Grudge Match #1 - Angela Bassett vs. Halle Berry by Bob

Angela Bassett couldn't believe director Marc Forster had invited her to a party at his house. The muscular 5'4" superstar was sure he was still angry over her comments about his hit movie "Monster's Ball" and his star Halle Berry. Angela had pretty much implied that while Halle deserved the Academy Award for her performance, her speech was somewhat hypocritical in light of the nature of her role. When Angela arrived at Marc's home she was quickly ushered to the back yard, where she was greeted by Marc and many of his guests. Marc looked at the muscular actress who had first been offered the part but rejected it because of the sexual nature of the role.

"You look as lovely as ever, Angela," Marc said as he ran his hand slowly down her bare back.

But there was something about the inflection in his voice that made Angela suspicious of his motives.

"Thank you very much Marc," she said anxiously. "Is there a reason why you invited me here?" she asked, suspicions rising.

Marc immediately picked up on the fact Angela didn't trust him.

"Well Angela, there's another guest here who wanted to meet you. She asked if I'd do her a favor and invite you because she has something to say to you."

Angela quickly looked around, her suspicious mind now at full alert as she glared at her host and asked, "Who, Halle?"

Marc nodded as Halle suddenly appeared from the house. Halle was three inches taller than Angela, but the heels she wore made her five or six inches taller than Angela who had the feeling she and Halle were providing the entertainment tonight.

Halle smiled as she studied her muscular foe, "You were pretty brave making comments about me when I wasn't around. Would you care to repeat your comments now that we're standing face-to-face? Or maybe you'd just like to apologize?"

Angela stared at Halle and nervously licked her lips. She didn't have any friends at the party who'd support her, which gave her younger and taller adversary a big advantage.

"We both know it doesn't matter if I apologize or not," Angela sighed. "We're gonna have to fight regardless. Besides, I have nothing to apologize for. You're a talented actress, but I meant everything I said. You made a political speech but it didn't mean anything because of the role you played in that movie. I feel a lot of people see you as a hypocrite and if you want to fight let's do it and get it over with."

Halle continued to smile as she said, "I'm going to enjoy this."

Then she slapped Angela and Marc's party guests let out a cheer as the slap landed with enough force that Angela had to take a step back as her hand slowly came up to her stinging cheek. The cheers of the guest encouraged Halle who started throwing punches, hitting Angela in the face several times as she sent her reeling. Halle's attack had taken Angela by surprise, but she managed to land an uppercut that snapped Halle's head backward.

Although the punch stunned her momentarily, Halle resumed her attack and the two beauties grabbed each other by the hair with one hand and threw wild uppercuts to the face and tits with the other. The younger and taller Halle quickly gained the upper hand, pushing Angela slowly back until she fell to the ground. Just as her back hit the grass, Halle grabbed her head with both hands and slammed it on the hard earth, dazing the muscular African-American actress.

Halle raised her hips and snapped her knee up into Angela's crotch, then got up and stepped back to run her hand over her hair, putting the two or three displaced strands back in place. While Halle smiled proudly, Angela moaned and held her crotch as she got to her knees breathing heavily.

Halle grabbed a handful of Angela's hair and pulled the gasping actress to her feet, then swung her around and threw her face down on the ground at Marc's feet. Despite her pain, Angela tried to get up but just as she got to her hands and knees, Halle kicked her in the chest, lifting her body off the ground slightly before she fell back down. Angela tried three more times to get up and three more times she was kicked back down to the ground by a foot to the chest.

"Come on bitch, get up so I can knock you down again," Halle screamed.

When Angela didn't try to rise again, Halle kicked her in her ribs. Angela grimaced as she rolled over on her side, moaning and breathing hard holding her side. Halle pressed her high heel down on one of Angela's tits, crushing it between the heel and the ground. Angela squealed in pain but she managed to get her hands under Halle's knee and almost tipped the young starlet over as she shoved her away.

With Angela temporarily free, Halle came rushing back to resume her humiliation but Angela raised both feet and kicked out toward Halle who grunted when Angela's feet smacked solidly into her crotch. Halle grabbed her crotch with both hands as she went down, leaving both battered beauties hurt and laying on the ground; Angela rubbing her battered boob and Halle pouting and holding her punted pussy.

Angela could hear Marc's guests yelling at Halle to get up and their support for her enemy angered her, getting her adrenaline surging. Angela got to her knees and mounted Halle; now that she was on top, she showed the younger actress just how strong she really was. The muscular Angela threw punch after punch, pounding Halle's face and breasts as her feet kicked and flailed wildly.

Angela's punches were painful and Halle began bucking wildly and kneeing Angela in the back in an effort to unseat her. But despite being continually kneed in the back, Angela kept punching down into Halle's bulging bra until she started to feel the pain of Halle's kneeing her back. Angela leaned forward to avoid being kneed again and as she did, Halle caught her hair with one hand, raked her face with the other and bucked her off to the side.

This time, both battered beauties rolled in opposite directions before slowly getting to their knees breathing hard. Angela's punches had left their mark and Halle who had a bloody lip and both of her eyes were starting to swell and blacken. Halle's assault had also done damage to Angela who had a big red welt on the inside of her right breast from the heel of Halle's shoe and four long scratches on her face.

Both women struggled to their feet and Halle gasped, "Do you give up?"

Angela looked at her and laughed, "ME? Why should I quit, I'm kicking your ass honey. You're supposed to be pretty smart, why don't you quit before you get hurt?"

Then they both moved toward the other again and grabbed each other's hair. They started shaking each other's head furiously, bent forward at the waist as they spun each other around the yard, exchanging occasional kicks. After landing several kicks to Angela's shins, Halle once more gained the advantage as she shoved Angela back into a tree. Halle slammed her older foe's head against the tree, but Angela grabbed Halle by her reddish hair and spun her around. Halle's head hit the tree trunk and she instinctively reached back to feel the back of her head.

Halle didn't know what to do when she felt the sticky blood where her head hit the tree but Angela took advantage of Halle's momentary lapse. She grabbed her hair and pulled Halle away from the tree, threw her to the ground, and mounted her. Angela spread her skirt out covering Halle's face and once she had Halle's eyes covered, she moved forward and squeezed her thighs so tightly that Halle couldn't breathe.

Halle started kicking frantically as Angela smothered her and, because of the way Angela's skirt was covering her upper body, Halle couldn't free her arms to fight back. Halle continued to struggle in an effort to get free but the harder she struggled, the more difficulty she had breathing as Angela continued to cover Halle's face.

Finally, Halle stopped bucking and kicking and Angela removed her skirt from over Halle's face and got off her. As Angela stood over the panting actress, Halle started to get up but Angela landed a hard kick to her belly. Halle fell backward on the ground and after Angela hesitated several seconds, she drove several ferocious kicks to Halle's belly and chest and Halle grunted and groaned as each kick was driven home powerfully.

Then, surprisingly, Angela stopped kicking Halle and backed away to straighten her clothing. Halle rolled away from Angela and rose to her knees but Angela quickly moved back in, reached down and grabbed a handful of Halle's hair. Twisting Halle's head back and to the side, Angela punched her in the face with several devastating punches, then let go and watched as Halle toppled over face first in the grass. She was taking Halle apart!

Halle was bleeding from her nose, mouth, and the back of her head. She was desperate to regain the advantage but she'd been badly weakened by the punishment she'd already taken. In desperation, Halle clasped her hands and rammed her fists into Angela's crotch. The muscular beauty groaned and dropped to her knees in front of Halle. Once again, both actresses were on the ground and showing the effects of the punishment and ferocity of their fight.

After several minutes, Angela struggled to get up and, despite received more punishment, Halle also managed to get to her feet. Halle viciously slammed her foot into the side of Angela's head, knocking her back to the ground. Now, Halle was back in control and this time she was ready to put Angela away. Halle reached down and tore Angela's dress off, then went for Angela's crotch, slamming her heel into the dark delta of Venus as Angela screamed and kicked wildly.

"You're crazy bitch! You're hurting me. Get your foot outta there!"

Despite writhing in pain, Angela summoned the will to get Halle's heel out of her groin. Angela grabbed her ankle and twisted as hard as she could and, to her surprise, Halle lost her balance and tumbled to the ground. Angela spun around facing her and kicked out both legs to Halle's stomach. Then the two hellcats rolled into each other and locked up in a strange embrace.

They both grunted as they clutched the other in a bearhug until Halle suddenly screamed when Angela managed to rip off her dress. Halle hadn't come to the party looking for a fight and she wasn't wearing a bra. When Angela's saw her exposed tits she ducked her head, leaned forward and bit into one which drew a satisfying squeal of pain from the Academy Award winner!

Angela rolled away and watched as Halle writhed around holding her tit in pain. Angela wanted to attack, but she needed time to recover and catch her breath. Finally, Angela was ready to resume the fight and she kicked Halle over on her back. Then Angela jumped on Halle's stomach and started swinging furiously, landing punch after punch, many of them to Halle's bare breasts. Halle was breathing heavily and no longer fighting back when Angela finally stopped punching and grabbed her by the hair. Angela slammed Halle's head on the hard ground repeatedly and the back of Halle's head, which had been bleeding earlier, started bleeding again, this time so profusely she looked like a redhead.

Halle reached up and tried to claw Angela's tits and face to make her stop, but the muscular African-American was clearly in control and wasn't about to let up now.

Angela kept beating Halle's head on the ground until Halle cried, "Stop, please! OK, you win. Get off me!"

Smiling, Angela got up off Halle and stood over her with her hands on her hips, glaring down at her as if challenging the Black superstar to continue the fight. But Halle just curled up in a fetal position and hugged herself as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Angela stuck out her foot and prodded Halle's bare breast with her toe as she demanded, "Now, apologize bitch!"

Halle continued to sob. Since she wasn't getting the apology she wanted, Angela knelt down and punched Halle four times but it was enough! Halle sobbed even harder, but managed to meekly gasp, "I'm sorry."

Grinning proudly, Angela stood up and turned to Marc Forster, her bare breasts glistening in the torch lit night as they heaved and asked, "So, how was I?" Marc just grinned sheepishly but didn't answer, so Angela asked, "Anyone else you want me to fight?"

Again, there was no response so Angela asked, "Can someone give me a jacket so I can cover up and go home?"

When no one moved, Angela snorted, turned on her heel and stalked away bare chested. As she stomped angrily away, she could sense everyone's eyes were on her. It felt great beating Halle and Angela couldn't help strutting just to show everyone her contempt for them. It had been a rough fight, but far from the toughest one she'd ever been in. Angela would be in a lot of pain for the next several days but she knew it had all been worth every bit of pain she felt.

Angela Bassett vs. Naomi Campbell by Bob

It had been three weeks since Angela's fight with Halle Berry and although her right breast had been sore for awhile as a result of Halle grinding her heel into the breast, Angela now felt great and had even started working out again. Many Hollywood celebrities had heard about the fight and several made a point of calling Angela to congratulate her for finally putting Halle in her place. Quite a few well-wishers said they'd loved to have seen the fight and more than a few, including Charlize Theron and Ashley Judd, told Angela they wished they'd been the one to give Halle her due.

Angela was at the gym, working out with her personal trainer. She'd started her usual workout and was loosening up on the treadmill when she heard the steady rat-a-tat-tat of the speed bag. Although she couldn't see who was punching the bag, she could tell whoever it was, they were very good at it. In fact, the rhythm was better than any she'd heard before and she couldn't help thinking a professional fighter was working out at the club that was frequented primarily by actors, actresses, models, and singers.

Angela enjoyed working out on the speed bag herself and although she was pretty good, she wished she were as good as whoever it was working out and, for a few seconds, Angela imagined she was a professional fighter. However, she set the treadmill so it would speed up during her workouts and when the treadmill started to speed up she quickly returned to reality and increased her pace. Angela was starting to perspire heavily when her attention was again diverted.

"So, Angela, I hear you kicked Halle Berry's derriere. I didn't know you were a fighter. I wish I could have seen you take that bitch apart."

Angela looked over her shoulder and saw Naomi Campbell standing near a treadmill with a pair of speed bag gloves draped over her shoulder.

"Were you the one working out on the speed bag?" Angela asked.

"Yeah, that was me," Naomi replied with a small, tight grin. "What do you think? Pretty impressive?"

Angela nodded and casually said, "Very. So what are you doin' here Naomi?"

Naomi shrugged and replied, "Just working out and looking for someone to spar with. I didn't know you were a fighter. Perhaps you'd like to go a few rounds."

Angela smiled and said, "No thanks. I've got a workout to finish."

Naomi started to get angry, "Don't tell me you're afraid? Hey, you just beat the great Halle Berry. You're probably one of the toughest women in Hollywood. Maybe even THE toughest. By wearing boxing gloves I don't have to worry about getting hurt."

Angela shrugged, "So Naomi, if I'm so tough, why do you want a piece of me? What's in it for you?"

"I just love to box and the better my competition the better I get," Naomi said. "I guess you heard I took those anger management courses?"

"Yes I heard. Do you do boxing as a result of anger management?"

"Yeah. That's where I developed a love for boxing. I can hit people without being angry. Hitting someone when you're angry is unacceptable, but if you're not angry it's alright. Hitting someone when you're not angry is actually therapy."

Angela couldn't help thinking she was being set up, "You hit that speed bag pretty good. Did you lose any of your boxing matches?"

"Well Angela, the matches were done for anger management so there aren't winners or losers but, yes, I did alright."

The treadmill started to speed up again as Angela asked, "Didn't you fight some men?"

Naomi laughed and nodded, "A few."

"How'd you do against men, Naomi?" Angela asked.

"Oh, OK I guess. I won one or two fights," Naomi replied.

"I thought you said there weren't any winners or losers when you fought," Angela remarked.

"Well, there weren't winners or losers, but, I always know if I get the best of an opponent or not," Naomi said. "So what's it gonna be? Are you going to put on the gloves with me?"

Now Angela was certain she was being set up, "Did Halle send you?"

Naomi laughed, "You've got to be putting me on. I hate Halle. We fought last year and she beat the hell out of me. I'd love to fight her again but I know I still can't beat her."

Angela hopped off the treadmill and faced the tall model, "Why do I think you're lying? Why do I think you and Halle never fought? Why do I think you're really tougher than Halle? Why do I think you really want a catfight?"

Suddenly, all the action in the gym had stopped as members edged nearer the treadmill, waiting to see if Angela was going to back down or accept the tall model's challenge.

Naomi was now fuming and started screaming, "I've been truthful about everything but if you're afraid to put on the gloves and box, I'll find someone else. Jada Pinkett Smith's here; maybe she's got more nerve than you."

As Naomi turned around and started walking away, Angela sighed and said, "Hey Naomi! Get the boxing gloves. You want to box someone, I'll give you a match."

Naomi walked over to the area where the gloves were, put her speed bag gloves back and grabbed two pair of gloves. She walked back to the shorter, older but more muscular actress and shoved the gloves into her chest.

"Just go easy on me Angela. Remember, it's boxing, not a catfight."

Angela nodded and snapped warily, "Oh, I'll remember it's not a catfight. But will you?"

The patrons of the gym backed away from the two combatants, forming a ring.

Jada Pinkett Smith sidled up to Angela and whispered, "Watch out Angela. Those anger management classes didn't work. She's still crazier than a loon. I read an article in the paper about her and her boxing. She can fight! She's knocked out everyone she fought so far. Sometimes, she holds back just to torture her opponent before knocking them out. I also know for a fact that she and Halle are REAL good friends - if you catch my drift. Either Halle asked her to fight you or she's taking it on herself to get a little revenge for what you did to her girlfriend. But you CAN beat her; you're stronger. Use that strength. You catch her with a few good punches and she'll soften. Just be ready for her to turn it into a catfight if things aren't going well for her. Remember, if worst comes to worst I got your back girl."

"Thanks Jada," Angela said with a deep sigh. "But hopefully, I won't need anyone watching my back."

The two combatants walked towards each other and as they came within arms reach, Naomi started circling to her right, away from Angela's power. Angela turned and watched her intently as Naomi continued to circle until she finally shot a jab out, her fist catching Angela on the jaw. The punch was sharp and crisp and her head snapped back.

Naomi followed the jab with a right cross to the left side of Angela's face. It hit hard enough that it made Angela's knees buckle. Naomi laughed as she threw a quick left-right combination, both punches landing square on Angela's nose. Naomi was very quick and her punches hurt! Angela suddenly realized she shouldn't have accepted Naomi's challenge because the fiery and unpredictable model was taking her apart. She had to do something to negate Naomi's superior skill.

Despite the fact that Naomi was not only quicker but had longer arms and legs, Angela decided she had to start moving. She started moving to her right - away from Naomi's power. Angela continued to circle away from her until suddenly Naomi threw a wild right, landing the haymaker flush on Angela's chin. Angela never saw the punch coming and her knees unhinged. Desperately trying to stay up, Angela's legs had turned to spaghetti and she went down on her back.

Naomi stood over her fallen foe and cackled, "That knockdown was for Halle but the rest will be for me."

Angela was dazed as she lay on her back trying to clear the cobwebs. While she was still on her back, Naomi made her next move, throwing off her gloves. She grabbed Angela's hair and yanked her up off the gym floor and started spinning around and around and around. When she finally let go, Angela went flying into one of the weight machines. She groaned as she braced herself against the machine, trying to get her equilibrium back. She was hurt and Naomi knew it.

Reacting quickly, the tall, lean model flew across the gym, leaped and drove her knee to the small of Angela's back. Angela's head snapped back and she grimaced as she sank to her knees. Naomi continued the blindside assault, grabbing Angela's hair, yanking her back hard and throwing her down on her back.

Naomi then turned to those watching and said, "Looks like she's not so tough. I'm surprised Halle didn't kick her sorry butt. Bet if she fought Halle again Halle would show her who's the boss."

Naomi danced a little, throwing a flurry of shadow punches in the air while Angela continued to lie on her back.

"Who's the woman? Yeah, who's the woman? I can beat her anytime, anywhere, any place," Naomi taunted as she continued to dance and throw punches.

Suddenly, however, Angela was back up on her feet running toward her arrogant foe. She lowered her shoulder and slammed into Naomi, catching her just under her left breast. Angela wrapped her arms around Naomi as tight as she could, squeezed with as much pressure as she could apply as she carried Naomi across the gym until the big model's back hit the wall with a loud THUD!

Angela continued to bearhug as tightly as she could, keeping Naomi's body wedged on the wall in her vice-like grip, unable to move. Naomi hit the wall very hard and she was having trouble breathing due to Angela's incredible bearhug. Angela continued to squeeze her and she could hear Naomi gasping for air. Naomi was starting to panic, knowing there was little she could do to make the shorter actress to release her painful hold. As Naomi tried to think of her next move, Angela slowly pulled her away from the wall, then slammed Naomi back against it as if trying to drive her clear through the wall. Once again Naomi hit the wall with a loud thud and she groaned as her entire body went numb.

Naomi shouted; "No!" as Angela pulled back again.

Then Naomi screamed, "Please!" as Angela again slammed her into the wall.

Angela let Naomi go and watched her tall foe slide down the wall to the floor in a jumble of long, lean arms and legs. Angela quickly threw her own gloves off, grabbed Naomi's hair and heaved her up to her feet. The wall whipping had left the tempestuous model in a weakened condition and Angela wasn't about to let her off the hook. She held Naomi with her left hand on her throat as she kicked Naomi in the stomach. Naomi groaned and her legs went limp, but Angela wasn't about to let her go yet.

Holding the tall model's hair, the muscular movie star pounded her left fist into Naomi's eye. Naomi screamed not only because of the actress' exceptional strength, but because her grip on Naomi's long black hair prevented the model from collapsing to the gym floor. Angela landed another hard punch, this one to Naomi's nose. Much to Angela's surprise, Naomi fell to the floor. Angela looked down at her right fist and laughed as she showed everyone the clump of Naomi's hair that had been yanked out when she fell. Although Naomi was hurt and defenseless, she was still conscious.

Angela looked at her fallen foe and asked, "Had enough, bitch?"

"Screw you, cunt," Naomi gasped. "This fight isn't over by half!"

"Naomi, I didn't think you were so dumb," Angela laughed. "You must be one of those girls who like pain! Just remember one thing Sugah, you just lost this fight."

Then recalling the punishment Halle had administered when she ground her heel into her tit; Angela wished that she were wearing heels. Since she wasn't, however, she decided to inflict a little additional pain before grinding Naomi tit however she could later. She reached down, grabbed Naomi by her hair and lifted her head slightly, then slapped her across the face with her other hand. She quickly followed the slap with a backhand, then punched Naomi in the eye. The tall model's head bounced on the floor when Angela let go of her hair.

Angela then mounted the fallen model's stomach, grabbed the top of Naomi's spandex outfit and started to pull it down.

"No!" screamed Naomi as Angela methodically pulled down the model's top.

Naomi tried to resist, grabbing the top of her workout outfit with both hands, but Angela was too strong and Naomi offered little resistance. Suddenly, Naomi's top was down around her waist. When Naomi saw that her efforts at maintaining her modest were doomed, she covered her bare breasts with both hands. With Naomi's resistance at an end, Angela stood up and easily pulled her suit the rest of the way down her legs, leaving one of Europe's top supermodels bare-assed naked.

"You're going to pay for that bitch," Naomi screamed.

"Am I really?" Angela smirked. "And how do you figure that?"

"All I have to do is get you off me and land one punch; then we'll see who's tougher," Naomi replied.

Much to Naomi's surprise, Angela stood up, reached out her hand, grabbed Naomi's wrist and pulled her to her feet.

Angela stepped back, assumed a boxer's stance and said, "Go ahead, try to land that punch. I'm giving you one more chance."

Naomi mirrored Angela's boxer's stance. Despite being weakened and having little spring in her legs, she knew she was the superior boxer and she was prepared to beat the crap out of the shorter actress. Naomi set herself to take advantage of Angela's mistake as they stood toe to toe. Angela eyed Naomi opponent closely, waiting for her to make a move so she could counter it.

Suddenly Naomi dipped her right shoulder, faked a right-hand punch and shot her right foot out toward Angela's groin. The actress reacted quickly, catching Naomi's ankle and lifting her leg as high as she could until Naomi toppled over. Angela again mounted the fallen model's stomach and slapped her face.

"So tough girl, what did you say you were gonna do? Looks like you're flat on your back again and this time, I'm not going to give you another chance. This fight is O-V-E-R!"

Angela slammed her palms against the outside of Naomi's small, firm breasts and pushed them together. Using her exceptional strength, Angela continued pressing Naomi's tits together until Naomi went limp and her eyes closed. Although she wanted to grind Naomi's tit on the floor, the hold Angela used to end the fight had been pretty effective. She waited a few seconds to see if Naomi would open her eyes but when she didn't, Angela got off her and planted her foot on Naomi's belly, posing with her clenched fists pumping in the air as the gym members applauded.

Angela took her foot off the unconscious model, waved and headed to the locker room to take a shower, then change and head for home.

As she walked to the lockers, she heard Jada call out, "Don't think this is over Angela! Naomi'll get you if she can."

Angela turned. "Thanks Jada, but I don't think I have to worry about her. I gave her a pretty sound beating."

Jada shook her head, "I'm tellin' you, the girl's elevator don't go to the penthouse. It doesn't even get out of the basement. She'll stalk you and jump you when you're not looking. I'll watch your back when I'm around, but don't think she's finished."

Angela nodded, "Thanks Jada," then walked down the hall to the locker room.

Despite winning, Angela's body was sore where Naomi caught her with some nasty shots. She undressed and headed for the showers where she leaned on the wall with her eyes closed and let warm water pelt her sweaty body. The water felt good and she continued to soothe her aching body until she was grabbed from behind so tight she couldn't breathe!

Naomi had entered the shower and taken her by surprise, wrapping her left arm around Angela's waist and her right arm around her throat. Angela tried to pull Naomi's arm away from her throat, but Naomi's grip was incredibly strong. Jada had warned her the fight wasn't over but she'd underestimated the craziness of this model.

Unable to pry Naomi's arm from her neck, Angela tried kicking the model in the shin and stomping on her foot. After a few stomps, Naomi punched Angela in the back with a powerful punch that drove Angela to her knees. Naomi knelt with her and as Angela continued to try and free herself, Naomi leaned forward putting her weight on Angela's back.

Suddenly, the actress found herself sprawled on her stomach, her face in the puddle of water from the shower, with Naomi lying on her back choking her. Angela reached back and started digging her nails into Naomi's ribs but Naomi continued holding onto the squirming actress. Despite the tightening grip on her throat, Angela somehow managed to get to her knees with Naomi hanging on her back.

Angela threw herself backward, landing on top of Naomi and knocking the breath out of her. Once she was on top of the model, Angela rose up slightly and then fell back hard. Naomi grunted as Angela's butt came down on her stomach. Once again Angela rose upwards, fell hard, pounding the slender model between her body and the shower floor. Naomi released her hold and Angela turned over belly to belly on Naomi's naked body and landed three hard punches to Naomi's chin.

Angela grabbed Naomi's hair and beat her head against the shower floor until Naomi's eyes rolled back in her head and she went limp. Once more, Naomi was out! Angela got up and looked around. Standing in the doorway of the shower room was the small but very muscular figure of Jada PInkett Smith.

Angela looked at her friend, "I thought you were going to watch my back."

"Hey, I caught the end of the fight. From here, it didn't look like you needed help. But if you were in trouble I'd have pulled her off."

"Jada, you're a big help. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Angela took a couple of seconds to clean up, toweled off quickly and left before Naomi came to. Jada dragged the drowsy model's naked body out of the shower and dropped her on the dressing room floor. Then Jada took a seat on a bench and waited for her Naomi to wake up.
Jada Pinkett Smith vs. Naomi Campbell by Bob

"Looks like you let Halle down," Jada said when Naomi let out a moan and started to sit up. "You tried that sorry sneak attack and got your butt beat. Jeez, you even jumped her from behind and you STILL got your sorry ass whipped. I'd love to kick your ass again right now, but I don't think it'd be a fair fight. But since you like to fight, tell me when and where and I'll be there."

Naomi stared up at the tiny actress, "You talk real tough to someone who's been beat twice in one day. If you're really serious, I'll fight you a week from today."

"You're on bitch, just tell me where an' I'll be there."

Naomi sized Jada up, "My house! 11:00 AM. We'll video it so I can give it to Will and he can see me kicking your ass. Wear something expensive so I can take delight in ripping it off."

"I'm going to love beating you," Jada said, then kicked Naomi in the chest and laughed as the model fell backward.

The next week passed quickly and on the day of the fight Jada drove up Naomi's driveway, got out of the car and walked to the front door. Naomi opened the door before Jada got to the steps.

"I didn't think you'd show little girl."

Jada laughed, "I've seen you fight and I know what you've got, but you don't know what I've got."

"Jada, my friends call me Black Panther," Naomi chuckled. "And you're about to find out why."

"Well Black Panther, when I get done, they're going to start calling you Black Pussycat."

Naomi looked down at her diminutive foe and asked, "Did anyone ever tell you you're short? Why don't you come back when you grow several inches?"

Jada laughed, "I'm short? Oh no! What should I do?"

"Even if you were three inches taller you'd still be short," Naomi teased.

"Thank you very much Naomi," Jada hissed. "But now it's time for me to kick your ass." Then she saw a man holding a video camera. "You ready?" The man nodded his head and Jada assumed a fighter's stance.

Naomi looked at her tiny foe and started to laugh, "You must be putting me on, as they say."

Jada angrily replied, "Quit stalling! I got some serious ass kicking to do."

Naomi charged her shorter foe, but Jada leaped high in the air and snap-kicked Naomi under the chin. Naomi is about 10 inches taller than Jada and was caught by surprise. The tall model fell over backward and Jada looked down at her smiling.

"How'd you like that move…Black Panther?"

While Naomi started to get up, Jada moved around behind the tall model and while Naomi was still on her hands and knees, Jada kicked her in the back and then grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back with so much force that her head bounced when it hit the floor.

Jada reacting immediately, just as if she'd fought before. She moved to the 5'10" model's right side and stomped down with her right foot onto Naomi's breasts, driving her heel into Naomi's breast. The tiny 5'0" tigress reached down, grabbed the model's hair in both hands, lifted her head slightly and then kicked Naomi in the face. Her head snapped back and whacked the floor with a loud THUMP!

The kick to the face by the diminutive actress opened a large gash over Naomi's right eye, leaving the Black Panther groggy and on the verge of defeat just minutes into the fight. Once again, the tiny actress reached down and grabbed a handful of the giant's hair. She again lifted Naomi's head and landed a hard kick in the tall model's tight abs. Naomi groaned and fell back once again, gasping for air as she lay on her back. She couldn't believe how easily the tiny giant-killer was taking her apart, but it wasn't in Naomi's nature to quit anything - even drugs! She intended to fight until she had the advantage and won or was unconscious and lost!

Not wanting to give Naomi any chance to recover, Jada moved faster than a cheetah, again grabbing the giantess by the hair and lifting her onto her feet. The little tiger let go of the Black Panther's hair, grabbed Naomi's right wrist in her left hand, dipped her right shoulder, pivoted right and swept upward with her right arm between Naomi's open legs. Jada lifted the tall model up onto her shoulders in a firemen's carry. Dazed, Naomi wondered what the tiny actress was going to do to her.

Naomi screamed and started flailing her arms and kicking her legs, hoping to cause Jada to fall or at least drop her. But her movements were to no avail as Jada dipped her right shoulder, jerked to her right with her left shoulder and sent the supermodel flying through the air. Naomi hit the ground hard, her head bounced and she lay still. Jada put her right foot on the model's chest and started pressing down as Naomi struggled to get her breath and then screamed as Jada leaned on her with her full weight.

"Had enough?" Jada asked as she grinned toward the camera.

"Yes, you win. I give up," Naomi pouted.

Jada lifted her foot from Naomi's chest, then reached down and ripped off Naomi's black dress.

"I know you and I'm not going to give you a chance to attack me from behind. You quit and this fight's over. You made a big mistake when you agreed to fight me."

Then Jada grabbed Naomi's black lace bra and ripped it off. She carefully tied the bra around Naomi's wrists, pulling it so tight that Naomi couldn't possibly free herself until or unless the cameraman or someone else untied her.

Naomi realized she made a mistake when she quit because she'd planned to go back on the offensive when Jada backed off and gave her an opening. She hadn't anticipated Jada tying her up when she was too weak to resist.

Still, Naomi screamed a threat, "You're going to pay for this, you bitch."

"Gee, I'm scared, Naomi," Jada said as she sat on Naomi's thighs and ripped off her black lace panties. "I was gonna do you a favor and use these to tie your feet, but idiots like you don't know when you're beat. I knew you'd attack me as soon as I turned my back even though your hands are tied. If you attack me now, I'll beat you so bad you won't be in any condition to fight ever again," she concluded as she stuffed the sweaty panties in Naomi's mouth.

Jada turned to the video man and said, "I'm thirsty, how about buying me a drink?"

The video man smiled and nodded, "You're on."

Jada turned around, gave Naomi a last kick to the face to emphasize to the Black Panther how foolish it would be to get up and attack her while she was leaving. She then looked at the video man and the two of them left to discuss how many copies of the video tape each would get.
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