Mila Kunis vs. Rose McGowan by Bob

When Mila Kunis was invited to appear on 'The View' she was excited about the chance to be seen by the public. She wasn't the ditz she portrayed on "That 70s Show" and she wanted people to realize she was really intelligent. While waiting in the Green Room, Mila met Rose McGowan, who was also appearing on the show. They started talking and it didn't take Mila long to realize she didn't like Rose. Their discussion quickly escalated into a heated argument, which then deteriorated into a shouting match in which both made several threats.

Finally Rose challenged Mila to fight. Mila had heard about Rose's reputation but she was fairly strong and unafraid of Rose. Mila was poised and confident as she told the 'Charmed' bad girl, "I'm not afraid of you. It's too bad that you won't be appearing on today's show."

Rose laughed, "I like your cockiness, but when I get done sweetie you won't be appearing on any show for a long time."

Rose was several years older than Mila and the age difference had to work to Rose's advantage. Aside from being an experienced fighter she had to be physically more mature.

"Let's see what you got girlie. No chance to back out now." Rose said as she gave Mila a hard slap.

Much to her surprise, Mila grabbed Rose by the hair, gave her a hard slap, then pulled her down. Mila banged Rose's head on the floor and slapped her face as Rose screamed in pain. Then Mila grabbed Rose's wrists and pinned them to the floor. Rose fought desperately to free her hands, but Mila easily held them down. As Rose continued to kick and struggle, Mila let go of her wrists and started slapping Rose's face until blood trickled from her nose and lips.

Suddenly, however, Rose worked one hand free and she punched Mila and her flying off. Rose slowly got up but, much to her surprise, Mila was still laying flat on her back. Rose had hurt Mila and now she was moving in for the kill.

Rose mounted Mila and defiantly said, "Not a bad start Rusky, but the fight is over and you get beat badly now."

Rose grabbed Mila's hair and slammed her head against the floor. Now it was Rose's turn to slap Mila. After Rose landed several slaps, Mila caught her wrists and tried to roll Rose off of her. They wrestled for about thirty seconds before Mila was finally able to throw Rose off.

They rolled over and Mila was on top again. She let go of Rose's wrists but as she went to slap Rose, Rose once again landed a punch, sending Mila over backward. Rose quickly got up, and once again was surprised to see Mila still on her back. Rose charged Mila, only to be met with a foot in her stomach.

As Rose doubled over, Mila got up and grabbed Rose's hair. She lifted Rose's head and landed a punch to Rose's eye. Rose's legs buckled as she collapsed to the floor. Mila stood over her waiting for Rose to get up. Rose's eyes were glassy and Mila knew it would only take one more punch to end the fight. She grabbed Rose's hair with both hands, pulled her to her feet and then let go of her hair to deliver what she was sure would be the final punch.

Just as she was about to let her fist fly toward Rose's chin, Rose kneed Mila in the stomach. Rose could see she'd knocked the wind out of Mila, so she quickly grabbed Mila head and pulled it forward. Rose kicked Mila in the shins three times and gave her another knee to the stomach.

Mila was gasping, trying desperately to catch her breath. Rose kneed Mila in the groin and then in the chest. Mila sank to her knees with Rose still holding her by the hair. Rose delivered a kick to Mila's face and, as Mila started to fall forward, Rose let go of her hair and let her drop face down.

Rose watched for a few seconds as Mila lay on the floor before she mounted her younger foe and clawed Mila's face. Much to Rose's surprise, Mila, retaliated by raking her face! When Rose grabbed her face and screamed, Mila gave her a hard punch in the breasts. Rose clutched her breasts and Mila landed a solid right to Rose's jaw. Rose went over backward and Mila, still a little dazed, got up and gave Rose a kick to her groin. Rose rolled over sobbing loudly, rocking and holding her pussy. When Rose didn't try to get up, Mila realized the fight was over.

Mila went into the bathroom where she spent several minutes cleaning up. When she came out of the bathroom Rose was waiting for her. Mila looked at her enemy and said, "If you want more, it'll be my pleasure."

Mila watched as Rose ran toward her but as Rose approached, she suddenly stopped and kicked Mila in the stomach. Mila's knees buckled and she went down on her butt. Rose walked over to Mila, but Mila grabbed Rose's ankles and knocked the bad girl to the ground. Then Mila climbed on top of Rose, putting her knees on Rose's arms so she couldn't fight back. Mila started swinging. Despite Mila having her pinned to the floor, Rose bucked furiously as Mila threw lightning quick lefts and rights. Rose's head rocked from side to side as Mila landed punch after punch. After receiving about fifteen punches, Rose stopped struggling.

Rose whimpered, "Get off me. You won. I've had enough."

"Why should I quit bitch. I thought the fight was over once, but then you attacked me. I could have hurt you badly if I knew you wanted to keep fighting. How do I know you won't keep fighting if I get off again? Try getting me off."

"Please get off me Mila, you won. I've had enough. You beat me twice. I won't fight you again."

Mila got off her fallen foe, but she reached down and ripped Rose's dress off.

"What are you going to wear on the show now?" Mila laughed. "Actually it doesn't matter if you have a dress or not cause you aren't going on the show anyway."

Rose got up and said, "You ripped my dress, you bitch. I'm going to kill you."

Mila laughed and prepared for the third round.

Rose cautiously circled to Mila's right, looking for an opening. Mila had beaten her twice, but she was going to kick Mila's ass this and win the fight. As Rose continued to circle, Mila took a couple of steps and grabbed Rose's hair. Rose kicked at Mila shins, however, Mila was so intent on winning the fight that she ignored the kicks and pulled Rose's head down as she started kicking Rose in the shins.

The Russian brunette kept kicking Rose in the shins until Rose started to cry, then Mila let go of Rose's hair with one hand and grabbed one of Rose's legs, dropping her to the floor. Once again Mila sat on top of Rose throwing punches. As Mila continued to punch, she didn't realize Rose's right eye was swollen shut. She was also unaware of the fact that Rose was bleeding from her nose and mouth.

Finally Rose sobbed, "I give. You win. I can't fight any more."

Mila got off Rose and put her foot on Rose's chest, asking, "Are we going to fight a fourth time? I'm having a lot of fun because as a fighter you suck."

Rose cried out, "I'm done, you win. Please let me up."

Suddenly one of the staff members walked in not realizing what was happening he said, "Rose, you're ......on.....,"

When he noticed Rose lying on the floor at Mila's feet, he looked at Mila and asked, "What the hell happened?"

Mila laughed and said, "She tried to kick my ass and couldn't. I don't think she's going to be on today's show."

The staff member looked at Mila and said, "Somebody's got to take her spot. Can you do some additional time?"

"Yes sir, I'm ready," Mila replied with a big grin.

As they came back from a commercial, Joy Behar announced, "We were supposed to have Rose McGowan on next, but apparently there was a fight back stage which is nothing new when Rose is around. Therefore, Mila Kunis will be our next guest instead."

As Mila walked on to the set, Lisa Ling looked at her and said, "So, rumor has it you kicked Rose's ass. What happened?"

"l kicked Rose's ass. What else do you want to know?" Mila said with a confident air.
Beverley Mitchell vs. Rose McGowan by Bob

Rose McGowan watched the rushes and was NOT happy. Beverley Mitchell had somehow managed to steal every scene she was in. The more the producers raved about Beverley's performance, the angrier Rose got. She had hated Beverley right from the start. She watched closely while Beverley got everything she wanted and she saw how she got what she wanted!

The closet bitch did it by being sweet and kind, being naïve and innocent. Her naïve manner somehow managed to turn every guy on. She innocently flirted, giving the appearance of the dumb schoolgirl. From day one, Rose didn't buy Beverley's act and Rose had finally decided she'd had enough. She knew what she had to do, beat the hell out of the little tramp and in a way so humiliating Beverley would think twice about being seen anywhere near her.

Of course, Rose had to pick her spot and pick it well. Obviously, she couldn't start with Beverley on the set because a fight there would be broken up immediately. Rose thought about where she could hurt the brazen hussy and not have to worry about studio execs stopping her. Rose was still looking for the perfect area when she came up with the ultimate spot, the hotel elevator. It would be perfect!

The elevator, in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, had a see-through glass elevator. All Rose had to do was turn on the charm and things would be easy. Rose approached different staff members until she found the right one, one who knew how to cut the power so the elevator would be stopped where everyone in the lobby could watch her beat the hell out of her bitchy costar.

When Rose finally found the person who could stop the elevator, she turned on the charm. Getting the man to agree to stop the elevator between the second and third floor was child's play for the seductress. It was even easier when she promised she'd give him a call when she and Beverley were leaving and that after she beat Beverley she'd be so horny that anyone who helped her would have a night that would easily be the greatest night of their life.

Everything was set. All Rose had to do was get Beverley alone in the elevator.

When Rose invited Beverley to join her at a fancy restaurant, Beverley was surprised. While she liked Rose, she wasn't sure that Rose liked her. Still, she accepted. Rose told her she'd meet her at her room at 8:00pm and reminded her to wear her best clothes because the restaurant was very elegant and there'd be more eligible bachelors and hotshot producers than she'd ever seen. Rose gave her accomplice a call then picked Beverley up exactly at 8:00. As they headed for the elevator, Beverley couldn't stop thanking Rose for helping her.

Beverley said, "I feel like you are my big sister and I am going to learn a lot from you.

"Beverley, you're going to learn more in the next hour tonight than you've ever learned in your life."

As they boarded the elevator, Rose said, "Your first lesson starts right now. In Tinsel Town there is only room for one Queen of the Wok. When you're on the set you find out who is the female that is going to get whatever she wants and you stay away from her. You do not step on that person's toes. You keep your distance and do not do anything that will get her angry because she is more valuable than you and she can cause trouble....big trouble."

As the elevator came to a stop, Beverley wasn't quite sure what Rose was trying to say, but she was more concerned with the fact that the elevator was no longer moving.

As Beverley reached for the phone to call for help, Rose grabbed her and said, "Look sister, I don't think you understand, I'm talking about us. I see right through your façade. You get what you want by being innocent and nice, where as if I want something I do what I have to do. There aren't going to be two queens on this set."

Beverley looked at Rose and innocently said, "I'm not looking for favors, just being myself."

"Really? Hey look honey; I have learned one valuable lesson in life. If someone shakes her rattle and hisses like it's a snake, then she's a snake."

Beverley was ready to start crying, "Are you saying I manipulate people?"

"Actually I'm saying you're a whore. Well Cutsie Beverley, it's time to teach you a valuable lesson. The Queen of Mean is about to take this whore down."

Beverley had a strange premonition of what was about to happen, "Rose, did you set it up so the elevator would stop?"

Rose laughed and sarcastically said, "Well look who just woke up and got smart. I've never fought anyone your size before, so this should be the easiest fight I've ever had."

Beverley had heard about Rose's reputation and how many fights she'd had; fights she'd won against women much bigger than her. She also realized she wasn't going to be able to talk her way out of trouble. If it was a fight that Rose wanted, it was a fight Rose would get.

As Beverley looked toward the lobby she could see a small crowd gathering and watching. Suddenly, Rose kicked her in the ribs. The tiny blonde grabbed her side just as Rose smashed her in the jaw. Rose grabbed Beverley's blonde hair, pulled her head forward and kneed her in the chest. Beverley went down and the brunette put a foot on Beverley's neck and pushed down with all her might. Beverley groaned as Rose applied more pressure.

"Okay Blondie, here's the deal. Take off your dress and kiss my FEET, then maybe I'll only smack you around a little."

Rose loosened the grip that she had on Beverley's throat and asked, "So what's it going to be?"

Beverley looked up at her attacker and said, "I know how to fight Rose."

Rose tightened her grip again and said, "Do you really? Well I'm shaking. Please don't hurt me. Now, are you going to remove your dress or do I have to remove it for you?"

Once again Rose loosened her grip. Beverley was struggling for air and having Rose loosen the grip she had on her throat felt good.

"You want my dress, you're going to have to take it."

Rose tightened her grip again and bent down to remove the dress. As she got close, Beverley reached up and hit Rose on her forehead with an open palm. The blow caught Rose by surprise. Beverley followed up, grabbing Rose's hair and pulling her to the floor, quickly leaped up and put HER foot on Rose's neck.

Beverley pushed her foot down with all of her might as she said, "Okay Rose, here's MY deal. You remove YOUR dress and kiss my ASS and I'll let you go."

Beverley loosened her grip a bit so Rose could look up at the tiny blonde and contemptuously say, "Now Beverley, you're swearing! I didn't think you knew any swear words. Don't tell me you think the fight's over just because you caught me by surprise. You won't catch me by surprise again, so if you want my dress you'll have to take it off me."

Beverley tightened her grip and laughed, "I don't think taking your dress is going to be all that hard."

She reached down, grabbed Rose's dress, and pulled it off with one quick yank. Then she grabbed Rose's hair and yanked her to her feet. Beverley landed a quick punch to Rose's chin and followed by kicking her in the stomach. As Rose groaned, Beverley used the brunette bad girl's hair to throw her across the elevator. Rose's head hit the side of the car with a loud thud and before she recovered, Beverley was on her, grabbing Rose's brunette locks and landing several punches to her side. Rose grimaced with each punch.

Rose tried to recover and defend herself, but Beverley again grabbed her hair and threw her across the elevator. There was another loud thud, followed by the sounds of Beverley's fists as they crashed into Rose's back. Rose screamed loudly as Beverley landed punch after punch. Beverley backed off and watched Rose slide down the side of the elevator to hit the floor.

Standing over Rose, who was lying on her stomach, Beverley asked, "Had enough or do you want more?"

Rose, still lying her stomach, moaned and weakly said, "The fight's NOT over. Now I'm just mad and I'm going to so get you."

Again the tiny blonde grabbed Rose's hair and lifted her off the elevator floor.

"I told you I could fight Rose. Maybe I should've told you I'm a really GOOD fighter."

Beverley kicked Rose in the back and shoved her headfirst into the wall of the elevator. Rose somehow managed to get her hands up to cushion the blow, however, Beverley pounced on her once again, slamming her face against the elevator wall several times. As the blonde pugilist backed off, Rose turned. Her face was covered with blood and her legs were very wobbly.

"You may be tougher Rose, but you're never gonna win this fight. Give up before you get seriously hurt?"

Rose tried to speak but Beverley couldn't understand her incoherent words. As Rose mumbled, the beaten and battered brunette's knees buckled and she collapsed - sliding down the side of the elevator, looking as though the action were being shot in slow motion. When Rose butt hit the floor, she just sat there with her legs spread for a moment, then closed her eyes. Beverley turned and stared at the people in the lobby. She could see them applauding and waved cheerily to acknowledge them.

Suddenly the elevator started moving again. When it reached the lobby and the doors opened, a crowd of people greeted the victor. She stepped out of the elevator and was mobbed by the crowd. When she looked back at the elevator, she saw her helpless victim still lying there. Beverley gestured for a couple of the bell clerks, who came over to her.

She turned and pointed at Rose and told them, "Better take her to her penthouse suite. I think she is going to need a doctor and someone to take care of her."

With that, Beverley walked jauntily out the front door of the hotel and headed to the restaurant Rose had been going to take her to. All-in-all, it was a great night for the blonde.
Cybill Shepherd vs. Megan Mullally by Bob

When Megan Mullally agreed to guest on Cybill Shepherd's talk show she heard Cybill was difficult to work with but never realized how difficult! During the show, Cybill continually interrupted her and eventually started getting nasty. When the show ended, Megan went to the stars dressing room to tell Cybill exactly what she thought of the arrogant bitch.

As she approached Cybill's dressing room she was surprised to hear Cybill complaining to her agent about how difficult it was to work with Megan. She listened to Cybill's complaints for a few minutes before she lost it. Bursting into Cybill's room, Megan slapped the show's hostess across the mouth.

As Cybill wiped the blood from her lip she stared at Megan and said, "I've watched Will and Grace. I'd love to see you fight Grace. You hit hard, but, not hard enough. Now, I'm going to have to beat the hell out of you."

Cybill then reached out, grabbed Megan's hair and quickly wrestled her to the floor. Moving like a cat, the muscular blonde jumped on Megan's back, put hands on the back of Megan's head and sadistically shoved her face to the floor. After grinding Megan's face into the carpet for several seconds, Cybill grabbed her by the hair.

As the blonde Amazon continued to push her face and sadistically grind it into the floor, Megan yelled, "I'm going to kill you when I get up."

"Are you really?" Cybill asked. "And how to you plan to get up? I'm bigger and stronger, and I'm obviously tougher," Cybill added.

"You're also fatter too, you big cow," Megan screamed.

Megan tried to get to her knees but Cybill used her height and weight to torture the small brunette. Megan struggled to move so she could throw Cybill off but Cybill continued grinding her face into the floor. Megan screamed, hoping someone would come and rescue her, especially since she was sure Cybill's agent wouldn't pull his client off her. She knew she'd have to throw Cybill off and then pray she could outrun her. Considering how athletic Cybill was and that she wasn't, Megan wasn't sure if she could do either one, let alone both!

As Cybill continued to grind Megan's face into the floor, she taunted her, telling Megan, "I can do anything I want. I'm glad you hit me because this is just the start of the hell you're going to experience."

Megan struggled desperately to no avail. Cybill wasn't about to ease up and it was obvious she was in great condition for a woman in her fifties. While Cybill didn't seem to be tiring at all, Megan was quickly wearing down from having Cybill's weight on her upper body.

Again Megan started to scream. Not wanting anyone to come and pull her off until the shorter brunette was unconscious, Cybill put one hand over Megan's mouth to silence her. Suddenly, Megan saw her chance! She bit Cybill's hand. Cybill screamed, released Megan's hair to look at the teeth marks in her hand and that gave Megan the chance to dump Cybill off her.

When Megan saw the blonde Amazon laying on her stomach she decided not to run after all. She'd had a few fights herself and although none of the men or women she fought were as strong or mean as Cybill, she'd easily won all her fights.

Reacting instinctively, Megan jumped on Cybill's back, grabbed Cybill's hair with her right hand and wrapped left her arm around Cybill's throat. She started to push Cybill's face into the floor. Megan was much stronger than Cybill expected and Cybill was surprised when she found she was unable to move.

After having her face pushed into the floor for several seconds, Cybill finally said, "Stop it, you're hurting me."

Megan laughed, and said, "Good. You're not so tough now. So what was that you said about doing whatever you want to me? Are you still going to do whatever you want to me? Right now it looks like I can do to you whatever I want to YOU!"

When Cybill was unable to get Megan off her, she yelled at her agent to pull the tiny brunette off. However, her agent never moved to help her. She'd have to get Megan off of her by herself - if she could.

In desperation, Cybill grabbed Megan's wrists but in her position, she didn't have leverage to pry Megan's hands from her hair or throat. She had to let go of Megan's hands and tried digging her well-manicured nails into Megan's legs. Megan let out a scream but she wasn't about to let Cybill throw her off.

Letting go of Cybill's hair, Megan reached down, dug her nails into Cybill's cheek and started scratching. Cybill, whose face was quickly becoming a bloody crimson mask, stopped trying to claw Megan's leg and started trying to protect her face as she began to cry. Megan grabbed Cybill's hair again and got up and pulled Cybill to her knees. Megan kicked Cybill in the back, knocking her forward onto her stomach where she lay without moving as the brunette slowly walked around to stand at Cybill's head.

"Come on bitch, get up and fight. You talked a good game, now back it up. Fight like a real woman."

As Cybill slowly got to her knees, Megan kicked her in her stomach. Again, Cybill went sprawling on the floor. Rather than wait for her to try and get up again, Megan grabbed Cybill's hair, pulled her to her knees and punched her in the eye. Cybill's eyes welled up with tears as she fell over backward holding her face. Megan just stood over her and stared at Cybill for a few seconds.

She had delivered a great punch! Cybill's eye was already starting to blacken, she had some nasty scratch marks on her cheek and as Megan looked at Cybill she prayed she'd try to get up again. As she stood watching, a dazed Cybill slowly sat up.

Cybill sat there for a second or two, trying to clear the cobwebs from her head. She couldn't clear her head, but she knew she had to attack. Hopefully she could catch Megan by surprise.

Cybill started to rise and just as her knees came off the carpet, Cybill screamed and charged at Megan. At the last second, Megan threw her hand out and hit Cybill high on the forehead. Once again, Cybill went down. Megan looked at Cybill's agent, who smiled and gave her the thumbs up.

Megan knew Cybill couldn't beat her but she was getting tired. It was time to end the fight. Once again, she grabbed Cybill's hair and lifted her to her feet. Still holding her by her hair, Megan started swinging Cybill around as the blonde screamed.

Megan mockingly said, "Round and round we go. Where we stop, nobody knows."

The tiny brunette continued to swing the tall blonde and the more Megan swung Cybill, the faster they went. Finally Megan let go and Cybill flew across the room, crashing into the wall headfirst, then toppled over on the floor.

Megan walked over to Cybill and stood over her. "Come on Cybill, you said you were going to kick my ass. Well, hon, you're not doing a very good job so far."

Cybill stared up at her dominant foe and gasped, "You bitch, I'm going to kill you."

Slowly Cybill got up but this time as she came to her feet, Megan grabbed her hair and threw the blonde back down. Megan put a foot on the Amazon's throat and leaned on it. Cybill struggled desperately for several seconds trying to get Megan's foot off her throat, grabbing both ankles and trying to either trip the busty brunette or pry her foot loose. When she was unable to move Megan, she tried digging her fingernails into Megan's ankles. That's when Megan bent down, grabbed Cybill's hair and started banging her head against the floor.

The beaten blonde's hands slipped from Megan's ankles and dropped to the floor. Megan kept pushed down with her foot until Cybill's eyes fluttered closed and her body went limp. Megan couldn't control her excitement! She started jumping up and down with her hands raised over her head. Cybill's agent watched as Megan's large tits jiggled back and forth.

Finally, he looked at the busty brunette and said, "I've waited for someone to do that to her for a long time. Everyone has been afraid of her. She's suck a bitch but she's big and strong. She's also a nasty bully, but she's my biggest client and I need the money."

He reached into his pocket handed Megan his card, telling her, "If you ever need a new agent give me a call. And the next time Cybill bullies a guest I'm going to call you so you can come down and kick her ass again."

Megan smiled, "I'd be my pleasure," then turned and walked out.

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