Two Fights by the "Fight Chronicler"
Angelina Jolie vs. Jeri Ryan

Angelina knocked at the door, her insides quivering, waiting for the blonde to open the door. After a few seconds, Jeri opened, grinning, and let her in. The two stars had met at a party yesterday and had struck a conversation about their abs. Hint by hint, it became clear that they both wanted to have a stomach punching contest and Jeri invited Angelina to join her the next day. Now, Angelina stood in Jeri's living room, which had been cleared for the contest. Angelina wore a short black top that revealed her tight abs, a short tight grey skirt with a slit on the thigh that revealed her black nylons and a pair of long black boot with stiletto heels. Jeri wore a purple top, that revealed her every curve, cut short to show off her tight belly and a knee length black leather skirt and brown stiletto boot that hid most of her black pantyhose.

Angelina grinned at Jeri, then put her hands up letting the blonde know she had the first shot. Jeri took a deep breath, her large chest lifting as the tension of the fight about to begin crept in. She drew back her fist and stepped into a powerful punch straight to the brunette's abs.

"NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!" Angelina screamed in pain right away, amazed Jeri's first punch had been so powerful.

She felt the busty blonde's hard fist penetrate her abs, rearranging her insides and pressuring her full bladder (Angelina drank 12 bottles of water a day to keep her skin healthy) and she staggered back with tears in her eyes.

Jeri shook her hand and smirked, "So you thought you had hard abs, huh hon?"

She stepped back, excited by the contact while Angelina got steady on her legs, then sent a quick punch to Jeri's midsection.

"Take that, stinking cunt!"

No more niceties now, the contest was fully on! Jeri grunted and bent forward but came back upright and glared at the sexy brunette in her high heels. Angelina shuddered, realizing she'd done no damage to Jeri's stomach, and noticed how her panties were getting soaked by her excitement. She stood hands on her hips, feet spread wide underneath her tight skirt. Jeri clenched her hand and walked up to Angelina, her legs flexed and hips swaying and she punched Angelina again, wincing as her hand hit the brunette hard!

Angelina screamed, "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Her insides felt like they had been penetrated by Jeri's hard fist and she lost her breath and her step to fall to her black nylon clad knees, her bladder about to burst, wheezing, in pain, knowing her falling to her knees gives Jeri another free shot as the two battling babes had agreed yesterday. Jeri grinned. Things were going well for her as she had another shot to hammer at Angelina's body.

"You thought you were tough, huh babe?" Jeri yanked the brunette to her feet by her flimsy top, noticing how Angelina didn't wear a bra, just like her, and felt her big chest sway as she drove a fist into Angelina's left side.

"GGGAAAAWWWWWDDDD!!!!!" Angelina felt her abs cramp up, understanding just how vicious Jeri really is as she teetered on her feet trying not to fall again, terrified at the idea of letting you punch her gain. Jeri's deep breaths made her chest lift up and down as she watched the brunette bombshell.

"You feeling like you're gonna pee, babe?"

Angelina cried out in pain and frustration as she knew one more shot to her lower gut and she'd pee all over herself and she immediately sent a weak right to the blonde's lower belly.

"Uhhhhhhhh!" Jeri gagged as she bent over, holding herself. "She sure knows where to place it," she thought as she gagged again and struggled to stay up.

Angelina sighed loudly as Jeri still won't go down even though she placed her shot perfectly, shuddering as she knew her blonde adversary would retaliate viciously. The brunette stood with her feet spread wide. Jeri rubbed her belly and composed herself, coughing and taking in air, her heavy chest rising and falling. She stepped up to Angelina and sent a powerful punch right into the brunette's belly button going up.

"Not bad. You're still pretty firm, bitch."


Angelina 's eyes went wide as she was hit in her sweet spot and felt her bladder finally let out a thin stream of piss, the warm liquid running slowly down her naked upper thighs to her black nylons as she fell to her knees again.

"Ohh wow!" Jeri groaned as she watched the spectacle of the great Angelina Jolie losing control of her bladder in front of her.

Jeri felt her insides quivers from the sight as she pulled Angelina by her dark hair. She playfully rubbed the brunette's tummy, tracing an x on the spot with her nails, then drew back her fist and punched Angelina again.


Angelina 's whole body is jerked up by Jeri's vicious shot to her gut and she pees on herself again, her black nylons soaking up her urine as it streams down to her knees and into her black stiletto boot. The pain was unbearable and Angelina's legs turned to jello and she fell slowly to her knees again.

Jeri grinned, "You're messing up my wood floor, piss girl."

She yanked Angelina's hair and pulled her up again and hit the brunette's side again, panting from the effort.


Angelina's body twisted as she was hit in her side again, her abs cramping badly as she doubled up, her mouth open in pain, drooling all over the floor, the unbearable pain making her pee a bit more, the urine streaming down from her wet vagina and making a puddle on the wood floor with her drool.

"Damn it!" thought Jeri. "She stayed up," she smirked, trying to hide her fear, bouncing on her toes and shaking her hands which were sore from beating Angelina's tight body.

"Does it hurt girl?" taunted Jeri, figuring Angelina was all done.

"Yes, it hurts, you fucking sicko!!!"

Angelina gritted her teeth and sent her fist into the grinning blonde's lower belly, all adrenaline now as her insides had become soooo wet.

"UGGGGGGGGGGGHHH" Jeri gasped and dropped to one knee, a look of surprise on her face.

"How'd you like THAT bitch?!!!!" taunted back Angelina.

The battling brunette, still short of breath, feeling tears streaming down her pretty face and the pee on her wet thighs still seeping down her throbbing body, waited for Jeri to get back up to deliver more fist medicine to the blonde's tender belly. Jeri took some time and slowly got up, groaning, coughing and rubbing her belly.

"Damn you, bitch!!" screamed the blonde.

"I'm gonna fuck you up and make you piss yourself whore!" responded Angelina as she sent her fist into a point just south of Jeri's navel.


The punch nearly lifted Jeri off her feet and she crumpled to her knees again, her long blonde hair cascading down over her face, cursing and slapping the floor as she gasped air into her empty lungs. Angelina smiled sadistically when she saw her blonde prey slap the floor in pain and she reached to grab Jeri's hair, lifted her up viciously and sent another punch - lower than before - just above the blonde's rounded cunt.


Jeri was nearly lifted off the ground again and she fell forward onto Angelina's excited body, holding on desperate not to fall over.

"Oh my God!!!!!" coughed the beaten blonde. "It's weird, it does feel like I need to pee, damn!!!!" thought the tall vixen as she held onto Angelina to straighten herself up.

"You cunt!!" cursed Angelina as she leaned onto Jeri, the feel of her opponent's tight body rubbing on her making her nipples hard. Angelina's knees shook as she knew you had earned another shot at Jeri's tender gut. Her crotch grew even more wet, not only with the pee that got beaten off of her but also with excitement. Jeri panted and pushed herself up, gurgling a bit as she drew back and tried to find some strength. She punched Angelina with a grunt, wincing as her hand hit the brunette's body.


Angelina held herself erect by grabbing Jeri's shoulders, drooling all over the blonde as her knees gave after Jeri's fist had penetrated deep, hurting her insides. Another small stream of pee fell down her shapely pee-soaked legs pooling besides her high heeled boots. Jeri wiggled, trying to avoid being peed on.

"Goddam!" The blonde coughed and inhaled, her chest thrust to Angelina's, their nipples dueling through the thin soft material of their skimpy tops.

Angelina sent a hard fist to Jeri's lower belly, twisting it inside the out of breath blonde warrior, "I'll make you pee yourself cunt!"

Jeri, distracted by her nipples hardening and her feelings of sexual excitement, was so totally not ready for the gut shot. "GAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!" Her body lifted up in air and she fell on her round butt, writhing, holding her belly. "Damn, where does she get all that strength?" thought the beaten blonde as she wiped her sweaty face.

Angelina staggered on her stiletto heels, almost falling down as she is surprised by Jeri's collapse, and she taunted the blonde to get back up, "Come on, bitch, I'm gonna tenderize your body!!"

Jeri pulled on Angelina's leg to get herself up on wobbly legs. She glared at the brutal brunette, thinking, "Fuck! I had her!"

"Trying to piss my leg, eh, bitch?" mocked Angelina as Jeri grabbed her pee-soaked thighs to get back up.

Angelina felt her insides soak at the touch of Jeri's strong fingers on her soaked leg. The brunette waited for Jeri to barely be up before she sent a hard punch to the side of her stomach, "How do you like it cunt?"

"Uuhhhhhhhhh!!!" Jeri weaved as Angelina's punch put pressure on her bladder and a little pee dribbled out as she screamed, "You slut!"

Jeri staggered but she stayed up... teetering. Angelina smiled when she saw the thin stream of pee running down Jeri's pantyhosed legs which were bared as Jeri's skirt got bunched up more and more during the fight. The brunette set her legs wide on shaky legs to wait for the blonde's shot, her knees wobbling a little.

"How’s it feel to have the pee beaten out of you cunt?" she taunted.

Jeri sniffed as she rubbed her face. Angry by Angelina's taunt, she tried to find something left and sent an uppercut into the brunette's waiting belly.


Angelina 's bladder exploded again and her panties were soaked anew, the warm urine splattering on the wooden floor, marring her pretty black stiletto boots. She staggered, trying to stay upright, but her high heels slipped on her warm pee puddle and she fell down on her tight round ass, her legs open, and Jeri admired Angelina's wet crotch visible under her bunched up miniskirt, her labia visible as the wet silk of her panties hid almost nothing to Jeri's smiling gaze. Jeri panted and pushed a foot into Angelina's wet crotch, holding the stiletto heel menacingly over her enemy's soaked slit and holding it there as she smirked at Angelina, tensing to hold her bladder tightly shut.

"OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!" panted Angelina as her excited crotch wanted nothing better than to be penetrated by your raping heel and she moaned in sexual excitement, wondering what Jeri had in store for her, noticing the blonde squirming to hold her bladder. Angelina could feel her tasty butt get wet as the back of her miniskirt and of her panties mop her own pee puddle.

"Gawd, she'd like me to rape her with my foot right there and then," Jeri thought nervously. "How do you take someone down if she enjoys it so much." Of course Jeri humiliatingly noticed how wet she was too and had to admit that if Angelina inserted her high heel into her waiting cunt, she wouldn't mind. Jeri pulled Angelina up by her flimsy, sweaty top, and hit her again, groaning, her fists raw.

"FFFUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!" screamed Angelina in abject pain as she soiled herself again. "She clearly has my number," Angelina thought, excited as she grimly hung onto Jeri's tight body so she wouldn't fall down, her nipples fully erect.

"Damn it!" said Jeri as she felt the brunette's hard nipples rubbing hers. She moaned as her insides quivered just as Angelina hit her on the other side, a low punch, penetrating deep into her tenderized belly.


Jeri's feet completely leave the floor and she falls sideways, holding her pee but feeling like she was going to orgasm. Jeri couldn't think any longer as she gagged and spit up. Angelina shuddered as she loved to see Jeri's body jerk up in the air looking in ecstasy. The brunette picked up Jeri's drooling head by the hair, raised her up roughly, her legs parted wide and sent a punch to the center of Jeri's belly, just above her cunt, noticing how hot the blonde's belly felt.

"Ugggggggggggg!! She seems to be recovering..." thought Jeri in a panic as she staggered all the way into the wall, which she hit with a thud. Jeri bent over, shuddering as suddenly her body spasmed and she orgasmed hard. "Oh fuck!" she thought as she gagged and held onto herself.

Angelina sighed as Jeri managed to stay up on teetering high heels. The brunette really wanted to hit the blonde again and now will have to sustain another of her amazingly strong poundings of her now softened belly. Jeri groaned, embarrassed as she lost control of her sex, her tummy cramping and hurting bad. She stumbled forward, tears in her eyes and she stepped towards Angelina and hit low into her belly.


Angelina lost control of her bladder again, but this time, Jeri's fist pounding deep into her made her cum hard and her legs quivered and turned to jello. Angelina fell on the floor, in her own warm pee, holding her beaten tummy and rubbing her wet crotch with her hand inside her soaked panties as the orgasm exploded lengthily inside her.

"Oohhh, thank God!" thought Jeri. "Stay down bitch," she commanded. "Say you ain't takin it." Jeri put her hands on her knees, her big chest arched down as she coughed and inhaled.

Angelina moaned softly, "I.... can.... take.... you....." She staggered onto her high heels, her knees shot and she got up, her body still quivering from the orgasm Jeri's beating gave her, her legs soaked in her own urine.

"Dammit!" cursed the blonde as she shook the sweaty hair from her face and put a hand on Angelina's shoulder, slowing down as she hit the brunette into her belly button.

"GGAAAWWWWWDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!" Angelina held onto Jeri as she was hit deeply into her female organs again, making her wonder if Jeri had damaged her reproductive organs, and she orgasmed again holding Jeri's body, her breasts rubbing over the blonde as she lost control again...

"Oh my god!!! you're such a vicious bitch!!!" cursed Angelina.

Jeri spasmed in aftershock as she felt her tight body react and her nipples erected like rocks. She groaned and cried as she saw Angelina wasn't going down. She tried to back up but Angelina, still orgasming, was holding tight as she staggered and then just as she was about to lose her footing, she hit Jeri again into her beaten lower belly and collapsed to her knees.

"Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" spasmed Jeri and she couldn't feel her legs any longer and fell with Angelina, dropping to her pantyhosed knees, hair in her face, coughing and spitting up.

Angelina was on all four, her hair down her face, drooling... She pushed her hair back and looked at Jeri, her insides quivering at the sight of the blonde beauty on her knees, close to her.

"Had enough bitch?" asked Angelina.

Jeri sobbed, but knowing it was her turn to hit, she answered, "Fuck you pissy bimbo!!!"

She tried to get up and away from Angelina, coughing and drooling as she tugged on the brunette's sweat-soaked hair to get her up. But as she pulled Angelina to her shaky knees by her wet hair, Angelina staggered in front of Jeri, ready to go, her crotch dripping, close to orgasming again. Jeri shivered, trying to tense her muscles, coughing as she shook wildly, hair in her face. Angelina teetered, almost falling, her high heels slipping on the wet hardwood floor, her hair hanging in front of her face, drooling in a daze, stepping up to try and hold on to Jeri.

"Uh uhhh!" Jeri leaned and tried to push Angelina back, her body spasming. Angelina teetered on uncertain legs, but she hit Jeri with all she had in the solar plexus.


Jeri looked down as she dropped to her knees, sure that it couldn't have been just a fist as Angelina's blow felt like metal or a bat. She coughed and spasmed and she let more pee loose, sobbing. Angelina smiled when she saw Jeri fall on her knees, a thin stream of pee soaking the inside of the blonde's thighs and crotch, a small puddle forming between the sobbing blonde's legs.

Angelina stood on wide open legs, so turned on she almost had another orgasm and asked, "Do you give, bitch?"

Jeri moaned and struggled to get up, falling once when her stiletto heels slipped on her own urine, but managing to get up the second time. "Oh my God, oh my God!!!!" she looked around as if wanting to flee.

"No escaping bitch!!! Either you give or I knock you out!!!" Angelina trembled as she said those words and her nipples hardened again. She sent another vicious shot right at Jeri's navel.

"Uugggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!! Jeri felt like she couldn't breathe at all and felt faint as she fell into Angelina, trying to hold on and drag the brunette down. Jeri spasmed and in a delayed reaction, peed on herself as she gasped. Angelina felt Jeri's warm urine falling all over her sexy quivering black nylon clad legs. She pushed Jeri down to make her fall in the puddle of her own urine.

"UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Oh, you slut, you pushed me. I'd have stayed up," moaned Jeri.

She struggled in her puddle, pee splashing all over her beautiful black leather skirt as she struggled to turn towards Angelina who picked the blonde her soaked hair and dared Jeri to take a shot, wanting to beat her fair and square as her insides shiver and her bladder still feels full from her heavy water intake before the fight. Jeri moaned and used her upward momentum to draw back and hit an exhausted punch to Angelina's tummy just under belly button.


Angelina felt the blonde's fist hit her savagely, and she peed herself once more, having lost all control of her bladder to Jeri's fists.

Angelina staggered forward and held onto Jeri and it looked like they both could fall any moment as Angelina's crotch alit with wetness brought on by the pain and humiliation Jeri was making her go through.

"Oohhhh dammit no!!" Jeri started to openly cry as she saw Angelina staying up. She thought, "How can such a such a pretty woman be so strong. Damn, damn!"

Angelina saw Jeri cry her little bitches head out and smirked, knowing her punch would be good. She drew her fist far back far and hit Jeri deep in the lower stomach, cumming again as she felt Jeri's your body recoil. Angelina shivered in sexual ecstasy as her legs felt about to collapse. Jeri's feet actually lifted off the ground and she folded on the brunette's fist, feeling like she was hit all the way to her spine. "GAGGGGGGGG!!!!!" Jeri came and pee'd at the same time Angelina was having her own orgasm; the mixed feelings of sexual ecstasy and humiliation so weird.

Jeri spasmed on her knees, gagging, "I can't... I can't... I can't breathe."

But still she reached out and grabbed Angelina's stiletto boots to trip her, knowing she was done. Angelina was already unsteady on her stiletto heels and she slipped and landed heavily on her back... "You cheat!!!" Jeri was gagging, totally panicked, and crawled over Angelina's pee-and cum soaked body. Angelina felt Jeri's soft body covered in her own warm pee slithering over her and she came again - hard - letting out some more pee just as Jeri had before she orgasmed. The brunette was losing all control to the pounding Jeri gave her. Jeri tried to hold Angelina down, her proud abs she thought were so firm yesterday felt mushy and soft as she sat up on the quivering brunette, spasming on Angelina's firm body.

"GGAAAWWDDD!!!!" screamed Angelina, her legs akimbo, as she spasmed from her fourth orgasm while Jeri crawled over her. "You cunt!!! You pissy cunt!!!" she sobbed.

Jeri looked down at Angelina's beaten body, roiling in a puddle of her own pee, her skirt hiked up, revealing her urine wet stockings and her cum-soaked panties, her stiletto heeled boot unable to gain any grasp on the wet hardwood floor. She decided to humiliate her brunette foe and peed through her white, urine-soaked panties and her wet, black pantyhose onto Angelina's once hard tummy. Jeri kept peeing all over Angelina, unable to control her bladder any longer as I dragged herself up, ashamed that she had to cheat to win, yet excited that she was marking her like a bitch dog would. She pushed her wet hosed knee on Angelina's belly as she struggled up.

"GGGAAAWWWDDDDD!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" cried Angelina as she felt Jeri's warm pee dribbling over her firm, beaten body.

Her top soaked with Jeri's urine revealed her beautiful breasts and her erect nipples. Angelina cried warm tears of shame as she felt she was being marked like Jeri and her were two bitches in heat... Angelina felt the victorious blonde's knee on her belly and the pressure made her pee on herself once more as she was made to cum again softly. The warm pee and cum dripped down her curvy ass to form a puddle under her.

"God, her stamina's amazing," thought Jeri as she backed up, scared of the hot brunette beauty as she gasped and gulped for air.

"FUCK YOU BITCH!" screamed Angelina, bawling because she could no longer help herself.

Her hand went down her beaten belly, into her wet and soaked panties to masturbate her wet gash. Angelina was bringing herself off in front of her blonde adversary, wallowing in her own pee on the hardwood floor of Jeri's house, the blonde bombshell's urine dripping from Angelina's beaten body. The defeated brunette fingered herself, unable to wait until she would go and take a shower before leaving. Angelina is completely humiliated, showing herself for the slut she really is to Jeri's amazed eyes.

"Are you giving?" asked Jeri hopefully a she watched Angelina, amazingly turned on herself, her hand going to her own crotch, inserting itself under her hose and panties. Jeri cums just as Angelina does, spasming and falling to her knees.

"FUCK YOU SLUT!!!!!!" screamed Angelina as she tried to get up but only sliding in the urine puddle she was wallowing in. "I can take you cunt!!!!!"

Jeri sat on the wet floor and bent over to grab Angelina's legs, spreading them apart as she slid her hosed legs between Angelina's parted legs and slipped her stiletto heel down against Angelina's thin, wet panties, threatening her slit. Angelina moaned, knowing what was to come and whispered, "Oh, you debauched cunt!"

Jeri sighed, knowing it was the only way she could make the fierce brunette submit. She leaned forward, pushing the stiletto into Angelina, piercing her panties and wedging the high heel into the beaten brunette. Angelina quivered as Jeri started raping her with her stiletto boot and cried as she came a final time, her body spasming at the complete domination the blonde bombshell had finally effected on her.

Angelina gasped and finally whispered, 'I quit, you win Jeri," just as she finally finished her orgasm.

Jeri looked at the raped body of Angelina and inserted a finger into her own wet slit, orgasming herself just as Angelina's subsided. Jeri and Angelina lay on the hardwood floor a long time, their bodies wallowing in the pools of pee and cum. Jeri finally got up, her legs shaky and her right heel slipping on Angelina's juices as she went to undress in the bathroom, hoping her boyfriend wouldn't arrive home early and discover the great Angelina Jolie flat on her back in the living room, covered in urine, her crotch soaked with cum and her pussy violated.

Of course, Angelina might just like that...
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe vs. Kari Wuhrer

Jodi and Kari had met that afternoon at an audition. Both were going for the lead in an action movie and so they struck a conversation. Fueled by their competitive juices, both beautiful young brunettes boasted how tough they were and how they'd kick the other's butt in a fight. Just as the conversation was getting intense, Jodi was called in to read for the director. After her audition she watched Kari walk in. Jodi thought to herself, "I wanted to talk more to that pretentious vixen." So she waited in the hall for Kari to come out. Kari was surprised, pleasantly so, when she saw Jodi waiting and they went to a bar where they continued their bragging until Jodi, hot with the violent talk and beer she'd gulped, suggested Kari come back to her place where they could settle everything.

Once in Jodi's place, Kari, also tipsy from the many beers they'd shared, made herself comfortable for the fight, stripping to her white thigh high stockings underneath her short red skirt, her big breasts only covered by her white bra. Jodi stripped down to her black merry widow set complete with a black G-string and nylon stockings. The two women stared at each other for a few seconds before Jodi walked up and started the fight with a hook to Kari's belly.

"UUUUGGGHHHH!!!!" screamed Kari as she doubled over, her stomach unprepared for the sucker punch.

Kari staggered back, holding her throbbing stomach, recovering from Jodi's hard punch, that had felt like it had penetrated deep into her unguarded belly. Jodi smirked, content to see the big-titted bitch already in trouble. She delivered another right uppercut to Kari's stomach.


Kari felt the air wheeze out of her mouth as the taller brunette hit in the solar plexus. Kari 's eyes started to water and her knees turned to jello. Jodi smiled and decided that Kari had a big weakness in her belly and uppercut her again in the belly with another right.

"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Kari felt her stomach explode in pain as she slowly sank to her knees, crying abject tears of pain and humiliation as the fight so far had been a one-sided domination from Jodi.

Jodi was all smiles and suddenly screamed, "GOOD NIGHT!" as she drove a right cross to Kari's jaw.

"GGGAAAWWDDDDD!!!" Kari 's head snapped, her long curly hair flying and she fell hard on her back, her legs akimbo, helpless to stop the younger woman's savage onslaught. Jodi looked down, checking for life by driving a downward punch to the older woman's navel. Solid hit! Kari 's body convulsed as the tall brunette's fist penetrated deep into her navel, hitting right into the nerve nexus, the pain radiating to her entire body. The once cocky bombshell lied on the floor of Jodi's living room, holding her throbbing stomach, moaning.

Jodi yelled, "You done? Or should I beat you some more??"

Kari whispered back in her sexy throaty voice, "F...f...f...fuck you bitch!!!"

Jodi was pissed! "She called me a bitch!?" The tall youngsters grabbed Kari's bra and pulled her upright, punching the defiant woman in the mouth, "Say that again!"

"GGGGGAAAWWDDD!!!!!" Kari 's head snapped again; her lip split open and a thin haze of her blood sprayed the wall as she staggered back and groaned, "Screw.... you..... whore!"

Jodi slammed a right into the big titted actress stomach...hard! "WHORE?"

"HHHHGGGGGGG!!!!!!" Kari folded over, her hands clutching her injured stomach, feeling like her insides had been torn by Jodi's hard fists. "CUNT!"

" you must pay!!!!!!!" said Jodi sexily, realizing that Kari enjoyed the punishment she was receiving and had been waiting all day to see if Jodi would give it to her.

"You skank...," moaned the curly-haired bombshell.

Jodi grabbed Kari's hair, smiling at the older brunette, then uppercut her in the face. A sickening break could be heard and Jodi checked her stung fist as Kari 's head snapped back hard and she fell on her back, holding her head, feeling like her cheekbone had been broken, screaming in pain.


Jodi stood over Kari, "I'd tap out if I were you! If you don't you won't be able to work for the next six months."

Kari couldn't answer, her legs hitting the ground in pain. Jodi walked up to her, feeling no pity grabbing the suffering brunette and pulling her upper body up, driving a downward punch to Kari's mouth.

"Man...I felt that one!!!"


Kari's mouth spilled a crimson trail again as she fell to the ground, facing the floor, her mouth dripping blood, crawling away from the amazing amazon that was beating her to a pulp. Jodi caught up to her and pulled her up to her knees, punching her in the jaw.

"Owwwwwww!! That hurt my hand!!" Jodi complained in jest to herself.


Kari tasted her own blood again as the tall and viciously brunette in her black merry widow set was turning her mouth to mush. She fell hard on her back, her legs twitching in pain. Jodi smirked at the beaten beauty, "You done? Or do I need to really hurt you??"

"You...rrrre a stinking.... cunt!!!!" eructed Kari.

Jodi straddled her and punched her in the face again, really getting into it, realizing she was getting very aroused by the beating she was giving the sexy bitch between her legs. Kari 's eyes rolled up in her sockets for a second but she spit blood into Jodi's face defiantly.

"YOU SICK BITCH!!" screamed Jodi, enjoying Kari's determination and guts. Trembling in excitement, Jodi drove a punch straight down across Kari's nose. "How'd my fist taste?

Kari felt the cartilage bend and her nose started bleeding as she fought to remain conscious, "Like..... shit..."

Jodi pulled Kari's almost limp body up by her once white bra now red with the older woman's own blood, and threw a sick right into her cheek bone. Kari 's face snapped sharply, hurting her neck as she was hit again where her cheek had already been injured. The older brunette got into a fetal position, holding her head, crying openly, screaming in pain, as her thighs were rubbing, almost climaxing right in front of Jodi.

"You're done!" concluded Jodi.

Kari finally surrendered, screaming, "YOU FUCKING SKANK!!!!!! I GI...IVE!"

Her body twitched on Jodi's floor from the shock of the abuse the tall youngster put onto her as her head bled and her open mouth drooled.

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Jodi sweetly, taking off her black thong and squatting over Kari's face.

"Yeesssssss..." whispered Kari, her eyes widening as she saw Jodi's naked crotch approach her face. Suddenly Jodi let a stream of piss off on Kari's face. "Drink bitch!!!" Kari gagged but swallowed the warm yellow liquid. her body finally spasming in orgasm right before Jodi's eyes. "Don't forget you're my bitch from now on and that part is mine," chided Jodi as Kari cried and her body relaxed from her orgasm as she silently nodded in submission. "Not that they'd hire you now that I've fixed your face," laughed Jodi.

She left Kari to gather herself while she got into the shower to clean herself and get herself off in private. Hearing the shower, Kari stirred, intent on joining Jodi after she peeled herself from the floor.