Talk Show Catfight: Oprah Winfrey vs. Kathie Lee Gifford by Bob

Oprah Winfrey couldn't believe Kathie Lee Gifford had been booked as a guest on her show. They'd never liked each other and everyone on both their staffs knew it! When Kathie Lee arrived she immediately went to the African-American's dressing room where she barged in without knocking and smiled disdainfully at the show's host.

"The only reason that I agreed to do your boring show is so I can humiliate you and make an ass of you on national television... assuming anyone is even watching your lousy show."

Oprah laughed and replied, "You may be smart, but you're not smart enough to make an ass out of me. Besides, you make an ass of yourself everytime you open your mouth. I've got a sophisticated audience and when they find out you're a guest I doubt anyone will WANT to watch."

Kathie Lee quickly sized Oprah up. Both had once been workout freaks and despite being skinny, the brunette was known for her incredible strength. Indeed, Kathie Lee took exceptional pride in how strong she well as her well-earned reputation for being a complete and total bitch!.

Oprah also had a reputation and there were many who considered HER the strongest female celebrity. Oprah sensed her comment had angered Kathie Lee to the point the brunette was ready to fight, which was just fine by Oprah who feared no one and never backed down from a fight. She boasted she'd never lost a fight and there was nobody she wanted more than Kathie Lee.

As the brunette clenched her fist, Oprah looked down for a second, then looked Kathie Lee in the eyes and snarled, "Go on, throw a punch so I can kick your skinny ass all the way back to New York."

Kathie Lee defiantly put her hands on her hips and asked, "You think I'm afraid of you?" I'll kick your fat ass all over Chicago. You'll be road kill when I get done with you!"

Even before the "Queen of Talk Shows" lost a lot of weight, she hadn't liked cracks about her being overweight and now, especially coming from a bitch like Kathie Lee, it was a painful reminder of the past Oprah had put behind her. She’d credited the key to her success as an accomplished fighter to her philosophy of being the aggressor, getting the first shot in, and much to Kathie Lee's surprise, the heavyset beauty threw a left-right combination before Kathie Lee knew what hit her!

Oprah had tried all sorts of workouts but her absolute favorites were Tae-bo and kick-boxing. The first punch caught the lanky brunette flush on her chin and as she was going down, Oprah’s second punch caught Kathie Lee flush on the jaw. Kathie Lee's legs buckled but the tough woman somehow managed to stay upright.

As she collected herself, Kathie Lee laughed, "Is that the hardest you hit? Hell Opie, my daughter hits harder!"

Oprah shook her head indicating she could - and would - hit harder, then threw another right, which flattened Kathie Lee's nose. The punch was a good one and brought a flow of crimson blood.

"So, how'd you like that one Sugah?” Oprah laughed. “And I'm just gettin’ warmed up."

Kathie Lee touched her fingers to her nose, looked at the blood and then took a couple of steps forward. After tagging the brunette with three solid punches that might have knocked Mike Tyson out, Oprah was surprised Kathie Lee was standing but even more surprised that she was coming toward her.

The slightly bloodied Kathie Lee smiled and answered, "That hurt, yeah. But, you ain't seen nothin’ yet. I'm going to rip you apart, you fat bitch," Kathie Lee laughed as she swung her right fist and punched Oprah in the nose.

The quickness of the punch caught Oprah by surprise and she fell over backward, her ass hitting the floor like a ton of bricks with a loud THUMP! The zaftig African-American beauty was dazed and Kathie Lee could see it. The tough brunette also used kick-boxing as a work out and in all her fights the punch she hit Oprah with was the best she’d ever thrown. Oprah was strong, no doubt, but the sinewy brunette doubted even the mighty Oprah had the toughness to take that kind of punishment. She defiantly put her hands on her hips as she glared down at her fallen foe, then put her foot on Oprah's large, soft, heaving chest, smiling smugly. She was sure Oprah didn't have the guts to get up - even if she could - and that this fight was over! Like a referee over a fallen boxer, the arrogant brunette counted Oprah out and when she reached ten she lifted her hands in the air in victory.

Kathie Lee looked down at Oprah and said, "You're out! Looks like I win and you lose fat girl."

The arrogant brunette lifted her foot from Oprah's chest and backed up a step or two. Oprah, dazed by Kathie Lee’s hard punch had heard Kathie Lee counting and her nasty, cutting remarks but was too dazed to do anything about it. She didn't like Kathie Lee's arrogance, especially the part about planting her foot on her tits. Oprah wasn’t ready to concede defeat, especially to someone who called her a "fat girl." She struggled, trying to get up, but she staggered and tumbled over backward, landing on her ‘fat ass’ again. When Oprah hit the floor again, she could hear Kathie Lee's annoying, braying laughter as she counted to ten for the second time! Oprah vowed she’d get up and teach “that bitch” a lesson she’d never forget. She swore she wasn’t going to let the bitchy brunette beat her no matter how many times she knocked her down.

When Oprah finally got to her feet, she stepped up in front of Kathie Lee and snarled, "Now it's my turn."

She hauled off and punched Kathie Lee so hard, her fist powered its way between the brunette’s raised hands and slammed into her jaw. The punch was thrown so hard, that despite her attempt at defense, the brunette found herself sitting on the floor looking up at her jubilant foe as Oprah bounced up and down clapping like an excited schoolgirl.

Their roles had been reversed and now the dazed Kathie Lee blinked as she stared up at Oprah who insolently put one foot on her bulging bra and pushed her down on her back, counting to ten, then announcing to Kathie Lee, “You’re out!” To add injury to insult she decided to count a second time as Kathie Lee squirmed weakly and tried to push Oprah’s foot off her chest. Again, the count reached ten and once more, Oprah told Kathie Lee she was ‘out.’

Kathie Lee, still dazed from Oprah's devastating punch, was sure the punch that floored her was a lucky one and that it couldn't have hurt as much if the muscular talk show host hadn't caught her by surprise so soon after getting off the floor herself. Kathie Lee tried to clear her head but no matter how much she shook it, she couldn’t! Still, the tough brunette was embarrassed Oprah had surprised her and wasn’t about to just sit there on her ass and admit she’d been beaten by a wimp. She swore she was going to get up and put Oprah on her ass again and not let Oprah humiliate her ever again. But Oprah still had her foot on her chest when she tried to get up and pressed down with even more pressure. Kathie Lee continued to struggle trying to get up only to have her efforts thwarted until the brunette’s mind cleared enough to realize what was going on and angrily said, "Get your foot off me so I can get up and kick your big fat ass.”

Oprah quickly lifted her foot and watched with great enjoyment as the busty brunette struggled to her knees and then got to her feet. As Kathie Lee rose, like Oprah before her, she stumbled and crumpled to her knees, her disheveled hair hanging down covering her red face as Oprah started to count to ten again, then smiled and said, "See how fast I am? You didn't even see that punch coming. Now YOU get up so I can kick that bony ass around the room again."

Kathie Lee suddenly bolted off her knees, her head down and lunged at Oprah who had anticipated it and stepped aside. Kathie Lee missed Oprah and slammed headfirst into the wall. She was slightly shaken but still unwilling to concede defeat. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and turned around to find Oprah ready to resume the fight. The powerful talk show host swarmed all over her, throwing lefts and rights at an incredibly rapid rate. With her back against the wall, Kathie Lee was unable to punch back but had to get Oprah off her before she could and regain control of the fight. She tried pushing Oprah away, but Oprah was too strong. Her attempts to push Oprah away failed and Kathie Lee was starting to feel the effects of Oprah's devastating punches. She started kicking Oprah's legs but Oprah kept throwing punches until Kathie Lee blindly lashed out and clawed her face. The surprised talk show host put her hands to her face as she backed up a step or two which gave Kathie Lee a chance to grab a handful of Oprah's hair, spun the talk show host around and slammed Oprah back against the wall. Now with Oprah's back to the wall, it was Kathie Lee's turn to inflict punishment and she started throwing lefts and rights, making Oprah's head bounce off the wall from her powerful blows. Suddenly, Oprah was the one dazed and in trouble!

Despite being stunned from her head hitting the wall, Oprah reacted on instinct and shot both hands out and pushed Kathie Lee away. She shoved herself off the wall with her butt before Kathie Lee could start swinging with she was still pinned to the wall and defenseless. The two rivals stood in the middle of the room facing each other, both breathing heavily. Because of her intense desire to win, Oprah ignored the pain she felt and went back on the attack, throwing punch after punch as fast as she could. Not to be outdone, Kathie Lee punched back but after exchanging punches, it was Kathie Lee who once again fell over backward, landing on her butt and then rolling onto her back with her arms over her face.

Oprah saw Kathie Lee was hurt as she stood over her taunting her to get up. Slowly Kathie Lee got up, took one look at Oprah and started backing away. Oprah stalked the brunette, looking to finish her off but Kathie Lee turned and started to run. Oprah wasn’t ready to let the hated bitch off that easily; she wanted to inflict as much pain as possible and she kicked off her stiletto heels and took off in pursuit of the fleeing Kathie Lee.

"Come back here!” Oprah screamed. “I'm not finished with you yet, you skinny bitch."

Oprah closed ground until she was just a step or two behind her hated foe when the crafty brunette suddenly stopped, turned, and swung from the heels; landing a straight right hand flush on Oprah's nose. The punch caught Oprah totally by surprise and sent her reeling back towards her dressing room as Kathie Lee followed her, landing lefts and rights to her face. Oprah began to bleed from her nose, mouth and a cut on her forehead over her left eye she staggered back into her dressing room. Seeing Oprah’s blood, Kathie Lee started throwing punches at the cut on Oprah's forehead. She landed punch after punch, opening the cut wider until Oprah was bleeding profusely. The battered superstar was dazed and couldn't see with blood from her forehead running into her eyes.

Oprah was in deep trouble and, in desperation, she threw a blind haymaker that landed on the side of Kathie Lee's jaw. Her shapely legs buckled and, despite her difficulty seeing, Oprah knew where Kathy Lee was and she unleashed a devastating kick to Kathie Lee's rock hard abs. The brunette flew back, landing on one of the dressing room chairs. She quickly tried to get up but she fell back into the seat.

Oprah cautiously walked over to Kathie Lee who lay sprawled in the chair with her long, gorgeous legs stretched out in front of her. She reached down, grabbed the brunette’s hair and hauled her to her feet. Oprah threw another devastating punch to the brunette's chin that lifted Kathie Lee onto her toes and she was almost out cold as she collapsed back down into the chair! Kathie Lee made a couple of half-hearted attempts to get up and resume the fight, but her eyes fluttered and closed, her body went limp and her ass slipped off the chair as she slid down, bounced on her butt and sprawled on the floor unconscious.

Oprah laughed and wiped the blood away from her eyes as she stood over the body of the fallen brunette, "So skank, whose ass are you going to kick all over Chicago? I doubt you'll be a guest on my show today even if someone gets a putty knife and scrapes your skinny ass off the floor. Lucky for you this wasn’t on tape - I’d have some sizzling action for my year-end highlight show."

Oprah slipped her expensive stiletto heels on, looked back at the fallen brunette and sneered, "Well, honey, I’ve got a show to do and why you're not appearing as advertised is going to be my main topic.”

She picked up a towel, wiped the blood from her face, threw the blood-stained towel on Kathie Lee's face, stepped over her limp, supine body and strutted out of her dressing room to go out and bask in the adulation of her fans leaving Kathie Lee to come to alone and wonder what she’d been thinking when she picked a fight with the toughest Black woman on TV!
Pool Catfight: Christina Ricci vs. Beverley Mitchell by Bob

Christina Ricci was sitting by the pool reading a movie script and having a few drinks before dinner. She wasn't happy about the final scene. She and costar Beverley Mitchell were supposed to be competing for a guy and the scene ended in a knock-down, drag-out catfight. What bothered the fiery little sex-pot was in the script she lost BOTH the guy AND the fight. She'd complained to her fellow cast members the cute little blonde could never take a guy away from her or beat her in a real fight. Then Christina heard a car door slam. Based on the sound, whoever got out of the car was obviously angry. She put down her script as she heard the click-click of high heels on the pavement. The sound drew closer and Christina sensed the source and why the irate person was coming to see her. The brainy brunette picked up her script and resumed reading, ignoring the click of the high heels coming down the brick stairs to the pool. Even as the cabana door opened, Christina continued to read.

Then without putting down her script or even looking up, Christina cheerfully said, "Hi Mitchell, what can I do for you?"

The tiny blonde slapped Christina's script away and angrily said, "I didn't come here to talk. You know why I'm here."

The busty petite brunette stood up. She was barefoot; Beverley was in heels which made her a few inches taller.

"Of course I know why you're here. You're mad because I said I'd tear you apart if we fought and you're here to prove me right!"

Beverley glared at Christina, "Today on the set, everyone was teasing me about how you said you'd kick my ass in a fight. The chances of you kicking my ass are nil but if you think you're so tough - prove it."

Christina tossed her head back so her hair flew across her face, "If I can't beat you I'm not half the woman I think I am."

The tiny diva then flexed her muscles in the hopes of intimidating her rival but Beverley copied Christina's head movement and defiantly planted her hands on her hips, "I'm not afraid of you. Maybe I'm not as muscular, but I'm a lot stronger than I look and a really good fighter. It'll be nice fighting someone my size for a change. Hell, if I can't beat you I'll walk onto the set nude tomorrow."

"Figures!" Christina sneered. "It's the only way you'd get attention from the men if I'm around. You're a bitch and a whore and I'm going to kick your sorry ass Mitchell. If you really want a piece of me, throw a punch so I can break you in two."

The petite blonde was fuming and haring the sassy brunette accept her challenge, she swung wildly at Christina, almost falling on her ass when she missed completely.

Christina laughed and said, "You're going to have to do a lot better than that." She slapped Beverley's cheek and said, "You're going to learn the hard way. I've had a lot of fights and I always kick ass."

Beverley spit in Christina's face and Christina shoved her back. Beverley lost her balance and tumbled headfirst into Christina's pool. Christina couldn't help laughing as Beverley floundered in the water; her face beet red as she swam to the side and pulled herself out and she continued to laugh at the water dripping from Beverley's soaked expensive clothes.

"You've never looked better Mitchell. Now get out of here while you can still walk."

The irate blonde kicked off her heels and charged like a wild bull. Christina easily avoided Beverley's charge, grabbed the spirited blonde's wet red dress and pulled it completely off with one quick tug. Spinning around in her wet pink bra and panties, Beverley blushed as the petite brunette tossed her red dress in the pool and laughed defiantly. Christina's laughter only made Beverley angrier and she quickly grabbed the sexy brunette's pink bikini top and pulled it off. Christina's large melons bounced free, making Beverley hesitate to stare jealously for a few seconds. After only thirty seconds of fighting, she had lost her dress and Christina had lost her bikini top. Beverley went on the attack again, grabbing Christina's large tits, slamming them together, and squeezing with all her might as Christina screamed and struggled to pry Beverley's hands from her aching breasts.

Now Beverley was the one doing the laughing as it became apparent she was a lot stronger than Christina who couldn't pry her hands away from her breasts. Acting on instinct, Christina grabbed Beverley's white bra and ripped it off, then Beverley's white panties followed, leaving her in nothing but her sopping wet black stockings. But Beverley was so intensely trying to rip off Christina's tits that she didn't even realize she'd lost her bra and panties until she felt the feisty brunette's hands grab her tits and started twisting and pulling. Christina suddenly seemed a lot stronger as she squeezed harder and harder until Beverley screamed and had to let go of Christina's big tits. The pain was excruciating and Beverley had to get Christina's hands off her boobs.

She kicked Christina in the shin, then slapped her face. When Christina felt the sting of Beverley's hard slap, she let go of the blondes tits and Beverley stepped away. She bent over, picked up one of the heels she'd discarded, hauled off and whacked Christina in the jaw with it. As Christina stumbled backward, Beverley followed her. Christina tried to kick Beverley but she was too quick and she dropped the shoe and caught Christina by the ankle, lifting Christina's leg. She raised Christina's leg until she toppled over on her plump, round ass. Beverley held Christina's leg in the air as she tried to kick Christina in the ribs, but the petite brunette got her hands up to deflect the kick and grabbed Beverley's foot. She tried to pull Beverley down with her, but she kept her balance and eventually freed her foot from Christina's grip and stomped down on Christina's soft belly.

Christina groaned as she held her stomach, allowing Beverley to to take advantage and stomped down again, this time on her large soft, tits. Christina screamed like a wounded animal; she was vulnerable in that position and Beverley knew it. She grabbed Christina's ankles and started dragging her along the cement to her pool. Christina screamed as the cement scoured the skin off her butt and back and as soon as she realized Beverley was dragging her toward the pool, she struggled even harder, kicking her legs in an effort to free herself. But Beverley had a tight grip on her ankles and refused to let go even as the cement cut through Christina's bikini bottom into her smooth ass cheeks!

Christina continued kicking vigorously; still unable to break free. Not until tne tiny but powerful blonde reached the edge of the pool did she let go of Christina's legs, then she reached down, grabbed Christina's hair and pulled her up. Beverley punched her in the eye and stepped back to watch as Christina tumbled back into the pool. Beverley dove in after her, grabbed the dazed Christina who was holding her black eye by her long hair and easily wrapped her right arm around Christina's head. Now that she had the submissive brunette in a headlock, Beverley was ready to do some damage!

Squeezing Christina's head with all her strength, she could feel her muscles straining as she lowered her right shoulder and forced Christina's head underwater, holding her several seconds before pulling Christina's pretty head out sputtering and spitting water. Beverley continued holding Christina in a headlock as she punched her in the eye again. She felt Christina's legs buckle, but she wasn't about to ease up yet. She dipped her right shoulder and shoved Christina's head back underwater and held her there until she felt she'd had enough, then pulled her head up. Christina was defenseless and when Beverley let her head go, she turned and grabbed a handful of hair in her left hand.

"I thought you were going to kick my sorry ass," Beverley gushed excitedly. "Gosh, I can do anything I want to you and you can't stop me. For someone who's supposed to be tough, you're a real wimp!"

She hauled off again, punching hitting Christina with her right hand until Christina started to fall backwards. Beverley grabbed her hair in both hands and pulled for all she was worth so Christina stayed up on her feet, then snapped Christina's head forward and dunked her one more time. This time the tiny blonde held her down for several seconds until she stopped thrashing before letting her up for air. Christina sputtered and gasped, but as soon as she inhaled, Beverley dunked her again. This time when she pulled her head out, Christina screamed for mercy and Beverley finally let her go thinking the fight was over. Wobbly and disoriented, Christina held her face and fell forward, trying to clear her head by soaking her face in the cold water to alleviate her pain.

"You might be done Chicky, but I'm not," Beverley sneered as she took Christina by the hair and dragged her to the shallow end of the pool.

When she got to the shallowest part, the dominant blonde maneuvered Christina onto her back with her face just above the survace. Then Beverley plumped her ass squarely on Christina's bruised and sore face. Though still conscious, Christina had been soundly beaten and had no resistance left as Beverley, shook, twisted, and bounced to inflict as much pain and humiliation as possible. After a few minutes of playing with her, Beverley got up and put a foot on Christina's submerged stomach.

"So, you've had a lot of fights and always kick ass, eh cupcake? Well hon, you didn't kick ass this time. I've had some fights myself and I've never lost to anyone near my own size. Looks like I won this one and you know what I'm going to tell everyone tomorrow? Beating Ricci was easy! How the hell did anyone think you could beat me? Maybe no one saw the fight, but when you show up on the set tomorrow, everyone is going to see your black eyes and lopsided face and know who kicked your ass."

Beverley turned, swam to where her dress was floating, grabbed it and climbed out of pool. She flung what was left of her dress over her shoulder, picked up the remnants of her bra and panties, got her shoes and left confident she'd heard the last of Christina bragging about how tough she was! But later that evening, Beverley was relaxing on a lounge watching television when someone started pounding on her door. She got up and answered the door. Much to her surprise, an irate Christina Ricci shoved her aside and stormed in to her apartment.

"You were lucky this afternoon. You barged into my home just as I'm barging into yours. You kicked my ass and now I owe you something for beating me."

Beverley quickly sized her muscular foe up and couldn't help but notice Christina's face was surprisingly unmarked and asked sarcastically, "And am I supposed to be scared now?"

Christina shook her head and said, "Baby, I'm going to do a number on you. When I get done, no one will want to look at you."

Beverley put her hands on her hips and said, "Gee, I'm so scared."

Both put their hands up and Beverley started throwing punches first. She caught Christina with a left-right combination that staggered the feisty brunette and as her legs buckled, Beverley lowered her shoulder and charged in, driving her right shoulder into Christina's bulging bra. They fell to the floor with the tiny blonde on top and once she straddled Christina's stomach, Beverley started throwing punches with reckless abandon. Christina's body was quivering badly as the tiny blonde's punches had left the petite brunette defenseless. Beverley intended to make Christina pay for picking a fight with her.

After hitting Christina with about fifteen punches, Christina lay sprawled on her back with her limp arms at her sides. Although the sexy blonde wasn't surprised she had an easier time with Christina than in their first fight, she couldn't believe Christina wasn't even trying to defend herself. She grabbed Christina's wrists and laid her arms out above her head, the perfect position for the muscular blonde to do some serious damage to her hated rival's famous round tits.

With Christina's arms above her head, Beverley leaned forward to grind Christina's tits under hers. Christina screamed as Beverley's tits did some major damage to her larger tits as Beverley sadistically ground her hard tits into Christina's soft ones. After torturing the tiny brunette's tits for several minutes, Beverley shifted her position, rising slightly to sit just below Christina's breasts as she leaned over to press her tits down, completely covering Christina's red face. Christina kicked her legs as Beverley slowly smothered her with her modest breasts.

Beverley laughed and said, "This is for thinking you could beat me. My next move will be so that you will think twice about starting another fight."

She moved up and dropped her shapely ass on Christina's sore face. Just as she'd done earlier, Beverley wiggled her ass vigorously on her face for several minutes until Christina's rigid body shuddered and went limp.

Then Beverley got up and said aloud, "So you're going to beat me? I don't think so. I've won two and you haven't won any."

Still, despite winning twice, the perky blonde was angry at Christina's temerity at barging into her house and challenging her to a rematch. She intended to make sure Christina never tried it again! She would pay for being stupid enough to pick a fight with her after already getting her ass kicked. The triumphant blonde carefully and methodically stripped her unconscious foe of her blouse and skirt, then her bra and panties. Once Christina was stripped clean, Beverley stuffed Christina's panties in her mouth and went to her bathroom where she grabbed a bottle of red nail polish. She returned to where her unconscious foe was lying and wrote 'loser' across Christina's large, naked breasts. Then Beverley got her camera and took a whole roll of pictures from all angles, making sure she captured the unconscious brunette in all her glory. She made sure she could tell everyone about their fight and she had the proof if anyone questioned her. As she snapped the final picture, Beverley realized that working with beautiful Christina Ricci was going to become a lot more enjoyable now that she had 'tamed' her uppity costar!
Ladies Room Brawl: Tisha Campbell vs. Lisa Nicole Carson by Bob

Tisha Campbell quickly walked into the lady's room and looked at Lisa Nicole Carson, who was standing with her hands on her hips. Tisha couldn't help noticing how muscular her arms were and although Tisha lacked Lisa Nicole's muscle tone, she had powerful arms and thought briefly about flexing but instead, she calmly asked, "What's this all about? Why'd you send me a message to meet you in the lady's room?"

Lisa Nicole stared at the cocoa-skinned beauty and smiled, "Some of my guests said you claim you're tougher and stronger than me. When I told them I could tear you apart, they said you'd beat the hell out of me so I'm here to prove 'em wrong. Here's the deal, you and me; right here, right now, mano-a-mano. One of us walks out the winner."

Tisha looked at the huge busted beauty and laughed, "You're crazy! I'm walking outta here right now. So if only one of us is walking out, I guess you're gonna be here a while."

Lisa Nicole sneered, "According to my friends, you're supposed to be some kind of Amazon. Don't tell me a Amazon's afraid of lil' ol' me."

"I'm not afraid of you, but I really don't have any reason to fight. I don't know what you think you have to prove, but I've got nothing to prove. I'm here with friends and they're waiting for me. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to rejoin my guests."

Tisha slowly turned and started to walk away but Lisa Nicole laughed and said, "You ARE afraid to fight me. Hell, you outweigh me but a ton or two. Since having your last kid you haven't done a real good job of getting your figure back. Come on FATSO, let's see what you got."

Lisa Nicole had struck a nerve and Tisha saw red. She spun, reached out and ripped Lisa Nicole's royal blue gown pulling it just enough so Lisa Nicole's massive mountains of tits popped out. Then, laughing, she turned and started to walk out of the lady's room.

The irate Lisa Nicole quickly grabbed Tisha's wrist and said, "Not so fast." She swung Tisha around and said, "You and me are gonna fight whether you want to or not."

She landed a roundhouse left flush on Tisha's chin and the powerful dark-skinned beauty fell back, crashing through the door of one of the stalls; barely catching herself before she ended up sitting in the toilet bowl. But as she held onto the stall, Lisa Nicole's next punch caught her by surprise. Her knees did a deep dip and sat down hard on the floor, her boobs bouncing in her dress. As she sat up, she rubbed her chin and tried to clear her head.

Lisa Nicole smiled and said, "Now, how did you like THAT, you arrogant bitch?"

Tisha shook her head, continuing to try and clear her head as she slowly got up, then said, "Okay Lisa, you want a fight, you got one."

She ran at Lisa Nicole who tried to move out of the way but couldn't. Tisha lowered her shoulders and drove into Lisa Nicole's chest and drove her backward against the wall. Lisa Nicole groaned as her back hit the wall an instant before she felt the impact of Tisha's large, slightly overweight body slamming into hers. Then she hit the wall again, head first this time. Her chest throbbed from the impact of Tisha's body and her head was aching where the back of it hit the tile wall. The two beauties slid down the wall to the floor. Now it was Tisha who felt the force of the collision as she hit the floor first and Lisa Nicole landed squarely on top of her.

Despite being shaken by the collision, Lisa Nicole was in better shape than Tisha, who had hit the floor hard. She grabbed Tisha's hair and pulled the heavier beauty's head forward between her large melons and as Tisha's face disappeared into her Grand Canyon of cleavage, Lisa Nicole laughed, "Fights over baby. You lose!"

Tisha was in big trouble, having trouble breathing and knew she had to get her nose and mouth out of Lisa Nicole's bosom before she passed out. The heavier, prettier African-American beauty reached for Lisa Nicole's hair, grabbed and pulled with all her strength; hoping to pull her head back far enough to let her break free from Lisa Nicole's chest before she passed out. She was exceptionally strong and pulled Lisa Nicole's hair with all her might, managing to twist Lisa Nicole's head back far enough that her face was no longer buried in Lisa Nicole's cleavage.

Tisha rolled Lisa Nicole over and rolled on top of her. Lisa Nicole, who still had the heavier beauty's hair in her hands, managed to use Tisha's momentum as they rolled and easily rolled Tisha over so that she was again on top. The two Black beauties kept rolling around the floor, battling fiercely while rolling around; each trying to get on top of the other. They kicked ferociously whenever they could, as they rolled around, struggling to gain the advantage. They writhed, wriggled and rolled around for two or three minutes until Lisa Nicole finally let go of Tisha's hair with one hand, reached out, and raked her nails down Tisha's cheek. Blood started to flow from the claw marks left by Lisa Nicole sharp nails and as Tisha grabbed her cheek, Lisa Nicole reached out, grabbed Tisha's gown, ripped the expensive gown wide open down the front and pulled it from her body.

Tisha screamed, "NO!" as she was reduced to black panties, black stockings and black heels.

The shock of having her dress torn off was all the advantage Lisa Nicole needed! She let go of Tisha's hair, grabbed her elbows and powered Tisha down on her back on the tiles. She easily straddled her shocked foe and taunted her as she rubbed her cheek on Tisha's small, firm breasts.

"Girl, what do you call those tiny things where your tits are supposed to be?" She laughed fiendishly, then arrogantly said, "I can't believe some of my friends thought you were tough! You're strong but you're a big pussy."

Tisha's pretty eyes blazed angrily, "The fight's not over yet, big mouth. We'll see how long you can keep me down."

Tisha started bucking and kneeing Lisa Nicole in the back trying to throw her off but Lisa Nicole held onto Tisha's wrists, using all her strength. Despite Tisha's efforts to buck her off, Lisa Nicole continued to pin her heavier and stronger opponent's shoulders to the floor. Lisa Nicole was tiring, but she was sure Tisha was too.

"You can buck as much as you want girl, but I'm on top of you and you're not getting me off. It's just a matter of time before I sit on your face and make you suffer," Lisa Nicole muttered.

Frustrated that her efforts had been for naught, Tisha screamed and swung her legs high into the air. As Lisa Nicole held her wrists as tightly as she could, undaunted by Tisha's piercing scream, Tisha managed to raise her legs and masterfully wrap them around Lisa Nicole's waist. She quickly locked her ankles under Lisa Nicole's large tits and applied pressure, squeezing with all of her might. Lisa Nicole realized Tisha's powerful leg lock would be difficult to break but she was still on top and still had leverage so she let go of Tisha's wrists, grabbed her legs, and tried frantically to pry them apart.

Despite being on top, Tisha knew Lisa Nicole was no longer in control and she was confident Lisa Nicole wasn't strong enough to pry her powerful legs apart. She also knew the power she was applying would render Lisa Nicole helpless and she'd no longer be able to inflict any pain. Tisha smiled as she applied more pressure to her scissors as Lisa Nicole helplessly to free herself. She couldn't help laugh as she looked into Lisa Nicole's eyes and sensed the top woman knew she was already beaten. Tisha turned her ups and used her legs to roll Lisa Nicole back slightly; carefully studying Lisa Nicole's face as it became more and more twisted from the pain of her powerful grip. Tisha knew it was only a matter of time until Lisa Nicole either passed out or she could roll her off and put her on her back.

Lisa Nicole continued to struggle, alternating between trying to pry Tisha's legs open and digging her nails into Tisha's ankles but Tisha's powerful scissors had completely stripped her of the leverage she'd enjoyed and she knew the stronger Tisha was sapping her of her strength. Lisa Nicole began to panic as she realized she was unable to pry Tisha's thick, muscular legs apart and she wasn't doing any damage with her nails either! If she was going to free herself from Tisha's torturous hold, it had to be if the zaftig beauty made a mistake for the more she struggled, the tighter the grip of Tisha's powerful legs seemed to become. Finally Tisha rolled her just as she planned, putting Lisa Nicole on her back.

Tisha grabbed Lisa Nicole's wrists and held them tightly. "So, what did you say about the fight being over?"

Lisa Nicole was gasping for breath as Tisha continued squeezing as hard as she could. Lisa Nicole wanted to shift so that she could bite Tisha's legs but, unable to move, Lisa Nicole could only start sobbing softly.

"What's the matter Sister; am I hurting you? Do you still think I'm afraid of you? Do you still think you won?" When Lisa Nicole didn't answer, Tisha asked," So, you had enough or do you want to keep fighting?" When Lisa Nicole still didn't answer, Tisha laughed maniacally and asked, "What's the matter, cat got your tongue? Give up before I break some of your ribs. You lost!"

"Screw you bitch, I'm not giving up," grunted Lisa Nicole, "I haven't lost yet and when I get up I'm gonna rip you apart."

"Watch your language," Tisha said. "Unlike you, I'm a friggin lady. Now GIVE UP!"

Lisa Nicole repeated, "When I get up I'm going to rip you apart."

Certain Lisa Nicole was finished, Tisha opened her legs and pushed Lisa Nicole away, then cautiously got up.

"OK, you're free. Now get up and show me what you got. Rip me apart."

Lisa Nicole slowly got up and looked at her, "You made a big mistake because I AM gonna rip you apart. You're going to cry like a little girl."

Tisha stared her foe down and said, "Oh really? I'm giving you a second chance so let's see what you got."

Lisa Nicole charged at Tisha who lashed out and slapped Lisa Nicole's right cheek. The sound echoed through the lady's room as Lisa Nicole's head snapped and she quickly put a hand to her cheek. She held the hand on her cheek for a second and when she removed it, Tisha could see the imprint of her hand glowing on the right cheek of her pretty foe. Lisa Nicole took another step toward her and again Tisha gave her a hard slap. Then, before Lisa Nicole could react to the hard slap, Tisha slipped around behind her foe, grabbed Lisa Nicole's hair in one hand and her right arm in the other and pulled her arm back, hammerlocking it behind her back! Lisa Nicole screamed in pain as Tisha spun her around with her and started walking. Realizing that Tisha was walking her toward the stall, Lisa Nicole's eyes opened widely and she screamed, "NO! NOT THAT! I GIVE UP, YOU WIN."

Tisha ignored Lisa Nicole's desperate plea, telling her, "I could rip off your gown, but I'd rather end the fight with the ultimate humiliation. I didn't want to fight; you did. Well, you got your fight and you lost. You ripped off my gown, scratched my face, tried to suffocate me with those cannonball tits, called me a bitch, teased me about my tits and worst of all - you teased me about my weight! Just be thankful I don't sit on your face AND take your gown too."

Lisa Nicole tried to fight back, to keep Tisha from dragging her into the bathroom stall, but Tisha was too strong and had thoroughly beaten her. The beating had sapped her strength and she had nothing left. Despite her attempts to prevent Tisha from walking her into the stall, Tisha wasn't even struggling in her effort to force the defeated princess toward the ultimate defeat.

"PLEASE DON'T!" sobbed Lisa Nicole. "I'm sorry."

Too late! Tisha reached her destination. She had taken all of the fight out of Lisa Nicole and she couldn't stop Tisha from humiliating her. Tisha stuffed her head in the toilet; held Lisa Nicole's face underwater for several seconds then slightly lifted her so that her face was no longer in the water.

"So, who won?" she asked.

"You….you did," Lisa Nicole gasped dejectedly between gulps of air. Lisa Nicole again tried begging, knowing that Tisha was not done. "Please, take my gown. You win."

"Sorry, but I don't want your gown."

"Take my gown and panties, but don't..."

The sound of her voice was muffled when Tisha plunged her head into the water once more. This time she held Lisa Nicole's head under even longer and when she finally lifted her head out of the toilet and let go of Lisa Nicole's hair, she stood back and watched her victim slump to the floor. Tisha stared at Lisa Nicole for a second or two as she sobbed hysterically, then reached down, grabbed Lisa Nicole's hair, lifted her head and shoved the unresisting weeping beauty's head in the toilet one last time. She held the defeated diva's head tight as she lifted her foot, carefully put it on the handle and flushed! When the flushing stopped, she lifted the defeated and humiliated loser's head from the toilet and let her go. Lisa Nicole once more collapsed to the floor.

With her foot on Lisa Nicole's back, Tisha disdainfully said, "You should see what you look like. I'm afraid you're going to have to fix your make-up. Doubt that you'd win any beauty contests tonight. Just one last word of advice; be careful what you wish for because you might just get it."

She turned around, walked over to her torn gown, picked it up and wrapped it around her as best she could then slowly turned to take a last look at her beaten foe before she strutted out of the lady's room with her smiling head held high.
Catfight for a TV Series: Jennifer Garner vs. Tammy-Lynn Michaels by Bob

Tammy-Lynn Michaels looked at her taller foe, then turned to writer/director Jeffrey Abrams and said, "So all I have to do is kick this cute broad's ass and I get to play agent Sydney Bristow? Works for me. She doesn't look like a fighter and kicking her ass should be easy."

Jennifer Garner sized up her blonde foe as she replied, "Don't count on getting the part Blondie, I've been working out and training. I've learned to fight. I want this part badly and I'll go through you and anyone else I have to so that I can get it!"

Tammy-Lynn stuck her tongue out and shrugged, "Whatever! Whenever you're ready, you little bitch!"

Jennifer smiled as she thought about what she was going to do to the cocky blonde. She kicked off her heels, flipping them at Tammy-Lynn who quickly bent down, picked up the brunette's heels.

"Thanks for the weapons," she sneered as she smacked Jennifer across the face with one of her shoes. "Dumb move Honey!"

Jennifer grabbed her face. Getting smacked with the shoe had hurt! Now, she was angry and intended to give Tammy-Lynn the beating of her life. As Jennifer let go of her face, Tammy-Lynn smacked her in the face with the other shoe and before she could do anything, the street-smart blonde started swinging both hands, smashing the brunette in the face with her own shoes. Jennifer raised her hands to protect herself as she backed up but the tough, nasty blonde kept smacking her foe with blow after blow. After ten blows to the face from her own heels, Jennifer crumpled to her knees.

Tammy-Lynn looked down at her and laughed, "Hell, I don't need these to beat you." She threw the shoes at Jennifer, hitting her in the face with both. Jennifer fell backwards, from the force of the shoes hitting her in the head. With the brunette on her back, Tammy-Lynn turned towards the stunned writer and said, "I don't think this chick is spy material. She doesn't seem very tough."

As she turned to go back on the attack, however, she doubled over in pain as Jennifer planted both feet in the blonde's hard flat stomach. Jeffrey cheered as the supine brunette did a kip-up to her feet, then grabbed Tammy-Lynn's blonde locks and straightened her up. Jennifer twisted slightly as she elbowed Tammy-Lynn in the ribs. The blow made the blonde scream and grab her ribs. Now that Jennifer was in control, she planned to do some damage! Still holding Tammy-Lynn's blonde hair, Jennifer elbowed her in her breasts and again, the blonde screamed as she tried to get away from the suddenly aggressive brunette, but Jennifer still held her by the hair.

"So, do you think I can't fight blondie?"

Tammy-Lynn quickly reached up and scratched the brunette across the eyes. Jennifer quickly released her hold to grab her face and check to see if she was bleeding. Tammy-Lynn moved away eyeing her foe warily, trying to recover from the attack to her stomach and chest. Watching Jennifer intently, Tammy-Lynn wasn't aware of where she was going and backed into a wall. Despite the pain Tammy-Lynn had caused by scratching her, Jennifer saw Tammy-Lynn was hurt and knew she was in control. Now confident, the brunette smiled as she closed in on her foe. As she moved forward, Jennifer leaped and swung her right foot up and slammed it on the blonde's cheek. Tammy-Lynn grabbed her head and moaned as she started to fall forward.

The brunette reacted quickly, leaped again and drove her left foot into the blonde's midsection. Tammy-Lynn tumbled back and Jennifer gleefully watched her head bounce off the wall. As the blonde again started to topple forward, Jennifer brought her knee up into Tammy-Lynn's face. Blood started flowing from the blonde's nose as she collapsed on her stomach in a lot of pain.

Jennifer knew she'd won and put a foot on Tammy-Lynn's back saying confidently, "Give up!" When the blonde didn't answer, the brunette applied pressure to the blonde's back and loudly said, "Give up before you get hurt. You've lost."

But once again Tammy-Lynn ignored her and Jennifer looked at Jeffrey and said, "This broad has spunk. She's either stupid or she likes pain. She'd make a good enemy agent. We could have a couple of fights; it'd be great for my ratings."

Jennifer then reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Tammy-Lynn's blonde hair, maneuvering behind the blonde, then lifting her head. Holding Tammy-Lynn by her blonde locks, she wrapped her legs around her head and started squeezing. Despite her surprise at how powerful Jennifer's legs were, Tammy-Lynn fought back and managed to grab Jennifer's ankles. Using what little strength she had left, she tugged at Jennifer's ankles while Jennifer applied more pressure to the head-scissors.

Tammy-Lynn kept trying to lift the brunette's ankles and despite her pain she wasn't about to stop. She kept tugging at Jennifer's ankles until the brunette finally fell forward and Tammy-Lynn's head popped free. Despite the pain that had been inflicted, the blonde still had plenty of fight left and she went on the attack, jumping on Jennifer's back, grabbing her long brown hair and pulling her head back. The brunette screamed as the blonde continued pulling on her hair until her back was arched.

Again Tammy-Lynn was in control and arrogantly crowed, "Good fight, but you just lost sweetie."

She pulled Jennifer's hair for several minutes before the blonde let go and started throwing punches. Jennifer screamed as Tammy-Lynn's fists rained down on her back, the back of her head, and her neck. After bouncing a lot of punches off Jennifer, the blonde turned to another method of assault as she leaned forward and wrapping her right arm around Jennifer's throat. Jennifer kicked her feet on the floor as she struggled to breathe but Tammy-Lynn continued the pressure until the brunette's kicking stopped. When her body went limp, the blonde tigress lifted her round ass slightly and dropped it down hard on the back of Jennifer's head, slamming her face into the floor as her butt and legs bounced on the carpet with the impact.

Tammy-Lynn got up, grabbed Jennifer's hair and lifted her taller foe to her feet, pivoted in front of her and swung a knee up as hard as she could into her face. Jennifer's nose began to bleed profusely and Jeffrey Abrams closed his eyes when he heard the sickening CRAAACK of Tammy-Lynn's knee smashing Jennifer's nose. Tammy-Lynn brought her knee up again and again there was the loud sound as her knee smashed Jennifer's face. She let go of Jennifer's hair and she crumpled face first to the floor.

Tammy-Lynn looked at Jeffrey and asked, "Is the fight over, or can I humiliate her a little too?"

He shrugged and said, "Even though she hasn't submitted, it looks like you won; it's your call."

So Tammy-Lynn kicked Jennifer in the ribs and pounced on the fallen brunette's curvy ass. She bounced up and down a couple of times, laughing as Jennifer's limp body shook, then shifted her position, moving down onto the small of the brunette's back. She leaned forward under-hooked the brunette's slack arms and rolled her on her back. Again, Tammy-Lynn again rose slightly, making sure to drive her tight ass down into Jennifer's belly and, once again, Jennifer's body shook and trembled with the force of the impact. Tammy-Lynn ripped Jennifer's red dress off and threw it to Jeffrey in one motion.

"Here you go big boy, a little present!"

Then she pulled and twisted Jennifer's bra tightly around Jennifer's firm round tits! The pain shocked Jennifer who screamed as the cruel blonde used her own bra to painfully crush her tits and dig the straps into her sides. Tammy-Lynn laughed sadistically as she toyed with Jennifer and clearly she was having a lot of fun torturing the helpless brunette but it was finally time to end the fight. Tammy-Lynn slowly got off Jennifer, grabbed her by her brunette locks and lifted her to her knees. Tammy-Lynn held her by the hair as she slammed one booted high heel down into Jennifer's groin! Unable to believe how much pain she was in, Jennifer almost passed out.

"I give!" she screamed as Tammy-Lynn continued to sadistically grind the heel into her aching groin.

When Tammy-Lynn heard the magic words, she removed the heel from Jennifer's groin and snapped her knee up, catching Jennifer under her chin and snapping her head back. She watched in sheer delight as Jennifer's eyes rolled back until only the whites were visible as Jennifer slowly toppled over backward, her head cracking the floor with a dull THUNK.

Tammy-Lynn turned to Jeffrey Abrams and shrugged, "As I said, kicking her ass would be easy."

"I said the winner gets the part and I'm a man of my word," he said. "Come in tomorrow and sign the contract Tammy, or should I call you Sydney now?"

Tammy-Lynn looked at the writer and shook her head slowly, "I'm grateful you asked me to audition - and that you're offering me the part. I like you and I think we could work well together but I'm going to have to decline. After seeing the script, I seriously doubt this show will last more than two or three episodes at best. I've got to think of my reputation as an actress, after all."

Jeffrey looked at Tammy-Lynn and asked, "If you hadn't planned to take the part, why fight Jennifer?"

"I love fighting," she explained. "And I get a sexual rush from dominating another woman. I've had several fights and to be honest, she's pretty tough. You shouldn't have to train her much for the fight scenes. If I were you, I would offer her the part when she comes too."

Jeffrey nodded and said, "Thanks Tammy. I believe you're right, she'd probably make a great Sydney Bristow."
The Insult: Kelly Ripa vs. Jillian Barbarie by Bob

Dorothy Lucey turned to Jillian and asked, "Do you wanna take the lead in to this segment or do you want me to?"

Jillian shrugged, "Nah. I'll do it. Then to the camera, "For those of you who were watching yesterday's show, you may recall we were doing a story about Kelly Ripa and how she's leaving her soap. I made a comment she should just go away and leave us all alone. Now, everyone who watches knows this is a stupid show and we say a lot of dumb things because we don't take it seriously. Well, after the show I got a call from Kelly wanting me to apologize to her on the air. So I told her... Well, I can't repeat what I told her, but those who know me can guess. Anyway, she tells me she's going to kick my ass. Now I'm not a fighter and I can't fight, but I'm not afraid of her, especially since I'm in Los Angeles and she's in New York. Hell, but if she wants a fight, I'm game. Like I haven't had anyone kick my ass before but when you gotta mouth like mine lots a people want to! So I invited the air head to come on the show. Well guess what, she got on a plane and she's here now! Wait'll you see her. Maybe she'll flex before she kicks my ass. You wouldn't believe the set of cannons she has."

Dorothy called Kelly out and as soon as she appeared around the curtain Jillian saw the fire in her eyes.

Quickly, Dorothy stepped between Jillian and Kelly and said, "Jillian isn't tough, but she's tougher than me. I really don't want to get in between you two, but before you start Kelly, I'd like you to flex for our audience. Then we'll get Jillian to flex so our audience can see who is stronger. After that, you can kick Jilli's beautiful ass if you want. I hope we have a lot of people watching the show because this'll be a big boast for our ratings."

Kelly glared at the Dorothy, "This is a stupid show and you're making a complete joke of this. I'm tempted to kick YOUR ass when I'm done kicking hers. Now get out of my way before I take you both on."

Dorothy knew she was making Kelly even angrier, but she was used to all of the crazy stunts she and her co-hosts did so she said, "Aww, Kell, don't be like that. C'mon, just flex once for me?"

Kelly grabbed Dorothy's hair, "That's it bitch, outta my way!"

She threw Dorothy aside and Jillian was standing a few feet from the irate blonde. Jillian was clowning around, flexing, making facial gestures and grabbing her biceps so that people could see she didn't have any muscle tone at all. When Kelly saw Jillian fooling around she totally lost control and went after the slightly taller agitator. Much to Kelly's shock and dismay, Jillian poked her in her Adams apple with her thumb. Kelly grabbed her throat gagging as she felt the pain from being hit in a pressure point.

Jillian turned to the audience with her thumb raised and boasted, "I learned that from the movie 'The Presidio'." Then affecting a Welsh accent trying to imitate Sean Connery, she turned to Kelly with her thumb still raised and said, "Don't worry; I'm only going to use this thumb to beat you up."

Then she bowed as the production crew cheered. Kelly was still clutching her throat when Jillian kicked her in the groin. Kelly grabbed her wounded groin and sank wheezing to her knees. The goofy host with the big mouth who often spoke without thinking, threw her hands in the air and danced around as if the fight were already over.

Then looked to the camera and said, "Ooh, I bet that hurt."

When she turned back, Kelly was still on her knees gasping and wheezing. With Kelly clutching her injured mound, the blonde host, who was wearing her hair in pigtails, kicked Kelly in the chest, sending her sprawling over backward and skidding across the hardwood floor. Jillian walked over and put a foot on Kelly's throat, pushing down and applying a lot of pressure. Kelly started to gasp for air, her hands frantically pawing at Jillian's foot, trying to get it off her windpipe.

The daffy hostess turned to the production crew and said, "You know, I really thought I was going to get killed - and I still may be - but so far I'm doing better than I expected." Then she turned to Dorothy and added, "Now I know how to get ratings. Antagonize someone, invite them on the show..." she paused dramatically, then added, "...and kick their ass! And, if we can't get anyone else, you and me can fight!!"

Dorothy grimaced, "I don't think I wanna fight you. You look pretty tough but then, of course, Kelly could be a real wimp."

Jillian again turned back to Kelly, bent down and ripped off her halter top, then stared in awe, "Hey, she's got some chest."

Pulling her own halter off, Jillian turned to the crew and said, "Too bad this show is censored because the audience won't see how nice MY boobs are. Now tell me, aren't mine better'n hers?"

Still stepping on Kelly's throat, Jillian grabbed the perky blonde's hair and started pulling her head up. Pulling her head up while standing on her throat was a devastating hold and Kelly was at Jillian's mercy! Jillian was having a good time so she lifted Kelly to her feet, pulled her head down and kicked the blonde in the stomach. Kelly staggered back doubled over gasping and holding her stomach while Jillian turned to Dorothy and winked as she straightened Kelly up by her hair one more time then let the blonde go and prepared to kick her again. As soon as Kelly's hair was free she stumbled and, realizing the brunette was about to hurt her again, turned and staggered/ran toward the nearest exit. The garrulous brunette looked at Kelly's bouncing bottom, thought about running her down, then shook her head and raised her arms in the air in victory as the production crew cheered. Dorothy and Steve, the other co-host, got up, walked over to Jillian and hugged her.

Steve held Jillian's right arm in the air, saying, "The winner and STILL champion; Jillian "The Wild Tigress" Barberie."

Jillian laughed and gushed, "We should do this once a week. I'll insult someone, we fly them out to LA, introduce them and then I can kick their ass. We'll go prime time...It'll do great ratings!"
Mr. Skin