Tool Girl Tussle: Debbe Dunning-Daisy Fuentes-Laura Prepon vs. Anna Nicole Smith-Cat Bell-Pam Anderson w/Cameron Diaz

Debbe Dunning leaned against the turnbuckle, her team was trained and ready to go: big Laura Prepon, the young brawler, and Daisy Fuentes, the veteran, tugged at their metallic blue bikinis as Debbe nervously placed the cup of her top over her breast, then tweaked it to a new position. Debbe was tired of being humiliated by the "Baywatch " team and was anxious to see how her new three woman team would stack up. Across the ring, Anna Nicole Smith playfully tugged on Cat Bell's top - the rivals brought together after Daisy challenged them at Debbe's request. Cat sent a playful slap to Anna's asscheek just as Cameron Diaz entered the ring.

"What the fuck?" Cat snarled, "Don't you even know the difference between black and white blondie?" Cat barked at her teammate. "Thing's changed - I'm reffing tonight," Cam replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

Just then the lights in the run down arena dimmed and a woman with an enormous endowment entered the ring with a white bikini tenuously clinging to her huge rack.

"Sorry I'm late girls, let's get this going!" Pam Anderson chirped as she came in the ring for a fight for the first time in years, pausing to slap Cat on the ass as she stretched.

"Let's have a fighter from each side and get started ladies," Cam instructed as Daisy and Anna slid through the ropes.

Anna began by gripping the shocked Latina's tits in her hands, then ramming her shoulder into Daisy's gut. Daisy managed to stay upright and fired a punch into Anna's shoulder blades. Daisy slapped her foot out and tripped the beefy blonde to the mat, then ripped her foot into Anna's exposed chest. Anna crawled to her side, then shocked Daisy with a snap mare as the Latina knelt down to finish off the blonde. Anna slid in position to smother Daisy only to be repelled with an elbow to the breadbasket. Anna rolled off in pain and thrust her arm out to touch the straining fingers of Cat Bell. Daisy greeted her new foe with a knee lift to the tummy- as she moved in for a full nelson, Daisy was sent sprawling to the mat as her foe shot her foot into the thigh of the aggressive Latina. Daisy rolled to the corner and confidently tagged in the team captain as Cat waited at mid ring.

"Ready to get your ass kicked bitch?" Debbe asked as she strode through the ropes.

"The question is: are you ready to suck my tits?" Cat snarled as she waited for her ex-teammate to approach.

Debbe lowered her shoulder as she charged Cat- the brunette took a step to the side pushing down on Debbe's head and rode her flailing foe to the mat. Debbe shot her elbow back and reaped a harvest of Cat's chest - Cat rocked back in pain and gripped her foe's hair and tugged the toolgirl to her feet. Cat slid her hand's around Debbe's hips and flipped the toolgirl backwards over her shoulder. Debbe tried to get her bearings as Cat's fist slammed into her kidney, then she felt her hips lift off the mat as Cat hoisted her up then spun and drove her back to the mat. Debbe wearily lay on the mat wondering why Cat was giving her a break. As she regained her senses, Debbe groggily saw Cat tagging in her longtime foe. Debbe slowly made it to her hands and knees - Pam stalked out to her and applied a headlock.

"Don't cry little whore - nobody cares about your fat ass anymore!" Pam taunted as she slammed her heel into Debbe's thigh and flipped the redhead to the mat. "Christ, I miss this!" Pam exclaimed as she raked her fingers across Debbe's eyes. Debbe's hands shot up to protect her eyes as Pam hopped up and dropped a knee into her fellow toolgirl's ribs. Pam laughed as she dropped her ass on Debbe's crotch.

"You get worse every time we fight, slut! " Pam mocked as she leaned back and grabbed a breast in each hand.

"Bitch! Stop it!" Debbe howled as she vainly tried to peel Pam's prying fingers from her chest. "Get up, skank!" Pam commanded as she hopped to a squatting position while still latching onto Debbe's tits. Debbe grabbed Pam's elbows and followed her foe up to her feet. Pam released one tit and spun around only to gather the breast back into her hand . Placing her foot between Debbe's battered breasts, Pam monkey flipped her rival to the corner of the ring.

"Piece of crap - get up!" Pam howled at her fallen foe- Debbe rolled to her stomach and tugged on the ropes in an effort to gain her feet. As Debbe's chest pushed off the mat, Pam hopped in the air and dropped her butt on Debbe's back- the redhead crumpled to the mat as the big blonde cranked a full nelson on her. A cruel smile crossed Pam's face as she rolled Debbe to her back and pressed her lips full against her beaten foes mouth. "You know what comes next, hussy!" Pam cried as she draped her grotesque globes over Debbe's moaning face. Cam watched as Debbe futilely tried to pry Pam off, then desperately attempted to buck her foe off. Pam gleefully rode her adversary until Debbe meekly tapped out. Cam quickly peeled Pam off her prey and sent her back to the corner. "We don't have all day- get the hell out!" Cam barked as she sent the kneeling Debbe lurching to her corner with a kick to the ass.

After a short break, Cam called for fighters and was brusquely pushed aside by Laura Prepon. Cat Bell eased through the ropes on the other side of the ring. Laura smiled as she eyed her foe.

"C'mon let's see how great you are! Come get your ‘Bell’ rung slut!" Laura taunted as she flexed her biceps in the center of the ring and put her hands out in the traditional challenge position for a test of strength. The combatants locked hands and shifted their bodies in an attempt to force the enemy to the mat. Cat broke the stalemate and sent her free hand crashing into Laura's chest. A punch to the big blonde's chest allowed Cat to sink her hand into golden tresses and tug the big girl off balance as she sent another punch into Laura's chest.

"Fucking whore!" Laura cried as she grabbed Cat's arm from her hair and gave it a twist.

"Let go!" Cat growled as her fist again banged into Laura's lungs. As Laura dropped her hands to guard her battered breasts, Cat slid her fingers onto the blonde's tits and squeezed. "You should get in shape before fighting, dear…" Cat mocked as she shot her fist into Laura's tummy. "…and maybe learn some moves." Cat latched onto Laura's hair and forced the beefy blonde's head backwards. "This is a bulldog for a bullshit fiiii…"

Cat's taunt was interrupted by fingers poking into her eyes. Cat slumped over and blearily saw Daisy come through the ropes. Cat vainly slapped her foot out through the blurry distance. Daisy easily sidestepped it and ripped her own knee into Cat's ribs.

"You should learn how to fight, gringa." Daisy sneered as her fingers dug through Cat's tit flesh.

"Screw you!" Cat hissed as she replied with a tit rake of her own. A monkey flip sent Daisy across the ring. The big Latina landed with a thud which was soon echoed by Cat's fist finding Fuentes' firm flesh. Daisy crawled for her corner. Cat calmly strode over and put a chicken wing on her foe. Pain shot through Daisy's arm as Cat hauled her to her feet, but Daisy fought through it and spanked her elbow off the unsuspecting foe's tummy. Cat crumpled to the floor as Daisy sent her foot into unprotected groin. Daisy dropped a knee into Cat's gut and pressed the squirming woman's shoulders to the mat.

"One..two..three..four..five...she's out!" Cam dutifully said as Cat broke free from the pin being counted.

"Nice job ..stupid bitch !" Daisy bellowed as a smile shot across her face.

Cat thrashed her legs after she felt Daisy grab ankle with each hand. Daisy dropped her knee into the wiggling woman 's crotch. Daisy then straddled her foe and choked Cat until Cam stepped in to end the fall. Daisy raised off her quarry slowly and pressed her foot into the fallen Cat's face as Cam desperately tried to push her off. Cam grabbed tit and hair and hoisted an irate Cat off the mat and sent her stumbling back to the corner. Cam called for the final fall to begin and was joined in the ring by the amazon blondes. Anna caught Laura off guard with a punch to the crotch. Defiantly shoving into her wounded opponent, Anna reached down and slammed her thumb up into Laura's tit.

"I guess I'm just too much woman for anyone to handle," Anna chuckled under her breath as she began to choke her foe.

Laura battled the pain and sank her fingers into Anna's hair - a snap mare had the huge blonde on her back gasping for air. Laura pounced on her prey and the duo exchanged choke holds- Laura vainly groping- Anna expertly clawing away. After Anna gained a dominant position in the chokefest, Laura switched tactics- her fingers tore through the beefier blonde's chest as Anna bellowed in agony. "If you mean you're a fat cow-I agree that you're too much woman- although I'm not sure you were born one !" Laura grunted as she hauled the big girl up by the hair, then tripped her back down. Laura joyously skipped to the corner where she tagged Daisy back in.

"Can't get up big chick?" Daisy quipped, "Let me help you!" she chirped as she drove her palm in between Anna's shoulder blades. The big blonde slumped to her stomach and meekly tried to crawl from the ring. Daisy flipped the blonde and dropped her ass into Anna's weak gut. The Latina pressed her chest into Anna's nose until the busty blonde tapped the mat. Cam asked Anna to confirm her surrender- the big blonde again tapped the mat. Cam pulled Daisy up from Anna's demise as Laura took advantage of the situation to tear Anna' s ample top from her chest.

Pam and Cat helped console their fallen teammate as Cam raised the winners hands- Laura and Daisy dangling Anna 's top between their interlocked fingers, as Debbe took an extended curtsey. ""Fuck you bimbo!" Pam snarled as she caught sight of her fellow toolgirl doing a victory dance. Pam hopped to her feet and motioned for Debbe to join her. "Come on loser- you're no toolgirl!" Pam gestured at her chest as she awaited her longtime rival.

"No... I'm the toolgirl and you're a piece of cheap white traaaugh!" Debbe retorted as Pam's knee shot into her rival's gut. Pam powered into her slouched foe's shoulders . Pam ripped an uppercut to Debbe's ribs and she casually stepped aside to let Debbe fall to the mat.

"Keep out of this bitch! Unless you want to tangle with my friend Cat over there." Pam snarled at Daisy as the Latina came out of the corner. Turning her attention back to her rival, Pam wrapped hair around her fingers and hoisted Debbe to her feet. Pam wound her fingers around Debbe's neck as the redhead vainly flailed her hands at her attacker. Debbe raked at Pam's hands, but stopped in a panic as Pam forced her foe's neck back over the top rope. Pam enjoyed the frightened look in Debbe's eyes as the redhead realized she could never break the blonde's choke hold. Pam released the choke and slapped Debbe back and forth in the face with her tits as the redhead slowly slumped toward the mat. Debbe's descent was arrested as Pam grabbed chest and pulled her enemy back up. Pam giggled as she sent her knee into Debbe's crotch and Debbe crashed to the canvas. Debbe tried to steady herself on elbows and knees as Pam shadow boxed nearby. Pam reached down and pried the top out of Debbe's protesting hands.

"Modest one aren't you? I'd be too if my chest was as small as yours. I hear you're thinking about a guest role on ‘Stacked’. Any second thoughts yet?" Pam chortled as she propped Debbe's shoulders up with her knees.

"Fuck You…gggh!" Debbe defiantly answered- her top being wrapped around her throat mid sentence.

"Stop whore!" Daisy blared as she charged Pam.

Cat and Cam cut her off and pushed her from the ring. Laura came over to protect Daisy and pulled her to her feet and lead her away from the ring. Debbe pried at Pam's fingers- occasionally relieving her throat only to be once again overpowered by Pam's buff arms. Pam finally dropped the bikini top and let Debbe slump onto the bottom rope. The redhead exhaustedly tried to regroup as Pam inexplicably left her alone. Debbe modestly put her top back on while she slumped on the rope.

The eery silence in the ring was broken by Cat screaming, "Yesss! Go get her girl. She's all yours!" Debbe was too tired to look at what the commotion was all about, but soon found out as she felt Pam lean on her back and drape a tit on each shoulder. "Yeah! Work those speed bags!" Cat laughed as Pam slapped her tits back and forth across the back of Debbe's head.

"Still wanna be on TV again little girl?" Pam asked as she backed off and watched her victim again slump on the rope. "I'll do what I want Whorough!" Debbe defiantly stammered as Pam's foot pressed her neck across the rope.

"We'll see about that bitch!" Pam grinned as she yanked Debbe's hair and flipped the girl to her back.

Pam grinned as she took Debbe by the ankles and pulled her knees over the second rope. The blonde crawled to the top rope and slammed her foot down into Debbe's crotch.

"Stop ! Please more ..Cat help ..please." Debbe stammered.

"Yes Cat please help the slut." Pam gloated as she held her victim's legs over the ropes.

Cat crawled over to the pleading woman. "Such a pretty old lady. You should get out more!" Cat whispered in Debbe's ear before she tugged on the thrashing woman's top and once again freed Debbe's heaving cleavage. "Still wanna be on Pam's show?" Cat asked as her large chest hovered over Debbe's pleading eyes.

"No. Let me go bitch." Debbe whimpered as her hands covered her chest.

"Bitch? A no talent skank like you should have respect for your betters!" Cat snarled as she undid her top and let her tits dangle down on Debbe's head.

"She's mine Cat, get off her!" Pam ordered.

"I said she was gonna suck my tits and I'll be damned if she doesn't !" Cat retorted.

"OK, we'll settle this like the ladies we are. We'll do 'paper, rock, scissors," Pam chuckled. "One, two, three...SHOOT!" Pam had scissors, Cat had rock. "Shit ! Make it good Cat." Pam gloomily said as she released Debbe's legs.

"Cat...puh…puh…leeeese…" Debbe stammered as the topless brunette lurked nearby on hands and knees.

"Get up and fight whore!" Cat growled as she stood shaking her breasts over Debbe . "I said get up you insolent old hag!" Cat sank her fingers into Debbe's tormented tits and hauled the redhead up to wobbly legs. "Fight bitch!" Cat snarled as she slapped Debbe's tear soaked cheek. Debbe feebly wrapped her hands around Cat's neck as the buxom brunette giggled at the effort. Debbe tugged weakly at Cat's hair . "Is that all you've got cunt?" Cat laughed as she sent Debbe reeling to the mat with a punch to the left tit. Debbe slithered towards the ropes. "Kick my ass will you? I'm Cat Bell and you're an old whore!" Cat barked as she strode over and rammed her foot into Debbe's derriere.

Debbe sobbed uncontrollably as she lay prone on the mat. Cat stood over her prey and wrenched Debbe's neck around with a handful of hair.

"Look at me when I talk to you slut!" Cat hissed as she gazed on Debbe's submissive face and heaving chest. "I told you to get up and fight you damn bimbo!" Cat growled as she sank her talons into Debbe's breasts and hoisted the redhead up from the mat. "How 'bout a bear hug fight tough girl?"

Cat guffawed as she swung Debbe around to face her, tugging the slumping woman toward her as she ground her tits into Debbe's. Groans of agony filled the ring as Cat pressed her breasts in then dragged them across Debbe's tender tits. Cat backed off and slammed a fist to tit before Debbe hit the mat. Cat grabbed Debbe's ankles and spun the defenseless lady to her back. Cat dropped her foe's legs and menacingly stood over Debbe who vainly tried to backstroke away. Cat giddily strolled along with Debbe, then grabbed the toolgirl's legs again, raised one leg and wrapped her ankles around Debbe's other thigh. Down crashed Cat on the formerly raised leg as she pressed it onto the toolgirl's shoulder. Debbe's whimpered pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears as Cat relished the devastated look on the redheads face as the split sent throbs of pain to new places on the beaten girl.

Cat smiled contentedly as she released the split and draped her chest over Debbe's frightened face and gave the command, "LICK!"

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