Richard Fannin’s Christmas Party: Neve Campbell vs. Ashley Scott by The Walkin' Dude

It was getting on toward the end of December and at just after 7PM in the evening, the narrow winding road leading out of Hobbs End was silent, save for the sound of quietly falling snow. The silence held for several seconds and then was interrupted by the noise of an approaching engine. Headlights split the dark and a limousine rounded the curve. Seconds later a second limo appeared and caught up with its predecessor. The big cars were blacker than the dark around them, their engines letting off throaty roars in the crisp silence of the 13 degree evening. And though your narrator could just as well let the cars go on about their business and enjoy the silence of the woods, that wouldn't make for a very interesting story. Keeping that in mind, let tag along for the ride and see where they're going shall we?....

Inside the first car, occupying a large cabin near the back, six figures reclined on plush red interior. Before we go any further, allow me to introduce the riders. On one side sat Kim, Ginny and Dan Le Cleir. Opposite them were Bigfan, Poochie and Rob, each trying in his - or her - own way to look UP Kim's short skirt or DOWN Ginny’s plunging neckline. Their conversation had, so far, been relatively mundane, although both the gorgeous young Kim and the world-wise Ginny appeared to squirm uncomfortably whenever one of the men would pop up or lean forward to offer them a tid-bit or to refill their glass with beverage - which they did constantly! Aside from that, the weather, holiday plans and gifts had dominated. Finally, after a companionable but long silence, Rob asked the question everyone had on their mind.

Addressing no one in particular, he said, "So what do you think Fannin has planned for us?"

Bigfan and Ginny simply shrugged and offered no help; for now they were content to simply wait and see where the evening carried them.

Kim was a bit more forthcoming, "With Rich, who knows what could happen. But when the invite arrived, we (indicating Ginny) sure weren't going to say no. As far as I know, he's never opened his house before."

Rob nodded and looked at Dan who, pressed for an answer, said, "I've gotta go with Kim on this one. I don't think any of us have met him in person, although we've obviously developed a rapport through e-mail and the message board if he's asking us to show. As long as their food, drink and...... entertainment....... shall we say? I'm satisfied."

Breaking his silence, Poochie offered, "Agreed. There's gotta be some other reason he's bringing us together. I mean, it's great meeting you all in person after what seems like forever, but why do it way out in the woods like this? And why not invite everybody? Why only 12? I have a feeling we're going to witness something interesting."

Bigfan leaned forward and cracked his knuckles. Taking a deep breath, he offered, " I think....given our shared interest that it almost a guarantee that we're the audience for something. But I'm with the rest of you. If it's a big name match, it doesn't make sense as to why the audience is so small. Rich could make tons of cash having it in even a small venue. But perhaps we're all worrying about nothing; maybe we should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Let's see what our resident eccentric has in mind."

At this comment, Ginny stifled a small chuckle. Looking around at the raised eyebrows of her companions, she smiled, "Sorry, didn't mean to be rude. It's just I think it's funny calling Rich ‘eccentric’ Hell, none of us are exactly Joe or Jane Average…no offense…."

Rob nodded and laughed, "None taken.”

"Besides," Kim chimed in. "Normal is relative; who the fuck wants ta be normal!"

"Here! Here!" the others responded.

On that note, let's take their leave and visit with the occupants of the 2nd limo. In the confines of the second vehicle, a similar discussion was taking place.

Looking at his fellow travelers, BBB4 asked, "So, who are we here to watch? Any thoughts?"

"Karen McDougal?" volunteered Irish, rubbing his hands excitedly.

"Elisha Cuthbert?" offered Nightscape hopefully.

BBB4 shook his head ad muttered, "Predictable, the whole lot of you...but then, I could be wrong!"

Grinning, Blizzard countered, "Well what do you think B? Who're the players in Fannin's mystery battle?"

Clearing his throat, BBB4 responded, "Well I can't say for sure. But I'd be willing to bet at least one of the participants is Katie Holmes. After what she did to Sarah, Rich did suspend her from ring action. So maybe he found somebody willing to take her on outside the ring."

"Yeah, but who on his roster would be willing to step into that blender?" Asked Mr. Chris. "She almost killed Sarah if I read the reports right."

"She has a severely bruised trachea." said Rappin. "But she's expected to make a full recovery."

"I don't think anybody wants to get in the ring with Katie right now." opined Nightscape "I mean, it's bad enough what she can do in a ring, how much damage could she do in a street fight type setting?"

"Good point." said Blizzard. But I think we're all forgetting something. Fannin is first and foremost a promoter. If he had found someone with the ability to put down Katie wouldn't he have hyped the holy hell out of it?"

"Yeah you're right," responded Irish. "I can't see him throwing away cash on a fight like that. Maybe he's got a bunch of new talent lined up. Sort of a preview for all of us of the ladies who are going to be debuting next year?"

"I could be wrong, but why not just say so? Jeez the suspense is killing me? I could use a drink...." moaned BBB4.

"Relax B-man," chided Irish. "When we get to Fannin's place, all mysteries will be revealed. And as for the drinking. Well, I volunteered my services as bartender."

Smiling, B said "You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman."

Craning his neck to look out the window Rappin said "Speaking of getting there, I think we're pretty close.. I can't prove it but we just made a pretty hard turn and I think I saw some big gates.

"Yeah, that would be Rich's style. I get the feeling he's got a love for the spooky stuff. The weirdo is always dropping lines and references to bizarre goings on in his messages." joked Mr. Chris. Looking over at Nightscape he asked "Hey 'Scape, you OK? You've been pretty quiet?"

"Just fine." he said "Just enjoying the ride is all. And trying not to think ahead too far. Don't want to spoil the evening before it starts. I'm looking forward to a great get together. Food, friends and the possibility of vicious female combat. Is there a better way to spend the holiday."

"None that I can think of." said Blizzard. The words had just left his mouth when the limo rolled to a stop. Reaching for the handle, he said "Let's go to a party." The others agreed heartily and piled out onto the snow. They were headed toward the group near the first car when they all stopped dead in their tracks, noticing the mansion for the first time.

Without wasting too many adjectives, the house was huge. At least tree stories tall it was constructed from great gray blocks and had a steeply pitched roof that might have been green in the light of day but was now simply black. Looking up at the mansion, the group was silent until Irish said, "Nice house. Nice chimney's too. What say we go inside?"

The group agreed that this was the best idea and headed toward the door, a large wooden affair that looked impossibly ancient. Kim was fumbling around for a bell when the door creaked open and warm yellow light spilled out. Standing in the doorway was not Richard Fannin, but instead his intermediary. The hulking giant known as George Stark.

"Greetings!” said Stark warmly. "Don't just stand there, come in, come in." Everyone began to trundle in and Stark closed the door behind them, sealing off the cold and dark. “Before we get too much further along, allow me to reintroduce myself. I'm George Stark and I've been asked to take your coats and then show you through the mansion, bringing you to the site of tonight's festivities.”

While Stark collected coats and hung them in a closet by the door, Rappin said "Well it's nice to meet you George, but where's Rich? It is his party after all."

Motioning for the guests to follow him, Stark started down a long hallway and answered, "He's upstairs, talking with the participants and preparing a little pre-fight back story. The history behind tonight's pairing isn’ public knowledge.”

Hearing this clue, Kim nudged Ginny and whispered, "The plot thickens...."

Staying near the back of the group, Blizzard was paying close attention to the paintings lining the walls. The artists was talented, but the subject matter left much to be desired as most concerned themselves with monsters and ghouls lurking around various dark locales and in some cases stalking some unlucky passerby. The signature on all the paintings was R.U. Pickman.

Scratching his head, Bliz looked over his shoulder at Mr. Chris and asked, "Isn't Fannin's place in Hobbs End called ‘Pickman's Studio’?"

"Yeah!" said Mr. Chris. "See what'd I tell you! Another wacky reference. Neat paintings though." They hurriedly caught up with the rest of the group as they were passing by a open set of double doors and into a room slightly down the hall.

Stopping to look through the double doors, Irish let out a low whistle, "Boy I wouldn't mind tending bar in a place like that." The room inside the double doors wasn't so much a bar as a full blown lounge, with the bar taking up one whole side and the other being populated by deep set booths.

Following Irish's gaze, Nightscape said, "You know, that looks really familiar."

"What do you mean? asked Irish"

"There was this hotel I visited a long time ago; in Colorado, place called ‘The Overlook’. Burned down back in the late seventies or very early eighties, but I swear this setup is exactly the same as the lounge there. Nah, probably just a coincidence!"

They left the dark lounge behind and followed the others into the room next door. Seeing them arrive, Stark said, "Now that you're all here, let me welcome you to the library. It's actually more a library and study, but that doesn't sound nearly as elegant. There are a couple of things I'd like to direct your attention to. First, if you look over in the left corner, you'll notice the bar. Mr. Irish, Rich said you'd volunteered to play bartender?"

"Yes Indeed" grinned Irish, eagerly rubbing his hands together.

"Very good!" replied Stark. "The other thing I wanted you all to be aware of is the contents of the library. Around you is quite possibly the largest collection of taped female combat anywhere in the world. All bouts are cross-referenced so you can locate a match by fighter, time period or match type. Feel free to browse all you want. You can watch anything you want on the wall mounted displays on each wall. Any questions?"

"Just one!" asked Dan. "When's the main event roll around?” The others echoed similar concern.

Looking at his watch, Stark answered, "It's a little before eight now. I'm guessing things will get started right around the stroke of midnight. That OK to everyone?"

They nodded and began to break up into smaller groups, heading towards different corners of the library. Stark quietly excused himself and headed upstairs, he had business of his own to attend to. Back in the study, Irish had reached the bar and was doling out drinks to everyone and judging from the rate of consumption, it was going to be a lively evening! Over in another corner, Kim and Ginny were perusing the Theron section; arguing over which matches to watch first. Nearby, Poochie and Rob were already watching old tapes and having a spirited discussion involving the pros and cons of footwear in female combat. Another interesting discovery was made by Blizzard, the Iceman calling over BBB4, Rappin, Dan and Bigfan.

"Hey guys check it out!" Blizzard said, pointing. Following his direction, the others observed an interesting sight. In front of a huge, roaring fireplace, several old, worn, apparently bear skin rugs had been arranged in a rough rectangle. A few feet away from them, several overstuffed couches and chairs had been arranged in a semi circle. "Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking? Blizzard asked. "Ladies wrestling on bear skin rugs in front of a fire? That's a bit neat; actually…a LOT neat!"

Bigfan nodded his approval, "It definitely a different type of setting. Much less open than a wrestling ring. This is getting better by the minute."

"I like it!" B said. "It means whoever our combatants are, they have nowhere to run. That's the way it should be." All privy to this discussion nodded and were silent, imaginations taking hold briefly.

Back along another section of the library, Nightscape was conducting a thorough search of the Kristin Kreuk section of the library. Running his hand along the spine of the cases, he muttered, "C'mon, c'mon.... Crap! It's not here!"

Hearing his lament, Mr. Chris wandered over, "Something checked out? I find that hard to believe."

"Looks like…" sighed 'Scape. “He has Kristin-Elisha #1 and #2; but no #3."

Mr. Chris frowned, "I thought they'd only had two matches!"

"That's what everybody thinks; truth is, they had a 3rd - not in a ring but out in the woods, in some field. I don't know how it ended, but rumor says our host was there and witnessed the whole thing."

"That match is just another of those Internet rumors," scoffed Mr. Chris. "Made up by one or the other just to make themself look tougher."

"If that's so; how come they BOTH were off for a month at the beginning of November? And how come BOTH stopped trashing the other publicly? There HAD to have been a third match and I'd love to know if there's a tape!"

"Guess you'll just have to ask our host when he shows up." said Mr. Chris, sipping his drink as he wandered away. It was in this fashion that they spent the majority of the next four hours. Watching tapes, drinking, sharing stories of fights past and speculating on future set-to’s; generally having a good time. The clock had just begun to chime 12 when the door opened and Fannin made his entrance. As per his style, the promoter was clad simply, in Black, his T- shirt and jeans the same faded shade. Amidst numerous greetings, Rich shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, familiarizing himself with the faces of those he'd exchanged correspondence with over the last several months.

"Ahh, our host makes his presence felt," spoke BBB4 as Fannin approached his guests.

Taking a sip of the scotch Irish had handed him, Rich cleared his throat and spoke, "I'm very glad you all could make it and I'm pleased to finally meet you all in person. But as nice as simply talking would be, I can tell by the expressions on your faces that everyone is ready for the main event. The reason you're all here if you will. Well if you wouldn't mind taking a seat by the fire, I'll explain a little back story and then we can get to the culmination of the festivities.”

Nodding at the appreciative cheer from his guests, Fannin wandered over to the door and slid a small lever slowly down. The lights in the library dimmed until the only illumination came from the roaring fire. Fannin took another sip of his drink, then explained, "The match you are going to see tonight is the first public, one on one encounter between two very talented women; Neve Campbell and Ashley Scott. I say first public encounter, because if you follow the rumblings and rumors of the industry, you're aware that these two have been at each others throats for the better part of seven months now. They've faced off behind closed doors and had various minor scuffles in places ranging from gyms, nightclubs, locker rooms and a host of others. Several of these battles haven't been minor either, in fact one took lace in my office several weeks ago and the results of those few minutes are the reason you're all here tonight.

“TO be frank, these two hate each other. I tried to find out why and neither could provide a real reason. This bothers me, but I'm sure several of you could give a crap about the why. And that's fine too, I'm just curious is all. But getting back to the point. As a result of what happened in a high-rise apartment one night and in my office the following afternoon, these two have agreed to meet and settle their differences in front of an audience once and for all. Their match has just one stipulation, it's an "I quit" match; it won't end until one participant verbally submits. Other than that, the only rules are no attacks on the eyes. They're free to do whatever they want to each other. And finally, the last big question... Why were YOU asked to watch this match? The answer is simply that Neve and Ashley have vowed to defeat and humiliate the other tonight. You’re among the best and well known leaders in our industry and they wanted the best minds and pens to witness the ultimate destruction of the other. And that's all I had to say. Any questions?"

He scanned the faces of his guests but Rob was the only one who spoke, "No, I think that pretty well covers it."

"Excellent. Then allow me to introduce the participants. Our first combatant stands 5 feet 9...she is 'The Huntress!' Honored guests I give you, Ashley Scott!"

As if the words were a talisman, the front door opened and Ashley entered the room. Walking toward the assembled crowd, she was a sight, her long lean frame clad only in a short red robe that ended well above the knee. Standing in front of the guests, she unknotted the robe and tossed it aside, leaving her wearing a simple black bikini. She looked every bit the goddess in the mellow orange light as she turned to await the arrival of her nemesis.

Collecting himself, Richard continued, "Her opponent, standing 5 feet, 6 is 'The Scream Queen'; Ladies and Gentleman I present Neve Campbell!"

The door opened again and Neve strode through. Her pale figure was clad in a robe similar to Ashley's, though hers was a dark blue. Keeping her eyes locked on Ashley, she slipped her robe off and let it fall, revealing the same black bikini her foe was wearing. From opposite ends of the rug they glared daggers at each other, Fannin the only thing separating them now.

Looking a bit nervous, Richard said, "Ladies, at this point going over the rules again would be pointless. You both now the drill, so as soon as I sit down feel free to get started. Just remember, it doesn't stop until one of you verbally submits."

Speaking his last, Fannin cleared his throat and stepped back before taking a seat near the center of the small half circle of onlookers. The cavernous study was mostly silent save for a few noises. The hiss from the fireplace, the slightly nervous clink of ice in a glass, the muffled howl of the wind outside and of course, the steady, even breathing of the two combatants. In this, a silence that wasn't silent, Neve and Ashley stepped toward each other, their bare feet tickled slightly by the fur of the rug. Their forward progress didn't stop until the two ladies were nose to nose, chest to chest. Even then each leaned forward ever so slightly, letting her nemesis know what was to come. In the flickering light of the fire, a pair of blue eyes locked with a pair of brown ones. For a long time, neither brunette spoke.

Eventually, Neve who broke the silence, her voice a soft whisper, "This is where it ends Ashley. Tonight is where I bring the Huntress to ground. You're going to submit to me before the night is over. And you're going to say it loud enough so that everyone in this room can hear you."

When she concluded her threat, Neve simply stared at Ashley, waiting for the tall brunette to respond. Nonplused by Neve's confidence, Ashley delivered her own whispered threat, "I've told you since the beginning that you don't scare me. I rode your face once and I can do it again. I've seen you in ways no one in this room could imagine: beaten, sobbing, humbled and humiliated. After I'm done with you they won't have to imagine anymore. They're going to see all that and more from you this evening. And when I ASK for your submission, you're going to scream it at the top of your lungs. That is of course if I'm not sitting on your face."

The Huntress's last sentence dripped with a malice she'd never felt before and likely would never feel again. Convinced the time for talk was over, Ashley stepped back and dipped into a low crouch, circling to her left. Her gaze never leaving Ashley's, Neve assumed her own crouch and moved silently mirroring the Huntress. They circled several times, the space between them growing smaller with every rotation. Finally, their extended fingers almost brushing, they lunged forward and locked up. For a moment they were merely two struggling silhouettes, backlit by the massive fireplace. Seconds later though, Neve cinched her arm up around Ashley's neck, slapping on a tight Side Headlock. Jerking the bigger brunette's head down against the point of her hip, Neve took Ashley down hard, bringing her to the rugs with a combination Headlock takedown and Hip Throw.

When Ashley hit the floor, Neve fell with her, maintaining her grip on Ashley's head as she landed on top of Ashley. There was a near imperceptible grunt from the Huntress' lips as the wind was knocked out of her. Neve continued to pour on the pressure, cranking her skull in her lean forearms. Ignoring the pain , Ashley snaked one hand up behind Neve's head and grabbed a handful of hair before yanking back painfully. With her other hand, she dug long fingers into the elbow joint locked under her chin. Pulling hair with one hand and squeezing down painfully with the other, Ashley put all her considerable talents into breaking the Scream Queen's hold. Moments later her patience was rewarded as Neve released the pressure and pushed Ashley away from her. Recovering quickly, Ashley took a deep breath and rose to her feet, simultaneous with Neve regaining her vertical base. The Huntress smiled slightly when she saw that Neve was rubbing the elbow she had clawed. Interestingly enough, Ashley didn't realize that she ran a hand over the back of her neck, letting Neve know that her takedown hadn't been entirely ineffective.

No words passed between the two women and they lunged forward to lock up a second time, again silhouetted against the light of the fire. After a brief struggle Ashley took the initiative, slipping a leg behind one of her foe's. Pushing forward hard, Ashley took Neve off her feet and down to the rug. Keeping her hands locked with Neve's, Ashley pounced, straddling the smaller woman's stomach. Quickly releasing Neve's hands, Ashley leaned back and hooked both of her rival's legs at the knees before leaning foreword, trapping the Scream Queen in a beautiful Matchbook pin. The small group of onlookers was rewarded with a great view of Neve's black clad rear and powerful thighs as she was held captive in the Huntress's trap. The thought occurred to several in the audience that it was odd for Ashley to be utilizing a pinning combination in a match that was submissions only, but then they realized that Ashley didn't care about pinning her rival for the win. She was holding her rival helpless and exposed simply to show that she could.

Pinned beneath the Huntress, Neve realized her opponent's game and her face flushed a mild red. Breathing deep, she kicked out hard and pulled her long legs free of Ashley's grip. Now held down in a mere Waist Straddle, Neve locked hands with Ashley and pushed up, unseating her foe and sending her sprawling on the rug. Both brunette's were quick to their knees and in this state they locked up, chests and stomachs pressed tightly together, heads resting on the other's shoulder. They pushed and shoved for a moment and then Ashley took control again, using her bit of height and weight advantage to bull Neve onto her back. Looking to take an early psychological advantage, Ashley scooted up Neve's lean frame until her crotch was resting on the other brunette's chin, trapping Campbell in a textbook Schoolgirl Pin. Feeling Neve buck beneath her, Ashley ran her hands through her hair before bringing them to rest on her hips.

Staring down at Neve's trapped face, Ashley ground her hips down a little bit as she said with a smile, "Ready to quit Neve?"

Angry that Ashley would even ASK for her surrender so early Neve responded with a taunt, "Not even close Ashley. You're snatch may smell awful but I can stand it long enough to get out of this hold."

Several audience members chuckled at Neve's defiance and now it was Ashley's turn to flush. Grinding her hips again she taunted, "You talk big now, let's see how you talk with your mouth full!" She started to slide forward, meaning to engulf Neve's mouth and nose with her crotch, but Neve had other plans.

Planting her feet, the captive brunette bridged up hard and pushed, shoving Ashley forward and off of her. Not wasting a moment, Neve pounced on Ashley's back and flipped her over. Seconds later it was the Huntress that found herself looking up at her rival, her vision flanked on either side by Neve's flawless thighs. Rubbing her crotch lightly against Ashley's chin, Neve traced a finger along the tip of Ashley's upturned nose.

As the larger brunette struggled, Neve hissed, “Are YOU ready to quit Ashley? I know this is embarrassing for you. If I remember the end of our first match right, you absolutely HATED this...."

Neve ground her hips forward, brushing her womanhood just barely over Ashley's mouth and nose. Looking into Neve's confidant brown eyes, Ashley's rage grew exponentially. Neve was right about one thing, she LOATHED suffering through a Face Sit, especially by the Scream Queen. Her anger giving her strength, Ashley surged up and tossed Neve off her, much to the audience's and Neve's surprise. Sick of just toying with her prey, Ashley looked to put a serious hurting on her opponent.

Launching herself at Neve, Ashley hit her low and hard, taking the other brunette down just as she was getting to her feet. Grappling hard with her equally talented foe, Ashley was stone faced, determined to get the better of Neve in the clinch. Again bringing her size and power into play, Ashley forced Neve onto her back and then looped both arms around the Scream Queen's neck. Tightening her grip, Ashley did her best to cut off Neve's air supply. When her breathing was restricted, Neve doubled her escape efforts, kicking her legs wildly and bringing her hands up before digging dagger like claws into the constricting limbs. To her credit though, the Huntress was able to maintain her hold and she weathered Neve's assault admirably. Intent on activating the next stage of her hold, Ashley rolled onto her back pulling Neve on top of her.

Before her captive could respond, Ashley looped her long, lean legs around Neve's waist and locked her ankles. Smiling at what was coming, Ashley took a deep breath and squeezed as hard as she could, intent on cutting Neve in half. Hearing the loud rush of air from Neve's lungs only motivated the Huntress to squeeze harder and roll Neve the other way, so that both captor and captive were facing the small audience.

Keeping both the choke and the scissors locked tight, Ashley leaned in to whisper in her victim's ear, "You think you're the Queen when it comes to humiliation games? Let me tell you something you little bitch, you picked a fight with the wrong girl. I'm going to HUMILIATE you tonight. You'll never show your face anywhere near a ring when I'm done with you!"

Not giving Neve a chance to respond, Ashley released her choke and secured a two handed grip on the back strap of Neve's top. Before Neve knew what was going on, Ashley had pulled her top away and flung it away, sending it into Blizzard's lap where he had to quickly grab it just ahead of Ginny’s groping hand. When her fingers closed over something OTHER than the expected souvenir top, the buxom redhead quickly pulled her hand back, blushing furiously! The Iceman regarded the unexpected gift(s) with a dazed smile before quietly pocketing Neve’s top, much to the dismay of several others!

Back on the rug, Ashley had stepped up her embarrassing attack another notch, filling her hands with Neve's breasts. The Huntress went to town on her red faced rival's pale bounty, pinching twisting and clawing for all she was worth. After a few minutes she changed it up, shifting the focus of her malice to Neve's nipples. Pinching the sensitive flesh between her thumbs and forefingers, stretching it to its limit before letting go, only to repeat the whole process seconds later. Through the course of all this abuse, Ashley kept up a steady verbal barrage, trying to shred Neve's ego at the same time she shredded her chest. To her credit, the smaller brunette didn’t stop fighting, doing her best to keep Ashley's cruel claws from her chest while also giving as good as she got in the insult department.

After an especially derisive pull of her foe's areolas, Ashley rubbed the abused nubs with the balls of her thumbs and cooed in Neve's ear, "Remember when you had me handcuffed to Fannin's desk and had your way with me? I've been waiting to get even for THAT!" With the last word, she pinched as hard as she could on her captive's tits, mauling them viciously. Neve held back tears and a scream as Ashley continued her attack, the last indignity coming when she slowly licked the length of Neve's ear and said, "C'mon baby. Give it up before I have to make you my bitch. I mean, more than I already have."

Ashley laughed at this bit of wit and hearing the Huntress laughing brought Neve's rage to a whole new level. Ignoring the stinging pain in her chest, she whipped one hand over her shoulder, raking a brutal claw over Ashley's face. At the same time, she dug her other hand into the soft meat of the taller brunette's thigh, digging as deep as she could, not satisfied until she drew blood. Surprised by Neve's sudden reprisal, Ashley was blinded by the claw and agonized by the pain in her leg. Releasing her scissors and her claw, she kicked Neve away and rolled onto her side, hands at her face, trying to clear her vision. She had just risen to her hands and knees when Neve dropped her ass down hard on the small of Ashley's back, smashing her painfully into the rug. Gasping, Ashley was helpless as Neve lay down on her full length, locking her arms up and under Ashley's, trapping the Huntress in a classic Full Nelson. Savoring the opportunity to visit some revenge on her tormentor, Neve pulled up hard on the hold, lifting Ashley's torso off the floor. The Huntress's arms were stretched up over her head, putting her barely covered chest on full displays.

Wrenching the hold, Neve smiled when Ashley grunted in pain, then catching her breath, Neve asked, "Does THIS hurt Ashley? You could always give up!" she offered, jerking the Huntress's head from side to side.

Ashley gritted her teeth but wouldn't relent, "Fuck you bitch! You've got a ways to go before I even think about submitting!"

"That's good Ash," Neve hissed. "’Cause if you gave up it would've denied me the opportunity to do…THIS!"

Over her captive's surprised squawk, Neve slammed Ashley's torso down hard, mashing the Huntress's face and chest into the rug while her arms were still trapped in the Nelson. Several audience members winced at the heavy thud Ashley made upon impact and their winces grew to grimaces of pain when pulled her up only to repeat the maneuver several more times. The last time she did it, Neve planted her knees on either side of Ashley's waist and leaned forward, placing most of her weight on Ashley's upper back and neck. With the Huntress's face planted firmly in the valleys of the bear skin rug, Neve started twisting her bodyleft and right, scuffing Ashley's features on the rug. The larger brunette squirmed wildly and tried to buck free from her captors hold, but Neve was in perfect position and Ashley wasn't going anywhere until Neve decided to let her go.

Deciding on a change of tactics, Neve pulled Ashley up again, holding her red faced and panting for the audience to see, then keeping up the pressure on, she addressed the audience, "She doesn't look like a Huntress now does she? More ‘helpless’ than ‘huntress’!" she added in a mocking tone.

Embarrassed, but nowhere near submission, Ashley growled, "Laugh it up Neve; ‘cuz I'll be laughing my ass off when you beg me to get off your face!"

She then bucked, trying to escape again. Weathering the Huntress's escape attempts, Neve hissed coldly, "Nothing about this is funny to me Ashley. Nothing at all."

With that she muscled her foe into a sitting position, while still maintaining the Full Nelson. Wrapping her legs around Ashley's sweating waist, Neve gave her foe a quick squeeze just to offer a taste of what was coming a little later on. Pulling back, Neve lifted Ashley off the mat, rolling back until she lay flat on her back with the Huntress upside down above her, the brunette's long legs draped backward over her head with her toes brushing the rug. Holding the pose for a minute, showing Ashley's trapped derriere to the small but appreciative audience, Neve then rolled forward again, driving Ashley down hard, slamming her tailbone on the rug in a Keister Bounce. Ashley groaned at the impact of the bounce and she struggled mightily to escape, but Neve would have none of it. In fact she repeated the maneuver several more times, each landing getting more painfully for Ashley's beleaguered rear. After the fifth impact, Neve remained seated, getting her breath back.

Listening to Ashley pant, Neve decided it was time to even the playing field…clothing wise. Releasing the Full Nelson, Neve let Ashley's arms fall, then before the Huntress could react, Neve grabbed Ashley's top and pulled it off, tossing the top away. Kim rose from her seat to catch it, only to have Mr. Chris longer arm flash in front of her and snatch it out of the air. As Kim pouted and he stuffed it in his pocket, he whispered, “Later I’ll find out how bad you wanted this, we can play ‘Let’s Make a Deal’.” Kim glared and then hiked up her dress, grabbed her crotch and sneered, “Bite Me!” While Mr. Chris was considering taking Kim up on her ‘offer’ Neve had re-grabbed Ashley's weakened arms again; this time locking only one arm in a Half Nelson. She pulled back hard on the hold, not so much to cause Ashley pain as to give the audience a great view of Ashley’s now bare small but firm breasts.

The captive brunette flushed a bright red as she realized her assets were on display and she cursed Neve, "You dirty bitch! I'll make you pay for this!"

Neve gave her hold a derisive jerk, then used her free hand to trace patterns up and over the swell of Ashley's breasts, "This is just payback Ashley! Hell, everybody knows payback’s a bitch, bitch!" Neve hissed as she clamped down on Ashley's helpless bounty.

Now it was the Huntress's turn to bite her tongue as Neve assaulted her tits; slapping, pinching, clawing the orbs and twisting her nipples while Ashley squirmed; trying in vain to escape. Every now and then Neve released Ashley's tits, but only to rain light, taunting slaps on her cheeks, trying to goad the Huntress into trying to escape. This continued for several minutes before Ashley finally reached the end of her rope! Neve would have done well to remember the freakish burst of strength a powerful rage can give, but unfortunately she hadn't…although Ashley was about to painfully remind her! Her vision clouded a dull red, the Huntress raised her free arm, then blasted it backward, her elbow burying itself in Neve's belly. Incredibly, Neve's grip was only loosened and didn’t fall away. It took a second shot to the ribs for Ashley to break her foe's grip and knock her away. Gasping for breath, Neve rolled away and staggered to her feet, trying to get her breath back. Ashley also rolled away, getting slowly to her feet, doing as much as possible to relieve all the kinks in her neck and back, while also gauging the damage Neve had done to her chest. Moments later, each brunette was ready for war again.

Locking eyes with the Scream Queen, the Huntress's voice dripped with contempt, "Is that the best you've got cunt? Maybe your nickname should be the "mildly uncomfortable" Queen. That shit almost tickled."

Irritated at Ashley's flip response Neve fired a retort of her own, "It's still better than what they'll call you after this match. The pathetic twat who thought she could hang with me. I don't think that'll sell a lot T-Shirts."

Each furious at the other's slight, the brunette's charged, coming together in the center of the rug with a wet, meaty slap. They grunted and growled for a moment before Ashley tossed Neve down and collapsed on top of her. On the ground, their war was far from decided as they rolled around in a hissing, growling flail of limbs. Strong legs, toned arms and taut midsections coming together in a frenetic tangle of movement as each fought for dominance. Seconds later, a more decisive moment came when Ashley was able to straddle her smaller foe and Grapevine both of Neve's legs while simultaneously pinning the other woman's wrists over her head. Enjoying the sudden fear in Neve's brown eyes, Ashley hesitated just a second before dropping down, smashing her full weight against Neve's spread-eagled body. Ashley grinned as the air whooshed from Neve's lips,, then pulling herself back up, Ashley repeated the body crushing maneuver, using her body like a battering ram to grind the resistance from her foe. After the second crush, Ashley tensed her whole frame, pressing her crotch stomach and chest as hard as she could against her foe.

Leaning her face in close, Ashley's nose pressed against Neve's, their lips almost brushing as Ashley locked her gaze with the girl beneath her and taunted, "I always thought I'd get the most satisfaction from forcing you to tap out with some obscure hold, but just smashing the life out of you is pretty nice too.” Feeling Neve squirming beneath her, Ashley ground herself against Neve just to humiliate her, grinding her mound especially hard against her rival's she hissed, "Just give it up Neve. I know you liked me riding your face. Give up now and I won't make you worship my cunt in front of these clowns. I'm sure Fannin's got a lovely room where you prove your worth to me in peace. Whaddya say; ready to give up and be my slave?"

Pinned under Ashley, Neve's mind denounced the very notion of becoming Ashley’s sexual plaything and drawing upon hidden reserves, she pushed up and twisted sideways suddenly, bouncing Ashley off of her. Turning to straddle her surprised rival, Neve repeated Ashley's maneuver, dropping down across Ashley's prone form, then she repeated the maneuver a second time before pushing herself up and glared down at her pinned victim.

A cold snarl framing her face, Neve hissed loudly enough for everyone to hear, "I'll never submit to you and I'll never be your bitch! But you are a worthy opponent. The least I can do you is the courtesy of a goodbye kiss!"

Then she dropped on Ashley a third time, but this time adding insult to injury; she planted her lips on the Huntress's, giving the trapped brunette an aggressive French Kiss. Completely startled by the tactic, Ashley gagged when Neve stuck her tongue in her mouth, dominating the Huntress. As Ashley struggled, Neve finally broke the lip lock, pulling away slowly but not before roughly biting Ashley’s upper lip, the stretching the soft flesh out before letting go! The audience was dumb founded by this tactic as they'd never known Neve to attack any of her previous foes in such a blatantly sexual way. Ashley too was startled, but her surprise was born of fury at having been subjected to such a demeaning move. As the Scream Queen loomed over her, Ashley wrenched a hand free and raked it her claws down Neve's face. The smaller brunette gasped and rolled away, coming to rest on her stomach a few feet away.

Getting to her knees, Ashley disgustedly wiped the back of her hand across her mouth to erase Neve's taste. Seeing her foe begin to recover, Ashley shot forward and landed on the small of Neve's back, facing her head, and also facing the audience. Wasting no time she hooked both hands under Neve's chin and pulled up hard, arching her naked torso up off the rug. Then quickly shifting her grip, Ashley muscled Neve's arms up and back over her bent knees, locking in the Camel Clutch. Her hold secure, Ashley wrenched back on her foe's neck and bounced hard on her lower back, torturing the whole of her nemesis's upper body.

Hearing Neve grunt in exertion, Ashley gave the Clutch another tug and taunted, “C'mon Neve get out of the hold. You're so great at this it should be no problem." She looked at the audience and giving a confidant grin; knowing Neve wasn't going anywhere.

Through gritted teeth, Neve remained defiant, "Piss off Scott. You can't win!"

Ashley was in no mood for insolence and she rewarded it by pulling back viciously hard on Neve's chin, bending the brunette at an ungodly near 90 degree angle, her bare chest on open display to those lucky few in attendance. Looking down into her captive's twisted face, Ashley replayed the most recent indignity Neve had visited on her. Seeing as how payback seemed to be the theme of this match, Ashley returned the favor and bent her head down, planting several taunting kisses on Neve's prone features. Neve fought wildly against her rival's tactics, but Ashley just bent her back further, forcing a pained cry from the Scream Queen's lips.

Finally, Ashley released Neve's chin letting it fall limply forward, damp hair hanging in her eyes. But with Neve still in position for the Camel Clutch the Huntress had a new plan. Reaching down, she again hooked a vicious double claw on her foe's tits, twisting, pulling and wrenching with a sadistic vigor. For the smaller brunette's already tender chest, this was an additional agony, not to mention fairly demeaning as she was in perfect view of the audience. After several minutes of suffering the Huntress's torture, the tall brunette gave a final pinch of her victim's nipples and held it.

Speaking coldly, Ashley asked for the first serious submission of the night, "Do you give up?"

Flipping hair out of her eyes, Neve spat, "Not a chance."

"Fine!" Ashley's voice was full of venom.

Releasing her grip on Neve's chest, she grabbed a dual handful of hair and pulled back. When Neve had reached her breaking point, Ashley shoved her down hard, ramming the brunette's face and chest into the rug. Neve hit with a solid THUNK and lay on the rug moaning. Looking to finish her nemesis off, Ashley pushed Neve over onto her back and went to her ankles. Grabbing one in each hand, she roughly maneuvered the smaller woman around the rug, so that her feet were pointing toward the audience. Moving back to Neve's head, Ashley knelt, her crotch coming to rest right above the Scream Queen's head. An excited murmur ran through the audience as the Huntress's plan became clear.

Adjusting her bikini bottom, she addressed the onlookers, "I figured it wouldn't be right for you guys to not get a great view of this. I mean, it's a special occasion right?" She scooted forward and sat down placing the full weight of her flawless ass on Neve's face. Her plan in place, Ashley began to grind, enjoying Neve's desperate thrashings. The trapped brunette tried to bridge up but she only succeeded in receiving a hard fist to the gut. "You're not going anywhere bitch. Not until you give. And then the only place your going is Dreamland."

Ashley increased the pace of the Face Grinder and attacked Neve's nipples again, pulling and pinching the abused flesh, while the audience drank it all in. In the stifling heat of Ashley's smother, Neve was growing desperate. If she couldn't escape the Face Sit, Ashley could ride her until she was too weak to escape any other hold the Huntress put her in. Calming herself as best she could, Neve groped around until her hands found the waist of Ashley's bikini. Grabbing hold of the material in both hands, Neve pulled up for all she was worth, praying the surprise wedgie would get her an opportunity to escape. Indeed, the wedgie caught Ashley off guard and when the material bit into her groin she yelped and involuntarily lifted up to ease the pressure. That was all the opening Neve needed! Raising her head, she sank her teeth into the soft meat of Ashley's inner thigh and bit - hard!

The Huntress screamed aloud at the blazing pain in her leg and she hammered Neve's outstretched body with a hail of fists, trying to break free. The fistic assault made Neve release her hold, but it also got Ashley off her face and for that she was eternally grateful. Taking one colossal breath of air, Neve fought the pain and got to her feet. Stalking over to where Ashley was getting up, Neve pulled the taller girl to her feet and stood face to face with her. Not allowing Ashley time to prepare a counter, Neve wrapped both lean arms around Ashley's damp waist and squeezed tight. In the same move she lifted and spun, bringing her captive first up and then down toward the rug. Neve fell with her and Ashley hit the rug hard, then was immediately crushed by Neve landing chest to chest with her. Neve's Belly to Belly Suplex shocked the majority of the audience who believed Ashley had the match sewn up with her Face Sit.

With Ashley curled into the fetal position, clutching her aching ribs, Neve planned a vicious reprisal. Scooting so that she was parallel to the Huntress, Neve grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her torso up. Slowly, almost leisurely, Neve slipped one leg under Ashley's upper back and then slipped the other over the Huntress's heaving chest. Letting go of Ashley's hair, Neve let her nemesis fall back as she locked her ankles. Once again, the audience murmured their excitement as Neve's scissors were among the most devastating in the business.

Holding Ashley's wrist in one hand so she couldn't attack her, Neve readied her grip before addressing the audience, "Ashley seems to be a student of the Breast Mauling School while I’m a devotee of the Crushing ‘em Flat technique. Let's find out if I'm right."

Neve clamped her thighs together and squeezed down. Ashley came to life instantly, thrashing and squirming as Neve's thighs went about cutting her in half. Knowing there was plenty of fight left in the Huntress, Neve relaxed her scissors, only to tighten them again, each new pulse sending a shudder through Ashley's frame. Releasing Ashley's hand, Neve planted both of hers on the rug and pushed up, lifting her butt off the rug to add even more pressure to the hold. The determined, merciless look on her face and the pained, exhausted look on Ashley's face told the story. Ashley was being crushed out by Neve's pythons.

Constricting her grip a bit tighter, Neve asked, “Give Ashley?"

Breathlessly, Ashley hissed, "No fucking way!!"

"Have it your way," Neve whispered and threw back her head, her last squeeze tensing her whole body.

Cycling through the holds at her disposal, Neve decided to vary her attack while simultaneously get back at Ashley for stretching her in front of the audience. Releasing the Body Scissors, Neve switched positions, moving so that she was sitting at Ashley's head. Sliding forward she moved so that she was laying on the other brunette's sweaty stomach. Leaning back, she grabbed a handful of hair to get Ashley's head in position. When it was where she wanted it, Neve spread her legs and then locked them behind Ashley's head, a perfect Reverse Figure Four Head Scissors. Again, Neve went to work on pulverizing her foe's skull, intent on making Ashley beg in the debilitating maneuver. Every now and then, Neve ground her hips back and forth, making sure the Huntress wouldn't forget where she was. Red faced and gasping, Ashley was struggling to break the hold. Bringing her hands up, she clawed at Neve's domineering butt cheeks, desperate to force a release. Ashley had just tried an insidious wedgie of her own when her groin suddenly exploded in agony.

"Ahhh God you slut! Leggo of my pussy!" Ashley wailed out her plea.

Digging her claw into the fabric covering Ashley's groin a bit deeper, Neve looked over her shoulder and taunted, "What's the matter Ashley, feeling helpless? You could just say I quit and then you'd be free.... maybe," she punctuated the threat with another vigorous kneading of Ashley's groin.

Red from embarrassment and the squeezing, Ashley yelled, "Your pathetic scissors will never make me tap!" She bucked her hips up and locked her own thighs around Neve's uncomprehending head. Seconds later both ladies were trapped in a mutual Head Scissors contest that had both them and the audience gasping for breath. With her head trapped between her rival's thighs, each woman fought desperately for the top position and they exchanged it several times, rolling back and forth across the full length of the rug. Finally they came to rest with Ashley on top and the Huntress wasted little time in worming her fingers near enough to Neve's crotch to slap on a claw hold. "How do you like it bitch?" Ashley screamed.

"About as much as you do!" Neve answered, digging in her own claw.

There were dueling shrieks for a moment and then both pairs of scissors popped open leaving each combatant to roll tiredly away from her tormentor. They each lay face down on the rug for the better part of a minute before finding the strength to get to their feet. With a few feet separating them, Neve and Ashley began to circle again, the expressions on their faces reading nothing save for the dark intent of utterly destroying her opponent. Ashley suddenly stopped and stood up straight. Raising her arms up to her sides, she exposed her bare chest to Neve.

Speaking plainly, Ashley said, "You're fearless with submissions; but do you have the guts to face me chest to chest, in a Bear Hug?"

Raising her own arms, Neve stepped forward, "Anything you can throw at me Huntress; I'll throw right back."

"Brave girl!" Ashley whispered as the two came together, locking into a clinch when Ashley suddenly shot a knee up, lifting Neve off her feet as the knee hit her flush between her spread thighs. Neve collapsed immediately, falling to the rug and rolling onto her back cupping her throbbing groin with both trembling hands.

"Lying bitch," she moaned through clenched teeth.

Ashley's face was supremely confidant as she straddled Neve's waist; grabbed her hair, looked into her half closed eyes and sneered, “You did the same thing to me back at the Yellow Sign. I couldn't believe I was gullible enough to fall for it then. And I really can't believe you were dumb enough to fall for it now. That's gonna cost you!’

Bringing her captive's face forward, Ashley buried it in the valley of her cleavage, relishing the hot exhalations of Neve's panicked breathing on her tits. Locking both arms around the back of Neve's head, Ashley ground in even further, forming a near air tight seal. Neve punched away at Ashley's sides, but the Huntress grinned and squeezed through the pain, knowing that she could last longer than her foe. Grinding her chest back and forth, she loved the feel of tits smacking against Neve's features, her orbs, sliding and rubbing over every inch of her rival's protesting face. After a vigorous face scrubbing, Ashley pulled Neve's head away for just a second so she could stare into the dazed brown eyes of her nemesis.

Jubilant that she could see her tit-sweat glistening on the Scream Queen's face, Ashley went nose to nose with Neve and asked "Give?"

"Never!" the brunette gasped.

"Then let me return your goodbye kiss." Ashley whispered, planting her own French Kiss on Neve's slack mouth.

This time it was the Huntress who dominated their embrace, her tongue free to roam around the confines of her rival's mouth. Finally she broke the kiss allowing Neve a moment of relief before she shoved her roughly back to the rug. Shifting her position, Ashley scooted around so that she was sitting at Neve's head once more. But instead of applying the face sit again, she slid back and leaned forward until her breasts enveloped Campbell's face and the Huntress's head was resting against the sweating swell of Neve's chest. Still reeling from the kiss, Neve couldn't resist as Ashley applied the Reverse Breast Smother and again the smaller brunette found her world darkened by Ashley's moist bounty. Keeping her arms wrapped around Neve like a steel coil, Ashley ground back and forth, intent on making sure Neve had no energy left when she went for the hold that would finish the Scream Queen off. Wanting to add just a bit more humiliation to the hold, Ashley began to bounce her torso lightly up and down, smashing her tits into Neve's barely resisting face.

Feeling her ample assets enveloping the brunette's perky nose Ashley said, "It won't be long now Neve, I'm gonna finish you OFF….ARRRRRRGHHHHH!" Ashley's promise broke off in a primal shriek of pain and she tried to pull away from her victim but it quickly became clear what was wrong; Neve had her teeth sunk into the Huntress's left breast and was clamped on like a Pit Bull. Fighting the agony in her chest, Ashley cocked back a fist, preparing to bury it in Neve's belly, but the Scream Queen literally beat her to the punch, slamming two hard blows into the Huntress's temple.

Ashley groaned and rolled away, clutching her aching head with one hand and her mauled chest with the other as she moaned, “You fucking tenacious bitch....."

For her part, Neve wasn't looking very tenacious at the moment, indeed she was flopped on her back, just breathing in great mouthfuls of air. Moments later she rose groggily to her feet and saw Ashley also trying to rise. Digging deep, Neve sprinted forward and blasted a hard kick into Ashley's ribs. The Huntress groaned and seemed to deflate, laying crumpled on the rug. Neve didn't look much better, she was standing over Ashley, hands on her knees, still trying to get her wind back. Finally, she knelt down and flipped the larger brunette onto her stomach. Collecting herself, Neve knelt, sitting in between Ashley's legs, facing her head. With a hateful look in her eye, Neve slid forward, placing her full weight on the Huntress's thighs, pushing her legs out at near 90 degree angles to her torso, contorting her into a painful inverted T shape.

Neve's variation of the Leg Splitter was a hideously painful hold and Ashley squirmed and bucked trying to escape from it. She knew all too well what Neve could do with the hold as the Scream Queen had earned a teary submission from her several months earlier in their first encounter at the Yellow Sign.

Locking eyes with her trapped foe Neve said, "You know what this can do, so I'm gonna ask you just once; if you don’t give then I’m not gonna stop. You ready to give up?"

Never letting her gaze leave Neve’s face, Ashley said, "I'll NEVER submit to you again….no matter how hard you try - I'll still win this fight."

"No.... you… won't!" Neve responded pressing down even harder on Ashley's thighs, sending fire racing up the Huntress's legs from her calves all the way to her groin as Neve split her legs almost to the breaking point.

Ashley endured this torture for several minutes before Neve got up off her and pulled the Huntress to a sitting position. Getting behind her, Neve grabbed Ashley's right wrist with her left hand and her left wrist in her right. Pulling back, she crossed the Huntress's arms under her chin and hauled back into a modified straight-jacket, forcing Ashley's bare, sweating chest to thrust out in front of her. Moving on to the next stage of her hold, Neve slid her legs down the other brunette's planting her feet between them, then slowly began forcing them apart with another leg stretch. With her hands secured behind her head Ashley could only sit helpless as Neve slowly spread her long legs wider and wider until they were almost a full 180 degrees, her thinly covered crotch completely exposed to the small circle of Fannin's guests. But then Neve increased the pain of the fiendish hold even more, bouncing her hips into Ashley's ass as she pulled back on her arms, tightening the straight jacket.

Pulling back viciously on Ashley's wrists, Neve said, "No one escapes this hold, not even you. Go ahead and give up now, because I can make this much worse. And you KNOW I'm not lying."

Voice distorted by her own arms, the Huntress hissed, "You're nothing but talk. No one can TALK me into a submission."

"If you won't speak you surrender, you'll scream it!" Neve whispered maliciously, shifting her grip to hook both of Ashley's wrists in one hand leaving the other free. Curling her fingers in a claw, Neve slid her hand around to Ashley's groin and slowly rubbed it on the slick triangle of cloth. Liking the feel of Ashley's involuntary shiver, Neve hissed, "Last chance."

"Fuck you!" Ashley moaned.

Neve didn't respond with words, instead digging the 3-finger claw into Ashley's womanhood, clawing and probing violently. The audience let out a pleased gasp as Neve cinched in a hold she hadn't used it since her July win over Charlize Theron! Now the hold that had humbled the Scissor Queen was being used to dismantle the Huntress. Neve thrust her fingers deep into Ashley and the trapped brunette gasped, body in agony, mind trying to fight back the first unwelcome tremors of her impending orgasm! The Huntress knew that if she couldn't escape this hold, that Neve would bring her to climax in front of everyone - an embarrassment she couldn't even contemplate Putting aside everything but thoughts of escape, Ashley jerked forward with everything she had left; simultaneously jerking her hands from Neve's grip. The sudden surge paid off and Ashley's hands broke free!

Working solely on instinct, the Huntress shot her hands over her shoulder and clawed viciously at Neve's face. The Scream Queen was so surprised by the Huntress's escape she'd had no time to prepare a counter and Ashley's talons raked her face a good three times before she pulled back with a startled cry. Free of Neve's hideous crotch claw, Ashley rose to her feet and whirled around. Spying her still blinded foe, Ashley shot forward and blasted a kick between Neve's thighs. The Cunt Punt slammed home and Neve let out a pained shriek before falling limply to the side and cradling her injured womanhood. Still shaking off the effects of the Straightjacket Leg Splitter, Ashley knew she had to end the match soon.

The long time spent in the last hold had severely weakened her and the Huntress was well aware that if Neve could lock her in another hold it might be curtains for her. Trying to decide a way to finish her nemesis off, a dark smile crossed Ashley's face. What she had in mind would probably be just as taxing on her, but if she could lock the move in, it would be the ultimate humiliation for the Scream Queen. Sitting down behind the crippled Neve, Ashley pulled her to a sitting position, making sure they were both facing the audience. With a few twists and pulls, Ashley had Neve in the exact same hold the Huntress had been suffering in. Grabbing Neve's crossed wrists in one hand, Ashley slid her own claw slowly down the front Neve's body, coming to rest at the steaming juncture of her thighs.

As the audience buzzed in anticipation, Ashley leaned in to whisper, "This is it Neve. The ultimate humiliation for you. Beaten and forced to orgasm with a hold of your own devising. Are you finally willing to admit that you're my prey?"

Her face a sweaty, blushing crimson, Neve was nonetheless defiant, "I'm no one's prey. Least of all yours."

"Oh yes you are!" Ashley hissed as she dug her slipped her claw on Neve.

Going to work, the Huntress slowly but surely began dragging her protesting victim towards climax. Her manipulations became more and more rhythmic and Neve found her hips moving to meet Ashley's thrusts instead of shying away from them.

Near delirium with pain and pleasure, Neve thought, "It can't end like this. It won't end like this."

And indeed it didn't! If Ashley had found a way out of HER claw hold, it damn sure stands to reason that the woman who invented the hold would also have a way out of it!. Preparing herself for the inevitable loss of air, Neve thrust her arms back even further, temperately tightening the choke. Bringing her hands in reach of the Huntress's face, Neve sought Ashley's eyes and was rewarding, clawing her desperately. Much like Neve had been occupied with her clawing, so too was Ashley and the Huntress cried out angrily when Neve raked her eyes. Blinded, she released the claw and turned away to clear her vision while Neve toppled forward in a sweaty heap, hands at her groin, massaging the agony from her legs and struggling to push back the wave of involuntary orgasm building in her.

At this point it was a race to see who could recover from their respective ailments first, as whoever could do so would have the advantage when it came to finishing off her foe. Well the race was close, but one Ashley was destined to win. Rising to her knees, she launched herself at the downed Neve and slammed her into the carpet, stomach to stomach. As the smaller brunette struggled gamely beneath her, Ashley pinned her wrists over her head and snaked her calves between Neve's. Drawing on the last of her reserves, Ashley slowly forced Neve's legs apart as far as she could, torturing the already damaged limbs with a Double Leg Grapevine. Simply holding Neve in the Grapevine was no easy task as the Huntress's legs were nowhere near 100 percent strength. Her thighs and buttocks quivered from the exertion as she did her best to rip her rival in half, starting at the groin.

Shaking the hair from her eyes, Ashley looked down at Neve's tortured expression and demanded surrender, "Give it up."

Neve squirmed feebly and said, "Noooo."

Ashley responded, spreading her legs wider, forcing Neve's shorter legs wider apart. Neve's pained groan indicated the hold was working. "GIVE UP!" Ashley said, this time more forcefully.

"Fuck you!" Neve spat, her escape attempts still as frantic as ever.

Furious at Neve’s still-unbroken will, Ashley spread her own legs to the breaking point, wrenching the Grapevine so that her injured groin was slammed roughly down on Neve’s. Bouncing and grinding with her hips, feeling the muscles in Neve's legs tense to the snapping point, Ashley battered her body madly against the pinned girl until, losing all composure, Ashley screamed wildly "GIVE UP! YOU'RE BEATEN! JUST SAY I QUIT SO THIS CAN ALL BE OVER!" Ceasing her diatribe she looked down into Neve's sweating, agonized face.

Ever so quietly, the brunette said, "All right....I.....I......" Ashley leaned in close to hear what she'd been waiting to hear for months. Face to face for the last time, she waited for Neve's submission. With their noses brushing, Neve's eyes slowly opened, she looked up into Ashley's and then she smiled; “I can't believe you fell for that."

Before the Huntress could pull back, Neve jerked her head forward and sank her teeth into the bridge of Ashley's nose. Incredible agony filled her head and there was a small but somehow nastily wet crunch as she tried to pull away. But Neve held on tightly, now using the Grapevine to her own advantage. Finally she was able to untangle her legs and fire a punch into Neve's gut, releasing her nose from the other brunette's sadistic maw. Crawling away on hands and knees, Ashley was horrified to discover a steady stream of blood running from her mangled nose. Seeing her own blood filled the big brunette with rage and she spun around on her knees, intending to charge Neve and return the vicious blow.

She meant to do all these things, but she only got as far as turning around because as soon as she did, her vision was filled with Neve's charging form and microseconds later, the Scream Queen smashed an unpadded knee into Ashley's forehead, snapping the Huntress's head back. Ashley's vision blurred as she tumbled over on her side, unable to decide if she should be clutching her nose or her forehead. Neve wasn't faring to well either for seconds after her desperation Knee Smash, her tortured legs gave out and she dropped to her knees, winded, beside the barely conscious Ashley.

After what seemed like an eternity, Neve shifted her attention form her own pain and took in her surroundings. She was barely moving; same for the Huntress; same for the audience...the combat aficionados looked absolutely stunned at the lengths these two women had gone through to defeat each other. Scanning their incredulous faces, Neve thought their host was the only one who didn't look too surprised. Indeed, Fannin looked intent and worried, but he didn't look shocked. Offering the promoter the smallest of smiles, Neve turned back to Ashley, thinking "Good old Rich. Nothing seems to surprise him. Hope this doesn't go to far."

Taking a deep breath, Neve shoved the barely protesting Ashley onto her stomach, so that her face was pointing toward the audience. Straddling her upper back, Neve reached forward and grabbed Ashley's left arm in both hands. Moving slowly but deliberately, she pulled Ashley's arm back and across her face so that the crook of her elbow was pressed tightly against her injured nose. Shifting her grip, Neve planted her left knee in between the Huntress's shoulder blades and took another deep breath.

"No more asking." Neve thought as she leaned back as much as gravity would allow, butting tremendous pressure not only on Ashley's neck, back and arm, but also her mangled nose. The trapped Huntress shrieked as Neve worked the hold and she flailed mightily but was too weak to engineer an escape, Neve simply kept wrenching back on the modified Straightjacket and Ashley kept screaming. After a few minutes, the audience began to plead with Ashley to give it up, but the brunette shook her head wildly no, still not willing to concede to her enemy.

Finally, Fannin who had been silent through most of the match, finally said, "Let her go Neve. It's over and you know it."

Shockingly enough, it was the Huntress who responded, her voice muffled by her own arm, "DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE FANNIN! SHE HASN'T WON AND SHE WON'T WIN! DON'T YOU DARE STOP THIS MATCH!"

Neve gave the hold another pull and locked eyes with the promoter, "You heard her Rich. And I'm not going to let her go. Not until she quits."

Fannin sighed and sat back in his chair, worried about the health of both ladies. Deciding that the Straightjacket couldn't force the win, Neve dropped Ashley's arm and stood up, one foot resting on Ashley's slick back. Deciding that the simplest methods were often best, Neve bent and hauled the Huntress up onto her shoulders in a classic Fireman's carry. Sweat was poring off both women as Neve walked Ashley around the full length of the rug, displaying her foe's impending defeat for all that cared to see. After the audience got an eyeful, Neve dumped Ashley off her shoulders, the bigger brunette landing in a dazed heap, head toward the fireplace, feet near the audience.

Standing with a foot on either side of Ashley's upturned face, Neve lowered herself until the full weight of her ass was resting directly against Ashley's mangled nose. Clamping her thighs together, Neve locks Ashley's head into place under her hips and begins to grind, the focal point of her attack being Ashley's nose. Neve grinds slowly and steadily, keeping all the pressure on Ashley's nose and forehead while leaving her mouth free to breath because Neve doesn't want the Huntress OUT, she wants her to QUIT! To her great credit, Ashley continues to struggle, clawing weakly at Neve's cheeks, but the Scream Queen merely slaps them away and continues grinding Ashley’s nose. Soon Neve is panting with exertion but she still won't ASK for Ashley's surrender. Leaning forward ever so slightly, she hooks Ashley's legs behind the knees and leans her back into a Reverse Matchbook. Then releasingone leg, Neve slaps Ashley's ass with the other and finally asks, “So, do you quit?"

"Go…to…hell…" Ashley gasps, her voice oddly distorted.

Neve's reply chilled the blood of those who heard it, "I don't think so Ashley. But you'll wish you were there by the time I'm finished!"

Speaking no more, Neve directed both of her now free hands to the Huntress's tightly stretched bikini bottom and went to work; tearing them off with a few violent jerks. Now with Ashley nude, Neve returned to a tactic from earlier, slipping her Claw into the Huntress's stretched wide snatch…attacking her defenseless womanhood with a cold pleasure.

In her current state it didn't take long for Ashley to soar toward the climax she, more than anything, did NOT want at the hands of her fiercest rival and she wailed, "OH GOD I QUIT! I QUIT I QUIT…JUST LET ME GO…I QUIT!"

Hearing the submission she wante more than (almost) anything, Neve paused briefly and said, "I didn't ask for it. But I suppose I don't care at this point. But if you think we're finished, you're sorely mistaken. If you ever think about challenging me again...remember THIS!" Neve resumed pumping her hand and seconds later Ashley erupted soaking Neve's claw and part of the rug. As Ashley twitched and spasmed with her orgasm, Neve took a deep breath and stood up. Turning away from the Huntress on shaky legs she walked toward the coat rack, meaning to get her robe but she’d only gone a few steps when she stopped and turned back; looking down at her spent nemesis, a cold, angry look on her face. "No! We're not done yet!"

Slowly, Neve reached down and hooked her thumbs in her own bikini bottom, pulling gently she slipped the garment off her hips and kicked them aside, leaving her nude in front of the quietly stunned group of onlookers. Taking a moment to enjoy the heat from the fire, Neve stalked over to where Ashley lay sprawled on the rug, sheathed in a glaze of her own sweat and juices. Speaking not a word, Neve bent and grabbed Ashley's hair, pulling her off her back and up onto her hands and knees. Ashley tried to crawl away, but it was a feeble effort at best and Neve simply gave her hair a quick, hard yank, quieting her! Standing with the penitent Huntress at her feet, a fistful of her hair in hand, Neve looked every inch the quintessential ‘Goddess Triumphant’. Still not speaking, but with the same hard look on her face, Neve pulled Ashley’s face roughly against her shin.

Holding Ashley in place firmly, Neve whispered, “I want to see your face Ashley; to know what you look like when you're beaten."

Ever so slowly, Neve began to pull the beaten brunette to her feet. But as she pulled her up, Neve made sure Ashley's protesting features never lost touch with her hot, sweaty flesh as it every so slowly slid up her shin, across the hard cap of knee, then the seemingly endless plane of her thigh. When Neve had Ashley’s face even with her naked pussy, she paused for just a second, forcing Ashley's red face to hover scant millimeters away from her center. Then the journey upward resumed, past the sweating curve of her belly and finally over the heaving tortured swell of her breasts. It felt like an eternity to Ashley as she was finally pushed away from her opponent's body and held at arms length; staring into the Scream Queen's fevered brown eyes.

With a ferocious whisper Neve asked, "Who beat you?"

Beaten totally in body, but not in spirit, the Huntress mumbled, "You won but you didn't beat me. You can't BEAT me."

Neve's expression didn't change as she fired her knee straight up into the Huntress's already tortured groin. There was a heavy THUD as Ashley collapsed at Neve's feet when she opened her hand and released her hair.

Taking a step forward, looming over her prey, Neve asked, "Who FORCED you to submit?"

Amazingly, Ashley replied, "Fuck off!" Instead of a reply, Neve sat down straddling Ashley's stomach. Eyes locked with her nemesis, she slid forward, making sure to keep her groin pressed firmly against Ashley's frame. Agonizing seconds later, she came to rest with her thighs flanking the Huntress's head, her bare womanhood on Ashley's chin. Grabbing a handful of damp hair, Neve asked her final question, "Who owns you?"

Her face twisted in a furious snarl, Ashley grunted, “Get…off…me!"

Neve stared at her for a moment before she spoke, "At one point in our war, you made me lick the sweat from your thighs - and I hated you for it! Another time, you took great pleasure in riding my face for the better part of thirty minutes; ground your filthy twat all over my face and made sure I was awake when you climaxed. I recall gagging on your slime as you sat on my face and choked me out - the single most humiliating moment of my life. You made me feel helpless Ashley; made me fear you…and I hated you for THAT. I'll always hate you for that."

"I'll do it again. The first chance I get, I will grind you into oblivion!" Ashley screamed hoarsely.

"But you won't get a chance!" Neve threatened. "Tonight, I’m making sure you NEVER fuck with me again!" Pulling Ashley's hair hard, Neve yanked her head up off the carpet, holding the Huntress prone and spoke only one word, "Beg!"

Hissing in disgust, Ashley spat, "NEVER!"

"Never is a long time Huntress," Neve said quietly, pulling Ashley's struggling face into the furnace of her groin.

Ashley’s struggles were immediate and violent, but Neve held her in place as she began her ‘victory grind’; slowly thrusting her hips forward while she pulled Ashley's face in deeper; yanking her head from side to side. The Huntress's cries were frantic and muffled, but her escape attempts were weak and growing weaker! Finally, Neve tilted Ashley back, listening to her foe sputter and gag before she flung her captive's head disdainfully to the carpet. Neve looked down, the fork of her crotch resting back on Ashley’s chin. Choking back tears, shame and revulsion in equal amounts, Ashley finally snapped!

"Please don' win...j...just don't ride my face..." her cold blue eyes reflected her terrible fear.

Brushing a damp bit of hair back off Ashley's face, Neve stared deep into her eyes as she said, "It looks like 'never' came a lot sooner than you thought!" She paused a second, then added, "But I won't."

Ashley's eyes widened and she started to protest, but Neve was on her, turning her plea into a desperate, muffled cry as Neve ground her face relentlessly, slathering the Huntress's pretty face with a combination of her sweat and secretions. After bringing herself to the edge, then drawing back several times to heighten her excitement, Neve at last could contain herself no longer and exploded, drenching Ashley's still protesting face under a steaming cascade of orgasmic juice. As her tremors subsided, the Scream Queen tossed her head back and inhaled a deep, shuddering breath. Finally content to put Ashley away, Neve clamped her thighs tight as she sat down hard, taking the last of the Huntress's air. Seconds later, Ashley succumbed to the darkness as her body went limp.

Opening her eyes, Neve scanned the silent, awestruck, audience, struggling to find the right words, telling them, "Remember what you saw here tonight. Write what you want and tell anyone who cares to listen. Tell them who walked away from this fight...and who begged for mercy. Tell them ALL!!"