Lt. Nyota Uhura & Janice Rand of Star Trek

Bridge, main screen. Crew watches as Uhura and Janice Rand stagger down the corridor in their red duty dresses, each on the verge of exhaustion as they brawl mindlessly through the ship. On side arrays, slow mo replays show Uhura lying tits up on top of a rec room table, coffee cups strewn as delighted officers cheer, while Jan gets ready to put her weight behind another standing blow to Uhura's thick middle. The pain on Uhura's face: she's just trying to suck it up, jerked stiff by Rand's methodical attack. It's Jan's best moment in 3 fights with the ship's champion.

Kirk watches with a wry smile as Uhura throws Rand headfirst into the elevator shaft, then staggers after her. The camera follows seemlessly as Uhura pins a struggling Rand against the far wall. Uhura buries her face in Jan's chest, while pushing up under the ensign's chin - Rand snarls, trying to wrestle her way off her back. The nubian is stronger despite the blonde's height - Rand's shoulder shows through the torn right sleeve of her dress and she's fading. The big blonde do is slipping around those slender shoulders. Kirk nods as McKoy grins, "They're here!" All eyes turn as the elevator doors swish open.

The girls spill out into the bridge. Uhura is clearer eyed, drawing the back of her fist across her mouth and regaining her balance. Rand is desperate, leaning on a console to catch her breath as Uhura stalks from behind. Uhura goes to spin Rand around, but the blonde is tensed, ready: she bangs at that hurting midsection with the point of her elbow, doubling the brunette over with a cry. Rand open mouthed, turns, takes Uhura by the back of the neck, and strides forward, hurling the girl over the railing to the sunken floor of the chair deck. Kirk, McKoy and navigation quickly remove themselves as Uhura hits the metal floor, eyes cringed shut, body just feeling it as Rand reels over, sliding under the rail to stand at Uhura's side. With her face twisted in rage, Jan kicks at the solid ribcage, her black nyloned leg trembling with the force of the impact. Uhura groans, covers up. Jan takes her time, bracing her hands against the rail, going to Uhura's body with the right boot, reloading, and getting her weight into every thudding blow. Uhura is gurgling, clutching her body. Rand can't believe the sight of the beaten girl at her toe. Jan takes a moment to breath, then reaches down to finish it.

Jan is methodical pulling the groggy Nubian to her feet. Uhura's eyes flicker sleepily - her mouth pouted open. She folds into Rand as the blonde slugs home a short right to the belly, accepting the black girl's weight into her arms, then propping her up for another gift. But the third punch goes awry: Uhura comes alive. She moves into the blow, smothering it, and bodies Rand back to the swivel chair. The girls are on the verge of collapse, reeling in one another's arms, trying not to fall. Uhura gets leverage and pushes Rand down into the chair. Kirk smirks: he's seen it all before. Rand tries to sit up, hands on the arms of the captaincy, but Uhura is there with the cracking right to the mouth. Rand's eyes go dreamy, her hands fold to her lap as she stares at Uhura, helpless to prevent the finishing series. Uhura props herself with a knee on the seat, left hand at Rand's shoulder and begins, cracking short right hands across Janice's teeth, letting the blonde's head loll back into place before striking again. The bridge is silent for a moment as Uhura batters Jan into oblivion, then Uhura stops, fist cocked at her chest as Rand's head drifts lifelessly to her chest. Beaten and bruised, Uhura gets up off the chair, staring at the battered wreck of a blonde who had seemed so confident 15 minutes ago.

Whooping applause. Kirk smiles, shakes his head. McKoy quickly attends to the women and restores them to their peak physicallity with a pass of that all purpose medical wand. And Lt. Uhura hands Janice Rand a devastating defeat to go with the rest. Glaring daggers at one another - Rand makes a hurried exit as Uhura goes back to her post.