1. Courtney Love vs. Rose McGowan by Bob

When Courtney Love walked into a party and saw Rose McGowan the sparks started to fly instantly. Courtney immediately thought back to the fight they'd had a few years before. They'd been drinking before they got into it and after hitting Rose with a couple of punches, Rose's friends had pulled Courtney off Rose and held her while Rose landed punch after punch, eventually knocking Courtney out. Prior to the intervention of Rose's friends, however, Courtney was having her way, even if it had only been for a few minutes. Courtney immediately walked up to Rose and suggested they step into an empty room and finish things, 'woman to woman.'

Courtney had already looked around, checking whether or not Rose's friends were at the party. When she didn't see any of Rose's friends she had become more bold. Much to her surprise, Rose quickly agreed to fight her. Neither was dressed for a fight, but their dislike for each other made them forget about clothing.

They found an empty room and Rose quickly slipped off her heels and attacked, tackling Courtney, putting her on her back, and slapping her with left and right hands. The move completely caught Courtney by surprise and she screamed as she tried to defend herself. However, it was to no avail and the younger dynamo landed slap after slap.

Gradually Rose worked her way up until she was sitting on Courtney's chest where she continued to slap away. Courtney was bleeding from her nose and mouth and right her eye was starting to blacken. She needed to get Rose off her quickly because she didn't know how much more punishment she could take.

Rose was well aware that Courtney was in trouble and planned to torture and humiliate Courtney. Slowly Rose slid up Courtney's chest, edging her way toward the blondes face. When Rose finally settled down on her face, Courtney began to buck, trying to throw Rose off. Once she realized that she wasn't going to get Rose off her, Courtney started digging her nails into Rose's shapely thighs. Rose grabbed the hands and tried to pry them from her legs but Courtney continued digging her nails in while Rose continued trying to pry her hands loose as her blood began to soak through her black stockings.

Courtney quickly brought her knee up, striking the small of Rose's back and knocking her off. She quickly scrambled to her knees but to her surprise, Rose was on already on her knees ready to lock up with her again. As Courtney grabbed for her hair, Rose caught her wrists. Courtney struggled to free her wrists but Rose held on tight.

While Courtney was struggling to free her wrists, Rose twisted her body and slipped in behind Courtney, releasing her wrists and grabbing her hair. Rose started pulling Courtney's hair but Courtney reached back, grabbed Rose's hair with both hands, and yanked her head forward. As Courtney pulled Rose's head forward, she lowered her shoulder and Rose went flying over her, landing on her back on the floor.

Courtney wasn't about to let this opportunity go and she pounced on Rose, her head driving into Rose's crotch and her butt landing on Rose's chest. As Courtney sat up on Rose's chest, she wondered if she should try to turn around so she could hit Rose in the face, or if she should just start punching her in the stomach from where she was. Not wanting to lose the advantage, Courtney slammed her fist into Rose's flat stomach. Rose groaned, which helped Courtney decide on her next move. She pounded another hard punch to Rose's stomach! Rose gasped and her body went limp.

Realizing her two punches had slowed Rose down, Courtney got up and stomped down on Rose's stomach. Rose was crying as Courtney yanked her to her feet by the hair. Holding Rose by her hair, Courtney started swinging Rose around in a circle before she threw her against the wall.

Rose's head hit the wall dazing her and Courtney, moving like a cat, grabbed her by the hair again. But Courtney suddenly let go! Rose, though still a bit dazed, had managed to remove one of her shoes and had hit Courtney over the head. Then Rose gave Courtney another shot to the head with the shoe. Courtney was in pain, but still in better shape than Rose. She charged Rose, planning to knock her over but as she was about to plow into her, Rose stepped aside and Courtney ran into the wall. Her head hit the wall and she went down on her knees leaning on the wall holding her head.

Rose grabbed Courtney's hair with one hand and lifted her to her feet. Swinging her high heel with her free hand, Rose whacked Courtney in the face with the shoe. Courtney's legs buckled as blood trickled from her mouth. Again, Rose smacked Courtney with her shoe. This time blood started pouring from a cut over Courtney's right eye. Courtney was now weeping uncontrollably!

Rose started grinding the heel of her shoe into Courtney's left tit. Courtney screamed but didn't make any effort to remove the shoe from her tit. After grinding her heel into Courtney's chest for thirty seconds, Rose took off her other shoe and used it to give Courtney another smack across the face. Courtney wasn't even attempting to fight back any more, just slumping against the wall taking a beating.

Rose had a shoe in each hand and started grinding one into each of Courtney's tits as Courtney kept sobbing. After grinding Courtney's tits for about a minute, Rose started swinging with both hands. She slapped Courtney several times with her shoes, until the blonde collapsed to the floor. Rose stood over her holding her shoes, hoping that Courtney would get up. However, Courtney never moved. She just lay there, her body racked with sobs.

Rose fixed up hair and went into the bathroom to clean her face. When she was finished, she looked at her eye. She had a nasty shiner but a little makeup would hide that. She walked out of the bathroom, sneering down at Courtney who was still curled up on the floor. Rose chuckled as she walked out; not only had she beaten Courtney, but she'd battered the bad girl to the point that her face and body were covered with bruises and blood.

Rose raised her arms in victory, thought for a second and then bent down. She took a good firm hold on what was left of Courtney's tattered dress and, with one quick motion, jerked it off her limp body. Then Rose walked out brandishing Courtney's dress, feeling great that she'd won again and knowing that this time there wouldn't be any accusations she won because she had help. From that day forward, Courtney couldn't be called 'the woman who couldn't be beat in a catfight.' For now, that title belonged to Rose McGowan.
2. Julia Louie Dreyfus vs. Faith Ford by Bob

It was just one of those chance meetings. At first, Julia and Faith chatted casually but as their chat continued both started making catty remarks. Finally, Faith shoved Julia and Julia shoved her back; then Faith retaliated by grabbing Julia's hair. Julia grabbed Faith's wrists trying to pry her hands lose. But Faith was stronger than she looked and Julia couldn't pry her hands lose.

Suddenly, Faith pulled Julia's head forward and forced her to her knees. From her knees, Julia grabbed Faith's ankles and tried to take her down. Julia struggled to get Faith off of her feet and finally Faith did go down, letting go of Julia's hair as she fell.

Julia jumped on Faith and the two began to wrestle. They struggled for about thirty seconds until Julia got Faith pinned on her back. She grabbed Faith's hair with one hand and slapped her with the other. Faith struggled to get free, however, Julia was sensing she was stronger than Faith and was going to have her way with the blonde eventually.

Once more Julia slapped Faith. She grinned as she realized that once she had Faith on her back, she was easily beating the bigger and stronger woman. Faith was getting desperate and she tried scratching Julia's face. Julia let go of Faith's hair and grabbed Faith's hands just before Faith's nails reached her face.

Julia knew she had control of Faith, so to prove it she raked her nails across Faith's face and punched her in the eye. Faith started to cry and plead with Julia to let her up.

Julia smiled down at Faith and purred, "So, does that mean you give up?"

Faith weakly mumbled, "No."

So Julia gave her another punch in the eye and Faith went limp. Julia knew she'd beaten the fight out of Faith, so she adjusted her position, scooting up to sit straddling Faith's chest.

Again Julia asked, "Do you give up now?"

Faith didn't answer so Julia slowly inched up towards Faith's face. Realizing what was about to happen, Faith planted her feet and bucked upward with her hips, arching her back. To her surprise, Julia flew forward over Faith's head and landed on her chest. Julia quickly scrambled up but Faith was still lying flat on her back breathing hard. Julie prepared to mount Faith again and this time finish her off, but Faith lifted her foot and kicked Julia in the stomach.

Gasping for air, Julia doubled over holding her belly and went down. Both women remained on the floor for several seconds and when one of them got up, it was Faith. Her strength was returning and again she kicked Julia in the stomach. Julia grunted as she rolled over onto her side. Faith punted two more kicks to Julia's stomach, then used one of her booted feet to roll her onto her back.

Faith planted the heel from one boot on Julia's forehead and began to grind. After several seconds, Julia's forehead began to bleed. Julia was no longer fighting back, but Faith wasn't about to give her a chance to recover. She grabbed Julia' hair and lifted her off the ground. Holding her hair in her left hand, Faith slammed several hard punches to Julia's mid-section and a couple more to her face. Julia grunted and winced with each punch. Faith hit very hard and Julia was bleeding from several different areas of her face. Finally, Faith took Julia's hair with both hands and started spinning her. Faith let Julia go, sending Julia flying headfirst into the wall. Julia hit the wall and slid down to the floor. Faith stood over her, still holding quite a bit of Julia's hair.

Faith stared down at Julia, then sighed and said, "Rematch, anytime you have the guts."

When Julia failed to answer her, Faith turned and strutted away. Julia realized that Faith was getting away and she struggled to get up. She was still a little shaky, but she went after Faith, catching her just as Faith reached the door. Julia grabbed Faith, spun her around, and punched her in the nose with the palm of her hand. Faith had been caught by surprise and went down on her ass. Julia was back in charge and she intended to pay her back by ripping some of Faith's hair out of her head. She put her foot on Faith's stomach and started tugging her hair. Despite her screaming, Faith tried to get up and fight back.

However, Julia, delivered two hard slaps and Faith fell back against the wall, unable to fight. Julia continued working on Faith's hair. Suddenly Faith screamed as Julia stumbled backward holding two handfuls of hair. Sensing victory for the second time, Julia gave Faith another slap.

But as Julia drew back to kick Faith in the face and end the fight, Faith fell forward, her head hitting the floor. Julia couldn't stop her foot which hit the wall. Julia screamed and fell down holding her foot. The pain was intense and she was sure that she'd broken it. Julia continued to lie on the ground as Faith gathered enough strength to get up. Seeing Julia holding her foot, Faith kicked the foot several times, making Julia cry out in pain. After several kicks, Faith grabbed Julia's hair and delivered a punch to her chin.

Julia eyes rolled back as her body went limp. Faith turned and walked away one last time. Julia was out for about five minutes and it was another ten minutes before she was able to get up. When she finally did try to get up, her leg buckled and she fell back on the floor. Her foot was definitely broken. Julia lay on there for a long time before she could get up and hobble away. Julia knew Faith had been lucky. She'd attacked Faith from behind and Faith was virtually out from the start. If she hadn't kicked the wall by mistake the fight would have been over and there would have been a different victor.
3. Teri Hatcher vs. Alex Kingston by Bob

A large group of people assembled to watch the fight between Alex Kingston and Teri Hatcher. They'd been at a party drinking heavily when Teri found out they were both competing for the same part. Teri suggested Alex step outside to 'discuss' it. As they exited, everyone at the party followed and quickly formed a circle around the two women.

Teri took a boxer's stance and it looked like she knew how to box. Alex put her hands up in front of her face. Her form wasn't very good and it seemed Teri was the more experienced fighter. They started to circle as Teri threw a few punches to Alex's face, which Alex tried to block. All of Teri's punches landed and the crowd began cheering wildly for the sexy Teri.

Finally, Alex threw several awkward punches which either missed or were blocked. It was becoming obvious Teri was the much better fighter and was going to give Alex quite a beating. As Teri moved in to throw some more punches, Alex threw a flurry of punches. While it looked more like Alex was doing the dog paddle than boxing, many of her punches connected with Teri's face. They weren't very hard, and she was very awkward, but Alex had fast hands and the speed of her punches took Teri by surprise and she backed off.

When Teri backed away Alex followed and continued to hit her with punch after punch. Teri's face was now starting to get red, and to get Alex off of her she threw a few more hard punches. One hit Alex on the cheek, another in her ribs and a third in her stomach. Still, Alex kept flailing away and nailed Teri with several more punches. It seemed as if Alex's punches were not only getting harder but were bothering Teri. Also, Alex's form was also improving as she began to get the idea.

Suddenly, Teri grabbed Alex's curly hair with both hands and pulled her head forward. Alex instinctively reached for Teri's hair with one hand, using her other to push Teri's face back to get better leverage. After a brief struggle, Alex finally succeeded in shoving Teri away so she could regain her balance. Then she grabbed Teri's hair with her other hand.

With both women pulling the other's hair with two hands, each tried to gain the advantage. They kicked each other and after letting go with one hand they scratched or punched. As the struggle continued, Teri was still landing more punches and harder punches. It seemed she was getting the better of Alex and the men watching cheered her even more wildly.

Teri brought her leg up to knee Alex just as Alex bent Teri's head backward. They tumbled to the ground with Alex on top of Teri, both still holding the other by the hair. Alex spread her legs wide over Teri's body so she'd better leverage, making it almost impossible for Teri to roll her off and get on top. Alex let go of Teri's hair, grabbed her wrists and, after a struggle, she finally pried Teri's hands from her hair and pinned them to the ground.

Alex held Teri's wrists down as Teri groaned and bucked wildly. trying to free herself while Alex took time to catch her breath and regain her strength. After being pinned for a few minutes, Teri finally stopped kicking and squirming. Sensing Alex was surprisingly much stronger than she and in control, Teri stopped trying to buck her off. The crowd sensed Alex had taken the fight out of Teri and were now cheering wildly for Alex, even encouraging her to punch Teri in the face.

As Alex held Teri's hands down, she began to taunt her. Suddenly, Alex let go of Teri's hands started swinging at her with both fists. Teri tried to cover up, but Alex hit her in the face several times. When Alex stopped swinging, Teri made a desperate attempt to grab Alex's hair and roll her off, but Alex again caught her wrists and pinned her arms again. This time, Alex accomplished it much more easily than the first time.

Making one final effort to get free, Teri brought her knee up and kneed Alex in the back. But Alex once again let go of Teri's wrists and punched her in the face several more times.

Teri, started crying, sobbing, "No more. You win."

Alex slowly got up and put her foot on Teri's chest, pushing it down and flattening out her breast. She raised her arms in the air to signal victory, and started shaking her ass for the men who were cheering loudly for her.

Alex looked down at Teri and defiantly said, "You're a wimp. It's a lot harder to fight when someone doesn't give you a script."

She reached down, popped the buttons off Teri's blouse, the she took Teri's shoes.

Smiling down at Teri, Alex said, "Your shoes are my reward. I'll think of you whenever I wear them."

With that, Alex turned and walked away. The crowd followed, leaving a sobbing Teri alone on her back on the ground.

As Teri continued to lie on the ground, she someone say, "Tsk-tsk. You're a mess, sweetie."

Kelly Ripa had returned. Kelly, who had fought with Teri a few months earlier, helped her up. Teri's face had several cuts, bruises and scratches; both her eyes were beginning to blacken and she had a bloody lip and nose. Kelly stared at Teri's blouse, which Alex had ripped open to embarrass and humiliate her.

Kelly laughed, "Someone who starts fights is supposed to be tough, but you've had your ass kicked at least twice. I can't believe she gave you a worse beating than I did. You might want to reconsider your career as a bully. But, even if you'd beat her, I was going to fight you again and we know how that would've turned out."

The next morning, Alex strolled onto the set for her audition wearing the red heels she'd taken from Teri. Teri didn't even bother to show up for her audition, so Alex got the part after all.
4. Teri Hatcher vs. Kelly Ripa by Bob

"...even if you'd beat her, I was going to fight you again and we know how that would've turned out."

Teri kept hearing Kelly's words over and over again. How brazen had Kelly Ripa been? For two weeks, the words kept popping into Teri's head. She couldn't believe Kelly said that. For two weeks, she couldn't go anywhere without someone reminding her how Alex kicked her ass. And yet, each time someone laughed how the mousy Brit had beaten her, she heard Kelly's voice saying she'd have kicked her ass if she'd won.

Sure Kelly had beaten her in a fight once, but Teri knew that was lucky because Teri made a mistake by underestimating her strength. Kelly hit her with a lucky shot and hurt her, then used her speed and strength to do a number on her. Teri wouldn't get caught by surprise a second time.

She had to challenge Kelly to a rematch and rid of herself of the words that kept haunting her, "If you'd beat her I was going to fight you again and we know how that would've turned out."

When Kelly's television show ended, Teri waited until she figured Kelly had time to get home, then called her.

When Kelly answered, Teri said smugly, "Hi bitch."

Kelly was stunned. "Who is this?" she asked.

"Who is this?" Teri mimicked. "It's the girl who's going to kick your ass today!"

Kelly laughed loudly, "Oh you! You are eh? And just how do you plan to do it?"

Teri smirked, "Come over and find out. Oh, and I hired someone to tape the ass kicking you're going to get, so wear something sexy. I have a few other surprises for you."

Kelly seemed every bit as cocky as Teri and said, "I have to change first but I'll be there in less than an hour. I look forward to beating you worse than I did the first time."

Teri called the person she had hired to tape their match, then put on her heels and got ready to give Kelly the beating she should have given her the first time. When Kelly arrived at Teri's house, the person who was going to video the fight had just arrived. Teri laughed as she hustled Kelly out into her back yard where he was setting up his camera.

She put her hands on her hips and said, "Whenever you're ready."

As Kelly came toward her, Teri waited until the last second, then kicked her foot up into Kelly's stomach. As Kelly doubled over, Teri brought her left knee up, smashing it into Kelly's face. Teri held Kelly's hair and give her first another left knee lift, then a right knee lift to the face. As Kelly staggered back from the series of knee lifts, Teri stepped to the side and gave Kelly a double ax-handle in the back.

Teri yelled, Timber!" as Kelly toppled to the ground on her face.

Teri glanced down at her fallen foe, turned to the person taping the fight and struck a victorious pose. Then Teri walked behind Kelly, straddled her, bent forward and grabbed her hair, then started to pull back.

"So, what did you say? Didn't you say we both know what'd happen if we fought? I think only one of us knew who would win? If you're smart you'd give up while you can still walk. You were lucky the first time, but you won't be lucky this time."

But Kelly wouldn't give up so Teri let go of her hair and reached for the back of Kelly's dress. When she realized what Teri was about to do, Kelly rolled over on her side and grabbed Teri's wrists. Despite being on her back on the ground, Kelly managed to hold Teri's hands off until she saw an opening of her own. Kelly grabbed Teri's dress and yanked as hard as she could!

Teri went tumbling over Kelly and landed next to her on the ground. Kelly rolled over facing Teri who still had her back to Kelly. Kelly grabbed Teri's dress and started pulling with all her might. Teri tried to wriggle around so she was facing her but she couldn't while Kelly had a hold of the back of her dress.

Teri screamed, "You bitch!" as her dress came apart and was ripped from her body.

Before Teri could do anything, Kelly grabbed her hair with one hand and her arm with the other. She started kneeing Teri in the small of the back. After delivering four knees, Kelly pushed Teri forward on her stomach and mounted her, sitting high on her back so she couldn't move. Kelly grabbed Teri's hair and leaned forward until her upper body was pressing down on the back of Teri's head, forcing it to the ground. Teri was struggling, kicking her long legs and clawing the grass with both hands.

Aside from being reduced to just her bra and panties, Teri was having difficulty breathing. Kelly had leverage and Teri was going to have to somehow get her off her back before she passed out.

There was only one thing Teri could think of. Teri reached back and dug her nails into Kelly's legs. As Teri started to claw at her legs, Kelly sat up slightly to grab her wrists.

Kelly easily pried Teri's hands from her legs and said, "I don't think so, witch."

Continuing to hold Teri's hands, Kelly leaned forward one more time, again putting her weight on Teri's head.

"Not today, babe! How's the air down there?" Kelly asked. "I could put you away by just laying these big boobs on your face, but I want to end this one in a more humiliating way."

She shifted her position, grabbed Teri's hands again and lifting Teri's head. Kelly got off of Teri and gave her two hard kicks in the ass.

"I guess you were partly right, one of us got our ass kicked. Now it's time for a little bitch slapping session honey."

Kelly bent down, grabbed Teri's hair again and slowly raised her head.

"No, please don't!" Teri gasped. "You win."

Kelly just laughed as she gave Teri two hard slaps. Still holding her hair, Kelly gave her one hard punch on the chin. Kelly saw the whites of Teri's eyes for just a second before they closed and her body went limp. Kelly let go of Teri's hair and watched her lanky body slump forward on the ground. Kelly stepped over Teri's limp body and walked up to the man taping the fight.

Pointing to Teri's body on the ground she asked, "Are you going to sell that tape? I know a bunch of people who'd buy a copy. Hell, I can give them away as prizes on my TV show, sell them on the Internet. Maybe I can rent them at Blockbuster. There's no end to the ways I can make money on her ass. Who knows, if my soap ever folds, I could just whip her sorry butt on a PPV every so often. I'll always be in the chips as long as I've got Teri Hatcher to kick around."
5. Barbara Eden vs. Raquel Welsh by Bob

Barbara Eden threw down her morning paper. She was reading a gossip column and came across a couple of quotes about her television show, "I Dream of Jeannie" that weren't flattering about her acting ability. The quotes were from Raquel Welsh and none of them was flattering. She wasn't about to let Raquel get away with dishing her to the press, so she slammed her paper, showered and got dressed. Taking her newspaper, she headed for Raquel's home, hoping she would be there when she arrived.

Much to her disappointment, Raquel wasn't home but Barb decided to wait. She went into Raquel's backyard and found a comfortable lounge chair, next to the pool. She slipped off her heels and tried to calm down. It seemed she'd been waiting for hours when she heard a car door slam. Hoping it was Raquel; Barbara put her heels back on and waited until the back gate opened.

Raquel walked in and stopped in surprise when she saw her uninvited guest, "Hi Babs, what're you doin' here?"

When Barbara held up the paper, Raquel knew why she was in her backyard.

Raquel smiled and asked, "We gonna talk or fight?"

Barbara answered, "I'd like to talk, but I'll fight if I have to."

Raquel laughed, "I did my talking yesterday. You're a lousy actress and you can't do comedy. I'd make a much better Jeannie. Is that enough talking?"

Raquel could see Barbara was on the verge of crying.

"What's the matter?" Raquel purred. "Does the truth hurt? Well, my fists will hurt a lot more. You can't beat me. I'm bigger and stronger than you. You're ready to cry and I haven't even hit you - yet."

Barbara stepped up and slapped Raquel who slapped her right back. Then Raquel landed a hard punch and Barbara fell over backwards. Raquel was quickly on top of her, capturing Barbara's wrists as she tried to pin them to the ground. To Raquel's surprise, Barbara put up quite a struggle and despite her weight and strength, Raquel couldn't manage to pin Barbara's arms. Still, Raquel continued to struggle in an effort to pin the blonde down.

Suddenly, Barbara broke Raquel's grip and when her hands were free, Barbara grabbed Raquel's wrists. Barbara slowly started to move Raquel off of her. Raquel fought with all of her might in an effort to free her wrists and maintain her advantage but after struggling for a minute or two, Raquel felt Barbara gaining an advantage.

Suddenly, with a quick roll, Raquel was on her back and Barbara was sitting on her stomach. Now Raquel was struggling to break Barbara's grip on her wrists and roll her opponent off her. They struggled for several minutes before Barbara was finally able to pin Raquel's arms down. Despite Barbara leaning over her, Raquel continued to struggle to break free as Barbara held her arms down.

Although Raquel was unable to move, she continued to squirm and wriggle beneath Barbara for several minutes and eventually she was successful! She managed to roll Barbara over but Raquel wasn't on top for long. Barbara quickly rolled Raquel again and resumed her top position. Raquel fought like hell trying to get her smaller but game opponent off her but Barbara was very strong for her size and Raquel was tiring badly.

The longer they fought, the easier it became for Barbara to hold Raquel down and control her. Although Raquel was making less of an effort to get Barbara off of her, she continued to struggle in an effort to get free. She was younger than Barbara and in great shape but Barbara was getting stronger and stronger.

Then, Barbara let go of Raquel's arms and slapped her across the mouth. The slap hurt and Raquel could feel warm blood on her lips. Barbara delivered several more stinging slaps until Raquel grabbed her breasts and squeezed. Raquel bucked upward, using her two-fisted grip on Barbara's bulging bra to lift her and turn her to the side.

Raquel quickly got up and ran to Barbara, who was still on the ground. As she neared, Barbara threw her feet up and delivered a two-legged kick to the stomach. Raquel's knees buckled and she stood stock still holding her stomach. Barbara got up and punched her in the jaw, knocking Raquel on her back to the grass.

"Common, tough girl, get up. I'm not finished with you - yet!" Barbara hissed.

Slowly, Raquel got up but when Barbara took a couple of steps towards her, Raquel turned and began to run toward her house. Barbara paused to kick off her heels and then gave chaseher. Barbara had closed to within a few steps of Raquel when she ran through the French doors into the house. Barbara followed her through the doors, bumping into one of the doors so that it closed, then tackled Raquel in the middle of the floor.

Barbara rolled Raquel on her back and started slapping her. Raquel screamed with each slap but despite her pain, Raquel kneed the blonde in the back and managed to knock her off. When they got up, Barbara moved towards Raquel who backed away from the irate blonde.

Raquel tried to kick Barbara in the crotch but Barbara caught her leg and held it for several seconds, staring at Raquel's face. The brunette was frightened, wondering what Barbara was going to do next as Barbara just kept holding her leg. Then Barbara kicked Raquel right in her crotch!

Barbara let go of Raquel's leg and watched her slowly crumble to the ground. Barbara glared at Raquel who was holding her crotch and writhing around in pain. Still not satisfied, Barbara decided to inflict more pain on her hated enemy. She grabbed Raquel by her hair and lifted her up. Raquel was still holding her sore crotch with both hands as Barbara started whirling her around. When she let Raquel go, she flew through the glass door out onto the grass where she lay still holding her groin.

Barbara walked out of Raquel's house, grabbed Raquel by her blouse and lifted her up. Still holding her by the blouse, Barbara delivered a nasty punch to Raquel's jaw. Raquel fell backwards with her arms flailing, right into her pool. Barbara looked down at the torn blouse she was still holding in her hand.

When Barbara looked up, she saw the unconscious body of Raquel Welsh floating in the pool. She flipped Raquel's blouse over her shoulder, walked to the pool, leaped in, grabbed Raquel, dragged her by her hair to the side of the pool. Barbara lifted Raquel's torso up onto the pool deck so her head and shoulders were out of the water, her soft round bottom resting on the edge of the pool while her legs floated limp in the water.

When Barbara climbed out of the pool, she smiled as she noticed Raquel's eyes were still closed. She picked up her shoes and left, making a note to call the gossip columnist and suggest he verify his quotes more closely the next time he talks to Raquel before he prints anything she tells him.
6. Double D Nicoles: Lisa Nicole Carson vs. Anna Nicole Smith by Bob

Lisa Nicole and Anna Nicole stared at each other. They had been getting along fine until a movie producer joked about who had the bigger chest. The two started making comments about each other. Finally, the producer said that the winner of a catfight between them would get a long-term movie contract.

Lisa and Anna started slowly, pushing each other several times. Finally, Anna threw a punch, hitting Lisa on her jaw and knocking her over backward. Looking at her fallen foe, Anna went on the attack, kicking Lisa back down when she tried to get up, then jumping on her. Anna started punching Lisa in the face with a whole flurry of punches. Lisa couldn't defend herself so she covered her face. Then Anna went to work on Lisa's large breasts.

Anna got off of Lisa and grabbed her by the hair, then pulled the dazed woman to her feet. Anna landed several hard punches to Lisa's soft belly before she threw her back down.

Anna turned to the producer and asked, "Have you seen enough, or do you want me to humiliate this trash too?"

When the produced didn't answer, Anna jumped on top of Lisa and resumed her attack, punching her face and body, landing several hard punches that drew grunts and moans from the hurting Black woman. Anna's punches were doing a lot of damage. One of Lisa's eyes was starting to swell shut and both her nose and mouth were bleeding. In addition, her breasts were very red and the pain was intense.

In desperation, Lisa started fighting back, bucking wildly and kneeing Anna in the back several times trying to knock her off. Despite her efforts, she was unable to unseat the blonde and Anna continued to land punch after punch. Suddenly, one of Lisa's punches hit Anna in her huge chest. She was caught by surprise and clutched her breast. Lisa threw a few more punches, each landing on Anna's face or chest and causing her to grab the wounded area.

Finally, Lisa landed a hard punch to the face that sent Anna flying backward. Anna was laying on her back rubbing her jaw as Lisa got to her feet and started to taunt her to get up so she could kick her ass. After listening to Lisa's taunts for a few seconds, Anna got up.

Lisa attacked Anna and they started trading punches and kicking. Both landed a lot of good punches and kicks, but Lisa was landing a lot more. Many of her punches made Anna scream in pain, grab her stomach or chest or cover up after a hard punch landed. Slowly, Lisa started to force Anna backward and Lisa followed, continuing to land punch after punch and kick after kick. Anna was grimacing with every punch or kick that Lisa landed and was trying to protect herself rather than fight back. Lisa was giving Anna a terrible beating and Anna's face was getting red as her eyes began to well up with tears.

Suddenly, Lisa grabbed Anna's hair and pulled her head down. Lisa kneed her in the face and chest and punched her in the back. Despite her pain, Anna reached up to grab Lisa's hair and started pulling herself, but Lisa was able to bend Anna forward until she was forced to let go of Lisa's hair.

Lisa dragged Anna down to her knees and kicked her in the face several times. Anna's face was dark red and she was bleeding from cuts all over her face. Then, the big blonde began to cry. After holding Anna by her hair and punching her in the face and back several times, Lisa threw Anna on her back and jumped on top of her, straddling her chest with her heavy chocolate thighs.

After bouncing on Anna's chest several times, Lisa punched her in the face a few more times. As Anna lay dazed, Lisa kneed her in the face and then banged her head on the floor. Lisa sat on Anna's stomach and pinned her arms down with her hands. Though she was unable to move her arms, Anna was bucking her hips as hard as she could in an effort to throw Lisa off.

Lisa easily held the busty blonde down as she taunted her, "I can do whatever I want and you can't stop it. I think I may have to strip you since you're not putting up much of a fight anymore."

Periodically, Anna would scream or knee Lisa in the back and Lisa would retaliate by giving Anna a few hard slaps or punches, or grabbing her by the hair and banging her head on the floor then she'd recapture her wrist and pin her hands down again. Lisa was in total control, but Anna wasn't ready to quit. She continued to struggle for several more minutes, trying to buck Lisa off or work her hands free.

Once she thought Anna was exhausted, Lisa let go of her hands and reached for her hair. But as soon as her hands were free, Anna again started throwing punches. Lisa, who was still on top, struck back with several very hard punches, then she moved up higher on Anna's chest and pinned her hands under her knees. Anna couldn't punch her or defend herself from Lisa's punches. When Lisa finished her punishment, Anna's nose and mouth were bleeding more profusely, and she was a mess.

Anna started to cry again as Lisa continued to throw more slaps, pinches and punches and taunted her mercilessly. When Lisa stopped punching, she slid back down on Anna's stomach and started scratching her face, chest, arms, and legs. The top buttons of Anna's blouse had parted during one of Lisa's attack so Lisa also scratched her chest.

Anna told Lisa that she was going to kill her when she got up but Lisa just laughed and told Anna, "The only way you're getting up is if I let you and that's not happening 'til you're out cold."

After torturing her a little longer, Lisa finally sighed, sat back and told Anna, "So blondie, you think you can beat me if I let you up? Let's see if you're right."

Lisa got off a surprised Anna and said, "I'm going to put you down again and then I'm going to torture you some more."

Anna got up slowly. Although she was sore all over, aching and hurt, she was sure she could beat Lisa once she was free. Again, they squared off and once again started punching and kicking each other. Lisa was surprised at the fight remaining in Anna because she'd taken quite a beating and was even still crying.

After she landed a stinging punch to Lisa's eye, Anna once more seemed to be in control of the fight. She landed several hard kicks and punches, forcing Lisa to back up.

"What's the matter? Am I hurting you?" Anna gloated. "Told you I'd beat you when I got up."

Lisa continued to back up and Anna sensed the end was near. But Lisa slipped and fell and one of her shoes came off. As she got up, she picked it up and hit Anna with it. Anna tried to wrestle the high heel away from Lisa and after several seconds, she succeeded. Anna twisted the shoe out of Lisa's grasp and flipped it over her shoulder. However, while Anna was distracted ever so slightly, Lisa slipped her other heel off and hit Anna square in the face.

Anna staggered backward and Lisa dropped her heel and started throwing punches. Once more, Anna was forced to cover her face from the hard-fisted onslaught, unable to defend against Lisa's rapid flurry of heavy punches. When Anna covered her face, Lisa grabbed her by the hair and yanked her blouse up over her head, trapping her arms inside. Lisa started punching and scratching Anna's exposed back before she pulled the blouse off entirely and threw Anna down. Again, Lisa climbed on top of Anna throwing punches as Anna tried to cover her tender chest.

Lisa easily wrestled Anna's arms aside and pinned them down again, then started teasing her, "What happened to your blouse? Your tits are sure going to be sore tomorrow. How bout if I pull your dress off?"

Although she had posed for Playboy and several other magazines, Anna screamed, "No! Please don't!"

Lisa delivered a couple of more stinging slaps and all of Anna's resistance broke. She'd had enough! In addition to a bloody nose and mouth, both eyes were blackened and she had cuts and scratches covering her face, arms, legs, chest, and back. Lisa got up and planted her foot down hard on Anna's bare breast, pushing down and twisting her foot hard to torture her.

Lisa kept pushing as Anna cried and screamed, begged and, when she still continued to torment her, even called Lisa a bitch. Lisa finally stopped pressing on Anna's chest but grabbed her by the hair and dragged Anna around on her hands and knees as everyone cheered. Poor Anna had been badly beaten and severely humiliated. When Anna finally conceded that she was beaten, Lisa reached down and removed Anna's ankle bracelet.

She put it on and said, "I'm keeping this bracelet to remember you. You're one tough fighter. You hurt my greatest assets; my face and my tits. Letting you up was a mistake, a big mistake. Because you gave me a tough fight I'm going to let you keep that cheesy dress."

Lisa threw her arms up and turned towards the producer. She winked and said, "I guess the trash won."


Mr. Skin