Mitzi Gaynor (5'6" born: Sept ‘31, 36C-21 1/2-36 1/2) vs. Yvonne Craig (5'4", born: May ‘37, 37D-23-35) by Maestro & simguy
Part One - Battle on the Beach (1959) by Maestro

BACKGROUND:Mitzi Gaynor was at the pinnacle of her career after the classic "South Pacific" made her a bonafide star while Yvonne Craig was a young ‘unknown’ still struggling to get her face (and figure) noticed! Yet everytime Mitzi and young Yvonne appeared at the same time on Southern California beaches, crowds of men and women turned to admire their beauty. No matter what color or design the swimwear, everyone ogled them; women jealous of their looks and men fantasizing about sleeping with either (or BOTH) women! Although both were justly proud of their assets, neither could ever have everyone's full, undivided, attention until they defeated the other - then they'd have the beach as their own "kingdom." The rivalry continued until they could no longer hide their animosity. Upstart Yvonne decided to settle the matter once and for all and challenged Mitzi to a ‘Battle of the Beach’ on the same beach where they’d vied for attention many times. ‘Battle of the Beach’ rules were simple - they could use any natural elements on the beach as well as their own body to render the other unconscious. No one would interfere but one of the lifeguards acted as referee; his only duty was to ensure no ‘foreign objects’ came into play and - if necessary - to pull the victor off the loser when the fight was over.

Both women entered the beach area set aside for the contest and stopped about ten feet apart; the tanned confident Mitzi wearing a pale pink, two-piece which barely covered her "assets" and Yvonne in a sheer white, almost see-thru, bikini; the color only slightly paler than her snow white flesh. At their feet lay natural beach elements - a thin layer of sand, seashells, seaweed and the incoming tide which as it slowly crept toward them was turning the mostly dirt beach muddy. Each knew the fine, slippery mud would make it easier to force an orgasm from her rival - or her rival from her!! Without warning, both women screamed and raced toward one another, the arms and hands outstretched. Suddenly, Mitzi lowered her head and drove her head between the cups of Yvonne's bra so hard she was thrown backward. Yvonne's arms and hands flailed desperately trying to grab anything she could support - but finding only empty air! She landed on her back hard and in an instant, Mitzi's claw-like hands were clasped on her breasts, squeezing right through the sheer cups as her knees crushed Yvonne's ribs.

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!" screamed Yvonne as Mitzi slipped her hands under her bra, clamped onto her breast meat and lifted Yvonne's upper back off the sand.

She ripped her bra in two, allowing Yvonne to fall back down but not before Mitzi's knees moved up onto Yvonne's shoulders, slamming Yvonne down. Quickly, Mitzi wrapped the bra around Yvonne's head, choking her tight while using her knees for support she pushed herself up and drove her pussy down on Yvonne's nose, settling her ass on Yvonne's mouth, covering her breathing passages while using her bra as a gag. Cradling Yvonne's head tight between her thighs, Mitzi moaned as Yvonne's hot breath blew deep into her love hole.

"Oh no, honey," Mitzi gasped when she felt Yvonne trying to stimulate her. "You will NOT make me cum 'til I've made you first!!" she laughed as she swiveled her ass, crushing Yvonne's head between her muscular thighs.

Mitzi grabbed the brunette's waistband and hauled back, lifting her lower extremities and pulling her legs up and back to her. Hooking Yvonne's ankles under her arms, Mitzi's hands dove into Yvonne's navel, closing in a stomach claw she'd learned during her brief (and notably unsuccessful) turn at professional wrestling; then turning it into a stomach pump as she leaned downward, pumping Yvonne's abdomen with both hands as Yvonne's legs bent and wiggled wildly; her head bobbing between Mitzi's thighs; her hips heaving to Mitzi's rhythmic pumping. Suddenly, Yvonne’s back arched and her asscheeks trembled as the first of her girl precious goo began seeping out of the crotch of her suit, running down her asscrack. Yvonne's eyes fluttered and she moaned through the bra-gag, relaxing gently back toward Mitzi's crotch.

"So, you can orgasm using different methods, eh Yvonne?" chuckled Mitzi. "Well, I'll just have to guess what other methods I can do to make you cum!" Grabbing a handful of nearby seaweed, she used the fibrous strands to bind Yvonne's hands and ankles together, turning her into her thrust-up slave. She pulled both Yvonne's arms and legs under her ass, as she sat down on Yvonne's chest, pancaking her firm breasts under her butt while she used her strong fingers to spread Yvonne's own pussy juices over her asscheeks; her thumbs pressing deep into the crevice of her ass and pussy, forcing more of the precious girl goo out.

"Come on, babe, give me more of your pleasure juices and take some in yourself!!" she laughed as Yvonne mumbled beneath her. The tide was rising and each wave that swept in rolled further up the beach, coming nearing and nearer to their erotic tableau, inching closer and making the smooth earth more and more muddy.

"Time for orgasm number two, E-von!" Mitzi snarled as she grabbed Yvonne's waistband and lifted Yvonne's hips, her cum-slick asscheeks glistening in the sunlight as Mitzi held her up until the water surged in under her. When Mitzi felt the water touch her own knees, she slammed Yvonne's ass down hard...SPLAT....her skin trapping the sea water in the oozing muck. Mitzi began to rub Yvonne's hips side-to-side, getting liberal amounts of mud platered to her ass mixing with her cum, Mitzi pulled her bottom by its waistband so hard, Yvonne's ass lifted up so the crowd could see the wet mud and cum mixing and running off.

"Pattycake, pattycake, bake me a cake!" laughed Mitzi as she spanked the mixture of cum and mud on each of Yvonne's ass cheeks, stretching and then compressing her cheeks together. Finally, Mitzi stuck her thumbs into Yvonne's anal star to thumb her asshole, her intertwined fingers pressing more mud and cum past her panty-covered pussy lips. But what Mitzi didn't realize was that while she was lifting, slamming and twisting, Yvonne's hands had worked free of her seaweed bonds and now she brought both arms up and whip-lashed it across Mitzi's bare back

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" screamed Mitzi, arching her back forward and falling, trying to reach out her hands to break her fall.

Mitzi’s hands, which had been stimulating Yvonne's pussy and ass; bringing forth more and more juices, were now trapped inside Yvonne's muddy suit and as she toppled forward, her wrists, trapped under the suit bottom, twisted grotesquely. Yvonne's muddied bikini bottom stretched as Mitzi splatted face down in the mud and sand on her knees with her arms trapped under her spread legs and her ass sticking up in the air!

Yvonne sat up and spit out the bra-gag, then her heels slammed hard down on Mitzi's back, knocking the breath out of the blonde. She pounced on Mitzi's back, her bare breasts flattening against Mitzi's back as she slid up her body, coming to a stop with her breasts on either side of Mitzi's neck, her upper body bearing down and burying her face in the muddy sand.. Yvonne lay with her hands on Mitzi's raised, round ass cheeks, her fingers roughly probing both vulnerable love holes!

"Come on, Mitzi," Yvonne chuckled. "Now it's your turn to cum for me!!"

Yvonne began double fisting Mitzi's asshole and pussy from behind while smothering her face in the mud. Mitzi's arms waved and flapped wildly, reaching back trying to grab Yvonne but both of her wrists were sprained and whenever she touched anything it hurt! Suddenly, Mitzi's body spasmed, her muscular legs lifted in the air, her toes outstretched, as her girl goo burst out to reward Yvonne's expert fingering. Yvonne switched her ass-fisted hand into Mitzi's pussy, catching her warm juices in both hands, then one cum-covered hand slid under Mitzi's stomach to grope upwards to reach her face, Mitzi was gasping and spluttering mud as Yvonne's mud-slathered breasts pressing over Mitzi's ears. Yvonne smeared Mitzi's girl goo on her own breasts with one hand while the other kept pumping more and more of the blondes precious goo as Mitzi's hips humped in rhythm with Yvonne's hand movement.

"Come on, Mitzi, don't be shy...gimme more, you know want to!!" Yvonne screamed - although Mitzi could barely hear with her ears filled with mud and with Yvonne's breasts covering them.

Mitzi pushed up with both her hands and knees to gain strength, lifting Yvonne still hugging her back like a baby bear cub clinging to it's mother. Yvonne hung her head over Mitzi, taunting her as Mitzi's hips quivered with another strong orgasm. Suddenly, Mitzi pushed up with both hands, then tucked her arms under, sending both their heads crashing hard to the mud, sand, mud and water. Mitzi timed her move perfectly for as her head hit the ground, the back of her head smacked into Yvonne's chin, knocking her out! Yvonne's arms went limp, releasing their bearhug as she slid forward over Mitzi, tumbling over and landing flat on her back in the muddy water.

Mitzi got up, rubbing her pussy hard to complete her orgasm, then dropped down hard on Yvonne's face and erupted, spewing a fresh stream of her hot girl goo over Yvonne's eyes, nose, tongue, and lips. Mitzi's left hand slipped under Yvonne's head, pulling and lifting it to her pussy lips as her right hand reached behind her to pull Yvonne's bikini waistband up toward her.

"That's it," Mitzi hissed. "Breathe life into my pussy! Satisfy me and you'll get more sustenance from me, but be miserable and keep all your juices to yourself, Yvonne!" Mitzi smiled, slipping three fingers into Yvonne's pussy with her thumb and forefinger in her ass. Yvonne's hips bucked as she gushed forth a second helping of her own jism while she was force-fed another load of Mitzi's before Mitzi dragged Yvonne up to her feet, her twitching pussy still flowing down the insides of her trembling thighs. "I'll stop that drooling, sweetie," Mitzi said, as she scooped up a fistful of mud and slammed it hard up intoYvonne's pussy.

Her ass jerked backward and Mitzi picked her up ready for a bodyslam; but instead she coochie clawed the brunette, her fingers digging through mud and girl goo into her goodies. Yvonne moaned as she climaxed again, this time spurting upwards as her ass and pussy were at a 75 degree angle. Then Mitzi slammed Yvonne back down to the mud and crushed Yvonne's head between her own thighs, shoving her own pussy in her face in a classic matchbook pin!

"I've tasted your goo,” Mitzi growled. “Now taste it yourself! After all, it IS yours and as they say, we are what we eat !" Mitzi laughed as she pressed Yvonne's head harder into her own pussy, then finally released her for fear of breaking her neck. Yvonne flopped back, her head draped across Mitzi's thighs as Mitzi again coochie clawed the moaning brunette; her girl goo still dripping from her pussy, running down Mitzi's arms and leaving a glistening trail that lead back to Mitzi's tent where she continue pumping Yvonne for another hour!!

Afterward: Surprisingly, although she won the ‘battle’ it couldn’t save Mitzi’s career. Despite her loss, Yvonne had caught the eye of a director who mentioned her to several friends. The upshot was that Yvonne appeared in several films and numerous TV shows over the next several years, each time in a slightly more visible role; showcasing her ‘talent’ for a wider and wider audience among the ‘movers and shakers’ in Hollywood that would eventually land her the ‘role of a lifetime’ she sought.

Final vote: Mitzi (68%); Craig (32%)
Part Two - Boxing (1962) by simguy

BACKGROUND: It had been two years since Mitzi last appeared in a film and she realized she would have to swallow her pride and find a way to show the powers at the studios she was not only willing to do whatever it took to land a role, but that she still had that great body that looked so delicious on the big screen. When an agent recalled hearing stories about Mitzi and Yvonne’s ‘Battle on the Beach’ several years before, she contacted both women and offered to stage a rematch at a local club that featured women’s boxing matches. Since Yvonne’s career still hadn’t taken off, she too had more than enough incentive and after several days of back and forth negotiating, the deal was signed. Studio talent scouts, several ‘A’ list directors and a handful of mid-level producers, their dates, friends and ‘significant others’ were in the audience as the two actresses met for what would surely be the most important fight of their careers!

Mitzi, always prim and proper on screen, knew she had to make a statement and came out for this fight in one of her tiniest two-piece swimsuits, a black number that fit her ‘dancers bottom’ like a glove and pushed her full breasts up and out, showing a surprising amount of cleavage that she felt sure would catch the eye of some influential person. Yvonne went even further, dressing herself in one of the scandalous new French ‘bikini’ suits that left almost nothing to the imagination. Ringsiders reported that the look on Mitzi’s face when she saw Yvonne’s “costume or lack of one” was worth the price of admission all by itself!!

ROUNDS 1-2: Craig threw herself at Mitzi in these early rounds, simply going at the veteran with youthful exuberance. Gaynor didn't even try to match punches with the frenetic little dancer, instead fading to the ropes, crossing her arms and covering up with poise to draw out her opponent's vigor. To the untrained eye, and even to Craig herself, it looked like an outgunned, even tired Mitzi laying on the ropes, soaking up a beating. Yvonne busied herself to Mitzi's midsection, pumping with both fists, head on Gaynor's shoulder or upper chest - a torrid giddyup that looked more effective than it truly was. Calm in the storm, Gaynor lay back on the ropes, catching a lot of leather on her crossed forearms, turning a shoulder to block a shot destined for her chin, bending at the waist and easing Yvonne off balance with shoulder-weight in the hips and tummy. You couldn't take the rounds away from Yvonne - she was doing all the work - but Gaynor was masterful in drawing out Craig's youthful reserves early.

ROUNDS 3-4: Gaynor stepped off the ropes and began to operate mid-ring. Yvonne had yet to sense any change in the wind - she was still fiercely resolved to overwhelm Mitzi with volume as she set about breaking down the older woman with brisk combinations and sudden power punching from either side. Chipping and prying at Mitzi with stubby jabs, Craig would detonate sudden rights and torquing left hooks, pelting Gaynor upside the head and shoulders. But Gaynor was starting to make inroads. Pointing her left shoulder at Craig, Mitzi held her right hand at her chest, able to raise it just a couple of inches to help protect her chin. The left hand, Mitzi held across her waist, blocking most of the Craig body shots, and by raising the left elbow and tucking her chin behind that left shoulder, Gaynor's defense was virtually impenetrable. As Craig blasted away to little effect - Mitzi rolled easy to her left, tucking firm left hooks into wide open Craig ribs and tummy, doubling it up to test Craig's chin. Gaynor didn't have to match speed and ferocity with the cub; her timing was beating Yvonne's hand speed, her placement was better than Yvonne's fury and her power was starting to bring the ingenue to heel. After four rounds, Gaynor's patient, systematic blend of offense and defense had slowed the pace of the fight, put a concerned expression on Craig's perky face, and sucked the bounce out of Craig's reportedly 'tireless' legs.

ROUND 5: Mitzi on the body! Gaynor stayed in her crossed arm stance, rolling easily to the left and getting off in brisk two's and three's to Craig's trembling abdomen. Yvonne's lips drew tight across her face - more and more she was getting touched in the body and finding herself unable to respond. The creeping paralysis of Gaynor's tidy hooks and chopping right hands was now visible to all in Craig's constipated expression and tentative movement, and you couldn't wipe the smile off Gaynor's face. After just five rounds, Mitzi had put a leash on Yvonne and both women knew it.

ROUND 6: Craig tried to rally, willing herself to toss and slap punches - Mitzi stayed in the crossed-arm pocket, crouched, lifted the left elbow and calmly rolled and blocked until Yvonne was spent. Then the inevitable counter attacks - sudden digging hooks ribs and chin; shoulder feints to freeze Yvonne for the quick hesitation right; left and right uppercuts tidy on the chin - Mitzi with her weight on her back foot, letting Craig lean into the blows. For Yvonne Craig it was a devastating feeling - to be drawn out, turned back, drawn out, turned back - she felt like a puppet on a string, taunted by Mitzi's dancing eyes just before accurate punches landed hard on chosen targets. A shopworn Yvonne Craig staggered back to her corner, swelling evident around both eyes, and those ribs! Tender.

ROUND 7: Gaynor stepped up the pace, now able to circle and work her foe with impunity. Mitzi operated out of the crossed arm - snapping jabs backhand off her waist, testing the ramshackle defense, turning Craig on shopworn legs. Yvonne had been betrayed by her offense and had no other answers: she'd never had a woman ride out the storm and come back on her before and her reaction was typical of many fighters - Craig kept trudging on. Punches were few and far between from her, but she tried to come forward, tried to release her hands, virtually sealing her fate in the process. Mitzi now fought with a permanent, small grin on her lips: her legs were in charge of Yvonne's; her body was dominating Yvonne's; Mitzi's hands took what they wanted. It was up to Yvonne how much she would take as Mitzi set and maintained a robust pace through seven.

ROUND 8: Gaynor had settled in - rolling left, releasing fluid punches from the crossed-arm, really tidying up on Craig with snapping, doubled up hooks in behind elbow, then up to the head. When Mitzi wanted to change-up - she'd ease her left shoulder into Craig's chest and push her back. Yvonne's springy legs were no longer holding canvas - she went where Mitzi wanted her to. Mitzi was winning the fight to the body, but Craig's chin was also suprisingly available - Mitzi going there with sudden lead rights, screened by her stance. Gaynor would tag the chin, bend down and to her left, looking up to admire her handiwork as a battered Craig reeled on the spot.

ROUND 9: Mitzi had done a masterful job of breaking Yvonne down, taking away her strength and options - now Gaynor pressed the pace to get the stoppage. Craig had had the illusion of being competitive because Gaynor had been influencing the young beauty forward all night - now Mitzi backed Yvonne up muscular, banging and bumping the brunette to the ropes. Mitzi used her head and shoulders roughly, constantly nudging and jostling, propping Yvonne up with that extended left elbow before tearing away with combinations. Gaynor blazed away, but stayed in control, never losing form or leverage on her punches as she tucked in under Yvonne's elbows, carved out tender belly meat, curled uppercuts to the chin and laying waste to what was left. Poor Yvonne sat in the ropes and roasted under the barrage - her torso tilted forward, hands up and useless at her temples. Mitzi shook Yvonne in the body, then picked up her chin with impunity. At the bell, Mitzi wiped her sweaty brow with her forearm and looked on in frank amazement at Craig's bravado. Yvonne was all busted up - a wreck, but she refused to go down or quit. She wandered wobbly butt to her corner as Gaynor shook her head and smiled.

ROUND 10: Gaynor promptly bodied Yvonne into the ropes, reaching under the brunette's arms to prop her up, then mopped up those throbbing ribs, pain-wracked belly and oh-so-available chin! Nothing fancy from Gaynor - just good position, her strong legs spread wide, that muscular 'dancers bottom' thrust out, bumping shoulder and elbow work and constant, non-stop punching with both hands. Craig couldn't answer and in later eras, the fight would surely have been stopped as Mitzi began to put an ungodly beating on the brave ingenue. When Mitzi put thumping right hands in sequence - tummy, tummy, chin, chin - Craig's legs finally gave way to a shout from the crowd. Yvonne trembled to all fours, swaying like she might flop on her belly and face....but again, she somehow found the will to stand. Gaynor, pushed her way past the referee, showing Craig no mercy but tons of respect! Mitzi held nothing back, rolling her shoulders to tear up Craig's weeping gut, straightening to pull tidy uppercuts onto the overhanging chin, bodying up to reset the action as Craig's dead weight slumped in the ropes. Mitzi lathered her girl into stupor but at the bell - a battered, ragged and helpless Yvonne Craig still kept her feet, albeit swaying in the wind. It came back a pulsing and as expected, unanimous decision for Mitzi Gaynor.

Afterward: "The kid's got heart," Mitzi would say in the immediate aftermath of her first 'official' fight with Craig. "And then some! She's got a bright future - if she learns to box! She can already fight a ton - she's going to be a little handful." Prophetic words indeed. Craig would take this defeat to heart, learning more from it, she said, than from any victory she'd had in her career to that point. "I set my sights on Mitzi from that point on," Yvonne recollects. "Soaking up that beating gave me the motivation I needed to get better. I never wanted to get outclassed like that again, and I felt like, with a little seasoning, the shoe would be on the other foot one day."

Mitzi would make only one more movie, the next year, costarring with Kirk Douglas in “For Love or Money” which also featured one of Mitzi’s early rivals, leggy dancer Julie Newmar. Yvonne continued in small supporting parts in ‘B’ movies, including “It Happened At the World’s Fair” and “Kissin’ Cousins” both with Elvis Presley with whom she reportedly had a “fling” and in several TV shows; still looking for that elusive ‘big break’ that could catapault an actress to stardom.
Part Three - Boxing Rematch (1966) by simguy

BACKGROUND: Hollywood had stopped making musicals by the early 1960's and Mitzi appeared in only one film after 1956, that in 1963! By the latter half of the decade of the 60’s, Mitzi was struggling, trying hard to get her movie career back on track! Early in her career - like many young actresses starting out - she supported herself any way she could. In Mitzi’s case, she’d been fortunate to sign on with "Frank Sinatra's Fighting Females" and the contacts she made there helped launch her career! Now, with her film future bleak, Mitzi returned to celebrity fighting in an attempt to keep her face and figure before producers and directors - and to make sure her name remained familiar to studio execs and casting agents.

Yvonne Craig's career had taken a different arc than Mitzi's after their 'Battle on the Beach' (Part One) and their first boxing match (Part Two). While Yvonne was still a long way from being a 'star' she appeared regularly in 'B movie' epics like "Mars Needs Women", "Kissing Cousins" and "Gidget" as well as small, insignificant, films that only required her to show her pretty face and demonstrate her willingness to cater to the whims of the producers and directors. But the cute little actress was about to get her 'breakout' role as 'Batgirl' on the 'Batman' TV series and when they met in this epic fight, both were hungry and willing to do whatever it took to get an opportunity for a juicy part!

SETTING: Summer 1966; Catalina Island, California; the vacation home of a 20th Century Fox producer who loved women's boxing. The participants: 36 year old Mitzi Gaynor, still regarded as one of the best boxing actresses in Hollywood, and Yvonne Craig, 30, the young actress just chosen to play Batgirl on TV. The audience: a dozen or so invited guests including two young starlets hoping to become boxers themselves. Gaynor, still hoping to resuscitate her movie career, had pitched a TV special to the network and in exchange for taking the meeting, the producer *required* her to "go a few rounds with Craig" whom the show was hoping could create some media buzz with her boxing skills.

This was a big fight! Gaynor had just beaten Kim Novak, something many thought she could never do, while Craig was coming off a disappointing loss to Ann Margret. Both are looking to reestablish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Hollywood Celebrity Boxing scene but Mitzi was under no illusions as she stepped into the private ring in a stunning leopard print bikini with string ties at the hips and between her still firm breasts. Craig opted for a more modest two piece that hugged an ample backside and fit snugly around the tops of her thick, muscular thighs.

ROUND 1: Both women out briskly, right at their cheek; snapping off crisp left jabs. Each lands snapping jabs that rock the others head on her shoulders, but neither appears to have advantage until halfway through the round when Gaynor slips a Craig jab, steps right and CRANKS a big right hand to the brunette's jaw. Craig stepping in fence post holes as Mitzi bullies her to the ropes and LIGHTS UP her body with heavy-handed punches that leave Craig gasping as the referee pulls Mitzi off and gives the jiggle-thighed brunette a standing eight! Craig nods she's alright and both women grapple, clutch and hold for the remainder of the round as Yvonne's clutching and grabbing allows her to escape further harm but it's a big first for Gaynor!

ROUND 2: Yvonne looks lost as she takes her beating. Gaynor is all over her, working that tight torso and her head too. but as the time winds down, Gaynor seems to grow arm weary; her punches now don't seem to have the impact of earlier, and Craig is starting to fire back, digging into the blondes tummy with success. Soon, Yvonne has Mitzi walking back, being beaten off the ropes, with a sick look on her face as the bell sounds. Ref has to separate the two warriors with Mitzi clinching trying to prevent more damage.

ROUND 3: Both fighters jabbing at midring, neither with an advantage, the previous round seems to have taken a toll on both as they frequently fall together and wrestle for the advantage, plunking each other in the ribs until the referee intervenes; then starting it all over again. Middle minute, both open up toe-to-toe; heavy fists thudding off taut torsos and banging ribs. Gaynor getting the better of these exchanges with the shorter brunette! Round winds down and ends much as it began, with both weary fighters falling together to uppercut soft bellies or elbow overflowing tops as the referee has his hands full. Slight edge to Gaynor after 3.

ROUND 4: Mitzi comes out looking to fight and Yvonne seems to want to take the round off. Gaynor is all over her.. banging away with both hands. Mitzi’s pushing Craig all over the ring, using those strong dancers legs to out-muscle Yvonne, who's not even hitting back. Gaynor feasts on the brunette, batting her head side to side and dipping in with tough punches to the middle. looks like Yvonne has lost her will to fight. then suddenly out of no where she brings on a huge right that clocks Gaynor's head back and quickly she backs off hurt, as Craig chases the blonde to the ropes and bangs away to the body! Gaynor fires back but Craig is getting the better of it at the bell and Mitzi heads back to her corner with her chest heaving, out of breath!

ROUND 5: Gaynor again out strong to open the round, setting up a big right hand with a short, hard left hook to the ribs. She has Craig reeling backward under a hard body attack. Craig with her butt in the ropes, covering up and trying mightily just to weather the storm. Craig tries to fight off the ropes, but Gaynor lands a big uppercut and CRAIG GOES DOWN! Craig dropped on her back, arm draped over her face as Gaynor struts the ring with her arms raised. Craig gamely pulls herself up the ropes, but her legs are like jello and she fades to the ropes as Gaynor comes in to finish. Hard left to the head rocks Craig but she pushes off the ropes and RIPS a right just below the slight curve of Gaynor's lower belly. Gaynor's eyes widen in shock as she takes a step back, her mouth gaping. Craig falls forward as she DRIVES another hard right in below the belly button. MITZI CRUMPLES TO HER KNEES! Gaynor, on her haunches, red-faced, head bowed, trembling arms wrapped around her heaving belly, slowly lifts her head and shakes it, "No mas!" Craig staggers away with a shocking, come-off-the-canvas KO5 victory.

Afterward: In the end, the younger, perhaps fitter, Yvonne prevailed over the older, softer; but far more experienced Gaynor. Mitzi never did get her TV deal while Yvonne spent two years on the Batman TV show. Later, both women were unusually reticent about the match, leading to speculation neither felt it as a particularly good outing for them and, perhaps slightly embarrassed by the fact they were reduced to providing “mere entertainment” at a point in their career when both saw themselves as a “star.”

This proved to be the nadir of Mitzi’s fighting career - although she made a brief fighting comeback attempt in 1971(?). She went on to have a highly successful string of appearances in Las Vegas and toured the country into the 1990’s appearing in dinner theatres and putting on one woman shows that drew more than respectable crowds! Yvonne was a ‘hit’ as Batgirl for two years, but when Batman was cancelled she was forced to go back to her ‘B movie’ life in films like “Mars Needs Women.” Yvonne made a good living doing guest star appearances in network TV shows including “Star Trek” and “Dr. Kildare”and had small roles in several major motion pictures like “In Like Flint” but looking back with the advantage of hindsight, everyone would agree it was Mitzi Gaynor’s career that had legs! 1