1-Angela Bassett vs. Madonna: Birthday Bash by Bob

Angela was celebrating her birthday at her favorite restaurant with a few friends. When the staff brought out a birthday cake, she was surprised to see Madonna standing next to the table.

"So Angela," Madonna said sweetly. "It's your birthday? It's mine too. But you know, I'm hurt you didn't invite me to your party."

Angela looked at the singer and asked, "Why, are you having a party too?"

Madonna smiled and said, "Actually, yes I am. In fact, that's why I came over; to invite you to my Malibu home tomorrow for my party."

Although Angela had always hated Madonna, she felt awkward turning her down in front of her friends and slowly nodded her head.

"OK, I'll be there. Would you and Guy like to join us for my party?"

As Guy started to sit down, Madonna pouted, "NO! It's too late now, my feelings are hurt."

She turned as if to leave, then after she took a small step she stopped and sat down on the table, planting her tight little butt right on Angela's cake. She stood up, turned and mockingly said, "Now, don't forget tomorrow. I'll be expecting you and I'll be very disappointed if you don't show," she said as she grabbed Guy by the scruff of the neck and pulled him to the door.

Angela was embarrassed and one of her guests warned, "Don't go there tomorrow, Ang. She's not all there. She's looking for a fight. You go and she'll beat you up."

Angela looked at her friend and sneered, "Gee thanks, but I'm not afraid of her. I'll be there."

Madonna was surprised when Angela arrived at her house the next day. She was on the beach with several guests playing volleyball when she saw Angela. Madonna stopped the game and walked over to the muscular actress.

"You surprised me. I really didn't think you'd show. But I'm glad you did. I'm always looking for a fight," she said as she stared at Angela who was wearing heels and a white dress.

"You realize I invited you here because I wanted to fight? It's kind of a birthday tradition with my family. I tried to get in touch with Sandra Bernhard, but she won't return any of my calls since I stole her girlfriend. She and I used to wrestle a lot when we were friends but now she goes on the talk shows and tells everyone how easily she beat me. Well, she may have beaten me a few times, but I always gave her a tough time. I'd love to fight her now and see who'd win, but I doubt she'd dare fight me now."

Angela looked at Madonna. She couldn't help noticing that the singer, who was wearing a pink bikini, was the same height and she knew that she and the singing diva were born the same day.

Finally, Angela nodded and said, "Yeah, I knew you were looking for a fight. In fact, I plan to give you one you'll never forget!"

She unbuttoned her white dress and slowly removed it to reveal a red bikini.

Madonna looked the dusky actress up and down and smiled,, "Nice body! If I decide to switch back to women, I'm definitely gonna be hittin' on you."

Angela kicked her heels off and the two celebrities started cautiously circling each other in the sand. Madonna attacked first, landing a hard slap and Angela countered with a hard slap of her own. The two stars stood toe to toe, exchanging hard slaps until Madonna, feeling she was getting the worse of their exchanges, kicked Angela in the shin. But Angela retaliated with an even harder kick.

Madonna grabbed Angela by the hair and neck and tried to first throw and then trip her. After several seconds of struggling she was still unable to get Angela down but then Angela caught Madonna by the hair and pulled the blonde's head forward until she forced her onto her knees.

From her knees, Madonna grabbed Angela's ankles and pulled them toward her as she drove her shoulders forward. Angela tumbled over backward, landing on her back in the hot sand. Angela used her strength and fighting skills, however, and grabbed Madonna's wrists to easily roll the muscular blonde over, putting the blonde beauty on her back as Angela rolled on top of her and pinned Madonna's wrists to the sand with her knees on the singer's shoulders.

Despite being out-muscled and pinned, Madonna was sure she was stronger and in better shape than the African-American beauty. Madonna lay on her back, waiting for Angela to make her next move. Because Madonna wasn't putting up any resistance, Angela relaxed as she continued pinning the blonde's wrists to the ground. Suddenly, the blonde bucked her hips and dumped Angela off of her.

Angela went sprawling face down in the sand as Madonna quickly mounted her back and tried to press her wrists to the sand as Angela squirmed on her stomach and tried to buck her off. As Madonna straddled Angela's back, she grabbed her by the hair and pulled back as hard as she could, pulling Angela's head up and forcing her back to bend sharply.

Madonna had taken control and she demanded that Angela give up, but the proud African-American refused which just made the angry blonde pull her hair even harder. Angela had to arch her back as she screamed in pain to the delight of Madonna's friends who clapped and urged the birthday girl on!

Despite her pain, Angela eventually managed to grasp the blonde by the wrists and started prying Madonna's hands out of her hair. Once her hair was free from Madonna's grip, Angela reached back, grabbed Madonna's hair and dipped her shoulder as she pulled forward. The blonde went flying over Angela's shoulder onto her back with a loud scream.

Angela rolled around and drove a left to Madonna's eye and a right to her hard, flat stomach. Angela leaped over the blonde's head, landing on Madonna's chest facing her feet. The muscular dark-skinned beauty started pounding rights and lefts down into Madonna's firm stomach. The blondes legs jerked and kicked like a maniacs with every hard punch that slammed into her abs. Angela was hurting her and Madonna desperately wanted to get her foe off of her to make her pay for the abdominal assault.

Angela continued driving punch after punch into Madonna's belly as she tried to rock her body so she could kick Angela in her chest. But Madonna didn't kick fast enough and Angela was able to catch the blonde's ankles, then started pulling her legs up and back toward her until the blonde was nearly folded in half.

Madonna was in a lot of pain and unable to prevent Angela from hurting her further, so she yelled, "I give!"

Angela let go of Madonna's ankles and her legs flopped down in the sand. Angela got up, turned and looked down at her fallen foe. Madonna lay sprawled on her back in the sand for several minutes as Angela stood over her with her hands on her thighs breathing heavily.

Finally, Madonna said, "You were lucky. If we fought again you wouldn't win."

Angela was tempted to accept the challenge, but she was still out of breath, her back was aching and she was suspicious that Madonna was up to something. Angela turned around, picked up her dress and heels and started to walk away.

Madonna screamed, "Don't you walk away from me you bitch! I'm going to kick your ass!"

Angela sighed, dropped her dress and heels and went back to Madonna who was still laying in the sand.

"Okay tough girl, get up and we'll finish this."

Madonna laughed and got up. Again, they started circling and Madonna suddenly brought her foot up, catching Angela in the pussy! Angela's knees buckled as she went knock-kneed. The angry blonde grabbed Angela's bikini top and started pulling and tugging until she ripped it off, baring Angela's firm breasts. Madonna threw the top in Angela's face, then went for her bikini bottom! But, Angela had recovered and she landed a left-right combination to Madonna's chin that caught the blonde by surprise. Madonna crumpled forward, her face plowing into the soft sand between Angela's feet. Angela watched a few seconds to see if Madonna were going to get up, but she didn't move.

Angela turned to Madonna's guests and said, "Looks like this fight is over - again!"

Then she again picked up all her clothing and headed to her car.

A few minutes later, Madonna came to and asked, "Wha....where is she?"

Lourdes, Madonna's young daughter, lovingly looked at her mother and said, "She gone Mommy."

Madonna, still dazed, looked around at the smiling faces of her guests and asked, "Who won?"

Before anyone else could answer, Lourdes said, "You did Mommy! You beat her twice and she go home crying."

Madonna hugged her daughter and said, "Someday you'll be as tough as your mommy, honey!"
2-Jada Pinkett-Smith vs. Toni Braxton (II) by Bob

Jada didn't think about the fact that she'd received three calls during the week and in every one, whoever was on the other end hung up without saying a word. She went out back to do some swimming and then her daily exercise routine. She was enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool when her husband, Will Smith, walked out the back door and came down to the pool.

"Jada, we've got a little problem," he said.

Jada stopped her exercises and raised her eyebrow as she said, "Oh? What's that?"

He looked down and asked, "Have you been getting phone calls where the person on the other end hangs up?"

Jada nodded, "I've gotten a few lately and there's been nobody on the other end. Why?"

Will shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's Toni, Toni Braxton. She's been calling a lot. I keep telling her not to call here, but she won't leave me alone. I'm ready to call the police and get a restraining order."

"Will, you should be flattered," Jada teased. "Toni Braxton is very pretty."

"I'm not flattered, Jada, I want her to leave me alone," he whined.

"Will, if Toni Braxton was calling me I wouldn't hesitate to leave you. I can't believe you'd be stupid enough to choose me over a sexy tart like Toni Braxton."

"No offense Jada," Will sighed. "But this is no time for levity."

"Will, as long as you're not interested, it's a great time for levity. Besides, I know how to stop her," Jada offered.

"Oh really? And how do you plan to stop her?"

"Simple," Jada said. "The next time she calls, invite her over. Tell her I'm away and that you find her very attractive. Lay it on thick. When she comes over, I'll talk to her."

Will started to laugh and then asked, "Jada, do you think that's a good idea. She's taller than you and I hear she is pretty nasty."

"Will, you're forgetting, I can take care of myself."

"No Jada, I haven't forgotten," Will said. "Still, I can't help but be concerned. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

"Don't worry sweetheart, nothing's going to happen to ME but I can't promise nothing will happen to Toni."

The next morning Toni called and Will did as he was told. He told the singer Jada was out of town and he wanted her. Toni told Will she'd be there in half an hour. Will was sitting in the den when Toni arrived. He was surprised when the 5'2" singer walked in wearing an overcoat. But she immediately removed her overcoat, revealing a very sexy black see-thru negligee. When Will saw the singer's outfit he couldn't help but think Jada was right when she jokingly suggested he leave his wife for the singer. Toni sat down next to Will and started stroking his hair. He was starting to get uncomfortable, wondering when Jada would come in and teach the singer a lesson. Although it was only a few minutes, it seemed like hours to Will before his wife made her appearance.

"Hello Toni, how are you?" Jada said as she came through the door.

Much to Jada's surprise, the singer didn't back off, she just stared with disdain at the 5'0" actress.

"So it was just a setup, eh? Well, after I kick your ass Jada, this whole thing will play out just as I planned. Your trying to set me up will work out even better than I thought," Toni sneered.

Will got up and quickly moved to another part of the den. He didn't know if he wanted to stay and watch his wife fight or leave. He did know Jada was going to fight and he wasn't going to be able to stop her.

"Will it really? We'll see," Jada hissed as she started walking toward Toni.

Toni remained seated as Jada came near to her. Jada started to reach for the singer's hair to pull her off the couch but at the last second, Toni raised her foot and slammed it in Jada's stomach. Although the kick wasn't meant to inflict pain, it kept Jada from grabbing her. Jada slapped Toni's foot away and the singer sprang from the couch and tackled her. Toni quickly and easily wrestled Jada down on her back and slapped her with a rapid flurry of left and right hands.

Will closed his eyes! He wanted to move in and pull Toni off of Jada, but he knew neither woman would tolerate his interference. The slightly taller singer had caught the muscular actress by surprise and Jada screamed as she tried to defend herself against Toni's vicious slaps. Jada's head rocked from side to side as the taller dynamo landed slap after slap.

Gradually, Toni worked her butt up until she was seated on Jada's chest as she continued to slap Jada's face from side to side. Toni's slaps were taking a toll as Jada was bleeding from her nose and mouth and her right eye was starting to blacken. She needed to get Toni off her quickly, because she didn't know how much more punishment she could take.

Toni was well aware Jada was in trouble and she planned to torture and humiliate the shorter actress once she gave up. Seeing how easily she was beating the tiny actress, Toni was ready to sit on Jada's pretty face and snuff out her resistance. She slowly started edging her way up onto her submissive foe's face, until she was sitting on it. Jada knew she was in trouble and began to buck like a wild animal in an effort to throw the singer off. Frustrated, Jada continued to buck until Toni finally fell off on her stomach. Jada reacted immediately, getting up and mounting Toni with both knees firmly in the small of the singer's back.

Toni screamed as she was jarred by the force of Jada's two knees slamming into her back. Jada grabbed Toni's hair and pulled her head back so that Toni's back arched. Toni screamed as Jada continued to pull her hair. The strong little actress was now in control and she was determined to inflict as much pain as possible. When Jada was in position to get up, she continued to pull Toni's head back as she put her left foot on the small of Jada's back. Toni continued to scream as her back arched more and more.

"You're going to break my back, you bitch," Toni screamed.

Jada just continued to pull the singer's hair, "Don't be ridiculous! Will would never let me break your back. But since you're worried about a broken back, I'll go to work on another area of your body."

She shifted her foot and started grinding her heel into the back of Toni's neck as she loosened her grip on Toni's hair.

"Is that better?"

Toni cried out in pain. "You're killing me."

Suddenly Jada removed her heel from Jada's neck and dropped her luscious butt on Toni's head, coming down with her full weight and driving Toni's forehead into the floor. The petite actress reached behind her and grabbed Toni's wrists leaving the singer helpless and at her mercy. Jada started wiggling her ass, grinding Toni's face on the floor. Toni was struggling to breathe and the carpet was doing a number on her face. Still, she wasn't going to give up. She would rather pass out than submit to the shorter Jada.

After sitting on the back of Toni's head and grinding her face into the carpet for several minutes, Jada got up. Toni rolled over and lay on her back on the floor wondering what Jada was doing. She was at the actress' mercy and wasn't going to escape. Jada her as she lay on the floor for a moment, then she reached down and lifted the singer to her feet by the hair.

Toni wanted to fight back, but was unable to as Jada landed a hard punch to the singer's mid-section, causing her to collapse to her knees groaning as all the air was driven from her voluptuous body. Toni was at Jada's mercy and wondered how much punishment the actress planned to deliver to her.

Again, Jada reached out and grabbed Toni by her hair. She pulled hard enough that Toni was again standing. While still holding Toni by the hair with her left hand, Jada grabbed Toni's left arm in her right hand and pulled, twisting it behind Toni's back. Then started marching Toni toward the back door.

When Toni realized what Jada was planning to do, she again yelled, "No! Please! I'll leave Will alone. You win."

"I know I won," Jada laughed. "But this fight's not over."

She dragged the pretty singer out the back door and as they reached the yard, Toni made a feeble attempt to grab the porch railing. But Jada was much too strong and she only delayed the inevitable a second or two. Once out the door, Jada dragged Toni to the edge of her pool.

"Can I take this negligee off? It's expensive!" Toni whimpered.

Jada mockingly said, "Ah, you're breaking my heart."

Toni tried to position herself so Jada would be dragging dead weight, but her attempt failed and Jada continued dragging her toward the edge of the pull. Finally, Jada stopped, lifted her leg, placed her foot on Toni's shapely ass and, as she let go of Toni's arm and hair, she kicked as hard as she could.

Toni flew headfirst into the deep end of the pool. Jada couldn't help laughing as Toni floundered around. When the singer finally stopped flapping around in the water and made her way to the edge of the pool, Jada looked down at her defeated adversary.

"Next time you go after my husband," she said. "Remember who won this fight."

Jada turned and went inside, where she was greeted by Will. Toni stood beside the pool for a few seconds watching, following Will and Jada's every move as they walked hand in hand up the stairs to the house. She continued to watch as they entered the bedroom and lowered the shades. Toni turned and started to cry as she slowly walked to her car. She wouldn't call Will anymore.
3-Kathie Lee Gifford vs. Katie Couric (I) by Bob

Katie Couric was having a great time. Although she didn't really know Kathie Lee Gifford, Kathie Lee was an easy interview - probably one of Katie's more gregarious guests. The two hit it off immediately. Katie was sorry Kathie Lee no longer had a show because she would have really enjoyed being a guest on her show.

As Kathie Lee's time was winding down, she and Katie talked about their different workouts. Both were dedicated to conditioning and Katie took exceptional pride in how muscular she was. Although Kathie Lee didn't have the type of body that showed her muscle tone, she was indeed exceptionally strong.

After discussing their workouts, Matt Lauer walked over to where the two beauties were talking and suggested they come over to the anchor desk and see who was stronger. They looked at each other, nodded and walked over to the desk. Kathie Lee put her arm on the table and declared herself to be ready.

The audience began to clap and cheer as Katie stood up and flexed which drew louder cheers. She sat down and put her elbow on the desk. Matt couldn't resist as he walked over to Kathie Lee and put his hand over her head. He listened as the audience applauded, then walked to Katie and held his hand over her head. Again, he listened as the audience applauded.

Finally, he turned to the two beauties and said, "Sounds to me like Katie's a slight favorite."

The two gladiators locked arms and waited for Matt to give them the signal to start. When Matt said, "Begin" the two struggled in an effort to get the other's arm down. Neither was able to move the other for several seconds but then Katie started to slowly force Kathie Lee's powerful right arm back.

Kathie Lee refused to give in and the two continued the epic struggle until Katie pinned Kathie Lee's arm to the desk. Katie then stood and bowed to her audience which burst into wild applause.

Katie joked, "Is there anyone out there that wants a piece of me?" Then she turned back to Kathie Lee and said, "That was the toughest match I ever had. You're very strong."

Kathie Lee graciously thanked Katie and said, "Obviously, not as strong as you."

Despite being gracious, Katie sensed that Kathie Lee was angry about losing to her, especially in front of an audience.

They cut to a commercial and Kathie Lee got up from her chair, turned to Katie and said, "I'll see you after the show!"

Ann Curry was standing nearby and told Katie, "Be careful, I don't like the way she said 'I'll see you after the show'."

Katie nodded her head in agreement. When the show ended Katie went to her dressing room. Much to her surprise, Kathie Lee was sitting on a chair with her feet propped up on Katie's make-up table.

Kathie Lee said, "I've been waiting for you."

Katie looked at the irate blonde and asked, "What's your problem?"

Kathie Lee shouted, "You embarrassed me out there."

Katie shook her head in disgust and replied, "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to, but I wasn't going to let you win. If losing bothers you so much, you shouldn't have arm wrestled me."

Kathie Lee shot back, "I take pride in my appearance and how strong I am. If I knew you were going to win I wouldn't have accepted your challenge."

Katie couldn't believe Kathie Lee's attitude, "Well, I sure wouldn't have been upset if you won. If you can't accept defeat don't compete, Kathie Lee."

Kathie Lee started sizing Katie up, "I've never lost before."

Katie was tired of talking to Kathie Lee, "Well you lost this time. Now it's time for you to leave."

But Kathie Lee had had enough, "I'm going to kill you, you bitch."

Katie didn't like fighting but she was a physical fitness freak and loved working out. She'd never had a fight before and wasn't sure if she knew how to, but she was certain Kathie Lee knew how to fight. She made one attempt to talk her way out of a fight, but she was determined not going to back down.

"I really don't want to fight with you. Let's go out to dinner and talk."

Kathie Lee laughed, "We've talked enough," and then punched Katie in the nose.

Katie fell backward and hit the floor. She was dazed and Kathie Lee not only knew it but she was sure Katie wouldn't get up. She began to count the way a referee counts over a fallen boxer. When she reached ten she looked down at Katie and said, "You're out!"

Katie was dazed but she could hear Kathie Lee saying she was out. She tried to get up, but she stumbled and fell over backward. She heard Kathie Lee laughing at her in a mocking way. Katie got her back up and vowed she'd never let Kathie Lee win. She was going to get up even if she got knocked down again and again. If she was going to lose, Katie vowed, she was going to do it putting up a good fight.

Katie finally got to her feet in front of Kathie Lee and snarled, "Now it's my turn!"

She punched Kathie Lee in the jaw and - to her surprise - Kathie Lee went down. Their roles had been reversed it was now a dazed Kathie Lee looking up at Katie with unfocussed eyes. Katie decided to count to ten, then she looked down at the fallen blonde and laughed.

"Now you're out!" Then to add insult to injury, Katie started counting again and this time when she reached ten, she looked at her and laughed, "Now you're out twice."

Kathie Lee was still hurt but she was sure Katie had hit her with a lucky punch. One which wouldn't have hurt as much if she'd expected Katie to hit her. Kathie Lee was unable to clear her head but she wasn't going to be humiliated again. She struggled to her feet only to stumble and fall again.

Once more, Katie started to count over her and this time when she reached ten she smiled down at Kathie Lee, "See how fast I am? You didn't even see that punch coming."

Kathie Lee bolted up off the floor to tackle Katie, but the anchorwoman quickly stepped aside and Kathie Lee hit the wall. As she turned around, Katie was all over her, throwing lefts and rights. Because Kathie Lee was backed up against the wall, she was unable to punch back. She had to get Katie off of her first. She tried pushing Katie away but was unable to budge the muscular brunette's body. Failing in her efforts to shove Katie away, and starting to feel the effects of Katie's punches, Kathie Lee started kicking Katie's legs.

Katie just kept on throwing punches until Kathie Lee grabbed her by the hair and spun her around. Now Katie had her back against the wall and it was Kathie Lee's turn to inflict punishment. She started throwing lefts and rights and, just as Kathie Lee had tried earlier, now Katie tried to push the blonde away. She put her hands out and tried shoving Kathie Lee, but Kathie Lee was in command and wasn't about to be pushed away.

Kathie Lee kept throwing punches, inflicting a lot of pain. Katie knew she had to push the blonde away so she grabbed Kathie Lee's hair and kicked her in the waist. Kathie Lee groaned and backed off so that Katie was able to pull her back off the wall. But Kathie Lee recovered quickly and took a boxer's stance. She had hoped to hit Katie hard enough so she would back into the wall where she could inflict a lot of pain. Seeing Kathie Lee in her boxer's stance, Katie took a similar stance and the two women stood toe-to-toe, throwing lethal punches with both fists.

After exchanging several punches Katie was slowly forced to back up until her butt hit the wall again. Kathie Lee landed a hard right to Katie's jaw and the brunette's legs buckled. Kathie Lee knew she'd hurt Katie and moved in to finish her off. She landed a hard left to Katie's stomach and another hard right to Katie's jaw as her body jackknifed forward. Katie's head snapped back and rattled off the wall. Her eyes closed and she slid down the wall onto her butt.

Kathie Lee stared at her opponent and waited to see if she was going to get up. When she didn't get up, Kathie Lee looked at the unconscious talk show host and said, "You won the arm wrestling match, but lost the fight. I guess it's now time for me to leave."

Kathie Lee took a couple of seconds to look around Katie's dressing room. She spotted a rose on Katie's desk and took the rose out of its vase and sauntered over to Katie still lying on the floor. Kathie Lee pried the beaten newswoman's mouth open and put the rose between her teeth. Then she closed Katie's mouth, turned and proudly strutted out of her dressing room.

4-Katie Couric vs. Kahie Lee Gifford (II) by Bob

Kathie Lee was surprised when her phone rang and it was Matt Lauer inviting her back to appear on the Today Show to talk about her fight with Katie. Kathie Lee had gotten her revenge, but the public didn't see the fight the way they had seen Katie beat her in arm wrestling. Kathie Lee was ecstatic about the chance of letting everyone know how she'd humiliated Katie and she quickly agreed to appear.

Kathie Lee arrived on the set bright and early where she was surprised to be greeted warmly by Matt, Katie and Ann Curry. She could tell by the looks on their faces that she wasn't going to be on the show and she realized she had been set up. Still, she wasn't sure exactly what the three were planning to do.

As the three Today Show hosts stood with their arms folded across their chests and stared at her, Kathie Lee finally folded her arms across her chest as well.

"So what do Tweedle Dumb, Tweedle Dumber, and Tweedle Dumbest want?" Kathie Lee asked in her most sarcastic tone of voice.

After several seconds of silence, Ann finally said, "You were pretty tough when you challenged Katie to fight."

Kathie Lee looked Ann in the eye and said, "Well, well. The flat-chested sidekick speaks."

Ann couldn't believe what Kathie Lee said and blurted out, "Are you always so obnoxious?"

Kathie Lee smiled, "Some people say that. I like to think only those who aren't very bright think I'm obnoxious. Do you know Ann, you're so flat if you wanted to travel someplace you wouldn't have to fly. Katie or Matt could just fax you there."

Ann had had enough and Katie and Matt both stepped back and said, "Get her Ann!"

Ann gave Kathie Lee a shove and stamped her foot indignantly, "All right Miss smart ass," she said as she shoved Kathie Lee again. "Make your move."

As Kathie Lee went to throw a punch, Ann stepped to the side and kneed Kathie Lee in her rib cage. Then she grabbed the side of Kathie Lee's head and threw her down. Kathie Lee was embarrassed at how Ann had man-handled her and was about to do to her what she had done to Katie.

"You're going to pay for that. I'm going to make you even flatter than you are."

Kathie Lee got up and charged but this time Ann put her hands up and brushed Kathie Lee's on-rushing body to the side. The combination of the shove and Kathie Lee's momentum carried her headlong into the wall. She hit it hard and knocked the air out of herself.

Ann looked at Kathie Lee and said, "You should watch our show more often."

Kathie Lee was slightly dazed, but couldn't resist getting another dig in, "I never miss your show Ann. I don't watch it and I don't miss it. Your show sucks."

Ann laughed at Kathie Lee's feeble attempt of humor, "Well, IF you watched, you'd know I'm learning Krav Maga. It's a pretty good form of self defense. I can just sit back and let you do all the work. You're going to help me beat you."

Kathie Lee had recovered from hitting the wall and made another lunge at Ann, who once again used Kathie Lee's own momentum to throw her to the ground.

"You don't learn, do you Kathie Lee? The more aggressive you are, the worse you get beat. Katie's much stronger than me, but I'm the fighter. Of course, when I'm done with you, she has a little payback coming and you know what they say about paybacks."

Kathie Lee got up and stared at Ann, then said, "Okay, why don't you come and get me and I'll throw you around a little?"

Ann looked at Katie and Matt and shrugged, "No problem."

She approached Kathie Lee and started to throw a left-right combination, but at the last second, the black-haired beauty turned her arms inward and struck Kathie Lee with her left elbow, then her right elbow. Kathie Lee was devastated by the speed and force of both blows and started to go down but at the last second she reached out to grab Ann in an effort to hold herself up.

When Ann saw Kathie Lee reaching out to grab her, she caught the blonde's arm, pivoted slightly and kneed Kathie Lee in the hip, sending her body flying again into the wall. She hit and dropped to the floor on her back. As she lay on the floor, Kathie Lee tried to kick Ann but the nimble Black anchor easily blocked the kick and started to stomp the sole of her high heeled shoe on Kathie Lee's face.

The frightened blonde's eyes opened widely as the bottom Ann's high-heeled foot grew larger and larger. She blinked just as she thought the foot was about to hit her in the face, however, Ann eased up at the last second and pulled her foot to the side so that her foot barely brushed the side of Kathie Lee's face.

Realizing the damage Ann could have done to her, Kathie Lee started crying "I give up. No more. You win."

Ann looked down at the blonde who was shaking and sobbing uncontrollably and told her, "You're pathetic. I hardly did anything and you gave up. I thought you would've continued to fight, but I guess I overestimated you. As I said, when I'm done Katie is going to give you a little payback. Well, it looks like I'm done so it's time." Ann then turned to Katie and said, "The bitch is all yours, honey."

Then Ann and Matt went over and sat down on the couch. Matt put his arm around Ann's shoulder and let his hand drop on her breast. He smiled as he felt the hard, erect nipple beneath her demure anchor's blouse. He recalled that Katie and Ann were always aroused when the came back from their "workouts" together each day.

Katie walked over to Kathie Lee and smirked, "Don't even think about resisting because I'll have Ann resume your beating if you give me any trouble."

Kathie Lee continued to sob and shake and although she knew she could beat Katie easily, she was so backly shaken by the way Ann had manhandled her she meekly submitted. Katie proceeded to strip away all of Kathie Lee's carefully chosen clothing to humiliate her even further with each article of clothing she removed.

When she finished, Katie turned to Matt and said, "All right doctor, let's perform a little surgery. First, I want some black nail polish."

Matt handed Katie the nail polish and she painted a thick black mustache under Kathie Lee's nose. Then she painted two thick black eyebrows over Kathie Lee's tear-filled eyes. Ann and Matt laughed as they watched Katie having her fun with Kathie Lee.

Matt looked at Kathie Lee and said, "You should feel flattered. You're quite lucky today. Our little Katie's a regular Picasso."

Next Katie asked Matt for a pair of scissors. He handed her the scissors and she started to snip some of Kathie Lee's hair from the side of her head. Without waiting to be ordered, Matt handed Katie a stick of Crazy Glue which she applied under Kathie Lee's chin. Katie took the hair she'd cut from the blonde's head and stuck it to her chin. Katie applied pressure to the area for a minute or two and then removed her hand, stepped back and admired her handiwork.

"Who said women don't look good with beards? You look very distinguished," she laughed.

Next she asked Matt for the honey and, sensing what was about to happen next, Kathie Lee pleaded, "Please don't!"

But Katie just laughed as she poured the thick honey into Kathie Lee's hair, then drizzled it onto Kathie Lee's heaving breasts.

Katie clapped her hands imperiously and ordered, "All right doctor, the ice cream."

Matt was exited as he ran off and quickly returned with a quart of vanilla ice cream and a scoop which he handed it to Katie.

She turned to Kathie Lee and said, "This'll be perfect for someone as frigid as you."

Katie dipped the scoop into the ice cream and scooped out a large ball of frozen vanilla ice cream.

Again, Kathie Lee screamed, "No! Katie, please…. don't!"

"Too late Giff," Katie replied in a maniacal tone as she dropped the scoop of ice cream in Kathie Lee's groin as she screamed at the icy coldness of the ice cream.

Katie shrugged her shoulders and mused, "I wonder if something cold in her pussy causes brain freeze?"

She then took the ice cream scooper, turned it so that the handle was pointed to Kathie Lee's groin, lowered it, and pushed the ice cream deep inside Kathie Lee.

Katie turned to her two friends grinning and said, "There, I think I've given her adequate payback."

Slapping her on the back, the three Today Show costars turned and exited, heading back to the studio for that morning's show.
5-Tia Carrera vs. Jeanne Chinn by Bob

Tia was shopping with Pam Anderson, something they did often. They were in a rush and needed to go to different stores, so they went their separate ways and agreed to meet in a designated area fifteen minutes later. As she was returning to where they were supposed to meet, Tia noticed a crowd had gathered. They were cheering loudly. Suddenly, the tall Hawaiian got an eerie feeling that Pam was in a fight. Tia wasn't worried because she knew Pam could take care of herself.

As she wandered over to the fight, the Asian beauty was surprised to see Jeanne Chinn sitting on Pam. Looking at Pam, it was obvious the tiny Oriental beauty had already given her quite a beating. Tia watched for a few seconds and was amazed at how many punches Jeanne was throwing. Pam was curled up in a fetal position no longer fighting back. Her face was a mess and she was getting her clock cleaned. She was crying and clearly needed help.

Suddenly, Tia reached out, grabbed Jeanne by her hair and pulled the Chinese beauty off her friend. Tia was several inches taller than Jeanne and knew martial arts. She was going to avenge her friend's beating. The large crowd that had been watching Jeanne and Pam fight started to cheer for Tia as she held Jeanne's hair and landed a few punches to her face before throwing her to the ground.

The tall Hawaiian jumped on top of Jeanne and started punching her in the face and body. She landed several hard punches while Jeanne bucked wildly and kneed Tia in the back several times in failed attempts to throw her off. Despite Jeanne's best efforts, Tia easily held her down as she landed punch after punch. But suddenly, Jeanne punched up into Tia's breast and Tia was caught off guard. She stopped punching and grabbed her chest while Jeanne threw a few more punches that all landed to Tia's chest and face, forcing her to grab the wounded areas.

Finally, Jeanne landed a solid punch to the jaw which sent Tia flying backward onto her back where she lay rubbing her jaw as Jeanne scrambled to her feet.

"Get up and fight you bitch," Jeanne screamed. "So that I can kick your ass some more. Oh, you're a real tough cunt when you can jump someone from behind. Let's see how you do face-to-face!"

After listening to Jeanne's taunts for several seconds, Tia got up. Jeanne quickly went after her and they started throwing punches and kicking. While both good punches and kicks, but Jeanne was landing a lot more of both. Many of her hard punches made Tia scream in pain; grab her stomach or chest or cover up after she was hit. Tia slowly started backing up and Jeanne followed, continuing to land punch after punch and kick after kick. Tia was grimacing with each punch and kick that the Asian landed. She had stopped fighting and was covering her face, trying to protect herself instead of punching back. It looked like Jeanne was giving Tia a terrible beating; her face was very red and her eyes filled with tears.

Jeanne grabbed Tia's hair and pulled her head down. Holding Tia by the hair, she started kneeing the big brunette in the face and chest and punching her in the back. Despite her pain, Tia blindly grabbed Jeanne's hair and started pulling but Jeanne was able to drag Tia forward until she lost her hold on her hair.

Jeanne forced Tia down on her knees and kicked her in the face several times. The Hawaiian beauty's face was getting even redder and she started to cry and beg. After holding the Hawaiian by her hair and punching her in the face several times, Jeanne threw Tia on her back and dropped straddling her heaving chest. Jeanne punched her in the face several times, then she kneed Tia in the face and banged her head on the ground.

She finished up grabbing Tia's arms and pinned the Hawaiian to the ground so the long-haired island beauty was unable to move her arms. Tia started bucking as hard as she could in an effort to throw the Chinese beauty off her but Jeanne easily held her foe down and taunted her again.

"I can do whatever I want and can't stop me. I'm going to strip you and spank you before the fight is over. You're not tough and you can't fight. You should mind your own business and stop interfering in mine."

Periodically Tia would scream and knee Jeanne in the back and Jeanne would retaliate by giving Tia a few hard slaps or punches, or grab her hair and bang her head against the ground. Jeanne was in total control but Tia still wasn't ready to quit. She struggled for several minutes trying to throw Jeanne off or get her hands free so she could fight back.

When Jeanne let Tia's hands go, she started to reach up to grab her hair. With her hands free, Tia started throwing punches at Jeanne who was still on top her. Jeanne hit back with a lot of very hard punches until Tia's resistance faded, then she moved up high on Tia's large chest where she couldn't punch her or defend herself against Jeanne's next barrage of punches.

Tia's nose and mouth were bleeding and she was a mess as the Hawaiian beauty started to cry again. Jeanne just continued to throw punches and taunt her until her knuckles got sore. Then Jeanne stopped punching and slid back down on Tia's stomach where she started scratching her face, arms, and legs. She tore open the top buttons of Tia's blouse and scratched her chest.

When Pam started pleading with Tia to give up, the proud Hawaiian shook her head and said, "I'm going to kill you when I get up."

Jeanne laughed and said, "The only way you get up is if I let you up and I don't plan to let you up until you're out cold or give up. In fact, I hope you don't give up 'cause I'm having a hell of a lot of fun beatin' the shit out of you."

After slapping Tia's face from side to side several times, Jeanne finally let Tia up. The tall Hawaiian and the petite Jeanne squared off and again started punching and kicking. Despite taking a beating and the fact she was still crying, there was still some fight left in Tia but Jeanne again quickly took control, landing several hard kicks and punches that made Tia start to back up.

But as Tia backed up, she pulled off one of her heels and swung at Jeanne with it. Jeanne quickly wrestled the heel out of Tia's hand, hit her in the face with it and then threw the heel on the ground. The Chinese beauty was really angry and started throwing punches. Once again, Tia had to cover her face because she had no defense for the barrage of punches that the Chinese beauty was throwing. When Tia covered her face, Jeanne grabbed the Hawaiian's long black hair and pulled Tia's blouse up over her arms and started punching and scratching her opponent's exposed back.

She pulled Tia's blouse the rest of the way off and threw the Hawaiian down on her back. Jeanne mounted Tia once again and Tia tried to cover her chest. But Jeanne easily pinned her arms and started teasing her.

"I told you I'd strip you and I'm just getting started. Your bra comes off next, then your skirt and finally your panties."

Jeanne grabbed Tia's bra and easily ripped it off, then raked her fingernails over Tia's large breasts. Tia screamed as blood started trickling from the welts on her bosom where Jeanne had scratched her. Jeanne gave her a few more stinging slaps and Tia had finally had enough. In addition to the bloody nose and cut lip, both eyes were blackened and she had cuts and scratches all over her face, arms, legs, chest and back.

Tia screamed out her surrender and Jeanne got up and put a foot on Tia's chest, then pushed down hard in a final act of torture. She kept pushing down as Tia cried and screamed and called Jeanne a bitch. Jeanne stopped pushing down on Tia's chest, grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her around while everyone cheered loudly.

"I don't like being called a bitch. It's too bad you quit because I wanted to pull off your skirt and panties. Oh well, maybe next time."

Jeanne then turned to Pam and said, "You started this. I want your clothes too."

Pam looked at the Chinese beauty and realized she'd take her apart again if she resisted. Pam slowly removed her blouse and bra and handed them to Jeanne.

Jeanne smiled and said, "Don't forget the skirt and panties."

Pam started to cry, but she removed her skirt and panties and handed them to the victor.

As Pam started to walk away Jeanne called her back, "Hey Princess, the shoes too."

Pam thought for a second or two, then meekly removed her shoes and handed them to Jeanne.

Pam looked at Tia and whispered, "Together we can take her."

Tia looked at Jeanne, who dropped Pam's clothes and stood defiantly with her hands on her hips, ready to face them two against one. Tia turned back, looked at Pam and shook her head no, then she started walking away. Pam spun around and quickly padded after Tia in her stocking feet as the crowd cheered the Chinese beauty. Jeanne just continued laughing as she watched her two victims slink away in defeat.
6-Julianna Margulies vs. Sherry Stringfield by Bob

Noah Wyle found Julianna and told the 5'5" beauty, "Sherry's looking for you and she's pissed. I wouldn't want to be you when she finds you."

Julianna smiled and replied, "Well Noah, you're not me, so you don't have to worry. I'm not afraid of her."

Noah said, "Maybe if you apologize she'll cool off."

Julianna looked down and struggled to find the words, "Maybe I shouldn't have called her a cow, but I did. I don't regret it and I'm not taking it back. Who told her what I said?"

Noah shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know, but word spread pretty fast and she started throwing a few glasses when she heard what you said; screaming she was going to rip all of your hair out."

"If you see her, tell her I'll be out back waiting for her. Believe it or not, I'm not afraid of her. If we fight and I lose, I lose. But, I'm not going to run from her. I don't care how tough she's supposed to be."

Julianna walked outside and waited for a few minutes, knowing it wouldn't take Noah long to find Sherry and that she and most the cast and staff would be out shortly. She stretched her muscles as she waited and because she was wearing heels, she couldn't stretch as much as she liked. It wasn't long before Sherry and the majority of cast and crew members walked out the door.

Julianna started to shout, "Hey pig face...." but before she could finish, Sherry kicked her heels off and ran across the lot.

Sherry's move had caught Julianna by surprise and she was unable to move as the former track star lowered her shoulder at the last second and hit her about waist high. The two went flying several feet before crashing to the pavement with Sherry's arms still around Julianna's waist. Julianna screamed as her back hit the pavement.

Much to Julianna's surprise, Sherry was still on top of her after they finally stopped skidding across the pavement. The blonde wasted no time, shifting her position so she was sitting on the brunette's waist and throwing lefts and rights at an incredible rate of speed. Because of the position she was in, Julianna couldn't do anything but take Sherry's punches and try to figure a way to throw her off before she could do too much damage.

As Sherry continued to punch away, Julianna could start to feel the effects of Sherry's devastating assault. Her right eye was closing and she sensed her face was swollen from the fifteen or twenty punches she'd taken. Julianna had to do something to stop the blonde's assault and she had to do it fast! Despite the continued facial assault, Julianna managed to raise her legs and get them wrapped around Sherry's torso just under her breasts. As she started to squeeze, Sherry stopped throwing punches and reached for Julianna's legs.

The brunette had very muscular legs and knew that of she managed to apply her scissors tight enough, she could do some damage to the fiery blonde. When she heard Sherry groan as she struggled to separate her legs, Julianna knew momentum was now on her side. Despite the fact that she was still flat on her back, she was now in control.

As Sherry continued trying to pry her legs apart, Julianna used all of her strength to shift her body to pull Sherry back and to the side. She continued fighting, straining to gain the upper hand until she shifted her body and toppled Sherry so she was on the left side of Sherry with the blonde on her back.

Julianna's adrenaline started flowing as she heard her fellow cast members shout encouragement to her, "Come on Julianna, you've got her."

Julianna couldn't help but scream as she mustered her strength and rolled Sherry onto her back. Now that Julianna was in control, she grabbed for the blonde's left wrist so she could more easily control her. Although Sherry was now being dominated, she wasn't about to let Julianna control her. She fought as hard as she could, pulling her wrist away whenever Julianna grabbed it. Finally realizing she couldn't get the blonde's wrists, Julianna grabbed Sherry's hair and started to pull. As soon as Julianna grabbed her hair, Sherry grabbed Julianna's wrist and quickly removed the brunette's fingers from her hair. Sherry was still very strong!

The blonde then grabbed Julianna's legs and again tried to open them so she could either free herself or turn over to negate Julianna's advantage and go on the attack. Once again Julianna grabbed Sherry's hair and started to pull, and once again Sherry grabbed the brunette's wrists and removed them from her hair. Sensing that Julianna would grab her hair again as soon as she let go of her wrists, Sherry sank her nails in Julianna's legs, causing the brunette to scream and loosen her grip.

Once Julianna loosened her legs, Sherry immediately grabbed Julianna's brunette hair and pulled her forward. Then Sherry pivoted her entire body so that she was able to step over Julianna's body with her right leg. She quickly wrapped her own legs around Julianna's waist before the brunette could maneuver and prevent her from applying her scissors.

Both grapplers held each other tightly in their powerful leg-scissors, squeezing with all of their might. Although Julianna had showed the blonde she had powerful legs, Sherry was sure her legs were every bit as strong as, if not stronger than, Julianna's powerful gams. She applied pressure to her powerful scissors, squeezing Julianna's waist tightly and causing the brunette to scream out from the pain.

Yet despite feeling Sherry's powerful legs and screaming in pain, Julianna wasn't about to quit and she once more tightened her grip. Members of the ER cast and crew screamed and cheered as the two beauties continued to battle, testing each other's will and courage. Muscles strained in an effort to get the upper hand. The faces of both actresses were contorted from the pain of the other's powerful scissors. Finally, Sherry felt Julianna's grip loosening and she reacted without hesitation, grabbing the powerful brunette's ankles and yanking them apart.

As Sherry continued to pull on Julianna's ankles, she slowly started separating the brunette's powerful legs until she was able to free herself and twist her body around so she was sitting on the brunette. Once again, she grabbed Julianna's ankles and started pulling them up, bending Julianna's back in a way backs aren't meant to bend. Julianna screamed and cried out as the blonde continued applying pressure to the small of her back until Julianna started slapping the ground with her open palms.

Sure that the blonde was going to break her back, Julianna had to listen as the cast members who had been cheering for her several minutes earlier, now changed their support to Sherry.

"What's the matter Julianna does your back hurt?"

Julianna wanted to say no, but she was in more pain that she had ever known.

"Give up before I break your back," Sherry commanded.

As Julianna continued trying to resist, the pain grew greater and greater. She wasn't sure how much longer she could tolerate the pain.

Finally she cried out, "I give."

Sherry released her and staggered to her feet, barely able to stand on her trembling legs. Sherry dusted herself off and started walking over to retrieve her shoes as cast members followed, patting her on the back and complimenting her on her victory.
7-Julianna Margulies vs. Maria Bello by Bob

Finally Julianna got up in a lot of pain. She was embarrassed at how badly she'd done. She grabbed her back and moved to try and alleviate the pain.

She jumped when she heard, "You got your ass kicked."

The brunette turned and was surprised to see Maria Bello sitting on the ground.

"Yeah I did, but she caught me by surprise. If she hadn't tackled me I'd have given her quite a beating."

"And what's your excuse for her getting you down once you had the advantage?"

"She took a lot out of me at the beginning. I'll get her back."

"Fight her again and she'll beat you again, Julianna," the blonde said with a tone of conviction in her voice.

"Why do I have a feeling you're looking for a fight, Maria?"

"Because I am."

"Is there any reason you want to fight?"

"Actually, there is. Believe it or not, I like fighting. It's nothing personal, I like you. I'd love to fight Sherry but she cleared out too soon. During the fight I tried to stir things up with Laura, but she didn't want to fight. Besides, I doubt she can fight and I don't want to fight a wimp."

"Maria, I just got my ass kicked and my back is killing me. Somehow I don't think now's the right time. But, if you want to fight, I'll take you on a week from today. We'll fight right here after we're done shooting.

Maria reached out her hand and said, "You're on."

Julianna took Maria's hand and they shook, "And may the better woman win."

Maria nodded her head.

Word quickly spread the next morning. Cast members couldn't believe that Julianna was going to fight again. Despite that her face and back were very sore; Julianna enjoyed her fight, even though she'd been destroyed. Although Maria was popular, cast members warned Julianna that Maria couldn't be trusted. Despite her defeat, Julianna knew she was still tough but there WAS something about Maria. On the one hand, she came across as being very street-wise, yet, she always relied on the men to do any lifting. Was Maria's apparent street smarts the real thing or was it a façade. Was she helpless, or did she do that as a means of flirting with the guys. There was only one person who knew but pretty soon Julianna would find out for herself whether Maria, who claimed to love fighting, really knew how to fight or not.

A week later the day of their big match and Julianna was ready for anything. The shooting ended and Julianna decided to change into fighting clothes, putting on jeans, a sweat shirt and a pair of boots. She walked out the door to find that while most of the cast and crew were waiting, Maria hadn't showed up yet.

She looked around at some of the cast members and shrugged her shoulders, as if to ask, "Wha' happened?"

Several cast members shrugged their shoulders, then Sherry Stringfield yelled, "Julianna, behind you!"

She turned just in time to see Maria sneaking up behind her. Just as Maria was reaching out to wrap her arm around her throat, the tough brunette threw a right hand that hit flush on the blonde's nose. Maria stumbled backward and Julianna followed, grabbing her by her hair with her left hand and pulling her head forward. Julianna started swinging with her right hand, clubbing Maria on the back of the neck several times before the blonde slowly sank to her knees.

Sherry yelled, "Hit her in the eye, Julianna."

Julianna looked at her former foe, nodded and then smashed Maria in the eye with her fist. Maria's head snapped back and she brought her right leg up and kicked the blonde in the face. Maria lurched and started to fall to her face, Julianna lifted her foot up again and planted it squarely between the blonde's breasts and shoved. Maria rose a couple of feet in the air, then fell backward, landing on her back where she lay dazed and bleeding.

Once again Sherry yelled, "Go get her Julianna!"

Julianna shrugged, confused by Sherry suddenly becoming her ally. However, she wanted to make sure she put Maria away so she walked over to where Maria was lying and stood over her - making sure she wasn't standing where Maria could catch her by surprise with a kick. Julianna watched Maria, waiting for the blonde to move. Finally, she started to sit up and put her hand on her head, shaking it trying to clear the cobwebs.

Julianna put her foot on the blonde's chest again and shoved her backward. Maria was not expecting Julianna to push her down and fell on her back, laying still until the brunette reached down, grabbed her by her blonde hair and pulled her up to her knees.

Julianna bent the blonde's head forward, pulled it between her legs and started screaming. Maria was still groggy and unable to defend herself as the brunette squeezed her muscular legs tightly until the blonde's body finally went limp. She had passed out. Much to Julianna's surprise, Sherry was the first ER cast member to congratulate her. She raised Julianna's right arm in victory, then the two stars shook hands and hugged.
8-Julianna Margulies vs. Ashley Judd by Bob

Several weeks after her fight with Maria Bello, Julianna was in a restaurant having a salad for lunch when Maria walked in with a leggy blonde. Maria hadn't spoken to Julianna since their fight and at first, Julianna didn't recognize the blonde. Maria turned and said something to her blonde friend, then the two walked over to her table and Julianna recognized the blonde, it was Ashley Judd! Ashley planted her palms on Julianna's table and leaned over face to face with the brunette.

Ashley stared at her for several seconds before finally saying, "Maria tells me you're a pretty good fighter."

Julianna smiled and said, "Not bad."

"Ever try kick-boxing?"

"No, not really," answered Julianna.

"You should; you'd probably be pretty good. Come outside and I'll give you a lesson."

Julianna looked at the bleached blonde and shook her head, "No thanks. I'm not really interested. But I'd love to know who stuck your head in that bottle of peroxide!"

Ashley didn't like Julianna's glibness, so she turned to Maria and said, "Sounds like she's afraid."

Julianna laughed, "You seemed a lot smarter before you went blonde. Maybe you didn't notice, but I'm eating."

"Are you really?" Ashley asked.

Ashley slipped off one of her sandals, climbed on top of Julianna's table and rubbed her bare foot in Julianna's salad. Then she extended her leg and wiped her foot across the front of Julianna's blouse. She calmly stepped back into her sandal and hopped down off the table as Julianna's face turned beet red.

Julianna was so angry she started to shake as she stood up and, much to Ashley's surprise, picked up the bowl of salad, reached out and mashed it into Ashley's face. As Ashley grabbed her face, Julianna shoved her. Ashley stumbled backward until the back of her thighs hit the edge of a table and she went tumbling over it. Julianna glared at Ashley as she lay sprawled across the floor, then turned to Maria.

"I'm ready for her to give me that lesson now. I'll be out back in the parking lot. Tell her to clean her face when she gets up. I really don't want to fight her with all that oil and vinegar on her mug."

She walked out of the restaurant and headed for the back parking lot.

A few minutes later, the two blondes entered the alley behind the restaurant. Hoping to catch the kickboxer by surprise; Julianna ran across the alley, ducked her head and dipped her shoulder, preparing to tackle her challenger. However, Ashley was ready for her and as Julianna got close Ashley snapped her right leg up. Her foot shot out, catching the brunette in the face. Julianna's head stopped short as her feet flew up in the air. She crashed to the ground on her back knocking the wind out of her.

"Get her Ash," Maria yelled as she clapped her hands excitedly.

Ashley shook her head and replied, "Kickboxing's a lot different than catfighting. I'm going to hurt her before I knock her out or make her say 'Uncle'."

Ashley stood over Julianna, calmly waiting for her to get up. As she stood watching her, Julianna slowly turned over and started to rise to her knees. Ashley continued to watch until, suddenly, Julianna lurched forward and tackled her. The brunette fell on top of Ashley, pulled her legs up and straddled her rival's stomach. Julianna started throwing lefts and rights to the blonde's face and as she threw punch after punch, Ashley's face quickly reddened. Ashley grunted and groaned as each punch smacked into her face. She couldn't believe how strong Julianna was!

Sensing her friend was in trouble, Maria suddenly ran over and wrapped her arm around Julianna's throat from behind. She squeezed tight as she lifted the brunette to her feet. She continued to choke Julianna who reached back over her shoulder, trying to grab Maria's hair to free herself.

Ashley continued to lie on the ground, wondering why the brunette had let her go. As her head started to clear, she looked around, wondering what happened to the brunette. Suddenly she saw her being choked by Maria. Despite still being hurt, Ashley struggled to her feet and sauntered over to where Maria was choking Julianna.

While Ashley didn't really want Maria's help, she wasn't about to lose the advantage Maria had given her. She landed a hard right to Julianna's chin which hit so hard it caused both Julianna and Maria to stumble backward. Maria managed to keep her hold on to Julianna as Ashley moved in closer. But Julianna caught Ashley by surprise when she kicked her first in the belly, then in the groin.

Slowly, Ashley sank to her knees. Julianna stomped down on Maria's foot, causing the blonde to cry out in pain and release her choke hold. Julianna delivered a back kick to Maria's shin and once she was free of Maria's grasp, she spun and punched Maria in the jaw. She fell over, landing on her back, dazed. As Maria lay on the pavement, the irate brunette looked around, saw several trash cans. She walked over, picked one up and carried it back to where Maria was laying.

Julianna carefully emptied the can onto the blonde, making sure all the slimy garbage from the restaurant ended up on Maria's body and head. Maria screamed as she was pelted with egg shells, bones, fat and other food stuffs that had been thrown in the trash. After emptying the can, Julianna whacked Maria in the head with the trash can and she went limp as she fell into a state of unconsciousness.

Julianna walked over to Ashley who was on her knees holding her aching pussy. She stepped behind the platinum blonde and landed a hard kick to Ashley's ass, propelling her forward on the pavement on her stomach. Julianna mounted her ass and started punching her in the back with lefts and rights until the defenseless blonde screamed, "No more!"

Julianna got off her beaten foe and put her foot on the small of the platinum blonde's back as she reached down and ripped off Ashley's white T-shirt and white shorts. For a second, she thought about taking Ashley's bra and panties too, but she decided not to.

Instead, she grabbed Ashley's hair and order her to sit up. Having been badly beaten and stripped, the platinum blonde did as she was told. Leaving Ashley sitting naked on the pavement, Julianna strutted over to the trash cans, removed the cover of one and walked back to Ashley.

Ashley looked up as Julianna raised the can and yelled, "No! Please! No!"

Julianna laughed as she emptied the trash on Ashley's head. When the can was empty, Julianna put the can over Ashley's head and lowered it until it almost covered the nude blonde entirely. Julianna put one hand on top of the can as she banged on it with one hand and kicked it. After torturing Ashley for about thirty seconds, she took her hand off the can and left.
9-Maura Tierney vs. Julianna Margulies by Bob

From the first time the 5'3" Maura and the 5'5" Julianna met on the set of ER, the two talented and beautiful actresses didn't like each other. Both constantly got into heated exchanges on the set that sometimes became so heated other cast members had to step in between them. Neither would take any guff from the other nor would she back down. Their hatred for each other intensified to the point where the two of them couldn't be in the same scene together. If the script called for the two of them to be in the same scene, doubles would be used for whoever wasn't speaking or appearing on camera.

Ironically, both actresses were surprisingly powerful and liked to wrestle and box with the other cast members and it wasn't uncommon for the male actors to bet on who would win if the two stars ever decided to meet out behind the studio in an area known as 'knuckles junction.'

After on such round of speculation, Anthony Edwards said, "I'll put a hundred on Maura. Anyone interested?"

Noah Wyle answered, "I'd be interested, but it's a moot point! No one will ever get the two of them together."

Eriq LaSalle boasted, "I can get 'em together. I can even get the two of them swinging it out. I'll put $100 on Julianna if anyone of you's foolish enough to bet on Maura."

Finally, all bets had been placed and Anthony said, "All right Eriq, you have a job to do."

"No problem. They'll be on the back lot in ten minutes. Anyone who isn't outside will miss a great fight."

All of the men nodded as Eriq went to Maura's dressing room to talk to her.

"Hey Maura, Julianna's talking some heavy smack about you. She said she'd love to meet you out back and kick you're ass, but that you don't have the guts to face her."

Maura's face turned beet red, "You've gotta be kidding! That bitch thinks she can kick my ass and that I'm afraid? Of her? Hell, I'm going out back right now. Tell her I'm waitin' for her and we'll see who kicks whose ass."

Maura stormed out of her dressing room but Eriq yelled, "Hey Maura, you're not really dressed for a fight. Don't you wanna change out of your dress and heels into something better? She said somethin' about stripping you naked and you're wearing pretty expensive clothes."

Maura looked back and sneered in disgust, "That asshole! We'll see who strips who."

She stormed toward the door that led out to the back lot while Eriq quickly headed over to Julianna's dressing room. The door was closed, so he knocked and waited impatiently for her to answer. When she opened the door and when she saw Eriq, she invited him in.

Eriq walked in and started right in on his pitch, "Hey Julianna, Maura's talkin' some heavy smack about you. Said she'd love to meet you out back and kick you're ass, but you're afraid to meet her."

Julianna laughed, "I think Maura pops off too much. She should learn to think before she opens that big mouth of hers. Plus, she should learn to keep her opinions to herself."

"I think you're right Julianna, hon," Eriq said. "She's very opinionated and she does tend to speak without thinking. If I were you, I'd ignore her. So what if she pops off about you being afraid of her. I defended you. I told Maura you could beat her easily but she said we'd never find out who'd win because you wouldn't dare to show up."

Julianna's face started to turn beet red as she asked, "Eriq, do you really think I wouldn't show? You know how I like to wrestle and box. Hell, I can really fight. I can't think of many things I'd rather do than give that slut a beating."

"She's pretty cocky, Julianna," he said. "She's out there in heels and a dress. I didn't hear everything she said because I was kind of pissed that she'd talk trash about you, but I heard her say something about stripping you and making a fool of you and not even gettin' her hair mussed in the process!"

"Well, Eriq, I guess we'll see soon enough who strips who and who makes a fool of who, won't we! Where is that munchkin?"

Eriq looked at Julianna and nodded toward the door, "Out back. Just be careful Julianna, she was ranting and raving like a crazed maniac when I left."

Julianna started getting angry. She turned and slammed her hand against her wall, hitting it so hard two pictures fell off their hooks. Eriq smiled. He'd done an excellent job of getting Julianna primed to easily tear Maura apart.

"Let's go Eriq," Julianna snarled. "I got some ass kicking and whore striping to do."

As they exited the studio, they were surprised to see how large the crowd of spectators was. Everyone: cast, crew, writers, etc. were all standing around just waiting for Julianna.

Julianna looked at Eriq and said, "It looks like the little bitch rounded up quite an army for support."

Eriq smiled. "I think she's going to need more than an army. Besides, I know 'most everyone will be rooting for you. Now go get her."

The two combatants faced each other and tried to psyche each other out with a stare down but neither made a move. They continued to stare at each other until Maura finally broke the impasse and threw the first punch. Wasting no time, Julianna immediately countered with a punch and suddenly the two brunettes were toe to toe, throwing punches. Neither backed up; they just kept throwing punch after punch after punch. Both were throwing heavy punches and both were landing often. Everyone was cheering wildly as they continued to land punches, most on their opponents face. The faces of both brunettes were soon starting to show wear and tear as they started to swell.

Finally, after several minutes of punching, Julianna appeared to be tiring. Although the fight had been even at first, the taller brunette started slowing down; slightly at first, throwing fewer punches but as Maura continued to throw her punches just as rapidly as at the start, Julianna started slowing down more and more.

Maura might not have been tougher or stronger than Julianna, but she was definitely in better shape than her taller rival. Then Maura threw a right uppercut that caught Julianna off guard, hitting her flush on the jaw. The punch made a cracking sound and Julianna dropped her hands and started reeling backward. Sensing she'd hurt her, Maura moved in for the kill.

Maura picke up her already feverish pace, throwing even more punches faster than she had been when they were toe to toe. As she continued to land punches, Julianna started to groan and squeal as each punch slammed into her body. Those who bet on Maura began to cheer loudly, anticipating she was on the verge of victory.

Julianna continued to back up as Maura continued to land lefts and rights. When Maura landed a punch in the pit of her soft belly, Julianna grabbed her abdomen and went down on one knee. Maura initially stepped back, but the sight of her hated rival on one knee and Eriq's warning about how Julianna was going to kick her ass and strip her steeled Maura's resolve.

Maura decided she was going to annihilate her and quickly moved toward Julianna and kicked her in the chest. She fell back, hitting the ground hard and Maura didn't waste any time as she mounted the taller brunette and started slapping her face.

Julianna's head rocked from side to side as Maura whiplashed slap after slap across her face with both hands. Blood was flowing from Julianna's nose and mouth and her eyes were swollen shut when she finally couldn't take any more and cried out, "I give."

Maura got up off her defeated foe and said, "I WAS gonna strip you, but I'm not. I thought of something even more humiliating. Get up."

The battered brunette was shaky as she struggled to get to her feet, Eventually, she finally stood up, wobbling and wavering. She tried to stand up straight, but she was too dizzy and stumbled backward so Maura grabbed her and held her up.

"Okay Margulies, take off your clothes."

Julianna blinked as she looked at the victorious brunette and asked, "What?"

"I said take off your clothes."

Julianna started crying again, but she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Maura held out her hand and Julianna meekly handed her the blouse, then looked pleadingly at Maura with tears filling her eyes.

"Let's go Margulies," Maura said with an impatient snap of her fingers. "I haven't got all day. The skirt!"

Realizing she was at Maura's mercy, Julianna fumbled until she removed her skirt. Once again Maura thrust out a hand and once again Julianna meekly surrendered her clothing.

"Now that wasn't so bad Margulies, was it?" Maura laughed.

Realizing there was only one correct answer, Julianna nodded silently, then she turned and started to walk dejectedly away. But she didn't go very far.

"Hold up Margulies!" Maura snapped. "We're not done. You forgot something."

Julianna turned around and pleaded, "No, not that."

Maura looked at Julianna's face, enjoying every second of her humiliation.

"Bra and panties or I start swinging again. It's your call; what's it gonna be? Give 'em to me or I take 'em off your unconscious body!"

Julianna fumbled some ore as she slowly peeled off her bra and panties and handed them to Maura, blushing from head to toe.

"Okay loser, now get lost."

Julianna turned and started to walk away with one arm over her bosom and her hand covering her pussy. The cast and crew rushed forward to start congratulating Maura on the impressive victory.

A few days later NBC announced that Julianna had rejected a large raise and was leaving the show at the end of the season. Although she told the media she wanted to explore 'other avenues' and that 'money isn't the most important thing in my life', those who were on the back lot when she and Maura had their classic brawl knew the beating at the hands of her shorter co-star and the humiliation after were the real reasons she decided to quit the show.

After the fight Julianna changed drastically. No longer the kind and fun loving person she was before, she became moody and short tempered; virtually impossible to work with. In fact, her frequent temper tantrums eventually led to Laura Innes, the petite brunette, also challenging her to a fight. Many of the regulars said Laura wasn't much of a fighter, but Maura had broken Julianna's spirit so badly she was easy pickings for the petite brunette. Laura wound up giving Julianna a beating as bad if not worse than the one Maura had given her!
Jennifer Connelly vs. Marisa Tomei by Bob

Marisa Tomei invited Jennifer Connelly to her house for a barbecue to celebrate Jennifer winning an Academy Award for supporting actress. They were sitting in Marisa's backyard and had already finished a few drinks when Jennifer started teasing Marisa about Marisa being one of the actresses she had to beat to win the award.

At first the teasing was good-natured and Marisa laughed at her jokes, but as Jennifer continued drinking she started getting nasty and the cattiness of the remarks started to anger Marisa. Despite Marisa trying to change the subject, Jennifer kept boasting of winning the award. Finally the 5'6" brunette had enough and she challenged the 5'8" Jennifer to a fight.

As soon as Marisa told Jennifer she wanted to fight, the busty brunette stood up, moved away from the table and put her hands up.

"Come and get me. I'm going to tear you apart."

Marisa got up, put her fists up and moved toward the tall brunette. Jennifer had some skill as a fighter and quickly landed several punches to Marisa's face and body. Despite being hit hard, Marisa tried to fight back, throwing some jabs. Although she was fighting back, Jennifer's punches hurt and Marisa didn't want to get hit again. She tried to avoid the powerful brunette's punches, which meant most of her own amateurish jabs missed the mark badly.

Jennifer put a lot of pressure on Marisa as she continued to land punches. Because of Jennifer's skill, Marisa spent most of her time covering up. When Marisa covered her face, Jennifer backed off, hoping Marisa would drop her guard. As the slightly shorter brunette lowered her hands to see what Jennifer was doing, the taller and more muscular brunette quickly moved toward her foe and landed several more hard punches to Marisa's face and chest.

Marisa was taking a beating and she could feel the sting of Jennifer's hard punches. However, Marisa realized she'd take an even worse beating if she didn't fight back so she stood toe-to-toe with her more skilled and stronger opponent and tried to fight back, throwing jabs and a few uppercuts.

Although she was taking a beating, Marisa started to land some of her punches but Jennifer continued to land to Marisa's face. When Marisa landed a straight right to the Jennifer's face, the brunette's head snapped back and the punch angered Jennifer! She started throwing punches at Marisa in a feverish pace.

Conversely, the success of that single punch gave Marisa added confidence. The slightly shorter brunette now stood her ground and punched back, throwing her punches at the same feverish pace as Jennifer. To Marisa's surprise, she started to land punch for punch with her more experienced and tougher foe.

After trading several hard punches, Jennifer backed up a few steps but when Marisa started to follow, Jennifer suddenly surged forward again and landed three hard punches to Marisa's stomach. Marisa took the punches and again nailed Jennifer in the face with a hard uppercut that snapped the luscious brunette's head back. Marisa started pounding Jennifer's breasts, landing several hard punches that made the taller brunette groan.

After taking several hard punches to the chest, Jennifer tried to fight back; throwing several punches to Marisa's face. Marisa rolled with the punches and then nailed Jennifer in the face with two more punches. Suddenly, Marisa was dominating the fight with the taller and stronger brunette!

She hit Jennifer in the face with two more right hands and the tall brunette staggered. As Jennifer stumbled backward, Marisa's eyes opened wide as she pursued her foe across the yard and continued to punch Jennifer in the face with punch after punch. Marisa landed another hard punch to Jennifer's face and Jennifer staggered back against the fence. Despite being trapped with her back against the fence, Jennifer fought like a wounded animal - desperately - landing a few punches to Marisa's face.

Sensing Jennifer was badly hurt; Marisa looked to end the fight and became even more aggressive. She continued to batter Jennifer's chest, causing her to grimace in pain with each punch. Marisa landed another punch to Jennifer's face but as she wound up for her next punch, Jennifer saw the haymaker coming and ducked! But Marisa nailed her with an uppercut that snapped Jennifer's head back. She put her hands to her face as she slowly sank to her knees in front of Marisa.

Marisa backed off for a second, but then went back on the attack, stepping in and ripping away Jennifer's blouse. Then she pulled off Jennifer's bra, exposing her full, lush tits. Marisa planted a hard kick in Jennifer's chest and the shorter brunette, who was now dominating the fight, backed up and watched as Jennifer fell over backward. Jennifer hit her head on the fence and bounced forward. She collapsed face down on the grass with her head between Marisa's feet and lay without moving.

Marisa thought the fight was over and she took a deep breath, then went into the house to clean her face and get a drink of water. When she came out, Jennifer was sitting up with her back slumped against the fence. Her eyes were very red, making it obvious to Marisa that her friend had been crying.

Marisa, certain the fight was over, looked at her and asked, "Can I get you anything?"

She felt badly that she had lost her temper and fought with her friend. Jennifer didn't answer but she slowly got up and turned to face Marisa.

"Let's finish this. The fights not over yet."

Marisa shrugged and asked, "Haven't you had enough?"

She put her hands on her hips and said, "I kicked your ass. Why don't we stop this nonsense. Come on, I'll fix you a drink."

Jennifer stubbornly shook her head, "No, you challenged me, I didn't challenge you. I'm a better fighter. You landed a couple of lucky punches, but you won't land any more. I'm going to give you a beating."

"I don't want to hurt you," Marisa said as she turned and started walking away.

As Marisa was walking away, Jennifer slipped off her sandals and ran after her. Being very athletic, Jennifer quickly caught Marisa, spun her around and threw a punch. Somehow, Marisa managed to block it. Finally realizing that the fight really wasn't over, Marisa put her hands up and punched Jennifer in her chest, then watched in amazement as Jennifer's big boobs bounced crazily from side to side.

Jennifer couldn't believe how quickly Marisa had picked up the art of boxing and decided she'd try the strategy Marisa had first used. She started moving backward, throwing and landing a few jabs to Marisa's face. But now Marisa had become the aggressor and she nailed Jennifer with another hard fist to the breast. Jennifer covered her chest as she continued backing up.

Seeing Jennifer protecting her chest, Marisa threw hard punches at Jennifer's face as she continued moving back until she was trapped against the fence once more. Marisa continued to pepper Jennifer's face, forcing the tall brunette to move her hands away from her chest and shield her face.

Then the shorter brunette then went back to work on Jennifer's breasts, battering them with hard lefts and rights. The punches were painful and once again Jennifer had to protect her sore chest. As soon as Jennifer moved her hands to her chest again, Marisa went back to work on Jennifer's face, causing her head to continuously bounce back and rattle against the fence with each punch. Finally, Marisa backed up several steps and checked out Jennifer's bruised and battered face.

"You look dreadful, Jen. Let's stop fighting."

Jennifer shook her head and angrily said, "No way!"

Then Jennifer moved towards Marisa, ready to attack one more time. Marisa threw a hard, straight right to the brunette's chin. The devastating punch sent Jennifer reeling back several feet until her back hit the fence and she went down on her ass when her feet slipped out from under her. The tall brunette was breathing heavily but otherwise sat motionless staring blankly up at the clouds, her chest covered with blood from the cuts on her face and her lip from Marisa's last few punches. Both of her eyes were badly swollen.

Marisa thought about calling 9-1-1, but then decided against it. She helped Jennifer up and draped the beaten brunette's arm over her shoulder, slipped her arm around her waist and took a handful of her bikini bottom to steady her as she helped her into her house. She led her battered friend to her couch and set her down, then got a wash cloth to clean her up. When Marisa returned, Jennifer had toppled over sideways and was sleeping soundly.

Marisa cleaned her up as best she could, then went and got a couple of ice packs, which she put on Jennifer's face and breasts. The victor went to her bathroom and took a refreshing shower. When she looked at herself in the mirror, Marisa was surprised she didn't have many bruises on her face. She felt great and surprisingly looked great. However, she regretted that she'd lost her temper, challenged her friend to fight and then beat the hell out of her.