"My 2009 Greatest Catfights Calendar features some of my toughest fights against the sexiest of opponents. Many of my favorite triumphs are included, but unfortunately there are also some of my most humiliating moments as well. For each month, I provided my commentary about the fight. Whether you prefer me confident and victorious, or cowering and submissive, I hope you enjoy this year’s calendar.
Love and best wishes for 2009,


January: Officer Stacy Sheridan (Heather Locklear “T.J. Hooker”).
Photo- Shot in an office. Emma is wearing her black catsuit. Stacy in her police uniform shirt over blue panties. Emma is behind Stacy and has her pinned in a corner with Mrs. Peel’s fingers tight about Stacy's neck as she applies a Sleeper Hold while staring into her eyes just before Stacy slides to the floor, unconscious.
"Stacy was a beautiful blond American police woman but not nearly as skilled as myself in hand-to-hand combat. She had long wanted to fight me but once I got her alone, I knew I was going to put that pretty body to sleep."

February: Tara King (Linda Thorson “Avengers”).
Photo- Shot in an abandoned warehouse. Emma is dressed in a blue bra and miniskirt. Tara is dressed in a green bra and miniskirt. Emma is smashing Tara with a barrage of karate chops as Tara slides down the wall, pain etched on her face.
"Ever since I met Tara, I knew I’d eventually go back to fight her. I didn't like Steed admiring her big breasts without realizing how soft and girlish her body was compared to mine. It was the same when I dominated Cathy Gale. As far as Avengers' agents go, it was important to me to prove myself the best of the lot."

March: Honey West (Anne Francis “Honey West”).
Photo- Shot inside the padded circle of The International Fight Club. Emma is wearing a purple bikini while Honey wears a bikini of orange. Emma's feet are on the canvas while her knees are pressing into Honey's back. Mrs. Peel has Honey's arms pinned behind her back. The American private eye has her butt on the canvas and looking woozy. She lies helplessly over Emma. Mrs. Peel's knees thrusting sharply into Honey's back forces the blond to submit.
"Honey is recognized by many as my American counterpart so it was important that I prove myself her better. I've beaten her three times in three tries and each time, I've felt a surge of elation course through my body as she was submitting to me. Always look forward to fighting - and beating - Honey."

April: Sydney Fox (Tia Carrere “Relic Hunter”).
Photo- Shot in a sauna. Emma, topless in white panties is kneeling in front of Sydney who is bare breasted in a black thong. Mrs. Peel is sobbing, her arms around Sydney's legs. Emma appears to be kissing the tawny Hawaiian's right thigh as an act of submission. Sydney, her big, bare breasts drenched in sweat, stands upright with hands on her hips as she gazes down at Emma scornfully.
"Of all my defeats, the loss to Sydney Fox was the most humiliating since she dominated me in front of Steed. I wanted a rematch and agreed to meet her alone in a sauna. As she discarded her black robe, I again saw her topless in her black thong, a look of savagery in her eyes. I felt intimidated but it was too late. I gave it my all but she mastered me again with her fighting skills and stronger body. She hurt me with body blows, then crushed me into submission with her thighs just like our first fight. I looked up at her, her hair in a ponytail, her big breasts sweat- glistened and undulating as I knelt before her. I was sobbing and frightened she wasn't finished with me yet.
"There is no one here to break it up this time, Emma", she said coldly. I don't know what came over me but I lunged at her legs and embraced them. Then I began kissing and licking her thighs. She forced me to lick her breasts as well before she finally dismissed me."

May: Lori Quaid (Sharon Stone “Total Recall”).
Photo- Shot in a hotel suite. Emma is dressed in a silver bikini while Lori is topless in baby blue panties. Emma is riding Lori's back as they struggle, one arm locked around the blond's jaw, the other slithered underneath Lori's panties. Lori has her mouth open and appears to be moaning.
"Lori Quaid was one of my toughest battles. She was beating me through most of the fight. This wild blond beauty was very tough and determined with a real mean streak. She was also stronger than I was. I finally defeated her by resorting to methods I don't normally use. As we grappled on the floor, I slipped my fingers underneath her panties and applied a devastating crotch claw. She was soon crying out her submission and cursed me as I left. I wiggled my ass at her as I walked out."

June: Cassie McBain (Natasha Henstridge “She Spies”).
Photo- Shot in the padded circle of the ‘International Fight Club’. Emma in a gold bikini and Cassie in a bikini with black and white stripes. Emma is standing over Cassie, taunting her and smiling wryly down at the tall blond who is flat on her back and grimacing.
"She wanted a rematch and I gave it to her! She always acted arrogantly which is why I enjoyed beating her up - again!"

July: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (Gena Lee Nolin “Sheena”).
Photo- Shot under a jungle canopy. Emma topless in cream white panties; Sheena bare breasted in a gazelle skin thong. As they tussle on the jungle floor, Sheena has Emma's arms twisted behind her as she flexes her calves around Mrs. Peel's face and Emma submits, then bursts out blubbering and in tears.
"This was supposed to be a vacation but ended up becoming one of my most humiliating moments. With Steed watching, the big breasted jungle blond proved too strong for me. It's bad enough losing to any woman, but getting dominated in front of Steed by a beautiful, big-breasted blond is really difficult to handle. She had unearthly strength and was very savage. I still try to block this fight from my mind."

August: Foxy Brown (Pam Grier “Foxy Brown”).
Photo- Shot in an alley. Emma, her catsuit on the ground, is stripped topless in her yellow panties. Foxy is bare breasted in tight red shorts. Foxy has Emma spread eagle on the ground, her hands clutching Emma's wrists while her huge breasts are planted directly on top of Mrs. Peel's much smaller pair. Foxy appears to be gloating as she stares into Emma's eyes and sees her wincing in pain.
"I should never have agreed to this rematch with Foxy. Although I beat her the first time, I was intimidated by her big breasts and domineering attitude. This time, she not only won, she thoroughly dominated me.
"Got ya, Emma baby!" she gloated as I groveled beneath her. She just laid her body on top of me, her breasts overwhelming mine as I begged her to let me go. It must have been so satisfying to her to make me cry as she humiliated my body like that."

September: Julie Rogers (Tanya Roberts “Charlie's Angels” TV show).
Photo- Shot in hotel suite. Emma is wearing her black catsuit. Julie is in a white bikini. Emma is standing behind Julie as they face the camera. Mrs. Peel is stretching her arms behind her back.
"Julie was supposed to be the toughest of Charlie's Angels, but like the other Angels, she found out what it feels like to be dominated by Emma Peel!"

October: Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman “Avengers”).
Photo- Shot in an open field in front of Steed. Emma in a green bra and miniskirt; Cathy dressed in her black catsuit. Mrs. Peel has Cathy on her back wincing from a series of karate chops. Emma’s skirt has risen even with her panties as she plants her knee in Cathy's groin and chops her mercilessly.
"This is my second fight - and second win over Cathy. I just loved beating her in front of Steed! I couldn't resist setting my butt on her face and grinding until Steed pulled me off."

November: Foxy Cleopatra (Beyonce Knowles), Catwoman (Halle Berry) and Purdey (Joanna Lumley).
Photo- Shot in a ladies room. Mrs. Peel is in a pink bra and miniskirt and Foxy topless in a gold thong. Foxy is standing behind Emma as she presses her in the corner. Her arms around Emma's breasts in a reverse bear hug, she ripples her muscular thighs under Emma's skirt in a standing leg scissors. Emma is crying. In the other corner facing the action, Catwoman (Berry) is topless without her mask holding Purdey's arm twisted behind her back with her right arm; her left hand lifting Purdey's peach mini-skirt above her white panties. Catwoman's thighs are flexing around Purdey's panties and Purdey's mouth is open as she winces in pain.
"I love Purdey but I'll never forgive her for this. We were at a nightclub where Foxy was performing; shaking her booty on stage. Purdey was drinking and got mouthy; yelling stupid things; shouting to Foxy, ‘Peel wants a rematch.’ I tried to shut her up and that’s when she accused me of being afraid of Black women. We went to the ladies room as her performance ended. Next thing I know, Foxy barges in, strips down to her thong and challenges me to fight! Catwoman followed her in and began to slap Purdey around. We were petrified! The last thing in the world I needed was the feel of Foxy's steel thigh muscles flexing around my panties again. It was all because of Purdey's big mouth that we spent the rest of the evening sobbing on one anothers' shoulder."

December: Purdey (Joanna Lumley “Avengers”).
Photo- Shot in the bedroom of an upscale apartment. Emma is dressed in a red bra and panties while Purdey is wearing a bra and panties of powder blue. Emma is on Purdey's back as she rides her into the bed. Purdey has her hands raised as they wrap around Emma's neck. Mrs. Peel has one arm wrapped around Purdey's breasts while her free hand is slipped under Purdey's panties. Purdey soon submits in tears.
"We were getting on each others nerves and knew we finally had to settle things. Purdey can be a real tigress! Never thought I'd ever use the crotch claw again, especially against my roommate. But when you're grappling in bed with your closest friend and such high stakes are involved, I guess everything is fair. We did kiss and make up in the end."