Supergirl: The Squared Circle

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It was the all-time sports entertainment event. After refusing numerous offers over the years, she finally had to give in. The wealthy and mysterious wrestling promoter, Axel Rohtul made a public offer to Supergirl promising 10 million dollars to be donated to the charities of her choice if she would agree to wrestle at one of his annual Mega Wrestle festivals. This was an offer she couldn't possibly refuse. She agreed to wrestle in a special two on one match against former ladies wrestling champions Wendi Richter and Madussa Micelli.

It was towards the end of the card and the excitement was growing to a fever's pitch. The crowed cheered loudly as the two former champions were introduced and made their way towards the ring. They both looked marvelous. Brunette Wendi Richter, standing at 5 foot 8, wore a light blue one piece swimsuit and knee high wrestling boots. The much more daring Blond Madussa Micelli standing at 5 foot 7 wore a stunning silver one piece cut very high on the thighs and very low towards her very large breasts. She also topped off the ensemble with wrestling boots. They both strutted around the ring bringing the sell out crowd to a frenzy.

It looked as if the excitement had reached it peak when suddenly all the lights went out with the exception of one spotlight on the ring announcer who said: "And now ladies and gentlemen, wrestling for the first time ever, The Maiden of Might, The Woman of Steel, The Princess of Power, the one.......the ONLY........ Ssssssuuuuuupergirl!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The crowd went nuts as the lone spotlight focused in on Supergirl who was flying slowly and gracefully towards the ring. Once above the ring, she started flying in circles, widening each one so that she flew over the entire audience, much to their delight. The lights were now flashing is many colors in a lighting extravaganza reminiscent of a Queen rock concert. She made her way over the ring again, made a concentrated effort to stare down Madussa'a ample cleavage as she had done many times during the rehearsals for this well choreographed event, and slowly landed. Her skirt rose ever so slightly and seductively as she finally landed.

Once in the ring, all three woman puts their hands on their hips and stared each other down. Supergirl had grown quite fond of the two champions, and she admired their athletic skills, which, in her opinion, were not bad for mere humans. She was particularly fond of Madussa's large breasts, which she often compared to her own, not that Madussa's could possibly come close to hers.

The referee gave the woman some last minute instructions and called for the bell. The match began.

Supergirl walked towards the center of the ring as the two woman stood on either side of her. She waved her eyes back and forth in an attempt to see both of them. Suddenly the two woman lunged at her. At the very last second, she leaped up in the air causing Wendi and Madussa to crash into each other face first. The two woman were dazed. Supergirl landed between them and slammed their heads together. She picked up each woman in one arm and slammed them to the mat. She lifted them both up again and threw them to the other side of the ring.

The two woman got up and ran towards Supergirl who extended both her arms, causing her magnificent breasts to stick out gorgeously, and clotheslined them. Supergirl lifted Madussa and threw her out of the ring. She landed on the ground and was dazed. Supergirl then went to work on Wendi. She lifted her up to her feet and whipped her into the ropes. Wendi came flying off the ropes and was met by a clothesline which sent her crashing to the mat. Supergirl lifted her up by the hair, walked her over to the corner, and smashed her head into the turnbuckle. Wendi was dazed. Supergirl scooped her up and slammed her to the mat.

Out of the corner of her eye, Supergirl saw Madussa climbing back into the ring. She turned her attention away from Wendi and drop kicked Madussa sending her crashing back to the arena floor. Supergirl lifted Wendi up, grabbed her swimsuit at her waist, lifted her in the air and executed a perfect suplex. Wendi came crashing down on the mat back first. She was on her back on the mat rolling from side to side in apparent pain. She was in trouble.

Supergirl strutted around the ring. Wendi got to her feet slowly. As Supergirl approached her, she began backtracking and theatrically pleaded for mercy from Supergirl. Supergirl approached slowly, unaware of Madussa who had quietly climbed back into the ring. Wendi was in the corner on her knees pleading for mercy. Suddenly, Madussa grabbed Supergirl's cape, jumped on her back, and covered her head with the cape. Madussa was hanging on for her life holding the cape over Supergirl's head. Wendi reached into the corner and pulled out a spray can. Madussa jumped off Supergirl's back. Supergirl removed the cape from over her head as Wendi waited in front of her, spray can in hand. As soon as Supergirl moved the cape, Wendi sprayed a long burst into Supergirl's eyes. Supergirl clutched her eyes and began backtracking in surprise.

Wendi leaped in the air and drop kicked Supergirl who went crashing to the mat. In the meantime, Madussa had climbed up to the third rope in the corner. As soon as Supergirl hit the mat, Madussa jumped up in the air and landed squarely on Supergirl's prone body. Wendi sprayed her in the eyes again. Both women lifted the dazed Supergirl to her feet and began pounding her with lefts, rights, and knees into the face and midsection. Wendi sprayed her again.

Both woman dragged Supergirl over to the corner and slammed her head into the turnbuckle. They went to the next corner and slammed her head into the turnbuckle again. They went to the next corner and slammed her head into the turnbuckle Again. They walked her over to the fourth turnbuckle and began slamming her head repeatedly into it. This went on until Supergirl's head was slammed ten times.

Madussa then grabbed Supergirl by the neck and began running. When she was nearly two thirds of the way to the other corner, she jumped up in the air and landed on her butt slamming Supergirl face first into the mat in a perfectly executed bulldog. Wendi climbed up onto the third rope. Madussa lifted Supergirl by the hair, lifted her knee into Supergirl's stomach, grabbed her by the back of the neck, and placed Supergirl's head between her legs. Madussa then grabbed Supergirl by the waist and lifted her so that she was now upside down. Supergirl's feet were in the air, the hem of her red skirt was now at her chest, and her head was between Madussa's legs. A classic piledriver position. On cue, Wendi jumped in the air and landed on Supergirl's feet just as Madussa dropped down on her butt. Supergirl's head and neck impacted the mat with tremendous force. The crowd let out a collective gasp.

Madussa released Supergirl's waist and her feet plopped down on the mat. Supergirl was flat on her back and wasn't moving. Wendi climbed up on the third rope in one corner and Madussa in another. Wendi jumped high into the air and came crashing down upon Supergirl's prone body. Madussa immediately followed and seconds later came crashing down on Supergirl. Both wrestler got to their feet, looked down at the fallen super heroine, and began to strut around the ring. The crowd was unsure of what to make of this and was mostly quiet. On cue once again, both woman jumped on Supergirl's body for a pin fall. The referee was in position and began to count. "One..........................................Two........... ....................Thr...." At the very last second, Supergirl lifted her shoulder off the mat.

The two former champions looked at each other in dismay. They lifted Supergirl to her feet. Wendi held Supergirl's arms back and Madussa began to pound Supergirl with massive lefts and rights to the face and body. Supergirl could not help admire Madussa's chest heave as she punched and punched and punched. Wendi suddenly pushed Supergirl into Madussa. Madussa spun her around and put her in a bear hug. Supergirl could feel Madussa marvelous mammeries pressing up against her back. As Madussa squeezed, Wendi began unloading major blows to Supergirl's face. She landed nine blows as the crown counted with her.

On the tenth blow, Supergirl broke free from Madussa's grip and blocked Wendi's punch. A look of dismay came across Wendi's face. She tried to punch her again, and Supergirl grabbed her fist in mid-air. Wendi grimaced in pain as Supergirl squeezed her wrist. Madussa came in to try and help Wendi, but Supergirl grabbed her punch in mid-air as well. Supergirl held the wrists of both former champions. She crossed her arms causing Wendi and Madussa to crash into each other head first. Supergirl then grabbed them both by the neck, began running, and bulldogged them into the canvas.

Supergirl pressed on. She lifted both women in the air and slammed them simultaneously onto the mat. The lifted them up again, placed each woman on a shoulder, and leaped up to the third rope in the corner. She stood both women up on the third rope, grabbed their suits and proceeded to suplex the two champion wrestler from the third rope. A superplex. Both were on their backs in the middle of the ring unable to get up and in serious trouble.

Supergirl lifted Wendi to her knees. She placed Wendi's head between her legs, set her up and piledrived her into the mat. Wendi was OUT!

Supergirl now turned her attention to Madussa who was still laying helplessly on her back. Supergirl lifted her to her feet, whipped her into the ropes, and drop kicked her as she came flying off. Not giving her a moment to recover, she whipped her into the ropes again. As Madussa flew off the ropes, Supergirl hugged her by the waist, flipped her over and landed on top of her. A belly to belly suplex, devastating when applied by a mere mortal, not to speak of Supergirl. Supergirl felt Madussa's chest heave as she landed on top of her. She couldn't help but comment to herself that her tits were, in fact, much nicer than Madussa's. But Madussa had a fine set of tits and Supergirl was impressed.

She grabbed Madussa and applied a face to face bearhug. Their tits were touching. Supergirl released the bearhug and Madussa slumped into her arms. Supergirl spun her around, placed Madussa's neck under her arm and crashed down butt first onto the canvas. The deadly DDT. No one ever survives that move!! Madussa crumbled onto the mat. Supergirl rolled over Madussa lifeless like body and dragged her along Wendi's crumbled carcass.

Both former champs were out flat on their backs. Supergirl leaped high into the air reaching almost the arena ceiling. She then flew down quickly towards the fallen champs. At the very last second, she slowed down and landed on the two former ladies wrestling champions. The referee was there to count. "One.........Two............Three!!!" That was it!! The champs were out. Supergirl had won. The arena went nuts!! The crowd was cheering, the lights were going wild and the music was blaring.

The two defeated champs rose slowly to their feet. The crowd cheered them in appreciation of an action packed and entertaining match. The ring announcer stepped into the ring and announced: "Ladies and Gentlemen, The winner by double pinfall........ The Maiden of Might, The Woman of Steel, The Princess of Power, the one.......the ONLY........... Ssssssuuuuuupergirl!!!!!!!!!!!!" The crowd went ballistic.

Suddenly, a shapely blond climbed into the ring. She whispered something in the announcer's ear and handed him a letter. She was about five foot five, weighed 115 pounds, had long flowing blond hair, and an unusually sexy body honed by hours upon hours of working out in the gym.

The ring announcer announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have been authorized by the promoter to issue another challenge to Supergirl. He is willing to raise his contribution to fifty million dollars if Supergirl is able to defeat another opponent of his choosing. In the event that Supergirl loses..." the announcer paused for effect and gave a strange look as if to say 'yeah right.. she's really going to lose' and continued "if Supergirl loses, the original ten million will be forfeited. Supergirl, do you accept the challenge?"

The crowd was roaring in delight. Supergirl was pissed. This was not part of the deal, and she hadn't had a chance to rehearse with this little girl. She hated being used like this, but she was over a barrel. There was no way she could refuse. She took the mike. " This is unexpected, but I accept the challenge. Its going to have to be quick, though, because I've got to go." The crowd cheered.

Supergirl walked over to shake her new opponent's hand. She was wearing a red tank top cut off below the breasts which revealed a washboard stomach with perfect abs, red short shorts and white high top Reebok sneakers with white socks. Stunningly beautiful with what can only be described as a killer body, she was far to pretty to be sacrificed in this match against the clearly superior (in every way) Supergirl. Her outfit was sexy, but not too skimpy so as not to even try and upstage the Princess of Power.

She smiled brightly at Supergirl and whispered in her ear "toss me around the ring for the first two minutes, then let me lift you up over my head, slam you to the mat, and toss you around once or twice. Then take over and pin me at around four minutes. OK?" Supergirl smiled in agreement.

Whoever this little girl was, she knew the routine. They each went into their respective corners. To Supergirl's surprise, her opponent began stripping her clothes off, revealing a teeny tiny bikini with a blue top and red bottoms. So much for not trying to upstage Supergirl. The crowd howled in delight at the sight at this, the most perfect of human forms. She was an unbelievable sight. On her left breast, she had an "SW" logo which was very similar to Supergirl's "S."

Supergirl was immediately drawn to this woman's tremendously attractive tits, compared them to her own, and for the first time in her life, the results were close. Granted, her tits were still better, but this is the closest anyone has ever come. The beauty of it all was in the absolutely perfect proportions of every single inch of her entire body. The crowd shrieked in delight. Supergirl felt a little strange as these kinds of reactions were usually reserved for her. She began to like to idea of dominating this lifelike incarnation of sexuality, and was already thinking of several moves which would accentuate her own power and sexiness over that of her very special opponent.

The ring announcer made the formal introductions. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final match of the evening and is worth fifty......million....dollars if Supergirl wins. And now, introducing Supergirl's opponent this evening...... ... this beautiful and athletic woman has made it known that she goes by the name of.................SuperWOMAN!!!

"Superwoman?" Supergirl thought. The nerve of her ripping of her colors and logo and daring to call herself a name which would imply her being in Supergirl's league. She decided that she was not going to let her look nearly as good as she let Wendi and Madussa.

The referee called for the bell, and the match began. Superwoman rushed towards Supergirl and tried to push her. She did not budge. She tried again. Supergirl just stood there, hands on her hips, the immovable object. Superwoman punched her hard in the face. She didn't flinch. Superwoman looked panicky. She punched Supergirl in the midsection. Supergirl didn't flinch. She blocked Superwoman's next punch, lifted her in the air, and threw her across the ring. Superwoman got up quickly and rushed Supergirl. She rammed right into her. Supergirl didn't budge. Superwoman bounced of her and hit the ground hard.

The crowd was enjoying this. Supergirl lifted her up in the air and slammed her to the mat Superwoman got up and attempted to get Supergirl in a bearhug. She put her hands around Supergirl's waist and pulled her towards her. She squeezed tightly. Supergirl got a rush out of feeling Superwoman's thighs pressed up against hers, and drew personal satisfaction from the fact that her own tits were pressed up her obviously much shorter opponents face. Supergirl extended her arms and clapped her hands against Superwoman's ears. This caused Superwoman to break the hold. Supergirl lifted her knee into her opponents midsection causing her to double over. A karate chop to the back of the neck sent her crashing to the mat.

Superwoman got to her feet, but Supergirl was waiting for her. She tossed her into the ropes and nailed her with a vicious clothesline as she came flying off. Superwoman was on the mat. Supergirl lifted her up and threw her into the corner, a little harder than she really should have. Superwoman's back hit the turnbuckle hard, knocking the wind out of her. Supergirl ran to the corner and crashed into Superwoman at full speed. She took a few steps backwards, and Superwoman fell face flat to the canvas.

Supergirl turned her attention away from Superwoman and began playing to the crowd. They loved it. She was posing when suddenly Superwoman came up behind her and scooped her up. She held Supergirl up in the air in a military press face down. Superwoman had one hand on Supergirl's shoulder and the other between her legs. No one in the arena saw what transpired as Superwoman slipped her fingers under the thin strip of blue fabric on her costume between her legs and put them deep inside Supergirl's pussy.

Supergirl's eyes opened wide open in shock as she felt Superwoman's fingers entering her. What was going on here? Her mind could simply not comprehend this situation. This had been completely unexpected. She was pissed, but there was not a thing she could do at the moment. In a minute she would be back in control of the match, and she'd teach this so called Superwoman a thing or two.

Superwoman withdrew her fingers quickly, but Supergirl felt that something had remained inside. She immediately felt her powers draining as she was being held high in the air. She knew it had to be a small piece of kryptonite! If it was a big piece, she'd have been unconscious by now. Supergirl was in trouble. This was a trap! A setup! But who, why, how? Her powers were draining. While the kryptonite would not kill her, it did weaken her severely. She had to get the kryptonite out, but how? This was an impossible situation. Super powers or no, however, Supergirl was one tough chick and she knew it. She figured she would still be able to take out Superwoman and get back to the locker in time to take the kryptonite out. She'd have to figure out an excuse why she did not fly out of the ring, however.

Superwoman slammed her to the mat as originally planned, but Supergirl was no longer playing a game here. Supergirl got up immediately and tried to assume control. She wanted to end this quickly before the kryptonite weakened her too badly. She was met by a karate kick straight to the head which knocked her flat on her back. A superkick. Superwoman lifted Supergirl to her feet and nailed her in the face with a right cross. She followed this up with the left uppercut to the solar plexus and another right to Supergirl's chin. Supergirl's knees went wobbly and her legs were weak as she was no longer impervious to pain. She backtracked until her back was resting up against the ropes..

Superwoman did not let up. She rained lefts and rights and lefts onto Supergirl's face and body. Supergirl could barely defend herself. The crowd was quiet. Superwoman had Supergirl in the corner up against the ropes. She lifted her knee up repeatedly to Supergirl's now sore midsection. Supergirl's weakened body heaved with each blow. Superwoman whipped her into the opposite corner. Supergirl's back hit hard against the turnbuckle. She was standing, dazed in the corner. Superwoman ran at full speed and jumped on Supergirl up against the ropes. All the wind was knocked out of Supergirl's lungs. She took two involuntary steps forward before crashing face forward to the mat.

Superwoman lifted her by the hair, flung her into the ropes, and nailed her with a vicious clothesline. Supergirl was in serious trouble here. The crowd thought that this was all an act, but Supergirl was getting creamed!! She was in bad shape.

Superwoman lifted her up into a suplex position, lifted her vertically high in the air and came crashing down to the mat with her. Supergirl landed flat on her back. She had to catch her breath, but could not. The woman of Steel was getting her ass kicked!!

Superwoman lifted her to her feet again, whipped her into the ropes, grabbed and spun her around as she came flying off. She dropped to one knee, and slammed Supergirl's prone body back first into it. A back breaker. Supergirl gasped as shockwaves of pain coarsed through her once powerful body. Superwoman placed one hand below Supergirl's chin and began pressing down, thus increasing the pressure of Supergirl's already damaged back. Supergirl's arms hung limply over her head leaving her mid section wide open for Superwoman's brutal attack. She lowered her fist full force into Supergirl's exposed abdomen. Supergirl's eyes bulged out of her sockets as she gasped again. Her whole upper body jerked up involuntarily from the blow to her midsection and she was met by a solid punch right into her face which snapped her back. Her whole body was dangling on Superwoman's knee. Superwoman pounded Supergirl's midsection again. Her body jerked up again and she was met with another punch to the face. Superwoman tightened her hold over Supergirl's chin and continued pounding away at her midsection only now, the hold on Supergirl's chin prevented her upper body from jerking upwards. She released the hold on her chin, slammed her midsection again, and met her with an awesome punch in the face which not only snapped her back, but completely flipped her over Superwoman's knee. She landed on her face with a mighty thud.

The crowd was confused. Supergirl was desperately trying to get up, but fell back onto her face. Her arms could not lift her off the mat, and her once powerful legs were almost useless.

Superwoman lifted her up by the cape, spun her around several times and whipped her into the ropes. Superwoman caught her as she came flying off the ropes, pressed her belly to hers, spun around and came crashing down to the mat on top of Supergirl, who once again landed on her back. A belly to belly suplex. Superwoman was now laying flat on top of Supergirl. She held Supergirl's arms over her head and was pressing her perfect breasts into Supergirl's face. Supergirl began kicking wildly. Her shoulders were pinned to the mat. The referee counted "one.......two...." Supergirl managed to lift her shoulder off the mat. She continued to buck and kick but could not throw Superwoman off.

Suddenly, Superwoman sat up on Supergirl's chest, put her knees on Supergirl's shoulders and began pounding her unprotected face with punch after punch. The referee counted "one.....two......t." Supergirl finally managed to roll over and throw Superwoman off.

Supergirl got to her feet. Superwoman approached her and was met with a punch to her face, She backed up a step. Supergirl followed up with another punch to her face, and another. She was building up momentum. She punched again, but was blocked by Superwoman who responded with a sharp left to Supergirl's midsection. This was followed by a right to the face and another and another. It was now Supergirl who was backing up.

The crowd started chanting "Su-per-girl....Su-per-girl...Su-per-girl." She desperately needed to get it together here. She couldn't possibly lose. How could she face the crowd? What about all the money that would be lost. The crowd was with her, she had to prevail! Powers or not, she was Supergirl.

Superwoman continued to pound away at Supergirl's face. Suddenly; Supergirl's head snapped forward, her eyes opened wide, and she began to smile. Superwoman continued to punch her, but now the punches appeared to have no effect. Supergirl went into her power stance and dared Superwoman to come and hit her. If she could only ignore the pain, she'd force Superwoman into a fatal mistake and capitalize on it.

Superwoman obliged, but Supergirl blocked the punch. She tried again, but was blocked. She tried again, and Supergirl blocked once more and retaliated with a shot of her own to Superwoman's head. She followed up with another and another. Superwoman was backtracking.

The crowd livened up and continued to chant "Su-per-girl....Su-per-girl...Su-per-girl."

Energized by the crowd, Supergirl punched again, but this time she was blocked. Superwoman countered with a left to Supergirl's body and a one two combination to the face. Supergirl took two steps backwards, but then went into her powerstance, daring Superwoman, once again, to hit her. She put her arms down to the sides as if to tell Superwoman that she wasn't even going to try to block the punch.

Superwoman lunged at her and nailed her with a solid punch to the face. Supergirl didn't flinch. The crowd loved it. She wound up and unleashed another massive blow to Supergirl's face. Nothing. At least not on the outside. Supergirl remained in her powerstance.

Superwoman took six or seven steps back, wound up and came running towards Supergirl, fully intending to augment the normal force of her blow with the running start momentum she had achieved. Supergirl braced herself, but did not try to block the punch. Superwoman unleashed her punch, but stopped it at the very last second before impact. Supergirl looked surprised for a brief second as the punch she expected never materialized.

Superwoman waited for that look of surprise before unleashing a short sharp punch directly to Supergirl's chin. It was the perfect punch to the perfect location where it could do maximum damage, and maximum damage it did. Supergirl's system shut down for a brief second. Her eyes glazed over, her arms drops and her knees wobbled. It was only a brief second, but that was enough, for in that brief second, Superwoman unleashed the hardest punch she had ever thrown straight to Supergirl's jaw. She never saw the punch, but she felt it. She crumbled into Superwoman's arms.

Superwoman bent her over, placed Supergirl's head between her thighs, grabbed her at the waist, and lifted her upside down. Her legs were high in the air. Superwoman crashed down onto her but, driving Supergirl's head and neck into the canvas in a perfectly executed and very lethal piledriver. Superwoman released her grip on Supergirl's waist. Supergirl crumbled, and I mean literally crumbled to the mat.

The crowd did not know what to make of this. They were stunned! It looked as if their hero was taking a real beating, but how could it be?

Superwoman lifted Supergirl to her feet, walked her to the center of the ring, and lifted her up over head again, only this time Supergirl was facing up, not that she had any clue at this point Superwoman walked her around the ring for a little while showing off her seemingly defeated foe to the now very stunned crowd. She walked over to the corner, lowered Supergirl, and draped her over the third rope.

She held Supergirl in place with one hand and began raining an awesome barrage of punches on Supergirl's defenseless and very damaged midsection. Each time she punched, Supergirl would fold, but Superwoman yanked her hair each time and straightened her out. Superwoman finally let go, and Supergirl remained suspended nearly lifeless on the ropes for a second or two, until she collapsed face first onto the mat.

Superwoman gloated around the ring for several seconds. She could have taken longer. Supergirl was not moving. She lifted her to her feet, and paraded her around the ring. She held her up by the arms which she had securely fastened behind Supergirl's back.

It was a study in contrasts. On one hand you have the mighty Supergirl with her breasts sticking out proudly from behind her majestic "S" logo showing off her more than perfect form. This was contrasted by the sight of the once mighty Supergirl, who despite her proud breasts and Superpowers, looked a mess. Her head was slumped down so that her chin was resting against her chest. Her knees were bent and her legs were complete jelly. If Superwoman were to release her hold on her arms, she would collapse onto the mat.

Superwoman did, however release her arms, but before the Maiden of Might could fall to the ground, she placed her forearm around Supergirl's neck from the back, so that Supergirl's back was against her chest. She bent her other arm at the elbow, locked her forearm over the wrist of the arm around Supergirl's neck, and wrapped her fingers around the back of Supergirl's skull at the base. A sleeper hold. A deadly wrestling finishing hold which cuts off the blood to the victim's brain and causes them to pass out.

With what little power Supergirl had left in her kryptonite ravaged body, she tugged at Superwoman's forearms around her neck with both hands, but to no avail. The hold was locked in tight and began to take effect. Supergirl's eyes were closed as she slowly succumbed to the hold. Her fingers lost their grip on Superwoman's forearm, and her arms fell lifelessly to her sides. Her once powerful legs, long since turned into jelly, gave out completely. She was passed out in Superwoman's arms.

The crowd began to boo. They could not believe that this was happening to Supergirl. Axel Rohtul, the promoter, was watching on close circuit TV in his secret office and couldn't contain his excitement. His dream was finally coming true, and in front of a world wide pay per view audience no less.

Superwoman released her sleeper hold, and an unconscious Supergirl sank to the mat. It appeared that this was the end of the match. Supergirl was done. Superwoman, however, was not.

She lifted Supergirl in the air in a fireman's carry and plopped her in one of the corners. She secured both of her arms in the ropes so that Supergirl was stuck and could not fall down. Superwoman ran to the opposite corner, turned around, and ran crashing onto Supergirl's prone body. Supergirl's body heaved upon impact, but she was stuck and there was no place to go. She punched Supergirl repeatedly, slowly and deliberately all up and down her body.

The effects of the sleeper had worn off and Supergirl had regained consciousness, but she wished she hadn't given the fact that she was being beaten senseless. Superwoman measured her for an uppercut to the chin. Supergirl's body rose and inch off the ground from the impact. Her head snapped back. Superwoman followed up with another equally brutal uppercut, and another and another.

The crowd was now booing very loudly and throwing things into the ring. They were not at all pleased by this turn of events as Supergirl was taking the biggest beating ever in any sport in history.

Superwoman backed off, leaving the thoroughly defeated and humiliated Supergirl dangling helplessly on the ropes in the corner. Her chin rested once again on her now heaving chest. Superwoman walked over to another corner, grabbed a glass of water, and walked over to Supergirl. She tossed the glass of water in Supergirl's face. The water revived her some. Superwoman walked over to her and slapped her in the face. She released Supergirl's arms from the ropes. Supergirl, whose long, tan, and shapely legs could no longer support her, sunk slowly to the mat.

Superwoman lifted her up in the air in a military press again. Her arms and legs dangled helplessly as she stared vacantly at the mat. She could barely make out the loud roar of the crowd booing her. She submissively surrendered to Superwoman's fingers as, unbeknownst to the crowd, she entered Supergirl's now dripping pussy and removed the tiny piece of kryptonite. It was, at this point, too late to do any good.

Superwoman walked over to the ropes and dropped Supergirl so that her neck crashed into the top rope. Her entire body jerked back from the impact of the springy rope right into Superwoman's awaiting arms. She could not breath and was convulsing. Her hands were around her neck. Superwoman placed Supergirl's neck under her arm and fell to the ground, executing a deadly DDT move. Supergirl was out cold on her face on the mat.

Superwoman leaned down and rolled to completely unconscious Supergirl onto her back. Supergirl's arms and legs flailed lifelessly. Superwoman climbed up onto the third rope in the corner, leaped high up in the air and came crashing down on Supergirl's prone body. She placed Supergirl's lifeless arms by her side, hooked one of her legs and pinned her. The referee could have counted to one hundred. He counted "One.......Two.....Three!!! You're out!!"

Superwoman jumped up in the air waving her arms in triumph. The mighty Supergirl had been defeated. Beaten and humiliated in front of a world wide audience. She was finished. Her career as a superherione would never recover. The crowd was shocked.

The ring announcer, not used to surprise outcomes made his way unsteadily to the ring. He grabbed the microphone and announced. "Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, in a stunning upset,............Suuupeeeer............WO-MAN!!!!!"

Supergirl lay unconscious on her back in the center of the ring. Defeat!

Axel Rohtul basked in the glory of his triumph. The perfectly executed plan had worked beyond his wildest dreams. He finally achieved his long sought goal. He was alone now. No one will ever be able to stop him. He will rule the world. He'll change his name back to his original one. Lex Luthor.

The End.


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