Supergirl as The Maiden of Might and The Bucci Twins as Beverly & Katherine
Best of Jonair

She was exceedingly pleased with herself. She was on the verge on cracking the biggest case around. She had been kept out of the loop by the overly ambitious and newly appointed chief of police. He did not want to be upstaged by her. He was such an arrogant, chauvinistic jerk. He had the gall to order her to stay out of it. Who the hell did he think he was. She was Supergirl. No one ordered her around. Everyone wanted her. Everyone respected her. Everyone thought she was great. She could do his job in a heartbeat. She'd show him!

The city had been gripped by a massive, well organized, highly intelligent crime organization, and no one knew how to solve the problem. No one but Supergirl, that is. The core of the organization was in the multi national corporate giant, The Kennewick Group (TKG). Lester Kennewick was at the helm of this hugely successful privately owned corporation for 40 years, but it was rumored that his health had deteriorated as of late, and that his young wife was, in fact, running things. Katherine Kennewick, the rumors said, was a brilliant woman, gifted with great business acumen, and possessed phenomenal organizational talents. She had nearly doubled TKG's revenues in the 9 months she was running things.BR>
Supergirl would have never suspected a thing had it not been for the daring efforts of the conscious afflicted Darla McInroy, Lester's loyal assistant for the past 25 years. Darla had contacted Supergirl and asked to meet her. She was nervous and edgy, but she told Supergirl that strange things were going on at TKG and that she suspected foul play. She made arrangements to meet Supergirl the following evening and hand over many files which could shed light on her suspicions. The following morning she was dead. Killed in an apparent car jacking gone sour.

Using a false identity (Linda Danvers would not do), she applied for a high level secretarial position at TKG, and after breezing through all the interviews and tests, Sharon Miles began working in the executive offices of TKG along with another five new women. She had used her formidable computer hacking skills to create an identity for Sharon Miles, and even listed Lexcorp as her former employer. A quick check in Lexcorp's personnel files would show that she was highly regarded and very trusted.

It was an impressive suite of offices at the top floor of the TKG building, and everything ran like clockwork. The centerpiece was The CEO's office, a huge luxurious office containing all the latest in state of the art information technology. The outer walls of the office were entirely covered in mirrors, one way mirrors she quickly noticed. They were hyper paranoid about security. The offices were swept daily for listening devices, the windows were darkened on the outside, the copy machines were wired so that a record of every document copied was kept. Every document referenced with the person who copied it. The CEO's office was electronically soundproof, and, much to Supergirl/Sharon's disappointment, lead lined behind the mirrors. It had an additional private entrance through a private elevator. No one was allowed access to the room unless Katherine was there. Katherine did not have a personal administrative assistant. She preferred to parcel out work to all the staff rather than trust one person with all the information.

Half way into her first day working there, Supergirl was called into Katherine's office. "Welcome Sharon" Katherine said cheerfully as she came around her huge desk and shook her hand. "Welcome to TKG. I'm sure that your experience at Lexcorp will come in very handy here, especially when it comes to confidentiality. Our competitors are always trying to pull one over us."

"You have nothing to worry about with me Ms. Kennewick" replied the Maiden of Might.

Katherine was a stunner. She was nearly 6 feet tall, weighed about 130 pounds, and her expensively tailored business suit did little to hide her phenomenal 38 24 36 highly buffed, super athletic figure. Supergirl could imagine, from her own experience, the reaction that most men had when they met her, and it appeared as if Katherine knew how to use this advantage to the fullest.

As Katherine ran over what was expected of Sharon, Supergirl quickly surveyed the office. Everything Katherine needed was contained within her office. All her files, all her computers, fax machines, and copiers. This woman definitely knew how to keep a secret. There was another wall covered in mirrors. She assumed that it also covered with lead lining, but she did not want to risk using her x-ray vision in the office. She did not know what kind of detection devices Katherine had.

A month had past, and Supergirl had accumulated a wealth of information, primarily through her Super hearing. She was kept very busy, but she still managed to listen in as often as she could. There were usually other people in the office, but few ever came in through the main entrance, and Supergirl could not see in to the office. She wondered who they were. She was, however, able to hear information about crimes in progress, and over the last month, she was able to slip out of the office at super speed and foil many. She couldn't hear everything, however, and several crimes did in fact go through as planned, but she was hurting them, and she knew they would eventually make a mistake.

It was 6 o'clock in the evening. Everyone was still working at their desks. Long hours were commonplace at TKG, but they were well compensated for it.

Katherine was in her office. She was furious. They were falling behind schedule and it was Supergirl's fault. It was only a matter of time before someone would find out that Lester had been dead for over 5 months. That they killed him. They had another 10 days at the most and this was the most critical time.

"We have a spy here" she said to Beverly. "That spy is Supergirl!" This statement did not seem to surprise Beverly. " How can you be sure?" Beverly asked. "The only way she could have learned about operations in progress was with her super hearing. There was information that only you and I knew and which we only discussed in here. There's no way to bug this place. Supergirl works here. She's one of the new girls."

"We expected to have to deal with her sooner or later" said Beverly. "We're prepared. I guess the time is now." Beverly pressed a tiny button on the bottom of her belt. Immediately, one of the mirrored panels opened up, and both women entered. The secret room was also lead lined, and had an array of sophisticated audio visual surveillance devices and another private elevator. Beverly sat behind the console and pressed a button. A monitor lit up showing the outside office. Katherine opened up the huge safe and took out a large, lead lined box. In it were two chunks of kryptonite which they were storing for a special occasion. One was the size of a softball attached to a chain. The other a golf ball. Katherine took out the chunk which was attached to a chain and put it in her purse. She then took out a tiny box, and removed a microscopic ear piece. She inserted it in her ear. "Testing" said Beverly. " It's working fine." said Katherine.

Katherine pressed a button on her belt and left Beverly in the secret room. Beverly spoke into her microphone. "All set" she said.

Katherine walked out of her office with her purse and a huge stack of papers containing business information not related to her clandestine activities. "Listen up people" she said. "I fried a hard drive on one of my computers and all this information was deleted. The back up tapes are in the corporate archive and it will take a week to get. I can't wait. All this info has to be re-entered into the computer tonight. I divided it up so that among the six of you" she pointed towards the new women "you'll be able to do it quickly. Please come up and get your work."

One by one, the new employees walked up to Katherine took their work. Beverly watched each one on her screen as they stepped up to Katherine. "No" she said as the first woman walked by. "No" she said as the second one walked by. Katherine was hearing her loud and clear in her ear piece. So was Supergirl, but she could not figure out what she was hearing. She was the fourth person to approach Katherine. As she neared she felt a strange feeling sweep over her. "What on earth? Feeling..weak. What's going on? There must be kryptonite here somewhere!" She was weakening at a rapid pace. Her knees buckled slightly and her legs quivered a little. The color drained from her face. She was unsteady. It got worse as she approached Katherine. " to main..tain. Hold..on." She took her stack of papers. She, the Girl of Steel, could hardly hold them.

Beverly was watching Sharon. She could see her being effected by the kyrptonite. "It's Sharon!!" she said into the microphone. Katherine spun around and went back into her office. Supergirl's pain stopped, but she was still feeling weak. "That was strong kryptonite. I have to get away. I have to get out of here" she thought. Beverly watched as Supergirl quickly left the office and went to the elevators.

"Katherine, she leaving. Let's go" yelled Beverly as she exited the secret room. Katherine handed her the kryptonite. They made their way to the private elevator. Neither of them saw that another one of the new employees had also left in a hurry.

Supergirl needed to think. She needed to think clearly, but her mind was all a blur. She had to get away, clear her head. She had to fly. She got off the elevator on the ground floor and hurried out the door. It was dark and the street was deserted. " Have to change into Supergirl. Have to fly away" she thought. Suddenly, she saw Katherine walking about 100 feet behind her. Her heart began to race. " Got to get away from her." She increased her pace and turned down the nearest side street. It was a narrow dead end road. It was perfect for her to make the quick change. She was walking at a rapid pace, removing her skirt as she moved. she began to unbutton her blouse. She had to change quickly and get away. She looked over her shoulder to see if Katherine was still behind her. She wasn't. She turned her glance forward. She stopped dead in her tracks. "YOU!!!! HOW DID YOU...?!?!?!" Her voice froze in mid sentence. Her eyes were wide open in astonishment.

"Hello, SUPERGIRL" said Beverly. She had the kryptonite necklace, and before Supergirl could react, she placed it around her neck. The effects were instantaneous. All the powers left her body. Her legs turned into putty. She brought her arms up to her neck and struggled valiantly to lift the kryptonic necklace over her head. She didn't have a chance.

"Supergirl" Beverly said sarcastically " that necklace looks so good on you, but wait, it doesn't go with your blouse. Let me help you take it off." Beverly removed the last of Sharon's street clothing exposing Supergirl's costume. "That's so much better, don't you agree? It's on sale today"

" weak...necklace.. weighs... a... ton. How... could.... this be ...hap...pening? sss.strong. Can't. Completely helpless................ UUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Katherine was standing in the shadows in the middle of the block while this drama was unfolding. She did not see the figure on the corner watching in horror as the mighty Supergirl was being taken down. It was Jennifer, another new woman in the office.

Supergirl was nearly out on her feet. She could hardly stand. She shot her arms forward and desperately clinged to Beverly in an effort to stay up. It was to no avail. Beverly just stood there. Supergirl slumped to the ground. She was out cold.

Katherine came rushing to Beverly. "So much for the indestructible Supergirl" she said. "This was easy. C'mon, let's get out of here."

Beverly removed a remote control device from her pocket and pointed it at a wall. A door suddenly swung open. Katherine was thankful that Lester had been so paranoid. He was always afraid of being kidnaped or something so he built an intricate array of secret tunnels and elevators. Katherine removed the kryptonite from around the fallen Supergirl's neck, and placed it around her own. She grabbed Supergirl's limp legs. Beverly grabbed her arm, and they both carried her, disappearing into the hole in the wall. They walked down a long tunnel until they reached an elevator bank with two doors. Katherine's private elevators. They zipped up to her office and tossed the unconscious Supergirl on the ground.

Her phone was flashing. That meant an urgent message from security. "Yes?"

It was the security guard at the desk. "I've been trying to reach for for 15 minutes now" he said. " I thought that you should know that when you took off after Sharon Miles, Jennifer Hunter followed you."

"Jennifer Hunter?? Damn!!" She thought to herself. "Good work!" she said as she slammed down the phone.

Beverly went into the secret room to change. Katherine called her into her office. " We've got a problem. Another new girl, Jennifer Hunter, followed me out the building. She may have seen what happened."

"Damnit" exclaimed Beverly. " How could you have been so careless?"

"Never mind that now" Katherine said. "Find her. Kill her!"

Beverly jumped into the private elevator and pressed a special sequence of numbers. Two rapid bell rings confirmed her selection. The elevator door opened at the tunnel where they had just brought supergirl in. Off to the left was a motorcycle. Beverly hopped on and roared out of there in chase of Jennifer.

"I'm telling you what I saw. They knocked her out and disappeared."

"Who is they?" the police chief asked.

"It was Katherine and someone else. I couldn't see so well because it was dark. It was the other person who took out Supergirl. It was an amazing sight. I couldn't believe it."

"FUCKING SHIT!!" he bellowed. " Stay there. We'll be there as soon as we can."

The chief was furious. " That fucking Superbitch!! She couldn't keep out of this. She had to interfere. Now she's ruined everything. We're going to have to go in and save her. It's too soon damnit! We don't have enough evidence to nail her yet. Were going to have to arrest her for assault and battery. FUCK!!! I swear I'm going to put that fucking Superbitch in jail." The chief was ranting at his second in command. "How long will it take to put together a swat team?"

"About one hour" replied his aide.

"Do it!" the chief barked "just fucking do it!"

Katherine was staring out the window. She was so angry that she had let herself be followed. "Perfection personified does not mess up like this." She would have to be more careful. Behind her lay the lifeless body of the girl of Steel. She was still out like a light. Katherine turned and looked at her. "Supergirl" she said derisively. " Everyone makes such a big deal about Supergirl. So powerful, so beautiful, so perfect" she said mockingly. "Well look at her now. Not so tough. Soon the world will know who the real Supergirls are. A force so powerful, no one will stand in our way. The world will see what true perfection is all about." She placed the kryptonite on her desk on the other side of the room. She lifted a remote control device and pressed a button. A dozen tiny video cameras appeared on the ceiling. A dozen tapes began rolling in the secret room. She went into the secret room to change, leaving the still unconscious Supergirl laying on the floor.

Jennifer was just about to hang up the phone when she heard the roar of a powerful motorcycle. She started to turn around just as the bullet pierced her brain. She never knew what hit her. She never saw her assailant.

Katherine walked back into the room wearing a long robe. She wondered if Beverly had found Jennifer. Was Jennifer really following her, or was it just a coincidence that they left at the same time. There are no coincidences. Not in her. From now on, she would review each personnel file personally before hiring anyone. Perfection personified could make no more mistakes. She gazed out the window. She wished that Beverly would hurry up. She was anxious to begin. She could have simply destroyed Supergirl in the alley, but that wouldn't have satisfied their egos. No! Supergirl, known as the most powerful woman on earth, would have to be thoroughly beaten and humiliated before she was destroyed. Every second would have to be captured on video from every angle. The world will see it all and recoil in fear. The world will see who is truly perfect.

Her nipples began to harden. Her heart began to race. She placed her hand under her robe and began to massage her perfect tits through the fabric of her outfit below. She arched her head back and pursed her lips in a seductive "O."

The elevator door opened and Beverly stepped out. " Problem Solved" she said. " She was just making a phone call when I nailed her."

"Great" said Katherine. " Now go get ready." Beverly pressed the button on her belt and entered the secret room to change.

Supergirl began to stir. She wanted to groan, but kept her wits about her. It might be in her benefit for them to think she was still out. There was still kryptonite in the room she concluded, but she was far enough from it to get back a very little bit of strength. She opened one eye carefully. She saw Katherine standing in her robe facing the window. She had a clear path to the door. She could do it. She can escape! Her massive chest rose as she took a deep breath before setting off on her way. She rolled over quietly.

Beverly was just about to put on her robe. She admired herself in the mirror, She was truly spectacular, and, frankly, she had never looked better than she did at that moment. Her nipples had hardened instantly as soon as she had gotten dressed. They protruded seductively. She put on her robe and prepared to join Katherine. She glanced at the tv monitor to look at Katherine. This was going to be their glorious day. They had prepared for this for a long time. Suddenly she noticed that Supergirl was on her feet and making her way towards the door. She pressed the button on her belt.

Supergirl was 2 feet away from the door. She was going to make it. She was very weak, but she was going to escape. She looked over her shoulder and glanced at Katherine who was oblivious to what's going on. She reached for the door knob. She grabbed it . She began to turn the knob. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. It spun her around. Her hand flew off the knob. Her eyes were wide open. "YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOW?????????? I..DON'T.. UNDERSTAND." She quickly glanced over to were Katherine had been standing only seconds ago. She was still there, only now she was facing the astonished Supergirl. Supergirl turned back and looked at Beverly. "Twins!!!I don't believe it! Identical twins." CRACK!!!! Supergirl's head shot back as Beverly landed a solid punch to her jaw. Supergirl never saw it coming. Beverly followed up with another punch to the jaw. Supergirl was reeling.

"Quick" yelled Beverly. "Bring the Kryptonite." Katherine ran towards her desk and put the kryptonite around her neck.. Beverly did not give Supergirl a chance to get a grip on things. She punched her in the jaw again. Again. Again. Supergirl was defenseless. Helpless. The force of the last blow spun her around and sent her stumbling right into Katherine's arms.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!" Supergirl screamed as her battered and beaten body came in direct contact with the kryptonite. Katherine placed her arms around Supergirl and drew her close in a bear hug. " No!!!.... noooo!!...naaaaarrgh." Katherine released her and she fell to the ground. She moved back a few feet.

There she was. Supergirl. powerful, invincible, indestructible Supergirl. On her back, on the floor. Gorgeous 40" breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath. She lifted herself onto her elbows, but she could not get up. She looked up at the 6 foot identical twins. They were absolutely perfect in every possible way. She did not understand why they were wearing robes.

"You're supposed to be so tough SUPERGIRL. We thought that you would at least pose a challenge. We've been planning for this day for a long time." The words cut through her like a knife. How could this be happening? She was Supergirl. These girls were no match for her. She could take them with her eyes closed. "You disappointed us. We needed good footage of the Mighty Supergirl being vanquished so we can show the world, and all you gave us was Buttergirl. Sissygirl. The Princess of Pitiful. The Maiden of Mush. You're no Supergirl and it's time the world knew it. "

Katherine's words were like jackhammers pounding her gut. How could she be in this position?

"You haven't killed me yet, Katherine, which ever one of you is Katherine. You'll soon find out that you are dealing with Supergirl. You hear me? Supergirl. I've been up against far greater challenges than you two." She knew that was a lie, but she'd still get out of this. The battle was going badly, but the war was still hers to be won.

"I'm Beverly, Katherine's older sister. I was the one who defeated you in the alley. You didn't stand a chance against me alone. You don't stand a chance against both of us. You may still think you are the mighty, invincible Superbitch, but you are about to become a footnote." She turned to the camera. "You people who will be watching this at home, look at what you call Supergirl." Katherine, kryptonite in one hand, lifted Supergirl by the hair. She held her and Beverly kicked her right in the jaw. She crumbled back to the ground. "This is what you call Supergirl? This is what you used to call Supergirl. Behold from now on what you will truly call Super."

On cue, they both removed their robes. Supergirl looked on in amazement. They were wearing her costume! They were dressed like Supergirl and they looked phenomenal! Supergirl's nipples hardened as she looked them over. They totally looked the part. Long Blond hair, powerfully defined arms, "S" logo straining to contain large firm breasts, long, tan shapely legs . Her nipples became even harder.

They stood on each side of her, hands resting on their hips, shoulders back, breasts sticking out proudly, and legs spread slightly apart. Her power stance. They stole her power stance!! She had never realized how sexy it was until now. She was going to enjoy defeating these two poseurs. She was going to kick their asses so badly. But how?

Katherine removed the kryptonite from around her neck and attached it to a hanging fixture in the center of the room. She lifted Supergirl to her feet by the hair. Katherine grabbed both of her arms and pulled them behind her back. This caused Supergirl's breast to push out even more, straining the limits of her "S" logo.

"Ladies and gentlemen" Katherine said to the camera "You will now see why WE are the true Superewomen and this pathetic washed up has been is barely even a SuperGirl."

Beverly started things off with a punch to the midsection. She followed up with a straight right to the jaw that spun her around and sent her towards Katherine . Katherine's fist was waiting as Supergirl walked right into it. She spun around. Beverly was waiting. CRACK! A roundhouse kick sent her reeling back to Katherine. CRACK! A roundhouse kick sent to back to Beverly.

" can..I get...out of this. UUUnnnhhh! Another shot to the jaw. OOOmmph!! My gut. My legs.....can't Falling...falling...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Another kick in the face. falling baaaack.OOOOOOOHHHH...hands on my breasts...OOOOHHHH...squeezing. UUUMMMMM..rubbing. Legs rubbery. Can't stand. OOOOOHHHH strong hands on my breasts."

Beverly was holding her up by her breasts. She was squirming and moaning. "Look at her! She likes it!" Katherine said.

"It looks like you do to" Beverly retorted pointing out the erect nipples protruding proudly from behind Katherine's "S" logo
"I know I do" Beverly continued as she held Supergirl up by the tits. Katherine slammed her fist into Supergirl's abs. Supergirl was in bad shape.

"Time for a Superwimp sandwich" Katherine said as she and Beverly drew close together. The put their arms around each other and squeezed tightly. Supergirl was trapped between them. She felt their warm, hard thighs press up her own. She creamed instantly. Wave after wave of orgasm thrashed though her thoroughly beaten body. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" she moaned loudly. The supertwins followed suit and in an instant were in the throughs of their own orgasms.

Supergirl was wiped out. "Ffffaaading't..believe! She was on her way out. Losing it.

A sharp ringing sound pierced the air. The terror twins froze. "Someone's here" yelled Katherine.

Beverly released her grip and ran to the secret door. She pressed the button on her belt. " You bring her in" she yelled. The door to Katherine's office flew open. The secret door, preprogrammed to do so when the office door was open, slammed shut and disappeared. Katherine was trapped. Beverly watched the unfolding drama on her monitor. The swat team swarmed into Katherine's office, and within seconds had her in custody. "Shit!" she muttered under her breath. She frantically changed clothes, took the lead box out of the safe and ran towards the emergency elevator in the secret room. It went directly to the tunnel, its only stop.

The swat team dragged an angry Katherine away. The chief entered. Supergirl was still on the floor. She was minutes, if not seconds away from death. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING!!" he roared.

"" she gasped softly.

"Bring me that stuff and then get the hell out of here. All of you" he ordered the policemen. Within seconds they were gone. The chief and Supergirl were alone.

"Listen to me, Superbitch!" he said, kryptonite in hand as he closed in on her. "You blew a major operation. You got an agent killed. You risked the lives of all the people who had to come here and save your sorry little ass." He was grabbing her from the belt. She did not feel him attach a micro transmitter there.

"D.d.d.d.dying...g.g.g.get a....way" she pleaded, barely able to speak.

"Don't you ever get in my way again, UNDERSTAND? I don't need your help. Remember this moment for the rest of your life. I saved you." He spun around and walked away.

"" she spoke softly.

"Shut up Supergirl! I have nothing more to say to you" he retorted.

"! Her.......sister..." He kept on walking.

Her strength was beginning to return. Her entire body ached, and her head was pounding. She had tried to tell the chief about Beverly, but he would not listen. Her mind was racing. She had come so close to dying. She had been defeated and humiliated. Then she had to take shit from the chief. This had not been a good day.

Slowly, she got up, and on unsteady legs walked towards the door. Her strength was coming back.

At least Beverly did not get the kryptonite. She would hunt her down. She would make her pay for what she did. She would teach the chief once and for all that he needed her. They all needed her. She was SUPERGIRL!. He would treat her with respect!

Beverly was racing down the street on the motorcycle. Her mind was reeling. Everything had collapsed. They had planned everything so carefully, and now it was over. Her sister was in custody. They were exposed.

Within minutes she was at their safe house. A non descript two story house ten miles out of the city limits. She had never thought that she would be using this place herself, but she couldn't go home. They would be coming after her and that's the first place they would look. They would never find her here if she played it cool. She had to get her thoughts together. She had to plan things. But first she needed to relax. She needed a long hot shower.

Blinded with rage, Supergirl began her search for Beverly. She calculated the maximum distance she could have traveled and checked it out from every direction at super speed. Then she began closing in eliminating outer rings. She used her x ray vision to scan every vehicle traveling on the roads. She used her super vision to determine which vehicles in driveways had recently been driven based on their heat. She then used her x ray vision to scan every building which had a recently used vehicle parked in its proximity. She was Supergirl. No one could escape her. Not when she was this determined. 20 minutes later, she had found her.

"We may be able to salvage something out of this, Chief" said his aide. "There's a ton of information in those computers, and she'll do time for illegal possession of a radioactive substance. The DA says we will probably be able to keep her in jail without bail until the trial no matter how loud her high priced attorney yells. The information we get off her computer may crack the case wide open."

"That fucking Supergirl" the chief barked. " She almost blew the whole case sky high. If we had shown up 10 minutes later, she could have been out of my hair forever."

"Come on chief" his aide said, "She's always been a great help."

"Fuck her!!" the chief retorted. The aide hurried out of the office.

"Wouldn't you love that" he muttered under his breath as he left.

Beverly was nearly dry. The shower had helped. She was calmer now. She needed a drink. Wearing only red silk high cut panties, she walked to the kitchen. She heard her name being called out just as the ceiling came crashing down around her. She froze. It was Supergirl. Her mind raced at numbing speed. The kryptonite was on the other side of the room. She couldn't risk going for it now. She would have to play her cards perfectly if she was going to get out of this one.

"Chief, you've got to see this" his aide said as he came into the office clutching a video cassette.

He was mesmerized as he watched the video footage of Supergirl being literally destroyed. He was shocked when Beverly appeared for the first time. "That fucking Superbitch. She didn't say a word!" The chief was angry. He was also rock hard. He found the footage highly arousing.

"She tried to tell you chief, you just wouldn't listen" his aide said. "Here, look, this is the part."

"Shit shit shit!" he exclaimed as he turned on the tracking receiver on his desk. "Come on! We've got to go."

Supergirl came flying through the ceiling head first, came to a near stop, shifted her position to feet first and slowly landed on the ground. Her skirt rose seductively as she glided to a soft landing. She faced the half naked Beverly. She stood there in her power stance. The contrast between this and their last meeting was clearly evident. She was back at full strength. Full confidence. She looked powerful in her skintight costume. Her perfect breasts straining agaist the indestructable fabric. Her nipples ere sticking out from behind the legendary "S" logo, the symbol of her power and dominance.

"Let's see how tough you're going to be now Beverly" Supergirl said derisively. "I don't think you're going to enjoy this encounter nearly as much as you did the last one. I, however, am going to enjoy this immensely. I am going to teach you that messing with me, Supergirl, the Princess of Power, the Maiden on Might, the Girl of Steel, has very definite and unpleasant consequences. What were you thinking when you decided to go up against me?!!? You and your loser sister."

Beverly had to play her card right. "It looked to me like you enjoyed our last encounter. You were cuming all over the place" she was trying to provoke her. "It was far easier to take you down than we had expected at first. You're over rated. You're not that tough, SUPERGIRL!"

Supergirl was still in her postance. She flexed every muscle in her body. She looked amazing. Beverly's words stung. "Hollow words from a half naked whore who is about to get the ass kicking of a lifetime."

Beverly mimicked her power stance. "Look at me" she said. " This is the kind of body one can afford to be half naked in and not need to hide behind some ridiculous costume. My breasts don't need to be hidden behind an "S" logo. Besides, Katherine and I looked so much better than you in that costume that you really have a lot of nerve even calling yourself Super. If you had any respect for yourself, you wouldn't dare show your face around here after the humiliation that you suffered at our hands. You should be dead right now. Your ass had to be saved by the local police. How much lower can you sink?"

Supergirl's face was red with anger. She walked right up to Beverly. They were nose to nose. Their breasts were touching. Four nipples hardened. "You want a piece of me? You think I'm a pushover? come on!"

Beverly 's voice took on a pitying tone. "You'll always fail Supergirl because you can't do what it takes. If our situations were reversed, if I were the one who was so powerful, you would no longer be standing. You would be laying in a broken heap on the other side of the room. I would have punched you once or twice and then thrown you all over this place until you begged me to stop. The fact that I'm still standing shows that you don't have what it takes, even with all your over rated super powers. Now if you'll excuse me..." she turned around and began to walk away.

Supergirl's jaw dropped. She was stunned. "NO ONE WALKS AWAY FROM SUPERGIRL!" she yelled. She grabbed Beverly by the shoulder, spun her around and punched her in her gut. She held back, not wanting to kill her. Beverly doubled over. Supergirl followed up with a straight right to her jaw. Beverly took as many steps toward the other side of the room as she could before her legs gave out. She was on the floor. Supergirl lifted her to her feet, placed both hands on Beverly 's perfect breasts, lifted her off the ground and sent her flying across the room. It was the wrong side.

"Fuck you Supergirl! How dare you touch my breasts."

"Oh, so you didn't like that, did you? Allow me to do it again" Supergirl taunted her as she repeated the favor.

"I'll kill you Supergirl! I swear to you that I will kill you."

"If you want me to shut up, you're going to have to shut me up Superbitch!!" Supergirl shook her head in amazement. She walked over to Beverly in order to inflict more punishment. Beverly jumped to her feet and faced her, rock in hand. The now familiar wave of weakness swept over her body as Beverly closed in on her. "You were saying, SUPERWIMP!"

Before she could continue her taunt, Supergirl's arm shot out hitting Beverly's. The kryptonite flew out of her hand. Supergirl raced towards the door. Beverly scrambled and retrieved the kyrptonite. She looked in horror and Supergirl was nearly at the door. She had only one chance. She threw the chunk at Supergirl. It hit her on the back, but it was like an anvil. She crashed to the ground face first, inches from the door. Beverly raced towards the rolling ball of kryptonite one foot away from Supergirl. Supergirl tripped her. She crashed to the floor. Supergirl jumped on her and a struggle ensued. This was the moment of truth for both women as they tried desperately to gain the upper hand which shifted back and forth. The tide began to turn when Beverly, temporarily on top, brought her knee crashing into Supergirl's groin. This stunned her long enough for Beverly to land a hard solid right on Supergirl's jaw. Beverly leaned over and grabbed the kryptonite. "YOU'RE MINE NOW SUPERGIRL, AND THIS TIME THERE WILL BE NO MISTAKES. NO ELABORATE PLANS. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!"

She was sitting on top of Supergirl. Straddling her. She wrapped her fist around the kryptonite and began punching Supergirl in the jaw repeatedly with a vengeance. Supergirl was overwhelmed and unable to defend herself. Beverly rolled her over on her front.

Beverly scrambled to her feet. There was no time to lose. She tied Supergirl's legs together. She took the kryptonite, placed it between Supergirl's wrists, and tied them together. She rolled her back onto her back. Her secured arms with the kryptonite were under her back. She was helpless. Beverly 's nipples were hard as rocks as she observed her handiwork. She wanted to make Supergirl satisfy her, but there was no time for that. She had to get out of there.

She was dressed within two minutes, possibly a worlds record, she mused to herself.

Supergirl was in her inescapable trap, moments away from death. Beverly was ready to leave. "You never had a chance, SUPERGIRL, and I want you to know in your final moments that you never even posed a challenge. You are, however, one sexy broad." Beverly leaned down and placed her lips on hers. She slid her tongue in and kissed her long, hard, and passionately. Supergirl was unable to resist. She moved her head back and forth. Within seconds her nether region was gushing. Beverly got to her feet. "So long, not so supergirl!" She walked out the door.

She had taken two steps when she felt the hard cold steel barrel of a gun against her head. "You're under arrest."

The chief instructed his aide to take Beverly to the car while her checked out the house. Supergirl had not come out so he suspected she was in trouble. He remembered what he had recently seen on video, and decided he was going to enjoy this. He felt the blood rushing to his lower head.

There she was, the mighty Supergirl, bound, on her back, nearly conscious. What a sight!

"So, Supergirl, is this going to become a habit? You ignoring me, me saving you?"

"" she pleaded softly, hardly having the strength to speak. The chief took his time walking over to her.

The chief took his time walking over to her. "You know, it's usually the other way around. You superheros helping us poor cops. Are you sure you qualify as a Superhero, SuperGirl?" He rolled her over not too gently and untied her legs. Then he untied her wrists. He placed the kryptonite in his shirt pocket. He rolled her over and grabbed her by the neckline. "I am the chief of police in this town, and you deliberately disobeyed me. I should put you in jail, but we don't have one that could hold you. So I'm gonna do something to teach you never to mess with me again!" He lifted her in the air by the neckline and crashed her on top of the dining room table.

She was still powerless. Her eyes widened in horror as he grabbed her ankles, and parted her legs. "Oh no, not that" she said softly. She watched in disgust as the chief undid his belt. He slid it out of the loops and was now holding it in his hand. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out the kryptonite. He pulled her ankles over his shoulder. Her ass was nearly hanging off the table. Her leaned down and brought his face close to hers. She could feel his breath.

You just annoy me. I only want you to know that I'm keeping this rock. I'm not turning it over like the other one. I want you to live with the knowledge that I could have done this to you. Live with the fact that your tits and pussy do nothing for me" he lied, "and that your powers don't intimidate me now that I have this."

He spun around and left the house.

She lay on the table. Her powers were coming back, but she was paralyzed. She was stunned. The chief had her. What normal man wouldn't take advantage. She knew he wanted her. She saw how hard he was. The man was definitely in control now. He had her at his mercy and he now had kryptonite. She was powerless against him. She found this made her horny. "I'm powerless against him" she said to herself as her left hand roamed up and down her amazing "S". "Powerless" she said as she slipped a finger between her legs. "powerless."


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