Halle Berry vs. Nikki Cox by Bob

Nikki Cox and Halle Berry had met each other a few times and chatted briefly. Halle never knew why, but there was something about the buxom redhead she didn’t like. Then, one day at a party, she realized why she didn’t like the redhead. They were talking and Nikki seemed rather condescending.

Halle asked her, “What’s your problem?”

The redhead stared at the African-American princess and said, “You’re my problem. You boast about everything you have done, how athletic you are, how tough you are. It’s Halle this, Halle that. Is there anything you don’t do better the rest of the world?”

Sensing a problem, many of the guests, including Nikki’s husband, “Bobcat” Goldthwait, crowded around the two beauties.

“Actually, I don’t seem to be as good at being a bitch as you are,” Halle replied with a smirk.

“Is that so?” Nikki replied. She slapped Halle across her cheek and said, “Well, I hear you think you’re tough. Let’s see how tough you really are.”

Acting instinctively, Halle slapped Nikki back and said, “I’m certain I’m tougher than you are, dear.”

Nikki and Halle began to circle each other, both looking for an opening and Nikki heard “Bobcat” say, “Get her Nikki. Kick her ass.”

Nikki quickly looked at her husband and winked. Suddenly, Halle reached out and grabbed her long red hair with her left hand and started swinging with her right hand. Every punch Halle threw was one that could’ve put the redhead down and ended the fight but most were wild and, despite having her head pulled forward while Halle held her hair, Nikki somehow managed to block some of her punches. Trying to level the playing field, Nikki grabbed Halle’s left hand and tried to force her to let go of her hair. She also tried grabbing Halle’s right hand so she wouldn’t be able to punch her with it. She squeezed Halle’s left wrist as hard as she could, but Halle continued to hold her hair.

While Nikki made futile attempts to catch Halle’s right hand, Halle was becoming more accurate with her punches and she repeatedly hit the redhead in the face and chest. She was landing a lot of good shots and she knew it. Nikki realized if she didn’t fight more aggressively she was going to lose. The redhead reached out and grabbed Halle’s hair with her left hand and started throwing rights at the African-American beauty.

The two beauties stood toe-to-toe, holding each with the other’s hair in one hand throwing haymakers with the other. Both women were connecting with punches that would have doubled most opponents over or sent them to the ground, however, both Amazons were filled with adrenaline and neither was prepared to give an inch.

Finally, Nikki landed a devastating punch into Halle’s stomach causing her to grimace and lose her grip on the redhead’s hair. After a couple of minutes of toe-to-toe action, one of the fighters had finally gotten an advantage. The African-American strong girl let go of Nikki’s long red hair and stopped throwing punches as she grabbed her stomach. With her hand still buried in Halle’s beautiful hair, Nikki threw three crushing rights to the side of Halle’s head. Halle’s legs buckled!

Nikki let go of Halle’s beautiful hair and watched the African-American strong girl stagger backward. Like a tigress stalking her prey, Nikki moved in for the kill. As Nikki closed in on her hated rival, Halle snapped her right foot up into Nikki’s groin. Nikki had never been kicked in her pussy and could not believe how painful it was. Screaming in agony, she grabbed her wounded groin and dropped to her knees.

Halle looked at “Bobcat” and laughed, then sadistically delivered a hard kick to Nikki’s chest. She groaned and rocked back on her haunches just before, with another flashing foot, Halle kicked Nikki in the jaw a fraction of a second later. The busty redhead fell over backwards, her head hitting the ground and bouncing. Many of the spectators were in awe at the rate of speed in which Halle had delivered the right-left kick combination.

As a child growing up in an affluent Cleveland suburb, Halle had learned the hard way not to give her opponent a chance to recover. She quickly mounted the semi-conscious redhead and started hammering away at her huge breasts and swollen jaw with both fists. As she hammered away, Halle was surprised that the redhead, who was too dazed to defend herself or offer any resistance, was still conscious.

Halle was getting tired from all the punches she’d thrown and was definitely slowing down. Finally she stopped throwing punches, leaned forward, grabbed Nikki’s arms, and pinned them at her sides with her knees. She decided she’d hold Nikki down without fighting until see got her second wind or Nikki started fighting back. After resting for a minute, Halle reached down and ripped off Nikki’s halter. With her huge melons bared, Halle dug her nails into the redhead’s breasts.

Nikki, who had been regaining consciousness since the tall brunette stopped her assault, let out a scream and yelled, “Bobcat, get this bitch off me so I can kill her.”

Bobcat moved quickly and grabbed Halle by her hair, pulling her off his frantic wife. The African-American princess turned and smashed Bobcat in the jaw. The punch had caught the comedian by surprise and he fell over backward. The guests applauded Halle as Bobcat lay motionless on his back. One guest turned to another and laughed, “I think she killed him!”

Meanwhile, much to Halle’s surprise, the beautiful redhead was still on her back. Once again Halle mounted Nikki and started back to work on her heaving chest, clawing and twisting Nikki’s tits and causing Nikki to cry in pain. Nikki started kicking and bucking like a wild bull despite her pain but Halle continued to claw away. The dominant African-American was so intent on destroying Nikki’s chest, she didn’t realize Nikki had somehow managed to lift her legs and get them around her waist.

Halle tried to pry the redhead’s ankles loose before she could do any damage, but Nikki also knew the importance of quickness. Pulling her back with her powerful legs, she managed to sit up as she was pulling Halle over backwards. When she put Halle on her back, Nikki slammed her head to the grass with a thud. Sensing that she could do more if she was standing, Nikki loosened her powerful scissors and got up holding her aching tits and hoping she’d stunned Halle enough so the African-American goddess would still be lying on the ground.

Staring down at the woman who’d been beating the hell out of her, Nikki was ready to get revenge. She couldn’t help but stare at her injured breasts as she continued to try and clear her head. When she realized what Halle had done to her, Nikki screamed and kicked the brunette in her ribs. Halle grunted as she bounced and rolled to her stomach. Nikki looked down and delivered another hard kick to Halle’s ribs, causing her to roll again. Nikki again looked at her scratched and bruised tits and went after Halle. She leaped on Halle’s back, wrapped her arm around Halle’s throat and started squeezing the air out of Halle’s lungs.

Despite having trouble breathing, Halle was determined to regain the advantage. She’d been fighting most of her life and was not about to lose to some redheaded bimbo with a big mouth. Halle struggled to get to her knees with Nikki on her back. Nikki tried forcing Halle back to the ground, but she wasn’t strong enough to power Halle back down. Halle reached back with her right hand and made an effort to grab Nikki’s hair but Nikki grabbed Halle’s wrist. Halle reacted immediately by grabbing Nikki’s hair with her other hand.

Nikki tightened her grip around her opponent’s throat. Realizing that she was not going to flip the redhead over, Halle started leaning back. She kept leaning until the two brawlers finally fell over backwards. Although Nikki was still in control, Halle was now on top again with her back to Nikki. Halle started bouncing on the redhead’s stomach and using her legs to dig her heels into Nikki’s legs in an effort to free her right hand and get Nikki’s arm from around her throat.

After about fifteen seconds of Halle’s bouncing and digging her heels into Nikki’s legs, Nikki finally released her grip. Halle turned over and smacked Nikki in the jaw with a right. The punch snapped Nikki’s head to the side. Again, Halle was in a position in which she could do some damage. She grabbed Nikki’s red hair with her left hand, pulled her head slightly off the ground and began throwing rights to Nikki’s jaw, forehead, and eyes. Nikki’s eyes were blackening and swelling quickly.

Halle then let go of Nikki’s head and watched as it fell to the ground and bounced. She then grabbed Nikki’s hair with her right hand, again pulled her foe’s hair, lifting her head so that it was slightly off the ground. Halle held Nikki’s head aloft for a second or two and said, “I think it is time to hit you with some lefts, your face is getting crooked.”

Halle started throwing lefts to Nikki’s jaw, forehead, and eyes. After delivering several hard lefts, Halle again let Nikki’s head go. Once again Nikki’s head fell to the ground and bounced. Halle got up and stood over her fallen opponent.

“I got some bad news for you, hon, there isn’t enough make-up to cover up your face. You look grotesque and I doubt you’ll be going anywhere for awhile.”

She then put her foot on Nikki’s throat and pushed down until the redhead lapsed into a state of unconsciousness, then turned and looked at the party guests.

“Looks like I won. Where is that idiot husband of hers?”

One of the guests pointed to the comedian, who was still unconscious and Halle laughed and said, “She takes a better punch than he does. I wonder who wears the pants in that family.”
Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was sitting in her home with her younger sister, Lynda, a member of New York’s WB morning news team and radio disc jockey who was visiting the famous J-Lo. They were drinking beer as they reminisced about growing up in the Bronx. They started joking about neighborhood and schoolyard fights and how the three Lopez sisters: oldest sister, Leslie, middle sister Jennifer and baby sister, Lynda, always won. Reliving their youth made Lynda laugh long and hard.

Finally Lynda said, “You didn’t win them ALL Jen. I remember, you could beat Leslie but not me. I made my reputation by kicking your ass.”

“Big deal Lynda, we only had three fights. You were lucky.”

“I wasn’t lucky Jen. I always killed you. You were a great fighter but I was greater. Beating you was easy.”

“You were a dirty fighter Lynda,” J-Lo pouted.

“So were you,” Lynda retorted. “You were the one who’d start pulling hair and scratching. It isn’t a good idea to scratch someone or punch someone who’s on top of you and giving you a beating. If we could go back in time I’d charge kids money to protect them from you. I could’ve made a lot.”

“I’d pull your hair to get you off. You were a maniac,” J-Lo said. “You have any idea how humiliating it is to have your little sister kick your butt then make you kiss her feet?”

Their argument was interrupted by a third voice from behind, “Probably not as humiliating as when a hated rival kicks your ass and makes you kiss her ass. So your little sister used to kick your fat ass, huh!”

Both Jennifer and Lynda spun around and stared open-mouthed. Mariah Carey was standing in J-Lo’s house.

Lynda put her half empty bottle of beer on the table next to her, and turned to look at her big sister, “Who invited that jerk?”

Mariah’s eyes opened wide, “So, tough girl, are you a body guard or something? Here to protect your sister?”

Lynda and Jennifer stared at each other and shrugged.

“I’d love to beat you for all the things you said about my sister,” Lynda said. “But she doesn’t need my help to beat your ass. She can take care of herself.”

“Actually,” Mariah said. “It probably doesn’t matter if you jump in or not. I’m pretty sure I can take both of you.”

J-Lo yawned and asked, “So what brings you here? Plan to join us for dinner and a little club hopping?”

The Latin’s flippant attitude was only making Mariah angrier, “I told the tabloids you were a pig but you haven’t fought back. I think you’re too chicken shit to say anything about me.”

“Mariah, I don’t believe in lowering myself by name calling. Besides, I don’t take you very seriously; you aren’t important enough or talented enough. You’re a big nothing. You walk into my house uninvited and now you accuse me of being afraid to fight you. I’ll fight you.”

Jennifer looked at her sister and they started to laugh. Mariah wasn’t amused and she grabbed the bottle of beer that Lynda had just placed on the table. Smiling, Mariah poured the remains of the beer over J-Lo’s head. The cold beer made J-Lo scream and she scrambled to her feet. Mariah watched closely to see what the Latin beauty was going to do. Jennifer looked at her sister one last time. When Lynda nodded her head, J-Lo delivered a stinging slap to Mariah’s face.

Jennifer followed the slap by grabbing Mariah’s hair with both hands and pulling as hard as she could. Mariah screamed as J-Lo continued tugging on her hair. Having her hair pulled and her head yanked forward and side-to-side fired Mariah who took a wild swing at the lovely Latina beauty. Mariah was positive she’d have knocked J-Lo cold if she connected, but she was off balance and the punch missed.

With Mariah off balance, J-Lo let go of her muscular opponent’s strawberry blondish colored hair and stepped back. The force of her missed punch caused Mariah’s momentum to carry her forward and she tumbled hard to the floor. Again, J-Lo looked at Lynda and they laughed. But Mariah was far from amused and she pushed her body up off the floor with her hands and tried to mule kick Jennifer in the stomach with both feet. J-Lo barely managed to throw her hands up in time to block Mariah’s kick.

Jennifer again turned to Lynda and said, “I like that move; should’ve used it against you.”

Lynda frowned and said, “It wouldn’t have worked on me either, Sis. But you may want to take this fight a bit more seriously.”

Mariah still lay on the floor and the unstable beauty was a little angry that J-Lo had easily gotten her down and blocked her kick despite the fact that she was not taking the fight very seriously.

She glared at the Latina tough girl and said, “You’re a cheap slut. When I’m done with you, I’ll strip you naked.”

Mariah quickly jumped to her feet and lunged at Jennifer, catching her by surprise and tackling her. They fell to the floor and rolled over and over until Jennifer finally got on top of Mariah. Angered by Mariah’s tackle, Jennifer grabbed the front of Mariah’s red dress and quickly ripped it open. Mariah responded immediately, grabbing the front of Jennifer’s black dress and tearing it. Now J-Lo was really angry! She slapped Mariah across the mouth and Mariah grimaced in pain, but quickly grabbed Jennifer’s hair and rolled her off.

As Mariah was rolling Jennifer off her, the Latina heartthrob grabbed the strawberry blonde’s hair and the two celebrities started rolling across J-Lo’s living room pulling and tearing hair. After about a minute of rolling around, again Jennifer came out on top with Mariah still holding Jennifer’s hair. Mariah let go when Jennifer rose slightly and drove her knee into Mariah’s crotch bringing a gasp of pain.

J-Lo moved up on the strawberry blonde’s body so until she was seated on Mariah’s large chest, then she covered Mariah’s arms with her knees and easily pinned them to the floor. Still feeling the effects of Jennifer’s knee, Mariah was unable to fight back as Jennifer slapped her in the face several times. But as she caught her breath, the powerful strawberry blonde started bucking her hips wildly, planting her feet on the floor and, eventually, she tossed the smaller J-Lo off of her.

Both superstars quickly scrambled to their feet and Jennifer immediately attacked Mariah, slapping her. Mariah answered her slap with an even harder one and then they started trading slaps which soon escalated to punches. Despite getting the worst of their trades, Mariah didn’t back away and she finally landed a hard punch on Jennifer’s nose. Jennifer stumbled backwards, but quickly recovered and went after Mariah, grabbed her and put her in a headlock.

Mariah threw a few roundhouse punches to J-Lo’s belly, but she was forced to stop and scream as Jennifer tightened her grip on the headlock. Jennifer then tossed the muscular beauty over her hip and Mariah landed heavily with J-Lo landing on top of her chest. Mariah groaned, but she managed to grab the back of J-Lo’s hair and pull until her Hispanic opponent had to let her go to avoid being tipped over onto her back.

Finally free, both combatants were on their knees. Before the Hispanic superstar could make a move, Mariah reached out, grabbed J-Lo’s bra and ripped it off. Still on their knees with Jennifer’s tits now flopping around wildly, the two brawlers grabbed each other’s hair and started shaking each other as they struggled for the advantage.

For the first time in the fight, Mariah seemed to be the stronger and Jennifer had to use all of her strength to keep Mariah from overpowering her to gain the advantage. After a minute or two of holding the caramel-colored beauty off, however, Mariah eventually put Jennifer down and she screamed as her head hit the floor.

With J-Lo down on her back, Mariah jumped on top and straddled her face. Jennifer bucked wildly, desperately trying to get Mariah off her. But Mariah easily controlled Jennifer who was having trouble breathing and getting worried. Finally, J-Lo did the only thing she could, she bit Mariah’s ass! Mariah screamed and lurched forward, giving Jennifer a chance to roll free. Despite being in pain, Mariah rose to her knees just in time to avoid Jennifer getting on top of her.

Once more, the divas were fighting on their knees. Mariah made the first move, slapping Jennifer’s tits, then grabbing the right one in both hands. Screaming from the pain, Jennifer grabbed Mariah’s hair with one hand, then tore off Mariah’s bra with the other, baring her huge breasts. Jennifer grabbed Mariah’s huge melons as she pushed Mariah back. She continued clawing Mariah’s large tits until she forced Mariah over onto her back, then Jennifer fell on top of her. Now it was payback time!

Jennifer quickly maneuvered her body so she was sitting on Mariah’s face, sure her famously large ass could suffocate Mariah. But Mariah quickly threw her powerful legs up and locked her ankles with them around Jennifer’s neck. Mariah squeezed as hard as she could until Jennifer could no longer take the strength of Mariah’s powerful scissors. After a minute or so of struggle, Mariah managed to roll J-Lo onto her back.

After being locked in Mariah’s scissors, J-Lo was frantic. Mariah’s legs were exceptionally strong and the Latina diva wasn’t sure how long she could last. J-Lo tried to turn, but to no avail. She tried bridging, but every time she started Mariah would tighten her grip, punch her in the stomach and grab her wrists. Finally J-Lo tried bucking her hips. She continued to buck although the bucking was hurting her neck, she was able to turn her head. When Mariah’s grip loosened enough, J-Lo was able to free herself.

As soon as she was free, Jennifer turned around, grabbed Mariah’s tits again and squeezed as hard as she could. Mariah screamed for mercy but J-Lo kept squeezing. Despite her pain, Mariah was fighting for survival and she grabbed Jennifer’s tits. The strawberry blonde squeezed them with all the strength she had left.

They squeezed each other’s tits and screamed until Mariah fell over backwards. Her head hit the floor and Jennifer rolled over on top of her. They continued to claw each other’s tits as they both cried out in pain. Despite the pain and her getting the worst of the fight so far, Mariah’s size was beginning to take its toll on the Latina lovely. Bigger and stronger, Mariah rolled J-Lo over and got on top one more time as both continued to scream.

Lynda could see the look on Jennifer’s face and knew her sister had little left and was in deep trouble. She’d seen that same look often when she fought J-Lo. Although Jennifer still had a grip on Mariah’s tits, Lynda knew Jennifer couldn’t take much more pain and was going to quit or pass out. For a second she thought about going to her aid, but decided J-Lo would rather lose than have her baby sister help her.

As the two divas continued to maul each other’s chests, Mariah tightened her grip. As she did J-Lo’s grip became weaker. Finally, with a sigh, J-Lo released her grasp of Mariah’s tits although Mariah continued to maul J-Lo’s until she finally cried out, “I give! You win!”

Despite her submission, Mariah continued to squeeze and maul J-Lo’s tits for another 30 seconds until she passed out. Only then did she release her double breast claw and get up. Mariah slowly walked to the table where J-Lo had put down her beer, picked it up and slowly poured the chilly liquid up and down the length of J-Lo’s hot body. Then Mariah went to the kitchen. Lynda wondered what Mariah was up to. Her sister was still unconscious on the floor despite being doused with half a beer.

When Mariah walked out of the kitchen holding a couple of beers, Lynda stepped in front of her and said, “She’s had enough, you won. Now please leave.”

Mariah sized up the mousy brunette. So younger and tougher sister, you wanna piece a me too?”

Lynda smiled and nodded curtly, “If that’s what it takes to get you out of here.”

Mariah put the beers down and as she straightened up she threw a sucker punch that landed on Lynda’s chin. Although the punch hurt, Lynda rocked back on her heels and immediately countered, throwing a left-right combination that landed on Mariah’s nose and then her chin. Mariah went down like a sack of flour.

Lynda looked down at her fallen foe and snapped, “Get up tough girl!”

As Mariah rose, Lynda landed a punch to Mariah’s stomach and another to the chin side of her jaw. Mariah turned and started to run and Lynda went running after her. But as Lynda ran through the door, Mariah grabbed her from behind and locked her arms around the wiry brunette’s throat. Lynda fought desperately, straining to break the strawberry blonde’s choke hold. She tried prying Mariah’s hands away from her throat. She tried pulling Mariah’s hair and scratching her. Nothing she tried worked, Mariah was holding on too tightly.

Finally, Lynda’s struggles stopped and her body went limp. Mariah relaxed for a second, then let go of the small brunette and her body sank to the floor. Mariah gave Lynda a hard kick in the ribs and watched her go tumbling down a flight of stairs. Mariah smiled, feeling good about winning not one, but two tough fights. She walked down the stairs, lifted her tinier foe by her hair, draped her over her shoulder, and carried her back upstairs.

Several minutes later she doused both sisters with beer and laughed as they regained consciousness. Mariah downed the remaining beer and walked out of J-Lo’s apartment. J-Lo tried to get up, but she was unable to move. As she became more alert, J-Lo realized she and Lynda were sitting on the floor, tied back to back with the table leg between them. Their arms were tied together with J-Lo’s stockings, their legs had been tied with Lynda’s stockings. Not only had Mariah managed to beat both sisters, but she’d also managed to humiliate them in the process.
Hillary Clinton vs. Linda Tripp

NY Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton was on a planned shopping outing in Georgetown. As her limo pulled to a stop and she got out, she saw the reflection of Linda Tripp in the window of one of the shops. This was the first time she and Linda had come face to face and the former first lady had a few issues she wanted to address. Hillary saw red whenever she though about how Tripp was essentially the one who took down her husband’s administration - though she failed in her effort to overthrow his government.

The insensitive senator knew it was time for a little revenge. She ordered the Secret Service agents guarding her to go have some breakfast on her. Although they knew they weren’t supposed to leave the former First Lady alone, they also knew what she had in mind and if they tried to stop her she’d likely have them fired.

Hillary approached Linda who was so busy looking in the windows that she didn’t see the senator coming. The senator reached out and grabbed Linda’s hair with both hands and spun her around.

“Just the person I want to see. You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted to talk to you. I have a few things I want to discuss.”

Linda grabbed Hillary’s wrists and pulled them from her hair, then looked around for Hillary’s secret servicemen, “So, what happened to your goons?”

Hillary looked disdainfully at the woman she blamed for her husband’s problems and said, “I told them to get breakfast.”

Linda looked at the senator, “They could get fired for leaving you alone. I lost my job for less.”

Hillary laughed at Linda’s misfortune and said, “You lost your job because you tried to overthrow the government. You didn’t succeed, but you caused us a lot of problems and you’re going to pay for it.”

Linda couldn’t help but play dumb, “Gee, I don’t know. Whatever do you mean.”

Hillary spit on Linda, hitting her cheek, then said, “I thought you were smart lady, smart enough to go somewhere politically. All you’re doing is getting me angry and the angrier I get the worse beating I’m going to give you.”

Linda said, “I can’t believe you just spit at me. What kind of a backwoods redneck slob are you?”

The former First Lady said, “You know, getting a face lift and working out and losing weight has made you look better. Too bad I have to beat your ass. Otherwise I might invite you to dinner, then take you back to my place for a ride.”

Linda laughed and said, “Sorry hon, but if I were interested in women I’d have hit on Gennifer, Paula, Monica or any one of a dozen others. Hell, Bill knew they had more talent in their tongues than you got in your whole body!”

Hillary had heard enough, “Let’s go big mouth. There’s a field behind the stores. I’m going to give you a beating like you’ve never had.”

Linda sensed she’d won the psychological battle, “Neither of us are dressed for fighting.”

The former First Lady smiled and replied, “Let’s go, I know you’re not afraid of me and you want me as much as I want you. What are we waiting for?”

Linda laughed and said, “I can take you with no sweat.”

Hillary tried staring her opponent down, “Well let’s go or I’ll put you down right here where people can watch me beating your fat ass.”

“Or they will see me beat your ass. Let’s go Hillary, I’m ready. I’ve wanted a piece of you for years.”

Hillary continued trying to intimidate her rival, “Too bad I didn’t know that. I’d have accommodated you sooner.”

As they walked behind the stores to the field, Linda said, “You haven’t done a good job of scaring me. Are you aware that I have had several fights? I’ve never lost one Hillary, honey.”

Hillary didn’t scare easily. “I’m not surprised you’ve had fights and won. I know self-defense. I’ve had my share of fights too. Who do you think kept all of Bill’s bimbos silenced for years. I doubt you’ll give me much trouble. I never lose at anything.”

The more the Former First Lady boasted, the more Linda wanted to wipe the smug grin off her face. She was certain she was much tougher than Hillary. As they got to the grass field, the Senator took off her high heels with an air of confidence.

Linda watched the Former First Lady slip off her heels and thought about taking her heels off too. Fighting barefooted would give Hillary a little bit of an advantage because she’d have better balance. But, the former Pentagon worker decided she could use her heels as a weapon if necessary for she planned to do some kicking. Also, stomping Hillary’s bare toes would be fun if she needed to get out of trouble.

Smiling at the Senator, Linda defiantly said, “I am going to enjoy this almost as much as if it was your husband.”

Hillary’s eyes opened wide and she threw one of her heels, hitting the platinum blonde in the face. The move caught Linda by surprise and enabled Hillary to throw her other heel and hit Linda again. As Linda held her face, Hillary inched close and slapped Linda’s cheek.

The platinum blonde glared at Hillary, “You’re going to have to hit a lot harder than that if you expect to give me that beating you were bragging about.”

Linda’s arrogance really angered the Former First Lady who was now more determined than ever to hurt this person who took her husband down and may have ruined her own chance at a White House run. Hillary slapped Linda again.

This time Linda smiled and said, “You aren’t as strong as I thought. It’s time to stop playing around.”

She threw a right-hand punch that landed flush on Hillary’s jaw. Much to her surprise Hillary didn’t go down. In fact, she didn’t even seem bothered by the punch.

Once again Hillary slapped her and Linda immediately retaliated with a slap of her own. Hillary touched her cheek and her fingers came away with blood on her fingers.

“Your nails are very sharp, Dear,” Hillary purred cattily.

Linda couldn’t help mimicking the senator, “Well, DEAR, I like them long. Never know when I may have slap the shit out of the wife of a former head of state.”

The platinum blonde went to throw another punch but this time, much to her surprise, Hillary caught her by the wrist, slid her arm up under Linda’s armpit, pivoted, and flipped the heavier woman over her shoulder. Linda looked up at Hillary from her back and realized she hadn’t been lying when she said she knew self-defense.

Hillary smiled down on Linda and smiled, “How about getting up, hon, so I can knock you down again?”

Linda got up slowly and started backing away and as she backed up, Hillary shook her head sadly and said, “Linda, darling, you’re disappointing me. I really thought after all that brave talk, you’d be at least a little tougher. One throw and you back away? Come on you coward, come back and fight.”

As Linda continued to back away, the former First Lady followed her. Once Hillary had closed the distance between them, Linda reached out, grabbed both of Hillary’s wrists and fell backward, pulling Hillary forward to her. When her butt hit the ground, the blonde threw up her right leg and sent Hillary flying head over heels over the top of her.

When Linda grabbed Hillary’s hair and pulled her off the ground to her feet, she told her, “Did I forget to tell you I know self-defense to? How’d you like my throw, pretty impressed? Now, this is the point where I switch to catfighting.”

Linda pulled Hillary’s head forward and kneed her in the stomach. Hillary groaned and started to go to her knees, but before she hit the ground, Linda managed to kick Hillary in each shin twice. With Hillary down on her knees, Linda continued pulling her hair, forcing her head forward until Hillary’s head was trapped between her thighs. She started squeezing the Former First Lady’s head with her powerful legs.

Hillary was in terrible pain and Linda knew it. Hillary didn’t like losing, but the only thing worse than losing to Linda Tripp would be losing to her husband. The dirty blonde had to do something to break free of Linda’s powerful legs. She started to dig her well manicured fingernails into Linda’s calves.

Linda looked down contemptuously, grabbed the Former First Lady’s hands, and said, “Get your claws out of my legs you bitch.”

Linda pulled the Former First Lady’s hands away from her legs as she applied more pressure to her standing head scissors while holding Hillary’s wrists. Hillary felt the pain of Linda’s powerful legs and thought she was going to pass out. She had to do something fast! Hillary couldn’t do anything unless she was able to free her hands from Linda’s tight grip so she struggled to free her hands but Linda was too strong for her.

Linda said, “I think you should give up before you get hurt. You can’t figh.”

Linda taunted Hillary as she released her powerful grip, pivoted and once again picked the Former First Lady off the ground by her hair. She continued to hold the Former First Lady by the hair as she stared at her and said, “It’s time to end this Sweetie.”

Linda threw a right uppercut that Hillary, somehow, managed to get her hands up and block. This only angered Linda and she reached back to throw another punch. Hillary quickly took advantage of the opening and landed a punch of her own to Linda’s eye. The punch was a real good one! When Linda released the Former First Lady’s hair, Hillary knew she’d hurt her. All she needed to do was land one more punch and Linda would be finished. Hillary threw that punch! However, Linda moved her head to the side and Hillary’s fist just grazed her ear. Despite the miss, Hillary felt she was in control of the fight.

But as Hillary moved in to throw another punch, Linda said, “Goodnight.”

She hit the Former First Lady flush on her jaw with an uppercut. Hillary’s head snapped back and her eyes shut. She was out cold before she hit the ground. Linda watched for a while to see how long the Former First Lady would be out. After a minute or two, the dazed Former First Lady struggled to sit up and asked in a dazed little voice, “Wha…what happened?”

Linda laughed and said, “You just lost your first fight. Let me know when you want a rematch. I’ve got some shopping to do. Bye, bye love, it was a pleasure giving you a chance to get even. I’ll see you around, especially if you get the Democratic nod in 2004 or 2008. I hope you enjoyed our little fight.” Then, as Linda started to walk away, she muttered to herself, “She’s not much tougher than that wimp she married. I wonder who she’s beaten besides him.” She walked to the shops to celebrate her win with some serious shopping.

The next morning Linda was surprised when she picked up her copy of the Washington Post from her front lawn. The front-page headline was, “Good-night! Linda KO’s Hillary!” There were several pictures: one of the Former First Lady confronting her, another of the Former First Lady taking off her heels, and a picture of the Former First Lady slapping her.

But the pictures that Linda really enjoyed were those of her holding the Former First Lady’s head between her legs while holding her hands, the one of her lifting the Former First Lady by her hair, and her favorite, when she delivered the knockout punch. There was also a picture of her looking down at the Former First Lady. It was going to be a great day!