that Sofia is taking this particular skirmish via her thicker lips and even more talented tongue.

So each of these competitive television stars is winning one battle apiece so it is not too surprising that a tiebreaker might be needed. Sofia is the one who takes the initiative here as she suddenly turns her own tender embrace of Christina's midsection which was helping keep their bodies simply in close contact now into a more pressured bearhug. Immediately upon shift in the pressure applied, Christina screams including spewing a couple of profanities since obviously the Columbian bombshell has changed the rules at this point. But Christina of course has her arms in the same type position around Sofia Vergara's hourglass middle so she simply does the same thing. And just like when it was done to Christina, Sofia feels the upgraded squeezing of her own stomach courtesy of Christina's bearhug. So now the two sexpots have opened a third front in this body to body contact. These women are so competitive, particularly against one another in this specific matchup, that they definitely want to win this rubber match of a matchup in this set of three body to body confrontations they are now in the middle of.

As this duel continues, Sofia's stronger arms seem to be gaining as edge for her and also perhaps a little firmer midsection. This isn't lost on Christina Hendricks who also thinks she is losing two of the three now continuous contests...the kissing duel and the mutual bearhug while still winning the tit battle. Losing the kissing duel isn't that big of a deal to her but having her breathing/respiration affected by the bearhug and not giving as good as she is getting is another matter. Christina needs to end this and does so by suddenly removing her own arms from around Sofia's sexy waistline and of course freeing up her hands. The ravishing redhead they makes a fist and socks Sofia in the jaw with her right hand which jars the South American beauty and ends her bearhug of Christina.

Now that their bodies are free to move more since their arms have been removed from around the other's waist area, Sofia falls backward on to her back as she reacts to the firm fist of Christina rocking her jaw. With Sofia stretched out supine and still stunned by the hard blow to her beautiful chin, Christina literally jumps on top of her downed rival's form and does a full body cover. Christina lifts up her upper body with a pushup type maneuver only to drop her now topless form hard down upon the trapped topless bod of her nemesis Sofia Vergara. Christina repeats this maneuver several times as she knows the hard dropdown on to Sofia's form is sapping energy out of the South American vixen. Christina ensures that her beauty contest winning and tit battle dominating monster mams mash hard against Sofia's every time she drops down. And between pushup cycles, Christina rubs her larger, world class orbs against Sofia's to punish that set of twin peaks that Sofia Vergara is so proud of.

After getting her satisfaction with this sequence, Christina moves her body forward on to Sofia's still trapped form and lowers her beauty contest winning gigantic gazongas on top of Sofia's beauty contest winning face in a devastating titsmother. Needless to say that Christina's F cups are more than adequate to make Sofia's face disappear under that tremendous treasure chest of hers. And besides the dominance of her foe at this point and the humiliation that Sofia is incurring via the titsmother, Christina is also transferring lots of sweat and foul body odor Sofia's direction....not to mention interrupting her breathing frequently when her monster mams cover up both breathing orifices of Sofia's. Christina shows she can display quite the sadistic smirk when things are going her way as they are right now. Christina finally lifts up from the titsmother to look into what she believes will be an expression of desperation and perhaps despair and concession on the beauty contest winning face of Sofia Vergara. Instead, Sofia is able to free her right hand and returns the favor on the earlier sock in the jaw that she herself suffered as she lands one on the chin of the Mad Men actress.

That hit to Christina rocks the stacked actress just like her hit on Sofia did to the stacked Columbian doll earlier. That knocks Christina off Sofia's form and allows Sofia to get up for the first time in a long while as Christina stands up quickly also to make sure she is not at a positional disadvantage. At this point, the two superbusty babes have their lingerie hanging down to their waist with only the bottom part of their one piece snug on their sexy forms. And each is sweaty and smelly with all the perspiration that they have been producing so they decide to take a brief break from their fighting in order to take off their lingerie now. And with the disdain that probably would be expected as this rivalry has grown during this fight, Sofia Vergara throws her now removed black lingerie into Christina's face while Christina Hendricks returns the favor with her white lingerie targeted into Sofia's face. Thus, their incredible bods look magnificent even with their hair having lost their conditioning a long time ago and their natural tits sagging more now than in the beginning of the fight. But their sweaty forms giving them that oiled up look more than makes up for the other drawbacks.

They circle each other looking for that next hold with their arms in front of their bodies probing but neither can get through the other defenses. Christina's and Sofia's hands eventually do make it forward towards the other's form and sticking with their preoccupation with their racks, their hands go straight to the other's world class gigantic gazongas. They begin to squeeze and twist as much of their opponent's impressive juggs as they can but quickly find out their hands are nearly big enough to control those monster mams. Occasionally, they are able to grab a nipple or two and twist that which does elicit an especially loud scream from the victim. But this process which relieving a lot of frustration no doubt by getting at least another shot at their rival's rack really ends up in a tie and not affecting the overall fight at all.

At this point, they are fairly near the bed which has been moved to the side of this bedroom set but is still in the room. Specifically, they seem to have their eyes on the pillows....proven now as each grabs one of the soft pillows and begins to swing the floppy object at her nemesis. Even though this clearly is still competitive and meant to give a winner of this pillow duel the advantage, this actually is the first time in quite a while when the two busty babes are laughing and enjoying themselves...okay, perhaps enjoying themselves a lot more when they land an especially good pillow hit on their foe's face or head. But in classic catfighting action, they continue to slam whatever area of the other's anatomy they can get to running the gauntlet of their foe's defenses and of course the other pillow which is coming their way quite often as swung by their opponent. As this primal skirmish continues, the limiting factor ends up being not the energy of the females but instead the quality of the pillows which after all are probably the cheapest they could find to fill out the bedroom props. Christina and Sofia get in a few last shots with the pillows before they end falling completely apart with the remnants thrown into the foe's face.

They contact each other again and struggle very close to the bed before stumbling over the side of the bed and on to the bedroom's main piece of furniture. They roll around the king sized bed without fortunately for them falling off either side back down on to the floor. Finally, after some change of positions where first one of the huge hootered actresses is on top and then the other, Sofia Vergara establishes her position on top and is ready for some titanic tits revenge apparently as she lowers her own F cup caliber monster mams to start a revenge titsmother. Now, it is Sofia with the sadistic smirk as finally she gets to highlight her own world class gigantic gazongas and do it literally right in the face of the ravishing redhead with the superior chest. And just like Christina chest earlier, Sofia has plenty of sweat and smell that she is loving sharing with Christina's beautiful face.

Christina is trying to roll or buck her tormentor off her sexy bod. At this time, Sofia's head is not very far from the headboard since she scooted up to perform the titsmother. With Christina doing her best buck yet and with it pushing Sofia forward even a little bit more, that is enough to send the top of Sofia Vergara's head into the substantial headboard...prop that it is. That stuns the busty brunette at which point Christina is easily able to shove her recent torturer off her body but even off the bed. Sofia lands hard on that large ass that the South American hottie is so proud of since that is a sign of sexuality on that continent.

With Sofia stunned by her fall off the bed, Christina is quick to move over to the edge of the bed above her rival's location and grabs the South American babe's arms by the wrists and awkwardly pulls those arms up and behind her foe's form...eliciting a scream, loud grunts, and some profanities in Spanish from the Columbian born busty babe. If that isn't enough punishment having to be withstood, Christina crosses her legs that had been to the sides of Sofia's form in front of the beauty contest winning face of her rival across her neck in a nice legscissors to try to choke out Sofia or make her submit. Sofia now is a double trouble with her arms being painfully and awkwardly captured behind her back and now the legscissors trying to literally take her breath away. It would probably be curtains for sure for Sofia Vergara but Christina's legs are not gym trained or that powerful. Of course all the while, Sofia is trying to pull her arms away from Christina's grip, her arms and hands having been proven to be a little stronger up to this point. However, with them awkwardly bent behind her body and with the beautiful redhead having the hold already established hurts her escape attempts. And her head is pretty much captive to Christina's legs at this point but she still tries to maneuver it a bit to reduce the choking effectiveness.

Sofia continues to struggle while Christina continues to dish out the punishment. Some are wondering how much longer the South American spitfire can continue to hold out under the duel tortures of her arms painfully strained and her neck squeezed by the legs of Christina Hendricks. Finally, the minute movements by Sofia of her head pay dividends as she is able to get that large, sultry mouth of hers into position along with those pearly white teeth of hers. Sofia Vergara waits until exactly the right moment where Christina's alabaster legs are in the proper position related to Sofia's mouth. That position comes and Sofia bites down on one of those beauty contest winning legs of her torturer which instinctively causes the legscissors punishment to come to an end in addition to the holding and tormenting to her arms by the American actress. Sofia moves forward away from the bed so as to get away from any followup holds by Christina.

The ravishing redhead indeed does get off the bed and come after her to try to keep her recent advantage. Sofia Vergara is still on the floor but is aware of Christina stalking her and as her nemesis gets within range obviously to try to gain another hold, Sofia sweeps her legs around in an arc to take her rival down to the carpeted floor right beside her own form. With both superstacked babes down, the two sexpots turn their legs towards the other's form and begin to simply thrust kick from their semi-supine positions...hoping to hit a sensitive area like the pussy or hit one of those humongous hooters since they are such big targets. But mainly they just hit the sides or legs of their rival as their legs collide a lot as they extend out for their own kicks. Finally, one of the spectators throws a dildo on to the bedroom set where this fight is occurring, and the two stacked dolls get in position on an appropriate place....the bed to start this particular duel.

Each puts one end of the double headed dildo given them in their precious pussy with Sofia Vergara trying to prove that her beauty contest winning pussy deserved that honor while of course Christina Hendricks is trying to prove what a travesty of justice that was that her pussy was judged second best during the assets comparison competition. As the pussy war begins, each of the huge hootered actresses/models grunt as the object is to put enough pressure on their end of the dildo and thus send it further into their opponent/'s and force her to climax. Both femme fatales have that look on determination of their faces and each clearly wants to win this very sexual duel. As this most personal of battles continues, Sofia gains the upper hand which can be confirmed by the much louder grunting by the redhead in this matchup in addition to the bigger grimace expression on Christina's face. Sofia Vergara raises her upper body into the air a bit by pushing off on the mattress with her hands and arms to get better leverage on her final push. And it may have helped end the pussy war as Christina has cummed as proven by the whitish fluid oozing out from around the dildo and the very loud scream she gives as if climaxing. Sofia has the smirk of superiority on her face as she probably hopes this can lead to some type of maneuver that can end this catfight in her favor. Indeed, Christina Hendricks has been drained by her loss in the pussy battle but then again, Sofia lost a lot of energy in it also. However, it is Christina who is lying supine on the bed while at least Sofia Vergara is able to continue sitting up.

Sofia moves over to sit on top of Christina's downed form and puts her ass on top of Christina's face in a great facesit as she tries to take the resistance left in Christina by making her breathing even more labored and humiliating her rival. Sofia is still jealous of her rival's gigantic gazongas and certainly doesn't forget to punish them at this point. Sofia reaches down and does a titmauling at this time which prompts the biggest resistance that Christina Hendricks has put up since the end of the pussy war. Sofia enjoys dominating her foe's humongous hooters for a change and decides to use more powerful appendages to do it now. Sofia wraps her legs not around Christina's midsection but instead around her nemesis' chest area as she implements a legscissors of those natural gigantic gazongas that have defeated Sofia Vergara's own monster mams all during their competitions...both the beauty contest comparison and the catfight encounters when their chests were involved. Christina's scream might be muffled a bit as Sofia still is sitting on her foe's face as her own body is facing Christina's feet. Sofia loves feeling her legs squeeze Christina's priced funbags and hopes to knock her down a cup size or two but that is highly unlikely. Regardless, the big busted Columbian babe thinks she has a winning submission combination with the humiliating and breathing affecting facesit at the same time she is torturing Christina Hendricks' most priced asset of her treasure chest. And sure enough, Sofia has it figured just about right as she does lift up her butt on occasion as she waits for a concession.

Christina: "I give.....I win....I can barely breathe....and you are trying to destroy my magnificent mammories. Let me win...I give up."
Sofia: "Hmmm, I would really like to torment you so much more but you did concede nicely without calling me names. And after all, I have defeated you twice today...once in the beauty contest and once now in this catfight. So I tell you what, red, I have decided to let you go just as you asked. Oh, but I might have a little more fun with you if you don't mine....hell, I'm going to do that even if you do mind!" {laughing}

Postmatch: As promised, Sofia Vergara gets off her defeated foe's form, the latter of course still supine and the bed as she tries to regain her normal respiration while Sofia sits on the end of the bed with legs hanging off. She is obviously trying to regain her own second wind as she is clearly fit like Christina is but neither of these women are athletic by any stretch. Sofia starts off rather tamely as she reaches her hands back over towards Christina's midsection that tied hers during the assets comparison competition and tickles her. Normally, that may not seem very mean but then again Christina is trying to breathe normally at this time so not as innocent as it seems. But Sofia moves to more sexual encounter quickly as she rams her right hand into Christina's pussy and forcefully explores this most private of regions until once again like during the pussy war, she forces the ravishing redhead to cum...this time all over her hand. Sofia takes her covered hand and wipes it on the face of her redheaded victim and moves on to attacks those titanic twin peaks of Christina Hendricks.

This time Sofia has more time to spend since the fight is over as she forcefully massages those monster jugg at a time. Sofia has the success she is looking for no doubt as she first gets milk to ooze out of the nipple of the first breast and then after working on the right one has the same outcome over there. After each milking, Sofia sucks her finger dry of the liquid she has swiped off the nipple and areole of the breast just attacked. Sofia doesn't seem completely satisfied with the amount of cum that is residing on Christina's face due to her earlier climaxing of the Mad Men actress so she moves her own crotch area right in front of Christina's face and begins to masturbate until she herself begins to cum all over her victim's face. Sofia then changes her position and does another titsmother as she did during the catfight and even lays her armpits over Christina's face for the first time to add more sweat and foul body odor to the smothering sequence in addition to obviously embarrassing the redheaded actress. Sofia then returns her ass to the face of Christina and sits on her just like she did in the combination move that won her the catfight on this same bed. But this time, Sofia Vergara has more time for posing as she strikes the classic winner's pose as she squirms and wiggles her large ass all over the face of Christina Hendricks. Sofia puts her hands on the top of her head and shows off those beauty contest winning arms and awesome armpits of her as she has pictures taken. But Sofia is pretty exhausted herself plus Christina seems to be barely conscious at this point and probably wouldn't remember much of any forthcoming humiliations...a buzz kill for Sofia in that regard.

So Sofia dismounts her rival and looks around for her own black one piece lingerie she started the fight wearing and also the one piece white one that Christina started the action wearing. She takes both...hers to perhaps wear again or maybe a souvenir....Christina's definitely as a trophy of her beauty contest and catfight triumphs. Christina is almost motionless supine on the bed as Sofia bends over and gives her own very passionate kiss...could be a sign of affection even now but more than likely just one more show of domination as she has pictures taken of this event also.


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