1-Karen McDougal vs. Priscilla Taylor by Southgate

Karen marches into the gym, eager to begin her workout. Frustrated at her inability to land a decent acting role or even a spokes model gig, she's gone back to Playboy to generate some publicity in an attempt to raise her profile. But even there, it's getting harder! Karen is well aware she's not getting any younger. Last night's party was just okay; too much time spent as a wall flower with little action - and no spotlight! After seven years, her status as "former Playmate of the Year" just isn't working for her! She laments and resents that Hef insists on surrounding himself with a pack of blonde bimbos with over-stuffed boobs.

Karen is desperate to lose herself in physical action and she heads for the weight machines, paying no attention to the other women already in the gym. There's a towel and a water bottle sitting on the bench which she moves aside without a second thought. A hard smile crosses her face as she prepares to add more weight, secure in the knowledge that she's so much stronger than most women who walk into the mansion. Suddenly, she stops as she realizes the machine is set to ten pounds MORE than her routine requires.

"Sorry hon, but I'm not done yet!" a crisp, not particularly friendly, voice snaps.

As she turns, Karen replies, "Well, I guess you are NOW!"

Priscilla Taylor stands, hands on hips, directly in front of Karen. Her face is flushed, her body wet with sweat which soaks through her thin tee shirt, making it clings to her heaving bosom as she takes deep, heavy breaths.

"What?" Priscilla stammers, unprepared for Karen's curt reply.

"Look Taylor, I need to do this; and frankly, you look like you're sooooo done. Plus, who the hell are you trying to fool with this set up? I'll bet you added more weight to the machine AFTER you finished your reps. Who are you trying to impress?" Karen continues as she glances around the gym and notices the other women have stopped their work-outs to listen.

"Get off my machine NOW, bitch," Priscilla spits. "Or I'll make a permanent impression on your ugly old mug!"

Karen glares up at Priscilla, eyes locked on target. "Old? ME? Look in the mirror, hon, you're not spring chicken. We both know why we're here," Karen retorts.

In fact, Karen is right, or half right. Priscilla is 29 while Karen is 34. But Priscilla has returned to the Mansion for the same reasons as Karen. But Karen also knows the blonde has begun to slowly build her resume with the kind of TV and movie credentials Karen has managed for herself. Karen looks at Priscilla and thinks, "Just another goddamn blonde with oversized boobs and not much else going for her."

But Karen is wrong about when the weight was added to the machine! Priscilla lunges forward, grabs Karen by the hair, jerks her ass up off the bench and then throws her across the room. Karen lands hard on the rubber tile floor, rolls over and quickly scrambles back to her feet.

"Big mistake, fool!" Karen hisses and she moves menacingly towards the blonde.

Undaunted, Priscilla stands her ground, holds her hands up at shoulder height, fingers spread wide. "Come-on, tough girl, show me what you've got," Priscilla rejoins.

Karen accepts her challenge and they lock their fingers in a test of strength. Karen throws herself against the blonde, their big breasts mashing together; grinding; flattening as Priscilla presses forward, scoffing, "Well you lost the boob battle…granny!"

Indeed, Karen can feel Priscilla's wet boobs flatten and swell as they press against, then mold themselves around her smaller tits. As Priscilla presses forward, Karen is forced to take a step backward. She grunts, trying to focus her energy but caught off-guard by the blonde's unexpected strength. Priscilla takes control, moving her hands up, then down. Their arms and bodies tremble under the stress, their chests slipping and sliding against each other. Karen tries to counter, but loses more ground with each challenge and she nearly slips to one knee. Growling, determined, Karen stops her slide and somehow manages to recover, righting herself to go chest-to-chest with her blond adversary. Priscilla arches her back, thrusting her body forward even harder and as the combatants strain, knuckles white, hands shaking, a crowd gathers around them.

"Catfight! Well, it HAS been two days since the last one..." someone laughs.

"I've got twenty bucks on Taylor. Look how cut and peaked her biceps are…they're bigger'n Karen's," a voice shouts.

"No way Prissy wins - lookit Karen's legs; she's a bull! Beside, Karen is such a bitch!" another voice chimes in.

Karen and Priscilla are too busy to notice who is cheering for whom, but Priscilla continues to slowly force the brunette backward and Karen is shocked to find herself beginning to tire; her hands aching. Her body is soaked from head to toe and she's disgusted that Priscilla's sweat is slopping all over her yet barely aware that she's wet head to toe with her own perspiration! Priscilla shifts her hands, then tightens her grip further and Karen howls as the blonde drives her back three more steps, pinning the brunette's back to the wall with her arms raised and spread wide. Priscilla grins as she keeps Karen pinned and on her toes.

Suddenly, Priscilla yanks her swollen right hand from Karen's weakening grip and slams her forearm down into the brunette's flattened boobs, hammering her breast bone. "Had enough?" Priscilla leers. Twice more pounding her forearm on Karen's chest. Karen coughs, trying to refill her lungs while Priscilla takes a moment to look at the crowd of grinning women who are pressing in close, either jeering or cheering.

"Priscilla, you rock! Don't stop; kick that old hag's fat ass!" someone - clearly not a Karen fan - shouts.

Big mistake thinking Karen is finished! Roaring, Karen pushes off the wall with her ass, spins the distracted blonde around and drives a knee up into Priscilla's belly. Blind-sided, winded, Priscilla grabs her belly as she drops to one knee! Keeping her right hand clasping Priscilla's left, Karen keeps Priscilla down as she drives her knee into the blonde's head twice, knocking it against the thinly padded wall! Sucking in air, ignoring everyone else in the gym, Karen grabs a handful of Priscilla's hair, jerks her up to her feet and then again drives her knee up into Priscilla's belly. She lets go of the blonde's left hand, takes just a moment to shake her numb fingers to get blood flowing again, then using both hands, she grabs the blonde by the hair and lifts her up - then bangs her head on the wall.

With one hand holding a fistful of blonde hair, Karen draws back her right fist and murmurs, "My turn!"

Karen seizes the blonde's flimsy tee shirt and rips it off, twisting the shirt into a rope which she holds menacingly in both hands as she shoves it across Priscilla's throat, choking her. The women watching the fight begin to voice disapproval as Priscilla's eyes grow wide, so Karen stops and discards the shirt. But then she seizes both of the blonde's tits and begins to squeeze, her hands crushing the flesh until it oozes between her spread fingers. Karen digs her fingertips into the soft flesh, twisting, pinching and pulling wickedly as Priscilla howls; her hands trying to pry Karen's fingers off her boobs..

"The bitch is jealous of Priscilla's better tits!" someone in the crowd laments.

Karen stops, jams her knee up into Priscilla's belly, then turns to glare at the crowd. She lets go of Priscilla's melons, leaving stark white finger imprints on the red, bruised flesh. Karen draws back her arm and slams her forearm across Priscilla's boobs over and over, pausing only long enough to drive her knee up into her foe's belly for emphasis. As Karen's rage subsides, she releases Priscilla and lets her slide down the wall onto her haunches where she squats looking totally wrecked.

"Who was stupid enough bet against me?" Karen snarls as she glares at the surrounding women. When nobody speaks up, she turns back to Priscilla, hands on hips, "Now, have you had enough?" But to Karen's amazement, Priscilla shakes her head and starts to get up. Karen's left foot flashes out and her instep smacks into Priscilla's side, sending her sprawling on the floor. "Dumb bimbo!" Karen grunts as she proceeds to stomp Priscilla's belly. When Priscilla tries to cover up and protect her aching gut, Karen quickly adjusts, changing the target for her kicks, driving her heel down into Priscilla's bruised tits. The blonde draws her knees up in a fetal ball.

"She doesn't look like such a bad-ass now, does she?" Karen taunts as she bends down, takes a handful of wet blonde hair and uses it to jerk Priscilla to her feet. She stuffs her hand between the blonde's wobbly legs, scoops her up and then body slams her back to the floor. Pulling the shell-shocked blonde back to her feet once more, Karen puts her in a full nelson, grunting as she tries to snap her shoulders. She shakes Priscilla violently, bearing down with all her strength, confident she can sap the blonde of all resistance. While Priscilla continues to struggle, Karen marches her around the gym, shoving her through the crowd of gaping women. "When I come down here to work out, each and every one of you had better get out of my way. Got it?" Karen warns.

As Karen struts and jaws at the women, Priscilla, rallies her reserve strength. She draws her shoulder blades together, bends forward, slamming her ass back into Karen's pelvis. Karen tries to bear down again but Priscilla works her strong back and shoulders and Karen feels her grip beginning to slip and she can no longer lock her fingers. As the pressure on her neck and back eases, Priscilla stomps her heel down on Karen's foot and as she howls in pain, Priscilla twists out of the full nelson!

As Priscilla turns, pushing up to straighten her legs, she shoots her right fist up and nails Karen on the point of the chin! She sways, momentarily dazed, her hands at her sides. Priscilla slams a wicked right to Karen's left cheek, sending her stumbling to her right. The blonde reaches out, grabs two handfuls of Karen's brown hair and then, in one fluid motion, pulls Karen's face down onto her upcoming knee! Karen topples over backward, crumpling to the floor and then rolling over onto her stomach holding her face with both hands!

Priscilla leaps high above Karen, and when she comes down, both knees crash into Karen's back! Priscilla straddles Karen's hips as she grabs one handful of hair and pulls her head up back, then she reaches around and pounds her right fist into the right side of Karen's face over and over. The blonde stops punching long enough to roll Karen onto her back, straddling her belly. Priscilla glares down at Karen with hatred filling her eyes, then slaps and backhands Karen across the face. Tearing off Karen's work-out bra, Priscilla fills her hands with Karen's bare tits - payback for the mauling she took moments earlier!

Karen howls, but plants her feet and starts to buck wildly. Priscilla has to let go of Karen's tits and with one hand she grabs the brunette's throat while the other reaches back to grab the top of Karen's gym shorts. Priscilla yanks up hard, smiling when tears well up in Karen's eyes as Priscilla saws the nylon shorts back and forth, carving up into Karen's camel toe. Getting up, Priscilla leaves Karen gasping as she struts around her damaged foe, pondering her next move...

Karen rolls over and makes a grab for the blonde's leg, but Priscilla stomps down on Karen's left tit, then kicks her in the right tit! Karen howls in pain, writhing around holding her bruised tits with both hands.

"Get up, slut, I'm not done with you!" Priscilla spits. She waits as Karen, on all fours, struggles to rise. Priscilla walks around behind Karen, plants her foot on Karen's butt and kicks out, sending her sprawling on the floor. "Get up, fat ass! Show us how tough you are!" Priscilla demands.

Karen slowly gets to her feet enraged, fists clenched. She moves forward to attack, but she's moving so slowly! Karen takes a wide swing that the blonde easily ducks under, then her fists flash out, beating Karen's already battered body. Karen tries to fight back, but after several more of Priscilla's piston punches, Karen's fists drop to her hips as she teeters, ready to fall. Still, the cool, cruel blonde is relentless and merciless in her attack. She buries a whole series of punches that sink deep in Karen's softened up belly, more rattle her ribs, and finally Priscilla's hard fists pancake Karen's proud boobs. But Priscilla saves the best for last as she finally targets Karen's gorgeous face as Karen wobbles on Gumby legs.

Priscilla grabs Karen's shoulder to steady her, then she spins her around and runs the brunette tits-first up against the wall, scattering the circling crowd of onlookers. Priscilla holds Karen with her face pinned against the wall as she beats Karen's lower back viciously; her fists SMACK into Karen's kidneys a the crowd counts the blows...




Finally, someone yells, "Hurry up an' finish her already; I wanna go to the bar and start the victory party!"

Priscilla peels Karen off of the wall, wraps her fist in a handful of hair and pulls Karen's red face to hers.

"How are ya holdin' up there, Karen old girl? Is it time to call it a day? I want to thank you for an excellent workout; your sagging old body makes a great punching bag!" Priscilla taunts. Then trapping Karen in a hammerlock, Priscilla walks Karen across the room, past the grinning onlookers, back to the disputed weight machine. The women gather round laughing and hooting as Karen struggles futilely and ineffectively; she's been completely overpowered! "Do you see this machine? This is NOT 'your' machine. It belongs to Hef! WE all can use it; that's called sharing Karen. You really need to learn how to share!" Priscilla lectures to the delight of the crowd.

"Drop dead!" Karen stammers softly.

The blonde cranks up on her hammerlock. Karen yelps in pain. "Jeez, you really are a such a bitch Karen!. We're going to have to teach you to play nice," Priscilla laughs. "Even if it takes allllllll yeeeeeeear!"

She spins the brunette around, standing face to face once more; then the leering blonde sticks out her tongue and sloooowly licks all the way up Karen's face as she pulls the battered brunette into a crushing bear hug. As Priscilla thrusts her chest forward; her bigger boobs completely overwhelm Karen's bruised, battered and definitely over-matched tits. Lifting the brunette off of her feet, Priscilla steps forward and plants Karen's ass down on the seat of the exercise machine, bending Karen over backward, tightening her grip around Karen's ribs.

Karen lifts her arms and puts her hands in Priscilla's hair, trying to pull her head back, but Priscilla is too strong for her and, with a brutal snarl, she bears down again and crushes all resistance from Karen whose body goes limp.

"Enough…please….enough…." Karen whimpers.

"I can't HEAR you! Ladies, did you hear Ms. McDougal say something?" Priscilla giggles.

"Didn't hear a thing," the crowd rejoins in unison.

Priscilla straightens Karen's limp, unresisting body, holding her upright as she again tightens her crushing grip and Karen lets out a blood-curdling moan, then gasps, "Please…..please…enough…"

Priscilla tosses the beaten brunette on the gym floor and as Karen lies crumpled on the floor, most of the women start to voice their approval. Priscilla stands over Karen, hands on hips, looking down at her crushed foe with a smug grin on her lips. She raises her leg and presses her foot down on Karen's throat as she announces, "She thought she was soooo tough! Well here's a news flash for you Karen….honey. You're yesterday's news; a has-been! In fact, other than fucking 'you know who' to get to be 'Playmate of the Year' - you never was!!" Priscilla jeers. "Now, just so we're crystal clear; her are the NEW RULES for this gym! If you're down here working out that soft old body and ANYBODY else wants to use the equipment - you drag your sorry old ass off it and STAY OUT OF THEIR WAY! Got it?" Priscilla commands and the gathered crowd roars their approval!

"Hey Priscilla! Make her apologize for being such a bitch!" Jennifer Walcott suggests!

Priscilla glances at her, seems to consider it for a moment, then shrugs and says, "Nah. I need a shower, but you go right ahead! I got her all warmed up, now she's all yours!"

Jennifer struts over to Karen, who lifts her head and glares up at her. Jennifer seizes her wrist and hauls Karen to her feet, needing to hold the jelly-legged brunette with one hand to keep her upright. Although Jennifer is some five inches shorter than Karen, she's face to face with the very shaky Karen whose legs are bent and her body hunched over.

"So, let's hear you apologize for being such an evil bitch all those years!" Jennifer demands.

"Drop dead, runt!" Karen spits. Karen throws a punch but it's even slower and farther off the mark and with less 'muscle' behind it than her previous failed attempts against Priscilla. She is far too battered and dazed to react as Jennifer leans back and Karen's momentum spins her around. The next thing Karen knows is the impact of the smaller woman's left foot as it whips around and crashes into her head, dropping her to her knees. Jennifer walks around behind Karen, twisting her arm into a hammer lock which she uses to lift Karen back to her feet. Twisting hard on her arm, Jennifer high-steps Karen around the room, showing off for the other women who can't seem to get enough of Karen's humiliation.

"Now apologize to ALL of us," Jennifer hisses in Karen's ear. "Or so help me, I'll snap your arm!"

Jennifer is short, but she's strong as an ox and Karen can't break free. "Coward, you wouldn't dare face me in fair fight," Karen laments.

Jennifer grabs Karen by the hair and looks her in the eye, "Tomorrow! Right here! And trust me, you WILL apologize after I've finished with you!" Jennifer pulls up hard on Karen's arm, then pounds her fist into Karen's badly bruised lower back before she shoves her away and let's Karen collapse to the floor. "OK ladies, lets hit the shower and start the party," Jennifer laughs. "Oh, Karen, you can have the gym to yourself now," she scoffs as the women move away laughing.

"Tomorrow indeed!" Karen mutters.
2-Karen McDougal vs. Jennifer Walcott

Karen walks the long walk done to the gym alone. Stiff from yesterday’s battle, she arrives early to limber up and stretch out aching muscles. Her ribs are sore; her lower back aches. Makeup hides the bruises on her face. After thirty minutes, she’s ready. She hears the commotion as Jennifer Walcott and her posse arrive, right on time.

“OK, Karen, lets be civilized! You apologize and we’ll all just forget about what a bitch you really are and we’ll go party, alright?” Jennifer offers, her hand outstretched and a leer on her lips.

Karen grabs her by the wrist, pulls the lighter woman towards her and jams her right knee into Jennifer’s belly. “Drop dead!” Karen hisses, as she shoves Jennifer to the gym floor.

Jennifer stands, not surprised. The other women are hissing and jeering at Karen, who watches them with a wary eye. “OK,” Jennifer continues. “I’ll just have to convince you.”

“Karen, are you hiding that hideous old body under the sweat suit so Hef won’t drum your sorry old butt out of here?” Dalene Kurtis, the current favorite blonde bimbo, jeers.

“Fight me in the nude!” Jennifer chimes in, slipping out of her workout clothes. Karen glares at the women, then quickly strips down.

“She’s a freak of nature,” Buffy Tyler observes, leering at the 34 year olds hard, muscular body.

“She must be twenty pounds heavier'n you, my poor little Jen. Do you have any idea what you’ve gotten yourself into?” Dalene questions.

“I can take her,” Jennifer replies confidently, hitting a double flex.

“Who’s stronger?” someone shouts.

“Arm wrestle me!" Jennifer insists, full of enthusiasm.

“I’m not here for party games,” Karen counters frowning.

“Afraid you’ll lose? Jennifer jeers.

“Fine, lets arm wrestle," Karen snips. "THEN I’m going to kick your ass!” They move to the mats laid out on the gym floor and lay their bellies, right arms raised. With the fun and games aside, they establish their grips as Teri Harrison holds their hands.

“No fair, Karen’s arm is longer!" Tyler moans. "She’ll have more leverage,”

“Shut up Buffy, I can take her,” Jennifer shoots back.

"I’ll count from three and then you go for it!” Harrison advises. She counts down and then with dual grunts and a surge of power, the battle begins! Grips tight, arms tremble….neither budges. For a full twenty seconds, there is almost no movement. The women in the room cheer wildly for Jennifer, but neither she nor Karen hear anything. Karen grunts. Jennifer’s arm dips ever so slowly down fifteen degrees, and then no more. For another twenty seconds, their arms tremble but hold their position. Karen grunts again. Their arms tremble, wrists change position slightly. Again, Karen’s position improves ever so slightly. Jennifer’s face strains. She tightens her grip on Karen’s hand. Slowly, she starts to regain lost ground. Slowly, they are back to the starting position.

“Go Jenny, go!” the crowd cheers.

“Damn, this is boring as hell,” Dalene mutters, hating the thought that others are the center of attention.

“Enough of this!” Karen grunts as, determined, she starts to power Jennifer’s hand down. But once more Jennifer stops her at twenty degrees. Jennifer’s bicep bulges as she strains; the veins in Karen’s hand look ready to burst. Slowly, Jennifer recovers all her lost ground - and keeps going! She forces Karen’s arm halfway down before Karen somehow halts her advance, the strain in her face is obvious. For long seconds, their positions remain frozen. They’ve been battling for over a minute; an enormous effort by both women. Karen growls, then snarls; both locked arms shake violently then Jennifer slams Karen’s arm down to the mat!!.

“Shit!” Karen exclaims, pulling her hand free with a disgusted look on her face while Jennifer grins and her posse cheers. Jennifer quickly stands, hits another double flex, then rubs her aching bicep.

“OK Karen, last chance to change your mind. You’re tough as nails; strong as an ox…and nasty as hell…plus you're old as my mom!" Jennifer chuckles. "So why not give up and just apologize!”

But Karen is on her feet, fists at the ready, “Enough with the party games!”

All business now, the women start to circle, feeling each other out. Karen throws a blockbuster punch at Jennifer, but the quick little woman easily slips aside. Off balance, Karen is caught flatfooted as Jennifer slips behind her. Jennifer's two fists pound hard into Karen’s lower back. Jennifer punctuates her strike with a rabbit punch to the back of Karen’s neck. Karen drops to her knees, but quickly scrambles up to her feet.

Wincing, Karen spins around, cursing herself under her breath for the stupid move. Jennifer waits for her, waving her to come forward. But Karen did her homework and she knows Jennifer holds a black belt so she expects her to be fast and deadly with both hands and her legs. With her height and weight advantages, Karen figures if she can tackle the hard-bodied runt and take her to the mat, she can neutralize her quickly. At least that was her plan!

Karen raises her fists and moves forward, cautiously. Jennifer throws a sizzling punch that Karen deflects with her raised forearm but then Jennifer's foot comes flashing out of nowhere and her heel slams into Karen’s left knee. Karen shrieks as her leg buckles and the big brunette drops to one knee. Jennifer slips in close, kicks Karen twice more, once in the side and then the back. She straightens, draws her foot back and lightly kicks Karen in the face - just to prove she could have done major damage if so inclined. Then Jennifer dances away, waving at Karen to 'get up and come get me.' Karen is up quickly, hot and angry and limping. Jennifer’s crowd cheers loudly. Several girls grab or shove Karen as she moves by.

“Stay out of it!” Jennifer barks as, fists up, Karen moves heavily toward her.

Jennifer spins and launches a head-hunting kick. Karen tries to deflect the kick with her right hand. She slows it down, but two of her fingers arm jammed by Jennifer's heel that nonetheless lands with a solid thwack on Karen’s left cheek. Karen shakes it off, shakes out her right hand, then waves Jennifer in.

“Come on, runt, show me what you can do,” Karen challenges.

“The old bat has more bravado than sense,” Teri Harrison remarks with a sad shake of her head.

Jennifer smiles as she advances, feigning moves, feigning kicks, keeping Karen off balance and skittish as a cat until Karen changes tactics; spreading her legs wide and planting herself, waiting. Jennifer attacks. Her quick hands nail Karen in the boobs and belly and she’s gone before Karen can counter. She moves in again. Her left foot twice slams into Karen’s side, but she telegraphs the arrival of a third kick. Karen catches Jennifer's extended leg mid-air. With a snarl, Karen drives her elbow down onto Jennifer's leg. Jennifer howls. Karen grunts in satisfaction, then shoves hard on the leg, pushing Jennifer to the mat. With Jennifer finally on her back, Karen tries to tie up her foe’s leg but as she struggles, Jennifer’s free foot kicks out. Her heel finds Karen's tender knee. Hurt, Karen lets go of Jennifer's leg. Jennifer draws the her leg back then kicks it forward, nailing Karen in the face. Karen pulls away, hobbling. Jennifer quickly gets to her feet, rubbing her own left leg.

Jennifer lets out a war-whoop and charges Karen, leaps on her back and wraps her legs around Karen’s hips, determined to take the big woman down. But the stockier Karen steadies herself, regains her footing and moves slowly from side to side…taking Jennifer along for the ride. Karen reacts with a fighter’s instincts, reaching back to take two handfuls of hair, the snaps Jennifer forward over her shoulder. Jennifer crashes hard on the mat and as she scurries to her feet, Karen tackles her.

Karen traps Jennifer in a crushing headlock. Wrenching up and down on Jennifer’s neck, Karen seems determined to jerk her foe’s head off. Karen marches Jennifer around the mat, slamming her hips hard into the smaller woman’s body to keep her off balance as she puts terrible pressure on Jennifer's head and neck.

“Damn, Karen’s treating her like a rag doll. What a freaking bull! Come on Jennifer, DO something,” Dalene laments.

Karen plants her legs wide, bends low and starts to apply all the pressure that she can muster. Jennifer howls. But then, suddenly, Karen is howling as Jennifer slips a hand in between Karen’s legs and grabs hold of Karen’s racing stripe of pubic hair. Jennifer jerks her head free. She jams an elbow backwards, hammering Karen low in the gut. Karen stumbles away and Jennifer stands, moving away rubbing her neck.

“There’s no rest between rounds; keep fighting,” Harrison hoots.

Neither fighter takes notice and both women take their time, shaking off their aches and pains as they walk in wide circles around the periphery of the mats. Then they slowly move closer, hands open, fingers spread, looking for an opening. One, then the other, reaches out but hands are slapped aside as they continue to circle. They grab at each others wrists, shoving, looking for an opening. Karen glares as Jennifer’s strong arms counter Karen’s attacks and neutralize her reach advantage. Karen turns, jams her right hip into Jennifer. Seizing Jennifer’s shoulders, Karen strives to throw Jennifer down, but Jennifer will not be budged. Karen steps between her foe’s legs to trip her up, but she finds that it surprisingly awkward to control the shorter woman, with her lower center of gravity. Jennifer is still plenty fast and slippery.

They struggle, feet dancing as their upper bodies press together. Karen twists hard to the right, slips her right arm around Jennifer’s neck and again jams her hip into her foe, trying to use another headlock as leverage to force Jennifer down. But Jennifer will have none of it! She grabs a handful of Karen’s hair, jerks back hard. Karen straightens, then presses forward again, determined to ignore the scalping and throw the little witch down. Karen can feel her leverage as both bodies slowly tip forward. But the savvy Jennifer suddenly stops resisting. In an instant, she holds tight to Karen and her lifts legs lift up off the mat. Her weight shift throws Karen off balance. They spin as they fall forward. Jennifer curls her back as she hits the mat first, landing hard with Karen’s weight on top of her. But Jennifer uses her momentum to roll Karen over and although Karen maintains an awkward, headlock of sorts, Jennifer is now on top, straddling her.

But Jennifer’s left leg is trapped between Karen’s thighs but her right leg is free and wrapped around her foe’s waist. Karen plants her left knee, trying to win back control, but Jennifer twists hard, jerks her head free and soon sits straddling her foe’s back. Karen’s left arm is trapped backwards, under Jennifer's thigh. Unable to break loose, Karen tries to clamp her thighs around Jennifer's left calf. Jennifer sits up, takes both hands and jams them into the back of Karen’s neck, forcing her face into the mat. She digs her fingers into Karen’s neck muscles. Karen moans. Jennifer’s fingers digs in harder still. Her grip is powerful, vicious and relentless. Jennifer pulls her left leg out of Karen’s grasp, then tightens her thighs around her adversary. She wraps her right hand into the hair on the back of Karen’s head, lifts back, then slams Karen’s face into the mat. Struggling hard, Karen is able to shift her body just a bit to her right, listing at twenty degrees but otherwise unable to move as Jennifer’s powerful hand continue to grind her face into the mat, nearly breaking Karen’s nose.

With a huge effort, Karen twists her head to the left. Jennifer’s left fist jabs her in the cheek. Karen turns back to the mat. Jennifer, still pressing Karen’s head down, uses her right fist to punch Karen in the back of the head, then in the back of her neck. Karen tries to ride out the storm but the punishment is harsh. Her hips twitch, her left knee and leg contracts, lifts and falls. Still, Jennifer rides the bigger woman hard. Once more, Karen is able to trap Jen’s left calf between her thighs. She lists her body another ten degrees forcing Jennifer off balance. Jennifer leans forward, arched, to maintain control. She reaches out with her right arm for leverage as her head presses down on Karen’s head.

“You’re not going anywhere, Karen dear,” Jennifer whispers menacingly in Karen’s ear.

Both women work hard, as the struggle of wills and hard bodies continues, but Jennifer has the better position. She manages to pull her leg free from Karen’s vice, then quickly slips her left arm under Karen’s body, digging her fingers into Karen’s left tit as she tries to roll Karen to the right, onto her back and into a scissors. Karen makes like a turtle, drawing in her legs, foiling Jennifer’s plan, but pays a heavy price as Jennifer mauls her tit wickedly. Karen is finally able to shift her weight down onto her left side, giving Jennifer’s nasty left hand little room to work. Jennifer jerks her hand free and instead digs into Karen’s sore neck muscles. The big woman groans, then thrusts her hips desperately. She’s able to draw her knees up together and starts to roll to her right, carrying the lighter woman with her, but Jennifer slips her right arm under Karen’s arm and up around her neck.

With Karen on her knees and Jennifer riding her back holding her in a half nelson, Karen musters her strength with a roar and tries to stand. She makes it halfway before Jennifer draws up her legs, wraps them around Karen’s waist and presses hard on Karen’s neck, sending both tumbling forward. Karen has gone from frying pan to fire as Jennifer holds her tight in a scissors and now a full nelson. Karen manages to keep Jennifer’s left foot locked between her thighs, preventing Jennifer from doing massive damage with her scissors. Jennifer concentrates on her nelson, working over Karen’s poor neck. Karen reaches back trying to pull Jennifer's interlocked fingers apart and relieve the intense pressure on her neck.

But Jennifer still has all the leverage. She shifts Karen’s body from side to side as she bears down on her neck and shoulders. Karen opens her thighs, plants her feet trying to get some leverage and pull loose, but Jennifer is faster than she. The smaller woman instantly clamps her legs tight around Karen’s thin waist. Karen wails as her vital organs are rearranged.

“Karen, are you ready to apologize?” Jennifer asks.

“D…drop d…dead you little b…er, witch,” Karen stammers.

With a effort, Karen contorts her face, then her back and pulls free on Jennifer's nelson. The taller woman rolls to her side, nearly onto her belly, relieving the intense pressure on her waist as Jennifer’s scissors loose their effectiveness. Still, Jennifer straddles the taller woman, who lies on her side holding her head, which throbs mercilessly from the torment she’s endured thus far. Jennifer leans over her adversary, her weight on her outstretched left arm as she grabs a handful of hair from the top of Karen’s head and jerks at it.

“I’ve got all day, Karen, so take your time and work up to a really good apology, OK?” Jennifer mocks. Karen twitches her body violently, but Jennifer rides her. Jennifer slips her right hand down and grabs hold of Karen’s right nipple. Sitting up, her left hand slams down on Karen’s head and presses the side of her face down into the mat. “So now, we’re back where we started, and still you’re too bull-headed to apologize,” Jennifer mocks.

Roaring again, Karen kicks and bucks. Jennifer stay on top, pressing Karen flat onto her back. She quickly grapevines’ Karen’s thighs, locks her hands around the back of Karen’s head and forces Karen’s face into her over-sized tits. Two pairs of legs strain, but Karen is locked up tight. Karen hands reach up to grab at Jennifer’s face, then push up at her chin, trying to get the witch off of her, but Jennifer is the immovable object. Jennifer bears down hard, her grip around Karen’s neck unbreakable. Unable to breath, Karen manages to turn her head enough to sink her teeth in one of Jennifer's tits. Jennifer curses, lifts her body up off her Karen, slams her forearm across Karen’s collarbone, then across resumes her boob smother. Karen’s body twitches, resists, then slackens. Jennifer pulls her arms up a bit, halfway up Karen’s arms. Locking her fingers tight under Karen’s head, Jennifer again bears down. The pressure on Karen’s shoulder blades grows enormous. Jennifer can hear Karen moan, the soft sound muffled by her own tits. She sits up, straddling Karen’s waist. She takes a handful of her foe’s hair and clamps her left hand around her throat. Karen is immobile, gasping and panting.

“Karen, its time for you to apologize for being such a bitch. Are you ready?” Jennifer challenges.

Karen tries to lift her hips and buck her tormentor off. Jennifer laughs, rolls to her side and pulls Karen into a waist scissors. Almost perpendicular to Karen, Jennifer clamps her legs tight and heaps a world of hurt on Karen’s belly. Karen’s body twitches unnaturally, her face contorts, her eyes grow wide, then start to glaze over.

“Apologize!” Jennifer commands, obviously annoyed at this point.

“Drop dead!” Karen growls, unable to voice her animosity.

“Have it your way then, you stupid old hag,” Jennifer hisses, sensing that she will win the battle today, but not the war. Jennifer shifts her legs up a bit higher, tightens the vice yet again, then twists forward, pulling Karen’s face into her tits once more. Karen’s body trembles, spasms, then slackens. Jennifer lifts her body off of Karen’s, her legs still clamped tight around the beaten woman’s waist. She looks down into her adversary’s face. It’s over!

“Come on Jen, get really nasty with her!" Teri Harrison urges.

“Shove your panties into her mouth, sit on her face and pound her tits flat!” Vanessa Gleason exhorts.

“Wake her up and make her apologize for being such a BITCH!” Dalene Kurtis demands.

“No, she’s finished! And frankly, she’s about as tough as anyone I’ve run in to. This is over,” Jennifer retorts as she loosens her legs, slips free of Karen’s weight and slowly stands, surveying the teeth marks on her left tit. Several of the women move in to taunt Karen and one, brazen, Buffy Tyler, kicks the prone woman in the side.

Jennifer angrily shoves her away, “Leave her alone! She’s tough. I beat her, but she was obviously still hurting from her fight yesterday. You want to try and take her; then you challenge her when she’s fit, not down and hurt!”

“Damn, Jennifer, when did you become a girl scout? You’re almost as big a loser as McDougal!” Dalene sneers. “Come on girls, let’s go party, and leave these two fools to each other!”

As Dalene leaves, her posse follows but Jennifer drops to her knees beside Karen. “You know, you could have just apologized,” she offers.

“Never going to happen,” Karen laughs, then starts to moan as she grabs her aching belly.

“Come on, let’s hit the showers," Jennifer sighs. "Looks like we’re drinking alone tonight.” She helps Karen to her feet and together, they head for the showers.
3-Karen McDougal + Jennifer Walcott vs. Dalene Kurtis, Tina Jordan, Teri Harrison, Buffy Tyler, Stephanie Heinrich and Christi Shake

Several hours after the fight, Jennifer and Karen head downstairs to the grotto. The two women have spent a long time in the shower, talking as they refreshed battle weary bones. They've decided to skip the big dinner party that the organization has planned for the evening since neither is interested in meeting Dalene and her band of bimbos who are holding court. The grotto is empty and Karen slips out of her robe, then slides gingerly into the pool as Jennifer heads for the whirlpool control and sets it to high. Then she moves over to the well provisioned bar to help herself to a drink while Karen settles in front of the jets, letting the warm water massage her aching body. Jennifer uncorks a bottle of wine, pours two cups and moves over to the pool. She lets her robe fall to the floor, then kicks it away. She sits on the edge of the pool, legs set wide and dangling in the water.

"Karen, come here," she gestures, tapping her chest.

Karen looks up at Jennifer, walks slowly through the water, close enough to place her hands on Jennifer's knees. She then turns around and backs in between Jennifer's legs. She lets her head lay in the pillow of Jennifer's boobs. Jennifer moves her legs in close around Karen's waist, just tight enough to hold her in place.

"Let go, my friend," Jennifer coos, as she hands Karen a cup of wine.

Karen lets her legs lift up, buoyed by the moving currents of water. Dreamily, she lets herself float, held up in Jennifer's thighs. Jennifer takes a long sip of her drink, then sets it aside. Her hands move to Karen's neck. She starts to massage the neck and shoulder muscles that she had attacked just a few hours earlier. Karen murmurs quietly, exhaling deeply.

"Wow, Karen, you're so incredibly fit. I mean, for a woman your age...wait, I don't mean it that way, not that you're old or anything, but your body is perfect, even your neck, your shoulders, you're just so strong all over," Jennifer stammers, admiringly.

"Well hell, Jennifer, I don't know about that. You're 5" shorter and 20 pounds lighter than me but you sure kicked my ass, didn't you," Karen offers, more accurate than bitter.

"I did, Karen, I did. But I'm a black belt, a serious work-out freak and I hadn't been in a knock down drag out fight the day before," Jennifer counters.

"Oh, thanks for reminding me, I got my ass kicked two days in a row! Priscilla really surprised me. I had no idea that she was that strong or could fight like that. I have no excuse for that one, do I," Karen muses.

"Hey, you don't need excuses. You gave as well as you got...at least right up to the point that she really, really kicked your ass," Jennifer teases.

Karen frowns, then smiles, then laughs, holding her ribs.

Speaking slowly, Karen replies, "Well, thanks, Jennifer, I think. Its funny - I know I'm not that old or anything, but I know I'm not young, either. Freak-a-zooid Hef has got to be 80-something and taking so much Viagra that all he cares about is teenagers. How old are you Jennifer? Nearly 28, right? Same as that bimbo Dalene, right? That fat-ass blonde had better watch out. I hear that he's already starting to sniff around Destiny Davis. She's nineteen. She's a freaking baby-she still has her baby fat but he's got the scent. She must know! I think that that's why Dalene is so grumpy lately. She's on her way out!" Karen concludes.

"She so does have a fat ass! Fuck her fat ass!" Jennifer replies. "...and fuck me too, because you're right. None of us are getting any younger. But so what, look at the shape we're in, you and me! Who can mess with us? Not that fat ass Dalene!" Jennifer offers as her hands slip down to Karen's chest and she begins to massage her tits.

"Ooo Lord! Have these two puppies ever taken a beating these past two days. A little tenderness feels soooo good," Karen sighs.

"Well sorry about that, but…" giving Karen's left nipple a gentle pinch. "… at least you don't have someone's teeth marks on YOUR tits!" Jennifer admonishes.

"Hey, you were suffocating me with those monsters. If they're used as weapons; they're fair game," Karen laughs. Karen reaches back with both hands, having no trouble finding Jennifer's big boobs, and starts to gently knead her fingers into the firm flesh. "Damn, these ARE kinda fun," Karen giggles.

Letting her feet touch bottom, Karen turns around, pressing her tits directly in Jennifer's. She wraps her arms around Jennifer's back and lifts her off the ledge and into the water. Jennifer wraps her legs around Karen's hips. She feels her nipples harden, and she feels Karen's nipples respond as their boobs rub gently together. Jennifer starts to kiss Karen's neck, then finds her mouth hungrily. Surprised that she is not surprised, Karen welcomes Jennifer's probing tongue. Both women have closed their eyes. Karen carries Jennifer ever so slowly through the pool, letting the gentle currents push them along. Jennifer starts to press and rub her hot crotch against Karen's hard belly. One of Karen's hands slips down, fondling Jennifer's shapely and muscular butt. Karen's fingers work their way down towards the heat zone...

Suddenly….loud splashes interrupt! Rough hands pull Jennifer away while others grab Karen from behind. After a brief struggle, things quiet down as the women's resistance is quickly and easily overpowered.

"Well isn't this special, the two losers have found each other! Gross! What perverts! I knew it!" Dalene announces, leering down at the brunettes from the edge of the pool.

Priscilla Taylor stands beside her, hands folded over her chest. Teri Harrison stands behind Karen, with one arm tight around Karen's neck and the other holding her in a painful hammerlock. Tina Jordan, Stephanie Heinrich and Buffy Tyler hold a thrashing Jennifer's head under water long enough to convince her to behave. They pull her up, sputtering and Tina holds her in a full nelson. Christi Shake had the assignment to help Teri subdue Karen, but Teri needed no assistance. Left standing in the water in front of Karen, Christi shrugs, then takes the cheap shot and buries her fist in Karen's belly.

"Get them out of the pool!" Dalene snaps gruffly. "I don't wanna get my hair wet!"

Teri marches Karen to the steps and forces her out of the pool. Jennifer starts to kick and flail. Tina nearly looses her grip, but Tyler and Heinrich both punch Jennifer in the stomach, doubling her up. Each grabs one of her legs and they three woman carry the little brunette out of the pool. Harrison marches Karen over to Dalene. Tina and party force Jennifer down to her knees.

"You like your new little friend, Karen? She make you all HOT?" Dalene jeers as she reaches out with her left hand and grabs Karen's pussy. Harrison locks Karen up tight, all she can do is squirm uncomfortably as Dalene's rough hand gropes her harshly. "Karen, I've told Hef that you've been acting like a real bitch lately and that I want him to arrange a fight party for us, so that I can teach you a lesson in manners. So here's the deal. We fight in two weeks. Everyone who's anyone in LA will be invited! And first, on the same day, I fight Ms. Jennifer over there, and you fight Teri. I'm being brave, because Jennifer has already proved she's toughed than you and kicked your over-rated ass, but that's okay, I'll take her on before I clean your old clock. All you have to do is survive the beating that Ms. Harrison is going to hand you, then you can face me! Is that a great plan or what?" Dalene taunts.

"Fine, bitch, I'll fight you anytime!" Karen spits.

"And I'm going to beat you senseless," Jennifer screams, struggling with the three blonde henchwomen who hold her down.

Dalene walks over to Jennifer, "You could have hung with the in-crowd, but NO; you choose to be a loser. Maybe you're more pathetic than your big lummox friend over there," Dalene scolds as she takes Jennifer's chin in her right hand, digging her fingernails into the brunette's face, then backhands her across the face with her left.

"Leave her alone, you disgusting cunt! You're so pathetic. Hef will drop you like a stone! I pity you!" Karen yells.

Dalene walks back to Karen, looking her straight in the eye. Karen strains to pull free of her captor, but Harrison holds her tight.

"Disgust? Pity? Karen, I really don't care if you're disgusted. And I don't want you to pity me. I want you to hate me!" Dalene taunts.

The blonde's knee slams into Karen's belly, three times in rapid succession.

"Let her go," Dalene command and Teri complies. After Karen pitches over forward, Dalene grabs Karen's head and slams it into her knee. Karen falls on her side on the floor. Dalene kicks her in the face. Karen yelps as she's knocked over, sprawling flat on her back.

"Jennifer, do you remember that we asked you to humiliate this bitch after you beat her? Let me show you what we wanted you to do," Dalene instructs.

Dalene hikes up her short red shirt and shimmies out of a black thong. She holds it up, then unbuttons her skirt and lets it fall to the floor.

"We heard you two lame-brains talking. You think you're so smart? You think I don't know what the little cunt Davis is trying to pull. She' nothing. I'll crush her like a bug," Dalene continues, "...and Hef so loves my ass, and now, Karen, so will you!" she exclaims, running her hands over her ample butt.

Dalene quickly straddles Karen's waists, sitting hard on the hurting woman's belly. With her left hand on Karen's throat, choking hard, she waits for Karen's mouth to open wide, gasping for air, then shoves her thong into Karen's mouth. Karen starts to gag, but Dalene holds her right hand down on her mouth. Quickly letting go of Karen's throat, Dalene twists her body and pumps her left fist into Karen's belly. The blonde quickly shifts and turns around to reposition herself, setting her wide butt down hard on Karen's face.

"Enjoy it, Karen, and get use to it, because two weeks from today, I'm going to do this to you in front of Hef and all of your friends," Dalene jeers as she smothers and grinds Karen with relish.

"Get off of her you stupid bitch!" Jennifer screams forcing her way back up to her feet.

But Buffy and Stephanie beat down her resistance as they unload a barrage of punches to Jennifer's body. Dalene is all business as she grinds down on Karen, bruising an already bruised face with big asset. She stops to spin around again, sitting on Karen's chest.

"Bring Jennifer closer, I want her to see this! Throw some water on Karen's ugly face; I want the bitch awake for this," Dalene commands. Priscilla grabs a bottle of water from the bar and empties the bottle on Karen's face. Karen gurgles and spits out Dalene's thong, choking. "Since you like girls so much, Karen, you can eat ME!" Dalene demands as she shimmies forward, grabs Karen's hair and pulls her red face up into her throbbing pussy. "Don't make me wait, Karen, do it now!" she orders.

Dalene forces Karen's face into her pussy, grinding hard. Helpless and dazed, Karen is forced to endure the humiliation as Dalene scrubs her face raw before her thrusting thighs and hips clamp down, convulsing on Karen's head, leaving the blonde satisfied and the brunette sticky, humbled and sobbing.

As Dalene stands, shakes out her hair, Christie offers her a towel to wipe herself. She slips into her skirt, stops to retrieve her thong, then walks over to Karen. She wipes the brunette's face with the thong, then struts back over to the tearful and totally frustrated Jennifer.

"I've got a present for you!" Dalene taunts. "Pull her head back!" As her three blonde henchwomen jerk back on Jennifer's hair, one pinches Jennifer's nose closed and when she opens her mouth to breathe, Dalene shoves the wet, sticky thong into her mouth. "You'll have to wait two weeks for your turn under my ass," Dalene mocks. "But I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!"

Then turning to her girls, Dalene snaps curtly, "OK ladies, we've got a dull party to lighten up. We'll send housekeeping down to take out the trash! Let's move!" Dalene spins with a toss of her hair and leads her posse out of the grotto back into the Mansion.
4-Karen McDougal, Jennifer Walcott vs. Tina Jordan, Christi Shake, Dalene Kurtis

Dalene and posse return upstairs to the party, now well underway. Harrison, Heinrich and Tyler have already stripped off their wet bathing suits and slipped into party dresses. Standing at the doorway to the ballroom, Kurtis spots Hef across the room, waves to catch his eye. He has one arm around Stephanie Glasson and the other is busy fondling the ample rump of Destiny Davis. Scanning the entry for the arrival of more guests, he spots only Dalene, smiles and waves as he turns away. His attention is clearly elsewhere, as he works up to a full grope of a young behind.

“Christi, you and Tina check that the mess in the grotto is cleaned up before any of our guests head downstairs. And you'd better get into some dry clothes and fix your hair and makeup - you’re both a fright. I’ve got something else to attend to here. Buffy, go find Priscilla; Teri, Stephanie, you two come with me,” Kurtis orders.

Christi frowns, not wanting to miss any more of the party and tired of doing a 'step and fetch it' for Dalene. But she shrugs as Tina smiles and grabs her arm, leading her away.

While the 25 year old Christi is eight years younger than Tina, the two women have become fast friends. Tina is one of the few thirty something women that Hefner keeps in his private circle. Before Kurtis arrived, Tina had something hot going on with the man. He has been in his ‘blonde, big boobs and not tall’ phase for several years now (perhaps still a reaction to the breakup of his marriage to the statuesque Kimberly Conrad), continually adding to, reorganizing and occasionally subtracting from his collection. Christi, at 5’7” is the tallest of his current intimates, an addition who has been rapidly progressing in the inner circle with Tina’s help. Tina’s motives are not necessarily all that altruistic.

“Let’s have some fun, shall we?" Tina winks.

Christi looks at her quizzically for a moment, then smirks, nodding. Tina takes a small detour, stopping the security desk. She nods to Christi, who take her cue and immediately distracts the guard. It takes her just a few moments; Tina she emerges with a roll of duck tape and a pass key to the dormitory bedrooms. The two conspirators race back down to the grotto. Karen and Jennifer are already gone. The blondes take the back stairs to the third floor, stop at the small service desk to see what rooms Karen and Jennifer have been assigned for the week. The floor is deserted as all of the Playmates and guests are downstairs.

“I’ll bet Walcott took Karen to her room,” Christi whispers to Tina.

“And now I bet the little tramp is busy soothing poor Karen’s bruised EGO,” Tina replied with a wink, grabbing her crotch with one hand. “So, who do you want first?” she continues.

With skipping a beat, Christi answers, “McDougal!”

“You’re sure? She’s tough? OK, but remember, yesterday’s lesson was all about sharing,” Tina grins.

“I’m not doing you any favors, Tina. I just don’t wanna start with Walcott. It took three of you to control the little witch down in the grotto. I figure that I can handle McDougal - she’s not as tough as she thinks she is; but Walcott’s flying feet…well good luck!” Christi offers.

They walk quietly down the hall towards Karen’s room.

“Wait, I need my digital video camera,” Tina whispers.

They take another detour. Tina slips into her room and quickly emerges with her camera. They continue on to Karen’s door. Both women slip out of their robes, wearing only their damp bikinis. Tina fits the plastic pass card into the key slot. She winks at Christi. A small green led flashes and the two women barge into the room. Christi shoves the door closed behind her.

With the camera rolling, Tina hoots, “Oh my, oh my; I spy with my little eye…”

Karen is sprawled out on the bed, head propped up by a stack of pillows, her knees, up and her legs wide to make room for Jennifer's face. Jennifer’s ass is in the air, her head down, held in place by Karen’s eager hands…and Jennifer's BUSY! Karen’s body trembles as her hips lift and settle. Her lips are a little puffy and her face a little red from the rough ride she was forced to endure down in the grotto, but otherwise, she looks none the worse for wear and in fact, it looks like she’s thoroughly enjoying the consolation prize that Jennifer's tongue is busy providing.

Startled at the intrusion, Karen turns towards the door. Her face turns a deep, angry red as she reacts to the interruption.

“Picture perfect! Lovely little butt you have there, Jenn,” Tina taunts.

“Damn it,” Karen hisses both angry and frustrated.

“I…can’t..get… noo…sat-is-fact-ion!” Tina sings.

“So Karen; I see a little rough treatment from Dalene gets you ALLLL hot 'n' bothered. Maybe you want ME to play rough with you too?” Christi jeers.

“Get…get out…of…here!” Jennifer stammers, wiping her chin with her arm as she sits back on her haunches. “…and give me that damn camera.

Christi steps into the room and moves around the bed while the two brunettes are distracted by Tina and Dalene.

“You want the camera? Come get it!” Tina sneers, holding the camera up.

Jennifer coils her tight body, then stands on the foot of the bed facing Tina. Karen sees Christi approaching and rolls her unsatisfied body and bruised pride up off the bed but Christi is on her with a leap, throwing a headlock on the unsettled brunette. Her momentum carries both women crashing into the wall, then down on the floor.

At the same time, a snarling Jennifer launches herself towards the door, at Tina. The little lioness closes the distance from bed to door in a flash, spins, aiming her heel at the blonde heel’s boobs. Tina twists around and the kick smacks hard into her left bicep, sending the camera flying. Tina winces; her brain senses ‘in-coming’, but too late as Jennifer's foot slams into her ribs, knocking her back into the door. Before she can recover, the brunette spins again and Tina howls as Jennifer’s left foot sizzles towards her, finds its mark and pancakes her right boob flat on her chest. Tina falls back hard against the door, legs spread wide. Jennifer moves close and slams a fist up into Tina’s crotch and jams her elbow into Tina’s left tit. The bigger blonde shrieks. Jennifer grabs her by the throat, both hands clamping tight and fingers digging in.

“Die bitch! You’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life!” Jennifer spits, summoning her considerable strength

Tina tries to yank Jennifer’s hands from her throat. Jennifer responds with a quick knee to Tina’s crotch. Eyes wide, Tina starts to gag. In a desperate moment of clarity and resourcefulness, she lets go of Jennifer’s wrists, grabs her oppressor by her throat and jams her knee into the lighter woman’s belly. Jennifer returns the knee. The two women are locked in this battle for twenty seconds, each choking the other; and, like a precision mechanism, first one, then the other woman drives her knee up into her foe’s gut. Jennifer’s rage clouds her thinking. Agile and fast, when she’s moving, she’s deadly, but she just doesn’t have the body weight for this kind of brawl. Tina puts her weight into each thrust of her knee and its starting to take its toll on Jennifer’s smaller body, keeping her off balance. Jennifer hears a yelp from the other side of the room.

She turns for a moment to see what has happening between Christi and Karen - a mistake! Tina bulls her knee up hard into Jennifer. At the same time, she lets go of Jennifer’s throat, grabs Jennifer by the hair, spins the smaller woman around and bangs her head into the oak door. Stars spinning, Jennifer's hands fall from Tina throat. Twice more, Tina hammers Jennifer’s head into the door. Tina jerks down on the brunette’s hair, drives her knee directly into her foe’s chin. Holding Jennifer by the hair, Tina pulls her up to her feet, throws a forearm across the brunette’s chest to drive her back against the door, and once again knocking her head into the unforgiving oak. Measuring her for just a moment, Tina takes a half step back then jams a brutal knee up into the Jennifer’s belly and follows it quickly with a shoulder slam that crushes Jennifer's right boob. Using her shoulder to flatten Jennifer up against the door, Tina repeats the knee drive and shoulder jam multiple times, slamming high and low on Jennifer's body and beating most of the air out of her lungs.

Tina stops for just a moment, firmly in control of the little wildcat. She rears back to deliver a crushing shoulder into Jennifer's aching chest, then steps away, allowing Jennifer to pitch forward. Tina seizes her by her arm and head, spins Jennifer around, locking her own arms around Jennifer’s thin waist. Effortlessly, Tina hoists Jennifer up, and then drives her down, tailbone first onto her outstretched knee. Tina spins the brunette around again. And once again, she puts all her weight into a knee drive that crashes deep into Jennifer’s solar plexus, doubling her over. Tina steps forward, slipping her very solid thighs over Jennifer's head and locking them tight around her neck, then weaves her fingers together, raises her hands high and cracks a series of ax-handles down on Jennifer’s back.

When Jennifer’s legs begin to waver, Tina leans forward, wraps her arms tight around Jennifer's waist, and then upends her before she drops to her knees, pile-driving Jennifer's throbbing head onto the carpeted floor. She discards Jennifer, who lays crumpled and dazed; her body twitching on the floor as she holds her head in both hands. From her knees, Tina sits back, reaches over and rolls Jennifer over in front of her where she wraps her very deadly legs around Jennifer's waist. Each of her 21” thighs is nearly as big as Jennifer's 22” waist. Tina clamps the vice tight, then drapes her right arm over her victims head, down around her neck, stretching Jennifer out and choking off her air supply.

Looking across the room, Tina calls out gloating, “Christi, you’d better get all your jollies with Karen over there, because this little bitch is toast! She hasn’t got anything left to entertain you, I’m afraid. Let me know if you want some help with Big Mac.” Turning her attention back to Jennifer, Tina snarls, “Now, Jenn, it’s payback time my little witch.”

Tina adjusts Jennifer's body between her thighs, grunting as she tightens her scissors, bearing down as hard as she can. Jennifer can feel her ribs groan. Eyes wide, desperate, she shrieks. Tina may not be able to match Jennifer’s upper body strength, but her thick and muscular legs are her great equalizer, and Jennifer quickly discovers that Tina knows how to use them.

“Aahhh! Please, stop…enough!” Jennifer stammers, begging for mercy that will not come.

Tina settles in, modulating the pressure from her legs slightly so that they will not cramp and ruin her fun. Each new crush causes poor Jennifer to sob aloud. Enjoying her domination of the diminutive giant slayer, Tina realizes that her own tits throb from the vicious kicks that Jennifer delivered just moments before. With her free hand, the blonde grabs hold of the brunette’ left tit, and then her right tit as she mauls both of her captive’s oversized boobs. Jennifer, wrecked, flattened and beaten, finally passes out. Tina unlocks her legs, stands, looking across the room. Karen and Christi are going at it tooth and nail. A night table is overturned, lamp broken on the floor. The blonde still has Karen in a headlock, but Karen is back on her feet with her arms around one of Christi’s legs, trying to throw her over.

“Christi; turn her this way!” Tina shouts.

Christi, working hard to maintain her headlock and keep both legs planted, manages to turn Karen towards the door.

Tina stands with a foot planted Jennifer’s chest. Dramatically, she reaches down and drags a limp, rag doll Jennifer to her feet by her hair, shoves a hand up between Jennifer's legs, the other under her shoulder, then hoists Jennifer up to shoulder height, holding her as she walks slowly to the side of the bed where Christi and Karen are battling.

“This little witch kicked your over-rated ass, Karen. Do you see her now? So how tough are you? Maybe its time for you to go back to teaching or something? And, how are you going to feel when Christi kicks your ass?” Tina challenges as she drops to her left knee, extends her right and slams Jennifer's back down across it. Leering, immensely self-satisfied, she shoves the broken Jennifer to the floor. “Christi, I wanna get back to the party, so you either finish with McDougal or step aside and I will!” Tina threatens.

“I’ve got this,” Christi grunts, panting hard as she struggles to keep the enraged Karen locked up.

The blonde shoves her hip into Karen to turn her, then jerks down on Karen’s neck. Christi’s fingers are locked tight together, white and sweaty. Tina turns to find her roll of duct tape, grabs one of Jennifer's ankles and drags her away from the fighting before she rolls her onto her belly, pulls her arms back and tapes her wrists together. Then she secures her legs, leaving her hog-tied. Finally, Tina picks up her camera and sits on the desk. Scanning Jennifer, she records her predicament for posterity, then turns to record the conclusion of Christi’s fight.

The cameras zooms and pans slowly. Christi’s nose is bloody. Karen’s ears are boiling red from the constant grinding of Christi’s headlock. Christi’s ribs are scratched and bruised where Karen has punched and clawed, trying to break free. Both women’s knees and elbows are bruised from banging into walls, floor and furniture.

“All in all, young Christi is doing okay - she’s giving as well as she's getting. Karen's a cunt, but she’s no push-over,” Tina observes, adding her commentary to the video.

Roaring in frustration, determined to break free of Christi’s headlock, Karen grabs tight to the blonde’s left leg, jerks it up as she pushes into Christi who looses her balance and pitches forward. Karen yanks her head free. She dives at the blonde, murder in her eyes. But Christi rolls as she lands. Karen hits the rug in the space that Christi only used to be. Quickly, Karen is up on her left knee, her right leg splayed wide. Just as quickly, Christi lands hard on Karen’s back with a jolting thud. Karen tips but does not collapse. The blonde holds Karen by the shoulders and attempts to wrap her legs around Karen’s waist.

Karen tries to stand which dislodges Christi’s legs, but the tenacious blonde plants her feet, still has leverage over the brunette and forces her back down to her knees. Christi now stands bent over Karen, her right arm tight around Karen’s throat. The strong brunette pries Christi’s arm from her throat and again starts to stand, but the adroit Christi suddenly hops up on Karen’s back, wraps her thighs tight around Karen’s waist. This time, they topple to the floor with Karen caught up tight in Christi’s scissors. Karen strains. Christi is strong. Karen uses her arms to try to pry open Christi’s legs. Christi seizes her wrists to stop her, but now she cannot brace her body. Karen twists over onto her belly and Christi looses her scissors momentarily. She lays on top of the brunette, trying to turn her over. Karen press up to her knees; Christi slips from her back and onto her side, lying on the rug beside her adversary. She holds Karen’s head with her right hand as she tries to force her legs around Karen’s waist. Karen will have none of that. She jams an elbow into the blonde’s body, then powers up to her feet, knocking Christi onto her back. Karen leaps on top of the blonde, but Christi gets her knee up, jams it into Karen’s crotch and shoves her over. Karen crashes into the wall.

“Good move by the young blonde,” Tina comments.

Christi charges Karen, catching her half way to standing, and drives a knee into Karen’s left side. But Karen twists around right away and throws her left arm around Christi’s head. The brunette pulls Christi’s head down. The blonde never sees the fist that plow into the side of her face. Karen hip tosses Christi to the floor, holding her in a headlock and pressing the blonde’s face into her tit. Christi tries to arch and buck free, but Karen shifts her body, presses her chest down on Christi’s chest and quickly straddles her young, leg flaying opponent. Karen sits up, rips off Christi’ bikini top and grabs both big boobs, twisting hard. Christi draws a knee up and drives into Karen’s back. Karen twists her boobs harder. Christi bucks her hips, arching her back. Karen lifts, tips forward, but quickly recovers. Again she leans forward and presses her chest down on Christi to pin her. Christi flails her legs; her feet are no longer able to reach Karen’s back with much power. Karen lays her right forearm across Christi’s collar bone while she tries to twist off Christi’s right tit with her left hand.

“My how things change! Our favorite young blonde is in trouble,” Tina observes. "And it looks like nasty Karen is jealous of Christi’s big tits, ’cause she’s really working over those poor puppies.” Christi works her right arm out from under Karen’s knee. She manages to take hold of two fingers on Karen’s left hand and backwards. Karen curses, caught off guard and Christi twists hard, forcing Karen to lean to her left. Christi twists her body, forcing Karen off of her perch and onto her side on the rug. “Looking good, here,” Tina can’t help interjecting.

Christi jumps on the brunette, but Karen shoves her off and quickly cross-body pins the blonde. Christi twists and bucks, slipping out from under Karen’s press; but Karen rolls with her, keeping her body on top of Christi. She straddles the blonde, but Christi bucks and thrusts her hips up high, knocking Karen off. Karen nimbly clamps her legs around the blonde’s waist while Christi is on her knees, face planting Christi into the rug. Christi slips her left hand back to Karen’s locked ankles, trying to pry them open. Karen grunts as she wraps her arms around Christi’s head, tightening her legs. Christi shrieks, terrified.

“Oops, time for mama to put the camera down an' help out her little girl,” Tina comments, but then stops as Christi’s right hand suddenly shoots out and two fingers stab into Karen’s left eye.

Karen screams and her legs snap open as she rolls away holding her face. “You bitch!” she snarls, holding her tearing eye as she rises up to one knee.

Christi leaps at her target, landing hard on her foe. She quickly pins Karen down, holding her wrists and locking a grapevine on Karen’s formidable legs. Christi wriggles forward and press her boobs down on Karen’s face. Karen strains, her arms and legs trying to dislodge the weight that pins her. The blonde pushes up with her arms, keeping Karen pinned down and rides out the struggling storm. As the brunette tires, Christi lowers her boobs down on her face, pressing hard. Christi’s legs strain with effort, but she’s able to keep her feet hooked under Karen’s legs, forcing them into a wide, immobile spread.

The brunette’s whole body trembles in frustration as Karen draws on all her reserves. She tightens her gluts, plants her butt, and then her body arches up, lifting the combatants combined weight. Karen pulls her left leg free of the blonde’s foot, plants the foot and then shoves to the right and rolls Christi over. But Christi has the presence of mind to catch Karen in a scissors although her legs are too far down to cause much trouble with her sitting on Karen’s hips.

Karen is on her knees, chest down on her foe, pinning Christi’s wrists, leaving Christi on her back, struggling. Christi tries to move her legs up, but Karen pulls forward and breaks free. Christi rolls onto her back with Karen now straddling her waist. Karen hooks Christi’s left leg and drops her body down, leering as she settles her boobs on Christi’s face.

“Suck my tits, you worthless piece of shit,” Karen hisses.

“Well, turn-about IS fair play,” Tina laments quietly for her tape recorded record.

For the next fifteen seconds as Karen bears down, flattening her boobs on Christi’s face. Christi bucks and twists, panting for air. Christi manages to get one shoulder up, Karen feels her body weight shift to one side. She tries to recover, but Christi rolls her over. As the roll, Christi drives her knee into Karen’s crotch. Karen curses, hurt, and tries to turtle her body, on her hands and knees. Christi throws a half nelson on her foe, shoving Karen’s face into the carpet, then straddles her back, trying to turn her over. Both women are weary, but unlike Karen, this is Christi’s first fight in days. Christi reaches around with her free hand and starts to choke the brunette. After a short, intense struggle, Karen is gasping and spent. She caves. Christi rolls her onto her back, locking her thighs tight around Karen’s waist. Lying perpendicular to the brunette, Christi locks up Karen’s left wrist, then starts to bend back her fingers.

“Good move! Good move! Who taught her that one?” Tina cheers.

Karen sobs as Christi’s legs wrench her twice bruised gut. The pressure on her fingers in unbearable. Finally, unable to take any more, Karen wails, “Please…ENOUGH!”

"Uh-uh! I’ll TELL you when it’s enough,” Christi crows triumphantly.

Tina hops off her perch with the camera to zoom in on the scene while Christi clenches her thighs as tight as she possibly can. Karen’s batter body shutters as all of the air exists her body. Her stomach churns in desperation. Christi unlocks her legs and kicks Karen away. She stands, strips off her bathing suit thong and quickly settles in on Karen’s face, holding the beaten woman’s arms stretched out overhead with one hand.

“OK, Tina, record THIS!” Christi hoots as she grabs Karen’s hair and forces her face up into her crotch, rubbing hard as she rides her captive. Tina reaches back with her free hand, seizes one of Karen’s stiff nipples, then twists and pinches it viciously. “So Karen, does this make you hot? Don’t you wish that your little runt over there could come finish you off?” Christi mocks.

Christi really gets into it! Getting some satisfaction herself while leaving poor Karen’s face wet and bruised.

“Ride cowgirl, ride,” Tina encourages.

Finished, Christi sits back, sitting heavily, her ass flattening Karen’s breasts.

“So tell me Karen, who makes you hotter, Dalene, that little runt Walcott, or…me?” Christi jeers as she reaches back to grab Karen’s love mound, pressing harshly with her fingers. “I’m waiting for an answer?" Christi demands, clawing hard.

“You, you make me hot,” Karen stammers out, willing to say or do anything to put an end to her miserable day.

“And the winner of this fight; the hottest, bad-ass chick in this house - 'cept me of course- Christi Shake!” Tina declares before she puts the camera down and throws Christi her roll of duck tape. “We need to shower and get back to the party! But I want MY turn with McDougal too, so tie her up tight. We’ll leave her here with Walcott, then come back later tonight for some real fun with the two of 'em…

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