#1-Cameron Diaz vs. Jennifer Aniston by Bob

Cameron and Brad Pitt embraced and kissed until the director called, "CUT! Excellent work, kids. Let's break for lunch."

Jennifer was visiting the set and didn't even think about the scene since she was used to her husband kissing leading ladies. Just as he was used accustomed to Jennifer kissing other actors, it was all part of the career they'd chosen. As Brad approached his wife to go out and get some lunch, Jennifer suggested, "Why don't you invite Cameron to join us Brad?"

Brad looked at his wife and said, "Sure." He then walked over to his co-star and asked her to join Jennifer and him. His co-star agreed.

The three megastars went off together. Jennifer and Cameron really didn't know each other, but as they talked and got to know each other they started having a lot of fun together. When Brad told his wife and his co-star that he had to leave, the two females decided to go shopping. As they walked along Rodeo Drive they continued to have a great time, joking around.

Finally Cameron asked, "What's it like to be married to one of the sexiest men in the world?"

The brunette looked at her new friend and didn't think anything of it. Jokingly she said, "Not as great as being married to one of the sexiest women in the world."

When Cameron said, "Brad sure can kiss, I'd trade places with you in a minute; Jennifer turned to look at the blonde beauty. There was a look in Jennifer eyes that made the platinum blonde realize she had said the wrong thing and had scared her. Based on the look in Jennifer's eyes she had an eerie feeling that the brunette beauty was going to try and rip her head off.

"Excuse me," Jennifer said.

Cameron really hadn't meant to offend Jennifer and wasn't sure if she should try to make light of her recent comment, change the subject, or swing at Jennifer before Jennifer swung at her.

When Cameron didn't answer, Jennifer repeated, "Excuse me."

Cameron turned to the brunette and said, "I'm sorry, I was joking. I didn't think my question would offend you. I wasn't trying to upset you."

Jennifer quickly sized Cameron up. Although Cameron was about two inches bigger than her, and seemed to have fairly good muscle tone, Cameron was rather thin. Jennifer thought that her larger upper body would be a big advantage. She smiled and snapped, "So you're sorry? Well, I'm sorry too."

The platinum blonde was confused by the brunette's answer. "Jennifer, why are you apologizing to me?

The brunette looked her platinum blonde rival in her eyes and replied, "I'm apologizing for what I'm going to do to you for the next several minutes."

She then gave a hard slap to the platinum blonde beauty.

Cameron looked at Jennifer. Neither was dressed for a fight and she really didn't mean to upset the brunette bombshell. However, she was not about to let Jennifer's temper tantrum, go unpunished. Besides, the force of the slap had made an impression on her; Aniston was planning to tear her apart.

Cameron reacted almost immediately, slapping the brunette back. Jennifer grabbed her jaw and said, "How dare you hit me. Now I'm going to have to hurt you. If you were smart you would have walked away."

Cameron couldn't believe Jennifer's arrogance. "Is that so? Listen hear you stupid airhead, if you were smart, which, according to Brad you're not, you would walk away because I'm going to hurt you badly."

Cameron then pushed her brunette rival, knocking her down. After pushing the brunette down, Cameron reacted like a cat and jumped on the fallen star. Jennifer grabbed Cameron's wrists and quickly rolled the lean blonde off. Jennifer was now on top and ready to do some damage. The brunette struggled for a minute or two trying to pin the younger, taller, and thinner platinum blonde's arms to the ground. Cameron fought for all she was worth trying to regain the advantage. However, Jennifer used her larger upper body and weight advantage and finally muscled her foe's arms to the ground. Once Jennifer had control she extended her legs across Cameron's muscular arms. The brunette then lifted the platinum blonde's arms enough so that she could slide the lower part of her legs under Cameron's arms. Jennifer then put the weight of her upper legs down on top of the platinum blonde's arms so that Cameron's arms were sandwiched between Jennifer's beautiful legs and the platinum blonde could not move.

Cameron was in trouble and knew it. She couldn't move her arms. Jennifer quickly went on the attack, slapping her platinum blonde foe with a series of hard lefts and rights. With each slap, Cameron's head would roll to the side. Cameron kicked her legs, hoping to move Jennifer. However, Jennifer was not about to let her lanky foe throw her off.

As the brunette continued to slap Cameron, the younger Hispanic eventually stopped trying to throw her foe off. The older and stronger Jennifer turned slightly and grabbed Cameron's skirt with her right hand. In one quick motion she quickly yanked it off. She then took Cameron's skirt, leaned forward, and put the skirt over Cameron's face. Cameron was unable to breathe and once again started bucking, bucking and kicking for all she was worth. She had to throw Jennifer off or she would pass out.

Cameron continued to thrash about, however to no avail. Cameron was bucking and kicking so intensely that she did not notice that Jennifer had lifted her legs slightly so that she could slide them out from under Cameron's arms. She then quickly grabbed Cameron's wrists while sliding forwards so that he ass was on Cameron's face.

She sat on Cameron's face for several seconds until Cameron finally stopped kicking and bucking. Although Cameron was desperate, she knew that kicking and thrashing was tiring her and she wasn't accomplishing anything. Jennifer continued to sit on her foe's face for a little while waiting for the submissive platinum blonde's body to go limp. However, when the platinum blonde's didn't go limp in that time, Jennifer decided to go on the aggressive.

Jennifer got off her foe. Jennifer's move had taken Cameron by surprise. Not sure why Jennifer got off her, Cameron was glad that she was about to be give a chance to redeem herself and perhaps teach the brunette a lesson. However, as Cameron started to get up, Jennifer kicked the platinum blonde in the chest. Cameron fell backwards, hitting the pavement hard. Jennifer then slammed her foot into Cameron's chest. The battered platinum blonde started to sob. As Jennifer left her feet, Cameron softly mumbled, "I give, you win."

However, her submission was too late. Jennifer landed ass first on Cameron's face. Suddenly Cameron's body went limp. Sensing that her younger foe was out, the victorious brunette got up and stood over Cameron and said, "You'll never find out what it's like to make love to Brad." She then contemplated her next move.

When the two actresses had started fighting a small crowd had assembled. As they continued to fight the crowd got larger and larger. Jennifer started looking around the crowd. Finally she spotted a woman who was about Cameron's size. She looked at the tall and thin woman and asked, "Excuse me but would you like a new blouse?"

At first the woman didn't answer. However, when Jennifer repeated the question the woman finally stammered, "I guess so."

Jennifer then bent down and carefully removed Cameron's blouse. She took it off and flipped it to the woman, who politely said, "Thank you." The woman then muttered under her breath, "I think."

Jennifer continued to look around until she found another woman who she thought might wear the same size shoe. She looked at the woman and said, "Would you like a new pair of shoes? These look very expensive"

When the woman said yes, Jennifer removed Cameron's shoes, walked over to the woman who said she would like the shoes and handed them to her. With that, Jennifer turned and walked back to Cameron. Once again she surveyed the crowd, finally asking, who wants her skirt. When several women yelled they wanted the skirt, Jennifer again carefully removed the skirt and then threw it into the crowd. Several women grabbed at the skirt and tugged at it until one woman was holding the skirt. Finally the victorious brunette laughed and said, "Sorry but I'm not touching her bra and panties. If anyone wants them you're on your own. With that the brunette turned and walked away, nearly being bowled over by a hoard of women who descended like locusts on the unconscious actress.
#2-Jennifer Garner vs. Tammy-Lynn Michaels (rematch) by Bob

Tammy-Lynn looked at her taller foe and then turned to writer and director Jeffrey Abrams and said, "So all I have to do is kick her ass...AGAIN...and I get to play agent Bristow's blond nemesis. Why me and why again?"

Jeffrey smiled and said, "We're looking for someone who is not very likable."

"So you're saying I'm not very likable," Tammy-Lynn snapped brusquely.

"Not at all, but I've watched you and you always play someone nasty....and you do it well. We've had some great female villains and in my opinion, you could be the nastiest villain of all."

Tammy-Lynn laughed and said, "I'm not sure if I should be flattered or insulted."

"You should be flattered," Jeffrey quickly answered.

"Look Jeff, I appreciate the fact that you're interested in me, but I've watched the show and no offense, but it sucks."

"For a show that sucks it gets pretty good rating," Jeffrey replied.

"Maybe people watch it to see Jennifer quick a little ass. I've watched the show several times and I don't understand it. In fact, I don't know anyone that understands it."

Jennifer sized up Tammy-Lynn, looked at the director and said, "It sounds to me like the Blonde Bimbo knows I can fight and she's scared she won't be so lucky this time."

"Afraid of you! Don't make me laugh. I know you'e a workout freak and do your own stunts...yadda, yadda, yadda! But you learned how to fight when you got the part while I've been a fighter all of my life. There's a big difference between a scripted fight and a real fight."

"Big words from a chicken-shit pussy. Let's see you back up your talk," Jennifer said. "I bet if I ripped your clothes off I'd find a yellow streak running down your back."

Tammy-Lynn smiled and said, "Words don't bother me. I'm leaving."

She turned and started to walk away. Jennifer screamed, "Hey Tammy, would you fight if I stole Melissa away from you?"

The young blonde turned and said, "Don't go there, bitch!" Then she turned once again and started to walk away again.

"Just as I thought, you wouldn't even fight to save your marriage."

Tammy-Lynn stopped once again, turned, and said, "All right shit-for-brains, if you want a fight that bad, you've got one." Tammy then started walking towards the taller and more muscular brunette.

Jennifer smiled as she thought about what she was going to do to the cocky blonde. When Tammy-Lynn was close enough, the brunette kicked off her heels, flipping them at Tammy-Lynn. The blonde quickly bent down, picked up the brunette's heels and said, "Thanks for the weapon." She then smacked her foe across the face with one of the shoes. "Dumb move Honey."

Jennifer grabbed the side of her face. Getting smacked across the face with a shoe had hurt. She was now angry and The Alias star was going to make Tammy-Lynn pay for her actions. As Jennifer let go of her face, Tammy-Lynn smacked her in the face with the other shoe. Before the brunette could do anything, the street smart blonde started swinging both hands, repeatedly smashing the brunette in the face with her own shoes. Jennifer quickly put her hands up to protect herself and started backing up. However, the tough nasty blonde continued smacking her foe with blow after blow. After receiving ten blows to the face with her own heels, the brunette went down to her knees.

Tammy-Lynn looked at her opponent and said, "I don't need these to beat you." She threw the shoes in Jennifer's face so hard they knocked her over backward. With the brunette flat on her back, Tammy-Lynn turned to the stunned writer and said, "I don't think youir 'tough chick' is nearly as tough as she thinks sheh is. As I told her, there's a big difference between a real fight and a scripted fight!"

The surprised writer had to defend his battered star. "Don't underestimate her, the fights not over."

"If she was smart she would quit now before she gets hurt seriously."

As the feisty blonde turned to go back on the attack, she doubled over as Jennifer planted both of her feet in the blonde's hard flat stomach. Jeffrey cheered as the supine brunette did a kip up to get to her feet. "I learned both moves while training," Jennifer arrogantly said. She then grabbed Tammy-Lynn by her blonde locks and straightened her up. The brunette then twisted slightly, and elbowed Tammy-Lynn in the ribs. The force of the blow caused the blonde to scream as she grabbed her ribs. Jennifer was now in control and planned to do some damage. Still holding Tammy-Lynn's blonde locks, she elbowed her foe in her breasts. The blonde screamed one more time. Now desperate, Tammy-Lynn tried to free herself so she could move away from the suddenly aggressive brunette. However, her efforts were for naught as the brunette continued to hold her by her hair.

"So, do you still think I can't fight Blondie?" Jennifer sneered.

Tammy-Lynn suddenly reached up with one hand and raked the surprised brunette across her forehead. Jennifer quickly released her hold as she tried to protect her face with one hand and grabbed her forehead with the other to see if she was bleeding. Tammy-Lynn moved backwards, eyeing her foe, trying to recover from the attack to her stomach and chest. Watching her foe closely, Tammy-Lynn wasn't aware of where she was going and made the mistake of backing into a wall. Despite the pain Tammy-Lynn had inflicted by scratching her, the spirited brunette knew Tammy-Lynn was hurt and she was in control. The tough brunette smiled as she pursued her foe and as soon as she got close to Tammy-Lynn, Jennifer leaped high into the air and planted her right foot on the blonde's left cheek. Tammy-Lynn's shapely legs buckled and the back of her head hit the wall.

The dazed blonde grabbed her head and screamed as she started to fall forwards. The brunette reacted quickly, leaped one more time and planted her left foot in the blonde's midsection. Tammy-Lynn now tumbled backwards. Jennifer gleefully watched as her opponent's head bounced off the wall once again. As the blonde started to fall forwards again, Jennifer brought her knee up and planted it on Tammy-Lynn's nose. Blood started flowing from the blonde's nose as she fell to the floor, landing on her stomach. She was in a lot of pain and Jennifer knew it.

Jennifer planted one foot on Tammy-Lynn's back and confidently said, "I don't need a script to kick HER ass. I've proved I can fight and you haven't given me any competition." She then turned to Jeffrey Abrams and said, "I don't think she has the right stuff to be believable." Turning back to the battered blonde, she said, "Give up before you get hurt." When Tammy-Lynn didn't answer, Jennifer applied some pressure to the blonde's back and loudly repeated, "Give up before you get hurt! You've lost my dear." Once again Tammy-Lynn ignored her, so Jennifer turned to Jeffrey and said to the writer, "This broad can't fight but she has spunk. She's either stupid or a masochist."

She reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Tammy-Lynn's blonde hair. She maneuvered so that she was behind the blonde and then lifted the blonde's head. Still holding Tammy-Lynn by her blonde locks, she wrapped her legs around the blonde's head and started squeezing. Despite the strength of Jennifer's muscular legs, Tammy-Lynn was not about to quit. Tammy-Lynn grabbed Jennifer's ankles and, using what little strength she had left, she pulled and tugged but Jennifer just laughed at the thought of Tammy-Lynn trying to free herself. She applied more pressure to the head-scissors she had locked on the blonde about a half a minute earlier. But Tammy-Lynn struggling to loosen or remove the brunette's ankles, tugging on Jennifer's ankles until she was able to unbalance the brunette, forcing her to release the hold as she fell forward.

Now that Tammy-Lynn was free, she was ready to inflict some pain! Despite the pain that had been inflicted on her; the blonde still had plenty of fight left in her. She quickly went on the attack, jumping on Jennifer's back, grabbing her long brown hair, and pulling the brunette's head back. The brunette screamed as the blonde continued pulling on her hair until her back was arched.

Again Tammy-Lynn was back in control and she arrogantly said, "Good fight, but you just lost."

After pulling the brunette's hair for several minutes, the blonde catfighter let go and started throwing punches. The brunette screamed as punches rained off her back, the back of her head, and the back of her neck. After bouncing a lot of punches off Jennifer, the blonde turned to another method of assault, leaning forwards and wrapping her right arm around Jennifer's throat. The brunette started to kick her feet against the floor as she struggled to breathe. The blonde continued to apply pressure until the submissive brunette stopped kicking. She then got off Jennifer and planted a hard kick in Jennifer's ribs, which caused her to roll over that she was on her back. The blonde tigress looked at her foe and saw fear in her eyes. She turned to Jeffrey and winked. She then stomped down on Jennifer's breasts. Much to the blonde's surprise, Jennifer tried to get up. Tammy-Lynn put her foot on Jennifer's wounded breasts and pushed the brunette back to the floor. The blonde then put her foot on Jennifer's breasts and pushed down.

Jennifer screamed from the force of Tammy-Lynn's attack on her throbbing breasts. "Hey Wonder Woman, you can workout so that you have a lot of muscle tone. You can practice kick boxing, but you're getting beaten by a fighter." She then removed her foot from the brunette's aching breasts and dropped her round shapely ass down on Jennifer's face. The brunette bounced from the force of the impact and started whimpering.

After sitting on the Alias star's face for a minute and wiggling to torture the brunette, Tammy-Lynn got up, reached down and grabbed Jennifer's hair. Once the blonde had Jennifer by her hair, she lifted her taller foe off the floor. Tammy-Lynn pivoted so that she was in front of her foe and brought her knee up as hard as she could, planting it into Jennifer's stomach. The blonde then yanked the dazed brunette's head forwards and planted her knee into Jennifer's breasts. The brunette was now sobbing loudly. Still holding Jennifer's hair, Tammy-Lynn brought her leg up and smashed Jennifer in the nose with a hard kick. The brunette's nose began to bleed profusely, and both eyes started to blacken. Jeffrey Abrams closed his eyes as he heard the sickening sound of Tammy-Lynn's foot smashing against Jennifer's face.

Tammy-Lynn brought her foot up one more time. Once again there was a loud thud as her foot hit Jennifer's face. She let go of Jennifer's hair and watched the brunette fall face first to the floor.

She turned to Jeffrey and asked, "Is the fight over, or can I humiliate her a little?"

Jeffrey shrugged his shoulders and said, "Even though she hasn't submitted, it looks like you won; I think she's had enough but it's your call."

He then watched as Tammy-Lynn kicked Jennifer in the ribs once more and then pounced on the curvy ass of her fallen foe. Tammy-Lynn bounced once or twice; laughing as Jennifer bounced with each of her bounces, then shifted her position, moving down so that she was firmly resting on the small of the brunette's back. She then leaned forward under-hooked the brunette's arms and rolled her foe so that she was on her back. The blonde again rose slightly, making sure that she brought her shapely ass down on Jennifer's stomach. Once again, Jennifer bounced from the force of the impact. The blonde then ripped Jennifer's red dress off and threw it to Jeffrey in one motion. "Here you go big boy, a little present." She then grabbed the brunette's bra and proceeded to twist and pull the bra tightly around the brunette's firm round tits! Despite being barely conscious, Jennifer screamed as the blonde used her bra to painfully crush her tits and dig the straps into her sides.

Tammy-Lynn laughed sadistically as she toyed with Jennifer. She was having a lot of fun torturing the helpless brunette. However, it was time to end the fight. Tammy-Lynn methodically got off her foe, grabbed Jennifer by her brunette locks, and lifted her until she was on her knees. Tammy-Lynn continued to hold Jennifer by her hair as she then moved so that she was in front of the beaten brunette and dug one of her booted high heels into Jennifer's groin. Jennifer couldn't believe how much pain she was in. She was ready to pass out. However, what the brunette didn't realize was that her tough blonde foe had more tricks up her sleeve. Suddenly Tammy-Lynn fell backwards. As she pulled the brunette with her, the blonde brought her other foot up and planted it in Jennifer's injured pussy. Tammy-Lynn was now lying on her back with her knees bent. She was holding Jennifer by the hair while balancing her on her heels, which were grinding into the brunette's pussy.

"I give!" the brunette screamed as Tammy-Lynn continued to sadistically grind her heels into the brunette's cunt.

When the blonde heard the magic words she straightened her legs, propelling the beaten and battered brunette upwards. She then brought her legs up, catching Jennifer under her chin and snapping the brunette's head back. She watched in sheer delight as Jennifer's eyes rolled until she saw only the whites and the brunette fell backwards with head crashing off the floor.

Still lying on her back, Tammy-Lynn looked at the unconscious brunette and said, "Fuckin' cunt." Then she got up slowly, eyeing her defeated foe, then turned and looked at Jeffrey. She gave him a victory pose as she said, "Like I said, kicking HER ass would be easy!"

"I said if you win you get the part and I'm a man of my word. Come in tomorrow and sign the contracts Tammy. I think you'll make a great villain."

Tammy-Lynn looked at the writer and said, "I'm appreciative that you gave me the opportunity to kick this bitch's ass. And I appreciate that you offered me the part. I like you and I think we could work well together. But I'm going to decline - again! I told you I think your show sucks and I know there's going to come a show when the script says Sydney is going to kick my ass. I don't think either me or my fans could deal with that - even though everyone knows it isn't real!"

Jeffrey looked at the blonde and asked, "If you hadn't planned to take the part why did you agree to fight Jennifer?"

The victorious blonde shook her head and asked, "Were you watching and listening? I knew that after I kicked her ass last time she boasted to everyone she'd 'won' the role from me. I wanted to kick her arrogant ass again and I did. I would have liked to walk away but she made comments about Melissa and accused me of being a coward. That's more than anyone should have to put up with. She wanted a fight and she got it! She also got her ass kicked, so all in all, things worked out great."

Jeffrey nodded and said, "Thanks Tammy, I appreciate your coming and I'm sorry that she forced you to fight her."

Tammy-Lynn looked at her battered unconscious opponent and laughed. She then said, "I bet she'll be sorry too; when she eventually comes to." The victorious blonde then turned and walked out.
#3-Sherry Stringfield vs. Julianna Margulies by Bob

Noah Wyle found Julianna and told the 5'5" beauty, "Sherry's looking for you...and she's pissed! I wouldn't want to be you when she catches up to you."

Julianna smiled and replied, "Well Noah, you're not me, so you don't have to worry. I'm not afraid of her."

Noah said, "Maybe if you apologize she'll cool off."

Julianna looked down and struggled to find the words, "Maybe I shouldn't have called her a cow, but I did. I don't regret it and I'm not taking it back. Who told her what I said?"

Noah shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know, but word spread pretty quickly that she started throwing a few glasses when she heard what you said and started screaming that she was going to rip all of your hair out."

"If you see her, tell her I'll be out back waiting for her. Believe it or not, I'm not afraid of her. If we fight and I lose, I lose. But, I'm not going to run away from her. I don't care how tough she's supposed to be. I'm just as tough, maybe even tougher and if she wants a fight I'll give her a fight, a fight she'll never forget."

Julianna walked outside and waited for a few minutes. She knew that it wouldn't take long for Noah to find Sherry and that Sherry, who would be accompanied by most of the cast and staff, would be out shortly. She stretched her muscles a little. Because she was wearing heels she could not stretch as much as she liked. It wasn't long before Sherry and the majority of cast and crew members of ER walked out the door. Julianna started to shout, "Hey pig face...."

However, before she could finish her comment, Sherry flipped her heels off and flew across the lot. Sherry's move had caught Julianna by surprise and she was unable to move as the former track star lowered her shoulders at the last second and hit her about waist high. The two went flying several feet, crashing to the pavement, with Sherry's arms still wrapped around Julianna's waist. Julianna screamed out as her back hit the hot California pavement. Much to her surprise, Sherry was still on top after they finally stopped sliding across the pavement. The blonde wasted no time, shifting her position so that she was sitting on the brunette's waist and throwing lefts and rights at an incredible rate of speed. Because of the position that she was in, the brunette could do nothing but take Sherry's punches and try to figure a way to throw Sherry off before Sherry could do much damage.

As Sherry continued to punch away, Julianna could start to feel the effects of Sherry's devastating assault. Her right eye was closing and she sensed that her face was starting to swell from the fifteen or twenty punches she had taken. Julianna had to do something to stop the blonde's assault and she had to do it quickly. Despite the continued facial assault, Julianna managed to maneuver her legs in such a way so that she was able to wrap her legs around Sherry's body just under Sherry's chest. As the brunette started to squeeze, Sherry stopped throwing punches and reached for Julianna's legs. The brunette had very muscular legs and knew that she had managed to apply her scissors tight enough so that she could do some damage to the tough fiery blonde.

When Julianna heard Sherry groaning as the blonde struggled in an effort to separate her legs, she knew that momentum was now on her side. Despite the fact that she was still on her back, the brunette was now in control. As Sherry continued trying to separate the brunette's legs, Julianna used all of her strength to shift her body so that she could pull Sherry back and to the side with her legs. She continued fighting, straining to gain the upper hand until she would finally shift her body so that she could be on the left side of Sherry and the blonde would be lying on her back.

Julianna's adrenaline started flowing as she heard her fellow cast members shouting encouragement for her, "Come on Julianna, you've got her."

Julianna couldn't help but scream as she mustered up more strength and finally rolled Sherry onto her back. Now that Julianna was in control, she grabbed for the blonde's left wrist so that she could more easily control her foe. Although Sherry was now being dominated, she was not about to let Julianna control her. She fought as hard as she could, pulling her wrist away whenever Julianna would reach for it. Realizing that she was not going to get the blonde's wrists, Julianna finally grabbed Sherry's hair and started to pull. As soon as Julianna grabbed Sherry's blonde hair, the feisty blonde grabbed Julianna's wrists and quickly removed the brunette's hands from her hair. Despite the pain Julianna was inflicting, Sherry was still the stronger of the two. The blonde then grabbed Julianna's legs and tried to separate them so that she could either free herself or turn so that she could negate Julianna's advantage and go on the attack.

Once again Julianna grabbed Sherry's hair and started to pull and once again Sherry grabbed the brunette's wrists and removed the brunette's hands from her hair. Sensing that Julianna would grab her hair again as soon as she let go of the brunette's wrists, the blonde quickly sank her nails into Julianna's legs, causing the brunette to scream and loosen her grip. Once Julianna loosened her grip, the blonde immediately grabbed Julianna's brunette hair and pulled her body forwards. The blonde then pivoted her entire body so that she was able to step over Julianna's body with her right leg. Sherry quickly wrapped her legs around the brunette's waist before the brunette could maneuver and prevent her from applying her scissors. Despite the strength of Sherry's muscular legs, the brunette was able to tighten her legs once again. Both grapplers held each other tightly in their powerful leg-scissors, squeezing with all of their might. Although Julianna had showed the blonde that she had powerful legs, the blonde was sure that her legs were just as strong, if not stronger than Julianna's powerful gams. The blonde applied pressure to her powerful scissors, squeezing Julianna's waist tightly, and causing the brunette to scream out from the pain. Despite feeling the pain of Sherry's powerful legs and screaming, the brunette was not about to quit and tightened her grip, causing Sherry to scream.

Members of the ER cast and crew screamed and cheered as the two beauties continued to battle, testing each other's will and courage. Muscles strained in an effort to get the upper hand. The faces of both actresses were contorted from the pain of the other's powerful scissors. Finally, Sherry realized that Julianna's grip was loosening. The blonde reacted without hesitation, grabbing the powerful brunette's ankles and pulling them apart. As Sherry continued to pull on Julianna's ankles, she slowly started separating the brunette's powerful legs until she was able to free herself and twist her body so that she was sitting on the brunette back. Still holding Julianna in her scissors, the blonde reached back and grabbed Julianna's ankles. Once she had Julianna's ankles, the powerful blonde started pulling them up so that she was bending Julianna's back in a manner that backs were not meant to bend. Julianna screamed and cried out as the blonde continued applying pressure to the small of her back. The pain was so intense that Julianna started slapping the ground with her open palms. She was sure that the blonde was going to break her back. Just as she had heard cast members cheering for her several minutes earlier, she could now hear cast members cheering for Sherry to finish her off.

"What's the matter Julianna does your back hurt?"

Despite the pain, Julianna managed to say, "Yes, but I was hurting you more before and I'm going to hurt you again when I get free."

"Oh really," Sherry laughed. "What makes you think you're going to get free? Give up before I break your god-damned back," Sherry commanded.

As Julianna continued trying to resist, her back was hurting more and more from Sherry's hold. She wasn't sure how much longer she could tolerate the pain and decided to try and straighten her legs so she was lying flat on the pavement. Struggling for what seemed like an hour or two, the game brunette finally somehow managed to straighten her legs. Once her legs were straight, Julianna suddenly got to her knees. The blonde couldn't believe that Julianna broke her hold and managed to get to her knees despite the fact she still had her scissors wrapped around Julianna's waist. Suddenly Sherry screamed, "No!" as Julianna fell backwards and landed on Sherry's chest. Sherry groaned as her legs opened involuntarily and Julianna was no longer in her powerful scissors. Julianna quickly turned and wrapped her hands around Sherry's throat. "Give up shithead, you just lost."

The blonde gasped for air, as she grabbed Julianna's hands and desperately tried to pry them loose. "Come on bitch, you can't win. Give up!" Julianna screamed.

Julianna smiled as she heard someone say, "Holy shit, Julianna's got her." She thought to herself, "Of course I've got her."

Once again she could hear her fellow cast members cheering for her to finish Sherry off. As the blonde's body went limp, Julianna let her go and got off her foe. She put her high-heeled foot on Sherry's chest and pushed down. "You're lucky I let you go. Get up and fight."

The blonde tried to get up, however, Julianna easily held her down.

Julianna laughed as Sherry lie helplessly on her back. "What's the matter Cow?"

"I can't get up," Sherry said.

"Then give up, Cow!"

Sherry tried to grab Julianna's ankle and trip the brunette, but was unable to trip the brunette. Julianna shook her head and said, "Dumb, the only way you get up is if I let you get up and that's not going to happen."

"I'm not ready to give," Sherry said.

Much to Sherry's surprise, Julianna removed her foot from her chest. Once she was free, Sherry started to get up, only to get kicked in her chest. Sherry screamed and grabbed her throbbing breasts as she fell backwards.

"Did that hurt Sherry?" Julianna mocked.

Once again Sherry tried to get up and once again the brunette sent her flying backwards with a hard kick to her chest.

"I've got a few more kicks for you if you want to keep fighting."

Once again, the blonde tried to get up and once again Julianna went to kick her in her chest. However, despite the beating she had taken, Sherry was not ready to submit. As Julianna's foot neared her throbbing breasts, the blonde suddenly put her arms out and deflected Julianna's kick. Frustrated by nailing her foe one more time, Julianna quickly recovered and again aimed a kick at Sherry's globes. And once again, the blonde was ready. However, unlike the last kick, Sherry pushed Julianna's leg away, causing Julianna to fall backwards. As Julianna's back hit the pavement, Sherry slowly got up. Looking down on the brunette, Sherry thought about attacking her foe. However, she was in a lot of pain and had had enough. She turned and started to walk away.

Although she had been taken by surprise, the brunette quickly sat up. Surprised that Sherry had not attacked her, Julianna looked to where the blonde had been lying on the ground. When she didn't see Sherry, she looked around to see what had happened. When she realized that Sherry was walking away, Julianna quickly got up, took off her heels and started running towards the blonde.

The blonde never knew what hit her when Julianna lowered her shoulders and tackled her foe, hitting her in the small of the back. The two crashed to the pavement and Julianna immediately moved so that she was sitting on Sherry's head. Sherry tried desperately to get to her knees. However, sensing what the blonde was trying to do, Julianna shifted her weight so that Sherry was unable to get to her knees.

Julianna was having fun and wanted to show everyone how easily she was beating her foe, the person everyone thought would kick her ass. She began to play with her hair, which drew large whistles and applause from the spectators. Both were very popular, however, Sherry had developed somewhat of a rep as being the toughest female in the cast. Julianna was not only proving Sherry's reputation was nothing more than a myth, she was doing it with little difficulty! Julianna continued playing with her hair for another minute or two. Then much to everyone's surprise, she got off her foe.

Looking down on Sherry, Julianna again taunted her foe. "Come on tough girl, I'm still waiting for you to kick my ass."

Once again, Sherry made a feeble attempt to get up, only to be pushed back to the ground by Julianna, who put one foot on Sherry's ass and pushed her to the ground. Then Julianna reached down, grabbed Sherry's blonde mane, and lifted her to her feet.

Holding her for a couple of seconds, Julianna kneed Sherry in her shapely ass and then kneed her in the back. Sherry realized that Julianna was playing with her and torturing her. Despite the fact that she knew she had lost, she was not about to give up. Acting in desperation, Sherry reached back and dug her nails into the brunette's face. The brunette screamed and released her hold as blood started oozing down both sides of her face. As soon as Julianna released her hair, Sherry took a step forwards, using a mule kick, threw her right foot back and drove her heel into Julianna's crotch. Julianna grabbed her crotch and went knock-kneed. Sherry turned and planted her left foot in Julianna's chest. Julianna's eyes started to roll as she did not know whether to grab her throbbing breasts or throbbing pussy.

With everyone now yelling for Sherry to finish the brunette off, the effects of a grueling fight finally took their toll on the blonde. She took a step back and fell to her knees. She then lurched forwards and fell to her stomach. With Sherry down on her knees and Julianna standing motionless with a blank look on her face, the entire ER cast and crew looked on wondering what would happen next. As members talked among themselves the general consensus was that Sherry had gotten the worst of it. However, most had determined that while Sherry had gotten the worst of it, the fight was a draw.

Suddenly Sherry got up, looked at Julianna, who was still standing motionless, and looked at fellow cast members and the rest of the crew. She then dusted herself off and started walking to get her heels. Cast members followed her, not sure whether to congratulate her for being the first to be able to walk, or boo her for not finishing Julianna off. Holding her aching breasts, Sherry picked up her shoes, put them on, and hobbled to her dressing room. Once in her dressing room, she collapsed on her couch, and lay there reflecting on what happened in the fight.

She continued to lie motionless on the couch until she heard a familiar voice, "We didn't finish. You didn't give and neither did I."

"OK, I give," Sherry said weakly.

"Bullshit!" the brunette screamed.

"I can't fight any more, I've got nothing left. You kicked my ass and you know it, the cast knows it, the crew knows it, and anyone else that was watching knows it. I'm not about to let you put me in the hospital."

"Look what you did to my face. You kicked me in my tits and my cunt and then you walk away. If you think that the fight is going to end with you wounding my face, tits, and cunt, then you're an even bigger asshole than I thought. Now get up or I'll finish you off while you're lying on your couch.

As Sherry started to get up, Julianna charged across her dressing room. Weakened by the beating she had taken, the blonde's spaghetti legs would not hold her up and she fell backwards, landing on the couch. At the last second the battered blonde somehow managed to throw her legs out and nail Julianna in the chest one more time. Despite Sherry's weakened legs, the brunette's momentum had made Sherry's kick a devastating blow and Julianna flew across the room, crashing into the mirror on Sherry's make-up table. Julianna then fell to the floor. Despite the fact that she had had enough, Sherry slowly got up, staggered to where Julianna was lying on the floor, grabbed Julianna's hair, and lifted Julianna's head until she was able to wrap her weakened legs around Julianna's head. She squeezed for a minute or two. As she was squeezing, the blonde started to get some feeling in her once muscular legs. Although she had been greatly weakened, the blonde knew that she had hurt Julianna and that Julianna was not going to escape. When she sensed Julianna had had enough, she released her hold, and watched as the battered brunette collapsed to the floor.

Grabbing her head and falling backwards onto the couch, she looked down at her opponent, who was moaning softly and said, "You shouldn't have come here to finish the fight. However, we're finished now and you lost Shithead."

Julianna tried to look up and tell Sherry she was not finished but she was in too much pain. Sherry continued to watch her opponent as the brunette tried to get up. However, as Julianna struggled to move, she was unable to rise. "Stay down bitch, or I'll give you even more."

Julianna tried to get up but tumbled backwards. Failing in her efforts to get up, Julianna managed to push against the floor and prop her back against the wall so that she was sitting. "I'm not finished with you," Julianna weakly said.

Despite the fact that she was in bad shape, the blonde laughed and said, "You can't stand up. How the hell are you going to finish me off?"

Julianna rubbed her battered chest and said, "We'll see if I can stand."

Suddenly she propelled herself to her feet and leaped, flying across the room aiming herself at the wounded blonde. Sherry had never expected Julianna to continue the fight and could not react to the brunette's aerial attack. Suddenly Julianna was on top of the blonde. Her momentum carried her forwards, causing her large chest to smack the stunned blonde in the face. Sherry's eyes rolled around for several seconds from the force of the blow. The force of Julianna's tits hitting her face had jarred the blonde and Sherry doubted that she had enough strength to roll her opponent off, especially since the brunette was lying spread-eagle on top of her. Even worse than the pain Sherry had experienced from the brunette's attack, the brunette's chest was covering her face.

Julianna had somehow gotten a second wind and was prepared to fight as long as she had to in order to finish off her foe. "What did you say Cow? Did you say I couldn't stand up? Did you say you won?"

Sherry wanted to roll the brunette off; however, she had nothing left. With Julianna's tits covering her face, Sherry could not breathe and knew it would only be a matter of time. Suddenly her body gave out and the fight was over.

Julianna slowly sat up, looked down at her beaten foe and said, "Now the fights over and you lost."

When she heard a clapping sound, she turned and saw George Clooney standing in the doorway. "Well done Julianna. I'm glad I decided to follow you. I saw one hell of a great finish to a great fight and you truly have earned the right to call yourself the Queen of the Wok."

Julianna smiled and then winked. She got up and said, "Just remember what you said to me because I would hate to have to kick your ass too."

George shook his head and said, "After watching you fight I don't think you'll have to worry about me trying to mess with you. Let's go get a couple of beers and celebrate your victory."

"You're on George," she said as the two stars exited arm-in-arm.
#4-Melissa Gilbert vs. Alison Arngrim by Bob

It had been years since Alison and Melissa had seen each other and they immediately hugged and kissed, then started reminiscing about their days together on 'Little House on the Prairie.' The two laughed at the stories then they turned to joking about the fight scenes they'd done and how they often wrestled while killing time between scenes. Both were tomboys and they'd some classic matches.

Melissa laughed and said, "You used to punish me when we wrestled."

Alison shrugged and said, "You were pretty tough and hurt me a lot."

Melissa modestly said, "But you punished me a lot more than I punished you and you always won."

The blonde blushed and said, "Did I always win? I guess it was my competitiveness that helped me to win."

Melissa stood up and said, "What do you think Alison, it's been a lot of years. Do you think you still have what it takes to take me?"

Alison stood up and asked, "Am I being challenged by Laura Ingalls or Melissa Gilbert?"

"You're being challenged by Melissa. So Blondie, what do you say?"

"I say we're not children anymore so don't hurt me Red."

Melissa smiled and said, "I think you're setting me up for the kill."

The blonde shook her head and said, "You challenged me. I didn't challenge you."

"True," Melissa added, "but, remember; I owe you for all the beatings you gave me when we were kids."

"Actually Red, I owe you for the beatings you gave me during the filming!"

"Actually Blondie, I think real beatings supersede television beatings."

"But only two people knew I could beat you, millions of people saw you constantly beating me. My pride was hurt."

"Well, my pride was hurt every time we wrestled. I owe you big time Ali."

The blonde put her hands on her hips, stuck out her chest and said, "All right Red, I'm ready anytime you are. But remember one thing, we did have a couple of real fights too and I won them."

Melissa said, "I forgot about our real fights. Thanks for reminding me. Now I owe you even more." The redhead then started moving to her side. As Melissa started moving to her side, Alison started moving. With the two friends moving sideways, they began to circle each other, looking for an opening. Suddenly Alison grabbed Melissa in a collar and elbow until she maneuvered so that she was able to put the redhead in a headlock and flip her over her hip. As the two tumbled to the floor, the blonde landed on top of the redhead, and then tightened her grip. However, much to the blonde's surprise, Melissa wrapped her legs around her waist and grabbed her short hair with both hands. The blonde screamed as the redhead pulled her hair with all her might while applying more pressure to her scissors' lock.

"Looks like I'm about to get some payback. The Queen is dead, long live the new Queen," Melissa boasted.

The stunned blonde was in a lot of pain and although she never expected Melissa to grab her hair in a friendly wrestling match, she didn't want to jeopardize a thirty year friendship by elbowing her friend in the face. With Melissa sapping her of all of her strength and Melissa hanging on tightly, the blonde knew there was only one thing to do. "I give Melissa."

Melissa laughed and said, "I've got thirty years of paybacks. You've got some suffering to do Sister."

"I said I give...dammit! Leggo Melissa!"

Melissa laughed in a diabolical manner and callously said, "I don't think so."

"I always let you go when you gave," Alison said.

The redhead was loving every second of her victory. "I guess you're a better person than me."

"Come on Red let me go," Alison pleaded.


"Are you going to end a thirty year friendship to soothe a fragile ego?"

"I guess I am," Melissa said.

"You can't be serious. We were children. You liked wrestling as much as I did."

"Maybe I liked it more. I've waited a lot of years to beat you and I'm going to savor every minute of my victory."

"Well Melissa, you just made a big mistake. You've got about ten seconds to savor your victory because if you don't let go of me I'm going to tear you apart."

"Oh really bitch and how do you plan to do that?" the redhead asked.

The anguished blonde, popped her elbow back, catching Melissa on the point of her chin. Much to her surprise, Melissa continued to hold her in her vice-like scissors. Alison threw another elbow, which caught the redhead squarely on the nose. The tough blonde immediately felt a sticky substance on her elbow and realized Melissa's nose was bleeding. Despite the fact that she was sure Alison had drawn blood, Melissa held on tightly. Frazzled and desperate, the blonde grabbed Melissa's ankles, squeezing tightly. She then lowered her head, practically resting her face on Melissa's legs and bit Melissa just above her ankle. Melissa cried out in pain and released her vice-like grip. The blonde was finally free. She rolled so that she was sitting on Melissa's stomach.

"You just lost, bitch," Alison said. She looked into Melissa's eyes hoping to see fear. However, much to her surprise, the redhead looked calm. Not wanting to let Melissa get the advantage again, the blonde started throwing lefts and rights to Melissa's face and chest. Melissa groaned as each punch landed. The redhead's now was now bleeding profusely and she was sure the blonde had broken it.

Sensing she had weakened her foe, the blonde got up and planted her foot on Melissa's chest. She pushed down hard and watched Melissa's face contort from the pain as the air left her chest. Although she hadn't wanted to hurt her friend, Melissa had started the fight and the blonde was going to teach Melissa a valuable lesson. She continued to push down on Melissa's throbbing breasts, suddenly changing her tactics and grinding her heel into Melissa's nipples. "You still haven't learned not to start things you can't finish. By the way Melissa, I never told you this, but you know how you used to tease Melissa Anderson about being so prissy? Well I had a fight with her and even though I beat her, she gave me a much tougher fight than you ever gave me. If Melissa ever decided to go after you when you made fun of her she would have kicked your ass."

Despite taking a lot of punishment, Alison's remark about Melissa Anderson was even more painful than the beating she was taking. And although she was losing, the game redhead was not about to quit. Sure Alison's fighting skills had gotten better, but she was confident that she would defeat the blonde just as she did on the televised episodes. As the blonde continued to damage her sore tit, the redhead grabbed the blonde's ankle and tried to pry the blonde's foot from her aching breast. Despite being unable to remove Alison's foot, Melissa was able to lift her head. Now it was time for Melissa to do some biting. She sank her teeth into Alison's ankle and chomped down. And just as Melissa had cried out in pain moments earlier, it was now Alison's turn to scream out in pain. The redhead continued biting until the blonde tumbled to the ground. Despite being badly battered by the blonde, Melissa was now ready to inflict as much pain as possible.

She mounted her foe and said, "You were wrong when you said I lost. The reality is that you just lost."

The redhead then began throwing lefts and rights to the blonde's face and tits. The redhead was now mauling the blonde. Although Alison was feeling the effects of Melissa's punches, the blonde was in the perfect position to wrap her muscular legs around the redhead's stomach and squeeze her like a boa constrictor that was about to suck the life out of its prey. As the blonde wrapped her legs around her foe, she began to squeeze. Melissa threw a few desperation punches, however, Alison's legs were very powerful and she quickly rendered her foe helpless. The redhead, despite being helpless, held on for as long as she could. However, Alison was hurting her and knew it. Despite being on her back, Alison held all the aces. She smiled as she watched Melissa's facial expressions.

Finally the redhead could no longer tolerate the pain and cried out, "I give!!."

Alison loosened her grip and let the redhead free. Both the victorious blonde and the defeated redhead then fell backwards. Alison's ankle was throbbing as blood continued to flow from the wounded area. "What is your problem Melissa?"

"My problem is that I hate losing and I can't beat you."

"At this point, you should be beyond that Melissa. You would have won if you hadn't continued fighting when I gave up. Do you want to risk a friendship over your inadequacies because I'm tougher than you?"

"But I did beat you and I was kicking your ass until you scissored me," Melissa rationalized.

"Seems to me you were getting the worst of it and you gave because I was hurting you," a now angry Alison declared.

"Really?" Melissa asked. "How about if we get up and finish this! Then we'll see who the better woman is."

"I thought we were finished Melissa, but if you want some more I'll be glad to finish this."

Suddenly Melissa launched herself at Alison, mounting the surprised blonde. As she moved up so that she was sitting firmly on Alison's chest, she started throwing rights and lefts. Landing several hard punches to the overwhelmed blonde, Melissa arrogantly said, "Doesn't look to me like you're tougher than me. In fact, looks to me like you're a pussy."

"You caught me by surprise, I never expected you to attack me while I was still on the ground," Alison said.

"First rule; never take your eye off your opponent Ali. Second rule, never underestimate your opponent. Don't even think about giving up because this fight is not over until I decide it's over."

The brief stop of Melissa's assault helped Alison to regain her senses. Once again she managed to wrap her muscular legs around Melissa, just under her chest. Melissa screamed once again from the tightness of Alison's grip. Suddenly, Alison shifted her position so that Melissa was lying on her side. Alison sat up slightly and smashed Melissa in the face with a left-right combination. She then shifted her position one more time so that she was behind Melissa. The power of Alison's legs had sapped Melissa of all of her strength and she knew she was in no position to unwrap Alison's powerful legs. Finally Alison grabbed Melissa's red hair with her left hand and pulled Melissa's hair so hard that Melissa was forced to scream. Using her right hand, Alison threw several looping punches to Melissa's eyes and nose. Because the blonde was behind her and she could not see the punches coming, Melissa couldn't do anything to soften the impact of Alison's punches and Alison's punches were hurting her.

Finally Melissa could no longer tolerate the pain. "I give," she cried.

"Do you?" the blonde asked.

"Yes! Yes!" Melissa cried.

"Just remember, I've kicked your ass twice. If you start again I'll knock you out."

"I know," cried Melissa, "I can't beat you."

Alison released her scissors and let go of Melissa's hair. Much to her surprise, Melissa fell to the side. Alison got up and looked at her foe. She shook her head in disbelief, Melissa was out cold. Alison ran her fingers through her hair in an effort to straighten her hair. She then looked down at her unconscious foe and said, "Even if we live to 100 you'll never beat me unless it's in the script."
#5-Shannen Doherty vs. Tori Spelling by Bob

Tori Spellings eyes opened wide as she entered her father's mansion. How could her father invite Shannen Doherty to her birthday party? It wasn't a secret that the two of them despised each other. During the years in which they worked together on Beverly Hills, there were many rehearsals that ended with the two of them nearly coming to blows. There was also a big fight on the lot at the end of one of the rehearsals.

Shannen caught Tori by surprise when she attacked Tori from behind. Tori had been unable to get Shannen off her for a minute or two after being caught off guard. However, Tori finally recovered from the sneak attack rolled the dark-haired beauty off her, mounted her foe, and quickly rendered Shannen helpless after a few minutes of punching her in the face and chest. After thinking Shannen was just about out, Tori made a major mistake, relaxing for a few seconds to get her breath back. With Tori relaxing Shannen recovered and delivered a well-placed knee to Tori's groin. The brunette then rolled the blonde over, and then proceeded to punch and choke Tori until a battered and bloody Tori sobbingly begged for mercy.

Ever since their fight Shannen told anyone who would listen about how easily she kicked Tori's ass, while Tori tried to explain how the smaller Shannen had beaten the shit out of her. Shannen left the show several days later, leading some to speculate Tori's father had avenged his daughter's defeat, while Tori hoped their paths would cross again so that she could give Shannen the beating she would have given her had she not made the mistake of giving Shannen a chance to recover.

After greeting several of her guests, Tori made her way towards Shannen. When Shannen saw Tori she quickly set the stage for a rematch. "Surprise! Bet you didn't expect to see me. I thought about wearing boots because I figured you were going to want another beating. But I knew I would be the last person you would expect to see at your birthday party. I figured you'd be in heels so I decided that I would wear heels too. With both of us wearing heels you won't have any excuses after I kick your ass again. By the way your father is obviously pissed off at you. He knows how badly I beat you. I seriously doubt he thinks you can beat me so he probably wants me to kick your ass again. Why else would he invite me here? Shall we step out back?"

"Let's do it Shannen. I've been waiting for this day for a long time. Do you want me to turn my back so you can Pearl Harbor me again?"

Shannen laughed. "I never Pearl Harbored you."

The hell you didn't? What do you call attacking me from behind? And the only reason you won was because I made the mistake of not finishing you off when I had the chance but I won't make that mistake again!" Tori replied.

"You didn't finish me off because you couldn't. But I finished you off. You're bigger than me. But I took your best shots. You relaxed because I wore you down. You were tired, I wasn't. Then I gave you my best shots. I had you crying. Hell, I took your best shots, but you couldn't take my best shots. This time I don't have to take your best shots. I know I can hit harder than you and make you cry. Let's get this over with. I've got things to do. Incidentally, I'm gonna pay you back for your father firing me after I kicked your ass. Based on how often he got me on his couch I could be your stepmother right now if that S.O.B. hadn't canned me."

The two exited the house and headed for the back. As soon as the two enemies were outside they turned and faced each other. Looking each other in the eyes, the combatants cautiously started circling each other. Finally Tori asked, "What's the matter Shannen? For someone who is so sure of themselves I would have thought that you would have made your move by now."

Just as Tori finished taunting Shannen, the tiny brunette made her move and kicked Tori in the stomach. Tori grabbed her stomach and doubled over. Shannen quickly grabbed Tori's hair and smacked Tori in her right eye. Things went black for Tori and she fell to her knees. As she fell, she felt intense pain in the area in which Shannen was holding her hair. Shannen had ripped several locks of her hair out of her head.

Looking down on her dazed foe, Shannen smirked as she asked, "Was that a sneak attack too?"

As Tori struggled to get to her feet, Shannen, grabbed both of Tori's legs and pulled them upwards. Tori fell to her back. Shannen quickly mounted Tori and moved so that she was sitting on Tori's chest. The brunette aggressor then started bouncing up and down on Tori's large chest. Tori was in trouble and Shannen knew it. Shannen had a smirk on her face that angered Tori, but she was not in a position to do anything about Shannen's degrading smirk. Shannen was humiliating her and sucking the air out of her body. Sensing that this fight would be even easier than their first fight, the diminutive brunette tough girl decided to play with Tori, slapping her face from side to side, but gently. "So far you've disappointed me Tori, I thought you would put up a better fight than you're putting up. Either I've gotten stronger or you've gotten even weaker."

"Go fuck yourself!" Tori said.

"Tori, Tori, Tori, I can see it in your eyes. How long before you start begging for mercy? You can't win and you know it. I'm a better fighter than you and you know it and I'm stronger than you and you know that too."

Tori didn't say anything. She couldn't move her upper body. If only she could get her arms loose.

Shannen grabbed Tori's hair and pulled the blonde's head to her crotch. She held Tori's head in the humiliating position for several seconds. When Tori tried to bite Shannen's crotch, Shannen moved Tori's head back and gave her a hard slap. "Don't try that again, I don't like biters."

Despite being at Shannen's mercy, the blonde was not about to let on that she was desperate. "Eat me you witch."

Shannen laughed and said, "First you tell me to go fuck myself, then you tell me to eat you. All right, I'll eat you, but not until I make you beg for it!"

"That’ll never happen!" Tori replied.

The blonde had bought some time, which enabled her to maneuver so that she was able to arch her back and then wrap her long legs around Shannen's waist. The move caught Shannen by surprise and she grimaced as Tori squeezed as tight as she could. Despite no longer being in control, Shannen was still on top and was going to break Tori's powerful scissors. Despite the pain she was in, Shannen mustered the courage to grab Tori's hair. Once Shannen had Tori's blonde hair, she slammed her head against the ground. Tori screamed and released her painful hold on the diminutive brunette. The brunette was in control once again. She slammed her fist down on Tori's eye. The brunette then shifted, moving so that she covered Tori's face.

As the brunette went to reach for Tori's wrists so that she could further control her foe, the blonde arched her back and used her hands to push the brunette off. As Shannen flew off, Tori did a kip up. With the brunette on her stomach and the blonde on her feet, Tori finally had the advantage and was about to use her advantage to make her hated rival suffer. The blonde moved so that she was in position to punish Shannen. She quickly moved so that she was in a position to kick the surprised brunette. Not expecting Tori to kick her, the tough brunette got to her knees and then started to get. However, her efforts were soon thwarted as the irate blonde kicked her in her chest. Shannen grimaced as the hard kick landed squarely. The kick from Tori's muscular legs launched Shannen off her knees and sent her flying into the air. When Shannen landed on her stomach, Tori was all over her, first stomping down on the small of the brunette's back, and then mounting her so that she could punish her surprised foe. Once on top of the brunette, Tori lifted Shannen's muscular arms so that they were draped across Tori's knees. Tori then reached under Shannen's chin, locked her hands and pulled Shannen's head towards her. Shannen was in a lot of pain and was helpless. Tori's powerful hold had forced the brunette to arch her back in a way that her back was not meant to be arched.

"So Shannen, what did you say before the fight? Looks like I'm about to give you a beating and you can't stop it."

Tori continued applying pressure, laughing out loud as she could hear the bones in Shannen's back cracking. While she enjoyed hurting Shannen she regretted that she could not see the look on Shannen's face. Continuing to work Shannen over, Tori finally released her hold and watched as Shannen collapsed to her stomach. Not wanting to make the same mistake she made in their first fight, Tori grabbed Shannen's hair and lifted her off the ground. She continued lifting Shannen until the brunette was in a position in which she could lock her arms around Shannen's waist, flip her upside down, and hold the dazed brunette in a bear hug. The brunette screamed as she was suddenly being held upside down. The blonde used her powerful arms to inflict more pain on her hated rival. Despite the pain, Shannen managed to wrap her legs around Tori's head. However, because she was in so much pain and the blood was rushing to her head, Tori was not feeling any pain from the brunette's hold. After holding Shannen for about 30 seconds, the brunette's legs were no longer wrapped around Tori's head. Tori dropped the brunette to the ground. Shannen's head hit the ground and then she fell, landing on her back. Despite being badly dazed and incoherent, Shannen was still conscious.

Tori straddled the brunette's head, reached down and grabbing Shannen's hair one more time. She then lifted the brunette's head, until it rested firmly against her curvy thighs. Tori then locked her legs around the brunette's head and grabbed her opponent's wrists, forcing the brunette to arch her back one more time. Tori again squeezed her legs, using all of her strength. She held the brunette tightly until Shannen's body went limp. Once Shannen's body went limp, the victorious blonde let her opponent go. Shannen quickly fell to the ground, landing with a thud.

Admiring her work, Tori looked down at her motionless foe and said, "You're going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow." She then turned and went inside.

Upon entering her father's house, her father hugged her and asked, "So Baby, how did you like my birthday present?"

Tori smiled and said, "It was the best present anyone has ever given me. I love it."

Her father smiled and said, "There's more, I had cameras installed all over the house and yard. We watched the fight on my big screen television and your present is on tape.

Tori couldn't believe that her father had taped the fight.

"It gets better Tori. That cocky pain in the ass was so sure she would beat you I bet her my car against hers. The car she bet is now yours. I'll give you the pink slip and keys when you're ready to leave. But for now, why don't you sit down and relax. I think the greatest thrill will be when Shannen finally comes to and staggers through that door. You'll get to see how much pain you inflicted by how gingerly she walks."

Tori sat with her father and the other guests talking about the fight. "For a few minutes I thought I made a mistake," Tori admitted.

"I never had any doubt that you could beat that bitch!" Tori's father said. "After all, you ARE my daughter," he boasted.

Several minutes later, the beaten brunette finally walked through the door holding her back and limping badly. All of Tori's guests started to applaud as they watched the defeated brunette hobble past them. Shannen was embarrassed by how her hated foe had given her a terrible beating and she made sure she didn't make eye contact with anyone, especially Tori and Aaron Spelling. The badly beaten brunette staggered to the front door, walked out of Aaron Spelling's house and headed for the road, not sure how she was going to get home.

Shannen exited through the Spelling front gate, walked to the street, then sat down on the curb and began to cry. Tori had given her beating that was worse than she could imagine and she realized the only way she could get revenge was to have someone hold the blonde while she worked her over. It had been a painful and humiliating night for the brunette bad girl, one that she’d never forget and one…if Shannen got her way….Tori would regret!
Mr. Skin