Titania Vs She-Hulk

Story by Red Hot Rash!!

"This fucking sucks!" Titania spat. The foulmouthed, ill mannered redhead was in a worse mood than usual. And why shouldn't she be? Shrunk down from her usual 6'6" frame to a mere inch via the "amazing" Pym Particals. She was a prisoner of a experimental Super-Villain prison that uses shrinking technology to better control some of its more violent guests. That definitely described Titania. Through the use of alien technology, the nefarious Dr. Doom has gifted ordinary Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran with off the scale strength. Prior she was a plain, unimpressive grocery store clerk. Now she is supremely confident and a bit of a sex symbol among the world's lower-end Villains.

Soon after getting her powers she got into a tangle with the She-Hulk and left the green bitch in a coma, barely alive. In fact she enjoyed it so much that in the years to come, she and She-Hulk would clash many more times. So dedicated she was to tormenting her enemy that her husband, the infamous Crusher Creel aka the Absorbing Man, divorced her over it. She didn't care, all that mattered was destroying that green cow. Unfortunately She-Hulk would often get the better of her, by cheating of course, until her most recent loss which landed her here.

Her trip down memory lane was interrupted when the door to her miniature cell opened. "Prisoner Number 334297, Titania, please step out" echoed in a booming voice. She stepped out and looked up at none other than Iron Man, who appeared to be roughly 60 feet tall because of her recent shrinking. Not letting the size difference fluster her, she confronted him.

"And what the hell do you want?" she yelled so he could hear her.

"To make you an offer you can't refuse. A chance at freedom, a small fortune, and a fight with a certain Jennifer Walters whom I believe you know as She-Hulk." said Iron Man, who felt a little strange finding someone the size of a thumbnail attractive. Ah well, he was always into badgirls.

Titania couldn't believe her ears. She resisted the urge to pinch herself. "And whatís the catch? You don't expect me to become one of your Super-hero lackies do you?"

"Not at all, I don't expect you to be up to date with current events in here, but basically the world is nuts. Myself and some others got tired of rookies making hero work difficult so we are having everyone with powers register. She-Hulk is basically being a major pain in my ass, claiming I'm violating the constitution. Well the constitution wasn't written when people were blowing up cities with the power of their mind. So there's a specific case she's had a hard on for, some kid who can manipulate minds but was born without a full deck. Obviously we can't have him walking around untreated, but she is tying it up in court saying that because he's disabled, we can't force him to register. Long story short, she heard about a certain... enterprise I started recently to settle things between a pair of Spider-man's floozies. Well that worked out so well that I decided to keep it going. She-Hulk agreed to participate with the understanding that I'd let the kid go without a hassle. That's where you come into this. I'll give you a full pardon, a ticket out of the United States, and half of the ticket money, which I assure you is considerable if you win. So how about it? Care to settle an old score and do a service for your country?"

Without any hesitation Titania replied "I don't give a damn about your politics, but getting out of here AND having a chance to smash that bitch? I'm in!"

Meanwhile in San Francisco, She-Hulk was also reflecting on her life as she paced back and fourth in her small apartment. Case files piled up on her desk, her social life a mess, and not to mention this newest b.s. with Tony Stark setting up what was basically a human gladiator arena. Things were stressful. However after her last talk with him, she finally had a chance to win at least one small battle for the good guys. He wanted to force a young unstable child into some government registration, and would most likely would succeed. But she had a chance to stop him by fighting an unknown opponent in his little bloodsport. She had heard of the first one he funded. Spider-Man's ex-wife was beaten and humiliated in front of a large crowd of onlookers.

Well that wouldn't happen to her! She stopped pacing in front of her full length mirror and flexed a bicep. She was a sight to behold. Standing at a full 6'7", with long green hair that matched her complexion and a rack that the Avenger's computer has filed as one of the biggest in the Super-Hero community. She rippled with muscles. Given a blood transfusion from her cousin the Hulk had made her among the strongest women in the world. Few could compare to her beauty, brains, or power. "Bring on whoever you want, I'm ready" she says to herself. In one week she'd find out.

A week later the event was set. Once again the super-hero community came out in droves, though things were a bit different this time. Due to the success of the last event, ticket prices more than tripled. Some of the small time operators such as Electro were forced to scrape together some cash at the last minute, usually at the expense of a local bank or convenience store. Still the seats were filled. One rather large man wearing a trench coat and hat pushed his way through the crowd towards the seating area, followed by three others...

"There's really no need to push Ben, I have seats reserved." said Reed Richards. "Yeah. yeah but I wanna get settled in." replied the Thing as he shoved three members of Hydra to the side with one hand.

"I can't believe you're dragging us to another one of these...things" complained Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman. She had long since been casual friends of Mary Jane Watson, and was disgusted at what happened last time. Her friend was humiliated, not just physically but sexually. And worst of all Reed couldn't get enough of it. She knew Blackcat purposely played up towards Reed last time, and it worked. He spent more time alone in his lab, and she knew he wasn't actually working on anything. She found the whole event distasteful, and she let him know.

"But dear, its for my research. We can study the behaviors of some of our worst enemies in a open environment." he assured her, though he knew how flaky that sounded.

"Yeah I bet, that's why you plunked down all that cash for first row seats, haw haw haw!" laugh the Thing, who playfully punched Reed in the arm. Reed winced, his elasticity didn't mean he didn't bruise.

They eventually came to their seats in the front row. Many others were still filling in when suddenly everyone's attention turned to the right and various applause and whistles were heard. Spider-Man and Blackcat had just gotten there, and were considered guests of honor. Spidey looked a little odd, wearing a tux with his mask, but Felicia looked stunning in a black ballroom style dress cut to show as much cleavage as possible. As they made their way to their choice of seats they were greeted by people from both sides of the law. Even some longtime enemies like the Rhino and Vulture offered Peter Parker words of congratulations. Eventually they made their way to their own front row seats, directly across the ring from the Fantastic Four.

Sue was livid, and convinced it was intentional. "I don't see why we can't do this from somewhere else. I mean there are plenty of other, cheaper seats. And I mean it's not even like we can see Dr. Doom from here, he demanded his own Skybox.... Are you even listening to me?" She looked down the row just to see Reed, Thing, and even her younger brother staring across the ring at the blonde bimbo who only recently became so popular. Reed's rubber mouth even drooped open a little. She punched him hard in the shoulder and with a single glare he knew he was in trouble later. She turned her attention across the ring to the far seating area where Felicia briefly stopped hamming up the attention to give her a quick wink that made Sue's temper hit atomic levels.

Finally everyone settled in and Tony Stark finally entered the ring, again with his trademark tux and mixed drink. "I want to thank you all for coming, and apologize for the secrecy needed as to who the combatants will be. Well let's get to it, fighter number one, you all know her and love her, the She-Hulk!"

The crowd went nuts. A sex symbol that defined a generation, She-Hulk came through the curtain wearing a purple spandex one piece. She had to admit that she liked the attention. Guys she had put away a few months ago were cheering her! She wasted no time getting into the ring and cracking her knuckles for whatever was about to come.

"And her opponent, fresh out of Super Maximum Security, Titania!" Again the crowd went wild. Titania was the badguy equivalent of She-Hulk. Nearly anyone with a criminal record, and a lot without one, had a newspaper clipping of her in their bathroom. Of course for a long time she was married to Crusher Creel, which made her very off-limits. That no longer being the case, goons of every variety cheered on lustfully, and she loved it. Before her powers she was a shrimpy 5 foot nobody. Now all eyes were on her, and rightfully so. She was wearing her usual purple costume, which was cut up the middle show her well-muscled abbs and more of her amazing tits than would be legal to show in most states. She entered the ring and grinned across the ring at her surprised and hated enemy.

"Now ladies, being that you both can bench around 100 tons, certain precautions have to be taken. Instead of ropes, the ring will be surrounded by a transparent forcefield to keep the spectators safe. The fight goes until there's a winner. No breaks for rounds, and no rules. Now touch fists and go to your mutual corners and await my instructions.

The two amazons came together in a hateful staredown. Only an inch separated them in height, and Tony noticed they really were like two sides of the same coin. He noted that while She-Hulk's bust were slightly bigger, Titania's ass and thighs were nicer. After a few tense moments of a staredown, they went to their mutual corners. Tony went to She-Hulk's first.

"You know, you should really reconsider your views on the Registration Act. I'd much rather have you on my side on this. Maybe we could.. ya know get to know each other better and talk things over?" Iron Man whispered.

"You're an asshole, Tony. Take your act and your date and shove it." She-Hulk answered.

"Hmm, suit yourself, but remember I offered." And with that he walks across to Titania's corner.

"Listen, I know we haven't always gotten along, but listen. I need you to really dust this bitch. Don't kill her, but win and win big." He leaned in closer and whispered "Under the ring is a inhibiter, with it I can drain her strength considerably. I created it to make some matches more interesting, and decided now would be the best time to test it. I'm not going to activate it right away, but remember it's there."

Titania looked at him suspiciously but nodded. She didn't care, she was here and had a chance at freedom and revenge.

Tony Stark exits the ring and takes his seat. He couldn't help but to notice some dirty looks coming from Sue Storm directed at Felicia Hardy. Always the buisnessman he considered the possibilities.

The bell rings to start the fight. Both confident ladies walk to the center to meet each other.

"You never get tired of being beaten, do you?" mocked She-Hulk.

"You never beat me square! You always either had help or some fluke! But not this time, not here! I'm going to kill you!" shouted Titania, and with that she threw the first punch. A wild haymaker that She-Hulk easily sidestepped. One thing about Titania, she was easy to rile up. She-Hulk counted on it. She fired back with a short hook of her own into Titania's belly. Unphase Titania swung again, this time a downward punch aiming for She-Hulk's chest. Again she missed and was given a quick jab to her mouth for her efforts. Titania stepped back decided to be more cautious. She-Hulk only grinned.

"I have you, 'Skeeter', you may as well quit and go back to jail. Maybe I'll put in a good word for you with the judge." She-Hulk taunted. She put a hand on her hip to further emphasize her lack of concern. This proved to be a mistake as she was caught off guard and taken off her feet by Titania's charge. It seemed odd to see ladies who could easily lift dumptrucks with one hand rolling around on the mat, but there was a legendary hatred here. As they fought for position, Titania tried to work one of her knee high boot clad legs into a position to deliver a blow to She-Hulk's private area. Jenn saw the tactic coming and avoided it. She-Hulk freed one her arms and struck a blow to Titania's rib that would've cracked concrete. Titania grunted and continued to fight, her hatred numbing the pain. Eventually they settled and She-Hulk had top position. Still too tied up to take advantage, she could only try to restrain Titania until a opening was given.

"Well isn't this comfortable, you should be used to being below me by now. Reminds me of the time I kicked your ass outside the courthouse a ways back." She-Hulk taunted with a wide green. With a burst of anger powered strength, Titania shot a headbutt up into Jennifer Walter's beautiful green face and pushed her off. Titania scrambled to her feet while She-Hulk clutched her nose on all fours. Titania rushed across the ring, hoping to deliver a knockout kick to She-Hulk's face, but Jenn recovered just in time to catch the boot and kick her other leg out, sending Titania down onto her shapely ass.

She-Hulk was serious now. She, like anyone else, hated being struck in the nose. Still holding on to Titania's boot, she swung and threw the redhead the full length of the ring into the forcefield. The people in the first several rows braced for impact but were saved as the busty redhead smashed some unseen object and fell back to the ring. Titania arched her body in pain as she held her back. She-Hulk walked the distance of the ring slowly, sizing up her foe and deciding what to do next. She reached down and grabbed a handful of red curls and began to pull Titania to her feet.

Titania, sensing a opening and trying to ignore the pain in her back, fired a punch just above She-Hulks crotch but below her belly button. The green goddess doubled over from the blow. Titania got to her feet and delivered a sickening uppercut to She-Hulk's face that drew blood from her lips and mouth and took She-Hulk right off her feet. Still aching, Titania was slow to follow up. This time it was her who grabbed her enemy's hair to hoist her up. She-Hulk had regained enough awareness to push her away.

"So I guess that makes us even, eh 'Skeeter'?" She-Hulk said as she wiped away the blood from her lip.

"We've never been even. I've always been better than you! In strength and in looks" laughed Titania. Now it was She-Hulk's turn to be pissed. She closed the gap between her and Titania quickly and the two locked hands. Bodies a lot of men dreamed up clashed together. Gloved fingers fought to push the other's back. Two of the strongest women in the world grunted and strained, each trying to close the book on their encounters with the other being outclassed and put to shame. A lot of pride was on the line at this very moment as each fancied themselves, and often bragged about being, stronger than the other. Things seemed deadlocked. Green skin glistening with sweat trembled against Titania's body.

In the crowd Tony decided it was time to eliminate a small problem that had been bothering him for a while. He always thought of himself as a fair sportsman, and he loved watching a good fight. Especially between women like these! But he had to do what he had to do. He reached into his pocket and began to operate the remote dial that would decrease She-Hulk's amazing strength and endurance. He did so slowly so she would think Titania was merely wearing her out, and not suspect any foul play. Sitting two seats over from Tony, the Juggernaut saw Stark working with something in his pocket and let out a bellowing laugh that echo'ed through the arena. Tony, embarassed, decided that 50% of her full strength would be sufficient and took his hand out while shooting Juggernaut a dirty look, which only made him laugh harder.

Back in the ring, She-Hulk could feel her arms begin to give way. Titania was starting to break the deadlock and force the battle in her favor. Titania's white teeth sparkled in a ear to ear smile as she forced She-Hulk down to her knees. She could feel the green bitch's knuckles begin to crack. She-Hulk's face contorted as she was forced from her knees, then all the way to her back. Titania wasn't going to release the hold until her hands were broken. The usually confident Jenn Walter's was becoming afraid. Not at losing, not even at losing in front of everyone, but at losing to this bitch!

Titania stood over She-Hulk and had forced her back all the way to the ground. Finally she released her fingerhold and quickly stomped down onto She-Hulk gasping stomach. She ground the heel of her boot in to get every ounce of pain she could from the bitch. She-Hulk's pained faced fought for air. Apparently Iron Man was doing his thing. She wasn't sure why he had a problem with the She-Hulk, but she also wasn't one to ask questions either. She removed her boot but before She-Hulk could sit up and try to regain her oxygen, she quickly dropped down, planting her ass on Jenn's belly, which further drove her air out.

"Not so cocky now, are you? You fucking green cow! Well lets take care of those udders!" Titania screamed. Before She-Hulk could process what was going on, Titania fired a hook into her left breast. The smacking noise rang out through the venue. The boob was rocked to the side with enough force to dent a engine block. She-Hulk couldn't even scream. Never had anyone targeted her breasts before, she had no idea how painful it was. "Wow that felt good, how about a few more?" and with that Titania began alternating punches. Her arms pinned under Titania's knees, She-Hulk could only scream and sob as her babies were being pummeled. Titania smiled sadistically. "All that time in jail gave me a chance to really think about what I wanted to do to you, and before the night's over I plan on doing it all!" she threatened. She stopped punching She-Hulk's amazing orbs from side to side and punch to flatten them with punches rained straight down. Each one began to flatten out a little more with every blow until finally She-Hulk started to pass out from the agony.

"It isn't over yet, She-Pig!" yelled Titania. She drew way back and delivered a slap to She-Hulk's face that made the ears of more than one spectator ring. Jenn's eyes started to open just in time to see Titania unmount her. She reached down and grabbed 2 handfuls of green locks. Despite her pain, She-Hulk had an idea of what was coming but was powerless to stop it. Titania flung the helpless green vixen into the far side of the ring with the force of a bullet. She-Hulk smashed the unseen barrier and fell limp to the mat. Titania, hands on her hips, walked over to her rival. "I'd like to say I'm disappointed in you, but this is great. I always knew you were a weak bitch, and now so does everyone else!" she crowed. She reached down and picked her enemy up by the hair. She-Hulk offered no resistance, her arms hung to her sides and her glossy eyes looked into Titania's.

SHe-Hulk"Now I'm really going to enjoy myself." Titania laughed, and with that locked She-hulk in a face to face bear hug. She-Hulk gritted her teeth in pain, trying not to cry out and doubting she could if she wanted too. Every ounce of breath, no every ounce of life was being crushed out of her. Titania's full chest devoured She-Hulk's battered pair. Titania smiled through gritted teeth and poured all her considerable power into crushing her enemy. She could feel She-Hulk's slightly larger chest being demolished by her own. Ever since their first encounter that was the one thing the green bitch had on her. However thanks to the tenderizing she gave them earlier, they put up no fight. To further the domination and discomfort of her enemy, she adjust so her nipples found their way, even through her suit, to crush She-Hulk's. When finally satisfied she dropped the green heroine to the mat.

The fight was over. It had been over for a while. The only formality left was ringing the bell, but she still had one more humiliation planned. She pushed She-Hulk over onto her stomach and began to unzip her one piece costume. The crowd predictably went nuts. Pulling the top of her suit down to her waist, She-Hulk offered no resistance. She probably wasn't even conscience. Titania dragged her lifeless body to the edge of the ring and propped her against the forcefield, facing the crowd. Everyone on that side of the arena got a full view of what most had imagined, a fully topless She-Hulk. Amusing, Titania pushed her against the field, causing her breasts to balloon out. Taking a short step back, leaving Jenn propped against the wall, Titania lashed out with a kick to She-Hulk's upper back that fully pressed her face and chest against the barrier one last time before she fell to the mat, completely out.

"Yeah you bitch, you'll never fuck with me ever again!" Titania yelled as she flexed her impressive arms for the crowd.

"As if you needed me to tell you, hereís your winner, Titania!" Tony chimed in over the loud speaker. The roar of the crowd told Tony Stark that this event was every bit as successful as the last one. He'd have to take some time off as Iron Man to think through any other possible match ups he could make a mint off of. Not to mention She-Hulk's defeat was a big step forward for his Registration Act.

Titania stepped out of the ring and began walking down the aisle. Midway she stopped and turned to the crowd and yelled "I told you all! Iím the toughest woman in the world!"

"Ah doubt that, I'm not impressed at all." came a voice from the side. Titania turned to see Rogue of the X-Men standing against the guardrail, hand on hip, challenging her. "In fact ah think it was just luck. She-Hulk has given you more licken's than I can count. Every dog has its day, even mutt wannabes like you." Rogue continued and several people around her laughed.

Titania was furious. This little bitch was stealing her moment. Her mood was already ruined! She lashed out, determined to put the X-Woman on her ass. But fatigue from her fight had slowed her considerable, and Rogue being no slouch easily leaned back to avoid it, then answered with a right hand of her own that found the mark. Titania ended up being the one knocked on her ass, and worst of all, more people were laughing at her! Before she had a chance to renew her attack, several of Iron Man's robots grabbed her and dragged her off to the locker room. She could only thrash as Rogue smiled and waved, but somehow she knew she'd beat that little bitch's head in one day.


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