Match #1: RINGing in the New Year: Lauren Anderson vs. Divini Rae Sorenson by kit

A small crowd of young ladies gathered around Lauren, squealing and shrieking as the blonde extended out her hand and showed off the 'rock' on her third finger. A few of the guys winked at Mark as they slapped his back and shook his hand.

"Oh my gosh! Have you seen that ring?" Audra asked, joining her two friends.

"Yeah, it's really beautiful," said Jennifer.

"Oh wow! It really, really is," agreed Audra.

Divini squinted her eyes at the newly-engaged blonde across the room. She couldn't help but be very jealous and extremely disappointed that it wasn't her.

"Just think, Divini, that could've been you," said Jennifer, not realizing the dagger she was sticking in.

"Yeah," chimed Audra. "I thought you and Mark kinda had somethin' goin'."

Divini shrugged. "Not really. I was never in love, he might have been, but I wasn't. We just had great sex together...that's all."

Divini wasn't lying about the sex, but she had sorta been falling in love with him when he left her for Lauren.

"Oh," pondered Jennifer. "I thought ya told me ya were."

"No, I wasn't," snapped Divini, cutting her eyes with the brunette. "It was just biggie."

Early that summer Mark and Divini dated for a few weeks before he was introduced to Lauren. He was instantly taken by her hot body and beautiful face, and after she made love to him on their first date he broke things off with Divini the very next day.

"Oh, Lauren," he said, pulling out of her, "that was amazing."

"Mmmm, I just love your big, thick cock," she purred, snuggling up to him.

"Besides," Divini went on to say, "she's nothin' but a total slut and will lay down for anyone. She'll never keep him happy, and I'll bet she's out screwin' 'round on him before the ink on their marriage license dries. She's nothin' but a cheap whore an' a blond tramp. I doubt Mark knows just how many guys she's slept with."

"Sounds like someone's a bit jealous," teased Jennifer, speaking to Audra.

"Oh, I am not," said Divini. "She's nothin' but white trash an' I just don't like the bitch."

Open mouth, insert foot! Divini had thought that she was speaking in confidence, but obviously she wasn't as Audra took the words and passed them on to Teri, who passed them on to Michele, who passed them on to Heather, who whispered them in Lauren's ear.

"Really? She said all that?" asked Lauren calmly as she raged inside.

"Uh-huh. That's what I heard," said Heather. "You gonna kick her ass?"

Lauren forced a chuckle. "No, of course not. This isn't high school."

Heather shrugged. "I would."

"Well, she's just jealous," said Lauren.

"Probably," said Heather, turning to leave, "but I'd still kick her ass."

Kicking Divini's ass was first and foremost on Lauren's mind, but she'd approach the rival blonde calmly and in due time.

Over the next hour or so Divini caught Lauren looking at her a few times as the New Year's Eve crowd began to grow in the Johnson's house. She wondered if somehow Lauren had found out about what she said about her. Or perhaps she was jealous because she and Mark had been sleeping together a few weeks before he met her. Whatever the case, Divini didn't care.

Even though Lauren and Divini ran in some of the same circles and hung out with some of the same friends, neither ever considered the other much of a friend. They had never squared off or bowed up together, but there had always been a twinge of blonde/blonde jealousy and competition because they were both very well built and highly attractive.

At 5-9 and 125 pounds, Lauren was a blond goddess. Her long, straight hair and soft, beautiful face didn't distract from her saucy long legs and curved, shapely body. She had full round breasts, a flat tummy, a smooth curvy ass, and luscious lick-able legs. She racked out at a very impressive 34d-24-35.

If Lauren was a goddess, then Divini was the picture of perfection. She also had long blond hair (just a tad shorter) but a face more sinful and seductive, yet still highly attractive. At 5-8 and 126 pounds, her body was a bit more toned and firm. She had solid, ample breasts, a flat tight tummy, a hard chiseled ass, and shapely toned legs. She measured a perfect 36d-24-36.

Shortly before midnight, Lauren saw Divini going up the stairs of the two-story house. Quickly she excused herself from Mark and their friends and made her way upstairs where she saw Divini in the hallway outside of the bathroom. Tonight was the first time that the two of them had seen each other since spring, and this time they had a little more in common other than blond hair and great bodies...about 9" in common.

When Divini spotted Lauren coming down the hall, she straightened herself away from the wall but kept her arms folded under her breasts. "Hi," she said, rather plainly.

"Hi," said Lauren, monotone.

The two blondes zeroed in on each other as Lauren stopped a couple of feet away. Divini could sense that the blonde had heard what she said.

"I hear you're engaged," said Divini, feeling she needed to say something just in case her feelings were wrong.

"Uh-huh, that's right," said Lauren. "And I heard something about you."

"Oh," perked Divini, but a bit defensively, "what was that?"

Not wishing for their conversation to be overheard by whoever was in the bathroom, Lauren dropped her hands on her hips and stepped to within a foot of Mark's ex. "I heard you've been sayin' some pretty nasty and untrue things 'bout me."

Their eyes crossed back and forth together.

"Really? Like what?" asked Divini, slightly shaking back her hair.

"Well," began Lauren, shifting her hips, "you said I was a slut and a whore and that I'd cheat on Mark after we got married..."

"Who said?" interrupted Divini, dropping her hands on her hips.

" also called me a bitch and said that you didn't like me," continued Lauren, glaring.

Piercing their eyes together, Lauren and Divini shifted their hips and kept their hands firmly cocked on the sides of their waists.

"I think you're just a jealous bitch because Mark dumped you for me," said Lauren lowly.

When Lauren met Mark, she didn't know he was dating Divini, nor she didn't find out about it until they really starting getting serious with each other. Naturally she didn't like the fact that he had slept with Divini, but it didn't really bother her or matter to her because she was no angel herself when it came to sleeping around.

"I was never in love with him," said Divini, harshly. "We just had great sex together."

"Hmph! Apparently it wasn't as great as he and I made love," whispered Lauren.

Neither one spoke as they shifted a little bit in a circle and moved in a tad closer together.

"You wanna get into a catfight over all this?" asked Divini under her breath.

"Uh-huh, I do, bitch," breathed Lauren, leaning in.

"Good, bitch...good," Divini nodded with her eyes and brows.

"But not here, not now," said Lauren, shaking her head a bit. "Alone."

Suddenly they heard the toilet flush and the doorknob start to turn. Quickly they backed up, putting a step or two between them as they tried not too look flushed.

"Ladies," smiled and nodded Ted as he stepped out into the hallway.

They greeted him back, and just then two more young men came into the hallway and hollered at Ted. Divini took Lauren by the elbow and asked her when and where as they moved a few feet down the hallway.

"Tomorrow. Mark'll be watchin' football all day with some of the guys..."

"Fine," Divini interrupted. "How's my place 'bout noon?"

"Make it later, bitch. I won't be up by noon."

"Sure. Say three."

"Three's good. Where da ya live?"

"Do you know where Bay Side apartments are?"


"Well..." pondered Divini, trying to think over the noise the boys were making down the hall.

"Shit, bitch," stammered Lauren. "What's your cell. I'll call you as I leave."

Lauren tapped in Divini's number on her cell phone.

"Bitch, you better call," snarled Divini, grabbing Lauren's arm.

Lauren jerked free. "Don't worry, bitch. I'll be there," she growled.

That night as Divini made love to her date, she tried to remember the feel of Mark's cock high and hard inside of her. She had always considered herself to be very good in the bed, but apparently Lauren must've been a bit better if she was able to steal him away. Divini didn't like the thought that another woman could out-sex her, but at least she'd be able to get some revenge tomorrow when they fought, and after all, Mark and Lauren were only engaged, not married.

As Lauren wrapped her legs around Mark's hips, she couldn't help but be jealous of the pleasures Mark's cock must've given Divini. Normally she wasn't the jealous sort, but this thing with Divini had really made her mad and she was anxious to meet up with the blonde and teach her a thing or two.

New Year's Day, Divini kicked her date out early so she could have time to fix up a place for them to fight. Her bedroom was the best choice since it had the least breakables and stuff to move around. Pushing the bed into the corner and placing the nightstand in the hall, her dresser was still sorta in the way even though it was against the corner wall. But overall there was adequate room if you counted the bed as a place to fight on.

Around three o'clock Lauren told Mark, and his friends over, that she was going shopping at the mall but that she'd be home shortly. They pecked lips at the front door and then she phoned Divini as she got into her car. After giving and getting directions, the two blondes engaged in some filthy name calling and trash talking as they both promised the other a catfight she'd not likely ever forget.

"It's 'bout time, bitch," said Divini, opening her door.

"Why? Are you in that big a fuckin' hurry to get your ass kicked?" asked Lauren, stepping into the one-bedroom apartment.

"I'm not gonna be the one gettin' her ass kicked, bitch, you are," said Divini, closing the door.

"Well I guess we're gonna find all that out now, bitch," said Lauren, putting her keys in her jeans pocket and noticing that the room didn't look like it had been prepared for battle. "Are we fightin' in here?"

"No," said Divini, walking past her. "In here."

Lauren stepped into the bedroom as Divini turned to face her a few feet away.

"Bitch, looks kinda small," said Lauren, eyes roaming and catching sight of the double bed.

"Well, bitch, just how much fuckin' room do we need?" snapped Divini.

"Obviously not much, bitch," said Lauren, using her feet to remove her white Reeboks.

"If you've got no objections, slut, I thought we'd go to bra and panties," suggested Divini, starting to pull her top up.

"Suits me, bitch," said Lauren, pulling her top up. "No need to ruin good clothes."

Tossing their tops behind themselves, the two blondes watched each other suck in her stomach as she undid her jeans. Divini noticed the size of Lauren's 34D’s bulging over her black satin bra as Lauren inventoried Divini's firm 36D’s spilling over the cups of her purple lace bra.

"How's it feel knowin' Mark's slept with me, bitch?" prodded Divini, pushing her jeans past her hips.

"How's it feel knowin' he dumped your sorry ass for me, slut?" Lauren asked back, sliding her jeans down her thighs.

"I've got a better man now, bitch," said Divini, stepping out of one leg. "You can have him."

"Have? Have? Bitch, I took him," Lauren said, starting to pull her other leg out.

"Yeah, well, you're 'bout to take an ass whippin'," promised Divini, gathering up her jeans.

Lauren tossed her jeans behind her back. "I'm just so sick of listenin' to all your bullshit."

And with that she lunged in with a right hook that clipped Divini across the chin. Divini's head popped back and her jeans flew over her head as she reeled backwards and into the dresser.

Lauren paused a second to shake out her hand. She had a slight tingle in her wrist, but she lunged in anyway, sending a looping slap across Divini's right cheek.


Divini spun to her left and caught herself on the dresser top. Lauren grabbed for the back of her hair and spun her around into a right palm that cracked across her left cheek.

"Oooww!" wailed Divini, slapped to her right.

In a moment of sheer defense, Divini reached out and grabbed Lauren's long hair just as Lauren jerked her sideways by the hair and missed with slap.

"Fuckin' bitch," swore Lauren, sinking her other hand into Divini's hair and yanking her over.

"Oooww!" cried Divini, getting a better grip on Lauren's hair and jerking her over sideways with her.

"Oouuch!" winced Lauren sharply as the two blondes turned their fingers in more hair.

They pulled each other up, swearing and shouting. Divini shook Lauren back and forth as Lauren shook Divini side to side.

"Fuck!" cursed Divini under her breath, sending her right palm sweeping across Lauren's cheek. POP!

"Ow! Bitch!" cried Lauren, slapping Divini's cheek. POP!

Divini slapped Lauren again. WHAP!

The two blondes now staggered towards the middle of the room. They were both really fixing each other's hair as their bras started slapping and beating together. Lauren yanked Divini hard sideways. Divini cried out as she turned sideways into Lauren, hip to hip. Lauren grabbed the back of Divini's white thong and hiked it up her sexy butt crack.

"Yeeeooww!" cried Divini, arching her back and going to her tippy-toes.

"You fuckin' cunt," swore Lauren, trying to rip the thong off.

Divini tried to spin out, but Lauren bulled chest first into her, sending them both in the direction of the bed. Divini landed with Lauren on top of her. The both grunted as their bras smashed together and their hips butted hard. The bed bounced, sending both over sideways and sliding down to the floor. Divini tried to roll clear, but Lauren grabbed her by the back of the hair and yanked her over on her shoulders.

"You bitch," Lauren said, throwing her hips over Divini's hips and slamming her ass down hard over her crotch.

"Umph!" grunted Divini, shoving and kicking her legs and grabbing Divini's hair with both hands. Lauren started to slam Divini’s head on the carpet and Divini cried out and clawed at her hands while bucking with her legs and hips.

"I'm gonna beat your fuckin' brains out," promised Lauren, but letting go and going for Divini's bra.

"Oooww! My t-i-t-s!" Divini howled as Lauren squeezed down hard.

"You won't be so fuckin' pretty after I tear off these sorry lookin' tits, bitch," said Lauren, jerking down the bra and getting her nails into the flesh.

"Ooooooo! My fuckin' t-i-t-s! My fuckin' t-i-t-s!" screamed Divini, prying and scratching at Lauren's wrists as her breasts were savagely mauled.

"I'm gonna bust you wide open, slut," said Lauren, drawing back her right fist and sending it across Divini's right tit.

Divini groaned as her 36Ds were sent bouncing over her ribcage, but in a defensive swing she popped Lauren across the jaw with her left fist. Lauren's head snapped sideways, but her right fist was already flying again and she hit Divini's left tit this time. Again Divini grunted, but her right fist nailed Lauren flush under the chin, slamming her jaws shut and knocking her over on her ass.

"Hhhmmm," moaned Lauren, on her back and in a fog. Divini had really rattled her brain, but because her breasts were in such pain, she lay on her side rubbing them as she tried to blink away her tears. "Uuummm...shit," Lauren moaned softly, coming around and rubbing her chin.

"You bitch," swore Divini, in just above a whisper as she got on all-fours and crawled towards Lauren. Still somewhat groggy, Lauren was now straddled as Divini grabbed her by the bra and pulled it passed her tits. "See how you like it, cunt," said Divini, ripping ten nails down Lauren's fluffy 34Ds.

"Fuuuuuuck! Fuuuuuuuck!" Lauren cried out, then cried even louder as Divini pinched both pink areolas and stretched her nipples, shaking her tits.

"Hurts, don't it, slut," Divini said, slamming Lauren's tits together and squeezing down hard.

"Ooooo ssshhhit! S-t-o-p!" Lauren screamed, pulling on a fist of hair and bucking until she threw Divini off.

Both girls rolled away from each other and slowly got to their feet. "C'mon, bitch. Fight me," said Divini, first up and reaching for Lauren's hair.

"Fuck you," Lauren said from one knee. "Oouuch," she yelped as Divini yanked her to her feet. Taking each other by the hair, the two blondes got into a methodical hair pulling match for a couple of minutes as they very firmly pulled and stretched out each other's long, tangled tresses.

"Oooww," groaned Lauren, her knees knocking as her body was bent sideways.

"Uuummm," Divini grunted in her belly as her body arched and her knees bent. Pulling each other upright again, Divini grabbed the front of Lauren's black thong. Lauren barked, but went for Divini's white thong. Divini yelped, but started to slide her hand inside Lauren's thong.

"Bitch, you won't be doin' any fuckin' now," said Divini, curling her fingers around Lauren's blond hump. Lauren's hips flinched, but so did Divini as her blond box was suddenly squeezed.

"Neither will you, slut," promised Lauren as they both clamped down on each other.

Divini had a sexy little strip of gold pubic hairs and Lauren had a neatly trimmed 'V' of sandy pubic hair. Both girls continued to hold each other tightly by the back of the hair as they started to roughly pinch and fondle each other's sex.

"Oooo ssshhhit!" hissed Lauren loudly, going to her toes.

"Uuummm...ooowww!" Divini winced as her knees bent.

They both yelped and lost their balance as they ran their fingernails upward over the tender love bumps. Divini pulled Lauren close-in by the back of the hair and gave her a solid kneelift between the legs.

"Uuummggghhh!" grunted Lauren, chopped to her knees holding her pussy.

Divini staggered backwards, bent over and clutching her throbbing womanhood, while Lauren was now on 'threes' and rubbing herself with one hand. Catching their breaths they looked at each other. There was still a lot of hate and anger behind their eyes. There was also a lot of pain and tiredness. Both were hurting throughout, and the presperation glistening across their bodies indicated that the fight was lasting much longer and a lot more physical than either had expected.

"Hurt, bitch?" snarled Divini, still rubbing herself.

"You know it, slut!" hissed Lauren, indicating that she was no worse off than Divini. Lauren got to her knees as Divini motioned for her to go on and stand up. Running their hands thru their hair, they combed it behind their ears as they circled once and then stopped defiantly together. "You're not so tough, slut," said Lauren, hands on hips.

"Nor you, slut," replied Divini, posing with her.

"Yeah, well I like a good catfight, bitch," said Lauren, looking for a psychological advantage.

"So do I, you bitch." The two foxy blondes glared hard with bloodshot eyes. Lauren hated the fact that Divini had been with her man, and Divini hated the fact that Lauren had stolen him away.

"Oh you fuckin' bitch," cussed Lauren, reaching for Divini.

"Fuck you, cunt," Divini swore as they went for hair with one hand and slapped the shit out of each other with the other hand. Slinging each other around in a circle, Lauren and Divini got down in a very frantic and wild pace as they jerked and yanked.

"Oooowww!" screamed Lauren as Divini pulled out a wad of loose hairs from her head.

"Fuckin' shit," Divini swore, letting the hair land at their feet as she reached for more to pull out. But Lauren lunged forward and wrapped Divini in a headlock. Divini shouted and tried to twist free as Lauren balled up her fist and punched her in the nose.

"Ooohh! My nozz!" cried Divini, pulling out and coming back across with a backhand SPLAT smacked Lauren in the mouth.

Both were rattled, but Lauren only for a second. "Bitch!" she shouted, tasting blood on her lower lip as the flesh was peeled back.

With her hands cupped over her nose trying to stop the slight trickle of blood from her right nostril, Divini's breasts were open for attack as Lauren reached out and clamped down on them. "Yeow!" she barked as Lauren’s nails dug deep.

"I'm gonna tear these titties off!" yelled Lauren, screwing in with her talons.

"Nnnooo! Ooowww!" cried Divini, her eyes dripping tears as she scratched Lauren's wrists.

"Oouuch!" Lauren snapped, stepping back and popping Divini across the jaw with her right fist.

Divini flew sideways into the wall, but turned around just in time to catch Lauren coming in with a right hook that smashed open the rest of her lower lip. Lauren's hair whipped around her face, and Divini clocked her across the right cheek with her left fist. The outcome now seemed to dangle in the balance as Divini hair-threw Lauren chest first into the wall.

"Cunt!" yelled Divini, yanking her off the wall by the back of the hair. Lauren was whipped around, but she buried her hands in Divini's long hair, and together they locked down in a hair catfight. Toe-to-toe they stood in their thongs, violently shaking and screaming as they fought to tear each other bald. Tears poured from their eyes and their knees buckled from all the intense and savage hair pulling they were doing.

"Fuuuuck! Le gggooo!" screamed Lauren, blind with pain as she closed her right fist and slammed it across Divini's jaw.

Divini was rocked, nearly going to one knee, but she countered with a left cross that pulped Lauren's upper lip. Lauren rattled a step back as Divini stood up and swung out with her right fist. The punch missed, and both fell chest first missing with jabs and then bouncing back off. Divini caught Lauren with another right fist, just above the eyebrow on the break. Lauren staggered backwards into the dresser and took yet another fist in the face, this a left hook that nailed her in the right eye giving the blonde what would become a nice shiner.

"You bitch!" shouted Divini, her mind foggy and her vision blurred with tears, "I'm gonna..."

WHAM! Out of seemingly nowhere, Lauren unleashed a right uppercut that stopped Divini in mid-sentence. Divini was hit so hard that she didn't move, frozen like a statue in time with blood now gurgling out of the corners of her mouth.

Fucked up in the head also, Lauren didn't seem to realize that Divini was out on her feet as she sent a back-to-back SLAP-SLAP across Divini's cheeks, then grabbed her hair and threw her face first into the glass mirror above the dresser. Divini's head shattered the glass and her face bounced off the top of the dresser as she slid down and landed flat on her back, knocked out cold and spread-eagled at Lauren’s feet. Lauren staggered heel-and-toe for a few seconds before she fell backward onto the bed and went completely limp, but ultimately victorious.
Match #2: “I Won't Work Under You”: Qiana Chase vs. Divini Rae Sorenson by kit

Qiana pushed away from the desk in her cubicle. Glancing at her watch she saw that it was almost noon (Saturday). Shit, she moaned, having been at work since 7 a.m., and still needing a couple of more hours to finish her project. Getting up, she stretched and walked out into the hall of her company. The place was quiet and vacant except for the blonde across the hall in the next maze of cubicles. Going to the bathroom, Qiana stopped at the water fountain and took a sip. She knew why the blonde was here at work with her and she wondered which one of them was going to be announced as the new junior executive in two weeks.

Entering the bathroom, Qiana pondered the situation as she sat down to pee. Qiana was known as a good, hard worker and respected amongst her peers, but the blonde had one year seniority on her and was also very well liked. Frankly, Qiana always thought that the blonde was rather cheap and slutty, and she wouldn't put it passed her if she was trying to sleep her way up the ladder.

About that time the bathroom door opened and they both immediately noticed the other's presence. They had made eye contact an hour ago when the blonde came down the hall, but neither one spoke as they merely looked at each other as the blonde walked by.

"Looks like you're puttin' in a little overtime today too," the black woman said as the blonde sat down in the stall next to her.

"Yeah, just tryin' to get ahead. Monday's gonna be a busy day," said Divini, starting her pee.

"Looks like," said the black woman, now down to a drip.

On Monday both women were giving a huge presentation before the board, and that presentation would go a long way in determining who would be selected.

"How long ya' been here?" asked Divini, shutting down her pee.

"Oh, about five hours," answered Qiana, wiping her shaved snatch.

"Wow, that long," said Divini, wiping her nearly bald blond crack.


"You must've really been behind," jabbed the blonde, snapping her thong back in place.

Qiana didn't take kindly to the remark. "Uh, no...I'm not the sort that falls behind," she said, tugging up her short black skirt.

Divini didn't respond as she stuffed her ass back into her tight yellow skirt, but she wondered for the hundredth time if Qiana would get selected over her because she was black. The company only had two minorities in the upper division, and both were males. One a Native American and the other Hispanic. Divini was worried that political correctness might come into effect since there were no African-Americans in that part of the company. Divini realized that her single year of seniority wouldn't swing it in her favor. She heard Qiana was a good worker and well liked, even though she had always thought of the black woman as a bit lazy and underhanded, and she wouldn't put it past her to try and sleep for the job. After all, Qiana was very attractive, and a lot of the white men in the building dug her figure. Divini unbuttoned the top two buttons on her yellow blouse and opened the front up a bit in hopes of making Qiana jealous.

Coming out of the stalls at the same time, both full-figured women looked at each other as they walked over to the sink. Washing their hands, they caught each other's eye a time or two in the mirror, and there was definitely some friction growing. Toweling off their hands, each had a strange sense of trouble as they took a second to check themselves in the mirror. Adjusting her red v-neck top, Qiana caught Divini looking at her in the mirror.

"Not that it really matters," said Qiana, turning to face her at the countertop. “But I told Bill Jones that if you got the promotion I wasn't gonna work under you."

"Hhmm...funny," said Divini, facing up with her dark adversary. "I said almost that exact same thing to Ted Ford yesterday."

Qiana raised an eyebrow and Divini raised her eyebrow back at her.

"Is that a fact?" asked the raven beauty, placing a hand on her broad hip

"That's a fact," answered the blonde beauty, folding her arms beneath bulging breasts.

Qiana's mysterious brown eyes honed in with Divini's seductive baby blues. Qiana's upper lip lifted as Divini's fingers tapped on her forearms.

"I guess we both have a lot to lose then," said Qiana.

"Yeah, but a lot more to gain," replied Divini.

Qiana nodded as the blonde gave a slight shake back of her hair.

"With so much at stake," said the black lowly, "seems like they'd let us crawl into a ring and fight it out."

The blonde raised a brow. "So what's stoppin' us?"

Qiana looked out of the corner of her eye at the blonde. Their bodies started to tingle and grow tense.

"Can you think of a reason we shouldn't?" asked Divini. There was a pause, and she added, "Unless you think you've got it in the bag."

"With a slut like you around," said Qiana, shocked.

"Slut? Look who's callin' who a slut!" exclaimed Divini, dropping her hands to her hips.

"Bitch, you better watch who you're callin' a slut!" snapped Qiana, shaking her head and pointing.

"Don't you call me a bitch, you slut," spat the blonde, swatting at the hand.

That was it. It was on.

"Motherfucker!" barked the black beauty, striking out with a slap that popped across the blonde's cheek.

Divini's whispy hair flew around her face as the slap peddled her back a few steps against the tile wall.

"You bitch!" shouted the blonde, catching Qiana across the cheek with a slap as the black woman reached for her hair.

Now it was Qiana's turn to feel the sting of a catfight as she was sent reeling back a few steps.

"You fuckin' bitch!" shouted Divini as Qiana righted herself. "How'd that feel?"

"C'mon, bitch! Let's go!" Qiana yelled as they both lunged forward.

Physically Qiana and Divini were very evenly matched. They were both very hot, very well-built and very determined to kick the other's ass. Qiana stood 5-9 to Divini's 5-8 and outweighed her 130 to 126, but Divini was slightly more fit and muscular - and she had slightly better measurements; 36D-24-36 to Qiana’s 36C-25-36. Their bodies came together with a THUMP as they both dug into the other's hair and pulled.

"Ouch! Slut," swore Qiana as Divini tugged on the sides of her shoulder-long, tightly permed black hair.

"Ow! Bitch," the blonde winced sharply as the back of her medium-long, straight silky hair was pulled.

Opening up their stance for better stability, their 3" heels clicked and scuffed across the cold tile floor as they staggered and swayed in a brawling circle. Both women had firm holds as they jerked each other up and down and yanked from side-to-side.

"Oouuch! F-u-c-k!" cried the blonde first as she was pulled hard sideways and then over at the waist.

"Fuckin' bitch," swore Qiana as she made Divini's knees buckle. "I'm gonna rip all this shit out."

"Ooww!" Divini wailed out, but swinging her body into Qiana's.

Their bodies whacked at the hips, knocking them both backwards against the countertop. The back of Qiana's legs were jabbed, and she lost her balance, causing them both to spill over on the floor in a tangle of arms, legs and hair.

"Oh, you slut," huffed Divini as they went into a roll pulling hair and their long legs flying about.

They flipped one over the other until they were stopped by the frames of the three bathroom stalls.

"You white bitch," growled Qiana, somewhat on top and seemingly in control.

"Get off," grumbled the blonde, striking her fist in the black woman's side.

Qiana grunted, but didn't roll off. Another quick fist by the blonde caught the black on the side of the right tit.

"Ugh!" grunted Qiana, now trying to roll clear.

"You black fuck," swore Divini, hooking yet another fist into Qiana's body, this one nailing heron the left tit.

Knocked over on her back, Qiana moaned as she folded her arms across her chest. The blonde now got up on her knees, and with Qiana's black skirt flipped up over her hips, her matching thong was a perfect invitation. Divini's blue eyes lit up as she grabbed the waistband of the thong and pulled.

"I'll tear out that pussy now, bitch," said Divini, stretching the thong away from Qiana's hips.

"Nnnooo!" bucked Qiana, grabbing at the blonde's wrists.

There was a brief grapple, but Qiana lost her thong when she shoved Divini in the shoulders. Now it was Divini on her back with her little yellow skirt flipped up.

"I'll get your pussy first, slut," swore the black woman, latching on to the white thong.

"Oohh fuck!" yelled the blonde, trying to kick free and sit up at the same time.

Divini lost her thong as it ripped from her hips. Qiana fell over on her shoulders as the thong suddenly gave way, and her skirt flipped up again, exposing her bald beaver. Divini had quickly gotten up to her knees, and when she saw the chocolate cookie, she went for it.

"Oooowww!" bucked and kicked Qiana as her smooth vagina was squeezed.

"What was that 'bout gettin' my pussy?" asked Divini, pinching the smooth vulva.

Qiana pulled on Divini's hand as she sat up and leaned forward, shoving her right hand between the blonde's thighs.

"Yeow!" yelped Divini, now falling back on her shoulders as Qiana followed with her, squeezing her soft vulva.

Divini cried out as Qiana twisted her left lip.

"How ya like it, slut?" asked the raven fox, pinching.

Divini yanked Qiana's hand out, and Qiana fell down on top of her. Divini tried to buck and shove her off, but Qiana grabbed her by the wrists and stabbed them over her head. The blonde tried to worm her legs around the black's waist, but the black snaked up her legs with her and immobilized them.

"Get off...bitch," huffed Divini, pinned beneath the black.

"Fuck you, bitch," snapped Qiana, working her hips and chest into place. "I'm gonna grind your white ass into the floor."

"Oh no you're not, you black fuck," said Divini as their torsos locked up.

With their skirts riding up their wiggling hips, their naked boxes were free to go at it with each other as their breasts mushroomed beneath their bras.

"Uumm," muffled the blonde as the black worked her 36" hips into her 36s.

"Think you're hot shit?" asked Qiana, her nose touching Divini's nose.

"Hotter’n you!" answered Divini, giving a thrust with her hips.

"Aahh," gasped Qiana as the white woman's thin, blond strip of fuzz scratched against her mound.

"You're pussy's no match for me," breathed the blonde as their vaginas massaged each other.

"Sshhit. I'm gonna break you with my sex," promised Qiana, her sex opening with the blonde's and they both grunted and moaned as their lightly lubed labia’s lovingly locked folds.

"Everyone knows we can out-fuck any white slut!" Qiana stated, looking into Divini's eyes as their clits looked to fight.

"Bitch, I may be white, but I'm also blonde, and everyone knows that we can't be beat!" Divini replied, her sex oiled and ready to fight.

The two women kept their noses touching as they stared into each other's eyes. There was a lot of hate, jealousy and determination as neither had ever been this far with another woman.

"Uumm," moaned the blonde, her clit contacting Qiana's clit.

"Oooo," mouthed the black, pressing down with her hips.

Although they both acknowledged the others physical beauty, neither was emotionally aroused, even though their pussies were hot and lubed. This was strictly a fuck-fight as both felt that if she could bust the other's nut, then she'd have a decisive advantage in winning the catfight. They were aiming to break each other sexually and then beat her ass physically.

Divini broke a leg free, but quickly locked it around Qiana's leg. Now they each had leg in control so they pried each other a bit more open and got busy fucking.

"Uuummm...I've always wondered, uumm...if we'd ever bitch-fight each other," panted the blonde, flexing her solid ass cheeks for thrust.

"Uh-huh, aahh...and I'm gonna make you, aahh...make you eat my black ass after I kick your ass," whispered Qiana, her lips almost brushing with Divini's.

Qiana's head fell back and Divini's head rolled to the side as their clits jousted and bent over together. They moaned, and Qiana pressed down harder as Divini could do little but lay there and take it.

"Oh no, bitch. I'm gonna fill up my ass with your black face," gasped the blonde, her clit whipping over Qiana's clit.

"Uumm...fuck you," moaned the black beauty, rubbing breasts with the blonde as their pussies catfought.

They could feel the other getting wetter and wetter as their horney clits battled evenly throughout their pink folds. In and out the two sex horns invaded the other's hood, twisting and turning, but neither able to pin the other down and get an orgasm.

"Uuumm...give it up, you black bitch," groaned Divini, ten hard minutes into the cunt fighting.

" give it up," answered Qiana, clit-to-clit.

Laying cheek-to-cheek, Qiana and Divini moaned and hissed in each other's ear for a couple of more minutes as their walls grew wetter and their clits got stiffer.

"Uumm, uumm, uummm," groaned Divini, breaking down.

"Aaahh, aaahh, aaaahhh," echoed Qiana, right behind her as their clits slid back and forth over each other and slithered between the other's quivering folds.

"Ooooo, bitch...I hate you," the blonde said the black's ear.

"Ooooo, slut...fuck you too," answered Qiana.

Realizing that their window of gaining an advantage over the other had closed, they both let go as their pussy lips started to spit on each other.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh fuck," swore Divini, shooting sex.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah," panted Qiana, firing back.

Qiana collapsed on top of the blonde, but their catfighting wasn't over as Divini threw her arms around Qiana's neck and pulled her over sideways.

"Bitch," swore Qiana, getting an arm around Divini's neck as their legs tightened up and kept their pussies shaking together.

Running her right hand over Qiana's chest, Divini grabbed the neckline of v-cotton red top and stretched it out. The two women now started to really cuss each other out as Qiana ripped Divini's blouse while the blonde ripped open the black's top. They went into a roll or two, fumbling with the other's bra cup until they were able to drive a hand in and pinch each other on the areola.

"Oooohhh fuuuuck!" groaned Qiana deeply as her big, thick nipple was pulled.

"Yeeooww!" yelped the blonde sharply as her pink, pointy nipple was stretched.

They went into another roll, squeezing flesh this time, as their legs jockeyed for a scissor.

"Oouuch!" barked Divini, grabbing a handful of Qiana's fine, shapely butt cheek and digging in with her fingernails.

"Ow fuck!" cried Qiana, still squeezing hard on Divini's right tit.

Divini rolled over slightly on Qiana. "Leggo, bitch," she said, stinging Qiana's cheek with a snappy slap.

"Ow!" yelped Qiana, letting go of Divini's tit, but only to close her fist and punch the orb.

"Uugghh!" groaned Divini, falling back on her shoulders, clutching herself.

Qiana rolled a few feet away, and for a few moments both black and white lay on their backs catching their breaths and wondering how in the hell they ever got this far.

"You bitch," mumbled Divini, sitting up and looking at her blouse. "It's ruined. You've ruined it, bitch."

"Fuck you, bitch," responded Qiana. "Look at mine. It's torn to the waist."

"Well, I don't give a shit, bitch."

"You better, bitch. You're payin' for it," said Qiana.

"The hell I am!" said Divini, taking off her blouse.

"You will too, or I'll take it out on your hair!" said Qiana, pulling her ripped top over her head. Both women threw their garments at each other as they got to their feet and kicked off their heels.

"Fine, bitch," said Divini as they both adjusted their bras. "Let's get to pullin'."

Stepping forward, they swore as they both grabbed two globs of hair and yanked straight back. They winced, and then stepped back, pulling each other over at the waist as they had their hands in the back of the head. Now gripping the tile with their bare toes, Divini and Qiana gritted their teeth and squinted their eyes as they pulled like hell on each other. This hair tug-o-war lasted briefly, but was extremely painful as both refused to cry out or ask for mercy. They both fell suddenly apart, tears welled up in their eyes as they each clutched a fistful of the other's hair. Seeing their hair in the other's hand, coupled with the fire on their scalps, really infuriated them as they both threw down the handful of hair they had and lunged forward slapping and grabbing for more.

POP! YANK! "Oooww!" cried Divini, slapped and hair yanked.

SMACK! JERK! "Ssshhhit!" Qiana screamed, slapped and hair jerked.



They traded cheek-blistering slaps one more time as they hair-threw each other to the floor.

"You fuckin' black cunt! Oooww!" swore and screamed the blonde as they pulled hair and rolled.

"Oouuch! Cheap blond bitch!" cussed and cried the black as they rolled and pulled hair.

Rolling back and forth like two trashy alley cats, Divini and Qiana threw hell out the window as they flat-ass catfought. Their tits battled each other behind their bras. Their toned, defined legs wrestled and stained from thigh to calf. Their pussies leapt and jumped at each other, each seemingly wanting to take the other on in a fuck-fight to the finish.

"Ooohhh fuuuuck!" cried Divini, slung off hard by the hair.

"Oooowww!" Qiana screamed, her head stretched sideways as she rolled on top and drove her knee between Divini's thighs.

"Uunnggmmpphh!" groaned the blonde as her pink sex was busted by the brown kneecap of Qiana who now straddled the hurting blonde and gave her a nasty WHACK bitch-slap across the cheek.

"You blond fuck!" swore Qiana, backhanding Divini, drawing a dab of blood from the corner of her mouth, "that promotion is mine!" Grabbing Divini by the sides of her hair, the foxy black beauty started beating her head on the cold tile.

But the sultry blonde wasn't out of it yet as she reached up and latched on to both of Qiana's breasts. "Ouch! Bitch!" barked the black babe, now going for the blonde's breasts.

"Get off, bitch," grunted Divini, pulling on a handful of hair and squeezing a bra full of flesh. Qiana cried out as she was violently yanked sideways by the hair. The two women then went into a roll, tearing down each other's bras and trying to get their legs around the other's waist. "Ooooww!" cried Divini, her right areola pinched.

"Uunngg!" groaned Qiana as her tits were both squeezed.

"You're not gettin' it, bitch," growled the teary-eyed blonde as she rolled on top and tried to straddle the black. "It's mine!"

With both hands wrapped around the other's bare breasts, Divini and Qiana squeezed with all their might. Smooth, chocolate skin and firm, white flesh oozed between their spread fingers as they twisted and turned their fingernails into each other.

"Oooowww f-u-c-k!" screamed the blonde, throwing back her head and howling.

"Ssshhhit! Ssshhhit!" cursed the black, her head rolling side-to-side.

"Oooww...give it up!" Divini cried, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Fuuuck! Never!" screamd Qiana, her eyes leaking.

They both bore in harder, and they both screamed out. Qiana let go of Divini's left tit and busted it open with her fist. Divini's back arched and her tit flopped up and down as Qiana reloaded her tight, right fist and plowed it across the blonde's flexed abs.

"Ooommmpphh!" whooshed the blonde, doubling over and getting shove sideways in the shoulders.

Landing on the floor with her back turned, Divini was quickly yanked by the hair and pulled into the black woman. Throwing an arm around Divini's throat, Qiana whipped her long, brown legs around the blonde's waist and scissored her up. The blonde gagged and coughed for air, but the forearm pressing against her windpipe and the thighs crushing along her ribs, made it very difficult to breath.

"White bitch," grumbled Qiana in her ear as she applied more pressure with her arm and legs. "You 'bout ready to eat some brown ass?" she asked, dropping her free hand over Divini's bruised left tit and digging in with her claws.

Divini coughed and wheezed as she lightly pulled on the hand, arm and legs that were killing her.

"I asked you a question, s-l-u-t," whispered Qiana, giving a surge with her thighs and dig with her nails.

"...ooommm, ppleaase," gasped the beaten blonde.

"You look hungry, bitch," the superior black taunted. "I think you need to suck on some fudge puddin'."

"...uumm...aaahh," gagged the defeat white woman, "...the job,'s your's."

"Oh, I know it is, bitch," said Qiana, twisting on Divini's areola.

"...ooommm, uuummm," the blonde groaned weakly in her throat as her struggling was almost down to a stop.

Realizing the blonde was about to pass out, Qiana flexed her brown thighs harder and pressed her forearm tighter against her throat. She also let go of the tit and put her hand across the blonde's nose and mouth.

"...ooommpphh, uuummppphh, oooommmppphhh..."

Satisfied that the white woman was out cold, the black woman turned her over on her back and straddled her big, broad ass over her face.

Turned so that she was facing Divini's legs, Qiana grabbed them behind the knees and pulled them against her (Qiana's) chest so that the blonde was now folded like a matchbook as the black babe nestled all of her fine 36" ass over her face.

"Bitch, you may not remember this," said Qiana as her ass covered every inch of Divini's face from her nose to her dark-rooted hairline, and her thick, juicy pussy lips kissed up with the soft, parted lips of her mouth, "but you're sure gonna taste it and I'm sure gonna enjoy it. MMMM!"
Match #3: “Let's Get Down To It”: Qiana Chase vs. Lauren Anderson by kit

Qiana was in a twisted rage of anger as she left her bosses office. She had just received a royal ass-chewing and in her mind it was all the fault of the white bitch down the hall.

Lauren was on the phone when Qiana abruptly entered her office and closed the door behind her.

"I gotta call you back," said Lauren curtly as she hung up the phone.

"Just what the hell are you tryin' to do, bitch," growled Qiana, leaning over Lauren's desk.

"What the hell do you mean bargin' in here, bitch," snapped Lauren at the very same time as she rose up and leaned across her desk to meet face-to-face with the angry black woman.

"Bitch, you know what I mean," said Qiana, her eyes locked with the blonde's eyes.

"Don't you put this at my feet, slut," Lauren said, her lips curled up.

"I'm 'bout sick of all your shit," spat Qiana as they both moved around the desk to get chest-to-chest.

The two leggy junior executives went blouse-to-blouse as they placed their hands on their hips and got in each other's pretty face.

"Bitch, don't you pretend that you're not ass-stabbin' me in the back," accused Lauren, their breasts slightly tangling behind their blouses.

"Bitch, I'd like to do more than just that," said the foxy black woman, grabbing the blonde's blouse.

"Well so would I, bitch, so would I," agreed the sexy blond woman, twisting the black's blouse in her fist as they put their noses together.

"Good," said Qiana.

"Winner stays, loser leaves."

"Down an' dirty," added Qiana, grabbing a firm handful of Lauren's hair in the back now.

"Anythin' goes," Lauren winced, but taking a handful of raven tresses in the back.

Qiana winced, but grabbed a second handful of hair. Lauren winced and grabbed a second handful of hair. Stretching back each other's head, their chins touched as they kept each other very still and in place as they agreed to catfight it out in the employee's lounge after work.

"I'm gonna kick your fuckin' black ass, bitch," promised Lauren, glaring with Qiana.

"There ain't a white bitch alive that can do that, slut," said Qiana as they pushed their chest together, gave each other a nice little jerk of hair and then pushed each other away in the shoulders.

"Fuck you. Ge' outta here, bitch," said Lauren on the break.

"Eat shit, slut. I'm gonna enjoy whippin' your white ass," said Qiana, and then turning to leave.

On Friday's around the office, everyone was usually gone by 4:30 p.m., and on this day that was still the case.

"Are you still here?" asked John Tedford, sticking his head in Lauren's office as he headed home.

Lauren looked up and smiled. "Just about to go. Just gotta finish one last thing."

John had always had the hots for the tall, beautiful blonde. "Well okay. Have a great weekend."

"Oh, I too," said Lauren, thinking about her ensueing catfight with Qiana.

The black and blonde remained in their offices a few more minutes, allowing everyone to leave as they thought about their fight with each other. From day one there had been friction between them. Some issues were work related, but mostly they had jealous girl issues. They were the youngest of the junior execs and clearly the best looking. Everyday they battled each other in dress, hair-styles, makeup and sex appeal, and on this day they both looked exceptionally hot.

Lauren had slipped her 5-9, 125 body into a black short-sleeve blouse, tight matching skirt, black thigh-high nylons and black "4 heels. She had long, beautiful straight blond hair, a drop-dead face and her 34d-24-35 body rocked. Qiana was equally attractive as her 5-9, 130 body was encased in a satin red short-sleeve blouse, short black skirt, sheer natural nylons thigh-high and slut red 4" heels. She had shoulder long, kinky permed hair (almost a 'fro), a very atttactive face and a hot black body measuring 36c-25-36.

At 4:46 p.m. Lauren entered the employee's lounge.

"You're late, bitch. I've been waitin' on you," said Qiana, getting up from the couch.

"Shut up, bitch. I wanted to make sure everyone was gone."

"I made a check, bitch. They are," said Qiana, stepping out of her shoes.

"Good," said the blonde, stepping out of her shoes as she started to unbutton her blouse.

"We'll have to move that table," said Qiana, undoing her blouse.

"What for? We can just fight in the hall since it's just us here," Lauren said, removing her blouse for Qiana's pleasure.

Qiana smirked at the blonde's black bra and creamy white melons riding over the cups. Lauren then got an eyefull of Qiana's chocolate jugs and the red bra holding them back.

"Are you sure you're up for this, bitch?" toyed Qiana, unzipping her skirt.

"Oh, I'm ready, bitch. I've wanted to take you on in a catfight for a long time now," admitted Lauren, working her tight skirt past her hips.

Wiggling her full, hearty ass out of her skirt, Qiana said, "I always knew you were a jealous slut, I just never thought you'd agree to catfight me."

"Listen, bitch," said the blonde, stepping out of her skirt now, "I've never been jealous of your ugly black ass. You're the jealous one."

"Well...that's not really true, bitch," said the foxy black, "but I'll admit that I've always wanted to scratch out your eyes."

"And I've always wanted to scratch out your's, bitch," said Lauren, laying her skirt out on the table.

Qiana placed her skirt on the table and followed Lauren out into the hall. But just as they walked thru the doorway, Qiana called Lauren a slut and grabbed her by the back of the hair.

"Ooowww!" cried Lauren, attacked from behind.

"Stupid slut," snarled Qiana as she put her knee in Lauren's ass and bowed her backwards by the hair.

"Fuuuck! My h-a-i-r!" the blonde cried out again as she was dancing on her tippy-toes and trying to scratch Qiana's hands out of her long tresses.

Qiana winced from the sharp claws digging into her wrists/hands as she spun Lauren around and introduced her palm to the blonde's soft cheek.


Lauren sailed backwards, hitting the wall with a thud as Qiana sprang at her.

"Bitch!" yelled Lauren, coming off the wall.

Their bodies flew together and their arms clasped around each other's shoulders as they locked up and squeezed. Frantically their legs waltz in and out as they took turns driving each other back and forth against the walls of the hallway. Their buttcheeks would squish out and their heads were bounce off as they took turns doing this four or five times.

"Uugghh!" groaned Lauren, slammed into the wall.

Using her right hand, the blonde scratched the black over her left eye and down her cheek.

"Oooww!" squeeled the dark beauty, letting go and doubling over in pain.

"You black fuck," swore Lauren, driving her knee up into Qiana's chest and catching her fully on the right globe.

Qiana grunted as she sailed backwards and hit her head along the wall.

"How'd that feel, bitch?" asked Lauren, pausing for a moment to get her breath and admire Qiana's pain.

", bitch," cursed the black, holding a busted tit in one hand and the back of her head with the other.

"You want some more, bitch? Or have you had enough?" asked Lauren, her lungs replinishing with air.

"You fuckin' bitch," swore Qiana, reaching out with both hands.

"Slut!" cussed the blonde as they both yanked each other sideways by the hair and resumed catfighting. The two women shook each other silly a few moments before loosing their balance and hitting the dark red carpet of the hall. Quickly their long, nylon legs encased as they went into a back and forth roll on each other, pulling hair and tugging on bras.

"Ouch!" winced Lauren, her left breast squeezed.

"Yeeow!" Qiana barked, feeling some talons dig into her right breast. Their sexy thigh-high nylons hissed as their legs worked up and down on each other while they lay on their sides stretching out a fistful of hair and squeezing a handful of bare breast.

"Ooohh!" cried the blonde, tears running down her cheeks as Qiana turned her clear-coated nails in her creamy white breast.

Qiana gritted her teeth to keep from screaming, but she couldn't control the water leaking out of the corners of her eyes as the blonde worked her frosted-pink nails in her full, chocolate jug. With their legs hooked tightly at the knees, the black and blonde were pulling straight up and the very back of each other's hair. Their faces were joined at the cheeks and the corners of their mouths were touching. They were both weeping, and their tears now acted as a lubricant as their cheeks rubbed firmly together.

"Uunngg...blond cunt," groaned Qiana, locked up with the blonde as they now rolled each other's areola out.

" fuck," the blonde moaned, her lips moving along Qiana's lips.

Both woman wrung the other out; forcing the tops of their nylons to flex and their toes to curl up together.

"Ooohh...legggooo!" grunted Lauren, very deeply as her areola was about to pop off.

" first, bitch," Qiana demanded as her areola was nearly pinched off.

Their hips shook together as each gave one last agonizing twist and turn before punching each other in the face, just under the eye. But because of their positioning and flow of their catfight, neither blow was very powerful, just jarring, but their rings did do enough to cut the flesh.

Qiana and Lauren slightly parted, but not very much as they continued to punch on each other. Lauren landed a blow on Qiana's cheek as Qiana dropped a pair of chopping fists across the blonde's left tit.

"Ooooo f-u-c-k!" cried Qiana as her right tit took a vicious scratching.

"Ooooo gggaawwdd!" Lauren screamed, taking a clawing down her left tit.

"Aaarrgggg!" the black screamed, scratched again.

"Fuuuuuck!" cried the blonde, clawed again.

Qiana latched on to Lauren's nipple. The blonde pinched the black's nipple. They pulled!



Their long, lovely bodies vibrated and jolted as they both experienced new heights of pain and agoney. Their hips bucked at the sides as their straining legs sprang open and flew into the air.



They exploded apart and rolled towards a wall with their backsides facing each other. Curling up in a little ball, Qiana and Lauren sobbed their eyes out as they could barely stand to cup their mauled and clawed tits. It was Lauren's left one and Qiana's right one.

For a couple of minutes the black and blonde lay with their backs turned as they managed to somewhat massage the pain away and turn their flowing tears into small drips. Qiana rolled over on her back first and looked the blonde's way just a couple feet from her.

"Uuumm...shit," whimpered Lauren softly as she turned over on her back.

"Bitch," Qiana whispered at her.

"Oh...fuck off," Lauren gasped, turning her head to look at her rival. Both women continued to carefully cup and rub their aching, mauled boob as they exchanged looks together.

"Had enough, bitch?" Qiana asked after a few baleful moments.

Lauren glared back, "I can take more of this than you can, slut."

"Oh, you think so?" asked Qiana, starting to sit up.

"Uh-huh, sure do," replied the blonde, sitting up with her now.

"Okay, let's just see who's tits can take it the most," challenged Qiana, unlocking her bra.

"Alright," accepted the blonde, adding, "and remember, the loser's gotta leave."

"That's fine with me, bitch," agreed the black as the blonde took off her bra. Down to thongs and nylons, the leggy beauties stood up and semi-crouched. Their targets dangled loosely down as their extended hands aimed nails first at them. Each had one tit unharmed and one tit savagely clawed.

"Bitch," spat Qiana, feinting a grab.

"Slut," Lauren snapped, dodging and giving a grab. Qiana slapped at the hand, and then they both lunged forward with shrill cry and got each other. They both groaned and went to their stocking toes. Lauren twisted the black woman's chocolate tits as Qiana slammed the blonde's tits together.

"Uuummm...blond fuck," grumbled Qiana, squeezing Lauren's milky 34d's and driving her up against the wall.

"Ooouuch!" grimmaced the blonde, trying to push herself off the wall as she turned her fingernails in firm flesh.

"Ooooo fuuuuuck!" howled Qiana deeply, stamping her left foot.

Lauren bulled her way off the wall, twisting Qiana's tits as she shoved her up against the other wall. Qiana moaned, but never stopped squeezing and digging with her nails. Lauren threw back her head and swore. Her long blond hair nearly hitting her ass as her knees knocked together and her legs turned into noodles.

"Oooowww!" sang Qiana as both areolas were pinched.

"Uuunnggg!" the blonde groaned, now rising to her tippy-toes as she pinched and Qiana squeezed back as she pushed herself off the wall. They both leaned their shoulders into each other as they squeezed and crushed their palms into the orbs.

"Oooooo, you fuckin' black cunt," swore Lauren, her pink areolas now rolling in Qiana's fingers.

"Uuuunnggg...blond cunt," the black cussed back as her tits felt like pin cushions. But she took Lauren to her toes with a cruel nipple twist and Lauren's flood gates opened up as pain overwhelmed her.

"Oooowww! Lee' gggooo!" cried Lauren, slapping Qiana across the cheek with her right hand.

Qiana's head spun, but she jerked Lauren over by her nipples and gave her a solid shot in the face with her kneecap. The blonde flew back hard it the wall, the back of her head catching the full force. The black stepped forward, unleashing a left-handed backhand that peeled the hide off the blonde's lower lip with her dimond ring. Lauren doubled over and staggered forward. Her arms went around Qiana's hips as her face fell in her cleavage.

"Aaaarrrrggggg!!" the black woman screamed as her left 36C took on a set of teeth. She threw a driving uppercut that sank all the way under Lauren's left tit.

"Uuugghhoommpphh!!" belched the blonde, falling back into the wall.

With revenge on her mind, Qiana grabbed the blonde's shoulders and slammed her upper torso against the wall. Lauren's head bounced off the wall and her naked tits shook as the black woman leaned down and wrapped her lips around the left areola.

Lauren went ballistic! She went straight up on her toes, then doubled forward, driving Qiana to her knees as she kept her bite in place. The blonde's head then flew back as her knees left her and sent her landing hard on her ass, her tailbone driving firmly into the baseboard of the wall. Releasing her fight-finishing bite, Qiana stood up on her knees and put all ten clear-coated fingernails into the blonde's pretty face.

"You fuckin' white piece of trash. I'll teach you to take ME on in a catfight, you cheap blond cunt," cussed Qiana, filling her nails with Lauren's soft, white flesh as the blonde was no longer able to defend herself. The victorious black woman didn't stop clawing the defeated white woman's face until she’d fulfilled her fantasy of scratching out her eyes (not literally!)

Mr. Skin