#1-Danielle Fishel vs. Jessica Biel by Bob

Dani Fishel and Jessica Biel had been starring in a television movie together. The two young stars were told they had to travel and hang out together for publicity. Wherever they went they would immediately become the focal point of men. Both liked having men fawn over them and always wound up vying for the same men. The two divas quickly developed a fierce rivalry and bitter hatred for each other. While they did not want to spend time together away from the set, it was in their contract that they had to hang out together five nights a week and they knew they had no choice but to honor their contracts.

As much as Jessica disliked Danielle, she enjoyed the fact that the guys preferred her. While she generally could have any guy that she wanted, she always seemed to want the same guy that Danielle wanted. She enjoyed watching Danielle fume as she stole her man. Danielle found it humiliating to lose her man to Jessica night after night and started circulating rumors that Jessica preferred women and hit on men only because she wanted to hide the fact that she was gay. Despite the fact that Danielle kept telling men that Jessica was gay, Jessica continued to easily steal Danielle's man. The more bars and clubs the two hit, the more they hated each other and the more they hated each other the skimpier and sexier their clothing became. And the sexier their clothing got, the more Jessica would flaunt how easily she would steal Danielle's man.

One night the two of them went to a bar. After about 30 minutes someone approached Danielle and started flirting with her. Jessica immediately sauntered over to where the two of them were talking and turned on the charm. It didn't take long for Jessica's charm to win the man over. The 5'1" Danielle, who was wearing a short blue skirt and a yellow halter, had had enough of her 5'8" co-star. She suggested that she and Jessica, who was wearing a tight, short pink skirt and a white sleeveless, midriff-baring white T-shirt, step outside. Jessica laughed for a couple of seconds at the thought of having to fight someone as small as Danielle and quickly accepted Danielle's challenge and followed by a large crowd the two young dirty blonde starlets went out back.

Danielle, who had a reputation for having incredible strength, looked at her taller co-star and said, "Perfume is not a substitute for a shower. Why don't you try bathing once in awhile? You're a pig and a whore and everyone knows you dye your hair. I'm going to look forwards to beating your ass and humiliating you in front of everyone. When I get done with you no one is going to want to look at you."

The taller Jessica laughed and said, "You're jealous because men find me more attractive then you. Aside from the fact you need personality lessons did you ever think of having a salad. I don't care how tough you're supposed to be, I'm not afraid of you. We'll see who gets humiliated. And even if you could beat me and mess up my face I'd still take men away from you. By the way, I'll make it quick because there are a lot of men in there and as I see it I can have any one of them."

Danielle, who was a year older than Jessica, had had enough. "You really are conceited, but you won't be when I get through with you." She then slapped Jessica's face. Despite being surprised at how hard Danielle hit, the taller Jessica lunged for shorter opponent and grabbed the shorter and heavier dirty blonde's hair. Danielle retaliated by grabbing Jessica's long dirty blonde hair. "I'm going to rip your blonde hair out by its brown roots, you dirty slut," Danielle warned.

The two girls pulled each other's long hair, jerking each other's heads from side to side trying to gain an advantage. Danielle was bent over at the waist so far that she had to reach behind her to keep her miniskirt from hiking up to show her panties. The crowd was shouting encouragement to the girls and one of the many spectators shouted, "Come on Danielle; pull her skirt down."

Danielle heard the comment and immediately grabbed the waist of Jessica's tight skirt. She then jerked the skirt down so that it was at the taller dirty blonde's knees, revealing a pair of lacy white thong panties. When the flustered Jessica bent over to pull her skirt back up, Danielle grabbed her younger foe's long hair and threw her to the ground. She then jumped on top of her fallen foe. Within seconds Jessica reached up, grabbed Danielle's shoulders and rolled her muscular foe off. The dirty blondes were now lying on their sides, face-to-face, and clawing at each other in an effort to gain an advantage. Danielle reached for Jessica's T-shirt, grabbed it, and ripped it off. Jessica, who was not wearing a bra, had been caught by surprise. Momentarily embarrassed that her tits were flapping around, Jessica instinctively covered them with her arms. Seizing the moment, Danielle quickly got to her knees and asked, "Why hide something everyone here has seen?"

Danielle then rose to her feet, reached down, and grabbed at Jessica's skirt, which was still at her knees. As the skirt came off, Jessica's heels flew off. Jessica had never been more embarrassed. She had been stripped down to her lacy white thong panties. Danielle laughed loudly and said, "You look like a friggin lobster."

Jessica embarrassment quickly turned to rage. Danielle had been making a fool of her and she was pouring salt on the wounds with her comments. The irate young star jumped up and attacked Danielle, grabbing her halter top with both hands and ripping it off, exposing Danielle's large, round breasts, with their bright bikini tan lines. Everybody pointed, checking out Danielle's tits, as the shorter dirty blonde's face turned bright red. Now it was Danielle turn to cover her tits with her hands. She wanted to run away and started backing away from Jessica. Jessica followed Danielle, slapping her pretty face several times. When Danielle finally removed her hands from her tits and tried to protect her face, Jessica grabbed the front of Danielle's skirt and pulled, breaking the zipper in back and tearing it partway down the seam in back. Instinctively Danielle reached for her skirt in an effort to keep her foe from ripping it off.

Jessica tried again to grab at Danielle's skirt, but Danielle kept using her free hand to knock her aggressive young opponent's hands away. But when Jessica finally got a good grip on the skirt, Danielle grabbed for Jessica's wrists and promptly dug her nails into them. Jessica felt the pain of Danielle talon-like fingernails, which broke her skin and caused her to start bleeding. Both girls screamed simultaneously as Jessica, continued to pull at Danielle's skirt until she completely ripped it off, leaving Danielle in nothing but a pair of white string bikini panties and her white high heels. Danielle immediately covered her chest with one arm and her groin with her other arm.

With Danielle reduced to wearing nothing but her heels, Jessica forgot about the pain from her wrists and again went on the attack, trying to grab Danielle's panties. Danielle frantically tried to defend her panties with both hands; shouting, "Stop it! Let go!" She kicked Jessica's shin, temporarily distracting the taller and more aggressive blonde. After distracting her foe, Danielle was able to grab Jessica's tits and start twisting them.

Jessica screamed as she tried to pry Danielle's hands away from her tits. Once again the complexion of the fight had changed as Jessica desperately tried to remove Danielle's hands from her wounded tits. However, Danielle was in command and was able to use her superior strength to hold Jessica off. Jessica started screaming for help as Danielle continued to overpower her. However, no one came to Jessica's aid, and Danielle finally forced the taller young star to her back. As soon as Jessica's back hit the ground, Danielle mounted her foe, crashing down on the younger and taller dirty blonde's firm stomach. She then started pounding Jessica's massive chest with lefts and rights. With each punch, Jessica would let out a loud scream. Jessica was at her opponent's mercy and with Danielle sitting on her stomach and mauling her tits Jessica was defenseless and didn't know what to do.

Danielle was having fun mauling Jessica's tits and feared her rival was going to give up. Except for when she was protecting herself from having certain parts of her body exposed, she was clearly the superior fighter. She had to get Jessica so angry that she would continue to fight despite the fact that she was getting her ass kicked by her shorter opponent. "Jessica, I love your tits and they almost look real. But seeing as how you had implants, why didn't you get larger tits?"

Jessica was embarrassed and angered by Danielle's comments. "Get off me you cow. I'm going to kill you when I get up."

With that, Jessica screamed and bucked furiously. Danielle was taken by surprise and forced to release Jessica's tits as she went flying off her opponent, landing on her stomach. Jessica got up as quickly as possible and saw Danielle was still lying on her stomach. Still irate from Danielle's comments, Jessica stamped down on Danielle's back. Danielle bounced and screamed from the force of Jessica's kick. Sensing she was again in control, Jessica decided to inflict more pain and stomped down on Danielle's back one more time. She then reached down and grabbed Danielle's panties with both hands. Danielle panicked and tried to crawl away from Jessica. However, realizing that she could not escape from the taller dirty blonde and her efforts would only make it easier for Jessica to remove her panties, Danielle started to yell for help. No one moved. The terrified dirty blonde reached down and grabbed her panties in an effort to prevent Jessica from ripping them off. But Jessica's rage had given her a strength that she normally wouldn't have had. She easily ripped Danielle's panties off her body and wrapped them around Danielle's face. Danielle was now lying on the ground, stark naked. She had been humiliated and despite getting the better of Jessica she was ready to concede defeat. She would get her revenge another day. As Danielle was about to submit, the irate Jessica kicked her in the ribs. Danielle groaned, but didn't move from her stomach. Once again Jessica kicked Danielle in the ribs. Again Danielle grunted but did not move. Jessica put her foot on Danielle's ass and flexed for everyone. She then stomped down on Danielle's back four times. With Danielle still on her stomach and not offering any resistance, Jessica plopped down on Danielle's ass and started punching her foe in the back. She then rose slightly; grabbed Danielle's hair and started pulling it.

Danielle screamed loudly, "I give up."

Jessica continued to pull Danielle's long hair. Finally she mockingly said "I'm sorry, no hablo Englis."

Realizing that Danielle was not going to get off her stomach, Jessica got up and moved so that she was standing near Danielle's head. She reached down and grabbed Danielle's long hair and pulled it until the hair was in a position so that she could step on it. With Jessica now standing on Danielle's hair, Danielle started screaming, "Please."

"I thought you were tougher than me Princess," Jessica mocked. "It looks like I'm the tougher bitch." Jessica then took a step backwards, getting off Danielle's hair. She then grabbed Danielle's hair one more time, pulled it so that she was able to lift Danielle to her knees. Jessica then kicked Danielle in the face. Danielle, who was now sobbing, fell to her stomach. Despite crying, Danielle was able to mumble, "Will you let me go if I roll over on my back?"

Jessica laughed and said, "Okay."

Danielle slowly rolled to her back. Jessica smiled and then put her foot across Danielle's tits. Once again she flexed and looking down on her helpless victim arrogantly said, "Looks like I got the best of you again. It's going to be a lot of fun on the set tomorrow Tubby."

Although Danielle believed she was the better fighter, she did not know how to deal with Jessica's ruthlessness and decided she would have to find a way to get revenge without provoking her conqueror to the point where she wanted a rematch. Dejectedly she said, "All right, you won, now let me up."

Jessica flashed a devilish grin and said, "When I'm ready. Beating you was only half the fun. Now kiss my feet."

As Jessica put her left foot near Danielle's mouth, Danielle kissed it. "Now that wasn't so bad was it?" Jessica asked.

Danielle made a face and then reluctantly shook her head.

"Oh, so you don't like kissing my feet. Well, maybe you would rather be smothered."

Before Danielle could answer, Jessica mounted her defeated opponent, placing her curvy ass on Danielle's face. She sat comfortably on her foe, putting on a show for all of the guys. After several minutes of torturing her victim, Jessica got off her foe and put her foot on Danielle's large chest. She then flexed her muscles. Danielle lay on the ground, helpless and humiliated. She started sobbing one more time. Jessica finally took her foot off Danielle's large chest, looked at the guys that were cheering wildly and said, "Let's hit the bar again and leave this loser to rot. She then turned and headed back into the bar, followed by her many admirers.
#2-Danielle Fishel vs. Jessica Biel (Rematch) by Bob

Dani arrived on the set early the next morning. Because of their dislike for each other, she knew Jessica was going to tell everyone about the fight. She also knew Jessica would almost certainly embellish the details to make it sound much worse than it really was. Although she'd initially decided she didn't really want a rematch, Dani had a lot of time to replay the fight in her mind and the more she thought about it, the more she convinced herself that Jessica had just been plain lucky and that there was no way Jessica could beat her again! Dani was going to wait for Jessica to arrive and get her revenge by kicking Jessica's ass all over the studio lot in front of all their coworkers! But, much to Dani's chagrin, Jessica was already on the set; regaling the crew with her story. It was the first time since they started shooting that Jessica had arrived before Dani and she immediately went straight to the taller blonde's trailer.

"Hey bitch, we got unfinished business," Dani said.

Jessica slowly got up and laughed, "That's MISS Bitch to you, cunt! I see you're wearing blue jeans and a football jersey. Well, I'm not gonna have any trouble getting the jersey off. The jeans will be tough, but I'll get them off even if it takes a while. I'm SO surprised you showed up here. I thought I taught you a lesson last night, but then maybe you're a slow learner!"

"Cut the chatter, and let's get this over with," Dani grumbled.

The two young stars went outside the trailer and faced each other, circling cautiously. Several of the cast members on the lot sensed the friction between the two starlets and walked over when they saw the two dirty blondes squaring off. Suddenly, Jessica threw a right hand that Dani avoide with a quick move to her left. Jessica threw two more right hands but Dani continued to move and easily avoided both punches.

But when Jessica moved closer, Dani lashed out with her own right hand and it landed flush on Jessica's chin. Jessica toppled over backward! Dani lowered her shoulder and dove into the taller dirty blonde, hitting her chest high just as she was going down. Dani landed on top of Jessica and quickly ploped her tight ass down on Jessica's breasts, then began throwing rights and lefts to the taller blonde's face, landing seven, eight, nine…ten punches!

A crowd was gathering and Dani could hear (almost) everyone screaming for her. Thinking her punches had weakened the taller blonde, Dani turned around, sitting her ass on Jessica's face. Jessica started to kick vigorously trying to throw Dani off, but Dani moved up, wiggling and grinding her ass on Jessica's beautiful face while Jessica continued bucking in her effort to throw Dani off. All of Jessica's efforts proved futile as the petite dirty blonde rode out the storm and remained clearly in control until, after several minutes, Jessica stopped bucking and lay still.

Dani turned back around facing Jessica's feet, grabbed Jessica's T-shirt and ripped it off. Then she grabbed Jessica's bra and once again, after a brief session of pulling and tugging, tore it off too. Jessica tried to scream, but she was having trouble breathing with Dani's ass covering her face, muffling all her screams. Dani reached down and grabbed her submissive foe's blue gym shorts, pushed them down to Jessica's knees, then pulled up and back, lifting her legs and folding her body over. Once she had Jessica's legs in the air, it didn't take Dani long to pull the shorts off…then she followed up removing Jessica's pink panties as well.

"What's the matter tough girl? Can't beat me?"

A large crowd had assembled by now and everyone was cheering wildly as Jessica had been stripped naked by her shorter rival. Dani decided to throw one last punch, driving her right fist straight down into Jessica's pussy! Jessica's body quivered for a few seconds, then went limp. But although her battered and beaten body was limp, Jessica was still conscious as Dani got off her battered foe and looked around at the crowd, then Dani put one foot on Jessica's breasts and pressed down, flattening the firm mounds onto her chest.

"We had a fight last night and although she got the worst of it, she stripped me and made me give up," Dani admitted. "Now, I have a score to settle and even though this fight is technically over, I'm not done with her. I want Jessica to admit she was lucky last night…obviously, since all of you who just saw this fight KNOW who's the tougher bitch!"

Dani grabbed her barely conscious foe's ankles and dragged Jessica's body around her trailer while Jessica screamed as her soft, pale flesh was ripped apart by the hot, rough pavement. After dragging Jessica around once, Dani put her foot on Jessica's tits again and once more pressed down, flattening them with her foot. Then Dani pulled her football jersey off over her head and used it slap Jessica in the face several times.

"I guess you were right," Dani giggled giddily. "It WAS easy to get my jersey off. But it wasn't YOU who removed it." Next, Dani then removed her bra, revealing two mountainous tits. Standing over Jessica she mocked, "I hope you like my gazongas because you're gonna be smothered out by them in a few minutes." She mounted her foe again, making sure her large tits covered Jessica's face. Jessica started kicking and bucking vigorously as Dani teased and taunted her.. "Too bad you can't talk; I'd love to hear you say, 'I give up!' But of course, I'm NOT gonna remove my tits so you can give - because I'd rather continue to smother you with my tits than let you off the hook."

Jessica continued to buck furiously…and futilely….because Dani was NOT about to be thrown.

After being smothered for what seemed like an eternity, Jessica stopped bucking and lay still. Now, with Jessica conscious, Dani got of her, stood up and gave Jessica a hard kick in the ribs. She laughed as her more athletic foe's body shook and shimmied from her kick. Still wanting to humiliate her even more, Dani shed her white high heels, then removed her skin-tight jeans to reveal a pair of bright pink panties.

Dani flexed, causing quite a furor among the men that were watching the fight, then slipped her heels back on and gave Jessica another kick in the ribs. Again, Jessica's body shuddered from the power of Dani's kick. Then Dani mounted Jessica one more time, leaned forward and pressed her big tits on Jessica's face again. Dani couldn't believe how easy it had been to beat Jessica, but she also couldn't believe how much punishment Jessica had taken in the process. Dani continued smothering Jessica until Jessica suddenly reached up and grabbed a fistful of Dani's hair!!

Dani screamed, "Let go of my hair you bitch."

Jessica continued to pull the hair and while Dani was in pain, she knew Jessica had to be having difficulty breathing and would pass out shortly. Jessica WAS struggling to breathe; she WAS was hurt and she was tired; but she knew she'd never hear the end of it if she lost to someone that much shorter. Besides, she'd humiliated Dani just the night before and there was NO WAY she was willing to let Dani get payback. Jessica also knew that she'd instigated the fight, so despite her not being able to breathe, Jessica was going to hang on as long as she could and wouldn't give up no matter how much punishment Dani inflicted on her.

Jessica, pulling Dani's hair with all of her strength, suddenly rolled her off as Dani screamed, "NO!"

The two divas continued to roll around until Jessica ended up on top. Despite the fact that she was on the bottom, Dani was going to make sure she remained in control, so she wrapped her muscular arms around Jessica's head and continued to smother her foe.

"Give up bitch!" Dani hissed. "I'm in control here; you can't hang on much longer!"

"Never!" Jessica murmured.

Hearing Dani's warning made Jessica see red and she started peppering Dani's ribs with hard lefts and rights until Dani's pale white skin started to turn an ugly shade of pink as Jessica punished her body. Suddenly, Dani let go of Jessica's head and, free at last, Jessica was ready to teach Dani a lesson she'd never forget!

Jessica whipped a right-left combination to Dani's eyes and as she blinked back her tears, she grabbed the diminutive blonde's large melons and started mauling them viciously, pulling and clawing Dani's tits as Dani screamed in agony. Jessica inflicted a lot of pain on her, then after mangling Dani's melons for a good thirty seconds she stopped.

"It's time for a little revenge and a little training," Jessica said, leaning forward to cover Dani's attractive face with HER breasts!

As soon as Jessica's boobs covered Dani's face, Dani tried to bite her but despite her taking a beating, Jessica had fully recovered and she shook her tits so all of Dani's efforts to inflict more pain and possibly regain the advantage failed! Rising slightly, Jessica shook her head and said, "I don't like biting, especially when it's my tits being bit!"

She then gave Dani a hard slap to emphasize her displeasure, then lowered her tits again, covering Dani's entire face. Now while Jessica had been unaware of the crowd cheering Dani on while the petite brawler had been getting the best of her, she could NOW hear everyone cheering for HER; calling on her to, "…finish the bitch!" Jessica continued her tit smother, the shoe (so to speak) was now on the other foot and it was Jessica who sensed that Dani couldn't hang on much longer.

Jessica began to move a little in an effort to torture Dani and inflict more pain. Dani's head twisted and jerked from side to side as Jessica started wiggling faster and faster. Dani wanted to give up but she couldn't find the air or the room to speak! She was positive she couldn't hold on any longer and couldn't help wondering how Jessica had turned defeat into victory two days in a row! Then Jessica suddenly sat up once more. She grabbed Dani's hair and lifted her head just enough so that she could wrap her legs around Dani's head. Once her legs were scissoring her, Jessica pulled Dani's face forward, right up against her dripping-with-excitement pussy.

"OK Dani, you know the drill. Tongue me baby!" Jessica ordered.

Although Dani was pretty sure what Jessica had meant, she wasn't 100% sure. "Huh? WHAT!?" she asked incredulously.

"You heard me!" Jessica commanded. "Tongue my pussy! And you'd better be good at it if you know what's good for you!"

With Jessica's powerful legs crushing her head, Dani realized she had to obey her dominant foe so she closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out until it was wedged in Jessica's slit. Jessica laughed as Dani obeyed her command, then began to laugh uproariously as Dani continued to lick her pussy.

Finally, Jessica opened her legs, let Dani go, got off her and asked, "So, have you had enough?" Dani shook her head and began to sob so Jessica put her foot on Dani's mound and pushed down with all of her might as she glared down at her victim. Then turning to the stunned crowd, Jessica announced proudly, "That makes the score, Jessica The Great 2, sleazy skank zero….and don't any of you forget it."

Jessica left Dani sobbing on the ground as she went off to celebrate with the spectators. Eventually, Dani slowly got up and walked dejectedly back to her trailer. Afraid to face Jessica again, the beaten dirty blonde showered quickly, found some extra clothes in her trailer, got dressed, climbed into her car and drove home. Arriving at home, Dani called her agent and told her, "Call the director…..tell him I quit!"
#3-Courtney Love vs. Parminder Nagra by Bob

Courtney looked at Parminder, then at Tommy Lee. "Do you really expect her to give ME a good fight?"

Tommy Lee said, "I've seen her fight; she's tough. She'll give you a run for your money."

Courtney laughed and said, "Assuming I don't kill her first. I'm a lot bigger than her and you know that no one has come close to beating me. How are the people who paid to see me fight going to react when I beat her senseless?"

Tommy Lee shrugged and said, "I don't give a damn how they react. Even if takes you ten seconds to kick her ass your fans will pay whenever I get a fight for you. You're my champ and you have built a large following. Besides as you said, you've been winning all of your fights pretty easily. Besides, if you beat her in ten seconds you can torture her and then humiliate her. You love that and so do your fans. Ten minutes of torture is just as exciting to your fans as a close fight."

"When are you going to get me a fight with that old hag that you were married to?"

"Pam won't fight you. I've tried to convince her to fight you. I've even told her she'd beat the hell out of you. But she's afraid of you."

"You can't get that bleached blonde cunt to fight me so you get a friggin midget to fight me," Courtney said in a sarcastic manner.

Tommy Lee laughed and said, "I lied to her. I told her she was tougher than you. She's got a lot of confidence and it wasn't hard to convince her that she could take you."

"Has she seen me fight?"

"I really don't know and I really don't care. All I know is that both of you wanted a fight so I decided you should fight each other. Hell, it's not easy to get fights for you. The way you kick ass not too many of my fighters want a piece of you even if beating you makes them my champion. So, here's your opponent and I expect you to give her a beating. Smother her with your tits or sit on her face so the fans get their money's worth."

"No problem. I'll make sure the fans get what they paid for." Courtney then turned and finally looked her opponent in the eyes. "I hope you know how to fight honey because I want a workout and if I kick your ass in a minute or two I'm not going to be happy."

"I'll try to avoid getting beat in a minute or two," Parminder snapped back. "But how do you know I won't beat you in a minute or two?"

"You won't beat me. Haven't you heard, I'm crazy and I'm the champ?"

"I'm not afraid of you. I've been fighting my whole life. I'm Indian who grew up in London. I've been picked on from day one and no matter how many fights I win, people still tried to pick on me or challenge me. You might learn a thing or two after our fight."

Courtney laughed and said, "You talk a good game, I'm going to love beating the shit out of you."

"Maybe you'll get your wish and beat the shit out of me. But maybe I'll beat the shit out of you. We've talked enough. I came here for a fight so let's fight."

"Fine by me bitch. I'm ready. Let's see what you've got Chickie."

Parminder bent down as if she was going to take her heels off. Seeing her opponent bend down, Courtney reached down to take her heels off. As Courtney reached down to remove her heels, the dark-haired dynamo flew across the room and attacked the blonde, hitting Courtney chest high, and tackling the blonde. Courtney never expected Parminder to race across the room; and get her down by tackling her. Because she was caught off guard, Parminder easily put the tough blonde on her back, and began slapping her opponent with left and right hands. The stunned Courtney screamed as she tried to defend herself and throw her tiny opponent off. However, her attempt to defend herself was to no avail as the younger and shorter dynamo landed stinging slap after stinging slap, which was turning the blonde's alabaster skin a light reddish color.

The tough dark-haired fighter continued bitch slapping the blonde as she gradually worked her way up until she was sitting on Courtney's large chest. Once she was on the blonde-haired beauty's chest, the black-haired Indian beauty started bouncing up and down, forcing the air of Courtney's body. Parminder continued bouncing up and down on her opponent as she resumed slapping her opponent's face. Parminder's hard slaps were really bothering the blonde haired champion and after several hard slaps, Courtney started to bleed from her nose and mouth. As if the bleeding wasn't bad enough for blonde-haired champion, her right her eye was starting to blacken. She needed to get Parminder off her quickly because she didn't know how much more punishment she could take. The blonde champion had definitely underestimated the toughness, the strength, and the meanness of her opponent. Trying to psyche her opponent out, Courtney managed to muster up enough strength to say, "Give up now before I really hurt you."

Parminder was well aware that Courtney was in trouble and planned to torture and humiliate the goofy and mean spirited blonde. "Why should I give up?" the tough Indian asked. Parminder then slowly slid off Courtney's massive chest, edging her way toward the blonde's marred face. When Parminder finally settled down on the champion's face, Courtney began to buck, trying to throw Parminder off. Once she realized that she wasn't going to get Parminder off her, Courtney started digging her nails into Parminder's muscular thighs. Parminder grabbed the crazy blonde's hands and tried to pry them from her legs but Courtney continued digging her nails into Parminder's soft flesh. As Parminder continued trying to pry the blonde's hands loose blood began to soak through her black stockings.

With Parminder trying to pry Courtney's hands loose, the blonde nasty girl quickly brought her knee up, striking the small of Parminder's back and knocking her off. Courtney quickly scrambled to her knees but to her surprise, Parminder was already on her knees ready to lock up with her again. As Courtney grabbed for the challenger's hair, Parminder grabbed the wild blonde's wrists. Courtney struggled to free her wrists, but Parminder held on tight.

While Courtney was struggling to free her wrists, Parminder twisted her body and slipped in behind Courtney, releasing the blonde's wrists and grabbing Courtney's blonde hair. Parminder started pulling Courtney's hair. Despite being at a disadvantage, Courtney was not ready to surrender her title. She reached back, grabbed Parminder's hair with both hands, and yanked the Indian tough girl's head forward. As Courtney pulled Parminder's head forward, she dipped her head and lowered her shoulders. Suddenly Parminder went flying over the blonde's shoulders. Parminder's back hit the floor with a loud thud.

Sensing that the hard fall had shaken her opponent, Courtney wasn't about to let this opportunity go and pounced on Parminder, making sure to drive her head into Parminder's crotch and her butt onto Parminder's tiny chest. "Not much of a chest Sister," Courtney mocked. Courtney then sat up, ready to go on the attack and teach her Indian challenger that she had been lucky to catch her by surprise and that the Indian challenger's luck had just run out. Courtney turned her body slightly and slammed her fist into Parminder's flat rock-hard stomach. Parminder groaned, which helped Courtney decide on her next move. She pounded another hard punch to Parminder's stomach! Parminder gasped and her body went limp from the force of Courtney's punishing blow. Despite being conscious, Parminder had been rendered virtually defenseless after just two punches to her mid-section.

Realizing her two punches had rendered the pretty Indian helpless; Courtney got up and stomped down on Parminder's stomach, causing the Indian beauty to turn so that she was in the fetal position. Turning to Tommy Lee, the blonde arrogantly said, "Looks like the fight is over." The champion then gave Parminder a hard kick, which somehow got through Parminder's arms and landed flush on the tiny Indian's small chest. Courtney laughed as Parminder's body began to tremble from her hard kick. "What's the matter baby, can't take a little pain?" The blonde then bent down, yanked Parminder to her feet by the Indian's long black hair, and started swinging the challenger around in a circle. As the blonde swung her opponent around and around, going faster and faster, she finally let the challenger go, and then watched as the challenger crashed against the wall.

Parminder's head hit the wall, leaving her dizzy and disoriented. Courtney was now beating the hell out of her opponent. Moving like a cat, Courtney ran to where Parminder was laying, reached down, and grabbed her foe her tiny breasts. But Courtney suddenly let go! Despite being dazed and disoriented, Parminder had managed to remove the heel of her left foot and hit Courtney over the head with her shoe. Then Parminder swung her heel one more time and smacked Courtney in the face. The shot to the face sent the blonde flying backwards. Despite her pain, Parminder dropped her heel and managed to get to her feet. She shook her head in an effort to clear the cobwebs. Because of the hard smacks from Parminder, Courtney was in pain. However, she was still in better shape than her opponent. The blonde charged Parminder, planning to knock her over. But as the charging blonde neared her victim, Parminder threw her right leg in the air and drove it into Courtney's chest. Because of the speed that the blonde was traveling, Parminder staggered backwards and crashed into the wall. However, the blonde flew across the room until the back of her head hit the wall. As Courtney's head hit the wall, her eyes rolled and she slowly slid down the wall until she was sitting on the floor, with her back against the wall and her head tilted forwards. Dazed from crashing into the wall, Courtney grabbed her head and stared at her opponent. Parminder could tell by Courtney's blank stare that she had no idea where she was.

Parminder bent down and picked up the heel she had dropped several seconds earlier and put it back on. She then slowly walked over to where the dazed blonde was leaning against the wall and gave her a hard kick in her sore chest. As the blonde bounced against the wall, Parminder grabbed her opponent's hair with both hands, lifted the blonde to her feet, and pulled her so the two gladiators were standing in the center of the room. "You don't remember me!" Parminder exclaimed. I went to see you in a concert in London when I was 18. I asked you for an autograph after the concert and you slapped me. Then you laughed at me. If you hadn't been surrounded by your bleedin' body guards, I would have kicked your bloody ass. I vowed I would get revenge one day. Well it looks like that day has finally come."

Parminder then let go of Courtney's hair with her right hand, removed the heel from her right foot, and swung it, whacking the blonde in the face with the shoe one more time. Courtney's legs buckled as blood trickled from her mouth once again. Still holding the blonde by her hair, Parminder again smacked Courtney with her shoe. This time blood started pouring from a cut over Courtney's right eye. Courtney was now weeping uncontrollably!

Parminder pushed Courtney into the wall and then started grinding the heel of her shoe into Courtney's left tit. Courtney screamed but was battered and defenseless and didn't make any effort to remove the shoe from her tit. After grinding her heel into Courtney's chest for thirty seconds, Parminder removed the heel from Courtney's throbbing chest. She then took off her other shoe and used it to give Courtney another smack across the face. Courtney wasn't even attempting to fight back any more, just slumping against the wall, and taking a beating.

Parminder now had a shoe in each hand and was prepared to torture her foe. She placed one of her shoes against Courtney's left tit, and her other shoe against Courtney's right tit, and started grinding her shoes into Courtney's tits as Courtney continued sobbing. After grinding Courtney's tits for about a minute, Parminder removed the shoes from Courtney's tits and started swinging with both hands, slapping the blonde in the face and chest with her shoes until the blonde collapsed to the floor. Parminder stood over the champion, holding her shoes, hoping that Courtney would get up. However, Courtney never moved. She just lay on the floor, her large chest bobbing up and down as she moaned and sobbed from the beating she had just received.

When Courtney didn't get up, Parminder smiled and said, "Looks like you're not going to give me the beating you said." She then dropped her heels and put her foot on Courtney's large chest. "Funny, but you don't look like a champ to me." The black-haired aggressor then pushed down as hard as she could. Every muscle of her powerful legs shook as she inflicted more pain on her hated rival. Despite the pain she was in, Courtney was not ready to concede defeat and suddenly shot her leg up, aiming it for Parminder's groin. Instinctively, Parminder blocked Courtney's kick, pushing the blonde's leg to the side. As Courtney's leg was moving to the side, Parminder reached out with her right hand and grabbed Courtney's ankle. Parminder quickly wrapped her other hand around Courtney's ankle and pulled it back as she lifted Courtney's leg high in the air.

Much to the dismay of the battered blonde, she was being turned upside down and lifted off the floor. Now it was Parminder's turn to swing the champion around and around. Holding Courtney's leg with both hands, and swinging her around and around, Parminder was having a great time torturing her foe. As far as the Indian tough girl was concerned, the fight would not be over until Courtney surrendered or passed out. After going around several times, Parminder let the blonde go and watched in delight as her opponent flew across the room one more time.

After flying across the room, the blonde crashed to the floor. Parminder watched her opponent carefully, waiting to see if the blonde was still conscious. For a second or two the blonde lay motionless. However, when she tried to get up, Parminder, quickly went on the attack. Flying across the room and leaping feet first, Parminder made a direct his as she planted both feet into Courtney's massive chest. Once again, Courtney fell backwards. As soon as the blonde's head hit the floor, Parminder jumped on the blonde, making sure that her shapely ass landed flush on the blonde's marred face. Once she was on the blonde's face, Parminder started to wiggle. The Indian continued wiggling; causing Courtney's body to move from side to side until the erstwhile champion's body finally went limp.

With Courtney finally unconscious, Parminder slid down so she was sitting on her defeated opponent's chest. She put her hands on her hips, turned to Tommy Lee and said, "I think you have a new champion."

Tommy Lee gave his new champion the high sign and said, "Looks like you're right. So who do you want next?"

"Doesn't matter to me," the pretty Indian champion said. "I'll fight anyone you put in front of me."

Parminder looked down at her beaten foe and said, "I'd like another go with her. I still owe her for slapping me years ago. She can have a rematch if she's foolish enough to want to fight me again."

Tommy Lee looked at his ex-champion's face and said, "I think it's going to be awhile before she's ready to fight again. I'm sure she's going to want a rematch but not before she fights my ex-wife. She wants my Pam in the worst way. Pam has avoided fighting her. But maybe now that Courtney has been beaten Pam will fight her. My guess is that her next fight will be against Pam. It's been tough getting fights for Courtney. Based on how badly you beat her, I doubt it will be easy getting anyone to fight you, but I'll see what I can do."

Wanting to impress her promoter, Parminder bent down, stepped on the blonde's feet, grabbed Courtney's arms and lifted her off the floor. Much to Tommy Lee's surprise, Courtney was soon draped over Parminder's shoulder. "So what do you want me to do with her?"

Tommy Lee looked around and said, "I guess put her on the bed in her dressing room. Parminder carried the blonde into her dressing room and then gently lowered the blonde until she was lying on a bed.

Courtney was lying on a bed when she woke up. She was in more pain than she had ever been in before. Although she didn't remember much about the fight, she knew she had gotten her asked kicked by her much shorter and stronger opponent. Much to her surprise, someone was sitting on her. "You got your ass kicked tonight bitch. And I hear you want to fight me. Just tell me when and the fight is on."
#4-Amber Brkich vs. Tara Reid by Bob

Survivor beauty Amber was shopping on Rodeo Drive with her good friend Jerri Manthey when they noticed Tara Reid. She turned to Jerri and said, "It's Tara Reid, I'm going to ask her for her autograph."

Jerri shook her head and said, "I wouldn't, she has a reputation for being pretty nasty and very rude."

Amber shrugged and asked, "How bad could she be?"

Jerri laughed and said, "I've heard she's a terror. I wouldn't approach her."

Despite Jerri's warning, the pretty brunette walked over to the blonde and introduced herself. Much to Amber's surprise, Tara slapped her. Jerri started to move in to help her friend. However, when Amber saw her friend coming, she put her hand up and defiantly said, "Back off Jerri, the bitch is mine and I'm going to teach her a little respect.

Tara couldn't believe the brunette was going to attempt to kick her ass and laughed loudly before finally saying, "You appear in some dumb reality show and get one photo shoot for Stuff and you think you and me are equals. Well we're not equals and you have no business talking to me. Now you want to fight. Well girl, if you're so tough come and get me you little bitch."

Amber put her body against Tara's so they were standing chest to chest; nipple to nipple; and leaned forwards, shoving the blonde back with her chest. Tara didn't like the brunette hotty's insolence and put her chest up against Amber's one more time. She then leaned forwards and shoved her foe away. As the brunette backed up slightly from the shove, the blonde followed her, suddenly throwing a flurry of punches. The brunette started backing up, trying to get the blonde away from her so she was in position to fight back. As the brunette backed onto the busy Beverly Hills' street people could hear the brakes of cars screeching. Cars came to a sudden stop as interested spectators stopped to watch what was going on. Suddenly the two brawlers had a large crowd watching. The angry blonde continued throwing punches while all the brunette could do was cover her face in the hopes of protecting herself.

Some of the excited onlookers yelled for the brunette to fight back. However, the blonde was all over the hot brunette, punching her repeatedly in the face, landing dozens of surprisingly hard punches. Amber was caught off guard. However, she was very athletic and could take care of herself. Suddenly there was a loud "crack" and Tara's head snapped back from an uppercut by the irate brunette. Despite being caught by surprise from Amber's uppercut, Tara came right back at her. The two gladiators were now ready to get down and dirty and grabbed each others' hair with one hand and threw wild uppercuts to the face and tits with their free hand. After exchanging some hard slaps, Tara got the upper hand, pushing Amber backwards slowly until she her back was against the side of a parked car.

As Amber's back hit the car, Tara grabbed the brunette's head with both hands and slammed it against the side window. The window shattered and glass started flying all over the place, especially in Amber's long brown hair. Despite hitting the window hard, the brunette's adrenaline was flowing and she was ready to continue the fight. However, the blonde had Amber against the car and was prepared to do as much damage to the game brunette as possible. As Amber tried to fight her way from the car, the crazy blonde, kneed her in the crotch. Amber moaned as her knees buckled and she slid to the ground. Tara bent down and grabbed Amber's hair and threw her face first onto the hot pavement. Much to everyone's surprise, Amber immediately tried to get up but as she got to her knees Tara kicked her in the tits, knocking her down again.

The game brunette tried to get up three more times, only to be sent to the pavement each time from a hard kick to her tits. Tara was every bit as ruthless as Jerri had warned her friend and laughed sadistically as she inflicted more and more pain to the overmatched brunette. When Amber finally rolled into the fetal position and moaned loudly, the aggressive blonde threw her hands up in the air and wiggled her shapely ass and nice melons for the male spectators.

"Victory is mine,” Tara crowed. “The dumb bitch shouldn't have tried to fight me."

Sensing it was time to go for the kill; the demented blonde took one of her high heels off, bent down, and savagely started grinding it against Amber's right tit, crushing it between the sharp heel and the hot pavement. Amber squealed from the pain that Tara was inflicting. She was getting her ass kicked and realized she shouldn't have stopped her tough friend from coming to her aid before the fight started. The conceited party girl was one tough bitch.

Tara continued grinding Amber's tit against the pavement. As she continued to sadistically inflict pain, the blonde turned to Jerri and said, "Your friend has a lot of heart and no brains. I'm going to knock her senseless if she doesn't give. She'll never get another photo shoot and like you, she'll never be more than a wannabe."

Despite the beating she was taking, Amber heard Tara's words and was not about to let the psycho bitch beat her. Her foot shot up high in the air and nailed Tara in her chest. Tara flew backwards, flying into a car that had stopped in the middle of the street when the fight started. Hitting the car hard with a loud thud, the blonde's body flew high into the air and she sprawled across the hood of the car. Amber, much to everyone's surprise did a kip up and went after her foe, putting one foot on the bumper of the car and leaping onto the hood of the car. Once on top of the car she stamped down on Tara's tits. The stunned blonde screamed from the pain of Amber's hard kick. Amber then dropped on her foe, landing on the blonde's chest. She then lifted the blonde's head by her hair and wrapped her muscular legs around the blonde's head so that she was straddling her hated foe. Jerri couldn't believe the way her friend had rallied back from the beating she was taking and cheered loudly as she watched Tara's shapely legs flailing wildly as Amber began to unload lefts and rights to the blonde's face. Tara couldn't believe that she was suddenly at the mercy of the brunette and started bucking wildly in an effort to free herself. She continued to kick while Amber massaged her face with punch after punch. Sensing that Amber had suddenly bloodied her face, she desperately brought her knees up several times, each knee landing solidly in Amber's back. Although Tara's knees were hurting her, Amber kept punching Tara's bloody face. After about ten or fifteen seconds, Amber leaned a little too far forward to avoid the knees and Tara managed to free her hands. With her hands finally free, she grabbed Amber's brown hair with one hand, raked her face with the other and maneuvered the brunette until she was in a position to wrap her shapely muscular legs around the brunette's waist. Despite still being scissored by Amber, the blonde applied more pressure to her scissor's lock and squeezed her legs together with all of her might. Although Amber felt the pain of Tara's powerful scissors lock, Amber was prepared to hold on and squeeze the blonde's head with all her might until the blonde released her scissors lock. It had become a battle of wills and Amber was sure she was tougher than her foe and could better tolerate the pain.

The two gladiators continued squeezing each other, Amber squeezing Tara's head, Tara squeezing Amber's waist. Beads of perspiration on both fighters glistened in the hot sun. Both fighters struggled to apply more and more pressure to their vice-like scissors holds. Both beauty's faces were contorted with pain as they fought to gain dominance. Finally no longer being able to tolerate the pain of Amber's surprisingly strong legs, the game blonde managed to roll to her right. With both fighters locked between the others legs the two combatants suddenly rolled off the car and crashed to the pavement. Both girls released their holds and rolled in opposite directions as they hit the blistering hot pavement. They continued rolling, their bodies ravaged with pain. However, after rolling around for several minutes, the two combatants were ready to resume their fight and struggled to their knees. Both were breathing hard and their eyes were welled with tears as they angrily eyed each other. Tara had a bloody lip and Amber had four fingernail marks down her left cheek and a big red welt on the inside of her right breast from the heel of Tara's shoe. Both women had fire in their eyes as they finally struggled to their feet.

"Do you give up?" Tara gasped, as she struggled to catch her breath.

Amber looked at her and asked "Why should I give? I'm kickin' your sorry ass and I want to finish what you started. Our fight won't be over until I'm standing over you and you can't fight anymore!"

"Fine by me, except it's not me who's getting her ass kicked and it won't be me who's on the ground and unable to fight anymore. And I don't have a sorry ass. I can have any man I want."

Both warriors moved towards each other once again and immediately grabbed each other's hair shaking their heads furiously, bent at the waist, spinning each other around the street that was now lined by thousands of spectators. As they waltzed around the street, they exchanged occasional kicks. Much to Amber's surprise, Tara proved to be the stronger of the two once again, forcing Amber back into the display window of one of the fancy shops. As Tara was about to push Amber through the display window, the sassy brunette grabbed Tara's shirt and spun her around, letting go and watching Tara crash through the storefront window.

The crowd went crazy as a dazed Tara lay at the feet of a mannequin. The jubilant brunette threw her hands in the air, turned and looked at Jerri who gestured with her head for Amber to go after the dazed blonde. Amber carefully climbed through the window of the tiny shop, making sure that she didn't touch any of the jagged glass that was left of the display window. Amber then ripped the arm off one of the mannequins that was in the window and started beating Tara with it, smashing the dazed blonde in the head and body. Tara tried to cover up but was unable to and Amber continued to batter the blonde. Sensing that she had rendered Tara helpless, Amber grabbed the blonde's legs, lifted her off the floor of the display and started swinging her around and around. Tara crashed into several of the mannequins until Amber let her go. The tough brunette then bent down and grabbed Tara by her blonde hair. She then lifted the wild blonde and tossed her through another display window. Tara crashed through the window and landing on the sidewalk. Despite being dazed, she got up and tried to clear the cobwebs from her head. When she looked and saw Amber approaching, the blonde turned and began to run away.

"Go get her!" Jerri screamed.

Amber turned and began to chase after her opponent. Amber was amazingly fast and easily caught Tara, tackling her to the ground. Maneuvering so that she was sitting on Tara's shapely ass, Amber grabbed Tara's shirt and stretched it out in an effort to remove the sexy blonde's top off. Amber couldn't get Tara's shirt off. As Tara tried to get to her knees, Amber grabbed Tara's blonde hair with one hand, yanked her head back, and landed several round house punches to Tara's face. Tara grunted and groaned with each blow until Amber stopped throwing punches and got off her opponent. With Amber now standing over the blonde, the dazed blonde tried to roll away. Amber slowly stalked her opponent and watched as Tara slowly got to her knees. With Tara on her knees, Amber reached down, grabbed Tara's hair then pulled Tara's head back and, punched her in the face with several devastating punches.

Tara was being demolished; her mouth and nose were bleeding profusely but despite the battering, she somehow managed to make a two fisted punch right into Amber's crotch, dropping the younger brunette to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Amber moaned like a wounded animal, as Tara fell to the ground and sobbed from the beating she had been taking. Amber rolled around the ground for a few seconds as Tara wiped the tears and blood off of her face. As Amber rolled onto her back, Tara managed to get to her feet and stand up. Amber quickly tried to get up but Tara slammed her foot into the side of her head, knocking Amber back to the ground. Sensing that Amber was tougher than her, but had made a mistake, the blonde wasn’t about to give the brunette another chance. She was going to pay for the beating she had administered and the mistake she had made.

Tara immediately went for Amber's crotch and ground the heel of her shoe into the zipper of Amber's cutoffs. Amber started screaming from the pain Tara was now inflicting. Despite having the blonde's heel in her groin, Amber was able to move. She moved as quickly as she could, hoping that she would eventually get free.

Seeing that Amber's movement was working, Jerri screamed to her friend, "Keep moving, the bitch is going down."

And just as Jerri had shouted Tara was about to fall, the blonde suddenly lost her balance. Tara tried to regain her balance and prevent herself from falling. Because the blonde had lost her balance, Amber was able to move and kicked at Tara with one of her legs. The blonde stumbled backwards, finally falling to the ground. With both fighters now on the ground, the two hellcats wrapped their arms and legs around each other in an attempt to roll on top. They continued to struggle in an effort to gain the dominant position until Tara suddenly screamed. Amber had somehow managed to push Tara's tit against her mouth. The brunette then chomped down as hard as she could on Tara's tit.

The blonde immediately released her hold and grabbed her tit. She then rolled to her back. Amber rolled after the blonde until she was able to grab Tara's shirt and rip it off. As Tara continued to hold on to her injured tit, Amber got up and kicked Tara's hands away. She then placed the heel of her shoe into Tara's chest and started grinding it. The blonde screamed as Amber showed no mercy as she continued to grind Tara's tit with her shoe until she heard Jerri scream for her to finish Tara off.

Reaching down, Amber grabbed Tara's head by her hair and began slamming it against the ground like a maniac until Tara finally cried out "Stop, please, you win. Someone get her off of me!"

Tara curled up in a fetal position sobbing and Amber yelled at her, "I'LL LET YOU GO AS SOON AS YOU APOLOGIZE TO ME!" Tara began to sob uncontrollably. Sensing she was not going to get her apology Amber let go of her defeated opponent. Turned to the crowd and threw her arms up in the air. Jerri walked over to her friend and the two hugged each other. Amber then turned and looked at her defeated rival and said. "Anytime you want a rematch just give me a call. I'll be glad to give you another beating."

She then turned to Jerri and said, "That bitch can fight. But she's not as tough as you and I beat the hell out of her." The two friends hugged each other one more time and left.
#5-Halle Berry vs. Courtney Thorne-Smith by Bob

When producer Mark Burnett decided to try a Celebrity Survivor, he never envisioned the magnitude of the celebrities egos and how it would make for the most popular episode of all times.

Courtney Thorne-Smith was thrilled at the thought of playing Celebrity Survivor, but was having a hard time having to spend a lot of time with Halle Berry. The African-American princess had a personality and temperament that had turned all of the females off. In addition, she had gone out of her way to use her sexuality to wrap the men around her little finger and to avoid doing any work. While she was wooing all the men and twisting them around her finger, she was annoying the hell out of all of the women. Her refusal to help the women with even the simplest tasks had made her a target of female teammates. Finally Courtney Thorne Smith had had enough of the dark-skinned beauty. She decided it was time to confront her 5'7" teammate and let her know how she felt about her blatant disregard for the welfare of her teammates, especially the females.

While arguing, the irate Halle put her finger in the 5'6" blonde's face and told her if she knew what was good for her she would back off. Courtney didn't like having someone put their finger in her face and she didn't like being threatened. "Don't put your finger in my face and don't threaten me. I'm not afraid of you."

The defiant Halle immediately put her finger in Courtney's face again and said, "I don't like your trying to intimidate me. If you know what's good for you you'll put your tail between your legs and walk away."

Sensing that walking away from Halle would be a big mistake, the blonde repeated, "I'm not afraid of you. If you're looking for a fight I'll give you one you'll never forget."

Halle was surprised that the blonde had not backed down. Was she trying to gain the psychological advantage? Was the blonde bitch trying to scare her? Perhaps she was tougher than she looked.

Finally, Halle made her move and shoved Courtney backwards. Courtney looked at her tough foe and shoved her in retaliation. Halle quickly grabbed the blonde's hair, yanked it hard, and said, "You talk tough. We'll see if you can back your tough talk. Actions speak louder than words. When I get done with you, you'll do whatever I tell you to. If I don't say anything you'll sit and keep your big mouth shut."

Courtney defiantly said, "We'll see who keeps quiet Asshole."

Halle was shocked that Courtney had answered her back.

"By the way Halle," Courtney said, "I'd appreciate it if you let go of my hair. I've got things to do, like kick your sorry ass."

Halle angrily said, "Oh really. Well dear, if you're so tough why don't you remove my hands from your hair? Maybe you would like to punch me in the mouth too."

Courtney landed a quick right to Halle's jaw. The punch caught Halle by surprise and she let go of the blonde's hair and fell backwards. As Halle lay on the ground, rubbing her jaw, Courtney defiantly said, "Maybe I'd rather punch you in the jaw. But if you get up and I hit you again, I'll make sure it's in your big mouth."

Halle got up slowly and lunged at Courtney. Courtney quickly moved to the side and Halle went flying by her.

Halle was surprised at how quick Courtney had been. However, Halle was not going to let her anger get the best of her anymore. She put her hands up as if she was a boxer and started circling slowly. Courtney had been working out rigorously and kick boxing was her forte. She had become good enough to believe that she could hold her own against anyone if tested and she was being tested. She put her hands up and watched Halle's hands closely. Suddenly Halle started throwing lefts and rights at a furious pace.

The blonde had never sparred with anyone who had Halle's hand speed or who had ever thrown a flurry of punches at the same speed that Halle was punching. Courtney suddenly wondered if she would be able to take Halle because of the dark-skinned beauty's hand speed. After taking several hard punches, the blonde decided there was only one way to defend herself from the dark-skinned beauty. She put her hands up and covered as much of her face and chest as possible. She had hoped that her hated opponent would punch herself out and tire shortly, especially since her short stay on the island had sapped her of some of her strength. However, Halle continued throwing punches as if she was Smokin' Joe Frazier. After being hit with about fifteen or twenty punches, Courtney went down on her knees and cried, "No more. I give up. You win."

However, Halle was still punching instinctively and not ready to quit. She took her foot and pushed Courtney to her back. "You'll quit when I've had enough and I haven't had enough yet," Halle shouted. She then leaped on top of Courtney and started throwing more punches. She was going to knock Courtney to another continent. All that the luscious blonde could do was cover her face and hope that Halle wouldn't kill her.

Halle continued to punch away. However, with Courtney covering her face, the punches weren't hurting her as much and the pain that she initially felt were starting to ease. She was also very aware that Halle was slowing down. Perhaps she was getting tired.

When Halle realized that she was no longer hurting Courtney, she grabbed Courtney's wrists and tried to pry them away from Courtney's face. She struggled and was unable to pry Courtney's wrists away from her face. Halle couldn't believe that she was unable to gain an advantage by using her incredible strength. Finally, a frustrated Halle let go of Courtney's wrists. Courtney quickly grabbed Halle's wrists. Courtney's sudden aggressiveness had caught the African-American beauty by surprise and she was even more surprised when the battered blonde easily rolled her off and then put her on to her back. Finally on top, Courtney desperately tried to pin Halle down. The two struggled and although Halle was unable to get the blonde off, she was able to free her hands and roll onto her stomach. Courtney quickly grabbed one of Halle's arms and pulled it behind her back. Courtney wrapped her other arm around Halle's neck and began to squeeze. As Halle struggled to get loose, Courtney was able to wrap her legs around Halle's waist and squeeze tightly.

Halle was surprised at how powerful Courtney's legs were. As she struggled to get loose, she could feel her incredible strength being zapped. The blonde was much stronger than Halle thought and was obviously a much better fighter than she realized. Courtney also had a slight weight advantage that she was prepared to use as a way of inflicting pain on her antagonist. "You should have quit when I told you I had had enough. You'd be back in camp bragging to everyone about how you kicked my ass. Now you're taking a beating and I'm going to be the one who brags about kicking some asshole's ass."

Halle realized the blonde was right and that she had made a big mistake. She also realized she had to get loose soon or she would be unable to defend herself. If she could get to her knees she might be able to stand up and fall backwards. Hopefully falling backwards would help her get free of Courtney's grasp and painful scissors. For the first time Halle realized that Courtney knew how to fight. Only an experienced fighter could use her leverage to negate someone's superior strength. Courtney's leverage had made her much stronger and Halle wasn't sure if her strength and skill could help her defeat the tough blonde.

After struggling for what seemed like an hour or two Halle finally managed to get to her knees. She grabbed Courtney's hair with her left hand and pulled as hard as she could. Despite the fact that Courtney was still holding her right arm in a hammerlock and had her legs locked around her waist, Halle flipped Courtney over her shoulder. As the blonde flew over Halle's shoulder, she tried to maintain her painful scissors and hammerlock. However, her momentum had forced her release both her hammerlock and scissors as she flew over her foe's shoulder. Free at last, the African-American beauty went to mount her foe. However the tough blonde threw up her legs and pushed the African-American amazon away from her.

Both fighters quickly got up. With the two fighters on their feet, Halle shook her right arm, trying to get some feeling back. She noticed that Courtney was breathing heavily. "So, Courtney, have you had enough?"

Courtney laughed and asked, "Why? I'm kicking your ass."

Halle stared defiantly at her teammate. "Actually, I'd have to say you've gotten the worst of it so far and I notice you're breathing rather heavily."

As Halle started moving towards her, Courtney decided to buy some time so she could catch her breath. She moved slowly and cautiously in the opposite direction of her opponent.

"What's the matter pig? Are you afraid of me? I thought you said you were kicking my ass," Halle taunted. She began to sense that maybe Courtney had had enough. Halle hoped that her taunting would give Courtney incentive to keep fighting so that she could really give her a beating. Halle smirked, "Do yourself a big favor and give up. Otherwise I'm going to throw you in the river so you can be with the other parasites."

Stalling and playing possum, Courtney continued to back up. Pleadingly she said, "No, I don't want to go in the river. It's disgusting."

Halle arrogantly laughed and said, "Girl, you're more disgusting than the river and when I get done with you, there's going to be one more parasite in that filthy river and it's going to be even more disgusting when I'm finished with you."

As Courtney continued backing up, Halle sensed Courtney's fear. Confident of victory, the muscular combatant finally attacked. Once again Halle lunged at Courtney. As Halle neared, the blonde quickly threw up one leg and kicked Halle in the stomach. The muscular beauty groaned and slowly sank to her knees. The blonde immediately grabbed Halle by the hair and threw her backwards. Halle's head hit the ground with a lot of force and the African-American tough girl immediately felt dizzy. With Halle on her back, the blonde quickly sat on Halle's stomach, grabbed her hands and once again tried to pin her so she could end the fight. However, despite being dizzy, Halle still had a lot of fight in her and was not about to be pinned. The blonde fought feverously in effort to pin her hated foe, but Halle was fighting for her life and after an intense struggle, she finally rolled Courtney off her.

Once on top again, Halle reached for Courtney's wrists but Courtney was quicker and grabbed Halle's hair. Before Halle could grab the blonde's wrists and pry the blonde's hands from her hair, Courtney rolled her off. The blonde was in control once again and Halle was on her back. Again the two of them struggled until Courtney finally manage to pin Halle's arms down. The blonde then moved up on Halle's chest so that she would be unable to defend herself against Courtney's punches.

Finally having Halle in a defenseless state, the blonde smirked, "On your back one more time. Why do I have a feeling you're used to lying on your back?" Courtney could see by the look in Halle's eyes that she had struck a nerve.

"I'm going to throw you off and kill you, you bitch!" Halle screamed.

"What's the matter, don't like being called a whore?" Courtney then started punching the defenseless African-American in the face, throwing lefts and rights in rapid succession.

Halle was surprised at how hard Courtney punched but she was sure that she would be able to throw Courtney off her. While Courtney continued to throw punches, Halle started to buck until Courtney finally flew off. She’d taken a lot of punishment but she was quickly back on her feet again. She’d been getting the better of Courtney while they were on their feet and she decided she wasn’t going to try to outwrestle Courtney any more, at least not until she’d taken all of the fight out of her; even if it meant getting Courtney down and then letting her up again. As Courtney and Halle circled slowly, Halle lifted her foot and kicked at Courtney but, much to her surprise, Courtney grabbed her foot and threw her down. Moving with catlike quickness, Courtney pounced on her foe, landing hard on Halle's chest. Halle groaned from the impact.

"Give up before I kill you. It's obvious I'm tougher than you,” Courtney boasted.

"Eat me!" Halle said.

"Eat ME!" Courtney mimicked. "Is that the best you can do? You verbalize as well as you fight."

The blonde then began massaging Halle's face with lefts and rights once again. Despite the fact that Courtney was sitting on her and pounding her, the defenseless Halle tried to throw Courtney off for about thirty seconds. However, she had taken a lot of punishment and had nothing left. Courtney was now beating her as if she was a 98 lb. weakling.

The African-American beauty could finally no longer stand the power of Courtney's punches and started crying, "You're hurting me."

Courtney started laughing as obnoxiously as she could. "Am I hurting you? Gee, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I wanted to win the fight without hurting you. You're a fuckin' bully. You flex your muscles and try to intimidate all the women. Well I guess you couldn't intimidate me. I'm glad I'm hurting you. Besides, it wouldn't be much of a fight if I didn't try to hurt you. By the way dear, wait until you see your face. I've messed it up pretty good. But you'll be happy to know your face is swollen on both sides so it's still symmetrical."

Halle face felt as if Courtney had hit her with an anvil. "Courtney, I give up. You win. You're the better woman. Please get off me."

Courtney got off Halle and put her hands up just in case Halle planned to resume the fight. She could get Halle down anytime she wanted. As Courtney looked down at Halle she admired the work that she had done on Halle's badly swollen face. One of eyes was black and the other was starting to close. She also noticed that Halle had a lot of cuts and bruises all over her face. She wished her luxury item was a mirror so she could show Halle what she had done to the African-American beauty's once beautiful face. Although Courtney's right eye was a little sore, she was sure that Halle had not done much damage to her face. She felt pretty good and had a feeling of jubilation that she hadn't had since she had arrived on the island. Even if she was voted off the island at the next tribal council she would leave knowing how easily she had whipped the great Halle Berry.

Once again Courtney looked down at Halle, who was still sobbing. "What's the matter Halle? Does the beating that I just gave you hurt? Can you believe you were beaten by a dumb blonde?"

For a second Courtney hoped that Halle would get up and resume the fight. When Halle didn't move, the blonde put her foot on Halle's chest and pushed down just to make sure that she didn't get up.

When Halle didn't get up, Courtney spit in the face of her foe. "Now, how would you like to go into the river?"

When Halle didn't answer, the blonde put her foot near Halle's face, "Hey tough girl, kiss my foot." Halle didn't move, so she repeated, "Kiss my foot!"

Courtney moved her foot up to Halle's mouth. Halle looked up at the blonde and although she didn't say anything, her eyes said a lot. Courtney reached down and grabbed Halle's hair with her left hand; lifted Halle to her knees and cocked her right hand back. As she started to move her hand forward, Halle screamed, "NO...no more...."

Courtney's fist stopped just centimeters from Halle's nose. She let go of Halle's hair and watched grinning as Halle slumped forward on all fours. Courtney slid her foot under Halle's chin and watched smirking as Halle kissed her foot. Courtney laughed, raised her other foot to Halle's mouth and watched with joy as Halle kissed her other foot too.

Courtney laughed joyfully. "Typical bully; flex your muscles but when someone stands up to you, you go down and whimper. How's it feel to have someone flex THEIR muscles and pick on YOU? You're just lucky I don't drop my shorts and bend over so you can kiss my ass too! By the way Berry, I never planned to make you kiss both feet but since you kissed my first foot without being commanded it looks like you're the submissive one and will be as long as both of us are here. You know Halle, you're a big wimp for someone who is supposed to be so strong-willed and tough."

Unfortunately for the attractive blonde, Halle turned out to be every bit as strong-willed and tough-minded as Courtney had thought she was - at least when working her wiles on the men. The victorious blonde was voted off the island at the next tribal council by a unanimous vote and as she trudged away, Halle's mocking farewell rang in her ears, "The tribe has spoken!"