Battle Cats: Liz Glazowski, Kym Malin, Lynda Wiesmeier and Karen Witter by kit

"Do you know a bitch over at Hilldale H.S. named Kym Malin?" Lynda asked over the phone.

"Yeah, Kym, I know her, why? We used to run around a lot when we were sophomores," answered Karen, having gone to school there but having transferred to Parkview with Lynda.

"You still see her? I mean are you guys still friends?" asked Lynda.

"Well, it's been awhile, but I guess we're still friends. Why?" asked Karen, raising a brow.

"I heard she's been messin' 'round with Jake."

Karen sorta giggled.

"Hey, it's not funny," Lynda snarled over the phone.

"I'm sorry...but I wouldn't be surprised. She's got a rep. What's he say?"

"You know boys. He denies it...still I don't like it and I want it stopped!"

(Jake was a senior at Hilldale, and he and Lynda (a senior also) had been dating for a few weeks.)

"Yeah, I know."

"Can you call her up?" asked Lynda.

"You want me to set somethin' up?"

"Yeah, if she's messin' with him."

"Alright, I guess. I'll see what she says. You gonna fight her?"

"Maybe...if she doesn't stop seein' him or somethin'," said Lynda.

Karen knew even before she called that Kym was probably sleeping with him. Kym never really kept a steady boyfriend, but she dated a lot and didn't care if there was a girlfriend or not. To her, sex was sex and there were no rules or boundaries.

Kym confessed right up about having sex with Jake, and told Karen to tell Lynda that she'd meet her if she wanted too. Karen called Lynda, and after a few more phone calls were made back and forth, Lynda and Kym agreed to meet behind the football field Saturday afternoon and discuss the situation face-to-face.

Friday after school, Kym seduced Jake in the school parking lot as she gave him a blowjob in his car and then took him home and fucked him out of spite for Lynda. Kym liked Jake, but he was just one of three guys she was sleeping with at the time.

"You think 'bout my pussy tonight when you're fuckin' your girlfriend," she said with a sly smile as she rolled off and lit a cigarette.

"I think she knows 'bout us," he said, admiring her perfect nude body.

"So what," said Kym, blowing smoke. "It's just sex."

Jake shrugged. He wished Lynda saw it that way.

Kym didn't mention the fact that they were going to meet the next day. She figured what the hell, it was that other bitch's problem. That night as Lynda made love with Jake in the passenger seat of his car, she thought she could almost smell Kym on him. She was determined to fight the bitch if she didn't agree to leave him alone. The next day Karen went over to Lynda's house to pick her up for the meeting.

"Have you fought before?" asked Karen, watching Lynda dress.

"A couple," replied Lynda, slipping on a pair of tight, black shorts.

"Kym's used to fightin'," informed Karen. "I think she kinda likes it."

"Damn that bitch," growled Lynda, pulling on white tank top. "Wait'll I get my hands on her. She's gonna be sssooo sorry."

Karen looked at her friend and sized her up. Even though Lynda was 5-6 to Kym's 5-5 and outweighed her 115 to 105, Karen knew she'd have her hands full whipping Kym's hot ass. Kym and Lynda were both very sexy blondes with great bodies. Kym was a full, ripe 36c across the chest with a small, smooth 20" waist and a perfect 34" ass around back. Lynda's breats were larger (36d) but much softer and tubular shaped. She too had a small waist (22") but tighter and more toned. In the back she was 36", and her ass was equally curved and shapely. They both had great tan legs, and while Kym's legs were more silkier, Lynda's legs were a little firmer.

Karen and Lynda arrived behind the football field first. Karen could sense Lynda's nervousness as the blonde paced next her.

"You okay?"

"Damn her...gggrrr! Wait'll I get my hands on her...takin' my boyfriend... bitch," growled Lynda, trying to psych herself up. Just then, a car turned down the gravel road behind the stadium.

"That's her!" said Karen, snuffing out the cigarette she and Lynda had been sharing.

Along with a friend, Kym got out of the car and took a deep drag on her cigarette before snuffing it out under her tennis shoe. The two girls sized each other up at a distance, and Lynda got extremely jealous as she examined the body that her boyfriend had been enjoying. Wearing a purple jog bra and tight denim cut-offs, Kym removed her sunglass and tossed them on the hood of her friend's car. "I'm Kym. You lookin' for me?"

"Yeah, I have been," answered Lynda as they approached each other. "You been messin' with my boyfriend?"

"What's it to ya if I have?" asked Kym as they drew near.

"It's everythin', it's my boyfriend," snapped Lynda, trying to bow up and intimidate the shorter blonde.

"Was...your boyfriend," smirked Kym, impressed with Lynda's body but not afraid.

"No! boyfriend," insisted Lynda, putting her hands on her hips.

Kym shook back her hair. "If he's your boyfriend what's he doin' screwin' 'round with me?"

"I have no idea. Why is he?" asked Lynda, leaning forward as they were about a foot apart.

"Obviously you weren't good enough," said Kym, raising her arms at her sides in a pose.

"No, I'm plenty good enough," snarled Lynda, running her hands up and over her big breasts and back down again.

Kym smirked, and then circled behind Lynda, checking her out from that angle. "Obviously not," she stated, stopping next to Lynda with her hands now on her hips. With hands on hips, the two young blondes stood chest-to-chest glaring into each other's firey eyes. Kym ran her tongue over her lower lip as Lynda slightly shook back her hair.

"You wanna fight over him?" asked Kym, slightly putting the ends of her tits against Lynda's tits. Since neither bothered with a bra, they could easily feel the other's hard, swelling nipples on her own.

"Yeah, I do," hissed Lynda, her flesh crawling with anticipation. "You're not just gonna get him." Goosebumps spread along Kym's body. She was just waiting on Lynda to make the first move. "Well," she said, dragging her elongated nipples across Lynda's protruding nipples, "obviously we know who he wants. He's tired of you."

"No, he's not," said Lynda, angered that there was probably some truth to that statement.

"Get her, Kym!" said Liz, the friend, as they stared and turned in a circle. "Kick the slut's ass," she added as the blondes stopped and slightly pressed together.

"You fuckin' bitch," growled Lynda in a low tone as she shoved Kym in the shoulders.

"You wanna fight me now?" asked Kym, grabbing two fists of Lynda's hair, but not pulling.

"Yeah, I do," replied Lynda, running her hands in the back of Kym's hair and getting a firm hold.

"You do?" said Kym with a tug. "I'm gonna pull out all this pretty blond hair." Their breasts now mashed together and began to spill out over the top and along the sides.

"Bullshit! No you're not," barked Lynda in her face as they both jerked back on the other's hair.

"Wanna bet!'' shouted Kym as they started yanking and slinging.

"Rip 'er head off!" cheered Kym's friend, stepping closer to the action. Not about to let Lynda get double-teamed, Karen wheeled around and reminded her that this was going to be a fair fight.

"I know, bitch," said Liz.

"Hey! We can make this a double-feature, bitch," snapped Karen, remembering how she used to feel about Liz.

"Well we just might, bitch," spat Liz, still jealous about Karen sleeping with an old boyfriend. Throwing each other down by the hair, Kym and Lynda returned the attention back on themselves as they nearly rolled into Liz.

"You fuckin' bitch," said Kym, trying to straddle Lynda.

"He's my boyfriend," said Lynda, drawing up her knees and blocking Kym as they pulled on the top of each other's hair. Kym let go and fell over backwards as Lynda rolled clear of her kicking legs.

"Fight, bitch," said Liz to Lynda as Karen and Liz backed up while Lynda and Kym got up and dusted themselves off.

"Is he still your boyfriend, bitch?" asked Kym, shaking out her hair.

"You still gonna try and take him, slut?" responded Lynda, pushing her hair out of her eyes.

"Shit...I've already taken him. In the pussy...up the ass," taunted Kym.

"GGGRRR! You s-l-u-t!" charged Lynda, cocking back her right fist.

WHAM! Right under the left eye it landed. Kym's pretty blond head snapped back, causing her to stagger as Lynda unloaded a left hook across her chin. Still reeling, Kym fell back against Karen's car as Lynda came at her swearing. Snapping out a right jab, Kym caught Lynda on the point of the nose, thus stopping her as her eyes suddenly watered and blurred her vision.

"Oooww, my nodes," moaned Lynda, cupping her face. This brief pause allowed Kym to get back some of her senses, and also allowed Lynda time to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"You bitch!" said Kym, coming off the car. Lynda moved to meet her and together they hit each other across the chin with their fist.

POW! POP! Their knees both buckled as they fell forward into each other and then tumbled to the ground in a pile of arms and legs. Going for each other's pussy, Kym and Lynda squeezed snatches and started undoing buttons and flies as they rolled over each other turned head-to-toe.

"Get 'er pussy!" coached Kym friend as the two blondes tried to get inside of the other's tight shorts.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" cried Lynda first.

Together they kept flopping, knees going into chests as legs flailed about shoulders.

"Aah! Aah! Ooh! Ooh!" screamed Kym with Lynda's fingers in her panties.

Both plucked out a few strands of soft, curly locks from the others golden-brown triangle before Kym rolled her way over on Lynda's back and straddled her from behind.

"Slut! You fuckin' cunt!" shouted Kym, slapping Lynda's ass and yanking back on her hair.

"Fuck 'er up! Fuck 'er up!" yelled Liz.

"Ow! Oouuch, my h-a-i-r!" screamed Lynda, stretched back.

Kym cussed a blue streak while twisting out a handful of hair and administrating an ass-blistering to Lynda's bouncing, bucking butt. (Hair pull! Hair pull! Slap! Slap! Slap! Hair pull! Slap! Slap! Hair pull! Hair pull out! Slap! Slap! Slap!)

"You fuckin' slut," swore Kym, getting off of Lynda and pushing her over on her back. "I'll teach you to mess with me."

Lynda screamed as Kym raked her nails down her cheek.

"Bitch...fuckin' big titties," said Kym, latching on to Lynda tits and tearing at her tank top.

"Rip 'em off, Kym!"

"Ooowww! Mmmmy titties! Leeeggoo!" Lynda cried, prying on Kym's hands. Unable to free her tits, Lynda grabbed Kym's dangling tits and started squeezing and trying to push the jog bra up over them.

"Ooooww!" howled Kym as her tits were attacked. The two girls continued with their breast mauling for several more seconds until Lynda grabbed Kym by the hair and guided her face into her lifting knee, jarring her senses. Kym fell over backwards, holding her face as Lynda dove on top of her and started grinding with her body. Liz made a move towards Lynda, but Karen grabbed her by the arm.

"Leggo a me, bitch!" shouted Liz, turning around and striking Karen across the cheek with her palm.

SLAP! The smack crackled thru the air as Karen's pretty, blond head spun around.

"Don't you ever..." Liz was saying before she was cut off with a resounding slap to her face.

"Bitch!" shouted Karen, grabbing a handful of Liz's long, chestnut tresses.

"Ouch!" yelped Liz, but answering Karen with another crisp slap across the cheek, but Karen volleyed right back with another slap and a hard jerk of the hair.

"You slut!" yelled Karen, slinging Liz in a circle by the hair.

"Ooowww!" cried Liz, loosing a handful of her hair.

Karen then threw Liz to the ground and straddled her belly, giving Liz's face another good slap and beating the back of her head against the dusty grass.

Karen and Liz had grown up together and had always been jealous of each other. In junior high Karen's body developed first and she was considered one of the best looking girls in the school. Liz was also popular, but had money going for her until her body caught up with her face. As sophomores Karen had slept with Liz's boyfriend at a time when they were broken up, and although Liz was pissed, she was afraid to do anything about it. Since, however, Liz had grown some guts to now match her tits and she wasn't afraid to catfight, having been in a few.

"Oooww! Oooww! Gee' off!" cried Liz, beneath Karen's body and getting her head bashed into the ground.

"Fuck you, bitch!" shouted Karen in her face. "You wanted to fight, and now you're gonna get a fight."

Clamping her hands around Liz's breasts, Karen squeezed and pulled on the thin, blue t-shirt.

Unlike their friends, Karen and Liz were more equally matched to catfight each other. Both were very pretty (Karen a little more so) and had great bodies. Blonde and tempting, Karen stood 5-6 and weighed 106 pounds. She had perfectly round 35c breasts; a soft, flat 23" waist; and a tight, perky 33" ass. Liz stood 5-5 and weighed sexy 110 pounds. Her breasts were also firm and round and measured 341/2c. Her 24" stomach was hard and defined, and her 331/2" ass was nice and curved. Both had legs of equall length, tone and texture. They were well-matched and would have their hands full beating each other.

"Sshhit! My tits!" cried Liz, jerking down Karen's yellow tube top.

"Fuuuuuuck!!" Karen bawled, throwing back her head as she felt Liz's red talons sink into her flesh. With Karen's chin pointed up, Liz cocked her fist and nailed her with it. Karen's jaws slammed closed and she rolled off holding her face.

"You fuckin' cunt," swore Liz, rolling up to her knees and squeezing Karen's snatch thru her tight, white shorts. Karen cried, but cupped Liz's pussy and squeezed it thru her snug, denim cut-offs. Liz howled and dropped next to Karen as both hurried to get her hand inside of the other's shorts. Karen failed, but Liz succeeded.

"Yeeeeoooowwww!!!" screamed Karen as Liz plucked out several fingers full of wirey, black trim.


"Uuunngg, bitch," grunted Lynda as she lay on top of Kym, grinding with her body.

"Aaaahh, you cunt," Kym swore as their half naked breasts fought.

Hugging each other around the neck, Kym and Lynda squeezed as they slowly started rolling back and forth. Their exposed right nipples were going at it as their left ones ached to meet and join in. Hissing in each other's ear, the two foxy blondes noticed their friends going at it as they tried to end with each other.

"Why don't you just give, bitch," suggested Kym, rolling on top.

"He's my boyfriend, bitch," said Lynda, rolling on top.

"He wants me, bitch," said Kym, rolling on top. "Not you."

Lynda rolled on top. "No he doesn't, slut."

"Yes he does, bitch," said Kym, running a set of nails down Lynda's left cheek.

"Ooowww!" cried Lynda, rolled over on her back with Kym straddling her.

Tearing open the rest of Lynda's white tanktop, Kym sank her claws in Lynda's soft, fluffy tits and squeezed. Lynda cried, but jerked down the rest of Kym's jogbra and screwed her nails in Kym's tits.

"Oooooohhh fuuuuck!" wailed Kym at the top of her lungs. Leaning down, Kym sank her teeth around Lynda's right areola.

"Aaaaaarrrggggg!!" screamed Lynda, jerking Kym off by the hair and slapping her twice across the face.


Yanking Liz's hand out of her shorts, Karen and the brunette grabbed two fists of hair and started rolling across the dusty ground. Trading every filthy name in the book, the blonde and brunette battled fiercely with their legs as they tried to get them around each other and squeeze. With knees knocking and legs flying, neither could scissor the other up as they couldn't control each other by the hair.

"You fuckin' bitch," swore Karen as they rolled up on their knees.

"Fuckin' whore," Liz cussed as they yanked back on hair.

Karen and Liz traded a pair of slaps across the cheek before Liz balled up her fist and punched Karen across the mouth. Karen fell over on her back as Liz went for her pussy again.

"Nnnooo!" cried Karen, pulling Liz down beside her.

Turning into each other, both shoved a hand inside and put their nails to work. Thick, black cunt hairs filled their painted fingernails as both gave the other a scratching across the hump.

"Aaaarrrrggggg!!" screamed Karen.

"Yeeeooowww!!" Liz cried. Pulling Liz's hand out of her shorts, Karen rolled over and bit her across the left tit thru her t-shirt. "Ooooowwww!!" screamed Liz, hoarsely. Growling as she bit, Karen only wished that she could've bitten Liz's tit bare.

"Ooommph!" grunted Karen, knocked over on her back as she was suddenly punched in the left tit by Liz. Both now lay on their backs next to each other and holding themselves.


Teary-eyed, Lynda sat up and looked at her breast. She could see the red teeth marks around her pink areola. "You bitch. You bit me."

Rubbing her cheek, Kym sat up and said, "Fuck you. It's a catfight." The two looked at each other a second as their friends lay on their backs catching their breathes and softly moaning.

"Well?" asked Kym. "You want some more, bitch?"

Lynda glared at her. "Bitch, you're gonna pay."

Standing up on their knees, Kym and Lynda slapped each other across the cheek as they pulled each other over by the hair. Swearing, the two blondes rolled back and forth pulling hair and trying to mount each other.

"Oooowww! Mmmmy h-a-i-r!" cried Lynda, loosing a wad from the top. Kym rolled on top, but was yanked off screaming as Lynda tore out a fist of her hair from the side. Coming around first, Karen stood to her knees and walked on them since she was just a couple of feet from Liz.

"Bitch," grumbled Liz, reaching up for Karen's tits as the blonde grabbed the front of her torn t-shirt and ripped it completely open. Gritting their teeth, the two girls squeezed each other's tits as Liz lay on her back with Karen standing on her knees beside her.

"Uuuuunnggg! Uuummm!" groaned Karen as Liz's nails penetrated her flesh. Liz nearly bit thru her lower lip as Karen squeezed her right tit and pinched her left areola.


A few feet away Kym and Lynda lay on their sides with their legs tangled up and pulling on hair at both ends.

"Ooooohhh! Oooooohhh!" cried Lynda as Kym's hand wiggled in her black, denim short. Kym was crying too as Lynda's fingers were woven in her cunt hairs and pulling.

"Give, bitch!" yelled Lynda, plucking out a patch of blond pubs.

"Ooooooowwwww!!" screamed Kym. "Never!" she barked, pinching Lynda's left pussy lip.

"Oooooowwwww!!" bawled Lynda.

"Uuuuuunnnggggg!!" cried Kym as Lynda's fingernails stabbed into her love hump.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck!!" Lynda screamed, loosing a patch of fuzzy pubs.

"Uuuummmm...le'! You...sssshhhhit...legggooo!" The two pulled out and quickly rolled away crying and holding their prized pussies.

"Aah! Aah! Aah!" yelped Liz, lifted by her areolas into a sitting position.

"Oooh...fuuuck, my fuckin' tits!" groaned Karen as Liz continued squeezing and turning her fingernails into her breasts.

"Oooowww, you bitch...le' go my fuckin' tits," winced Liz, joining Karen on her knees as both girls continued mauling each other's once-beautiful breasts.

"Uuuummm, fuckin' cunt," swore Karen, stretching out both of the brunette's throbbing, swollen areolas.

"Oooohhh ssshhhhit! Leee' go!" cried Liz, doubling over, but raking her talons down Karen's creamy, red breast.

"Ooooowww! Fuuuck!" screamed Karen, leaning into Liz as both now had the same target in mind.

With their heads laying on the other's shoulder and an arm draped around the back, Karen and Liz went for each other's sex. Both girls jolted and bumped heads as their trembling tummies felt a hand go by and plung into their panties.

"Uuuunnngggg," grunted Karen, bracing for the seige.

"Oooh, bitch," Liz swore as the showdown began.

Crying almost hysterically, Kym and Lynda didn't waste much time getting to their feet after they had mauled each other's pussy. Hurting and as exhausted as they were, this catfight was no longer about Jake and who was going to win him. They were now two hot, sexy blondes catfighting out of jealousy and envy and the cock that their pussies had been sharing.

"You fuckin' slut," wept Lynda, her vision blurred with tears as she lunged forward swinging.

"Cunt! Fuckin' cunt!" Kym bawled, tears streaking her cheeks as she pounced throwing fists.

Lynda's right fist smashed Kym's lower lip flat as Kym's right fist nailed Lynda in the left eye. The two fell into each other with Lynda's hands dropping around Kym's tits as Kym's arms went around Lynda's shoulders. Lynda stabbed all ten painted fingernails into Kym's tits as Kym lifted her knee and drilled Lynda in the cunt.

"Uuuuuunnnnggggg!!!" grunted Lynda from the pit of her gut as her pussy lips were forced open and flattened out.

Lifted to her toes, Lynda staggered back a step but hit Kym across the jaw with a left hook. Kym's head spun as she then kissed Lynda's right fist with her lips. Blood spewed from Kym's busted lips, but her right fist busted open Lynda's nose and caused her to see stars.

"Aaaaarrrggggg!!!" blurted Lynda, blood pouring thru her fingers as she cupped her face.

Digging her heels into the ground, Kym unleashed her left fist and slammed it across Lynda's jawbone. Lynda doubled over with blood running from her face and hands as Kym grabbed her by the hair and guided her face into her rising kneecap.

WHAM! Bone-on-bone, Lynda sailed backwards, blood flying from her reeling head and flailing hands. Ten feet she sailed before landing on her ass and hitting the back of her head on the hard, dusty ground. Kym, half blind with tears, dropped to both knees and gasped for breath as she looked over and saw Karen and Liz fiercely catfighting.


Working a hand deep inside of each other's panties, Karen and Liz twirled their fingers thru the other's dark, kinky fuzz and pulled. Their breasts knocked together as both threw back her head and screamed. Still tugging and standing on their knees, the girls screamed again as their bodies swayed to and fro.

"Aaaaaarrrrrgggg! Leee' ggggoooo!" cried Liz as Karen's fingernails penetrated her vulva.

Karen gritted her teeth and squirted tears from her eyes as Liz cupped her cunt and squeezed on her pussy lips.

"Aaaaarrrrmmmmppphhh!!" groaned Liz, feeling a pair of twitching fingers invade her love hole and go for her uterus.

The two toppled over. Liz fell to her back as Karen spilled on top of her. Liz's legs were spread and Karen's ass was sticking up in the hair as she had a knee between Liz's thighs.

"Uuuummmmppphhh!!" Karen grunted as her sex took in Liz's flicking middle finger.

Together they screamed as their pink walls were scratched. Karen had her two nails clawing deep inside of Liz while the brunette's nail dug into the roof of her pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggg!!!" cried Karen as her clit was cut.

Yanking her hand out of Liz's panties, Karen chopped her across the gut with an ax handle. Liz grunted and tried to fold over as all the air left her lungs. But Karen, now straddled across the brunette's hips, grabbed her by the hair with her left hand as her right went to work on her face.

"B-I-T-C-H!" swore Karen bawling her eyes out and punching Liz in the mouth.

Holding Liz's head up by the hair, Karen tenderized her lips and bloodied her nose with a series of hard punches.


With blood and snot covering her face, Liz's lights were turned out as her brain was nearly knocked out of her head. Completely drained and totally exhausted, Karen fell off and rolled on her side. Her lungs ached for air as her pussy blazed with pain.


"Uuuuummmm...," moaned Lynda, coming around, " can have...him."

Kym looked over at her but said nothing. Karen slowly rolled up on her ass as Liz lay on her back almost motionless except for her naked, raw breasts lifting and falling. "You OK?" asked Kym, standing up now.

Karen looked her way and squinted her eyes from the setting sun. "I hope you don't want too."

Kym, holding her breasts, said, "Hell no. I couldn't even if I wanted too."

Karen looked over at Lynda and motioned with her head. "She wanted too."

"So did I," said Kym, kneeling beside her old friend.

"I think we all wanted too...oooooo," winced Karen, her clit tingling.
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