Danielle Fishel vs. Jessica Biel by Bob

Dani and Jessica had starred in a TV movie together and the two young stars were told they had to travel and hang out together on the publicity tour. Wherever they went, they immediately become the focus of all the men. While both liked having men fawn over them, they found they always wound up vying for the same men and so the two divas quickly developed a fierce rivalry and bitter hatred.

While they didn't want to spend time together away from the set, it was in the contract they had to hang out together five nights a week and they had no choice but to honor their contracts. As much as Jessica disliked Dani, she enjoyed that the guys preferred her to her rival. While she generally could have any guy she wanted, Jessica always seemed to want the same guy that Dani wanted. She actually found she enjoyed watching Dani fume as she stole her men time after time.

Dani found it humiliating to lose men to Jessica night after night and she started circulating rumors that Jessica preferred women and hit on men only to hide the fact that she was a lesbian. Despite the fact that Dani kept telling men she was gay, Jessica still continued to easily steal Dani's men away from her.

The more bars and clubs they hit, the more they hated each other; and the more they hated each other the skimpier and sexier their clothing became as the competition heated up. As their clothing got sexier, Jessica found it became even easier to lure Dani's men away from her. One night they went to a bar and after about 30 minutes a man approached Dani and started flirting. Jessica immediately sauntered over to them and turned on the charm. It didn't take long for her to win the man over.

The 5'2" Dani was wearing a short blue skirt and a yellow halter and she'd finally had enough of her 5'8" co-star. She slammed down her hand on the bar and suggested they step outside. Jessica, who was wearing a tight, short pink skirt and a white sleeveless, midriff-baring white T-shirt, accepted the challenge. A large crowd followed the two young dirty blonde starlets as they headed out back.

Dani, who had a reputation for having incredible strength, looked at her taller co-star and said, "Perfume isn't a substitute for a shower. Why don't you trying bathing once in awhile? You're a pig and a whore and everyone knows you dye your hair. I'm going to look forward to beating your ass and humiliating you in front of everyone. When I'm done with you, no one's gonna wanna look at you."

The taller Jessica laughed, "You're just jealous because men find me more attractive. Aside from the fact you need personality lessons, did you ever think of having a salad. I don't care how tough you're supposed to be, I'm not afraid of you. We'll see who gets humiliated. Besides, even if you could beat me and mess up my face, I'd still be taking men away from you. Oh, and by the way, I'll make it quick because there's a lot of men in there and as I see it, I can have my pick of any one."

Dani, who was a year older than Jessica, had heard enough, "You're really a conceited bitch. But when I get through with you, I'll have knocked that out of you too."

Dani slapped Jessica's face and the taller Jessica lunged and grabbed the shorter, heavier dirty blonde's hair. Dani retaliated by grabbing Jessica's long dirty blonde hair and the fight was on!

"I'm going to rip your blonde hair out by its brown roots, you dirty slut."

They pulled each other's long hair, jerking each other's heads from side to side as they tried to get an advantage. Dani was bent over at the waist so far that she kept reaching behind her to keep her miniskirt from hiking up to expose her panties.

The crowd was shouting encouragement to both girls, but one of them shouted, "Come on Dani; pull her skirt down."

Dani heard the advice and immediately grabbed the waist of Jessica's tight skirt. She jerked the skirt down around the taller dirty blonde's knees, revealing her white lace thong. When the flustered Jessica bent over to pull her skirt up, Dani grabbed her long hair and threw her to the ground. Dani jumped on top of her fallen foe but within seconds Jessica reached up, grabbed Dani's shoulders and rolled her muscular foe off.

The two dirty blondes were laying on their sides, face-to-face, clawing at each other. Dani grabbed Jessica's T-shirt, pulled and ripped it off. Jessica, who wasn't wearing a bra, had been taken by surprise by Dani's move. Momentarily embarrassed that her tits were flapping around, Jessica instinctively tried to cover them with her arms.

Dani quickly got up and asked, "Why hide something everyone here has seen?"

As Dani rose to her feet, she reached down and grabbed Jessica's skirt which was still at her knees. As the skirt came off, Jessica's heels also flew off. Jessica had never been more embarrassed! She'd been stripped of everything but her thong.

Dani laughed loudly and said, "You look like a friggin lobster."

Jessica's embarrassment quickly turned to rage. Dani had been making a fool of her and now she was pouring salt on the wounds with her comments. The irate young star jumped up and attacked Dani, grabbing her halter top with both hands and ripping it off, exposing Dani's large, round breasts which bore bright bikini tan lines. Everybody pointed, checking out Dani's tits as the shorter dirty blonde's face now turned the same bright red and Dani's tried to hide her tits with her hands.

Dani wanted to run and she started slowly backing away, but Jessica chased her down, slapping her pretty face several times. As soon as Dani moved her hands to protect her face, Jessica grabbed the front of Dani's skirt and pulled. The zipper broke and Jessica started to pull the skirt as it parted down the seam in back. Instinctively, Dani reached down to keep her from ripping it off.

Jessica tried again to grab at Dani's skirt, but Dani kept knocking her hands away until Jessica finally got a good grip on the skirt. This time when Dani grabbed for Jessica's wrists and dug her nails into them. Jessica felt the pain of Dani's talon-like fingernails, which broke her skin and caused her to start bleeding. Both girls screamed simultaneously but Jessica continued to pull Dani's skirt until she ripped it off, leaving Dani in nothing but white string bikini panties and white high heels. Dani immediately covered her chest with one arm and her groin with her other hand. With Dani now down to just a pair of heels, Jessica forgot about the pain in her wrists and again went on the attack, trying to grab Dani's panties.

Dani frantically tried to defend her panties with both hands; shouting, "Stop it! Let go!"

She kicked Jessica's shin, temporarily distracting her, and then grabbed Jessica's tits and started twisting. Jessica screamed as she tried to pry Dani's hands away from her tits. Once again the complexion of the fight had changed as Jessica desperately tried to pry Dani's claws off her wounded tits. Now that Dani was in command, she was able to use her superior strength to hold Jessica off.

Jessica started screaming for help as Dani continued to overpower her. However, no one came to her aid and Dani finally forced the taller young star down on her back. With Dani seated on her stomach mauling her tits, Jessica didn't know what to do. Dani was having fun with Jessica's tits and worried she was going to give up before she had gained full revenge. Except for when she was protecting herself from having certain parts of her body exposed, Dani was clearly the better fighter. She had to figure out how to make Jessica so mad she'd keep fighting even if she was being taken apart.

"Jessica, I love your tits," Dani hissed. "They almost look real. But since you got implants, why didn't you get larger ones?"

Jessica was hurt, embarrassed and angered by Dani's comments, "Get off me you cow. I'm going to kill you," she screamed.

Jessica bucked furiously and Dani was taken by surprise. She was forced to release Jessica's tits as she went flying off her. Dani landed on her stomach and as she tried to catch her breath, Jessica got up quickly. When Jessica saw Dani still lying on her stomach, the still irate blonde reached down and grabbed Dani's panties with both hands.

Dani panicked and tried to crawl away but she couldn't escape from the taller dirty blonde. Dani started to yell for help but nobody moved. The terrified dirty blonde reached back and grabbed her panties to prevent Jessica from ripping them off. But Jessica's rage gave her added strength she normally wouldn't have. She easily tore Dani's panties off leaving her on the ground, stark naked.

Dani had been humiliated and, despite getting the better of Jessica, she was more than ready to concede defeat. She'd wait to get revenge another day. But Jessica was so pissed that she decided to humiliate her rival even further! She kicked Dani in the ribs and Dani groaned, but she didn't move from her stomach. Again Jessica kicked Dani and again she grunted but didn't budge.

Jessica put her foot on Dani's ass and flexed her muscles, then stomped down on Dani's back four times. With Dani still on her stomach and not offering any resistance, Jessica dropped her ass down on Dani's ass and started punching her in the back. Finally, Jessica stood up, grabbed Dani's hair and started pulling her torso up off the ground.

Dani screamed, "Stop! I give up."

Jessica continued to pull Dani's long hair, mocking her and saying, "So sorry, no hablo Englis."

Realizing Dani wasn't going to get off her stomach, Jessica got up and moved around near Dani's head. She reached down and grabbed Dani's long hair out until she could step on it. Jessica stood on Dani's hair and Dani started screaming, "Please!"

Jessica took a step back, getting of Dani's hair, then grabbed Dani's hair one more time, pulling it so she was able to lift Dani to her knees. Dani huddled with her arms crossed over her bare breasts and her big thighs tightly squeezed closed as Jessica kicked her in the face.

Dani was now sobbing. "Will you let me go if I roll over on my back?"

Jessica laughed and said, "Okay."

Dani slowly rolled to her back and Jessica smiled as she put her foot down on Dani's tits. She flexed and looking down at her helpless victim and arrogantly said, "Looks like I got the best of you again. It's going to be a lot of fun on the set tomorrow Tubby."

Dani still believed she was the better fighter, but she didn't know how to deal with Jessica's ruthlessness and decided she'd have to find another way to get revenge without provoking her conqueror to the point she demanded a rematch.
Danielle Fishel vs. Jessica Biel (rematch)

Dani arrived on the set early the next morning. Because of their dislike for each other, Dani knew Jessica was going to tell everyone about the fight. She also knew Jessica would surely embellish the details to make it sound even worse than it really was, which was pretty bad in itself. She was going to wait for Jessica to arrive to get her revenge. Much to her surprise, Jessica was already on the set. It was the first time since they started shooting that Jessica had arrived on time. Dami immediately went to the taller blonde's trailer.

"Hey bitch, we've got some unfinished business," Dani said.

Jessica slowly got up and laughed. "That's Miss bitch to you. I see you're wearing blue jeans and a football jersey. I'm not going to have any trouble getting that jersey off but the jeans will be tough. But I'll get them off one way or the other. Frankly, I'm surprised you're here. I thought I taught you a lesson last night. Maybe you're a slow learner."

"Cut the chatter, and let's get this over with."

The two young stars left Jessica's trailer and started circling each other. A few of the cast members on the lot sensed the friction between the two starlets and walked over when they saw the two dirty blondes circling. Suddenly Jessica threw a right hand but Dani moved aside and the punch missed. Jessica threw a few more right hands but Dani continued to move well and easily avoided them.

When Jessica moved closer, Dani lashed out with her right hand which landed flush on Jessica's chin. Jessica toppled over backward. Dani lowered her shoulder and hit the taller dirty blonde about chest high just as she was going down. Dani landed on top of her rival and quickly maneuvered to plop her firm ass on Jessica's chest. She started throwing rights and lefts to the taller dirty blonde's face. Dani landed seven, eight, nine, ten punches in a row!

A crowd was starting to gather and Dani' could hear everyone screaming for her. Thinking her punches had weakened Jessica, the short dirty blonde maneuvered herself up onto Jessica's face. Jessica started to kick vigorously in an effort to unseat her, but Dani kept wiggling, grinding her ass on Jessica's beautiful face. Jessica continued to buck in an effort to throw Dani off but her efforts were futile as the petite dirty blonde was clearly well-seated and in control.

After several minutes, Jessica stopped bucking and lay still. Dani shifted her position, turning around so she was facing Jessica's feet. She reached out and ripped off Jessica's T-shirt then grabbed her bra and easily removed that too. Jessica tried to scream, however she was having trouble breathing and Dani's ass covering her face muffled any sounds she made. Dani reached down and grabbed her submissive foe's blue gym shorts, ripped them off and followed up by removing her pink panties too.

A large crowd had assembled by now and they were cheering wildly at the sight of Jessica being stripped naked by her shorter co-star. Dani decided to throw one last punch, a hard right that she drove straight down into Jessica's groin with her full weight behind it. Jessica's body quivered for a few seconds, then went limp. Dani got off her beaten foe and looked at the crowd that had assembled.

"We had a fight last night and even though she got the worst of it, she stripped me and I gave up. I had a score to settle and did. I wanted her to know she was lucky. Those of you who saw the whole fight know who is tougher."

Dani grabbed her unconscious foe's ankles and dragged her body over to the area where the trash was dumped. She dropped Jessica's ankles, stepped on her feet, bent down, grabbed her by both wrists and, in one smooth motion, jerked the defeated giant up and let her limp body slump forward until it fell over her shoulders. Dani straightened up, hopped a couple of times and then tossed Jessica's body into one of large trash bins. Having fulfilled her goal, Dani headed for her trailer to change and get ready for a day of shooting. It was going to be a great day and an even greater night.
Danielle Fishel vs. Beverley Mitchell

For the first time Dani was excited about going out in public with Jessica. After she'd beaten the taller dirty blonde so badly that Jessica was sent home, they had to cancel the day's shooting. Now Dani was convinced that not only would Jessica stop stealing her guys, but Dani was planning to start ordering the taller actress around in front of everyone. The more she humiliated the bitch, the happier Dani would be!

Perhaps she'd even make Jessica get down on her hands and knees and beg for mercy. To celebrate her victory, that evening she wore her sexiest dress and high-heeled wrap-around sandals. When Dani arrived at Jessica's house to pick her up for that evening's event, to her surprise, Beverley Mitchell was waiting for her. Beverley opened the front door she glared at the dirty blonde. Although Beverley played Jessica's younger sister on 7th Heaven, she was really a year older than Jessica and she looked after and protected her tall friend.

"What the hell did you do to her, you bitch?" Beverley asked irately.

Dani laughed, "Hey, we had a fight. I won. Hope I didn't hurt her - too badly."

Beverley sized up the tiny dirty blonde, who was about the same height as her.

"Oh, you messed her up pretty badly alright. What did you do to her face?"

Dani shrugged and smiled, "I dunno, what did I do to her face?"

Beverley shook her head, "You're pretty smug aren't you? Looks like somebody scrapped her face with sandpaper."

Once again Dani laughed, "Oh, I did that with the ass of my jeans."

Beverley flipped off her heels and said, "Well, now I'm going to mess up YOUR face."

She grabbed Dani by her dirty blonde hair and pulled the screaming actress into Jessica's house. Dani grabbed Beverley's wrists and pried them away from her hair and, with her hair free, started circling. Dani thought it was strange that Beverley, who was much shorter than Jessica, would threaten her. As Dani moved to her right, Beverley started moving too and the two dynamos continued to circle for several seconds until Beverley tore into her foe, grabbing the dirty blonde's legs and trying to take her down.

Dani retaliated, grabbing the platinum's blonde's hair and they jockeyed for position, each trying to gain the advantage until they tumbled to the floor. They started to roll around as the struggle to gain the upper hand continued until Beverley let go of Dani's legs and grabbed the dirty blonde's hair. Now, each combatant held the other's hair as they once more rolled across the floor, twisting their bodies in an effort to get on top of the other.

After rolling around for about thirty seconds, both let go of the other's hair and started trying to scratch face and arms as they writhed on the floor. The spitfires continued clawing away in an effort to inflict pain on the other. Dani now knew why the tiny mighty mite vowed to avenge her taller friend's defeat. She was spunky and it was clear to Dani that she and Beverley were evenly matched. The loser would be the fighter who either made a mistake or got tired.

Eventually, they realized they weren't doing much damage so they started tugging at each others dresses, finally tearing them down to the waist and exposing four large, bra encased, heaving breasts. Beverley grabbed a handful of Dani’s bra and tried to rip it while Dani tried to use her slight weight advantage to roll Beverley onto her back so she could pin the diminutive, but incredibly strong blonde.

Dani wanted to straddle her face as she had Jessica earlier that the day and ride it to give this dirty blonde the same ‘scuffed up’ look her girlfriend had. But Beverley managed to rip Dani's bra down and she began to clawed her exposed breasts, digging her nails into Dani’s right tit as she winced in pain. But Dani managed to keep fighting, grabbing Beverley's bra between the cups and ripping it in two. Beverley ignored her own nudity as she continued to claw Dani's unprotected breasts but Dani's arms were slightly longer and she had better leverage.

Dani snatched at Beverley's exposed breasts and Beverley screamed, but the dirty blonde stubbornly held firm to Dani's tits despite the fact she was digging her sharp claws deep into Beverley’s firm, erect nipples. Both combatants screamed and their faces were contorted from the pain as their sturdy opponent wreaked havoc on their bare bosom.

Their legs became entangled as they continued to struggle for top position. Beverley exerted more pressure and slowly but surely she forced Dani over until she was finally able to mount her. Beverley tried to maneuver her ass to sit on Dani's face and inflict some damage as she had promised, but Dani grabbed the tough blonde's legs - holding her at bay.

Dani leaned over and bit Beverley's thigh which angered the tiny blonde. She immediately kicked her legs free from Dani's tight grasp, then jumped up and came down on Dani's round tits, using them as a seat for her shapely butt. With both arms free, Dani reached for Beverley's hanging tits and scratched them as Beverley screamed. Then Beverley grabbed Dani's hands and pulled them away from her breasts.

Dani’s eyes widened and she screamed, "No!" as the tough blonde twisted her hands from her breasts and pinned her wrists to the floor.

Although Beverley was now in control, she wasn't in control for long as Dani started bucking her hips furiously. The initial buck caught Beverley by surprise and in an effort to balance herself and remain on top of her prey, she had to release Dani's hands. Using her freed hands, Dani a handful of Beverley's long blonde hair and jerked her blonde's head to the side with all her might. Beverley screamed like a banshee as she flew off of Dani and smashed chest-first to the floor. Both combatants lay sprawled on the floor trying to get their second wind.

Finally, they rolled over facing each other. Dani got to one knee and quickly threw herself at Beverley, pounding her full weight down onto Beverley's bare boobs. The tiny blonde's round breasts were a soft cushion for Dani's ass, as she sat down firmly and started bouncing viciously. Beverley cursed and screamed as Dani bounced up and down on her chest.

Now that she had Beverley at her mercy, Dani slapped Beverley’s face, busting her lip and drawing blood before she shifted and maneuvered her body to sit on the tough blonde's face. The weight of Dani's gorgeous ass muffled the cries coming from Beverley's mouth as she kicked madly in frantic efforts to unseat Dani.

She finally kicked Dani in the back and almost forced the blonde off, but Dani turned around facing her feet so Beverley couldn’t kick her again. Once more Dani made sure she covered Beverley's face with her ass. Now unable to deliver the kick that would free her, Beverley started bucking her hips up and down in a last-ditch effort to throw Dani off.

Dani rode Beverley as if she was a bucking bronco and soon Beverley began to tire. She started to panic, trying first to dig her nails into Dani's shapely legs. However, Dani reached forward, grabbed one of Beverley's legs, lifted it and sank her teeth into her ankle. Beverley screamed and quickly withdrew her nails from Dani leg. Then Dani grabbed Beverley's dress and pulled it up until she was able to remove the remnants of the tiny blonde's dress.

Finally Dani said, "Raise both arms in the air if you want to give up. Otherwise I take your bra and panties, then I’ll do some real damage."

Beverley's hands immediately shot into the air. Dani got off her fallen foe and looked down at her. For a second or two, Dani thought about stripping her the same way she'd stripped Jessica but the little blonde had given her a tough, fair fight and she decided to show respect for her. She reached down and helped Beverley up. She stood rubbing her chest and face and sobbing. Dani bent down and picked up Beverley's torn dress. She handed it to her, then turned and walked out the door.

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