With Maria Sharapova as Lesa and Serena Williams as Sherri
Nicki leaned closer to the lunch room table, pushing back her tray to avoid soiling her cheerleading sweater. She spoke with disbelief. "You mean to tell me that you challenged Sherri Godsen to a fistfight?!"

"That's right." Lesa replied as she munched on a apple.

"You seem confused...wait." Nicki put up a finger and looked around her. She leaned back and grabbed the jersey of one of the school's football players who happened to be passing by. She dragged him over and pushed him to a seat next to her. As the confused youth grinned stupidly, she pushed up his sleeve and slapped his biceps. "Come on," she said, "show us what you've got." The youth complied silently, displaying a typically slender but muscular athletic teenage biceps. Nicki pointed to it.

"Football player!" she spoke with deliberate emphasis. She then pointed to Lesa, "Cheerleader!"

"Boy...girl...See the difference, you seem confused." Lesa snorted and put down her apple.

"Actually," she said as she pulled her own sweater sleeve up to her shoulder, "I don't see much difference!" Lesa clenched her fist and flexed her own arm. Normally smooth and slender, it now thickened and hardened into a nicely peaked and defined biceps. Nicki's eyes widened a bit. She pushed the boy next to her back towards the direction he was originally heading.

"Why don't you go work out or something, before you get really embarrassed." As the youth moped away, Nicki turned back to her friend and rolled her eyes. "OK, so how did this wonderful turn of events come about?"

"OK, so how did this wonderful turn of events come about?" Lesa picked up her apple again. "We were in the locker room after gym class, we're doing that stupid weightlifting right now. Sherri was sitting around bragging to everyone how strong and tough she is. She was actually standing there, naked, flexing the mirrors, talking about how she was the strongest girl in the school and how no one could take her! Finally I couldn't listen to it any more, so I just said that I could take her."

"So, " Nicki replied, "instead of leaving, so you didn't have to listen to her, you elected to take her out back and get your face beat on?"

"It was weird, OK? But after I said it, it felt so cool. Everything got quiet and everyone was just looking at me."

"Dead girl walking is what they were looking at. That chick is huge, Lesa!"

"I know! But I couldn't back down, I didn't want everyone to think I'm afraid of her."

"Your funeral, girly, when and where is this wake anyhow?"

"Tomorrow at 12, Bricks Mill."

"High Noon at the OK Corral, perfect!"

"You'll be there right?"

"Are you kidding, the whole school will probably be there! You know how chick fights are. Besides I may have to take you to the hospital afterwards."

"Thanks for the confidence, bitch."

"Look Lesa, you surprised me with that arm OK, and I know you're in great shape, but Sherri is a monster!"

"Well, David slew Goliath." Lesa picked up her tray with a smirk and walked off. "See you tomorrow!" she called over her shoulder.

After a fitful night, Lesa woke early. She thought over what she was going to do with some trepidation. There was an element of fear that had not been present the day before. She knew how to box a little, from her Dad and brothers. She was strong and quick. The size issue worried her though. Sherri was very big in comparison, probably outweighing her by 40 pounds. Still, even with her doubts, Lesa loved the adrenaline that wouldn't stop coursing through her stomach. She went to Nicki's house, hung out for a while and then walked with her friend to the abandoned restaurant. The front of the place looked as deserted as it always did. Nicki led the way through the alley to the back courtyard and walked into the midst of a huge crowd. Lesa smelled beer and pot as she surveyed the group of students from her school. Nicki had been right; it seemed as if everyone was there.

Race was normally not real visible in Sherwood Flats, but the students had grouped up differently today. The white's were all ringed around most of the large courtyard, save for one corner. There stood Sherri, backed up by about 20 of her black supporters. Unexpected tension suddenly pressed upon Lesa.

"So you showed up, paleface!" Sherri roared at her. "I figured you'd be hiding under your bed and I'd have to come drag you out!" Lesa stood stone faced as the black students snickered at their fighter's remarks.

"Let's get this started." Lesa said quietly, hoping that her voice wouldn't crack.

"Fine by me, little girl." Sherri said stepping forward. She shrugged off the flannel shirt she was wearing to revealed a cropped, short sleeve vest buttoned over her big breasts. Her muscular waist was just visible over the top of her dark denim jeans. She stretched her thick arms over her head and flexed, eliciting a roar of appreciation from the crowd.

"Lesa!" Nicki whispered desperately behind her, "We can still get you out of this. Please, I don't want you to get hurt!"

NicoleLesa considered the possibility very seriously for a second before turning to look Nicki in the eye. She smiled slightly and took off her windbreaker. Underneath she wore a cotton, sleeveless turtleneck. She took a scrunchy from her pocket and wound her long, blonde hair into a tight ponytail. As she put up her hair she flexed her arms visibly. The crowd ooohed comically at her Rambo impression. Without further hesitation she turned back to the large black girl, she put up her fists and growled. "Let's go!"

The noise of the crowd was suddenly deafening as Lesa found herself sitting on her butt on the ground. Her face felt as if she had run head on into a brick wall. As her vision cleared, she saw Sherri standing over her taunting her to get up. Fear and anger mixed violently as Nicki helped her friend to her feet. Against Nicki's protests, Lesa put up her fists and approached Sherri once more.

The big girl was cocky now and left her hands at her sides as the cheerleader approached. Lesa took the opportunity and threw two lighting quick jabs to the girl's face. Both punches connected and Lesa followed with an effective uppercut that slipped right through Sherri's attempt to block. Lesa shook her hand in pain and suddenly realized that she had never hit anything without a glove before. The pain was excruciating. The black girl staggered back slightly, startled, but clearly not hurt. She charged back immediately and put two devastating blows into Lesa's tight midsection. Lesa folded over and then was driven face down to the dirt by a blow to her head. She quickly rolled over, coughing and fighting back tears. She watched Sherri prance around the crowd, flexing and bragging as fury built within her. She burned with embarrassment as she felt the eyes of her friends resting pitifully on her. She had walked into this whole thing, headstrong and cocky. Now she had to get herself out somehow.

Reaching deep within herself, she rose to her feet once more. She heard her friends urging her to stay down and accept the defeat. Instead she drew up her fists and went at Sherri once more. Sherri, taken by surprise fell back slightly. Lesa knew she couldn't make it through more knockdowns. If she couldn't win now, she would lose terribly. She moved in close and threw punch after punch, alternating uppercuts and crosses to the bigger girl's face and jaw. Lesa saw the black fist coming this time and effectively blocked it with her arm. She immediately drove back in and began swinging again, connecting harshly with most of her punches. Another blocked blow from the black girl staggered Lesa back. To her surprise she now saw that her opponents face was bloodied and puffy. The crowd cheered lustily for more. The momentary distraction earned her a vicious blow to the face that literally sent her off her feet. Lesa groaned as she landed flat on her back and the hard ground. Without thinking she forced herself to move, just as Sherri tried to dive on her. The big black girl hit the dirt, sending up a cloud of dust and letting out a moan of her own.

Lesa ignored her pain and leapt at the black girl. She looped her arm around the back of the girl's neck and held on as hard as she could. Her arm muscles bulged and separated with the strain as she began to pummel Sherri in the face with her free hand. Blood splattered the ground as she placed punch after punch squarely in the face of the struggling girl. Sherri could not break from Lesa's muscular grip. Finally the struggle stopped and a weary Lesa let Sherri drop to the ground. The black girl could do no more than roll onto her back and stare blearily at the sky. Lesa crawled over to her and grabbed the front of her vest. She pulled the girl upright and drew back a clenched fist. She waited for Sherri's eyes to clear somewhat and then drove her fist into her face, snapping her head back violently. The buttons on the vest let go and it flew open, revealing a pair of firm black breasts. Lesa, weary and unthinking, straddled the weakly struggling girl and began once again to throw punches. She alternated methodically, right then left then right, snapping the big girl's head back and forth. Once the girl was clearly unconsciously, Lesa began to violently pummel the girl's bare breasts. Finally, to weary to continue, Lesa rolled over and sat in the dirt. The crowd, which had become quiet during the brutal beating, burst to life again. Lesa was quickly drawn to her feet and walked off as Sherri's somber friends tended to her.

Lesa had mixed feelings about her new reputation when she returned to school Monday. She loved the attention it brought. Several guys and some girls had asked to check out her biceps, to which she gladly complied. Even one of her teachers, officially condemning the fight of course, commented on her impressively muscular arms. Still, Lesa worried. She suffered from a black eye and sore mouth, and wasn't sure she looked forward to defending her title in the future.