Stacy Keibler vs. Erin Andrews

DWTS Alum Fight

Dancing with the Stars All Stars was over and Stacy Keibler was walking into the after party with finalist Kelly Monaco. When Stacy got the invitation she wasn't sure about going or not. They promised her that there would be a fight, a catfight that all fans of catfights and the show have always wanted to see.

Walking in with Kelly Monaco she had thought of all the women who could be this epic catfight. That was when Shannon Elizabeth caught up with them "Stacy there's something you should know! I don"t know how to tell you."

"That slutty Erin Andrews is in there."

Keiblers face went red and her anger was rising quickly "I heard Kardashian wanted to fight me but that's hardly a dream fight for those in charge."

"You knew about them", Shannon asked Kelly.

"After they got a picture taken together Erin started making comments about how when people looked at them together there was no question that she looked stronger. Stacy was forced to take off her heels while Erin towered over her wearing next to nothing! Then she started dating..." Stacy was walking quickly towards the dancing hall. "Come on she could need us to have her back."

Kelly watched as Shannon ran in first and thought it made sense Erin vs. Stacy. Two tall amazons would be the dream fight but there was something else. That was the dream fight, really.

When they got in the argument was already started "You Lousy whore, who do you think you are questioning how I did! Neither of us won it but when I competed there was a hell of a lot better competition."

"What a crock of shit, yeah Kate Gosselin really drove you to be better! You start talking shit about me and did everything in your power to make me look pathetic next to you because you know that Max really wants me."

"You're delusional; you think Max wants you! I'm better than you Stacy, that's a fact that you have to deal with if your pea brain, can handle that."

"Better then me, listen you are a side line reporter! That's it, I've done more in the last year then you'll EVER do you flat assed whore."

"You flat chested skank, I've hosted Good Morning America I'm working with United States Senators to stop stalking!" Both women had unknowingly already taken off there high heels and just kept shouting at the other with fingers up in the others face.

"I'm not someone who will be held back from finishing you because of a friendship. We're not friends so there's nothing that would stop me from leaving you a broken bloody mess." There was a fight Stacy had with someone else who was semi famous, much lesser then Stacy herself that never made the circles but Erin knew about it. Michelle Merkin had beat Stacy in a number of contests but lost the fight itself years ago.

"You think it was the fact that we were friends that held Michelle back then you are delusional! I'd end you. Do you not get that Erin, everyone here gets it! I'd end your career; I'd flat out end you."

Stacy Keibler"Oh fuck off Stacy; you can barely beat a Gisele Bundchen or a skinny Anna Kournikova. You've refused to fight Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima, everyone here knows what would happen if we fought and that would be my beating you to the point where an ambulance would be needed and a doctor unsure how to treat you because I squeezed your head so tight with my legs that you have a shrunken head."

"Your legs, those matchsticks can't measure up with mine! I'd break those little twigs just for fun. It's probably why Max still calls me" Their noses were touching now and Erin's eyes narrowed and she pushed Stacy down to the ground. Stacy got up and Erin had her arms up and flexed for all the people there.

Stacy pushed Erin down to the ground "If you're smart you'll stay there."

"I'm smart!" Erin got up "but I'm not staying there." There noses touched again but this time they lowered there heads and spoke now so only the other could hear.

"I hate you so much, I'll take whatever you can dish out as long as I shut your big mouth."

"Stacy you have no idea on what I can dish out but when you're broken and bloody and crying you'll know."

Their left hands got behind the back of the other woman's necks and scratched each other and then backed away. Erin came in and hit the first slap which jerked Stacy's body. Keibler came back with her own that jerked Andrews body. They looked at each other again; the first slap had caused a streak of blood to come from the corner of each woman's lips.

Erin had never been in a fight but didn't think she could ever slap anyone harder then what she just slapped Stacy. Stacy stared over at the blood on Erin's lip, she had fought Gisele Bundchen and slapped her plenty, the others she fought and slapped or punched the Kournikova's, Bundchens, Divas or the women we had no idea of her fighting like a Michelle Merkin were never slapped that hard by her.

"Just so you know Stacy I don't care which of us is stronger, I don't want all those contests you seem to have with everyone else."

"I don't want to lock hands with you either Erin. When you do those things there's a mutual respect."

"I have zero respect for you." Erin shouted as she jumped into another slap, this time Stacy ducked it and scooted behind Erin grabbing her by the hair and slamming her down to the dance floor.

"Glad to know we have at least one thing in common."

Erin spun around and leg tripped Stacy down to the floor, Erin then jumped on Stacy's back and got one hand in Stacy's hair and hauled back. Her other hand was under Stacy's dress and Stacy was screaming "Oh my god stop that."

Stacy sent an elbow back and missed at first but then threw another back and it connected with Erin's jaw. The sideline reporter fell off of Stacy's back and Stacy got on Erin's back and one hand went under Erin's dress "Let's see how you like your womanhood getting attacked."

Now Erin screamed but she closed her legs and rolled and was now got on top of Stacy. Erin simply stood up and got away from Stacy. Stacy got up quickly and fired a right and a left then hit a leg kick that put Erin down. "You fucking wimp, I knew this would be a waste of time."

"That's not what you were screaming a second ago" Erin got up to her feet, she brought her hand up to her face and sniffed "You stink."

Stacy faked a punch and went for a take down, Erin stepped back and hit an uppercut that dropped Stacy flat down. "You let me up now I'm letting you up."

Stacy got up, her mouth was bloodied and Erin nodded and smiled "First blood is yours Erin."

Erin smiled and fired off a jab, Stacy's head snapped back and the two then started to circle each other like Boxers. Erin had the slightly longer reach and was hitting jab after jab to Stacy. Stacy fired off a kick as her mouth was being bloodied more and more and connected to Erin's side. Erin grimaced but because of there dresses the kicks would not have full affect.

The grimace helped Stacy step closer and now she hit two jabs and bloodied Erin's mouth and she then hit a hard straight which knocked Erin back. Keibler then jumped in the air and went for a superman punch but she got tackled down to the floor. She let out a sigh and got her hands up in Erin's hair after she got punched in the side.

Erin screeched at her hair being pulled and Stacy turned her over and slammed her head into the floor but Erin now had her hands in Stacy's hair and rolled her over. Erin now hit Stacy's head onto the floor. Stacy let her right hand go and grabbed at the back of Erin's dress and started yanking at the dress and Erin's hair to turn her over and was ripping the dress as she did that.

Erin got her foot between their two bodies as she was rolled over and released one of her hands and grabbed at Stacy's dress then started straightening her leg ripping at Stacy's dress.

Stacy let go of Erin's hair and dress and rolled away and as she tried to get up she was tackled back down to her side. She hit one punch to Stacy's side and then an elbow and she tried to push Stacy down onto her back but Keibler was desperate and kept a death grip on Andrew's thigh.

Erin stood up and backed away from Stacy; she took her dress off and threw it away. Stacy stayed on the ground and slid out of her own dress, she knew this woman would do something to her if she stayed blinded or trapped for an instant. "Get up slut" Erin Andrews demanded of Stacy Keibler.

Charlize TheronStacy looked around at the people who seemed to be fully on Erin's side at this point. Erin got tired of waiting for Stacy to get up and rushed at her but that was what Stacy wanted as she got her feet in Erin's stomach and flipped her over into the seating area. Erin landed hard on her back and she started to move around holding her back.

Stacy Keibler got up and dusted herself off and fixed her bra then her panties. She looked around at the spectators and smiled at them before moving toward Erin Andrews. She purposefully set one chair up and then grabbed Erin by the hair. As she was lifting her up she slammed two clubbing blows to the sports reporters back.

She locked in a front face lock and grabbed Erin Andrew's panties and as Erin got back onto her feet Stacy yanked the panties. It was a tremendous wedgie lifting Erin up into the air. Stacy started to laugh maniacally at what she did then tried to suplex Erin onto the chair.

Erin kept fighting her way back down to her feet though, the third time she fought it she didn't land on her feet but rose her feet up so they would go between stacy's legs and she threw Stacy in a suplex move.

Erin rested for a moment, her amazing breasts heaving up and down she could hear some rustling as Stacy was crawling towards an exit crying. Erin got on her hands and knees and crawled towards Stacy grabbing her by one ankle. Stacy yanked her ankle away then turned onto her back and used her other foot to kick Erin in the jaw.

That put Erin flat on her stomach but Stacy was still in a lot of pain and was crawling backwards on her bum up the stairs. Her hopes were to recover and then take the fight back to Erin Andrews. "Look at Stacy run" Someone said.

She heard that and was frustrated and angered at it, she just wanted a break for a moment before ending Erin and they thought she feared the bitch. She was still in pain but she would prove them wrong. She got up and got her arms under Erin's body and started to lift her up to her feet.

Erin was already starting to get up and could feel Stacy's arms on her arm pits and quickly got her arms around Stacy's body and lifted her up into the air and ran forward. The two women crashed through the exit into a hallway.

Stacy got back down to her feet and dug her nails into Erin's rib cage and scratched. The sportscaster screamed and loosened her body grip on Stacy who took the opportunity to get behind Erin Andrews. She immediately went for a full nelson and got her right arm up and in the nelson position but Erin grabbed her left wrist then tried to spin away but Stacy stayed with her.

Tired of going for the move Stacy pushed Erin away then as Erin tried to turn and face Keibler who was coming towards her and hit her with a punch that put her against the wall. Erin's vision went groggy and she swung her arm with a weak looking punch that was caught by Stacy Keibler who looked around.

"Only a matter of time and I would get her" Erin then came across and put her entire body into a punch that put both she and Stacy down. Blood was coming from both women's mouths and they struggled to get up. Stacy finally got her body up a bit when Erin dove into another punch that ended with Stacy down on her back and Erin lying on top of Stacy's stomach.

Erin's hand rested on Stacy's panties and she took a deep breath then heard Stacy say as she realized where the hand was as well. "Please don't, Erin please."

Erin grabbed a handful of the panties and yanked, Stacy's ass lifted up and Erin was relishing in the delight of driving Stacy's panties into her clit harder and deeper. She waved frantically and was screaming in such pain that everyone was in shock about how Erin was handling Stacy.

The positions the two women were in meant she couldn't get her hands near Erin's wrist to do anything to stop this. Finally her panties started to rip and maybe Erin wouldn't notice and lose her balance but Erin let go and then put her hand inside Stacy's panties and Keibler tried to fight it as the fingers of the sports caster went searching for a way to cause an extreme amount of pain to Stacy.

Stacy got both her hands on Erin's ribs and pushed and then tried sliding out from under Erin. It did work and it moved Erin's hand long enough for Stacy to sit up and take two hand full's of the back of Erin's panties and give the sportscaster a return wedgie.

The power and sheer force Stacy was using to yank Erin's underwear caused Erin to be rolled forward onto her shoulders and have her legs bent over so her feet were by her head. Stacy brought her body across Erin's legs switching to a one handed wedgie and as Erin screamed in pain she used the power in her legs to lift Stacy off her.

Both women stayed down for a minute breathing hard and in a lot of pain. Erin tried to get up but her legs gave out and she couldn't stand up and fell back to her knees. Stacy saw that and saw the pain in Erin's face and a smile crept over Stacy's face when she saw the uncontrollable tears falling from Erin's eyes.

Stacy got up but the pain between her legs caused her to drop and now she was crying. She realized why Erin Andrews wasn't able to get up and why the tears. The wedgies they had given the other were so intense and done with such malice that the pain was still there and standing had made it worst.

Erin looked over at Stacy so angry about what she did to her and hoping it didn't cause permanent damage. She started to inch closer to Stacy and with each movement on her knees the thoughts of permanent damage changed from hoping there was none down to her womanhood to causing some to Stacy Keibler.

Stacy started to slowly make her way towards Erin. People saw what she just did to Erin, she escaped and caused damage. Stacy wasn't thinking about whether or not what was done to her was permanent. She was thinking about her reputation and how she absolutely now had to physically break Erin Andrews to send a long and clear message to all others. "If you want to go with me and I want to fight as hard as I can you will get hurt."

Stacy KeiblerThey weren't really paying attention to the other thinking they were the tougher of the two and the only one going forward. Then they bumped heads and there eyes moved up and as they locked both women sat up and got their left arms behind the others head and brought the other in tight.

They started to trade hard right hands into the other's rib cage. The punches were landing with sickening thuds against the muscular bodies. Shortly after one of Stacys hit Erins punch landed on Stacy. Erin would land a hard punch that less then a second afterwards was answered by a hard punch from Keibler.

They hit three more punches each and those close to the action could see the red marks growing larger and larger with each punch. Stacy switched tactics on Erin though and reached around her back grabbing the sports casters panties and yanked upwards. Erin screamed as loud as she could. Stacy took her left arm and slid it down Erin's body and grabbed the front of her panties and yanked upwards.

The scream from Erin caused people to actually consider stepping in when they heard her scream for her father. Stacy knew it was just a matter of time for Erin to quit and found the strength to get up to her feet. "Give up whore or I'll tear you in half."

Erin was getting close to giving up but something in her refused. She had to beat Stacy Keibler. After everything they put each other through she had to be the one to win. She had to prove Stacy was some fake tough and she was the real deal. In one final effort to make the pain stop and deliver some off her own she brought her head back then forward opening her mouth and began biting down on the side of Stacy's neck.

Everyone stepped back as Stacy let go of the wedgie and both women dropped down to their knee's. Erin let go of the bite and somewhere somehow found a way to find the energy to grab the front and back of Stacy's panties and screamed at the top of her lungs as she simultaneously yanked them upwards while standing and running at the exit door.

Erin threw Stacy at the door and then collapsed down onto her knees. She rolled onto her back and slowly and carefully started to take off her own panties. As the fabric was leaving her sensitive area she screamed "Damn you Keibler."

Kelly Monaco had run outside to check on her friend "Stacy enough is enough everyone here knows that your tough and you took a lot but this is it. Just stay down and...."

"Yeah she's right y'know you are tough but Erin's tougher. It's ok to be second best I mean like Kelly's second to me" Kim Kardashian said right behind Kelly Monaco.

"Shut up Kardashian, you no talented hag" It wasn't Kelly but it was Melissa Rycroft "There isn't a person in this show's history that thinks you are ahead of Kelly in any competition. So don't try and guilt Stacy into getting up. She and Erin fought one hell of a fight and..."

"Enough this fight isn't over and you all are acting like she won. Ow ouch ow oh my god" Stacy removed her own panties and Kelly started to cry while Kardashian had a huge smile on her face and Rycroft just shook her head no.

Stacy Keibler was back on her feet staring at the wide open door, Erin Andrews stumbled her way into the doorway. Both women on shaky legs stared at the other and in there minds they ran at each other but they actually limp ran at each other slowly and surely they collided.

Stacy got her hands on Erin's face dug her nails in and Erin got a firm grip on Stacy's breast and squeezed so hard she broke the titflesh. Stacy let go of her assault on Erin and was desperate when she decided to do what Erin did and went to bite Erin's neck but Erin could feel Stacy's breath near her neck and pushed Stacy away.

Stacy struggled to stay on her feet but somehow maintained her balance. Erin came forward and went for a big sloppy punch that Stacy ducked and felt Erin's large tits on her shoulder so she lifted Erin Andrews up in the air and then fell down.

Stacy threw her leg over and was sitting atop Erin's stomach, she sat up straight and those that could see Stacy from the front were amazed. Stacy got her hands on Erin's large chest and all the muscles in her torso was flexed from the pressure she was putting on digging her hands into Erin's tits and lifting them upwards. The veins in her neck seemed ready to pop but they lead down through her chest, over to her shoulders down her bicep leading to the forearms finally into Stacy's hands.

Erin was screaming, thinking about offering her surrender; she knew all along a fight with Stacy would be one of the most difficult physical challenges in her life. She thought about so many things in the seconds she was being tortured. How she was a role model that so many could look up to vs. Stacy who never did anything as important as her. She had to win this fight for people who needed a legitimate role model, people should never look up to as a role model.

Stacy leaned forward to get more pressure on Erin's tits, she knew it was just a matter of time now. Stacy worked so hard at everything, spent so many years in WWE and then Dancing with the Stars. She never got the acting career she wanted but she was so happy in her life. This bitch was just a sportscaster, they weren't friends. Being on this show, finishing in the same place neither showing up for all-stars only one could be the dominant tall blonde Amazon from Dancing with the Stars.

Erin opened her eyes and saw Stacy leaning forward so she threw her two arms up, fists clenched she hit Stacy in both ears with the inside knuckle and thumb. Stacy's grip loosened and Erin could feel it so she did the same move two more times and finally Stacy's death grip on her tits was gone.

Erin turned her hips and threw Stacy off the top. She wanted to get up and beat up on Stacy Keibler, and return the favor of what Stacy did to her. She was in so much pain though she needed to rest. She took a deep breath and regrettably brought her hands up to her tits. She could feel the abrasions on her chest, feel were Stacy's fingers nails broke the skin and how deep they actually dug in.

Erin slowly got back up to her feet and looked at Stacy who was getting up as well but Stacy's back was turned to her. She dove at the back of Stacy's leg, Stacy's moneymaker the only thing Stacy could truly brag about. She clipped Stacy in the back of the leg and then crawled to the garbage bin and hauled herself up to her feet.

Stacy was screaming in pain, rolling around holding her leg, Erin could barely stand at this point. She was leaning against the garbage bin and the sight of Stacy Keibler in pain was warming her body. It still disturbed her that she felt pleasure seeing someone else in pain but maybe it was what happens when you fight someone who is hell bent on trying to tear you in half.

Erin pushed herself away and kicked Stacy in the ribs. "Give up Stacy, I beat you."

Stacy threw herself at Erin while screaming "No."

Erin moved away and batted Stacy down to her chest. Erin looked around at everyone; she knew she was beaten up. She was bloody and she was naked in front of so many people. Stacy violated her, but she violated Stacy as well.

This brawl, this war was nearly over though and she made a step toward Stacy. She bent down and grabbed Keibler's ankles. Dragging Keibler away from the garbage tin, Stacy's breast were being scraped against the rough payment ripping her bra apart. Erin turned Stacy around but got hit with something in the knee.

Stacy had grabbed a wooden broom handle and swung it when she was being flipped over and connected solid with Erin's knee dropping the sports caster forward.

On top of Stacy now, Erin could feel Stacy's hands behind her back taking her bra off. She in turn got her hands up on Stacy's bra strap and slid the remnants of the torn bra off. Now the two blondes were completely naked and they started to roll around the pavement. They got to the garbage bin and were on their sides. They slowly started to get up.

As they were getting up Stacy slammed Erin's head into the steel bin and Erin fell back down to her knees. She yanked Stacy's head down as well and twisted Stacy to her right. Keibler's neck is bent at a painful position and could not follow up on what she did to Erin and now Erin got back up and returned the favor and slammed Stacy's head into the bin.

She tried to throw Stacy away but couldn't and got hit with an uppercut to the left breast. That took Erin's breath away and Stacy got her hands on Erin's large breasts and started to slam Erin's back into the garbage bin.

Stacy stepped back to get maximum room so she could hit Erin with a head kick and knock her out but the host of Fox College Football pushed off the garbage bin and hit a uppercut that twisted Stacy's body nearly dropping her.

Stacy didn't fall though and turned around with the intent of hitting Erin with a few punches. Instead the long leg of Erin Andrews came upwards, her shin bone connecting with Stacy's ear.

Stacy Keibler was folded with her shins under her thighs. Arms up in the air shaking and head twisted to a side with drool coming from her mouth. Stacy Keibler was knocked unconscious by Erin Andrews who stood over her victorious.

She straightened Stacy's body and stood over her just looking down, people taking pictures of the victorious Erin Andrews over the conquered Stacy Keibler. Every question the two ever had, every question anyone ever had between Erin and Stacy just got answered. Who could take more punishment, Erin. Who was the better fighter, Erin.

To finish it off Erin picked Stacy Keibler up onto her shoulders and threw her inside the trash bin and locked it shut.

"How's that for your dream fight?" She screamed at the producers, but those who organized all this wouldn't look at her.

No they were staring at the uneasy tension between Kelly Monaco and Melissa Rycroft