Four British Models vs. Four Playmates by technetium
Jordan, Melinda Messenger, Emma Noble, Katie Richmond

Kelly Monaco, Danelle Folta, Kalin Olson, Maria Checa

Jordan was very pissed off because of her defeat by Kelly Monaco. She was sure she could've beaten the Playmate if she hadn't made some stupid errors and basically she wanted a rematch. Kelly, on the other hand, was very pleased, it was a big victory for her. Finally, the two met each other at a party. Jordan walked to Kelly, who wasn't aware of Jordan's presence, and tapped her on the shoulder.

"So, Kelly, are you ready for a real fight?" asked Jordan.

"Hmm... do you want another defeat, Miss? I'm ready for it.. whenever you like!"

Jordan wanted to start the brawl right there, but she thought that it wasn't a good idea. She wasn't so sure she could have beaten Kelly there, in a place full of people who were mainly on Kelly's side. Besides, she had drunk a bit and didn't want to repeat the same error she committed in the first match.

"OK, let's give me your mobile number, I'll tell you the place and time tomorrow!" said Jordan.

The two girls exchanged their mobiles numbers, and then continued their attendance to the party trying to ignore each other.

The day after, Jordan sent an SMS to Kelly, giving her details about the place. It was a gym, which she rented for the whole week, just to be sure nobody would come there. Kelly smiled and replied with nothing but an OK.

There were five days before the match, and Jordan started working out quite hard. While she was in a gym (not the one rented for the match), some of her friends noticed she was putting many efforts in her training.

"So, what's happening?" inquired Melinda Messenger.

"You won't fool us saying there's nothing on - continued Emma Noble- We know you and we know something's going on, so tell us!"

"Well -started the busty model- I've set my rematch with Kelly Monaco. I'll have my revenge!"

"Hmmm, let's see... do you want us to stay there and ... who knows, we may make Kelly more sorry... what do you think about it?" asked Katie Richmond.

Jordan smiled, saying: "You're three devils, girls! OK, we'll teach a lesson to the spoiled Yank... it'll be a real pleasure!"

The same day, Kelly was working out too. Some other Playmates noticed she was doing extra work, and soon stood by her.

"So, what's on, Kelly?" asked Maria Checa. "Do you have a fight with someone?"

"Exactly," replied Kelly. "I'm going to kick that Brit's model ass again, this time for good!"

"Well, Kelly, do you mind if we come there and watch the match. Who knows, we can even give a little help to you...." said Danelle Folta, but Kelly quickly stopped her.

"Listen, girls, I don't want any help! I've already defeated Jordan, and I'm sure it'll happen again. So, just wait for me here on Monday for my triumph..."

"So, your match is on Sunday?" inquired Kalin Olson.

"Yup, darling," whispered Kelly. "But I'm not going to tell you where.. it'll be a nice match between just me and Jordan with no interference - and with a pleasant victory of mine at the end! So, that's all you know about it.... by the way, I think I've worked out enough.. see you, girls!"

Kelly disappeared from the gym. The three Playmates looked in each other's eyes, and then Danelle said:

"Well, do you think she's going to win this time?"

Maria shook her head, "I'm pretty sure Jordan will try everything in order to win, this time."

"You mean that she'll ask for help from her friends?" asked Kalin.

"I don't know, but we'd better follow her on Sunday ... we can't allow some Brit model to beat an American Playmate, can we?"

They nodded, and made arrangements for the following Sunday.

Finally, it was the day of the match and Kelly left her house, unaware the three Playmates had followed her. She arrived at the gym and entered. Jordan was there, dressed in yellow T-shirt, yellow shorts and a pair of black tennis shoes. She smiled and walked through the ring. Kelly, dressed with a white T-shirt, black shorts and white tennis shoes, promptly followed her. Jordan removed her T-shirt, exposing a matching yellow sport bra.

"Do you mind if we fight without the T-shirts?" teased Jordan.

"Of course not," replied Kelly as she confidently removed her white T-shirt showing her white sports bra. "But let's get rid of the shoes as well!"

Jordan nodded and the two girls were barefoot.

"Ah, I've almost forgotten.....," Jordan said as she pointed to a corner of the gym, where her three friends appeared, dressed exactly like her. "They'll check that you won't cheat in this match!"

Kelly was angry and, of course, a bit scared.

"You can't do that, we said no one would see this match."

"Oh, are you scared... they won't help me, they'll just have a nice look at my victory!"

Kelly nodded, not quite convinced, "I should've said yes to my friends," she thought. "They wanted to help .. if only I'd said yes......"

"Well, no problem at all," said a distant voice from the entrance. Maria, Danelle and Kalin all appeared wearing the same outfit as Kelly. "We'll check that you won't cheat!"

"We won't cheat," replied Katie. "We just want to be sure that your friend won't use any foreign objects on our friend!"

"What? We don't need anything like that! We're tougher than you models!" chirped Maria, pointing at the Brits and almost touching Melinda's face with her finger.

The tension between the two hairy models was so strong that the other girls held their breathes for a while. Then, Melinda reacted and slapped Maria's hand away, then adding a slap to her face a moment afterward.

"Keep your fingers away from me, bloody Yank!" screamed Melinda.

Maria couldn't let Melinda slap her without replying and threw herself at the yellow-dressed model. She dug her nails in the blonde's hair, yanking them while screaming at her, "Say you're sorry!"

Melinda tried to push Maria away, but she didn't manage to move her of a single centimeter. Maria managed to rip hair before Danelle and Kalin grabbed her and pulled her away from the almost crying Melinda. Emma and Katie went to their friend a moment later, just as she tried to kick Maria's body. Unfortunately, Melinda was out of coordination and missed, losing her balance and falling to the floor. Emma and Katie promptly helped her up as but Maria taunted her.

"You're only a blonde bimbo! You can't fight! Get out of here!!!"

Melinda tried to run to Maria, but she was kept away by Emma and Katie. Clearly upset, Melinda put her hands on her aching head and started moaning softly.

"I'll make this bitch pay later!"

"I don't think so! You'll eat my cunt, you whore!!!" answered Maria, while her friends pulled her away from Melinda.

"Don't worry," said Emma, ignoring Maria's remark and trying to comfort her partner. "We'll set things right soon enough."

"Can we get the match going?" asked Danelle, turning to the ring.

Kelly felt relieved. She looked at Danelle and whispered, 'thanks' before she looked at Jordan, who was the one really upset.

Jordan knew it wasn't going to be an easy match anymore. She sighed and walked to Kelly with her arms extended and the match started. Kelly and Jordan interlaced their hands, pushing each other. Despite her lighter body, Kelly easily pushed Jordan back. Feeling Kelly gaining control, Jordan shot her right knee forward, hitting Kelly's crotch and stopping her advance. Immediately, Jordan jumped on Kelly but the Playmate pushed her away. Jordan charged again, but Kelly ducked and grabbed her hair with both hands, pulling hard. Jordan lost her balance and fell to the floor dazed. Kelly quickly hit her stomach with her right foot one, two, three times.

But the fourth time that Kelly's foot went towards Jordan's belly, it didn't reach its target. The Brit model's hands blocked it somewhere in the air and lifted it, making Kelly fall down as well. Jordan threw herself on top of Kelly, sitting on the Playmate's stomach and started slapping her. Kelly bridged her body displacing Jordan quite easily. As the model fell down, Kelly drove her knee to Jordan's crotch, hitting her painfully. Jordan rolled on the floor moaning and touching her aching pussy.

"So, you're already in a bad way huh? Then let's finish this quickly!" screamed Kelly, rising up.

She grabbed Jordan's hair and forced her to rise up. Jordan screamed in pain as Kelly slapped her several times, telling her to stop her crying.

"Fight like a woman!" yelled Kelly.

"Ahhrgghh.. stop slapping me!" cried Jordan, trying to protect her body and face from Kelly's slaps.

Kelly grabbed Jordan's left arm and threw her to the ropes. When Jordan bounced back, Kelly hit her with a perfect dropkick and Jordan collapsed on the floor, sobbing.

"So, what about your revenge? I can't see it!" yelled Kelly, stomping Jordan's crotch once more.

Kelly grabbed the model's shorts and removed them, leaving her in a mini g-string. She kicked Jordan, forcing her to roll on her left side first and then to all fours then. With Jordan positioned like that, Kelly grabbed the back of Jordan's g-string and yanked. Jordan screamed at the top of her lungs while Kelly laughed as she continued pulling for almost a minute before she released her grip and let Jordan collapse to the floor.

"Oh, you poor model, you already beat?" taunted Kelly, seeing Jordan in distress.

Kelly grabbed hold of Jordan's hair and lifted her again, but she made the usual mistake: she was way too confident. Jordan reacted and drove her left elbow right between Kelly's legs, making the Playmate cry out and lose her hold on Jordan's hair. In a while, Jordan turned around and, rising herself a bit, slammed her right fist down onto Kelly's chest. The Playmate fell on her knees and Jordan jumped on her. Jordan knew she had a formidable weapon and was determined to use it to defeat, and humble, Kelly.

The Brit trapped Kelly's face under her oversized breasts and pushed her to the floor, wanting to smother her. Unfortunately for Jordan, Kelly still had some spunk and she grabbed the sides of Jordan's g-string and yanked, lifting it and giving another painful wedge to Jordan's already battered groin. Jordan tried to roll away from Kelly, and while she managed to do it, her g-string was pulled down around her knees where it stopped. Instead of leaving it there, Kelly was determined to remove it completely. Kelly paid no attention to Jordan's arms, so when she pulled Jordan's g-string halfway to her feet, she felt her hair being yanked.

Jordan slammed Kelly's head to the floor and then pulled her hair again. Kelly managed to remove Jordan's g-string and threw it away, but now she was at Jordan's mercy. With her legs freed from her yellow clothes, Jordan rolled Kelly with her back on the floor once again and sat on her tummy. This time, though, Jordan didn't try to smother her, but safely trapped her hands under her legs. Then, she started slapping the Playmate.

"So, what did you say about me? Who's the weak girl? Who's the loser now, eh?"

Kelly suffered this punishment for more than a minute, after which Jordan started slapping harder. The first slap hit Kelly's left cheek, but the second never found its destination. Betrayed by her fury, Jordan failed to completely pin Kelly's arms, which lifted from the floor when the Brit was trying the second slap, displacing her form her position. Kelly slid a bit, getting free from Jordan's grasp while the model rose. Kelly, from her knees, drove her right hand to Jordan's naked pussy, clawing it. Jordan tried to hit Kelly, but the Playmate fell backward, avoiding the blow and ripping several pubic hairs from Jordan's exposed pussy.

Jordan fell on her knees sobbing and Kelly hit her again, this time kicking her in the chest with both feet. Jordan was knocked back, and Kelly quickly grabbed her left foot, pulling her by it while she slammed her right into Jordan's naked crotch. The model yelled, and then sobbed out loud as Kelly's heel slid over her bruised pussy. In a desperate attempt to escape, Jordan unleashed her left leg and kicked Kelly right in the face. Kelly fell back dazed but it took several seconds for Jordan to understand what happened. When she looked at Kelly, she saw her rolling on the floor, moaning and holding her nose.

Jordan jumped on Kelly's back, trapping her between her thighs as she pulled both her arms back behind her. Kelly looked at her friends, obviously hoping in help, but they didn't move. After all, it was Kelly's fight and Jordan wasn't cheating so they kept encouraging Kelly, but didn't step in. Jordan held Kelly in that position for a couple of minutes before she decided she'd done enough damage. She prepared Kelly for the final. It was obvious Kelly had almost no energy left when Jordan released her arms and undid her bra. She removed it and lifted Kelly to her feet by her hair. Then she drove Kelly's head against a turnbuckle, near her British friends who were exulting at her imminent victory.

Melinda was particularly happy since she wanted Jordan to show Maria the Brits were stronger, and to get revenge on Maria or on her friend. While Jordan turned to mock the Playmates in their corner by lifting her arms in the air and caressing her bouncing massive tits, Melinda leaned over and grabbed Kelly's nipples, giving them a pinch and a twist. After that, everything seemed to be happening at once!

Seeing Melinda cheat, Maria immediately ran toward her. At the same moment, Kelly had an unexpected reaction and grabbed Melinda's offending hands, almost pulling her fully inside the ring. Melinda stopped halfway, because at that second, Maria grabbed her ankles from outside and pulled her back. Melinda screamed in anguish until Kelly lost the hold on her hands and let Maria to pull her back toward her. Melinda fell to the floor, hitting her chest and screaming, but in a quick reaction, rolled on her left side and hit Maria's lithe body with a powerful kick. Maria didn't have time to react and got another kick, this time to the head. When she dropped to her knees, Melinda hit her again, this time with a punch to the face.

Meanwhile, Jordan got back to Kelly, who was standing, waiting for her. Jordan moved first, throwing herself into Kelly, but the Playmate knew what she had to do and she raked Jordan's naked crotch with her right hand. Jordan cried out, but grabbed Kelly's tits and squeezed. For a while it seemed that she was about to overpower Kelly, but then she screamed and released her handful of Kelly's breasts. Kelly shoved Jordan toward the turnbuckle and her back hit it hard. Still holding Jordan's pussy in her claw, Kelly started slapping the model's face. But Jordan had her hands free and after a couple of slaps, she grabbed Kelly, swung her around and threw her against the ropes. Strangely, her quick move caught Kelly between the top and the middle ropes. Seeing her trapped, Jordan acted quickly and kicked her the rest of the way out of the ring, dropping her down to the floor in front of the other Brits.

Nearby, Melinda was already on Maria, sitting on the Playmate's stomach with her arms were pinned under Melinda's legs. The model had a very evil grin on her face as she ripped Maria's T-shirt open and started slapping her tits. As she slapped Maria's perky little boobs back and forth, Melinda was screaming all sorts of obscenities at her.

"Never, ever, mess with me again," Melinda screamed. "I don't fear you even if you are a bloody Playmate! You're just a wreck now, a puppet in my hands!"

Melinda was excited by slapping Maria. She was obviously more enraged than thoughtful, but that was enough for now. She was fully in control of the petite Playmate, having had a bit of luck. Melinda removed her own T-shirt to reveal her explosive chest.

Then she released the catch of her yellow bra and yelled: "I'll show you what a nice pair of tit looks like!"

She lowered her chest on Maria's flushed face, forcing her head hard to the floor. Melinda was still yelling, enjoying the situation, but in all this she forgot to pay enough attention to Maria's arms. Since Melinda in this position was unable to pin them securely, Maria managed to pull her arms free.

From the outside, she clamped Melinda's tits together, pushing and trying to flatten them against her chest while pushing the heavy mounds of soft flesh off her face at the same time. Melinda screamed, desperately trying to keep the writhing Maria trapped under her, but she was finally dislodged. Maria smashed Melinda's tits, slamming one against the other as Melinda now tried to escape Maria's wrath, but to no avail. Maria shoved Melinda over and reversed their positions, sitting on Melinda's stomach while continuing to squash her big tits.

The busty blonde started screaming, "Help! Help me somebody!!!!" obviously terrified by Maria's strong reaction.

Jordan, on the other hand, was once again overwhelming Kelly. She sat on her face and was raking her stomach with her fingernails. Jordan rose up briefly to remove Kelly's shorts and panties and had just settled in again when she heard Melinda's desperate cries for help.

Jordan kicked Kelly in the stomach and ran to help Jordan, grabbing Maria by the hair from behind and pulling her away off of Melinda who quickly wrapped her legs around Maria's waist. Surprised by Jordan's perfidy, Maria didn't manage react quickly enough and allowed Melinda to trap her. Melinda immediately started squeezing her legs, and insulting Maria while Jordan removed Maria's shorts and panties, leaving her as naked as Kelly had become a moment earlier.

"That's not fair!" yelled Kalin. "They're two against one!"

"Well, they're two on two, actually," replied Emma. "But your friend is getting beat bad!" replied Emma.

Kalin started running toward the three girls, but Emma stopped her in her tracks halfway. She punched Kalin's face, but when she went for a second punch Kalin blocked it and slammed her left knee into Emma's crotch. Emma grabbed Kalin's hair and the Playmate did the same in turn. They fell to their knees, yanking, pulling and tearing at each other's hair until Emma removed her left hand from Kalin's hair and slipped it up inside Kalin's loose T-shirt, grabbing her huge right tit.

Kalin stopped fighting for a second, dazed and shocked by this personal attack. Emma, however, quickly slammed her head to the floor while left Kalin so dazed that Emma managed to climb up and sit on her face in a reverse facesit and it didn't take long for Emma to start ripping into Kalin's white T-shirt. The Playmate reacted, though, digging her nails in Emma's ass cheeks and forcing screams from the model. Enraged by this attack on her ass, Emma grabbed Kalin's melons and squeezed hard, bringing muffled screams from Kalin's half-buried mouth.

Katie looked at the models in amusement: they were dominating the match! Danelle, on the other side, was perplexed and frustrated; she knew her friends were stronger, but they didn't seem to be fighting like they remembered that. She was standing in front of Katie, giving her back to her so Katie figured it was the right time to finish the match. She quickly trapped Danelle by sliding her arms under Danelle's armpits and then clasping her hands behind her neck.

"Eh, Katie, what the hell are you doing? I'm not in this match!" protested Danelle.

"You're in it now, luv! Fight, if you dare!" grinned Katie, kicking Danelle's ankles.

"Well, you'll get what you deserve!" exclaimed Danelle, driving her right elbow back and directly into Katie's face.

The Brit model stopped short, her hesitation allowing Danelle to reverse the situation as she twisted Katie's right arm behind her back and forcing the model to scream hysterically.

"You're breaking my arm!!!" Katie yelled several times but Danelle didn't release the hold for a full minute, letting Katie collapse on the floor holding her aching limb.

Meanwhile, Kalin was having a hard time with Emma. After some seconds of one-sided tit mauling, the Playmate reached for the model's hands to stop them from their work. Emma grinned her teeth, hissing at Kalin as she desperately tried to get her hands back on her jugs again, but to no avail. Kalin, slowly pushed Emma up from below, bridging her body in an attempt to displace Emma. Despite the Brit model's best efforts, Kalin finally managed to roll her onto her right side. Quickly, Kalin sat on Emma, slapping her face repeatedly. Emma tried to protect herself, but after two hard slaps she couldn't do anything.

After a while with Melinda and Maria, Jordan looked around and realized her two teammates were in trouble. She immediately left Melinda and ran over to Danelle where she threw herself on the Playmate knocking her off of Katie. The two rolled on the floor though, it was obvious the naked model had little chance against the Playmate. Indeed, Danelle quickly sat on Jordan's back, pushing her chest to the floor. The model screamed, knowing Danelle would have no pity on her and Katie was still too dazed to help. Danelle started spanking Jordan's ass, giving a hard lesson to the trapped Brit model.

While Jordan ran after Danelle, Melinda began slapping Maria's tits, giving the Playmate one of the worst breastbeatings she'd ever received. In her excitement, however, Melinda leaned a bit too far, allowing the Playmate to grab her hair. Melinda, totally surprised, screamed in anger as Maria took advantage of her distraction and slammed her chest onto Melinda's legs, making them open. She immediately got to her knees still holding on Melinda's hair.

"I'll rip all your hair out, you bitch!" screamed Maria as she shook Melinda's head.

Melinda started crying, but she managed to dig her nails into Maria's soft tit flesh. Despite the pain, Maria continued yanking and ripping at Melinda's blonde hair.

Katie, slightly recovered, got to her feet and headed for Danelle from behind. She drove her right foot on Danelle's back three times, thinking that that was enough to stop her. Instead, when Katie went for the fourth kick, Danelle turned her body halfway toward her, caught her by the foot and made her fall. As Katie hit the floor, Danelle jumped on her, ripping her T-shirt wide open. The instant Danelle started mauling Katie's tender tits, the terrified model screamed out her submission.

Jordan raised her head and saw the terrible scene. She jumped on Danelle's back, wrapping her arms around the Playmate's neck. Danelle reacted promptly, grabbing Jordan's hair and flipping her over her shoulder. Jordan's body slammed into the floor knocking the breath out of her and Danelle quickly covered her. Sitting on the busty model's tummy, Danelle started mauling Jordan's gigantic juggs.

The tit torture was too much for Jordan as she could only scream in agony, "Stop, please stop!!!! I give up, I give up!!!"

Danelle laughed, got off her and went to Katie. She removed the model's shoes, took her socks and stuffed them in Jordan's mouth.

Kalin, who had forced a submission from Emma, did the same thing; shutting Emma up with her own socks.

Meanwhile, Maria had managed to rise, leaving Melinda on her knees. Maria continued her hair ripping until Melinda was totally helpless. Maria slammed her right knee to Melinda's face twice and the blonde collapsed.

"Stop! I give up, please stop!" yelled Melinda, terrified.

"I will, but before I do you're getting a lesson you'll never forget!!" replied Maria.

She sat on Melinda's tummy facing her legs and started ripping into Melinda's pubic hair, making the poor model scream in desperation.

"Ahhhhaahhhhh, Maria no! No, please!!!!"

"You whore, it's not over!!!" Maria hissed.

Maria shoved three fingers of her right hand finger into Melinda's box and started moving them sensuously. Then as Melinda started to respond, Maria brutally used her nails to claw Melinda from inside.

"Please, someone stop her!!! Please!!!" whined the agonized blonde.

Maria continued despite Melinda's protests, taking her almost to the point of passing out. Just before Melinda was totally out cold, Maria sat on her face.

"Now, please me! Immediately!! I told you you'd eat my cunt!!!"

Melinda, red-faced, could do nothing but licking. Leaning her right arm backwards, Maria found Melinda's pussy and inserted the same three fingers in it. Melinda licked faster and faster, trying to make Maria come before her. At least, she thought she could win that battle but she was wrong about that too. She orgasmed three times before Maria finally shot her juices all over Melinda's face.

When Maria was satisfied, she got up, grabbed the crying blonde by the hair and used her hair to clean her slit. Melinda, totally humiliated, started crying as Maria yanked the hair, forcing the blonde to stand up. Maria paraded Melinda around the room for a while, then she threw her against Jordan.

Danelle looked at the defeated Brits, "You whores learned a terrible lesson tonight. Remember, never, ever, try to fight a Playmate again! Now, the two dirtiest bitches of you four, Jordan and Melinda, crawl to Kelly! NOW!"

The well-beaten blondes obeyed after Kalin removed the socks form Jordan's mouth.

"Now," said Danelle when the two were just few centimeters from Kelly, "lick her pussy!"

With Danelle and Kelly standing over Jordan and Melinda, the lusty brunette took real pleasure from the action of the two buxom blondes.

"Kelly, you don't deserve this, since you've lost your match! But since these two bitches need a lesson. You'll have your pleasure, but remember, tomorrow we have to talk!"

Once Kelly climaxed, Jordan and Melinda thought it was over but they were wrong. The other three Playmates removed they shoes and socks and forced all four Brit. models to lick their feet for another thirty minutes. This fulfilled Danelle, but Maria wanted to have one last satisfaction. She dragged Melinda to her feet by the nipples and slammed her back up against the wall. She repeated the move with Jordan and the two models slowly slid down and collapsed on the floor side-by-side.

Maria sat down between them and said, "This is only from me. Remember to never mess with a Playmate, but don't never, ever, mess with Maria Checa!!!!"

She grabbed both models by the pubic hair and yanked as the Brits howled, begging Maria to stop. But it took more than a minute before the Playmate finally released her grip and allowed her destroyed enemies some rest. Although it didn't last long.

Maria lay down on top of Jordan, pressing her ample cleavage to the blondes silicone lips. Weakened by the match, Jordan was in la-la-land in less than a minute.

"Now it's your turn!" exclaimed Maria, turning to Melinda.

"No, please, please..." cried the blonde, feebly.

"Shut up!" snapped Maria slapping Melinda's face.

Maria sat Melinda's face, trapping her mouth between her ass cheeks while she viciously twisted Melinda's sore nipples. The blonde squirmed, trying to fight back with the few remaining energy, but she was too weak. Maria continued her torture, lifting her bottom a bit whenever she felt Melinda was about to pass out. When she decided it was enough, she pressed her butt down firmly, cutting the air from Melinda and the blonde fell into unconsciousness too. Maria rose up and, smiling, joined the other Playmates.

After they got dressed, Danelle announced, "Time to leave this place, girls!"

Each Playmate grabbed a foe and dragged them outside. Next door to the gym was a nice boutique. The Playmates threw the four beaten girls inside.

Maria screamed, "Here. You can pick up some new clothes! Get dressed properly but don't get in our way again!"

Laughing, the four Playmates walked away, proud of their victory at leaving four of Britain's top models naked and humiliated.