The Fourth of July Party by The Walkin’ Dude
Hello friend, you’ve picked a good afternoon to venture into the woods outside Hobbs End. Indeed on this July Fourth afternoon, the weather was nothing short of remarkable. The humidity was low, the bugs almost non-existent, the sky a clear, cloudless blue and perhaps best of all, the temperature itself was only in the mid seventies. Add in the slight breeze keeping everything cool and you had a summer day in Vermont that came along only every few years. And as enthralling as I’m sure you find this description of the weather, you’re probably more likely to be enthralled by the goings on in the 2 big limousines that are just now gliding around the curve on the narrow, wooded road. For the sake of nothing better to do, let’s leave the woods behind (if only temporarily) and drop in on the occupants of these vehicles. Inside the first limo, we find no fewer than nine stalwart travelers, still in relative spaciousness despite their number. Before we get any deeper into their conversations, what’s say we introduce them? Starting at the back of the cab on the right we have Ginny, sitting to her left is Kim and moving from there in a rough circle, we have: Irish, Mr. Chris, Rob, Rappin, Dan Le Cleir. Poochie, and Tommy B rounds out this cast of characters.

We join their conversation, already in progress: Taking a look at the other eight riders, Tommy asked, “So as seating arrangements would have it, I’m the only one in this car that missed the Christmas Party. Without giving any spoilers, what can I expect from this little shindig?” He looked expectantly at the others.

Irish was the first to answer. Grinning broadly, he said, “Drinking. And lots of it. With suds and shots slung by yours truly.”

Chuckling, Ginny broke in, “On an alliteration kick, Irish? Your drink making is mythic but I think Tom was more interested in the entertainment portion of the show.”

“Are you insinuating that drinking won’t make this more fun, Ginny?” Kim asked, smiling widely as her friend stopped suddenly, stumbling to find an appropriate response.

Filling in the gap, Mr. Chris added, “You’re going to see Fannin’s wrestlers up close and personal. At Christmas it was Neve and Ashley. Tonight... We’ll, we’re in the dark there.”

Nodding slightly, Tommy asked, “And how was that match? Neve and Ashley I mean?”

“Phenomenal.” answered Rob. “I’ve seen a lot of fights, but that one ranks up there as one of the meanest and closest I’ve ever seen, let alone actually got to witness.”

“He’s not kidding.” Rappin joined in. “Those 2 tore the ever loving crap out of each other and it ended like you wouldn’t believe, one nasty face grinder, delivered to the Huntress courtesy of the Scream Queen.”

“And how surreal was that, seeing those 2 fighting side by side a few weeks ago?” Poochie asked, a question that brought a round of nods and general reminiscing on the part of those in the car.

“Well it looks like I won’t be bored.” Tom added, watching as the car reached a curve in the road and glided around it, bringing them even closer to their destination.

“Bored is not an option at Fannin’s get togethers.” Poochie confirmed. “I mean even if you didn’t watch the live fights, the dude’s got the biggest collection of fights on tape you’ve ever seen. Everybody from Anderson to... Anybody know a Z name right off the top of their heads?”

Everyone thought about it for a moment, and though it was on the tip of their tongues, no one could come up with an answer. Soon enough a new topic was brought up and the discussion moved in that direction, everyone basically just killing time and passing the ride until they reached Fannin’s manse, way out in the middle of nowhere. And with that, we’ll leave this erstwhile group of partygoers and move on to the folks in the car bringing up the rear. And if not being able to come up with a Z name is bothering you, rest assured that someone will come up with a solution as soon as we’re out of earshot.

All trivia aside, let’s move onto the second limo shall we? Inside this finely tuned vehicle we have: Nightscape, BBB4, Drufan, Jackflash, Pseudo Nym, Bigfan, Archer, TNT, and A Smother Fan.

Taking a sip of his drink, B looked at the rest of his companions and put forth this query. “So, what’s Fannin going to do tonight to top the Christmas Party?”

Looking thoughtful, Jackflash responded, “It’s hard to say. But judging from the tape and the articles you guys wrote about it, he’s going to have to work pretty hard to get any better.”

“That’s for DAMN sure.” agreed Bigfan. “Everything at Christmas was great. I mean, fireplace, bear skin rugs, 2 half naked chicks beating the Holy Hell out of each other. What could be better?”

“2 completely naked chicks beating the Holy Hell out of each other?” joked TNT.

“Touché.” responded B. “I see you’ve maintained that explosive wit, T.”

Everyone in the car groaned as B smiled at his own terrible pun. Rolling his eyes, TNT answered, “I KNEW that was coming, and what did I do? Walk right into it. Sheesh...”

Looking up from the copious notes he had been taking, Archer joined the fray. “All kidding aside, has Rich given any indication of what matches we might see this afternoon and evening? If my notes are right (and they usually are) a good three quarters of his talent have the weekend off and aren’t anywhere near here. So what’s he got planned?”

“Not a clue.” answered Nightscape. “All I know is that he didn’t let us down last time and I don’t think he plans to disappoint this time, especially with so many more folks in attendance.”

“ A good point.” added Drufan. “After all, the invitation promised fireworks starting in the afternoon and if I know Rich, he’s not talking about sparklers and Roman Candles.”

“You think we’re going to see more than one match then?” Pseudo asked.

“It seems likely, given the time frame. The question remains though, how many matches?”

“And who’s in them?” Pseudo finished the thought.

Breaking his silence, Smother added, “And just how many of them will leave unconscious.” He looked a trifle uncertain as he surveyed the others. “There WILL be smothering, won’t there?” he asked.

BBB4’s grin returned, wider than ever, “Copious amounts my friend. Mean spirited and nasty air deprivation techniques of all types and styles. If Neve and Ashley could put on a smothering clinic with just the two of them, who’s to say what’s in store when there’s more than one match?”

“I think it’s safe to say that a good time will be had by all.” opined Jackflash as the others nodded their assent. Looking over at Archer he said, “Make sure to take good notes, Archer, we may have a quiz on this later.”

“Not an issue.” Archer smiled slightly as he folded up the pad of paper he was writing on.

“We all may need a copy of those notes when we get outta here pal.” Dru spoke up again. “If I understood Irish earlier, he means to see to it that we all drink like fish this afternoon.”

“And there’s not a damn thing wrong with that.” ‘Scape added, drawing another round of head nodding assent from his fellow passengers. He was just about to speak up again when he noticed the other limo make a sharp left between a huge pair of stone columns as the wrought iron gate between them swung open to allow them access to Fannin’s isolated domicile.

“Looks like we’re here!” said Bigfan, watching expectantly as the huge house came into view around the corner.

Those who’d never seen the mansion whistled softly as they took it in and those who had been there at Christmas were impressed all over again as they hadn’t been able to take in the full scope of the place in the dark of the winter evening.

Setting his glass down as the limo came to a stop, B opened the door and hopped out saying, “Let’s get moving folks, I want to be the one to knock this time.”

The others piled out without another word, joining their compatriots from the first limousine as they made their way up the mansion’s cobblestone driveway. Making his way deftly through the other guests, BBB4 got to the door first and clasped the brass knocker in one hand.

Looking back at the assembled guests, he asked, “Ready to go inside?”

“Stop milking it B!” joked Irish from somewhere in the back.

“Thanks for raining on my parade Irish. No tip for you!”

Turning back to the door, he rapped quickly three times and waited. A moment went by, and the door began to slowly creek open. Fully expecting Fannin’s assistant, the mountain of a man known as George Stark, B had to adjust his gaze downward when he found the door answered by none other than Neve Campbell.

Eyes widening in surprise, B said, “Rich is showing his hand early, having his talent answer the door. How are ya Neve?”

The Scream Queen smiled, stepping aside to let them all in. Speaking to the guests as they filed past, Neve answered, “Sorry to disappoint B, but I’m strictly audience this time around. I’m here because Rich asked me to help out with some last minute party preparation. And I have no qualms about going to a free party at my boss’ expense.”

As she ushered them all down the entry hall and into the main foyer, Mr. Chris said, “It’s a shame you aren’t in action tonight Neve. But I guess with all the crap you and the other 4 have been through in the last coupla weeks it’s understandable.”

“Oh if he had asked I would have.” Neve answered. “But he’s got quite a card lined up, and I don’t mind the downtime. Dealing with the Darkness was exhausting.”

There were more nods all around, and then Ginny spoke up. “Speaking of cards, where’s our host? Don’t tell me he isn’t going to show until the main event again.”

“I wouldn’t tell you that because it would be a lie.” came a voice from above. The group looked up and spied their host coming down the spiral staircase that leads to the upper floors. Getting to the bottom of the stairs, Rich continued, “And I don’t lie to my guests. How are all of you? Was the ride in pleasant?” They agreed that it was and for the next few minutes, guests and host exchanged small talk, Fannin getting reacquainted with those he had last seen at Christmas and introducing himself to those that he hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting in person. Things continued in this fashion for a few more minutes before George Stark did appear, Fannin’s huge intermediary coming silently from the back of the house. He exchanged a quick greeting with those he’d met prior before going over to Neve and speaking quietly to her. She nodded and Stark turned on his heel, heading back to wherever it was he had come from.

Making her way around the edge of the group, Neve reached Rich and relayed his message. “George said everything down by the lake is ready Rich. We can go down there whenever everyone is ready.”

“Thanks Neve” Fannin answered. “Would you mind going upstairs and getting the eight ready? Bring them down as a group a few minutes after we leave?” Neve nodded and headed up the stairs, her destination as of yet unknown to the guests.

Overhearing a bit of the conversation, Irish asked, “What’s this about a lake Rich? No party in the study this time?”

Rich smiled and answered, “That’s right Irish, never the same thing twice. If you all will follow me, I’ll explain on the way. It’s only a short walk.” Seeing that he had their approval, Fannin led them out of the foyer and through a seemingly endless maze of rooms before bringing them out a door that led outside to a narrow path that curved out of sight down a low hill.

Closing the door behind them, Fannin spoke loudly as he ushered them down the path. “You see my friends, it’s the Fourth of July and that means we should be celebrating outside. Luckily for us, the weather is wonderful today and perhaps even more importantly, in my wanderings around this place, I stumbled across the perfect place for our bash; a little spit of beach on a small lake not a quarter mile from here. With some help from several league talents, I’ve set up enough chairs, food and drink to not only have a great traditional July Fourth blowout, but I’ve also marked off a section of beach that will make a superb battle ground once the “fireworks” get started.”

The pace picked up a bit at mention of food and drink and TNT was the first to ask what everyone was thinking. “You’ve got girls from the league helping you set up a bar-be-que? Isn’t that a disaster waiting to happen?”

“On the contrary.” Rich answered. “The girls who are down there were picked for this because they all DO get along. Mostly that is. I mean come on they’re wrestlers. Where would the fun be if there weren’t the possibility of a little unscheduled grappling?”

“Who’s down there if I may be so bold?” asked Smother.

“Lets see.... Allison Mack, Jennifer Garner, Kat Heigl, Amy Jo Johnson, Keira Knightley.... And oh yeah, Erica Durance.” Rich answered.

“Erica?” Rob exclaimed rather loudly. “Erica from the Darkness Erica?”

“One and the same.” Rich confirmed. “She asked, I said ok. She wants to redeem herself and I think that’s fine. She’s too good a talent to lose, so I’m trying to put all the Darkfall shit behind me and get back to running the promotion. But here I am running my mouth, when we’ve reached our destination.” he said, pointing to a clearing in the trees. Stepping aside, he let his guests go past him, so they could get their first look at the site of their festivities. Fannin hadn’t been lying when he said there was food and drink and shade. There were tables filled with every type of picnic edible piled high. Hamburgers and hotdogs rubbed elbows with corn on the cob, baked beans and potato salad or any other thing you could want. And as for drinks, well Irish’s reaction says it all.

“Dear lord... looks like you moved the entire bar down here Rich.”

“Just about,” Rich responded. “Everything’s on ice and ready to go when you want to start slinging. When you get tired of it, just find George, he’s been dying to tend the bar himself.”

Of course, the whole scene wouldn’t have been complete without the girls down toward the end of the beach. Allison, Kat, Amy, Jennifer, Keira and Erica were all putting the finishing touches on a group of lawn chairs that were arranged in a rough semi circle facing the water. The astute observer noted that it was the prefect size for a makeshift arena, and that is exactly what it was.

Looking at the girls finishing up, Fannin called out, “Ladies I can’t thank you enough! When you’re done, eat, drink and be merry along with everyone else. There’s a big fat bonus coming in your next pay check!”

Planting a tiki torch in the sand, Kat Heigl called back, “We’ll hold you to that Rich!”

Fannin smiled and turned back to his friends as the girls finished their work and began to amble over to the main group, exchanging greetings and such with the group as a whole, Fannin spoke up again, “Well friends, those of you who were here last time know that I only had one match as the entertainment. This time is five times better as I’ve arranged for four under card matches along with the main event. Now the participants in the main event will stay secret until right before it happens, but since the opening match will be starting in short order, I see no harm in telling you what’s in store. This afternoon I’ve assembled eight young women who are relatively new to the promotion. I would have liked to promote them more heavily over the last few months but with Darkfall; many other things fell by the wayside. But it’s best not to dwell on the past and I figure what better way to promote up and coming talent than by having the best minds and voices in our business in attendance as they do battle?

“To that end, here are the match-ups that will prime us for the main event. First, Lacey Chabert will take on Kaley Cuoco. Then Alexis Bledel will face Kristen Bell. After that, Brittany Snow will square off with Scarlett Johansson and finally Michelle Trachtenberg will battle Rachel Bilson. And that will bring us to right about dusk, when the REAL fireworks are going to start. Neve will be bringing the first eight ladies down in relatively short order, so until that happens, I suggest you eat like it’s fat free and drink like tomorrow is prohibition. After all it is a 3-day weekend. How good could it have been if we all remember it Tuesday morning? Or Wednesday morning, even? As the masses are wont to say, Let’s party!”

Fannin made a sweeping gesture with his arms and there was a roar of approval from the guests as they surged toward the food and drink. Joining the rush to food, Rich was all smiles as the crowd apparently couldn’t wait for the first of the matches to begin. Grabbing a burger from the table and a beer from Irish (who was already slinging drinks like a madman).

Rich thought to himself, “This is going to be good...”

And so the next several minutes were spent obtaining food, drink and generally just getting the place broken in. To say it was chaotic would be a bit of an understatement; thusly an effort by your narrator to capture all the action would be a gargantuan task and because it’s my party too, I don’t feel bad in slacking off a bit. When the initial whirlwind of activity has died down, we rejoin the first discussion we drop in on, Jackflash and Drufan, sitting in the front row of seats, observing the Lacey and Kaley encounter.

Keeping his gaze focused on the action (it was hard not to) Jackflash said, “You know I see a lot of people hanging out here but I don’t see the Iceman. Any idea why he didn’t show up?”

Taking a sip of his beer, Dru kept his attention riveted to the fight as he responded, “Blizzard you mean? He’s been sort of under the radar lately. Last I heard he had gone to Prague, rumor was he was trying to set up a second branch of the Put Up or Shut Up Club there.”

“Sounds like he’s keeping busy, still it’s a shame he’s not…hold onna second….YEAH LACEY BREAK THOSE SCISSORS! YOU GOT HER BABE YOU GOT HER!” Resuming his normal tone of voice, Jackflash added, “Sorry about that, got distracted. I think something cool is about to happen.”

And indeed he was right, something cool was about to happen and it would be a shame if you missed it. So let’s shift our focus to the arena momentarily, where a powerful blonde and a curvy brunette had been waging a back and forth war for the better part of half an hour..... The crowd went wild with excitement as Lacey Chabert, now free of Kaley Cuoco’s seemingly invincible chest scissors, circled the dazed, hurting blonde, taunting her. Lacey couldn’t have been happier at how well the match was going. She had known she was the underdog coming in to the bigger, more athletic Kaley, whose crushing leg scissors had brought her here, but Lacey was prepared. Lacey smiled at the thought that it was her defeat at the hands (or legs rather) of Michelle Trachtenberg that made her start thinking about how to defeat a taller, leggier opponent. Looking now at poor Kaley, face twisted with rage and pain, Lacey had to admire how well the plan had worked.

“Legs not feeling so good?” Lacey taunted. “Guess I was little hard on them, huh? Maybe you’d like to come over here and let me ‘massage’ them some more!”

“Damn you! Damn you!” It was a rather sad wail coming from the normally smart-ass blonde, but it was quite sincere. Lacey had attacked those strong, athletic legs like a demolition squad setting up a building for an implosion. Leg-locks, ankle-locks, and knee-locks had done their damage.

When Kaley FINALLY got the smaller brunette in a chest scissors, she tried to pour all her fury and frustration into crushing her, but her legs, her weapons of choice, had failed her. Lacey had squirmed, clawed and strained against the scissors. Always before, those powerful muscles had held their prey, but today they had been weakened—they could not hold and, as the crowd screamed in surprised delight, Lacey burst free and scrambled clear. Kaley had stumbled to her feet, but her legs were cramping now and tears were running down her cheeks.

“Poor Kaley, she knows she’s gonna lose. Your big break and I’m taking it away from you! Go ahead and cry! They already can see you’re a gutless wimp!”

Kaley was having trouble seeing, her battle braid had come loose and her hair, plastered with sweat and sand was getting in her eyes. She could still make out the figure of the hated Lacey in her damned black bikini with the white lace trim. Between the agony of her tortured legs, the frustration of a seeing a match she was sure she could win get away, and the rage at her taunting opponent, the blonde simply lost it. With an incoherent roar, she charged at Lacey in the wild hope of sweeping her into a bear hug and crushing her into defeat.

Lacey, her taunts having accomplished their purpose, delicately stepped aside and slammed a forearm into the throat of the on-charging Kaley. Still half-blind, the blonde never saw it, and she stumbled back gagging and retching. That was all Lacey needed to step forward, apply a front face lock, tucking Kaley’s head under her shoulder and reaching back to grab the back of Kaley’s red bikini bottom to lift the blonde into the air. Lacey then jumped upwards and fell back letting Kaley’s head smack into the sand. The blonde actually bounced as Lacey released her upon impact and rolled to a stop on her back. Kaley’s body spasmed and her eyes fluttered, but she was plainly helpless for whatever Lacey planned next.

Lacey knew what she WANTED to do. She wanted nothing more than to drop her A-Bomb finisher on this bitch, but the make up of their arena prohibited it. However, Lacey suddenly spotted George Stark standing at ringside and she had an idea.

“Hey, Big Guy, come over here, I want to show these folks what I can do, but I need your help!”

George didn’t look very eager to help. He looked over at Fannin, who seemed puzzled as to what Lacey had in mind as well, but he nodded at the big man. George nodded, but he didn’t look happy as he lumbered onto the sand. Lacey had him kneel down a few feet back from where Kaley’s feet were. Then she whispered in his ear. He looked at her and sighed. He then helped her climb onto his shoulders, then onto his hands and raised her up to a satisfactory height. The audience, of course, now realized what she had in mind and cheered her on, but she couldn’t resist a little showmanship.

“Ladies and Gentlemen: IT’S TIME FOR THE A-BOMB!” Lacey cried. She took a last look down to make sure Kaley was still out (she had suffered an disaster when Allison Mack had revived during such an attempt and rolled clear). Kaley looked like she was coming around, but her eyes were still hazy as Lacey jumped.

The A-Bomb was simply a butt drop to the chest and the leap made it a finisher—provided Lacey’s opponent was there when it landed. Kaley Cuoco must have realized what was coming down at her, but all she do was scream: “NOOOOOOOOO---“ then butt smacked HARD into Kaley’s chest, her finely filled bikini top squashed beneath Lacey’s descending bikini bottom.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!” All the air seemingly burst from Kaley’s lungs and her body shuddered violently, but she was held firmly to the sand by the triumphant Lacey. The brunette knew Kaley was finished, but she continued to inject showmanship into the proceedings, swinging around into a reverse face sit, planting her bikini bottoms (now coated with wet sand and sweat) squarely on Kaley’s helpless face. She then put her arms in back of her head and thrust her boobs out as she did a little grinding lap-dance on Kaley’s face.

At the same time she nodded at the audience and shouted, “COUNT HER OUT!”

Hers pretty grin got wider as the crowd chanted in unison, “ONE...TWO...THREE!!!!!”

At the count of three, Lacey leaped upwards. She hugged the nearest audience member (a suprised but greatful Archer). She hugged George, who had retreated to the edge of the fight zone. She hugged Richard Fannin as he came down to formally proclaim:

“We have our first winner: LACEY CHABERT! Lacey, you can get cleaned up in the house. Then I want you to come back and take your place in our winner’s circle over there. Good fight, Lacey---oh, and, you, too, Kaley.”

Lacey looked back at Kaley who was being helped to her feet by the referee. She was looking very forlorn, but when her eyes focused on Lacey, they suddenly burned with hate.

“I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS CHABERT! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL!” Kaley screamed, then nearly fell as her legs buckled and she had to be helped towards the medical tent.

“ANY TIME, KALEY! ANY TIME!” Lacey shouted after her and the crowd cheered lustily. The card was off to an exciting start....

During the ensuing rounds of applause for Lacey and the sympathetic nods for Kaley, your narrator takes the time to head back to the bar and help himself to a beer (several beers actually) and a heaping helping of food. Looking for a table to sit at, yours truly spots an interesting discussion taking place. Sidling up at the next table, lets have a listen as Erica Durance and Allison Mack share a dialogue.

Picking at her food, Erica looked up at her old friend and said, “So that’s how it went down. I can’t ever apologize enough for what I did to you and the others when I was part of the Darkness, but I want to try. I have some fences to mend and I have to start with you.” She stopped then, waiting for Allison to reply.

The normally friendly looking blonde was a picture of troubled thought as she figured out how to respond. “I want to believe you Erica, but it’s going to take some time. You did some bad things when you were with Katie and the others.”

“I know.” Durance answered, “But you don’t know what it was like to have Katie inside your head. She got me at a vulnerable time and it’s hard to say no when someone offers you a chance for revenge on the girl who just choked you out with her tits.”

“Believe me, I know what facing Jen is like.” Allison nodded appreciatively, “But I also know that you learn just as much from losing as from winning. You’re going to have to learn that if you ever want to beat Love one on one. Normally I wouldn’t advocate a breast smother to end a match, but turnabout is fair play and if you can beat her fair and square I see no reason why you shouldn’t have a little revenge.”

“I’d settle for pinning her shoulders to the mat for a 3 count right now.” Erica sighed. “But I’m getting away from why I came to see you. I know you won’t trust me completely right from the start; maybe not ever again, all I’m asking for is a chance. Will you give an old friend a second chance?”

Allison’s electric smile made an appearance. “Yeah, I will. I can’t stay mad at anyone for very long. It’s good to have you back.” she reached a hand over the table and laid it over the brunette’s own clasped hands.

Erica smiled and returned the gesture, “It’s good to be back, Allison. I promise I won’t let you down ever aga...”

She was just about to finish her sentence when a nasty sounding shriek came from the direction of the sand arena, followed by a roar from the crowd. Looking curiously, at the blonde she asked, “Who’s up right now?”

“Alexis Bledel and Kristen Bell I think.” Allison answered. “You want to go see what’s up? That sounded like something painful.”

“Let’s go grab a better seat,” Erica grinned as the two got up and headed for the lakeside crowd. And your narrator is going to follow them. The appetite for talking has been sated for now. Let’s get back to the action.
Kristen Bell shrieked loudly as Alexis Bledel worked the Bow and Arrow hold, the cute blonde’s back bent at a nasty angle over the slim brunette’s knees. Grunting at the pain of her plight, Kristen put all her strength into breaking free of the submission, a move that was rewarded with another painful jerk on her chin and ankles courtesy of her brunette tormentor. Listening to Kristen wither in her grip, Alexis said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Do you submit Kristen?”

The struggling blonde resumed her escape efforts, responding to Alexis’ question by yelling, “NO! I won’t submit and you’re not strong enough to make me!” Bell ended her statement with more wild thrashings, but the blonde still remained pinned across her opponent’s knees.

Tiring of the Bow and Arrow, Alexis said quietly, “Have it your way.” as she released the chin of her captive and thrust her forward, letting the tiring blonde roll off her knees, belly first into the wet sand. Getting to her feet, Alexis took a moment to adjust the edges of her canary yellow tankini and to acknowledge the cheers of support with a small smile. Putting her game face back on, Alexis was deadly serious as she watched Kristen get to her feet, the disheveled blonde taking a moment herself to smooth out the rumpled edges of her yellow and black polka dot bikini. Brushing some excess sand from her torso, Kristen dropped into a crouch and snarled at Alexis, “I’m going to end you in front of everyone. No one gets away with trying to embarrass me.”

Returning the barb with one of her own, Alexis answered calmly, “You think you’re embarrassed now? Let’s see how red your face is when I pull it up out of the sand, after I make you TAP OUT...”

She ended her little missive with a slightly taunting beckoning of her fingers, daring Bell to come and get her. Managing to keep her head despite her anger, Kristen shot forward and locked up with Bledel. Before Alexis could muster a counter, Bell shot a knee into her belly, doubling the brunette over. Not needing an invitation, Kristen hooked her foe up in a front face lock and grabbed a handful of yellow tights before hauling her foe skywards, holding her slim captive inverted over her in a Stalling Vertical Suplex. Kristen was all grins as the audience began to count waiting the moment when Kristen would simply fall back and drive Alexis into the soft, wet sand. They had reached 8, when Alexis suddenly came alive in her grip, twisting and squirming wildly.

The move caught Kristen off guard and she stumbled, allowing Alexis to drop to the sand behind her, the brunette landing awkwardly on one knee. Cursing the mistake, the blonde whirled to lock up with her foe and that’s when tragedy struck. Alexis had been waiting for her and as soon as Bledel saw Kristen’s eyes she leapt into the air. At the height of her jump, Alexis wrapped her arm behind Kristen’s neck, pulling her off balance. Microseconds later, gravity did its thing and Alexis fell to the ground, driving her foe face first into the sand with a modified Leaping Neckbreaker she called “The Last Word.”

Knowing Kristen was ripe for the picking, Alexis couldn’t resist a bit of goading, lightly mussing the blonde’s hair as she was planted in the sand. Looking back to the audience she said, “Time to persuade her to give up.”

The guests cheered their approval as Alexis, muscled Kristen around so that the blonde was face down, with her head facing the guests. Moving to her opponent’s ankles, she folded Bell’s legs up pressing them roughly into the injured girl’s butt. Placing a knee on Kristen’s ankles, Alexis laid down on her victim’s back and proceeded to lace her arms around the blonde’s right arm and head. Her hold almost secure, Alexis locked her hands right across her captive’s mouth and nose in a painful cross-face. Leaning back as far as she could, Bledel pulled Kristen’s sand covered torso up off the beach, bending her captive’s neck and back at a hideous angle. Alexis had locked in her other finisher; she called it Crystal Blue Persuasion.

Kristen roared in pain over the roar of the crowd, so Alexis wasted no time in asking, “Wanna give it up?”

Kristen bit her tongue for a few seconds and then she sobbed, “YES, YES, YES! I GIVE UP, JUST LEMME GO!”

Never one to drag things out, Alexis released the hold and let her foe’s head drop back to the sand. Getting to her feet, she nodded to the crowd as Rich handed the microphone to Rappin, (he’d asked if he could do some announcing.)

A big grin on his face, Rappin adopted his best Michael Buffer voice and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner...ALEXIS BLEDEL!”

The guests cheered again and Alexis took a little bow before leaving the arena, to go get cleaned up after her fight. And again there was polite applause and words of encouragement as Kristen pulled herself up from the beach. The blonde looked to be on the verge of tears but she blinked them back and smiled at the crowd’s encouragement, mouthing, “Thank you.” to both the party goers and Fannin, the golden haired rookie made her way gingerly towards the medical tent to make sure she would live to fight another day.
When your narrator is finally feeling like reporting on the events of the party nearly half an hour later, he finds himself drawn toward a single chair at the edge of the arena, where a certain brunette sits, watching the closing moments of Scarlett Johansson’s battle with Brittany Snow. She is currently alone, but that doesn’t last very long as none other than our host pulls up a chair and sits down beside her.

Looking away from the action momentarily, Richard says, “I work my ass off to put on the biggest bar-be-que I’ve ever attempted and you’re having a salad? My heart is crushed.”

Neve looked at him and smiled. “It looks delicious Rich, but I need to stay clear headed. Don’t want to be operating on a too full stomach should that bitch decide to start anything tonight.”

Fannin nodded, but looked concerned. “Neve I know she’s been goading you, but I won’t have you interfering in my main event. You and Ashley wouldn’t let me stop the match at Christmas, and I won’t let you do the same here.”

She leveled her gaze on him and spoke plainly, “I’m not going to spoil your party Rich. But if she gets in my face when all is said and done, you might have a few extra fireworks you weren’t counting on. I’ve let a lot of girls say a lot of things about me throughout my career, but I’ll be DAMNED if I let her spread any more lies about me. No one accuses me of sleeping my way to the top. I’ve worked tot hard for too long to let anyone slander me that way.” She looked at Fannin again. “If she doesn’t say anything, I’ll let it go for another week. But if she starts something, I’m gonna finish it.”

“I understand.” Rich responded, a bit worried. Taking a pull from his beer he added, “But in the meantime, try to enjoy yourself would ya? It is a party after all.”

“I’m having a blast Rich.” The Scream Queen answered. She seemed to be on the verge of saying something else when a movement on the sand caught her eyes. Suddenly her eyes gleamed and she said, “Watch this, I think we’re about to see a move you don’t see every day.”

Fannin raised an eyebrow and followed the brunette’s stare. If Neve was impressed by what was about to happen, he figured it had to be good. As it turned out, she was right.

This was going to be a quick match! Whether because of Brittany’s renowned strength and savagery, or as a result of Scarlett’s peerless grappling skills and cunning ruthlessness, everyone agreed that one woman would seize control of the battle early, and it wouldn’t take her long to drive her opponent into abject defeat. What the spectators couldn’t agree on was just who that woman would be; those lucky enough to be in attendance were evenly divided on the question. But they were as one in agreement that it would not take very long to settle the issue.

Now nearly an hour into the match, all such expectations had been long since shattered. The two warriors battled magnificently, each defying the abilities of the other and the weaknesses of their own bodies to struggle on. Control swung back and forth between them, each wildcat inflicting damage, but both unable to deliver a killing blow that would win the match entirely. But even their powerful wills couldn’t continue to animate bodies long since pushed past the point of mortal endurance forever and exhaustion was etched on their faces as the strength ebbed from their lush bodies with every drop of sweat. Victory was at hand for the woman who was able to seize it.

And that woman appeared to be Brittany, who was throwing her last ounces of power into a final offensive. She had Scarlett backed up to the edge of the arena, bikini top torn from the strawberry blonde’s chest, and she sank her stiletto fingers into her foe’s breasts, squeezing for all she was worth. Snow had carefully laid the groundwork for this final gambit throughout the match, repeatedly attacking Johansson’s breasts with punches and stomps, which now left them painfully vulnerable to such a withering attack.

Scarlett’s whole body seemed paralyzed by agony as she bit her quivering lower lip and shut tight her tearful eyes. And although her eyes were closed, in her mind she could picture the smirking face of her opponent, fully confident that victory was hers at last. It was that mental image which drove the blonde on to make one last, desperate attempt at escape. Still writhing in the painful clutch of her foe, Scarlett reached out with her right hand and clamped a clawhold of her own onto Brittany’s crotch! The thin fabric of the bombshell blonde’s bikini panties offered scant protection as Johansson commanded every last bit of her fading strength into her grip. Snow gasped and winced, then sobbed as her womanhood was ravaged by her merciless rival. And thus it became a test of endurance as the two beauties struggled to withstand the other and win the battle. The spectators were awestruck at the sight of the two Amazons, and they could only wish that this brutally spectacular tableau could continue forever for their enjoyments. But it couldn’t last forever…indeed, it defied all logic that it had lasted this long!

Ultimately, one warrior faltered, her body no long able to heed her mind’s demands to continue. Brittany released her dual grip and her arms fell to her sides; then she sank to her knees, her power fading away from the blinding pain to her groin. Scarlett knew that she need only continue with her clawhold to win the match...but that was not the triumph she envisioned for herself. Releasing the hold, Johansson rolled her near-lifeless foe onto her stomach. She then debuted the finishing hold which she had been hinting about in recent days...The Scarlett Fever. Folding Snow’s legs back at the knees, she crossed them at the ankles. Johansson then sat atop her opponent’s trapped feet to pin her face-first to the sand. Next, she pulled Brittany’s right arm behind her in a hammerlock, and snaked her other arm around her victim’s throat in a chokehold. Pulling back, she bent the helpless Brittany so as to send electric waves of pain up and down her spine, snapping the blond out of her stupor.

But lucidity was all it granted her...Brittany was trapped in the hold and unable to escape. And as the stranglehold around her windpipe tightened and her face reddened from lack of air, the fans in attendance realized precisely why this was dubbed “Scarlett Fever.”

Realizing she had no hope left, Brittany slapped at the wet sand with her free hand, signaling her surrender. But Scarlett hoarsely shouted “No!”

There would be no tap outs now...she would not relent until her opponent were left completely unconscious and beaten. That didn’t take long. The referee lifted Snow’s arm up three times, and three times let it drop lifelessly into the sand. Only then did Johansson release her hold! Every muscle in her body ached, and it was all she could do simply to stand. But Scarlett got to her feet, then kicked the unmoving body of her foe over onto her back.

Speaking to the unhearing Brittany but in a voice loud enough to be heard by entire elite audience, Johansson said, “I don’t usually repeat myself, but I’ve done something before that I’ve heard someone...” She cast her gaze to Richard Fannin in the front row and gave him a conspiratorial wink. “…is rather fond of. So for you, sweetie, I’ll make an exception to my rule.”

And with that, Scarlett imperiously planted her right foot atop Snow’s face, grinding the sole across her angelic features, humiliating Brittany as if to say she’s lower than the dirt beneath her feet, as the victrix raised her fists in the air in a display of dominance. The spectators jumped to their feet as one with a roar of approval. Once more, Johansson had demonstrated her superiority. There were few here now who doubted she would not go all the way to the very top.
Nearly a half hour has gone by and after another trip to the bar and another trip to the buffet, your narrator feels human enough to resume his duties. The wandering eye of omniscient narration takes us to the front row, where BBB4 and Mr. Chris are observing a remarkably acrimonious battle between two talented brunettes, the aforementioned Michelle Trachtenberg and her opposition this evening, the equally captivating Rachel Bilson. Keeping their eyes glued to the battling beauties, the two guests still managed to carry on a meaningful conversation, despite the notable distraction of two half-naked young women tearing into each other not 3 yards away.

Smiling as Rachel worked her foe with a Body Scissors, B said, “So, Mr. C, with all these matches prior, who’s Fannin got headlining this little get together?”

“I really don’t know.” he responded. “Last year it was one hell of a grudge match, so you’ve gotta figure that equates into his pairing. But the only feud nasty enough to warrant a position in the main event is Sarah and Katie.”

He clapped approvingly as Michelle broke the scissors and responded with a Full Nelson.

Digesting what Mr. Chris had just told him, B said, “It does seem a likely pairing but if the rumors I’ve heard are true, Katie’s in the wind. I mean nobody’s seen or heard from her since she got beat by Sarah and Neve a few weeks ago. But even if that as the case, I can’t see her not jumping at the chance to humiliate Sarah in front of a crowd. Especially in a setting like this.”

“I agree with you,” Chris answered, “But maybe we’re thinking about this the wrong way. At Christmas we were all surprised at the Neve / Ashley pairing. Maybe there’s been another war brewing that Rich kept under raps so he could pull it out of his hat and surprise everyone when he takes it public.”

“I wouldn’t put it past him.” B agreed. “I think maybe we should just, oops must stop talking, things on the sand are getting too interesting to ignore. We can continue this after the match.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Mr. Chris murmured as the both turned their attention to the action on the sand.

Standing over the prone form of her foe, Michelle Trachtenberg’s face was cold as she hurriedly adjusted her top, coving her chest after Rachel had nearly ripped the aqua marine top off her during their last encounter. Flushing a deep red at being even closer to naked in front of the crowd, Michelle had floored the other brunette with a wicked Dropkick, giving her more than enough time to deal with her little wardrobe malfunction. Glaring down at the recovering Rachel, she hissed, “You’re going to PAY for that Rachel. I don’t take kindly to humiliation.”

Getting to her knees, the other brunette looked up at her foe and sneered, “That’s too damn bad cuz there’s lots more where that came fr…OOOEERGGH!” Her missive was cut off as Michelle responded with a hard kick to the side of the face that sent Bilson sprawling.

Looking a bit haughty as she stalked over to the downed girl, she spat, “You talk too much. Rachel. Let’s shut your mouth.”

Michelle leapt into the air and came down full force with her belly directly across Rachel’s chest. The other brunette was driven into the sand and she gasped like a speared fish as all the air rushed out of her. Deciding it was time to finish this thing, Michelle got to her feet and kicked Rachel over onto stomach, so she was facing the audience. Seeing Scarlett near the back of the throng, Michelle decided to send her old foe a message. Grabbing a hold of Rachel’s bikini, Michelle pulled up hard, snapping the strap on the tiger print top, leaving Rachel naked to the waist. Over the cheers of the audience, Michelle tossed the top aside before standing on the back of the Rachel’s thighs, just above the knee. Bending down, she pulled Rachel’s feet up and locked her captive’s ankles behind Michelle’s legs. Halfway there, Michelle bent again and grabbed hold of both of Rachel’s wrists, pulling her arms up off the sand.

Looking up before she locked her move in, Michelle found Scarlett again and whispered, “She’s no match for me...And neither are you.”

Then she pulled back and sat down right before rolling onto her back, lifting Rachel clear off the sand, Bilson topless and tortured as Michelle worked her over with the Trachtenberg Twist, her version of the Mexican Surfboard. Pulling down hard on Rachel’s arms, Michelle bounced her legs up and down, putting vicious pressure on Rachel’s back and neck.

Holding her prey helpless, Michelle sneered, “Surrender Rachel. Or I’ll make this worse for you!”

Her face flushed a furious crimson from having her chest bared to the crowd, Rachel roared back, “PISS OFF BITCH! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS I’M GONNA STRIP YOU BARE!”

Not dreading Rachel’s potential escape, Michelle said quietly, “I warned you.” In the blink of an eye she released her grip on Rachel’s wrists, letting the captive brunette slump back on top of her, even with her legs still immobilized. Not done with her torture, Michelle brought her hands up and sank them into Rachel’s undefended tits, pinching, kneading and generally mauling the sensitive orbs while Rachel was still tied up in the Surfboard. If there had been a roof, it would have blown off as the crowd exploded at Michelle’s unorthodox tactics.

Tears were flowing freely down Rachel’s cheeks as she tried desperately to pry Trachtenberg’s cruel claws from her breasts. After several seconds of useless tugging, Rachel reached the end of her rope and whimpered, “Let go Michelle, I give up.”

Giving her foe’s tits a final vindictive twist, Michelle hissed, “I know you do. I just wanted to make sure THEY knew too.”

Then she shoved Rachel off her, leaving the other brunette, a sobbing, sweaty, topless mess; face down in the sand on the beach. Striking her own little pose, Michelle looked radiant, as she was being backlit by the setting sun that was gleaming mellowly over the water. Holding the pose, her satisfied smile grew a bit wider as she listened to Rappin announce her victory.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG!”

Gratefully acknowledging the cheers of the guests, Michelle caught Scarlett’s eye as the blonde was stalking away from the crowd. Locking her gaze with Johansson, the brunette said, “I’m better than you and I’m going to prove it. You hear me?”

“Loud and clear!” sneered Scarlett as she turned around, heading off to plot in the friendlier confines of Irish and his multitude of libations.

When next your narrator resumes his duties nearly an hour has passed and the sun has sank low over the lake, throwing a mellow golden glow over the party and its assembled guests. Things are quieting down and everyone is slightly nervous, knowing that all the preliminaries have been observed and it’s time for the main event. Just when the crowd starts to wonder when it’s going to happen, Fannin steps into the middle of the sandy arena and calls for everyone’s attention, “Friends, the time has come for the culmination of the festivities. For those of you who may still be entertaining the thought of eating or drinking, I’d suggest you do so as I’m talking because the bar will be closed during the run of this battle. It’s only fair to Irish. How you doing over there pal?” Irish pointed to the overflowing tip jar and nodded. Things were good.

Watching as everyone started to fill in the seats in the semicircle, Fannin took a breath before speaking again. “Tonight’s main event will serve as an epilogue of sorts to the whole Darkfall sagaur combatants this evening represent both sides of that particular issue, but interestingly enough, the bad blood between these two stems from an incident several months before that whole ugly business, and the rumblings in the locker room indicate these two have had it out for one another ever since. In the interest of letting them settle their differences on an even playing field, I’ve brought them here to battle before you all in our Main Event this evening. Tonight will be their first one on one encounter and it will most likely be their last, as each has vowed to humiliate and demoralize the other so badly that she would never have the urge to face her conqueror again. And with all the back-story and mood setting done with, it’s time to get down to business. Friends, allow me to introduce our first combatant. She stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall, and is known by friend and foe alike as the Hellcat, a name she most richly deserves. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Kristin Kreuk!”

Fannin pointed toward the gap in the line of chairs and suddenly Kristin was in their midst, the slim brunette seemingly coming from nowhere. Giving the crowd a cool glance, Kris steps onto the battleground clad only in a simple black robe that ended well above her knee. Looking calmly at her audience, Kristin undoes the knot at her waist and lets the robe fall, revealing a 2 piece maroon bikini that clung like a second skin.

Smiling ever so slightly at the cheers and applause, Kris looked toward the gap in the chairs, awaiting her rival. Clearing his throat, Fannin continued, “And introducing her opponent. She stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall, she is the mistress of the Heartbreaker and possessor of one of the most feared smothers in wrestling, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you, Jennifer Love Hewitt!”

Much like Kris before her, Jen came out of nowhere as she quickly entered the arena. Slipping off her robe, the curvy brunette tossed the garment aside to reveal her battle attire; a two-piece midnight blue bikini that stretched and clung in all the right places. Standing between the two grapplers, Rich added a final thought. “Kristin, Jennifer you both know the rules. No holds are barred with exception of concentrated attacks on the eyes. As soon as I’m out of the way, you can get started. May the better woman win.” Simultaneous with the last word, Fannin stepped away, taking a seat on the left edge of the arena, next to Neve, who by the way had been watching the introduction of both fighters with keen interest. Both brunettes watched Fannin exit and as soon as he was gone they locked eyes, going nose to nose with each other, not saying a word.

Kris finally broke the silence, addressing the shorter girl in a low, menacing tone, “Ready for that wrestling lesson I promised you Love? I hope so, otherwise you won’t last very long.”

Love’s gaze never wavered as she responded, “I’m more than ready for anything you’ve got Kristin. Lets find out just how tough you are when you don’t have 4 others backing you up.”

Kristin sneered quietly, “More than tough enough to handle a candyass like you Love.” Kristin stepped back a few paces. Keeping her eyes trained on the other brunette she said, “Let’s just get this over with now. We both know it would’ve happened sooner rather than later.”

Kristin reached over her shoulders and peeled off her top, leaving her bare to the waist. Throwing the garment aside, her steady green eyed gaze sent a challenge to her foe, asking if she had the guts to follow down the path Kris was leading her on. Not intimidated in the slightest, Love peeled off her own top and threw it aside.

Cracking her knuckles, Jen asked, “How do you want to start?”

Kristin smiled knowingly. “Let’s see who’s got the tougher tits.”

Rising her hands up and laying them on Jen’s chest, waiting for her foe to do the same. Not unnerved in the least by Kris’ claws brushing her bounty, Jen brought her hands to Kristen’s assets.

“Your funeral,” Jen purred Love-ly.

“We’ll see about THAT!” Kris hissed, suddenly crushing down; mauling and pinching Jen’s breasts in her cruel fingers.

Surprised at the suddenness of the attack, Love responded in kind, digging into the other brunette’s chest. The pain in Jen’s tits suddenly seemed to lessen as she watched Kris cringe as she had to endure Love’s claws. Growling quietly, neither bothered with words as they sank their grip in deeper, doing their best to force the other to break her hold and thus admit the superiority of the other. But neither Jen nor Kris was going to surrender this initial battle easily and they dug in tenaciously, ravaging each other’s breasts as they stumbled awkwardly around the sand, fighting for dominance. Biting her tongue to block out the pain, Jennifer calmed herself and suddenly bore down as hard as she could, putting all her strength into destroying Kristin’s orbs. The slim brunette’s face twisted in pain and her grip loosened just the tiniest bit. Encouraged by this sign, Love bore down even harder, drawing a smile cry from the green eyed beauty. Seeing a minute tremble develop in Kreuk’s legs, Jen rose up on her heels and pressed down, forcing Kristin to one knee, even while she increased the pressure on her claw. Looking down at her kneeling foe, Jen found Kristin’s nipples and twisted violently, forcing another little shriek from the hellcat.

Snarling imperiously, Jen said, “Should’ve known better than to start like this Kris. You’ve got nothing on me in a chest to chest duel.”

Blinking back the tears in her eyes, Kris looked up and spat back, “You’re not going to have a chest when I’m done with you.”

Not waiting for Jennifer to respond, Kristin tightened her own grip, brutally tearing and twisting at Jen’s nipples. Love gasped and wavered a bit, allowing Kristin to get both feet under her again. On an even playing field, Kreuk took a page from Hewitt’s handbook, rising up on the balls of her feet as she bore down, relishing Jen’s helpless expression as she was forced first to one knee and then the other.

Pulling nastily upwards on her rival’s tortured bounty, Kris taunted, “Ready to throw in the towel Jelly Jugs?”

Jen grimaced at the pain, but there was no way she’d surrender this quickly. Closing her eyes against he pain, she doubled her efforts and got back to both feet. Opening her eyes, she pressed her nose against Kristin’s and hissed, “Betcha let go before I do.”

Surprised by the other brunette’s jab, Kris smirked, “Yeah right. You couldn’t make…ARRRGGGH!”

Her last words stayed unsaid because just then Jen shot her head forward, cracking her head against the bridge of Kristin’s nose. Kreuk’s green eyes watered and she stumbled back, breaking her grip on Jennifer’s boobs in the process.

Pursing her retreating foe, Jen smirked, “Told ya!”

Closing the distance between her and Kristin, Love threaded a hand between her victim’s legs and slung her other arm over the brunette’s shoulder. With no discernable effort, she picked Kristin off the sand and held her aloft for a basic Body Slam, pivoting so the crowd could get a better view, Jen rose up on her toes before tossing Kristin into the wet sand, the dominant brunette smiling at the heavy, wet smack of Kristin’s body in the yielding beach. Granting Kris no reprieve, Jen grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her foe off the beach.

Standing in front of the dazed girl, Jen hissed, “Let’s do that again, shall we? You make a neat noise when you hit the sand.”

She lunged forward to lock up with her prey, but Kristin was faster, darting her claws up and raking them across Jen’s face. Blinded, Jen cried out and swung blindly, trying to fetch Kristin a lucky haymaker. Kristin easily avoided the blows and retaliated, leaving her feet before planting them in Love’s face with a perfect Standing Dropkick.

Picking herself out of the sand, Kris stood over her groaning foe and taunted back, “Now THAT was a neat sound! Wouldn’t you agree?” she asked the audience from which there were quite a few chuckles and murmurs of assent. Turning back to Love, she bent down and pulled her up by the hair. Gripping her foe’s locks tightly, Kristin shook her from side to side, before pulling her victim in close. Whispering in Jen’s ear, she said cruelly, “I may not be able to gouge your eyes out, but I can rip up the rest of your ugly face.”

She stepped backwards and glided her hands down, sinking them into Jen’s forehead, cheeks and throat, tearing and pulling viciously. Shrieking in pain at the callous assault on her features, Jen took the easiest route to escape; she bit down hard on Kristin’s fingers. Her head filled with savage joy as she heard Kristin cry out and this only encouraged her further, gnawing and chewing madly on the intruding digits. On the other side of things, Kristin was frantically trying to pull away from the blast furnace her hand seemed to be trapped in. Balling up her free hand, she drove a couple short, stiff shots into Love’s temple that finally freed her other hand.

Needing to create some space, she shoved Jennifer hard, knocking her to the sand only to lose her balance as well, stumbling backwards before coming to rest on her butt. Taking a few seconds to ascertain the damage done, Kristin’s head filled with a virulent red rage as she saw Hewitt’s teeth marks in her hand. Glaring at her foe, she was a bit surprised to see the same rage in Jen’s dark eyes, the brunette seething over the sadistic attack on her face. Not saying a word, both brunettes got to their feet only to drop into low crouches. They started to circle one another and then decided on a more direct attack, each charging the other with open arms and extended claws.

They collided head on with a wet, sandy slap, going to ground in a heap of snarling, clawing limbs. For the better part of a minute, they tumbled and rolled over one another, each spitting and cursing as they fought for the dominant position. Finally Kristin broke the squirming stalemate with another rake of the eyes, dropping Jen’s defenses momentarily. Acting fast, Kris buried her hands in Jen’s hair and pulled hard to the side, forcing Jen onto her back. In the same instant, she straddled the other brunette, maintaining her grip on Love’s dark mane. A sadistic sneer on her face, Kris worked the mount to the hilt, using one hand to hold Jennifer’s head in place while the other smashed closed fists down on her cheek and forehead. After an especially hard shot, rattled Jen’s brain, Kris paused for a moment to berate her foe. “Don’t you ever bite me you cheap slut, or I’ll tear the rest of your pathetic face right off!”

Jen groaned in response and this apparently infuriated Kris even more, because she went back to the face clawing attack from earlier, simply raking her dreadfully curved talons up and down the length of Jen’s face, pausing every few passes to pinch and twist the flesh in a vile, two-fingered grip. After several seconds of this torture, Kristin decided a new tactic was an order and she released her clawing hand and scooped up a fistful of wet sand.

Holding the dirt tightly, Kristin shrieked, “YOU WANT TO BITE ME? WHY DON’T YOU CHEW ON THIS!”

She rammed the glob of dirt down into Hewitt’s face, grinding and rubbing the wet soil into Jen’s scored features. Kristin kept this demeaning tactic for several seconds before wiping the dirt off her hands, only to resume her two handed grip on Jen’s follicles. Taking a deep breath, she pulled Jen’s upper torso off the mat by her hair and held her there for just a second before slamming her back down into the sand. Jen groaned and the audience groaned with her, the brunette’s head made a painful sounding thud against the ground. Smiling down at Jennifer, Kristin pulled her up again, to go for another head slam and then thought better of it.

Looking down into Jen’s pain-glazed eyes, Kristin whispered, “Now lets give you a taste of your own medicine.”

Then she pulled Jen up even higher as she leaned forward, bringing her victim’s face into the canyon between her tenderized breasts. Kris knew she didn’t have the build to smother Jen out, but there was something to be said for the psychological advantage she could gain and she meant to press it as best she could. Still holding Jen by the hair, she tugged her foe back and forth grinding her tits all over the protesting landscape of Jennifer’s features.

Laughing nastily as Jen flailed underneath her, Kristin continued to grind as she taunted, “How do you like tits in your face Love? I bet you like it you dirty twa…ARRRRRRGHH!”

Hewitt had had enough of this derisive treatment and she opted out by clamping her jaws down on Kristin’s left breast. Mad with pain, Kristin punched away on Jen’s skull, finally forcing the teeth from her tit.

Pushing off her victim, Kreuk surveyed the damage and roared her rage as she watched Jen get up. Deciding to put the bitch down for good, she left her feet, intending to decapitate Love with another Dropkick. But pain had served as a great motivator for both fighters and Jen anticipated the attack, stepping back and slapping Kris’ feet aside, letting the other brunette drop like a stone into the wet sand. Seeing Kristin laid out below her, Jen’s pretty face contorted with hate and she acted fast, dropping all her weight down in a brutally simple Knee Drop that bounced off the other brunette’s skull. Kristin let out a low groan and clutched her injured head, rolling over on her stomach in a fairly pathetic attempt to get away from Jen.

But Jennifer would have none of it! Kris had taken some pretty heinous liberties with her and Hewitt meant to return the favor. Dropping to her knees, she quickly straddled Kristin, resting comfortably on the small of her back. Getting her breath back, Jennifer took her time getting a hold of Kristin’s hair, leisurely pulling the other brunette’s face and chest out of the sand.

Leaning in to whisper in her rival’s ear, Love said venomously, “You want to try and rip my face off Kristin? Let me tell you something little girl, if you think you can out vicious me, you are in for a NASTY surprise. I have no problem tearing you to pieces in front of all these people. Allow me to demonstrate.”

Sinking her talons deeper into Kristin’s ebon mane, Jen pulled back as far as she could before driving her foe face down as hard as she could, letting Kristin hit the sand hard on her face. Smiling at the appreciative groans of the crowd, Hewitt pulled Kreuk up, holding her prone for several seconds so the crowd could take in the dirt and dazed expression on the green eyed girl’s face. The urge for violence overpowering her, Jen slammed Kristin down again, only this time she didn’t pull her prey up. Instead she jerked her arms back and forth, grinding the other brunette’s face even deeper into the soft sand. Smiling evilly as Kristin writhed underneath her, Jen maintained her grind for a few more seconds before pulling Kris up off the ground with a disrespectful yank. Leaning into her, Love adjusted her grip, pinning Kristin’s arms over her head, giving the audience an unobstructed view of the Hellcat’s tits.

Her grin growing bigger as she heard Kreuk’s gasps, she said, “I’ve heard you fancy yourself a Camel Clutch expert. Is that true?”

Humiliated and furious at being displayed this way, Kristin bucked futilely and spat, “Fuck you Jen. I’m gonna make you suffer like you wouldn’t believe. You’ll never show your face again.”

“I don’t think so slut. And since you dodged my question, I’ll just introduce you to my version of the Camel Clutch.”

Hewitt leaned back as hard as she could, bending Kristin to the breaking point with an inventive combination of Full Nelson and Camel Clutch. After an especially nasty wrench on her captive’s neck drew a pained squeal, Love asked, “Ready to give it up Kris? Say yes and you can be free, cover up those pathetic things you call tits.”

Her fury growing every second, Kristin roared back, “FUCK OFF SLUT! AT LEAST I’M MORE THAN A WALKING SACK OF SILICON!”

“Wrong answer!” Love snarled as she wrenched back on the hold, bending Kristin into a rough L shape. Wanting to return some embarrassment from earlier, Jen released half her grip in the Full Nelson, managing to hold both of Kreuk’s arms with one of her own. Using her free hand, she grabbed a huge clump of sand and brought it even with Kristin’s face.

Whispering in her foe’s ear, she chided, “We’re going to try a new twist on an old favorite. Ever had your mouth washed out with DIRT?”

Before Kris could protest, Jen jammed the whole glob in her face, grinding and smearing the sand into Kristin’s flushed features. Running out of dirt, Jen changed tactics again, releasing the Half Nelson and letting Kreuk flop back to the beach. Taking a moment to collect herself, Jen lifts up ever so slightly and muscles Kristin onto her back. Grabbing a double handful of hair, she pulled the lithe brunette up so that they were face to face. “Time to introduce you to another of my favorite holds, a weapon you and the rest of the training bra set will never be able to utilize properly.”

Snarling as Kristin’s eyes widened, Jen pulled her victim face first into the sandy, sweaty cavern of her cleavage. Smile growing wider as she felt Kristin’s breath on her tits, Jen held the other brunette in place, letting her struggle wildly against the inescapable seal of the Breast Smother. Looking to heap on the humiliation, Jen ground Kristin’s face back and forth across her boobs, drawing several raucous cheers from the assembled mob. Love had just shifted her grip and she was preparing to pull Kristin’s head in even deeper when her world exploded in white-hot pain.

Shrieking wildly, she pulled away from Kreuk only to have the brunette come with her. Seems that Jen wasn’t the only one who could bite her way out of a hold. But to that end, Kristin wasn’t the only one who could punch her way out of a situation and that’s exactly what she did, laying vile punches into Kristin’s head and ribs, finally freeing her bounty from the Hellcat’s maw. With a furious snarl, Jen pushed off of Kristin stumbling away to mend her chest while Kreuk stayed in the sand, sucking in great tearing gasps of air, grateful to have escaped the stifling heat of the smother.

Several moments later, both brunettes felt recovered enough to regain their feet and resume their war. Looking down at the sweat and sand that shone on their torso’s, Kristin and Jennifer refrained from attacking one another just long enough to tuck some loose hair behind their ears, a seemingly pointless gesture when one postulated on what lay ahead. Locking eyes with one another, the dark haired Amazons hissed at one another and charged forward, locking up in another twisting, squirming clinch.

They pushed and shoved back and forth for several seconds and just as it appeared that Love was going to take Kristin off her feet, the Hellcat lashed a knee up, catching her surprised rival flush between the thighs. Jen’s strong legs trembled and she uttered a low groan and Kris rudely shoved her down into the sand. Standing over her injured nemesis, Kristin adjusted her bottoms and stalked around her prey.

More to herself than Love, Kristin spat, “I’ll teach you...teach you to mess with me.... Nobody fucks with me like that, NO ONE!”

Her quiet rant ended in a wild roar as she brought her heel up and then crashing down, burying it in Love’s belly. Jen gasped and tried to roll away, but Kris followed her, raining down the most heinous stomps imaginable on Love’s belly and chest. After several seconds of that, she selected a new target, hacking away at Jen’s thighs, hoping to knot up the muscles there and make it nearly impossible for the other brunette to fight back. Enjoying the simple pleasure of stomping a hole in her foe, Kristin upped the ante quite a bit, going to Jennifer’s feet and gripping an ankle in each hand.

Pulling Jen’s legs up into the air, Kris looked down and said, “They’re gonna here you screaming on the other side of the lake Love. Nothing in this forest is gonna be able to hear anything else unless you go hoarse.”

Receiving little more than a mumbled curse from Love, Kristin steadied herself before leaping high into the air, coming down with her knee landing directly between Jen’s legs. To the guests it looked and sounded as if a powerful electric current had passed through the downed brunette as she shrieked long and loud when Kristin’s attack connected. Add in the wracking spasm that shuddered through her and you could easily make the connection. Enjoying the spooky, almost boneless way Jen’s legs were wobbling in her grip, Kristin got to her feet again and tightened her grip. Blowing a condescending kiss at the partygoers, she jumped again, this time coming down even harder on Jen’s center. Hewitt’s reaction was just as violent this time, the spasm shooting through her so hard that she pulled free of Kristin’s grip only to curl up into a tight little ball on the sand. Getting to her feet again, Kris strolled over to Jennifer and placed a bare foot on the other brunette’s side. Hands on her hips, she looked down and arrogantly proclaimed, “Won’t be long now Love. I’m almost ready to finish you..... Or am I?”

Speaking no more she bent down and grabbed a damp, dirty handful of hair. Pulling the mewling girl to her feet, Kristin muscled Jen onto her shoulders in a typical Fireman’s Carry. Striding closer to the audience, the Hellcat spoke to the assembled throng. “Get a good look at her now, cuz she’s never going to show her face after tonight.” When Jennifer’s weight began to grate on her, Kris threw Jen up and forward, dropping to one knee as Jen fell to the earth, letting her victim impale herself on the bent joint, a wicked variation on the Gutbuster. Kneeling besides her gagging foe, Kristin’s face twisted with hate as she saw Jen pull her face out of the sand, gasping for breath.

Grabbing the back of Love’s head, she forced the other brunette back into the dirt, grinding her face back and forth, all the while sneering, “Get your face back in the dirt, where it belongs.”

After several seconds she tired of this base sort of torture and decided on something a little more sophisticated. Dragging the weakly protesting body of her victim into more open surroundings, Kristin sat down besides Jen and slipped her legs around Love’s waist.

Locking her ankles, Kristin began to squeeze, trying her best to crush the rest of the fight out of Jennifer. As the trapped brunette began to thrash, Kris said with mock sweetness, “Hope you don’t mind the scissors Love. I need to practice on you when for when I get to the real fight.”

She ended that rather cryptic statement with another taunting constriction, compressing Love’s middle even more. Jennifer was suffering and trying her best not to show it, but Kristin’s legs weren’t making the situation any easier. Knowing she’d have to pull out all the stops to defeat the Hellcat, she dug her hands into the sand and grabbed another clump of beach.

Acting more on instinct than anything else, the trapped brunette slung the dirt into Kristin’s eyes blinding her tormentor and drawing a surprised yelp from her in the process. “As she released her scissors and scrambled away, Kristin moaned, “You desperate cheating bitch... I’ll kill you for that!” Shaking her head wildly, Kreuk clawed at her face and managed to clear her vision only a few seconds later. Seeing Love still on her knees, Kristin let out a sibilant hiss and stalked over to the shorter brunette, pulling her to her feet with s nasty twist of her hair.

Staring into Love’s dazed face, she screamed, “SO YOU LIKE CHEAP SHOTS DO Y…AEERRRRGGHHH!”

The question degenerated into a pained shriek as Jen brought her knee crashing upwards, returning the low blow Kristin had generously doled out earlier. With Kristin kneeling before her, Jen took just a moment to respond to her foe’s question.

Dark eyes burning with hate she spat, “Cheap shots are ok in moderation slut. Especially if they’re pay back for an earlier indiscretion. And speaking of indiscretions...”

She pulled Kristin up and wrapped her arms around the slim brunette’s hips. With Kreuk nearly limp in her grip, Love hauled her victim upwards and held her there for a few seconds before bringing her back down, slamming her down crotch first on Jen’s bent knee. The Inverted Atomic Drop worked like a charm and Kristin’s legs gave out immediately, the green eyed beauty collapsing on the sand as Jen stood over her, glaring triumphantly. Pulling her hair back, Jen made a show of brushing some of the dirt off her shoulder and chest, patently ignoring her crippled rival. Eventually she turned her focus back to Kristin and the brunette was ready to dole out more vengeance. Placing her heel on the tortured swell of Kristin’s center, Jennifer whispered, “Let’s see if the folks on the other side of the lake can hear your SCREAM Kris.” Then she bore down with all her weight, simply stepping on her opponent’s crotch, grinding her heel against the non protection of Kristin’s maroon trunks.

Down in the sand, Kristin was wailing as she tried to escape Jen’s diabolical torture. Biting her tongue to stifle any more screams, she whipped her claws up and sank them into the other brunette’s ankle. Not thinking, she pulled to the right as hard as she could, managing to force a break in the terrible pressure on her womanhood. Kreuk had just managed to get her hands and knees under her when she was pulled rudely to her feet and whirled around to face her tormentor. Staring into Love’s furious eyes, Kristin was horrified when she felt Love’s arms encircle her chest. Pulling the wounded Hellcat close to her, Love tightened her grip and lifted the slender girl off her feet, bending her wickedly with the Bear Hug.

Listening to Kris wail in her grip, Jen shook her foe like a rag doll and taunted her, “Feeling your ribs begin to go you slut? I hope I snap every single one of them. You’ve hurt enough people, it’s time somebody hurt you back.”

Mustering her reserves, Kristin pulled her head forward and sneered at her tormentor, “It’s not...gonna be you...who takes me down, bitch....” She struggled some more then trying to free herself, but Jen quelled that rebellion with another hard knee between the thighs.

Feeling Kristin go limp, Jen squeezed even harder and answered maliciously, “YES...I...WILL!”

Tiring of the Bear Hug, Jennifer gave the hold a final spine bending clench before tossing Kristin down into the sand, watching with satisfaction as the other brunette lay splayed out on the beach at her feet. A bit frightened with the savage joy she felt at dishing out punishment to Kristin, Jen silenced all internal doubt by leaping into the air and coming down chest to chest on her winded prey in a perfect Body Splash. The force of the Splash jackknifed Kristin’s body and then the flattened brunette lay still, seemingly crushed by Jennifer’s last attack. Pushing herself off of Kreuk, Hewitt looked down at the girl beneath her and asked, “Give up?”

“Fuck you.” was the Hellcat’s immediate reply.

“Not likely.” Jen chided nastily as she got off her prey. Grabbing a handful of Kristin’s dirty locks, Jennifer pulled her to her feet and held her in place with one hand. Pulling back her other hand, Jen held it in place, as she opined, “We never would have had to deal with the Darkness if anyone had had the guts to just bitch slap the five of you back into line. Better late than never I suppose.”

Then her hand shot forward and it fetched Kris a good lick, snapping the slender brunette’s head to the side. She staggered back a few steps only to be greeted with a second slap, and then a third, the demeaning, disrespectful bitch slaps cracking her across the face faster than she could counter them. The last shot in Jen’s fusillade seemed to clear Kristin’s head and as another blow came flying in, Kristin stepped aside, leaving Jen to stumble awkwardly forward. Faster than most in the audience (and Jennifer for that matter) would have believed, Kreuk shot forward and stomped down hard, crushing Love’s toes into the sand. In the same breath, she grabbed hold of Jen’s outstretched wrist and pulled it toward her mouth, clamping down maliciously on Jen’s exposed fingers. Stunned by the pain in her foot and her hand, Jennifer managed to pull her way free, turning her back on Kristin as she lurched away, cradling her injured hand.

But turning her back on the Hellcat was a mistake, a fact that Kristin demonstrated when she shot forward and gripped Jennifer’s head under her arm in a Side Headlock. Not breaking her stride, Kristin loped forward a few more steps before jumping high into the air and coming down comfortably on her butt, as Jen crashed face first into the sand beside her. Savoring the way Jen twitched as she lay in the sand, Kris released the Headlock and sat up. Taking a moment to collect herself, she pulled her dazed opponent to a sitting position and that slid behind her, pressing her chest tightly against Jen’s sweating back. Breathing deep, Kristin ran he talons through Jen’s hair and pulled her head back, exposing her throat. Leaning in so that her lips were brushing against her victim’s ear, Kristin whispered almost lovingly, “Now you’re going to find out why they call me the Hellcat.”

Trying to free herself, from Kristin’s grip, Jen hissed back, “I won’t give you the satisfaction of a submission Kristin. You can’t break me.”

Cupping Jennifer’s head in her hands, Kristin cooed, “I have no urge to break you Love. I want to TEAR YOU APART.”

Her hands were on Jen’s face, raking, tearing and digging at any target they could find; be it nose, mouth, cheek or throat. Smiling coldly as Jen squirmed in her insidious holds, Kris hooked a finger into the side of Jen’s mouth and pulled, forcing a badly distorted scream to pass form her victim’s lips. Seeking to add a final injury to this insult, Kris used her other hand to grab Jen right above the hairline and pull her head back, exposing her throat. Mouth curved in a predator’s smile Kristin lowered her head and chomped down, sinking her teeth into the muscle at the base of Jennifer’s neck and shoulder. But even this misery could be compounded and Kris did just that, releasing her grip on Jennifer’s face only to fill both hands with her foe’s breasts. Still biting Love’s neck, Kris twisted and tore at Jen’s tits like she truly meant to tear them off her chest. Jen was writhing under the agony of this attack, but she refused to surrender as many in the audience were pleading for her to do.

Cursing the tears that were streaming down her cheeks, Jen curled her own hands into claws and whipped them backwards, scoring and ravaging anything that felt like skin. Her desperation attack caught Kristin off guard and the slender brunette was forced to relinquish her torturous grip in order to free herself from Jennifer’s desperate gambit. Prying Jen’s claws from her face, Kristin kicked the other brunette away and got slowly to her feet, gingerly feeling the landscape of her features to make sure everything was still there. Finding herself to be intact, Kristin returned her focus to Jennifer, her emerald gaze locking in on the girl who was even now tenaciously getting to her feet and inspecting her face the same way Kristin had done. Seconds later, Jennifer completed her own diagnostic and she turned her gaze to Kristin. Breathing heavily, she almost sighed as a cool breeze kicked up off the lake, sending a slight shiver through both combatants.

Leveling her dark eyes with Kristin’s emerald ones, she taunted, “That all you got? You’re no Hellcat, you’re just another pussy.”

Incensed at the slight, Kristin fired back, “I’m gonna rip you to shreds.” She lowered her shoulder and sprinted forward, catching the surprised Love around the middle with both arms. But Kris didn’t simply slam Jen to the beach oh no. She held her grip and continued sprinting forward until she felt water under feet. Only then did she drive herself down, slamming both her and her rival down into the shallows of the lake. Feeling the cold water splash close over her, Kristin thought, “Don’t think Fannin’s ever promoted a fight on land and water. Well, it’s just another record for me to set.”

When the two brunettes left the beach to take their war to the water, the reaction of the audience was in a word: shocked. Those who had witnessed the Christmas encounter had secretly been harboring the notion that it would be impossible for Kristin and Jen to top that match but that thought was quickly fading from most of their minds. Watching the 2 girls roll around in a soaked, screaming heap in less than a foot of water had convinced the onlookers that these 2 would do anything to win this war. In fact, it was that ‘do anything to win’ mentality that had some of them murmuring that Fannin should consider stopping the fight, but Rich merely shook his head and pointed to Stark, noting that the behemoth of a man was sticking very close by and was ready to act should anything too nasty start to happen. And speaking of nasty, lets get back to the action in the lake....Kristin had just tossed Jen off of her and mounted the other brunette, straddling her waist. Flipping the hair from her eyes, Kreuk abandoned any attempts at finesse and went with baser means, locking both her hands around Jen’s throat in two handed choke.

Squeezing her victim’s windpipe, her eyes blazed in the warm light cast by the torches and Kris looked nearly demonic as she demanded of her foe, “Give...up.... NOW!”

Spitting water and fighting for breath, Jennifer only gurgled in response, before bringing her hands up and smashing several hard punches into the sides of Kristin’s head. The blows rocked Kreuk’s head back and the brunette beauty was forced to relinquish her grip on Jen’s throat to tend to her head. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Jennifer grabbed Kristin by the shoulders and twisted hard to the right, tossing Kreuk into the water and mounting her waist in the blink of an eye. Pinning Kristin into the shallow water, Jen took a deep breath and looked down at her foe.

Rubbing both hands over her heaving chest, Jennifer’s voice was full of spite and malice. “I can choke people out too, Kristin. But I prefer my way.”

Kristin didn’t respond immediately, Love sprang into action, pulling the brunette up by her hair and ramming her face first into Jen’s ample cleavage. Now Jen’s smother was hard enough to escape in a dry situation, add in the water and it became an almost impossible task. A cheer went up from the crowd as Kristin began to thrash under her conqueror, everyone quite sure that Kreuk was too far-gone to resist Jen’s legendary rack for too long. But the partygoers underestimated Kristin’s resilience and her near fanatical devotion to the win. Thusly they were greatly surprised when Jen threw back her head and shrieked in pain. Apparently Kristin was using her teeth again, biting at the fresh stealing her breath, taking sick pleasure in the screams she could hear coming from Jennifer.

She reached up and grabbed the brunette’s shoulders, sure she could force a release from this torturous hold. But much as the audience had underestimated her, Kristin had underestimated Jennifer. The other brunette gritted her teeth and fought through the agony of Kristin’s gnawing, pulling her adversary up out of the water with her as she got to her feet. With Kris still latched onto her chest like a ferocious remora, Love balled up her fists and absolutely laid into Kristin’s skull, pounding her victim’s head from side to side with these knockout blows. Kreuk finally broke her seal after a half dozen of these blows and she staggered back toward the audience, knowing she could get some recovery time because Jennifer would need some to assuage the damage to her chest. But this wasn’t the case. Jennifer merely glanced down at her tits, noting with fury that Kris had managed to draw blood. Angrier than she had ever been, Love limped after the other brunette and grabbed her from behind. Marching forward, she pulled Kris with her, the other brunette barely able to stumble along as Jen brought her in view of the audience. Still in a rage, Jen brought her claws up, slipped fingers into both sides of Kristin’s mouth and pulled hard in opposite directions, forcing a horribly distorted cry form her slender opponent.

Pulling and tearing maniacally, Jen roared, “YOU WILL NEVER.... NEVER.... BITE ME AGAIN! YOU GOT THAT YOU SICK BITCH?”

Kristin spat something that was distorted by Jen’s tearing fingers, but the mauled brunette got a bit of reprieve when Jen pulled her right hand free of her maw. I say a kind of reprieve because no sooner had Jen stopped clawing Kristin’s mouth did she slip her free hand down the front of the Hellcat’s trunks, applying a late game Crotch Claw. The audience cheered their approval as Kristin’s struggles to escape increased tenfold, the green-eyed girl moaning weakly as Jen tried to finish her off. Just when she appeared to be on the verge of surrender, Kris brought her hands up and over her shoulder, raking Jen’s eyes. The shorter brunette cried out and staggered away, breaking her claws. Every thought in Kreuk’s mind told her to go on the attack, but her body wouldn’t listen and she fell to her knees in the sand, gasping and crying as she got her breath back. She was still in that position when Jen grabbed her from behind and pulled her to her feet. Without saying a word, Jen muscled her victim onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry.

The crowd roared in anticipation, it seemed there was going to be a beachside Heartbreaker in Kristin’s future. But before Jen could fall to the side and crush Kristin’s head against the sand, the other brunette raked Jen’s face again, allowing her to wriggle down Love’s back. Knowing that she had to put Jennifer away very quickly, Kris thought fast and brought her knee up, smashing Jennifer between the legs. Jen voiced a pathetic little scream and fell to her knees, clutching her injured center. The fires of hell raged behind Kristin’s green eyes and she seemed bound and determined to share her vision with her victim. Lashing a leg out, she kicked Jen over onto her back and straddled her. Letting her fingers do the walking, Kristin settled her claws on the tortured swell of Jen’s rack and began to squeeze and twist, relentlessly mauling the already damaged goods.

Her face twisted into a homicidal sneer as she worked her foe over, Kris returned some of the verbal vitriol Jen had displayed earlier, “YOU CAN’T BEAT ME! YOU COULD NEVER BEAT ME AND I’LL RIP THESE MISERABLE TITS RIGHT OFF YOU IF IT SUITS ME, BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. GOT THAT?” she snarled, adding to the intensity of her question with another hard wrench of Jennifer’s boobs.

This attack continued for several more seconds and then Kris seemed to think of a better plan. Releasing her foe, she got up and pulled Jen up with her. Slipping behind the other brunette, Kris trapped Jen’s right arm in a Hammerlock and crossed her left arm across Love’s throat, immobilizing her pretty effectively. Holding her foe in place, Kristin marched her prey to one end of the area, right in front of the assembled crowd. Maintaining her grip, Kreuk began to walk the length of the battleground, letting everyone see her damaged captive.

As she continued this walk of shame, Kris added to her rival’s embarrassment, taunting, “You see them Jennifer? Look where they’re looking. Not at your face. Even after the hell you’ve put me through, these idiots can’t look at your face, they’re drawn to your tits. You’ll never be anything more to them than that. How does that make you feel Love? Huh? I said, HOW DOES THAT MAKE YO…AUUUUNNGHHHH!”

Kristin’s diatribe was cut off suddenly when Jen lashed a foot back and caught her tormentor between the thighs. Free of Kreuk’s grip, Jen wasted no time in whirling to face her injured tormentor. Not bothering with words, Jen brought her arm up as she loped forward, nearly decapitating Kristin with a Clothesline out of nowhere.

Surveying the wreckage, Love responded to her foe’s accusations. “They may be looking at my tits Kristin, but at least they want to look at me. And after I finish you off, they’ll be looking at a winner too. Now get up and face me. It’s time you got what you so richly deserve.”

Kristin had been getting to her feet during Jen’s response and when she regained her vertical base, she stared at Love with unadulterated hate in her eyes. Speaking clearly she said, “You’re no winner. You’re just the name that’ll go at the top to of the list titled: Sluts I Destroyed.”

Unfazed by the threat, Jen dropped into a low crouch and chided, “Prove it kitty.” Kreuk snarled and dropped low, lunging forward with claws extended to lock up with her foe for the last time. But Kreuk had made an out of character rookie mistake, being suckered in by Love’s goading. As she drew in close, Love lashed her hands up, raking her prey across the eyes. Not letting Kris get away, Jen glided her hands down, bringing them to a stop on Kristin’s more modest (but nonetheless very impressive) assets. Taking a breast in each hand, Jen twisted madly, the pain immediately dropping Kris to her knees.

Clamping down as hard as she could with her manacle like grip, Jen hissed coldly, “If you ever touch my tits again, I WILL break your neck. That’s a promise.”

Kristin pulled weakly at Jen’s wrists, but the curvy brunette only increased the pressure, forcing a pained whimper from Kristin’s lips. Love continued her mauling for the better part of a minute before picking out a new tactic. Releasing Kristin’s tits, she grabbed the kneeling girl’s hair and yanked her forward, trapping her in a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Kreuk’s damp waist, Jen pulled her opponent into the Powerbomb position and held her there for a moment before driving her down full force into the beach. Kristin hit with a wet thud and lay still, only semi-conscious after the scintillating slam. Standing at her opponent’s feet, Jen bent down and grabbed both ankles, pulling them up and tucking them under her armpits.

Taking a deep breath, she muttered, “Time to end this.”

She turned over and sat down, bending Kris past her limits with the brutally basic Boston Crab. When Love locked Kristin in the Crab, everyone KNEW it was over. There was no way for Kreuk to escape the move after the beating she had taken.

That’s why everyone was so shocked when Kris planted her hands in the sand and thrust her legs back, flipping Jennifer off her back and into the wet sand behind her. They were even more surprised when Kristin scooted back and sat down, bringing the full weight of her ass to bear on Jennifer’s features with a Facesit.

As Jennifer bucked underneath her, Kristin looked down and said with a cold finality, “KISS...MY...ASS.” Love took her advice but she used teeth instead of lips and Kreuk screamed as Hewitt sank her teeth into the meat of her butt.

Scrambling to free herself, she pushed up off Jen and staggered away, rubbing her tender backside as Jen got to her feet. Green eyes narrowing, she promised, “That was your last gasp you twat.” charging forward and burying a boot in Jennifer’s gut to double over her.

Stepping forward, Kristin shoved Love’s head between her thighs and then wrapped her arms around Jen’s traumatized waist. Not wasting a breath on a taunt she pulled up, lifting the other brunette into position for a traditional Powerbomb. With Jen’s legs hanging limply on either side of her head, Kristin deviated from the normal course of action. Instead of slamming Hewitt down, Kristin pushed up and out on the brunette’s legs sending them trailing out behind the blonde, her head now much closer to Kristin’s hands. As gravity began to pull Jennifer down Kristin grabbed Jen’s head in both hands and sat out hard. Hewitt landed face and chest first on the sand, the first (and last) girl to ever get hit with Kristin’s Beautiful Letdown on a beach. Getting to her feet amidst the cheers of the crowd, Kristin preened for just a moment before pulling Jen to her feet.

Stepping behind her, Kristin proclaimed, “This will put you away for good.”

She started tying up her foe’s limbs, going for what looked like an Abdominal Stretch, but would ultimately become the Octopus, a nasty variation. Kreuk was just about to sling her leg over Jen’s head to lock the hold in when Jen mustered her strength and thrust up, catching the slim brunette off balance. Before she could regain her equilibrium, Jen scooped Kristin up in the Fireman’s Carry, prepping her for the Heartbreaker. But before she could drop Kreuk on her head, Kristin on her head, the Hellcat got her claws up one final time and raked Jen’s face, letting her slide down Hewitt’s back.

Landing behind her opponent, Kristin screamed, “JUST STAY DOWN!”

She fired a righteous looking kick between Jennifer’s legs. The Cunt Punt lifted Love off her feet and she collapsed into the sand, sobbing quietly as Kristin stood over her. In an absolute rage at her inability to put Jennifer down, Kris wracked her brain for a solution. Taking a quick glance around her, her emerald gaze narrowed and she found her answer.

“Perfect…” she whispered as she made her way towards the audience. Standing directly in front of several appreciative partygoers, Kris said, “…’scuse me, I need to borrow this.”

Then she grabbed the bamboo torch planted in the ground and yanked it free. Holding the torch like a staff, she inverted it and dipped the end in the sand, extinguishing the flame. With the nearly 5-foot pole in hand, she stalked over to Jennifer, where the other brunette was just getting to her knees. Waiting behind Hewitt, Kristin gripped the torch like a bat, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Just as Jennifer got to her feet, Kris sneered, “Behind ya Love!”

The audience tried to warn Jen, but she was too out of it and as she whirled around to face her foe, Kristin brought the bamboo whistling forward, cracking it over Jen’s head with a sickening SNAP. Jen uttered a low moan and fell forward, right into Kristin’s arms.

Tossing the torch down, Kris said, “Check and mate, bitch!”

Then she slipped behind her crippled nemesis and went to work. Standing against the dazed brunette’s left side, Kristin bent Jen over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling over. In one deft motion, she scissored her right leg around the brunette’s left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to Jen’s ribs. In the same motion she reached over the Hewitt’s bent torso and hooked Jennifer’s right arm with her left arm. Finally, she swung her left leg up and slung it over Love’s neck, the back of the brunette’s knee resting comfortably against the side of the her victim’s face. The Octopus finally locked in, Kristin pulled up with her arm and pushed down with legs, bringing incredible pressure to bear on Jennifer’s ribs and neck.

Knowing that Jen was unconscious, Richard looked to Stark and said quietly, “Go check her.”

Stark nodded and the giant moved into the circle, approaching the spot where Kristin held her victim. Grimacing at the awkward angle Love was bent at, George stooped and gripped her wrist, holding it up before letting it fall limply down. He repeated this twice more, and on the completion of the third, turned back to Fannin, confirming Kristin’s win. Nodding again to his intermediary, Fannin waited as George turned back to Kris.

Putting a giant hand on Kreuk’s shoulder, he said softly, “Let her go Kristin, you won.”

The Hellcat held her grip for a second longer and then released it. Letting Jen slump on the beach. Bending down, she grabbed Jen’s wrist in one hand and the torch in the other, then began to drag Love toward the edge of the water a few feet away.

Reaching her destination, she turned back to face the audience and said loudly, “I’m going to take what’s mine now. If any of you should try to pull her out of this ring before I’m done, I will stick this....” she indicated the torch, “In a very nasty place. Understood?”Receiving no demur from the mob, she threw the torch down and turned toward the lake. She proceeded to surprise everyone by strolling out into the shallows before diving into the water, popping to the surface several yards away. She headed out a few more yards and then it seemed her little post match lap was complete and she turned back to shore, stepping out of the water a few seconds later. Facing the audience again, she explained, “To get the dirt off.” She smiled knowingly and then added, “And to make THIS much more fun.”

She returned to the audience once more, but not before hooking her thumbs into the sides of her bikini. With a slight wiggle of her hips, she peeled the wet garment down her legs and kicked it aside, giving everyone a wonderful view of her backside. Standing with one leg on either side of Jen’s head, Kristin sank down until her butt was hovering inches above Jennifer’s sleeping face. Smiling to herself, Kris whispered, “Time to send a message!”

She sat down, bringing the rounded weight of her ass to rest against Love’s chin, a textbook Facesit. Grabbing a double handful of her beaten foe’s hair, Kristin pulled Jennifer’s face up into her groin and began to grind her hips in slow, languid circles, enjoying the tiny wet smacking sounds her center made as it rubbed and ground against Love’s face. After a few moments she increased her pace, smashing her hips and groin more forcefully against Jen’s features, all the while pulling the unconscious girl’s face deeper into the furnace at her center. After several more seconds, Kristin reached her limits and erupted, soaking Love’s face and hair with her juices. Clenching her thighs even tighter as the last little shivers passed through her, Kristin bucked her hips a final time against Jen’s nose and then stood up. Grabbing her discarded bottoms, she walked into the lake once more to freshen up. When she came out, the maroon bottoms were back in place on her hips and there was a ferocious smile on her face.

Getting out of his chair, Fannin announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the winner...Kristin Kreuk.”

There was a thunderous round of applause from the audience, but Kris seemed to ignore it. Scanning the mob, she found who she was looking for and made a beeline towards the left side of the arena, where Neve Campbell was waiting for her.

Stopping a few feet from Neve’s seat, Kristin smiled and said, “I knew you’d show up eventually.”

“I don’t run from a challenge,” Neve answered quietly.

Kristin stepped forward a bit and asked, in a lower more threatening tone, “You ready to start?” Rich made a move to get out of his seat and Kristin stopped him with a glance. “Sit down jerk, this is between me and your lap bitch.” She turned her gaze back to Neve, who was still in her seat.

Looking nonplussed, Neve replied, “Is that all you’ve got? Insults and lies? I expected better from you.”

“I’m just getting started Neve,” Kristin sneered, stepping closer. “I’m begging you, get up out of that seat and fight. I’ve waited a long time for this.... Face me. Unless of course you’re afraid...”

“ You’ll wait a little more. You may have won this match, but you’re exhausted. I won’t let you goad me into a fight and then have you bitch about being tired after I kick your ass. When I finally get my hands on you, you’re going to be full strength. It’ll make beating your ass that much more satisfying.” Neve concluded with a stony glare at her rival.

Kristin took another step closer. Looking down she said, “I think you are afraid. What’s the matter, I’m sure you’ve got your bikini on underneath that dress.... Well, maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s balled up at the foot of Fannin’s bed. Is that where it is you unscrupulous whore?”

Everyone in attendance drew a sharp breath at just how fast the Scream Queen moved. One second she was sitting, the next she was on her feet and nose to nose with the green eyed Hellcat. Staring deep into Kristin’s eyes, Neve whispered, “Say it again. I’m begging you, say it again.”

Kristin didn’t flinch at all. “You heard me. I know it pisses you off. Fight me. Try and make me recant.”

Neve shook her head. “No, we do this on my time, and my terms.”

“Time and terms don’t mean shit, Neve. You know why?” Kristin whispered back.


“Because I…cheat!” Kreuk smiled as, with her last word, the Hellcat spit in the Scream Queen’s face; staggering her for a second.

A second was all Kristin needed to get her hands up and tear wickedly at Neve’s face, blinding the other brunette. As Neve cried out and stumbled back, Kristin grabbed her by the shoulders and whipped her around, gripping the back of Neve’s dress in both hands. In one brutal tear, she split the white garment in two and tore it off her foe, much to the delight (and chagrin) of the audience. Apparently Kris had been right about one thing, Neve was wearing a bikini underneath her outfit, a simple white one-piece number. Smiling at how well this was going, Kristin slung one arm around Neve’s throat and pulled her backwards, into the sand of the arena.

With Neve gasping in surprise, Kris leaned into her ear and whispered, “This is just a taste. A preview if you will.”

She shot her free hand down and sank it into the taller brunette’s groin, tearing and scraping as Neve thrashed in her grip. Biting back the pain of Kristin’s attack, Neve’s dark eyes suddenly opened and filled with a frightening anger. Quicker than many would believer, she brought both her hands up and grabbed a dual hold on Kristin’s hair.

Yanking her attacker tightly against her, Neve shot back, “You want a taste of things to come? Choke on THIS!”

She yanked forward, pulling Kristin up and over her shoulder, slamming the other brunette onto the sand in front of her. More than eager to pay back Kristin’s demeaning attack on her, Neve dropped to her knees and scooted forward, grinding her ass against Kristin’s upturned face in hard, fast circles. Furious and mortified at having Neve sit on her face so quickly, Kristin got her hands on the other brunette’s butt and shoved with all her might, dislodging the Scream Queen. Scrambling quickly to her feet, Kreuk’s rage grew exponentially when she saw Neve crouched and ready, eying her with cold ferocity.

Taking a step to her right, Neve asked, “Taste good?”

Lip curling in anger, Kristin hissed, “You’re dead.”

Both ladies lunged forward then and there hands where almost brushing when Stark stepped between them, separating the 2 enraged women faster than anyone thought he could. Holding the twi brunettes at arms length, he looked back at his employer and said, “Whaddya wanna do boss?”

Fannin took a breath and said, “Take Kristin to the medical tent and let Gaunt check up on her. Neve, if you don’t do anything stupid, George will let you go and you can go up to the house.” He stopped, waiting for a reply.

Neve nodded silently and Stark let her go. The Scream Queen didn’t do try to attack her foe, but she didn’t leave either, keeping Kristin fixed with a cold stare. Kristin returned the stare and said nastily, “This isn’t over Neve. You won’t see me coming, but I’ll hurt you. Hurt you like no one ever has before.”

“I’ll be waiting.” Neve responded, her voice dripping with undisguised malice.

Then George was walking away, taking Kristin to the medical tent, mostly to keep the two brunettes away from one another.

Looking at the Scream Queen, Fannin said, “Go on up to the house, I’ll talk with you before you go.”

Neve nodded, and said, “I didn’t ruin your party Rich; I just added to it.”

“I know,” he said, smiling as the pale brunette turned to head up the path towards the house. Sighing, he turned back to the guests who by this point were on their feet applauding the action of the evening. Waiting for it to die down, he said, “Friends, that concludes the evening’s entertainment, but the bar is far from dry, the buffet can be refreshed and I’m sure if we hang here long enough there might be some actual fireworks in the sky. So have a drink, pull up a chair and shoot the breeze if it pleases ya. We’ve just seen plenty of things happen and there’s a lot to discuss. The night is still young my friends and this party is FAR from over.”

As if his last word was an omen, a huge rocket exploded over the lake in a shower of blue, red and green light. The crowd cheered again and did as they were bade, eating, drinking and talking amongst one another about the evenings events. Eventually the bar went dry, but by that point, everyone was beyond caring and shortly thereafter, Fannin and the few guests sober enough to help managed to get everyone back up to the house and back into the limo’s that would drive them back to Hobbs End. Amidst many goodbyes, Rich waved his guests off and told them to drop by anytime they were in town. And as the limousines drove off into the night (or early morning depending on your view) Stark turned to his friend and said, “Ya know boss, you can throw a hell of a party when you put your mind to it.”

Smiling slightly, Fannin responded, “I guess I can, can’t I?”

~The End