K&G's 2007 4th of July Party by The Walkin' Dude
The party on the shore of Darkscore Lake was already in full swing when Richard Fannin took a mic and addressed his guests. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to thank you all once again for coming out this afternoon. Now the matches are going to start very shortly, but before they get underway, I'd like to take the time to thank our phenomenal ring crew for setting up our squared circle out here on the beach and I'd also like to give thanks to our head engineer, Jack 'Smotherfan' Napier for designing the stadium seats and collapsible canopies that'll keep us all dry should mother nature decide not to cooperate. Thanks very much to all of you, make sure to take advantage of the booze and food, you've earned it."

Pausing for a moment to lead a round of applause, Fannin continued, "All right, I've kept you all in suspense long enough, so here's the rundown of the fight festivities. First up, one half of the Tag Team Champions will take on a returning star when Kaley Cuoco battles Megan Fox."

More cheering and from somewhere in the crowd Lacey Chabert called, "Whoop her ass blondie!"

Chuckling, the promoter said, "After that we've got another returning face battling an up-and-coming grappler when Jennifer Garner battles Navi Rawat. Third, Lindsay Lohan has an open challenge to anyone on the roster…that should make for an interesting contest! Then you’ll see Jennifer Love Hewitt wage war with Keira Knightley. Of course, the evening will be capped off with a World Title Match: ‘The Latina Supreme’ Jennifer Lopez against ‘The Slayer’ Sarah Michelle Gellar. So I implore you, grab a good seat, sit back and relax because the fights are gonna start soon and you won't want to miss a second of it. Til then, peace and enjoy!"

Rich stepped back and rejoined the milling crowd. Taking his own advice, he picked a table with a good view of the ring, helped himself to another beer and settled in for what he hoped would be a memorable evening.

Squinting into a deep blue sky dotted with only the faintest traces of clouds, Kaley Cuoco adjusted her hands, tightening her Bear Hug in the process. Enjoying the bubbly little groan that trembled up from her captive's gut, the blonde half of the Tag Team Champions nuzzled her lips to the brunette's ear and whispered coldly, "You should have stayed gone Megan. After what you, Lishy and Nat did to Rich, how did you expect us to react when you came crawling back this way?"

Gasping for breath, Megan Fox worried and grasped at the blonde's strong biceps as she replied, "I expected you to fight, not preach UNNNGGHHH!"

Cuoco reefed down on the Bear Hug once again, crushing the smaller vixen against the sturdy steel of her torso. Snarling into the brunette's sweat-beaded face, Kaley sneered, "Oh I'm sorry honey, was I not squeezing you hard enouARRGGHHH!"

Fox shut her foe up by burying her left hand in Kaley's hair while the right busied itself in hammering out a short, staccato tattoo against the blonde's forehead. Grinding her knuckles along Cuoco's eyebrows, Megan growled, "I guess you aren't…”

THUD! The words were barely out of Fox's mouth when Kaley rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, posting Megan crotch first against the unpadded expanse of her knee. The improvised Inverted Atomic Drop forced a painful spasm through the brunette's frame but she didn't entirely give up her grip on Kaley's locks. That didn't bother the blonde too much though, she was more than happy to sit there and grind Megan out in the Bear Hug. She couldn't say exactly why, but there was something extremely satisfying about forcing Fox to give up the fight body-to-body. Wringing her clasped hands across the small of Megan's back, Kaley purred, "You wanna give it up now sweetie? If so I'd say it real loud. Those nice people out there might have a hard time hearing you over the roar of the crowdAHHHHHHHH!"

Cuoco was going to say 'surf' but Megan bit down on her forehead and started to gnaw, eliciting a shriek, that, ironically enough, no one on the sand had any trouble hearing. Trying to ignore the presence of Fox's teeth digging into her flesh, Kaley lifted up on her knees once more and then dropped down, giving the center of Megan's liquid silver trunks another taste of her knee. Happily, her counter stopped the chewing immediately and that meant Kaley could go back to crushing the life out of her opponent. But upon further consideration, maybe the brunette needed a little more rag-dolling before Kaley could apply the Bear Hug with impunity. No sense in having her face chewed off by a girl too stupid and stubborn to quit. No, better to just kick Fox's teeth down her throat and THEN slap the hug back on in the center of the ring.

That through passed through Kaley's mind in less than a second and it took even less time for her to act upon it. Breaking her grip on Megan's waist, Kaley brought her hands to the brunette's shoulders and gave her a hard shove that sent the beautiful grappler backpedaling several steps. Eyeing Fox hungrily as she reeled from the combined assault of the Atomic Drops and Bear Hug, Cuoco went into a slight crouch and sprinted forward, extending her right arm at shoulder level in anticipation of delivering the Lariat. But things went viciously wrong when Megan broke out of her torpor, charged forward and shot her left arm over Kaley's shoulder while the other slipped through her thighs. The instant her grip was secure, Megan torqued her hips in a tight little half circle and drove the blonde spine-first into the mat with a Power Slam that was so quick that it was over and done before most of the audience even recognized it as a counter.

Resting on her knees, Megan made a quick show of placing both hands on Kaley's gulping belly and PUSHING up hard to regain her vertical base. The explosive Slam had brought back a lot of the brunette's confidence and there was a noticeable swagger in the former DI enforcer's hips as she moved around behind her wounded opponent. Never letting her gaze leave Cuoco, Fox waited until the big blonde had rolled to her hands and knees before she even began to move. Backing away slowly, she touched the ropes just as Kaley was getting to her feet and that was all the signal she needed to roar forward. Hearing the patter of feet bearing down on her, Kaley instinctively turned into the noise only to WHAP! be turned inside-out by the Running Clothesline Megan pinned to her chin.

Getting back to her feet, Megan loomed over Kaley and smirked out at the guests. Hands on her hips, the blue-eyed stunner asked, "So, do you guys have your tickets?"

Lobbing Fox a blooper, some wit in the audience asked, "TICKETS TO WHAT?"

Grinning, Fox offered up a tawny double bicep flex and answered, "THE GUN SHOW!" Coasting on a combination of applause, cheers and breeze off the lake, Fox hauled Kaley to her feet and tugged the blonde forward, lowering her shoulder as she did so. With no real effort, Megan muscled Cuoco up across her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. Thrilled to be working on her home turf again, Megan strutted around the ring to make sure everyone in attendance knew she hadn't lost anything in her absence. Then, with a grin that was equal parts holiday cheer and heartless malice Fox taunted, "DOESN'T LOOK LIKE MUCH OF A CHAMP NOW DOES SHE?”

Riding out Kaley's squirming response, Megan approached the nearest corner of the ring and situated herself with her back to the lake. Already hearing the meaty THUD of Kaley's body hitting the mat, Megan took a deep breath and sprinted forward, eating up the distance between her and the opposite corner at an alarming rate.

When she was well past the halfway point, she rose up on her toes and somersaulted forward, pasting Kaley’s defenseless back hard into the canvas with a Rolling Fireman's Carry. Coming out of the roll with the ease of a trained gymnast, Megan released her grip on Kaley's legs leaving the other brunette splayed out at an helpless angle just a few feet away from the turnbuckles, which was all part of Fox's plan as she proved by ascending to the second rope in a short hop. Grabbing the top rope in both hands, the toned brunette bounced up and down on the rope for about three seconds before launching herself up and back with her legs trailing straight out behind her. Letting go of her hold on the ropes, Fox dropped down chest and belly first across Kaley's torso in a clever twist on the traditional Body Splash. Holding her place across the blonde's limber frame, Megan hooked Kaley's far leg and bore down tight as the ref slipped in and counted, 'ONE... TWO...'

But Cuoco shot a shoulder off the mat, breaking the pin. Deciding it was time to put the blonde hosebag away for good, Fox dug her hands into Kaley’s damp locks and pulled her to her feet. Forcing the blonde's head between her thighs, Megan slashed her arms out to her sides and exclaimed, "FIREFOX TIME!"

Without any further prompting, the brunette bent down, wrapped her arms around Kaley's waist and lifted her up so that the small of Kaley’s back was resting snugly against the point of her right shoulder. Chuckling to herself, Megan advised Kaley, "Maybe you should stick to tag matches bitcHUUUUUUNNGGHH!"

Cuoco wrenched her way out of the brunette's grip and landed on her feet behind Megan. Kaley pulled a 180 and lunged forward with her right arm up in an attempt to connect with the Clothesline she had missed earlier. Unfortunately for the blonde, Megan's thinking was equally quick and she dropped low just as the blonde's forearm brushed across the top of her skull. Kaley pulled another lightning-fast turn and charged back towards Megan even as the brunette was lunging for her. In a diabolically painful example of great minds thinking alike, Fox and Cuoco brought up their left and right boots respectively and succeeded in clapping the other across the cheek with a Big Boot that sent them tumbling to the canvas in a stunned, groaning heap.

For several seconds the guests thought the opening contest might end in a double count out, but just as the official hit 'EIGHT' Megan pushed to her knees and then to her feet. Wasting no time, she bent down, grabbed Kaley by the right wrist and tugged the blonde to her feet. Pointing Cuoco towards the cables, Megan dipped her knees and chided, "Away ya go, loser!"

Whipping Kaley toward the ropes, Fox hadn't even had a chance to release her when the blonde put on the brakes and jerked Megan toward her. Rushing in to intercept her off-balance adversary, Kaley ducked low, wrapped both arms around Megan's left leg and then pushed straight up before falling back to the mat, just SMACK slammed the brunette's face, chest and belly into the canvas with a Flapjack.

Running on a mighty burst of adrenaline, Kaley roared to her feet and promised, "THAT'S IT BABY!" Looking to close out the first match in style, Cuoco pulled Fox to her feet and spun the glassy-eyed brunette around to face her. Sparing a moment to humiliate her opponent, Kaley sneered, "Welcome back to the big league slut."

Grabbing Fox by the shoulder with her left hand, she stabbed out her right am to grip the brunette around the throat. Without so much as a growl, Kaley lifted Megan off her feet, one arm still cinched l around her throat while the other grasped at the waistband of her silver togs. At the tip of the arc, Fox paused and had the most beautiful sensation of flight before gravity and Kaley yanked her back down, driving her back-first onto the mat with a Choke Slam that left her starfished and jittering in the center of the canvas.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Kaley straightened up, glared out at the audience and clasped her hands over her head, the call sign for her finisher. Pulling Megan off the mat in a blur of motion, Kaley lowered her shoulder and spooned the boneless vixen onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry of her own. Keeping one arm draped loosely across the back of Fox's head, Cuoco forced the brunette's legs across one another before grabbing her foe's upper ankle to keep the grip secured. Grinning despite the exertion, Kaley bent her knees and pushed up hard, sending the brunette flying off her shoulders. In the split-second before Megan started her descent to the mat, Kaley sat out, accompanying Fox all the way down to a very hard dive where the brunette landed on the back of her head and shoulders with her face framed by Kaley's thighs. Cheering emphatically as the ‘Kaley Shock’ connected, Cuoco scooted forward and planted her ass firmly on Megan's face while maintaining her grip on the brunette's ankle in a sort of Cradle meets Reverse Matchbook Pin.

Wiggling her buns back and forth, Kaley glanced over her shoulder and cooed, "Here's some early fireworks for you Meg."

With Fox rolled up and packaged nicely, the ref had no problem sliding into place to count off the, "ONE... TWO... THREE!"

The guests erupted in happy cheers as Kaley tossed Megan's legs aside and got to her feet. Strutting to the edge of the ring, she climbed onto the second rope, leaned down and glared down into the fuming faces of Vida Guerra and Sofia Vegara. Blowing the LAS girls an insolent kiss, Kaley said, "Anytime you cuties want your fat asses kicked, look me and Lacey up. No rest for the wicked right?"

Knowing they had other problems to deal with that evening, Guerra and Vergara held their tongues, but didn't hang around long enough to let Kaley mock them any longer. As the Latina beauties wandered back to the LAS tent, Cuoco glanced over her shoulder and told Megan, "See Megs, that's called taking initiative and it's why I'm a champion and you're not. Keep that in mind if you ever want to start being the queen and stop being the throne."

Pearl of wisdom imparted, Kaley slipped out onto the beach and gratefully accepted a celebratory flute of champagne from one of Fannin's staff. Tipping her glass to the audience, Cuoco told them all, "I'll be back soon enough, you can congratulate me all you want then. But first, I have to go wash Megan's stink off my butt. Ta..."

She turned on her heel and headed towards the collection of tents clustered at the end of the path. As she left, the crowd could only buzz with anticipation for that start of the next match. As usual, Fannin's festivities had started off with a bang and there was bound to be more where that came from.
Watching Garner-Rawat from a small table at the edge of the party, Billie Piper was about to go in search of another New Castle when someone placed two on the table before her. The IC Champ looked up to offer thanks, but her smile died on her lips when she saw Allison Mack.

"Whaddaya want Alli?" the Brit asked tensely.

Mack sat down opposite Piper, "I owe you an explanation."

Billie screwed the top off the bottle. "Fer Deadlinin' me when I was already exhausted? No need girl, I recognize a cheap shot when I see one."

Allison scowled at her. "You think that was easy for me? You think I just woke up that morning and said to myself, 'Hmmh, I think I'll lay my friend out after she's been through hell.' Is that what you think?"

Taking a gulp from her beer, Piper chided, "What, are ya goin' ta tell me I gave ya no choice?"

Mack's pretty face was angry and sad as she answered, "You didn't."

Billie got angry. "Come off it Alli! Losers like Scarlett and Kristin are always whinin' about 'ow nothin's their fault, 'ow everybody MADE them do somethin' terrible and cowardly. I expected better from ya."

The American blonde leaned over the table and replied in a barely controlled growl. "A few weeks ago, you asked me to stop looking at you like you were a thief. I tell ya what Billie, I'll stop thinking of you as a thief when you stop looking at me like I'm some candyass Yank that just got lucky the first time we stepped into the ring together."

Piper's brow furrowed. "I don't think that about ya."

"The FUCK you don't. I squeezed you out fair and square, according to the stip you yourself suggested, but because you didn't tap or get pinned, you think you're gonna beat me this time out. I Deadlined you so you'd understand that I'm not gonna let you walk around with MY title for any longer..."

Billie held up her hand, cutting Allison off. When she spoke, her voice was just as cold as her rival's had been. "I swear ta God Allison, the NEXT time ya say MY title, I'll slap the taste outta yer mouth."

The two blondes were silent for several seconds before Mack continued, "You aren't going around me again Billie. I know Kristin's in the match too, but this is all about us. If you want to be the Intercontinental Champion, you're gonna have to put my shoulders on the mat for three, or make me quit."

Piper's reply rang of incredulity. "You think I won't pin you?"

"I don't think you CAN."

That last word hung between them for the longest time before Billie broke the silence. "Yer wrong Allison Mack. And I will take great pleasure in proving it to ya."

Mack's green eyes nearly blazed with challenge as she murmured, "You don't scare me Billie. There's only one girl in this promotion that's proved she can beat you and you're looking at her. Keep that in mind when you're walking to the ring with my bel…”

CRRAACCK! True to her word, Piper snapped out her right hand and slapped Allison across the face as hard as she could.

Not willing to let the slight go unanswered, Mack returned the favor, swiveling Billie's head around with a SLAP of her own. Their heads were still ringing when they pushed up from their seats and went nose-to-nose.

Looking into the other for any sign of weakness or give, the friends and rivals stayed in this position for nearly thirty seconds before Billie asked, "There's no slappin any sense into ya is there Alli Mack?"

The ex-champ smiled the tiniest bit and said, "I was gonna ask the same question of you Billie Piper."

Wrapping her arms around Allison in a tight hug, Billie put her lips to the other blonde's ear and whispered, "I love ya like a sister Alli, but when we get in that ring, ya better watch yer arse, cuz I'm gonna kill ya."

The American grappler returned her embrace as well as her warning. "Right back at you Piper. You already know how hard I'll fight to keep a title. Now you're gonna find out how hard I'll fight to win one."

That said, they pulled away from one another and after an exchange of nods, Allison turned on her heel and headed back towards the main cluster of guests.

Settling back into her chair, the British Bombshell grabbed her beer and told the ladies in the ring, "My apologies girls, 'ad some business to settle there. Please resume kicking one another around, I could use some inspiration..."

Tightening her grip on the over-under clasp she’d used to secure her wriggling opponent, Jennifer Garner dug her chin into the shoulder of the up-and-coming grappler and said quietly, "Give up right now girl, I can make this hurt a lot more than it has to."

Proving her point, the former World Champ pistoned up her right knee and drove it into the quivering meat of her foe's left thigh. Navi Rawat just grunted and continued trying to fight her way out. She didn't give a shit if Garner had worn the gold like, a hundred years ago; this was her first chance to try out for Fannin's promotion and she wasn't going to give up just because her opponent told her to. She was about to let Jen in on this fact when the 'Crimson Assassin' rammed another sharp trifecta of knees into her thighs and belly 'PIK, PAK, PEK!'

Again that voice hot in her ear. "What did I TELL you?"

Navi shook her head to ward off the pain and sneered, "Screw you Jennifer. You're gonna have to knock me out if you want to win this fight." Adding to the validity of this statement the brunette dug her claws into Jennifer’s bare shoulderblades and tried to claw her way free of the predicament. Ignoring the fiery tines raking over her skin, Jennifer shifted her weight and added another trio of Knee Lifts to Navi's misery. Navi might not know it, but this afternoon was about a return for her too. Jen had been away on a lengthy tour of Asia and South America to hone her skills and she wanted to prove to everyone that she was ready to challenge the top talent in the promotion once again.

The tall brunette had just reset her stance when Navi finally succeeded in wrenching an arm free from Jennifer’s clasp and that was all the ingenue needed. Grabbing a huge handful of her taller opponent's locks, Navi jerked Jen's head down and forward while simultaneously driving her own head forward. There was a bony THUD and Jennifer’s hold fell away in the wake of Navi's Headbutt. Stifling the joy she felt over being free, the ebony-haired grappler maintained her hair-hold on Jennifer and tugged her forward again, tagging the bigger girl with another Headbutt. Jennifer groaned and her legs gave a noticeable shimmy but that still wasn't enough for Navi so she darted out her other hand, took Garner by the sides of the head and pulled her forward into another eye-crossing Headbutt.

After the third head-to-head collision, Jennifer's sturdy legs failed and she dropped to one knee, but the Crimson Assassin demonstrated remarkable tenacity in pushing back to her vertical base almost instantly. Brushing some hair out of her eyes, Navi smiled and, "You're not a champ anymore baby..."

She lunged forward to take the brunette off her feet and THWACK! Before most people could even blink, Jen took a half step back and pistoned her left leg forward to catch the incoming rookie directly under the chin with a Super Kick. Jen didn't hear the appreciative buzz of the audience, she was focused solely on the brunette doubled over in the center of the ring.

Taking a position to Navi's right, Jennifer backed into the ropes and then sprinted towards her injured prey. She was just about to launch the kick that would put Navi’s lights out when the other grappler straightened up, formed her hands into a single fist and WHUMP drove it into Jennifer’s sternum. The brunette let out a choked little 'HURK!' as knocked her off her feet and sent her sprawling to the mat in a heap. Knowing the blow had hit home, Navi took a moment to snap her lemon-yellow briefs back into place. Smiling appreciatively for the folks urging her on, the brunette found her voice and said, "I'M GONNA SHOW JEN WHO HITS HARDER!"

She scraped Garner off the mat, took her by the wrist and whipped her as hard as she could towards one of the lakeside turnbuckles. Garner, still woozy from the sledge never even had a chance to adjust her path and ran chest-first into the uncompromising steel.

Choking back a scream, Jen wrapped her hands across her chest in a tight X and staggered back into the center of the ring only to THUD have Navi meet her with a vicious Northern Lariat that dropped her face down on the mat. Flexing the tingle out of her arm, Navi sank to her knees and rolled Jennifer over onto her back. Straddling the bigger girl's waist Navi spread the finger on her right hand and placed it palm down across Jennifer’s forehead. Placing her left hand across her right wrist, Navi clamped down on both grips simultaneously, putting intense pressure on Jennifer's head with the Iron Claw. Digging her fingers deep into the other brunette's temples and forehead, Navi wiggled her grip savagely and demanded, "Give up Garner. Or I can make this hurt a lot more than it has to."

Ignoring her rival's demands entirely, Jennifer tried to pry Navi's hand off her face and when that didn't work, she dug her hands into the mat and started crawling her way towards the ropes. Secure in her mount, Navi still couldn't believe that the brunette was able to summon the power to move, let alone fight back. Seeing that Jen had gotten too close to the ropes for her own good, Navi pushed up out of the mount and draaaaaaggggged Garner back towards the middle of the squared circle.

Huffing with the effort, Navi flipped the Assassin over onto her belly and settled down on her lower back. Taking hold of Jen's shoulders, she lifted her upper body off the mat and threaded Jen's arms across her thighs. Hold almost complete, Navi laced her hands across Jennifer’s chin and pulled back, nearly bending her opponent in half with the Camel Clutch. Bouncing up and down on the small of Jen's back, Navi reefed back on the Camel Clutch and demanded, "QUIT BITCH!"

Shaking her head 'no' Jen managed to tug her left arm free. Reaching for the ropes, Garner roared "FUCK YOU!" and started trudging her way towards the ropes again.

This time Navi stuck it out to the bitter end, hoping that her wrenching and tearing on Jennifer's neck would be enough to end the fight, but the trapped brunette was tenacious and before too much longer, she grabbed the bottom rope and demanded, "BREAK!"

Growling her displeasure, Navi held the Clutch til 'FOUR' on the count and then released her adversary. Taking a hold of the downed brunette's black briefs, Navi pulled her foe to her feet and marched her well away from the ropes. Helping herself to a double handful of the statuesque beauty's hair, Navi lifted Jennifer up on her toes, held her there for a moment and then slammed her down while simultaneously bringing up her right knee to THWOCK! against Jennifer's forehead. Jennifer’s legs failed her again and she would have collapsed entirely if Navi hadn't had her hands in the brunette's hair.

Keeping Jennifer on her knees, Navi released her hair-hold only to thread her arms under Jennifer’s armpits and lock her hands across the Crimson Assassin's back. With her opponent's arms effectively butterflied, the ingenue bent her knees and then lifted Jen off the mat. In an incredible display of strength, Navi didn't take Garner over for the Suplex; instead she held the taller brunette straight out in front of her and began to spin in a circle effectively holding her foe in the air with a sort of Double Underhook Giant Swing.

Smiling beatifically as Garner hung helpless in her grasp, Navi continued to spin until she felt the first twinges of nausea creep into her system. Happy to not fight on an upset stomach, she simply unlocked her hands and let Jen go whirling away from her to land on the mat with a dull SMECK! Preparing to put the finishing touches on her rival, Navi stalked around behind Jennifer and patiently waited for her to get up. With the crowd buzzing at her back, Navi raised her right arm over her head and rolled her shoulder, letting the audience know what she had planned for her rival. She was just about to offer a more verbal explanation when Jen moaned and started to push to her feet. Saving her comments for after she'd knocked Jen's teeth out of her head, the sturdy brunette waited until Garner was on her feet and lurching around to face her before she pulled a lightning-fast 360 and shot forward, aiming her forearm at the bridge of Jennifer's nose with a potentially match-ending Roaring Elbow.

Unfortunately for Navi, her spin had been all the tell Jen needed to see what was coming and as she prepared accordingly. As Navi rushed in, Garner shot both arms out, plucked the offending limb out of the air and with little more than a flick of her hips and wrist, yanked the newcomer off her feet and deposited her flat on her back. Gasping for breath, Navi was helpless as Jennifer dropped down beside her and threaded both legs across the flattened vixen's chest. Holding her foe's arm Scissored between her thighs, Jennifer’s face was cruelly impassive as she crossed her ankles and YANKED back, damn near hyper-extending Navi’s elbow with the Cross Armbreaker.

Shrieking in pain, Navi knew she didn't have much time. If she couldn't get to the ropes fast, she'd either submit or pass out from the pain when Jennifer broke her arm. Refusing to let the match end with her submitting, Navi spotted the ropes a few feet away and desperately twisted her body around until she was able to lay her left ankle across the bottom cable and screamed, "BREAK!"

Ignoring the buzz of the official, held the joint lock until 'FOUR' then tossed Navi’s arm to the side and got to her feet. Getting her rhythm back, Garner buried her hands in the other brunette's hair and tugged her to her feet. Staring the shorter grappler dead in the eyes, the Crimson Assassin muttered, "You're going to wish you'd tapped oUNNNGHHHH!"

Navi responded to the threat with a knee to the gut that forced all the air out of Jennifer’s lungs in a single gasping whoosh. Breathing hard, Navi trapped her opponent in a Front Facelock even as she was slinging Jen's near arm over her shoulders.

Grabbing a handful of tights, she growled, "I don't think so Jenny. This is my time!"

The words were still coming out of her mouth when she bent her knees and started to lift Garner up for a Vertical Suplex. Only problem was, Jen threaded her left leg inside Navi's right leg, effectively blocking the throw. And before Navi could try to lift her again, Garner balled her free hand into a fist and pounded in three heartless shots just above Navi's liver. Navi gaped in pain and her grip slackened more than enough for Jennifer to rip her way free.

Not going far, Garner slipped an arm over Navi's shoulder while the other threaded through the brunette's thighs. In a remarkable display of strength, Jennifer forced Navi's right leg up just high enough so that she lock her hands together, trapping the stocky grappler in a bizarre sort of standing cradle. Smiling sweetly into Navi’s panicked face, Garner bent her knees and lifted up fast. At the apex of her lift, Jennifer shifted her prey around 90 degrees and then dropped to one knee, nearly bending Navi in half with a vicious Cradle Backbreaker.

Shoving the paralyzed wrestler off her knee, Jennifer got to her feet, looked out at the audience and told them, "IT'S TIME FOR HER TO FEEL THE G's!"

She loped over to her crippled foe, pulled her to her feet and spin around behind her. Bending over, Jen wrapped her arms around Navi's waist and thrust her head between Navi’s right arm and torso. Dipping her knees, Jen waited for a split second and then EXPLODED up and back, tearing Navi off her feet only to drop her squarely on the back of her head and shoulders with a Belly-to-Back Suplex that was so fast and hard that Garner had dubbed it 'The G-Force.'

Scrambling to her knees, Garner flung herself across Navi's gulping paunch and hooked the far leg. Leaning into the cover she waited silently as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO... THRNO!' Navi rolled her left shoulder off the mat, breaking the count.

Resting on her haunches, Jen cooed, "I was hoping you'd do that." Tugging the insensate brunette to her feet, Jennifer dipped her knees and placed the back of her head against Navi’s belly while using her right arm to hook her foe's left leg behind the knee. A second later she threaded her left arm across the back of Navi's head and pulled tight with both arms, squishing her foe up into something like a deflated C. Holding her foe tight, Jennifer leaned forward so she was facing the mat and then SWUNG backwards as hard as she could, taking both brunette's off their feet so Navi could land wickedly on the back of her abused head and neck compliments of the Cradle Neckbreaker Jen would later name 'The Spy Groove."

The impact of the skull-bashing maneuver was enough to sit Navi up in a dazed stupor and if she wasn't doomed before, she certainly was now. Because Garner had already gotten her feet under her and when she saw Navi's head exposed, the Crimson Assassin charged forward and THUD drilled a murderous Running Knee into the seated brunette's forehead. With Navi flat on her back, Jennifer spun around on her heel, sat down on Navi's chest and hooked the splattered vixen's right leg. Trapping her in a loose matchbook, Jen nodded in time with the ref's count as he slapped the mat, "ONE... TWO... THREE!"

Tossing Navi’s leg aside, Garner got to her feet and offered the crowd a victory pose. Letting her gaze pass over the small sea of faces, the Crimson Assassin picked out Jessica Biel and mouthed a silent, "I'll see you soon Jesse."

Not waiting for Biel's reaction, Garner slid out of the ring and stalked to the tents at the far end of the beach. Sure a lot of folks probably expected her to offer up a long, congratulatory victory speech, but that wasn't her style. She'd rather let the beaten bodies of her opponents speak for her.
Doing her best to ignore Lindsay Lohan's loud ranting, Katie Holmes took a sip from her drink and asked her companion, "God, that girl sure can project can't she?"

Archer smiled. "Some things never change Katie. But not your hair apparently. Is the shorter do a result of all the beach wrestling you've been doing?"

The tall, tanned brunette offered the archivist a half grin and said, "Yeah, I guess it is. Those resort girls, they just love to pull hair ya know?"

"And you don't?"

"I've always preferred a good punch to the jaw or a rake of the eyes, but a solid yank of the hair has its place."

Scribbling in his notepad, Archer continued his interview. "We haven't seen you around since February I believe, when can the fans expect you back?"

Thinking about it for a moment, Holmes replied, "I should be back sometime in December. After the war with Rachel and Alyson, I had a lot of nagging injuries to deal with so Rich gave me all the time off I needed to fully recover."

"And you used some of that recovery time to go to the Caribbean islands and test the women there?"

"Girl's gotta stay sharp doesn't she?"

More scribbling. " I suppose you do. If you don't mind my asking, what's your opinion on the LAS situation."

Katie frowned. "I told Sarah that I'd come back and help her anytime she wanted, but she turned me down flat. I wish she hadn't but I'll respect her wishes though. I'll say this though, if Jen and her fat ass brigade are still causing problems when I come back.... well, let's just say Jennifer Lopez wouldn't be the first supposedly unstoppable bitch I've crushed under my heel."

The archivist paused to mull over the brunette's words. It was an interesting pairing to say the very least. "All right Katie, I don't want to take up any more of your time, so I guess we'll wrap this up by asking one last question. Why'd you fly in just for the party?"

Holmes sipped her drink. "Isn't that reason enough? No? OK, here's the truth. An old friend of mine is also in town and we haven't seen each other for years, so when I heard she was gonna be here, I hopped on the first plane I could catch."

"And who's this friend?"

In the ring, Lohan had finally shut up. Turning towards the path that led to the ring, the brunette's eyes sparkled as she said, "You're about to find out."

The redhead's poisonous words were still hanging over the crowd when Richard Fannin stepped into the opening at the end of the path leading to the makeshift locker room. Accepting a mic from the Announcer, the promoter took a moment to inspect the lowering clouds piling up over the lake and then said, "Well friends, as you can tell, Lindsay's got some strong words and so it's only right she receives a strong answer. Luckily, I believe I've come through beautifully. To that end, allow me to introduce Ms. Lohan's opponent..." Glancing back towards the huddle of tents, Fannin made a sweeping gesture with his free arm and continued, " Standing at one point six-three meters tall, she is one of the most respected high flyers of her generation, the most feared gaijin in all of Japan and the UNQUESTIONED mistress of the 'White Light' Cut-Throat Driver. Making her first wrestling appearance on the North American continent in three years, ladies and gentlemen please welcome the newest full-time member of our roster... MICHELLE WILLIAMS!" There's a moment of silence followed by a collective gasp from those in attendance as Fannin's newest recruiting coup is revealed. A heartbeat later, the speakers kick in with Breaking Benjamin's 'Polyamorus' and the curvy blonde flits into view.

Smiling slightly as the fans go nuts, Michelle offers them the tiniest of nods before starting her walk to the ring. As she makes her way to the ring, even those who aren't familiar with the newcomer's work can understand why she has such a fanatical following. Clad in a flame red one-piece that's cut high on the hips and low in the chest and back, the ivory skinned beauty possesses a unique combination of curves and wiry strength that is perhaps the best indication of her breathtaking style. Reaching the edge of the apron, Michelle pauses for just a moment then moves to the floor, then the apron, then the top turnbuckle in two sinuous leaps. Facing the applauding crowd, Michelle dips down and nails a gorgeous back-flip off the buckles that ends in a perfect dismount in the middle of the squared circle. Turning to face the fuming redhead, the showy but silent blonde offers Lohan a curt bow, then heads to her corner.

A moment later the official slipped into the ring and rang the bell. Snarling furiously, Lindsay storms out of her corner intent on tearing the blonde into teeny, tiny pieces. From her position in the turnbuckles, Michelle keeps her expression neutral as she slinks forward to meet Lohan's charge. A moment later they were close enough to touch and Lindsay wasted no time in lashing out with her left hand to CRAACCK swivel Michelle's head around on her shoulders. Flipping hair out of her eyes, Lohan growled, "Still feel like a badass after getting bitch slapped?"

Stretching her jaw, Michelle turned around to lock eyes with her foe and replied, "I do actually. Now..." she raised her right hand and curled her fingers in the redhead's direction. "…are you ready to actually start wrestling?"

Rolling her eyes, Lindsay lifted her left hand and taunted, "Your funeral sluUNNNNGGHHHHHHH!"

The INSTANT Lohan's hand touched her own, Michelle clamped down tight, leapt into the air and CAROMED a murderous Flying Knee off the redhead's temple. There was another of those collective 'OOOOOHHHS' from the guests as Lindsay's legs shivered, then gave away entirely. With the formerly mouthy vixen dropped to her knees, Michelle maintained her grip on Lohan's hand even as her free hand rose to her throat and slashed a thumb across her throat.

Working in silence, the blonde tugged the spaghetti-legged girl to her feet and whirled her around, pulling Lohan's captured arm across her own throat in the process. With the redhead's back now to her, Michelle reeled the helpless girl in, lowered the point of her shoulder and then hoisted Lindsay across her shoulders in a sort of Fireman's Carry that had her opponent facing the sky instead of the canvas. Hooking her unencumbered arm across Lohan's left thigh, Michelle made sure her grip was secure before making a few slow circles in the center of the ring. When the buzzing whispers of the audience had reached a crescendo, the newest member of the roster rose up on her toes and then dropped to the side, absolutely DRILLING the back of the redhead's neck and skull into the mat with her 'White Light' finisher.

Patently ignoring the single jittering spasm of her foe, Michelle released her grip on Lindsay's wrist, rolled her onto her back and then dropped into a crouch, squarely planting the point of her right knee in the hollow of Lindsay's throat. With her left hand on Lohan's chest and the right raised high overhead, Michelle and the guests joined the ref in counting off the "ONE... TWO... THREE!"

Shocked by the stunning dismissal of a more than competent wrestler, the guests leapt to their feet and were cheering so wildly that they didn't hear the blonde say, "It's JUST that easy."

Pushing to her feet, Michelle made a single circuit of the ring before sliding out between the ropes and heading towards Richard Fannin. Hands on her hips, Michelle asked, "How's that for a first impression?"

Fannin grinned from ear-to-ear. "Superlatives fail Ms. Williams. Welcome aboard."

That same knowing smile made another appearance, "Just make sure everyone knows there's more to come!"

With the rest of the roster put on adequate notice, Michelle took one last bow and then headed for her tent so she could change and rejoin the party. And judging from the cacophonous cheers that followed her down the path, the curvy blonde was going to be very welcome in her new home.
Finishing up the last of her chore, the blonde dusted her hands off on her jeans and got to her feet. Admiring their handiwork in the deepening murk of the tent, she said, "Damn, if you girls call this work, I really want to know what you call play."

From somewhere behind her, the other blonde replied, "When you love your job, work is play babe. And now that we've leveled the playing field, all we have to do is leave our little calling card and we can rejoin the party."

From over her shoulder, a tall brunette pondered, "I don't know about that, I don't think they ever had a chance."

The blonde grinned into the gloom. "Hey, I never said it was OUR playing field. Besides, what's to feel bad about? This is just karma."

The other brunette patted her friend on the shoulder and sang in a high, happy voice, "It all comes back to you you're gonna get what you deserve, try and test that, you're bound to get served."

The slender beauty smiled. "I suppose you're right. We ready to go then?"

The smaller blonde had just finished delivering the message. Snapping the cap back on the can of spray paint, she nodded and said, "We are. Just lemme see..."

She stuck her head through the door of the tent and then pulled it back in. "C'mon, the coast is clear. And it looks like if we move fast we can still get decent seats for the Knightley-Hewitt match."

As the four friends stepped out into the quickly graying afternoon, the other blonde said, "I'm just sorry we won't get to see her face when she comes back here."

Taking the lead, the smaller blonde was strolling down the beach towards the party as she replied, "Don't worry sweety, I'm sure we'll get to see the fruits of our labors by the end of the night..."

The sun had long since been buried by a thick, roiling layer of storm clouds but that didn't stop Jennifer Love Hewitt from squinting up into the sky; not because of any glare, but because her opponent had her legs stretched out at a rough ninety degree angle and from the looks of it she was trying to push on to a perfect 180. Gritting her teeth, Love dug her fingers into the mat and started dragging herself towards the ropes.

She'd only made it a few inches when her antagonist tightened her grip on the Wishbone and cooed, "Where ya goin' Love, I'm not through stretchin' you yet." Keira Knightley smiled and cranked down on the hold, pushing the brunette's legs a little further towards the breaking point.

Slapping the intruding ref away, Jen pushed up on her elbows and grunted, "You're gonna have to do a lot better than this if you want me to give up, Keira."

The wiry Briton chuckled and replied, “Oh ya shouldn't 'ave told me that Love. That'll make me want to do something like THIS!"

CRAACKK! Love sobbed aloud as Keira released one half of her grip on the brunette's left leg and treated her trapped adversary to a wicked crotch slap. As Jen squirmed, Keira added to her agony by pinching the ropy muscles of Love's thighs; it might not get the submission, but it would probably speed up the process a bit.

The thing about pain was, sometimes it had the exact opposite effect an attacker wanted. Instead of breaking a girl's spirit, it strengthened it, and in this case, that's exactly what happened. Fighting through the fires raging her gams, Love dug her palms into the canvas and proceeded to drag herself to within grabbing distance of the ropes. She felt her fingers brushing the bottom cable when her blonde tormentor suddenly released the Wishbone and popped to her feet. Grabbing Love by the ankles, Keira dragged Jen back towards the middle of the ring and said, "I've worked your globby legs long enough for now Love, guess it's time to tune up your arms.”

Tossing the brunette's legs aside, Keira raised her left foot and brought it down in the center of the smaller girl's belly. As the air rushed out of her opponent, Keira loped around to Love’s head and dropped to a sitting position. Stretching her lanky form out as far as she could, the blonde Scissored her thighs around the brunette's right arm while she looped her left arm over Love’s left and wrenched it back. With both of the curvy girls arms tied up, Keira licked her lips and tensed her whole body, sending a thunderous jolt of pain through the brunette's arms. Doing her best to dislocate the other girl's shoulders, Keira poured all her strength into the Crucifix Stretch and demanded, "GIVE IT UP!"

Shaking her head 'no' Jennifer knew it wasn't going to be enough to just reach the ropes again; if she did, Keira would just drag her back to center ring and continue with these murderous stretches. No, it was time to go on the offensive and Love knew exactly what she had to do. Placing her feet flat against the mat, Jen relaxed for a moment and then PUSHED up and back, flipping up and over her opponent to land on her knees. Jen wasn't out of the woods yet, but with her knees under her, it didn't take much effort for the determined beauty to push to her feet with Keira still clinging to her shoulders. Free to move for the first time in a few minutes, Love stumbled over to the nearest corner and proceeded to pound the back of Keira's head into the top turnbuckle. The Brit grunted and her grip started to slip but luckily for her, Jen was there to adjust her hold, trapping the slender vixen in a basic Fireman's Carry.

Stalking back towards the middle of the ring, Jennifer grinned out at the crowd and asked, "HEARTBREAKING ISN'T IT?" As the guests agreed, Jen rose up on her toes and then dropped to her side, drilling the back of Keira's head, neck and shoulders into the mat with her Heartbreaker finisher. With Keira starfished on the mat, Love pounced across her foe's midsection and hooked the far leg.

A moment later the ref slid into position and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...'

Keira bucked free of the cradle, making her part of a very select group that had escaped from the Heartbreaker! Annoyed but not discouraged, Jen took hold of Keira’s shoulder-straps and hoisted the blonde to her feet. Trapping the slender grappler in a Standing Headscissors, Love wrapped her arms around Keira’s waist and hoisted her up into the stall position for a Powerbomb.

Closing her eyes so she wouldn't have to go face-to-crotch with her opponent, Jen rose up on her toes and then WHAM, drove Keira down onto the mat, damn near folding the blonde in half with a Powerbomb. Noting that Keira’s legs were flung up over her head, Love scooted forward and sat down, resting her butt on the blonde's upturned thighs in an impressive, if not somewhat insolent cover. Checking to make sure Keira's shoulders were actually down, the official slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO! NO! NOO!’

Keira flung Love off at the last second, forcing the match to continue.

Rolling her eyes, Love muttered, "All right, lets get rough."

Digging her claws into Keira's scalp, JLH tugged her foe to her feet and whipped her towards the corner. Settling into a crouch, Jennifer waited for Keira to THUD against the turnbuckles before she exploded forward in a dead run. The buxom brunette was just about to leave her feet when Keira stepped out of the corner, whirled around on her heel and slammed her free foot into the smaller girl's chin. Jen groaned as her teeth clacked together and stumbled out of the corner hoping to put some distance between her and the rangy blonde. Sadly, Keira wasn't going to let that happen and she proved it by sprinting forward to capture the retreating girl in a tight Front Facelock. She had JUST slapped on the Facelock when she bent her knees, leapt into the air and swung around in a 180 degree arc before dropping to the mat and SPIKING the crown of Love's skull into the mat with a Swinging DDT.

Popping to her feet, Keira dusted off her hands and told the guests, "Things got a little out of 'and there for a moment, but as ya can clearly see, all is right with the world again."

Hoping to keep things right, Keira pulled Jen to her feet and spun the brunette around. Standing behind her victim, Keira placed her forehead against the base of Love's neck as she laced both hands across the brunette's chin. Rising up on her toes, Keira suddenly dropped to her knees, snapping Jen's head backward in one of the most bizarre applications of the Reverse Neckbreaker ever devised!

The bizarre bit of offense dropped Jen to her hands and knees, a position she would have been happy to occupy for quite some time, but this wasn't something that Keira was going to allow. Sauntering over to Love's head, Keira hauled Love to her feet and stepped around to her left side. Doubling Love over, Keira stepped in close and brought her right knee up, placing it against the base of her opponent's neck. Moving carefully so as not to upset her balance, Keira reached over Love’s back and hooked the brunette's right arm, pulling it up and back at an awkward angle.

Bouncing slightly on her plant foot, Keira glanced out at the guests and said, "I call this the Knight Cap!" She pushed up on her toes and then fell back to the mat, tearing Jennifer off her feet, nearly breaking the brunette's neck across her attacker's bent knee. Pushing to her feet, Keira snapped her bottoms back into place and said, "SO YA LIKED THAT DIDJA?! THEN I'M SURE YE'LL LOVE THIS!" Strutting back over to the brunette's decimated form, Keira pulled Jen to her feet and slipped around before her. Bending the brunette backwards, Keira slipped her left arm across the brunette's chin, trapping her in an Inverted Facelock. Holding Jen prone, Keira told the audience, "THAT WAS THE KNIGHT CAP, THIS IS THE KNIGHT FALL!"

As her words were snatched by the wind, Keira snapped her left leg up in a beautiful slashing arc. Shifting her balance, Keira brought her thigh slashing down across the brunette's throat. The force of the blow took Jennifer off her feet and slammed her down on her back with Keira's thigh still laid across her throat. Holding her impromptu split, Keira raised her right hand high in the air and counted along with the referee, 'ONE... TWO... THRENO!' Jen rolled a shoulder free, defying Keira's flashy new move its first victim.

Pounding the mat with one hand, Knightly said, "All right fine. Guess I'll have to dust off an old favorite."

Pushing off Jen's quivering form, the Briton scraped the curvy brunette off the canvas and lead her towards the nearest corner. Backing into the corner, Keira hopped into a seated position on the top buckle and quickly applied another Inverted Facelock, a move that brought a cheer as it was the set-up for Keira’s deadly finisher, ‘The Keira Kruncher.’

Preparing to finish Love off, the blonde cooed, "The Fourth of July just isn't good for you is it Love?"

Not waiting for an answer, Keira pushed out of the corner and started the flip that would end in a broken jaw or at least a jarred neck for her adversary. In a brilliant act of counter-wrestling, Love got her hands up under Keira’s butt and shifted her feet just enough to drop the blonde crotch-first across the top rope.

Pulling her head free of the Briton's grip, JLH growled, "Oh honey you're so wrong. I think this day just got a lot better for me." Slipping through the ropes onto the apron, Jen grabbed a handful of Keira’s hair and spooned the slender blonde onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. Looking out at the buzzing crowd, Love found her voice and yelled, "I MAY NOT BE IN THE MAIN EVENT, BUT I GUARANTEE THIS IS THE MOST MEMORABLE THING YOU'LL SEE TONIGHT!"

Intent on proving her boast, Jen rose up on her toes and then dropped to her side, THUNK driving Keira's head and shoulders against the ring apron with her second Heartbreaker of the night. Basking in the 'HOLY SHIT' chants of the usually restrained crowd, Love took a courtly little bow and then pushed the boneless blonde under the bottom rope in a jiggling tangle of limbs. Sliding in after her prey, Jen nudged Keira onto her back and dropped into a loose straddle of the blonde's waist. Smoothing out her hair, Love whispered, "We all want what we can't have Keira, but guess what? Tonight you're gonna get EVERYTHING you want." Leaning down, Jen enveloped Keira's oblivious face in her copious cleavage, pinning the blonde with an arrogant Breast Smother.

Grinding Keira’s nose against her sternum, Jen bit her bottom lip in a coy smile as the ref counted off, "ONE... TWO... THREE!" Holding her seal over Keira's features for a few more seconds, Love peeled away from her beaten opponent and got to her feet.

Adjusting the edges of her top, Jen offered the crowd a winning smile just as the first drops of rain began to fall. Love put her hands on her hips and said, "This time next year I'll be back in the main event. See ya then..." Love hopped out of the ring and made her way back towards the tents. With luck, she'd make it back just in time for the beginning of the World Title Match.

With the canopies up, the guests were safely protected against the rain as Richard Fannin stepped out in front of the ring. Umbrella in one hand, microphone in the other, the promoter began, "There's a saying that goes, man plans and God laughs. This must be one of those moments, because I was all set to unleash one heck of a complication video detailing our next match and then the rain comes in. Oh well, since you're here, I'll assume you know the details of our Main Event. Suffice to say, these ladies don't like one another very much and I don't think this match is going to do anything to change that. But enough of my blabbering, let's bring out the combatants"

Pausing to catch his breath, Fannin exclaimed, "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!" He gestured to George Stark and the big man opened a case to reveal the original World Title sparkling dimly on the red velvet interior. As the guests oohhhed and ahhed, Rich continued, "By request of the Champion - and with the agreement of the challenger - the match will be a ‘No Disqualification’ contest! Introducing first, she is the challenger, standing 5’3”…they call her ‘The Slayer’….SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR!"

Man in the Box growled through the speakers (prudently covered with plastic before the rain started) as the blonde breezes out of one of the nearby tents and heads to the ring. Despite it being her first appearance at the Fourth of July party, Sarah's battle attire remains the same, a blood red leather one-piece, black boots, pads and worn out fingerless gloves. Reaching the edge of the ring, Gellar offers the guests a nod and then slips under the bottom rope. Popping to her feet, she stalks to her corner to await the arrival of the Champion.

Catching his breath, Fannin continued his duties. “And her opponent, standing 5’5”; she is the UNDEFEATED World Champion, the leader of the LAS and the Latina Supreme. Ladies and gentlemen, JENNIFER LOPEZ!"

Drowning Pool's 'Step Up' roared through the rain and the guests cheered wildly as the Champ strutted out of a tent opposite her challenger. Standing on the beach, J-Lo fixed the crowd with a smug little smile as she prepared for her final battle with the blonde. For Sarah's farewell, Jennifer was clad in a clingy black bikini that appeared to have been lightly dusted with gold glitter. The black look was carried through to her boots, wrist tape and fingerless gloves as well and it must be said that the Champion pulled it off very well.

Patently ignoring the woman in the ring, J-Lo began to make her way across the sand and if possible, the crowd energy went up another few levels. When Lopez passed by the audience she set her sights on Monica Bellucci and her silently smiling followers (Cristina Scabbia, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Carmella DeCesare and Charisma Carpenter for those that might be wondering) Offering the Italian Amazon a smirk, Lopez asked, "Are you losers ever actually going to DO something or do you just like being in the presence of greatness?"

Monica's smile got a little wider as she replied, "Who says we aren't doing anything?"

Rolling her eyes J-Lo swaggered over to the apron, wiggled her hips at the audience and proceeded to place an entire party in the palm of her hand by swinging her right leg up onto the apron in an impressive display of flexibility. After a few beats, she grabbed the middle rope in both hands and brought her other leg up, completing the splits on the apron before sinuously slithering under the bottom rope. Straightening her legs, she rose to her feet and regarded the audience with a 'You love to hate me' grin before she strutted to her corner. Returning her attention to the Slayer, Jen blew her victim a condescending kiss as the official began to drone through the last of the pre-fight details.

The rain had gone from scattered to drizzling when the bell finally rang and gave the Slayer what she'd been waiting for since April. Barely noticing the steady tap, tap, tap of the rain on her shoulders and head, the blonde kept her eyes locked on Jennifer's. No doubt the Latina Supreme thought she'd broken her last week with that beating inside the Steel Cage and Sarah had to admit that the attack and the stripping that had followed it were quite possibly the most humiliating moments of her career. But here's the thing... She was the fucking' SLAYER. She's been beaten and embarrassed before and all it had done was motivate her. And no matter what sort of psyche breaking attributes Lopez attributed to her gigantic ass, Sarah wasn't broken. She was just pissed.

Jennifer might not know it yet, but when she goaded Gellar into making the match ‘No Disqualification’ the blonde hadn't needed to be coerced. She might not have anyone watching her back tonight, but she had a plan for the rest of the LAS should they choose to get involved and it revolved around a pair of brass knuckles she'd hidden away in her turnbuckle. Reassured by the presence of her equalizer, the Slayer's pretty face broke into a grim smile as she whispered, "All right assbag, you stole my title easily enough, now let's see you defend it."

Accompanied by nothing but the sound of the rain and her own heartbeat, Sarah Michelle Gellar stalked out of her corner and went to get her belt back. While she was busy giving Jennifer the stink-eye, J-Lo was thinking about how fun it was going to be to give the scrawny little bitch the Stink Face. Sure she'd rubbed, mashed and ground her ass into Sarah's face for the last few months now, but this was a particularly grand stage to do it on. Fannin's Fourth of July party brought out some of the most influential people in the industry and when she forced the Slayer to WORSHIP her ass like the classless piece of trash she was, Lopez would have effectively put the last nail in the career of the blonde's coffin.

And if that wasn't satisfying enough, the stupid slut had agreed to Jen's No DQ proposition. If she wanted to, Jen could raise the sign right now and have the rest of the LAS charge the ring and stomp Gellar flat. She wouldn't though, not yet. She knew she could beat the Slayer one-on-one and it galled her that Sarah had forced her to tap in their first encounter, even if the ref hadn't seen it. No, she was going to do this by herself. She'd only call out the cavalry if Sarah somehow managed a few lucky shots. Jennifer was in the middle of this chain of thought when the blonde stepped away from the corner and stalked towards her.

Ending her reverie, the Champion ran her hands over her hips and cooed, "C'mon runt, you wanna go home with a title, fine by me. When this is all over, you'll be known as the Best Throne ever!"

More than ready to start breaking in her favorite piece of furniture, the Latina Supreme pushed out of the buckles and went to meet her challenger. They met in the center of the squared circle and it didn't take long to for Jen to start the mind-games. Leaning forward, the brunette indulged in a long, theatrical sniiiiifff and chided, "I see you managed to wash your face. Don't worry hon, the stink I put on you tonight, you'll NEVER wash off."

Glaring at the leader of the LAS, Sarah spat, "Jen you of all people should know that ass-stink washes off. Cowardly bitch though, that's a harder one to get rid of. And you REEK of it sweety."

Flicking a bit of rain off her face, Lopez smirked and challenged, "Is that so slut? Tell me, would a cowardly bitch let her tragically overmatched opponent take the first shot of the fight?"

Gellar tilted her head to the side. "You don't have the guts."

Jen held her arms out at her sides. "Give me your best shot skinny. It's not gonna save you, but at least the guests will get to say you landed a punch before you got reacquainted with my ass."

The Slayer nodded her head. "My best shot? I suppose if you REALLY" WHUMP! Sarah lunged forward and brought her left knee up, BURYING the bony joint in the center of J-Lo's thighs in a blatant low blow that would have been grounds for disqualification on any other night.

As the stunned Champion sank to her knees, Gellar grabbed a handful of her hair and sneered, "You aren't ready for my best Jenny. Not yet anyway."

Through with words for the time-being, Sarah tugged J-Lo's head forward and treated her to another sharp Knee Lift. Tossing her foe's head aside, Sarah's whole frame tensed as she just UNLOADED with a hateful barrage of Stomps and short Kicks to every part of the brunette's anatomy. Arms, belly, chest, thighs, knees, head, it didn't matter. If it was a part of Jennifer Lopez, Gellar had some shoe leather for it. For her part, Jen covered up well, but the shot to the crotch had really caught her off guard (she hated to admit it, but she hadn't thought the Slayer capable of that sort of viciousness. It was a mistake she wouldn't make again.) and more and more of the challenger's blows started to get through. Finally, another one of those damned Knee Strikes caught her right in the solar plexus and the brunette's protecting arms fell to her side, leaving her head defenseless.

Gasping and hacking, the Champ was helpless as Sarah took her head in both hands and dug in tight. Forcing the Latina Supreme to look up at her, Sarah growled, "Understand this. There is NOTHING I won't do to you to get that title back. Protect yourself or your career ends tonight."

Releasing her grip on J-Lo’s skull, Sarah stepped back and prepared to make good on her threat. Being careful not to slip on the wet canvas, Sarah ran the ropes and charged back at the penitent Champion. Seeing nothing but her target, Sarah hopped up and lashed her right leg out in a swift, vicious arc that ended in her smashing her shin into the side of Jen's head, completing the Shining Wizard. There was a loud THWOCK then J-Lo pitched over onto her side and cradled her head in both hands.

Only vaguely aware of the audience's cheers, Gellar stalked over to her wounded adversary and took hold of her black briefs. Pulling the Champ up in a reefing series of tugs and jerks, Sarah snarled, "Get up you sack of shit" right before she Whipped the woozy beauty into the ropes. Watching Jen lope back towards her, Sarah pulled off a pretty little hop / side-step combo and blasted her left leg up, catching the Booty Queen across the shin with a teeth-rattling Super Kick. The strike knocked Jen's feet out from under and she landed on the mat in a sprawled tangle of limbs. Positively thrumming with bloodlust, Sarah dropped to one knee, grabbed J-Lo’s ankles in both hands and stood up.

Holding the Champ's legs in a wide, lewd V, the Slayer screamed, "SHE WANTED MY BEST? NOW SHE'S GONNA GET UNNNGHH!"

The blonde might have been better served to save the speech for AFTER the match was over; as it was, her announcement allowed Jennifer to curl her legs in only to piston them out into her belly. Sarah's grasp on Jen's legs fell away and as soon as she was free, J-Lo rolled under the bottom rope and slid onto the wet sand in the hopes of clearing her head. Ever since that first low blow she'd been on the defensive and that's NOT how things were supposed to be. She was supposed to dominate, to subjugate, to HUMILIATE and as soon as she steadied herself, the Slayer would be sorry she EVER dared to stand against her. Back in the ring, Sarah saw Jennifer trying to buy herself some time, but time was just one of many luxuries the Slayer was going to deny her opponent this night.

Setting her feet, the challenger bounced off the ropes at her back and hurtled back toward the oblivious Champ. As she neared the edge of the squared circle, the blonde went into a beautiful Baseball Slide that should have sent her under the bottom rope and feet-first into Jen's chest. But only the first happened as Lopez side-stepped at the last second and Sarah went sailing out right next to her. THWUMP! Before Gellar even had a chance to react, Jennifer charged forward and knocked the gamine blonde head over heels with a Clothesline. Breathing hard, Jen snapped her briefs back into place as she glared down at the Slayer's Matchbooked body.

Treating herself to a taunting kick of the blonde's up-turned rump, Lopez sneered, "That's right cunt. Your bony ass belongs to ME!"

Ready to claim what was rightfully hers, the Latina Supreme scraped her opponent off the sand and wrapped her up in a loose Bear Hug. Turning Gellar's back to the ring, J-Lo rushed forward and SMASHED the small of her foe's back against the apron. Sarah shrieked and to Jen it was ALMOST as pleasant as the muffled pleas for mercy the blonde would make as she smothered under the Champ's ass. Licking the side of Sarah's face, Jennifer cooed, "Did that hurt honey? Don't worry, you'll be used to it this time!"

J-Lo pulled Sarah back and then forward, ramming her back into the apron again. Adjusting her grip, the Booty Queen treated the Slayer to more than half a dozen of these spine-jarring blows before she tired of the game and rolled Gellar back in the ring. Outside, Jennifer waited patiently, getting her wind back and positing on all the different things she was going to do to the obnoxious little blonde. Only when Sarah started to get to her feet, did J-Lo slither under the bottom rope to rejoin the battle.

Waiting behind her prey, J-Lo eased into the ropes and then charged forward, putting herself on a collision course with the Slayer. Just as the slender grappler staggered around to face her, Jennifer leapt into the air and executed a lighting-fast 180 that allowed her to RAM her ass into Sarah's face with all the force of a medicine ball launched from a cannon. The Running Butt Smash left Gellar starfished on the mat and to Jen, that was a sign that said the Slayer was ready to be put away. Treating the J-Lo faithful to a teasing little slap of her backside, the Latina Supreme roared over the rain, "TIME TO SEND THIS BITCH AROUND THE BLOCK AGAIN!"

All of her old swagger returning, Jen strutted over to Sarah, pulled her off the puddling canvas and easily hoisted her into a Fireman's Carry. Setting up for her 'Once Around the Block' finisher, the Champion had just hooked Gellar's head when the blonde pulled back her right arm and drove the point of her elbow into the side of the brunette's head. Jen let out a groan and her legs sagged, but it wasn't enough to make her release the hold, so Sarah drilled three more Elbow Smashes into her head. A fourth one finally did it and Sarah wasted no time in wriggling down the Booty Queen's back. Ignoring the lingering feel of the brunette's butt on her face, Sarah's face was furious as she leaped into the air and slashed out her left leg, catching Lopez in the back of the head with a textbook Enziguiri. There was a crisp little THWAP Followed by a watery groan as J-Lo collapsed to her knees and then onto her belly.

A few feet away, Sarah pushed to her knees and crawled over to the fallen Champion. Rolling Lopez onto her back. Sarah straddled the Latina Supreme's waist and grabbed a handful of her hair. Pulling the brunette's head off the slick mat, Gellar sneered, "I finally figured it out Jen. My mistake was in trying to out-wrestle you. It's obvious I can do that if you'd play by the rules, but you didn't and it cost me the title. So I'm not gonna wrestle you tonight, I'm just gonna BEAT YOUR ASS!"

Her words were still reaching the audience when Sarah balled her free hand into a fist and started POUNDING punch after punch into the Latina Supreme's helpless face. In a MMA scenario, this sort of unprotected beating would probably have resulted in a KO or at least a stoppage, but this arena had four sides and not eight, and since Lopez herself had suggested the No DQ stip, she had to suffer through the beating or find her own way out. Luckily for Jennifer, fighting her way out of a tight spot had never been too hard and when the Slayer paused in her fistic assault, the brunette reached up with both hands and gouged her claws into the blonde's face.

Sarah howled and tried to maintain the mount, but Jennifer dug in deeper and Gellar was forced to roll away before J-Lo could tear her face off. Panting for breath, Jen rolled over onto her belly and tried to clear her head. After a few seconds, the pain started to fade only to be replaced by a bright red rage. This was HER NIGHT for fuck's sake and this little tramp was embarrassing her! NO ONE embarrassed Jennifer Lopez - especially not this bitch who's nickname might as well have been ‘thong-face’ for all the times she'd sniffed Jen's ass. Using those terrible thoughts as motivation, Lopez scrambled to her feet and stalked after the spaghetti-legged Slayer. Talons and teeth glinting in the rain-soaked dusk, Jen was close enough to touch the blonde when she sneered, "Your ass is MINE SarAHHHNNGGHH!"

Moving in an infuriated blonde blur, Sarah lunged forward, went low and wrapped her arms around Jennifer's legs. Before the Latina Supreme could offer further comment, the Slayer JERKED her legs out from under her, dumping her to the mat with a Double-Leg Takedown. A cheer went up from the SMG fans in the audience as that particular move was often the precursor to the Sharpshooter, but they were destined for disappointment if they were hoping for Gellar's finisher, because the blonde wasn't ready to finish J-Lo yet, she just wanted to hurt her some more. To that end, she tossed the brunette's legs aside and pounced on her, going into that straddle again so she could rain down more of those bare-knuckle Punches from the mount position. Paying the ever-increasing rain no notice, Sarah pounded her knuckles into Jen's face over and over and over again. Usually such brutality was beneath her, but the combined weight of the last three months had finally got to her and all she wanted to do was make the arrogant bitch squirming beneath her suffer a FRACTION of the torment she'd been put through.

But for all her rage, Sarah remained remarkably methodical and when J-Lo’s resistance started to fade, she poured on a final flurry of fists and then broke the straddle. Looking to finish her adversary in style, Gellar pulled the tanned vixen off the mat and shoved her head between her thighs in a Standing Headscissors. Looking out towards the audience (she couldn't make out any details thanks to the rain) she raised her voice and called, "SPIRAL BOMBUNNNGHHHHH!"

The Slayer's other finisher never got past the positioning stage as J-Lo suddenly dropped to one knee and pounded a short right Uppercut between the blonde's legs. Sarah sobbed as she staggered back while Jen got to her feet, grabbed her by the hair and reeled her in.

Wrapping both arms around the blonde's slender waist, Jennifer crushed Sarah against her and purred, "Hon, the ONLY way you’re getting the belt back is in a wrestling match. In a ‘fight’ I'll own your miserable ass every damn time!"

With the Slayer dazed and helpless, J-Lo bent both knees and hoisted Gellar off the mat. With a quick thrust of her hips Jennifer spun around 180 degrees before she dropped to the canvas, crushing Sarah's body into the ground with a huge Belly-to-Belly Suplex that knocked all the fight out of the challenger in a single blow. Laying across her foe's chest, Jen pushed up a bit and purred, "Now the fight REALLY starts!"

Pushing to her feet, the Champion straddled Sarah's chest and made a show of briefs back into place before she jumped straight up and tucked her knees into her chest. When gravity reclaimed her she came down with the full force of her weight smashing down ass-first into the Slayer's breasts with a Leaping Butt Smash that would have caved in the sternum of a lesser woman. Riding out the blonde's breathless thrashing, Jen scooted forward and spun around so that her ass was hanging inches above Sarah's helpless face. Swinging her hips like the world's sexiest pendulum, Lopez groped the blonde's chest as she said, "It's comin' for ya honey. But for right now, all it wants is a little kiss."

She started to lower her glutes when Sarah sobbed, "Oh God no!"

The Latina Supeme froze in her tracks and smiled. She knew that tone well. It meant the fight was already hers. Pulling her briefs up into a temporary thong, J-Lo taunted, "Oh God yes!" and dropped her cheeks onto Sarah's protesting face.

Judging from the feel of her throne, Gellar had turned her head to the side, but that was OK for now. She just wanted Sarah to have a little glimpse of the future and she provided it by buffing the blonde's cheek with her own set for the better part of five seconds. Bootylust sated for the moment, Jennifer pushed to her feet and adjusted her bottoms. Returning her attention to the Slayer, Jennifer picked the disgusted girl off the mat and took control of her left wrist.

Pointing Sarah towards the ropes, the Latina Supreme said, "It's OK bitch, I'm not gonna grind your face out yet. First I want to break your brittle little ribs!" Acting on that impulse, Jennifer whipped her adversary into the ropes and then ran in the opposite direction. As the rivals charged back at one another, Jen lowered her shoulder and EXPLODED forward, taking Gellar off her feet and damn-near ripping her in half with a Spear. Savoring the terrible gurgling that was coming from the doubled up blonde, Jennifer got to her feet and asked the audience, "What fun is a No Disqualification match if you don't use it?" She sauntered over to the nearest corner and deftly removed the padding on the top buckle. Rubbing the gleaming metal joint with one hand, J-Lo looked over her shoulder to Sarah and muttered, "You wanna try an lump up my face cutie? Lemme show you how it's done!"

After a short trip to hoist Gellar to her feet, Jennifer marched her opponent over to the corner and THUD bounced her head off the bare steel. Ignoring Sarah's reaction entirely, Jennifer fixed her attention on the guests and demanded, "FOLLOW THE BOUNCING SKULL!"

Following that cruel command, the partygoers assisted Jen by ticking off every single time the blonde's head smashed into the buckles. "TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN!"

After the last head to steel impact, Jen released her hold on Sarah's hair and let the now bleeding challenger go tumbling to the mat in moaning, crimson-faced pile. Lifting her battered face (even without a mirror she could tell there were going to be some nasty bruises in the morning) to the driving summer rain, Jennifer allowed herself the pleasure of a few deep breaths before she got back to the equally enjoyable task of dismantling her opponent. Smoothing her hair off her forehead, J-Lo strutted over to Gellar and nudged the fallen Slayer with the point of her right boot.

Getting nothing but a moan from the prone blonde, Lopez turned her gaze to the audience and told them, "That's not a Champion...." The brunette trailed off as she adjusted the edges of her rain-soaked togs. Hands on her hips, she adopted a haughty little pose and finished, "…THIS is a Champion!" Thrilled to hear the applause over the precipitation, Lopez nudged Gellar again and asked, "You hear that sweety? Those people you fight so hard to impress want me to kick your ass some more. How's that for loyalty?"

Not caring if Sarah answered her or not (which is good, because the Slayer didn't) the Latina Supreme dropped to one knee, buried her talons in Sarah's damp hair and pulled the wounded gamine to her feet. With no effort at all, Jennifer slipped an arm through Sarah's legs and hoisted the blonde up onto her shoulder, holding her in place like a sack of potatoes (or a sack of shit, if you'd asked J-Lo) Enjoying the feel of the Slayer's shallow exhalations against her shoulder, Jennifer opined, "I COULD just end this right now with ‘Ridin' the Six’ but lets be honest, these people came for a show and I'm going to give them one HELL of a show."

J-Lo tightened her grip on Gellar's midsection as she wheeled around and homed in on the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Smiling wickedly, Lopez charged straight for the bare metal and when she was close enough, tossed Sarah up and forward, leaving the helpless Slayer to drop face-first onto the steel joint compliments of the Snake Eyes.

There was an ominous 'BWUNNNGING' noise as Gellar's head snapped back, but despite the terrible whiplash, the former Champ didn't leave her feet and that was more than all right with Jennifer. Watching her nemesis wander drunkenly back into the center of the squared circle, Jennifer backed into the ropes behind her to get a little boost for the head-long charge she made at the oblivious blonde. When she shadow fell across the slender grappler, Jennifer left her feet and pulled off that trademark 180, aiming the battering ram of her ass at Sarah's face. Only problem was, Sarah's face wasn't there anymore. Maybe the latest blow to the head had actually cleared her senses or maybe the Slayer wasn't as hurt as she looked. Whatever it was, she dipped aside and the Booty Queen went sailing through the void to land flat on her greatest asset with a resounding THUD!

Wincing in pain, Jen cursed under her breath, pushed to her feet and used both hands to massage the worst of the pain from her impacted rump. This proved to be another mistake as seconds later, Sarah tore across the canvas, leapt into the air and snapped out her right leg, catching the unwary Champion squarely across the nose with the back of her calf. Now it was J-Lo's head snapping back and for a single, terrifying second, the Latina Supreme feared that the nose which had endured some of the most vicious, torrid face sitting wars in recent memory, had been smashed to jelly in a single blow. (This proved to be a groundless fear, her nose was fine, but the Slayer HAD bloodied it, a fact she would realize shortly)

Hands flying from her ass to her face, Jen protected her injured proboscis with both hands even as one of her feet slipped out from under her and she dropped to one knee. A few feet away, Sarah Michelle Gellar saw the opening and took full advantage of it. Through clenched teeth, the Slayer hissed, "Just a hint Jenny. Whenever you lower your head around me, I'm gonna kick it right the fuck off your shoulders."

Proving her point, the blonde dashed forward, hopped into the air and swung out her left leg, attempting to cleave J-Lo’s head with the second Shining Wizard of the night. Stunned as she was, J-Lo still heard the patter of the Slayer's approach and as the blonde was hurtling towards her, Lopez clapped her forearms together to create a more than adequate shield. The blonde's shin THWAP bounced off her defenses and in the split second it took the lissome beauty to regain her balance, the Latina Supreme went in low, wrapped her arms around Gellar's hips and popped to her feet. It was a position she held for only a second before dropping back to one knee, treating her surprised adversary to an eye-watering Inverted Atomic Drop.

Shoving the silently screaming blonde away from her, Jennifer was highly irritated to see that Sarah didn't topple to the mat, she just stayed on her feet, hands between her thighs. Snarling, the brunette said, "BITCH, when I put you down, you really need to STAY DOWN!"

Helping Sarah learn, the Champion burst forward and nearly took the Slayer's head off with a Clothesline that CLAPPED off her chest. Coming to a halt as her momentum ran out, Lopez made a quick check of her nose, found that everything was OK save for the twin trails of blood she felt on her upper lip. Rubbing the stained fingers with her thumb, Jennifer glanced down at Sarah and cooed, "Oh Sarah you dumb cunt, you don't know it but you just raised the stakes. You made me bleed, so I'm gonna make you GUSH. But first, I want to win over a few more of your fans."

Cryptic words hanging in the storm torn air, Jennifer dragged Sarah to her feet and marched her over to the side of the ring that faced the audience. Forcing the blonde to bend over, Jen thrust Sarah’s upper body under the top rope and straightened her out. After threading the Slayer's arms out across the top rope, Jen used her left hand to pull the blonde's chin back, controlling her head.

Standing to her foe's right, J-Lo held up her right hand and asked the guests, "YOU WANT IT?!" The reaction was mixed, but still mostly positive so Jennifer whispered to her victim, "See honey? They LOVE watching me humiliate you."

Giving the guests more of what they wanted, Lopez held her right hand aloft for another second and then brought it slicing down to land palm-first across Sarah's taut, leather-sheathed tummy with a loud CRACK! Shaking the tingle out of her slapping hand, Jennifer pulled the gaping Slayer out of the ropes and spun her around in the opposite direction. Taking hold of her opponent's right wrist, Jen bent her knees and sent Sarah on her way, bounding across the ring to come wandering back into whatever devilish plan the Latina Supreme had planned next.

Watching Sarah's return with an expression that can only be described as beatific malevolence, Jennifer had just started to come forward when the blonde actually sped up. The brunette saw this, hesitated for just a second and it cost her dearly as Sarah executed a tight little hop and JAMMED both boots into J-Lo's thinly padded knees. The Champion grunted, then groaned as her legs were sliced out from under her and she landed face-first on the canvas with a wet SLAP. Trying to clear her head, Jennifer pushed to her knees and stopped to rest, a motion that when battling the Slayer, was akin to putting your own neck on the chopping block.

Standing before her penitent rival, Sarah settled into a tense Martial Arts stance and spat, "Kneeling is too good for you Jennifer, the only place for you is flat on your ASS!"

The last word came out in a hateful scream as Gellar fired off a short Side Kick that SNAPPED home just behind the Latina Supreme's right ear. Jen let out a single sobbing groan and then slumped forward onto the mat, face down, legendary ass pointed towards the sky. Looking to steal some of J-Lo’s fans, Gellar sat down on the small of Jen's back, facing her feet. Reaching forward, she hooked both hands into the waistband of the brunette's black briefs and tugged them just slightly.

Turning dark, blazing eyes on the guests, Sarah jiggled her grip and roared, "YOU SEE THIS? THIS BELONGS TO ME!" She clamped down and PULLED back as hard as she could, burying the slick ebony material DEEP in the crack of J-Lo’s mythic booty.

Holding Jen's hips hostage, Gellar swung her grip back and forth, jiggling her foe's cheeks like the world's sexiest marionette. Finally tiring of her game, Sarah released her grip, letting J-Lo's hips drop back with a sloppy SPLAT. Indulging in one more bit of oneupsmanship, Gellar savagely pinched a bit of the brunette's left buttock. Loving every second of Jen's loud scream, Sarah rubbed her ass back and forth across Jennifer's back and asked, "How's that feel tubby?"

Deciding it was time for this fight to get vertical again, Sarah scraped Jennifer off the mat, took her by the wrist and whipped her towards the far side of the ring. Just before she released her grip, the Slayer clamped down and pulled Jen back towards her. When the stunned Champ was almost on top of her, Gellar dropped down and stuck out her legs, tripping Lopez up with a Drop Toe Hold that deposited her throat-first across the bottom rope.


Sarah spun on her own and bounced off the ropes at J-Lo's back. Picking up speed as she approached her target, the blonde brought up her left foot and then pistoned it down on the back of her victim's skull, treating Lopez to a vicious Strike that was known as a Curb Kick in certain circles.

Leaning against the ropes after the kick connected, Sarah bent down, hooked J-Lo's ankles and dragged her back into the middle of the ring. Rolling the Latina Supreme onto her back, Sarah pounced across her adversary's heaving chest and hooked the far leg in the first cover of the match. A second later, a bedraggled Mark Petrie (his light poncho wasn't doing shit to keep him dry) slid in and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Jen bucked free of the cradle, breaking the count.

Resting on her haunches, Sarah took a few deep breaths and then glared down into her rival's face. Finding her voice, Gellar said, "Go ahead Jennifer keep fighting. I don't care about out-fighting or out-wrestling you tonight, even though I will. What I really want to show everyone is just how badly I've out-CLASSED you. You're nothing but a one trick pony with a freakish large ass, and by the time I'm done with you, you'll NEVER delude anyone into thinking your worthy of a wearing the World Title."

Finishing her vitriolic rant, Sarah got to her feet and stalked around behind her fallen foe. Bouncing on the balls of her feet, the Slayer waited for Jennifer to regain her footing and the instant the injured Champion stumbled around to face her, Gellar shot forward, leapt high into the air and Scissored her legs around Jennifer's head. At that point the blonde locked her ankles and started to fall back to complete the Hurricanrana, but things went terribly wrong when Lopez wrapped her arms around the challenger's thighs and dropped to one knee, DRILLING the high-flying vixen into the mat with a Powerbomb right out of left field.

Ignoring Sarah's gurgling mown for the moment, Jennifer tossed her foe's legs aside. Wincing as she pulled her briefs back into the factory pre-set position, Lopez glared blackest murder at the Slayer as she said, "My God honey, you must really want me to FUCKING KILL YOU."

Getting nothing in the way of a coherent answer, the Booty Queen stalked over to the flattened blonde and kicked her over onto her stomach. Sitting on the small of Sarah's back, Jennifer growled, "You wanna play games with the ring gear slut? Then let's do it right."

Reaching forward, she found the zipper at the base of the top of the Slayer's outfit and sloooowly pulled it down. When she got it as far as it would go, the brunette stripped the blonde of her signature outfit, leaving her clad in nothing but her boots and pads and a matching black bra and panties. Hurling the discarded leather onto the beach, Jennifer put her heel against Sarah's left cheek and ground away, as if stomping an especially nasty bug. When Gellar just squirmed, the Champion dropped to her knees and dug all ten fingers DEEP into the meat of the blonde's nearly bare cheeks.

Kneading and twisting the helpless glutes, Jen roared, "YOU'RE NOTHING BITCH! YOU HEAR ME? NOTHING! YOU CAN'T BRAWL WITH ME, YOU CAN'T GRAPPLE WITH ME, AND YOU SURE AS FUCK CAN'T COMPARE THIS BONY SACK OF NOTHIN' TO THE GREATEST WEAPON THIS INDUSTRY HAS EVER SEEN!" Treating the Slayer to a few more seconds of callous groping, the Latina Supreme finally got to her feet and immediately pulled Sarah to her knees.

Trapping the woozy challenger in a Standing Headscissors, J-Lo walked her fingers down Gellar's back and gave the blonde's bottoms a taunting jerk. Just when it looked like she was going to return the butt-bisecting Wedgie the Slayer had visited up on her, Jennifer shook her head 'no' and cooed, "I'll show you how to do this properly a little later on Sarah baby. Right now I think I'm gonna break your back."

The tanned brunette wrapped both arms around Sarah's waist, bent her knees and jerked savagely upward, hauling the slender battler into position for another Powerbomb. However, this was one instance where J-Lo’s phenomenal strength actually worked to her disadvantage. See, she pulled the Challenger up so fast and so hard that all the Slayer had to do to engineer an escape was lean forward a bit and Jen would overbalance and go crashing to the mat with an infuriated blonde straddling her chest. And being that Sarah was a damned good wrestler, that's exactly what she did. Jen didn't even realize what had gone wrong until her back hit the mat and the pressure of Sarah's weight drove all the air out of her lungs. This realization was followed up with another terrible development when a thoroughly pissed off Sarah spun around and MASHED her panty-clad behind down on Jennifer's upturned nose.

Grinding as savagely as she could, Gellar compounded the brunette's misery by pounding a short, steady fusillade of punches into the Champ's exposed belly. Absolutely LOVING the opportunity to give Lopez a taste of her own humiliating medicine, Sarah screamed, "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT BITCH? HUH? WHY DON'T YOU TELL THE WHOLE WORLD HOW MUCH YOU LOVE MY ASS IN YOUR FUCKING FACE!!!"

At that exact moment Jen's hands shot up and tried to grope Gellar's modest assets, so the challenger decided it was time for a new course of action. Pushing off of Jennifer's gasping face, the blonde ripped her victim off the mat and lead her towards the ropes. Stepping over the second rope, Sarah took her place on the apron and turned around to face her tormentor. Lacing both hands behind J-Lo’s neck, Gellar pulled the brunette's head in close and whispered, "Are you starting to understand Jenny? Are you starting to see what I'm capable of? For your sake, I hope so..."

Trailing off, the blonde executed a smooth hop and slipped her legs over the middle rope only to wrap them around J-Lo's waist. With her grip on the Champ's head still secure, Sarah forced her nemesis to suffer through an innovative version of the Body Scissors even as Lopez was being choked across the top rope. Reefing back madly on both holds, Sarah ignored the ref's admonitions (it was No DQ after all) and demanded, "ASK HER!"

Sighing, he got as close to Jennifer as he dared and said, "Whaddaya say Champ? Wanna throw in the towel?"

Shaking her head 'no' in the most emphatic denial she could muster, Lopez focused all her attention on breaking the blonde's grip on her neck. After several more seconds of futile tugging, Gellar's claws finally came loose and from there it was easy for the Booty Queen to back up, dragging the tenacious blonde along with her. But even though she had escaped the choke, the Latina Supreme still had a terrible grip crushing her ribs and it seemed the only way she was going to get out of this predicament was if Sarah decided to let her go. Interestingly enough, that's exactly what Sarah did, but in all honesty, she only did it so she could heap more hurt on the breathless Champion!

Pulling Jennifer to her feet, Gellar took possession of her left wrist, pointed her towards the nearest corner and snarled, "I'm gonna kick that smug face of yours right out the back of your lumpy head."

Getting down to business, the Slayer whipped her foe towards the buckles but before she could let go, Jen dug her feet in and reversed the momentum of the Whip, sending Sarah to the corner in her place. Undeterred by this change in events, the Slayer kept her wits about her and as the buckles closed in, she sprang into the air and landed on the top turnbuckle in a single graceful motion. Her motion got a lot less graceful a second later when Jennifer Lopez charged in, placed both hands against Sarah's butt and SHOVED as hard as she could, sending the shocked blonde tumbling off her perch onto the HARD sand nearly ten feet below.

There was a wet, but somehow solid THUD from several feet below and though she didn't see the Slayer's actual landing, she heard the audience groan sympathetically and knew it must have been bad. Smeared against the corners, the loud, arrogant voice inside her head was SCREAMING that she get her ass out onto the sand and finish Gellar off, but for the life of her, she couldn't do it, at least not yet. The strangling in the ropes and the short but vicious bout of FaceSitting she'd endured in the last few minutes had taken a lot out of her. Shoulders hitching up and down, Lopez leaned her forehead against the buckle for several more seconds before lifting her head in an attempt to find the Slayer. Tossing her hair back of her eyes, it took another few seconds for the Champion to find her crash-landed challenger, but when she did, the site of the wrecked blonde made her smile. But smile changed to scowl shortly thereafter when Sarah let out a loud groan, dug her hands into the sand and started to push up onto her knees.

Shaking her head 'no' Jen growled, "I don't think that's a good idea baby. Cuz if your face isn't buried in the sand, it's gonna be buried in my ass..."

The cruel prophecy made her feel quite a bit better and it was with a renewed sense of purpose that Jennifer climbed between the ropes and landed on the beach several feet from her recovering adversary. Looming over the fallen Slayer, J-Lo bent down and buried her hands in Sarah's hair. Forcing the blonde to stay on her hands and knees, Lopez led her across the sand to a spot that would afford the guests a perfect view of what she had in store for the once proud Slayer. Removing her hand from Sarah's sand and sweat caked tresses, Jen turned to her right, making sure that the point of her hip was perfectly level with Gellar's glassy-eyed face. Tracing a nonsense pattern on her butt with her free hand Jen cooed, "Sarah honey, you just don't learn do you? If you're going to put your ASS in my FACE you damn sure better keep it there until I pass out. Otherwise you're gonna have to deal with something like THIS!."

WHAM! With a quick thrust of her hips, Jennifer drove her ass into Sarah's face with an eye-crossing Butt Punch. Gellar groaned and her head snapped back, but as soon as she got too far from the butt, J-Lo reeled her right back in.. Taking the time to reset Sarah just right,, Jennifer added, "See bitch, what YOU'VE got is skanky ass. Me? I've got perfect ass as you can plainly see."

WHAM! J-Lo flicked her hips out a second time, banging Sarah's head back with another stinging Gluteal Jab.

Yanking Sarah's head back into place, Jennifer reached around behind her and pulled the glitter dusted black briefs up in a self induced wedgie so as to ensure the maximum of ass to face contact.. Rolling her hips in an odd but sensuous parody of a boxer's bolo punch wind-up, Lopez teased the audience and her opponent for a few seconds before

WHAM she gave Sarah a third serving of her ass! Holding the blonde's face against her hip, J-Lo buffed Sarah's cheeks against her own and sneered, "Go ahead bitch, tap out on my ass. I know you want to."

Trying and failing to failing to extricate herself from the embarrassing position, Sarah wheezed, "Fuck you bitch."

Jenny just smiled. "All this ass must be making you delusional honey. In case you haven't noticed, I'm the one fucking you."

Lopez hoisted Gellar to her feet, grabbed her by the wrist and HURLED her towards the steel steps leading into the ring. In her punch-drunk state, the Slayer wasn't able to do anything besides turn around and even that didn't help her very much when she BWONG slammed her back into the unyielding metal. Feeding on Sarah's moist moans, the Champion sauntered over to her crippled rival and helped her to her feet. Scooping the blonde up for a Body Slam, Lopez picked her spot carefully and then tossed Gellar down onto the steps so that the Slayer's feet were at the bottom and her head was near the top. Looking to make a statement, Jennifer ascended the steps and stopped with both feet framing the sides of Sarah's head.

Looking over her shoulder to the guests, Lopez slapped her backside with both hands and asked, "How many asses does it take to subjugate a Slayer? Just one…MINE!"

The brunette popped up in a vertical leap, tucked her knees across her chest and then came crashing down cheeks-first across Gellar's defenseless sternum with a Leaping Ass Smash that was made all the more unpleasant thanks to the steps. Grinding her glutes on the blonde's breasts, Jen tapped her fingers against the tip of the Slayer's nose and purred, "I think it's bed time for you honey. Don't worry, I'll make sure you get a long, restful slumber after I'm done playing with ya."

Sliding clear of the spasming blonde, Jen muscled the boneless gamine under the bottom rope and slid her back into the center of the ring. Electing to take the classier way in, Jennifer strutted up the steps and made a show of slipping back through the ropes. Now that she had regained total control over the fight, J-Lo decided it was time to slow the pace down and have a little fun with her defenseless prey.

Sure she'd given the Slayer a few tastes of her backside earlier in the fight, but now it was time to get down to the serious business of converting the vengeful Slayer into a submissive, whimpering ass slave. When she had done that, it wouldn't matter if the bell hadn't sounded yet because Sarah's days as a credible threat would be over. Standing over the battered blonde, Jen mused, "Now how best to break that indomitable fighting spirit of yours? I know..."

Acting on some as of yet unrevealed plan, Lopez sank her claws into Sarah's hair and scraped her off the mat. The Champion was just about to open her mouth with another slight when the supposedly out of it Slayer burst into motion and hooked her arms around Jennifer's legs.

With little more than a brisk yank, Jen found herself flat on her back with the blonde holding her legs split in a wide V. A moment of sheer terror, unrivaled by anything she'd ever experienced in her career flashed through the Latina Supreme's mind as she realized Gellar was trying to lock her in the Sharpshooter. Then the fear was gone, replaced by a maddening desire to escape and an equally strong urge to CRUSH the thing that had frightened her so. Drawing on these two emotions, Jennifer pulled her legs in tight, forcing Sarah to lean in close.

When the blonde's hanging hair was within grabbing distance, Jen shot out her right hand and helped herself to a handful. At the same time she formed her other hand into a fist and started banging frantic punches off the challenger's face. This desperate litany of blows finally loosed Gellar's hold on the Champ's ankles and it allowed Jennifer to piston her legs out, sending the smaller grappler flying back to the canvas in an awkward tangle of limbs.

Scrambling to her feet, J-Lo wasted no time in taking hold of the blonde's wrist and hauling her back to a vertical base. Pointing the once again subdued Slayer towards the near corner, Jen whipped the hapless challenger into the turnbuckles as hard as she could. When Gellar's back WHACK hit the thinly padded steel, J-Lo went into a low crouch and sprinted forward, leaving her feet in a ferocious pounce that culminated with her absolutely overwhelming Sarah's body with her own.

Savoring the sensation of the fight leaving the Slayer's wiry frame, Jen draped wrapped her arms around the back of Gellar's neck and pulled the blonde's pain crimped face down into her cleavage for an impromptu Breast Smother. After several seconds of this torture, Lopez released her victim, stepped away and just waited to see what she would do. Even through the driving rain, Jen's eyes seemed to glow as the Slayer took a wobbling half step forward, then dropped onto her butt with the back of her head resting against the bottom buckle.

Nodding appreciatively, Jen chided, "Time to end you for good bitch." Leaving the challenger to ponder the meaning of her words, J-Lo charged away from Gellar, picking up a dangerous head of steam even before she reached the ropes. Rebounding off the cables, the domineering Champion increased her pace as she cut across the ring toward the corner where the Slayer was sprawled out and awaiting her return. When she got close, J-Lo left her feet and performed that blindingly-fast about face that put her backside to her victim.

Timing her descent perfectly, the Booty Queen tucked her knees up, making sure there was nothing to get impede the Butt Bomb she had aimed at Sarah's face. If there was one mercy in all this, it's that Sarah didn't see it coming, but that didn't stop her from FEELING the impact, and judging by the almost electric way she jittered against the buckle, feeling it was probably worse. Knowing full well she had connected perfectly with the dangerous and humiliating maneuver, Jen got to her feet, grabbed Sarah by the ankles and pulled her into the center of the ring.

Tossing the Slayer's legs aside, Jennifer poured herself across the blonde's belly and didn't bother to hook the leg as the ref swooped in and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Gellar rolled over onto her side, breaking the count while also reminding the Champ why it was always a good idea to hook the leg. Sparing the waterlogged zebra a hard glance, Jennifer quickly returned her attention to the challenger and snarled, "OK baby, kick out. I'd rather make you submit anyway."

Rolling the Slayer onto her stomach, Jennifer sat down hard on the back of Sarah's head, mashing her face into the canvas. Taking hold of the waistband on Gellar black briefs, Jennifer asked her opponent, "You ever been submitted by a wedgie before Sarah? Cuz if not, prepare to check it off your life-list!" The words were still coming out of her mouth when she leaned forward and then YANKED back, using all her considerable strength to torture her foe with a Wedgie so violent and forceful it could have doubled as a Boston Crab. Swinging Sarah's hips and legs back and forth with her thong handle, Jennifer continued to mash her ass against Gellar's the side of Sarah's face as she taunted, "GIVE IT UP BITCH! GIVE IT UP BEFORE I SPLIT YOU IN TWO!"

Biting down on her own fingers to keep from screaming, Sarah eventually tore her hand from her maw and shrieked, "YOU'LL NEVER EMBARRASS ME INTO GIVING UP! YOU HEAR ME CUNT? IF YOU WANT TO BEAT ME YOU'RE GONNA HAFTA FUCKING KILL ME!"

Scowling, J-Lo gave the distended black briefs a final yank before tossing them aside. Patting Sarah's tortured rump, the Latina Supreme said, "I think I can do that." Peeling herself off the Slayer, Jennifer pulled the smaller girl to her feet and slowly threaded an arm between her thighs. Hoisting Gellar onto her shoulder, Lopez adjusted her grip, wrapping both arms around Sarah's waist in preparation for her Ridin' the Six Tombstone Piledriver.

Grinning out from between the V of Sarah's splayed legs, Jen turned to the audience and said, "Gonna split her skull noOOOWWW!"

'Now' devolved into a pained howl as Sarah snapped her left knee back into the brunette's face. The strike wasn't enough to make Jennifer release her grip, but it did give Sarah the time to reach down and snag the Latina Supreme's left ankle in both hands. Pulling as hard as she could, Gellar sent Jen sprawling face-down on the canvas with the blonde pinned beneath her. Normally this wouldn't have been the best place to be, but as soon as the Slayer felt her back hit the mat, she wiggled her legs into position and Scissored up Jen's left thigh. Maintaining her hold on the Champion's ankle, Sarah clamped down and TWISTED as hard as she could, repaying Jen with some torture of her own, namely a potentially career-ending Ankle Lock.

Still not quite sure what was going on, Jennifer suddenly realized what sort of trouble she was in when that hateful fire raced up her leg. But the pain of the joint lock actually acted like a whiff of smelling salts and it cleared the brunette's head just long enough to know she had to get to the ropes. They might not be any disqualification’s in this match, but she knew for a fact that Petrie was a hopeless nerd when it came to enforcing the FIVE count. Digging her claws into the slick canvas, Jennifer started to drag herself towards the cables, even as Sarah tried her damnedest to rip off the Booty Queen's foot. Several endless seconds later, Jen felt the ropes in her hand but as she was waiting for the count to start the Slayer just released her hold on the Champ's leg and got to her feet. Lopez wasn't sure what to make of this unexpected reprieve, she was just grateful to have it. Unfortunately, it ended a heartbeat later when Sarah grabbed her twisted ankle and pulled her kicking and screaming back into the center of the ring.

Rolling Jennifer onto her back, Sarah kept her grip on the brunette's foot steady as she began to hack away at J-Lo’s defenseless left knee with a withering barrage of short kicks. Sarah kicked as she sneered, "YOU (THWAP!) BETTER(THWAP!) GET (THWAP!) USED TO (THWAP!) CRAWLING (THWAP!) JENNY, (THWAP!) BECAUSE (THWAP!) AFTER THIS (THWAP!) IS OVER, (THWAP!) IT'S ALL (THWAP!) YOU'LL (THWAP!) BE (THWAP!) ABLE (THWAP!) TO (THWAP!) DO!" (THWAP!)

Finally satisfied, Sarah wrapped her right leg around the inside of Jen's injured leg and dropped back to the canvas. The moment she hit, Sarah snaked her left leg up around the other side of Jennifer's left leg and locked her ankles. Taking great pains to make sure J-Lo’s knee was Scissored up nice and snug, Gellar crushed down with her thighs, viciously mauling the brunette's tenderized joint with a Leg Bar. Putting every ounce into her murderous grip, Sarah went back to work on Jennifer's ankle, twisting and wrenching it from side-to-side. If the Slayer had her way, Jennifer Lopez would walk with a noticeable limp after tonight. Keeping her dual grips slapped on tight, Sarah glared into her frantic opponent's face and challenged, "C'mon fat ass, try to make the ropes. If you can do it without tapping, I'll let you go on general principle."

Having already vowed that she would NEVER tap to Sarah Michelle Gellar again, Lopez scratched madly at the canvas as she clawed her way toward the ropes. Eventually she did make the ropes again and just like she had promised, Sarah let her go, but sadly, she didn't let her go far. Sliding under the bottom rope, Sarah took possession of Jen's injured left ankle once more and tugged the wounded limb into position so that the back of Jennifer's knee was nuzzled against the steel ring post. Taking a moment for herself, Gellar yanked Jen's kneepad down over her shin, making sure there was NOTHING to protect the brunette from what she had planned.

Holding the middle rope in both hands, Sarah locked eyes with her injured opponent and said, "Just answer me one question Jennifer. HOW (THUD!) DO (THUD!) YOU (THUD!) LIKE (THUD!) BEING (THUD!) HELPLESS!?" (THUD!)

Each THUD was a heartlessly stiff kick that the Slayer caromed off her victim's exposed knee, a tactic that effectively did in seconds what hours of catfighting could not; it rendered Jen's left leg little better than useless.

Fully aware of this fact, Gellar slid back into the ring and pulled J-Lo's protesting form back into the middle of the squared circle. Going right back to work on the Champion's left leg, the Slayer placed her foe's twisted ankle snugly under her armpit, looped her arms around Jen's knotted-up thigh, then lifted up and turned her over onto her belly before sitting down to cinch in the Single Leg Boston Crab.

Sarah kept this hold locked in for only a few seconds before she let J-Lo's leg fall from her hands. In the same move, she shifted her position so that she was laying on the brunette's back facing her head, while at the same time scissoring her legs together, keeping Jennifer's left leg bent and trapped between her thighs. To complete her hold she wrapped her left arm across Jennifer's chin and locked her hands together. Once the STF was locked in place, Sarah pulled back as far as gravity would allow, now putting pressure not only on Jennifer's knee and back, but her neck as well.

Pressing her lips to the thrashing vixen's ear, Sarah continued to grind her forearm across Jennifer's nose as she said, "Tell me how you like it bitch. Tell me how you like being at my mercy."

Struggling towards the ropes with everything she had left, Jen panted, "You're making a unnnghhhh huge mistake Slayerrrrrnngghhh. I don't need my knees uuhhnnngghhh to sit on yourhissssss face."

Sarah was silent for a moment, then replied, "You're right Jen, you don't need your knees to sit on my face, but I'd love to see you get that fat ass into position without them."

Releasing the Champion's head, Sarah pushed to her knees even as she had Jen's leg folded up. Looking to continue her treatise on pain and embarrassment, the blonde grabbed hold of Jennifer's top and TORE it free, leaving the Latina Supreme stripped to the waist. Ignoring her foe's bleat of indignation, the Slayer wrapped the shorn garment around the brunette's neck and proceeded to strangle her to within an inch of her life. This time the count DID start, because even in a No DQ situation, Fannin had a rule about chokes with foreign objects and Petrie had no problem enforcing that particular whim. Luckily for him, Sarah chose to play by the rules for the moment as she pulled the makeshift garrote away from J-Lo’s throat when the official reached 'FOUR.'

Throwing the top away without a second thought, Sarah scraped the hobbled Champion off the canvas and easily applied a grinding Front Facelock. Working hard to keep Lopez from simply collapsing onto her knees, Gellar reefed back on the hold a few times, then rose up on her toes and DROPPED backwards as hard as she possibly could. The Latina Supreme was torn free of her vertical base and the top of her skull was spiked brutally into the mat, the impact of Gellar's Snap DDT actually pinning the crown of her head to the canvas in a rather elegant looking headstand for a second before she slumped over onto her side.

Lying on her back beside Jennifer, the Slayer knew she had the brunette in a bad way but she wanted the audience to know it to. Deciding on the simplest approach she could think of, the challenger rolled onto her shoulders and then nipped up to her feet, a move that brought a rousing cheer from the guests. Pointing towards one of the lakeside turnbuckles, the Slayer found her voice and roared, "IT'S OVER!"

Jogging towards the corner, the blonde heard the partygoers offer something in the way of a reply but the rain was so loud she couldn't make it out. Precipitation or not, it didn't stop her from leaping onto the top rope and turning to face the THUD!

Jennifer's right fist crashed into her groin and the Slayer let out a watery scream the second before she collapsed crotch-first into a rough sitting position on the top turnbuckle. A few feet away, Jennifer Lopez breathed a sigh of relief, she had stopped the vicious bitch's progress for a moment and she might still be able to finish her off by herself, but just to be on the safe side... she grabbed a handful of Sarah's hair, pulled the challenger's face close to hers and shrieked, "YOU DON'T LOOK SO TOUGH NOW!"

Lopez knew the ring had been miked for sound and that one of those mics fed directly into the tent where the other four members of the LAS were waiting for her command. Having just given it, Jen knew it was only a matter of time before she'd be sitting on Sarah's face again. Looking to expedite the process, J-Lo pulled the Slayer off the buckles and onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry.

Holding the shivering blonde tight, the brunette snaked the arm nearest Gellar's head across the back of Sarah's neck and cinched down tight. Making sure to put as little weight on her left knee as possible, Jennifer loped into the center of the ring and then used her free arm to shove the blonde's legs up and off her shoulders, sending the Slayer's torso and legs sailing out behind her. With Sarah's head still secured in the crook of her arm, the Booty Queen sat out hard, driving the back of her nemesis' head and neck into the rain soaked canvas with the ‘Once Around the Block’. Ignoring everything but the blonde, Lopez tossed herself across Gellar's heaving chest and hooked the far leg. Before the ref started to count, she leaned in close to Sarah's face and panted, "You're FINISHED slut."

The words were still coming out of her mouth when Petrie dropped down and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THRENO!' Gellar shot a shoulder off the canvas, saving herself at the last second. Unable to believe the blonde's tenacity, Jennifer rested on her haunches and looked towards the area of beach she knew her compatriots would be coming from. To her surprise and chagrin, she couldn't see them or even any indication of them.

Catching her breath, the Champion glanced back down at Sarah and gave the call again. "YOU DON'T LOOK SO TOUGH NOW!"

Quashing the almost silent voice nagging at the back of her mind, J-Lo pushed wearily to her feet and dragged Sarah to hers. Forcing the challenger to bend over, Jennifer applied a Standing Headscissors and put every bit of her remaining strength into crushing the blonde into unconsciousness. Unable to pull off the sultry Bump and Grind she usually executed on the back of her foe's neck, Lopez settled for raking her talons up and down Sarah's nearly bare back over and over again. Loving the quivers she felt in her opponent's slender frame, J-Lo continued to score Gellar's flesh as she sneered, "Told ya I didn't need my knees bitch! How does it feel to know you're gonna be worshipping my ass in the next few minuARRRGGHHHHH!"

Sick of suffering through the rantings of a megalomaniac, Sarah balled up her right hand and drove it into the side of J-Lo’s left knee as hard as she could. The Champion's Scissors almost popped right then and there, but she managed to hold on just long enough to hook both hands into the blonde's waistband and LIFT her off her feet in a terrible Wedgie that actually inverted the smaller grappler for a second or two. Unable to keep her feet any longer, Lopez sat-out hard, pinning Sarah's skull to the mat with a Piledriver that wasn't Ridin' the Six, but would do in a pinch!

Muscling the Slayer over onto her back, Jen scooted around, planted her shins on Sarah's shoulders and sat down, wedging the blonde's slick features deep into the crevice of her backside. Roaring her triumph into the raging sky, Jennifer screamed, "THAT'S WHAT DEFEAT SMELLS LIKE BITCH!"

Ignoring the Champion's comments, the ref slipped in next to the pin and counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THRENOOO!' Right before Mark could count the 'THREE' Lopez voiced a tortured howl and broke the cover herself. The official wasn't exactly sure why, but he was willing to bet the Slayer had taken a bite out of the Latina Supreme's intruding glutes.

This suspicion was confirmed a moment later when the Champ roared, "YOU WANNA BITE ME YOU WHORE? THEN I'LL GIVE YOU ENOUGH ASS TO CHOKE ON!"

Grabbing Sarah’s wrists, Jennifer dragged her insensate opponent over to the nearest corner and positioned the back of Sarah's head against the bottom buckle. Set-up complete, Jen turned around and went into a deep squat, that put her vaunted butt directly in front of the Slayer's face. Unable to help herself, Lopez wiggled and ground her hips back and forth for several seconds before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her trunks and slowly tugging the material up in another self-inflicted Wedgie.

Rolling her hips, J-Lo looked back over her shoulder and stared down the curve of her own ass to sneer in Sarah's face, "All the rain in the world won't wash this Aroma away honey. I hope you GAG on it!"

She stepped back and mashed her ass into Gellar's panicked face, scrubbing, rubbing, bouncing and grinding her flawless hips against Sarah's delicate features. After 'backin' that ass up' for nearly forty-five seconds, the Latina Supreme was about to kick her routine into overdrive when Gellar pulled back her left leg and pistoned it out, catching Lopez squarely in the back of her bad knee. Jen let out a scream of pain and collapsed to one knee, the humiliation of her opponent immediately forgotten as the throbbing, rotten pain in her abused joint shrieked back into life. Rubbing her face with her forearm in a vain attempt to relieve herself of the Champ's musk, Sarah Michelle Gellar flipped the hair out of her eyes and growled, "All right fat ass, that's IT for you."

Burying her hands in J-Lo's hair, Sarah pulled Jennifer to her feet and backed her into the corner. Bending down, she wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist and hauled her into a seated position on the top rope. The blonde was about to say something else when Jennifer muttered, "You don't... don't look so... tough now."

Cocking her head to the side, Sarah taunted, "Shit Jen, get a new comeback, you sound like a broken doll..." The Slayer trailed off as the realization struck her. Glancing around Jennifer towards the darkened stretch of beach where the tents where, Sarah snarled, "You cheating cunt, you're trying to call out the rest of your goon squad aren't UNNNGHHHH!"

Reinforcements or not, the distraction allowed Jen enough time to slam a few punches into the blonde's face. Pulling Gellar in close, J-Lo threaded her legs around Sarah's head and hissed, "I don't know what you did to them, but I don't need anyone to finish your pathetic ass!"

The Booty Queen pushed out of the corner and let gravity bring the Slayer down with her tormentor landing ass-first across her chest. Hooking the blonde's limp legs in each arm, Lopez leaned forward and just waited as the ref counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THRENO!"

Again Sarah defied her foe by shoving the curvy Champion off her before the final slap of the mat. Groaning in frustration, Lopez struggled to her feet and tried to limp towards the Slayer, but her bad knee gave out and she went backpedaling into the corner. As she hit the steel, Jennifer felt the outline of something odd under the padding of the buckle and after making sure that Gellar wasn't getting up, she reached into the canvas pouch and fished out that particular something. Holding the object close, Jen recognized the brass knuckles for what they were and she growled, "Fuckin' bitch, thought you'd bring an equalizer didja? Let's see how you like this shit rammed down your nasty little throat."

Slipping the knux onto her right hand, Jennifer trudged out of the corner and stalked her recovering foe. Moving around behind the kneeling blonde, she spared one more glance towards the tents and screamed, "YOU DON' LOOK SO TOUGH NOW!"

She waited and watched for several more seconds, but when nothing came, the Champ finally understood that she was going to have to finish this on her own. If Sarah had had anything to do with taking her friends out of this equation, she was going to beat a confession out of the skinny bitch and if IF, by some chance they had chosen to abandon her... well, what she did to Sarah would make their punishment look mild by comparison. This train of thought had just reached its end when the Slayer let out a loud groan and pushed to her knees.

Bringing her right hand up, J-Lo kissed the glinting brass and cooed, "C'mon baby, c'mon and face the Champ!"

A moment later the blonde did just that and Jennifer roared into life. Bracing herself against the pain in her left leg, the brunette stormed forward and swung her brass-enhanced fist directly at Gellar's face. Jen was already cheering the impending collision when Sarah lashed out a short stubby kick that slammed against the Latina Supreme's wounded leg. The brunette let out a howl of agony and she went down on one knee a heartbeat before her punch could connect.

Looming over her opponent, Sarah panted, "I'm through holding back with you Lopez. You're gonna break. And you're gonna break now!"

Reaching down, Sarah took a moment to peel the knux of Jen's hand and fling them away into the rainy darkness. Then she forced the brunette's head between her thighs and wrapped both arms around J-Lo's gulping waist. Dipping her knees, the Slayer put everything she had into hoisting the curvy grappler up into the stall position for a Powerbomb. Completely unaware of the cheers from the crowd, Gellar started to spin in a circle, pulling off three wobbly rotations before sitting out and nearly driving Jennifer through the canvas with her Spiral Bomb finisher.

Leaning all her weight on Jennifer's splayed legs, Sarah held on for dear life as the official counted, 'ONE... TWO... THRENOOOO!’

There was still some life left in the Champion and as long as that was the case, the match wouldn't be over! Wiping tears and rain from her eyes, Sarah got to her feet and thought about what to do. For some reason, the rest of the LAS wasn't showing up. Sarah had no idea why that was the case, but she certainly wasn't going to complain about it. If that meant the battle was going to end as a true one-on-one situation, that meant the Slayer could bring her last contingency plan and only have Lopez to worry about. Pushing to her feet, Sarah looked down at the decimated Booty Queen and murmured, "I think I can handle that."

Limping towards her corner of the ring, the exhausted blonde slipped under the bottom rope and flipped up the ring apron. Reaching into the wet gloom, she fumbled around until she found her Ace in the Hole. Pulling it out into the light, the Slayer's eyes gleamed as she took in the sight of the large industrial wrench the ring crew used to tighten the ropes. Sliding back into the ring, Gellar popped to her feet, ripped the pad off the turnbuckle and went to work on the bolt that held the ropes taut. After a few fumbling tries, the Slayer succeeded in her task and the cables on two sides of the ring dropped to the canvas with a wet, somehow slithery THWAP.

Ignoring the buzz coming from Mark Petrie, Sarah headed towards the corner on the opposite side of the ring, making sure that Jennifer was still flat on her back as she did so. After tearing the padding away again, Gellar was about to go to work when she heard something or someone bearing down on her. Not even bothering to look over her shoulder, the Slayer THRUST the wrench back and smiled at the meaty THUD that followed. There was a breathless groan in her ear that quickly fell away as her attacker stumbled back into the center of the ring.

Turning around to face her foe, Sarah saw Jennifer clutching her gut even as she was fighting to keep her balance. Shaking her head 'no' Sarah purred, "No more running Jen. Not tonight and maybe not ever again." Trailing off, the vindictive Slayer charged forward and went low for a Chop Block that was augmented considerably by the presence of the wrench. There was another meaty THUD and then the Champ went down in a sobbing, battered heap!

Leaving Jen clutching her mangled knee, Sarah got to her feet and made her way back over to the corner. A few quick twists later and the rest of the ropes fell away, leaving their arena as nothing more than an elevated square of canvas and steel. Walking the perimeter, Gellar kicked the loose ropes off the side, making sure there'd be NOTHING for her foe to reach for. Finally satisfied, the Slayer tossed the wrench onto the sand and stalked back over to her nemesis.

Standing at J-Lo’s feet, Sarah bent down, took an ankle in each hand and got to her feet. Without a word, the blonde challenger split Jen's legs in a V and instantly stepped through with her right leg, planting it on the mat next to Jennifer's left hip. Moving fast, she crossed the trapped gams over her right leg and locked them in place. Almost done now, she turned J-Lo over onto her belly and sat down, trapping the Booty Queen in the Sharpshooter.

Sarah reared back and Jen screamed in agony but even this wasn't enough to draw an immediate submission. Digging her claws into the canvas, Lopez pushed up and started to crawl towards where she knew the ropes should be. It was only when she reached the edge of the ring and found nothing did she realize the gravity of her situation. Bawling a combination of rage and shame, the Latina Supreme tried pulling her way over the edge and down onto the sand, but Sarah stood up and pulled her back to the center of the ring.

Sitting down heavily on the brunette's squirming ass, Sarah looked over her shoulder and started to speak in a low, steady tone, "Listen very carefully Jennifer. You and I both know this is over. In a few seconds, a minute tops, you're either going to tap out or pass out. Either way the title is coming back to me. The only thing you currently have any say in is what happens afterward. Do you understand?"

Tearing at her own hair to keep from tapping, Lopez sobbed, "Fuck you bitcARNNNGGHHHHH!"

Gellar leaned back a little more on the Sharpshooter and continued, "As I was saying, the only thing you have control over is what happens after the bell. If you want to ever wrestle again, you're going to have to do something for me. I won't make you apologize, because I know you won't. And I won't make you beg because I don't think you CAN. But YOU WILL do this one thing for me..." Before she could continue, J-Lo reached up with her right hand and frantically slapped the mat, sobbing, "I GIVE UP! I GIVE UP! I GIVE UP!"

Sarah heard the bell ring and the crowd cheer, but she didn't release her hold, "That's not going to save you honey. Only three little words can save your career and I want to hear them very loud. Are you listening Jenny? I want you to scream... my... name."

Unable to believe she was going to comply with the blonde's demand, Jennifer did what she did next not because she was acknowledging the Slayer as her superior, but because she wanted to wrestle long enough to repay this particular humiliation. Drawing a humid breath into her lungs, J-Lo screamed at the top of her lungs, "SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR!"

The words died out and then Sarah tossed J-Lo’s legs aside and got to her feet. Sarah accepted the new Championship Belt from Mark and laid it over her shoulder. Nudging Jennifer over onto her back, Sarah glared down at her beaten nemesis and said, "And just because the winner makes the rules..."

She spun around and dropped to her knees, wedging the former Champ's face in the crack of her ass. Grinding as savagely as she could, Gellar kept up her pace until she felt J-Lo scream her last and go limp!

Getting her feet under her, the triumphant Slayer exited the ring and limped toward the audience. The rain finally stopped, which made Sarah's next task easier as the collapsible canopies over the seats retracted and gave everyone their first view of the sky in more than half an hour. Ignoring the well-wishers in the crowd, she spotted who she was looking for at the end of the front row.

Panting, the Slayer shrugged the belt onto her shoulder as she said, "Hello Neve."

The pale brunette smiled, "Congratulations Sarah."

Patting her newly won title belt, Gellar asked, "You know what this is, don't you?"

"The World Championship… if I'm not mistaken."

Sarah shook her head 'no', "You're wrong Neve. This is my heart and soul; it means everything to me."

Campbell nodded. "I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you."

Sarah's face went grim as she said, "Then maybe you can understand why it makes me sick when I bust my ass to win and defend this title only to have every fan in the building chant UNCROWNED CHAMP whenever you're around."

Neve shrugged, "They'll chant what they want to Sarah. Neither of us can control them."

Gellar smiled, "No. But I can control you."

The brunette's eyes narrowed, "Excuse me?"

Gellar laid the strap on the sand between them. "You say you don't want this title, I say you can't have it even if you did. You've avoided me for too long Neve. Sooner or later, you and I are going to tangle again, and the whole world will see that there's only ONE World Champion in this promotion. And it's not you."

Neve got out of her seat and faced off with the weary blonde, "I think the exhaustion is making you delirious Sarah. The ONLY reason you have that title is because I DON'T want it. Keep that in mind before you try to pick a fight you can't win."

The sureness in the Scream Queen's voice infuriated the blonde. Chesting into the taller girl, Sarah growled, "Bring it on Neve. Maybe if you can overcome the fear of losing to me, you'll step up and FIGHT for something important."

Campbell's dark eyes flashed and it looked like she was about to say something else when hands fell on both of their shoulders. Speaking quietly, Richard Fannin said, "You can save this for another night ladies. Right now Sarah needs to see Doc Straker and I need to wrap this thing up."

Sparing Neve a long, hard glance, Sarah picked up her belt, turned to Rich and said, "This isn't over."

Fannin smiled and replied, "It is for tonight. Go on and get cleaned up Champ, you don't want to miss the fireworks."

Sarah offered him a weary smile, turned on her heel and started making her way towards the Doctor's tent at the end of the beach. Watching her go, the promoter said to the brunette, "Everything cool?"

"For the moment," she said simply.

Satisfied, Fannin stepped away from the seats and addressed the crowd as a whole. "Well ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the scheduled entertainment for this evening, but I know there's still plenty of food and booze, so let's keep this thing rolling." His sentence was punctuated by a keening whistle and an explosive burst of color over the lake. Apparently the fireworks were back on and that meant the party was just getting started.

Her left knee heavily bandaged, Jennifer Lopez limped away from Straker's tent and made a beeline for the LAS shelter. At this point, the Latina Supreme wasn't even thinking about Sarah Michelle Gellar, she was just thinking about what she was going to do to those four betraying bitches when she got her hands on them. Approaching the entrance flap, Jennifer stormed her way inside and sneered, "You assholes better have a FUCKIN' GOOD..."

Her words were clipped off with almost mechanical precision when she realized all the lights in the place had been doused. Furrowing her brow, J-Lo peered into the gloom. She couldn't make anything out but she had the feeling that she wasn't alone.

Fumbling around in the dark, she found the switch that controlled the lanterns and flipped it on. As light returned to the tent, Lopez' dark eyes went wide as she saw what had happened to her followers.

All four of the other members of the faction were sprawled out on the floor, bound together at the wrists in a shape that looked something like the four points of a compass. To ensure they couldn't escape, their attackers had also bound their feet and gagged them so they couldn't call for help. Stunned by the tableau, Jennifer glanced over the staring eyes of friends and asked, "Who the hell did this?"

There was unintelligible mumbling from them all, but it was Mayra that caught Jennifer's attention first. The Cuban Assassin seemed to be indicating something behind the Booty Queen's back, so J-Lo turned around. Not sure what to expect her breath caught in her throat as she read the six words that had been scrawled in foot high letters on the wall of the tent. The message was one she knew well...


Shaking her head in astonishment, Jennifer whispered, "I don't know who you are, but I will. And when I do, you are going to be in for the beating of a lifetime. Because if you think payback's a bitch, wait 'til I get MY hands on you!"