#1 Jaime Pressly vs Christina Applegate by Bob 2/9/02

Christina Applegate read the gossip column for the fifth time. She was surprised to read that Jaime Pressly was boasting about her fighting prowess and claimed that she had defeated Christina in a fight. Christina couldn't believe that Jaime, or anyone for that matter, would brag about winning a fight the two had never had. Finally the irate blonde decided she was going to give the brazen blonde a chance to prove how tough she was.

Christina called Jaime and told her that she had a photo shoot and the publisher wanted to photograph and Jaime together. Jaime was surprised that a magazine would want the two of them in a photo shoot, but agreed to meet Christina at her house. Christina then called several of the top publications and invited them to witness, report, and photograph fight between her and Jaime Pressly.

Jaime arrived and she and Christina had a pleasant conversation, joking around, and having a good time. Jaime found Christina to be very pleasant and really liked her. After a couple of photographers, cameramen, and reporters started arriving, Jaime started getting suspicious and asked, "What's going on Christina?"

Christina smiled defiantly and said, "I read that you beat me up. Funny, but I don't remember us fighting. Well you're going to get a chance to show a bunch of my friends from the media how tough you are. They'll be newscasters, writers, and photographers to report our fight. We'll see if you're as tough as you claim. Everyone should be here in about five minutes and then you can beat the crap out of me for real."

Jaime laughed and said; "I read the story in the paper and I never said I beat up you or anyone else. Too bad you think I would do something like that because I like you and don't want to hurt you, but if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get. I love fighting and I'm going to give you a fight you'll remember for a long time."

"Oh really! Well I believe you told the reporter you beat me up and maybe I'm going to give you a beating you'll remember. I guess we'll find out soon enough."

The two stopped talking and those in the room could feel the tension between the two muscular blondes. It seemed like hours to both combatants, but finally the last of the media arrived and the fight was on. Jaime charged at Christina, lowered her shoulder, and hit Christina chest high. Christina gasped in pain. Jaime had caught her by surprise and sent her flying backwards. As Christina fell over a chair, Jaime went after her, grabbing Christina's white blouse and ripping it off. Lying on the floor, Christina was furious. Although her younger adversary had caught her by surprise, she had not yet begun to fight. She slowly started to get up. As she got to her knees, the younger blonde, grabbed her hair, slapped her across the face. Once again Christina fell backwards. Jaime bent down, grabbed Christina's white bra and ripped it off, exposing Christina's large breasts. With Christina lying on the floor, Jaime started to mount her challenger.

Jaime cried out in pain as Christina threw her legs out, feet first, kicking Jaime in her firm abdomen. Jaime was furious that her older foe had caught her by surprise. Her fighting experience had told her not to let her fallen foe off the hook. However, her anger had taken over and she was not thinking as she again charged the older blonde. Once again the older and more experienced Christina was ready for the former gymnast. As Jaime again prepared to mount the supine blonde bombshell, Christina threw her legs up and wrapped them around Jaime's waist. Jaime grimaced as Christina tightened her grip. Although Jaime was on top, Christina was in control. Christina continued to squeeze, tightening her grip and laughing as Jaime screamed louder and louder. Jaime was in trouble. For a minute or two, Christina controlled the younger blonde, who was not sure of what to do. Finally Jaime reached out and grabbed Christina's hair, banging her head against the floor. As the older blonde loosened her grip, Jaime followed up with a hard left to Christina's jaw and a hard right into her large, soft right breast. Now it was Christina who screamed out as Jaime's fist worked itself deeper into her wounded mammary. Because of the pain, her legs loosened and the younger blonde was free from Christina's vice-like scissors. Jaime quickly shifted her position so that her legs were outside of Christina's legs and the powerful older blonde would not be able to wrap her legs around her again. Jaime continued her assault, going after Christina's breasts. Christina tried to protect her breasts. However, as she would cover up, Jaime would grab her wrists and move Christian's arms to her side. Jaime would then land a punch or two into Christina's large, wounded breasts until Christina would again cover up again. Jaime would again grab Christina's wrists, pin them to the side, and resume her assault on Christina's chest.

Although Christina was in a lot of pain, she was no ready to quit. Once again, Christina went to cover up. However, as Jaime went to grab Christina's wrists, the older blonde surprised Jaime and grabbed Jaime's wrists. The two brawlers struggled for position: Christina trying to roll her younger foe off and Jaime trying to stay on top and free her wrists.

The two tigresses battled for a minute or two, trying to gain the advantage. For Christina, it was a period of frustration, as she worked hard to roll her foe off. As she would strain her muscles, trying to gain the advantage, she would start to roll the younger blonde off, only to have her younger and stronger opponent shift her weight at the last second and regain her advantage.

The struggle to retain her advantage was also taking its toll on the young bombshell. Despite being in great physical condition from working out she was tiring. She had underestimated her opponent's strength and determination. Jaime wanted to free her wrists and go back on the attack.

As the two blondes continued to battle, both of their faces twisted with expressions of pain, Christina finally gained the upper hand and rolled the younger blonde off. Now on top, Christina pinned Jaime's arms to the floor, maneuvered her legs so they covered Jaime's arms, released her hold, and quickly slapped the younger blonde across her mouth. Christina's slap caused Jaime's head to roll to the side. Christina followed with several more slaps, alternating rights and lefts. Christina then grabbed Jaime's hair and banged her head against the floor. Jaime screamed out in pain. She was now being badly dominated by her older opponent and the media was there to see it. She had to regain the advantage.

The younger blonde started bucking wildly, knees flying into her older opponents back. As Christina struggled to hold on to her advantage and control her younger opponent so that she could go back on the attack, one of Jaime's wild bucks lifted her slightly off Jaime's body. Jaime reacted immediately, lifting her right knee and planting it squarely in Christina's groin. Christina screamed as she fell forwards. Although the older blonde was still on top she was in severe pain. Jaime rose slightly so that she was off her back, grabbed Christina's hair, and lifted her injured foe high enough so that she could go on the attack again. Letting go of Christina's hair with her right, holding Christina upright with her left, she slapped the older blonde across her face. Jaime quickly followed with two rights to Christina's still sore breasts. Jaime then yanked Christina's head towards her. As she got Christina's head in the right position, the younger blonde popped her own head forward with great speed, head butting Christina in the nose.

Christina flew backwards, as her face quickly turned to a crimson mask. Jaime got to her feet and watched her fallen foe as she rolled around on the floor. Jaime watched Christina rolling around for about thirty seconds. The fight was obviously over, but Jaime was sure Christina had tried to set her up, inviting her to her house for a photo shoot, using some wild story in a newspaper about a fight the two of them had. Jaime was going to teach Christina that she had chosen the wrong person to mess with. Jaime waited until Christina was on her stomach and then stomped down hard on Christina's stomach. Christina's body started convulsing wildly.

Jaime watched Christina for a minute or two until her beaten foe's body stopped shaking. She looked at the members of the media and said, "She told me that she read a story in the paper in which I supposedly claimed I beat her up. Does anyone know about the story? The media members looked at each other.

Finally one of the journalists spoke. "I wrote the story. I got a call from her agent. She is going to be shooting a movie in a few weeks and he knew a story like that would get her angry enough to challenge you to a fight. She's tough and very strong. He thought she would beat you and the fight could be used to promote the movie."

Jaime was angry. "It doesn't look like this fight is going to help promote a movie. If I were you I'd leave before I do to you what I just did to her. And I better not see anything about this fight in your paper. If I do you're going to wind up in court." As the reporter left, Jaime turned to the other members of the media and said, "This never happened." She then went to Christina's kitchen to get some ice and wash clothes.

When she returned Christina was sitting up. She was still very dazed and covered with blood. Jaime gave Christina the ice, as a few members of the media helped her to soothe and clean her unknowing victim.
#2 Pam Anderson and Kirstie Alley by Bob 2/9/02

When Pam walked into a party and saw Kirstie she was surprised at how good the brunette looked because Kirstie had obviously lost a lot of weight. Pam walked over to Kirstie to tell her how wonderful she looked. Pam never made it to the brunette, however, because Carmen Electra stopped her halfway.

"Hey Pam, I'll bet you $100 that Kirstie kicks your ass in a fight."

Pam looked at her friend and asked, "Why would I want to fight her?"

Carmen laughed and said, "It's just as I thought, you're scared of her."

Pam smiled at her friend and slowly shook her head, "I'm not afraid of her. I just don't want to fight her. Hell, I like her."

"You mean your afraid of her," Carmen replied matter-of-factly.

"Why would I be afraid of Kirstie?" Pam asked, her brow furrowing as her blonde brain struggled to think of a reason.

"Because silly, Kirstie could kick your ass in a fair fight; a catfight, boxing or wrestling, doesn't matter. That's why!"

Pam and Carmen slowly turned their heads and saw a very angry Kirstie glaring at them. Pam realized she probably didn't have much choice.

She turned back to Carmen and asked, "Do I still get a hundred if I win?" Carmen smiled and nodded yes.

With that, Pam turned and flew into the tall brunette, tackling her. Despite being caught by surprise, Kirstie quickly recovered, grabbed Pam's wrists and rolled her over. Once Kirstie was on top, she started throwing punches. The tall brunette was very strong and she decided not to waste anytime. She quickly started banging the blonde's head against the floor. Pam screamed loudly as her head kept bouncing off the floor.

"So what did you say Pam? Did you ask something about why you should be afraid of me? Well? So what do you think now?"

Kirstie continued her assault on the blonde, punching her in the face and chest with lefts and rights and more lefts and more rights. Despite Kirstie's early assault, Pam was sure that she could get Kirstie off of her. Although she attacked Kirstie, the brunette had caught her by surprise. However, Kirstie continued to maul her breasts and batter her face. As Kirstie inflicted more and more damage, she started working her way up Pam's body so that she was sitting on Pam's large melons. She continued slapping away. Pam was now bleeding from her nose and mouth and her right eye was starting to blacken. She needed to get Kirstie off her and quickly because she didn't know how much more she could take.

Kirstie was well aware that Pam was in trouble and planned to torture and humiliate Pam. Slowly Kirstie slid up Pam's chest, edging her way to Pam's face. As she finally sat on Pam's face, Pam began to buck, trying to throw Kirstie off. When she realized that she was not going to get Kirstie off she stopped bucking and tried to figure out what to do. Kirstie grabbed Pam's wrists to ensure that Pam could not fight back. Once again Pam started bucking and tried to get her hands free. However, Kirstie held Pam's wrists so tightly, she couldn't get her hands free.

Kirstie was enjoying how easily she was dominating Pam. Although she'd heard that Pam was strong, it was quite obvious she was even stronger.

"Hey blondie, how's the air down there?" Pam didn't answer, so Kirstie repeated, "I said, how's the air down there? My guess is you'll be unconscious in about thirty seconds."

Kirstie straightened up and looked around at the party guests searching for Carmen Electra.

When she didn't see her she asked someone, "What happened to Electra?"

They shrugged and replied, "I think she left a few minutes ago."

Kirstie shook her head and said, "Figures! She offered me $200 to beat Pam up."

As Pam's body went limp, Kirstie said, "Well, that's that! Carmen owes me $200 and if she thinks she can stiff me, then she'll be my next victim.

Kirstie got up, looked down at the unconscious blonde and sniffed, "Carmen said you were pretty tough. For someone who's supposed to be 'pretty tough' you didn't put up much of a fight hon!"
#3 Erika Eleniak vs. Christina Ricci by Bob 2/12/02

The two young actresses sized each other up. It had been a long time since Erika had a fight, so she was looking forward to fighting Christina Ricci. Although Erika was four inches taller than Christina, she and Christina had similar bodies. Both had very muscular arms, and very large chests. She had heard that Christina had been a natural fighter who was ruthless. However, she was a natural fighter too and was going to tear Christina apart.

Christina didn't know anything about her opponent and didn't care. Since they'd started filming the movie, she kept her distance from her co-star. The final scene was going to be a big catfight between she and Erika and the director wanted the fight to look real so they had agreed to a real fight rather than a staged fight in which no one would get hurt. Besides, Christina played the villain so Erika would obviously win a scripted fight. Christina had won her several fights easily and while she didn't know if Erika could fight, but really didn't care.

While the two actresses eagerly waited for the fight scene, they couldn't help but eye each other. The director could sense the animosity and decided to stall as long as he could before letting the two young actresses tear into each other. It didn't matter to him who won because the final scenes had been written with two endings, one if Christina won the fight and the other if Erika won. Both scenes had already been filmed. Of course, for the sake of the movie, a win by Erika was the ideal scenario. And during the shooting of the movie, he observed that Erika was the stronger of the two.

Finally the director told his two stars, "All right ladies, it's time. Don't pull any punches and don't worry about hurting each other. If the fight doesn't look real we'll shoot the scene again. I want the two of you to keep going until one of you can't continue or has had enough."

As he shot Christina a last look, he winked and softly said, "Good luck."

He was sure that wishing Christina good luck would piss Erika off and make her more intent on tearing Christina apart.

The two young actresses cautiously circled each other. Suddenly, Christina slipped off one of her heels, kicking it in Erika's direction. Despite being caught by surprise, Erika easily moved out of the way. Christina then flipped her other heel, striking Erika in the forehead. Erika took a couple of steps backward. Sensing Erika's fear, Christina figured she had the advantage and decided to become the aggressor. She followed Erika, prepared to draw first blood.

As Christina moved in, Erika suddenly put her head down, lunged at Christina and tackled her. Erika landed on top and wasn't about to let Christina roll her over. She started throwing lefts and rights to Christina's face and chest. She was pounding Christina, doing a lot of damage and taking the fight out of her.

Christina tried to ward off Erika's hard punches, but was unable to both protect herself and fight back. It was the first time anyone had ever gotten her down like that so the pain she was experiencing was new to her and she didn't like it. As Erika landed punch after punch, Christina's face was becoming quite red. Erika continued pummeling her and since Christina was unable to protect herself, Erika couldn't help taunting her.

"I thought you were tough. You're a wimp."

Christina tried to cover up, but she couldn't Erika was too quick. No one had ever hit her with as many punches as Erika had and if Erika didn't tire soon, Christina was going to quit. She couldn't take much more punishment. Realizing she wasn't going to roll Erika off her, Christina closed her eyes and relaxed so that her body went limp. Thinking she'd knocked Christina out, Erika got off her beaten foe, looked at the director.

"I thought you said she was supposed to be tough. That wasn't even a good workout."

As she turned and started to walk away, however, Christina quickly rose to her feet and ran up behind her, tackling Erika before she knew what hit her! Erika landed on her stomach and Christina was going to show her who the better fighter really was. Christina had taken Erika by surprise and although she used trickery to gain the advantage, she wasn't going to make the mistake Erika did in letting her up. Now it was Christina who was throwing punch after punch and doing a lot of damage punching Erika in the back. She was evening up the fight and having a lot of fun as the blonde's back turned beet red. The tiny brunette loved torturing her foes.

As Christina kept throwing punches, Erika tried to rise to her knees. Christina punching, expecting the busty blonde to fall back down on her stomach but Erika didn't fall. Instead, she reached back with her right arm and wrapped it around Christina's head, and flipped the shorter brunette off her back. Erika was now back on top of Christina.

Again, Erika started throwing punches, landing six or seven hard ones. Christina, who had been kneeing Erika in the back from below, still had both hands free. When she saw her opening, she grabbed Erika's breasts and squeezed hard. Erika immediately stopped punching and grabbed Christina's wrists. She tried prying Christina's hands free, but Christina had a vice-like hold on her tits and Erika was feeling the pain. Christina started pushing Erika and kept it up until she rolled her over and put herself back on top.

Erika continued trying to pry Christina's hands from her breasts but she couldn't. Christina was mauling Erika's tits and having a good time. After a few minutes of mauling Erika's tits, Christina let go and started working her way up Erika's body toward her face. Erika fought desperately, kicking and bucking for all she was worth, but she couldn't keep Christina from crawling up and sitting on her face. Christina ended up sitting on Erika's face and now also in control of Erika's wrists which she had captured when she released her breasts.

Despite her difficult position, Erika was determined to keep fighting and wasn't about to quit or let herself be smothered oout by Christina's big ass. She continued to buck and knee Christina in the back, trying to knock the brunette off. Christina didn't like getting kneed in the back, but she was in control and was planning to make Erika pay for her pain shortly. Despite her now having difficulty breathing with Christina perched on her face, Erika continued to buck and managed to free her hands. Now she got a hold of Christina's wrists although Christina didn't think anything about it at the time. After all, she was sitting pretty on Erika's face, sure she would be losing consciousness any minute.

Christina started bouncing and rubbing herself on Erika's face. While she was bouncing, however, Erika managed to move back, causing to Christina to fly off onto her stomach. As Christina started to get up, Erika stomped on her back. Christina screamed as pain shot up her back. Erika had given her a real hard stomp and she followed that by kicking her in the ribs. Christina was in a lot of pain and couldn't believe how quickly Erika had recovered from her assault.

Christina was also surprised that Erika was moving so quickly. As Christina tried to catch her breath, Erika reached down and grabbed her hair, yanking it hard. She continued to yank Christina's hair, as she pulled off her tank top with one hand. Now that Christina had lost her top she vowed to remove ALL of Erika's clothes before sitting on her face again. However, as long as the brunette was on her stomach, she wasn't in any position to remove any of Erika's clothing.

Erika let go of Christina's hair and wrapped the tank top around Christina's throat. Christina tried to turn onto her back so that she could fight back, but Erika increased the pressure on her choke and Christina realized she was in big trouble. She couldn't breathe! She desperately tried to rip the tank top away from her neck and out of Erika's hands as the blonde beauty lifted Christina to her knees, then to her feet, and finally lifted the brunette completely off her feet. Realizing she was not going to get her top out of Erika's hands, Christina tried pulling Erika's hands away, pulling Erika's hair, scratching Erika in the face, but no matter what she did, the taller blonde was too strong. Erika continued to choke her costar.

Sensing she'd taken all the fight from the tiny brunette, Erika let Christina go. The brunette grabbed her throat and sank to her knees gasping for air. Erika looked at the director of the movie who signaled for her to finish the tiny brunette off. Erika landed a kick to the small of Christina's back knocking her over forward. Since she was still conscious, Erika grabbed Christina by her hair, lifted her to her feet, spun her foe around and threw a right hand.

Just as the punch landed, Erika felt more pain than she had ever felt in her life. At the same time Erika threw her punch, Christina kicked the blonde in her groin. Now both actresses were on the ground; Christina holding her jaw and Erika holding her pussy. After lying on the ground for about thirty-seconds, Christina managed to roll over on top of the blonde. Slowly she rose slightly and landed a right-left to Erika's huge chest. Then Christina landed a right-left on Erika's jaw and chin. Erika's eye's fluttered and closed. The fight was over at last.

Christina knew she'd been lucky to beat the powerful blonde. She'd gotten the worst of it, in fact, she'd taken quite a beating. But as she got up, she knew she was the only one standing. The victorious brunette raised her hands in victory, put her foot on Erika's chest, looked at the director - and gave him the finger.

He just shrugged and said, "Aaaaaaand cut! That's a wrap fellas!"
#4 Elizabeth Berkeley vs. Rose McGowan by Bob 2/10/02

Rose McGowan and Liz Berkley were at a party when a guy Rose liked started hitting on Liz. Rose, who was much shorter than Liz, lost her temper and challenged Liz to fight. Despite Liz's size advantage, Rose looked her taller foe in the eye and taunted her with threats. The muscular blonde wasn't known as a fighter and guests expected her to leave without trouble. But the powerfully built blonde wasn't about to let her brunette antagonist intimidate her.

Rose laughed when she realized the tall blonde was actually going to fight.

"I'm so looking forward to kicking your ass. Let's see what you have."

Liz caught Rose by surprise when she grabbed the bad girl's hair and raked Rose's face with her nails. Rose grabbed her cheek and got a look in her eyes that said she was going to make the tall blonde pay for the blood trickling down her cheek. Liz wasted no time, attacking Rose and ripping her jeans, halter and panties off and then attacking her lovely, but exposed breasts. Liz had gained a great advantage and she used it to pull and squeeze Rose's breasts as the smaller brunette screamed in pain.

Her large nipples throbbing, Rose continued to scream loudly until Liz shut her up with a hard punch in the belly. When Rose grabbed her stomach, the blonde Amazon went back to work on Rose's breasts, which soon were red from her assault.

Finally, Liz backed off and stood with her hands on her hips breathing hard. She looked at Rose as if to say, 'Had enough?' but Rose came charging at her and grabbed Liz's long blonde hair, pulling as hard as she could and throwing the much bigger blonde to the floor with a loud grunt.

Pinning Liz's arms to the floor under her knees, Rose ripped Liz's blouse and bra off and began clawing her large tits. Liz was in agony as Rose continued to claw at her breasts. Then Rose clamped her hands around Liz's throat and began choking her. Liz gagged and stopped thrashing as her legs slid down flat on the floor. Rose changed her tactics as she spun around and pulled off Liz's tight jeans and panties at the same time, reducing both beauties to just shoes and stockings.

Liz seemed to be energized by the cool night air on her naked body and she kicked Rose off and struggled to her feet. They stood face to face and Liz connected with a solid right to Rose's nose, sending her flying backwards onto a couch. There was a trickle of blood coming from Rose's nose as she sat up. Liz ran over and threw another right to Rose's face and Rose began to cry. Liz straddled Rose's lap and began to slap her beautiful full breasts from side to side as Rose's tears dripped on them.

But despite taking a beating, Rose was too tough to concede defeat. As the tall blonde reached back to slap her breasts again, Rose hand flashed out and raked down Liz's breasts. Liz screamed and Rose shoved her off her lap onto the floor, hitting her head. As Liz lay stunned, Rose viciously kicked her in the crotch, then stomped on Liz's chest, flattening her breasts and knocking all the air from her lungs.

Liz was helpless as Rose again straddled her and begin savagely pulling her hair. Rose taunted her and asked if she'd had enough. Liz said nothing, but she continued to struggle. Rose hit Liz with two hard punches and taunted her.

"What made you think you could fight? This fight is over. You can't beat me."

Rose looked down at Liz, waiting for her to give up. She was so busy gloating about how she kicked a giant's ass she didn't notice Liz had somehow picked up one of Rose's shoes that had come off. As Rose smiled and flirted with the men watching the fight, Liz smashed Rose's shoe into her face. The tough brunette toppled backward as if she'd been shot.

Liz's face was filled with rage as she again went on the attack. She grabbed Rose's long hair and sadistically yanked her off the floor. The blonde Amazon the Goth bad girl in her groin. Still holding Rose by the hair, Liz delivered two hard punches to her breasts and one to her stomach. Liz was back in complete control again as another kick put Rose down to the floor.

Then Liz began to punish Rose, pulling her hair and slapping her face and breasts savagely. Liz began taunting Rose as she hit her in the face and sore breasts with several hard right hands until the blood poured from Rose's lips and nose. Liz got off Rose and dragged her to her feet. Then she gave Rose another hard kick to her groin. Rose grabbed at her groin as she fell to the floor. Liz looked down at Rose and then at the males who were now cheering her on. She reached down and lifted Rose to her feet.

"Please don't," Rose pleaded as she raised one hand in a pleading gesture.

However, Liz wasn't finished. She threw one last punch, square on Rose's left eye. The brunette's eyes rolled back and she was unconscious before her head hit the floor. Liz picked up her tattered clothes and walked out. The party guests stared at the unconscious celebrity for a few minutes, then went about their business as if nothing had happened.

When Rose came to several minutes later, she started talking about how lucky Liz was and that she wouldn't be so lucky next time. However, everyone knew she'd taken quite a beating and there would be no next time for Rose with Elizabeth Berkeley.
#5 Scarlett Chorvat vs. Rose McGowan by Bob 2-10-02

Scarlett, a slight redhead, and Rose, a tough brunette with a reputation for being tough and loving a good fight were two actresses who hated each other so few were surprised when they agreed to a boxing match. Scarlett told Rose she was a bully and that she was going to put her away once and for all. Rose laughed and told Scarlett she'd beaten women a lot stronger and tougher than her.

Rose wore a black lace bra, panties and garter belt. Her powerful legs were encased in black fishnet stocking. Scarlett was decked out in a red bra, panties and garter belt, with white stocking molded to her shapely legs.

The match began with the two cautiously sparring as guests speculated on the outcome. Rose was known for her prowess as a fighter and many who were fortunate enough to have been invited to watch the fight believed she'd quickly knock out her lanky opponent. However, Scarlett was very strong and she had some support as well.

Their faces set in grim determination, they traded opening punches. It quickly became apparent that Rose's experience as a fighter gave her an advantage as she quickly rocked Scarlett's head with two vicious jabs followed by a stinging shot to the redhead's right breast that forced a squeal from the redhead as she reeled back, the pain in her chest clearing the stars from her head.

Scarlett felt her nipples hardening in a strange reaction to pain even as a warmth spread outward from her groin as adrenaline coursed through her body. Rose aggressively circled the redhead looking for the opening that would allow her to do the most damage and help her to torture Scarlett as much as possible before she forced her to quit.

The fiery redhead, deciding her only hope was to get in close, parried a jab and tried to move in close. But as Scarlett came forward, Rose hit her in the stomach and Scarlett gasped as she doubled over. Scarlett spun away gasping for breath and Rose followed, hitting her with a left in the back, then brought a crushing rabbit punch down across the nape of Scarlett's neck.

The spectators gasped with excitement, Scarlett's beautiful legs trembled, almost buckling, and her butt shot back at Rose.

But with a shout and bared teeth, Scarlett spun around and caught the brunette in a tight clinch, trapping Rose's lethal right hand between their closely pressed bodies. Scarlett felt her bruised right nipple pressing firmly into Rose's soft, warm breast as they ground their bodies together .

Scarlett landed a powerful right just behind Rose's ear and Rose's face contorted with pain as Scarlett hissed insults into her ringing ear. Rose was hurt and she knew she had to break the clinch to get room to punch. Both girls were sweating and their bodies were already slippery. The tension was growing as the match evened out.

Rose gathered her strength and as Scarlett loosened her grip to throw another haymaker to Rose's head, Rose broke free and landed a stunning right cross to Scarlett's jaw. Scarlett's head snapped and Rose immediately followed up with a bruising left to Scarlett's other delicate breast.

Rose snarled and said, "I'm going to beat your pathetic tits black and blue."

The crowd applauded the devastating punching as Scarlett desperately fell into Rose, wrapping her arms around her and locking her to her left side. The pain in Scarlett's chest was intense, but Rose's words gave her strength that she didn't know she had.

They struggled, embracing, and Scarlett landed a series of short, hard forearm blows to the back of Rose's head. Rose's head rocked forward with each blow and her face contorted with pain. Rose's large tits bobbed erotically, almost coming out of their bra.

Scarlett felt the larger girl's strength ebbing and she broke the clinch, ducked a desperate roundhouse right by Rose and landing a solid left-right to Rose's exposed belly. This time Rose groaned and started to double over, but Scarlett threw an uppercut that smashed into Rose's face with a sickening splat. Rose stumbled and staggered back, blood running down her face.

Rose was in trouble and the crowd began to call for Scarlett to finish her. The redhead began to stalk her brunette foe, determined to give her hated rival as much punishment as she could. Scarlett started jabbing, landing punch after punch to Rose's sensitive breast. The pain in her delicate nipples became so intense that Rose staggered around helplessly.

The men were very excited at the sight of this beautiful, lithe redhead, dominating the bloodied brunette, whose alabaster skin had turned fiery red from the pummeling. Those who bet on the underdog redhead were now cheering wildly. Confident she could put Rose away, Scarlett wound up and threw a tremendous uppercut.

Only Rose's superior reflexes and the fact that Scarlett had telegraphed the punch terribly, allowed her to barely block it with her left arm. Even so, the punch still landed on the point of Rose's chin and as her jaw snapped shut she knew the redhead had broken some of her teeth. It was a feeling Rose knew well after so many fights and she made a mental note to call her dentist in the morning to get some of her caps replaced.

Angered that Rose had partially blocked her knockout punch, Scarlett threw her gloves off and smashed a series of bare knuckle rights and lefts to Rose's tender breasts, beating them like punching bags. Rose crossed her arms over her chest, trying to protect her burning nipples as the slender redhead moved in for the kill. She feinted with her left, then with a fierce look, gathered all the strength in her supple muscles and released a powerful uppercut that hit right on the point of Rose's chin.

The brunette's eyes rolled back as her body was lifted off the floor, the cry in her throat silenced as she lapsed into unconsciousness. Rose landed with a thud, her bruised and battered body flat on her back, her soft, red, bruised and battered breasts slowly rising and falling on her chest as she slept.

Scarlett let out a yell of triumph and raised her gloves high over her head, spinning around to the appreciative audience's applause. Then she turned back to her beaten foe, reached down and slowly stripped Rose of her bra and panties. After throwing them to two lucky spectators, she posed with her foot on Rose's chest and her hands raised. Even louder cheers went up when she unhooked her own bra and threw it to another spectator.

She smiled and announced, "I'll box any actress you want me to. Just tell me where and when. I'll be there with the looks and the hooks that'll kill 'em."
#6 Robin Givens vs. Holly Robinson-Peete by Bob 2/10/02

The fight was billed as a Revenge-Grudge Match and Robin Givens was quick to agree when she was asked if she'd fight Holly Robinson-Peete in a two round bout for charity. Even better, the women were told that the only rule was they had to wear boxing gloves. The fight would be like an organized street fight.

Robin had been waiting for the day in which she could get revenge over Holly for the fight they'd back when they were students at Sara Lawrence College. After a little pushing, a little hair pulling and a little rolling around during which Robin had gotten the worst of it, the fight came to a sudden and surprising end when Holly sent Robin sprawling with a punch to her chin. Even worse, when Holly later did an interview for Playboy the interviewer asked her about the fight.

Holly laughed as she bragged, "The fight ended when I planted one on her chin."

This time Robin had planned to be the planter and not the plantee.

As Robin entered the ring she had a fire in her eyes. She did a little shadow boxing as the crowd roared its approval. Her anger continued to build when Holly didn't make her appearance. Robin was getting angrier and angrier. Oh, was she going to make Holly pay!

Holly finally entered the main part of the arena and did a little dance before making her way to the ring. If she was trying to gain a psychological advantage it was working, because she could sense Robin's anger. She intended for Robin to wind up the same way as the first time, on the seat of her pants looking up at Holly through tear-filled eyes.

Special guest referee Halle Berry called the two to the center of the ring to give them their instructions. While Robin tried to stare down Holly, Holly was shaking a little for the crowd and smiling. When Halle finished giving her instructions, Holly leaned forward and gently kissed Robin on her chin, making her not only blush, but even angrier still.

The bell rang and Robin came out fast, throwing a couple of wild lefts and a couple of wild rights. As each punch missed, Holly taunted her and worked the crowd the way Ali used to. Robin's anger was working against her and Holly knew it. Suddenly, Holly landed a left-right combination, the second punch flush on Robin's chin. Robin's legs buckled. She was hurt and in trouble and Holly rushed in for the kill, backing Robin into the ropes under a flurry of punches.

Holly landed a 3-punch combination (left, right, right). The first punch flattened Robin's left breast, the second hers right breast and the third on the point of Robin's chin. Robin screamed in pain as she went down.

As Halle moved in to begin the count, Holly threw her arms in the air and did the old "Ali Shuffle." Robin slowly got up as the count reached six and waited for Halle to count to eight.

Halle wiped Robin's gloves and motioned for Holly to fight. She quickly moved in and unleashed a furious kick to Robin's mid-section. Again Robin's legs buckled and she went down gasping for breath as Halle moved in and started her count. This time Robin got up as the count reached eight and gestured that she was ready to continue fighting. She knew one more knockdown in the round and the fight was over, but she wasn't going to back away. She was going to win or lose fighting.

When Holly closed in on her again, Robin threw her foot out, landing a high leg kick to Holly's breasts. The kick caught Holly by surprise and she grabbed her sore breasts. Robin set her feet and kicked Holly again, this time in the stomach doubling her over. As Holly clutched her stomach, Robin delivered a rabbit punch on the back of Holly's neck. She crumbled to the canvas. The fight had taken a sudden turn and now Holly was in trouble.

Robin threw her arms up in the air and waved, she was sure that Holly wasn't getting up. However, Holly did stagger up at the count of nine, Halle signaled for the fight to continue and now it was Robin who charged in, landing two quick punches to the jaw. She could see Holly was hurt and she threw punch after punch as Holly tried to back away. Holly's hands were down so Robin finally landed another kick to Holly's mid-section. Holly grabbed her stomach and screamed as she crashed to the mat.

As Halle reached the count of six, the bell sounded to end the first round. Robin watched, knowing the bell couldn't save a fighter who was down at the end of the first round. Holly grabbed the middle rope and pulled herself up at nine, just as in time to beat Halle's count.

As she wobbled back to her corner, Halle followed her to see if she could continue. Shielded by Holly's manager, Kathie Lee Gifford, Halle couldn't get a good look at Holly until she'd already recovered. Now Holly was concerned. She'd underestimated Robin and once Robin got over her initial anger, she'd taken control of the fight.

Holly turned to Kathie Lee and said, "I want to quit. She wins."

Kathie Lee looked over at the other corner and then told her friend, "She's tired and she's going to go down. Keep kicking and throwing punches and she'll go. You're bigger and stronger."

Robin sat calmly on her stool between rounds as her manager, Jenny Jones, told her, "You hurt her. She's crying. One or two more punches and the fight's over."

The bell sounded to begin the second and last round. Robin raced across the ring and landed a hard right to Holly's jaw just as she was getting off her stool. Once again Holly went down but this time she got up at the count of five and waited for Halle to signal for the fight to continue. When Robin rushed in, she grabbed Holly and spun her around then started throwing jabs to Holly's chin, nose, and breasts. Robin felt she could knock her taller foe out but first she had years of anger and frustration to get out of her system. She wanted to torture her hated rival.

Finally Robin whacked Holly in the back with two thunderous rights and again Holly went down. Robin leaned against the ropes, hoping Holly would get up. It was payback time and she loved giving Holly a beating. Instead of going for the third knockdown to end the fight, Robin was going to continue torturing Holly and beat her by a decision.

Much to Robin's delight, Holly got up. As Halle looked in Holly's eyes, Robin had a bad feeling Halle was going to stop the fight, however, Halle signaled Robin to resume the fight. Robin was slow getting off the ropes. She saw Holly coming toward her, but didn't think she had any fight left in her. She was wrong!

Holly let her hands go, flailing away, firing lefts and rights non-stop, even throwing an occasional kick. After landing what must have been twenty unanswered punches on Robin, Holly threw a right hook that landed flush on Robin's chin. Robin's knees buckled and she swan dived face first to the canvas. As Robin lay on the canvass, Holly saw Robin's nose bleeding profusely. Had she broken Robin's nose? Halle began to count and just as she reached ten, the bell sounded.

There was mass confusion! Halle huddled with the fight commission trying to decide if the count reached ten before the bell. The last round was the only round in which a fighter could be saved by the bell. If the bell sounded before Halle said ten, the judges would have to decide the fight.

Across the ring, doctors helped Robin sit up. Her right eye was closed, there were cuts over and under her left eye and her nose had, indeed, been broken. She didn't look or feel like a winner and she hadn't gotten the revenge she craved, but if she was declared the winner, she'd at least get satisfaction.

In the opposite corner from Robin, there was pushing and shoving going on between both camps. Finally, a fight broke out between Jenny Jones and Kathie Lee Gifford. After exchanging a few pushes, Kathie Lee grabbed Jenny's hair and tried to wrestle her to the mat. She was unable to get Jenny down, however, and Jenny retaliated by repeatedly kicking Kathie Lee, while throwing lefts and rights. Kathie Lee couldn't believe how fast Jenny's hands were. She was even more surprised that Jenny was stronger. After several hard punches and kicks, Kathie Lee had to let go of Jenny's hair and try to fight back.

But Jenny was too strong for Kathie Lee and she continued to land punch after punch until Kathie Lee had had enough. She turned and started to run away. Just as Kathie Lee was about to climb out of the ring, Jenny grabbed her by her hair and jerked her upright. Then she reached around and tore off Kathie Lee's blouse, exposing her huge globes.

The crowd cheered wildly as Kathie Lee stood in the middle of the ring, her face bright crimson, her arms crossed over her chest with nowhere to go. Jenny waved Kathie Lee's blouse proudly before she threw it into the crowd then she turned and taunted the embarrassed Kathie Lee. After taunting Kathie Lee for several seconds, Jenny decided, "What the hell, might as well finish the fight!"

Jenny wanted to knock Kathie Lee out. She threw a straight right to Kathie Lee's jaw that connected, but to her surprise, Kathie Lee took her punch and retaliated. Kathie Lee's left landed on Jenny's jaw and her knees buckled. A split second later, Kathie Lee's right hand landed flush under Jenny's chin. The punch sent Jenny reeling across the ring until she hit the ropes and then fell over forward. Her face bounced as it hit the canvas.

Knowing Jenny wasn't getting up anytime soon, helped Kathie Lee get over the shame of the beating she'd taken, the shame of running away and the embarrassment at losing her top. In fact, she felt so good she posed with her arms raised, her thick legs straddling Jenny's up-turned ass; making sure everyone got a good look at her tits.

For a second or two she thought about removing Jenny's top and then holding her up so that the crowd could see her flat chest but she decided against it. Instead, she asked for the microphone. Holding it in one hand, she used the other to count Jenny out. When she reached ten, she decided to count again and asked the crowd to count along with her. This time when she hit ten, she started waving her arms and jumping up and down, making sure everyone got to see how good her tits looked as they bounced wildly on her chest.

Robin Givens sat on her stool waiting for ring announcer Bob Shepherd to tell everyone whether or not she'd won a decision or been knocked out. As bad as the first minute of the first round and the last minute of the final round had been, and as bad as her face looked, Robin was pretty sure she'd been counted out after the bell and therefore had won the decision.

Finally, Bob Shepherd grabbed the microphone and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the fight with a knockout at 1:59 seconds of the second round, Holly Robinson-Peete."

While there were boos, a majority of the crowd cheered. A joyous Holly Robinson jumped up and down as the dejected Robin Givens put her head in her hands and began to cry.

When Jenny Jones finally came to, Kathie Lee grabbed the microphone from Bob Shepherd and said, "And the winner of the fight between Kathie Lee Gifford and Jenny Jones is ME, Kathie Lee Gifford."

This time everyone in the crowd roared their approval. Once Jenny was coherent she waited for Kathie Lee to move away from the center of the ring before she got up and walked to the microphone.

"I want a rematch between Robin and Holly," she said. "Next time Robin will knock HER out."

When Jenny saw Kathie Lee coming toward her she dropped the microphone and put her hands up to defend herself. Just as Kathie Lee reached her, Jenny threw a punch. Kathie Lee blocked it and landed one of her own. Kathie Lee's punch landed flush on Jenny's chin and she went down again. Kathie Lee stood over her, taunting her to get up. After about thirty seconds, Jenny finally rolled over to her hands and knees. Then she quickly scurried across the ring and slid out under the bottom ropes and ran up the aisle looking back over her shoulder wide-eyed. Kathie Lee thought about chasing after her but decided not to.

Instead, she grabbed the microphone and said, "How about a rematch between Jenny and me? I beat her twice tonight and I'll beat her again. I'll fight her in heels and a dress like tonight. I'll fight in boxing clothes, bikini's, whatever she wants."

She then raised her hands and once again gave a seductive pose. After posing for several second, Kathie Lee signaled Holly to join her in the center of the ring. Holly, who had removed her gloves and the tape from her hands, took off her top, and threw it into the crowd. As Holly and Kathie Lee posed together, a dejected Robin left the ring in tears.