Heather VS Robyn
Heather portayed by Katherine Heigl vs Robyn portayed by Traci Bingham

This past June, my job as a flight attendent required me to move from my hometown, Los Angeles to Dallas. Before my departure, a steward on my crew told me that he knew a girl on my new crew that was looking for a roommate, her name was Robyn. I was hesistant, but he said she was a great person and we'd get along.

The next night I called her on the phone. I told her that my name was Heather, that I was a blue-eyed blond (my hair is straight and falls to my shoulders and I curl it under), southern California beach babe, and that our friend, Ron, suggested that I call. We visited for nearly two hours. She said that she lived in a duplex in a nice part of town and the older couple that shared the other half of the house were gone to Colorado for the summer.

We had much in common. We were both 5-6, I was 110 to her 113. Our measurements were almost the same, 35C-24-34 for me, and she was 35C-24-35, and we were both 26. I felt good about living with her.

She met me at the airport and I was suprized at how attractive she was, in fact, she was down right foxy. She had wavy,curly, dark, dark brown hair with just a tint of red, that fell down just past her shouders. She had a model's face (as do I). Her pigment was a chocolate brown, like a glass of chocolate milk. She was wearing shorts and her brown legs looked creamy and smooth, with a touch of athletic tone.

The first three weeks were great, but after that things began to go downhill. I noticed that I was doing most of the cleaning and grocery shopping, although I made sure she paid her part. She was wearing my clothes and having her dates spend the night, which meant I got to listen to her fucking and moaning. Robyn was dating four men at once then, but she had always slept at their places. The phone was always ringing for her. By the first of August, I knew that I had to find a new place to live. The bitch was driving me nuts.

It come to a head that first weekend in August. It was 10 p.m. Sunday night and we had been in the air all weekend. We were both tired and cranky, the ride home was very quiet.

As we walked in the door, Robyn proclaimed that she was going to take a shower.

"Fine," I said, "but please don't make a mess."

The house was like an oven. Robyn had turned off the thermostate. Damn bitch, I thought as I turned it back on.

After 30 min. I went and pounded on the bathroom door, "Don't be such a hog, I want to use it too."

"Alright! Hold your water." As she opened the door we stood face to face. "There. It's all yours."

"About time," I snapped.

"My, aren't we fussy tonight," she said.

We threw our shoulders into one another as we passed through the door.

"Goddamn," I shouted! The bathroom was a mess. She had thrown her clothes into a corner, her nylons were on the towel rack, the bathmat was crumpled, water in the floor and there was black hair in the sink, tub, and pubs on the soap.

"What?" she yelled back.

"Get your ass in here," I yelled as I stepped into the hallway from the bathroom.

She came down the hall, still in her towel and me in mine. She peeked in the bathroom and said, "What's the matter?"

"I've had enough of this shit," I said. "I do all the cooking, cleaning, you wear my clothes, have guys over and now you've made a mess after I asked you not to. Now I want you to get your black ass in there and clean it up."

"Fuck you bitch," she said. "It's my house. If you don't like it, you can take your lilly white ass out."

"I've paid my rent for the month," I shouted. We couldn't have been more than a foot and a half apart. "Are you going to clean it up, or do I have to make you?".

"Now you're talking shit bitch?" Robyn said as she placed her hands on her hips!

"Like hell I am," I promised!

We stood there, shooting darts from our eyes. We had made threats and promises and now we were going to have keep them or back down. As if a bell went off, we attack each others hair at the same time.

"You ain't tough enough," shouted Robyn as she slammed my back against the wall and used my hair to beat the back of my head into the wall.

"Bullshit," I yelled as I slammed her back across the hall and did her likewise. This type of activity continued several times until we each got the other in a headlock. We were bent over and our towel had opened in the front but because we were bent over they hadn't fallen off. With my free left hand, I reached for her right boob and clamped down. She grabbed my left tit with her right hand. We tugged and twisted on each other's tit as we moved down the hall, bouncing back and forth off the walls.

When we reached the living room, we toppled head over heels, landing on our backs and buttocks with a thud. Still locked in our one arm headlock, we rolled on our sides facing each other and returned to our tit attack. Our top legs whipped back and forth, trying to lock for leverage. Robyn finally locked her smooth, creamy leg on top of mine. I felt her strength in her legs, but I had confidence in my sexy legs also. I could feel her course, hairy black pubic hair rubbing against my thigh. I wondered if she could feel my curly, hairy blond bush on her thigh.

We were locked up tightly, not doing any thing but titty pinching and pulling. Our faces were pressed together and I didn't notice what was going to happen when she moved her face towards my shoulder, but I felt her teeth sink in and I let out a howl. I let go of her tit and grabbed her by the hair and yanked hard. She let go of her bite and my tit. She grabbed my hair and pulled back hard. Our heads were bent backwards, we each had one arm pinned under the others side.

I let her hair go and reached down to her pussy. She must have known and let go of my hair and her leg lock. I swung my legs under me so that I was sitting on them. She spun around on my back, her tits in my back, her face by my ass, her arms wrapped around my waist and my head between her thighs. Robyn then began to spank my cresent shaped ass. I winced. I did the only thing I could, I brought both hands up and raked my nails down her bubble-butt cheeks. This obvisously hurt and she rolled off and away.

We sat on our knees, looking at each other as we massaged our aching tits. The living room was big and wide. The chair and couch were against the wall and it looked as if it had been prepared for a catfight.

Are you going to clean up that bathroom now?"

"Yeah, I'm going to grab you by the ankles and use that hair of yours as a mop."

From our knees we sprang at each other, sinking our hands deep into each other's hair. I lowered a right into her smooth belly, she returned fire. We sent several shot into each other before we rolled off to the side opposite ends from one another. We began spanking asses and we rolled to our sides, facing one another and exposed our cunt hairs to each others face. We each grabbed for it. I got several good fingers full as I pulled. I knew it was hurting her as much as I was being hurt because we were crying at the top of our lungs. Neither of us let up as the assault continued.

Robyn grabbed my left leg, raised it up and moved towards my pussy with her face. I tried to roll away. Somehow we got locked in a 69 with her on top. She had my legs spread open and I had ahold of the top of her butt pressing down, keeping her pussy in biting range. My head was far enough between her legs that she couldn't close her legs and protect her pussy lips. The pain I felt was excruciating as she sank her teeth into my blond pussy. I wrapped my teeth around her pussy. Her course hair was brushing my face. This attack didn't last long but serious damage had been inflicted by both. We had both dug and clawed our nails into each others asses.

She rolled off and we just moaned as we rolled around grabbing our crotches.

After a few minutes, we rose to our feet and went back at it. I was determined to whip this bitch. We stood toe to toe and slugged it out. I knocked her on to the couch and pounced on her. We scratched and clawing tits before she reached down and tried to grab my pubs again. I scooted back and she kicked me off with a foot to the stomach. She leaped on me and we rolled around the floor yanking hair, slapping, punching, pinching and clawing tits, and grabbing at cunt hairs. Our bodies were soaked with sweat as the A/C hadn't yet cooled the house. The sweat stung our open and scratched wounds. I was bleeding from the lip and mouth, my tits throbbed and my pussy was on fire with pain. I knew that Robyn was huring too. She had a bloody nose and her left eye was puffed and swelling.

I felt that one good attack on her black cunt and she would fall. I rolled into a position were my left leg could lift her right leg and expose her bush, of course mine would be open also. I felt like I could take more than she. My left hand slipped between her legs and grabbed her pubs.

"I'm not stopping till I rip every black hair out," I said.

"Fuck you bitch." As she went for my hairy blond curls.

We twisted and pulled, I sank my fingers into her fold and used my nails to claw at her clit and cunt. She did likewise. I really bore down hard. I saw a chance to bite her right tit, so I leaned my head down and clamped my teeth into her nipple. She roared with pain and I could feel the pressure release from her fingers in my cunt. The bitch was totally whipped and beaten. I didn't give up the assault. I rolled her completly on her back, spread her legs and chowed down on her hairy, black pussy. She wouldn't be fucking for quiet a while now. I took her in the bathroom and placed her in the tub and shaved her pussy smooth. No more pub hairs on the soap now.