Jaime Bergman, Raquel Gibson, Dalene Kurtis, Jodi Paterson, Heather Spytek, Buffy Tyler by kit

Jaime wheeled her car into Shannon's driveway and honked the horn. "I hope this bitch is ready," said Jodi, riding shotgun.

"Relax, bitch," piped Heather from the backseat. "You know Shannon, she's always ready."

Jodi smirked. "Honk again, bitch."

Shannon came out as Jaime leaned on the horn again.

"Hurry, bitch. Get in," said Jodi out the window as Shannon came around to that side of the car.

"Bite me, bitch," said Shannon, opening the backdoor.

"Ya'll ready to p-a-r-t-y?" burst Jaime, throwing the car in reverse and peeling down the driveway.

The other's cheered as the car roared onto the street and reeved into drive.

It was a muggy summer night and the cool air rushing in the windows felt good as it blew thru their hair and fanned the joint they were passing around. They were all in a great mood and dressed to kill as they were heading to Rob's house for the biggest party of the summer.

Jodi, Jaime and Heather were as close as three girls could get, and during their senior year in high school they had reigned supreme. Now fresh from graduation, the trio were off to college together and would pledge the same sorority.

"This party is gonna be a blast," said Heather, mixing herself a drink.

"Oh yeah!" nodded Jodi. "I'm gonna get sssooo trashed!"

"Well go ahead, bitch," said Jaime, racing thru an intersection, "but I'm gonna get laid."

"Bitch, you're such a slut," joked Jodi, toking the refer.

"Oh, and like you're not," said Jaime.

Jodi shrugged. "Fuck yeah! I'm a slut!"

"Hey, is Steve gonna be there?" Jamie asked Heather.

"Mmmmm, I hope so. He said he was," smiled Heather.

"Shit bitch, I don't see what you see in that loser," said Jodi, passing the joint to Jaime.

Jaime giggled and took a hit.

"I see stars when we fuck!" shouted Heather, leaning her head out the window.

Shannon joined in. "Buffy said he was pretty good."

"Fluffy (what the trio called her), fuck that bitch," growled Heather. "I'd like to get my nails in her blond mop."

"Are those bitches gonna be there too?" Jaime asked Shannon.

"Yeah, I'd like to know what they say 'bout us," said Jodi.

Shannon split her time hanging out with both groups of girls.

"Oh, I don't know," shrugged Shannon, taking a gulp of her mixed drink.

"C'm on, bitch," pushed Jodi. "I know they talk 'bout us."

"Yeah," said Heather, "we know you run around with 'em."

"Ah, you wouldn't like it," said Shannon, then lighting a cigarette.

"C'm on, bitch. Who cares. After tonight we'll never see those sluts again," said Jaime, stopping at a red light.

"Promise you won't get mad?" asked Shannon as they hounded her.

The trio promised and egged her on to tell them.

"Well...they call you Feather," she said pointing to Heather.

"Feather?" asked Heather.

"Yeah, because you're a airhead...thus featherhead," explained Shannon.

Jodi and Jaime burst into laughter.

"Me?" exclaimed Heather. "Fluffy is nothin' but a fuckin' airhead."

"And you're a bitch," said Shannon, touching Jodi's shoulder. "And that you're a slut, Jaime."

"A bitch? They've got some nerve callin' me a bitch."

"I'm a slut? They're bigger sluts than me," grumbled Jaime, turning a corner sharply.

"Those bitches! GGGRRR!" fumed Jodi. "I'll kick their ass!"

"Yeah! Let's kick their ass!" agreed Heather.

Shannon knew right away she'd opened a big can of trouble as her friends insulted her other friends.

"Ooooo, that Dalene," growled Jodi. "Wait'll I see that bitch."

"That Fluffy! GGGRRR!" hissed Jaime.

"Fluffy's mine, bitch," said Heather. "You fight that other bitch, Raquel."

"Fine. I hate her too!" said Jaime. "And when I'm done with her, I'll help you."

"I don't need help whippin' the likes of her," said Heather.

"Girls! Please...you said you wouldn't get mad," said Shannon.

"I don't care," said Jodi.

"Me neither," chimed Jaime.

With a few miles still left to go Shannon managed to calm them down before they got there.

"Alright," promised Jodi, "but they better not start nothin'."

When they arrived, Shannon noticed that her other friends weren't there yet, so she snuck off and called Dalene on her cell phone.

"That was Shannon," said Dalene in the Buffy's car as they drove over to the party. "She said Jodi and those other bitches might be lookin' for trouble."

"Suits me," said Raquel in the backseat.

"Me too," said Buffy. "I heard Feather's seein' Steve."

"Well...before summer's over, me and that bitch (Jodi) are gonna settle it," stated Dalene.

Raquel agreed. "I've got a few scores to settle with her too."

"Get in line, bitch," said Dalene.

Watching for her other friends to arrive, Shannon met Dalene and the other two at the front door.

"Hey, we're not gonna start it, but we ain't backin' down either," said Dalene.

Growing up, the six girls had always been competitive but sorta friendly. Heather had actually been pretty good friends with Dalene and Raquel in junior high, that is until Buffy started hanging out with them. Heather then started hanging out with Jodi and Jaime, and their friendship grew into what it was today. But as they got older and their bodies started to develope, the two gangs started to via over boys and compete over spots in the pep squads and school elections. No blows had ever been thrown, nor fights taken place, but the attitude was in the air as the cattiness grew with the envy that they had for each other.

It wasn't long before the two groups of girls spotted each other.

"Look over there," said Jaime, elbowing Jodi in the arm.

Jodi looked, and locked eyes with Dalene. The two glared hard as Jaime volleyed stares with Raquel and Buffy. (Heather was in search of Steve.)

"I think she wants to fight," said Jodi as Dalene and her friends were distracted by other fellow graduates.

Jaime nodded as she and Jodi turned and walked away to mingle.

During the next hour or so, Jodi and Dalene continued to exchange glares as the alcohol started to add courage and heighten their jealously between them and their friends.

"I think I've had 'bout all her shitty looks that I can stand," said Dalene to Raquel. "You comin'?"

"Here they come," said Jaime, just to hear herself talk.

"Yeah, get ready," Jodi said, watching the rival blonde and brunette cruise their way across the room.

Meanwhile in the backyard, Heather had excused herself from Steve's arms to go to the potty and grab a couple of beers for them. Having been spieing on them kissing, Buffy now took the opportunity to approach her old boyfriend.

"Hi, Steve," she beamed.

"Hi, Buff," he smiled.

They talked for a few minutes, and then Buffy asked him if he wanted to get out of there with her. He was tempted. The blond bombshell sure looked hot and he had fond memories of being with her.

"I'm with Heather," he said. "You dumped me remember?"

"That was my mistake. Let me make it up to you," she said, putting her arms around his neck and pulling him into a sizzling French kiss. "Now tell me you won't take me home," she whispered in his ear.

Inside Jodi and Dalene were nearly chest-to-chest as Jaime and Raquel had seperated themselves a few feet apart. Both parties were having a quiet, casual looking conversation.

"We've known each other a long time, bitch," said Dalene, looking Jodi right in the eye, "and I think it's time we settle things."

Jodi nodded and shifted her weight. "I couldn't agree more, bitch."

"Then you're not afraid to fight me?" asked Dalene with a smirk.

"Absolutely not. I've wanted to fight you for a long time," smiled Jodi.

Dalene grinned back. "I guess I should've said somethin' sooner."

"Looks like our friends are makin' a date," said Raquel, turning to face Jaime.

"Looks like," agreed Jaime.

"How 'bout you and me taggin' along then?" suggested Raquel.

"I'd love too," said Jaime, leaning in towards the brunette.

As that conversation was taking place, Heather returned back outside to find Buffy draped all over Steve.

"You bitch! Get away!" shouted Heather, dropping the beers and slinging Buffy sideways by an arm and shoulder.

"Bitch!" yelled Buffy, lunging with a slap.

Surprised, Steve stumbled back and tripped over a potted plant as the two girls started fighting over him.

Heather ducked Buffy's slap and shoved her backwards in the shoulders. "He's mine, bitch!"

"Well I want him back, bitch!" barked Buffy, catching her balance and going for Heather again.

"Over my dead body, bitch!" Heather shouted as they both shoved each other in the chest and started pawing.

Swearing, Buffy (5-5, 107, 36d-24-34, long platinum) and Heather (5-6, 110, 36c-22-32, long honey-blond) clasped hands as each claimed Steve as their own.

"Catfight! It's Heather and Buffy!" someone yelled into the house.

The four girls inside hadn't planned on fighting right then, but when that phrase was shouted, they went at it. Raquel (5-4, 110, 34c-23-35, med. long brunette) and Jaime (5-5, 110, 34c-23-34, med. long bright-blond) instantly grabbed the front of each other's short dresses as Jodi (5-5, 112, 32d-23-341/2, long brunette) slapped Dalene (5-5, 112, 34d-24-35, short platinum) across the cheek.


Dalene's head popped back, but she instantly returned fire with a slap of her own that sent the lovely brunette back a step.


Heather and Buffy were spinning in a circle and trying to break back the other's wrists as Jaime and Raquel now had their hands on each other's plump breasts and squeezing them thru their dresses.

"Bitch!" yelled Jodi, righting herself as she and her blond rival stepped in and traded a slap across the face.


"Ouch! You bitch!" cried Heather, breaking her left hand free and scratching Buffy across the cheek with it.

"Oooww!" yelped Buffy, but grabbing the top of Heather's hair and yanking her into a side headlock. "You bitch!" she shouted, running her left hand halfway down the front of Heather's black dress and latching on to her right tit.

Heather cried in fear and pain but swung her right fist upward into Buffy's belly. Buffy grunted but didn't let go. Heather quickly reloaded and plowed into her belly again.

"Ooommph!" grunted the long-haired platinum-blonde, loosing her headlock.

Jaime and Raquel were on their toes with their heads thrown back as they continued squeezing each other's young, full breasts. Raquel clipped Jaime across the point of her chin with a left hook while pulling her left tit out of it's bra and scratching it across the top.

"Aaaarrrggg!" wailed Jaime, driving her right knee upward into the lower regions of Raquel's midsection.

"Ooommph!" gagged Raquel, doubling forward.

"Bitch!" yelled Jaime, leaning over the brunette's folded body and going for her ass.

Raquel's little short dress was already riding across her hips, and her beautiful buttocks took a scratching as Jaime was trying to grab the back of her thong and give her a wedgie.

A few feet away, Jodi and Dalene were on the floor flopping like two fish out of water after they had taken each other down by the hair. The blonde and brunette were all over each other, pulling hair and dress tops. Swearing and squeezing breasts. Legs flying and kicking. Already they had knocked over a lamp and kicked an end table, causing a vase to fall and break against the wood floor.

"You bitch!" yelled Jodi, flipping on top and thumping Dalene's head against the hard wood floor.

"Oooww!" cried Dalene, shoving her palm under Jodi's right breast and yanking her off by the top of her plush hair.

Jodi groaned as the back of her head hit the leg of a chair. Rob was in the kitchen when he heard the announcement of Heather and Buffy fighting outside. At first it was exciting to see these two popular blondes fighting on the back deck, but when he heard shouts of a fight going on inside the house, he knew things were quickly getting out of hand and must be stopped. His parents had a lot of expensive things, and he wasn't even supposed to be having this party.

"Break 'em up! Break 'em up! Stop 'em! Stop 'em!" he yelled, running thru the house.

After freeing herself of Buffy's headlock, Heather had lunged into her rival and tied up with her in a duel bearhug. The two were hugging each other very tightly as they pulled a big fist of hair in the back. Heather had Buffy's backside pinned against the house and her head torqued sharply to the right while grinding her right kneecap into the top of her left thigh. Buffy had Heather's head pulled back and was trying unsuccessfully to push herself off the wall as people moved in to break them apart. Inside, Raquel had thrown Jaime on the couch and had straddled her waist. She had slapped the blonde and torn down the left side of her dress before Jaime could slap and pull her off and straddle her across the waist.

"Slut!" shouted Jaime, yanking the front of Raquel's dress past her breasts.

Raquel pinched Jaime's left areola and bucked her to the floor. Jaime fell back, but dragged Raquel down with her by the hair and dress. Raquel's dress fell to her waist as she went down on top of the blonde and straddled her. When Rob arrived she was seated on top and squeezing Jaime's tits as the blonde bucked below and squeezed back on her bare breasts. Jodi and Dalene were still frantically wrestling on the floor. Back and forth they battled in one spot pulling fiercely on two handfuls of hair.

"Oooowww!" cried Dalene, dragged off by the hair.

Jodi rolled on top and then screamed out as she was dragged off by the hair. Both lost a fist of hair to the other as they were about to be seperated. Rob shouted and swore as the living room was a wreck. Furniture had been knocked over and shoved around. Things were broke and scattered across the floor. In just about a minute of catfighting, the place looked like a war zone.

Meanwhile as the girls were trying to cover up, they continued to shout and scream at each other. Shannon and two other's escorted Dalene and her crew to their cars while Steve comforted Heather, and Jodi and Jaime were tended too by a few others.

"This ain't over, bitch! It ain't over!" shouted Dalene.

"Anytime, slut! Anytime!" Jodi yelled back.

The other four had yelled similar things as they were dragged apart.

"Fuckin' bitches," mumbled Rob, shaking his head at the mess in his house.

The night was still young, and the airwaves quickly filled up with cell phone calls back and forth between the two groups as they agreed to meet behind a small church on the edge of town and settle their differences. Although the fights had been short, each girl felt as if she had won or was on the verge of winning. Never mind the fact that they all had a few bruises and scratches, the hate and anger and determination spurred them on to seeing this to a complete and total conclusion. Too much water had passed under the bridge to just let this go. Too many boys had been shared around. Too many pep practices in tiny outfits. Just too much of everything that makes one girl hate and envy another.

Dalene, Buffy and Raquel arrived first since it had been Buffy's idea to met here. It was near her home and she knew the place to be safe and private from invasion as she had spent many a nights on her back with her legs up in the air fucking and making love.

"Steve and I used to come here all the time," she said as she pulled her car around back.

"Okay girls...this is it," said Heather, giving directions to Jaime from the backseat.

Jaime turned in. "How'd you know 'bout this place?"

"Steve brought me out here last week," answered Heather. "We did it 'round back."

It was now midnight-thirty as Jaime killed her headlights and parked her car facing Buffy's car.

"Jodi's mine," said Dalene, about to get out.

"I've got Feather," Buffy said, opening her door.

After leaving Rob's party in tattered dresses, Buffy had taken Dalene and Raquel to her house where they all changed, while Jodi and Jaime had gone over to Heather's house and changed. All six were now in various short-shorts and flimsy t-shirts or tank tops and barefooted.

"Let's go, bitch!" shouted Heather, jumping out and running to meet Buffy.

Dalene and Jodi met between the two cars as Jaime and Raquel met there at the side.

"You bitch!" shouted Jodi, blocking Dalene's slap and then landing one of her own.

SLAP! Dalene fell back against the hood of Buffy's car as Jodi grabbed her by the top of the hair and yanked her back off.

"Oooww!" cried Dalene, slapping Jodi's face.


Jodi slapped her back. The two stepped back and then forward, slapping each other hard across the face.

SLAP! SLAP! But the sounds of crisp slaps across soft faces weren't the only things heard as Buffy and Heather were up to their forearms in long, blond hair. Since 8th-grade these two girls had hated each other and now that they both wanted the same man in their lives, they were letting it all hang out as they engaged in one of the hottest hair pulling catfights that only two, foxy blondes can have. Around and around they slung and swore as they raced to be the first to tear out a handful of hair.

"Ooooo...fuck!" cried Buffy as suddenly her right areola was pinched.

"Uuunnggg!" Heather groaned as her right breast now took a squeezing.

As Raquel and Jaime flew at each other, Jaime ducked underneath Raquel's hands and came up from behind her, catching her by the back of hair.

"Oooww! Mmmyyy h-a-i-r!" sang the lovely brunette as her flowing chestnut tresses were yanked back on.

Jaime swore like hell in her ear as she combed her hands thru Raquel's hair and pulled on her bangs. Raquel clawed at the blonde's hands as Jaime shoved the brunette chest first into the passenger window of Buffy's car. The sexy brunette groaned as her firm 34c's spread out against the glass.

"You fuckin' slut," growled Jaime, pressing her chest against Raquel's back and making her tits spread out even farther against the window.

Raquel groaned even deeper, but did manage to push herself off the car and twist around where she threw her left knee into Jaime's lower regions, just above her pussy.

"Uuuggghhh!" grunted the blonde, folding over and staggering backwards.

"Oh gawd," moaned Raquel, falling back against the car, holding her head and breasts alike.

Jodi and Dalene were now on the ground after taking each other down by the hair. With their fine female legs laced from hip to ankle and squeezing the two girls had rolled out from between the cars and now lay on their sides pulling straight back on each other's hair.

"Uuuummm...ssshhhit," moaned Jodi, her teeth clinched.

"Oooww...le' ggoo," Dalene groaned, her eyes squinting.

"Uuuummm, you le' go, bitch," huffed the brunette.

Their legs loosened, slithered a bit, and then tightened back up.

"No, bitch...you first," Dalene demanded, rolling semi on top.

Jodi slowly pulled her off by the hair as their legs twisted even tighter together. Jodi inched her way on top...slowly.

"Gawd, bitch! Le' go!" cried Buffy as she and Heather had a handful of hair and tit alike.

"Ooouuucchh!!" Heather winced loudly as Buffy's fingernails dug into her breast.

Buffy and Heather arched their backs as they grabbed the front of each other's top and pulled. Heather's t-shirt and Buffy's tanktop tore halfway down as they fell away from each other.

"Uuunngg...ge' off me...you fat pig," grunted Dalene, trying to bridge her body and pull Jodi off by the hair.

Seeing her friend struggling, Raquel moved in and grabbed Jodi by the top of the hair. "Ge' off her, bitch."

With four hands now in her hair and Dalene bucking beneath her, Jodi had no choice but to cry out and get off. Yanked up by the hair, Jodi paid Raquel back with a crisp slap across the cheek as Dalene got up and looked to help her friend tag team the brunette. But Jaime had seen what was happening and she quickly moved in and slung Dalene around by the arm and stunned her with a slap.

"You an' me, bitch," said Jaime as Dalene stumbled backwards against Jaime's car.

"Slut!" yelled Jodi, slipping behind Raquel and yanking on her hair from behind.

"Oooowww!" cried Raquel as she was bowed backwards and digging into Jodi's hands with her fingernails.

Meanwhile, Buffy and Heather had returned to pulling on each other's hair as they stumbled around in a circle and then fell down. Back and forth the two long-haired foxes rolled as they tried to pull out the object of their hate.

"Ooouucchh! Mmmyyy hair!" yelped Buffy as they rolled over each other.

"Leee' gggooo! Oooowww!" Heather howled as they rolled back the other way.

Running a hand between their bodies, Heather and Buffy jerked down the other's bra and twisted titties as they pulled hair and flopped back across each other. They both screamed.

As Jaime approached Dalene, Dalene rose up from the hood of the car and landed a backhand across her mouth. Jaime staggered sharply sideways, her ears ringing and her head buzzing.

"You fuckin' cunt," swore Dalene. "You don't want a piece of me, bitch."

Jaime turned back, and together they slapped the living shit out of one another.


"Fuuuuuck! Oooowww!" Raquel screamed, losing a handful of long, brown locks to Jodi's pulling hand.

"You wont look so pretty now, bitch," beamed Jodi, throwing the wad to the ground.

Raquel threw a sharp elbow that knifed underneath Jodi's left breast.

"Uuuuummmppphhh!" grunted the sexy brunette.

"Bitch! Fuckin' bitch!" cursed Raquel, coming around with a hook that slammed across Jodi's tight, little abs.

"Oooommmpphhh!" gasped Jodi, her eyes bugged and her mouth gaped.

A swift, lifting kneecap nailed Jodi flush along the cheekbone as she doubled over before Raquel. The blow instantly sent her sailing backwards thru the air with her arms waving in the wind. Ten feet later she landed on her ass and fell over on her back. After stepping into the other's hard slap, Dalene and Jaime backed up rubbing their cheeks and trying to clear their heads. Jaime had a dab of blood on the corner of her mouth where Dalene had backhanded her, and her head was still somewhat swimming.

"Uuummm, you bitch," mumbled Dalene as the feeling in her face started to return.

Jaime shook her head, trying to shake it off as Dalene stepped towards her and reached for her hair. "Ooww," she moaned as she felt Dalene's hands run thru her hair and tighten.

Jaime combed her fingers in Dalene's hair as they pulled each other over at the waist and slowly went to one knee.

"Bitch," grunted Dalene, forcing Jaime all the way down to the ground.

"Slut," Jaime swore, taking Dalene with her by the back of the hair.

Turning into each other, these two fine, heavenly felines tied up their legs and drew their bodies into close contact. Both hissed as their tanktop chests butted up and mushroomed over their bras. Turning their fingers thru more hair, the two platinum-blondes began grinding and rolling around on each other.

With Jodi flat on her back and a few feet away, Raquel looked over and heard the grunts as Dalene and Jaime went to the ground and locked up. She thought about helping her friend but when Jodi moaned she turned her attention back to the dazed brunette and decided to finish her off.

Jodi wasn't in good shape. The two blows to her midsection and knee to the cheek had left her winded and groggy. She had seen a few catfights and been in a couple before, and she knew the damage one girl could get once she was down if her opponent didn't show her any mercy. Jodi knew Raquel wouldn't show her any mercy.

"You fuckin' cunt," Raquel swore as she approached the brunette. "I'll teach you not to pull out my hair."

Quickly Jodi was shaking it off and catching her breath, but still she wasn't ready as Raquel hair-hauled her up and slapped her across the cheek.


Jodi stumbled, almost falling, but catching herself on the trunk of Buffy's car. She shook her head, desperately trying to clear her head as Raquel grabbed her hair from behind and pulled.

"Oooowww!" cried Jodi, but twisting around and giving Raquel the back of her hand.


Raquel nearly went to a knee, shaking her head and holding her face. The few seconds that now passed was just what Jodi needed as they both cleared their heads and attacked each other.

Still on the ground and very much catfighting, Buffy straddled Heather and managed to trap her arms under her knees. Buffy swore and threatened to rip off Heather's tits as she jerked her bra down her arms and under her tits.

"Nnnooo!" screamed Heather, bucking and twisting beneath Buffy's hips. "Yeeeeoooowwwww!!"

Taking Heather's perfect, pink areolas, Buffy stretched and twisted. Heather bucked like a bronc and got her arms free as Buffy turned her 36c's into shapely cones. Heather cried again, but yanked Buffy off by the hair. Quickly they rolled to their knees shouting and screaming as they got each other in duel headlock and punched each other once in the face. Heather socked Buffy below the right eye as Buffy hit Heather under the jaw.

POP! POW! The fists hurt but weren't all that powerful as neither threw with any leverage or authority. Still, it knocked them both over on their backs where they instantly wrapped legs and pulled hair.

"Oooowww! Bitch...mmyy h-a-i-r!" cried Heather.

"Uuuunnggg! Fuck you, le' gggooo!" Buffy screamed back in her face.

With the exception of Jodi and Dalene, Buffy and Heather had the fierciest rivalry of the group. How they'd never tangled before was a miracle, but they were making it all up as they pulled like hell on each other's most hated hair.

"Fuuuck! B-i-t-c-h! I hate y-o-u!" screamed Heather as they lay locked and pulling back hard on each other.

Buffy echoed Heather, and then they both wailed out as they pulled out a big wad of hair from the back of the other's head.

After slapping each other across the face once more, Jodi and Raquel were now engaged in a good old fashioned hair pulling fight. These two brunette hardbodies had always been very jealous of the other's soft, silky tresses, and it felt good to pull on it. Firmly the girls pulled and tugged as they slowly swayed back and forth, grunting and groaning and hissing vulgar insults. Drawing up close, their breasts rubbed around as they stretched out hair and winced under the pressure. Stepping back, they pulled each other nose-to-nose and locked their bloodshot, teary eyes.

"I'll pull it all out, bitch," snarled Jodi, twisting her hands deeper into the back of Raquel's hair.

"I'll tear out all your's first, bitch," snapped Raquel, then adding as she gathered up more hair. "I've always wanted to pull your hair, bitch."

Jodi winced. "So have I, bitch."

A tear ran down Raquel's rosey cheek. "Let's do it, bitch."

And so they did. Toe-to-toe the two sexy brunettes with the soft, silky hair went to 'hair pull city'. Yanking, tugging, jerking and pulling, Jodi and Raquel closed their eyes and gnashed their teeth as they shook each other drunk.

A few feet away Dalene and Jaime lay on their sides fighting tits. Dalene's tanktop was pulled up and her left tit was hanging out over her bra. Jaime's tanktop was torn down the middle and her right tit was out of her bra.

"Uuummm," they moaned as they punched their tits together.

Rubbing their thighs up and down on each other, Dalene and Jaime turned each other's hair in her fingers as their tits banged and their hips grinded. It was a sexy battle, but still intense as both still tugged on hair and squeezed with their legs. Sweat formed in their cleavage as their areolas met and stabbed nipples. Both were blessed with firm, hard tits and pretty, pink areolas. Jaime's areolas were bigger but Dalene had the tarter nipples.

"Ouch," winced Jaime as Dalene's pink nub penetrated her areola.

"How's it feel, slut?" asked Dalene in a whisper. "My tits whippin' your tits."

"Fuck you," mumbled Jaime.

Dalene did it again, and then pulled hard on a handful of hair.

"Ooooowwww!" cried Jaime, loosing a handful of hair in the back.

Across the way Buffy could be heard screaming as Heather tore out another wad of her bright, bleached hair.

Jodi and Raquel were bent at the waist and pulling very, very hard on the back of each other's hair. Tears ran down their cheeks and dripped off their chins as neither wanted to be the one to cry out first.

"Oooooowwww!!" sang Jodi, dropping to a knee and letting go of Raquel's hair. "Oooooo...lee' gggooo!"

Raquel threw her to the ground as Jodi began clawing at her wrists and forearms. Jodi went to her knees and elbows holding the back of her head as Raquel leaned back on Buffy's car and rubbed the back of her head.

Buffy rolled clear of Heather and curled up in a ball, holding her head. Heather let her go as she now sat on her knees sucking in air, clutching the long handful of hair that she'd just plucked out.

Dalene rolled on top of Jaime and felt her relax. "Had enough, bitch?" huffed Dalene in her ear.

"No...just...le' me...catch...my...breath," panted Jaime, gently pushing on Dalene's shoulders.

Dalene scooted off but lay next to her. "Alright, but it's...not over."

"Oh no...I know," puffed Jaime. "I've...always wanted...to fight you."

"Well," Dalene gulped for air. "I've...wanted to...fight you...too."

"You had enough, slut?" Heather finally asked Buffy. "You gonna stay away from Steve, bitch?"

"It's not over, bitch," mumbled Buffy, still curled up.

Raquel looked down at Jodi. She was softly sobbing and rubbing her head. Raquel knew her pain. Her head hurt too, but it had been worth it, seeing Jodi on her knees at her feet. Looking over she saw Heather walking on her knees towards Buffy. She looked behind her and saw that Dalene was on top of Jaime and in control. She decided to go help Buffy.

"You stay out of it, bitch," Heather said as she saw Raquel coming her way.

"I don't think so, slut," said Raquel.

Heather stood up to meet her.

Jodi looked up now and saw that her friend was about to get double teamed.

Buffy approached Heather from behind as Raquel came at her from the front. Heather swung around and took a looping slap at Buffy but missed. Raquel lunged in as Heather spun back her way, and they caught each other by the hair. Buffy leapt at Heather and grabbed her around the waist. Heather squeeled as she and Raquel jerked each other by the hair. Jodi now joined the fray as she grabbed Buffy by the back of the hair and slapped her across the cheek. Buffy slapped her back and then spun around behind her and caught her by the back of the hair.

"Ooouuucchh!" cried Jodi, still extremely sore from fighting Raquel.

Heather and Raquel slapped each other and then went to the ground pulling hair and fighting.

Buffy yanked Jodi backwards and ripped out a handful of her hair. Jodi screamed and then screamed again as Buffy slung her in a circle and tore out another chunk of her hair.

Hearing their friends catfighting, Jaime and Dalene stood up on their knees and started pulling hair and slapping each other. Their wicked slaps rang thru the night as both blistered the other twice before falling back and rolling away.

Buffy slung Jodi to the ground as Raquel and Heather rolled over and over pulling hair. Buffy looked back and saw Dalene and Jaime up but leaned over with their hands on their knees. Heather and Raquel slowed to a stop. Their legs were locked and they were both pulling very hard on the other's hair.

"Uuuunnn...ssshhhit," winced Heather.

"Ooouuuccchhh," Raquel whimpered.

"Uuummm...le' me...gggooo."

"Ooooo, you le' gggooo."

Neither one did as they went into a roll.

"You're pretty tough, bitch," said Dalene, just above a whisper.

Jaime looked at her and slowly nodded. "You too, bitch."

Being better friends with Dalene than she was Raquel, Buffy walked around her car towards the two blondes. "Let's whip the bitch."

"What's the matter, bitch?" asked Jaime. "Ain't you woman enough to take me by yourself?"

It wasn't a bad idea, and normally Dalene would've agreed to it, but not tonight. Not now. She still didn't like Jaime, but she had gained some respect for her. "No, you go ahead. My fights with Jodi tonight. Where's she at?"

Buffy pointed as she walked towards Jaime. "Yeah, bitch, I'm woman enough."

"Another time?" asked Dalene, quickly.

Jaime nodded and gave her the 'call me' sign.

"Then let's go, slut," said Jaime, giving Buffy her full attention. "Fight me, you chickenshit."

"I'll show you chickenshit, bitch," said Buffy.

The two girls lunged and took each other by the hair.

"You gonna fight the bitch?" asked Buffy as they firmly pulled their faces together.

"Yeah, maybe," growled Jaime. "I'd love to fight you fresh too, bitch."

Their breasts pushed together and they twisted more hair around their fingers.

"You might not want too after this," snarled Buffy.

"Oh, I think so, bitch," hissed Jaime as they both gave a sharp tug. "I've always wanted to fight you."

Buffy gave Jaime a smart, chopping slap across the cheek.


"Then take that, bitch," she said, smacking her.

Jaime answered Buffy by latching on to her right nipple and twisting it.

"Ooowww!" barked Buffy, slapping Jaime again as they then tangled feet and tripped to the ground.

As Dalene walked towards Jodi (still on the ground) she saw Heather and Raquel roll up to their knees and trade slaps. Heather struck first, but Raquel's slap knocked Heather down to her back. Raquel plopped on her as they both went into a roll pulling hair.

"Get up, cunt," said Dalene, approaching Jodi. "I'm not done with you."

"No! No!"

"Too bad, bitch," said Dalene, grabbing her by the forearm with one hand and the hair with the other.

Jodi was usually pretty tough, but she'd been in some nasty battles and had lost a lot of hair. Still, she wasn't just going to stand there and take it.

"Oooww! My hair!" she cried, swiping her fingernails across Dalene's bare breast.

"Yeeeoowww!" howled Dalene, tackling Jodi to the ground.

Bouncing around on each other, Dalene managed to wrestle her way on top and pin Jodi's hands over her head.

"Uuummpphh!" moaned the brunette as her perky 32d's were mashed flat beneath the blonde's firm 34d's.

"I always knew you were soft, bitch," said Dalene, looking into Jodi's watery eyes as she rolled with her chest and grinded with her hips.

"Oh, please, bitch...ge' off me," sobbed the brunette, still struggling and bucking.

Nearby Raquel and Heather had rolled up to their knees and had each other's head bent back by the hair. These two young lovelies were argueably the toughest of the six, and one of them was about to fall to the other.

"Ooouuuch! You bitch!" cried Heather, slapping Raquel's left cheek. The brunette's hands left the blonde's hair as she went to the ground on them.

"Bitch!" Raquel cried, suddenly coming back with a cruel backhand that took the hide off the blonde's bottom lip.

Heather hit the ground on all-fours. Raquel jerked her back to her knees by the hair and got slapped across the face again for it. Raquel again hit the ground on all-fours.

"Bitch," mumbled Heather, shaking her head and trying to clear it.

WHACK! Another nasty backhand across the mouth knocked her over on her back spread eagle. Raquel crawled on top and straddled her, putting her in a 'schoolboy pin'.

Jodi, still struggling, finally bucked Dalene off as they both lay next to each other on their backs fighting for air. On the other side of the cars, Buffy and Jaime were locked in a heated catfight of hair pulling and rolling. Having just traded facial slaps, Buffy was beneath Jaime as they had their hands in hair and using their tits to catfight each other.

"Uuuummm," moaned Buffy as her 36d's held up under Jaime's 34c's.

"Fuckin' slut," Jaime swore as their nipples bent around on each other.

"Go to hell, slut," spat Buffy. "Your tits can't take my tits."

"Fuck you, whore," Jaime retorted. "Your tits can't take mine either."

They rolled sideways, pulling hard on hair and twisting their legs tighter.

"You give, bitch?" asked Raquel, rolling her ass on Heather's tummy.

Heather, sobbing and very groggy, mumbled her submission.

"I've...had...it," gassed Jodi as Dalene sat up next to her. "You win. I can't go...on...no...more."

Dalene was tired and sore but not completely satisfied with the fight. "Alright, but before the summer's out, I wanna fight you again."

Jodi ran her hands thru her tangled hair. "Okay, but just you...an' me, bitch."

Dalene nodded. "Yeah, just us, bitch. No help or interferrence."

"Fine," said the brunette, wiping away some tears. "I do wanna settle it."

Raquel and Dalene looked at each other. They could hardly muster a smile as they got up and walked over to Buffy's car together, leaving Jodi and Heather on their backs and drying their tears.

"You okay?" asked Raquel as they hugged.

"I'm pretty sore and damn tired," said Dalene.

"Yeah, me too. They were tough, but I was tougher," said Raquel.

Buffy and Jaime were apart and laying next to each other when Raquel and Dalene saw them.

"Le's get that bitch," suggested Raquel.

Dalene clutched her by the forearm. "No. Leave her."

"Yeah, but I hate her," said Raquel, jerking free.

Dalene grabbed her again. "She's had enough! We've all had enough."

Raquel fired daggers at Dalene, and for a second, the blonde thought that the brunette was going to fight her. She let Raquel's arm go. "You can fight her some other time."

Raquel said nothing, but turned away and went to the car. Dalene was relieved. She knew Raquel hated Jaime and she didn't blame her for wanting to tear her apart, she too wanted tear Jaime apart, but later and not like this.

"C'm on, Buff...le's go home," said Dalene, helping her best friend up.

"But I'm not done with the bitch," mumbled Buffy. "She didn't give. The bitch didn't give."

Dalene looked at Jaime. They exchanged little smirks and knew they'd tangle later. "But you didn't give either."
The Fallout
After that big catfight things quickly started to change. Raquel was still pissed with Dalene for not helping her gang up on Jaime and kick her ass. Dalene let the brunette's comments slide, not because she was afraid, but because she was too tired and sore to get into another catfight. She also knew that Raquel would be extremely hard to whip.

"I'm gettin' pretty sick of that, bitch," said Buffy after they dropped Raquel at her house.

"Yeah, I think she's lookin' to fight me."

Of the three, Buffy and Dalene were the closiest, and that night in Buffy's bed they made love, popping each other's lesbian cherry.

"I've been wondering what it would be like," said Dalene as they snuggled up and kissed.

"Me too," admitted Buffy.

A week later Buffy met Heather and Steve behind the church. Steve couldn't help but cum in his shorts as he watched Heather win a long, nasty catfight.

A few days after that, Dalene and Jodi settled things in the brunette's backyard. It was just what Jodi needed as she defeated Dalene in long one.Dalene's loss encouraged Raquel to go after her a week later. She was still angry at Dalene and wanted to show her who was boss. Dalene proved that she was the boss after the two tangled long and hard. Raquel left and went her seperate way. With the summer winding down, Dalene still hadn't fought Jaime. Her fights with Jodi and Raquel had left her tender and sore, and she knew she needed to be in good shape when she fought Jaime.

But Buffy had her own plans to fight Jaime, and she fought Jaime first. When Dalene learned that Jaime had won, she was both sorry and glad at the same time. She was sorry because she loved Buffy, but she was glad because she wanted to be the one to whip Jaime. Dalene and Buffy had now moved in together. They were lovers and were going to attend the local junior college together. A week before college started, Dalene and Jaime met at Dalene's apartment while Buffy was at work.

"I was afraid we weren't going to do this before I left," said Jaime, still very good friends with Jodi and Heather as they had pledged the same sorority and gotten a dorm together.

"I know," said Dalene as they undressed in her bedroom. "My fights with Jodi and Raquel left me banged up and I wanted to be at my best for you."

"You do look good," smiled Jaime. "I've always thought you did."

"So do you," grinned Dalene, more interested in fucking the blonde instead of catfighting her.

"What did Buffy say about our fight?" asked Jaime, referring to her fight with Buffy.

"Not much, but I wish I could've seen it."

"I'll fight her again if she wants and you can watch," said Jaime, crawling on the bed with Dalene.

Down to bras and thongs the two locked up and began fighting.

"You just worry 'bout our fight, bitch," snarled Dalene.

"I don't need to worry 'bout whippin' the likes of you, slut," said Jaime.

Jaime was winning the catfight when Dalene kissed her. They were topless and fighting tits when it happened. Jaime accepted Dalene's advances as she too was extremely attracted and horney for her. Besides, she had been having strange feelings about sex with girls, and Dalene was a girl she wouldn't mind having sex with.

"Mmmmmm" purred Jaime after they had fucked themselves silly. "That was nice."

Jaime left college with her friends. Buffy and Dalene remained lovers, and Dalene lied about fucking Jaime, but did admit to losing just to make Buffy feel better about her loss to Jaime. Raquel was still gone.

A month into the semester, Jaime was going crazy for Dalene.

"What about Buffy?" asked Jaime over the phone.

"Up for a threesome?" giggled Dalene. "She's a hot fuck and I know you'd like her."

"I'd love to fuck her," admitted Jaime, remembering all the tight grinding and tit fighting they'd done when they fought.

Buffy and Dalene had a lover's catfight when Dalene told Buffy about her and Jaime. They didn't hold punches with each other as they tangled tooth-n-nail with Dalene winning. With the air now cleared between them, Buffy agreed only if she could catfight and fuck Jaime without Dalene getting involved in it. Dalene agreed and so did Jaime. She and Buffy scratched it out with each other in Dalene's presence, and this time Buffy won.

In the end, Jaime dropped out of college and moved in with the two hot blondes. Jodi and Heather remained very close friends and went on to law school together. And the whereabouts of Raquel are still unknown.