Torrie Wilson vs Stacy Keibler


NOTE: This story was written in 2004, and the action takes place somewhere around that time. Back then, Stacy was appearing exclusively on RAW and Torrie was a part of SMACKDOWN!, hence the numerous SMACKDOWN!/ RAW Diva referrals throughout. I could have reworked it and given it a more up to date setting, but I'm really busy as it is, plus this way I'm able to tie in the whole apartment angle, and I quite like that. I'm perfectly aware that Torrie is currently on RAW and Stacy is no longer with the WWE, so I'd appreciate it if comments to that effect are withheld. Other than that, feel free to let me know exactly what you think of me and my idiotic stories.

06/25/04 Internet News
Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler have gotten an apartment together in Los Angeles as both are trying to make it into the movie industry as actresses. []

Sometime around 06/25/04…
Contrary to what they said in public, Rena and Torrie did not get along at all. The reason? Plain old jealousy.

Neither Stacy, nor Torrie could tell exactly how and why it all started, and neither Stacy, nor Torrie cared much. It had been coming ever since they got the apartment. The constant bickering over every little thing, so common among roommates all around the world, had worsened with time, turning into more serious arguments. With both of them being proud, feisty young ladies, neither one was willing to back down or admit she was wrong. So their quarrels gradually grew in frequency and intensity, putting a real strain on their relationship. Until (predictably), during one particularly heated dispute, things had finally come to boil.

Now, as they stood in the living room staring daggers at one another, each woman suddenly realized that she would like nothing better than to have a go at her roommate and long-time friend, and had in fact wanted to do so for quite a while. They were both on a break from the show, and each of them had been planning to spend a quiet day at home. Each were dressed accordingly. Both had completed their morning showers only a short while ago. Stacy was clad in tight pink shorts with white piping that clung affectionately to her hips, barely covering her shapely ass. A white top which may have reached her belly-button… if she stretched it a bit. Torrie was wearing noting but a pair of pink shorts, which were even tighter than Stacy's. A black sleeveless top, whose missing lower two thirds did not stop it from trying its best to squeeze the breasts it was supposed to be covering nearly to the point of bursting. However, its best was nowhere near good enough and it was clearly losing the battle against the former fitness model's copious bust - it had been split almost halfway down the middle already.

The two had been arguing for a good few minutes now, the voices getting increasingly louder, the words harsher, their tense bodies, the set expressions on their faces and their angrily flashing eyes made it quite evident that they were both ready and eager to fight. Neither woman appeared too daunted by the prospect of a physical clash, each feeling confident that she would win.

They were more or less evenly matched. Both of them had been very physically active in a number of ways pretty much all of their lives. The results were clearly shown on their lithe, toned bodies. At 125 pounds, Stacy was giving away eight pounds in weight to her opponent, but she made up for that with a two-inch advantage in height over the 5'9" tall Torrie. For her part, Torrie looked the stronger of the two and, (not that it made much of a difference) at twenty-nine years of age, was also Stacy's senior by four years.

With no attempt being made from either side to diffuse the situation, the stand-off in the middle of the living room was never going to last very long, and, after a quick exchange of choice insults, the point of no return was soon reached…and passed.

"Listen, you..." Torrie began saying, when Stacy, obviously feeling that the time for words had long gone, slapped her in the face with force that threw the SMACKDOWN! Diva's head to one side.

For a moment, Torrie stood motionless, as if frozen, her eyes wide in shock, her left hand holding her cheek as she gaped at her friend, who had just hit her. Then she moved. Eyes blazing, she drew her right hand back preparatory to returning the slap, but she was too late. Stacy quickly lashed out with her right hand, punching Torrie flush on the jaw and sending her reeling.

"You little..." Torrie snarled as she almost immediately recovered her balance and charged Stacy, teeth bared, hands reaching for a hold. In a flash, Stacy swung one long, tapering leg high in the air and the heel of her bare foot connected solidly with Torrie's chin. Torrie groaned, staggered a few steps backwards and fell down, right on her shapely backside. She lets out another groan as her firm buttocks hit the floor with a thud.

Instead of attacking her downed foe, Stacy held back, looking very tense, her chest rapidly rising and falling with her quickened breathing. This allowed Torrie the time and space to get up, and she did so in a very slow and deliberate manner, her face now completely expressionless.

Torrie was seething with rage. She felt absolutely mortified, having been hit three times and even knocked down by the younger girl without even managing to land one blow of her own. Now she intended to make Stacy pay for it. Crouching low, she sprang forward tackling her opponent with an angry scream. Her right shoulder slams into Stacy's slim midsection, drawing a loud grunt from the taller girl. Stacy reeled backwards under the momentum of Torrie's charge, her legs hit the sofa, and both women went flying over it and crashing down to the floor. Torrie immediately got on top of Stacy, grabbed the latter's hair with both hands and began hitting the back of her head against the floor, screaming with fury. Groaning and squirming, her long legs flailing in all directions, Stacy was trying to resist, but Torrie was too strong and continued to slam the head of the former Nitro Girl against the floor, snarling and yelling.

Suddenly, Stacy stuck out a hand and raked her fingernails across Torrie's face, going for her eyes. Torrie shrieked and jerked back, covering her face with her hands. Stacy bucked wildly, throwing her foe off, and quickly rose up on her knees, trying to scramble away from Torrie. Proving that there was nothing wrong with her eyes, Torrie (who had managed to get up on her knees as well) shot out both hands and grabbed Stacy's hair from behind, and pulled the taller girl towards her. Stacy squealed and suddenly lashed backwards with her right elbow, hitting Torrie on the side of the head. Torrie groaned and let go of her rival's hair, pressing her hand to the hit area. She was not badly hurt though, and quickly went after Stacy again, trying to get hold of her. Glancing over her shoulder and seeing the enraged SMACKDOWN! Diva closing in on her, Stacy threw herself to one side in the hopes of escaping her opponent's grasping hands, but she was too late. Torrie's fingers hooked the back of Stacy's top.

The tug of war that followed was as intense as it was brief. With Torrie pulling hard with both arms to draw her foe closer to her, and Stacy struggling furiously to continue moving in the opposite direction. The former Nitro Girl's top put up only a token struggle before giving up with a loud ripping sound.

Both women made it to their feet at almost the exact same moment. As Torrie threw her rival's torn piece of clothing down to the floor, a now topless and enraged Stacy spun around and charged with an animal growl. Infuriated by the loss of her garment, and intent on getting revenge, Stacy closed in and - in the most predictable of moves - reached for Torrie's top with both hands. Torrie, who had been expecting just that, easily swept Stacy's hands aside with her own and slapped Stacy in the face, almost smiling as she did so.

The very next moment Torrie's smile was replaced by a grimace of pain as Stacy punched her straight in the throat. Gagging and gasping, Torrie jerked backwards, with her hands clutching at her throat. This gave Stacy the opportunity to strike again and she did so without delay. She hit Torrie in the face and then grabbed the front of her top with both hands, and pulls as hard as she could. Torrie got hold of Stacy's wrists, to stop her from tearing the fabric apart, but it did her no good. Stacy got to her feet and started walking backwards, dragging a squirming and squealing Torrie along the floor and snarling angrily all the while. Torrie desperately tried to twist her body around and kick Stacy away, but the latter stepped to one side, avoiding Torrie's flailing legs, and continued to tug mightily at her already damaged top. Finally, the flimsy garment was ripped off and the former fitness model's large, firm, silicon-augmented breasts sprang free, bouncing and jiggling as Torrie scrambled away from her foe and got up.

The two topless beauties stood face to face, breathing heavily and glaring at each other. Stacy was still holding her opponent's shredded top in her hands, before she quickly rolled it into a ball and hurled it directly at Torrie. It hit Torrie's heaving chest and fell harmlessly down in her feet.

"Bitch!" Torrie said, her eyes narrowing.

"Slut!" Was all Stacy could come up with at the spur of the moment.

Torrie bared her teeth and rushed forward, trying to get hold of Stacy's hair. Stacy simply sidestepped her charging opponent and, just as Torrie was going past her, she shoved the latter with both hands, hard. Torrie staggered, lost her balance, and fell face-first on the sofa. Stacy was upon her in an instant and, getting hold of Torrie's shorts, she pulled them down her legs and off in one swift motion, leaving the sexy Idaho native completely naked. She then slapped one of Torrie's firm, shapely ass-cheeks really hard, giggled, and, adding injury to insult, she got hold of Torrie's long, flowing locks and yanked with all her strength, flinging Torrie half-way across the room. Torrie tripped over a coffee table and crashed to the floor with a groan, but almost immediately jumped to her feet and turned around facing Stacy.

The expression in Torrie's eyes made the former dancer take an involuntary step backwards and swallow nervously. She had never seen her friend so angry and it really frightened her. Torrie looked literally fit to kill, her beautiful face twisted in a vicious grimace, her lips drawn back baring her teeth and her green eyes blazing.

"You little bitch," Torrie said in a shaky, strangled voice that was breaking up with uncontrollable fury. "I'll kill you for this! I'll break your fuckin' neck, I swear!"

She meant it. She had never felt so humiliated in her life, and all she wanted now was to hurt Stacy as much as she could for what the latter had done to her. Slowly, deliberately, she began moving towards Stacy, her hands held low at her sides, fingers curled into claws.

Stacy quickly retreated to a position where she could have the sofa between herself and Torrie. The PLAYBOY cover girl started to go around one side of the sofa, but Stacy quickly moved to the other side. Having no intentions of allowing this to turn into a human merry-go-round, the SMACKDOWN! Diva now tried to get at Stacy by simply scrambling over the sofa. Stacy had been waiting for just that move and now quickly pounced, grabbing Torrie's hair with both hands and pushing her down onto the sofa. The Baltimore woman then tried to get on top of her foe, but Torrie bucked violently, throwing her off and down to the floor, and then leapt onto her, hitting with both hands.

"You like that, you bitch? Huh? You like it? Want some more?" Torrie was like a woman possessed as she kept shouting at the top of her lungs and hitting her prostrate opponent again and again at random, her palms and fists crashing into Stacy's head and body. Groaning and squirming under the relentless assault, Stacy was desperately trying to defend herself with her hands, but most of the blows got through anyway, hurting her and forcing her to curl up into a ball and cover her head with her arms for protection. Switching tactics, Torrie quickly got to her feet, grabbed Stacy's tight shorts with two hands and pulled for all she was worth. Stacy squealed and tried to resist, but it was no good. Torrie eventually succeeded in tearing the skimpy garment right off the body of the former Nitro Girl.

"Fuckin' cunt!" Torrie growled, and kicked Stacy in the ribs, then stomped on her.

Stacy screamed, and suddenly rolled over on her back and lashed out with her right foot, kicking Torrie high on the left thigh. She was actually aiming for the crotch, but even so, the kick was enough to force Torrie to step back instinctively, thus giving Stacy the chance to get up.

They sprang forward at the exact same moment and tore into each other, falling to the floor in a heap of tangled arms and legs, both women were totally naked and equally furious.

Fighting at close quarters worked to Torrie's advantage. The former fitness model was clearly the stronger of the two and was soon able to gain the upper hand, by getting on top and pinning Stacy to the floor. Stacy bucked and twisted, trying to throw the other woman off of her, but it was no use. Torrie straightened her body and sat firmly on Stacy's naked chest, grabbing the hair of the writhing, kicking Maryland beauty with one hand and repeatedly hitting her in the face with the other.

"Had enough?" asked Torrie, as Stacy stopped struggling for a moment and just lay there, panting and holding her hands defensively in front of her face.

Realizing that she was simply not strong enough to throw Torrie off, but still not willing to quit, Stacy reached up with both hands, grabbed Torrie's big, heaving breasts and began squeezing and twisting as hard as she could. Torrie squealed and jerked backwards, getting hold of Stacy's wrists in an attempt to dislodge the younger girl's hands from her breasts. It did not work. The Idaho native's large orbs provided for an excellent handhold and Stacy was able to maintain her grip, her fingernails digging deep into the supple flesh.

"AAAAIIIIEE! LET GO! LET GO! LET GO!!" Torrie screeched, squirming in agony and hammering away at Stacy's face with both fists. Stacy groaned under the fusillade of blows, but did not let go. Baring her teeth, she growled, gripped Torrie's tits even harder and twisted them in opposite directions, drawing a piercing shriek from the suffering SMACKDOWN! Diva.

With tears welling up in her eyes from the intense pain, Torrie let out a scream of fury and drove all of her ten fingernails in Stacy's face. Now it was the former Nitro Girl's turn to screech in agony as she let go of her opponent's breasts and covered her face with both hands. Once free, Torrie did not waste any time. She punched Stacy in the head, twice, and then grabbed her wrists, pulling her hands away from her face.

"Want my tits, bitch?" Torrie growled "Huh? You want 'em? Here, you can have 'em!" And with that, she leaned forward dropping her sweaty, naked breasts down on the pinned woman's face and at the same time wrapping her strong arms around Stacy's head, pulling the taller girl's face deeper into her ample, glistening cleavage.

With her face completely engulfed by the abundance of supple tit-flesh, Stacy was unable to breathe and struggled frantically to break free. Bucking and squirming underneath the other woman, she gave it her all, with her young, lithe, naked body twisting back and forth, her long, shapely legs flailing and her small fists pounding away at Torrie's sides and back, as she desperately fought to force the SMACKDOWN! Diva off. It was all in vain. Torrie remained right where she was, using all of her weight to keep Stacy down, with her bare arms wrapped tightly around the taller girl's head as she mashed her massive tits against Stacy's face, slowly but surely smothering the trapped Baltimore native. Feeling that she was about to pass out from the lack of oxygen, Stacy writhed furiously and, grabbed Torrie's hair with both hands, pulling with all her strength. Torrie groaned as her neck was wrenched violently backwards, but did not relinquish her hold.

"Give it up, slut," growled the former fitness queen, continuing to breast-smother her victim. "You don't have a..."

Torrie broke off in mid sentence and screamed as Stacy raked her claws across her eyes, making her jerk back. As the other woman's breasts were lifted off her face, Stacy sucked in a much needed lungful of air and almost at the same time her head snapped forward and her teeth sank into the underside of Torrie's left breast. Torrie shrieked and jerked backwards, pulling Stacy' hair with both hands to force her to let go. She managed to back away from Stacy and get up on her knees, but before she could do anything else, Stacy, still lying on her back, lashed out with her right foot and kicked her in the head, sending her down to the floor.

Both women got up quickly and faced off, panting and shaking. Torrie was the first to attack again, by rushing forward and grabbing Stacy's hair with both hands and shaking the taller girl's head back and forth. Stacy had no intentions of putting up with that for long, and quickly brought up her right knee, striking Torrie in the belly and doubling her over. She then got hold of Torrie's long, flowing locks and kneed her again, this time in the face. Torrie groaned and tried to back away, but Stacy held on to her hair and pulled hard to one side, at the same time tripping the Idaho beauty. Torrie groaned as her body hit the floor, but she was not badly hurt and immediately tried to get up. Stacy kicked her in the head, sending her down once again, and pounced on her with a snarl, hitting and clawing with both hands. Torrie tried to protect herself with her hands, but quickly saw that it was no good and decided to fight fire with fire. Torrie began reaching up and grabbing Stacy's hair and pulling the former dancer down to the floor. The two sexy, naked combatants became entangled in an inextricable mass of limbs.

They rolled back and forth, groaning and screaming with pain, rage and effort as they slapped, scratched, punched, pulled hair and even bit, with each woman giving it her all. Surprisingly, it was the more slender and seemingly weaker Stacy that finally managed to gain the upper hand by getting on top of Torrie and sitting on her chest, pinning her down. Torrie moaned and squirmed, arching her back and twisting to and fro in attempts to throw her rival off, but Stacy remained firmly on top, using her weight to keep the former fitness queen pinned to the floor.

"Bitch!" Stacy panted out and began slapping her trapped foe in the face with both hands.

Groaning, Torrie managed to grab her assailant's wrists, but Stacy quickly wrenched her arms free again and punched Torrie in the face. Torrie screamed and reached up trying to get hold of the other woman's breasts, but soon found out that Stacy's small, firm breasts were practically impossible to get a good grip on - especially as slippery with sweat as they were. Stacy snarled and snatched Torrie's wrists, pushing her hands away. An intense struggle followed, both women gasping and groaning and snarling with rage and effort as they stained their bodies to the limit - Stacy trying to pin Torrie’s arms to the floor, while Torrie was doing her best to prevent her from doing so. It did not take very long. Even though Torrie was the stronger of the two, Stacy had the advantage of being able to bear down with most of her weight on the SMACKDOWN! Diva and ultimately managed to get the latter’s arms down to the floor and pin them with her knees, despite Torrie’s furious resistance.

“Gotcha now, bitch!” Stacy growled and started delivering slap after slap to Torrie’s unprotected face. The force of the strikes throw the Idaho beauty’s head back and forth from one shoulder to the other.

Torrie squealed and writhed desperately trying to escape, but seemed completely helpless, pinned as she was. Stacy continued to punish her with powerful slaps to the face.

“Had enough, slut?” Stacy asked, stopping for a moment to catch her breath. “Not so hot now, are you?” she added. When Torrie, instead of answering, merely struggled briefly and unsuccessfully to free herself. “Ready to give up yet?”

“Fuck you, you little bitch!” Torrie yelled, squirming back and forth to no avail. “You can’t beat me!”

“Is that so?” Stacy said, with a big smirk on her face as she sat firmly on top of her prostrate rival “Well, guess what Torrie, honey - I already have! Look at you! You’re pathetic! You have nowhere to go, so why don’t you just...”

Stacy’s gloating was suddenly cut short as Torrie quickly lifted her strong legs high in the air, at the same time spreading them and placing the back of her calves on Stacy’s shoulders. With one mighty heave, Torrie straightened her body, using her legs to push the other woman down to the floor on her back, and at the same time sat up, wrapping her arms around Stacy’s thighs and leaning forward, pushing at the back of Stacy’s legs with her shoulders.

Utterly taken by surprise, Stacy could not respond and only had time for one short squeal before Torrie had completed the reversal by rising on her knees and getting on top of her opponent. Torrie was still holding on to Stacy’s legs and literally folding the young RAW Diva in half in a classic matchbook pin. Grabbing Stacy’s ankles, Torrie pushed until Stacy’s feet were touching the floor above her head, and then she began bouncing up and down, her firm, shapely ass repeatedly slamming down onto the back of Stacy’s thighs.

As a former cheerleader and dancer, Stacy possessed extraordinary flexibility, but even so, she soon found the treatment unbearable and struggled with all her might to break free. Stacy was squirming back and forth and groaning with both pain and effort. Torrie however, was not to be thrown off that easy and kept on jumping up and down with short, angry screams, her long, blonde hair flying in all directions, her full, glistening breasts rocking and swinging wildly back and forth, as she continued to punish her folded-up rival, threatening to break the sexy Maryland girl in half.

Finally, a grunting and gasping Stacy got hold of Torrie’s tresses with one hand and pulled as hard as she could. Torrie groaned, but managed to keep her balance and stay on top. Stacy then reached up with her other hand and clawed at her opponent’s face. Torrie cried out and flinched, her hands going to cover her eyes. With Torrie off balance, Stacy heaved, unfolding her body and using her legs to force Torrie backwards. Torrie toppled over, rolled to one side and tried to stand up, but Stacy had already sprang up to her feet and now she kicked the former fitness model in the head, sending her back down to the floor.

“C’mon, bitch! Get up!” Stacy shouted angrily, leaning forward slightly and extending her long, slender arms forward and sideways, beckoning Torrie with her fingers.

Torrie did get up, but only to her knees. From that position she dove at her rival’s legs, grabbing Stacy’s ankles and pulling hard. With her legs suddenly taken from under her, Stacy shrieked as she flew up in the air, landing heavily on her back. the force of the impact drove all the air out of her lungs.

As Stacy lay there motionless, struggling to breathe, Torrie wasted no time and pounced on the younger girl with a snarl, and hitting and clawing with both hands. A winded and dazed Stacy could do little to fight back and tried to cover up instead, but Torrie would have none of it. She punched and slapped Stacy's face a few times, then grabbed her by the hair and slammed the back of her head into the floor. Stacy moaned and struggled weakly, then moaned again as Torrie drove her head into the floor one more time.

“How’s that feel, Stace?” Torrie growled through clenched teeth. “Still think you’re such hot stuff? Huh? Here, let me bang some sense into that pretty little head of yours!” and with that, Torrie hit the back of Stacy’s head into the floor a third time.

Stacy cried out and reached up, trying to claw at Torrie’s eyes. Torrie easily swept Stacy’s arm aside and punched the RAW Diva in the face. Stacy groaned and raised one leg in the air, kicking Torrie in the head, but the kick was weak and served only to infuriate Torrie even further. She got up and kicked Stacy in the ribs, then stomped on her belly and kicked her again - this time in the head. Groaning loudly, Stacy rolled over, covering her head with her arms. Torrie kicked her one more time and then hauled her up to her feet by the hair.

“I’ll teach you to mess with me, you little slut!” Torrie hissed in Stacy’s ear, while holding the former Nitro Girl’s hair and twisting her head painfully backwards. “I’ll...”

Stacy drew back her right hand and punched Torrie in the stomach, but apart form cutting short the Idaho beauty’s threats, she achieved nothing. Torrie saw the blow coming and managed to tighten up her muscles. Stacy’s fist merely glanced off the rock-hard abs of the former fitness model without having any effect whatsoever. Torrie snarled and drove her knee into Stacy’s flat, firm belly, making the taller woman grunt and double over. She then yanked on Stacy’s hair with all her strength, hurling the young Marylander across the room. Stacy could not keep her balance and crashed to the floor with a loud groan. She tried to get up, but Torrie was upon her in a flash and shoved her down, face-first. Getting on top of her prone foe, Torrie sat on the small of Stacy’s back and grabbed her by the throat with both hands.

Stacy’s eyes bulged as Torrie’s strong hands squeezed her throat, cutting off her air. With her mouth opening wide and her face turning red, the RAW Diva struggled, squirming back and forth and tugging at her tormentor’s wrists, but it was no good. Torrie remained where she was and continued to strangle her trapped foe, at the same time shaking her to and fro.

“You like that, Stacy? Huh? Do you, you fuckin’ little whore?” Torrie growled through clenched teeth, continuing her relentless assault. “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” She added when a choking Stacy managed only a small gurgling sound as she continued to struggle desperately and ineffectually.

No one had gotten Stacy’s tongue and it now stuck out of her gaping mouth, her face turning almost purple and her eyes staring out of her head. In a desperate last-ditch effort to escape before Torrie had choked her out, the younger girl managed to pull her legs underneath her body and somehow pushed herself up on her hands and knees with Torrie still sitting on her back. Stacy then reared up, throwing Torrie off and causing the latter to lose her grip on her sweaty throat.

Stacy barely had time to take a breath, when Torrie pounced on her from behind, taking her down to the floor. Since Stacy was, at this moment, intent only on trying to suck in as much air as she could, Torrie had no trouble trapping her in a full nelson and holding her down on her belly. Groaning, Stacy tried to wriggle out of the hold, but could do nothing against the superior strength of the former fitness model and, after a few unsuccessful attempts, she stopped struggling and lay underneath her rival, gasping for air.

“Give up?” Torrie asked smugly.

“Fuck you!” Stacy croaked and renewed her attempts to free herself, twisting and writhing furiously. Bending her arms at the elbows, she grabbed two handfuls of Torrie’s hair and pulled as hard as she could. Torrie growled, kept her hold for a little while longer, and then, not seeing why she had to put up with this, she reached round Stacy’s head with her right hand and clawed at the taller girl’s face. Stacy shrieked and, with her right arm now free, twisted sharply to her left, managing to turn over onto her back. She was still lying underneath her opponent though, and Torrie wasted little time in sitting up and straddling her.

Screaming with both anger and fear, Stacy began twisting and kicking, trying to force Torrie off, but could not budge her. Sitting firmly on top, the Idaho woman grabbed the wrists of her Maryland rival and pinned her arms to the floor above her head.

“How about now, Stace? You give up now?” asked Torrie, while smiling at Stacy’s futile struggles, enjoying her dominance over the former Nitro Girl.

“Go to HELL!” Stacy yelled, trying to free herself and not succeeding.

Torrie just laughed. “C’mon, Stacy, give it up!” she said, looking down at the trapped RAW Diva: “You know I’m stronger, and there’s no one here to help you, so why don’t you just do the smart thing? Say you give, and I’ll let you go.”

“Dam’ right you will, bitch!” Stacy shouted, and, wrenching her right arm free from Torrie’s sweaty fingers, she reached up and clawed at the former fitness queen’s face.

Torrie shrieked and jerked back, twisting her head to one side. Stacy managed to free her other arm as well and quickly grabbed her opponent’s hair, rolling over to her right and getting on top of Torrie. Torrie squealed in surprise, but almost immediately heaved up, flipping Stacy over and once again gaining the top position, only to lose it once more as Stacy rolled her over in turn.

For a few moments, the two naked, sweat-drenched wrestling beauties rolled back and forth on the floor, clinging to one another, screaming and grunting as they slapped and scratched and bit and pulled hair, each trying to pin the other. It did not take long before Torrie’s superior strength told, and the SMACKDOWN! Diva was able to roll on top of her rival and stay there long enough to slide her ample breasts onto Stacy’s face and wrap her arms around the former dancer’s head in a tight embrace.

This was the second time that Stacy found herself being breast-smothered by the other woman and she enjoyed the feeling just as little as she did the first time. She squirmed and bucked in desperate attempts to break free, with her lithe, slim body twisting back and forth, long arms and legs flailing wildly as her need for air became more and more imperative. But whatever Stacy did, her face remained buried deep into Torrie’s sweat-covered chest, the large, firm breasts of the Idaho native. Torrie's breast completely surround the Maryland beauty’s face, the pliant, hot flesh sealing off Stacy’s mouth and nose, not allowing her to breathe.

Knowing that if she stayed where she was long enough she would eventually smother her rival unconscious and win the fight, Torrie grunted with the effort as she tightened her embrace around Stacy’s head even more. Stacy, being fully aware that if she did not do something soon, she would end up passing out, tried to use the same tactics that had helped her escape the breast smother the first time. She reached blindly with her right hand and attempted to claw Torrie’s face, but Torrie shook her head violently from side to side, evading Stacy’s hooked fingers.

“Not this time, bitch!” growled the former fitness model as she lay on top of her rival, flattening her to the floor and suffocating her: “This time it’s over for you!”

Writhing and kicking underneath the SMACKDOWN! Diva, Stacy hammered at Torrie’s sides with both fists and clawed at her taut, tapering back, but got nowhere. Torrie remained on top, with her muscles straining, her toned, shapely, glistening body almost totally motionless, only her torso expanding and contracting rapidly with her heavy breathing.

On the verge of passing out, Stacy slid her right hand down Torrie’s back and ass and suddenly plunged a couple of fingers deep into Torrie’s exposed sex, her long, sharp nails raking the delicate flesh mercilessly again and again. The former fitness queen gave a piercing shriek and literally jumped up in the air from a lying position, before quickly rolling away from Stacy and getting to her feet, her left hand reaching behind her.

“You dirty little whore!” A now tearful Torrie screamed and kicked Stacy, who was lying on her back sucking air.

Stacy moaned and sat up, trying to get to her feet. Torrie lifted her right knee and abruptly straightened her leg, the sole of her foot strikes Stacy in the chest and sending her down on her back again. Stacy rose into a sitting position once more, but before she could get up, Torrie kicked her again, this time in the head. Scared and hurt, Stacy tried to get away from Torrie by scuttling backwards, pushing herself along the floor with her hands and feet, but stopping suddenly as her back pressed against the sofa. Snarling, Torrie moved in and swung her right leg back, preparing to unleash another kick.

“No!” Stacy moaned, shaking her head and, with nowhere to go, she held up her hands, palms facing outwards, a frightened, pleading look coming into her eyes.

An angry Torrie showed little sympathy for her downed foe, and now kicked Stacy on the side of the head, drawing a loud moan from the downed RAW Diva. Stacy made an attempt to fight back by lashing out with her right foot and trying to kick Torrie in the crotch, but Torrie quickly twisted to one side avoiding the kick, and then drove her heel right in the middle of Stacy’s chest, forcing the taller girl all the way down to the floor and nearly knocking the breath out of her. Torrie then kicked Stacy in the ribs and went in for the kill, lowering herself down, preparatory to straddling the former Nitro Girl.

Stacy twisted along the floor and picked up her legs, wrapping them around Torrie’s waist.

Torrie’s expression immediately changed following Stacy’s move, but this new look on the Idaho native’s attractive face showed neither pain nor fear - it was one of sheer annoyance. Clicking her tongue in a rather impatient fashion, the PLAYBOY cover girl - now on her knees - calmly set about getting herself out of the scissors hold by trying to force her opponent’s legs open with her hands. Stacy quickly reached up with her right hand, grabbed Torrie’s hair and pulled, at the same time twisting her lower body to the right, ultimately succeeding in bringing Torrie down to the floor on her left side. Seeing that she was not going to be able to escape the hold without making an effort, Torrie tried more seriously, squirming back and forth, but all she managed to do was to turn her body at 90 degrees. The SMACKDOWN! Diva’s torso was now wedged sideways between the other woman’s legs with her head and upper body to the left of Stacy’s body and her legs to the right, the small of her back resting on the inside of Stacy’s right leg and her stomach right underneath the back of the Baltimore native’s left leg. Propping herself up on her extended right arm, her ankles locked, Stacy began to squeeze with her legs, baring her teeth in both effort and anger.

Torrie winced and a worried look appeared in her eyes as the former dancer’s long, strong legs began to constrict her midsection. Her beautiful face suddenly the picture of concentration, the sexy Idaho native struggled with all her might to break free, but could not. Stacy had already found out first-hand that Torrie was far stronger than her and knew very well that if Torrie broke loose she would hurt her badly, so now she just held on for dear life, bearing down on Torrie’s midriff as hard as she could.

What followed was a titanic struggle, a battle of epic proportions between the former fitness queen’s abs and the ex-dancer’s legs. Groans and grunts of effort filled the air, both wrestling beauties straining to their limits, years of hard training coming to the fore and making taut, toned muscles stand out and ripple beneath smooth, sweaty skin as the two lithe, strong bodies writhed and squirmed around, vying for supremacy.

For several minutes the all-out war of rock-hard abs against legs of steel raged on with each side giving its all and achieving little more than simply holding ground. Still, both women wanted to win this, and wanted it badly, and so each one continued to strain, calling on all her physical and mental reserves: Stacy - doing everything she could to keep her rival ensnared and squeeze the life out of her, while Torrie struggled with all she had to hold out until her foe’s legs tired and she was forced to release her. They did not bother speaking - both preferring to save their breath and focus entirely on the fight, each one well-aware that the current deadlock could not last indefinitely: sooner or later something had to give. And give it most certainly did. Since both combatants were strong and determined women, it took a long, long time, but ultimately a winner began to emerge, and much to one beauty’s dismay and detriment, it turned out that someone, somewhere, sometime had got it all dreadfully wrong, and rock did not break scissors. Not always, anyway.

Slowly, inexorably, Stacy’s legs began to overwhelm Torrie’s abs and compress the PLAYBOY cover girl’s midsection tighter and tighter. Torrie groaned in both pain and despair and struggled, but it was in vain. As well-developed as her abdominal muscles were, they were simply could not withstand the massive pressure put on them by the former dancer’s awesome legs. Inch by inch Torrie’s washboard abs gave ground; inch by inch Stacy’s devastating scissors cut deeper and deeper into the former fitness model’s rapidly weakening belly.

Torrie was clearly suffering. As much time as she had been spending each day in abdominal exercises for years, it was obvious from her loud groans and her pain-distorted face, that her abs were no match for Stacy’s powerful legs. And neither were her arms. Try as she might to prize the young RAW Diva’s thighs open with her hands, Torrie achieved absolutely nothing, her fingers sliding along the smooth, slippery with sweat skin with no effect. Groaning, she squirmed back and forth, slapping and clawing at Stacy’s left thigh, and even hammering at it with her clenched fists, but instead of releasing her vice-like hold, the former Nitro Girl tightened it even further, really pouring on the pressure now.

Torrie writhed in utter agony as her internal organs were being squashed by her rival’s legs. She tried arching her back, hoping to somehow twist and break the hold, but every time she did so, Stacy merely hung onto her with almost all of her weight, eventually forcing her back down. All Torrie was managing to do with her constant struggling was to expend enormous amounts of energy, and tiring herself out.

During one of Torrie’s attempts at bridging, Stacy quickly slid her legs further up the SMACKDOWN! Diva’s naked body, scissoring her rib-cage and squeezing harder than ever. The Maryland beauty’s 42” legs easily encircled the 36” chest of her Idaho rival, Stacy’s left thigh bearing down on Torrie’s massive tits, squashing them flat against the ribs.

Torrie was in real trouble now. Not only was she hurting, but she was also having difficulties breathing. Every time she exhaled, Stacy’s legs around her torso tightened a little bit more - just like a boa constrictor would do with its prey - giving her less and less room to expand her chest and take air into her lungs.

Moaning, her ribs feeling like they were going to collapse any moment and her face turning red from both exertion and oxygen deficiency, the PLAYBOY cover girl tried to claw at her opponent’s crotch with her right hand. Stacy quickly grabbed her rival’s wrist with her left hand and, taking advantage of the former fitness queen’s weakened state, forced the arm down to the floor and pinned it there by shifting some of her weight onto her extended right arm with her fingers still gripping Torrie’s wrist. Torrie groaned and reached towards Stacy’s crotch with her other hand. Stacy was expecting that and quickly reached with her left hand, managing to get hold of one of Torrie’s fingers and wrenching it backwards, briefly and violently. Torrie screeched and withdrew her hand, tears coming suddenly to her eyes. The pain was so bad, that she actually thought her finger was broken (which it was not).

“Try that again and I’ll break your whole fuckin’ arm, you cunt!” Stacy growled angrily, all of a sudden feeling extremely confident and in control. She could sense that her rival was hurt and desperate, and, whereas just a short while ago the sexy Baltimore native had been merely fighting to survive, now she felt that she could actually beat the former fitness model and the realization seemed to give her extra strength.

“Not so tough now, bitch, are you!” Stacy panted as Torrie groaned and squirmed between her legs: “Had enough, huh? You give up?”

But Torrie was not even thinking of giving up. She knew that she was stronger than Stacy, and to her the idea of losing to the younger girl was inconceivable. She continued to struggle, kicking her legs out and twisting her lower body from side to side in attempts to wriggle out of her rival’s hold. Soon though, it became apparent that she was fading. Despite her being in great physical shape, she had wasted a lot of energy in her futile efforts to free herself from the scissors hold and by now she was exhausted, her movements becoming more and more feeble and uncoordinated with every passing second. And the fact that her breathing was severely restricted was not helping either. Her face had become almost crimson, as she fought to get more air into her lungs, and her short labored gasps sounded more like wheezing than normal breathing - unlike Stacy, whose deep breaths continued hissing through her clenched teeth at even intervals.

With her struggles almost dying down, and knowing that at this rate she could not last much longer, Torrie again went for Stacy’s crotch with her left hand in a desperate final attempt to break the taller girl’s hold. Stacy reacted quickly and managed to get her free hand in the path of Torrie’s hand, grabbing all four of the SMACKDOWN! Diva’s hooked fingers and squeezing them, squashing them together and this time holding on to the hand, immobilizing Torrie’s arm.

Even though she was rendered completely helpless now, Torrie continued to battle on, but her situation was now beginning to look more and more hopeless by the second. Try as she might, the trapped PLAYBOY cover girl simply had no answer for the awesome strength of the former dancer’s legs. She could not escape them, nor could she fight them - they simply crushed her. The former fitness model’s muscular torso offered no more resistance to the steely thighs than that of a rag doll would have. It was not very long before it became constricted to the point where all the air was squeezed out of Torrie’s lungs - and then some more. Deprived of oxygen, Torrie’s powerful, shapely body quickly lost every last ounce of strength it had left, and within seconds, it went almost completely limp between Stacy’s legs.

Determined to squash her rival, Stacy took a deep breath, braced her self and, baring her teeth in a grimace of tension, she let out a loud, harsh groan, which seemed to go on forever as she put everything she had into her legs in one titanic effort that had her face turn almost crimson with the strain.

But this was nothing compared to the hue which Torrie’s face was beginning to take. Unable to draw the shortest of breaths, and with her chest compressed so tightly that she felt like her empty lungs would collapse any second, Torrie was in absolute agony and her face was so suffused with blood that it looked more purple than red. Moments later, her oxygen-starved body began to shut down. Her eyes were now half-closed and what was left visible of them had glazed over as her eyelids began to flutter all of a sudden. Her head had rolled lifelessly towards her left shoulder and a series of short, barely-audible gurgling sounds was coming out of her gaping mouth, which had a string of drool escaping from its left corner. Her entire body was now limp and completely motionless, save for her right leg, which moved back and forth in a subconscious reflex, her foot twitching uncontrollably as she began to black out.

Just then, Stacy suddenly unlocked her ankles and released her scissors. She then pulls her right leg out from underneath Torrie’s body. The PLAYBOY cover girl instinctively sucked in a lungful of air and almost immediately began coughing and hacking and gasping as she struggled to restart her breathing and replenish her supply of oxygen. Amazingly, she still had some fight left in her and enough presence of mind to roll to one side in an attempt to get away from her opponent. The attempt failed. Stacy had already risen up on her knees and now she pounced on Torrie, punching her in the face, twice, then grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the floor. Torrie moaned and tried to fight back by reaching up and clawing at Stacy’s face, but Stacy easily avoided the hooked fingers and drove a fist in Torrie's softened belly, causing the Idaho beauty to groan and curl up on her left side.

“I’ll show you how to scratch, slut!” Stacy hissed, reaching with both hands and raking her manicured fingernails down Torrie’s exposed back - all the way from neck to ass.

Arching her back, Torrie cried out and then tried to crawl away from her tormentor, but Stacy was upon her in a flash, getting hold of her sweat-soaked hair with one hand and punching her on the side of the head with the other. The young RAW Diva then easily rolled her tired, hurt SMACKDOWN! rival onto her back and reverse-straddled her. Torrie had barely had time to try and struggle, when Stacy suddenly slid backwards, planting her shapely, bare ass right on the former fitness model’s face, muffling her screams of protest.

With her face buried beneath Stacy’s firm, glistening ass-cheeks and no air coming into her lungs, Torrie began to panic and fought frantically to break free. She writhed and squirmed, arching her back and twisting form side to side, arms and legs flailing and hands slapping and clawing at her opponent’s hips and back in her desperate attempts to free herself. It was no good. Stacy just sat there, using her weight to hold her foe down, while continuing to smother the hapless PLAYBOY cover girl with her naked ass.

“Havin’ fun, bitch?” asked Stacy, who was definitely having fun herself. She really enjoyed the feeling of Torrie’s hot, sweaty face underneath her, and now she began moving her hips, grinding her sweat-covered ass into that face clenching her buttocks, using the two taut, beautifully-rounded mounds to clamp down on Torrie’s mouth and nose and suffocate her struggling victim more effectively.

About to pass out from the lack of air, Torrie thrashed around violently, her lithe, shapely, naked body bucking and twisting back and forth, toned muscles rippling under the smooth, glistening skin, her hands and feet pounding the floor in tight cadence. She tried arching her back, but almost immediately flopped down again as Stacy’s right fist smashed into her neatly shaven mound with brutal force. Snarling, Stacy grabbed Torrie’s large breasts and dug her fingers into the supple flesh, twisting and squeezing mercilessly, using her knuckles to mash the tender orbs against the ribcage.

Spurred on by the pain, Torrie intensified her struggles, but she was too tired and weakened to sustain any great effort. Her movements gradually became slower and slower and finally all but stopped, only her feet moving in spasmodic little jerks as she lay stretched out underneath her rival.

Curiously though, just as Torrie was about to lose consciousness, Stacy suddenly rose up on her knees, allowing the tortured SMACKDOWN! Diva to draw precious oxygen into her aching lungs.

Stacy got to her feet and for a moment stood motionless, breathing heavily as she looked down at her fallen foe with a smug little smile on her face. She could have easily smothered the totally helpless Torrie unconscious - or even killed her if she wanted to - but she had chosen not to. She wanted to really punish the PLAYBOY cover girl; teach her a lesson the bitch would never forget and she quite correctly figured that any punishment would not have too much of an effect on an unconscious woman - and even less on a dead one.

“Get up, slut!” Stacy said menacingly.

She bent down, grabbed Torrie’s matted, sweat-soaked hair and tried to pull her up to her feet with the intention of punching her in the belly, but only managed to get her up to her knees. The former fitness model offered no active resistance, but her now completely limp body was practically dead weight in Stacy’s hands and the young RAW Diva, who was quite tired herself, soon had to abandon the idea of getting Torrie to stand up. That did not discourage Stacy at all. She figured that down on the floor was as good a place as any to inflict pain on someone, and proceeded to do so. She chose for the purpose her strongest (most potent) weapon.

Moving around Torrie, Stacy suddenly fell backwards to the floor, still holding on to Torrie’s hair with both hands and pulling the SMACKDOWN! Diva down with her, at the same time picking up her long legs and snapping them shut around Torrie’s head from behind.

As the former Nitro Girl’s powerful legs began to squeeze her head, Torrie groaned and struggled feebly, trying to pull Stacy’s thighs apart with her hands, but she did not stand a chance. Stacy kept on squeezing, increasing the pressure on her rival’s head with each second, until Torrie was screeching in agony, writhing and kicking. She also kept her grip on Torrie’s hair and pulled it violently, threatening to rip the long, blonde locks out by the roots.

Suddenly Stacy took her left hand off the other woman’ hair and, twisting slightly onto her right side, reached down and got hold of Torrie’s left breast, squeezing it hard.

“You like that, Torrie?” Stacy growled as Torrie squealed, “Huh? Ready to beg me to stop now?”

“Fuck you, bitch!” Torrie yelled, still determined not to quit despite her hopeless situation.

“Alright.” Stacy said calmly. “I guess I’m just gonna have to rip it off!”

With that, Stacy tore into her rival’s full, firm breast, squeezing it as hard as she could, pulling and twisting the supple flesh back and forth, with her fingernails digging deep into the soft, tender underside. Torrie howled with pain and desperately tugged on her tormentor’s wrist trying to pull her hand away. Stacy’s fingers slid along the smooth, sweat-covered skin and she eventually lost her grip on Torrie’s tit, but Torrie’s respite was short-lived as the RAW Diva immediately attacked her foe’s tortured mammary again, pinching the large, erect nipple between her thumb and the side of her forefinger’s second joint, and twisting it sharply. Torrie let out a piercing shriek, but Stacy did not stop there. She twisted the nipple the other way and then began pulling it, stretching Torrie’s entire breast to its very limit. Torrie screeched even louder, suddenly making Stacy wonder how come the neighbors hadn’t called the police by now with all that screaming and thumping on the floor going on. Most of them probably weren’t home, she thought, or maybe they just didn’t care. Still, she decided that she had to do something - Torrie’s shrill cries were starting to get on her nerves.

Unlocking her ankles, Stacy pulled Torrie’s head backwards by the hair and quickly bent her right knee and tucked her foot behind her left leg, getting her calf right across Torrie’s throat, getting the SMACKDOWN! Diva in a perfect figure four hold and cutting off her air (and screams), while continuing to pull and twist her nipple.

With her windpipe suddenly being crushed and no air coming into her lungs, Torrie thrashed around, flinging her limbs violently to and fro and bending and twisting her curvaceous body in desperate attempts to break Stacy’s hold before she suffocated. It was all in vain. Stacy let go of Torrie’s nipple and, propping herself on her elbows behind her, focused all her efforts on her legs, squeezing as hard as she could, depriving her opponent of much needed oxygen.

Torrie continued to struggle, her face having become almost purple by now. She slapped and tugged feebly at Stacy’s thighs trying unsuccessfully to force them open, at the same time bucking and heaving in an effort to somehow wriggle out of the tight hold, but she was too weak. She tried arching her back and almost immediately flopped back down, her exhausted body giving out on her. She tried again, but it was a pitiful attempt and it got her nowhere. Her legs pumping in and out, her feet were suddenly unable to find any purchase and her heels plowed the floor repeatedly as her oxygen-starved body began convulsing violently. The flesh of her shapely, well-muscled thighs jerking and shaking under the glistening skin, while her massive, sweat-soaked breasts bounced wildly in all directions, jiggling and quivering incessantly like two mounds of jelly during an earthquake. Stacy waited until Torrie’s eyelids began to flutter, and then released the figure four hold just before Torrie had lost consciousness. She then quickly trapped Torrie’s neck between her shapely thighs again and squeezed.

“AAAAAHHH! Let go of me, you fuckin’ whore!” groaned a still defiant Torrie, clawing feebly at Stacy’s thighs.

“I don’t think so, Torrie.” Stacy said firmly. “Remember what you said to me before? ‘There’s no one else here to help you.’ I agree. In fact, there’s no one else here to help either of us. It’s just you and me, baby - woman to woman. Let’s see what you’re made of! Or are you going to beg?” the tall RAW Diva smirked.

“Fuck you, I’ll break every bone in your body, you little bitch!” Torrie snarled, showing some spirit, even though she knew she was completely helpless.

“Not if I break every bone in yours first, cunt!” said Stacy through clenched teeth. Backing her words with actions, she went to work on the former fitness queen.

During the next couple of minutes, the young Maryland bombshell dominated and punished the trapped Idaho beauty, punching and slapping her face and body at random. Clawing and pinching and pulling her breasts and yanking her hair viciously to and fro, snarling angrily and thrash-talking her all the time. She also kept her thighs clamped around Torrie’s neck and continued to exert as much pressure as she could, twisting her lower body back and forth and occasionally rolling over, forcing Torrie to roll with her to avoid having her neck broken.

After a while, Stacy stopped hurling insults at her rival and concentrated on just hurting the latter, snarling and grunting with the effort as she hit Torrie over and over again. Torrie squirmed and groaned, quietly at first, then louder and louder until she was screaming at the top of her lungs under the relentless attack on her body and head. Eventually though, the brutal beating took its toll on the former fitness model and her screams began to die down, ultimately becoming just feeble, barely audible whimpers. The only sounds that could be heard in the room now, were bodies shifting on the floor, Stacy’s snarling and growling, Torrie’s gasping and moaning, and the sharp sounds of fists and palms striking naked flesh as the tall, leggy RAW Diva continued to punish her more powerfully-built but exhausted and helpless SMACKDOWN! counterpart.

A strong-willed, proud woman, Torrie showed remarkable endurance, but, just like everyone else, she had her limits, and after taking an enormous amount of pain, she finally submitted to Stacy’s brutal assault. Then, as Stacy still kept on pounding her, the stronger, more athletic-looking former fitness queen screamed out her submission again, and again, half-sobbing as she begged the younger woman for mercy.

Stacy however, was not done and continued hammering away at her rival, ignoring Torrie’s pleas. Releasing her scissors hold, she rose on her knees and rolled the now completely limp Torrie onto her back. She then straddled Torrie’s hips, pinned her arms at her sides with her knees and began slapping her large, heaving breasts over and over again, as the hapless PLAYBOY cover girl just lay there and begged her to stop.

Time and again Stacy’s palms landed right on the Idaho beauty’s breasts with great force, producing loud smacks and sending the massive, sweaty, pink-capped mounds of flesh and silicone flying to and fro, rocking and jiggling ceaselessly. The two women’s raised voices rent the air. Torrie’s shrill cries for mercy and hoarse groans of pain mixing with the short, loud screams and grunts of both anger and effort that came from Stacy’s throat each time the tall RAW Diva struck one of her pinned rival’s breasts.

At last, becoming too exhausted to continue, Stacy pushed her matted, sweat-soaked hair back, with a shaky hand and just sat on top of her beaten rival, panting, with sweat running down her face and naked body in endless trickles and dripping from her chin, the tip of her nose and her erect nipples. “Bitch!” the sexy Baltimore native said, struggling to catch her breath as she looked down, surveying her handiwork with a happy gleam in her eye. Torrie’s entire naked, sweat-drenched chest was now beet-red from Stacy’s pounding and her breasts were covered with scratches and welts of various lengths - courtesy of the former Nitro Girl’s sharp fingernails. It was only a matter of time before the numerous bruises that were also there would turn black and blue.

“That’ll teach you to shove those things in my face!” Stacy panted out and raised her right hand, giving Torrie’s left breast one more slap.

“AAAAH, please stop!” the tormented SMACKDOWN! Diva groaned. “That’s enough, I give up… Stacy please… you win, OK?”

Stacy slapped her other breast, causing the large, sweaty orb to quiver briefly .

“Please! Stacy stop it… I…I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t hurt me any more, please… I’m beggin’ you… I can’t take any more…”

Torrie was almost sobbing now. She knew she was helpless, and was absolutely terrified, as she actually thought that Stacy would beat her to death.

“You start sniveling on me now, you bitch, and I will tear you to pieces, I swear!” Stacy snarled, looking hard at her defeated foe and raising her right hand threateningly.

“No, Stacy please!” Torrie begged, barely managing to fight back her tears.

“Not so tough now, are you?” Stacy sneered, and suddenly slid forward, sitting on Torrie’s chest and looking straight down into the frightened eyes of the pinned Idaho beauty “Now listen to me very carefully - I’m only gonna say this to you once!”

“You see Torrie, small town girls like you, who come to the city hoping to make it into the big time, need to watch their step.” the former Nitro girl said slowly and firmly. “Because, as you just found out, you’re WAY out of your tiny little league here and you can easily get hurt if you’re not careful. So, consider this a free lesson, and make sure you’ve learned it because I promise you: Next time, I am going to break your fuckin’ back. And I mean just that! You fuck with me ever again and I’ll send you back to Idaho - or whatever the hell hole it is that you’ve crawled out of - in a wheelchair. And I will personally kick that wheelchair - with you in it - all the way there! Got it?” and she slapped Torrie’s face.

“Yes, I got it!” Torrie said weakly.

She meant it too. She was really afraid of the young Baltimore babe now. Convinced that Stacy was the superior fighter, the beaten PLAYBOY cover girl wanted no further piece of the tall RAW Diva. Ever. The fight had been a really close one but it was over now, and it was over for good. The legs had crushed the tits into submission and a lasting pecking order had been established, with both women knowing exactly where they stood and well aware that changes were not forthcoming.

“Just make sure you remember it!” Stacy said and slapped Torrie’s left tit one more time.

The blow was not the hardest one Stacy could have delivered, as she now felt that she had proven her point and saw no reason to punish Torrie any further and risk any legal action if she somehow caused any lasting damage to the former fitness model. She was certain that, as things stood, Torrie would not tell anybody what had happened. She knew that the embarrassment of having had her ass kicked by another woman in a one-on-one fight would be enough to prevent Torrie from talking, but she also knew that this would not be the case if any serious harm was done that would require medical attention

Still, Stacy was a bit reluctant to just let go. She had fought really hard for her victory and now intended to get something out of it.

“Listen, bitch,” she said to her beaten rival: “Before I let you go, there’s something we need to get straight. Now, I don’t care what you do when we’re outside, provided of course that you don’t try to get fresh with me, but when we’re in here you need to know your place. From now on, you’re going to do whatever the fuck I tell you to do. Understand? The outside world ends at that front door. This apartment is now our own little world, and in this world, I’m the queen, and you, Torrie, are the slave! Got it? “Now say it!”

“No, Stacy, don’t do this, please! That’s enough!” Torrie whined, looking pleadingly up at her conqueror. “Please… I...”

She broke off and groaned as Stacy slapped her face.

“I see you still haven’t learned your lesson properly,” the former Nitro girl said calmly. “That’s OK; I’ll be happy to teach you some more, my dumb little fake blonde. There are a couple of things I’ve wanted to do to you for a long time anyway. You’ve done one of them to me enough on that stupid show. Now, it’s my turn! See how YOU like it!”

With that, Stacy suddenly stood up and quickly bent down, grabbing Torrie’s ankles. She then picked up the SMACKDOWN!! Diva’s legs and doubled her over before reverse-straddling her and sitting on the back of her calves, thus completing a perfect matchbook pin. Trapped underneath her foe’s weight, and folded in half with her feet touching the floor above her head and her bare ass up in the air, Torrie squeaked and struggled to escape the undignified situation, but got nowhere.

“This seem familiar, Torrie?” Stacy asked, smiling as she looked at her rival’s defenseless bottom raised up so invitingly. “Payback time, bitch!” she said, lifting her right arm.

As Stacy’s palm came down sharply on Torrie’s left buttock with a loud slapping sound. The trapped PLAYBOY cover girl squealed and started struggling even harder, but she was well and truly trapped and simply did not have enough strength to throw her captor off. Stacy meanwhile, really took her task to heart and began raining down slap after slap on Torrie’s exposed backside.

Wailing in pain and humiliation, the sexy Idaho native continued to writhe and squirm beneath her tormentor, with her shapely ass twisting and gyrating frantically in the air as she attempted to get it out of harm’s way. Stacy was unfazed by her moving target though, and continued to find it unerringly. Perched atop her folded-up foe, the Baltimore beauty had a clear view of - and free access to - Torrie’s taut, sweat-covered derriere. She kept on slapping it, with her palm landing forcefully on each cheek in turn, over and over again, with each strike producing a loud slap and causing the former fitness queen’s firm, glistening, tanned globes to shake and quaver.

With Torrie powerless to stop the assault and Stacy unwilling to do so, it went on for quite some time. Stacy was really enjoying her total dominance over her beaten friend and continued spanking her, almost giggling as she watched the hapless PLAYBOY cover girl’s well-rounded bottom jiggle and turn redder and redder with each smack.

“Say it bitch!” Stacy panted out, her slender arm moving rhythmically up and down, her small hand cruelly slapping Torrie’s ass-cheeks and, occasionally, the SMACKDOWN! Diva’s hairless labia. “I’m the queen, and you’re the slave! Say it, or I’ll beat your sorry ass raw!”

“ALRIGHT...ALRIGHT...I’LL SAY IT!” Torrie squealed all of a sudden, the combination of pain, humiliation and utter helplessness finally proving too much for the defeated Idaho beauty. “Please stop, I’ll say it!”

“Let’s hear it then!” Stacy ordered, pausing for a moment, with her right hand raised threateningly above the other woman’s backside.

“You’re the queen… and… and I’m the slave.” Torrie stammered, with tears welling up in her eyes. She did not enjoy it one little bit, but she really had nowhere to go.

“You got that right, bitch!” Stacy said.

“Which means,” the former Nitro girl continued gleefully as she suddenly stood up, allowing Torrie’s tortured body to unfold and stretch out limply on the floor. “Now that I own you, and I can do whatever I want to you. And like I told you - there are a couple of things I’ve always wanted to do to you. One was to beat your ass. I did that. Now, it’s time for the other thing!”

Taking a few moments to enjoy the sight of her rival stretched out in defeat on the floor, the triumphant Baltimore woman went into her bedroom. Seconds later, she came back holding a strap-on dildo, some twelve inches long.

“NO!!” Torrie shrieked in panic as she saw Stacy strapping the dildo on. She realized instantly what was about to happen, and she also knew that she did not have the strength to stop the young RAW Diva from doing what she had in mind. So now, she once more had to resort to begging to try and avoid yet another humiliation at the hands of her “friend” (former friend).

“Please, Stace, not that!” the beaten PLAYBOY cover girl pleaded shaking her head, with her eyes wide with fear. “Don’t do this to me, Stacy, please! You already won! You beat me; you don’t have to...”

“Shut up!” Stacy snapped, still busy putting the dildo on. She continued to fumble with the straps for a few more seconds and then suddenly stopped.

“You know what,” she said, letting the artificial phallus drop to the floor. “You’re right - I don’t have to do this. Especially since I have a much better idea!”

Stacy went into her bedroom again and returned carrying another dildo, only this one was somewhat different. It was a double-ended rubbery-looking affair, about twenty inches long and two inches in diameter with a large “head” at each end.

“Alright you bitch, get ready to squeal,” the tall Maryland beauty snapped, looking down at her rival, “Since being fucked is obviously the only thing you’re good for...Don’t give me that hurt look, hon; everyone can see how badly you suck as a wrestler, and I think we just established that you don’t amount to much in a real fight either!”

“So, like I said, since fuckin’ is the only thing you’re good for, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do now. But because I wanna prove to you how much better than you I am - I’m gonna give you a chance. I won’t simply fuck you - I will OUTFUCK you! I’m gonna show you just who the better woman is. I’m gonna make you scream; I’m gonna make you squirm; I’m gonna make you cum, and when I’m done - your sorry ass will belong to me!” Stacy spoke slowly and deliberately, looking directly into Torrie’s eyes while holding the dildo in a horizontal position right in front of her, gripping an end in each hand and flexing the monstrous rubber toy back and forth.

Suddenly, the panicky expression was gone from Torrie’s face and a battle light came into her large, green eyes making them sparkle. She loved the idea. She may have been beaten as a fighter, but she still had her pride as a woman. Now she was positively relishing the chance to test her pussy against Stacy’s and show the little bitch just what she was made of. She had tremendous confidence in her sexual prowess and now saw this as an opportunity to save at least some face by proving the superiority of her womanhood over that of the younger Diva.

Correctly interpreting the other woman’s expression as a “Bring it on, bitch!”, Stacy now knelt beside Torrie and slowly lowered herself upon the Idaho beauty, who made no move to resist, but instead threw her arms around the former Nitro Girl’s neck and pulled her down into a passionate lip-lock. The two rolled over each other for a while, kissing and groping hungrily, all the aches and pains from the battle suddenly forgotten, the rapidly rising white-hot passion endowing their tired, battered bodies with surprising vigor. Both women were eager and within seconds their juices were flowing freely from their swollen sexes as they continued to wrestle on the floor, each doing her best to turn the other on as much as possible in the hopes of making short work of her when it came down to the ultimate test.

Suddenly, unwilling to wait any longer they rose and ended up sitting face to face on the floor, with each woman’s left leg thrown over the other’s right. Stacy was still holding the dildo in her right hand, and now she set it down on the floor between them. They both knew exactly what to do. Propping themselves with their hands behind their backs to stay sitting upright, they used their hips to each maneuver her gaping sex directly over one end of the dildo and push herself onto it, engulfing the bulbous head with her cunt-lips. Then, they thrust forward with their pelvises simultaneously, each woman using her cunt muscles to grip the dildo as hard as she could and try to force as much of it as possible inside her rival. With their pussies flooded with juices, getting a secure grip on the smooth rubber cock was virtually impossible, but they both did their best, and when a few moments later their cunts finally met, each beauty had a rather contented look on her face, believing that she had taken less of the dildo than the other, even though there was no way to know for sure.

Locking their eyes in a mutual challenging stare, the two gorgeous Divas of wrestling began thrusting their hips, each trying to use the dildo to #### the other, straining to maintain a really tight grip on the thick rubber stem with her pussy, making sure there was as little slipping and sliding (i.e. - stimulation) as possible at her end. At first, their movements were quite slow and gentle. They were merely pacing themselves and feeling each other out, looking for any potential weaknesses they could exploit. Both seemed quite confident, and neither one appeared to be making too much of an effort as far as quickness and intensity of movement was concerned; it was as if each woman thought she could win without having to do much. Then, as more and more time passed with no apparent results on either side, the more impatient Stacy grew more aggressive, increasing the tempo and trying to elevate her pussy above Torrie’s in the dominant position, hoping to get some advantage this way. Torrie merely smiled - a brief confident smile that clearly said: “Is that all you’ve got?” - as she tilted her hips slightly and in turn increased the speed of her movements to match Stacy’s insistent pelvic thrusts.

A small groan - born more out of frustration than anything else - escaped Stacy’s mouth and Torrie smiled again. She felt great. Her moment had finally come. Her shocking (to her) defeat at the hands of Stacy, and the resulting pain and shame were now completely forgotten as she saw her chance to get some payback. Stacy may have won the fight, but this was Torrie’s world now; the Idaho beauty knew exactly what she was doing. Stacy was not her first, nor was she likely to be her last. Torrie’s body - her sex in particular - had been tested against other women’s on a number of occasions (some dating as far back as her days competing as a fitness model), and the PLAYBOY cover girl knew just how good it was. She had had fun engaging in that kind of competition too, and now fully intended to enjoy herself again. She knew she was sexually superior to the former Nitro girl and would have no trouble making her come first, and the thought of dominating another woman’s pussy with her own made her almost giddy with anticipation - especially considering what Stacy had done to her earlier. She really needed this and could not wait to humiliate the little bitch...

Stacy, for her part, was just as convinced that she would win this, and she wanted it just as bad as Torrie did. Kicking Torrie’s ass felt good - still did - but the sexy Maryland native wanted more. Much more. And this was it. It was the ultimate test. Winning a fight by beating her rival into submission was not a bad way to spend a morning, Stacy felt, but winning a sexfight by fucking the bitch into a forced orgasm was way, way better. It would prove beyond any doubt just who the better woman was, and being the better woman was much more important to Stacy than simply being the better fighter. And, just like Torrie, the young RAW Diva was certain she had what it takes to emerge victorious.

At the moment though, it did not look like either woman was winning. Sitting in the middle of the room, the two were deadlocked in their battle for sexual supremacy, moaning and groaning as they ground their slick crotches together. Connected by the thick dildo inside them, their shaven pussies struggled furiously for control of what was, in effect, the only weapon available to both of them in their sensual war, each trying to squeeze it harder and thrust it deeper into the other. It was a stalemate. They both seemed to be gripping the dildo with equal strength and it continued to stay in place, hardly moving in any direction as the two soaking-wet pussies slid smoothly back and forth along its slick stem, coming together more or less in the middle of it with each thrust of the women’s hips.

The apparent inability to gain the upper hand soon led to frustration for each woman, which for some reason served only to turn both of them on even more. As their desire grew, so did the intensity of their movements; the thrusts of their hip were now a lot harder, and more frequent, than before. They were both panting and a deep flush had spread over their faces, necks, and even chests.

“Give it...up...little...GIRL!!” Torrie rasped out suddenly, punctuating her words with powerful thrusts of her pelvis, while grimacing and biting her lip, and trying to maintain her focus.

“In your dreams, bitch... I’m way too good for you!” Stacy panted, meeting each of Torrie’s thrusts with one of her own. Her pretty face was twitching and contorting as she struggled to stay in control of her own body. There was no way she could lose to that slut, she thought. Not in a million years!

The women’s excitement had almost reached a fever pitch now. Their loud moans and groans became even louder, eventually turning to fully-fledged screams as they bucked and twisted in a frenzy on the floor, while shaking their heads wildly back and forth. Long, blonde, sweat-soaked hair was flying through the air. As their desire grew even more frantic, their movements became even more violent and uncoordinated. Their asses were now lifted in the air and each woman was leaning back with only her hands and feet touching the floor while she kept on thrusting forward with her hips, doing her best to fuck her rival’s pussy into submission.

Harder and faster the two continued to pump and grind, their naked, lithe, toned bodies twisting and convulsing madly. Chests and bellies are heaving, well-developed abs rippling beneath the sweat-covered, sun-kissed skin as they mashed their shaven pussies together, each doing what she could to use the dildo inside them to her advantage. Neither of them could actually tell now just how much of the huge rubber snake (instrument) was inside whom, and neither of them cared. Lost in a sea of unbridled passion, both women were almost incapable of any coherent thought at this point and continued to grind their slick crotches into one another, each beauty driven by a mixture of loathing for the other, burning desire to prove that she was the best, and sheer lust.

“AAAAAHHHH! YOU LITTLE bitch!!” Torrie groaned loudly as Stacy’s pussy slammed really hard into hers.

“OOOOOHH!! FUCKIN’ SLUT!!” Stacy howled a moment later as her cunt absorbed the full impact of Torrie’s retaliatory strike.

But no amount of pain was ever going to be enough to stop either woman, or even slow her down. Each one simply KNEW she was better than her rival and was determined to let that other bitch know it too.

“Ready to admit I’m better than you bitch?” Torrie panted out thrusting with her pelvis harder than ever. The strain was clearly visible on her beautiful face. She was really exhausted and the beating she had taken from Stacy (especially the vicious spanking at the end) was not helping her cause any. But, she was a strong and determined woman and was not about to let this impede her as she continued to buck and fuck with all her might knowing that the young slut could not take much more of this.

“FUCK YOU, CUNT!” Stacy growled, and true to her word, she started twisting and gyrating her hips even more energetically than before, mashing her pussy into Torrie’s with greater force, and trying to drive the dildo deeper inside the Idaho beauty.

Torrie let out a loud moan. Her head lolled almost listlessly towards her right shoulder, and for a moment it looked like her arms would give way behind her and she would collapse to the floor. The PLAYBOY cover girl was better than that though. She managed to steady herself and respond to her rival’s onslaught, matching Stacy’s movements in intensity and eliciting a deep, throaty cry from the young Maryland native’s throat.

Both women were approaching the edge at a dangerous speed now, but they were not even thinking of slowing down. This was much too important to both of them. Failure was not an option for either beauty and they continued grinding away furiously, each one determined to force the other to climax even if it killed her; if it killed both of them. They were both exhausted and each was really struggling on several fronts now - struggling to catch her breath, and struggling to maintain her rhythm and hold off the impending climax at the same time. Both could sense that it would not be long now and, digging into their last mental and physical reserves, they went all-out in one final, tremendous burst of raw sexual power.

Each woman was virtually howling now as they mashed their tender crotches together with every ounce of strength they could muster. Their sexes rub hard against each other, while still connected by the dildo inside them.

“Whassa...matter...Stace?” Torrie grunted and, taking heart from Stacy’s loud, harsh cries, upped the tempo even more. Her strong, well-muscled body heaving and contorting madly, her massive, sweat-drenched tits bouncing and rolling all over her chest with each thrust of her powerful hips.

“I’ fuckin’...slut!” Stacy snarled, thrusting her pelvis equally hard towards Torrie’s, her small, firm breasts shaking rapidly up and down, the rock-hard, pink nipples quivering with excitement.

The pressure that had been steadily building up inside them during the past few minutes, had now brought both women right up to the point of boiling and they were really struggling to cope. Stacy was the first to almost lose it, as her exhausted, weakened body suddenly seemed to turn to jelly, nearly overcome by the tremendous need for release, and she all but fell down to the floor. Moments later, it was Torrie’s turn to do the same. Somehow, both of them managed to recover and continue, but it was obvious that they had nothing left now. The strain of having had to suppress the overwhelming urge to come for so long was virtually unbearable and both of them were practically in tears as they continued grinding their pussies together, screaming and howling at the top of their lungs almost incessantly. Their normally attractive faces were now red, sweaty masks of effort, concentration and even hatred, each woman using every negative mental image of the other she could come up with to psyche herself up and muster every last ounce of will and energy to help her prevail over her rival.

Then, it all stopped. The violent bucking and twisting of the two bodies ceased at the exact same moment, as if by a given command, and the women remained sitting face to face on the floor, both of them bolt-upright and totally motionless, save for their uncontrollable shaking and the rapid expanding and contracting of their glistening torsos as they gasped for air. Their previously contorted faces were all of a sudden perfectly relaxed, the grimaces of effort, concentration and hatred completely vanished. Each had seen the other’s eyes, and read the story there; they both knew now with absolute certainty that the time for effort and concentration had gone and the end had come. It was just about all over, and the two women’s respective looks clearly told what the outcome was going to be. Panic, disbelief, denial and sheer horror struggled for dominance in one beauty’s wide-open eyes, only to eventually give way to a helpless, almost pleading look, while the other pair of eyes gleamed triumphantly as the better woman prepared to finish her already beaten rival off.

“No!” Torrie half-whispered, half-moaned, looking into Stacy’s eyes, much like a rabbit looks into the eyes of an approaching python - knowing that it was about to become the snake’s prey, yet unable to either flee or look away.

Still holding Torrie’s gaze, Stacy now kept her lips slightly parted and very slowly ran only the tip of her pink, moist tongue along the entire length of her upper lip from left to right. The expression in her eyes now something between mockery and glee as she suddenly thrust her hips forward, one, two, three times.

Throwing her head back, Torrie moaned and trembled as a quick but powerful jolt of electricity seemed to surge through her, leaving her body weak and her mind in a haze. This had already happened to her twice in the past minute or so, only this time she was not able to recover; her arms buckled and she fell down on her back with what was easily her loudest moan yet, with her large, sweaty breasts shaking violently on impact.

“How’s that for a little girl, bitch?” Stacy asked snidely, bucking rhythmically, fucking her fallen rival with the huge dildo.

Torrie’s only reply was a deep, throaty cry as she writhed on the floor in the grip of passion, while shaking her head and squeezing her own tits hard, her pink, erect nipples poking out between her fingers, larger and stiffer than ever. She knew her invaded womanhood could not take Stacy’s steady assault for long, but at this point there was practically nothing she could do; she did not have the energy to resist any more. Desperate not to lose, she made a last-ditch effort to use her cunt muscles to clench the dildo tighter in an attempt to restrict its movement inside her, but it was no good. Stacy may have been the younger and more inexperienced of the two women, but the former dancer clearly had the stronger, better pussy and was now using it to its full potential. By gripping the dildo firmly with about a third of its length inside her, while utilizing her slim but powerful hips to repeatedly ram the other two thirds deep into the PLAYBOY cover girl’s defeated snatch/cunt.

Teetering on the very edge, Torrie was desperately trying to hold on. The Idaho beauty took enormous pride in her sexual skill and stamina, having been in numerous sexfights over the years, and having never lost, not even once. Her pussy had become almost legendary among those that had been lucky enough to gain access to it (and there were plenty of those - both men and women), and the thought of that pussy surrendering to another woman’s - even with a dildo involved - was simply unbearable to her. Especially considering just who that other woman was.

Being a very competitive and somewhat egotistical woman, Torrie had always had a natural dislike for other women that she thought could potentially rival her in any way. The only reason she had been so tolerant and even friendly towards Stacy all this time was the fact that she had always considered the young Baltimore native to be inferior to her in every way imaginable - looks, wrestling skills, you name it. Well, there were the little bitch’s legs, of course; Torrie entertained no illusions that she could compete with those things and did not think anyone else could either, but other than that...

So, not surprisingly, Torrie’s ego had been dealt a severe blow when she had lost the catfight to Stacy. Well aware that a second such blow would certainly crush it. SMACKDOWN!’s leading Diva was now trying to fight her rapidly approaching orgasm with everything she had, torn between the all-consuming need for release and her desperate desire to avoid the ultimate defeat and humiliation.

Stacy had no such dilemmas to deal with. She was convinced that she had Torrie now, and suddenly decided to go for the kill. Drawing her hips backwards, she pulled the dildo out of Torrie and then used her muscles to squeeze the remaining one third out of her own pussy. She didn’t need it. She didn’t need any stupid toys. She intended to achieve her victory in the only proper way - woman to woman.

Moving forward, Stacy quickly got on top of Torrie, grabbing the PALYBOY cover girl’s wrists and pinning them to the floor above her head, while at the same time elevating her own upper body by propping herself on her braced arms with her hands still gripping Torrie’s wrists tightly. As the two women’s shaven mounds came together, Torrie instantly wrapped her strong legs around Stacy’s waist and lifted her hips in an attempt to ensure better contact between their sexes. She knew fully well that her only hope now was to outlast Stacy in a direct clit to clit contest; to somehow make the young RAW Diva come before she herself had lost it completely. And she also knew that she had but mere moments in which to do it.

Once she was in position, Stacy spread her endless legs wide for better balance and thrust her hips forward pressing her soaking wet pussy against Torrie’s equally sopping one and eliciting a long moan from the SMACKDOWN! Diva as the two erect clits found each other and locked in a struggle for dominance. The slippery test of strength ended as soon as it started as Stacy’s angry clit steadily overwhelmed Torrie’s apparently weaker one, bent it and pinned it down.

This was pretty much it for the PLAYBOY cover girl. Unable to either fight back or hold out any longer, Torrie howled and writhed beneath her younger rival, her body on fire. Stacy let out a low growl and suddenly kicked into overdrive, with her slim, sweat-drenched body bucking and twisting violently as she ground her pussy into Torrie’s with everything she had. About to come, Torrie cried out harshly, but she could do nothing at this point and could only lie flat on her back with her legs still wrapped around Stacy’s slender waist, writhing, screaming and gasping as the former Nitro girl fucked her raw.

Determined to end this, Stacy was going at it full tilt, her strong hips, developed by countless dance routines and an equal amount of bedroom antics. Stacy kept moving back and forward faster and faster, until her pelvis was practically vibrating rather than thrusting. She was close to an orgasm herself now, but she wasn’t even thinking of letting up. Throwing her head back and baring her teeth in effort, the sexy Maryland native ground away furiously, her round, firm, glistening buttocks rapidly. Clenching and unclenching, shaking and jiggling with each movement of her hips, while below, her ravenous, pulsating womanhood scorched and mashed Torrie’s pinned cunt, fucking the life out of it.

“Give it up, Torrie!” the taller blonde demanded, pumping harder and harder. “You know you can’t hold it! Let it go! Let it go, bitch! Give it to me!”

Torrie’s eyes, which were naturally large to start with, now suddenly seemed to quadruple in size and just kept on growing until it looked like they would take up her entire face. Then, they just rolled up. A deep, throaty moan came from her gaping mouth, gradually rising in volume and becoming a wild wail, which lasted several seconds before it transformed into a series of loud gasps and grunts as she thrashed on the floor, her whole body shuddering violently. It was without a doubt the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced, and by the end of it she was left nearly unconscious, lying limply underneath Stacy, gasping and drooling as she struggled to regain her senses.

Stacy’s victory was accomplished, but the RAW Diva still was not quite done and continued to hump her rival’s supine form for all she was worth. A few pleasure-filled moments later, it was the former Nitro Girl’s turn to scream in delight as her body began convulsing in a climax of her own that lasted even longer than Torrie’s and ultimately led to her collapsing on top of the PLAYBOY cover girl and lie there trembling and sucking air, completely spent.

Nearly a full minute elapsed before Stacy finally pushed herself up and straddled Torrie, dripping with sweat and still struggling to catch her breath as she sat on the SMACKDOWN! Diva’s stomach.

“ much for the ‘SEXUAL PREDATOR’.” The former Nitro Girl said, alluding to the description that the WWE scriptwriters had come up for Dawn Marie to use in reference to Torrie during the whole “Al Wilson/Dawn Marie” angle a while back. “There, there,” she crooned soothingly as she looked down at Torrie, whose eyes were filled with tears - partly from the intensity of her orgasm, and partly from the shame of her crushing defeat, “you didn’t do that bad. I mean, no one was expecting any miracles from you. After all, you were up against the best in the business!” the young Maryland native announced proudly.

And she believed she had every reason to be proud of herself too.

Just like Torrie, Stacy had entered today’s sexfight having never lost one before. Unlike Torrie, she was still undefeated at the end of it. Add to that the fact that she had kicked the PLAYBOY whore’s ass in a catfight as well, and this was easily the most satisfying day of Stacy young life. She was literally glowing as she sat on top of her vanquished, humiliated rival. All those years of playing second fiddle to Torrie - first in the WCW, then in the WWE - all the matches and bikini challenges she had “lost” to the Idaho native - or rather, to the bitch’s big, fake tits and slutty ways - that was all in the past. All the agony of just having to let her disappointment and frustration simmer inside her as she had been forced to watch Torrie get most of the spotlight for so long, while she herself had been getting only a passing mention, always being referred to as “Torrie Wilson’s young sidekick” or “protégé” at best - she had put it all behind her today. She had finally proven that she was better than Torrie - fitness titles, PLAYBOY covers and what not. And the fact that there was no one around to witness it, did nothing to diminish her elation and her feeling of complete triumph; she was still better - whether anyone was aware of it or not. She knew it, Torrie knew it, and that was all that mattered.

Leaning forward, Stacy brought her mouth down on Torrie’s and kissed her - long and hard. “You’re mine now, bitch,” she said in a low, firm voice, her lips brushing against Torrie’s left ear as she spoke. “I own your ass!” Torrie just nodded dumbly, not even realizing what she was doing. She had never thought she could be defeated in a sexfight by anyone, let alone by Stacy, and now, having come down from the natural high of her forced orgasm, she was finding the whole experience not only unpleasantly humbling, but downright mind-numbingly agonizing. She nearly wept with frustration, feeling humiliated like never before.

Stacy was much too pleased with herself to be bothered with trivial things like paying attention to the feelings of her beaten rival as she stood up and looked down. All in all, not a bad day’s work, she thought to herself. Regarding the limp, bruised, sweat-soaked remains of what some called “the WWE’s hottest Diva” with grim satisfaction.

Still, it was not quite mission accomplished for the leggy Baltimore native. While Stacy was fairly certain that Torrie would know her place from now on, she was also mindful of the fact that there were still others who had to be put in theirs. Like that Stratus bitch on RAW that kept walking around acting like she owned the show or something. In Stacy’s opinion, the whore definitely needed someone to teach her a lesson or two in humility. Stacy knew she could do it too. She had already crushed thrashed one of the two fake-titted fake blondes currently on display in the WWE, and she was certain that she would not have too much trouble doing the same to the other one. Especially considering the fact that, as far as overstuffed, washed up ex-fitness models were concerned, Stacy regarded the one she had just pounded - and screwed - the silicone out of as being the better one. If she could so utterly demolish the big Idaho slut on every level, she sure as hell could beat some Canadian midget, Stacy believed, as she looked around trying to estimate the material cost of her victory over Torrie.

Considering the intensity of the fight, the living-room was not in too bad a shape, but still, there were some signs that a struggle had taken place not too long ago. There was a broken vase on the floor (Stacy shuddered involuntarily as she realized that either she or Torrie could have easily ended up falling on the razor-sharp shards during the fight), as well as various objects that had fallen off tables and stands. Almost all of the furniture had been pushed out of place.

Thinking that this was a good time to utilize her newly established dominance, Stacy prodded Torrie in the ribs with her foot and commanded: “Get up!”

Torrie tried to stand up, but she was simply too drained after her beating and the intense sexual experience that had followed it and simply did not have the energy.

“Oh, for God’s sake!” Stacy said impatiently as she watched Torrie struggle in vain to get to her feet. “Look at you! Absolutely pathetic!”

Bending down, Stacy grabbed Torrie’s ankles and started walking backwards, dragging the former fitness model’s limp, naked body along the floor. Torrie moaned as her back scraped along the hard surface, but she did not try to resist in any way, and allowed Stacy to drag her into the bathroom. Stacy got Torrie to lie directly under the shower and then turned the cold water on, full blast. Torrie gave a short squeal, but did not move, letting the icy water run over her, providing a welcome relief for her sweaty, battered, exhausted body.

Stacy gave Torrie a few minutes to recover somewhat. Then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the shower, hauling her up to her feet.

“Now, bitch,” the former Nitro Girl said, as Torrie stood in front of her, thoroughly wet and miserable, her naked body shivering with the cold: “in case you haven’t noticed, that living-room’s a mess. I don’t want it to stay like that, and, since I’m pretty sure it’s not going to clean itself, I suggest that you go out there and get down to it. Consider this your first duty as a slave. And when you’re done, you can start on all the other rooms, got it?” Stacy moved closer to Torrie, and, drawing herself up to her full 5’11”, stood right in front of the defeated PLAYBOY cover girl, looking down into Torrie’s eyes, her slim, naked body erect, hands on hips, feet slightly apart, legs braced.

“Do we understand each other?” the RAW Diva asked slowly “Or do I have to pound some more sense into you?” and she reached out with her right hand.

If Torrie was wearing a top, Stacy would have grabbed and twisted the front of it. Since Torrie was not wearing anything, Stacy grabbed and twisted the former fitness model’s left breast, not too hard, but hard enough to make Torrie groan in pain.

“OK, OK, I’ll do it!” Torrie said hurriedly, wincing as her already bruised and sore tit was stretched painfully. “I’ll do whatever you want, just let go of me, please!”

From the way Torrie stood in front of Stacy with her head bowed and eyes cast down in abject humiliation, and without doing anything to try and defend herself, it was obvious that the Idaho woman had accepted defeat and was more than ready to acknowledge the dominance of her younger Maryland rival.

“Good.” Stacy said, letting go of Torrie’s breast. “Now get out of here! I’m going to take a shower, and when I come out, I expect to find you busy! Don’t make me start on you! Believe me, you won’t enjoy it!”

Torrie believed her readily and made no move to resist as Stacy grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around, steering her towards the open door.

“Come on, bitch, move!” Stacy said. And placing the sole of her right foot on Torrie’s bare ass, she pushed with her leg, propelling the naked, wet SMACKDOWN! Diva out of the bathroom.

Torrie staggered, but managed to recover her balance and stay on her feet. She turned around and started to say something, but then shut her mouth as the door was closed in her face. A second later, the door opened again and a crumpled towel flew out, hitting Torrie in the face and falling at her feet.

As Torrie bent down to pick up the towel, Stacy closed the bathroom door and stepped under the shower, smiling to herself as she thought that having gotten this apartment together with Torrie was definitely one of the best choices she had ever made, second perhaps only to her decision to pick a fight with the bitch today.


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