Leslie Parrish vs. Nancy Kovack
Prelude: The meeting of the most crazed and enthusiastic fans in the world, also known as The Star Trek Convention, has opened its doors to "people" that few would expect to be of this world. But in addition to the fanatics are usually some special guests, this year's group including some of the sexiest women ever to grace a television screen. One is a blonde goddess named Leslie Parrish who was in the episode Who Mourns for Adonis, with another being a sultry redhead named Nancy Kovack from the episode A Private Little War. These women are well known to B movie watchers and as guest stars on other shows such as The Wild, Wild West. They are here to sign autographs and give the attendees something to remember.

At this particular convention, there is a scheduled beauty contest to decide who among these women and the others here could scorch Captain Kirk's chair. After preliminary judging, it has come down to Leslie Parrish and Nancy Kovack, and their anatomies will be judged by the attendees. The categories will be comparisons of faces, chests, shapes, legs, backs, and asses. Whoever wins the most of these battles will be judged more beautiful. The women will remain clothed as much as possible to only expose the current area being judged.

Beauty Contest: TThe two finalists come onto stage to tumultuous cheers, and the contest begins with the face comparison. Redhead Nancy has that exotic look, but Leslie Parrish has that flawless face with that striking blonde hair. Leslie takes the face contest to begin with a 1-0 advantage. The attention now turns to the starlets' tits, and neither has an overwhelming chest, nor has had surgery to try to get larger boobs artificially. Leslie has smaller, perky ones compared to Nancy's fuller, heavier ones. Nancy Kovack is judged the winner here to tie the contest at 1-1. The women unwrap their midsections to compare their svelte shapes. Each woman has great curves, but Nancy's hourglass figure is too much for Leslie to match. Nancy is now ahead 2-1 as the women display their luscious legs. This feature is among each woman's best, and although Leslie's seem stronger, Nancy's has the more tapered look to them and wins the legs battle to extend her lead to 3-1. The women turn around and highlight their backs to the crowd, and despite neither back being colored purple or containing ridges of spines, the Star Trek crowd likes each. Leslie Parrish edges Nancy out in this battle to cut the deficit to 3-2 with the ass contest left. That shapeliness of Nancy carries over to win the butt contest and thus the overall comparison 4-2.

Nancy puts her arms on her head and stretches her lithesome body to accentuate her victory while blonde Leslie is obviously fuming. "Listen you overrated slut. I challenge you to a no holes barred catfight, and we'll see who the better, more desirable woman REALLY is!" Nancy shouts, "Your problem is you weren't woman enough to compete against me in this contest, and you will come up short yet again. But hey, I don't mind humiliating you twice in one day." This delights the Trekkies since if there is one thing they enjoy more than intergalactic beauty contests, it is intergalactic hand-to-hand combat. However, they are disappointed that phasers and other weaponry will not be allowed.

Catfight:The women are given the option of putting some of their clothes back on, but they are too anxious to get it on to even take the time to dress. The women approach each other, and Leslie Parrish begins the hostilities with a hard slap of Nancy's face. As Nancy's head is slapped back to her right, Leslie quickly moves behind Nancy's left side and grabs that arm in a standing arm bar hold. Leslie forces Nancy against a wall and thrusts her left knee into the back of the trapped Nancy. Nancy boobs are squashed against the wall, and "Ughs" are already in the air as Leslie uses her right hand to grab Nancy's tresses to yank back her head. A grimace appears on Nancy's face, partly due to pain and perhaps partly due to determination. Nancy pulls forward on her left arm to escape the arm bar, and slides along the wall to get away from the hair pulling and Leslie's knee.

Nancy turns around to face Leslie and leads with a slap attempt of her own. But Leslie ducks, and with Nancy's body stretched due to her attempt, Leslie follows up with a fist to Nancy's luscious, but thin midsection. Nancy bends over due to the punishing blow, and Leslie adds onto her pain with a strong knee lift to Nancy's stomach. Leslie once again grabs Nancy's dark red hair, but this time not to yank Nancy back, but instead Leslie hurls Nancy's body to the floor using her hair as leverage to do so. Nancy lands hard on her stomach and tits as Leslie quickly mounts her back to keep her down. Leslie uses her left arm and hand to grab Nancy's left leg by the ankle and pulls it awkwardly back toward Nancy's ass. Leslie for the third time grabs a handful of the redhead's locks and pulls them back to painfully maneuver her head.

Leslie releases both holds after inflicting appropriate pain and getting cries from Nancy. Leslie then lays her form on top of Nancy while putting on a full nelson hold. Leslie maintains the hold as she raises her body only to drop it down on Nancy's trapped form. Some of Leslie's comments such as "I could be fighting a mannequin and get more of a fight that you are giving me, you out of shape whore" seem to be inspiring Nancy to become more active. Nancy begins to twist her body to make Leslie fall off her back and thus loosens the full nelson enough to allow Nancy's escape.

Both women arise to face each other, but Nancy is still angry about being totally dominated thus far and lunges at the blonde goddess Leslie to knock her to the ground. But as Nancy covers her, Leslie once again employs her favorite maneuver and grabs handfuls of Nancy's tresses. Nancy does likewise on Leslie's beautiful blonde hair, and as each woman pulls and yanks, the women begin to roll over one another in classic catfight style. Nancy ends up on top as their bodies finally come to rest. Nancy gets up enough to squat her sweet ass on Leslie's titties. Nancy finally gets her revenge for the initial face slap of the match by Leslie by giving the blonde some of her own medicine, hitting that perfect face of Leslie despite the begging of "Please….don`t". Nancy moves forward slightly in order to double up her long legs over Leslie's arms, which are extended out from her body on the floor.

The women have already worked up quite a sweat due to the action so far, and Nancy takes first advantage of that by pulling Leslie's gorgeous face into her crotch area to contact her perspiring and odorous pussy through that thick bush she possesses. Nancy grinds Leslie's face around that private area to the mumblings of Leslie's protests. After sufficient humiliating has been done using her pussy, Nancy moves forward and situates that awesome ass of hers on top of Leslie's face, squirming that butt across Leslie's contest-winning face. Nancy obviously knows how much that is bothering Leslie, not just being dominated at the present time, but especially having to suffer attacks on her perfect face. Finally, Leslie is able to buck her body enough to dislodge Nancy from her body.

The women stand up, facing each other with the most contempt so far. They rush towards each other and as if scripted, they know this is the time to embrace in a classic tit battle. Nancy's mams once again prove superior, and Nancy eventually pushes Leslie over onto her back. Nancy grinds her beautiful body over Leslie's with a combination of punishment and sexuality. Nancy periodically pushes her body into the air only to drop it forcefully back into contact with Leslie's midsection and chest. Nancy then extends her arms back to grab Leslie's legs to pull them towards Leslie's head, but the blonde's legs are too powerful to be held by Nancy's arms. Leslie's legs pull Nancy's arms and thus her body back towards her feet, and Leslie is able to remove her body from Nancy's cover.

As the women get up, the Star Trek attendees are getting lust overdoses. These two gorgeous women are covered in perspiration, which gives them an oiled look. Both their long tresses and their abundant pussy hair have become matted with moisture. Leslie challenges the redhead to a classic test of strength by raising her firm arms above her head in front of her, waiting the clasping of her hands by Nancy's. Contact occurs and after a brief struggle, Nancy Kovack is sent to her knees, attesting to Leslie's superior arm strength. Leslie's pussy while she is still standing matches in height Nancy's face while on her knees and takes advantage immediately by thrusting her pussy into Nancy's face…a little payback for Nancy's exposing her pussy to Leslie's face a while ago.

Leslie however moves to a standing legscissors, apparently a maneuver she has been waiting to employ. Leslie's legs seem to be more muscular than Nancy's, and the redhead's head is squeezed like a grape between Leslie's mighty gams. As Nancy tries to move her arms to pry Leslie's legs apart, Leslie grabs those hands with her own. Nancy is now a victim of a punishing legscissors hold at the same time her arms are painfully extended past their normal movement limit. Nancy seems to be almost on the verge of tears due to the torment, but her sweaty neck and head come to her rescue as she is able to slip her head out from the vise grip of the blonde's legs. Nancy's arms are still held, but she solves that confinement by shoulder-blocking Leslie's chins, knocking the blonde backwards onto her back and getting a release of the arm holds.

Nancy quickly covers Leslie in a schoolgirl pin. Nancy grinds her body horizontally on Leslie's body, once again putting pressure on Leslie's trapped form. Nancy moves forward and puts one of her perfectly concaved armpits over Leslie's face, once again exposing that incredibly attractive face to the embarrassment of a smelly and sweating area. Nancy taunts, "hey, inferior blonde whore, how do you like getting the feel and odor of the best pits around?" Nancy moves back into a straddling position and reaches back with her right hand and moves it through Leslie's protective pussy hair to explore the gorgeous blonde's inviting vagina. Leslie raises her upper body enough to get off a nice right cross against Nancy's face to knock the beautiful redhead off her body.

A stunned Nancy Kovack collapses to the floor onto her back. Leslie regains her composure after her recent humiliations at the hand of Nancy and approaches Nancy's motionless form from the side. Leslie pulls on Nancy's right arm while pushing her right leg against Nancy's side. Leslie takes that same leg and smashes its heel into Nancy's midsection and pussy. Leslie moves her body on top of Nancy's, grabs the redhead's legs by the ankles, and moves forward on Nancy's prone form, bringing her legs with her. Leslie moves her nice ass over Nancy's face and gives back a little facesitting punishment while still yanking on Nancy's legs. Leslie continues to grind her ass across Nancy's face, leaving perspiration and a foul odor in its wake. But Leslie seems to be doing more physical damage by holding and extending awkwardly Nancy's tapered legs.

Leslie moves behind Nancy's head and locks in a figure 4 leg lock on Nancy's head at the same time she grabs the redhead's arms and extends them unmercifully behind her head. Nancy is in real trouble as her head and neck is under duress from the leg lock while her arms, which have come under a lot of punishment during this fight, are being painfully pulled and extended past their maximum limit behind her head. Leslie's turn to taut with "Bitch, who is in trouble now? Ready to give it up?" Nancy's response through tears caused her torment is still a denial, but with little conviction.

Leslie squeezes harder with her legs and pulls with more force with her arms, prompting Nancy Kovack to give an unsolicited, "I give, you bleached blonde bitch." The Star Trek geeks go crazy as one of their heroines has just defeated another one of their heroines. Thus, Kovack's episode entitled A Private Little War indeed ended up being a prophecy to this real life confrontation.

Aftermath: Leslie squeezes with the leglock with even more force and gives one last tug on Nancy's arms with her own before breaking the holds. A groaning Nancy Kovack is motionless as Leslie Parrish stands up, obviously deciding on what postmatch humiliations she will impose on her defeated opponent.

Leslie covers her vanquished rival, and surprisingly her first action is a deep French kiss, but seems to disclose her intentions with "I'm going to take you from pleasure to disgrace, and I'm starting with that pleasure." With that, Leslie moves forward and retaliates for an earlier armpit smother by Nancy with a double barrel process of her own. Leslie has great underarms and puts her left one over Nancy's face to deposit a foul odor, a lot of moisture, and to restrict the gorgeous redhead's breathing. Leslie follows that up with the same move utilizing her right armpit.

Leslie moves down Nancy's body a little and straddles her defeated opponent as she moves her hands down to grab Nancy's defenseless orbs. Leslie massages them forcefully, occasionally trapping the redhead's great nipples between her fingers. Nancy is obviously in both pain and pleasure now as Leslie fondles her tits but does it with the force that says she isn't doing it to give Nancy Kovack pleasure but more for the agony it will cause. Leslie continues to squeeze Nancy's boobs as she lowers her own mams on top of Nancy's face in a titsmothering maneuver. Leslie's tits aren't that big, but she makes up for size with a great effort to contact as much of her chest as possible on Nancy's face. Leslie moves to the side of Nancy's body and while keeping her right hand on Nancy's left orb to continue fondling that, she moves her free left hand to penetrate Nancy's pussy. Leslie vigorously continues to explore Nancy's most private area until she feels warm liquid coat her fingers. Removing her hand, Leslie puts her coated hand on Nancy's face and wipes the cum from her hand onto Nancy's face.

Leslie apparently wants to help it get evenly distributed and then facesits on Nancy and in classic triumphant form puts her hands on her head to highlight her complete dominance over her rival. The Trekkies are ecstatic with only a few asking "why did Leslie Parrish wipe mayonnaise or whatever that was on Nancy Kovack's face?" With answers coming in Klingon and who knows what other fictitious languages, who knows if that question ever got properly answered. Leslie appears to be tiring herself due to the strenuous match, and since Nancy Kovack is almost unconscious, she is gaining little satisfaction in continuing to torture a woman who is almost completely out of it. But as she stands up to apparently walk away, Leslie can't resist one more humiliation as she drags her sweaty and dirty right foot over Nancy Kovack's face as she departs for probably a post-match beverage.

As the Trekkies are applauding with the phrases "Live Long and Prosper" and other tidings sent her way, I believe I heard her say under her breath, "Whatever, you Trekkie weirdoes, just wait until I get hold of my agent. I won't ever come to one of these asylum gatherings again. I would rather go to the zoo, because at least there the animals are in cages or in penned up."


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