Tanya Danielle vs Stacy Burke


"So you're a hall of famer, huh?"

"Why yes, I sure as hell am," the busty blonde snickered as she looked at the sexy blonde that had just rung the doorbell in her apartment.

"Come on in-want a drink?" Tanya Danielle asked the unexpected guess.

"Why sure, pour me a big one," the lovely buxom guest snickered.

"So glad you stopped by-reminds me of old times," Tanya said as she waled over to a fireplace mantle and picked up a picture.

Quite a pic! It was one of Tanya in a skimpy sundress wrestling with her visitor.

"Like it? That's good-cause remember-I won!" the guest said sounding a bit peeved.

Yes. but that was just pretend, sweetie-This is gonna be for real!"


Tanya screamed as she felt the punch slam into her face. She tried to swat the second incoming fist away but it was too late. Her big left breast exploded in pain.

"Uhhhhh, my boob-Ouch-what the hell?" Tanya rasped.

Stacy Burke laughed as she buried her fingers in her friends long silky blonde hair.

"You ready? No more pretending-I'm gonna be a REAL hall of famer," Stacy snarled. In a flash she had Tanya on the floor and had wrapped her long sexy strong legs around her waist. Soon the tall busty blonde was gasping for air.

"Let me go, I can't breathe," Tanya gasped, her big boobs heaved and bulged out of her skimpy top.

"Oh shut up-you can't fight worth shit," Stacy said as she wrapped her arm around Tanya's lovely throat. Her free hand slipped around and she grabbed the skimpy blouse.

"No bra today, huh bitch?" Stacy giggled as she tore Tanya's top off. Those big beautiful breasts bounced into freedom-painful freedom as Stacy quickly treated each stiff nipple to a nasty painful pinch. She tightened the muscles in her legs and Tanya gasped; the big tall blonde squirmed and struggled. Stacy clamped one hand over Tanyas mouth and nose; the other hand cupped a luscious breast-the fingers captured the erect nipple and pinched it hard. It stiffened and lengthened.

"Oh my, even in pain you're horney," Stacy giggled. She pinched the nipple even harder then reached down and slid her hand inside Tanya's sexy cut off jean shorts.

"Oh my, you're soooo horney-and wet," she taunted. She quickly fingered Tanya until the blonde was gasping, whimpering in forced ecstasy.

"Ya know I could take you easy just by turning you on cunt, but I'm gonna take you down hard-the catfight way-I want to beat your pretty little ass!"

Tanya felt fear and tried frantically to struggle and break free. A couple solid punches to her ribs, belly and face and the blonde thought she was in real trouble.

"Mind if I strip you first-before I beat you up and then fuck you?" Stacy taunted. Tanya screamed-she felt Stacy's angry fingers slowly strip her down to her skimpy panties. She struggled and cussed; she even broke free and tried to make a run for it before Stacy tackled her. Stacy grabbed her by the ankles, spread her legs then smacked her foot into her pussy several times. Then she jumped on top of her.

"Such nice big titties-I just love'em," Stacy giggled as she slapped Tanya's tits, pinched her nipples, then grabbed each breast, squeezed it and slammed them together. She leaned down tongued each nipple then nipped it before returning to painful slaps.

Soon those luscious breasts were beet red.

"And now for the final touch-the winning touch."

"Ohhhhhh-Ooooooh-Uhhhhh-Ummmmm." Tanya protested but only so much and then not at all as Stacy cupped her cunt, fingered her to ecstasy.

"Yes-Uhhhhh-Oooooh-You win-you win," Tanya gasped and whimpered as Stacy smiled a most victorious smile.


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