#1-Jennifer Garner vs. Tammy-Lynn Michaels by Bob

Tammy-Lynn Michaels looked at her taller foe, then turned to writer/director Jeffrey Abrams and said, "So all I have to do is kick the cute broad's ass and I get to play agent Sydney Bristow? Works for me. She doesn't look like a fighter so kicking her ass should be easy."

Jennifer Garner sized up her blonde foe and replied, "Don't count on getting this part Blondie, I've been working out and training. I've learned how to fight. I want this part badly and I'll go through you and anyone else I have to so that I can get it!"

Tammy-Lynn stuck her tongue out and said, "Whenever your ready bitch!"

Jennifer smiled as she thought about what she was going to do to the cocky blonde. She kicked off her heels, flipping them at Tammy-Lynn who quickly bent down, picked up the brunette's heels and smacked her across the face with one of the shoes.

"Thanks for your help hon," Tammy-Lynn sneered as Jennifer held the side of her face.

Getting smacked across the face with a shoe had hurt but now she was angry and was going to give Tammy-Lynn the beating of her life. As Jennifer's hand dropped from her cheek, Tammy-Lynn smacked her in the other side of the face with her other shoe. Before Jennifer could do anything, the street smart blonde started swinging with both hands, repeatedly smashing the brunette in the face with her own shoes! Jennifer put her hands up to protect herself as she started backing away but the tough nasty blonde continued smacking her foe with blow after blow. After eight or ten blows to the face with her own heels, Jennifer was driven to her knees.

Tammy-Lynn looked down at her opponent and said, "I don't need these to beat you." She threw the shoes at Jennifer, hitting her in the face with both of them. Jennifer fell over backward, from the force of the shoes hitting her in the head. With her now flat on her back, Tammy-Lynn turned to the stunned writer and said, "I don't think this chick is spy material. She don't seem so tough."

As she turned to go back on the attack, Tammy-Lynn doubled over gasping when Jennifer drove both feet up into the blonde's hard, flat belly. Jeffrey cheered as the supine brunette did a kip-up to get to her feet, then grabbed Tammy-Lynn by her blonde hair and twisted. With Tammy-Lynn bent forward, Jennifer elbowed her in the ribs and then in her breasts. The blonde screamed as she tried to get away from the suddenly aggressive brunette.

"Still think I can't fight blondie?" Jennifer taunted.

Tammy-Lynn continued to back away, cautiously eyeing Jennifer as she tried to recover from the attack to her stomach and chest. She was so intent on watching her foe, Tammy-Lynn wasn't aware of where she was going and made the mistake of backing into the wall. A confident Jennifer smiled as she leaped high in the air and shot out her right foot to the blonde's left cheek. Tammy-Lynn staggered backwards, hitting her head on the wall. She started to fall forward but Jennifer reacted quickly and leaped again, this time she drove her left foot into the blonde's midsection. Again, Tammy-Lynn was thrown backward and Jennifer grinned as she watched her head bounce off the wall. As the blonde once more had to fall forward, Jennifer was waiting and snapped her knee up, smashing it into Tammy-Lynn's nose. Blood started flowing from the blonde's battered beak she crumpled to the floor on her stomach. She lay writhing in a lot of pain and Jennifer could see it as she put a foot on the battered Tammy-Lynn's butt.

"Well," Jennifer snickered. "Give up?"

When Tammy-Lynn didn't answer, Jennifer applied some pressure to the blonde's backside and loudly said, "Give up before you get hurt!"

Still, Tammy-Lynn ignored her and Jennifer turned to Jeffrey and said with a touch of admiration, "The broad has spunk. Either that or she's stupid or she gets off on the pain. I guess since we all know who her girlfriend is, it's probably the latter!"

Jennifer reached down, grabbed two handfuls of Tammy-Lynn's blonde hair and maneuvered around behind the blonde as she lifted her head. Still holding Tammy-Lynn by her blonde hair, Jennifer wrapped her powerful legs around the blonde's head and started squeezing. Despite being surprised at how powerful Jennifer's legs were, Tammy-Lynn fought back as she grabbed Jennifer's ankles. Using what little strength she had left, Tammy-Lynn tugged at Jennifer's ankles until the brunette lost her footing and fell forward.

As Jennifer toppled over, Tammy-Lynn's head popped out from between her thighs. Despite the pain inflicted on her earlier, the blonde still had plenty of fight left in her and she quickly went on the attack. Tammy-Lynn jumped on Jennifer's back, grabbing her long brown hair and pulling her head back as Jennifer let out a yelp of pain. She screamed as the blonde continued pulling on her hair until her back was arched.

Once again Tammy-Lynn was in control and she arrogantly reached around and spanked Jennifer, telling her, "Good fight, but you just lost sweet cheeks!"

After pulling the brunette's hair for several minutes, the blonde catfighter let go of her hair and started throwing punches. Jennifer howled as Tammy-Lynn rained her fists down on her back, the back of her head and rabbit punched her in the neck. After bouncing a lot of punches off Jennifer, the blonde turned to another assault as she leaned forward and wrapping her right arm around Jennifer's throat under her chin

The brunette started to kick her feet, her toes beating against the floor as she struggled to breathe. Tammy-Lynn continued to apply pressure until the submissive brunette stopped kicking and her body went limp. The blonde tigress lifted her round ass slightly, then dropped it down hard on the back of Jennifer's head, driving her face into the floor; her body bouncing from the impact!

Tammy-Lynn shifted her butt down until she was firmly straddling the small of Jennifer's back. She leaned forward and under-hooked the brunette's arms, then rolled her over onto her back. Tammy-Lynn again rose slightly, making sure she slammed her shapely ass down on Jennifer's stomach and again, Jennifer's body bounced and her legs flew upward from the force of the impact. Standing up, the blonde ripped the brunette's tight red dress off and tossed it to Jeffrey in one motion.

"Here you go big boy, a little present."

Next, she grabbed Jennifer's bra and proceeded to twist and pull it tight around the brunette's small, firm tits! Jennifer screamed as the blonde used her bra to painfully crush her tits as the straps bit into her sides. Tammy-Lynn laughed sadistically as she toyed with Jennifer. She was having a lot of fun torturing the helpless brunette but now, it was time to end the fight! Tammy-Lynn methodically got off Jennifer, grabbed her by her brunette locks and hauled her to her knees. Tammy-Lynn continued to hold Jennifer by her hair as she planted a high heeled boot in Jennifer's groin. Jennifer could not believe how much pain she was in; she was ready to pass out.

"I give!" she screamed as Tammy-Lynn continued to sadistically grind her heel into the brunette's groin.

When the blonde heard the magic words she removed her heel and brought her knee up, catching Jennifer under her chin and snapping her head back sharply. She watched in delight as Jennifer's eyes rolled back until she saw only the whites, then the brunette slowly toppled back and her head crashed into, and bounced off of, the floor.

Tammy-Lynn turned to Jeffrey Abrams, dusted off her hands and said, "As I said, kicking her ass should be easy."

"I said the winner gets the part and I'm a man of my word. Come in tomorrow and sign the contract Tammy, or should I call you Sydney?"

Tammy-Lynn looked at the writer and said, "I'm appreciative that you asked me to audition and that you've offered me the part. I like you and I think we could work well together. But I'm going to decline. After reading that lame script, I seriously doubt that show last more than two or three episodes at best."

Jeffrey looked at the blonde incredulously and mumbled, "If you weren't gonna take the part, why fight Jennifer?"

"I love fighting. I've had several fights and to be honest, she's tough. You won't have to give her too much training to do the fight scenes. If I were you I'd offer her the part - after she comes too."

Jeffrey nodded and said, "Thanks Tammy. I believe you're right, she'll probably make a great Sydney Bristow."
#2-Kelly Ripa and Jillian Barberie - The Insult by Bob

Dorothy Lucey turned to Jillian and asked, "Do you wanna take the lead in to this segment or do you want me to?"

Jillian shrugged, "Nah. I'll do it. Then to the camera, "For those of you who were watching yesterday's show, you may recall we were doing a story about Kelly Ripa and how she's thinking of leaving her soap. I made a dumb comment that she should just go away and leave us all alone. Now, everyone who watches knows this is a stupid show and we say a lot of stupid things because we don't take the show seriously. Well, after the show I got a call from Kelly wanting me to apologize to her on the air. So I told her..." Then after a pause, she continued, "I can't repeat what I said, but those of you who know me can guess what I said. So she tells me she's going to kick my ass. Now I'm not a fighter and I can't fight, but I'm not afraid of her, especially since I'm in Los Angeles and she's in New York. Hell, but if she wants a fight, I'm game. Like I haven't had anyone kick my ass before but when you gotta mouth like mine lots a people want to! So I invited the air head to come on the show. Well guess what, she got on a plane and she's here now! Wait'll you see her. Maybe she'll flex before she kicks my ass. You wouldn't believe the set of cannons she has."

Dorothy called Kelly out and as soon as she appeared around the curtain Jillian saw the fire in her eyes.

Quickly, Dorothy stepped between Jillian and Kelly and said, "Jillian isn't tough, but she's tougher than me. I really don't want to get in between you two, but before you start Kelly, I'd like you to flex for our audience. Then we'll get Jillian to flex so our audience can see who is stronger. After that, you can kick Jilli's beautiful ass if you want. I hope we have a lot of people watching the show because this'll be a big boast for our ratings."

Kelly glared at the Dorothy, "This is a stupid show and you're making a complete joke of this. I'm tempted to kick YOUR ass when I'm done kicking hers. Now get out of my way before I take you both on."

Dorothy knew she was making Kelly even angrier, but she was used to all of the crazy stunts she and her co-hosts did so she said, "Aww, Kell, don't be like that. C'mon, just flex once for me?"

Kelly grabbed Dorothy's hair, "That's it bitch, outta my way!"

She threw Dorothy aside and Jillian was standing a few feet from the irate blonde. Jillian was clowning around, flexing, making facial gestures and grabbing her biceps so that people could see she didn't have any muscle tone at all. When Kelly saw Jillian fooling around she totally lost control and went after the slightly taller agitator. Much to Kelly's shock and dismay, Jillian poked her in her Adams apple with her thumb. Kelly grabbed her throat gagging as she felt the pain from being hit in a pressure point.

Jillian turned to the audience with her thumb raised and boasted, "I learned that from the movie 'The Presidio'." Then affecting a Welsh accent trying to imitate Sean Connery, she turned to Kelly with her thumb still raised and said, "Don't worry; I'm only going to use this thumb to beat you up."

Then she bowed as the production crew cheered. Kelly was still clutching her throat when Jillian kicked her in the groin. Kelly grabbed her wounded groin and sank wheezing to her knees. The goofy host with the big mouth who often spoke without thinking, threw her hands in the air and danced around as if the fight were already over.

Then looked to the camera and said, "Ooh, I bet that hurt."

When she turned back, Kelly was still on her knees gasping and wheezing. With Kelly clutching her injured mound, the blonde host, who was wearing her hair in pigtails, kicked Kelly in the chest, sending her sprawling over backward and skidding across the hardwood floor. Jillian walked over and put a foot on Kelly's throat, pushing down and applying a lot of pressure. Kelly started to gasp for air, her hands frantically pawing at Jillian's foot, trying to get it off her windpipe.

The daffy hostess turned to the production crew and said, "You know, I really thought I was going to get killed - and I still may be - but so far I'm doing better than I expected." Then she turned to Dorothy and added, "Now I know how to get ratings. Antagonize someone, invite them on the show..." she paused dramatically, then added, "...and kick their ass! And, if we can't get anyone else, you and me can fight!!"

Dorothy grimaced, "I don't think I wanna fight you. You look pretty tough but then, of course, Kelly could be a real wimp."

Jillian again turned toward Kelly, bent down and ripped off Kelly's halter top, then she stared in awe, "Hey, she's got some chest."

Pulling her own halter, Jillian turned to the crew and said, "Too bad this show is covered by the censors. The TV audience won't see how nice my chest is. Now tell me, isn't mine better'n hers?"

Still stepping on Kelly's throat, Jillian grabbed the perky blonde's hair and started pulling her head up. Pulling her head up while standing on her throat was a devastating hold and Kelly was at Jillian's mercy! Jillian was having a good time so she lifted Kelly to her feet, pulled her head down and kicked the blonde in the stomach. Kelly staggered back doubled over gasping and holding her stomach while Jillian turned to Dorothy and winked.

She straightened Kelly up by her hair one more time then let the blonde go and prepared to kick her again. As soon as Kelly's hair was free she stumbled and, realizing the brunette was about to hurt her again, turned and staggered/ran toward the nearest exit. The garrulous brunette looked at Kelly's bouncing bottom, thought about running her down, then shook her head and raised her arms in the air in victory as the production crew cheered. Dorothy and Steve, the other co-host, got up, walked over to Jillian and hugged her.

Steve held Jillian's right arm in the air, saying, "The winner and STILL champion; Jillian "The Wild Tigress" Barberie."

Jillian laughed and gushed, "We should do this once a week. I'll insult someone, we fly them out to LA, introduce them and then I can kick their ass. We'll go prime time...It'll do great ratings!"
#3-Charisma Carpenter vs. Mercedes McNab by Bob

During a break from the shooting of Angel, Mercedes McNab and Charisma Carpenter started arguing. Finally Charisma had had enough and said, "Let's end the talk and do what we both want to do."

The blonde began to cry and stammered as she said, "I can't beat you."

Charisma laughed, "That's too bad because now I'm really sure we have to fight!"

As the brunette started moving toward the blonde bombshell, Mercedes slowly started moving away, her hands raised, "I told you, I don't want to fight."

"Then you better run away and hope that I can't catch you because we ARE going to fight!"

Mercedes stopped backing away, realizing she wasn't as fast as Charisma and couldn't avoid a fight. She lowered her head and charged the older brunette. The blonde's attack had caught Charisma by surprise and she was not prepared to defend herself. She doubled over, grabbed her stomach, and went down as Mercedes butted her in the stomach. Mercedes knew she could only beat Charisma in a fight by catching her by surprise and then capitalizing on her sneak attack. She quickly moved to the area where Charisma was lying down and stood over her, waiting for the brunette to get up. As Charisma started to get up, Mercedes kicked her in the chest, forcing Charisma to fall backwards. Mercedes than moved behind the brunette and ripped off her own halter top. Mercedes quickly twisted the halter, waited for Charisma to get up again, and then wrapped her halter around Charisma's throat. Once the halter was around Charisma's throat the blonde pulled as tightly as she could. Charisma began to gasp for air. Mercedes continued to choke her older foe, occasionally giving the brunette a hard kick to her back.

Charisma was unable to defend herself. Realizing that she was in a position to defeat the tall brunette, Mercedes tightened her grip on her halter and lifted Charisma to her feet. Once Charisma was on her feet, Mercedes started kneeing her in the back and in the ass. She continued to do so as Charisma tried to grab Mercedes halter so that she could free herself and breathe more easily. She continued trying to pry the halter from her neck but Mercedes held on tightly. Finally realizing that she was not going to get the halter away from Mercedes, Charisma reached back and dug her nails into Mercedes face. Mercedes screamed as Charisma continued to dig her nails into her face. Still holding on tightly to her halter, the blonde could feel blood running down her face. However, she was not about to give up her advantage.

Charisma could feel Mercedes weakening and the halter loosening slightly. Reacting quickly, Charisma raked Mercedes face one more time and then grabbed Mercedes long blonde hair. As Charisma pulled tightly on Mercedes hair, she dipped forwards and watched as Mercedes flew over her. Mercedes was now lying on her back at Charisma's feet. Charisma stomped her right foot down on Mercedes face.

Mercedes screamed, "You broke my nose you crazy bitch!!"

Charisma said, "Yes, I did!" Then she stomped on Mercedes face once more!

She looked at Mercedes, and was surprised that Mercedes was making an effort to get up. She was obviously one tough bitch that could take some punishment. As the young blonde got to her knees, Charisma who was still behind the blonde bitch, grabbed Mercedes' hair and threw her down to the ground again. She then mounted the blonde. As she sat on Mercedes stomach, Charisma decided to remove Mercedes bra. After removing Mercedes' bra, she delivered a hard left to Mercedes' right breast and a hard right to Mercedes' left breast. She then arched her fingers and raked them across both of Mercedes' breasts. Again, Mercedes could sense that she was bleeding and she was desperate. If she didn't get this brunette off her soon, she'd be beaten like she'd never been beaten before!

The blonde tried to move her legs so that she could use her heels as weapons, but no matter where she moved her legs, Charisma, sensing what Mercedes was trying to do would move her legs so that Mercedes was unable to use her heels as weapons. Finally Mercedes tried one desperation move, bucking like a maniac and it caught Charisma by surprise, sending the brunette flying off her. But Charisma was able to regain her feet before Mercedes could mount her and the two combatants ended up standing face to face, looking each other in the eye. As Charisma looked into the eyes of her younger opponent, she was shocked not to see any trace of fear in Mercedes face; especially after the punishment she'd inflicted on the blonde!

Charisma threw a left hand, which caught Mercedes behind her right ear. Mercedes countered, catching Charisma on her left breast with a hard right. Charisma took a backwards step. As Mercedes stepped toward her, Charisma quickly lifted her foot to kick, but Mercedes, to her surprise, caught her foot and lifted it higher and higher until Charisma tumbled over backward.

Mercedes let go of Charisma's foot so as not to fall herself. As soon as Charisma hit the ground, Mercedes reached down and ripped Charisma's red dress off. She quickly mounted Charisma, ripped the brunette's white bra off and then landed five punches to Charisma's face. When Charisma covered her face, Mercedes simply shifted focus and pounded her left-right combinations down onto Charisma's now-unprotected breasts.

Realizing that she had to protect her sore melons, Charisma covered her breasts and Mercedes immediately smacked her on the chin with a hard left-right before she moved down her legs, straddling Charisma's knees. Charisma realized she now had a chance to throw Mercedes off, but she was in a lot of pain and was badly weakened from the punishment Mercedes had dished out to her. Once more the blonde went to work with relentless obsession, landing hard punches to Charisma's groin, making the brunette scream as each punch was slammed home until her trembling body went limp.

Mercedes looked down at the brunette, who was lying motionless, with her eyes closed and thought, "OK, let's remove those panties and stockings Mercedes, you can use them to tie her up and gag her."

Acting as if someone had ordered her to remove Charisma's remaining clothing and tie her up, Mercedes moved with precision and after she'd removed all the under-garments from the unconscious brunette and tied Charisma's hands behind her back with one of the brunette's stockings, she used Charisma's other stocking to tie the brunette's legs. Once she had the brunette's legs secured, Mercedes pulled the stocking binding Charisma's legs up and tied it to the stocking she'd used to tie the brunette's hands, leaving Charisma well and truly hogtied! Mercedes pried the unconscious brunette's mouth open and stuffed her own panties in Charisma's mouth, then she stood up, stepped back and with her hands on her hips, admired her handiwork.

Smiling, Mercedes turned and stepped over the conquered brunette's body and walked away, giving her blonde hair a toss as if to emphasize her superiority. Charisma awakened several minutes later and when she realized she'd been bound and gagged, as she writhed and struggled trying to free herself, she vowed to get revenge!
#4-Jennifer Garner vs. Jill Hennessy by Bob

Television writers called Jennifer Garner and Jill Hennessy two of the hottest amazons on television. After reading a review in the paper in which Jennifer was called the toughest female on television, an irate Jill called Jennifer and challenged Jennifer to meet her at the local gym. Jennifer waited impatiently for Jill to arrive at the gym. Although she did her own stunts on television, had bulked up and learned martial arts, the athletic beauty hadn't had a fight since her junior year in high school and despite winning that time, she'd vowed she'd never fight again. Yet Jill's challenge had aroused something in her that reminded her of how exhilarated she felt before that fight. Despite the fact that Jill was bigger and seemed to have a toughness that Jennifer may have lacked, she surprisingly looked forwards to fighting the 'Crossing Jordan' star and putting her in her place.

Finally, Jill arrived wearing gym shorts, a tank top, and sneakers. As soon as she walked through the door, she quickly eyed Jennifer and was surprised to see Jennifer in a dress and heels! Jill shook her head in disbelief and then ran across the gym to begin the fight. As she approached, Jill caught Jennifer by her long brown hair and started kicking her in the shins, the fight was on! Despite being caught by surprise, the 'Alias' star retaliated, grabbing Jill's hair and landing kicks of her own. After several hard kicks, both brawlers changed tactics! They let go of each other's hair with one hand and started scratching with the other, mixing in occasional kicks, slaps, and punches. Jill's was every bit as strong as Jennifer thought she was, but Jennifer held her own as the two actresses continued trying to gain an advantage.

Finally Jill yanked Jennifer's head forward and kneed her in the chest a couple of times, causing Jennifer to drop to her knees. Jill continued to pull Jennifer's hair but leaned forward with all of her upper body weight, forcing Jennifer to lower her head. Jill continued leaning on the Alias star until she was forced to fall face first to the floor. The Crossing Jordan star continued leaning on Jennifer, with her upper body, covering Jennifer's head. Despite being at a disadvantage, Jennifer somehow managed to roll onto her back. As Jennifer started to roll onto her back, Jill shifted her position so that the Alias star would not reverse her. Once Jennifer was on her back, Jill leaned forwards one more time, putting her weight on and covering the Alias' star's head, grabbed Jennifer's wrists, and pinned her. Jill had Jennifer pinned for several minutes. Despite struggling to breathe and struggling to free herself, Jennifer finally managed to free her hands and grab Jill's hair. Jill quickly countered, grabbing Jennifer's hands. However, she was unable to pry Jennifer's hands from her hair.

Suddenly, Jennifer rolled Jill off her. As Jennifer got on top of Jill she banged Jill's head against the floor and then started bouncing on Jill's chest and stomach. Jill let out a piercing scream. Despite being startled by the scream, it was obvious to Jennifer that she was quickly taking the fight out of her opponent. After delivering a few hard punches Jennifer got off Jill, grabbed Jill's hair and yanked the Crossing Jordan star to her knees. Holding Jill by the hair, Jennifer kicked her in the face a couple of times. When Jennifer let Jill go, Jill fell backwards, her head banging against the floor.

Jennifer backed up and watched, wondering if Jill was going to get up. Jill had been down for about twenty seconds, before she slowly started getting up. The two actresses were now on their feet. Suddenly Jill stepped forward and threw a punch, hitting Jennifer on the jaw. The punch caught Jennifer by surprise and she staggered backwards. Sensing she had hurt Jennifer, Jill went after her wounded opponent, throwing punch after punch. Jennifer was now covering up, trying to figure out how to get Jill off her. She wanted to throw punches, but couldn't because of Jill's onslaught. Jill continued to punch and finally Jennifer fell to the floor.

While Jennifer was lying on the floor, Jill knew she had underestimated Jennifer's strength and toughness. She was not going to make the same mistake. Wasting no time, Jill mounted Jennifer and grabbed her hair.

After giving Jennifer several hard slaps, Jill moved up so that she was sitting on Jennifer's face. Jennifer struggled, kicking furiously in an effort to throw Jill off. However, being unable to get Jill off her face, Jennifer started moving her arms so that she could scratch Jill in the back. Anticipating her opponent's every move, Jill grabbed Jennifer's wrists. She held tightly as a powerless Jennifer could not move. The Alias star was having trouble breathing and had slowed down in her efforts to throw her opponent off her. Despite being in big trouble, Jennifer somehow managed to wrap her legs around Jill's waist. At first Jill laughed and said, "I'm glad that there's still some fight in you because I'm not finished with you yet." However, the smile soon turned to a look of anguish as Jennifer began to squeeze. Despite being weakened from the punishment she had received, Jennifer's will to win had given her the impetus to continue fighting. By wrapping her muscular legs around Jill she knew she hadn't lost yet.

Just as Jennifer now sensed she had a fighting chance, as long as she was sitting on Jennifer's face, Jill knew she was still in control and had a good chance of winning. As Jennifer continued to squeeze, Jill could sense that perhaps the fight was slipping away. Jennifer's muscular legs were doing a number on her ribs and just as she was sure Jennifer was having trouble breathing because she was sitting on the Alias star's face, she was also having trouble breathing. Not sure whether she could outlast the Alias star, Jill decided she had to get free from Jennifer's powerful legs. At first, the Crossing Jordan star tried to bounce on Jennifer's face. However, she was unable to bounce. Trying to stay calm, the bigger and heavier brunette tried to wiggle from side to side. However, once again she was unable to move. Starting to panic, Jill grabbed Jennifer's ankles and made a feeble attempt to pry them loose. Despite having sat on her foe's face for several minutes, the Alias star had not shown any signs of weakening. Jill worked feverishly in her efforts to pry Jennifer's legs apart but they were locked tight!

Jill decided to try and outsmart her opponent. "Give up, you can't win. You can't have much air left and should pass out soon. Why suffer? You can't win!"

When Jennifer didn't say anything, Jill let go of Jennifer's ankles. She wanted to throw some punches, but realized she didn't have the leverage. Plotting her next move, she suddenly found herself being yanked backwards. Not believing what was happening, she was unable to stop the inevitable from happening and soon found herself on her back. Much to her chagrin, not only was she on her back, but Jennifer's legs were still locked around her. To make matters worse, Jennifer quickly leaned forwards so that her chest covered Jill's lovely face. One second the 'Crossing Jordan' beauty was smothering her foe and the next minute she was being smothered. Not sure how much longer she could tolerate the pain of Jennifer's powerful scissors - and sensing she was on the verge of passing out - the beaten brunette mumbled, "I give! You win!"

"What did you say?" Jennifer asked. "I can't understand you; you'll have to speak more clearly." However, Jill didn't answer, she was too dazed and barely still conscious. Jennifer looked down at her beaten foe and said, "So, I can't win huh!"

She stripped off all Jill's clothes, then Jennifer disdainfully tossed them aside, bent down, lifted her larger opponent up over her shoulder and walked out of the gym. As she exited the gym, she dumped the dazed brunette on her back on the hot sidewalk in front of the gym. Jennifer smiled at the people passing by, shrugged, looked down at her beaten foe, and said, "The girl's a hooch hound. I tried to get her to stop drinking but she didn't listen. She's drunk as a skunk and can't hold her booze!"

Suddenly, Jill sprung to her feet and screamed, "DRUNK!"

Jill grabbed a surprised Jennifer by her hair and yanked her head so that it was against her tits. Jennifer clawed at Jill's face in an effort to break free. Despite scratching Jill and digging her nails into Jill's face, Jill continued to hold Jennifer's head against her chest so that the slightly smaller Alias star could not breathe. Sensing that her tactics were not working, Jennifer started banging some heavy punches into Jill's ribs. Waiting until Jennifer's punches lost their steam, Jill continued to smother her foe. When the smaller brunette finally stopped throwing punches, Jill manipulated her opponent's head so that she was in perfect position to deliver a kick to Jennifer's face.

Sizing her opponent up, she said, "Honey, never think a fight is over 'til your opponent gives up or is unconscious. You should've finished me off when you had the chance."

Jill then planted a hard kick on Jennifer's chin and watched as Jennifer flew backwards. Jennifer hit the wall of the gym and sank so that she was sitting on the ground and leaning against the wall. Jill looked at the eyes of her foe and saw that Jennifer was on Queer Street, but still conscious. She planted another hard kick on Jennifer's chin and watched in delight at Jennifer's head bounced against the wall and then Jennifer lurched forwards so that her head was up against her knees. Wanting to see if her opponent was still conscious, Jill put her foot on the side of Jennifer's head and gave her a little nudge. Jennifer fell to the side. Her lifeless body sprawled across the sidewalk.

Looking down on Jennifer, she said, "NOW the fight is over!"

She reached down methodically removed all of Jennifer's clothing, threw them in the street and casually strutted down the street. It had been a tough fight and she realized that Jennifer's mistakes had helped her beat the tough 'Alias' star but she also realized she had inflicted more punishment and in the end, she was the one still standing and Jennifer wasn't!
#5-Christina Ricci vs. Laura Prepon by Bob

Christina Ricci and Laura Prepon were signed to do a movie together. At first, the tiny, muscular brunette and the tall athletic redhead got along really well. The two traveled together and did a lot of publicity appearances to promote the movie. However, as the two continued to travel together they started to get on each other's nerves. Despite being intelligent, the giant redhead was turned off by the intellectual Ricci, who was incredibly intelligent. The tall redhead seemed to think that Ricci liked flaunting her intelligence, especially at Laura's expense. Laura was far more outgoing than Christina and had a penchant for cursing a lot, which upset the tiny brunette. After going on a promotional appearance and listening to the redhead's colorful vocabulary, Christina had enough. Upon returning to their hotel room she finally told Laura in a very curt manner that she found Laura's vocabulary offensive. Realizing that she had gotten under Christina's skin, Laura started cursing even more. Finally the tiny brunette had had enough. She told her giant co-star that she had better clean up her act or else. In addition to being an athlete, the giant redhead, enjoyed horsing around and rough-housing. She also enjoyed fighting. Being tall and very strong, she had been a natural fighter, who had a mean streak. She enjoyed hurting people and although she generally liked to take on people her own size, her desire to take the intellectual down a peg made her relish the thought of fighting the tiny brunette, especially since she took Christina's words, "or else," as a challenge. She crossed her arms and asked, "Are you threatening me?"

Christina, not wanting to back down, folded her arms and said, "Take my words any way you like."

The rugged Laura towered over little Christina. The giant redheaded Amazon was an imposing 5'10" tall, while the tiny Christina was only 5'1". The two beauties were in high heels, mini-skirts, and blouses. Christina was developing a reputation of being a great fighter with incredible strength. Because of her diminutive size everyone she fought was taller than her and like Laura, she seemed to take delight in sadistically torturing and humiliating everyone she fought, especially since she was so much shorter than anyone she had fought. However, she had never fought anyone as tall or as muscular as the redhead. Nor had she ever fought anyone who had a mean streak like Laura's.

The redhead laughed and said, "You want a piece of me come and get me."

As the brunette moved towards her foe, Laura mockingly took a defensive stance. When Christina started to circle around Laura, the redhead began to move so that both combatants were circling each other. The tall redhead said, "If I were you I would go home and come back when you grow up."

The tiny brunette looked at her giant foe and said, "Well you aren't me." Trying to gain a psychological advantage, the muscular shrimp lied, saying, "I've had fights against women that were taller than you and I didn't have any trouble chopping them down and I'm going to chop you down too."

As the giant redhead continued to circle she said, "Ooh, I'm so scared." She then added, "None of those tall girls you chopped down were me. Change you're mind before you get hurt."

She then made her move, reaching out and trying to grab the tiny brunette. Christina was ready for the redhead's move and moved to her right. As she moved, she grabbed Laura's plaid skirt and ripped it off. She then grabbed Laura's blouse, pulling it towards herself and up until it covered Laura's head, leaving the redheaded giant unable to see and helpless. Despite Christina's muscular arms and wide shoulders, Laura had underestimated her opponent's strength and skill as a fighter.

While Laura struggled to remove her blouse so she could give her tiny rival a beating, Christina held the blouse tightly with one hand and started punching the redhead in her surprisingly soft stomach with sledgehammer-like other hand. She continued throwing punches, hard punches that hindered Laura from freeing herself from her restrictive blouse. Finally the tall redhead started staggering backwards from the volley of hard punches, until she eventually fell forwards, leaning against the mighty mite in a desperate clinch so that she could stop Christina's lethal assault.

"That Seventies Show" star was gasping for air and her soft stomach had turned beet red from Christina's barrage of punches. Desperate to stop the tiny brunette's attack, the redhead managed to shift so that her blouse was no longer covering her eyes. Laura continued to hold on to the tiny brunette for all she was worth, her muscles straining as she struggled to keep the brunette from getting free. Christina was also straining her muscles in an effort to free herself. Laura's size and weight advantage was starting to take a toll on Christina and she was starting to tire. She wanted to free herself, or push the Amazon bitch backwards until Laura had her back against a wall. As Laura continued to lean against the brunette and hold her, the redhead somehow managed to grab Christina's red skirt and rip it off. Despite ripping Christina's skirt off, Laura was frantically trying to recover from the battering she had received moments earlier.

As she continued to press her body against Christina's; the tiny brunette brought her knee up and rammed it as hard as she could into Laura's crotch. Laura groaned in agony and slowly collapsed to the floor. Christina quickly moved in and mounted the giant redhead. Sitting on the giant redhead's stomach Christina landed a roundhouse right on Laura's jaw. When Christina threw another right to Laura's chin, the redhead tried to cover her face. Christina contemplated battering the redhead's massive alabaster torpedoes. However, she knew Laura hadn't been working out and was not in great shape. Realizing that conditioning had become a major factor she was sure that Laura could no longer beat her or hurt her.

Despite the redhead covering her face, the brunette tigress liked the challenge of trying to punch Laura's protected face. Christina took her time, looking for an opening. As she continued to look for an opening, Laura suddenly bucked and threw the tiny brunette off. Despite being slowed down by the brunette's early attack, Laura was still too big and strong for Christina and easily mounted her tiny opponent. She then landed a couple of hard punches to Christina's face and breasts. The giant redhead had been caught by surprise at first. However, she used her size and strength and suddenly took control of the fight.

With each hard punch, Christina would grimace. Laura was taking her time, getting her second wind, while Christina was tiring for Laura's weight advantage. Now it was Laura who took her time, making sure to spot her punches. The redheaded giant laughed at her tiny foe every time she landed a hard punch. The cocky giant was having a good time. Christina was defenseless and tiring badly. Laura's size and weight advantage was starting to take its toll on the tiny brunette. With the feisty brunette now breathing heavily, the tall redhead moved up so that she was sitting on Christina's face. She grabbed Christina's wrists so the tiny brunette would be at her mercy. She started wiggling sadistically.

Christina's body began to quiver as the giant redhead joyfully tortured her, "You made a big mistake thinking a midget like you could beat someone as big and as tough as me."

However, the fiery brunette suddenly bucked, catching the redhead by surprise and lifting Laura just enough for the brunette to bring her knee up and catch the redhead in her back. Laura lurched forwards, giving the diminutive brunette a chance to free herself. She slid forwards, did a backwards roll and was suddenly on top of the surprised redhead. With the giant redhead on her stomach and now on top, the scrappy brunette went on the attack. Throwing caution to the wind the spirited brunette began to throw lefts and rights at a feverish pace. Much to Laura's surprise, the tiny brunette was suddenly mauling her, hitting her in her back and the back of her neck with thunderous punches. The giant redhead used her strength to rise to her knees. Sensing what was about to happen, Christina wrapped her legs around Laura's waist and started squeezing. She then wrapped her arms around Laura's throat, leaned forwards putting her weight on Laura's upper body, and started choking her foe.

Despite Christina's painful scissors and choke, Laura stood up and once on her feet, she backed into a wall, slamming her opponent hard into the wall. Despite being jarred by her much larger and heavier foe, the game brunette hung on tightly. Laura again backed up and slammed Christina into the wall. Sensing she was in trouble, Christina removed her left arm from Laura's throat and put her hand over the Amazonian redhead's eyes. Suddenly unable to see, Laura began to stagger as she tried to pry the brunette's hand free so that she could see. Unable to remove Christina's hand, the redhead fell backwards, causing Christina's head to hit the floor. When Laura landed on top of the tiny brunette, the brunette's released her hold and her body went limp.

Slightly dazed herself, Laura slowly turned so that she was sitting on the tiny brunette's stomach. She smashed Christina's tits with a hard left-right combination and the tiny brunette began to cry.

"Looks to me like you're done," Laura said. "You fought a good fight, but you shouldn't mess with someone as tough as me."

When Christina didn't answer, Laura again smashed her in her chest with a hard left-right combination.

Christina sobbed, "The fights not over."

Then she spit in Laura's eye! The giant redhead saw red as saliva dripped down her pretty face. She ripped off Christina's halter and used it to cover Christina's face. Holding the halter so tight that Christina couldn't breathe, the irate redhead showed a sadistic side as she continued smothering the submissive brunette until she passed out. Despite being defenseless, Laura was now determined to destroy Christina! After smothering her for a minute or two, Laura released her, grabbed Christina's head and wrapped the halter around her head again. Holding both ends of Christina's halter, Laura lifted her head, then let it go, dropping Christina's head and smashing it on the floor. Christina's body went limp. The giant redhead sat on her foe for a few minutes to make sure that Christina was not playing possum and when Christina didn't move for several minutes, Laura got up, looked at her unconscious foe for a few seconds, then kicked her in the ribs, tossed her hair and stomped away with a self-satisfied smirk on her lips.
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