Debbe Dunning/Nikki Cox/Heather Graham/Jennifer O'Dell/Paris Hilton by 2xifpkd

"Tramp. How do you like being in this position?" Debbe Dunning asked as she bore down on the Boston Crab she had locked in on Nikki Cox.

"Ooh , please stop. You're hurting my back!" Nikki groaned as she struggled for freedom.

"Admit you've lost and away you goOOOOOHH..." Debbe yelped as Nikki finally got hold of her foot and sent her sprawling to the mat. "Get up and fight bitch!" Debbe demanded as she arose and playfully slapped her foot into Nikki's taut tummy.

"Get out of my ring…" Heather Graham ordered as she crawled onto the apron, "…and let big tits go."

"Leave her alone; I can take care of myself!" Nikki snarled as she drove her fist between the distracted Debbe's thighs, sending the former Tool Time Girl crashing to the mat.

"Get out or I'll give YOU some of this!" Heather hissed to Nikki as she dropped a knee on Debbe's ribs. "I'll warm up on her!"

Heather took hold of Debbe's ankle and raised it up. As she twisted the ankle , Heather stepped over Debbe's leg and forced the captured calf downwards. drawing anguished howls from her quarry. Heather released the hold as she heard a familiar voice from across the ring.

"Very good whore...think you can beat me again?" Jenn O'Dell growled as she removed her lacy top to reveal her lucky pink bikini. Heather's eyes were drawn to her fellow blonde's body. Jenn was bigger in every area - and trained in fighting too. Heather wondered to herself if she was just lucky in their earlier match, "Had Cat Bell distracted this bitch enough for me to beat her?" Jenn's eyes seemed to pierce holes in the black go -go dancer outfit Heather wore as thoughts of revenge filled her mind.

"Aw hell , have fun with her,” Heather chuckled. “Just keep the hell outta MY way!"

Heather watched Nikki creep up on the fallen Debbe, drop and wrap her full thighs around Tool Time Girl torso.

"Who's going to help you now, you no talented slut? " Nikki giggled as she sank her nails into the screaming woman's chest.

"Come and get me lard ass!" Heather taunted as she shook her rear at Jenn.

"You take that nasty skank!" Jenn hissed as her right fist banged off Heather's left breast.

"NEVER!" Heather huffed as she raised and planted her knee into Jenn's midriff. Heather adeptly hopped up and drop kicked Jenn in the gut. "Nice day today , isn't it?" Heather giggled as she stood over her breath deprived challenger. "Oops. I guess you've got other things on your little mind. How's this feel..." Heather laughed as she dropped a knee on Jenn's thigh.

"Bitch!" She shrieked as Jenn got hold of her hair and yanked.

A feeble slap bought Jenn some more time to recover before Heather grasped a wrist and pulled her fellow blonde to her feet.

"Where'd I go?" Heather queried as she raked her fingers across Jenn's eyes. " I'm right over HEER!" Heather's taunt turned to a gasp as Fate guided Jenn's knee in between her aggressor's legs.

"SHIT!" Nikki howled as Debbe tugged on the redhead's earlobe.

"Leggo my tit, you whore!" Debbe howled. She struggled with her free hand to tuck her right breast back into her white bikini top while twisting into Nikki's scissors hold. She clutched her anguished foe's knee and pulled it towards the aching ear in a cradle position. Nikki's freedom came as she poked her fingers into Debbe's leering eyes. Nikki took advantage of Debbe's bleary vision as she yanked the Tool Time Girl to her feet by the hair. Debbe instinctively reached out and secured a head lock on her attacker. Nikki's instincts led her to wrap her arm around Debbe's throat.

Heather groaned as she desperately sent her forearm out to fend Jenn off. The blurry eyed blonde recoiled from the impact and decided to try and regroup her vision. Heather swiftly grabbed Jenn's arm and sent her careening into the mass of Debbe and Nikki. Jenn flopped to the canvas from the impact of slamming into the brawling beauties as Nikki staggered atop Debbe after contact , choke hold still intact. Debbe grunted with exertion as she slowly powered Nikki's arm from her throat then adeptly applied her own choke to the busty redhead.

Heather cautiously approached her foe. A quick grab secured blonde tresses and Heather hoisted her opponent up to her feet. Heather grabbed Jenn's arm and Irish whipped her to the ropes . A second Irish whip sent Jenn stumbling into Heather's hip toss.

"I AM better than you, slut!" Heather gasped as she surveyed her foes heaving chest and anguished eyes.

"The hell you are!" Jenn gurgled through the pain as her nails sank into Heather's chest.

"Scream for me!" Jenn bellowed as she raked her talons across the shocked starlet's shaking tits.

"Fuck you!" Heather sobbed as she slowly sent her knee towards her foe, the impact being made on Jenn's thigh.

Jenn defensively rolled to her stomach , but her head landed on Nikki's thigh. The busty redhead fought through the choke applied to her and held Jenn's cheek to her crotch as Heather slipped in and pumped her fist in between Jenn's shoulder blades.

"Judo Chop!" Heather teasingly yelled as...SMACK...she slapped the back of her hand on Jenn's ass.

Heather straddled her foe's ribs and sank fingernails into the tormented tart's tits. Jenn's hands valiantly pried against the aggressing talons , but were drawn away by Heather's application of a body scissors. Jenn slumped face first to the mat as Heather banged her elbow off tanned shoulder blades.

Debbe took advantage of Nikki's distraction to press against the redhead and slam her back to the mat. Nikki's fingers repaid her transgressor's earlier favor and sank into tender earlobe. Nikki used the ear hold to force her attacker to the mat , then sent her fingers on a sortie against the tender flesh beneath the white cotton top of her foe. Debbe desperately replied with a pair of hands around Nikki's neck. Having broke the redhead's momentum , Debbe sent her talons on a mission against the full flesh under Nikki's red leather halter.

"'re hurting me!" Nikki whined when Debbe switched to a full nelson, pressuring the reeling redhead's neck.

"Screw You!" Debbe shot back as she drove her knee into her trapped prey's back. Raking fingers across the eyes left Nikki in sad shape to continue.

"Fat Bitch!" Heather mocked as she wrenched her gasping foe from the mat by her blonde locks. Heather again Irish whipped Jenn , but this time hopped up and spun around as Jenn bounced off the ropes. Heather's ass contracted hard as Jenn's face slammed into it , bigger girl sent sprawling backwards to the canvas. Heather delighted in the sight of Jenn's hands clutching her face as full breasts heaved in the process of drawing in precious air. Jenn howled in pain as Heather seemed to feed off the hurt look in the beefy blonde's eyes as Heather honed her hands in on the honey blonde's hooters. Heather casually lowered her breasts upon Jenn's disbelieving face.

"Lick 'em when you've had enough, Jenny dear!" Heather gloated.

Nikki's flailing feet finally paid off as she slammed Debbe's shoulders sending the Tool Time Girl tumbling towards the turnbuckle. Nikki fumbled to her knees and flopped onto Debbe's back. Nikki sent her hands forward and grabbed onto whatever was available...Debbe's tits. As the Tool Time Girl shrieked, Nikki brusquely removed tit from white top and squeezed with firm fingers. Debbe's desperate defense was a left to Nikki's chest.

Nikki's titty twister was broken by the force of Jenn's spasmodic reaction to Heather suddenly dropping a knee into her larger foe's taught tummy. Debbe swiftly secured a handful of red hair and pulled her foe to her feet. As Debbe hoisted Nikki up, Heather pried Jenn up onto her quivering feet and wrenched the beefy blonde's neck to and fro. Jenn reached out and sank her fingers into the only grip available - Heather's chest. Debbe's left fist buried deep into the full excess of Nikki's right tit , then grabbed onto gaudy globes as the redhead grimaced. Debbe pressed forward and drove her foe face first into the firm mat , head striking Heather on the shin. Jenn wasn't slow to react - a full right fist banged against the slutty blonde's bulging breast!

Debbe latched onto the stunned Heather's wrists and monkey flipped the blonde across the ring as Jenn attacked the redheaded girl with a hair pull. Nikki fiercely fought Jenn off as a punch to the paunch sent the blonde stumbling towards Heather's place of landing. Jenn feebly fell with a knee to Heather's gut. Jenn slumped to the mat , knees smart enough to grind upon Heather's head.

As Debbe neared her, however, Nikki raised her knees and monkey flipped the Tool Time Girl across the ring.

Nikki crawled over to her foe , pulling Debbe up by the hair fists slamming into tender thigh meat as the Tool Time Girl 's back flipping head slapped against Heather's hurting ribs. Nikki wrapped her full thighs around Debbe's protesting ribs as Jenn's left fist crushed Heather's right tit against her rib cage. Jenn wedged her foe against Nikki's body and used the buxom redhead as leverage as she hauled the blonde to her feet. Jenn pulled Heather to the ropes then , using the middle rope as a catapult , body pressed her foe's body into the hard canvas. Jenn grit her teeth as she clamped her thighs across Heather's forehead. The bitch was hers for the taking now - Jenn chuckled as her right fist spanked off Heather's right cheek.

Nikki smiled broadly as she heard Debbe's sobbing attempts at breathing. "Had enough whore?" she asked as she lowered her massive mammaries onto Debbe's plaintive puss. "Too bad no one can hear you!"

The redhead giggled as she mashed her mammaries against mumbling mouth. Nikki reared up and sent her left knee THUD into Debbe's belly. Nikki grapevined Debbe's quivering legs and forced the older woman's arms to the mat. Nikki used her right hand to pull Debbe's panties down to her knees and the top off her big boobs. Debbe sighed in resignation as the redhead draped her ample assets across Tool Time Girl tongue. Debbe had been beaten enough to know her best chance of surviving was to get her tongue against her better's body. Nikki's knees to the thigh drove the tortured toolgirl's tongue back to her mouth. Nikki then sent her knees to the darkest recesses of a woman's pride. Debbe rolled in agony as the redhead rose and admired her work. A few unnecessary blows to the crotch got Debbe to howl her submission as Nikki relished her advancement on the cat fight lists.

Jenn gripped Heather's arms in a double chicken wing and pulled the blonde to her quaking knees. Jenn wrapped her hands around Heather's knees , then forced the legs up to the slender blonde's neck , capturing Heather in a full nelson Boston crab. Heather's plea for mercy brought a smile to Jenn's poughty lips as she let go of her captive.

Jenn's confidence rose as her right fist thumped off Nikki's right tit. Debbe had weakened her enough for an easy win , no doubt. Nikki stumbled over the toolgirl's leg as she received the blow. Nikki's face bore an uneasy look of angst and joy as her knee met blonde cunt. An unsteady push sent the beefy blonde to her back as Nikki closed in. Nikki dropped an elbow upon the big blonde's midsection with an unsteady fall. Nikki staggered to her feet and sent her right knee crashing into Jenn's weary left breast . Another elbow happily landed on Jenn's chest . Nikki gathered blonde arm to rib and pressed her full female flappers against Jenn's nose.

Heather sadly pushed to her side as she waited for the fight to end , when suddenly she saw Debbe Dunning laying on her back rubbing her battered clit. Heather slunk to the toolgirl's side and drew her hands around Debbe's throat. Debbe's full breast slumped against white bra , exposed breasts falling against the onslaught of blonde fury. Heather drew back her black short shorts as she ground her snatch against Debbe's whimpering mouth . Heather groaned in ecstasy as her mound ground into Debbe's once haughty lips.

Jenn reached up and wrapped her arms around Nikki's neck. Nikki reacted in shock to Jenn's counter attack , a knee to the gut sent Jenn's arms sprawling to the side. Nikki hated the blonde bitch's arrogance to fight off a breast smother from the most qualified practitioner of the deadly move. Nikki rose over her fallen foe , domination being the look most easily attributed to her countenance. Nikki tugged upon Jenn's golden locks until the blonde unsteadily gained her footing.

Nikki hoisted her foe upon her shoulders and slammed Jenn unmercifully into the mat. Nikki cruelly latched onto Jenn's golden tresses and pulled the amazon to her unsteady feet and into her body.

Nikki pressed her full red bikini top against Jenn's nose as she wore her foe's endurance away. "Do you give?"

A sad nod from Jenn, greeted by contempt from her vanquisher, Nikki's knee to the pussy sent Jenn to her knees as the redhead greedily forced her chest onto the beaten blonde's face. Jenn's struggles subsided as redhead chest cut off her air supply. Nikki again rose above her vanquished foe and this time pulled the cumming Heather off Debbe and forced the blonde's breasts against Jenn's face.

Heather gloated as she ground her full breasts into Jenn's face , then rose up and pushed Jenn onto Debbe. Jenn knew what was demanded of her and shot her left index finger into Debbe's privates. Jenn lowered her panties and ground her damp parts into Debbe's soaked face as the proud brunette sobbed until Jenn came on her.

Having satisfied herself, Jenn rolled out of the ring and left Debbe at the mercy of Paris Hilton who slipped into the ring at the well paid invitation of Heather Graham. The young blonde's eyes dilated as she gazed upon the vision of one of the all time Hollywood greats, Debbe Dunning, laying flat on her back.

"Resistance is futile!" Paris chirped as she straddled the Tool Time Girl. Hearing nothing in reply and seeing the glazed look of a woman who has been had by two other women , Paris pulled on Debbe's hair and heaved the lady to her shaky feet. Paris greedily raked her nails across Debbe's chest , then trapped the sobbing Tool Time Girl in a cruel bear hug. Debbe's weakened limbs wouldn't allow her to fight Paris's constricting arms as Debbe's face was drawn into millionaire mammaries. Paris let her prey topple backwards. Debbe weakly tried to put her tits back into their tops as she sobbed for mercy while the young lanky blonde towered over her. Paris giggled as she pulled the battered Tool Time Girl up to rest on her elbows. Paris gathered Debbe's knees to her shoulders and hoisted the beaten woman off the mat.

"Anything..." Debbe mumbled as the blonde hauled her up from the mat.

"Too late granny," Paris chuckled, then she slammed Debbe back to the canvas and straddled Debbe's face.

Paris joyously kneaded the Tool Tim Girl's heavy breasts in triumph and Debbe vaguely realized her fate as she gazed up into the crotch of the blonde's black crochet panties as Paris skinned them down to accepted Debbe's groggy tongue into her wet slit.

Debbe already looked like a honey comb from the previous deposits , but gained additional sticky stuff on her face from the lusty young blonde. Paris rose above the cat fight legend and demanded opposition. "Fight you slut!" Paris demanded and in response Debbe meekly wound her fingers around Paris' neck while the slender blonde curled her talons into Debbe's tits and slowly forced the Tool Time Girl over onto her back. "Eat up granny!" Paris growled as she forced her female flesh down on Debbe's delirious face.