1-Grudge Match - Lisa Robin Kelly and Mila Kunis by Bob 11/20/01

When Lisa Robin Kelly was invited to co-host a talk show with her friend, Mila Kunis, she was excited about the chance to appear on a talk show with her good friend. Being a few years older than Mila, Lisa was like a big sister and a mentor.

At first Lisa and Mila were having a great time. They especially enjoyed discussing their favorite episodes. However, when Mila mentioned her favorite episode was the one in which her character kicked Lisa's Robin's ass in a catfight, Lisa, who took pride in physical fitness and her strength, became very defensive. She reminded the audience that the incident happened on a television show and that she and Mila would never fight, especially since she did not want to hurt her friend.

Suddenly Mila became angry and challenged Lisa to an arm-wrestling match. The crowd immediately started chanting. Lisa accepted the challenge and surprisingly struggled to beat her younger friend. While the crowd went crazy, both young stars were fuming; Lisa because Mila gave her a better match than she expected and Mila because she had lost.

As the show was nearing the end, the two stars began to show their sudden animosity and become very catty.

Finally, Mila turned to the stagehands and technicians and said, "Keep the cameras rolling. It's time for us to see who would win a fight.

Mila and Lisa quickly got to their feet and the fight was on. Mila gave Lisa a hard slap to the face but much to her surprise, Lisa didn't blink. Lisa quickly grabbed Mila's hair, gave her a hard slap and pulled her down, then banged Mila's head against the floor and slapped her in the face. Mila screamed out in pain and Lisa grabbed Mila's wrists and easily pinned them to the floor. Mila fought desperately to free her hands, but Lisa held them down with little difficulty. As Mila continued to struggle, Lisa let go of her wrists and started slapping Mila in the face. Blood trickled down Mila's nose and lips.

Suddenly, Mila slapped Lisa and Lisa went flying off. Mila slowly got up, surprised to see Lisa was still on her back. She had hurt Lisa and was ready for the kill. As Mila mounted Lisa, she grabbed her hair and banged her head against the floor. Now it was Mila slapping Lisa. After she landed several slaps, Lisa grabbed her wrists and tried to throw Mila off her.

They wrestled for about thirty seconds and finally Lisa was able to roll Mila off her. Now on top again, Lisa let go of Mila's wrists. As Lisa went to slap Mila, Mila landed a punch, which once again sent Lisa backwards. Mila quickly got up, and was again surprised to see Lisa lying on her back. Mila charged at Lisa, only to get a foot in her stomach. As Mila doubled over, Lisa got up and grabbed her hair, lifted Mila's head and landed a punch on her eye. Mila's legs buckled as she collapsed to the floor.

Lisa stood over Mila waiting for Mila to get up. Mila's eyes were glassy and Lisa knew the end was near. She grabbed Mila's hair with both hands and pulled her to her feet. Lisa then let go of Mila's hair and delivered what she thought would be the final punch. Just as her fist was about to land on Mila's chin, Mila kneed Lisa in the stomach. Mila could see that she had knocked the wind out of Lisa.

Mila grabbed Lisa head and pulled it forward then kicked Lisa in the shins three times before she gave her another knee to the stomach. Lisa was gasping, trying to catch her breath when Mila kneed her in the groin and then her chest. Lisa sank to her knees with Mila still holding her by the hair.

Mila delivered a kick to Lisa's face and when Lisa started to fall, Mila let go of the hair. She watched for a few seconds as Lisa lay on the floor. Mila stood over Lisa, waiting to see if her fallen foe would get up. Lisa was groaning and Mila couldn't help laughing for she had beaten the physical fitness freak.

Mila turned to the audience, raised her arms victoriously, and asked, "How'd you like that? Whose the winner?"

Lisa grabbed her face and started rubbing it. She looked at Mila, who had an obnoxious smirk on her face. Lisa tried to get up, but stumbled and fell to her stomach. Once again Lisa started to get up, reaching out to grab something so she could support herself. Mila grabbed Lisa and helped her up.

With Lisa now standing, Mila took off one of her shoes and went to smack Lisa with it. However, a game Lisa grabbed Mila's wrist and held it. They continued to battle for control. Mila was amazed that Lisa had gotten her second wind and was slowly gaining the advantage. After several seconds of fighting to get the upper hand, Lisa finally gave Mila a hard slap. The slap caught Mila by surprise and the shoe went flying out of her hand.

Lisa reached down and quickly slipped one of her own shoes off. With her shoe in hand, Lisa used it to give Mila another hard slap. Mila screamed, but quickly lowered her head and charged Lisa, hoping to catch her by surprise. Lisa gave her another slap with her shoe, which was quickly followed by a hard slap with her free hand, and a kick to the shins. Mila, was hurting badly and started moving away from Lisa. Lisa stalked Mila, slapping her over and over again with her shoe.

Unable to defend herself, Mila suddenly dropped to the ground and lay in the fetal position. She was now sobbing uncontrollably. Lisa quickly got on Mila's back and banged her head against the floor.

She punched Mila in her back until Mila weakly said, "Enough! You win!"

Lisa got up and said, "Remember that."

Ignoring the audience, which was cheering wildly, she exited the stage. When Lisa walked into her dressing room she quickly went into the bathroom and started sobbing. Mila had put up a good fight and hurt her. After Lisa stopped sobbing, she cleaned up for several minutes; her face was surprisingly a mess. She had quite a few marks on her face but her face looked much better than Mila's. Lisa then changed into a tight sweater, short skirt, and another pair of heels. She then went back on stage. Mila was still lying on the stage crying. As Lisa appeared the audience stood up and began cheered wildly one more time.

She smiled and asked, "How did I do?"

Then she laughed at her little joke. She had given Mila a beating and had made a fool of her on national television.

2-Vicious Catfight - Courtney Cox and Vicki Lewis by Bob 11/20/01

Courtney Cox went into a bar with some friends and ran into Vicki Lewis. They started talking and instantly realized that they did not like each other. As they continued to talk their conversation started to get very catty. Finally Courtney suggested that they step outside and settle their differences. Vicki sized up Courtney and determined that while they were about the same size and weight, Courtney appeared to be fairly muscular. However, she did not know of any way to back out of a fight without the story leaking to the press and her looking bad. Reluctantly she agreed to step outside.

As they got outside, Courtney grabbed Vicki by the back of her hair and started pulling. Vicki reached behind her head, grabbed the back of Courtney's neck and flipped her over her shoulder. She was not sure how she flipped Courtney but she had gained a temporary advantage. As Courtney got up, Vicki grabbed her by the wrist and started to twist it. Courtney cried out in pain. Vicki continued to twist Courtney's arm as she maneuvered so that she now had Courtney's arm pinned behind her back.

She then put her other arm around Courtney's neck and began to squeeze as hard as she could until they fell to the pavement. Vicki was in complete control and Courtney was unable to move. Vicki stayed on top of Courtney for a few minutes but Courtney somehow managed to grab Vicki's hair with one hand. Vicki screamed as Courtney continued to pull her hair. Trying to get Courtney's hand loose from her hair, Vicki let go of Courtney's arm and released her hold of Courtney's neck.

Courtney quickly took advantage and rolled. Both she and Vicki were on their backs, however, Courtney was on top. Courtney let go of Vicki's hair and spun so that she was now sitting on Vicki's stomach. Now it was Courtney's turn. She grabbed Vicki's wrists and held her arms down.

Now in control, Courtney gave Vicki several hard slaps. Vicki winced and put her hands in a position to protect her face. Courtney continued hitting Vicki. After several hard slaps, Courtney got off Vicki. Slowly Vicki started to get up. However, Courtney grabbed her hair and pulled her to her knees. Courtney landed a hard right to Vicki's nose. Vicki could tell her nose was bleeding profusely and was sure it was broken. Courtney easily moved behind Vicki and wrapped her legs around Vicki's head. She began to squeeze with all of her might. It would just be a matter of time before Vicky was out.

Vicki screamed, "You're killing me, let me go. I give, you win."

Courtney laughed for she had no intention of letting Vicki go. She continued to squeeze. Vicki was desperate. With her hands free, she tried punching Courtney's legs.

Courtney again laughed and asked, "Is that the hardest you can hit?"

Realizing she was not accomplishing anything, Vicki tried a new approach, grabbing one of Courtney's heels and breaking it. Courtney's one leg buckled and Vicki was able to finally move her head. She quickly turned and bit Courtney's leg. As Courtney released her grip, Vicki grabbed Courtney's short skirt and ripped it off. Vicki then drove both fists into Courtney's groin. As Courtney reached for her groin, Vicki grabbed Courtney's ankles and lurched forward so that her shoulders hit Courtney's legs, causing her to fall backwards.

Vicki quickly kicked Courtney in the side so that she rolled onto her stomach. Once Courtney was on her stomach, Vicki jumped on Courtney's back and pushed her face into the pavement. Now it was Courtney who was screaming. Courtney continued to scream as Vicki started punching her in her back, on her neck, and the back of her head. Vicki had lost it and was throwing punches at a furious pace.

Courtney was in big trouble and knew she had to get off her stomach or she was going to be badly humiliated by her skinny foe. She'd had several fights and lost to her 'Friends' costars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. She didn't like losing to them, but she quickly found out that both were much stronger and tougher than her and they could fight.

Finally, Vicki stopped throwing punches and got off Courtney. As Courtney lay there, Vicki put her foot on Courtney's back and flexed. Courtney didn't move. The repeated punches had taken their toll. However, Vicki's adrenaline was flowing and she was prepared to continue the fight. She gave Courtney a few hard kicks on the butt. After each kick she would back off, hoping that Courtney would turn and get up.

When Courtney didn't get up, Vicki took her foot and rolled Courtney over on her back. She then took her foot and dug one of her heels into Courtney's groin. She laughed as she watched Courtney's contorted face becoming more and more contorted as she ground her heel deeper and deeper. Finally Courtney's eyes rolled and closed and her body went limp. Vicki did a few sexy poses for the crowd of men that had gathered. Each pose got the men more and more excited and the cheers got louder and louder.

Finally, to cap the entertainment, Vicki unbuttoned her blouse and swung it around over her head a few times, then flipped it to one of the men who was applauding loudly.

Hearing someone yell, "Take it all off" she unhooked her bra and flipped it to someone else.

It had been a glorious moment for the flaky redhead.
3-Beverley Mitchell vs. Jessica Biel by Bob

They had just finished shooting an episode of Seventh Heaven and Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel were laughing about the fight scene, which happened off camera. After the supposed fight, Beverley's father gave her a hard time about losing to her sister, while Beverley claimed that she didn't lose.

As they laughed about the lines, Jessica said, "Your line was corny. They should have let us do the fight scene."

Beverley agreed, "It would have been fun. Then my line about being a scrappy fighter wouldn't have seemed so stupid."

"Are you saying you would have beat me Bev?" Jessica asked.

"Yes I am. I would have kicked your ass," Beverley replied.

"Let's get it on Bev. Since you've talked the talk, it's time to see if you can walk the walk," Jessica added.

"You're on, Blondie," Beverley said.

As the two got up, Jessica made the first move, throwing a right. Beverley easily moved out of the way and threw a right of her own.

The punch landed on Jessica's chin but she just laughed and asked, "Is that the hardest you can hit?"

Jessica threw another punch which missed and Beverley countered by throwing a left and a right. Her combination had caught Jessica by surprise. As blood started to trickle from Jessica's mouth she became angry, she was ready to show her smaller rival that she made a big mistake. Jessica moved in and started throwing lefts and rights in rapid succession. Despite her flurry of punches, Beverley did not back down.

Beverley retaliated by standing toe to toe with her much taller rival and trading punches. Jessica was throwing a lot of good punches. However, she didn't see any signs that she was hurting Beverley. In fact, Beverley seemed aroused by Jessica's barrage. Jessica wondered if she was hurting the petite blond, because many of Beverley's punches hurt. Jessica had taken a lot of punches to the stomach and was starting to tire. However, Jessica decided to keep throwing punches, hoping that her size advantage and superior strength would soon takes it toll on the tiny aggressor.

Beverley was also in pain, but she sensed that she was hurting Jessica a lot more than Jessica was hurting her. She was quicker and landed more punches than her taller opponent. Beverley also sensed that she was hitting Jessica a lot harder than she was getting hit. She also sensed that she was in better condition than the tall blond because her foe had slowed down considerably.

As they continued to punch, Jessica was getting hit by punch after punch and could not stop Beverley from hitting and hurting her. In an effort to absorb less punishment Jessica started backing up. Beverley followed her, continuing to throw punch after punch. As Jessica continued to back up, she found it harder and harder to throw punches. She also found it harder to defend herself; Beverley was much tougher than she appeared. Finally Beverley landed a punch on Jessica's jaw. Jessica went down as if she had been shot. Beverley stood over her fallen foe, taunting her to get up.

Jessica was lying on her back. She was dazed and hurt, but she was not about to let her smaller foe beat her as easily as she had been doing. Hoping to catch Beverley by surprise, she quickly brought her foot up, catching Beverley in her groin. Beverley screamed, grabbed her wounded area and went down.

Although Jessica was dazed and hurt, she recognized that her kick had changed the fight drastically. She mounted her wounded opponent, who was still holding her groin, and started slapping her in the face. Beverley was not fighting back. Jessica knew her slaps weren't hard, but Beverley was still holding her injured groin. As Jessica started to throw the final punch, the punch that was going to put Beverley to sleep, Beverley finally screamed, arched her back and wrapped her legs around Jessica's waist.

Her scissors had caught Jessica by surprise. Beverley had recovered from her injury and was now applying a lot of pressure. Beverley could see by the look on Jessica's face that she was hurting her. Gradually, Beverley started to roll Jessica so that she was on top. As she started moving Jessica off her, she shifted her scissors so that she now had a vice-like grip around Jessica's breasts.

Jessica tried frantically to pry Beverley's legs away from her chest but was unable to. Jessica was desperate. She was on the verge of passing out and had to do something. Moving quickly, Jessica grabbed Beverley's tits. However, before Jessica could squeeze Beverley's tits, Beverley grabbed her wrists and pried her hands off of her tits. She held Jessica's wrists for several seconds, then let go and grabbed Jessica's tits. Jessica screamed as Beverley applied pressure and ordered her to give up. When Jessica refused, Beverley reminded her that she was kicking her ass and if she didn't give up the beating was going to get worse.

When Jessica refused to answer, Beverley released her scissors and shifted position, pouncing on Jessica's face.

Looking down, Beverley asked, "How's the air down there?"

Once again Jessica did not answer.

After sitting on Jessica's face for a minute or two Jessica's body finally went limp. She was out cold. Beverley got up and looked down on her unconscious foe.

"As I said, I'm a scrappy fighter and as I predicted, I kicked your ass."
4-Courtney Love vs. Madonna by Bob

Courtney Love was surprised that she had been invited to Madonna's Malibu Christmas party. The two divas had never gotten along and both had been expressing a desire to fight for several months.

From the time Courtney arrived, she and Madonna started competing against each other. Both were wearing bikinis, which left little to the imagination. Some of the men questioned what would happen if the two amazons engaged in a catfight.

Finally Madonna organized a game of beach volleyball. Because of Courtney's height advantage and athleticism, her team kept winning the games and Madonna, who was very competitive, was getting angrier and angrier. Courtney and Madonna played opposite each other several times and Courtney kept getting the best of her hated rival. The two stars were doing a lot of trash talking and the more Madonna trash talked the angrier Courtney got.

Sensing Madonna was getting to Courtney, some of the party guests who were sitting on lawn chairs next to the court enthusiastically egged the two amazons on. Finally, Courtney hit a perfect spike at Madonna. As Madonna jumped up the ball hit her in the chest and knocked her down. The blonde bad girl laughed loudly. Madonna had had enough.

Madonna jumped up, grabbed the ball, walked under the net and threw it in the small of Courtney's back. Courtney spun around, called Madonna a bitch and attacked her. They exchanged several hard slaps and kicks, then grabbed each other's hair and neck, trying to throw or trip the other one onto the sand. After several seconds of trying to get the advantage, they finally tumbled to the sand and rolled over one another on the beach.

Although neither was able to take control, Madonna felt she was stronger and in better condition than the blonde bimbo. Sure enough, soon Madonna used her superior strength and threw Courtney down. She quickly mounted Courtney and tried to pin her wrists to the sand but Courtney rolled over onto her stomach and tried to buck Madonna off her. Madonna straddled Courtney's back and grabbed her by the hair, pulling it back as far as she could.

Madonna was in control and demanded that Courtney give up but the blonde bad girl refused. Madonna pulled harder on her blond hair, forcing Courtney to arch her back and scream in pain but Courtney still wouldn't give up. She was kicking, bucking, and trying to scratch Madonna's legs with her fingernails, which really angered Madonna.

Courtney was going to pay for her attack. Madonna grabbed the back of Courtney's strapless bikini top and pulled back. Madonna was sure that she would be able to remove Courtney's top with little difficulty.

The blonde fought like a wildcat trying to keep her top and finally screamed at Madonna, "Drop dead, bitch!"

Madonna laughed as she continued pulling and tugging at Courtney's top until she pulled it off, exposing her breasts. She threw the top to one of her guests, then went back after Courtney in an effort to get the bottom of her bikini. But, Courtney grabbed Madonna's wrists and pulled her forward. Courtney quickly let go of one wrist, grabbed a handful of sand and tossed it towards Madonna's face. Madonna moved her head forward and covered her face with her hands so that she wouldn't get any sand in her eyes. With Madonna protecting her eyes, Courtney was easily able to roll on her back and kick Madonna in the stomach. The stunned Madonna fell backwards.

As she got back to her feet. Courtney went on the attack, giving Madonna a hard slap in her face, then grabbed Madonna by the front of her pink suit and pulled her forward. Fearful she was going to lose her suit, Madonna grabbed the suit with both hands. Courtney saw the opening and kicked Madonna in her crotch. As Madonna grabbed her wounded pussy, Courtney grabbed Madonna's hair and threw her down to the sand. Madonna landed on her stomach and Courtney quickly jumped on top of her.

Despite being in pain, Madonna managed to scramble to her knees and grab Courtney's long hair, but the topless blonde grabbed the shoulder straps of Madonna 's suit and pulled them off her shoulders. Madonna continued pulling Courtney's hair. However, Courtney continued working on removing Madonna's bathing suit. Finally Courtney kicked Madonna in the small of her back, causing her to let go of Courtney's hair. Courtney quickly moved behind Madonna. She then started working Madonna's shoulder straps down to her elbows. As Madonna clutched the front of her suit to her chest, Courtney grabbed Madonna's long hair and jerked it back, forcing Madonna upright to her knees.

Madonna's main objective was still to prevent her hated rival from ripping her suit off. However, she was not about to let Courtney beat her in another contest and hoped to land a lucky shot to back Courtney off enough so she could recover and go back on the offensive. Courtney managed to get Madonna's left shoulder strap down to her wrist and then off. Madonna tried to stretch the front of her suit to cover her left breast, but soon had to resort to just covering it with her right hand. Madonna used her left hand to put her right shoulder strap back in place, assuming Courtney would try now to pull that off.

Instead, Courtney grabbed the left side of Madonna's suit with both hands and pulled hard. Madonna could hear the sound of tearing material as she tried to get to her feet. But by the time Madonna got to her feet, her suit was gone. Madonna was enraged and ready to inflict some serious pain.

Madonna lunched at Courtney, trying to grab her hair. However, Courtney grabbed Madonna's wrists and started swinging her around. As Courtney let go of Madonna she flew across the beach. Madonna couldn't believe that Courtney was getting the best of her one more time.

Madonna was a little dizzy, but she made another run at Courtney. At the last second, Courtney threw up her leg and caught Madonna high on her forehead. Madonna screamed as she went down. Lying on the sand, Madonna's body was shaking. Courtney stood over her and mimicked Madonna by starting to shake.

Madonna was in no position to get up and keep fighting. She was hurting and naked. She sensed her guests were laughing at her. She struggled to get to her feet. Courtney smiled and stepped behind her. Courtney then wrapped her arms around Madonna and grabbed her tits. She then began to squeeze tightly. Madonna knew that Courtney was strong and could fight but she never could have imagined how strong and tough Courtney was.

Madonna had to do something to get Courtney to release the vice-like grip she had on her tits. She made a futile effort to grab Courtney's hair, but Courtney was easily able to move her head from side to side, laughing the entire time, as Madonna kept reaching for her hair. Madonna stamped down on Courtney's feet several times, until Courtney finally released her grip. Madonna then spun around and landed a right hook to Courtney's jaw. Her punch had caught the blonde Amazon by surprise and she fell backwards.

As Courtney lay on her back, Madonna put her foot on Courtney's neck and pushed down, cutting off Courtney's air. Courtney gasped as Madonna revealed a sadistic side that sent a message that Courtney was going to pay for the beating she was giving Madonna earlier. Madonna continued to push down on Courtney's throat. Suddenly, Courtney dug her nails deep into Madonna's ankles. As Madonna reached down to grab her ankles, Courtney reached down and for the second time grabbed a handful of sand.

Courtney threw the sand in Madonna's face and Madonna grabbed her eyes, screaming, "I can't see! I can't see."

Courtney quickly got to her feet and grabbed Madonna's hair. As she pulled Madonna's head forward, she brought her knee up and planted in on Madonna's chin. As Madonna started falling forwards, Courtney brought her foot up and kicked Madonna in her chest. She then stepped back as Madonna fell to the sand. Madonna was out cold.

Courtney raised her hands to signal victory. Madonna's guests gathered around her as she continued to wave her hands. Suddenly Courtney was hoisted in the air and put on the shoulders of two of Madonna's guests. They paraded her around the beach for several seconds until Madonna finally came to.

Courtney said, "Stop! Put me down."

The men who were carrying her set her down and she walked over to Madonna, stuck out her left foot and said, "Kiss it."

Madonna looked at Courtney's left foot for a second, then blushing she sheepishly obeyed her conqueror.

Courtney looked at Madonna's guests, nodded and said, "NOW, the fight's over!"
5-Jennifer Garner vs. Jill Hennessy by Bob

The nation's TV writers have called Jennifer Garner and Jill Hennessy two of this year's hottest amazons. After reading a review in the paper in which Jennifer was called the toughest female on television, an irate Jill called and challenged Jennifer to meet her at the local gym to settle the question once and for all.

Jennifer waited impatiently for Jill to arrive at the gym. Although she did her own stunts on television and was studying martial arts, she'd never had a real fight since her junior year in high school when she'd been badly beaten and humiliated by a freshman a few inches smaller and several pounds lighter. Jill was not only bigger than Jennifer but she had often talked about her battles with her sister and seemed to have a rough side. Jennifer wondered if fighting Jill was such a good idea.

When Jill walked through the door wearing gym shorts, a tank top and sneakers, she quickly eyed Jennifer and was surprised to see Jennifer in a dress and heels. Jill quickly went after her and the fight was on! Both stars grabbed the other's hair and started scratching, kicking and even throwing an occasional punch. Jill's was every bit as strong as Jennifer had thought but Jennifer held her own as the two actresses struggled to gain the advantage.

Jill was the one who got it when she kneed Jennifer in the chest a couple of times and put her down on her stomach. Jill continued to pull Jennifer's hair but leaned forward with all of her upper body weight, forcing Jennifer's face into the floor. She held Jennifer in that position for a few minutes until Jennifer was finally able to roll onto her back. As soon as Jennifer rolled on her back Jill grabbed her wrists and pinned her.

Jill kept Jennifer pinned for several minutes, occasionally letting go briefly to deliver a hard slap, then re-pinning her arms. After struggling, Jennifer finally got her hands free and grabbed Jill's hair. First, Jill grabbed Jennifer's wrists, but she was unable to pry Jennifer's hands from her hair so Jill grabbed Jennifer's hair and started to pull it.

Suddenly, Jennifer rolled Jill off her. As Jennifer got on top of Jill she banged Jill's head against the floor. Jill let go of Jennifer's hair and Jennifer started bouncing on Jill's chest and stomach. Jill began to scream and it was obvious that Jennifer was quickly taking the fight out of her. After delivering a few hard punches Jennifer got off Jill, grabbed Jill's hair and yanked her to her knees. Holding Jill by the hair, Jennifer kicked her in the face a couple of times. When she let Jill go, Jill fell backwards, her head banging against the floor.

Jennifer backed up and watched, wondering if Jill was going to get up. Jill had been down for about twenty seconds, before slowly getting up. The two actresses were now on their feet. Suddenly Jill stepped forward and threw a punch, hitting Jennifer on the jaw. The punch caught Jennifer by surprise and she staggered. Sensing Jennifer was hurt, Jill went after her, throwing punch after punch. Jennifer was now covering up, trying to figure out how to get Jill off her. She wanted to throw punches, but couldn't because of Jill's onslaught. Jill continued to punch and finally Jennifer fell to the floor.

While Jennifer was lying on the floor, Jill knew she'd made a mistake when she let Jennifer take the advantage away from her. She wasn't going to make the same mistake again. Jill mounted Jennifer and grabbed her hair. After giving Jennifer several hard slaps, Jill moved up sitting on Jennifer's face. Jennifer struggled, trying to buck Jill off. However, unable to get Jill off her face, Jennifer started moving her arms so that she could scratch Jill in the back, Jill grabbed Jennifer's wrists and held her so tight a powerless Jennifer could not move. She was having trouble breathing and making less of an effort to throw Jill off.

Finally Jennifer mumbled, "I quit; you win."

"What did you say?" Jill asked. "I can't understand you, you'll have to speak more clearly."

However, Jennifer couldn't answer, she was unconscious.

Jill looked down on her beaten foe and said, "So, she's the toughest female on television? She's not the toughest female on the street. I doubt she'll accept any challenges to the near future."

Jill slowly stripped off all of Jennifer's clothes, lifted Jennifer up over her shoulder and carried her out of the gym. As she exited, she dumped Jennifer's body in front of the gym.

Jill smiled at a few people who were passing by, shrugged her shoulders, and said, "The girl's a hooch hound. She can't hold her booze."