The Christmas (holiday) Party by The Walkin’ Dude

Pseudo sighed loudly and leaned his head against the window of the limousine, silently watching the snow covered woods speed by as the last few cars worth of guests made their way to Richard Fannin’s house outside of Hobbs End. Rejoining the conversation, he looked at a pair of his colleagues and said, “Would you guys give it up? He’s not going to spill anything. Trust me, I spent most of the afternoon trying.”

Dru and Jackflash stopped badgering Archer for a second to look at Pseudo. “You can’t just give up Nym,” Dru responded. “Arch obviously knows something about the lineup for tonight’s card and I for one am not going to stop until I get him to fess up.”

From his side of the car, Archer just laughed and said, “I’m not telling you guys jack.” (Flash shot him a sideways glance at this comment) “Getting an early look at the cards is one of the few perks of having to archive every damn thing that goes down in this promotion. And besides, it not like we all aren’t going to have ringside seats anyway.”

Flash grinned, “So there’s a ring eh? Well that’s something at least.”

Archer rolled his eyes. “It’s just an expression Flash. There may be a ring, there may not be a ring.”

Flash put on a mock scowl and muttered, “That’s cheating Archer. Grand scale cheating.” The others murmured their agreement and for the next few minutes there was companionable silence between them. After the limo roared around a sharp curve, it was Simguy who spoke up.

“Well, since Archer’s not telling us about the card, perhaps one of you could enlighten me as to the format of our host’s get-together?” He glanced around the cab, waiting to see who’d respond.

“Ah but that in and of itself is something of a question Sim.” answered Dan LeCleir. “See, none of us (save Archer apparently) ever know who’s going to be fighting or just how they’re going to be fighting. I think it’s simply an excuse for Rich to torture our imaginations under the guise of holiday spirit.

Sim leaned back in his seat and looked quizzical. “So we’re all going into this blind? What did he do last year?”

Poochie took a long swallow off his drink and then answered, “Last year was pretty simple. It was only one match and there really wasn’t any stipulation. Just Ashley Scott and Neve Campbell getting all bikini clad on a pile of bearskin rugs in front of a roaring fire.”

Dru broke in to add, “Well, the fight wasn’t completely without a stip. It was basically an ‘I Quit’ match and in the end, Neve made Ashley give it up in rather spectacular fashion.” The others in the card who had been there to see the Scream Queen’s ultimate victory over the Huntress nodded their agreement. It had been a fight to remember to say the very least.

Sim nodded thoughtfully and looked to Archer once again. “And you know what’s going on and won’t tell us? That’s just wrong.”

“Oh sure, make me the bad guy.” Archer grumbled as he opened his notepad again.

“Ya brought it all on yourself pal.” Pseudo chided as the rest of the guests continued to ply the archivist with questions. And before Archer can give away the evening’s festivities, what say we check in on the limousine only a few yards behind them?

BBB4 put the finishing touches on his drink and said, “So Blizzard, how was Prague?”

Blizz looked away from the window and answered, “Not bad B. Good food, great drink and some exceptional locales for the next PUoSU Club. But I can say that it’s quite good to be back in the states. It seems like I’ve been gone for far too long.”

Yeah, we missed you at the Fourth of July party,” Irish added. “I was slinging so much bar that afternoon that I’d poured you nearly three Shirley Temples before I remembered ya weren’t there to drink them.”

He grinned widely as Blizzard shook his head and groaned, “All right Irish, that’s how you wanna play it? If you get a tip tonight I’m making sure it all comes in Canadian pennies and golden dollars. How ya like that?”

“That cold Blizzard.” Irish shot back totally deadpan and now everyone groaned at the blatantly intentional pun.

Recovering from Irish’s bad joke, Mr. Chris noticed Nightscape fiddling with an expensive looking digital camera and said, “Ever the photographer huh ‘Scape? Didn’t anyone tell you ya didn’t have to work tonight?”

Scape finished his adjustments and looked up. “Well I hadn’t planned on it, but Rich asked if I’d get a set of action shots from all the matches, and he promised twice the usual asking price since this is technically overtime.”

“And really, how big of an imposition is it to have to take action shots of beautiful women wrestling with each other?” asked Rappin.

“No imposition at all sir.” answered the photographer. “It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it ya know?”

“Think we could get a set of prints after they’re developed?” asked Tommy B.

Nightscape nodded, “I don’t see why not. Any particular holds you’d like to get pictures of?”

Tom shrugged and replied, “I don’t know, Bear Hugs and Backbreakers have always been at the top of my list, but I’ll take whatever I can get.”

B chimed in with, “If you’re taking photo requests, I’d like to place an order for anything related to Face Sits and Claw Holds.”

Irish looked intrigued and added, “I’d be remiss to not ask for some Sleeper Hold or Scissor pics.”

Scape turned to Blizzard and Mr. Chris. “Gentlemen, can I put you down for any specific shots?”

Blizzard shrugged and answered, “Hell I don’t care what you shoot, as long as I can get it in duplicate.”

Mr. Chris thought about it for a moment and then said, “I think the others have just about covered the gamut, though if you could get some pictures of the post match victory poses, I’ve always been partial to those.”

Scape made a few final adjustments to the camera before slipping it back into its carrying case. Zipping the bag up he said, “It shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure to get me your addresses before the night is over and I’ll send em out as soon as they’re ready, probably around the first of the year.”

“Sounds like a great New Years gift to me.” mused B. He was about to continue when the limo stopped. Looking out the window he said, “Ah, we’re here. Let’s say we crash Rich’s little shindig?” The others agreed and then they were piling out of the car and onto the recently salted driveway that led up to Fannin’s rambling manse in the woods.

Stretching his legs as he stepped out of the car, Sim looked up at the house and said, “Impressive. Though I must say it seems a little too Shirley Jackson to live in by yourself.”

Archer replied, “And whatever walked there walked alone. I was thinking more along the lines of Richard Matheson.”

Sim nodded. “Belasco House, yeah. Though I doubt Rich’s digs have such a storied past.”

Ambling up beside them, Dru clapped them on the shoulder and said, “Could you two can the literary stuff for the evening? We’re about to watch some world class female combat and you two sound like a Fangoria table on contents.”

Archer and Sim sighed. “All right, kill our buzz.” Archer grumbled. Looking up towards the front of the procession he called out, “Hey BBB4, you still hogging door knocking privileges?”

Over the whistling of the breeze, B’s voice came back, “You know it Archer.”

Up at the front of the line, B, Rappin and Poochie approached the old wooden door of the house. Grabbing the big brass knocker, B pulled it back and said, “And it begins again.” He rapped on the door several times and only had to wait a moment before the door was opened by Fannin’s intermediary, the hulking giant George Stark.

Seeing the last of the guests arrive, Stark stepped aside and ushered them in. Nodding in greeting as they passed by, he said, “Hi everyone. Rich figured you’d be here in short order. I trust the trip was pleasant?”

“Other than Archer holding out on us about the card everything was fine.” Dan joked.

George chuckled. “Well if he’d told you in the car, there wouldn’t be nearly as interesting a surprise when you got here now would there? But I’m getting ahead of myself. If you’ll all follow me, I’ll lead you towards the hall, where this evening’s festivities will be taking place.” He turned and headed off down the hall, with the guests tailing behind closely.

As Stark made the seemingly random twists and turns that would lead them toward their destination, Blizzard noticed a familiar looking door and asked, “Things aren’t going to be taking place in the library this year George?”

Stark shook his head no. “No sir. Since Rich decided that this year’s party as also going to be for the roster and office staff as well, a larger venue was an order. Thusly, the hall was chosen.”

Blizzard nodded and then replied, “Makes sense I suppose. Though I will miss the fireplace. That was certainly an interesting backdrop for a fight.”

They were approaching a large pair of double doors when George finally came to a stop and turned to face the rest of the guests. Before addressing everyone, he turned to Blizzard and said, “Don’t worry sir, Rich has got something equally intriguing this year.” Leaving the Iceman with his thoughts, Stark returned his attention to the others and said, “And here we are. All the other guests are already assembled and as soon as Rich gives everyone the requisite speech, the real fun can begin.” Over the murmurs of the guests, George opened the door and let them into the hall.

Simply put, the room was massive. It was probably the size of a movie theater and it could hold just as many people. And it was a good thing to, because the room was already filled with a mix of ring crew, office staff and the wrestlers themselves. All of them were milling around in little groups often near one of the several large tables of food that had been set up or the myriad couches and tables that dotted the room. As the latecomers poured into the room it became readily apparent that the biggest group of people was down near the far end of the room where the lights had been dimmed, leaving the contents of the area a shadowy mystery.

The last group had just begun to split off from one another when a voice amplified by a microphone called out, “Ah, I see everyone’s here, so the party can officially get underway.” Richard Fannin separated himself from another group of partygoers and added, “You guys come on down here so I we can get things kicked off in style.” There was a dull roar in the room and everyone made their way down towards the end of the room where the promoter was standing in front of a velvet rope that severed as the border between light and dark. Looking out over the faces of his guests, Fannin found who he was looking for and pulled out a set of keys. Tossing them to Irish he said, “The Bar officially belongs to you Irish. But since we’ve got a few more guests this year, I got you a little help. Hope you don’t mind.”

Irish looked surprised and then someone tapped on his shoulder. Glancing backwards, he saw a tall brunette in a black cocktail dress grinning mischievously at him. “Hi Irish. Long time no see,” said Karen McDougal.

Trying not to gape, Irish said, “Hi Karen. You’re gonna help out at the bar?”

She smiled and nodded. Looking back to Fannin he called out, “I owe you one Rich.”

Fannin smiled and answered, “Think nothing of it.” Returning his attention to the guests as a whole, Fannin continued. “Now, since I’ve made you wait long enough, what say we talk about tonight’s entertainment? In an effort to top last year, I’ve set up a four-match undercard and a Main Event. The opening matches will features some talents you know and some talents you may not know. But I promise you that all of them are going to be etched in your memory by the time you leave.

In our first match, Lexa Doig will take on Rachel McAdams.

In the second contest, Penelope Cruz will battle Eliza Dushku.

In the third, Keira Knightley will face Sarah Carter in her debut.

And in the last battle of the undercard, Cori Nadine will face Monica Bellucci.

Those will be followed by the Main Event, more about that later. And since I know it’s the next question coming, I’ll just move along to the venue for these fights. Since there are so many of you, I couldn’t just hold it in front of the fireplace, but I wasn’t about to let our combatants freeze, so I came up with the next best thing.”

He pulled a gadget out of his pocket that looked an awful lot like a garage door opener and pressed a button. The lights behind him turned on, illuminating several rows of stadium style theater seats. A few feet in front of the first row was a square shaped depression about five feet wide, five feet across and about half as deep. The entire surface of the depression seemed to glimmer under the lights.

Fannin waited several seconds before saying, “It’s an oil pit. Heated oil to be precise. Not only will it keep our participants warm, it’ll keep things interesting all night. Is everyone’s curiosity sufficiently sated?” The guests assured him that they were and Fannin said, “Well then, get yourself some food, drinks and a comfortable seat. The show will be starting very soon. Merry Christmas everyone. I trust that this will be a night to remember.” Then the group broke up and headed in different directions to make the last minute preparations before the first match began.....
The first match of the evening had been going on for nearly fifteen minutes now and Archer could scarcely believe the frenetic pace of the action. If he didn’t already have a line on the Main Event for the evening he could have tricked himself into believing that Fannin had somehow messed up the order of his card. Taking a moment to look away from the action in the oil pit, he put pen to paper and scribbled a few shorthand sentences into the battered old notepad that he always carried with him. Finishing up his thoughts, he muttered to himself, “Very impressive Ms. McAdams, though I wonder if you’ll be able to pull off that crazy finisher of yours in several gallons of oil.” He was about to flip the pad shut and return his focus to the battle at hand when a familiar spoke up just over his shoulder.

“Ever the scribe aren’t you?” He twisted around in his chair and saw Katie Holmes sitting in the seat behind him. Clad in an elegant gray dress, she watched the archivist’s startled expression and added, “Didn’t mean to scare you. Just surprised you can take adequate notes when two half clad women are rolling around only a few feet away.” She took a sip of her drink, waiting for him to respond.

“I’ve done it for so long now it’s almost second nature. After several dozen notepads and a few thousand matches it’s not nearly as hard as it once was.” He flipped that pad open again and asked, “What can I do for you Katie?”

She sipped her drink and was silent for a moment before she decided to reply. “You’re always the one asking questions, tonight I wanted to ask you one.”

Archer was a little surprised to put it mildly but he answered very quickly, “Ok, ask away.”

She leaned forward a bit. “During the whole Darkfall thing, it didn’t take very long for everyone in the front office to turn completely against me. Well, maybe not Rich, but he still stopped defending me pretty quick nonetheless. But not you. From the very beginning to the bitter end, you were the one voice in the office that defended me, no matter how depraved I got. My question to you, Mr. Record Keeper is simply this: Why?”

Archer smiled and averted his eyes for a second; a very mild flush had crept into his cheeks. Finding his voice, he looked back at the brunette and said quietly, “Everybody’s got his favorite Katie. You just happen to be mine. The reason I defended you when no one else would is because I knew that eventually you’d... well, see the light so to speak.”

Katie looked contemplative. “Fair enough. But after you see what I do to the other five in that diabolical little six-sided toy you and Rich cooked up, you’ll see that I never really saw the light. I just showed the fans how fun it can be to cheer for the villain of the piece.”

Archer nodded and replied, “I have to admit it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to cheer you on if you were kissing babies and shaking hands all the time. But you’re not as lost as you say you are Katie Holmes. One of these days these people are going to see you smile again and it won’t be because you just cracked some poor girl over the head with a chair. It’ll be the smile you had before you ever let a few drunks fool you into thinking you weren’t a great wrestler. And with luck, I’ll be here to write about it when they cheer because Katie Holmes finally stepped out of her personal Darkness once and for all.”

The slender brunette looked touched, if only for a moment. Getting up from her chair, she looked at him and said, “Have a good evening Archer.” She glanced behind him and then said, “You might want to get back to the action. Some very interesting stuff is going on and I’d hate for your notes to be lacking.”

As Katie turned and walked away, the archivist smiled slightly and muttered, “Well that was interesting.” Then a loud, oily SMACK sounded from the pit behind him and Archer whirled in his chair, flipping the trusty notepad open so he wouldn’t miss another second of the action...
Match #1: Lexa Doig vs. Rachel McAdams

Rachel snarled low in the back of her throat as Lexa’s toned forearm squeezed roughly against her chin and cheeks. Slapping gamely at the other brunette’s constricting arms, Rachel tried to wrench herself free from the Side Headlock but Lexa reset her grip and tugged Rachel in even closer, grinding the auburn haired beauty’s temple against the point of her tanned hip. Rocking lightly on her heels, Lexa flipped some loose hair from her face before looking back down at Rachel’ flailing struggling figure. Grinning proudly, Lexa listened to quiet murmurs of the crowd for a moment and then said, “Ready to call it a night Rachel?” The strong brunette added validity to her line of question with another skull wrenching squeeze on Rachel’s trapped head.

Shaking her head as best she could, Rachel gasped, “Not a chance Lexa. It’ll take more than a Headlock to make me tap out.” She stopped talking and resumed her escape attempts, using one hand to pry at Lexa’s elbow while the other groped at her rival’s orange sequined bikini bottoms.

Ignoring the minor discomfort of having her togs pulled out of alignment (she knew the little wardrobe alteration would merely win her more fans anyway) Lexa grinned again and said, “Shouldn’t talk bad about the basics Red. Sometimes the basics are all you need. Lemme show you.” As the words left her lips, Lexa rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, drastically increasing the pressure and torque and Rachel’s neck as she did so.

Forced to kneel or be unbalanced completely, Rachel did so hesitantly, ever aware that she was being taken to school in front of a large crowd by an incredibly simple maneuver. Shaking off the colorful swirls that were beginning to swirl into her vision, Rachel pulled enough air into her lungs to retort, “Not bad. But simple moves are simple to counter...” she trailed off then, and suddenly brought her arms up and clinched them tightly around Lexa’s slick waist. Pooling her reserves, Rachel exploded upward, regaining her vertical base in one violent motion. Pleased to be on her feet again, the redhead sought total escape from the Headlock and lifted up even more, trying to dump onto her back with a desperation Side Suplex. The domineering brunette’s feet had just left the oil-drenched mat when Lexa bore down with all her weight and forced herself back to earth.

Breathing hard, Lexa realized that Rachel had a lot of fight left in her and she needed to wear her down before she could finish her off. Keeping that in mind, she bent at the knees and pulled Rachel forward and over her hip, sending the captive redhead sprawling onto her back with a stiff Headlock Takedown. Noting the appreciative buzz of the crowd, Lexa released the Headlock and knelt over Rachel’s face. Palming the redhead’s slick shoulders, Lexa wiggled her chest slightly and chided, “Time to rack up the win Rachel baby.” Before Rachel could protest, Lexa slid back on her knees and lowered her breasts onto Rachel’s upturned features. Quickly wrapping her arms around Rachel’s waist, Lexa locked her hands and poured on the pressure, smothering Rachel mercilessly against her oil sheened assets.

Trying hard not to panic as all five of her senses were overwhelmed by Lexa’s bounty, Rachel tried not to breathe as she calculated an escape plan. Several solutions flashed through her mind before she came across the one she thought would work best. Spitting angrily as she tasted Lexa’s cleavage, Rachel got her hands up and traced them along the curve of the brunette’s hips until she found the line of Lexa’s tights. Feeling her way up an inch more, Rachel balled her hands into fists and began hammering short, wicked punches into Lexa’s kidney’s on both sides.

Lexa was so intent on choking Rachel out that she didn’t even feel the first few sets of punches against her sides. Only after the redhead ground her knuckles in deep did Lexa grimace and look over her shoulder. Biting back a groan as Rachel continued to bang away at her kidneys and ribs, she snarled, “Valiant effort Rachel, but it won’t save you, not by a long shot.” But the strong willed brunette had underestimated just how long Rachel could keep up her fistic assault. After several more callous shots from her captive, the pain became too much for Lexa to bear and she released the smother, backing away quickly so she could cradle her injured middle unaccosted.

Free for the first time in a few minutes, Rachel was thrilled to taste and breathe something that wasn’t Lexa Doig. Rolling onto her side, Rachel glared at the brunette and gasped, using the brief reprieve to get herself back into the match. After nearly thirty seconds of this stalemate, both ladies felt good enough to resume the fight, and they pushed onto their knees before slowly closing the distance between them. Reaching for Lexa with outstretched fingers, Rachel smiled tensely and said, “You’re a hell of a fighter Lexa. I’m gonna savor putting you down for the night.”

Still cringing from Rachel’s prolonged attack on her middle, Lexa stretched her hands out to meet the redhead’s and replied, “You’re not so bad yourself. But you’re the one going down tonight. And you’re staying down for as long as I want.”

“That a fact?” Rachel questioned. Their hands were brushing now.

“Take it as gospel.” Lexa whispered. The time for words passed and the two warring beauties lunged forward, locking up in squirming, grunting tangle of limbs and matted locks. Cheek to cheek with her determined rival, Rachel grasped at Lexa’s shoulder and hips for several seconds as they jockeyed for position. Maintaining her position through sheer force of will, the auburn haired Amazon waited patiently, allowing her opponent to make the first mistake. Shortly thereafter, Lexa tried to twist out of Rachel’s clutches and that’s when the redhead pounced. Sliding deftly behind Lexa, Rachel shot her arms under the brunette’s arms and clasped her hands tight, locking Lexa up with a Simple Full Nelson. Lacing her fingers so to closely her knuckles turned white, Rachel remembered the pain of the Headlock and looked to return the favor.

Laying her cheek against Lexa’s taut back, Rachel leaned as far forward as she could, forcing Lexa down until her forehead was pushing against the mat. Working the hold like a veteran, Rachel ground in tight against Lexa’s bent form, rubbing saucily against her prey. Knowing that the show of dominance was winning the crowd back to her side, Rachel added to the theatrics by suddenly rearing up and back, jerking Lexa right off the mat and holding her helpless and prone for the whole gathered spectators. Grinning as the murmur increased to a dull roar, Rachel pressed her hands down again; making sure Lexa’s chin was almost in the top of her ample cleavage.

Keeping up her slow, deliberate grind, Rachel cooed into the brunette’s ear, “If you’re speaking the gospel, I guess that makes me a heretic. Ready to give it up?”

Her face beaded with a combination of sweat, oil and tears, Lexa shook her head ‘no’ and spat back, “Why should I submit when you’re about to let me go?”

Scowling in exasperation, Rachel said, “Yeah, that’s right. I’m just gonna let you go out of the kindness of my hear.. AAAHHHH SHIT!” Rachel taunt never got finished because Lexa’s proclamation had come true... well, sort of. Rachel hadn’t really let Lexa go, but the brunette had pried herself free from the Full Nelson and that was close enough for government work.

Sliding around behind the redhead, Lexa sprawled across Rachel’s back and snaked her arms around Rachel’s neck and cinched on a Sleeper hold. Forcing Rachel’s chin into the crook of her elbow while she cupped the back of her prey’s skull with her free arm, Lexa jerked back and forth repeatedly. Grinning viciously as she deprived Rachel of air yet again, Lexa taunted, “Toldya you’d let me go. Now let’s put you to sleep. We can’t have you tired and cranky on Christmas morniNNGGHHHHHH.” Lexa would have been wise to forego the wisecrack because the barb allowed Rachel all the time she needed to dig her talons into Lexa’s arm and wrench the choking limb away from her windpipe.

Suddenly furious, Rachel whirled around to face her rival and sneered, “You wanna make Christmas jokes bitch? Well I’ve got a pair of early presents with your name on ‘em.” Before the words were out of her mouth, she wrapped her arms around Lexa’s neck and pulled the surprised brunette’s face deep into her cleavage. Buffing her rack energetically against Lexa’s sweaty features, Rachel pulled her head back and bit her lower lip, smiling coyly as the guests roared their approval. Beaming as Lexa’s hands beat futilely against her back, Rachel thrust her tits forward and purred, “Enjoying your present Lexa? I believe they’re just your size.”

Incensed at the feel of Rachel breast flesh massaging her face, Lexa dug her hands into Rachel’s hair and tried to pull away, but the auburn aggressor held her in place. Tugging more frantically at Rachel fiery mane, Lexa opened her mouth to initiate a brutal escape, but before she could clamp down, Rachel pulled her free and then sent her sprawling on the mat. Lexa lay gasping on her side, trying to get her bearings back as Rachel slowly crawled over to where her rival was stretched out. Lexa was just beginning to roll onto her back when Rachel pounced on her full length, immediately entwining her legs with the brunette’s gams and stretching them wide in a painful Double Leg Grapevine.

Knowing the win was in her grasp, Rachel darted her arms out and cinched a manacle like grip on Lexa’s forearms. Pinning Lexa down in a domineering spread-eagled position, Rachel scooted forward until her breasts were hanging inches from Lexa’s flushed face. With hair hanging down in her face, lowered her rack ominously, brushing her the red clad assets gently against Lexa’s nose and cheeks.

Getting the trapped brunette’s attention, Rachel smiled and said quietly, “Gotcha trussed up like a pretty little bow Lexie. Ready to give up or are you waiting for an extended refrain of Silent Night?”

Panting angrily as she tried to twist free from the embarrassing pin, Lexa glared over the swell of Rachel’ bounty and shot back, “You got me down red, but you can’t keep me down.”

Rachel’s pretty face got hard. “Wrong again baby. I’ve got a present for ya Lexa. Just pretend you’re under the mistletoe...”

Staring into Lexa’s frantic eyes, Rachel dropped the hammer on her foe, pressing the firmness of her breasts hard against the brunette’s cheeks and nose. Panting harshly as Lexa squirmed beneath her, Rachel pressed down even harder, choking the fight out of her victim. Deciding she wanted to end this sooner rather than later, Rachel looked up and smiled to the crowd. In a breathless, but happy tone she asked, “Three count please?”

More than willing to accommodate her request, ‘Scape started counting and the other guests soon joined him. Three seconds later, the hidden bell rang and Jackflash declared Rachel the winner. Lifting off the brunette, Rachel got to her feet and then bent down, offering a hand to the breathless Lexa. Seeing Rachel extend her hand, Lexa sighed and allowed herself to be helped up.

Going nose to nose with the woman who just beat her, Lexa shook Rachel’s hand and said, “Got me that time Red. But you and I are going to tangle again. And next time I’ll be the one helping you off the mat.”

Rachel smiled knowingly and said, “Any time Lexa, any time. But what say we call a temporary truce, at least for the rest of the evening.”

Lexa grinned and answered, “That can be arranged…it IS a holiday after all.”
From his spot at the bar, Irish put the finishing touches on another tray of drinks and looked over at the oil pit. At the moment, two bikini-clad brunettes were locked in a mutual Headscissors and cursing up a storm as each tried to pry herself away from the other. Mesmerized by the battle, he didn’t even notice Karen until she was right beside him and saying, “Earth to Irish, come in Irish.”

He tore his attention away from the pit and grinned at his cocktail waitress for the evening. “Sorry about that K. I got a little distracted by the entertainment.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Perfectly understandable.” She picked up the big tray of drinks the bartender had whipped up. “Now if you wouldn’t mind telling me, who gets what?”

With practiced ease, Irish rattled off the orders. “The Chivas goes to Sim, the cognac’s are for Tommy and Blizzard, the Longneck goes to Nightscape and the Grey Goose is for Flash.”

McDougal did a little curtsey with the drink tray on her shoulder and said, “Thank you kindly good sir. And I’m sure the guests thank you as well.”

As she turned and melted into the crowd, Irish called after her, “I don’t care if they thank us, as long as the tip jar doesn’t get lonely, everything is fine!” Karen laughed at the joke as she moved quickly through the guests and handed out their ordered potations. She had just passed off the vodka to Jackflash and was in the process of turning to find Simguy when she was bumped from the side by someone moving a little faster than they should have been. Stifling a little curse, Karen shot her free hand out and managed to grab the tipping glass before it tumbled over and soaked whoever it was that had knocked her off balance.

MacDougal thought she had done a pretty good job of averting a major disaster but the thought had just passed through her head when an angry voiced snarled, “Watch where you’re going ditz!”

Rankled by the comment, Karen turned her attention to the owner of that voice and found herself looking down into the face of an extremely curvy brunette in a tight white gown who couldn’t have been more than 5’3, even in heels. Choosing her words carefully, Karen said, “You’re lucky I caught this when I did. After all, you wouldn’t to have to take your dress back to the dollar store with a big stain on it would you?”

Vida Guerra bristled at the tall blonde’s implication. Sneering contemptuously, she fired back, “Maybe if Mr. Fannin could hire well trained staff as opposed to used up has been like you. I wouldn’t have to worry about having my dress ruined.” She glared at McDougal, openly daring her to fire another verbal shot.

Biting her tongue momentarily, Karen found an empty seat and lay the nearly bare tray down. Turning back to the diminutive vixen, Karen stepped forward and stared down, noting with some interest that Guerra’s gaze didn’t flinch despite MacDougal’s several inches of height advantage. A mean smile crept across Karen’s face and she taunted, “Honey, if you didn’t want to ruin your dress, maybe you shouldn’t have put it on in the first place.” She took another half step forward, lightly pressing against the smoldering brunette.

Aware of the fact that several of the guests were watching them carefully, Vida chested into Karen and shot back, “How’d you like it if I ruined your face, bitch? I have no problems laying ya out and then stripping off that slutty little cocktail dress of yours.” She thrust her chest forward, rudely bumping into the taller woman.

More than willing to be part of a little unscheduled action, Karen sneered, “I think you’d need a few hundred more Lilliputians to take me on short stack. But I wouldn’t mind spanking that fat ass of yours in front of all these people.”

Incensed at Karen’s barb, Vida dropped into a tense crouch and spat, “You’re gonna be KISSING my ass, you washed up whore!” She was in the middle of launching herself at MacDougal when a giant hand came out of nowhere and grabbed her around the waist. In an instant, Vida was being pulled away, much to the chagrin of the guests and Karen as well.

Holding the struggling young woman under one arm, George Stark walked her over towards the other side of the room and said, “Sorry Miz. Guerra, but we can’t have anything happening off card tonight, Rich’s orders.”

Ignoring Stark’s platitudes, Vida stared hatefully at Karen and snarled, “This isn’t over McDougal. I’m gonna beat you down and ride your face all night long!”

“Karen watched her leave and fired back, “Anytime Pint Size! But maybe you should wait for a growth spurt!” Seeing that Vida was out of sight, Karen picked up the tray before wading back into the crowd in search of Sim while the other guests turned away from the potential fight to one that was already going on...
Match #2: Penelope Cruz vs. Eliza Dushku

Resting comfortably on her knees, Penelope Cruz lifted up off her opponent for a moment before dropping the full weight of her butt down into her rival’s belly. The brunette grinned coyly as the girl pinned beneath her gasped and tried unsuccessfully to squirm out of the predicament Penelope had trapped her in. Rubbing her butt back and forth across the other brunette’s oil and sweat slicked tummy, Cruz brushed some hair off her forehead before resting them casually on her hips. Not about to relinquish her perch, Penelope tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her sapphire blue bikini bottoms and snapped them up a little higher on her waist. Pleased with the muted but noticeable murmur that passed through the audience, the brunette finally turned her attention back to her pinned opponent.

Leaning forward, she slapped at her foe’s upturned face and asked, “Are you beginning to see why you shouldn’t have angered Natalie and Elisha? That it was unwise to, how do they say it here? To fuck with them?”

Furious at being toyed with by the other brunette, Eliza Dushku glared up and quipped nastily, “It’s going to take a lot more than a hired gun like you to keep me from fucking with anyone Penny. If Slut-bert and company can’t do their own dirty work, maybe they shouldn’t have picked a fight with me.” She thrashed and bucked once more but still couldn’t upset the woman straddling her waist.

Smiling cruelly, Penelope responded, “Perhaps you should take your own advice. Please scream very loud when you submit, Elisha promised me a nice bonus if you’re crying when I’m finished.”

Before Eliza could fire off a retort, Penelope laid her hands across Dushku’s chest and clamped down in a vicious Breast Claw. Eliza roared in pain as Cruz attacked her barely covered assets, the slick purple vinyl of her bikini top doing absolutely nothing to block the pain of Cruz’s boob rending assault. Stoically maintaining her assault as Dushku bucked beneath her, Penelope dug her long fingers in even deeper to the soft flesh and jerked wickedly back and forth, drawing another pained cry from her trapped adversary. Deciding it was time to end her dismantling of the Rogue Slayer, Cruz shifted her grip ever so slightly and found both of Dushku’s nipples before pinching them tight between thumb and forefinger. Laughing haughtily as Eliza’s dark eyes widened, Penelope twisted and pulled up simultaneously, forcibly lifting the tortured young woman’s upper torso off the oil-slicked mat. Rolling and crushing the pliant flesh between her fingers without mercy, Cruz kept up this demeaning hold for nearly thirty seconds before letting Eliza slip free of her clutches and fall back down with an audible SLAP!

Hands on her hips once more, Penelope leaned forward and grabbed hold of Eliza’s wrists before pinning them tightly over her head. Scooting backwards, Cruz slid down Dushku’s toned frame until she was able to slip her calves around the other brunette’s and spread them wide in a Double Leg Grapevine. Putting all of her strength into the fight ending hold, Penelope went nose to nose with Eliza and openly taunted the pinned girl.

Grinding her thighs, hips, belly and breasts rudely against her opponent’s form, Penelope forced eye contact with Dushku and purred, “Beg for mercy little girl. Scream loud enough for the whole room to hear and I may be persuaded to let you leave here with your whorish attire still intact.”

She punctuated this statement by grinding down even harder and pouring more pressure into the Grapevine, drawing a moan of pain from Eliza and a rumble of appreciation from those in the audience that were positioned to best appreciate the view afforded them. Closing her eyes to steady her nerves, Eliza didn’t picture Penelope, instead she pictured Elisha Cuthbert. She knew the curvy blonde was watching this and she could perfectly envision the smug smirk that was curling her lips at this very moment. Thinking back to the ways she and Cuthbert had tortured one another during the last year, Eliza got pissed all over again and she used this rage to fuel her escape attempt. Beginning to rock gently against the smothering weight of her rival, Eliza opened her eyes and grinned up at her tormentor.

Enjoying the surprised look that appeared on Cruz’s face, Eliza said, “You want me to scream? You got it.” She took a deep breath and then roared at the top of her lungs, “FUCK YOU CUTHBERT!”

The sheer violence and volume took the whole room by surprise, perhaps none more so than Penelope. The bigger brunette winced and instinctively pulled away from her foe in order to protect her ears. It was all the opening that Eliza needed. In the blink of an eye, she pulled her right leg free from Penelope’s grasp and drove it upwards, slamming it between the hired gun’s thighs. Cruz went several shades paler and deflated onto her rival, laying on top of Eliza in a moaning, oil soaked heap of flesh. Knowing this was her best opportunity to take Cruz out of the equation, Eliza muscled the hurting brunette off of her and slid over to Penelope’s head and grabbed a double handful of dark hair. Popping her legs open, Dushku jammed Cruz’s chin into her crotch and clamped her legs closed. Locking her ankles, she had a skull popping Neck Scissors locked in and Eliza took savage delight in thrusting her groin against Penelope’s struggling features and wiggling luridly. Rocking up and down as the Scissors did their work, Eliza grabbed hold of Cruz’s flailing hands and pulled them out to her sides, effectively neutralizing them as threats.

Clenching and unclenching her thighs, Eliza kept up the constant buffing of her prey’s features as she sneered, “How’s that feel you little tramp? Wishing you’d taken an easier commission now aren’t ya?”

She trapped both of Penelope’s hands in her left then and used her right to slap viciously at the back of Cruz’s head and her defenseless back. Her face pressed wickedly close to the furnace of Eliza’s womanhood, all Cruz could sense was her rival’s scent and the ever-present feel of the oil. Refusing to go down in such an ignominious fashion, Cruz managed to twisted her head to the side and sink her teeth into the meat of Dushku’s thigh. She wasn’t in the best of positions to hear Eliza’s pained and startled shriek, but her sudden release of the torturous hold seemed to indicate she had been successful in her tactics. Able to breathe again, Cruz got to her knees and backpedaled quickly, hoping to have a few moments to clear her head before the fight started again. On the other end of the small pit, Eliza was pushing to her feet and taking stock of the angry red crescent pattern that was forming on her pale thigh. Breathing hard, she looked towards her foe just in time to see Penelope shake off her dizziness and glare death at the shorter brunette.

Taking a half second to adjust her outfit, Penelope stepped forward and hissed, “Let’s finish this, whore.”

Her face contorting in a snarl, Dushku stepped forward and said, “You call me a whore, but you’re the one that’s mere moments from getting fucked. Come and get it Penny.”

Eliza beckoned her in and Cruz obliged, meeting Dushku in the middle of the pit with a loud slapping of slippery skin. Staggering and stomping in tight little circles, Dushku and Cruz were in a stalemate for several moments before Penelope brought her knee up fast, trying to repay Eliza for the earlier low blow. But Eliza saw the attack coming and twisted her hips, making sure Cruz hit nothing more than her upper thigh. Grunting in pain from the attack, Eliza got her hands on Penelope’s shoulders and shoved her back a few steps. Setting her feet, Eliza watched carefully as Cruz regained her balance and shot forward to engage in the lockup once more. With less than a foot between them, Eliza brought her right foot whistling up, catching Penelope in the trunks once again with a vicious kick. The taller brunette screamed shrilly and doubled over in pain. She would have pitched forward on her face if Eliza hadn’t caught her and held her in that prone position.

Taking a moment to look out at Fannin’s guests, Eliza purred, “This one’s for you Cunt-burnt.”

She leapt into the air and extended her right leg out across the back of Cruz’s neck. As she began to descend her thigh smashed into the back of Penelope’s neck and helped to drive her face first into the gleaming mat. Eliza’s ‘Crisis of Faith’ finisher connected beautifully and the force of the face breaking maneuver was enough to flop Cruz over onto her back, and leave her looking up at the mellow lighting of Fannin’s great hall. Sitting on her knees beside the stunned beauty, Eliza smiled widely and scooted forward before plopping the full weight of her rump down across Penelope’s forehead in a Reverse Face Sit. Leaning back, Eliza put both hands on the mat and ground back and forth, savoring every moment of her butt buffing Penelope’s face to a shiny finish. Resting her upper body weight on her hands, Eliza flipped some hair from her face and locked eyes with Archer, who just happened to be looking up from his notes just as Eliza was about to enact her plan. Smiling again, Eliza called out, “Hey Note Guy, You mind leading these fine people in a three second count?”

Archer gulped, flipped the notepad closed and answered her by shouting “ONE!” The rest of the guests caught on immediately and they added their voices a second later. “TWO... THREE!”

A hidden bell chimed and the guests cheered as Eliza raised her hands in victory. Taking another moment to grind her butt onto Penelope’s oil and tear stained face, Eliza got to her feet and posed once more as Pseudo announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, our second winner this evening, Eliza Dushku!”

The brunette soaked in the cheers of the crowd for a moment before turning her attention back to her fallen opponent. Bending down, she quickly stripped the other brunette of her bikini before wadding the garments up in her fist. Placing her foot on Cruz’s chest, Eliza said, “Don’t consider this an insult. In the spirit of the season, I’m sharing these with someone less courageous than yourself.”

She turned on her heel, walked to the edge of the pit and hopped out. Greeted immediately by Dru, she took the offered robe with a nod of thanks and slipped it on as she scanned the room. It only took her a moment to pick out the glowering faces of Elisha Cuthbert and Natalie Portman.

Strutting over to the fuming pair, Eliza held up Penelope’s wadded bikini and said, “Next time you wanna take me out Lishy, you better have the guts to do it your goddamned self.”

Then she stuffed the sodden garments into Cuthbert’s champagne glass, completely ruining the blonde’s drink. Barely able to contain herself, Elisha put the glass down and whispered, “I’m gonna break your neck in that fucked up ring Fannin’s throwing us into. By the time I’m finished with you Eliza, you’ll really think you are in hell.”

Eliza just smiled acidly and said, “Enjoy the stocking stuffer Lishy. I’ll see you both real soon.” Then she turned on her heel and headed out of the room, eager to get cleaned up and rejoin the festivities before too much more time passed.
Hoping to get a better view of the fight going on, Alexis Bledel maneuvered her way through the other guests and made a beeline for one of the empty seats near the back of Fannin’s makeshift theatre. She had just sat down when someone took the seat next to hers and said, “Hello Alexis, I wondered if I’d see you here.” The brunette arched an eyebrow and looked over to see Kristen Bell smiling back at her. The petite blonde looked pleased with herself as Alexis kept her expression neutral. Ever since the end of Kristen’s match with Rachel Bilson, things between her and Bledel had been tense to say the least. And their impending Submission match certainly didn’t help the awkward silence.

Forcing a small smile, Alexis answered, “Hello Kristen, enjoying the party?”

Bell sighed a little. “I wish we were on it. Last time Rich had a party you took me down in front of a whole lot of people. I was hoping he’d give me the chance to avenge that loss. I guess I’ll just have to wait until January to even the score.”

Alexis’ smile stayed in place, but it felt extremely phony. “You think I’m just gonna stand there and let you put the Bell Curve on me? It’s not gonna be that easy for you Kris.” Her grin vanished, only to be replaced with a cold, hard expression that didn’t look at home on her face.

The blonde’s pretty face twisted into a very mild sneer. “It wouldn’t be very fun at all if you just stood there. Don’t you understand Alexis? I want you to fight. You better do everything you can to win this match, because if you don’t I will be very offended and you don’t want me pissed at you.” Her smile returned, but it didn’t reach her eyes. Her eyes radiated nothing but the promise of pain and cruelty when the two young phenoms locked up for the second time.

“Don’t worry Kristen, I have no intention of bringing anything less than my A-Game to the match. I just hope you don’t spoil my fun by tapping out to quickly. If you do that, well I might think you didn’t respect me as an opponent. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being disrespected.” Alexis’ face stayed calm but she was quite pleased to see the brief flash of anger that played across the blonde’s face.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Bell locked eyes with Bledel and said quietly, “You’re very lucky that I do respect you Alexis. It’s the only thing keeping me from slapping that stupid look off your face.” She leaned in closer to her dark haired rival before continuing. “But when we get in the ring, even that respect won’t be enough to keep me from making you bawl like a baby.”

Alexis’ blue eyes narrowed noticeably. Dropping her voice a few decibels she shot back. “You’re the one that’s lucky Kristen. Your restraint is the only thing keeping me from waiting another month to show all these people that you’re my bitch.”

The last veneer of Kristen’s civility was ripped away and the blonde glared at her opponent to be with undisguised hatred. Finding a way to speak through her rage, Kristen answered, “You sound pretty confident Bledel. You willing to put your money where your big ass mouth is and make it a best of three submissions match? I certainly wouldn’t mind listening to you beg for mercy twice in one evening. Hell I may choke you out three times just for the fun of it.” She leaned in even closer, and now their noses were nearly brushing.

Trying to control the angry quiver in her voice, Alexis said, “You’re on. But I want to add a stipulation of my own.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“After the first fall, the loser removes her top. After the second fall, her bottoms make an exit. That way the loser gets stripped of more than just her pride. Whadda ya say Kristen? Willing to strip down or shut up?” Alexis smiled again, but this time it was more of a smirk.

Kristen reigned in her surprise and answered after less than a second of hesitation. “Wear something nice Alexis. I want something memorable to put on my wall.” She got up then, moving as if to slip back among the other guests.

Alexis stayed seated but she refused to let Bell have the last word. “I’ll make sure to mail your outfit back after I’m done with it.” she called loudly. Kristen didn’t respond, but Alexis saw her tense a bit, and that made Bledel smile. Turning back to the fight she said happily, “Looks like I’ll be getting my best present a little later than usual. But that’s ok. Everybody knows that good things come to those who wait.”
Match #3: Keira Knightley vs. Sarah Carter

Groaning in quiet frustration, Sarah kicked her feet angrily against the floor of the oil pit and tried to sit up once more. She had just managed to get her palms planted on the mat when her captor squeezed down on the Body Scissors once more, sending a pulse of pain through the blonde’s compacted stomach. Gasping, Sarah flopped back down to the mat, squirming wildly in a vain attempt to pry herself free from the hold. Enjoying the show she was putting on, Keira applied a bit more pressure to the Scissors as she rolled over onto her right side. Resting her elbow on the mat, Keira watched Sarah’s writhing with an engaging smile even as she reset her ankles and sent another crushing compression through her thighs.

Stoically riding out Sarah’s predictable escape attempts, the slender Briton flicked a few beads of oil off of her toned belly and then deftly adjusted her black bikini top. Shaking her matted blonde locks clear of her face, she flashed the audience a beaming smile and then turned her attention back to Sarah. In a voice that was equal parts, sympathy and teasing, she said, “ Seems you’ve found yourself in a bit of a bad way haven’t you Sarah? Submission might not be the most noble way to end your debut outing but surely it’s preferable to being hauled out of here by a couple of Rich’s guests. What do you say love? Give in and we can go enjoy the rest of the party.” Her reasoning sounded sane and sensible but in case that wasn’t enough, she relaxed her legs for just a moment before flexing the sinewy muscles once more and crushing them into the other blonde’s tummy.

Still gritting her teeth to fight off submission, Sarah forced herself to sit up and look at Keira before she responded. In a rather breathless tone she shot back, “This may be my first match in this promotion Keira, but it’s far from my first stint in an oil pit. You haven’t got me yet and I don’t plan on building a legacy here as the girl who can be cajoled into giving up a fight.”

Keira sighed and shook her head. She really wanted to be done with this so she could get cleaned up and do a little schmoozing before the Main Event, but Sarah wasn’t going along quietly. Giving voiced to her thoughts, Keira said, ”Have it your way, but don’t get all pissy and resentful if I…HEY! OWWW! STOP THAT YOU LITTLE TART!”

Keira’s angry protests degenerated into a pained grunt then as she suffered through the sudden fusillade of short, hard rabbit punches that Sarah was drilling into her exposed thighs. The British beauty had just drawn close enough to lash out and grab the ingénue’s wrists when Sarah pulled back and whipped her hands down, sinking long, pointed fingers deep into the meat of Keira’s legs. Keira tried her best to ignore the pain in her gams and keep up the pressure on the Body Scissors but Sarah was insistent and a few seconds after the upstart blonde sank her talons into the soft skin behind Keira’s knees, the slender beauty released her ankles and kicked the rookie away, creating much needed distance for both ladies.

Free of the abuse in her legs, Keira sat on her butt and pulled her legs in close, surveying the limbs carefully to determine just how much damage her tenacious foe had done to them. On the other side of the pit, Sarah stopped rolling and got her knees under her. Taking a deep breath, she wanted to rest for a few more seconds and relieve herself of the dull ache that Keira’s legs had administered to her midsection. But the newcomer wanted to win this outing very badly and she knew that if she was going to beat the lanky Briton then she absolutely could not give Keira any time to recover. Exhaling heavily, she took another rejuvenating breath and then whispered, “You’re not the only one who knows how to play with scissors, love.”

Rising up a little bit, she pushed of the mat and launched herself at Keira, hitting the still kneeling girl in an oily tackle that sent both blondes rolling in a grunting, gasping tangle of limbs. After several rolls in the slippery liquid, Sarah ended up on top of her opponent and Sarah wasted no time in entwining her legs around Keira’s trim waist and squeezing down as hard as she could. Sitting comfortably on Keira’s lap, Sarah locked her ankles and bore down hard on the Scissors, openly relishing the thrashing and jerking of the girl beneath her as Keira was now forced to pit her will against the newcomers’ powerful thighs. Bouncing heavily on Keira’s lap, Sarah took a moment to pull her shoulder length locks behind her in a rough ponytail and fiddle with the off the shoulder strap of her forest green bikini top. Rewarding the small but vocal contingent of her supporters, Sarah grinned out at the assembled guests before turning her attention back to Keira.

Deftly blocking the other blonde’s flailing arms, Sarah kept her cool and teased, “How do you like my scissors Keira? Pretty impressive for a rookie no? Of course if that doesn’t hold your attention, maybe this will.”

The words were barely out of her mouth before Sarah darted her left hand forward and dug it deep into Keira’s stomach with a Belly Claw. Twisting her wrist in hard little clockwise bursts, Sarah put all her strength into her pair of holds and was just about to ask for Keira’s surrender when the British babe grabbed a huge handful of her hair and jerked viciously to one side. Unprepared for this tactic, Sarah yelped in pain as she was hauled off her perch and wrenched out of her holds. Landing only a foot or so from her rival, Sarah rolled to her belly and pushed to her feet right as Keira was doing the same. Regaining their footing at roughly the same time, Sarah and Keira sneered at one another as they both dropped into low crouches and lunged forward with talons extended. Picking her spot carefully, Sarah ducked low right as Keira’s fingertips were brushing against hers and wrapped both hands around the other blonde’s right ankle. In the same instant, Sarah pulled up and back, demolishing Keira’s balance and sending the taller girl onto her back with a loud, wet THWAP!

Looking down into her foe’s face, Sarah saw the dazed on look in Keira’s eyes and went for the kill. Releasing half of her grip on the downed Brit’s ankle, Sarah reached down and grabbed her rival’s free foot with her other hand. Standing up fast, Sarah tucked Keira’s feet into her armpits and turned over slowly, letting the guests and Keira herself get a chance to savor and anticipate the application of the Boston Crab that was coming in very short order. As soon as she had flipped Keira onto her belly, Sarah sat down hard, bending her captive’s legs at a horrible angle while she rested comfortably on Keira’s desperately thrashing rump. Pursing her lips in a smile of satisfaction, Sarah ground her butt up and down across Keira’s in a saucy act of defiance that was intended solely for the audience’s benefit.

Flipping hair out of her eyes yet again, Sarah leaned back as far as gravity allowed her and waited for Keira’s moans to die down before she asked in a rather chipper tone, “Are you ready to give it up crumpet? You were really quite clever to get out of my Scissors and Claw the way you did, but there’s no ropes to get you out of this hold and I don’t plan on letting you go until you say ‘I GIVE’ in that delightfully quaint accent of yours.” She added to the veracity of this statement with another round of butt bumping and leg bending that ad Keira pulled into a heinous sort of ‘C’ shape. Slapping her hands against the nearly frictionless surface of the mat, Keira lay cheek down on the mat and placed her palms flat beside her.

Closing her eyes to try and help her gather her reserves, she suddenly went very still and shot back, “I’d much rather say, ‘I just kicked your pretty little arse’ in my quaint accent dear.”

Before Sarah could reply, Keira thrust her legs forward with everything she had and managed to pull her right leg free. Knowing she only had one shot at this before Sarah could reapply the Crab, Keira whipped the liberated limb back in a whistling arc, aiming her heel for where she thought Sarah’s face might be. In this endeavor she was successful and her heel smashed hard into Sarah’s forehead with a solid THUNK.

Sarah groaned and slumped forward, landing splayed on her face and on top of Keira’s scrambling legs. Dragging her lower half out from under Sarah’s weight, Keira rolled to her haunches and surveyed the situation. Sarah had proven too dangerous an adversary to toy with and she decided it was time to put the ingénue away before she managed to wriggle free from Keira’s clutches once again. Settling on a course of action, Keira got to her feet and stalked over to Sarah’s waist. Bending down, she grabbed the other blonde by her trunks and bra strap before hauling her to her hands in knees in one swift motion. Not bothering to be cutesy or flip, Keira slithered forward and sat down on the small of Sarah’s back even as she was in the process of reaching under Sarah’s armpits and pulling her foe’s arms tight across the gleaming expanse of Keira’s thighs. Almost done, the calculating Brit laced her hands under Sarah’s chin and pulled back hard, savagely twisting the other blonde’s neck with a perfectly applied Camel Clutch. Smiling for the first time in a few minutes, Keira forced all her body weight down on Sarah’s back and pulled back sadistically, giving those guests on one side of the room a glorious view of Sarah’s oil coated cleavage and her pain drenched face.

All her muscles quivering with the exertion of the Clutch, Keira found her voice and addressed her captive, “This is the end and we both know it Carter. What you don’t know is what happens after it ends. If you submit right now, I promise to let you go and the two of us will shake hands, content in the knowledge that we put on a good show. But if you continue to defy me and I have to choke you out... well I’ll make it my business to make sure that everyone remembers this party not for the main event but for how terribly I humiliated you after the fight was over. Make your choice sweetie, I’m getting tired.”

In terrible pain from the tortures of Keira’s hold, Sarah knew that the other blonde was being sincere. Sarah tried to rationalize that she would have another opportunity to beat Keira in the future but she loathed the fact that she had been bested in her debut outing. Fighting off the quake in her voice she managed to say, “You win, I submit.”

Relief flooded Keira’s face and she immediately let the hold go. Collecting herself as she was announced the winner; Keira kept her word and knelt down, helping a stiff looking Sarah to her feet. Eying the other blonde carefully, Keira extended her hands and said, “Excellent fight love. You’ll go a long way here.”

Sarah smiled wanly and extended her hand. Shaking with her new rival she said, “Thanks, you really gave me all I could handle. But don’t think because you beat me once I’m going to let it stand. I’m going to make it a personal goal to be able to offer you the same ultimatum you just gave me.”

Keira smirked and said, “I wouldn’t have liked you as much if you weren’t sore about losing. Any time you want to square up with me Carter, just ask. I’m always in the mood for a little scrap.”

Sarah’s smile was a little more genuine now. “I think I’m going to like dancing with you Knightley, but for now what’s say we put the grappling aside and enjoy the rest of this party?”

The British Bombshell grinned from ear to ear as they climbed out of the pit. Slipping on her robe, Keira looked at Sarah and said, “I say we’re going to get along very well indeed!” They made their way from the hall to change into something a little more festive and a little less oil-soaked.
“So I’ve been meaning to ask you, is Christine OK?” Neve Campbell asked before she took another sip from her drink.

Richard Fannin rolled his eyes and answered, “Arnie put the finishing touches on her a few days ago. If you looked at her, you’d never know she’d been through a war.” He paused for a moment and then added, “Unlike you and Kristin.”

Neve shook her head and laughed softly. “That’s not very nice Rich. I think I cleaned up pretty good tonight.” She smoothed the edges of her dark green dress and cocked an eyebrow at the promoter.

Rich nodded and said, “You look very nice Neve. But I’m willing to bet you still aren’t feeling completely, oh hold on a second.” He looked over her shoulder and called out, “Hey Rachel, come over here for a second.” Neve turned to follow his gaze and saw the auburn haired Rachel McAdams moving towards them. Dressed in a short maroon dress, she looked quite fetching despite her earlier war in the oil pit with Lexa. Smiling at the newcomer he said, “Rachel, I’d like you to meet Neve Campbell; Neve, Rachel McAdams.”

The two brunette’s shook hands and Neve said, “Very impressive win Rachel. Lexa’s an extremely tough opponent.”

Rachel nodded briefly and answered, “The oil made it a lot more challenging. I definitely wouldn’t mind facing her again, but I’d like to do it in a more traditional ring setting. Of course, I’d need to get approval from the boss.” She looked at Fannin rather expectantly.

Rich looked at her and was about to respond when someone across the room called out for him. Looking apologetically at the pair he said, “We’ll talk about it later ladies. I trust you two can hold together a conversation without me?” He turned to seek out who was looking for him.

Watching him leave, Rachel said, “I’m sure we can manage.” She looked back at Neve and to her surprise the brunette was studying her with a very interested gaze. Tilting her head to the side, Rachel asked, “Something bothering you?”

Neve shook her head and replied, “Sorry, it’s just... I have this feeling we’ve met before, but I just can’t remember where.”

Rachel chuckled. “I wondered if you’d remember me. We didn’t really meet as so much have a brief encounter. It was three years ago, inside a Toronto nightclub.”

Neve bit her lip, searching her memory. Suddenly the fog burned off and she said, “The Aurora Club. But the only encounter I had that night was with Rose McGowan. Well, there was the thing with...” she trailed off and then her eyes widened. Looking slightly astounded, Campbell said, “You’re the girl who put me in the Full Nelson!”

Rachel replied, “And you’re the girl who nearly ruined my brand new dress. It wasn’t really your fault of course, Rose had something to do with tossing you onto my table but I didn’t take too kindly to it.”

Neve smiled. “Well I didn’t take too kindly to being flung onto a table in a crowded club. And if Rose wasn’t enough, some angry customer jumps me and slaps on a pretty effective Full Nelson? I’m sorry about messing up your dress, but I don’t apologize for slinging you off me. And judging from your recent performances, I don’t think the landing hurt you any.”

Rachel thought about if for a moment and then responded, “The landing didn’t really hurt, but I can say it wasn’t too thrilling to give a whole section of the club a glimpse at my panties. And as much as I’d like to lock up with Lexa again, I’d love to get a chance to wrestle Neve Campbell for real. I can assure you that my Full Nelson has gotten much better in the last three years. She turned away from Neve for a moment to grab a drink off a tray that was being walked by. Turning back to Neve, she sipped the beverage and waited for the Scream Queen’s answer.

Neve smiled and shot back, “Tell ya what Rachel. When I’m off the injured reserve, and you haven’t wrestled a match earlier in the evening, you and I will pick up where we left off three years ago. You’re certainly an opponent that deserves my full attention, and there are a few holds in my arsenal that I wouldn’t mind showing you.” Her voice was soft, but Rachel could see the competitive gleam that was already burning in Neve’s dark eyes.

Knowing that she had the same look in her eyes, Rachel nodded once. “I guess we’re at a bit of an impasse until then aren’t we?”

“I guess we are.” Campbell agreed. “But until we’re on opposite sides of the ring, there’s no reason we can’t do a little partying... preferably without any table dives.”

The tension left her voice and Rachel said, “If that’s the case, let’s go and get a good seat. We’re only one match away from the main event. And while we’re waiting, you can tell me all about the party last year.”

They started to head off towards the semi circle of chairs and Neve responded, “Deal. But you have to tell me about you and Amanda Schull. I heard you and she did some damage to each other on the West Coast.” Then the two brunettes were lost in the crowd so we’ll turn our attention back to the goings on in the oil pit.
Match #4: Cori Nadine vs. Monica Bellucci

Pushing away from her opponent, Monica glared daggers at the other brunette as she took the brief respite to tug the corners of her white thong back into place across her vaunted backside. Making sure the leather garment was fitting properly again, the Italian Amazon took a deep breath, brought her hands up in a boxer’s stance and chided her smaller foe, “You are strong Cori Nadine, but not so strong that I can’t break you whenever it suits me.”

She stayed silent for a moment, circling smoothly to her right as she waited for the smaller woman to respond. Not intimidated in the least by Monica’s reputation or her ominous threats, Cori Nadine grinned smugly at her rival and flexed a double bicep pose, showing everyone in attendance the incredible physique that had made her one of the most feared and successful beach fighters on the planet. Shrugging off Monica’s threats, she picked at the edges of her leopard print one piece and then adopted a pugilistic stance of her own.

Eying Monica carefully over her fists, the chiseled beauty responded, “There are very few women walking this planet that have the chops to even think that they can break me. And you’re NOT one of them.”

Cori flipped a loose lock of hair from her eyes and stepped forward, brazenly challenging Monica to prove her wrong. Never one to back down from a fight, Monica pulled her fists up a little higher and fired back, “This in not an issue of thinking, Cori Nadine. It’s the simple fact of knowing.”

Not wasting any more time on words, Monica surged forward, aiming both fists at the amble expanse of Cori’s chest and abs. The Italian Goddess’ fists slammed deep into the smaller brunette’s body but even though she grunted and gasped, Cori did not crumble under the high-powered attack. Instead, she fired several rapid-fire shots of her own, smashing callous, hardhearted fists into Monica’s tummy and ribs, taking special care to target the larger woman’s kidneys. Much like her opponent had done earlier, Monica gasped and faltered momentarily but she did not pull back from the altercation, Instead she set her feet and increased the pace of her attack, blasting cruelly effective uppercuts into the other brunette’s breasts as she helped herself to all the jug that Cori was wiling to offer.

Cori yelped quietly as her breasts were battered but she refused to stop the bludgeoning, cudgel like shots she was raining into Monica’s ribs and sweat slicked belly. It was only when the Italian Amazon smashed a straight right against her nose that the muscular knockout was forced to disengage, her head spinning and her butt wobbly as she pulled away from a wheezing Monica. Squaring up in her stance, Monica breathed heavily through her mouth as she tried to fight down the pain in her sides. With fire burning in her dark eyes, Monica switched to a wrestlers crouch and pounced after her retreating rival. Wrapping her arms around Cori’s taut waist, Monica lowered her shoulder and roared forward, driving Cori backwards until she rammed the smaller woman’s back into the edge of the nearly waist high wall that was the edge of the oil pit. Gritting her teeth in a ferocious smile as Cori cried out, Monica pulled her adversary back and then pistoned forward again and again, smashing Cori’s belly and back between her shoulder and the wall. After nearly half a dozen of these malicious shots, Monica released her grip on Cori’s waist and straightened up, only to grab her by the shoulders.

Bulling Cori upright, Monica grabbed a handful of hair on either side of Cori’s head and tugged viciously back and forth, then savoring her rival’s anguish, Monica stopped the follicle torture and threatened, “It’s time to give you a special taste of the holidays Cori Nadine. I hope you enjoy it.”

She pulled Cori’s struggling head down and forward, towards the cavern of her cleavage and the nearly mythic aura that surrounded Monica’s Breast Smother. Terrified at the thought of ending the match engulfed by Monica’s breasts, Cori pulled back as hard as she could, and pulled at the wall behind her, trying to get some extra leverage. With her nose and mouth mere inches from Monica’s assets, Cori snarled viciously and fired a knee up into Monica’s navel, just above the line of her bottoms. Unprepared for resistance, Monica gasped and released her grip, stumbling drunkenly backwards to cradle her impaled abs.

Shaking off the close escape, Cori licked her lips in anticipation and dropped down into a makeshift three-point stance. With a malicious glint in her eye the smaller brunette exploded forward and almost decapitated her taller adversary with a sickening Clothesline. Cori’s extended arm caught Monica right across the chin and the Italian Goddess was knocked off her feet and landed in an undignified sprawl on her back. Straightening up, Cori snapped the bottom of her outfit up a little higher on her hips and sauntered over to where Monica was laying.

Standing at Monica’s side, Cori graciously favored her fans with another bicep pose before asking loudly, “She’s not so big when she’s on the mat is she?” Smiling at the mixture of responses she received, Cori returned her focus to Monica and teased, “Looks like you’re the one getting your present early Monica. You’re in line for a world class ass whipping, courtesy of the baddest babe on the beach.”

Not getting any cogent response from her downed opponent, Cori bent her knees and went into a low crouch. Making sure her balance was good, Cori pushed up fast and left her feet in a high vertical leap. At the apex of her momentum, she stretched out horizontally and fell back to earth landing with her rock hard abdomen crushing Monica’s undefended chest with a remarkable Standing Body Splash. Monica moaned in agony as the force of the landing jackknifed her legs in the air. She tried to turn onto her side, but Cori wasn’t going to let her foe go just yet. Still lying heavily on the bigger brunette, Cori planted her hands on the mat and then executed three brisk Pushups across Monica’s wounded form.

Smirking as the guests ate up one of her favorite displays of dominance, Cori got to one knee and then stood over the flattened Amazon. Taking a breath, she said, “I feel bad that Monica and I are fighting so close to Christmas. Maybe we should hug and make up?” The audience muttered and nodded their approval as they knew this was far from a peace offering. Cori’s Bear Hug was regarded as one of the most lethal in the industry. Breaking her pose, Cori bent down and hauled Monica to her feet with a handful of hair and bra strap. Snuggling in close to the weak kneed brunette, Cori wrapped her arms around the bigger woman’s midsection and clasped her hands tight into the small of Monica’s back. Resting her head against Monica’s chest, Cori said happily, “Gonna crush you out now Monica. You’ve been very naughty after all.”

Simultaneous with her last word, she bore down on the hold and leaned back, actually pulling Monica up so that only the tips of her toes were scrambling against the oily surface of the mat. Crushing Monica against her, Cori put everything she had left into forcing a surrender from her opponent. Shaking Monica from side to side, she reared back a little further and demanded, “Submit NOW or I break every one of your ribs.”

Fighting back tears, Monica slapped and pawed at Cori’s bronzed shoulders as she gasped, “Never you muscle headed bitch!”

In her current position there was little she could do to force an escape but she was able to drive her head down and crack Cori across the forehead with a desperation Head Butt. The attack wasn’t enough to force Cori to break the Bear Hug but the smaller beauty was aware that if Monica could do it once she could do it again and she had no urge to endure several more of the Italian’s skull wobbling shots. Planning her next move, Cori gave the hug a final squeeze before she dropped Monica and rammed another knee into her belly. Forcing Monica over double, Cori stepped forward and locked her python like thighs around the big brunette’s head in a Standing Headscissors. With Monica’s head wedged securely between her gams, Cori ignored Monica slapping and clawing at the back of her legs and instead focused on the trapped woman’s backside. Running her hands across the nearly bare expanse of Monica’s butt, Cori got a two handed grip on Monica’s leather thong and smiled lewdly.

Administering a rear bisecting wedgie, she sawed the garment back and forth while taunting her red-faced foe, “Your red face is looking very festive Monica. And after I spank you for a few minutes, your fat ass will too. Of course, I might be inclined to be merciful if you begged right nowwAHHHRRRGGGHHH!”

She never got to finish her proposal because Monica suddenly shoved upward to her full five feet nine inches and tossed Cori up over her head with a jury rigged Back Body Drop. Cori hit the mat with a wet SPLAT! But was quickly able to get to her knees and then to her feet. Locking eyes with a furious Monica, the smaller brunette’s earlier air of taunting was gone, replaced by a cold hateful glare. “No more toying with you bitch. Time to break you over my knee.”

“Come and get me you sawed off slut,” Monica purred back.

Infuriated with Monica’s barb, Cori exploded forward in a dead run, intent on demolishing Monica with a second Clothesline. But before she could connect, Monica shot a foot up and into the juncture of Cori’s thighs. Cori threw her head back and shrieked, the piercing cry so loud it could be heard over the music Fannin was having pumped into the hall. Standing in front of her hobbled rival, Monica scooped Cori up over her shoulder and held her there for a moment before tossing her back down to the mat with a scintillating Body Slam. Grinning triumphantly as Cori lay splayed at her feet, Monica stood at the smaller brunette’s head and sneered, “Merry Christmas little girl.”

She peeled the distending thong away from her hips and sat down, giving Cori’s exposed face the devastating tour de force experience that was a Monica Bellucci Reverse Face Sit. Smiling regally as Cori screamed into her bared derriere, Monica busied herself with making sure Cori’s nose was wedged firmly between her cheeks and that her mouth was in constant contact with Monica’s groin. Sighing contently as she finished Cori off, Monica clawed at the other brunette’s undefended breasts in the same fashion a bored cat would play with a crippled mouse. After nearly another minute of this torture, Monica looks over her shoulder and down into Cori’s eyes, the only part of her victim’s face not engulfed by her butt. Gazing into the beaten brunette’s pain lidded eyes, Monica demanded, “Do you admit defeat?”

Cori didn’t answer with words, instead she slapped weakly at Monica’s cheeks, signaling her submission. ”GED OBBB MEEE…” she mumbled.

Wiggling her hips back and forth, Monica ground down even harder and said,” Admit you enjoy worshipping my ass And I’ll let you go.”

Humiliated and beaten, the only thing that kept Cori going in the next few minutes was the promise that one day she would pay the Italian Amazon back for this demeaning slight. Trying not to gag on Monica’s scent and sweat, she forced herself to say, “AYYE LIKPPHEED WUSHUPPINGG YUR APPHHH.”

Satisfied, Monica responded smugly, “They all do.” She stood up and slipped her bottom back on before striding triumphantly to the edge of the pit. Hopping out of the arena, she accepted the robe offered by Pseudo and slipped it on before deftly plucking on of the drinks from a passing Boeing. Smiling lightly at his surprise, Monica nodded to him before turning back to the oil pit and the wreckage that had once been Cori Nadine. Taking a sip of her purloined drink she said to herself, “This is something I could get used to. But next time it’ll be Theron that gets to suffer. Right before I take her belt!”

Then she turned around and headed into the gathered spectators, quite satisfied to bathe in their compliments before she left to shower the scent of Cori’s sweat and tears off of her backside.
Match #5: Lacey Chabert vs. Michelle Trachtenberg

Several minutes had passed since the conclusion of Monica and Cori’s match when the lights in the hall dimmed and the hidden bell chimed. The multitude of guests turned away from what they were doing and saw Richard Fannin standing in front of the pit with a mic in his hand. Beginning to speak, the host said, “Well, the under-card has been taken care of so it’s time for the Main Event. If you kind folks wouldn’t mind taking a seat down here, I’ll do the whole ‘Guest Ring Announcer’ shtick and we can be underway.”

Pausing for a few moments, Richard let everyone get settled before he started in again. “Our main event from this evening features two girls that were on the under-card at the Fourth of July Show. Since then, they’ve both risen through the ranks, so much so that they were also both involved with the Rookie of the Year Fatal 4 Way back in the summer. And it’s in that match that our story gets started. See, one of our combatants blames her opponent this evening for a perceived boneheaded mistake that not only cost her the match, but a cool ten grand as well. Her opponent on the other hand claims that the complainee is nothing more than an incompetent whiner who would have lost the match even if she hadn’t been eliminated when she was. Trust me when I tell you I’m paraphrasing here, the actual words used were a lot less polite and certainly not fit for a holiday party. Needless to say, these two tremendous talents have been aching to get at each other for the last few months and being the great boss that I am (there’s a sarcastic groan from most of the guests at this point which Rich just grins at) kept them apart this long so they could do battle in tonight’s main event, And with the back story suitably explained for those coming in late, lets get to the actual introductions shall we? Introducing first, she stands at five feet, three inches tall, ladies and gentlemen I proudly present to you, Lacey Chabert!”

A door behind the pit opens up and the curvy brunette steps out, clad in a red silk robe that ends well north of her knees. Smiling for the crowd, Lacey steps into the pit and undoes her robe, revealing a black two-piece bikini with white lace trim around the edges. Lacey makes a show of tossing her robe aside before she steps to one corner and eyes the door, awaiting the arrival of her opponent.

Picking up where he left off, Richard continues, “And introducing her opponent, she stands at five feet seven inches tall, ladies and gentlemen, she is Michelle Trachtenberg!”

The door opens again and the slender beauty steps into view, clad to contrast her rival in a dark green robe. Easily undoing the knotted sash, Michelle peels the garment aside to reveal a two-piece teal bikini that’s cut high and low in all the right places. Going to her corner, Michelle glares daggers at Lacey and waits for the match to start. The formalities had all been dealt with and the hidden bell chimed to begin the last match of the evening. Now, a rivalry that had been growing for several months would finally be put to rest. Glaring across the oil pit at the taller brunette, Lacey knelt down on her haunches and dipped her hand in the oil. Smiling slightly as she stood up, Lacey ran her oily hand across her arms and chest, preparing herself for the sensation of being fully immersed in the heated liquid. Never letting her gaze leave Michelle’s, Lacey stalked across the pin on a diagonal, not bothering to stop until she had come to within six inches of where the chestnut haired beauty was standing. Still smiling that infuriating smile, Lacey took another few steps forward, bringing her chest lightly to bear against Michelle’s.

Craning her neck up to stare her rival in the face, Lacey purred quietly, “You and those other two no talents stole my legacy from me Michelle. But tonight, I get it back. And I’ll take your dignity along with it.”

Her dark eyes radiated silly malevolence as she ground her chest ever so slightly forward. Biting her lower lip for a moment, Michelle stepped forward suddenly, blatantly grinding her breasts into the smaller brunette’s.

Keeping her voice low, Michelle glared at Lacey as she replied, “The only thing that robbed you of your legacy was your own pathetic inability to maintain a Full Nelson. You’re lucky you were eliminated when you were otherwise it probably would have been much worse for you. Of course, you’ve only delayed the inevitable and given me the opportunity to build on my legacy as ‘the girl who forced Lacey Chabert to beg for mercy.’ Not the best moniker I suppose, but it’s a start. Of course it’ll be better than your new nickname, ‘the screaming throne.’ That’ll get you over big with the fans.”

The diminutive brunette finally had enough of Michelle’s baiting and without a word, she pulled back her hand and then belted Michelle across the face with a cheek blistering backhand. Michelle yelped and almost lost her balance as she staggered back, but she recovered at the last second and advanced toward Lacey with fire burning in her eyes. With Lacey beckoning her in, Michelle unleashed a slap of her own, a forehand that rocked her foe back on her heels. Focusing more on keeping her balance than clearing her head, Lacey shook her head briskly back and forth before looking up just in time to see Michelle lunge at her with two sets of well-manicured nails aimed at her face. Lacey’s pretty face set in a hard, determined line as she surged in to meet her rival, wrapping her oil slicked arms around Michelle’s dry upper thighs. Locking her hands just under Michelle’s butt, Lacey pulled back as hard as she could, dumping Michelle’s legs out from under her and sending the bigger girl into the oil with a wet and startled SPLAT. Smiling viciously as Michelle scrambled to find purchase.

Lacey dropped into a low crouch and hissed, “I’m gonna rub your face into every square inch of this pit tonight Mischy.”

The taunt had just left her mouth when she pounced forward, throwing herself hard onto the slender brunette and knocking her flat on her back. Michelle gasped as Lacey smashed into her and she frantically tried to extricate herself from the smaller brunette but Lacey was holding her down tightly and neither of them was oily enough just yet to simply slide free. Grunting in frustration, Michelle pounded her right hand against Lacey’s ribs while the left tugged hard on the straddling girl’s bra strap. She had just driven another right into Lacey’s ribs when her foe lifted her hips up and then brought them slamming down into Michelle’s belly, stunning her.

Smiling at the winded look that bloomed on Michelle’s face, Lacey repeated the butt crunching bounce on Michelle’s abs and then splayed out over her foe, bodily smothering Michelle and keeping her from going anywhere. Fully aware that Michelle was trying to wriggle free, Lacey tugged violently on Michelle’s hair with one hand while the other drove short, cruel punches into the slender girl’s forehead and cheek. Grinning as her assault brought tears to Michelle’s eyes, Lacey wriggled sensuously against her pinned rival and quickly slithered higher onto Michelle’s kicking and twisting form. Relaxing her grip on the other brunette’s hair, Lacey slid her arms behind Michelle’s head and suddenly pulled her in even closer, allowing Michelle an unobstructed and totally obscuring view of her slightly oiled assets.

Rubbing and smearing her ample bosom all over Michelle’s protesting face, Lacey crowed, “Look at you, you’re not even trying to get away! I always knew you wanted to taste my tits!”

Fuming in the blast furnace of Lacey’s smother, Michelle gritted her teeth, twisted her head to the side and took a deep breath. Thinking more clearly now, she felt her way up along Lacey’s hips to her shoulders and finally to her neck before sinking her claws in tight and wrenching the smaller girl off of her. Tossing Lacey to her side with a savage thrust, Michelle rolled onto her side and spat at her rival, “ Your tits are just like the rest of you Lacey, pathetic. You’ll come to realize that soon enough.” The lithe brunette tried to get to her feet then but Lacey wasn’t about to let her regain a vertical base. Michelle was still on wobbly legs when Lacey snaked out her hand and wrapped a hand around Michelle’s ankle. With only a slight tug, Lacey unbalanced her foe and sent her tumbling back into the oil, landing on her belly this time and thoroughly coating herself in the slippery stuff.

Stalking forward on her hands and knees, Lacey kept her grip on Michelle’s ankle and yanked the other girl closer to her. Blocking Michelle’s flailing legs as best she could, Lacey again sprawled across Michelle’s lower torso and straddled her waist. Resting her hands rudely on the auburn haired girl’s tits, Lacey pulled her knee up and brought it down hard, slamming it into Michelle’s belly with a low THUMP! Grinding the joint in deeper as Michelle gaped and wriggled to pull free, Lacey tied up the taller girl’s right leg and used the captive limb for leverage as she stood up. Gripping Michelle’s ankle in both hands, Lacey quickly turned to face away from her captive. Dropping to one knee, she bent the leg against her crotch and belly, thrusting her hips forward even as she pulled backwards on the ankle in an attempt to tear the leg out of joint.

Grinning happily as Michelle yelped and slapped at the oil, Lacey pulled the Leg Wrench again and asked, “Wanna give it up slippery? You and the oil don’t seem to be getting along too well.”

Pushing futilely at Lacey’s bikini clad butt and her own quivering thigh, Michelle shook her head ‘no’ and sneered, “Not on your life. I’m gonna see to it that you taste a lot more than just the oil before I’m finished with ya.”

Ignoring the violent yank on her leg, Michelle was able to pull her left leg back far enough to get the sole of her foot against Lacey’s rump. In the next instant she kicked forward, sending Lacey face first into the oil and a minor skid that brought a small round of applause from the gathered audience. Michelle’s training told her she should keep her eye on Lacey’s recovery but for now the taller girl was too preoccupied with ascertaining the damage the Leg Bar had caused. It would prove a costly mistake because she was still lying on her back and massaging her thigh when Lacey’s shadow stretched over her.

Cursing her mistake, Michelle tried to scramble backwards but Lacey was too quick for her and she brought her heel whistling down into the toned meat of Michelle’s right thigh. Michelle howled and rolled to her side, but Lacey was relentless and she administered several more mean spirited stomps and short kicks to the lanky grappler’s gorgeous gam. After a hard kick to the hamstring brought a pained sob from her prey’s lips, Lacey ceased her attack and instead grabbed hold of Michelle’s ankles, one in each hand.

Spreading Michelle’s legs 45-degrees, Lacey sneered down and spat, “I figured you’d be more comfortable in a familiar position and this was the one I thought you’d enjoy most. Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure you get to lay like this several times over the course of the evening.”

Finished with her slight, the shorter brunette knelt in a crouch and was about to leap up to deliver a hateful knee to Michelle’s groin when her captive pulled her legs in close and then pistoned them out, smashing Lacey in the chest. Lacey let out an OOFFHH of pain and sailed back a few feet before landing flat on her back in the oil. Finally free of Lacey’s machinations for a moment, Michelle shook off the twinge in her leg and got to her feet, taking a moment to adjust the rumpled edges of her bikini as she did so. Noting that she was fully drenched in the oil, the slender beauty stalked forward in a tense crouch as she watched Lacey getting to her feet.

Locking eyes with her shorter opposition, Michelle smiled cruelly and taunted, “Flat on your back spread-eagled…two of your favorites in one shot! Now all we need is to get your ankles over your head and we’ll have the slut trifecta!”

Lacey’s eyes filled with hate and she snarled back, “I’m gonna wash your mouth out with my foot you no class whore.”

She sprang forward, aiming her claws at Michelle’s waist in an obvious attempt to take them both back down into the oil. But if Michelle was going to take another trip to the slick mat, she was going to do it on her terms. As Lacey rushed in, Michelle stepped back and then planted a stiff kick in the shorter girl’s abdomen, right above the line of her trunks. Smiling cattily as Lacey groaned and sank to her knees, Michelle reached down and pulled Lacey to her feet with a double handful of dark hair. Yanking cruelly, Michelle ran her hands through Lacey’s locks as she paraded her around the perimeter of the pit.

She told the audience, “Now we’re going to answer the age old question: What does a loser’s butt sound like when it lands in a few inches of oil?” Grinning at the stifled round of chuckling she got, Michelle suddenly dropped to one knee and yanked Lacey forward, sending the shorter girl tumbling forward in a rather rough looking Snap Mare that sent her into the oil with an audible PLOP. Kneeling behind Lacey, Michelle looped an arm around Lacey’s throat and pulled tight. Leaning slick and wet across her foe’s warm back, Michelle got her lips into Lacey’s ear and cooed, “PLOP is an appropriate sound. It’s the same sound shit makes when it hits the water. That’s you in a nutshell Lacey.”

Getting only a choked grunt for an answer, Michelle leaned back on the hold a bit more and then fell to her right, taking both girls onto their sides in the inch deep oil. Entwining her legs with Lacey’s to keep her foe from pulling free, Michelle added to Lacey’s discomfort by arrogantly grinding her crotch against the hapless girl’s butt. Pulling back even further, Michelle rolled onto her back for a moment, scissoring her legs around Lacey’s hips and giving a brief squeeze before she continued her crocodile’s roll and came to rest with Lacey belly first on the mat while she lay comfortably across Lacey’s back. Realizing that they were facing the audience, Michelle cupped Lacey’s chin firmly in the crook of her right elbow while she used her left hand to grab a damp handful of dark hair and yank upward, forcing Lacey to look out into the crowd.

Smiling as her opponent squirmed and writhed to get free, Michelle kept up the flagrant hip grind and taunted, “Say hello to your fans Lacey. I figured at least three showed up. Hell maybe they’re all your fans. Maybe they’re the misguided dopes who always root for the girl that gets her fat ass handed to her.”

Silently raging at having to suffer through Michelle’s abuse (both physical and verbal) Lacey continued to try and pull free of her captor’s grip but she added a new dimension to her escape attempts. Pulling her head as far down and forward as she could, Lacey nuzzled her mouth and nose against Michelle’s elbow and then bit down, gnawing and gnashing her teeth against any flesh she came into contact with. Taken aback by the biting, Michelle screamed and quickly tore her arm from Lacey’s maw. Still sitting astride the smaller brunette’s back, Michelle shifted her weight slightly and rolled Lacey onto her back. Glaring down at her nemesis. Michelle pinned Lacey’s wrists over her head and slithered her calves around her victim’s before spreading the helpless limbs wide with a Double Leg Grapevine. Michelle had a haughty look on her face as she ratcheted up the pressure on the leg breaking hold.

Lowering her chest to less than an inch above Lacey’s face, Michelle flipped some hair from her eyes and spat, “You wanna bite you slut? Try taking a bite out of THESE!”

Michelle lowered the boom, letting her breasts slide and mold themselves to the landscape of Lacey’s face. Feeling the smaller brunette’s struggles start to increase, Michelle increased the pace of her grind, eagerly buffing Lacey’s nose and cheeks with her modest, yet impressive rack.

A demand of surrender was forming on her lips when a white-hot bolt of pain exploded in her chest. Rearing her head back, she yelped loudly and wrenched her left breast free of Lacey’s pearly whites. Staring a furious hole in the other brunette, Michelle was forming a taunt when Lacey cut her off again. “Hope you didn’t mind me taking you up on your offer Michelle. Sometimes I just get the worst craving for junk food, especially around the Holidays.” She grinned nastily at Michelle even as she was trying to jerk free from the other brunette’s grip. Holding Lacey pinned to the mat, Michelle released one of her wrists and planted a forearm across Lacey’s face. Pressing down slightly she whispered, “Try this, it may be a little bony for your taste, but I like it just fine.”

She started grinding the ridge of her forearm back and forth across Lacey’s face, drawing a pained and indignant cry from the struggling girl. Michelle repeated the tactic several times, savoring her victim’s cries of pain every time her nose or cheeks were gouged. Eventually she tried of the move and decided it was time to let Lacey get off the mat if she wanted to. Peeling herself off the smaller brunette, Michelle stood up and rubbed oily hands across her figure for a moment, letting the crowd murmur and buzz approvingly. Knowing she had a good number of them on her side, Michelle leveled her gaze on Lacey and then bent to pull the other brunette to her feet.

Smiling a cruel little smile as Lacey fought to keep her balance, Michelle put her forehead against Lacey’s and whispered, “We don’t have a real ring, so I can’t use some of my best stuff, but some of the old favorites will work just about anywhere. Something like this.”

Not letting the winded girl get a word in, Michelle quickly threaded a hand between Lacey’s legs and flipped the other over her prey’s shoulder. With a nearly inaudible grunt of exertion, Michelle lifted Lacey off her feet and held her perpendicular across Michelle’s chest. Turning to face the crowd, Michelle took several steps forward and said brightly, “I think this might make a wonderful greeting card for a certain niche market out there. You can title it, Season’s Beatings!” Then she dropped to one knee and slammed the small of Lacey’s back across the posted joint. The extremely basic Over the Knee Backbreaker wasn’t made any more effective (though the oil might have made it a little more reflective) but it didn’t make it any less damaging either as Lacey’s pained shriek surely indicated. Holding Lacey prone across her knee, Michelle smiled again as she dug her fingers deep into Lacey’s thigh and chin. After milking the last drop of pain from the hold, Michelle shoved Lacey off her knee and let her go rolling sloppily into the oil.

Stalking confidently over to where Lacey was moaning and cradling her back, Michelle bent down and hauled her to a sitting position. Standing behind Lacey, Michelle settled her hands across Lacey’s gleaming shoulders and addressed the crowd once more. “Or perhaps you want something a little more nouveau riche in your Holiday cards? Well how about, Cure for a Silent Night?” In an instant, she sank her long fingers into the defenseless muscles of Lacey’s shoulders and neck and bore down hard with a simple Shoulder Claw. Lacey howled in pain, kicked her legs and tried frantically to dislodge Michelle’s fingers from her muscle, but despite the oil, Michelle’s grip was tight and she maintained the hold for several more seconds, going so far as to drag Lacey back towards the middle of the pit and yank her flat on her back before relinquishing the hold. Strutting around Lacey’s downed form, Michelle looked down and said, “The basics are nice, but I’d like something a bit more festive Christmas only comes once a year after all and it should be memorable for everyone. Most of all you Lacey. I hope you like what you’ve received so far, because there’s a lot more coming. Like this for instance...”

Standing beside and a few steps away from her opponent, Michelle took a quick step forward and executed a handstand right beside Lacey’s exposed form. Holding the pose for several seconds, she abruptly shifted her weight and fell, angling her body to come crashing down across Lacey’s chest in an innovative variant on a Body Splash. But the problem with flashy moves is that the counters to them often stay simple, a fact that Michelle was about to learn the hard way. As she dropped towards her intended target, Lacey pulled her knees up across her belly, giving Michelle a most unwelcome landing. Michelle hit Lacey’s knees hard and all the air left her lungs in one explosive burst. Moaning softly, she lay limply across Lacey’s shins before the smaller brunette rudely shoved her back onto the floor of the oil pit. Breathing hard, Lacey rolled to one knee and pushed to her feet.

Standing to Michelle’s left, Lacey ran both hands through her hair and when her vision was unimpeded, she glared down at her foe, and snarling, “I’m about to put you to sleep for the night Michelle, baby. And you’ll have visions of something a lot nicer than sugarplums dancing all over your face.”

With a stern, cruel look on her pretty face, Lacey bent at the knees and then jumped into the air before coming down and driving both feet deep into the pit of Michelle’s stomach. The force of Lacey’s Double Stomp jackknifed Michelle’s entire body and she screamed in breathless agony as she rolled over onto her side and curled into the fetal position. Satisfied with the damage her handiwork (or should I say footwork?) had wrought, Lacey made a show of wiping her feet in the oil pit, pantomiming that’s she’d just stepped in something nasty and needed to scrape it off her toes. Smiling brightly as the crowd quietly urged her on, Lacey sauntered over to where Michelle was still doubled over and pulled her rival up with a generous handful of oily auburn locks. Holding Michelle up on wobbly legs, Lacey easily bent the taller girl over and trapped her in a tight Front Face Lock.

Wringing Michelle’s neck with one arm, she used her other hand to grab a large handful of slick teal briefs and yank them up high, giving a most appreciative audience a little present of it’s own when she exposed Michelle’s rear with a brutal wedgie. Grinning impishly at the assembled guests, Lacey took on a tone of mocking apology. “I guess Michelle really didn’t want to get off the floor. It seems only right that I should put her back where I found her.” With that beautiful, wicked smile on her face, Lacey dropped back hard, yanking Michelle off her feet and driving the taller girl forehead first into the floor of a the pit with a DDT.

Michelle groaned again and her whole body jerked a few times before she lies still, splayed limply in the oil. Knowing full well that she was back in control of this match, Lacey grabbed hold of Michelle’s wrists and maneuvered Michelle around so that her head was facing towards the guests. Turning so that she was facing them as well, Lacey straddled her rival’s waist and sat down, resting comfortably on Michelle’s butt. Taking a second to catch her breath, Lacey twisted slightly and grabbed hold of Michelle’s legs. Frowning at the awkwardness of what she was doing, Lacey managed to pull Michelle’s limbs up and towards her, bending them at the knees so she could grab an ankle in each hand. Pleased with her progress, she turned back towards the audience, but not before deftly tucking her prey’s ankles into armpits. With both hands know unencumbered, Lacey reached out and grabbed both of Michelle’s wrists.

Holding on tight, Lacey taunted, “You liked making me look out on them while you tortured me? Well it’s better to give than to receive bitch, and here’s one for YOU!” Then she pulled back, wrenching Michelle’s torso off the mat with a modified application of the Surfboard. Jerking Michelle’s wrists from side to side, Lacey wanted to break Michelle’s back and spirit in one fell swoop. Pulling back as far as she could, Lacey forced her opponent to look out into the crowd, her normally pretty face made less so by a dispiriting combination of pain, humiliation and desperation. Ignoring her agony, Lacey kept pulling back and sneered, “They’re getting a pretty good view down your cleavage, Michelle. Of course I don’t know why they’d want to, but - hey - some people are into gag gifts, who am I to criticize?”

She laughed and pulled back a little further, drawing another pained moan from Michelle’s lips. Lacey was still chuckling over her own brand of wit when gravity began to set in and she found her grip on Michelle’s wrists suddenly slipping away. Cursing her own inattention, Lacey tried to rest her grip but the momentary lapse was all Michelle needed to squirm free of Lacey’s sadistic hold. Scrambling to her feet, Lacey stalked after the retreating Michelle who was already on her hands and knees and only moments away from regaining her feet. Getting right next to the penitent looking brunette, Lacey cocked an elbow back over her head and hissed, “No you don’t bitch.”

Then she dropped down, smashing Michelle directly in the small of her unguarded back with a stiff Elbow Drop. Michelle sobbed aloud and was driven back onto her belly with oily SLAP. Biting her lip to hold back any further cries of pain, Michelle rubbed at her abused spine and tried to pull away, even as Lacey was straddling her butt again, this time facing towards her feet. Starting her second reign atop Michelle’s backside, Lacey reached forward and locked up Michelle’s legs again. Pulling the gleaming gams towards her, Lacey forced her victim’s ankles under her armpits as she reared back and applied the Boston Crab with reckless abandon. Bouncing cruelly on Michelle’s tautly stretched rump, Lacey kept up the pressure on the Crab without unbalancing herself this time. Looking back over her shoulder, she kept up the torture while asking, “Long legs aren’t good for much now are they slut? Ready to scream out I QUIT! And get this embarrassment over with?”

Trying desperately to get purchase in the oil, Michelle slapped her hands uselessly against the mat as Lacey systematically destroyed her back. Shaking her head wildly ‘no’ Michelle roared back, “FUCK YOU LACEY! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS, YOU’RE THE ONE THAT’S GONNA BE GETTING EMBARRASSED!”

Grinding saucily against Michelle’s butt, Lacey pulled back on the Crab again and fired back, “Well it looks like someone isn’t enjoying their present. Well don’t worry you naughty little bitch, I’ve got plenty more gifts where this came from.” Tossing Michelle’s legs aside, Lacey got to her feet and adjusted her bottoms. Running her hands across her oil slicked rear, Lacey sneered down at her foe, “Maybe this will be more to your liking.” Then she simply sat down hard, landing butt-first on Michelle’s already injured lower back. Michelle gasped and tried to pull away, but Lacey moved along with her, never letting the other brunette create the distance she so desperately needed. Rising up, Lacey turned to face Michelle and slipped a foot under Michelle’s ribs before arrogantly nudging her onto her back. Standing with one leg on either side of her victim, Lacey looked down and purred, “And here’s one to complete the set you undeserving bitch.” She sat down again, this time dropping her ass squarely into Michelle’s breasts.

Michelle flopped and let out a pained wheeze, but she couldn’t dislodge Lacey from her throne. Deciding it was time to put Michelle away, Lacey shifted her weight a bit and succeeded in pinning Michelle’s arms under her shins. Reaching back, she wrapped her arms around Michelle’s legs behind the knee and pulled forward, trapping Michelle in a beautiful Matchbook Pin. Staring triumphantly down into her prey’s upturned face, Lacey really cinched in the matchbook and demanded, “Give up!”

Tied up, battered and helpless, Michelle was suddenly filled with rage when she heard Lacey’s simple demand. Using the anger to clear her head a bit, she opened her eyes to look up at Lacey. Locking gazes with her nemesis, “It’s gonna take a lot more than this to make me submit to you, ya sawed off half pint piece of shit!” Smiling as the fury welled up in Lacey’s face, Michelle put all her strength into a kick of her legs and managed to free them from Lacey’s grip. She was still smiling and in the process of pulling out from under Lacey when her world exploded in white-hot agony.

Snarling wickedly at her writhing adversary, Lacey dug her claw deeper into the crotch of Michelle’s trunks and hissed, “How’s that feel Michelle? C’mon funny girl, make a joke! Make these people laugh while I’m making you scream!”

Suffering through the nearly indescribable anguish of the Groin Claw, Michelle tried to stem thoughts of surrender by propping herself up on one elbow to get a better shot at Lacey. Biting her lips so hard it almost bled, Michelle stayed silent for a second longer and then screamed hatefully as she arced a looping Haymaker towards Lacey’s face. The desperation blow caught Lacey off guard and it rattled off her chin with a dull CRACK! Lacey groaned and fell back, finally knocked off her perch by the simple maneuver.

Simply glad to know a moment of peace, Michelle pulled free of the shorter brunette and curled into a ball, crying quietly as she ascertained her injuries and tried to work up the energy to get back to her feet. Several moments later, she rolled onto her knees and started to get to her feet. She was nearly there when Lacey grabbed her by the hair with one hand and slapped her across the face with the other.

Glaring hatefully at Michelle, Lacey found her voice and it came out as a whisper nearly choked with rage, “You never should have won that match Michelle. It was my night and you stole it from me. Tonight, I’m going to take it all back and leave you laying face down in this pit. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

Not getting an answer, Lacey bent her knees and exploded up in a gorgeous vertical leap. At the apex of her momentum, she scissored her legs open and clamped them around Michelle’s head. She was in the process of falling back when Michelle got her hands under Lacey’s thighs and shoved up hard. Normally this tactic would have only sped up the delivery of the Hurricanrana but thanks to the oil, it popped Lacey’s legs off of Michelle’s head and sent the smaller brunette sailing backwards with no one to go with her. Falling hard towards the mat, Lacey tried to get her hands up but didn’t really manage before she slammed face, chest and belly first into the oil. There was a resounding SPLAT followed by along, low groan as Lacey tried to deal with crashing and burning on such a high risk maneuver.

Still sore all over from the extended beating Lacey had laid on her for the last several minutes, Michelle felt oddly refreshed as she stood over the mewling form of her opposition. Putting hands on oily hips, she smiled the dazzling, slightly arrogant smile that long time fans of hers recognized as supreme confidence on her part. Getting a few toes under Lacey’s ribs, Michelle kicked the smaller girl onto her back and gazed down into her pain-addled face. Her voice a soft purr, Michelle taunted, “Those were some pretty nice presents you got me Lacey. I hope you like mine as much as I liked yours.” Trailing off, she took a half step forward and then jumped high, tucking her legs up under her as she began to descend. The auburn haired grappler came down with both knees jammed deep into the pit of Lacey’s stomach. Much as her own stomp had done to Michelle, the Double Knee Drop jackknifed Lacey’s frame violently and she rolled quickly onto her side, sobbing loudly and trying her best not to vomit from the pain. Deeply pleased to be on the ‘giving’ end of the match once again, Michelle sat down beside Lacey’s head and grabbed a handful of slick, dark hair. Pulling Lacey’s head up off the mat, Michelle slid one leg under Lacey and then released her hair, letting the back of the diminutive brunette’s head rest on her thigh.

Smiling prettily, Michelle extended her other leg across Lacey’s throat, placing the full weight of her thigh directly under Lacey’s chin as she locked her ankles and began to squeeze. Michelle’s smile only got bigger as Lacey started to thrash and twist, working desperately to free herself from the nearly inescapable vise of Michelle’s Head Scissors. Shaking her head ‘no’ as Lacey tugged at her thigh or slapped at her belly, Michelle used her right hand to keep herself propped up while she laid her left hand down along the swell of her victim’s left breast. Rubbing the pliant flesh softly, Michelle let her fingers do the walking and she quickly found the hard nub of Lacey’s nipple through the non-protection of her black top. Rubbing back and forth with the ball of her thumb, Michelle looked into Lacey’s face and teased, “Little excited aren’t ya? Well you’ve got reason to be! You’re only moments away from being the sixth girl in the history of this promotion to get her ass whipped at the Christmas Party! And only the second to be beaten in the Main Event! Isn’t that fun?”

Her smile turned into a cruel leer as she twisted Lacey’s nipple violently, drawing a pained, indignant shriek from her captive. Continuing with the breast torture for a few more seconds, Michelle suddenly released her grip on both the Scissors and the Claw Hold before she shifted around so that she was lying fully on Lacey’s body, facing towards her feet. Splayed insolently on top of her prey, Michelle eased her legs open and looked over her shoulder to line up her next move. Sliding back, she didn’t stop moving until her thighs were on either side of Lacey’s flushed face and her butt was mere inches from the other brunette’s chin and nose. Reaching for Lacey’s hair, Michelle grabbed a handful and pulled up. Seeing Lacey’s head move into the proper alignment, Michelle locked her ankles and began to squeeze, applying an Inverted Headscissors.

Grinding her thighs against Lacey’s ears and cheeks, Michelle smiled tartly as the smaller brunette wailed. Not even close to done with her dismissal of Lacey, Michelle wiggled her butt openly, savoring every humiliated cry as Lacey was forced to endure having her features in such close proximity to Michelle’s oily derriere. Seeing that Lacey’s face was starting to turn pink, Michelle put another crushing constriction into the Scissors and cooed, “Like my butt Lacey? Doesn’t it look like it was custom made just for your face? Why don’t you get a little closer and see?”

Beyond humiliated, Lacey choked back her rage as her nose was once again nestled between Michelle’s cheeks. Wrenching her head free, Lacey roared, “LET GO OF ME YOU GRANDSTANDING BITCH OR I’LL SPANK THAT FAT ASS OF YOURS RAW THE FIRST CHANCE I GET!” She added to the validity of this claim by hitting several short, but relatively effective slaps to Michelle’s jiggling backside.

Infuriated by the continued resistance of the other (and in Michelle’s opinion, terribly outclassed) brunette, Michelle kept her eyes locked on Lacey as she fired back, “You think I’m grandstanding now you slut? Just wait til you see this.” The words were barely out of her mouth when Michelle rose up on her knees and scooted back a few inches before sitting down hard on Lacey’s upturned face. Beaming from the combination of cheers from the crowd and Lacey’s frantic screams under her butt, Michelle put her hands in her hips and did a slow, sensuous Lap Dance on Lacey’s face as the smaller brunette suffered the tortures of the Reverse Face Sit. Keeping up the methodical grind, Michelle slapped at Lacey’s defenseless breasts as she sneered, “Looks like I forgot the mistletoe but Lacey’s more than willing to kiss my ass!”

The crowd chucked and so did Michelle, but Lacey did not. Trapped in the slick, sweaty hell of Michelle’s butt smother, Lacey knew she had to escape fast or Michelle would choke her out and the match would be all over. Choking back her disgust, Lacey opened her mouth and managed to get a decent piece of her captor’s right cheek when Michelle ground down again. Michelle’s smile was suddenly replaced with a pained scream and she quickly extricated herself from Lacey’s jaws. Scrambling to her feet, the taller beauty examined the red crescent marring her pale flesh with a growing anger. The pain of the bite was quickly faded but the act itself was still fresh in her mind when she stalked back over to Lacey’s sprawled form and yanked her to her feet. Not wasting a second, Michelle scooped Lacey up and held her perpendicular across her chest. Turning so that the guests could see what she was up to, the hand closest to Lacey’s butt grabbed a handful of black trunks and pulled maliciously down, almost baring the smaller girl’s ass entirely. Smiling nastily as Lacey groaned her objection, Michelle pinched the bared flesh and taunted, “I don’t like getting my ass bit and I bet you don’t like getting yours pinched, do you Lacey?” She paused for a moment as a look akin to epiphany passed over her face. “Wait, what am I saying? A whore like you loves having her ass pinched! I bet this is just like Christmas morning for you!” She wished Lacey a merry Christmas by pinching and tweaking her butt several more times.

Feeling Lacey’s weight start to grow on her, Michelle said, “Ok, that’s enough pinching for now Lacey. Let’s let your ribs in on some of the fun.” In the next instant she dropped to one knee and slammed her rival’s ribs deep into the posted joint. Lacey gave voice to a shrill, watery cry that ended in rather ignominious fashion when Michelle sent her tumbling off her knee and back into the oil. Watching Lacey come to rest in the oil, Michelle crawled over to her battered adversary and straddled her back. Resting with one knee dug into the meat of Lacey’s left thigh, she leaned down and cupped the smaller brunette under the chin. Gritting her teeth slightly, Michelle pulled back abruptly, hauling Lacey’s upper body out of the oil and bending her into a painful L shape with the Camel Clutch. Smiling maliciously, Michelle thwarted Lacey’s attempts to pry her hands free and she pulled back even harder, forcing the captive brunette to look up into Michelle’s taunting face.

Leaning down so that her nose was nearly brushing Lacey’s she said, “Everyone in the crowd is getting a nice long loot at that overrated shit you call boobs. Maybe if I pull back hard enough your top will snap and then everyone will realize just how great your push-up braw actually is.”

Finding it hard to form words due to the pain of the hold and her all consuming fury towards Michelle, Lacey managed to say, “I’m gonna...gonna push em up into your face bitch!”

She was still hissing this promise when she got both hands onto Michelle’s and dug her fingers in deep, trying to claw her way free. Surprised and angry that Lacey was still in this thing, Michelle bit back a cry and changed her game plan. Rolling to her side, she pulled Lacey along with her and instantly locked both legs around the curvier girl’s hips. In the same moment she pulled Lacey’s head back even further and nestled Lacey’s chin in the crook oh her armpit. Locking her hands together in an unbreakable loop, Michelle completed the Dragon Sleeper and pulled back while also bearing down on the Scissors, putting intense pressure on Lacey’s neck and back. Ignoring Lacey’s shouts of pain, Michelle added to the torture by digging her chin into Lacey’s shoulder and grinding it back and forth.

Panting with the toll the hold was exacting, Michelle gasped for a few seconds and then said, “Wanna give up? Or do you want to spend Christmas in a festive red and green neck brace?” Feeling her neck being stretched past it’s limits, Lacey was on the verge of giving up when she realized that to do so would legitimize Michelle’s win in the Fatal Four Way and there was no way she was going to let that happen. Digging deep into her reserves, Lacey couldn’t pull free, but she did manage to get her mouth open and pressed against the crook of Michelle’s elbow. Acting on instinct, Lacey bit down and was immediately rewarded with a scream of pain from her tormentor and a quick release of the Dragon Sleeper. Rolling onto her stomach, Lacey put both hands arms across the back of her head and simply lay in the oil for nearly thirty seconds, simply trying to fight off the numbing pain shooting through her upper body.

Finally, she was able to stop cradling her abused skull and push to her feet. A few feet away, Michelle was doing the same and when the two young women saw one another, their eyes narrowed and their bodies tensed for another battle. Rolling her shoulders to loosen up a bit more, Lacey staled forward a step and raised both hands over her head. Curling her fingers towards Michelle she challenged, “Think you’ve got enough left to put me down?”

Michelle cocked her head to the side and fired back, “Well I’ve only got a twenty and from what I hear that’ll only get you on your knees. Maybe if I borrow a fifty from Rich I can get you on your back.”

Lacey bristled but somehow managed to sound calm when she replied, “That’s good coming from you. Buzz in the locker room says you really enjoyed sucking Scarlett’s toes over there on the west coast and that you absolutely loved kissing Allison’s ass when she beat the shit out of you over the summer. I figure making you kiss my tits is gonna be more fun for you than it is for me.”

Michelle’s eyes were enraged slits as she stalked towards Lacey. Raising her hands into the air, she laid them flat against Lacey’s and snarled, “Keep talking tramp. We’ll see who kissing what after I...” WHUMP! Lacey’s knee fired up and smashed Michelle right between the thighs. Michelle let out a silent scream and collapsed to both knees, gently protecting her injured womanhood.

Standing dominantly in front of her crippled nemesis, Lacey taunted, “After you what? Fall on your knees and fondle your crotch? Yeah, that’s really gonna help you beat me.”

Lacey took a step back and then executed a low leap that ended with her pistoning both feet forward and catching Michelle square in the face with a Low Dropkick. Michelle grunted wearily and collapsed onto her back with arms spread out at her sides and hers tucked awkwardly under her butt. Getting to her feet, Lacey took the time to tug her bottoms back into a more comfortable position (she smiled and wiggled her butt at the guests as some of them bemoaned this tactic). Feeling supremely vindictive, Lacey strutted over to the ruin of Michelle and pulled her up by the straps on her top. Holding the taller girl in front of her, Lacey shifted her grip to Michelle’s hair and tugged her around by the scalp.

Going nose to nose with her spaghetti legged rival, Lacey cooed, “I’m through playing nice with you Michelle. I’m gonna finish you off using anything I can, and that includes my little gift to your groin a minute ago. Enjoy standing while you can bitch, this is going to be the last time you do so for a while.”

Making her prediction come true, Lacey violently torqued her hips and tossed Michelle three quarters of the way across the put by nothing more than her hair. Michelle soared through the air like an oily rock and hit the mat on her belly with the same amount of grace. Ambling over to Michelle’s feet, Lacey flipped her opponent over and grabbed her ankles in both hands. Pulling Michelle’s legs up, Lacey rubbing the sole of her foot up and down across the front of Michelle’s briefs.

Smiling lecherously as her victim started to moan in pain and the first the first traces of some other emotion, Lacey increased the pace of her foot rubbing and asked, “You like that too don’t ya bitch? Betcha don’t like THIS too much.” She jumped into the air and came down knee first onto Michelle’s center. Michelle screamed piercingly and she feebly tried to pull her legs free but Lacey held on tight and quickly got to her feet. Flipping some hair from her face, Lacey said, “Don’t turn your nose up just yet Michelle. After all this is an acquired taste. Here, have another.”

She leapt and came crashing down with another thunderous Knee Drop to Michelle’s groin. This time the auburn haired girl was able to free herself, but it was ultimately useless because the only defense she could muster was curling into a tight ball and that wasn’t going to keep Lacey away for long. Indeed, she had less than ten seconds of peace before Lacey pounced on her and pulled her to her knees. Making sure she was facing the guests, Lacey wedged Michelle’s head between her thighs, applying a Standing Headscissors. Returning a slight from earlier in the match, Lacey grabbed Michelle’s bikini bottoms and yanked them down several inches, giving everyone in attendance an unobstructed view of Michelle’s flawless (minus the bite mark, of course) rear. Grinding her thighs against the sides of Michelle’s head, Lacey bent down and wrapped both hands around Michelle’s waist before hauling her up for a Pile Driver.

With her hands clasped across Michelle’s navel, Lacey grinned out at the audience and joked, “This is the least fun Michelle’s ever had with her pants down, but I’m enjoying myself immensely.”

On a stifled wave of laughter and cheers, Lacey sat down and spiked Michelle’s head into the floor of the oil pit. Michelle groaned and was actually held in place on her head for a moment before Lacey shoved her away, leaving her laying on her back and looking up at the mellow lights of the hall. In the next moment, the majority of Michelle’s light was blocked out when Lacey straddled her and nuzzled her crotch against her chin. Making sure Michelle’s arms were pinned over her head; Lacey scooted forward a bit and then sat back down, letting her womanhood rest pleasantly against her adversary’s mouth and nose.

Tucking a few strands of hair behind her ears, Lacey looked down and purred, “Let me show you the proper way to ride a face.” She started to bump and grind, going to town on Michelle’s face like she was a mechanical bull. Hearing the buzz from the audience increase, Lacey picked up her pace, working the Front Face Sit expertly as she never once let her groin leave the weakly protesting landscape of Michelle’s features. Glaring down into Michelle’s rapidly dimming eyes, Lacey ground her hips forward and said, “It just wouldn’t be a party if you didn’t end up getting a mouthful of my own brand of wassail. Drink up bitch, it is the holidays you know!”

Suffering through the asphyxia and the humiliation brought on by Lacey’s ride on her face, Michelle fought to maintain consciousness. Knowing that she wouldn’t escape if she didn’t escape now, Michelle planted her feet on the mat and steeled herself for the unpleasant sensation she was sure would follow. Ceasing to think, she jerked forward as hard as she could. The surprise tactic worked and Michelle actually slipped out from under Lacey and ended up sprawled out behind the other brunette. Now sitting in nothing but oil, Lacey turned around on her haunches and saw Michelle on her knees, gasping for air. Cursing under her breath, Lacey pushed up and stalked over to where Michelle was still trying to recover. Standing in front of her victim, Lacey again wedged Michelle’s head between her thighs, but this time she simply maintained the hold, trying to choke out the larger brunette with another application of the standing Headscissors. Crushing Michelle’s skull, Lacey looked over her shoulder and down at her foe as Michelle gasped and tried to wiggled free of the domineering hold.

Bearing down even tighter, Lacey wiggled her butt tauntingly and demanded, “Give up right now, bitch, or I’ll pop your head like a fucking grape.” Slapping and clawing at Lacey’s calves, Michelle lifted one hand and flicked Lacey off. Biting her lip in frustration, Lacey said, “All right, have it your way tramp. I’d rather be able to see your face when you submit anyway.”

Releasing the Scissors, Lacey kicked Michelle onto her back and went stood at the wounded girl’s head. Sitting down, Lacey laid on her side and quickly scissored up Michelle’s right arm with her legs and trapped her left arm with Lacey’s right arm. Making sure that Michelle was resting snugly across her torso and hip, Lacey cranked on the pressure, pulling Michelle’s shoulders and arms at a painfully wide angle. Keeping the simple move locked on tight, Lacey got a lot crueler in her quest to dominate and demolish Michelle Trachtenberg.

Using her free hand, she rubbed the dual swell of Michelle’s chest and taunted, “You liked playing with my tits earlier, didn’t you Michelle? Well it’s only fair that I get to play with yours. Be careful though, I do tend to play a little ROUGH!”

Simultaneous with the word ‘rough’ Lacey clamped down and started clawing and pinching Michelle’s bounty. Michelle writhed and wailed, her long legs kicking uselessly as she tried to get out of the hold, but for now, Lacey held her fast. Ceasing the breast torture for a moment, Lacey wrenched back on Michelle’s arms again and painfully squeezed her victim’s right breast. Kneading and groping furiously, Lacey sneered, “You’re helpless bitch! Submit now before I decide to just go ahead and end your career.”

Holding back a sob as her breasts were mangled, Michelle managed to fire back, “Giving up is for losers who get eliminated first, not for those who go on to win the match.”

It was exactly the wrong thing to say. Her lips peeling back in a feral snarl, Lacey dud her claw in even deeper and jerked back so hard that several people in the audience thought she might dislocate one or both of Michelle’s arms. With Michelle’s wails falling on deaf ears, Lacey screamed, “THAT WAS A FLUKE YOU BITCH! SCARLETT WASN’T EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE MATCH AND IF YOU AND ALEXIS WEREN’T SO FUCKING STUPID, I WOULD BEAT YOU ALL! GIVE IT UP SLUT! HAVEN’T YOU GOTTEN IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD THAT I OWN YOU?”

She twisted Michelle’s breast as hard as she could, waiting for the glorious submission, but Michelle only screamed and shook her head ‘no’ over and over again.” Growing tired at the constant energy she needed to pour into the hold, Lacey released Michelle with a sigh of disgust. And rolled to her knees. Taking several deep breaths, she got to her feet and stood over Michelle, facing her feet and the audience. Bending down, she grabbed hold of Michelle’s feet and pulled them up, spreading the long limbs out a rough 45-degree angle, putting Michelle’s bikini clad crotch on lewd display with a domineering Wishbone.

Not bothering to speak to Michelle anymore, Lacey looked out to the audience and explained, “If you follow Apartment Wrestling any, you know that the Wishbone is really a useless move, it’s only done when one girl has total control and her opponent can do nothing to stop her. In this case, I’m more than justified in applying the hold since Michelle here can’t seem to do anything but sob and curl into the fetal position. Feel free to take a picture if you can, but don’t worry if you aren’t able. I have a feeling this image will be adorning the promotion’s website pretty soon complete with the caption: Michelle Trachtenberg gets wish, becomes Lacey Chabert’s personal bitch!”

Lying on her back, listening to the crowd laugh at Lacey’s jokes, Michelle’s head filled with a black rage. Counting on the fact that Lacey was more interested in playing to the audience than watching her, Michelle planted her hands against the mat, and tensed up. In the blink of an eye she’s jerked her feet down and then shot them back up, first pulling Lacey off balance and then smashing her in the forehead with both heels. Lacey voiced a startled squawk and flew back, landing hard on her side. Shaking off her surprise, Lacey flopped over onto her belly and slowly pushed her way to her feet. She flipped some oily, matted locks out of her face when she saw a dizzy looking Michelle on her feet as well.

Drawing in a ragged, angry breath, Lacey whispered, “That was your last gasp you stupid bitch.” Fighting off the exhaustion that was starting to settle over her, the small brunette stalked forward and when she was in range, doubled Michelle up with a hard fist to the belly. Cutting Michelle down to size, Lacey trapped her in a Front Face Lock and then used her free hand to cinch up on Michelle’s tights. Setting her feet, Lacey spat, “Stay down Michelle, or I’ll see to it that you can’t ever get up again.”

She tightened her grip on the Face-Lock and Michelle’s briefs then and jerked up and back hard, intending to deliver a quick Snap Suplex on her foe, but something went wrong. When Michelle should have been pulled off her feet to go sailing over Lacey, the taller girl stayed firmly planted and her hands shot up to shove at Lacey’s hip and shoulder. Lacey’s own momentum and the force of Michelle’s push popped her free of the suplex attempt and Lacey ended up driving herself down into the mat, hitting the back of her head hard against the floor. Michelle was breathing hard, but she was also standing and since Lacey wasn’t, it had to be considered a minor victory.

Looking down at her stunned rival, Michelle found her voice and sneered quietly, “It’s going to take someone a hell of a lot better than you to make sure I don’t get up Lacey.” She stepped to Lacey’s side and dropped into a low crouch. Dipping into her ever dwindling reserves, Michelle hopped up and then came down back first across Lacey’s chest with a no frills attached Senton Splash.

Lacey uttered a low ‘UGGGHH’ and rolled onto her side, groaning and clutching her ribs for comfort. Getting to her feet very slowly, Michelle bent down and shoved Lacey onto her stomach, receiving minimal resistance from the other brunette. Moving to Lacey’s feet, Michelle looked out at the guests and said, “Now here’s a picture you’ll really want in your collection.” Going about proving her point, Michelle stepped on the back of the Lacey’s thighs, just above the knee.

Bending down, she pulled her victim’s feet up and locked Lacey’s ankles behind Michelle’s calves. Cinching in the first half of the hold, Michelle bent down again and grabbed hold of both of Lacey’s wrists, pulling her arms up off the mat. Her twin grips secure, she pulled back and sat down right before rolling onto her back, lifting Lacey out off the pit and holding her above Michelle. The crowd clapped its approval and several cameras did go off to document the first official finishing move seen that evening. Michelle had locked in her version of the torturous Mexican Surfboard, a move she lovingly referred to as The Trachtenberg Twist. Holding Lacey helpless and hurt above her, Michelle bounced her legs and pulled back with her arms, applying nasty pressure to Lacey’s back and shoulders while gravity itself did the damage to Lacey’s neck. Listening to Lacey groan, Michelle pulled even harder on the hold and said calmly, “Give it up now Lacey, there’s no way out of this hold that doesn’t involve you submitting to me so just get it over with now and I might actually let you go. If you insist on defying me, I’ll make sure to keep you here all night.”

Embarrassed and angry at being hung up like this, (after all Lacey liked to use the Mexican Surfboard in her matches as well) the diminutive brunette shook her head ‘no’ and replied, “The exhaustion... is making you....errgghh... delusional Trachtenberg. In a normal match, you very well... might have beaten me.....unnghhh... with this move. But in the pit..... everything works a little bit differently and the oil is about to.....uhhnnn... bust me out of this stupid little move.”

Not waiting to get a follow-up comment, Lacey relaxed for a split second and then jerked both arms as hard as she could. Lacey’s prediction came true as her wrists popped out of Michelle’s grip and she went sliding forward to land rather roughly on her belly. Still, Lacey was grateful, it was much better than being locked up in the Surfboard. What she wasn’t so grateful for arrived a few seconds later when Michelle grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees. Holding Lacey’s hair close to the roots, Michelle pulled her nemesis close and planted a knee right under her chin.

Grinding the joint into Lacey’s chin, she sneered, “I was hoping to finish you off with something a little more visually memorable, but if I have to batter you into so much useless wreckage with one of the basics, then God help me I’ll do it.”

Ignoring Lacey’s feeble punches and clawing, Michelle pulled her knee back and then rammed it forward, smashing Lacey in the forehead. Her prey’s head snapped back and Michelle was so satisfied with how the first one ended, she opted for a sequel, and then turned it into a franchise, driving her knee into Lacey’s forehead nearly a dozen times before the other brunette simply turned to jelly in her clutches and slumped bonelessly backward on the mat. Mustering what remained of her energy, Michelle drew motivation from seeing Lacey splayed helplessly at her feet. Limping forward, she stood over the other brunette’s belly and then sat down in a simple straddle. Remembering how Lacey had mauled her breasts when she was defenseless; Michelle ran her hands over the still stinging flesh and then laid her hands across Lacey’s gently rising bounty.

Smiling for the first time in a while, Michelle purred quietly, “Looks like we got each other the same thing for Christmas, Lacey. I just hope you like mine as much as I liked yours.”

She drove long fingers into the swell of Lacey’s chest and started to knead viciously, the shrill screams and squirming of her trapped foe only spurring her to new heights of as she ferociously clawed and carved at Lacey’s breasts. Wailing loudly as Michelle tried to rip her breasts off her chest, Lacey saw the world through a thin film of tears but her view was still clear enough to know what she had to do. Refusing to scream anymore, Lacey curled her hands into claws and shot them towards Michelle’s face. She found what she was looking for on the first try and raked her talons right across Michelle’s eyes. The lithe brunette cried and pulled away quickly, rubbing her eyes hard in an attempt to clear her vision. Still feeling phantom fingers on her chest, Lacey sobbed once and then pushed to her knees to continue the fight. Seeing Michelle glare up at her from across the pit, Lacey got to her feet and assumed a low, hateful crouch.

Shooting a glance of unadulterated hatred at her taller rival, Lacey beckoned Michelle in and sneered, “Let’s finish this.”

Michelle didn’t need to be asked twice and she came on hard and fast lunging at Lacey in a wild tackle that would have bent her in two if it had connected. I say IF because Michelle’s spear attempt was doomed to failure. When she was less than two feet from Lacey, her opponent lunged forward and buried a high knee in her crotch. Michelle was stopped dead in her tracks and she uttered a high-pitched, bird like scream as her hands slowly crept to her injured center. Knowing that she had the opportunity to win this war right now, Lacey stepped to wrapped her right arm over Michelle’s left shoulder while her left arm snaked under Michelle’s right shoulder, the brunette clasping her hands together when they met between her foe’s shoulder blades. In the blink of an eye, Lacey pulled backwards and fell, driving Michelle face first into the mat with one of her primary finishers, the IFR (or Instantaneous Facial Reconstruction for those who like long words) Michelle bounced when she hit the mat and flopped over onto her back, looking up at the lights with glazed eyes. She only had an unobstructed view for a few seconds before Lacey straddled her waist and blocked out just about everything else.

Sitting snugly on Michelle’s belly, Lacey felt the end of the match was near, all she needed was one more move to put Michelle in her place and finally prove that her winning of the Rookie of the Year match was nothing more than a once in lifetime fluke. Deciding on her course of action, Lacey looked out at the crowd, but didn’t say anything. Those who could see her eyes sensed that she was throwing everything she had left into the coming offensive.

Looking down at Michelle, she whispered, “You were a pretender Michelle and this is better than you deserve, but I’ll put you out quick. Sweet dreams loser.”

Lacey reached down and peeled off her bikini top, throwing the oil soaked garment aside with hardly a glance. Running her hands along her chest, Lacey took note of the welts Michelle had raised and vowed to make her nemesis inspect every one of them. Leaning down, she pinned Michelle’s wrists high over her head and then lowered her breasts onto Michelle’s face. Feeling her flesh begin to impair Michelle’s breathing, Lacey pressed down harder and began to grind back and forth, trying to form the seal that would ensure that Michelle couldn’t draw a breath that wasn’t rife with oil and the sweat on Lacey’s breasts. Feeling a nipple graze across Michelle’s eye socket, Lacey smiled impishly and increased her pace, it wouldn’t be long now!

Quickly growing frantic in the black furnace of Lacey’s impressive cleavage, Michelle tried to buck free, but her wrists stayed pinned down and Lacey was effectively keeping the rest of her in place with the straddle. Groaning as Lacey’s tits continued to slip and slide along her face, Michelle refused to let the fight end this way and went with the only counter left open to her. Opening her mouth slightly, she waited for Lacey to press down again and then she clamped down tight. The sudden agony in her chest sent a bolt of electricity down Lacey’s spine and forced a scream from her lips. “AIEEEEEEEEEE!” Trying to pull free from Michelle’s jaws, Lacey leaned back from the smother, but Michelle held on tight, biting and gnawing at her right breast with animalistic fury. Drawing on some rage of her own, Lacey released Michelle’s wrists only to ball both hands into fists and start hammering the other girl in the temples, all the while roaring, “STOP BITING MY TIT YOU DESPERATE WHORE!” Her pugilistic counter attack finally paid dividends and Michelle released her grip, pulling out from under Lacey and slowly crawling away. Holding her injured chest tight, Lacey glared murder at the retreating brunette and stalked after her. Getting her hands in Michelle’s hair, Lacey hoisted Michelle to her feet and whirled her around to face Lacey. Wrapping both arms around Michelle’s waist, Lacey got right in her face and whispered, “That was the last bit of offense you will EVER have. Your career ends tonight.”

Looking to make good on her word, Lacey bent her knees and then lifted up, hauling Michelle into the air to administer an Inverted Atomic Drop. But in the instant before Lacey could drop to one knee and impale the other brunette’s crotch, Michelle wrapped an arm tightly around the back of Lacey’s neck, securing a hastily applied Front Face Lock. At the same time, she pulled back with all her remaining strength and jerked Lacey off balance, driving her face first into the mat with a jury-rigged DDT. Lacey’s hit the mat with a dull THUD and all she could do was sit on the mat and groan as Michelle laid beside her and tried to recover from the night’s torture.

The audience waited for nearly a minute to see who would make the first move, knowing that whoever did so was in good position to finally win the match. Just when Fannin was about to send George forward to check on the combatants, Michelle sat up and looked over at Lacey. Sitting hunched over in the warm oil, Michelle knew she was fading fast. Lacey had proved a much tougher foe than she had anticipated and the smaller girl’s attacks had effectively worn her out. Knowing she didn’t have the energy to lift Lacey off the mat again, Michelle said to herself, “Then I’ll have to finish her right here.” Crawling over to Lacey’s head, Michelle grabbed Lacey’s shoulder and muscled the semiconscious girl onto her back. Spreading her legs, Michelle slid forward until the back of Lacey’s head was resting firmly against her oil-beaded abdomen and her arms were effectively pinned by Michelle’s thighs. An excited murmur went through the crowd, as many believed she was going to apply a basic Headscissors to end the fight, but Michelle had something different in mind. Reaching forward as far as she could, Michelle hooked Lacey’s legs around the knees and pulled them towards her, almost folding the smaller brunette in half.

Holding Lacey’s legs in both hands, Michelle paused for a moment to catch her breath and then said, “Time to give this audience a Christmas memory they’ll never forget.”

Enacting her plan, Michelle slid her right leg forward before lifting it up and sliding it over the back of Lacey’s right knee, effectively pinning the limb up at that awkward angle. Looking to repeat her previous success, Lacey did the same with her left leg, pinning Lacey’s leg up with her own and leaving the curvy brunette folded in half, her legs spread wide, with only the thin barrier of her bikini keeping everything from being on gratuitous display for a crowd of nearly fifty onlookers. Holding Lacey prone in this innovative variation on the Wishbone, Michelle cracked her knuckles and then slapped Lacey in the side of the face to get her attention. The dazed girl came around slowly, but she quickly started to struggle when she saw she was facing the crowd with her legs spread at a more than 45-degree angle. Pulling and jostling to be free of the embarrassing maneuver, Lacey pushed her head back against Michelle’s groin and demanded, “Let me out NOW!”

Michelle shook her head and answered, “Not a chance in hell. I wanted you to be awake when I proved I was better than you, that’s all.”

Lacey’s face contorted in a furious scowl, “You are not better than me Trachtenberg, you haven’t won shit yet.”

Michelle smiled and reached a hand down to Lacey’s groin and traced a light, nonsense pattern on the tightly stretched material. Running her finger back and forth, Michelle replied, “I think THIS proves otherwise.”

Shivering at the implication, Lacey still found her voice and gasped, “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh yes I would!” Michelle answered and she twisted her hand into a claw before digging deep into Lacey’s womanhood.

A collective groan of shared pain went up from the audience as Lacey began to wail helplessly in the clutches of Michelle’s Crotch Claw. Keeping her fingers curled wickedly, Michelle tore and raked at Lacey’s center for nearly a minute, knowing that the other brunette would totally deplete her energy in her last frantic attempts at escape. After an especially hard corkscrew like twist of her hand, Michelle let up for just a moment, only long enough to slip her hand under the waistband of Lacey’s bottoms. Administering a new kind of torture, Michelle massaged her victim’s center and smiled knowingly when Lacey started to sob with a helpless mix of abject humiliation, unwanted arousal and impending defeat.

Keeping up the slow pace of her manipulations, Michelle looked down at Lacey and said, “Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to submit. You’ll say, I surrender and you’ll follow that up with Michelle Trachtenberg is better than me. If you say it loud enough, I’ll let you go and you can leave this room on your own two feet as opposed to slung over Stark’s shoulder.”

Lacey held back her tears and mustered the last of her defiance. “And if I refuse?”

Michelle sped up her fondling the tiniest bit as, speaking with cold, dead finality, she announced to the entire room, “Then everybody will get to hear what Lacey Chabert sounds like when she climaxes!”

Lacey’s face went dead white, she knew Michelle was serious. Two tears fell from her eyes and she swallowed once before saying anything else. In a loud, clear voice she said, “I SURRENDER... MICHELLE’S BEATEN ME AND... SHE WAS... THE BETTER WOMAN TONIGHT.”

The hidden bell was chimed almost immediately and the crowd began to clap, but Michelle didn’t release her hold. Looking down at Lacey she said, “Some girls would probably finish you off for not saying exactly what they told you to say. But, you did add in the beaten part, and I’ll forgive the tonight implication, just because I have no problem doing this to you again if I haven’t sufficiently proved my point this evening. No get out of my site Lacey. And if you ever talk shit about me again, remember this: The next time I beat you, it won’t be Christmas and I won’t be feeling charitable.”

She gave Lacey’s groin a final taunting squeeze and abruptly released the hold, leaving Lacey to curl up in a shivering, sobbing ball. Getting to her feet, she strode to the edge of the oil pit and was helped to out by Dru and Jackflash, who handed her a robe and a drink respectively. Murmuring her thanks to the pair, she scanned the crowd quickly and waited patiently while Richard Fannin cut through the other guests and made his way towards her.

Smiling slightly at the victorious brunette he said, “Excellent match Michelle, it was a perfect way to cap off the card. You are to be congratulated.”

She nodded and replied, “Thanks boss, I hope this little win tonight proves I’m ready to headline a show in a more normal, four sided setting.”

Rich smiled and said, “Hey, the pit had four sides, but if you’re implying you want some more main event slots, I think that can be arranged.”

Michelle smiled and was about to say thanks when a voice from behind her said, “Maybe one of those Main Events can be against me.”

Michelle turned around and found Allison Mack standing not three feet behind her. The blonde smiled at Michelle’s angry glare, knowing full well that Michelle hadn’t gotten over her loss to Allison in their Apartment match a few months back. Flicking her glance towards Rich, Mack continued, “Of course, Michelle might not want to face me in front of an audience, after all, the last time I beat her there wasn’t anyone around. It probably made it sting a little less.”

Michelle took a sip from her rink and said, “I can’t wait to take you on in front of a capacity crowd. Then I can prove that you’re just like Lacey. A girl with no talent who just happens to get lucky just enough to keep feeding her delusions of grandeur.”

Allison stepped forward and glared coldly at the brunette. “It was no delusion when I sat on you face. It was no delusion when you started sobbing and begging me to let you go. The only delusion is that because Ward and his lackeys pulled me off of ya, you’ve somehow fooled yourself into believing that you might be good enough to stand across that ring from me someday. Well I assure you Trachtenberg, you are not. Enjoy tonight, because you’ll be jerking curtains and living life in the depths of the mid-card soon enough.”

Michelle managed to keep from slapping Allison, heck she even smiled. Putting her drink down, she looked at the blonde and said, “We shouldn’t be fighting Allison, it’s Christmas. C’mere, give me a hug.” The brunette stepped forward and gave Allison a big friendly hug, holding the embrace for several seconds before stepping back. When she did, Rich raised his eyebrows and Allison glared death at her old adversary. Because Michelle hadn’t gotten around to tying her robe and she’s left a huge, oily stain all over the front of Allison’s dark blue party dress. Smiling condescendingly, Michelle chirped, “There wasn’t that nice? Oh sorry about your dress. Hey, maybe the thrift shop will give you your deposit back.”

Allison said did nothing for a moment, then she picked up a drink and took a long sip. Looking over the glass at Michelle, she seemed to be on the verge of saying something when she suddenly threw the contents of the glass in Michelle’s face. Smiling sweetly as Michelle gasped and wiped her face clean, Allison said, “Sorry about that. My hand must have been slippery from the oil on you.” Michelle stepped forward and the two beauties went nose to nose amid a crowd of very interested guests.

Finding her voice, Michelle threatened, “You’ll pay for that. You’ll pay for what you TRIED to do to me in our first match. And what I do to you is gonna make what I did to Lacey look G rated. I’m gonna send you in to hiding Allison Mack, so enjoy the rest of your pathetic farce of a career while you can.”

“All I’m gonna enjoy is finishing the job I started a few months back Michelle,” Lacey smiled. “You’ve been lucky so far, but I exposed you for the mediocre talent that you are. And if I’d hade a few more minutes, you never would have been in this match tonight.”

Michelle was readying her retort when a large shadow fell over both young women. Momentarily distracted, they looked up and into the exasperated face of George Stark.

On the other side of the confrontation, Richard Fannin said, “Sorry ladies, but the entertainment portion of our show has concluded and I’m worried about the possibility of you two wrecking any of the buffet tables. Now are you going to go your separate ways for the evening or do I have to have George do it for you?”

Michelle sighed and stepped back. “I’ve trashed one slut for the evening. I guess doing it again would just be overkill.”

Allison smiled at her and replied, “Beating you at Christmas would be no different than beating you any other time of the year. I can wait til a more boring part of the year to smack you around. Maybe Arbor or Columbus Day.” The she looked at Rich and said, “Great party boss. You just need to be a little more discerning with the type of people you let in.” Her eyes wandered over to Michelle and then she turned around and wandered back into the crowd.

Michelle sneered at the blonde as she retreated, but then she looked back at Fannin. “I’m gonna go get cleaned up, can I safely assume the party will still be going on when I get back?”

Rich nodded and said, “We’re going to be here until the food is gone and the booze runs dry. So the party will end around next Tuesday I’m guessing.”

Michelle rolled her eyes and said, “Merry Christmas Rich.” and then she was walking away, skirting the edge of the crowd and heading in the general direction of the showers and changing rooms that had been set up a few rooms over.

Rich watched her go but he was only alone for a few moments before Archer, Pseudo and ‘Scape wandered up. Holding his camera in one hand and his beer in another, Scape said, “I got some great shots Rich. Theo Ehret quality stuff. Should make for a great set.”

Fannin nodded and replied, “Thanks man I think we’ve got enough material to make a very interesting calendar for next year.”

Scanning the crowd, Pseudo looked back at Fannin and asked, “I don’t see D and Flash anywhere. Where’d they run off to?”

Archer grinned. “I saw them tailing after Michelle, they were offering to rub salve on her wounds or something like that.”

Rich rolled his eyes. “Can’t fault them I guess. Christmas is all about memories after all, remembering the old ones and making new ones. I have a feeling a whole lot of both happened tonight.” He looked around at the others and followed up by saying, “Ok, all that sentimental stuff is making me hungry. Anybody else headed for the buffet?”

As they headed in the direction of the food, Archer walked next to the promoter and said, “You put on a great show tonight Rich, but I gotta know: What do you have planned for the Fourth of July next summer?”

Rich looked at him and asked a question of his own. “Ever heard of a Party Barge?”