Elizabeth Berkeley vs. Shannon Elizabeth by Bob

Shannon and Elizabeth were at a party when a guy Shannon liked started hitting on Liz. Shannon, who was an inch shorter than the 5'10" Elizabeth, lost her temper and challenged Elizabeth to fight her. The angry brunette looked her taller foe in the eyes and taunted her with threats. Unlike Shannon, who was known for her ability to fight, the muscular blonde who was in great shape, didn't have a reputation for fighting. Many of the guests were sure the blonde would leave and there wouldn't be any trouble. However, the powerful blonde was not about to let her brunette antagonist get the best of her.

Shannon laughed when she realized the tall blonde was going to fight, "I'm going to look forward to kicking your ass. Let's see what you have blondie."

Elizabeth caught the brunette by surprise as she grabbed her opponent's hair and then raked Shannon's face with her nails. Shannon touched her cheek and then checked her hand. When she saw the blood on her hand she got a look in her eyes that made Elizabeth wonder if she was fighting a psycho.

"You cunt!" screamed Shannon, "Now I AM gonna make you suffer."

The tall brunette touched her cheek again, then rubbed her hand against it making sure that she managed to collect some blood. She then smeared the blood on her forehead. Not sure what to make of Shannon's blood ritual; Elizabeth started to back away from her foe. However, when Shannon started stalking her, Elizabeth decided to go after her foe. The tall blonde wasted no time in attacking the tall brunette and quickly ripped the braless Shannon's jeans, halter, and panties off. Once she had stripped Shannon of most of her clothing, the attractive blonde went after the lovely brunette's exposed breasts. Elizabeth had gained a great advantage and pulled and squeezed at Shannon's breasts as Shannon screamed out in pain. Her large nipples were throbbing. Shannon continued to scream loudly, when suddenly, Elizabeth punched her in the stomach. As the brunette grabbed her stomach, the blonde amazon went back to working on Shannon's breasts, which had turned red from Elizabeth's assault.

Despite being in a lot of pain, Shannon somehow managed to fight back and grabbed Elizabeth's long blonde hair, pulling as hard as she could and throwing her to the floor. Shannon then mounted her foe. Once on top, the brunette covered the blonde's arms with her legs, pinning Elizabeth's shoulders to the floor. Now it was Shannon's turn for some payback. First she ripped the blonde's blouse. Once Elizabeth's blouse was ripped, Shannon went after the blonde's bra, easily ripping it off. Now it was Shannon's turn to work on Elizabeth's breasts, clawing at the blonde's large tits. Elizabeth was now in agony as Shannon continued to claw at her breasts. Suddenly the brunette put both hands around Elizabeth's throat and began choking her. Elizabeth gagged as Shannon changed her tactics. The brunette continued choking her foe, laughing sadistically as the blonde gasped for air. Suddenly the tough brunette released her choke hold and ripped Elizabeth's tight jeans off. Elizabeth was still trying to recover from being choked. With Elizabeth not fighting back, her panties were an easy target for the aggressive brunette. In one quick motion, she removed Elizabeth's panties. Both beauties were now reduced to wearing just stockings and heels.

After a slow start, Shannon was now dominating the fight and her fans were cheering widely. It was obvious the fight would be over soon. Hearing the men cheering for Shannon angered Elizabeth. She could feel the adrenaline surging through her body.

Suddenly, Elizabeth threw Shannon off and stood up. Before she could make her move, the brunette also got up. As the two large breasted pugilists stood face to face, Elizabeth connected with a solid right to Shannon's nose. The brunette hadn't expected Elizabeth to go on the offensive and punch sent her flying backwards onto a couch. There was a trickle of blood coming from Shannon's nose. Elizabeth ran to the couch, bent down and followed with another right to Shannon's face. With the brunette still sprawled across the couch, Elizabeth mounted her foe, and began slapping Shannon's beautiful breasts from side to side. After screaming, Shannon began to sob. Now it was Elizabeth's fans who began to cheer,

Just as Elizabeth had heard the cheers for Shannon, Shannon now heard the cheers for Elizabeth and realized what inspired Elizabeth to rally. Despite the pain she was feeling from Elizabeth's hard slaps to her breasts, the brunette was not about to concede defeat. As the tall blonde started to reach for the brunette bombshell's hair, Shannon quickly reached out and scratched Elizabeth's breasts. Elizabeth screamed loudly, shattering a couple of wine glasses. Rallying from Elizabeth's shrill scream, Shannon threw the blonde to the floor. Elizabeth's head hit the floor and she lay on the floor several feet from the couch. She was stunned and dizzy from her head hitting the floor. Seeing the glazed look in Elizabeth's eyes, the brunette threw up her hands to signify victory and screamed loudly. She briefly flexed and shook her tits. She then went after the wounded blonde, viciously kicking her in the crotch. Shannon then stepped on Elizabeth's chest, flattening her breasts and draining the air from her lungs. Elizabeth could do nothing as Shannon straddled her chest and savagely pulled her hair. Shannon taunted her foe and asked her if she had had enough. Elizabeth said nothing, but continued to struggle. Shannon then hit Elizabeth with two hard punches and taunted Elizabeth. "What made you think you could fight? This fight is over. You can't beat me. I'm stronger than you. I'm tougher than you. I'm prettier than you. I've got bigger tits than you, and I'm a better actress than you."

Shannon looked into Elizabeth's eyes and could see a look of defeat. However, the blonde was not ready to give up. The dominant brunette was so busy gloating about how she kicked the blonde's ass that she did not notice Elizabeth had somehow managed to take off one of Shannon's shoes. As Shannon looked at the men who were watching the fight, Elizabeth took Shannon's shoe and smashed in into Shannon's face. The tough brunette fell back as if she had been shot.

Elizabeth's face was filled with rage as she went on the attack again. She grabbed Shannon's long hair and sadistically yanked her off the floor. The blonde Amazon then sadistically kicked the brunette bad girl in her groin. Still holding Shannon's hair, Elizabeth delivered three hard punches to Shannon's breasts and stomach. Elizabeth was now in complete control again. Another kick, this one a high kick to the brunette's chest, sent Shannon crashing to the floor. Elizabeth stamped down on Shannon's groin and then mounted her foe. Sensing the end was near, the blonde began to punish Shannon, pulling her hair and slapping her face and breasts savagely. Elizabeth began taunting Shannon and hitting her in the face and sore breasts with several hard right hands. Blood poured from Shannon's lip and nose. Elizabeth got off the brunette and lifted her to her feet. She then gave Shannon another hard kick to her groin. Shannon grabbed her groin and fell to the floor. Elizabeth looked at Shannon and at the males that were now cheering her on. She reached down and lifted Shannon to her feet.

"Please don't," Shannon pleaded.

However, Elizabeth was not finished. She bent at the waist, dipped her shoulder so that it was against the brunette's waist and lifted her off her feet. Elizabeth walked over to the area where someone had been playing a piano prior to the start of the fight. She looked around the room and asked if someone would open the piano. Suddenly realizing what was about to happen, Shannon started swinging her arms and legs hoping that the blonde would drop her. However, Elizabeth held on tightly as one of the men got up and opened up the piano. She then lowered her shoulder and dropped the brunette in the piano. She then closed the piano and looked at the men, who were all cheering wildly. Despite standing in just stockings and heels, the victorious blonde enjoyed posing for the men.

As Elizabeth continued to pose, someone grabbed her hair and threw her to the floor. When Elizabeth looked up, she was surprised to see a foot coming towards her face. The foot was getting larger and larger. Shannon had gotten her second wind and used her incredible strength to open the piano. As Shannon was just about to stomp on Elizabeth's beautiful face, the blonde managed to roll away at the last second. Shannon hit the floor. Frustrated that Elizabeth had managed to avoid her stomp, the tall brunette tried to mount her foe. However, her efforts were thwarted as the powerful blonde wrapped her legs around Shannon's upper body. As the brunette made an effort to grab Elizabeth's throat the blonde grabbed her foe's wrists. She then turned so that Shannon was forced to the floor.

With her legs wrapped tightly around the brunette's chest and with her hands holding Shannon's wrists, Shannon was helpless. The brunette was unable to free her arms or move. Realizing she was done, Shannon thought about giving up but she decided to wait, hoping the blonde would tire and she would be able to free herself. The blonde looked closely into the eyes of her foe and realized her foe was not going to fight back. She immediately applied more pressure to her already painful scissors. After several seconds, Shannon's eyes began to roll and her body went limp.

When she realized the brunette was unconscious, Elizabeth released her hold, got up and walked over to where her tattered clothes were. She picked them up and walked out leaving the party guests staring at the unconscious celebrity as they went about their business as if nothing had happened. Shannon came to several minutes later and started talking about how lucky Elizabeth was and the fact that she would not be so lucky the next time - but everyone knew she’d taken a beating and there wouldn’t be a next time!
Nikki Ziering vs. Angie Everhart by Bob

Angie Everhart watched Nikki Ziering on the Howard Stern Show. As the 5'9" muscular blonde flexed and made a few nasty comments about a hated rival, the 5'10 hot tempered redhead knew who Nikki was talking about. As soon as there was a commercial break, Angie's phone started ringing. Many of Angie's friends wanted to know if Angie was going to seek a little revenge.

Wasting no time, the fiery redhead called the Howard Stern Show and said, "Get a message to Nikki. This is Angie Everhart and if that bleached blonde wants to fight on Howard's show I'll meet her tomorrow night. I'll be watching to listen to wait and hear if she has the guts to fight me."

When the commercial break ended, Howard told Nikki of Angie's challenge. Nikki laughed jubilantly and said, "Okay big mouth, it's me and you tomorrow night. I guess you didn't learn anything from the football game."

Angie smiled gleefully put her hands on her hips and defiantly said, "I learned plenty and I am going to beat you like you've never been beaten before."

The next day, Howard began his show and set the scenario. First he introduced Nikki Ziering and she walked onto the stage and sat down next to Howard Stern. After a brief discussion of why she and Angie were going to fight.

After talking with Nikki for a little while, Howard said, "Let's bring out Angie Everhart and hear her side of the story."

Angie came out and immediately started staring at her opponent. When Howard suggested Angie sit down and talk to him for a few minutes, Nikki smiled at the redhead and said, "Come on big mouth, let's go."

Angie nodded her head and Nikki got out of her chair. The two divas cautiously started circling each other. Much to Angie's surprise, Nikki threw a right hand, which landed on her chin. Before Angie could react, Nikki threw another right to her chin. Both punches hurt, but Angie was not going to be denied a chance to gain some revenge for Nikki's nasty comments from the day before. She quickly countered, throwing a left-right combination, with both punches landing on Nikki's nose. Angie continued her assault, landing five hard punches to the surprised blonde's nose, chin, stomach, and breasts.

The blonde had been taken by surprise. She tried fighting back, throwing several punches, all of which Angie easily blocked. Angie rocked Nikki with a right to the stomach, causing the blonde to grab her stomach and double over. Angie sensing her chance, grabbed the Nikki's hair and pulled the blonde's head forwards. The fiery redhead then started kneeing her hated blonde rival in the stomach, alternating her right knee and left knee. After kneeing Nikki in the stomach, the redhead decided to go for another target and caught the overwhelmed blonde bombshell in her face. She then started kneeing Nikki in her large chest. Nikki was in big trouble and Angie knew it. She was beating the shit out of hated rival on television. What could be more enjoyable?

Another hard knee to Nikki's breasts and the blonde's legs buckled. She started to go down, but the feisty redhead, yanked Nikki's blonde hair as hard as she could to stop the dazed blonde from falling to her knees. Holding Nikki's hair tightly so the blonde wouldn't go down, Angie maneuvered her foe so that she could deliver more punishment. Once Nikki was in the right position, the redhead delivered a devastating kick to Nikki's chest. There was a strange sound, a sound that Angie had never heard before. Looking at Nikki's face, Angie knew Nikki was in big trouble. Angie wasn't sure what had happened, but she knew Nikki was on the verge of defeat. Angie maneuvered the blonde's head so that it was between her legs. She then started squeezing with all her might.

Despite the intense pain that she was experiencing from Angie's muscular legs, Nikki was finally able to speak. "Let go of me, my implants exploded."

Thinking that the blonde was finished, Angie released her hold and let go. The blonde grabbed her chest and sank to her knees. She then fell to her stomach. Angie stood over her fallen foe, unsure whether to go on the attack again or tend her hated rival.

Howard said, "Roll Nikki over so we can see what smashed implants really look like!"

Angie turned and looked at the host. As crude as Howard was, Angie couldn't help but think that he had sank to a new low. The next thing Angie knew, she was flat on her back after the powerful blonde had rolled over and swept the redhead's legs out from under her! With Angie on her back, the game blonde was ready to resume the fight. Angie had made the mistake of letting her go and she was going to make the redhead pay for her mistake. The wounded blonde turned, got to her knees, and charged her foe, only to have Angie throw out her feet and kick her in her exploded breasts. The blonde fell backwards and again grabbed her damaged chest.

Despite the fact that Nikki wasn’t ready to submit, Angie wasn’t sure what to do. She wanted to keep fighting, but she couldn't help thinking about Nikki's imploded implants and worry what kind of damage could result. Still, her decision as to what to do was quickly made for her when the blonde attacked her one more time. As the model attacked, Angie spread her legs and waited until the last second, then as soon as she felt Nikki’s body touching hers, she clamped her powerful legs around her.

Nikki let out a shrill scream as she felt the power of Angie's vice-like scissors. Despite being in control, the redhead finally got a look of Nikki's injured chest and she suddenly felt sick. Despite the fact that all of the color lost her face and she was sure that she was going to lose her dinner, the blonde's desire to continue the fight helped Angie get over her queasiness very quickly. She continued to apply pressure to the anguished blonde, who was determined to free herself. Despite the power of Angie's legs, the game blonde reached out and grabbed Angie's red hair. She yanked Angie's hair, pulling on it with all her strength. Any hopes of the blonde gaining the advantage were soon thwarted as Angie applied even more pressure to the scissors lock she had applied to her foe. As she tightened her grip, the blonde screamed and let go of her foe's hair.

As she continued to apply pressure, she could hear Howard and his sidekick, Robin Quivers, talking about what a wildcat she was. Hearing Howard and Robin talk about what a wildcat she was gave Angie the inspiration she needed to continue inflicting punishment until her opponent submitted. Gradually the redhead started maneuvering her opponent so that she could not fight back. In addition to maneuvering so her opponent could not fight back, she also maneuvered so that her muscular legs were now locked around Nikki's throat.

The blonde gasped for air as Howard, Robin, and Howard's entourage screamed loudly, cheering Angie to finish her foe. Angie continued squeezing Nikki's head between her legs as she leaned forwards, grabbed Nikki's blonde hair with her left hand and started punching Nikki in the face with her right hand.

After about fifteen punches to her face, Nikki cried out, "You win...please, I quit..."

The victorious redhead released her painful vice-like grip and watched as her hated foe rolled into the fetal position and started sobbing. Angie stood over her foe for several seconds and flexed. She then turned to Howard and Robin and blew a kiss to the two of them. Howard got up and started applauding. He then walked over to the redhead and raised her hand in victory. "You're a great fighter. If you ever want to fight again, I'd love it if you would fight again on my show."

The redhead nodded her head and said, "Next time I fight, it will be on your show." She then looked at her defeated foe who was still lying in the fetal position and said, "You might want to get your doctor and call for an ambulance." Looking at the blonde she said, "I think she's going to have to do something about her implants."

Moments later Nikki was on her way to the hospital, while Howard and Angie continued to talk about the fight. Much to Angie's surprise and delight, Howard's staff soon showed a replay of the fight. Never had Angie enjoyed watching anything as much as she enjoyed watching the fight.
Courtney Love vs. Madonna by Bob

Courtney Love was surprised that she had been invited to Madonna's Malibu Christmas party. The two divas had never gotten along and both had been expressing a desire to fight for several months. While driving to Madonna's house, Courtney had no doubt that one of two things would happen: either she would get a chance to kick her hated rival's ass, or the two would find that they had a lot in common and become the best of friends. If by some strange miracle the two became friends their greatest bond might be the fact that both loved sex with men and women. Courtney smiled as she imagined getting it on in the sack with the material girl.

From the time Courtney arrived, she and Madonna started competing against each other. Both were wearing bikinis, which left little to the imagination. Some of the men questioned what would happen if the two amazons engaged in a catfight.

Finally Madonna organized a game of beach volleyball. Because of Courtney's height advantage and athleticism, her team kept winning the games and Madonna, who was very competitive, was getting angrier and angrier. Courtney and Madonna played opposite each other several times and Courtney kept getting the best of her hated rival. The two stars were doing a lot of trash talking and the more Madonna trash talked the angrier Courtney got. Sensing Madonna was getting to Courtney, some of the party guests who were sitting on lawn chairs next to the court enthusiastically egged the two amazons on. Finally, Courtney hit a perfect spike at Madonna. As Madonna jumped up the ball hit her in the chest and knocked her down. The blonde bad girl laughed loudly. Madonna got even angrier when she heard her blonde rival laugh. The brunette bad girl had had enough.

As Courtney turned and started gloating about how she had knocked the brunette down, Madonna jumped up, grabbed the ball, walked under the net, and threw the ball into the small of Courtney's back. Courtney spun around, called Madonna a bitch, and attacked her, slapping the brunette hard on her large chest. Madonna had heard about Courtney's reputation as a fighter but never thought Courtney would have the guts to fight her. Glad that Courtney slapped her, the Material Girl immediately slapped Courtney back in her large chest and the two suddenly stood toe-to-toe exchanging several hard slaps and kicks. The guests, especially the men, cheered loudly as the two tough beauties continued exchanging slaps and kicks. Despite the fact the fight was pretty even, the tough blonde was getting tired and realized the brunette was in much better condition than her.

While Madonna was a workout fiend the nasty blonde idea of a workout was indulging in alcohol and drugs. As tough as she was, the blonde didn't think she could exchange with the muscular brunette much longer. If only she could call time-out and take a five or ten minute rest. Then she would show Madonna who was the tougher of the two. Changing tactics, Courtney grabbed Madonna's hair with her right hand and the back of Madonna's neck with her left hand. Madonna quickly countered, grabbing Courtney's hair with her right hand and the back of Courtney's neck with her left hand. The two then tried to gain the advantage, alternating attempts to throw or trip the other one onto the harsh sand. After several seconds of trying to gain the advantage, the two stars finally tumbled to the sand. Once on the sand, the two began to roll around, rolling over each other several times. As the two rolled around the beach, sand started covering their bodies and their hair.

Although neither was able to take control, Madonna was certain that she was stronger and in better condition than the blonde bimbo she was fighting. Her keen instincts also made her reasonably sure that Courtney was tiring. After rolling around for what seemed like an eternity, Madonna was finally able to use her superior strength to roll Courtney onto her back. The tough brunette quickly mounted Courtney and tried to pin her wrists to the sand. Courtney was very strong and an experienced fighter. Despite Madonna holding her wrists, the blonde was able to roll over so that she was on her stomach. Once on her stomach, the blonde rose to her knees so that she could get Madonna off her. Madonna quickly countered by getting to her knees and grabbing Courtney's golden hair. She then rammed her knee into the small of Courtney's back and pulled the blonde's hair as hard as she could so that the blonde's head snapped back, giving her whiplash.

Madonna was clearly in control and demanded Courtney give up, however, the blonde bad girl refused to submit to her hated rival so the Material Girl continued pushing her knee into Courtney's back while pulling the blonde's hair harder, forcing Courtney to arch her back and scream in pain. Still, Courtney wouldn't give up despite being in a lot of pain. Still on her knees, Courtney tried to stand but with Madonna's knee in her back she couldn’t. Realizing she had to get Madonna's knee out of her back before she could get to her feet, the blonde tried to scratch Madonna's legs with her fingernails. Madonna quickly let go of the blonde's hair and grabbed Courtney's wrists. Still driving her knee in the blonde's back, the tough brunette yanked Courtney's arms back as far as she could. She continued to yank the blonde's arms sadistically, hoping to hear the cracking sound of bones breaking. Courtney was going to pay for her attack on Madonna's legs! Unable to pull Courtney's arms back any further, Madonna grabbed the back of Courtney's strapless bikini top and pulled back. Madonna was sure that she would be able to remove Courtney's top with little difficulty.

The blonde fought like a wildcat to keep her top, screaming at Madonna, "Drop dead, bitch! I'll rip your top off before you rip mine off."

Madonna laughed as she continued trying to remove Courtney's top. Finally Madonna pulled Courtney's top off, exposing her large breasts. Madonna then threw the top to one of her guests. She then went after Courtney's bikini bottom. But, Courtney was prepared. As Madonna was ripping her top off, Courtney realized that Madonna was fighting the same fight she would have fought if she had been in control. Realizing that she and Madonna fought the same way would work to Courtney's advantage because she would make sure that she would think one step ahead of the brunette and counter her every move. After ripping Madonna's top off had she been in control, Courtney would have then went after Madonna's bottoms. Both were ruthless fighters and the blonde was going to start anticipating Madonna's every move and use it to beat the nasty brunette. The blonde grabbed Madonna's wrists and forced Madonna to let go of her hair. She then pulled Madonna's wrists so that the brunette had to lean forward. Courtney quickly let go of one wrist, grabbed a handful of sand, and tossed it towards Madonna's face. Madonna moved her head forward and covered her face with her free hand so that she wouldn't get any sand in her eyes. With Madonna protecting her eyes, Courtney let go of Madonna's other wrist and easily rolled on her back. Once on her back she was able to kick Madonna in the stomach. Although the kick didn't hurt, the stunned Madonna fell backwards. Courtney quickly stood up and prepared to make her next move.

Madonna clumsily got to her feet. Courtney went on the attack, giving Madonna a hard slap in her face. Courtney then grabbed Madonna by the front of her pink suit and pulled Madonna forward. Fearful that she was going to lose her top, Madonna grabbed her top with both hands. Seeing an opening, Courtney kicked Madonna in her crotch. As Madonna grabbed her wounded area, Courtney grabbed Madonna's hair and threw her down to the sand. Madonna landed on her stomach and Courtney quickly jumped on top of her. "For someone who does the outrageous, I'm surprised you don't want anyone to see your boobs."

"You fought to keep your top on too. When did you become shy?" Madonna asked.

Courtney sadistically pushed Madonna's face into the sand. Despite getting sand in her eyes and being in pain, Madonna managed to scramble to her knees and grab Courtney's long hair, but the topless blonde grabbed the top of Madonna's bikini and ripped it off. Madonna continued pulling Courtney's hair. However, Courtney was determined to remove the bottom of Madonna's bikini. Realizing the best way to remove Madonna's bottom was to weaken the brunette, Courtney kicked Madonna in the small of her back, causing Madonna to let go of Courtney's hair and fall on her stomach. The blonde stomped down on Madonna's neck, causing Madonna to scream and swallow some sand. The blonde was now in control. She grabbed Madonna's long brown hair and jerked Madonna's head back, which forced Madonna to her knees.

Madonna's main objective was still to prevent her hated rival from ripping her bikini bottom off. However, she also was not about to lose the fight. Courtney had been getting the best of her all day and despite being dominated, the brunette was sure that she was still the superior fighter. All she had to do was wait for an opening and then land one hard punch or kick and she would be in control again. Once in control she would go on the offensive and show the blonde that she had started with the wrong person.

With the brunette on her knees, Courtney quickly dropped to her knees and wrapped her right arm around Madonna's throat. She began to squeeze as hard as she could, hoping to choke the life out of her foe. Madonna grabbed Courtney's arm with both hands and tried to pry the blonde's arm from her throat. However, the blonde held on tightly. While trying to remove Courtney's arm, the brunette lowered her head and bit Courtney's wrists. Despite crying out in pain, Courtney still held on tightly. Madonna continued trying to remove Courtney's arm from around her throat, the blonde grabbed Madonna's hair with her other hand.

Trying to lull her opponent into a false sense of security, the brunette screamed loudly. She then let go of the blonde's arm as if she was in a lot of pain. Much to the blonde's surprise Madonna grabbed Courtney's hair with both hands. Once her hands were in Courtney's blonde hair, she yanked Courtney's head forwards and dipped her shoulders. She continued yanking Courtney's hair. Suddenly the blonde flew over her shoulders. Despite the fact that she was still holding Madonna's brown hair, the blonde was now on her back. Madonna was enraged and ready to inflict some serious pain.

Madonna lurched forward, using her head as a hammer. Courtney screamed loudly as Madonna's head hit her large melons. Madonna's head butt had rendered Courtney helpless and she immediately let go of Madonna's hair. Madonna quickly hopped to her feet and stomped down on the blonde's stomach. She waited for Courtney to remove her hands from her sore breasts and grab her stomach. When Courtney didn't let go of her throbbing breasts, Madonna delivered another hard stomp to Courtney's stomach. Courtney immediately turned white.

Realizing that her hated rival was in big trouble, the brunette reached down, grabbed Courtney's blonde hair and lifted her to her feet. Still holding Courtney's blonde hair, the brunette landed a hard kick to Courtney's face. She then let go of the blonde's hair with her right hand and smashed her opponent in the back of the neck with her elbow. Courtney's legs started to buckle. However, Madonna was not about to let her opponent go. She gave Courtney another hard kick, this one to Courtney's chest. Courtney's legs started shaking.

Madonna let her opponent go and yelled, "TIMBER!" as Courtney crashed face-first into the sand.

With Courtney lying on her stomach, Madonna dropped to the sand, making sure that one knee landed on the back of Courtney's neck, the other landing on the back of Courtney's head. Courtney's body was now shaking vigorously. Madonna got up and looked at her defeated foe, then turned to the crowd and started shaking her breasts.

"Stick a fork in her ass, she's done!" Madonna laughed.

Despite the fact the tough brunette knew Courtney wasn't getting up, she had two final acts to perform for her guests. She reached down, grabbed the bottom of Courtney's bikini and ripped it off, forced Courtney onto her back and stuffed the bikini bottoms into her mouth. She then rolled the blonde on her stomach, grabbed the blonde's ankles, and started dragging her across the beach and towards the ocean. She continued to drag Courtney until she was in water up to her knees. She then grabbed the back of Courtney's head and held Courtney's head under the water for several seconds. When Courtney started waving her arms frantically, Madonna grabbed the blonde's hair and yanked her head out of the water. She then let go of Courtney's hair and watched as the blonde fell to her stomach one more time. Once again, Madonna grabbed Courtney's hair and lifted the beaten blonde so that she was no longer lying face down in the water. She then bent down, draped the barely conscious blonde over her shoulder and carried her back towards her guests and dropped the blonde face first down in the sand.

"I should have let the bitch go. With a little luck the tide would take her to China. Think of how much trouble she could get in trouble over their." Madonna looked at the blonde and laughed, then looked back at her guests and said, "That was a lot of fun. Hopefully the two of us can do it again in the near future."
Aishwarya Rai vs. Tara Reid by Bob

Aishwarya stared at Tara. She wasn't sure why Tara had challenged her to fight, but the beautiful starlet from India was ready. She’d been fighting most of her life.

She asked the blonde party girl, "Why do you want to fight with me!"

Tara smiled and said, "I have a reputation to be wild and unpredictable. Supposedly I've done just about everything; well I've never done this. This is one more way of showing people that I'll do just about anything. I've always been tough and I'm going to enjoy beating the shit out of you. You should have stayed in India and not invaded my turf."

Tara slapped Aishwarya across her face. Everyone who had stopped to watch the fight cheered as Tara's slap landed cleanly and left the impression of her hand on Aishwarya's face. The force of Tara's blow had caused Aishwarya to back up a step. The cheers egged Tara on and suddenly she started throwing punches, hitting Aishwarya in the face several times. Tara had caught Aishwarya by surprise, but Aishwarya was used to fighting and managed to land an uppercut, which snapped Tara's head back. Although the punch hurt Tara, she didn't want her opponent to know it and went after Aishwarya.

The two beauties grabbed each other's hair with one hand and threw wild uppercuts to the face and tits with their free hand. Tara quickly got the upper hand, pushing Aishwarya backwards slowly until she fell to the ground. As Aishwarya's back hit the ground, Tara grabbed her head with both hands and slammed it against the ground. The tough Indian was slightly dazed. Tara grabbed Aishwarya by her hair and lifted her opponent off the ground. She then kneed Aishwarya in her crotch, causing Aishwarya to moan and grab her crotch as she sank to her knees. Tara grabbed Aishwarya by her black hair, lifted the Indian to her feet, and then threw her face first to the ground. Despite being in pain, Aishwarya tried to get up. But as she got to her hands and knees, Tara kicked her in her chest, lifting Aishwarya off the ground slightly before she fell backwards. Aishwarya tried to get up three more times, only to be kneed in the chest and knocked back to the ground each time she tried to get up. The sexy Indian actresses chest was throbbing.

"Come on Aishwarya, or whatever your name is, get up so I can knock you down again," Tara screamed.

When Aishwarya didn't move, Tara kicked her in her ribs, causing Aishwarya to grimace and roll so that she was lying on her side, moaning and breathing heavily. Tara then took her high heel and started grinding it on one of Aishwarya's tits, crushing it between her sharp heel and the ground. Aishwarya squealed, but somehow managed to put her hands under Tara's knee and push the blonde starlet away from her. She was temporarily free. As Tara came back so that she could resume her humiliation of Aishwarya, the attractive Indian lifted both legs and quickly threw them towards Tara. Tara groaned at Aishwarya's legs landed solidly in her crotch. Tara grabbed her crotch, and went down. Both beauties were hurt and lay on the ground, Aishwarya rubbing her wounded tit and Tara holding her sore groin.

Aishwarya could hear Tara's fans yelling for the blonde to get up. She couldn't believe everyone was rooting for the blonde and their cheers angered her. She started working herself into a frenzy and could feel strength flowing through her body. It was time to teach the blonde bully a lesson. Suddenly Aishwarya got to her knees and mounted her blonde foe. Now that Aishwarya was on top, she was going to show her antagonist how strong she was. The black-haired actress started throwing punch after punch. As each punch landed on Tara's face and chest, her feet flailed wildly. Aishwarya's punches were painful and Tara began bucking wildly and kneeing Aishwarya in the back in an effort to throw her off. Despite being continuously kneed in the back by Tara, Aishwarya didn't feel anything and kept punching Tara's big boobs. As one of Tara's knees almost knocked Aishwarya forward, the blonde Tara grabbed Aishwarya's black hair with one hand, raked her face with the other, and bucked her off to the side. Both beauties rolled in opposite directions before slowly getting to their knees. Both were breathing heavily. Aishwarya's punches had left their mark and Tara had a bloody lip and her eyes were starting to blacken. Tara's early assault had also done some damage and Aishwarya had a big red welt on the inside of her right breast from the heel of Tara's shoe. She also had four large scratch marks on the side of her face as a result of being scratched by Tara. Both women struggled to their feet.

"Do you give up?" Tara gasped.

Aishwarya looked at her and asked, "Why should I? I'm kicking your ass honey. If you're smart, you'll quit before you get seriously hurt?"

Both actresses moved towards each other again and grabbed each other's hair. They started shaking each other's head furiously, bent at the waist, spinning each other around the field where they were fighting. They exchanged occasional kicks, each of which caused the receiver to wince or scream out in pain. After landing several kicks, Tara gained the advantage, forcing Aishwarya's back against a tree. She then slammed her pretty opponent's head into the tree. Having her head slammed into a tree hurt, but not enough to stop the tough Indian. For no apparent reason, Aishwarya's nipples suddenly hardened and she was determined to teach the blonde a lesson. Still holding Tara by her blonde hair, the angry Indian tough girl spun the ornery blonde so that the blonde crashed into the tree. Tara's head hit the trunk of the tree hard and she instinctively reached back to feel her head. Tara turned white as a ghost when she felt the sticky blood that was now flowing from the back of her head. Aishwarya took advantage of Tara's momentary pause and yanked Tara's blonde hair so that she was able to pull Tara away from the tree. She then threw the blonde to the ground. Tara was still stunned from the fact that her head was bleeding. The Indian tough girl knew that she had the advantage and quickly mounted her foe. Aishwarya then stretched her own skirt out so that she could use it to cover Tara's face. Once she covered Tara's face, Aishwarya held her skirt tightly so that Tara could not breathe. Tara started kicking like a maniac as Aishwarya continued to smother her. Because of the way Aishwarya was using her own skirt Tara could not move her arms. Tara continued to struggle in an effort to get free. However, the more she struggled the more difficulty she had breathing. Aishwarya continued to cover Tara's face with her skirt. When Tara finally stopped bucking and kicking, Aishwarya let go of her skirt, got off her foe, and stood over the talented actress. As Tara started to get up, Aishwarya landed a hard kick to Tara's gut. Tara fell backwards. Aishwarya hesitated for several seconds and then landed several ferocious kicks to Tara's gut and chest. Tara grunted and groaned with each blow. Surprisingly, Aishwarya stopped kicking her fallen foe and backed away.

Finally free, Tara rolled away from Aishwarya. As Tara rose to her knees, Aishwarya quickly cut the distance, reached down and grabbed Tara's hair. Pulling Tara's head back, Aishwarya punched her foe in the face and breasts with several devastating punches. Tara shook with each punch. Ready to go after another part of Tara's body, the Indian let Tara's go of Tara's hair and watched as Tara fell, face first to the ground. Aishwarya was now taking the blonde apart. Tara was bleeding from her nose, mouth, and the back of her head. She was desperate to regain the advantage but had been badly weakened by all the punishment she had taken. Finally out of desperation, Tara quickly got to her knees and jammed both of her fists into Aishwarya's crotch. The Indian beauty groaned and dropped face first to the ground. As Aishwarya fell to the ground, Tara fell to her stomach and, once again both actresses were lying on the ground, showing the effects of the punishment and ferocity of the fight.

After a few minutes, Aishwarya finally got to her knees and struggled to get up. Despite receiving more punishment, Tara somehow managed to get to her feet. When she saw the Indian tough girl trying to get up, Tara viscously slammed her foot into the side of Aishwarya's head, knocking Aishwarya back to the ground. Aishwarya grabbed the part of her head that had been kicked by Tara. The blonde now sensed that she was in control once again, and was determined to put Aishwarya away. She reached down and ripped Aishwarya's dress off. She then went for Aishwarya's crotch, grounding her right heel into Aishwarya's crotch.

Aishwarya started screaming and kicking wildly, "You're crazy! You're hurting me. Get your foot out of there!"

Despite writhing in pain, Aishwarya somehow managed to summon the will to start bucking in an effort to get Tara's heel out of her groin. Despite the fact that the pain increased with each move that she made, Aishwarya realized that was her only chance of getting free and continued moving as much as she could. The blonde laughed sadistically as the Indian continued moving back and forth and side to side in an effort to free herself. Suddenly, Tara finally lost her balance and fell to the ground. Aishwarya spun so that she was facing her foe and swung both of her legs so that she could kick Tara in the stomach when the time was right. When Tara started rolling towards her, the black-haired beauty extended her legs and kicked Tara in the stomach. The fiery blonde screamed and grabbed her stomach. Aishwarya then rolled towards the game blonde and grabbed her opponent's hair and pulled the blonde towards her. After pulling the blonde towards her, she draped her legs across the blonde's upper body. Much to her surprise, Aishwarya had very strong legs and the blonde was unable to move. Aishwarya continued pulling Tara's hair with both hands. Suddenly Tara screamed. Aishwarya had managed to rip some of Tara's hair out.

As she threw the blonde hair in Tara's face, the blonde yelled, "You'll pay for that!"

"Really?" replied the Indian as she reached out, grabbed the blonde's dress and ripped that off too.

Tara had not been wearing a bra and when Aishwarya's saw Tara's exposed tits she removed her legs from Tara's upper body. She then swung them, hitting Tara in the face. Tara's body started to spasm and shake. The aggressive black-haired beauty then leaned forward and bit one of Tara's exposed tits. She then bit the other one. Once again Tara screamed from the pain of Aishwarya's attack.

Aishwarya rolled away, got to her feet, and watched as Tara writhed around in pain. Aishwarya wanted to attack, but was having too much fun watching Tara roll around on the ground. Finally, she decided it was time to resume the fight. She waited for Tara to roll so that she was on her back. When Tara was finally on her back, Aishwarya jumped on Tara, landing on her stomach. Aishwarya then started swinging her fists furiously, landing punch after punch, with many of her punches landing on Tara's very sore tits. Tara was breathing heavily and not fighting back. Finally Aishwarya stopped throwing punches and grabbed Tara's hair. She then started slamming Tara's head against the ground repeatedly. The back of Tara's head, which had been bleeding earlier in the fight, started bleeding again, bleeding so badly that she appeared as if she was a redhead. In desperation, Tara reached up and tried to claw Aishwarya's tits and face. However, the muscular Indian was clearly in control and was not about to let up.

She continued to bang Tara's head against the ground until Tara finally cried, "Stop, please, you win! Get off me!"

Aishwarya got off Tara and looked down at Tara who lay curled up in a fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably.

Aishwarya yelled, "Apologize to me bitch!"

Tara continued to sob. Not getting an apology Aishwarya bent down and punched Tara in the back four times.

Tara sobbed even harder, but finally managed to meekly say, "I'm sorry."

Beating Tara felt great to Aishwarya who turned to Tara's fans and asked, "So, how was I?"

To her surprise, all the spectators started applauding loudly. Two large men came forwards and hoisted Aishwarya on their shoulders. As she looked down at her beaten foe, she felt great. After parading her around for several minutes, the two men put Aishwarya down. She started strutting around, giving high-fives to everyone that wanted to congratulate her for her impressive victory. Beating Tara was going to help get her name in the tabloids and would possibly help her to get any role that she wanted in any movie or television show. Although Tara didn't realize it at the time, she’d helped Aishwarya’s career more than anyone else had. It was truly a great day, one Aishwarya would remember for years to come.