Anna's Back Rack by 2xifpkd

Catherine Zeta Jones held the ropes as her teammates, Lucy Lawless and Anna Nicole Smith climbed into the ring. All three women wore matching leopard print bikinis - the choice of the Welsh Witch who had declared herself the team's "captain." The three woman team had recently been made "6 Woman Tag Team Champions" in one of the numerous celebrity leagues that had sprung up since advent of high speed Internet connections that allowing just about any clown with enough money to pay the celebrities to declare themselves a "promoter". Now, they were about to face the first challenge for their title.

Across the ring, Nikki Cox looked on as Catherine Bell held the ropes for the third member of their team, Jennifer O’Dell, who had pulled her blond hair up into a pony tail for this contest. The challengers' pink bikinis clung to their full breasts as the three discussed strategy. A newly formed team, they would have to work hard to blend their high-level skills if they hoped to beat the "bad girl" vixens in the other corner.

Referee Katey Sagal called for the first battlers into the ring, “C’mon gals, I don’t have all day!”


Nikki and Catherine Zeta-Jones entered the ring for their respective teams and Nikki opened the action unleashing a huge SLAP to Cath’s cheek, then slid her arm under the Welsh Witches shoulder and hip-tossed her to the mat.

“Cheap tart!” Cath growled in pain as Nikki hauled her up with a 'double tit claw'.

The young redhead reached under Zeta-Jones and flipped her over to her back. Nikki grabbed the stunned woman’s hair, but Catherine latched onto the huge breasts swaying so tantalizingly just above her face. The brutal brunette twisted Nikki’s breasts until the redhead rammed her fist down onto Cath’s upper chest, then Nikki drew back and drove her shoulder into brunette ribs. As Cath wheezed and gasped for air, Nikki rolled away and dove into her corner, tagging Cat Bell into the match.

The Welsh Witch scrambled on hands and knees toward her teammates for help, but was sent slumping to the mat after Bell slammed her foot down on her raised rear end. Still, Zeta-Jones managed to stretch her arm just far enough to make the tag with Lucy who used her long reach to lean far out into the ring.

The big Kiwi stepped through the ropes and swiftly grabbed Cat's short, dark hair. Cat had been too worried about being caught in the unfriendly corner and now had to shove her hand in Lucy’s face to try and regain the initiative. Lucy slid her free hand around Cat’s slender throat as the combatants stumbled into the corner which allowed Anna Nicole to grab the back of Cat's suit and trap her.

Lucy spun around and releasing her hair, raked her nails down the gurgling brunette's bulging left tit. Cat sucked in a mouthful of air as her throat was released, but gave it all back with interest when Lucy’s elbow smashed into the deep valley of her cleavage. Cat slumped forward, only to be thrown back into the ropes as Lucy clamped her fingers around her neck once again. Cat slumped in the ropes with her ass on the middle rope, flailing her hands uselessly in Lucy’s direction as the big Kiwi slowly bent Cat’s neck over the top rope, chuckling to herself as the fierce Cat Bell gagged in agony.

Katey approached and asked “So Bell, you wanna give, dear?” Cat looked up and nodded briefly, then bowed her hand in submission. “OK, that’s enough hon," a grinning Katey told Lucy, tapping her on the shoulder. "You can let her up now.”

Lucy released the choke hold and as Cat's body sagged into the ropes, she drilled her foot into her chest before Katey pushed her away.


After getting Katey’s instructions, Jennifer and Anna strode to mid ring. Jennifer nervously reached out to tie up with her larger foe, vividly recalling her beating at Anna's hands in their earlier fight.

“Ready to kiss my titties again, bitch?” Anna taunted as Jennifer latched onto her long tresses. “Get your filthy hands off my hairrrr!”

Anna's legs were swept from under her and she landed with a heavy THUD! Jennifer wasted no time in dropping her knee into the big girl’s chest.

“Kiss ‘em baby!” Jennifer ordered as she pressed her chest into Anna’s face.

“Well, you wanna give dearie, or what?” Katey queried.

Anna replied with a tit rake to Jennifer's pride and joy's but Jennifer quickly responded by driving her fist into Anna's mammoth mammaries, then scuffed her fingers across Anna’s mug. Anna desperately drove Jennifer off her with a forearm to the underarm, then sank her nails into the tender tits of her smaller opponent.

Sitting up, Anna shoved Jennifer to her side on the mat. Jennifer twisted Anna’s right arm, but found her shoulder on fire as Anna rained karate chops down on her . Anna shot her fist into Jennifer’s rib and began plotting the smaller girl’s destruction. Anna popped her hand off Jennifer’s right tit, but was caught off guard as Jennifer’s fist replied in kind.

Tit punches were traded as both women leaned into the other as they battled their way back to their feet. Jennifer broke the lock up by thrusting her foot into Anna’s thigh. Anna bounced off the ropes and got a shocked expression on her face as Jennifer gained a choke hold on her. Anna grimly banged her fist into Jennifer’s chest as she gained some room, only to have the smaller blonde twist her arm around in an agonizing hold.

Jennifer slid to the side, grabbed hair and rammed Anna’s back with her free elbow. Jennifer let Anna slump to hands and knees, then launched a drop kick into Anna’s chest. Jennifer’s foot slammed into Anna’s ribs and when the big girl rolled to her back, Jennifer mounted her with a facesit.

“How ‘bout now?" Katey asked Anna. "You ready to quit NOW, darlin'?”

Anna quickly tapped Jennifer’s back in submission. Jennifer slammed her fist into the big girls breast one last time before climbing off of her and returning to her corner where she was hugged and congratulated by Jennifer and Cat..


Lucy and Nikki came out to begin the third and last fall of the match. Lucy made the obvious choice as she latched onto the redheads swaying breasts. Nikki sank her fingers in her taller foes tits and they began to shove each others straining bodies back and forth, reeling from one side of the ring to the other. Finally, Nikki forced her way in close and was able to change her grip from Lucy's tits to her throat! When she began to choke her, Lucy used her bigger frame to push the redhead back, then spanked her foot off the inside of Nikki’s thigh .Nikki stumbled to the mat clutching her leg and soon felt thumbs on either side of her throat as Lucy pulled her to her feet with a chokehold.

Nikki desperately tugged on long brunette tresses, trying to flip the big girl as Lucy choked her. Nikki gripped a knee and tripped Lucy to the canvas, then pulled the big woman up by the hair and flattened one of the Kiwi’s tits with a punch before she drove her shoulder into Lucy's taut abs. Nikki chopped Lucy across the chest with her forearm, then raised up on one foot and drove Lucy to the ropes with a forward thrust kick. Nikki charged in as Lucy was dangling from the ropes and whacked a fist to Lucy’s chest.

As the big Kiwi tried to counter attack, Nikki monkey flipped her back out into the center of the ring. Lucy groggily rolled around on the mat as Nikki walked over and stood over her. Then Nikki cupped her tits as she leaned over Lucy’s weary face and dropped her ass on Lucy’s midsection as she straddled her ribs with her knees. Nikki lowered her forearm across Lucy’s upper chest, then raised up and drilled the forearm into her breasts. Lucy gasped for air and her hands tried in vain to fend off Nikki’s fingers as they groped for her neck. Nikki pushed down on Lucy's throat as she drew her knee up, then powered it down into the quivering Kiwi’s ribs.

“Get off her, you harlot!” Catherine Zeta-Jones bellowed as she climbed into the ring to help Lucy.

“Get out of the ring!" Katey screamed. When Zeta-Jones ignored her, she barked, "OK, that’s it, you’re all disqualified!”

As Katey Sagal moved to cut off Cath's interference, she stepped in front of the enraged Cath who simply karate chopped the older referee across the throat, then spun around and sent Katey flying backward to the mat with a back kick to the gut. While Sagal lay groaning and writhing, it left a clear path to CZJ's fallen teammate. She placed Nikki’s throat in the crook of her arm as she surprised the redhead who had switched to a breast smother on the unfortunate Lucy.

Seeing what was happening, Cat Bell and Jennifer O'Dell rushed in to help Nikki. Cat jumping on the pile at mid-ring as Jennifer went to intercept Anna Nicole who was just entering the melee. Cath backed up and let the on-rushing Cat slide right over her back as she ducked, the brunette landing on top of Nikki and Lucy as she tumbled to the mat.

Cath reached into the tangle of bodies and found Nikki’s tits but as she started to pull, Nikki threw Cat off her and struggled to prevent Cath from pulling her up. Cath raked her nails across Nikki’s chest, then easily hoisted the wailing redhead up by the hair. She lowered her shoulder and dipped her knees, hoisting Nikki up onto her shoulder, then putting her in an airplane spin that totally disoriented the redhead. Cath dropped Nikki on top of Cat Bell, who was just recovering from her own pinball fall.

Cath put one knee on Cat’s left rib and the other on her right arm as she straddled Cat's back. Cath grabbed Cat's elbows and leaned back, pulling Cat's back up in a severe arch - a vicious hold that soon had Cat howling in pain and begging for mercy. Cath taunted her as she eased off, then tightened the hold once more.


Out in mid-ring, Jennifer rammed her shoulder into Anna’s chest and both proud women strained to topple the other. Anna took a step back and whipped two karate chops to Jennifer’s chest, then she shoved Jennifer back far enough she could still reach her, but Jennifer couldn’t hit back. Defiant shrieks of pain filled the arena as Anna patiently pancaked each of Jennifer’s tits with punches. Jennifer was forced to back off, then she lowered her head and charged in, leaping at Anna.

The big blonde caught Jennifer in mid-air, then dropped the smaller woman's back across her bent knee. Anna hoisted Jennifer up by the hair - forcing her face into her cleavage. Anna pulled Jennifer to her, holding her in a tight bearhug, then tripped her over backward, sending her to the mat with a thudding SLAM!

Anna sauntered over and dropped a knee on Nikki’s chest as the redhead lay groaning, then dragged the battered redhead by the arm near over to Lucy’s aching form. Lucy wearily lifted a leg and Anna pushed Nikki in front of her, letting her take the brunt of the blow. Lucy relished the chance to crush her tormentor as she dove on Nikki and clamped her legs around the squirming redhead’s chest. Tears and whimpering pleas escaped Nikki as Lucy joyously tugged and pulled her auburn tresses, bending her head back far enough she could see the pain in Nikki's face.

Anna strolled over to Katey, the redheaded referee who lay groaning and holding her ribs as the big blonde pulled her up by the hair.

"Disqualify THIS you bitch!” Anna snarled as she slammed her fist up between the older woman’s legs.

To cap the evening's entertainment, Anna dragged Katey over to Jennifer and forced the busty redhead’s chest down on Jennifer’s face. Anna sat on Katey’s back until Cath gave the order to release her; then as her teammates released their victims, Anna stood up and kicked Katey in the chest until she rolled off Jennifer.

As they left the ring, Anna paused to plant her foot on Jennifer’s face, pinching her nose closed with toes. Cath helped Lucy to her feet and then, arm in arm, the two villains left the ring with Anna, eager to meet the next challenge.

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