Shannon Elizabeth vs. Mila Jovovich

A basketball game was set up and the teams were simple. The five girls on each team had to be connected somehow from their past work. One was made up of Shannon Elizabeth, Eliza Dushku, Ali Larter, Katie Holmes and Rachel Leigh Cook. Ali, did Varsity Blues with James Van Der Beek who was in 'Dawson's Creek' with Katie Holmes which guest starred Rachel Leigh Cook. The other team was Mila Jovovich who starred with Michelle Rodriguez in 'Resident Evil' who did 'Fast and Furious' with Jordana Brewster who appeared in 'All My Children' which also had Sarah Michelle Gellar who had Claire Kramer on 'Buffy' with her. So their team was Mila, Michelle, Jordana, Sarah Michelle and Claire.

Throughout the game the woman played hard, Eliza was still hurting from the insane battle in the cell and told Michelle that she was there just to play, but couldn't play to full tilt because of what she and Alba had done earlier to one another. The rough play was coming from Sarah Michelle and Rachel Leigh who went face-to-face more than once and Katie and Jordana got into a shoving match up and all the women watched to see if they would come to blows but neither did.

Even though both Brewster and Holmes kept at each for the rest of the first half, there was a point where Brewster passed to Mila but Shannon brought the ball back and then was blocked hard to end the half intercepted. Shannon got up and got in Mila's face and the two were nose to nose before they were hauled apart.

As both went to their benches, Mila screamed, "Remember what Cameron did to your washed-up, has-been ass last year!"

Both women calmed down at the benches most of the talk was from Jordana on one side and Katie on the other. As the second half came to a start, both Holmes and Brewster were staring daggers as Mila and Shannon stood eye to eye at center court and they went up in the air and Mila won the tip off and they went down the court. Mila stood under the basket with Shannon guarding her. Both women were fighting hard for position under the basket. Mila got the ball and turned and went for a shot and Shannon jumped forward blocking it and could not land on her feet and went down on top of Mila. She pushed herself up, pressing down on Mila's smaller chest and sarcastically apologized.

Mila got up and said, "What? You wanted to feel my boobs?" Mila grabbed Shannon's larger ones and squeezed, then grinned and said, "There, now we're even."

Mila turned around and walked away but Shannon grabbed her by the back of the shirt and turned her around. Mila came around with her fist connecting with Shannon's jaw. Shannon went back a step feeling her jaw, she looked up at Mila who was shaking her fist and rushed at her lifting her up in the air by the waist she ran a few steps before throwing her down, Mila holding onto Shannon's waist to lessen the impact. Both snaked their hands under the other's jersey and pulled it off and as both threw the other's shirt away, Jordana Brewster and Katie Holmes disappeared into the locker room.

Mila and Shannon grabbed the other's hair and started to roll around until they eventually got back to their feet. Shannon nailed Mila with a punch that put Mila back up against the wall. She shook her jaw and blocked Shannon's next punch and drew back to hit Shannon. Mila put one leg forward, bent the other one and cocked back her fist, putting her entire body behind the punch that nailed Shannon square in stomach, lifting her off her feet.

Mila grabbed Shannon by the hair and threw her into the wall. Shannon hit hard, but pushed off and nailed a knee to Mila's stomach, then threw Mila back onto the court where she stood doubled over holding her stomach. Shannon rushed her and both women grabbed the other in a headlock as they stumbled around on the court with each trying to flip the other until Mila got a hand on one of Shannon's boobs, grabbed and started to squeeze. Shannon screamed but managed to flip Mila over her hip. Mila kept hold of her breast claw, but Shannon looked down at Mila’s two small boobs and then dropped to her knees and bit one!!

Mila screamed and stuck her thumb in Shannon's eye, forcing her to let go. As she did, Mila rolled on top of Shannon, bent down and bit one of Shannon's much larger boobs. Shannon did the same as Mila, digging both thumbs into Mila's eyes and Mila let go soon as she felt Shannon's thumbs. The two women were now body to body. Mila on top. Shannon started bucking her hips and hauling Mila by the hair trying to get her off of her. Mila started bucking her hips at Shannon too.

"Oh goodie, I love this!"

Watching the fight, Eliza asked Michelle, “You and Jessica must’ve really gone at each other. Anything like this bad?"

Eliza smiled, "At times, even more violent. We really wanted to kill each other. After that, it’ll be a long time before I fight again. Hey, did you notice Katie and Jordana have disappeared?"

Michelle chuckled, "Once they feel their hair pulled, they’ll probably call it a draw."

Both women laughed and then went back to cheering for their friends as Shannon rolled Mila over only to feel Mila’s foot in her face as she went to get on top of her.

"Flexibility is great," Mila said as she kicked Shannon away with a powerful thrust of her leg.

Both women scrambled to their feet, Mila coming at Shannon who used some of her Krav Maga training to nail a kick to Mila's side. Mila went down and as Shannon tried to follow up, Mila landed her own kick to Shannon's stomach. Shannon dropped to her knees gasping and Mila got to her knees and threw a slap to Shannon’s cheek. Shannon's hair went flying to the side as her face twisted around, but when she came back facing Mila, Shannon landed a slap of her own to Mila. She grabbed her cheek with one hand but swung the other backhand, catching Shannon flush again, saying, "You bitch!"

Shannon came back with her own slap and, "Skank!”

They kept trading slaps until Shannon finally put Mila down on her back with two rapid slaps in succession. Jumping on Mila, Shannon pinned her hands over her head as Mila started kicking her legs. Each time she thrashed, Mila worked Shannon's gym shorts down a little further. Finally, Shannon pulled one leg loose and used her foot to pull Mila’s shorts down around her thighs.

"I knew you wanted more than just to fight me Shannon, bring it on," Mila hissed as she started grinding her pelvis up into Shannon who groaned a little as she pulled one leg up and wrapped her leg around Mila’s. The two women either forgot or never cared anyone was watching as they ripped each other's panties off and went at it like ‘dykes in heat.’

"I never wanted this,” Shannon grunted between breaths. “But I'll show you a thing or two!"

They kept pumping each other's pussies, getting a lot of action going as the women stood in a circle over them; most were watching in rapt silence but a couple were nervously laughing at the idea of the two of them letting their fight get so far out of hand. Shannon started to orgasm and lost control, allowing Mila to sit up, raising Shannon's leg with her and holding it high in the air as she went at her own pace, taking it slow and easy; forcing Shannon to lay back and feel it build and build and build. Shannon covered her face with both hands, her rapid, heavy breathing makng her firm breasts rise and fall with ever-quickening gasps.

Mila too was getting hot, and when she heard Shannon cry out and felt her cumming it made Mila even worse. As Shannon gave a thrust as she was screaming in orgasm, Mila fell forward onto Shannon - so close to her own climax. Her face red, Mila looked up at the women who were standing around, staring, fondling themselves or laughing at the two women on the floor.

"Oh….” Mila groaned. “That’s just the….. first les...uuuunnnnn for her."

Mila got up, grabbed Shannon by the hair, pulled her head and shoulders up off the floor, then slammed her head down on the wood floor. "You bitch,” she hissed. “Now I'm gonna beat you senseless.

Mila started raining punches down on Shannon's face, her own visage contorted with hateful malice. She pulled Shannon up to a sitting postion, then snapped her head down, cracking her forehead into Shannon's face, Shannon's eyes rolled back and she slumped back to the floor with her arms flung out where she lay not moving. But Mila wasn’t done! She kicked Shannon’s legs wide apart and nailed an absolutely vicious knee to the pussy that made the other women cringe! The impact, send Shannon’s naked body skidding across the hard gym floor with a loud SKWEEEEEEEEEEEE sound!

Mila pulled Shannon’s limp body over her knee in a backbreaker and started raking her fingernails up and down over Shannon's breasts. Finally satisfied, Mila dropped Shannon and stood above her flexing her arms, her eyes flashing angrily.

"You’re nothing to me,” she screamed. “NOTHING!!"

Everyone there was truly surprised, figuring that when those two fought it would have ended up the other way around, but other than the breast department, they had the same muscles and strength; still, this was totally unexpected. Shannon looked up at Mila from the floor as she felt herself being pulled up again as Mila started hauling her to her feet. Shannon leaned forward and nailed a back heel kick to the inside of Mila’s leg, putting her down on one knee. Then the embarrassed Shannon spun and slapped Mila so hard it knocked her to the floor on her back.

Shannon needed to get away to get her bearings back. She’d lost sexually and was losing the fight again! She jumped up, landing heavily on Mila as their bodies slapped together. Shannon lifted Mila's leg and positioned herself carefully, then started grinding and pumping her pussy into Mila's. Then, suddenly, she stopped and instead nailed a knee between Mila’s legs! Shannon rolled over backward, taking time to catch her breath and recover from all Mila had done to her. Finally crawling over, she got back up on top of Mila. Each woman was drained and sweating profusely after their struggle, each barely able to move as they lay there ripping at the other's hair.

Mila brought her legs up and locked them around Shannon in a body scissors. She didn’t get as much pressure as she would like but Shannon was screaming as Mila started rolling her body back and forth until she was able to put Shannon down on her chest. Mila slowly climbed on Shannon's back, but Shannon knocked her off with her elbow, driving it backward to put Mila on the floor. Mila slowly got up, as did Shannon, both still doubled over trying to walk. They got at each other, grabbing hair as they were both still doubled over. They came in towards the other pulling down at the others hair, trying to out-pull their opponent. Then with one swift motion, they both stumbled back, crashing o the floor as there hair tore loose.

The two weary fighters got up and lunged again but Mila nailed a knee and then caught Shannon and held her upright after hitting it. She nailed another and then a third, leaving Shannon doubled moaning in pain. Mila was just nailing knee after knee; her eyes red with filled with hatred - she wasn’t stopping and no one was trying to stop her - nobody wanted someone to stop their fights, so why stop this one!

With each knee, Mila was pancaking Shannon's boobs. When Mila stopped, she lifted Shannon up straight, then pulled her head down into a kneelift. Shannon dropped clutching her face and Mila turned her over, wrapping her legs around Shannon's ribs and locking her ankles. Mila squeezed her powerful legs as Shannon tried twisting her body to get at Mila's hair. Pulling Shannon's head close, Mila nailed her with a punch. Shannon fell over backward, her head bounced off the gym floor and she lay still. Mila got on Shannon’s back while maintaining a tight scissors. She grabbed Shannon's hair and started pound her head on the floor and punch her in the back of the head over and over.

"Do something Shannon, I thought you were tough!" Mila taunted. She kept it up until Shannon wasn’t moving. She was out cold. "I thought wrong," Mila giggled as she got off Shannon, grabbed the basketball and bounced it on her butt a few times. "If you ever want to fight again, I won't be so easy on you next time. I may do this!" She rolled Shannon over, sat on her face and dug her fingers as deep into Shannon's boobs as they’d go, twisting and pulling the soft flesh like taffy until the other women begged her to stop.

Mila did let go and walked away flexing her muscles when she heard Shannon mutter "Next time we..."

Mila flipped when she heard that! She ran back to Shannon, jumped on her back and slamming her head over and over to the floor until she was finlly pulled off by the other women. Mila was escorted out of the building while Eliza Dushku sat with Shannon. She could hear Mila screaming that she wanted a rematch, yelling, “Tell the bitch to remember this beating!”

"Listen close,” Eliza whispered to Shannon as she cradled her head in her lap. “You should’ve won. We’re friends and I’ll help you get even with that cunt!"
Katie Holmes vs. Jordana Brewster

Katie and Jordana sneaked off to the dressing room where the two dark-haired beauties stood and glared at each other. They weren't going to watch someone else's fight when they could have one of their own! All game long they'd been at each other's throats simply because they hadn't liked each other from the first moment they met. When they found out they were both playing this game they sought each other out and now here they were.

"You bitch!" Jordana screamed as she slapped Katie who rocked back a few steps, then came back with her own slap.

Jordana answered with a second slap which Katie also answered, then they went after each other's hair, spinning and whirling arond the room slamming one and another into lockers until Jordana pushed Katie back over a bench. Katie pulled Jordana down with her, rolled over and got on top of Jordana then nailed her with a knee right between her open legs. While Jordana lay moaning in agony, Katie pulled off Jordana's shorts. But while she was occupied doing that, Jordana grabbed her shirt and pulled it over Katie's head, forcing her to bend forward lower and lower until Jordana was able to put her in a standing head scissors.

"Give up now,” Jordana demanded, squeezing her thighs as she wrapped her arms around Katie’s waist. “Give up you little wimp!"

Instead of surrendering, however, Katie reached around and dug her fingernails into Jordana's ass and started scratching and slapping until Jordan had to let her go. Katie was still between Jordana's legs when she went to slap her, but Jordana nailed her first with a slap and then twisted Katie off of her and sat with her knees pressing into Katie's side as she started slapping Katie's face and stomach, turning her skin bright red.

"You wanted to take off my shorts because you're a lesbian who wants to see my pussy, huh?" Jordana hissed as she stepped over Katie and tried to slap her in the face again.

But Katie caught her hands and tossed her off, snarling, "You're one to talk! You took off my shirt trying to see a real set of boobs didn't you?"

She slapped Jordana in the face a few times while Jordana tried to twist away from Katie who pulled on her jersey as she slapped Jordana's back. She finally got the jersey over Jordana’s head while her knees were by Jordana's head but then Jordana suddenly shot upright, pushed Katie down and relieved Katie of her shorts. Then with a big grin, Jordana started slapping Katie's pussy.

"You like that Katie?" Jordana teased.

Katie was hurting and reached up grabbing Jordana's long black hair and pulled herself up so they were sitting face to face "I knew this is what you wanted all along," Katie gasped as both were slapping one another's faces and pulling hair. Katie stopped slapping and turned instead to scratching Jordana's back, then turned her around to face her again.

"Hey, you took my shirt off first so I guess that means you wanted to see my boobs. Well, here they are take a good look!"

Katie shoved her boobs down on Jordana's face but Jordana pushed Katie off by the shoulders and got on Katie's stomach, then bent down and started swinging her boobs back and forth, slapping Katie in the face with them. Katie kicked her legs and bucked her hips trying to unseat Jordana who kept muttering, "No, No! That’s what boobs look and feel like Katie."

Finally, Katie did buck Jordana off and Jordana sat down hard on her ass, grunting as Katie rolled away to the side. Jordana kicked Katie away with her feet and she rolled over. As Katie got back up, Jordana came running at her and grabbed her by her long black hair. Katie instinctively did the same to Jordana’s hair and they crashed into the wall screaming and tearing hair! Katie hit the wall with her back hard and let out a sigh as the air was knocked out of her. Jordana pulled Katie off the wall, then slammed her back into the wall again, pressing her body into Katie's as she held her by the hair, nose to nose.

"Whose got the better body now Katie?" Jordana teased as she bumped her boobs into Katie’s.

Katie grabbed Jordana's long hair, put her foot on the wall behind her and shoved off. Jordana fell and Katie fell on top of her, landing ith her body stretched out full length pressing down on Jordana's.

"I do Jordana! I got the better body," Katie said proudly, shaking her breasts in Jordana’s face.

Jordana grabbed Katie's bra and hauled back, the underwire cutting into her soft, sensitive breast tissue. Katie screamed and scrambled away from Jordana and as she lay on her side she began taking her bra off. Jordana came crawling across the floor, slapping Katie in the face as Katie reached for the front of Jordana's bra, pulling it with one hand and pushing under Jordana’s chin with the other until the bra broke. Both women fell back and sat on their asses staring at the other, their chests heaving as they brushed the hair back out of their eyes. Each liked what they saw of the other's body, both the same size all over.

They got up and Katie asked, "How can you even compare THAT to MY body?"

"Yours is pathetic next to mine," Jordana replied, proudly thrusting out her bosom.

Both women made swipes at the others hands as they started slapping again, their bodies pressed right into the others as they slapped at hips, sides and backs. Jordana bent over and used her shoulder to push Katie back into the shower stall where they became entangled in the curtain. They rolled around on the floor with the curtain wrapping around their nubile young bodies like a mummy’s shroud.

"Katie, you like this closeness a little too much! I can feel you getting wet," Jordana gasped in surprise as she wedged her thigh between Katie’s legs.

"Can you feel THIS?" Katie asked, thrusting her hips as hard as she could upward into Jordana who moaned when Katie bit her lower lip.

Katie let go of Jordana, rolled the opposite way and unwrapped herself from the curtain but Jordana wouldn’t let her go. Holding onto Katie's hair, Jordana pulled her back and returned the favor by biting HER lip. Katie slapped Jordana's face and Jordana answered back. The two sat there trading slaps until Jordana hit two in quick succession, making Katie stop slapping to cover her face. As Katie cowered, Jordana rose up to her knees and kept slapping at Katie's face while she covered up. Her hands were like a windmill and while Katie covered up, Jordana got on one side and began to slap Katie’s stomach and tits over and over until Katie couldn’t take it any longer and got her hands in Jordana's long hair.

Katie pulled and twisted Jordana, rolling her over the top and then started slapping at Jordana's body. Jordana tried covering up, but Katie clasped both hands and slammed them down on her soft stomach. Digging her fists in, Katie could her Jordana's whimpers as she dragged her hands down inside Jordana's panties and tore them off.

"Someone doesn't believe in shaving!" Katie observed with a smug grin.

Jordana got one leg up under Katie's leg and pushed Katie away from her, then crawled away with tears in her eyes and hauled herself up onto the bench. Katie ran over and dove across the bench, tackled Jordana and both women hit the floor with Jordana nailing an elbow to Katie's cheek as she hit the floor. Jordana rolled over, pushed Katie onto her belly and swung her leg over Katie's back. Snagging the back of Katie's panties with her foot, Jordana pushed them down Katie’s legs to her knees, grabbed two handful's of Katie's black hair and scurbbed Katie's face on the tile floor. Desperate to escape, Katie reached up from under her and grabbed Jordana’s arm, pulled her over to one side and unseated the ‘Faculty’ starlet.

Jordana landed on her back and Katie reached up behind and grabbed her hair at the same time Jordana grabbed Katie's hair and hauled up and to one side, Katie pulled Jordana's hair down to the other side and each screamed as Katie turned her body over onto Jordana's. Now they were engaged in a battle of who could get into the dominant position and hopefully keep it! They rolled around on the dirty floor until the hit the wall, then rolled back the other way. When the finally stopped rolling, they were on their sides facing each other still trying to rip the other's hair out. Both still wanting to get the dominant top position but stuck and realizing they were of equal arm strength and toughness of scalp. They moved their chests apart and then slammed them back breast against breast. As they writhed on the floor, they breast-dueled for the top position.

"My boobs are so much better and now you're going to find out why," Katie gasped, rubbing hers up and down on Jordana's.

"That's not what Chris said the other night," Jordan grinned as she did the same thing; then both leaned back slightly and again slammed their breasts together nipple on nipple.

"If that was true,” Katie hissed. “He wouldn't rush back to my bed now would he?"

They were still there dueling away until Jordana's breasts won and she was able to push Katie over, force her down onto her back and climb atop the ‘Creek’ star. Pressing her breasts down hard on Katie's to pin her down, Jordana’s face was only inches from Katie's.

"Then you better make sure and tell him what he’s messing with; a real set of breasts then!"

Jordana started bringing her chest up and slamming it down, toying with Katie to show her dominance. Both brunette beauties tits were red and raw from damage, but Jordana was able to keep from screaming since she was winning. Unfortunately, Katie couldn’t and she was screaming like a Banshee

"Scream louder; I love it Katie!" Jordana taunted, indeed loving the sound as she beat her breasts faster and harder into Katie’s, destroying both Katie's boobs and her confidence. But Katie refused to quit and she grabbed the back of Jordana's neck and held on, trying to hold Jordana close to her and keep her from pounding her tits flat with hers.

"Why not just give up Katie? You have no chance of winning!"

As soon as Jordana said it, a scream filled the air as Katie bit down on her neck like a vampire. Katie rolled Jordana over. Once she was on top, she let the bite go and trapped both of Jordana's arms under her legs. She sat up and started punching Jordana in the face, right hand then left; over and over until she felt Jordana’s struggling weaken. Katie got up, pulled Jordana to her feet and threw her tits-first into the row of lockers. "You slut! Lookit what youd did to my tits!"

Jordana tried to turn around, but Katie swung her foot up and it crashed into the side of Jordana's head. She dropped sideways and although she caught herself between two lockers, it left her stomach wide open. Katie was seeing red and she shot another kick out, this one nailing Jordana square in her wide-open belly. Jordana left her feet from the impact and came down flat on her face where she lay gasping for air and begging for mercy. Katie would give her none though, as she sat down on Jordana's back and slammed her face into the bottom of the row of lockers over and over. She finally stopped when she heard voices behind her.

"For the love of God, Katie, stop! You’re killing her!"

Katie looked over and saw Michelle Rodriguez and Claire Kramer with Sarah Michelle Gellar between them. She let go and Jordana’s head dropped to the floor! Katie got to one knee, not knowing what to say. Jordana rolled over onto her back, with both hands covering her face with both hands.

Katie stood up with her back to Jordana who slowly took her hands go from her face. It turned out while Katie had been ramming her face into the locker, Jordana had protected it with her hands. Now she grabbed Katie's legs below the knees and pulled them out from under her as she stood up. Katie fell forward and landed on the bench with her side. She writed in pain on the floor as Jordana got up and took the opportunity to nail Katie with a kick to the same side as she weakly tried to push herself up.

Katie crumpled in the corner against the wall in front of Jordana's teammates who had come in. She lay groaning in pain, her beaten body had gone through too much and she had nothing more to offer with victory within her grasp

"You should have taken me out when you had the chance," Jordana said, drawing back her foot to kick Katie again.

Before she could follow up, however, Katie nailed Jordana with her foot - right between her legs. Jordana dropped to her knees and Katie straightened her up with a handful of hair, drew back and nailed her with a punch that knocked Jordana clean out! Katie wanted to follow up she was too hurt and too tired; she just slumped on her knees exhausted. That last punch had taken all of her remaining energy.

"Did I win?" she gasped, looking up at the other women who exchanged glances and then all nodded in unison, agreeing there was no doubt she’d won.

Katie started to crawl out of the locker room and Sarah Michelle Gellar tried to take a cheapshot at her, but she was stopped by Michelle Rodriguez.

"Look at her! She did a lot to get that win! If you so much as raise a hand to her, I'll have to hit you. And, trust me, you do NOT want me hitting you….do you!"

Katie smiled for she realized she’d won two things; the fight and Michelle Rodriguez' respect!