An innocent e-mail ends up pitting Supergirl against super model Elle Macpherson
Best of Jonair

The end of a long day was drawing near. Supergirl decided to make one last pass over the skies of Los Angeles before settling in for the evening. It was a mid march evening and the temperature was very comfortable. She enjoyed flying in weather like this.

She flew over the Santa Monica freeway and swung left as it junctures with the 110. A quick right had her flying over downtown over Figueroa St. She passed over the Bonaventure and quickly scanned the place with her x-ray vision. She liked to peek in on couples in the act. She was so horny these days, and, more than ever, feeling the frustrations of a super being whose sexual fantasies could not be fulfilled. She veered right on Wilshire and took another scan at the La Omni, formally the La Hilton to see who was doing it there. Mostly Japanese and Korean tourists, she noticed. She was really horny. She zoomed up Wilshire to where it intersected with Santa Monica and the Beverly Hilton. Another quick scan revealed many interesting things going on. As she flew over Beverly Hills, she used her super hearing to hone in on every Mercedes which drove by below. She got a kick out of counting how many Persian speaking people drove Mercedes' in B.H. She got a kick out of the Persians, especially after participating in an LAPD sting operation of the jewelry district on S.Hill and S. Broadway downtown where most of the merchants are Iranian expatriates. She held them no ill will, however, understanding the difficulties involved in relocating from their own country where they lived exceedingly well before it was destroyed by the fanatical mullahs.

She floated in through her apartment window and turned on her computer. She was ready to surf the internet for a while in search of some form of sexual stimulation. She logged onto America On line. "You have mail" said her computer. She was excited. She clicked on the mail icon and saw that she had received e-mail from Harman, her new found pen pal on the net. She hadn't quite gotten a handle on him yet, but for now he seemed to be nice and harmless enough. Not that she, Supergirl, the Maiden of Might, the Princess of Power, could be intimidated by anyone, but she was glad that he wasn't your average run of the mill pervert. If only he knew that it was really her.

She clicked on his e-mail. She saw a file attached to it. "15 minutes download time?" She thought to her self. "What on earth could he have posted which would be so big?" The e-mail message simply said "You'll be amazed, Supergirl." She clicked on the download button and waited.

She looked over his e-mail again and noticed that "Supergirl" was in italics. Kind of derisive.Much in the way that Jerry Seinfeld would sneer and say "Hello, Newman." Who the hell did he think he was? Chiding her!

Didn't he know that she was Supergirl, invincible, all powerful, dominating? Actually, he didn't. He thought that this was some game, some fantasy being played out between the two of them. Well, she would show him who he was dealing with. " All these guys were the same" she thought. "They all think they're hot shit when they're dealing with human women, or I should say girls compared to me. But once they see they're dealing with me, Supergirl, their dicks turn into quivering pieces of useless flesh. I may still grow to hate this guy" she mused.

The file was downloaded. She signed off AOL and accessed the file. The screen turned black. Then a tiny green speck developed in the center of her screen. Slowly it became larger and larger until she saw a spinning green glowing orb on her screen. "Cool graphics" she thought to her self.

Suddenly, the orb stopped spinning and began emitting green rays which came off of her screen. A wave of weakness immediately engulfed her powerful body. She was stunned. She pushed back her chair, stood up and took two steps back, unable to comprehend what was going on. Her powers were diminishing rapidly, yet she felt no pain. Her screen began to bubble, and, in what looked like a special effect from the movie, the abyss, the green glowing orb flowed out of her screen. She took a few more steps back on wobbly legs. The green glowing orb was now in her apartment. "Kryptonite! But how could it be?" She had to flee at once! She started towards the door, but the orb shot a laser like beam at the door which now began to glow green as well. The rays of the kryptonic door hit her as she approached within 3 feet. She stopped dead in her tracks. "The window!" She was only on the second floor. She could jump through the window and not get hurt. Once again the orb shot a laser like beam at the window which like the door became kryptonic. She was trapped!

"Supergirl!" A voice from the orb said. "You have been the object of my desires for 17 years. Do you know how frustrating unfulfilled fantasies are?"

"Tell me about. Like I don't have that same problem myself" she thought to herself.

"You, Supergirl, are the source of my frustration which I am about to take out on you tonight" the orb said as it drew closer to her. She backed up until she was against the wall. There was nowhere to run. The orb stopped right in front of her. The power was draining rapidly from her super body, yet, surprisingly, there was no pain. She realized that this must be some strain of low grade kryptonite. This was little consolation though because her powers were now gone and she could easily be killed by conventional means if not by the kryptonite itself.

"Who... Are... you and.. how Know it was" She asked, barely able to speak.

"I am Harman from AOL, Supergirl."

"What...what.. Do you want"

"Revenge!" Bellowed the voice from the orb.

"Why?" Asked Supergirl. "What have I done to you?"

"You have humiliated me" the voice replied. "Do you know what it feels like to ask mere mortal woman to play the part of Supergirl for the fulfillment of my sexual fantasies. The fantasies for which you are responsible? The women, they look at me as if I were nuts. I knew it was really you online because you were the only one willing to play the part."

The orb drew back a few feet. She noticed a video camera lens in its center. Suddenly, a kryptonic laser beam shot out at her hitting her in the midsection. It was like a punch. "Aarghh" she shouted. "I'm definitely starting to hate this guy" she thought. Another beam hit her in the face sending her reeling. She was now standing in the center of her room, arms down by her side, eyes wide open in fear, legs wobbly. Quite a startling contrast from her normal power stance. The orb emitted a green light which turned itself into a fist. It came crashing powerfully against Supergirl's jaw sending her crashing to the floor.

There she was, the Maiden of Might, the invincible, powerful, overwhelming girl of steel, on her back on the floor in the center of her room. Her mind was telling her to get up, but her body said "fuck this." She now knew how boxers felt as they heard the count of 10.

She was helpless, weak as a kitten, powers drained.

"And now, Supergirl, or should I say not-so-super-girl, we'll get started. You'll be amazed!"

The orb emitted a large puff of green smoke into the air. Through glassy eyes, Supergirl watched as the smoke began to take shape. At first it looked like a hologram, but it developed into an actual living breathing figure. It was turning into the most spectacular woman she had ever laid eyes on. The body was now complete. It was perfect. So absolutely perfect. It was in the tiniest bikini she had ever seen. Then the face took shape. "Oh my" she gasped. "I can't believe it! It's Elle Macpherson, the model."

"Correction, Supergirl. You mean super model. But that's not really her. It's an android which I control and tonight, she is going to make one of my fantasies come true. You will see why it is she who deserves the title super and not you, you helpless, powerless bitch!" Supergirl desperately wanted to get to her feet. She couldn't take being spoken to in this manner.

The transformation was now complete. Elle stood there and struck Supergirl's favorite pose of intimidation. The power stance! Her shoulders were back, arms resting powerfully on her hips, legs spread slightly apart. A powerful and imposing figure. She was clad in a star spangled bikini of the tiniest dimensions making her world famous 6 foot body look incredible. The finishing touch was a pair of Wonder Woman style bangle bracelets she had on her wrists which, at a second glance, Supergirl realized was studded with tiny kryptonite jewels. If Supergirl had been horny at the start of the evening, to her amazement, she was incredibly horny now at the sight of Elle.

Her brain was sending her a cacophony of mixed signals. Her jaw ached. Her midsection was sore. Her once powerful and invulnerable body was weak. She was frightened to be this helpless. What would become of her? Her breasts ached from desire under her skintight lycra costume. Her nipples becoming harder by the second.

From her vantage point, flat on her back on the floor, Elle's legs seemed endless. They were beautifully proportioned, perfectly tanned, and definitely went all the way up. As she focused in on her bikini bottoms, she felt a tingling in her own nether region. Her juices were beginning to flow. Her eyes continued upwards and stopped on Elle's washboard flat abdomen. Supergirl had always found the midriff to be among the sexiest parts of the female body. "Pull yourself together, Supergirl" she chastised herself. "This is a serious situation here and you're thinking with your cunt!" But she could not help herself. Her eyes completed the upward journey. The firm 38" breasts straining valiantly to pop out of the too tight too sexy too small lycra bikini bra. And then there was that face. That beautiful face. She would have to figure out a way to dominate this woman, this android. Destroy it. Exert her superiority over it. She was really starting to hate this guy! Or was she?

The tiny camera in the orb was capturing everything as Supergirl still lay prone on her back on the floor.

"You like what you see, don't you, Supergirl" the voice said "She is super. You are nothing. You will call her Super Elle from now on. You will acknowledge her superiority over you."

His words cut through the proud and once dominant Supergirl. She summoned up every once of energy she still had. "Listen to me you son of a bitch whoever you are. I am Supergirl! The most powerful figure on the planet. Neither you nor anyone else will ever speak to me like this again.! I'll find a way to get out of this. I always do. And when I do, I will hunt you down no matter where you go and then I'll show you the true meaning of humiliation. As for your 6 foot android bimbo whore ( pant pant), she's nothing special. You can't impress me! I'm Supergirl. I will never call her Super Elle nor will she ever be superior to me!!" She was really starting to hate him! She instantly regretted that outburst. The energy she used up to yell, could have been put to better use trying to survive. She know she was just blowing hot air. Did he?

"Supergirl" the voice said with surprise. "I had no idea you felt this way. I'm shocked at the hostility in your voice. In fact, I'm insulted and I'm going to leave now." A bright flash appeared from nowhere temporarily blinding her! She cleared her eyes and saw that they were gone!

"What?!?!?!?!" She couldn't believe it. Her computer screen was blank. The doors and windows back to normal. The orb was gone. The android was gone. That beautiful sexy android was gone. Immediately her power began to surge back into her body. "That's more like it" she said as she stood up and flexed every muscle in her superpowered body. Her mind was beginning to wonder. "What just happened here. He had me. There was no way I could have escaped. I guess when one is as powerful and feared as I am, a good bluff can go a long way. " she ran her hands up her inner thighs and breathed in heavily. "These powerful legs. Oh so powerful." Yet moments ago they were weak and flabby and she found that erotic.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{flash!!!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Another flash of light! They returned! It was only a brief lull. A psychological mind fuck! Her pumped up body deflated rapidly as waves of weakness re-engulfed her.

"You didn't really think you were out of this did you Supergirl? How stupid would I have to be? I've got you, Supergirl. I've got you bad and there is not a thing you can do about it. You will call her Super Elle. You will acknowledge her superiority over you. And will never forget me!" said the voice from the orb.

There she was, face to face with Elle. Elle was in Supergirl's power stance. Supergirl followed suit, although she couldn't quite pull it off as always. She was weak.

Crack!! Out of nowhere, Elle landed a solid right to Supergirl's jaw. She followed up with a left and another right. "Uuunggggh" Supergirl screamed as the force of the blows made her wobble backwards. "Ooooommmmmmmfffffff!!!!!!! She groaned as Elle's fist crashed into her abdomen again and again and again. She doubled over in pain. Bam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A roundhouse kick to the face sent her crashing into the corner up against the wall. Had it not been for the wall she would have landed on her ass.

Elle rushed her and continued to pummel her with lefts and rights to the jaw and midsection. Elle was not all that powerful. In fact, she was quite average for a human of her size and stature, but she was too much for Supergirl's weakened condition. She continued to pound away as Supergirl's now lifeless arms fell to her side, head fell forward, and slowly slid to the ground.

Elle lifted her up by the hair and left her standing in the corner. She ran to the opposite end, turned around and ran full speed towards Supergirl's helpless body standing in the corner. She crashed into her with full force! "Aaaahhhhh" Supergirl yelled. Elle stepped aside. Supergirl was devastated. Her legs took three involuntary steps forward and then she crashed face first into the ground.

"Oooohhhhhhhh'" she groaned as the lay in a heap on the floor. Elle did not let up. She lifted her up by the hair and flung her face first into the wall. Supergirl crumbled to the ground. Elle lifted her again by the hair and flung her face first into the other wall. Supergirl crumbled to the ground. She was getting her ass kicked in the worst way!

Elle lifted her again by the hair. She was on her feet. Her arms were by her side. She faced Elle. Elle grabbed her in a front bear hug and began to squeeze. Supergirl felt Elle's breasts up against her own and gasped. Her nipples hardened immediately. She felt Elle's warm bare upper thighs against her own and almost creamed instantly. Elle maintained the pressure holding the two super bodies close together. Supergirl's limp legs were lifted off the ground. She rubbed her inner thighs together. She could not help it. She could not breath. The pressure on her chest was too much. She began to black out. Her head fell forward and rested on Elle's shoulders.

Elle brought her lips down to Supergirl's ear and blew gently. Supergirl's eyes popped wide open in surprise. "Don't worry Supergirl" Elle whispered in the sweetest sexiest voice Supergirl had ever heard. Super Elle let up on the pressure slightly and continued to blow gently in Supergirl's ear. Supergirl was going nuts. The thin strip of lycra covering her nether region was completely soaked. Supergirl's heart sank as she realized that in her mind she had referred to her opponent as 'Super Elle.' she knew at that point that she had been broken. She remembered the orb and the video camera inside. She hated that Harman, or did she?

In any case, she could not give him the satisfaction of knowing that his plan was working, at least not that she had been broken on the inside. That her sexual urges had taken over. That they now controlled her body. No, there was no way that he could know what was going on inside her. Even she was surprised. Who would have thought that at the worst beating of her life, at her most powerlessness, she would become so highly sexually charged.

Super Elle released her grip and Supergirl fell to the floor. She grabbed Supergirl's arms and pulled her back on her feet. What did Elle, Super Elle mean by what she had said. The only words she uttered. She stood helplessly in front of Elle. Her super powers completely drained by the constant exposure to the kryptonite. It this were the strong stuff , she would have been dead by now.

Super Elle reached in between Supergirl's legs and lifted her over her head in a professional wrestling style move. Supergirl's body tightened as Super Elle's finger found their way to her g-spot. She immediately withdrew her fingers, only a brief tease, and body slammed Supergirl to the floor. She recoiled in pain.

Not giving her a second to catch her breath, Super Elle lifted her to her feet once again. She grabbed the fabric of Supergirl's costume just below the belt, placed a lifeless arm over her shoulder, and lifted Supergirl upside down over her head. The thin strip of lycra penetrated her lips and sent shudders all up and down her body. Super Elle held Supergirl upside down over her head in preparation for a devastating pro wrestling move known as a suplex. Super Elle leaned back and both women came crashing to the ground.

Supergirl landed flat on her back. All the air in her lungs was expelled instantly. Her legs were gone. She was rocking back and forth in pain. She swore to kill the next person who said that pro wrestling wasn't real. She was hurt.

Super Elle pulled her to her feel, spun her around, grabbed her breasts and pulled Supergirl's back into her breasts. She was holding her up by the breasts and massaging her rock hard nipples vigorously. A billion volts of sexual pulses intermingled with pain shot through Supergirl's body. She could not control herself. Her head was arched back, her lips pursed in a "o" and she was rubbing her inner thighs together rapidly. She was putty in her hands.

The kryptonc orb appeared before her eyes, it's camera focusing in on her look of passion. "Say it superbitch! Say it! Call her Super Elle! Show respect to the woman who bested you. Proclaim her superiority."

"Never!!" Supergirl cried approaching the crest of a powerful orgasm.

"We'll see about that" replied the voice from the orb.

On cue, Super Elle's hands fell from Supergirl's breasts and held her around the waist. Supergirl needed Super Elle's hands on her breasts. She had to have them there. She was on the verge of an orgasm like never before.

"Nnnooooooooooooo!!!" She moaned.

The orb was in her face. "Say it! Say it!." Supergirl sobbed and shook her head left and right. "I know what you need, Supergirl. I know what you're futilely trying to hide. I know you! Now say it!!" Supergirl remained silent. Super Elle's hands went up to Supergirl's breast like they were a moment ago. Supergirl shrieked in ecstasy. She needed those hands there. She needed to cum. Super Elle returned her hands to Supergirl's waist. They were torturing her. They had her. Her head bowed down in defeat. The orb was in her face again. "Say it!!! Say it!! You're nothing Supergirl. Nothing at all superbitch. Not-so-super-bitch!! Say it!!"

Her head was bowed down. The camera in her face. "Sss...sssu...Sssuuppper... Elle."

Super Elle's hands returned to Supergirl's breast and began to rub them with a passion. Supergirl rubbed her inner thighs together rapidly. She needed this orgasm. She was defeated, humiliated, vanquished and conquered, but all that mattered was the orgasm. She brought her hand down to her g-spot and began massaging furiously. Within seconds, the initial waves of her much anticipated orgasm were upon her. Her weakened body began to quiver in Super Elle's arms and her chest heaved up and down as she breathed uncontrollably." Aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Just as the orgasm peaked, Super Elle placed her arm around Supergirl's neck and began to run forward. She jumped in the air with Supergirl in tow by the neck and landed on her butt. Supergirl landed face first on the ground with the added pressure from Elle's weight. This was another pro move. A finishing move called a bulldog. Supergirl was a quivering mass on the ground. She had not recovered from the orgasm yet and was completely devastated by the bulldog.

"What's with this pro wrestling? What the hell are they doing?" She wondered. She was lying face flat on the floor. She felt Super Elle's hands on her arm. She was rolling her over on her back. She was powerless, lying on her back. Super Elle leaned down and placed her body on top of hers. Supergirl quivered to the feel of Elle's bikini clad body. Super Elle grabbed her leg, hooked it and pinned Supergirl's shoulders to the floor. The glowing green orb was right there. "One...two.. Three! It's over! It's over!! Supergirl has been pinned!! Supergirl has been pinned!!" The orb was going on and on. Supergirl was stunned at the stupidity of this all. Was this a wrestling match? What was wrong with this guy. She really hated him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the unbelievable has occurred. The mighty, indestructible, all powerful maiden of might, princess of power, woman of steel has been pinned by a mere model. A super model. Who's super now!!"

The orb was spinning wildly putting on a kryptonic light show shooting laser beams all over the room. Supergirl's room of doom. Each beam that hit her weakened her even further. "Ladies and gentlemen?" She thought in horror. "Was he broadcasting this all over the world? Oh the humiliation."

Elle posed provocatively in front of Supergirl's nearly lifeless prone body.

She heard that voice that she now hated. "And now for the main event!" The orb began to spin wildly once again and thick smoke filled the room. Suddenly, out of the smoke, a bed appeared in the center of the room.

Super Elle lifted Supergirl's prone body off the floor and put her on the bed. There were shackles on all four corners and Super Elle proceeded to secure each one around Supergirl's wrists and ankles. Supergirl was spread eagle on the bed.

"I'm going to take you to where you've never been before, cream puff" Super Elle said in the softest, sweetest sexiest voice Supergirl had ever heard. She could not understand what they were doing to her.

Super Elle removed her top exposing her truly super breasts. One hour ago, Supergirl wouldn't have given these breasts a second thought knowing that her own were truly the most spectacular. But now things were different. She was beaten, vanquished, conquered and subdued. She was no longer the ultimate.

Super Elle leaned over and her super breasts fell onto Supergirl's face. She swayed her shoulders and her luscious breasts swayed back and forth on Supergirl's face, never stopping long enough to give Supergirl's lips to latch on to a nipple. She toyed with the formally Supergirl for a while and said "There'll be time for me later."

Super Elle grabbed Supergirl's boots and began massaging her gently. She slowly went higher and higher, massaging every inch of her exposed legs and thighs. Supergirl could not understand how the woman how had so brutally beaten her could now be so gentle. Super Elle's fingers were like magic. They were driving her crazy. The sexual energy was building up. She moaned with delight and anticipation as Super Elle's magical hands worked there way up her inner thighs. Her pussy was going to be next and she shuddered in delight. She screamed in agony as Super Elle, her conqueror, deliberately ignored her sopping wet pussy and proceeded upwards. Through the fabric of her indestructible skin tight costume she felt Super Elle's magical hands making their way across her stomach. She was shaking her head back and forth in delight, moaning and groaning loudly, straining at her shackles. She nearly bit her tongue as Super Elle began to nibble at the rock hard nipples protruding from underneath the mythical "S". Super Elle massaged her breasts for what seemed like an eternity. She had never experienced such pleasure. She had never been so dominated. She wondered why the orb had become so silent. Why she wasn't hearing the voice of the man who she hated. Well, maybe, not really.

Super Elle stepped up the pace. She began kissing Supergirl's neck and she thought she would explode. She continued up to her ears and stuck her tongue in provocatively. "Ooooooooooooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She was exploding. What was the point of this. Where was he? Why didn't he tell her what was going on here. What did he hope to accomplish here!!!!

Super Elle planted her lips on those of the powerless princess, the maiden of meek, and damsel of desire. The horny bitch!!! Her tongue darted back in forth inside her mouth. She was in sheer ecstasy. She imagined what that tongue, that super tongue could do if it were put to use In a better place. Could it happen. Would she have to beg for it. Would she?

As if Super Elle was reading her vanquished victim's mind, she lowered her lips onto the spot where Supergirl was prepared to have begged for. Super Elle's super tongue went to work, working Supergirl up as never before. Her body was powerless, yet it seems as if the sexual stimulation was giving her enough power to respond. Super Elle's technique was splendid. There was something familiar about it. She was tracing the alphabet with her tongue! How clever!

On the few occasions that Linda Danvers had allowed herself to be licked by a man, she found that they usually do it like they're painting a house. Up down, left right. This was so...refreshing! P...q...r...s..t. T. The glorious t. This set the wheels of her upcoming orgasm in motion. Suddenly she stopped. "Hey! What's going on" she thought.

The orb was back in n her face. "Say it superwimp!! Say it!! Declare Super Elle's superiority! You didn't think I forgot, did you? Say it!!!"

She hated him! She couldn't say it. She was Supergirl she was superior. She was the most powerful, the most desired woman on the planet. She could not say it! He began to hum the ABC song. Super Elle went back to work. P.q.r.s...she stopped. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" She screamed shaking her head back and forth.

" Say it!!!! Say it!!!!!"

Super Elle went back to work as he hummed.p.q.r.s.. She stopped. Supergirl whimpered.

" Say it!!!! Say it!!!!!"

Nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Super Elle went back to work. P.q.r.s...she stopped.

She rocked her head back and forth back and forth back and forth. She needed this orgasm. She was spineless, powerless, helpless, defeated by her own inner urges.

"" she gasped.

"Who?" The voice roared back at her.

" Please...I said it" she pleaded.

"Who is superior?" The voice bellowed again.

She had lost. She had truly lost. She hated him.

"Super to me."

Super Elle went to work with a vengeance. Within seconds, Supergirl was in the grips of the orgasm of her life. She was bucking and thrusting her hips wildly. Super Elle took the palm of her hand and pressed down on Supergirl's pelvic bone. This enhanced the feeling a thousand fold as she tried with all her might to thrust against the palm of Super Elle. The orgasm went on and on, and when she was done, she lay there wondering what would be next. She could actually die now and never miss another thing after that ultimate orgasm which just wracked her powerless body. She was wondering when she would hear that voice. That voice that she hated. Or did she?

Super Elle arose from between her legs. Without saying a word, she slipped out of her bikini briefs. She was stark naked. Suddenly, the orb released another massive plume of smoke and when it cleared, Supergirl could see that Super Elle was now covered in an "S". Her "S". Not exactly. Super Elle was wearing a blue lycra top with the red and yellow "S" emblazoned along her beautiful breasts. It was a cut off top which ended below her breasts. She was stark naked from there on down.

Now Supergirl was really aroused. She could not believe how sexy Super Elle, now truly super, looked. She was gushing below. She needed more.

Super Elle, however, had a different agenda. She climbed on the bed and straddled Supergirl's face. Instinctively, Supergirl's tongue reached out and proceeded to lick Super Elle's marvelous pussy. It was a remarkable turn on. All she could think of was the top Super Elle was wearing.

After two minutes Elle stepped off.

The voice returned. "Superwimp. You are a failure. You couldn't even make her cum. You're useless."

She hated that voice. She tried to protest." There wasn't.. Enough time."

"Shut up superbitch! This android woman, whom you yourself admit is superior to you, will show you what it takes. You'll be amazed, Supergirl."

Another cloud of smoke appeared and when it dissipated, Super Elle was holding in her hands a 10 inch dildo made of kryptonite attached to a strap.

Supergirl's eyes widened in horror (or was it anticipation) at the sight of Super Elle strapping this moderately large tool on her body. Her leg shackles opened. Her legs were free. Super Elle climbed up on the bed, spread Supergirl's powerless legs, moved the thin strip of lycra which barely covered her lips, and slowly began penetrating her one inch at a time. Supergirl melted. All her systems overloaded. She was no longer coherent. She was not longer in any control of her body. The hardness of the dildo, the effects of the kyrptonite now inside her body, the sexual stimulation of this entire evening, was too much.

Super Elle started off slow and picked up speed and power as she went on. There was nothing like a cock in the hands of someone who truly understood a vagina. She was now trusting like a wild woman. Supergirl was coming over and over again. Super Elle continued for 45 minutes without letting up. The tremors through Supergirl's body were so strong. She was coming over and over and over again. The kryptonite made it one long continuous non stop orgasm. Supergirl was thrusting wildly. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She brought her arms down with such force that they broke the shackles. Her arms were free!! Then it all stopped. The orgasm ended. Super Elle dismounted. Supergirl fell into a deep sleep.

Supergirl awoke and found herself on her back on the floor. She was strong. She had her powers. She lifted herself up on her elbows and looked around. There was nothing. No remnants of what just went on here. Did it really happen? She brought her fingers down to her pussy. The fabric was wet. Her lips were sore. It was real!

What now? Where they coming back? Was this part of the trap? She looked at her computer screen. The America on line sign on window was active. Should she sign on? What if the orb returned? What if she had to hear that voice again? The voice that she hated. Or did she?

She signed on.

"You have mail" her computer said. It was from Harman. It was entitled "An after thought" She could not resist and clicked it on. The message was short and simple:


That was it.

She hated him. Or did she?


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