Fight #1: Alyson Hannigan vs. Charisma Carpenter by Bob

Filming for the day had just finished and many of the young cast members of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were sitting together and having a good time. It was a rare moment because all of the young female stars hated each other and there were many anxious moments and catty remarks when any of the young female celebs were together. As they were joking and having a good time, one of the young extras came running in and said that Alyson just challenged Charisma to meet her behind the lot.

Mercedes McNab shrugged her shoulders and said, "Big deal, Charisma won't show; she knows Alyson will kick her ass."

The young extra said, "She sent me to tell Alyson she'd be there in two minutes."

Juliette Landau sarcastically said, "Yeah she needs two minutes to find a bat. She can't beat any of us. She's going to fight the toughest one here. Doubtful!"

Eliza Dushku stood up, "I'm going outside. If Carpenter shows up I don't want to miss seeing her get beaten. With a little luck, they'll both put each other in the hospital."

As the young cast members got up, Sarah Michelle Gellar asked, "Who are we rooting for?"

Mercedes sarcastically said, "Who cares! No matter who loses they'll get what they deserve. But I wouldn't mess with Alyson. Besides, Charisma can't even beat you."

Sarah Michelle looked disdainfully at the blonde beauty, "Really? Well, she can beat YOU and anytime you get the guts to fight me, just say the word."

Mercedes smiled and replied, "Be careful what you wish for! Maybe after Alyson kicks Charisma's ass, I'll kick yours."

Juliette quickly chirped, "The two of you can settle your differences in two minutes. Charisma's not gonna show; she's probably halfway to Las Vegas by now."

As the young cast members approached the area, Alyson was sitting on a bench still dressed in the clothes she'd worn during the filming, a white blouse, a plaid short skirt, black stockings, and black boots. While there'd been a lot of friction on the set, no one wanted to mess with Alyson. Sarah Michelle and Eliza had been learning how to fight, but both had stunt doubles who did all of the falls and took all of the hits. Alyson was very athletic like her other costars, but she wasn't the wimpy character she played. In fact, she'd shown everyone she was exceptionally strong and she liked rough-housing with the young male stars. And, unlike the other female stars on the show, Alyson did all of her own stunts. So while a lot of the young stars disliked Alyson, they all respected her athleticism and strength.

Juliette looked at Alyson and said, "You're wasting your time. She's not going to show. Why don't you just kick Eliza's ass instead."

Eliza shot a dirty look at Juliette, then put three fingers in the air, with the back of her hand pointed to Juliette and asked, "Can you read between the lines Landau?"

Sarah looked at Alyson and asked the redhead, "Why'd you challenge her?"

"The last scene where we were supposed to argue, the bitch said a few things that weren't in the script. When the scene ended she told me she meant everything she said. She walked away before I could tell her to meet me outside. So I sent her a message. I was told she'd be here. But it doesn't look like she is going to show." Alyson shrugged and added, "It's going to be interesting on the set tomorrow because I'm going to get her one way or the other."

Just as Alyson got up and started to walk away, Charisma came walking out of the main building. Like Alyson, she was still dressed in her costume, wearing black heels, black stockings, and a blue skirt. "Where are you going Hannigan? You challenged me to a fight. You're not backing out? I've been wanting to go with you for a long time."

Alyson's face turned beet red and the angry redhead said, "I was leaving because I figured you'd be too chicken shit to fight. I wish I knew sooner you wanted a piece of me. I would have loved to have given you a chance to show how tough you are a long time ago."

"Well Red, I'm here now and you're going to find out how tough I am. Talk is cheap, let's get this over with. I want to get changed and go home," the beautiful brunette replied.

Alyson, who hated being called Red, immediately showed the brunette how she got her reputation of being the toughest female, putting Charisma in a headlock and flipping the brunette over her hip. Charisma landed on her back, with Alyson, also on her back, but on top of her. As Alyson tightened her grip, Charisma grabbed Alyson's wrists and struggled to pry her hands apart. However, Alyson had great leverage, was exceptionally strong, and Charisma could not free herself. After struggling for a few minutes, Charisma let go of Alyson's wrists and grabbed Alyson's hair. Alyson screamed, but held on tightly to Charisma's head. When Alyson tightened her grip, Charisma started digging her heels into Alyson's long and shapely legs as Alyson continued to hold her by the head.

Both of the 5'7" beauties were punishing each other and their fellow female cast members loved every second of it. One thing was very obvious to everyone, although Alyson was the stronger of the two and the better fighter, Charisma was not about to give up and was going to inflict as much pain as possible. Sensing she was doing a lot of damage grinding her heels in Alyson's legs, Charisma decided to release Alyson's hair and changed her grip to Alyson's breasts. Alyson screamed as Charisma continued to dig her heels in the redhead's legs and began to squeeze her breasts. Still, Alyson refused to let go of Charisma's head and applied even more pressure while Charisma, squeezed Alyson's breasts even harder.

After about thirty seconds of intense pain, Alyson screamed as she let go of Charisma's head. Now, although Alyson was still on top, she was no longer in control and she grabbed Charisma's hands to try to pry them from her breasts. Despite her strength, Charisma continued squeezing Alyson's breasts. But now, with her head free, Charisma was able to adjust her position, sitting up to wrap her powerful legs around Alyson's waist. Again, Alyson screamed as Charisma tightened her scissor and breast lock as she continued squeezing Alyson's breasts. Charisma was in complete control now, and she knew it!

As Charisma continued squeezing Alyson's breasts, she adjusted her position again and rolled Alyson so that she was now on top of the redhead. With Alyson on her stomach and Charisma on top, Charisma released her legs, let go of Alyson's breasts and started pushing Alyson's head into the pavement. Alyson made a few futile attempts to grab Charisma's head so that she could put her in another headlock and perhaps roll the brunette off. However, she couldn't reach Charisma's head.

After grinding Alyson's face on the pavement, Charisma let go and rolled Alyson onto her back, grabbed Alyson's wrists and pinned them to the ground. Alyson tried moving her arms to free them and throw Charisma off, but Charisma was stronger and Alyson realized the punishment she'd taken had sapped a lot of her strength. When Alyson realized she couldn't free her arms, she started bucking and kneeing the brunette, who obviously knew how to fight and was in full control. Charisma gave Alyson a hard smack, which caused Alyson to scream. Charisma started slapping Alyson at a furious pace with lefts and rights, occasionally slapping her with the back of her hand. Alyson managed to free her hands and cover her face.

Sarah Michelle, turned to Eliza and said, "I can't believe how bad Alyson is being beaten, maybe we overestimated her toughness."

Eliza laughed and said, "Fights not over yet."

Meanwhile, Charisma started taunting Alyson, "Who said you could fight? You're a wimp. Why don't you throw me off?"

As blood streamed from Alyson's nose, lips, and mouth, the redhead grabbed Charisma's chest and started squeezing. Now it was Charisma's turn to scream. Charisma grabbed Alyson's hands and tried to pry them loose. Alyson held on for all she was worth. She started to roll Charisma off, however, just as Alyson was about to throw Charisma off, the brunette managed to shift her weight, giving her the leverage she needed to put Alyson on her back one more time. The redhead continued to squeeze Charisma's tits, occasionally moving Charisma as if she was going to throw her off. However, Charisma would continue to recover her dominant position at the last minute.

Finally realizing she couldn't pull the redhead's hands from her sore breasts, Charisma grabbed Alyson's breasts and started squeezing. The two Amazons squeezed each other's breasts for about thirty seconds. However, despite badly dominating Alyson, Charisma was weakening from the pain Alyson was inflicting to her breasts and finally let go of the tough redhead's breasts. Despite still being on the bottom, Alyson had regained the advantage. She continued to squeeze and claw the brunette's breasts until she could no longer tolerate the pain.

Finally Charisma screamed, "I give! I give!"

But Alyson didn't trust Charisma and said, "I don't release my hold until you let me roll you offa me."

Despite the pain she was in, Charisma wondered if Alyson was weakening and she suddenly reached for Alyson's sore breasts one more time, grabbed them and squeezed.

Caught by surprise, Alyson screamed, "But you gave up!"

"You didn't let go," the brunette screamed. "Let go and I'll get off."

Alyson quickly released her hold hoping Charisma would keep her word but she soon realized she'd made a terrible mistake! Charisma just increased the pressure on Alyson's breasts until, fearing she was going to pass out, Alyson swung a wild right that landed squarely on Charisma's groin. Charisma cried out but continued to hold onto her redheaded foe's breasts. Relying on her superior fighting skills, Alyson reached up and grabbed Charisma's hair. She yanked as hard as she could and continued to yank until she finally rolled Charisma off. Finally back on top, Alyson grabbed Charisma's wrists and pried her hands loose. Holding Charisma's wrists, Alyson easily pinned her foe's shoulders to the ground and then put her knees across the brunette's arms. The brunette was now defenseless. She tried to buck, but Alyson had planted herself perfectly across Charisma's body so that Charisma couldn't move. Sensing that the fight was over, Charisma said, "I give."

"Sorry Babe, but I fell for that trick once." Alyson then punched Charisma on the chin. The punch was devastating and Charisma's body went limp. Sensing that her opponent was out cold, the redhead got up and planted her foot across the brunette beauty's firm, round tits. Looking at the female cast members she grinned and said, "She's a dirty fighter but I beat her." She then pointed to Sarah Michelle Gellar and said, "So what do you think? Are you next?"

When Sarah Michelle did not answer, the victorious redhead laughed and said, "Just as I thought, you're a pussy. Anytime you have the guts to fight you know where to find me." Alyson then looked at the rest of her female rivals and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, "Well?" When no one stepped forwards she angrily said, "You all disgust me. I'm out of here." She then turned and left.

Fight #2: Jessica Simpson vs. Ashlee Simpson (sisters) by Bob

Ashlee Simpson walked into her sister Jessica's house and saw her sister relaxing on the couch. Looking at her older sister, Ashlee immediately sensed that Jessica didn't invite her over because she wanted to spend some quality time. Ashlee stared at her older sister and suspiciously asked, "So why did you invite me over Jessica?"

"What, no hello?" Jessica asked.

Ashlee frowned and said, "Not until I know why you invited me here, Jessica!"

"I want to take you to lunch," Jessica commented.

"Ashlee laughed and said, "Sorry Jessica, but I'm not buying your story. You've been treating me like a slave for a lot of years. You up to something and I want to know what you have up your sleeve."

Realizing that she could no longer hide the inevitable, the older and shorter blonde finally said, "Nick is out of town. He'll be home in a few hours. I need someone to clean the house."

"I assume you mean help clean the house," the younger sibling said.

Jessica shook her head and said, "Hell no, I need you to clean the house."

"How many days was Nick out of town?" Ashlee asked.

The voluptuous blonde looked down and said, "One week."

"Oh my God," replied Ashlee. "Unless you've grown up the house has got to be a mess. You never put anything away. I bet your clothes are scattered all over the house."

"It's not my fault, Ashlee, I don't know how to clean up," Jessica replied.

"How the hell can you not know how to clean up? You eat something, you throw the garbage away and you wash the dishes. Then you put the clean dishes away. You don't change your clothes 15 times a day and you put your dirty clothes in a hamper so that you can wash them at some point. You're the only woman I know who throws clothes on the floor."

"It's not my job to put things away, it's mom's job and your job Ashlee."

I've been cleaning up after you for a lot of years and I'm finished cleaning up after you. You're not a baby anymore. Sometimes I think you're the younger sister. Well it's time for you to grow up."

"Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that Ashlee. I'm your big sister and I tell you what to do. If I tell you to clean up, you clean up. They say I'm the dumb one, but I'm smart enough to know my younger sister does what I tell her to do."

"Wrong Jessica, those days are over. I'll never clean up after you again. If I were you I'd get off that couch and start cleaning because it's probably going to take you hours to clean up."

"Ashlee, I told you to clean up the house and I meant it. There's no way I'm going to let you leave this house until it's clean. Now get to work!" Jessica commanded.

"I don't think so Jessica, I'm leaving," Ashlee defiantly said.

The younger blonde turned and started walking towards the door. As she reached out to grab the door knob, Jessica, who had gotten off the couch and followed her younger sister, reached out and grabbed Ashlee's straight blonde hair. Once she had grabbed her sister's hair, she yanked it as hard as she could, pulling the young blonde away from the door. "What did you say, you little brat?" Jessica mockingly asked.

"Get your damned hands out of my hair Jessica or I'll kick your lazy ass," Ashlee warned.

"Yeah right, Ashlee, get real. The day you can beat me is the day hell freezes over."

Ashlee reached back and grabbed her older sister's hair. She then stomped down on Jessica's foot. Jessica screamed as she let go of Ashlee's hair. As soon as Jessica let go of her younger sister's hair, Ashlee pulled Jessica's hair with all her might, dipped her shoulders and flipped Jessica over her body. Once again Jessica screamed as she flew through the air and screamed one more time as she bounced off the wall. As Jessica lay on the floor, dazed by her younger sister's surprise flip, she tried to clear her head. Despite being dazed, she couldn't believe that her younger sister had managed to flip her.

"I warned you Jessica," Ashlee said. "I'm sorry if I hurt you but you shouldn't have started with me. As I said before, I'm leaving. If I were you I'd get started on the house because my days of playing Cinderella to your wicked Stepmother are over."

Ashlee turned her back on her sister and once again reached for the door. However, much to her surprise, Jessica jumped on her back, wrapped her legs against her taller sister's waist, her right arm around Ashlee's throat, and her left arm around Ashlee's forehead, making sure that she dug her nails into the side of her sister's face. Now it was the younger Simpson's turn to scream as Jessica clawed her face with her talon like fingernails, while tightening the arm that she had wrapped around Ashlee's throat and locking her powerful legs even tighter. Ashlee was having trouble breathing and was suddenly in big trouble as she staggered around Jessica's living room trying to free herself from her sister's devastating hold. She had never realized her shorter but bustier sister had such powerful legs.

"That flip was lucky Ashlee, but now I'm really going to have to hurt you. When I tell you to do something you do it. If I tell you to jump, you jump. Do you understand?"

Ashlee continued to struggle for air. Unable to free herself of her powerful sister, and struggling to breathe, Ashlee finally collapsed to her knees and then to her stomach. With Ashlee lying on her stomach, Jessica realized her baby sister was at her mercy. Despite not being the brightest bulb on the tree, Jessica realized she had to get her sister to submit before she passed out otherwise it would be awhile before her sister would be physically able to clean her house. "Give up Ashlee before I break your neck and your ribs."

Despite being at her sister's mercy, Ashlee knew she was much smarter than her older sister and was not ready to submit. Trying to think of how to break free, Ashlee finally decided to go after her sister's shapely legs. Suddenly she dug her nails deep into Jessica's thighs. Jessica began to panic when she realized she was bleeding from both of her thighs.

Not knowing what to do, Jessica let go of Ashlee with both arms and reached for her wounded legs. Ashlee continued to lie on her stomach for about 15 seconds as she tried to catch her breath. However, as soon as she caught her breath, she rose to her knees and again grabbed her older sister's long, wavy hair. Once she had Jessica's hair in her hands, she dipped her right shoulder and tried to roll her sister off. Jessica, relying on her fighting skill, leaned to her left and managed to thwart her younger sister's efforts to reverse her. Frustrated by her inability to gain the advantage, Ashlee, released Jessica's hair and again dug her nails into Jessica's shapely legs.

"Damn you Ashlee! You'll pay for that!"

"I don't think so," Ashlee countered as she grabbed her sister's hair once again and attempted to roll her off one more time, this time rolling to her left.

However, Jessica again thwarted her attempt, this time shifting to her right. As soon as her sister foiled Ashlee's attempt to roll her off, Ashlee tucked her head and did a forward roll. The two sisters went flying across the room, Jessica landing on the bottom. The jolt Jessica took from the roll, her back crashing against the floor, and then having her sister crash on top of her was too much for Jessica and she finally released her scissors lock as her body went limp.

Finally free of her sister's powerful scissors and realizing Jessica was hurt; Ashlee quickly turned and maneuvered so that she was able to knee her sister in her large tits. Jessica groaned as her younger sister quickly followed by leaning forwards and smashing her tits into Jessica's face. Although Ashlee's large tits were not as large as Jessica's, her tits crashing against Jessica's face did some major damage as Jessica's head bounced against the floor. With her knees in a position to inflict more pain, Ashlee thought about all of the years in which she was her older sister's slave. Ashlee had lived in Jessica's shadow most of her life and now she was easily having her way with the sibling who outshone her. She was going to cherish the moment and milk it for all it was worth. Ashlee planted her knees on Jessica's large tits and started bouncing.

Jessica screamed with each bounce and Ashlee smiled at the look on Jessica's face, "Looks like I give the orders from here on in Jessica. Give up before you really get hurt. You can't win and I can do anything I want."

Realizing she was right, Jessica looked deep into Ashlee's eyes, trying to get a sense of how far Ashlee had planned to go. When Jessica didn't answer, Ashlee again lurched forwards, ramming her tits into Jessica's battered and bruised face. Deciding she might not have another chance to pay her older sister back for the years of abuse, Ashlee lay on top of her sister, making sure that her luscious tits covered Jessica's face. She continued lying on top of her sister, making sure to occasionally move so that her sister could get some air. Although she was having a good time torturing her sister, she didn't want to completely suffocate her, especially since she wanted Jessica to submit rather than pass out. After lying with her tits on Jessica's face for several minutes, Ashlee decided her sister had had enough.

Ashlee got up put her foot across Jessica's throat and said, "Give up or I'm going to strip you and tie you up with your panties." Being unable to tolerate the humiliation of being beaten by her younger sister, Jessica began sobbing uncontrollably. Ashlee, feeling no remorse, just flexed her muscles and said, "From now on you take orders from me. I kicked your ass and I can do it anytime I want."

Jessica didn't answer so Ashlee reached down and grabbed Jessica's halter and as she began to rip her top off, Jessica dejectedly said, "I give!"

Ashlee removed her foot from her sister's throat and said, "All right Jessica, get your ass up and start cleaning your house. I'm going to relax on the couch and live like a queen. When you're done, you'll do my nails and then I'll go home. And just remember, anytime you decide to treat me like your slave I'll beat the hell out of you again." Jessica got up and glanced in the mirror and when she saw her battered face she again began to sob. "Better get started so you're finished when Nick gets home."

Jessica dejectedly walked into the kitchen and began doing the dishes. Ashlee watched her sister as she ambled into the kitchen. She then walked over to the couch, fell backwards and laughed loudly as she thought about how she had finally gotten the best of her more famous sister.

Fight #3: Shannen Doherty vs. Paris Hilton by Bob

The lanky blonde was surprised as she entered her apartment and saw Shannen Doherty sitting on her couch. Paris turned wan and stood with a blank expression on her face for several seconds.

Finally, Paris stammered, "Wha...what are do.....doing here?"

It was immediately obvious to the brunette that the blonde was afraid of her, "Maybe I came to talk to you."

Paris took a step back, cautiously eyeing the woman whose boyfriend she had taken away. "Are you really here to talk?"

Shannen casually shrugged, threw her head back and tauntingly said, "Maybe! Or maybe I'm here to kick your skinny ass."

Trying to hide her fear, Paris said, "You know I have a restraining order on you. You also broke into my apartment. You could go to jail for a couple of months." Her own threat convinced her Shannen wasn't going to be foolish enough to touch her so she added, "Tell me what you want to say and then get the hell out."

Shannen smiled and said, "Getting awfully brazen Princess. Maybe the thought of going to jail doesn't scare me. In fact maybe the thought of going to jail after beating the hell out of you is a pretty good trade off. And maybe you won't press charges because a spoiled brat like yourself wouldn't want the negative publicity you'll get when people find out you got your ass kicked by someone who is much shorter than you."

Suddenly Paris' complexion went pale again and she stammered as she spoke. "I ca...can take care of my...myself. If you try anything'll be the one who gets h....her ass kicked!"

"Oh really Princess and what happened the night we were in the restaurant? You didn't exactly give a good account of yourself, although you ran pretty quickly. You may not be tougher than me, but you run a lot faster."

The blonde was sure that Shannen was trying to intimidate her and while Shannen was doing a pretty good job of scaring her, she was going to continue putting on a façade in the hopes that Shannen would back down just as bullies generally do. She defiantly put her hands on her hips and said, "I could have taken you out that night but I didn't want the publicity. Besides, I'd been drinking pretty heavily and wasn't at my best."

"Are you saying you can take me Princess?"

Paris paused for a few seconds. Shannen was not buying her tough girl act. "Look Shannen, I'm a little drunk now. I'm tired and I have a headache. I really don't want to kick your ass tonight."

Shannen laughed contemptuously. "Well, that's a real relief. So when do you want to kick my ass?"

At that point, Shannen got up and confidently strutted around Paris' living room. The frightened blonde moved slowly towards her phone. Once again she stammered as she said, "I've had several fights and never lost."

"Gee I'm scared," Shannen said mockingly. "I wish I had brought a change of panties with me. So do you consider our little tiff a win?"

Paris hesitated for a second and said. "I told you, I'd been drinking. But I don't think I got the worst of it."

"So why did you run away?" Shannen asked.

"Don't you listen? I told you I didn't want the negative publicity? Just as I took your boy toy, I took you."

Shannen laughed and mockingly said, "Maybe I should go before I get hurt." She then started walking towards the frightened blonde. "Don't even think of picking up that phone Princess because I'll ram it down your throat."

As Paris grabbed the phone, the brunette rushed towards her and slapped the phone away from her. Shannen followed by slapping the blonde across the mouth. Blood started trickling from the blonde's lips as the phone flew across the apartment.

Paris put her hand to her lips and then looked to see if she was bleeding. "Oh my goodness!" Paris screamed.

"What's the matter Princess? I thought you were tough," the brunette taunted.

As Shannen approached the skinny blonde, Paris started moving backwards. Shannen picked up her pace, catching the blonde by surprise and pushing her. The blonde tumbled backwards and fell to the floor. Shannen quickly moved to where the blonde was lying on the floor and mounted her foe. She then quickly pinned the blonde's shoulders to the floor. She easily held Paris' shoulders to the floor as the blonde squirmed and struggled in an effort to free her shoulders. Shannen laughed at Paris' feeble attempt to free herself. As Paris continued trying to move around, Shannen grabbed the blonde's skinny wrists and lifted the blonde's arms slightly so that she could put them between her legs. With Paris' arms pinned between her legs, the brunette had both hands free and was able to start inflicting some pain. She slapped Paris across the face with her right hand. The skinny blonde screamed.

"What's the matter Paris? Does that hurt?"

"Screw you bitch!" Paris screamed.

"Ah watch your language Paris. Cursing is not very ladylike." Shannen laughed as she brought her palm down again, slapping Paris' cheek.

"Get the hell off me or I'll kill you!" Paris cried.

"So you're going to kill me?"

Again Shannen slapped Paris' cheek. Suddenly Paris started bucking furiously. Her movement caught Shannen by surprise and the brunette lurched forwards. The brunette's forward movement gave Paris an opportunity to free her trapped arms and she took advantage of it. With her arms now free, she was able to put her hands on Shannen's back and push the brunette forwards. The brunette flew off her blonde foe. Paris turned and rose to her knees. Despite bragging about her fighting prowess, the blonde wasn't quite sure what to do. All of her fights were over in two minutes or less. Except for her throwing a glass at Sarah Howard and Lisa Marie Presley throwing a glass at her, her fights were nothing more than a little hair pulling, a few slaps, and some kicking. Paris had never been in a fight in which she was rolling around on the floor with anyone. However, seeing Shannen falling awkwardly on her stomach, gave the blonde the courage she needed to fight back. She flew through the air, landing on the brunette's back. She immediately grabbed the brunette's hair and banged her face against the floor. The blonde then moved up so that she was sitting on the small of the brunette's back. Next the blonde slammed her fist down into Shannen's back. Shannen screamed loudly from the surprising power of Paris' punch.

Gaining the advantage against Shannen had given the lanky blonde confidence. Suddenly she wondered why she had been afraid of her brunette rival. Paris grabbed Shannen's hair and rammed her face against the floor one more time. Shannen's body started to shake. Wasting no time, Paris reached down and ripped Shannen's blouse off. She shouldn't have been surprised that the wild brunette was not wearing a bra, but the blonde was surprised. Paris stared at the brunette's bare back for a second or two and then looked at her long manicured nails. She thought about whether or not she wanted to risk ruining her manicure. Realizing that Shannen had a reputation of being both tough and crazy, and the fact that the brunette had been tormenting her for several weeks, she knew what she had to do. She violently ran her long finger nails down Shannen's back. Once again Shannen screamed. The rich and wild blonde was having a great time. She had never realized that fighting could be so much fun!

"Get off me you bitch!" cried Shannen.

"I don't think so," replied the blonde beauty. "You're tough. Let's see you get me off you." With that the blonde, violently ran her long finger nails down Shannen's back one more time, drawing blood. "How does that feel you psycho bitch?"

Shannen tried to speak but she was in a lot of pain. Realizing the brunette was in trouble; Paris grabbed the brunette's hair with both hands and lifted her opponent's head from the floor. The sadistic blonde party girl then let go of Shannen's brown locks with her right hand and raked her talon-like nails against the side of Shannen's face, drawing blood one more time. Shannen cried out once again. Paris was enjoying every minute of her viscous attack. She then grabbed Shannen's hair with her right hand, let go of Shannen's hair with her left hand, and raked the other side of Shannen's face with her left hand.

As Shannen began to sob, Paris tormented her, telling her what a pussy she was. Shannen had tortured Paris for a few weeks. Now it was Paris' turn for her revenge.

"So tough girl, still think I'm lying? I told you I could fight. I also told you I didn't want to fight tonight. Now I have to teach you a lesson. Paris then moved up so that she was sitting on the brunette's head. "I hope you have a lot of air because I'm going to teach you a lesson about what can happen when you pick a fight with someone who is tougher than you."

She started bouncing on the brunette's head and Shannen wanted to give up, but the sounds coming from her mouth were drowned out by Paris' shapely butt bouncing on her face. Despite being groggy and ready to submit before Paris rendered her unconscious, she couldn't help but replay the fight in her mind and try to figure out how a skinny rich bitch with small tits had managed to beat the snot out of her.

Shannen had become lost in a dream world in which she imagined she was on top of the blonde debutante and punishing her hated foe. She did not realize the blonde had stopped bouncing on her head. Suddenly she was brought back to reality as she felt a sharp pain in the area of her groin. The pain was intense and shot through her entire body as the blonde hotel heiress had ripped her skirt, reached into her panties, and dug her finger nails into Shannen's cunt. Shannen had never felt so much pain and felt as if the blonde was ripping her insides out.

Despite being conscious, the brunette's body involuntarily went limp. Not realizing that Shannen was conscious, the blonde removed her hand from inside of Shannen's panties and relaxed. She then got off her foe and laughed maniacally. Her initials fears had quickly turned to a feeling of exhilaration. She got off her foe and put her red high heeled foot on Shannen's chest. Looking down on her foe, she watched as Shannen's body shook vigorously. Shannen's quivering body made her think of a chicken that had lost its head and was running around. The wild party animal had wished that someone had filmed the fight. Although she hadn't filmed the fight she would be sure to call all the tabloids and let them know about how easily she had beaten the brunette bad girl.

She continued thinking about who else she could tell about the fight when suddenly her legs buckled and she collapsed to her knees. The blonde felt as if someone had hit her in her mound with a sledge hammer. Paris' inexperience had cost her. Sure that the fight was over, she started thinking about her victory. Despite the fact that she had inflicted enough punishment to finish off most pugilists, she had underestimated Shannen's toughness and her desire to win. So while the blonde bombshell was thinking about her victory, the dazed brunette, relying strictly on instincts, managed to plant her foot in Paris' groin.

Gasping for air, Paris looked over and saw Shannen was still lying on the floor. It took the stunned blonde several seconds, but finally she realized the brunette had someone managed to kick her in her mound. Paris tried to roll over on top of Shannen, but while her mind told her to roll on top of Shannen, her body refused to obey.

Shannen's brain also kept telling her, "Mount your foe and finish her off!" but, just as Paris was unable to follow her instincts, so too was Shannen. As she lay on the ground, trying to clear her head, Shannen thought she heard someone crying. At first the sobbing sounds were soft but as her head continued to clear, the sobbing sounds grew louder and louder. Suddenly, Shannen thought she could hear her worst enemy, Tori Spelling, trying to rally Paris to finish her off. Although Shannen was hallucinating, the thought of Tori Spelling rooting against her was her rallying point. Suddenly Shannen rolled over and got up on her knees. Despite still being in intense pain, she landed a hellacious punch to Paris' nose. Blood splattered from Paris' nose as she fell backward.

The momentum of the punch sent Shannen lurching forward on top of the blonde, her head crashing down on Paris' sore mound. Despite the fact that Shannen was laying on top of her, the force of Shannen's head hitting her in the groin made Paris roll into a fetal position. As she curled up, Shannen tumbled off her and, once again, the two fighters, lay side by side virtually unconscious. It was crunch time, the twelfth round and the winner would be the one who could overcome her pain. Despite the fact her foe had taken the worst of the punishment and spoiled young blonde Paris seemed to have bitten off more than she could chew and wanted no more, as she lay next to her enemy and her pain started to subside, Paris somehow managed to sit up.

She looked at her hated rival and was surprised to see her still on the floor, blood flowing from the back of her head. Although Paris wasn't sure what had cut Shannen's head, she maneuvered herself near Shannen's feet where she removed the brunette's heavy black shoes and dropped them, then grabbed Shannen's right foot and bit down on it! Shannen's body began to shake but the brunette didn't scream!

Paris next grabbed Shannen's right leg and bit the brunette's ankle, then she picked up one of Shannen's shoes and smashed it across the small of Shannen's back. Once more the blonde was in control and taking the brunette apart. Although she knew she had won, Paris wasn't about to make the same mistake she'd made earlier and she rolled Shannen over onto her back and sat firmly on her face. Paris started wiggling, enjoying the ride as Shannen's body jerked from side-to-side. Paris continued to wiggle for several minutes as, despite the fact that Shannen had been taking a lot of punishment, she was still conscious. Paris hated her foe, but she couldn't help but respect the toughness of her opponent, especially since she doubted she could have taken so much punishment and not succumbed. Finally, Paris tried another approach as she got off the fallen brunette and put a foot on Shannen's chest, grinding her heel into Shannen's breasts.

"Give up! You can't take anymore punishment. You've lost and we both know it."

Despite being barely conscious, Shannen softly muttered, "This fight isn't over, bitch! I'm not ready to quit."

Paris shook her head and said, "All right, if you want more pain that's fine."

She kicked Shannen in the ribs, then mounted her one more time, dropping hard on Shannen's sore chest. As Paris prepared to throw the punch that would render her unconscious, Shannen somehow managed to reach up, grab Paris' blonde hair and yank with what little strength she had left. Somehow, she managed to roll the dominant blonde off and now back on top and badly sapped of her strength, the brunette realized she had to finish the blonde off quickly. Shannen balled her right hand into a fist and slammed it down on Paris' right eye. The punch was devastating and Paris' eye immediately started to swell shut and blacken. Shannen threw another punch, this one to Paris' nose which started blood flowing. Paris began to sob and, while Shannene was still badly dazed, it was clear to her that Paris had a low threshold of pain.

As Paris sobbed, Shannen moved up until she was sitting on Paris' face and, just as the blonde had wiggled her ass on her face before, now it was Shannen's turn to grind her ass on Paris' face. As Shannen's head started to clear, she started grinding more vigorously until, sensing that she had Paris softened up, she was ready to go for the kill. Shannen shifted so that although she was still sitting on Paris' face, she was in position to start throwing punches. First, Shannen worked Paris' slim midsection, landing several hard lefts and rights and each punch made Paris' wiry body quiver. Next, Shannen reached for Paris' expensive dress and quickly ripped it off, followed by Paris' bra.

Shannen's eyes opened wide when she saw how small Paris' tits were. To pay Paris back for all the pain she had inflicted, Shannen reached out and raked her finger nails over Paris' perky little tits until blood started trickling from the wounds. Shannen smiled as she leaned forwards, grabbed Paris' ankles and started pulling her long, skinny legs up toward her. She continued to pull until Paris' legs were sticking straight up as Shannen held Paris' ankles tightly. Paris wasn't offering any resistance and, despite having taken far more punishment, tough Shannen knew it was now only a matter of time before the fight was over. She continued to hold Paris's legs up straight as she resumed wiggling her ass on Paris' face until Paris' body went limp - she was out and the fight was over!

Shannen collapsed across her conquered foe's lifeless body. Despite getting her second wind, the brunette was still tired and sore. After lying on top of her defeated rival several minutes, Shannen finally got up and shook her head, still not believing she could have been badly beaten had Paris not made two costly mistakes. Despite being the victor, Shannen didn't feel as if she'd really won. Every bone in her body hurt; she had cuts and scratches all over her body and face and as she thought about the beating she'd been given, and how lucky she was to have won, Shannen began to sob uncontrollably.

Although she'd proven she could take more pain than Paris, she knew she'd do whatever she had to to avoid another fight with this surprisingly tough, spoiled, rich girl. Shannen hoped the hotel heiress would avoid her in the future rather then seek a rematch. Still sobbing, she staggered to Paris' closet, took out an expensive leather jacket and put it on. Grabbing her boots, Shannen staggered out of Paris' apartment. Despite the fact it had been a less than satisfying win, Shannen quickly rationalized it was better to get the worst and win than dish out the most punishment and lose!

Fight #4: Christina Applegate vs. Carmen Electra by Bob

Carmen and Christina had been traveling together in the show "The Party Dolls" for a few months. At first the divas got along but eventually, their egos started to interfere with their ability to work together. While waiting to go on stage for the final dance number before intermission, Carmen was bragging to Christina about her prowess as a fighter. The blonde listened for awhile but finally started getting annoyed.

Sensing Christina's growing anger, Carmen crossed her arms and asked, "So, what's the matter with you?"

Christina chuckled, "I was a fighter too and if we fought, I'd beat you!"

"I hope you're kidding," Carmen said, not smiling.

Christina broke into that cute little smile as she purred, "I'm not kidding! If we fought, only one of us would be standing at the end -and it wouldn't be you."

Carmen looked at the blonde and asked, "Would you like to see who's the better woman tonight after the show?"

"Oh yes, I sure would!" replied the now-irate blonde.

Carmen stared at the blonde and couldn't believe she accepted her challenge while Christina sensed the brunette was trying to intimidate her and decided to fight fire with fire, glaring fiercely back at the brunette. They continued their staredown until they got their cue to go on stage, then one by one, the dancers started filing out onto the stage. During the number, the divas had to do a spin and a little bump and Carmen made sure to wiggle her hips, then bumped Christina harder than usual. Christina quickly stuck out her foot and laughed as Carmen went tumbling.

As she spun away, Christina hissed "I'll see later who the real woman is!"

As the number ended and the curtain came down, the two divas exited on opposite sides of the stage. The beautiful brunette quickly headed for her dressing room where she threw herself into a chair fuming! She wasn't sure if she could wait until the show was over to kill the blonde bimbo.

When she saw Christina approaching her dressing room, Carmen quickly stood up and said, "You and I have some talking to do."

The blonde said, "Let's not mince words. Neither of us wants to talk," and she picked up her pace.

As Christina reached the beautiful brunette, Carmen snapped her foot out, kicking the blonde in the stomach. Christina's legs buckled and she dropped to her knees in front of Carmen who put her hands on her hips and struck a haughty pose.

"Get up you big pussy so I can kick your ass!" Carmen said with a toss of her dark hair.

Not wanting to show how much the kick hurt her, Christina laughed and said, "Lucky, but it won't happen again."

Then perky blonde quickly got to her feet, but Carmen grabbed her by her blonde hair and jerked the blonde's head forward, right into a breath-taking knee to the stomach. Christina grimaced as she doubled over and grabbed her stomach. Carmen let go of Christina's hair and hammered her in the back with her right hand. Then just as Christina's legs buckled again, Carmen slammed the blonde in the right eye with a left uppercut. Christina went sprawling on her back on the floor. Stepping over her, Carmen reached down, grabbed Christina's hair and yanked the blonde's head up, pulling the blonde's body slightly off the floor. Carmen then viciously stomped down on Christina's chest with her right foot, slamming Christina back to the floor.

With the blonde lying on the floor, Carmen kicked her in the ribs, rolling her over, then dug her heel down into Christina's back, making her scream as Carmen tortured her. Carmen was having her way with the young blonde, who wasn't putting up any resistance. She was enjoying torturing Christina so, still holding her by the hair, the sadistic brunette hauled the blonde to her feet and pulled her head back. Then as Christina's back arched, Carmen brought her knee up into the small of Christina's back and as she continued to pull the blonde's head down, she pushed her knee harder on the small of Christina's back, forcing Christina up onto her toes!

The blonde was in a lot of pain and Carmen sensed it wouldn't be long before she submitted but she was determined to inflict as much pain as possible before Christina submitted to her so she removed her knee from Christina's back, stood her straight up and then punched the blonde with a hard right to the back of her neck that sent her hurtling toward the wall. Christina was in too much pain to get her hands out in time to brace herself before she hit the wall hard and she crumpled to the floor.

Carmen moved quickly, grabbed the blonde by her hair, picked her up, ripped the blonde's top off, threw the top over her shoulder, and then threw the blonde across the room and into the wall again. Once again, Christina hit the wall hard and went down. Carmen laughed loudly as she walked across the room. She took off one of her heels, bent down, and smacked Christina in the back. She then laughed again as Christina bounced and screamed upon the impact of the shoe. The brunette slipped her heel back on and stepped on the blonde's back, grinding her heel into the small of Christina's back.

Christina cried out, "Please let me up."

Carmen laughed again and said, "With pleasure."

Once again she reached down and grabbed Christina by the hair. As she started to lift the blonde to her feet, she reached down and ripped the bottom of Christina's costume off. She flipped the bottom over her shoulder. She then grabbed the blonde's hair with both hands and continued to lift the blonde until she was standing. Next, the brunette swung the blonde around twice and flung her across the room one more time. Despite being badly battered, the blonde threw her arms out so that she was able to brace herself as she hit the wall. Carmen was like a shark going into a feeding frenzy; attacking the blonde and throwing lefts and rights to the back of the blonde's head and to the blonde's back. Christina groaned as each punch landed and her face kept bouncing off the wall. It was bad enough losing to a bitch like Carmen, but she was getting annihilated.

As Christina sank to her knees, Carmen arrogantly said, "I thought you were supposed to be tough. You haven't shown me anything." She leaped high into the air, screamed, and brought her right knee down on the upper part of Christina's back. Christina was smashed to the floor face first and once again Carmen leaped in the air, this time landing with her butt on the small of the blonde's back. Christina's body bounced from the force of the impact.

Carmen got up, put her hands on her hips and started taunting the battered blonde, "Come on tough girl get up!"

When Christina refused to move, Carmen reached down, grabbed the blonde by her hair one more time, and again lifted her to her feet. As the brunette held the blonde up, she laughed while plotting her next move. Despite being hurt, Christina knew how to fight and while she'd never fought anyone as tough or nasty as Carmen, she wasn't about to concede defeat. She suddenly reached out and hit Carmen on her temple with her palm. The blow had caught Carmen by surprise and she released her hold. As Carmen came towards Christina to resume her attack, the blonde again hit Carmen on her temple with her palm, then turned and landed a quick left-right combination to Carmen's face.

Much to the blonde's surprise, Carmen stumbled back holding her nose. After taking quite a beating, it was Christina's turn to go on the attack - and hopefully - to turn defeat into victory. She awkwardly followed as Carmen stumbled away and with Carmen off balance and fighting to keep herself upright, Christina started throwing lefts and rights, mixing in a few kicks to the stomach! Carmen was shocked Christina still had fight in her and she was feeling the pain of Christina's ferocious attack. Just as Christina had never received so much punishment in her many fights, neither had Carmen taken punishment like Christina was giving her!

Christina continued to punch and kick as Carmen reeled backward in an effort to get the blonde off her and go back on the attack again. But Christina kept landing punch after punch until Carmen's nose and mouth were both bleeding. Still, Christina continued kicking the brunette, while landing lefts and rights until Carmen's right eye was swollen shut and her left eye was getting more and more swollen. Christina knew that left eye would close with a few more hard punches, leaving Carmen almost blind!

The brunette was in a lot of pain and aking a terrible beating, it suddenly dawned on her she wasn't going to win. She'd never fought anyone as tough as Christina and she wondered if her early assault had been a fluke. The blonde aggressor landed several more punches and the brunette fell over backward and crashed to the floor. Christina realized she'd snatched victory from the jaws of defeat when Carmen hit the floor. The blonde went for her finishing move, mounting her fallen foe and landing several more punches to Carmen's face. At first Carmen made a feeble attempt to throw her off but after a few more stinging slaps, she stopped trying to buck Christina off and surrendered.

"You're hurting me," Carmen whimpered.

The blonde smiled and said, "Good!"

With Carmen no longer fighting back, Christina saw a golden opportunity to exact a little revenge. She slowly ripped Carmen's top off and rolled her over on her stomach. Next, the blonde ripped the top into several pieces, grabbed Carmen's unresisting arms, pulled them behind her and crossed them at the wrists. She wrapped part of Carmen's top around her wrists, tying the ripped top so tight that Carmen couldn't use her hands to fight back. Then she turned around, sat on Carmen's curvy ass and grabbed both shapely legs by the ankles and tied them with another strand of her ripped top. Carmen was now defenseless! The blonde raked all ten fingers down Carmen's back, making sure to dig her nails in as deep as she could, bringing a long, anguished wail from the beaten and bound brunette.

It was now her turn to taunt, "So, who's the pussy? You're done you friggen bitch! Looks like you just lost."

Christina landed a hard punch to the small of Carmen's back, then rolled the brunette over onto her back. With her hands tied behind her back, Carmen was lying on the hands which raised her hips slightly, pushing her pubic mound upward.

Carmen cried, "You win, I give!"

Christina smiled. "That's true, I won, but this isn't over until I say so!" She moved up onto Carmen's face and straddled it, wiggling her ass from side to side; twisting and turning to inflict more pain and humiliation on the battered brunette. "I'd give again if I was you," Christina said. She lifted her shapely ass slightly and asked, "Do you want to give again?"

"Yes," Carmen sobbed.

Christina got off her beaten foe and said, "Looks like you're not as tough as you think. Anytime you want another ass kicking just say the word."

Then as Christina started to walk out of the dressing room, Carmen screamed, "Wait!"

Christina stopped, turned and looked down at the defeated and humiliated brunette, "What's the matter Carm?"

"Are...aren't you guh...going to unnnh....untie me?" Carmen babbled between sobs.

The blonde laughed and said, "Hell no! Since you're so tough, see if you can untie yourself. I've gotta go do the second act. Too bad, it doesn't look like you're gonna be dancing in the second act. Guess your understudy will have to go on...Jessica Biel. Enjoy yourself, someone should untie you sooner or later. I hope you'll be honest enough to let them know how you got tied up."

Then the victorious blonde turned and walked out. Without the brunette in the second act, Christine never enjoyed a dance so much!

Fight #5: Britney Spears vs. Pink by Bob

Like many others, Pink despised Britney Spears and the tough dyed-pink blonde made it quite clear she'd love to fight the blonde diva and kick her ass. However, whenever Pink challenged Britney, the sexy blonde ignored her, so Pink followed the blonde bombshell on tour, showing up at Britney's hotels, press conferences and public relations events. But when Pink showed up where Britney was staying, she'd find the blonde had 'just checked out.' After several weeks, it finally became clear to Pink (who is a natural blonde!) that, hey, Britney's avoiding her! (duh!) Britney continued to avoid her until Pink wandered into a restaurant to get something to eat and, much to her surprise, there the blonde beauty sat having dinner.

Pink was barely able to contain herself as she walked over to Britney's table and said, "Well Britney, there's no way to avoid me now. You can step outside and get it over with, or sit in here til the restaurant closes and show everyone what a chicken shit bitch you are! Either way, you're gonna havta leave the restaurant sooner or later and as soon as you step outside, I'll be there waiting for you."

Britney simply ignored the tough-talking rock diva which infuriated Pink who grabbed Britney's drink in one hand, the front of Britney's halter top in the other and as restaurant patrons stared in disbelief, Pink slowly poured the drink down the front of Britney's top.

Then Pink stepped back and announced, "If you leave without me, everyone will know you're scared of me and I'll make you my bitch. So what's it going to be?"

If Britney was afraid, she sure didn't show it because she stood up and said, "You want a beating? Fine! Let's go outside and do it!"

They walked out the back door into the alley behind the restaurant, found an empty lot with a grassy area, looked at it, looked at each other, nodded and walked over to the grassy patch. It didn't take long for the two superstars to go at each other and the combat was fierce! Britney started it, giving Pink a hard slap which the pink-tressed antagonist retaliated by stomping on Britney's foot, kicking her in the shin and kneeing her in the stomach. Then she grabbed Britney's long blonde hair and pulled so hard Britney was forced to bend over at the waist so far that she had to reach behind her to keep her miniskirt from hiking up to expose her pink panties. The crowd that had followed them from the restaurant shouted at Pink to keep pulling Britney's blonde locks while others backed Brit.

"Come on Britney, pull the Pink ho's pants down!" someone advised and Britney, despite having her head down, managed to grab the waist of Pink's tight pink shorts and jerk them down around her knees to reveal a pink lace thong!

Fearing she would trip with her shorts at her knees, the flustered Pink let Britney go and bent to pull her shorts up. That's when Britney made her move, grabbing Pink by the hair and swinging her around, then throwing her to the grass. Britney jumped on her but as Britney started to scoot up onto Pink's chest, the sexy tough girl started bucking feverishly and sent the sexy blonde flying!

The two singers were both lying on their sides, so close that when they turned to face each other, they started clawing each others chests and kicking without having to close the distance. Britney grabbed Pink's tight white T-shirt and pulled it off and when Pink instinctively reached to cover her breasts, Britney kicked her in the stomach. Pink gasped and clutched her belly, giving Britney time to get up so she could go on the attack. Without hesitation, the muscular blonde grabbed Pink's shorts, which were still at her knees, and whipped them off. Pink thrashed her legs in a failed effort to keep her shorts on, and her pink heels went flying.

Surprisingly, Pink was getting embarrassed by the tough little blonde! It seemed Britney was nowhere near the wimp Pink thought and now she was getting a humiliating beating for her hubris - one which included being stripped down to her white bra and pink thong! In her embarrassment, Pink had to think she’d made a BIG mistake and she realized she had to do something to change the complexion of the fight fast if she didn’t want to become a laughingstock!

Pink scrambled up, attacking Britney which caught Britney by surprise, making it easy for Pink to grab the blonde's halter top in both hands and rip it completely off Britney's shapely breasts, revealing a tan that made it obvious to all Britney often sunned nude! Everyone pointed to Britney's tits and cheered which made the blonde’s face turn bright red as she hurriedly clasped her hands over her tits and started backing away from Pink who followed and slapped Britney's face several times. When the blonde tried to protect her face, Pink reached down and grabbed the front of Britney's white mini-skirt, pulled and jerked and tugged until it ripped in two. She threw the skirt in Britney’s face as she’d tried to keep her tits covered with one hand and her now exposed groin with the other!

Pink grabbed Britney's wrists, trying to pull her hands away from the areas she was trying to protect, but she failed because Britney slapped Pink's hands away. But when Britney did that, Pink saw an opening and grabbed the blonde by the wrists. Britney tried pulling her hands free and, despite Pink's tight grip, she managed to break free out of Pink's vice-like grip.

Britney grabbed Pink’s bra and pulled, tearing one shoulder strap. She was desperate to get Pink's bra off and the crowd encouraged her efforts since everyone wanted to see Pink's tits too. Britney tore the other strap and jerked…Pink’s bra came off like peeling a banana and Britney backed off and raised her hands, brandishing Pink’s bra in victory! Pink's bare breasts bounced for a few seconds but Pink, furious now, attacked by grabbing Britney's panties at both hips.

Britney frantically grabbed her panties, screaming, "NO! Stop! Let go!"

She kicked Pink in the shin, temporarily ending the tug-of-war over her panties, and the distraction gave Britney a chance to inflict some more damage of her own! She grabbed Pink's exposed tits and started squeezing. Tough girl Pink screamed out from the pain of Britney's attack and, fearing the blonde might torture her tits, Pink grabbed Britney's wrists to pry the blonde' superstar's fingers from her sensitive tits. As hard as Pink desperately tried to free Britney's hands from her breasts, she couldn’t!

"What's the matter Pinkie?” Britney taunted. “I thought you were going to kick my ass. That ain’t happening honey!"

Britney's words cut through Pink’s pain and echoed in her head! Knowing Britney would have to go back on the defensive if she went after her panties, Pink again grabbed them with both hands and before Britney could stop her, she ripped them off! Now, although she was still in control, Britney panicked and let go of Pink's breasts trying to cover her pussy. Pink immediately went on the attack, chopping the blonde in her throat with the edge of her hand. As Britney grabbed her injured throat, Pink used a handful of hair to jerk her head forward so she could headbutt her over her eyes. Blood started to stream down into Britney's eyes as her legs buckled and she lurched backward on unsteady legs. Pink also had been dazed by the head butt, but seeing she had the sexy blonde in trouble she wasn’t about to let her escape and recover. Pink lunged out and grabbed Britney's breasts, held on tight and started to swing the wailing blonde around and around and around. As she did, Pink chanted, "Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows!

Then she flung Britney to the ground where she landed hard on her back, her head bouncing off the hard ground as she skidded across the grassy patch. As Britney's naked body came to a stop, Pink stepped between her legs and planced her left instep on Britney's groin, leaning on her knee as she pressed down with all her weight. Britney grabbed Pink's ankle in both hands and tried to lift her foot, but the hard fall had stunned Britney, plus in her position she had no leverage and was unable to pry Pink's foot from her pussy.

Pink could sense that Britney was finished but she wanted to humiliate her blonde foe. While Britney unsuccessfully kept trying to remove her foot, Pink laughed out loud and disdainfully told the blonde, "Honey, this fight is over and you lost! But I'm not done yet!"

She lifted her foot from Britney's groin and the blonde rolled over on her stomach to protect her sore breasts and groin. With Britney now laying on her stomach, her bare butt was jutting in the air. Pink sat on Britney's back, bouncing up and down a few times to take Britney’s breath away, then she decided to inflict some severe pain. Pink grabbed Britney's long blonde hair in one hand and reached behind her with the other and began to spank the blonde superstar's bare butt repeatedly as the laughing crowd counted the spanks!

Not until the humiliated blonde begged for mercy did Pink decide it was time to end the public spanking. She let go of Britney's hair and stood up, then reached down and grabbed the battered blonde by the hair again and yanked Britney to her feet. Holding her blonde locks, Pink yanked the blonde's head down and forward, keeping her bent over as she started dragging Britney around so that the crowd could get a good look at the beaten blonde's chest as it hung down swaying beneath her.

After parading the embarrassed blonde around for several minutes, Pink yanked Britney's head backwards, and kneed her in the back several times, before forcing her to her knees on the ground in front of her.

Standing behind Britney holding her by the hair, Pink put a foot in the small of Britney's back and asked, "Have you had enough, or do you want some more?" When Britney did not answer, Pink leaned forward, shook Britney's head with her hair and jerked her head back until Britney was staring up into Pink’s red face. "So, what’s it gonna be? You give up or do you want to keep fighting?"

Finally, Britney gasped, "Eat me, you bitch!"

Shocked that Britney hadn’t quit, the dominant fighter let go of Britney's hair and shoved her face down on the ground and dropped down on the small of Britney's back again.

"You're a fool!" Pink said as she grabbed Britney's hair again and started pulling until Britney's back was arched and her chest forced out, her bare breasts slapping together as Pink jerked on her hair, forcing Britney to screamed from the pain. She let go of Britney's hair, but quickly reached around and clasped her hands under Britney's chin, pulling her head back as she dug her heels into the ground on either side of Britney’s shoulders. Britney was in more pain than she’d ever experienced in her life. "Give up dork,” Pink demanded. “You can't beat me and you can't take much more punishment."

Britney strained in an effort to free herself, but Pink was too strong. Fearing she was about to snap Britney's neck, Pink released her hold and moved up to sit on the back of Britney's head, grinding her face in the dirt. Throwing her hands in the air to signify victory, Pink reveled in the cheers from the mostly male crowd. As she sat on Britney's head, Pink was wondering if the blonde would make one last attempt to fight back, but she was too demoralized by the stripping and punishment she’d received at the hands of her hated rival and Britney didn’t make any attempt to fight back. Pink got off of Britney and again raised her hands in victory.

Standing over her defeated rival, Pink knelt down face to face with her and said, "OK bitch, tell everyone you're a 'worthless ho'!"

Britney looked up, tears streaking the dirt on her face, and mumbled softly, "I'm a worthless ho."

Pink looked around to see how the crowd was reacting, then added, "Now tell everyone 'Pink kicked my ass'."

Realizing she had no alternative, Britney mumbled even quieter, "Pink kicked my ass."

Pink stuck her foot under Britney's chin and commanded, "Now Britney, kiss my foot!"

As humiliationg as this was, Britney didn't hesitate and did as she was ordered, pressing her full lips to Pink's dirty foot.

Pink turned to the crowd. 'I can make her do anything I want. She's tougher than I thought, but I still gave her an ass whipping. And an ass whipping should end with an ass-kissing." She glared down at the weeping, humbled blonde and explained, "It’s your choice Hon; kiss it or get your ass kicked a LOT more."

Pink bent over, turned around and pushed her ass right into Britney's blushing face. With no other alternative, Britney closed her eyes, puckered up and planted her trembling lips firmly on Pink's shapely ass cheek.

Beaming proudly, Pink turned to the spectators and declared, "Well, my work is done here. Who wants to take me shopping for some new clothes, then out for a drink?"

A gracious gentleman took the shirt off one of the barmaids - after a brief haggle over the price - and handed it to Pink. She put it on and started to walk away followed by a large entourage toward a salon where she would replace her torn clothing with new threads that were quite a bit ritzier than those she’d begun the day wearing. A few sympathetic (or opportunistic) spectators stayed behind to help the badly beaten and humiliated Britney to her feet. Pink and her entourage had a great time and after buying a new outfit, she and they headed back to the restaurant bar where Pink and her new fans celebrated her victory long into the night!

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