Prelude: It's Sci-Fi convention time again, and one of the highlights of this convention is to determine the sexiest female character in a television show. The outcome is determined by a vote and some of the contestants expected to be in the running for the title have come up to the stage to await the results, similar to the way beauty pageant finalists stand side by side. When the votes were counted, the result was a tie between Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig and Joanna "Isis" Cameron.

The announcer asks for suggestions about how to break the tie but before anyone else can speak, Yvonne says, "I know how! I challenge that third rate actress bitch to a submissions-only catfight. We'll see which of us women is enough of a female for her part."

Joanna walks over to the shorter Yvonne, her finger pointed straight down between the full breasts of the buxom Batgirl and hisses, "Listen, you pint-sized rodent relative; you won't like what I'll do to you. But you can have your catfight but I also want a beauty contest comparing our bodies - asset to asset - then we'll let the crowd decide who's the real 'super beauty'."

Yvonne yells back, "Fair enough, flat chest; you want some time first to grow some tits?"

Joanna counters, "Speaking of growing, are you standing in a hole or you really as shrimpy as you look?" Needless to say, the battle is set.

Beauty Contest: The audience wanted six categories to determine the winner of the beauty contest; face, chest, shape, legs, back, and ass. The women strip down on stage and stand side by side, exposing the individual area being judged at that moment with the spectators deciding the winner. Following that, there will be the real contest to determine the winner of the sexiest female science-fiction character, a no-rules catfight! The audience won't be needed to judge that one, but simply to enjoy the action.

Yvonne and Joanna come back on the stage, fully clothed, in other words completely OUT of character for these two sexy ladies. Yvonne has a nicely shaped face, but she doesn't have the model features of Joanna Cameron and very quickly the crowd yells much more for Joanna. This battle is awarded to "Isis" to make it 1-0.

Next the ladies whip off an outer garment around their upper bodies and then their bras. Both have chests worthy of viewing; Joanna's breasts are more the perky type, but also well shaped with a great natural look. But Yvonne's 37" artillery is unbeatable and, by just as wide of a margin as the facial contest, Yvonne is shouted as the winner to tie the beauty contest at 1-1.

Both have very fit abs with no evidence of fat so it rapidly becomes a contest between Yvonne's hourglass figure and Joanna's washboard stomach. In a very close contest, Yvonne is declared the winner simply due to her wasp waist giving her 2 and Joanna 1 after this judgment. Ironically, this is the reverse of the stomach area with Yvonne's ballet training evidenced by her more muscular, thicker thighs while Joanna has more svelte, though still strong, model-like legs. While Yvonne's legs indeed are stronger, they are clearly NOT judging as being shapelier and thus Joanna wins this contest by a sizable margin to tie the overall contest at 2.

Joanna and Yvonne turn around to display very nice and well-developed backs. Each woman's muscles are visible and there are no defects in this area. After some posing which delights the crowd, any of which would love to put lotion on these backs, Joanna's better definition conquers Yvonne's more fleshy-appearing back, putting Batgirl in the hole, down 3 to 2 with the ass contest left. A tiebreaker will be used if Yvonne wins best butt, which would tie the entire beauty contest. Each bends over, sticking their shapely asses out toward the crowd. They not only display a pair of nice butts but also some pussies, which are clearly visible in this pose! This one is once again decided by better definition of ASSets, and once again the more taut body of Joanna Cameron wins the crowds favor.

As Joanna is announced the winner of the better ass, she celebrates the 4-2 defeat of Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig, telling Yvonne, "You little slut, this was your first mistake to accept my challenge of this beauty contest, and your second mistake will be your challenge to me in this catfight!"

An obviously down Yvonne still has enough spunk to respond, "The script hasn't been written for that ending, but I see you on the cutting room floor, you two bit actress."

Catfight: The women are given a choice of attire for the catfight, and although many women would decide to remain nude, since they assume their clothes won't last long anyway, these ladies have come with extra attire for the Sci-Fi convention and decide to start out in their bikinis. Yvonne comes up as would be expected in a purple bikini with the yellow bat signal across her busty chest. Amazing how her chest gives almost anything a 3-D appearance - and you don't even need special glasses! Joanna comes out in a fairly simple, but skimpy, white bikini with a serpent embroidered across her top - along with a surprise! Apparently, Joanna has added an inked tattoo across her navel of an asp. Perhaps, some mind games going on in Joanna's strategy to psyche out what might be a more physical Yvonne.

The women approach each other, no pleasantries exchanged here, as it is obvious this fight is for real. The taller Joanna lifts her arms and hands in front of her to entice Yvonne into the classic grasping hands to test arm strength. Arm muscles stain on each lady as pressure from the contact mounts. Most expected Yvonne to have good arm strength, although her legs are more touted from her dancing background, but Joanna's deltoids and biceps are evident as she strains to get on top of Yvonne's hands. Mighty Batgirl drops to her knees as beautiful Isis moves forward until she can look down on Yvonne. "Hey Batwhore, I told you weren't woman enough to take me on," Joanna taunts as she continues to push down Yvonne, who is finally forced onto her back by the pressure. Joanna covers Yvonne in a schoolgirl pin, surprising the crowd with her obvious wrestling and fitness knowledge. Her hard body now lays on top of Yvonne's smaller, shapely form as she tells Yvonne, "Now, I'm going to have my way with you, you little bat bitch!"

Joanna's meshes her lips on Yvonne's in a deep kiss - an obviously visible way to show her domination - but it's still quite a surprise for this early in the match. In more predictable fashion, Joanna uses her strong arms to push her body repeatedly up in the air, then lets it drop, slamming down on Yvonne's trapped body with such force that it elicits groans from the diminutive Yvonne as Joanna's smaller, but firmer, tits crash down on Yvonne's softer, but much bigger, tits. Joanna switches into a position where her legs are pinning Yvonne's arms with her ass on Yvonne's midsection.

Then Joanna reaches her hands down and rips off Yvonne's purple bra, allowing Yvonne's huge boobs to bounce like jello at the exact moment of removal. Joanna grabs Yvonne's huge orbs in her strong hands and begins to squeeze and knead forcefully. Yvonne screams as Joanna twists her huge globes in her bands, periodically trapping Yvonne's now stiff nipples between her fingers. Joanna's right hand leaves Yvonne's breast and moves back to her pussy where, with a strong dug into Yvonne's bikini bottom and a sharp yank, off it comes! Yvonne is just that quickly nude and exposed is her dense forest of jet-black pubic hair surrounding her puffy-lipped pussy. Joanna makes a quick exploration of Yvonne's pubic mound, but she is too occupied with torturing Yvonne at this time to sacrifice physical pain for sexual exploitation. She bounces her butt up and down on Yvonne's midsection, once again making breathing difficult as well as causing her pain.

Confidence exudes from Joanna as she continues to keep her legs covering Yvonne's arms, pinning them to the floor while reaching back to pull Yvonne's legs up, trapping them under her arms. However, this turns out to be a bad miscalculation as Yvonne's strong dancer legs are able to snap down to the floor, pulling Joanna off balance as her arms are forced down with them. Yvonne has turned the tables as now her legs have Joanna's arms pinned while her body movement has dislodged Joanna's legs from covering her arms. But Yvonne is moving more slowly than usual, still shaken from Joanna's dominance so early in the battle. She's still checking her tits for damage when Joanna slams her legs together, catching Yvonne's head between her thighs, which allows Joanna to push Yvonne's legs off her trapped arms.

Both women are now free of the other and as they rise, sweat and perspiration is beginning to form after an active match to this point. Yvonne's mammaries are awesome with that 'oiled up' look and her pussy hair is matted from moisture and the normal spring out of her crinkly bush is gone. Joanna still has a smug look on her face since she is still fully dressed and has already played with Yvonne's two most private areas.

Yvonne moves forward and throws her right fist into Joanna's washboard midsection. Usually, she would have doubled over an opponent with that blow, but Joanna's stomach muscles protect her. By the same token, however, Joanna would normally not have even felt such a punch, but Yvonne's strength made it a noticeable one and Joanna "oohs" as she bends slightly which is enough! Yvonne knees Joanna in the midsection and the taller, gorgeous brunette definitely felt as she doubles over even further, allowing the brunette to deliver a double ax-handle to the bent over brunette, driving Joanna to her knees!

Yvonne walks around the brunette and shoves Joanna down on all fours, then mounts her straddling her back and reaches her strong hands around and clasps them under Joanna's chin. Riding Joanna like a horse, Yvonne pulls back hard on Joanna's beautiful head with a perfectly executed chin lock just as if she had reins in her hands as she bounces up and down in her "saddle" until Joanna crashes flat to the floor on her stomach. The pain on Joanna's face is evident and emphasized by her groans as her body slams into the hard surface. Yvonne continues to pull back on Joanna's head, putting pressure on her neck as she wraps her left arm around under Joanna's throat in an excruciating headlock while she uses her right hand to spank Joanna's alabaster ass! Joanna yelps with each spank, but then she lets out an even louder cry as Yvonne's hand grabs her bikini bottom and pulls, putting biting pressure to the fabric as she saws it back and forth into Joanna's pussy. "Mighty Isis doesn't seem so tough now! Do you, you overrated whore!" Yvonne laughs. But Joanna twists her body to loosen Yvonne's choke and then bucks, kicks and twists herself free of Yvonne's torture.

They rise more slowly this time as the match has begun to take is toll; but the incentive of proving herself superior and their fiery spirits keep them going. Joanna is still taunting Yvonne about her big tits being bare when Yvonne apparently decides to even that up. Rushing Joanna, Yvonne engages the taller brunette's hair with her left hand and as Joanna reaches up to defend, Yvonne's right hand rips off her top to reveal much less impressive tits than Yvonne's. Yvonne backs away teasing her, "Tell me, Joanna, DEAR; were you used as an example of the Great Plains in geography...'cause you really ARE FLAT-CHESTED compared to a busty, truly sexy woman like myself?" she sneers, then turns and tosses Joanna's top into the crowd where a wild scramble ensues.

But while Yvonne is preoccupied with the scramble for Joanna's bra, Joanna reaches up, grabs a handful of Yvonne's hair, pulls her head down and slaps the shorter woman's face, forehand-backhand; leaving red marks on both cheeks. Yvonne joins in the hair pulling contest but Joanna's height and head start makes all the difference and she continues to inflict more pain on Yvonne than is inflicted on her. Joanna has such a good, tight grip on Yvonne's hair that she's able to swing the smaller woman around in a circle, letting go after several revolutions. Yvonne crumbles to the floor dizzy and Joanna follows after her, but Yvonne kicks up her right leg as Joanna bends down, catching her full on the chin. Joanna is snapped upright and Yvonne follows with a foot to Joanna's groin that leaves the brunette glassy eyed and staggering backward.

Yvonne gets up while Joanna is still doubled over and rushes her, driving her shoulder into Joanna and spearing her to the floor. As Joanna is flat on her back, Yvonne grabs the last remaining bit of clothing, Joanna's bottom, and rips it off! In contrast to Yvonne's wild-looking thick pelt of dark pubic hair, Joanna's pussy has been shaved except for a narrow 'landing strip'. Joanna recovers and wraps her arms around Yvonne and the smaller brunette does the same, then they roll around on the floor punching, pulling hair, squeezing tits and clawing pussies! Although exciting to watch, neither can gain any advantage and they are both tired after this effort, which isn't winning the match for either!

Yvonne wraps her legs up around Joanna's fit waist in the first leg scissors of the match. Joanna's midsection is well developed but even she feels discomfort from Yvonne's powerfully strong legs. Joanna's arms move down to her midsection trying to pry Yvonne's legs loose, but Yvonne has both hands free and she starts to slap Joanna's face and pull her hair. Now, it's Joanna's face, which begins to glow dark red from the slaps. But then Yvonne employs another asset to its fullest, her right armpit, finds she raises and presses down over Joanna's face. The odorous and moisture-saturated armpit causes Joanna's beautiful face to twist in misery as the buxom brunette rubs and grinds her sweaty armpit on Joanna's face.

Finally, Yvonne employs her absolute best asset, bringing her humongous hooters up against Joanna's face, Half of Joanna's face disappears in the deep canyon between Yvonne's awesome tits as she grinds her tits over Joanna's face which not only hinders her breathing, but dramatically shows whose mammaries are tops by far in this match. Joanna maintains enough of her composure through the pain and lack of breath to begins punching Yvonne's thighs with both fists, forcing Yvonne to release her leg scissors to avoid her legs cramping or being bruised.

Joanna Cameron - IsisWearily, both women slowly rise to their feet and although both are known for their athleticism, their breathing has become heavy, their tits have begun to sag, and perspiration has made both women's bodies shiny and slippery. They both rush at their rival and wrap her arms around the other in mutual bear hugs, squeezing their opponent's midsection in a combination of bear hug and titfight. Yvonne clearly is winning the titfight but at a big price! Her slender wasp waist makes it easy for Joanna to clamp her arms around it and with Joanna's arm strength, she slowly squeezes the air from Yvonne's lungs. Also, Joanna's muscular midsection protects her against Yvonne's bear hug, so Joanna is winning the battle without doubt for as the hugging continues; Joanna is hurting Yvonne without really being in any significant pain herself. Yvonne finally wedges her arms between their bodies and pries Joanna's arms apart to break the effectiveness of her bear hug.

The women separate but the battle seems to be coming down to who can make a final effective move. Yvonne is the aggressor as she has been throughout the match and she lunges at Joanna again. But this time, Joanna sidesteps and clotheslines her as she runs past. Yvonne's legs fly up and she drops flat on her back while Joanna staggers back from the force of the impact. Joanna is first to recover and she moves in to cover the prone Yvonne, dropping her body on Yvonne's. She throws short, sharp punches into Yvonne's side, weakening the buxom beauty's resistance until, with Yvonne gasping for air, Joanna moves forward and plants her pussy on Yvonne's face. This exposes Yvonne to her odorous, perspiring pussy - obvious revenge for Yvonne's armpit humiliation. Yvonne's breathing is impaired as her nose and mouth are partially covered and her huge tits bounce erratically as her chest heaves up and down; her impaired breathing irregular as Joanna senses she is ready to be taken to her final fate.

Joanna moves around behind Yvonne's head and locks her in a figure four headlock, pulling Yvonne's arms behind her head despite all of Yvonne's frantic kicking and twisting trying to break out of the hold. But Joanna's sinewy, muscular legs are locked in tight and she has firm grasp of Yvonne's arms, which stabilizes the hold and limits how much the smaller woman can move. As the holds continue, Yvonne grows less and less active until she eventually stops struggling entirely and falls unconscious. Although, Joanna would've loved to hear 'I give' she gladly accepts the obvious victory. But Isis still has plans for Batgirl before she takes her Sexiest Female Sci-Fi Performer award.

Postmatch: Joanna releases the hold, stands up, fluffs her long hair as much as possible, then put her hands on her head and flexes her biceps, a sign of her victory to let everyone know her arms and armpits are superior in her mind to Yvonne's. Then she requests a pitcher of ice water, which she slowly pours over Yvonne's face. Yvonne awakes with a shock, jerking and spitting water from her nose and mouth. "Time for me to teach you some lessons, Fatgirl," Joanna laughs. "And I'm going to love teaching 'em!" Joanna cackles as she covers Yvonne in a full body pin while she is still lying on her back after her defeat.

Joanna squeezes her tits together in a tit smother, quite frankly not as potent as Yvonne's was when executed against her. Now, however, she is rubbing her armpits, first the left, then the right, across Yvonne's face. Considering her awesome armpits, it's proving quite effective as her deep cavities below her shoulders let Yvonne's flushed face nestle deep. With the smell and sweat in that area, Yvonne obviously isn't enjoying the contact…especially when Joanna starts squeezing Yvonne's tits to see if she can extract a little milk from the impressive juggs and stiff nipples. Indeed, Yvonne is forced to express a few drops of her white liquid, which Joanna relished in licking, sucking all the satisfaction she can from Yvonne's humiliation.

Yvonne Craig - BatgirlWhen Joanna calls for a dildo, two women in the audience throw them on stage. In fact, there are so many offered it seems to prove that all the fans aren't dedicated only to Star Trek and other sci-fi shows exclusively, doesn't it? She excites herself, working the toy in and out of her own luscious pussy until she starts to cum, then moves her pussy up so most of it cascades out onto Yvonne's red face. Then Joanna moves forward a little more, squirming until her fit ass sits across Yvonne's face, grinding and smearing her cum all over Yvonne's face. As she's riding Yvonne's nose, Joanna again puts her hands on her head showing off those fit arms and proving she's in complete command and doesn't need to worry about any further resistance. Joanna especially enjoys face sitting and continues to play to the crowd for quite some time.

Finally, Joanna gets up, rolls Yvonne over onto her stomach and begins to get a little revenge on Yvonne's legs for the pain they caused her during the match...the kick to the groin and the leg scissors would probably come to mind first. She sits on Yvonne's back, facing her feet as she grabs the defeated brunette's ankles in her hands, crosses Yvonne's calves and then pulls back hard! Even for a dancer, the awkward doubling of Yvonne's legs hurts and she beats the floor in frustration with her fists. Joanna never did get to hear Yvonne say, 'I give' before she passed out, so she seems to be looking for that missing humiliation now.

"OK, you over busty, dwarf-sized, over-rated, little bitch, say 'I give' while you still have legs that aren't broken or you haven't passed out from the pain I can give you."

At first, Yvonne doesn't say anything, but as Joanna pulls back harder and harder, she finally screams through her ears, "I win!"

That apparently satisfies Joanna who drops the hold after one last tug and dismounts Yvonne but only long enough to request a black can of spray paint which she uses to spray paint ISIS on the back of the motionless Yvonne. Then she turns to the crowd with once again her hands on her head and her left foot firmly planted on Yvonne's tight, round ass. "Well, Sci-Fi fans, who's the sexiest female woman now?" Joanna inquires.

The audience chants, "Isis" and "Joanna" as the award is handed to her, then as she steps over Yvonne's body, Joanna spits on her in a final show her disdain for a rival who forced her to exert so much energy just to win a title she thought she would win in a vote rout to begin with. As she leaves the stage, still nude and incredibly sexy; her body saturated with sweat, knowing every man, and probably woman, in the house would love to give her another "reward", Joanna stops to collect not only her own discarded bikini from the crowd, but also the real souvenir of the match, Yvonne's "Batgirl Bikini" (a 'Bikini' - both top and bottom.) To the victor goes the spoils and Joanna "Isis" Cameron has made the absolute most out of her destruction of her rival Yvonne Craig today.