Hayley Williams vs Amy Lee

Both Paramore and Evanescence have reached critical acclaim, with their respective frontwomen leading their bands to success. However, both rock bands are as different as they are similar. Hayley Williams of Paramore and Amy Lee of Evanescence are often compared, and debates are often held as to who is the more talented singer. Williams brings more of a pop, happier style to her music, whereas Lee approaches her music from a darker, gothic stance. With fans often arguing over who is more talented, the two decide to settle once and for all who is at least the toughest. Amy Lee’s hard image will be put to the test, and all will see if Hayley Williams has a mean side.

Hayley Williams and Amy Lee will settle their differences in the ring. Lee has the size advantage, being taller and heavier, but Williams has the undeniable quickness advantage. Amy makes her way to the ring first, decked out in her signature gothic attire, with gothic metal pounding throw the arena’s speakers, as she slowly walks down the ramp. The crowd is split, but some boos are heard for the darker Amy Lee. Hayley comes out next, full of energy. She runs to the ring amidst a catchy tune, wearing her pop/punk get up. The crowd cheers her on as she prepares for the match.

The two girls stare one another down, their differences now more apparent than their similarities. They lock up, but Amy’s power throws Hayley to the ground. She punches up, and unleashes a flurry of blows to Amy’s midsection, backing her up against the ropes. Amy pushes her off, and clotheslines Hayley to the canvas. She covers, but Hayley kicks out.

She stomps away on Hayley, attempting to wear her down before she applies a boston crab. The nimble Hayley counters, and taking Amy down, applies a heel hook. Amy screams in pain, and appears close to tapping out, but she is able to powerfully drag herself and Hayley to the ropes, breaking the hold.

Hayley measures Amy as she makes it back to her feat, and attempts a running clothesline, but is caught and spinebustered to the mat by Amy. She again covers, but Hayley again kicks out. Amy is beginning to get frustrated, and applies an armbar to Hayley. Hayley is again able to wiggle out of the hold and lock in an arm triangle. Using Amy’s big arm against herself, and Hayley's arm on the opposite side, Hayley squeezes Amy as hard as she can. Amy bucks and tries to roll over to counter the move, but begins to lose consciousness.

Hayley realizes she is close to putting Amy out, but has to relax the hold a bit as she becomes fatigued. Amy realizes she has one chance of escape, and rolls over on top of Hayley to counter the hold. Now on top, she begins to rain down blows upon Hayley. She stands up and pulls Hayley up by her red hair, and lines her up for a powerbomb, lifting her up, she drops her with a loud thud straight on the mat. Amy covers, but Hayley kicks out once more.

Frustrated, Amy picks her up for a second powerbomb, but Hayley hooks Amy’s head and drops her straight down for a DDT. Amy flops to the mat, and Hayley covers, but Amy powers out.

Hayley picks her up, and attempts to lift Amy for a piledriver. She doesnt have the strength however, and realizes she may have to put the bigger Amy to sleep. Hayley throws her against the ropes, and slaps on a sleeper. Amy flails around, and tries to throw Hayley over her shoulder. Hayley locks her legs around Amy’s midsection however, and leans back, sinking the sleeper in tight.

It might be nap time for Amy Lee. Amy attempts to power out of the hold, but it is too late, she is slowly fading out. She tries to walk towards the ropes, but Amy passes out. Her limp body collapses against the ropes however. Hayley screams at the ref that Amy is out, but the ref demands she release the hold. Amy is unconscious, but is released and the match continues.

Hayley’s angry side now comes out, and she pushes the ref out of the ring, incapacitating her. Hayley walks over the sleeping Amy and pulls her towards the ring, she sits her up, and is planning on delivering a finishing blow, but Amy revives and now locks Hayley in a guillotine choke. The smaller Hayley taps out immediately, but there is no ref to confirm it. She taps furiously, but Amy does not release.

Hayley Williams is in danger of being choked out now, and despite her submission, her arms eventually fall limp, and Hayley is in dreamland. Amy releases and the unconscious Hayley rolls to the mat, and Amy goes outside the ring to revive the ref.

Moments later they reenter the ring, and Amy covers Hayley one last time. Hayley barely comes to however, and rolls her shoulder off the mat.

Amy whispers to the exhausted Hayley, “now you are really going to get it.” Hayley chants erupt throughout the arena, but Hayley still appears out of it. Amy stands her up, and connects with several blows to Hayley’s midsection. She reels back, and Amy charges forward. Hayley drops and pulls the top rope, sending Amy to the outside.

Hayley has a moment to catch her breath, and when Amy makes it to her feet, Hayley dives through the ropes and spears Amy to the hard ground. Both girls are incapacitated, but Hayley rises first and enters the ring.

Amy crawls back into the ring. Hayley stomps away, once again in control. Hayley pulls Amy up, and executes a perfect hurricarana. Amy is flat in the middle of the ring, and Hayley springboards off the top rope for a body splash. Amy pulls her knees up however, and Hayley crashes hard against Amy. Hayley scrambles to her feet and rests against the ropes.

Amy now stands. Hayley charges forward in and attempts a clothesline on Amy. Amy ducks it however, and slaps a sleeper hold around Hayley’s neck. Hayley feels the bloodflow to her head restricted, and panics. She flails her arms left and right, and tries to pull Amy’s strong arms off of her. She breathes deeply, attempting to stay awake.

She begins to fade out however, as she gets increasingly dizzy. It becomes hard to stand as Hayley drops to her knees. Her arms now sway back and forth, and Amy screams, “goodnight!.” Hayley begins to enter la la land. She no longer knows where she is, but still fights the temptation to drift away to unconsciousness.

Hayley eventually succumbs however, and after a final sigh, passes out in the hold. Amy knows Hayley is sleeping, and calls to ref to check her. She lift’s Hayley’s arm, but it falls limp against the mat. “SHE’S OUT!” The ref screams and the bell is rung.

Amy drops the unconscious Hayley Williams, and celebrates as her music hits. Everyone now knows that her tough image matches her tenacity.

She feels a bit sorry for Hayley however, who is still out cold on the mat. She picks her up, and carries the unconscious Hayley Williams out of the ring, Backstage, Amy awakes Hayley, and after Hayley comes to her senses, she congratulates Amy. Amy admits she fared well, and the two embrace, thus ending the fan-invented rivalry. -SR


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