After quickly demolishing Nelly Furtado, Myleene has said that she wants a real challenge, and Chessika has quickly accepted her ‘invitation’ to fight.

Myleene and Chessika are due to fight in a wrestling ring, but Chessika and her supporters have invaded Myleene’s training camp, and after an argument between the managers, it is agreed that the girls are going to fight in their underwear right there in the press room.

Big breasted Chessika is wearing a black bustier and panties, whilst Myleene has stripped down to reveal that she is wearing a leopard print basque and panties set, with black stockings.

The girls approach each other, with Chessika sneering, “No referees to stop me busting you up, you bitch! Just how I like it” and she backhands Myleene across her face, the British babe staggered by that, and stepping backwards, gasping, “Fuck you!” as Chessika grabs her by the hair, and starts to pull her forwards.

Myleene punches Chessika to her midriff, and Chessika has to let go of her, Myleene now grabbing for the American girl, but she can’t quite get a decent grip on her arms, because Chessika kicks her legs away from under her. Helped by a good shove from the younger girl, Myleene’s on the floor, and she tries to roll away.

But Chessika’s not letting her escape that easily, and she kicks Myleene in the flank, and turns her onto her back, mounting her midriff, and she starts bitchslapping her. Chessika’s supporters are cheering, “Go on babe! Let her have it!”

But Myleene kicks out, and Chessika falls off her, but she gets to her feet immediately, whereas Myleene is only getting away by crawling on all fours. She gets pulled back by her hair by Chessika, who pulls her up a little, then bends her over her knee, spanks her ass a couple of times. Chessika then turns her over, bending her lovely body in a backbreaker over her knee, until Myleene grabs Chessika’s tits, and squeezes, so that the actress drops the hold, and Myleene gets away again.

Myleene’s red faced and panting, but Chessika’ wants to give her some more punishment, and she moves quickly towards the singer, but slips coming forwards, and drops to her knees. Myleene quickly springing into action, and she knees Chessika in her face, the actress flopping over sideways, and Myleene kicks her to her body, a couple of real hammering kicks to the ribs, which clearly hurt the actress, who groans in pain.

With Chessika looking weakened, Myleene grabs her by her hair, pulls her head up, then cruelly smacks her knees into Chessika’s face, first the left, then the right, then the left again. But Chessika responds by punching Myleene’s right in the crotch, and the singer just keels over, and is on her back on the floor.

With Myleene’s down, Chessika drops her knees on her taut midriff, then punches her in the crotch again, before maneuvering herself around, so that she’s on top of Myleene, telling her, “Say goodnight, bitch!” as she flops forwards, her large tits over Myleene’s face, as Chessika tries to breastsmother. Myleene, the slim English babe is wriggling and writhing beneath that huge rack.

Finally, Myleene manages to get her legs out from under Chessika, and, despite the obvious pain from those punches to her crotch, she wraps her legs around Chessika’s waist, and squeezes, and Chessika can’t keep her weight down on Myleene as the older girl gets that legscissors hold in nice and tight, Myleene rolling over on top of Chessika now, no longer scissoring her, but still straddling her.

Myleene now looks like she’s getting ready to start slapping Chessika’s face around, but she pushes Myleene off, and both girls are on the floor now, getting to their feet at more or less the same time.

But Chessika’s looking tired now and Myleene grabs her by the hair again, then gets around behind her, pulls her arms back, and just runs her into the nearest wall, and that’s knocked the stuffing out of the actress, who looks stunned and dreamy-eyed as Myleene turns her around, so that the girls are facing one another.

Myleene smacks her knees up into Chessika’s crotch, just like she did to her face earlier, left, then right, then left, then right again, and she lets Chessika slide to the floor, the actress now on her hands and knees, heaving and gasping, her head wavering, and she’s wailing from the pain in her crotch, “You bitch! You hurt my cunt!”

Myleene snarls back, “Yeah? You seemed to like doing that to me, didn’t you?” Myleene follows her words by kicking Chessika in the ribs, the girls arms collapsing, so that she falls forwards, as flat on her face as she can be, bearing in mind the size of her tits, and Myleene kicks her in the side of the head, before turning her over onto her back, and Chessika’s almost out of it now. As Myleene grins and purses her lips, calling to her management team, “Shall I finish her off?”

To which they chorus, “Yeah! Sit on her face!” Myleene wiggles her ass, positions herself over Chessika’s upturned face, then sits down, making sure she’s got her ass over the girls nose, and her cunt over her mouth, and she gyrates her hips on Chessika’s face, leans forwards, and pulls her ankles up and towards her, and just grinds her crotch into Chessika’s face until she passes out.

Once the actress is in the land of nod, Myleene dismounts, smiles sweetly at Chessika’s entourage, and tells them, “Take the trash out, boys!” as she flips Chessika over with her foot.


Charlotte Sartre vs Sheena Rose