1-2-3-GO! (Kathie Lee Gifford, Pam Anderson, Gena Lee Nolin, Heather Locklear) by TNT

Thwack. “Unnnh!” Thwack! “Unnggh!” Thwack! “Unnngggh!” Pam Anderson grunted with each blow as the gloves smacked into her beautiful head and solid abs. Every two or three punches received seemed to be the signal for her to return fire at her aggressive rival Gena Lee Nolin.

TWEEETTTT! The loud whistle pierced the cool, salty beach air yet again.

"Oh for cryin' out loud, what's that dumb bimbo doofus blowing for this time?" Kathie Lee Gifford muttered angrily to one of the event promoters.

"Whatsa matter Gifford, don't you like our cute little ref? Or is it my contenders you got a beef with? Or maybe it's just the whole event itself?" the wealthy promoter asked, his voice showing his frustration with the ex-talk show hosts bitchy and downright arrogant attitude.

"All of the above!" she hissed. "And this isn't a sporting event, its a 'blonde bimbo-goggleramma' and the ref is just as stupid as the contenders," Kathie Lee continued, tugging self-consciously at the front of her tight dress as she crossed her long legs and wistfully wished she could wrap them around any one of the bickering blondes necks.

"I think we made an excellent choice in Heather Locklear as our ref," the promoter continued. "If you have a beef, maybe you should just leave," he said, pointing his finger away from the small excited crowd.

"Or maybe she should fight the winner," someone chirped.

"Yeah, remember the winner gets the big bucks," another audience member said, secretly wishing she'd accept the challenge.

"Remember, it's fifty big ones for the winner-if she can still stand," another promoter noted.

"Hell, I could take all three of those bimbos easy," Kathie Lee said as she watched the three argue about something inane. "But it’s ONLY a measly fifty thou; hardly worth breaking a sweat for," she said, rolling her eyes as Pam took a wild swing at Gena Lee who ducked and tripped the busty blonde. Pam slammed down on her pneumatic 'bumper cushion' boobs and bounced twice as the crowd broke into a low roar, egging the twosome to greater heights of blonde idiocy while Heather was screaming at her fellow contestants, looking as beautiful as she was ticked-off in a skimpy top and tight 'cheek revealing' shorts.

"I'll double the prize money if you put that lovely body where your mouth is, Kathie Lee," the second promoter said. Kathie Lee perked up a bit but said nothing.

"And I'll match it, provided of course you win," the first promoter chimed in.

"Hmmmmm, anybody else wanna see some real action, something like a 'for-real, honest to God, fight?" Kathie Lee said licking her lips eagerly while several nearby listeners and observers were all ears. Everyone's eyes turned to the beautiful older woman whose hands were at the front of her tight dress, her fingers slowly undoing the top buttons of the low-cut dress. She smiled, acting very nonchalant as she rubbed her palm slowly and deliberately on her left breast, giving instant rise to one of her famous fully erect nipples.

"Errrrrm, ummmmm I'm in for a coupla more thou," one man croaked hoarsely and several nearby women eagerly chipped in, pulling several large bills pulled from their cleavages.

"What the hell? You can't come in here!" Heather Locklear screamed, incensed as Kathie Lee stepped through the ropes into the outdoor ring. She ignored Heather's histrionics as she kicked off her heels and began to shadow box. Gena Lee and Pam instantly stopped their heated argument to turned and face this intruder. Both still had their gloves on!

"Gimme your gloves, Nolin!" Kathie Lee snapped curtly as she walked toward the beautiful-but-confused blonde.

"No way! What's goin' on here anyway?" Gena Lee shouted to the promoter as she took a step back.

Kathie Lee moved in close, fast! Her leg flashed out and her foot connected solidly with Gena Lee's stomach. As the winded blonde gasped and arched forward holding her belly, Kathie Lee moved in, fired a punch to the blondes head rocking her back on her heels, then slammed an elbow down into her back. Gena Lee's knees buckled and as she pitched forward, Kathie Lee brought her knee up under Gena Lee's chin. The smokin' hot blond dropped like a rock on her back, arms and legs spread-eagled. Kathie Lee quickly removed Gena Lee's gloves and pulled them on.

"Any questions girls?" she asked gruffly, glaring at Pam and Heather who both stood rooted where they stood in a seemingly spaced-out trance; although to be perfectly honest, in Pam's case it was really hard to tell if anything was out of the ordinary!!.

"Your attention Please, slight change of plan," the promoter announced. "This new contender, er, uhm, Miss Kathie Lee Gifford, wants to take on Pamela and Gena Lee both; maybe even you too Heather. Remember you three, this is 'winner take all!' So good luck and may the best broad, er, I mean may the best *lady* emerge victorious!"

"Well, blow that #@%$#^%@# whistle Heather, honey," Kathie Lee snarled as she banged her gloves together with a loud SLAP!.

"Ready, Pammie my dear?" she taunted. "I'm gonna give those big plastic knockers a good knockin'," Kathie Lee sneered.

Pam's beautiful face flushed bright red as she bristled in anger. Then she puffed out her magnificent chest even further than normal; her huge breasts bulging, nearly squeezing themselves up and out of her tight, low-cut halter. The blondes perfectly curved strong leg muscles tensed as she tightened her curvy glutes, then she gave an erotic wiggle in her loose but incredibly sexy short-shorts. Pam was ready to knock this arrogant older 'bimbo' into the middle of, if not all the way to the end of, next week.

"No problem!" Pam thought as she rushed forward, giving her war cry. "Grrrrreayaaah!" As Pam cut loose with her loud (usually intimidating) combination growl and grunting yell, she started slinging her fists with wide, powerful strokes. Normally, at least half of the busty blondes punches would find a target - some target! This opponent, however, wasn't your usual 'normal' opponent! Kathie Lee ducked, dodged and blocked every punch Pam threw, returning "tit for tat" (so to speak), hammering her younger rival back into the ropes landing four consecutive solid punches; two to Pam's reddening face and one to each of her huge breasts!!

"Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh..." Pam grunted as each blow ripped into her, she staggered back, her bulging breasts throbbing with pain. The crowd went wild as Kathie Lee's well-aimed, boob-busting punches were powerful enough to force the top half of both of Pam's breasts up out of their cups until most of her sexy areola was in full view and her stiff nipples were jutting out over the edge of her sagging top!.

"God, I just can't stand blonde bimbos!" Kathie Lee snarled as she rained more blows to the retreating blondes red face, sending Pam careening back into the ropes until her butt was stuffed between the strands. Pam's arms flung out to the sides - more a reflex to try to keep her upright than part of any plan - and Kathie Lee seized the opening! She fired punches to her rivals tight, hard, exposed and vulnerable abs. Kathie Lee blinked in surprise as she felt how tough Pam's abs were, but she delighted in the sound of the blond bimbo's grunts and groans as each powerful punch ripped into her luscious body.

WHUMPPPPP! Kathie Lee leaned in and drove a downward blow to Pam's naval that caused her knees to turn outward as they buckled, then she introduced her rising knee to Pam's hard - but very sensitive - pubic bone. Kathie Lee broke into a satisfied, smug, superior grin as Pam's face went from red with anger and impassive with utmost confidence to one of shattered pain, untold agony and abject fear. Pam's tight body relaxed and went limp almost the instant her kneecap parted the slit between Pam's sinewy thighs!

"Sorry for the hurt," Kathie Lee mocked. "And for this!" she chirped sarcastically as she pulled off her gloves, reached up, grabbed Pam's top in both hands and pulled with all her might. The halter top resisted only a second before it split between the cups and Pam's big beautiful breasts bounced free. The crowd went ballistic! Pam winced, still amazingly but incredibly stupidly hanging onto the ropes in the vain hope of keeping herself upright long enough to mount a counterattack. Kathie Lee grabbed the huge breasts and squeezed as hard as she could, digging her long strong talons deep into the huge melons.

"Gossssh, you're built!" Kathie Lee gushed admiringly. "And coming from ME that's a real complement," she smirked as she stabbed her thumbnails into Pam's huge, sensitive areola and raked them over the rock-hard nubs of dimpled flesh.

Pam shrieked in agony and finally let go of the ropes, shifting her grasp frantically, angrily, to Kathie Lee's hair. Kathie Lee snarled and pulled Pam forward by the tits, right into a headbutt! Pam grunted and her legs buckled. Kathie Lee kept digging her fingers in harder, twisting and pulling on Pam's nipples as she brought her down to the mat. WHUMP! Pam hit on her butt, rolled onto her back and grunted once when Kathie Lee drove a second hard knee into her pussy...then a third and a fourth. Pam's eyes rolled back in her head and Kathie Lee was all smiles as she heard Pam groan, gasp and then felt her body go limp.

"Nice tits," Kathie Lee muttered. in her unconscious rivals ear as she released her breasts, reached down and jerked her shorts and panties down around her ankles. "And not a bad pussy either, cunt," she hissed. The older woman jumped to her feet and with a super confident smile and shouted, "Well folks, one down and two to go...Uhhhhhhh..."

It felt like a freight train slammed into Kathie Lee from behind, but actually it was Gena Lee's doubled fists, executed perfectly with her fingers clasped together. The heavy blow knocked the air from Kathie Lee's lungs and her nascent scream of agony caught in her throat. Another sledgehammer blow knocked the older woman's belly button seemingly back against her spine.

"Ever been double-teamed before Kathie Lee?" Heather snipped as she heard the last of the air wheezing from Kathie Lee's beautifully pursed and trembling lips.

"So you don't like blonde bimbos huh? Well, we don't like smart-ass, haughty, ex-talkshow hosts either, got it?" Heather snarled as she gave the older woman's face a blistering backhand. Kathie Lee grunted as the slap rocked her head to the side, then another hard slap quickly followed that and snapped it back again!

"Hold her Gena!" Heather ordered, and Gena Lee gladly obliged, grabbing Kathie Lee's arms and yanking them back behind her. "You got a nice rack too," Heather laughed as she grabbed the front of Kathie Lee's dress, pulled it out and leaned over to peek inside. She chuckled, "Don't be shy lady," mockingly as she pulled and yanked Kathie Lee's loose dress at the neck.

RIIIPPPPPP! The sound of cloth tearing filled the air; bringing laughter, cheers and jeers as the busty woman's sexy plunging black lace bra was exposed. The lucky crowd pressed close to the ring, hoping and assuming, the real action was about to begin and they for sure wouldn't be disappointed.

"Anybody wanna see what ol' Kathie Lee's really got?" Heather asked, laughing as Kathie Lee's face turned a pretty pink, then beet red. "My, my Kathie Lee, you feel a bit horny," Heather chided as she rubbed her open hands over Kathie Lee's large, firm bra-clad breasts; feeling her nipples stiffen and lengthen.

She reached up and slowly slipped the left strap off the shoulder and the ringside crowd gasped as her luscious mound slowly came into view. Heather flicked the nipple with her finger, then captured it in her thumb and forefinger and began to pull and twist it, relishing in the sound of Kathie Lee's agonized scream.

"Hurry it up, I'm getting tired of holding her!" Gena Lee growled with more than a little frustration.

"Don't tell me what to do, Nolin you wimp; she beat you easy!" Heather snarled but Kathie Lee smiled inwardly, not so much because her two rivals were bickering but because she felt Gena Lee's grip loosen. She shifted her weight as Heather purred, "Gonna rip this bra right off your lovely chest, you big-boobed...Yaaaaaahh!"

Heather's' matter-of-fact tone turned to a howl of as she leaned in too close and Kathie Lee's stubborn forehead smacked her dead between the eyes. As Heather gasped and grabbed her face, with an angry burst of energy Kathie Lee broke out of Gena Lee's grasp and fired a backfist that hit Gena Lee in the nose. Then her fist slammed into Heather's jaw and she went down moaning.

"Now lets resume our dance," Kathie Lee shouted as she spun and fired a kick to Gena Lee's thigh, just missing her groin as the blonde turned her hips at the last second. Gena Lee yelped in pain and took a wild swing, but Kathie Lee ducked in the nick of time and the big blondes power punch just grazed her cheek. Kathie Lee's fist slammed into Gena Lee's ribs, and as she reeled from that, another caught her flush on the left jaw snapping her head and buckling her knees.

Kathie Lee grabbed handful of golden blonde hair and pulled forward...WHAM! The turnbuckle put Gena Lee in la-la land.

"Big mouth blondes and big boobs," Kathie Lee muttered. "It's aways a bad combination!"

Kathie Lee grabbed Gena Lee's hair pulled her out of the corner, turned her around and slammed her backward into the top rope. As Gena Lee sprawled with her arms flung out for support, Kathie Lee chopped her forearm down across the blondes chest in a most painful way. Before Gena Lee finished wailing, her top was off and fluttering across the ring. Kathie Lee set her feet, squared up facing Gena Lee and her fists flashed with a flurry of solid punching that flattened both of Gena Lee's lovely breasts and brought more gasps. Holding Gena Lee's slumping body up under the armpits, Kathie Lee gave the former 'Sheena' star three rapid-fire knees to the groin that dropped the younger blonde on her ass in a world of hurt.

"You blondes just don't know how to fight or even to defend yourselves. Oh my, your poor, achingly beautiful little bodies," Kathie Lee cackled as she grabbed Gena Lee's long, sensitive pink nipples and twisted, pulled and then slowly crushed them. "Give me a kiss goodnight, sweetie," Kathie Lee chirped as she scooped Gena Lee into a powerful bearhug, crushing her limp body to her bosom. As Gena Lee opened her mouth to gasp in some air, Kathie Lee clamped her mouth over Gena Lee's and gave her a rough, hard, deep-throat kiss. Then she flung her back into the ropes and as she rebounded, fired a perfect uppercut to the chin. Gena Lee dropped like a rock, a very beautiful rock, and was out cold before she hit the mat!

"Yeah! Rah-rah, sis-boom-bah! Another blonde bitch bites the dust!" Kathie Lee shouted gleefully as she held her arms up flashing a 'V for victory' sign as the crowd roared. Kathie Lee brushed her mussed hair out of her eyes, knowing full well the cheering was not only for the hot catfight action she was providing but also for her lovely bare chest. She thrust her breasts out and playfully tweaked her thick upturned left nipple making it hard.

Then she turned to the main promoter and confidently yelled," One more young tramp to take down!" But when she looked around, Kathie Lee did a double-take. "Oh my, the little chicken-shit must have scampered off," she shouted, gloating at her seemingly quick victory by default. "Too bad, guess I'll bounce on over and collect my money now mist...UNGGGGGGH!"

CRAAAAAACK! The sharp sound and the proud battlers' agonized groan signaled an unexpected turnabout. Kathie Lee's eyes rolled back and her entire torso went numb. Air rushed out of her lungs and her legs buckled, dropping her to her knees, then to all fours with her head bowed.

"Stupid arrogant bitch!" Heather grunted as she tossed a large, smooth heavy piece of driftwood out of the ring.

The petite blonde bombshell had learned early that anything goes in a catfight! Dceit, underhanded tactics and downright meanness often led to a much desired victory. While Kathie Lee had been busy finishing off Gena Lee and was doing her too early victory dance, Heather had slipped out of the ring, made a private deal with one of the promoters, a tall, gorgeous, muscular blonde who promised her a whole wad of cash plus a few 'extra perks' provided she strip Kathie Lee naked, humiliate her and make her beg!

"Noooooo…ARGGGGGGH!" Kathie Lee gasped as Heather's wiry arm coiled around her throat, then Heather jerked her head backward and fired several punches to her head. With Kathie Lee dazed, she reached around and tore the dress the rest of the way open, then ripped her bra off and tossed it to a lucky spectator. As she re-tightened the choke hold, Heather fired a flurry of solid punches to her lovely captives head, neck and upper back, then she grabbed a full firm breast and began a most nasty pinching, twisting squeezing assault on the sensitive flesh. Kathie Lee squirmed, screaming in agony as her protests seemed to catch in her throat thanks to the young blondes amazingly strong arm choking her.

"I think everybody wants a more exciting show, Gifford!" Heather taunted as she dropped a solid shot to her jaw, snapping her head down and to the side. Released her choke and the torturous breast hold, Heather grabbed Kathie Lee's arms and jerked them straight back hard as she raised her leg and drove her knee into Kathie Lee's back and began to push painfully hard.

"Argggggh....UHHHHHHH! Stop...leggo...please, you're killing me!" Kathie Lee bawled as her magnificent chest was forced forward until it was sticking out to the max. Adding insult to injury, Heather hopped back and forth on her planted foot, wiggled her knee and making the older woman's breasts bounce and jiggle erotically like a stripper at a county fair carnival tent show.

"Yeah stick 'em out, Kathie Lee! Everybody see Kathie Lee's boobies?" Heather shouted, her voice turning into a teasing, taunting giggle as the crowd jeered, making Kathie Lee's' face was as red as the beautiful sun that had just begun to set. Unable to maintain the humiliating, but tiring, hold, Heather put her leg down and unleashed another series of punches to Kathie Lee's head, neck and back before once again wrapping her long wiry, arm around her dazed rivals neck and pulling her back against her body. "Guess who's gonna win all that cash?" Heather hissed in her ear. "And guess who's gonna get stripped naked this round, eh?" Heather sneered. "You stupid, haughty, arrogant, smartass, highfalutin', self-righteous, big-boobed, washed-up, has-been old cow!" The blondes eyes gleaming with wicked delight as she tightened her arm, slowly choking Kathie Lee out.

(Gurgle. Grunt) "AIEEEEECH!" Heather's bloodcurdling scream shattered the nearby fans eardrums and sent many neck hairs into perfect upright stance. The young, way too overconfident, blond tornado continued her earsplitting scream as she looked down in horror at the nasty bite mark on her arm. Lesson to be learned; never call Kathie Lee "old" or a "cow"! She had exploded with an angry fury that zipped from her toes to her crafty brain. A quick turn of her head, a hard downward nod and her pearly whites sank deep into tender flesh of Heather's arm. Heather instinctively leaned forward as she released her grip, another mistake! Kathie Lee's long strong arms whipped up and back, grabbed two handfuls of golden blonde mane and yanked downward. Heather took a most painful and unexpected, disorienting headfirst tumble over Kathie Lee's shoulder, landing flat on her back in front of her irate 'victim.' Excruciating waves of pain radiated from the younger blondes lower spine and tailbone as she hit with a sickening THUD! Then strong, nimble, angry fingers started to pull her platinum blonde hair; Heather wailed as she was shaken quite unwillingly from side to side, then dragged screaming to her feet. An extremely rude knee smashed into her groin, doubling her over; then she grunted as she felt her top being pulled away and the rush of cool air on her exposed nipples!

"AHHHHHH, I never used to wear a bra either,” Kathie Lee chirped. “Trade secret!" she said as she fired a hard punch into Heather's beautiful full left breast, then another to her firm right breast; her third knuckle extended so that as she drove the punch home, it inverted the thick erect nipple backward into the fleshy mound.

"Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!!" Heather groaned, her body shuddering as her puppies rippled from the impact.

"Ready for a spin?" Kathie Lee shouted as she threw Heather into the ropes with a mighty heave. Heather hit the ropes, bounced off rebounded back to Kathie Lee who gave her a painful forearm smash across her jiggling breasts. "Like I said earlier - big mouth, big boobs; bad combination! And for you, sweetie, a doubley big mistake!" Kathie Lee shouted as she easily wrestled her dazed rival to the canvas.

"Now this is great; simply great," one excited fan shouted gleefully at the sight of Heather's lovely bare breasts bouncing wildly as she hit the mat and bounced once. She’d barely gotten out her first sound of protest when Kathie Lee's long legs slapped her bare flesh as she clamped them around Heather’s lithe body in a perfect scissors. The older woman was sitting behind Heather who slumped back into Kathie Lee’s bosom, the older woman had her captive completely under control.

"Nice tits honey,” Kathie Lee taunted. “But they seem bigger now than back when you first hit the big time," she purred as she reached around, cupped and then squeezed Heather's 'pride and joys' together. "Amazing what accessories and improvements the doctors can make nowadays, ain’t it?" she teased as she enjoyed a good old fashioned, slow grope. "It’s really not smart to admit it, but you and I DO have one thing in common," she said as she captured the erect nipples in her thumbs and first finger knuckles and went to work; pinching, twisting and stretching them to grotesque lengths. "It sure is fun to sport some nip, isn't it dear?" she laughed.

"AIIIEEEEE! OH GAWWWWWD! Stop it please," Heather bawled her tiny fists beating helplessly on Kathie Lee’s thighs as her beautiful eyes filled to overflowing with tears which poured down her red cheeks in torrents, fell onto her breasts as Kathie Lee jiggled and shook them, making her nipples slippery.

"Oh sorry!” Kathie Lee said sarcastically. “I guess you think you deserve pleasure - not pain - ‘cause you're special, that right blondie?"

"NOOOOO! OH, DON'T YOU DARE...Naaaaaaaaaa....hmmmm, not that! ERRRRRKKKK...mmmmm." Heather's expression raced through multiple displays of emotion as Kathie Lee dropped a hand down to her waist and pushed it roughly into the front of her shorts. The flat mound of her hand grew in size as she closed her fingers, balling her fist. Fear... dread... frustration... then pain... and finally pleasuuurre!!! "Ummmmmm…..damn you…stop…PLEASEEEEEE….oh! Ummmmmmm…" Heather hips began to wriggle frantically, her legs sweeping back and forth as her butt lifted briefly, then plopped back down…wanting desperately to find a way to escape before it was too late!

"YIEEEEEEOOOOWWW!" A quick twirl of silky curly hair around a finger and a nasty jerk caused a loud howl protest, then…much to Heather's immediate relief, Kathie Lee slid her offending hand back up out of her shorts and wiped it on Heather’s belly, leaving a shiny film on the pale, flawless flesh. Grunts and groans followed as the older woman shifted her legs around her captives waist, locked her ankles again and leaned back on her hands, snapping her thighs tight once more. In seconds, Heather’s face was flushed and she was gasping for air.

"Wanna submit yet?" Kathie Lee asked, emphasizing her demand for capitulation with another pulse of her legs. .

Heather grunted in response to the pressure, but answered with a snarl, "No way in hell!" adding for emphasis of her own a glob of saliva that she spit right between Kathie Lee’s eyes!

WHAM! Kathie Lee’s fist smashed into the blondes naval, followed by a low, moaning gasp. Then in one smooth movement, Kathie Lee released her scissors, hopped to her feet and then dragged Heather up by a nasty series of jerks on handful of hair. As Heather slumped holding her churning belly and gasping for air, Kathie Lee kept swinging, landing a punch to her jaw and then as Heather reeled backward, an open-hand chop to the throat. Heather’s knees buckled as she hit the wall and she squatted with her butt and back against the upright surface as she grunted, gasped, gagged and coughed. Her head was spinning as she tried unsuccessfully to block a backhand that nearly knocked her over. She tried to scream as she was pulled forward toward Kathie Lee's raised knee.

"Its a great move, called a backbreaker? Know why blondie?" Kathie Lee snipped, wrinkling her face into a haughty smirk.

"Naaa.....nooooooo!" Heather weakly protested.

Of course, Kathie Lee ignored her plea and smiled wickedly as her lovely topless opponent's back slammed down onto, and folded across her knee. Lightning fast, one of Kathie Lee’s strong hands clamped onto her chin and the other slid up and down the lovely, fully extended body before it morphed first into a painful stomach claw, then a fist that she rudely smashed down into the blondes tight abs, and finally an open palm with long, wiggling, exploring fingers curled over her pubic mound. The blondes upper body was bent backward toward the canvas, forcing her lovely chest to thrust upward quite erotically as her full bare breasts jutting skyward and jiggled like jelly on a plate; her thick erect nipples at their most vulnerable, begging for some painful attention.

"Poor smart-ass blonde Heather," Kathie Lee snarled as she pushed down on her groaning, whimpering captives chin with one hand and her hips with the other, bending her back sharply over her knee in the classic backbreaker!

"Noooooo!" Heather screamed as she felt Kathie Lee’s lower hand slip back into her shorts, explore a bit, then reappear only to latch onto the waistband of her shorts. She yelped another futile protest as Kathie Lee pushed her shorts down to her knees, then whipped them down around her ankles where they effectively bound her feet to prevent excessive kicking or thrashing. Now, her sexy red silk red French-cut panties were grabbed and YANKED up so hard the crotch disappear into the dense thicket of curly, dark blonde 'silk' between her trembling thighs. As if they needed any clue, Heather's loud screams made everyone aware of what was happeing and of her deep feelings regarding this unwelcome ‘intrusion’.

WHUMPPPP! Another hard punch down into Heather’s firm abs and her lovely taut body jerked upward into a perfect, albeit involuntary, 'jackknife' before she slid off that most uncomfortable platform and dropped to her butt beside Kathie Lee.

"Sorry, you sweet little thing," Kathie Lee snipped with mock regret and sympathy as she quickly reached out and clamped a sleeper hold on Heather. "Betcha didn't know I was sooooo gooood, or....er...uh...I guess I mean soooo baddddd, huh blondie?" she laughed as she tightened the sleeper, held it while Heather’s body trembled for a few seconds, then when limp. She gently laid 'number three's' head on the canvas and then leaped to her feet to posed over the limp body of her latest victim as she flashed a victory sign.

Kathie Lee said with a smug smirk, "OK! Tha...tha...that's all folks! The shows over! Now, where the hell’s my money?"