1-Lisa Kudrow vs. Gloria Reuben by Bob

A bitter feud had been raging between Lisa Kudrow and Gloria Reuben since the first day they started filming an action packed Civil War movie together. Lisa played the part of a heartless plantation mistress, while Gloria portrayed her defiant slave. The final scene in the movie was supposed to feature a knock down drag out fight in which Gloria was supposed to knock Lisa out and escape. However, because of her dislike for Gloria, Lisa had a few ideas of her own as to how that battle sequence should be done and decided to upstage Gloria during the verbal confrontation. During their dialogue, Lisa cut Gloria off several times, upstaging her co-star, and stealing the scene. Then, completely ignoring the script, Lisa gave the black Canadian a hard shove into a wall. She then grabbed the black Amazon’s blouse, and ripped it open, exposing Gloria’s breasts.

Gloria responded by grabbing Lisa’s blouse and ripping it open. However, when Lisa savagely grabbed Gloria and threw her to the ground, Gloria quickly got up, and punched Lisa several times. Cast members were surprised at how aggressive the lanky Canadian star was and watched for several seconds before moving in to separate the two stars. Once cast members had a hold of Gloria and Lisa, the tall blonde broke away and went after her costar. The tall gorgeous blonde threw a right hand, which caught the equally tall and unsuspecting black goddess by surprise. Gloria’s legs buckled and her body went limp as she and the cast members that were holding her almost fell to the ground.

Lisa looked at her unconscious costar and turned to the cast members. “I guess that will teach her not to mess with me. You mess with the bull and you get the horns.”

Although cast members had been holding a defenseless Gloria, many of the cast members had to admit that Lisa had thrown a devastating punch that probably would have sent Gloria to dream land even if she had been fighting back. During the filming Lisa had proved to be exceptionally strong and seemed to enjoy rough housing. Few cast members doubted that she would have easily had her way with the more ladylike Canadian if the two of them actually duked it out again.

Gloria was carried to her dressing room and placed on a couch. When she woke up several minutes later, she was very dazed and disoriented. As she started to regain her senses she asked what happened. When Gloria was told that she and Lisa had a fight, her next question was, “Who won.” When told that Lisa had knocked her out, Gloria picked up a glass and threw it down on the floor. The glass shattered as Gloria swore she was going to get the blonde bimbo back.

Later that day Lisa and Gloria were supposed to appear together at a charity fund-raiser. They had both been playing in a female celebrity volleyball league that had been started to raise money to help find a cure for cancer. Both actresses were very athletic and were able to take advantage of their height to lead their teams into the championship round. Because of their size, strength, and athleticism, they were captains of their teams and had been the best two players in the league. Because the two divas disliked each other and both were very competitive they had been looking forwards to the game so they could flaunt their superiority after their team won. The fight had made both celebrities more determined to win the championship and the director tried to remind both stars that the league had been formed to raise money to help find a cure for cancer and they forget about their fight. Although both claimed the incident was finished, Lisa was determined to teach the Canadian beauty that she could beat her in everything. Gloria’s team had won both times their teams had met. The two losses to Gloria’s team were the only game that Lisa’s team had lost and Lisa was sure it was a fluke. Gloria had determined that she was going to humiliate the blonde, especially since her team was obviously better than Lisa’s and the blonde had cold-cocked her with a cheap shot!

Despite their hatred for each other, the two stars had planned to go to the beach together. The director had convinced them that going to the game together would be great publicity for the movie. However, neither was speaking to the other. Gloria arrived first and was chatting with the other celebrities. She was having a great time socializing with everyone and being very pleasant, which was why everyone wondered why her mood had changed so dramatically when Lisa arrived. Their eyes immediately locked and they did not stop eye-balling each other until they joined their teams to stretch and loosen up for the game.

Despite being given team shirts to wear, Lisa wanted to upstage Gloria and wore a tiny white bikini that amply showed off her strong, lean, athletic body, and large chest. She was in superb physical condition and those who were aware of the incident were not surprised that she had decked Gloria. Ironically Gloria had also decided to wear a tiny white bikini, rather than her team shirt. Although she was on the skinny side and had a smaller chest than her blonde adversary, it was easy to see that she was also somewhat muscular and in great shape as well.

The game started and the thought of winning a championship had turned the charity event into a hard fought contest. While everyone was playing hard, the intensity of the two captains exceeded how hard everyone else was playing. Of course, the two captains were playing harder than they had ever played; playing for blood. Despite everyone wanting to win several of the participants told Lisa and Gloria to take it easy. But neither one was about to let up. Both were intent on ramming the ball down the other’s throat. Many of the other celebrities who were playing in the fund-raiser were starting to get annoyed at how hard the two antagonists were playing because they were afraid someone would get hurt. None of the other participants had a vendetta; they were playing to help raise money for a worthy cause. The blonde superstar and the black Canadian superstar continued to play hard, trying to humiliate each other; perhaps even put the other out of the game due to injury. With twelve celebrities on each team, players were being shuffled in and out of the games. However, the two captains refused to allow anyone to substitute for them and the rotations worked out so that the two captains went head-to-head as often as possible. The games were close, with first one team winning and then the other. Playing the final game and Lisa’s team needing a point to win the championship, Lisa and Gloria ironically were playing directly opposite one another at the net. The blonde viciously spiked the ball at Gloria. The ball was the hardest ball that had been hit and when it bounced off Gloria’s chest and sent her sprawling to the sand, Gloria got up with fire in her eyes.

“You did that on purpose you bitch,” Gloria screamed.

“Well duh. Of course I did. Now I know why everyone says you’re so smart. Tell me you wouldn’t have done that to me if your teammates had set you up so that you could have drilled me,” Lisa said in a very derisive and condescending manner.

Gloria angrily snapped, “I’ve had just about enough of you. You’re the most unprofessional actress I’ve ever worked with. You’ve been trying to show me up since day one!”

Lisa laughed. “Gloria showing you up hasn’t been hard. You’re a no talent hack.”

Gloria had had enough. “That’s it; it’s you and me, woman to woman. And no one is going to be holding me this time.”

“Just the way I like it and I’m going to close your eyes one more time.” Lisa immediately went on the offensive, charging under the net and ramming her head into Gloria’s stomach. Gloria had been taken by surprise and staggered backwards several steps. As she regained her balance, Lisa butted her in the stomach again, and quickly brought her head up, butting Gloria under the chin. Gloria’s jaw snapped shut and her knees buckled. The blonde followed with a backhand slap across the Canadian’s cheek. Gloria was hurt and fell backwards, hitting the sand with a thud. Lisa stalked her foe. Noticing that her slap had cut Gloria, she reached down, and rubbed Gloria’s injured cheek. The blonde Amazon put her hand in front of Gloria’s eyes so that the African-Canadian beauty could see that she was bleeding. Gloria instinctively reached for her cheek, giving Lisa the opening she needed. Reaching out with her right hand, the blonde easily ripped Gloria’s bikini top off, revealing Gloria’s round and firm breasts. Lisa couldn’t help but stare at Gloria’s breasts for a second or two. Although Gloria’s breasts were not as large as hers, she couldn’t believe how round Gloria’s breasts were. She then grabbed Gloria’s hair and pulled the Canadian to her feet.

Lisa reached for Gloria’s chest with both hands and started to squeeze. However, the blonde didn’t squeeze Gloria’s chest for long as the black Canadian hit Lisa in the mouth with her right hand. The punch was a good one and Lisa could sense a couple of her teeth had been knocked loose as blood trickled from the inside of her mouth. Lisa had had a few fights but had never bled before. The blonde seemed bothered by the blood and froze, trying to think about what to do. While standing there and contemplating her next move, Gloria reached out, grabbed Lisa’s bikini top and ripped it off. Gloria followed with a right-left combination to Lisa’s large tits. As Lisa’s tits started to swing to the sides, Gloria followed with a hard punch to the blonde’s nose. Much to her surprise, Lisa was still on her feet. However, Gloria followed with a right to the stomach and a left to Lisa’s chin. The blonde tumbled backwards, the back of her head taking the brunt of the fall. Lisa was now groggy as Gloria put her right foot on the blonde’s groin and pushed down. Lisa screamed as Gloria applied a lot of pressure to her groin. The blonde was groggy from the pain that Gloria was dishing out. She was in trouble and had to do something to regain the advantage.

Despite the intense pain, Lisa knew there was only one thing for her to do. She reached down and grabbed a handful of sand and threw it in the African-Canadian’s eyes. Gloria grabbed her eyes and stumbled backwards. The blonde Amazon was in intense pain, but she knew she had to forget about her pain and go after her foe. The blonde got up and went after the powerful Black beauty, savagely grabbing hold of Gloria’s beautiful round tits, and squeezing with all of her strength. Viciously squeezing and twisting Gloria’s vulnerable round tits, the tall Canadian screamed in agony. The beautiful blonde was now in control. She smiled as Gloria screamed like an animal caught in a trap. The powerful blonde then forced her Black foe to the ground, keeping her death grip on Gloria’s wounded breasts.

Despite Lisa’s vice-like grip on Gloria’s chest, Gloria managed to muster enough strength to fight back and soon the two wildcats were rolling around in the sand. For several exhausting minutes the two wildcats wrestled in the sand, kneeing, kicking, pulling hair, spitting, and cursing one another, each trying to get an advantage over the other. They were too close to each other to land a solid punch to the head or chest, but they pounded at one another’s backs, with an occasional uppercut landing in the crotch or stomach. It was a brutal exchange, but once again Gloria’s experience and her ability to use Lisa’s superior strength to work against the nasty blonde, began to prevail as they kept rolling around, wrapped in each other’s arms. Gloria’s firm and round tits rubbed and squeezed against Lisa’s bowling ball-like tits as if they were trying a defeat each other by injuring their opponent’s tits. Gloria got a hold of Lisa’s long blonde hair and jerked her head back, then quickly smashed her elbow into the blonde’s jaw, leaving the blonde dazed and groggy. A kick in the stomach and the blonde fell to her back.

Gloria climbed on top of Lisa, sitting on Lisa’s stomach and maneuvering the blonde’s arms so that they were sandwiched between the upper and lower part of Gloria’s muscular legs. As the Black Canadian leaned forward to cover Lisa’s face with her beautiful breasts and smother the blonde, Lisa arched her head forwards slightly and viscously sank her teeth into Gloria’s right tit. Pain shot through Gloria’s entire body and she shrieked out in agony. Grabbing her breast she fell forward, smacking Lisa in the nose with her hard breasts, and then rolled off the vicious blonde. Both fighters were in a lot of pain. After grabbing her breast, Gloria’s hands were quickly covered with blood; Lisa’s bite had done some serious damage to Gloria’s breast. Lisa was also in pain as her nose started bleeding profusely after getting smacked by Gloria’s breasts when she fell forwards. Even though she was very dazed and groggy, the blonde vixen staggered to her feet. Gloria was still holding her chest as she slowly struggled to get up. Moaning as she tenderly cupped her mauled and wounded breast, Gloria had never been angrier. She had seen some women, who fought dirty, but she had never seen anyone fight as dirty as Lisa did. Despite being in pain, Gloria’s anger had taken over and she was prepared to give her blonde foe the beating of her life. While both fighters had taken more punishment than most fighters could withstand, both were ready to resume the fight.

Despite bleeding profusely through the nose, Lisa was in a little better condition and recovered first. Sounding like a wild animal, she screamed, and charged at Gloria, her long muscular arms extended and her long, strong fingers arched like talons. As she neared Gloria, she reached for Gloria’s injured breasts. However, Gloria was ready for the blonde, and threw out her right foot as Lisa got close. Lisa could not stop and ran into Gloria’s foot. The blonde beauty immediately grabbed her stomach and doubled over from the pain. Gloria then threw one of the best punches she had ever thrown, hitting Lisa flush in the left eye. Lisa’s eye closed immediately and she fell down. Gloria jumped high in the air as Lisa’s bloodied face hit the sand.

Gloria screamed as loud as she could, “GET UP BITCH! THIS ISN’T OVER!”

Much to her delight, Lisa put her hands in the sand and slowly started to push against the ground. She was going to get up and Gloria was going to finish her off and show her who the boss was. After starting to get up, Lisa fell backwards. When she again tried to get up, Gloria reached down, grabbed Lisa by her long blonde hair and helped her to her feet. She then punched Lisa with a hard left-right combination, hitting the blonde nasty girl in the right eye and her chin. While Lisa’s legs buckled, she somehow managed to remain on her feet. Gloria again hit Lisa in her right eye. Lisa screamed, “I CAN’T SEE! I CAN’T SEE!” as she fell backwards. The blonde immediately rolled to her stomach and continued to scream, “I CAN’T SEE! I CAN’T SEE!”

Gloria was determined to continue the fight and kicked Lisa in the ribs. Lisa bounced off the ground. As soon as she returned to the ground, Gloria gave her another hard kick in the ribs. Once again Lisa screamed, “I CAN’T SEE! I CAN’T SEE!”

When Lisa did not get up, Gloria put her foot on Lisa buttocks and pushed her so that she was now on her back. Lisa had her hands over her eyes. Gloria slowly mounted Lisa and pried the blonde’s hands away from her eyes. Both eyes were swollen shut. Gloria laughed defiantly and asked, “So who won?”

Much to her surprise, Lisa’s fist shot up and she smacked Gloria on the chin. A stunned Gloria fell backwards. Both beauties were on the ground. The dazed and blood-covered blonde somehow managed to crawl to where Gloria was laying. She mounted the Canadian one more time and groped around with her hands until she found Gloria’s injured breasts. She then started throwing lefts and rights to Gloria’s injured breasts. Gloria screamed with each punch. Considering that she could not see, Lisa had suddenly taken control. She continued to punch Gloria’s breasts until she could hear Gloria crying. Once Gloria started to cry, Lisa took her long nails and dug them deep into Gloria’s injured breasts. She then raked the breasts with her finger nails. Once again Gloria screamed. Sensing that the fight was just about over, Lisa again lowered her head and sank her teeth into Gloria’s breasts.

Although she couldn’t see, Lisa could feel Gloria’s body go limp. Even though Gloria had passed out from the pain, Lisa was going to make Gloria pay for the damage she had done. She lowered her head one more time and sunk her teeth into Gloria’s breasts once again. Lisa then got up and staggered around the beach for several seconds, trying to figure out what to do.

About ten minutes later two ambulances arrived on the beach. Lisa had lost a lot of blood and was barely conscious. Gloria was still out cold. After the paramedics did all they could do for the two combatants, the two beauties were placed in the ambulances and taken to the hospital, where they stayed for several days. After being released from the hospital and finally being able to finish shooting the movie the two actresses had a different attitude towards each other. Although they still hated each other, they had gained a mutual respect for each other. Lisa told fellow cast members that she was lucky to have won and Gloria was the toughest person she knew. Meanwhile Gloria told people that she had never seen anyone or knew anyone as tough as Lisa and she regretted taking on the blonde bombshell.
2-Kelly Ripa vs. Kathie Lee Gifford by Bob

Kathie Lee Gifford slammed the newspaper down and turned on the television. She watched her set intensely, staring lasers through Kelly Ripa. The brunette was angry that the show that she once co-hosted was more popular than ever. The story she had just read in the paper was comparing her and Kelly Ripa. The writer credited the shows improvement on the perky blonde, saying that she was vivacious and unlike Kathie Lee, was very likable. Kathie Lee and Kelly had only met a few times. However, they immediately disliked each other. Kathie Lee watched for another minute or two and then decided she was going to drive down to the studio and teach the young starlet that she could never replace her. She remembered when she replaced Cyndy Garvey. Cyndy was very bitter that she was being replaced by a younger, prettier, and more talented co-host. The first time the two came face to face, Cyndy grabbed her replacement and gave her a terrible beating. Kathie Lee was very athletic and much stronger than she looked. She laughed at Cyndy when Cyndy told her she was going to kick her ass. However, Cyndy grabbed her and started throwing her around like she was a young child. Cyndy then proceeded to punch her senseless until she was so bloodied and battered that her only alternative was to beg for mercy until Cyndy had decided she had had enough. Despite having had several fights, it was the first fight that Kathie Lee had lost. Kathie Lee learned from the beating Cyndy gave her and became a much better fighter. However, although she had become a much better fighter she never had any desire to seek Cyndy out and get a little revenge because she was very afraid of her and did not want to fight her again. Kathie Lee started thinking about the beating Cyndy gave her and decided she was going to give Kelly Ripa an even worse beating than the one Cyndy gave to her.

Kathie Lee drove to the ABC studio. Because she had been the former co-host she was able to get into the studio and into Kelly’s dressing room. She paced and paced, waiting for the perky young blonde to come into her dressing room. It seemed like hours, but finally she heard the gregarious young co-host coming. As she thought about what she was going to do to the young starlet her nipples suddenly got hard.

Kelly entered her dressing room, spotted Kathie Lee and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Kathie Lee stared defiantly at her hated rival, “What do you think I’m doing here?”

Kelly could tell by the tone of Kathie Lee’s voice what the older blonde had in mind and said, “You’re making a big mistake Mrs. Gifford. I know what Cyndy Garvey did to you and you’re about 20 years older than me and I’m in much better shape. You start anything and I’ll kick your butt even worse than Cyndy did.”

Kathie Lee stuck her hand out and started to shake it. “Gee, Ripa, look how my hand is shaking. I’m scared. I’m in great shape too and I’m an experienced fighter. We’ll see who gets their butt kicked.”

Although Kelly’s dressing room was small, the two starlets started circling each other, their hands outstretched in front of them, each beauty looking for an opening.

“Come on Ripa, make your move so I can kick YOUR SKINNY LITTLE ASS!” glowered Kathie Lee.

The two continued to paw and feint, waiting for the other to make a mistake.

“So, you’re gonna kick my ass. Well it’s going to be tough to kick my ass when I knock you out - you should be used to that!” chided Kelly. Hitting the taller blonde where it hurt, Kelly added, “Regis told me about your fight with Cyndy Garvey. He told me she made you cry and beg for mercy. Well, I’m going to make you cry and beg too.”

“Are you really? One of us is going to cry and beg, but it won’t be me! Let’s cut the gab session and get down and dirty.”

Kathie Lee than slapped the tinier blonde across the face. Before Kelly could recover, Kathie Lee put her hands up as if she was a boxer and started throwing lefts and rights. Her barrage had caught Kelly by surprise and many of Kathie Lee’s punches landed flush on Kelly’s face and chest. The tiny blonde had underestimated Kathie Lee’s fighting ability and defenseless against Kathie Lee’s barrage of punches. Realizing she could not out-box the taller blonde, Kelly lunged at Kathie Lee, grabbing the lanky former co-hosts hair and pulling hard. Kathie Lee stumbled as Kelly took advantage of the situation and yanked Kathie Lee’s head from side to side in an effort to get her down on the ground. Kathie Lee tried to grab Kelly’s hair and take away the smaller blonde’s advantage. However, she was having trouble grabbing Kelly’s hair because of how vigorously and quickly Kelly was yanking her head from side to side. Finally Kathie Lee managed to grab Kelly’s hair and the two blondes took turns smashing each other’s back into the walls. Fighting desperately to gain an advantage the two inflicted a lot of punishment as they continued slamming each other into the walls. Finally Kelly gained an advantage as she slammed Kathie Lee into the wall and watched Kathie Lee’s legs buckle. She slammed her into the wall one more time and smiled as she let Kathie Lee go and watched her collapse to the floor.

The smaller blonde laughed and asked, “What did you say you were going to do to me has been? Why don’t you get up? Did I hurt you? Get up and fight like a woman.”

Listening to Kelly torment her really angered Kathie Lee. Although she was in pain, she was going to take a little bit of sass out of the brash young brat.

Kathie Lee slowly got up. As Kelly again reached out for Kathie Lee’s hair, Kathie Lee quickly moved, lunging at her younger rival, and wrapped her arms around Kelly’s waist so that she had the young vivacious blonde in a bone crushing bear-hug. As Kathie Lee lifted Kelly off her feet, she began squeezing with all of her might. The initial effect of Kathie Lee’s vice-like grip gave the older blonde a tremendous advantage because Kelly was in too much pain to fight back. Kathie Lee continued squeezing with all her might, periodically increasing the pressure. Kelly was not sure how Kathie Lee was able to periodically increase the pressure of her hold and wondered how much more Kathie Lee could increase her hold. She kept thinking, grab the bitches hair and pull, punch her in the face, scratch her, do something. However, while her mind was telling her what to do, her body was not reacting. Kathie Lee was hurting her and she was defenseless.

As Kathie Lee continued to apply pressure, Kelly could feel her spine cracking. Either Kathie Lee had become a lot tougher since her fight with Cyndy Garvey, or Cyndy Garvey was one very tough woman. Finally Kelly made a move, pushing underneath Kathie Lee’s jaw with both hands, trying to push free, only to feel her rival’s arms tighten even more. Growing desperate, Kelly finally hit Kathie Lee under the chin with her open palm. When Kathie Lee loosened her grip slightly, Kelly hit her again with an open palm. The second smack had been a good one and Kathie Lee finally released her grip. The younger blonde was free, but her back and ribs were hurting her a lot.

As Kelly grabbed her back, the older blonde reached out and grabbed Kelly by the throat. After experiencing an excruciating bear-hug, Kelly was now being choked. She instinctively grabbed Kathie Lee’s wrists and started squeezing them, hoping she could free Kathie Lee’s hands. However, Kelly did not squeeze Kathie Lee’s wrists for long, because she was having great difficulty breathing. Kelly had to break Kathie Lee’s hold because she was on the verge of passing out. Bringing her hands up like twin blades, and then separating them, Kelly then chopped down hard into the side of Kathie Lee’s neck. The taller and older blonde screamed and loosened her grip slightly. The younger blonde repeated the move twice more, harder and harder. Each blow would cause Kathie Lee to scream out again and loosen the grip. Once again, Kelly took her open palm and smacked Kathie Lee under her chin, which caused Kathie Lee to yell one more time, and then release her hold. With Kathie Lee’s hands no longer wrapped around her throat and choking her, Kelly could breathe again.

Seeing the older blonde staggering, Kelly put her hands up and started throwing lefts and rights, punching Kathie Lee in her large breasts and in her face. She continued throwing punches, until Kathie Lee fell backwards. As Kathie Lee’s head hit the floor, Kelly was surprised that her older opponent was bleeding. Kelly bent down, reached for Kathie Lee’s dress and yanked it off in one swift motion. She then grabbed the bloodied blonde’s bra and ripped it off. With a big advantage, the younger blonde put her foot on Kathie Lee’s large chest and flattened it as she pushed down with all her might, making sure to grind her 2 inch heel into Kathie Lee’s chest. Kathie Lee again screamed out as the pain Kelly was administering was worse than any pain she had ever experienced.

Sensing that she had inflicted a lot of pain and that Kathie Lee would not be able to defend herself, Kelly grabbed Kathie Lee’s blonde hair and lifted her head slightly. She then slammed Kathie Lee’s head backwards. Kelly laughed sadistically as Kathie Lee’s head bounced off the floor. The younger blonde took a second to think about how she had changed the complexion of the fight and was now taking the older blonde apart. Once again she reached down and grabbed the older blonde by her hair. She laughed as she heard Kathie Lee whimpering. “Looks like you’re going to be begging again Kathie Lee.” Still holding Kathie Lee’s hair, she then mounted her battered foe, sitting on Kathie Lee’s sore chest. Lifting Kathie Lee’s head slightly, she snapped it forwards, placing it into her crotch. The young blonde held the older blonde’s hair tightly with both hands as she moved wildly while manipulating Kathie Lee’s hair, grinding Kathie Lee’s face into her crotch and laughing menacingly at the thought of what she was doing to the much hated Kathie Lee. Kelly was enjoying the fact that she was suffocating Kathie Lee and listening to her muffled sobs. Kelly was having such a great time that she closed her eyes and threw her head back so that she could enjoy every second of how she was torturing the erstwhile co-host.

On the verge of passing out, the older and wiser blonde was now like a wounded animal ready to protect itself. Kathie Lee somehow managed to grab the back of Kelly’s legs and pull them forward with what little strength she had left. Kelly fell forwards, her chest hitting the floor hard. Kathie Lee then somehow managed to lift Kelly’s legs enough so that she could free herself. Despite being dazed and groggy, the older blonde jumped on Kelly’s back and leaned forward so that her chest covered the back of Kelly’s head. The young blonde, realizing the position she was in immediately panicked and tried to slip out from Kathie Lee’s buttocks the same way Kathie Lee had moments earlier. However, Kathie Lee was using her weight, strength, skill, and leverage. Kelly was trapped and wasn’t going anywhere unless Kathie Lee made a mistake. Kelly continued to struggle in vane, not realizing the more she struggled, the more energy she was using, and the more Kathie Lee was resting and recovering.

Finally Kelly stopped struggling. She was in a hold to which she didn’t have a clue how to escape. Sensing Kelly had nothing left; a rejuvenated Kathie Lee quickly rolled Kelly over and maneuvered so that she was sitting on Kelly’s face. Kelly couldn’t breathe; she did not have any strength left and could not fight back in an effort to throw Kathie Lee off her. Kathie Lee continued to sit on the submissive young blonde, waiting for her to pass out. Although Kelly was not fighting back and was having difficulty breathing, the young blonde somehow managed to stay conscious for several minutes until she finally passed out.

A bloodied and battered Kathie Lee got up walked over to the mirror in the dressing room. She screamed when she saw the damage the young blonde had done to her face and her body. Despite the fact that Kelly was unconscious, she was going to pay for what she did to Kathie Lee.

Kathie Lee reached down and quickly and easily removed all of Kelly’s clothing, then started digging her heels into different parts of Kelly’s body; grinding her heel into Kelly’s alabaster skin until she left a deep dark welts, then working another part of her body. Once she was content with the damage she’d done, Kathie Lee made a quick exit, got in her car and headed home, satisfied she’d finally avenged the defeat she suffered when she replaced Cyndy Garvey.
3-Charisma Carpenter vs. Alyson Hannigan by Bob

Filming for the day had just finished and many of the young cast members of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were sitting together and having a good time. It was a rare moment because all of the young female stars hated each other and there were many anxious moments and catty remarks when any of the young female celebs were together. As they were joking and having a good time, one of the young extras came running in and said that Alyson just challenged Charisma to meet her behind the lot.

Mercedes McNab shrugged her shoulders and said, “Big deal, Charisma won’t show up. She knows that Alyson will kick her ass.”

The young extra said, “She sent me to tell Alyson she’d be there in two minutes.”

Juliette Landau sarcastically said, “Yeah she needs two minutes to find a bat. She can’t beat any of us. She’s going to fight the toughest one here. Doubtful!”

Eliza Dushku stood up, “I’m going outside. If Carpenter shows up I don’t want to miss seeing her get beat. With a little luck, they’ll both put each other in the hospital.”

As the young cast members got up, Sarah Michelle Gellar asked, “Who’re we rooting for?”

Mercedes sarcastically said, “Who cares. No matter who loses they’ll get what they deserve. But I wouldn’t mess with Alyson. Besides, Charisma can’t even beat you.”

Sarah Michelle looked disdainfully at the blonde beauty, “Really, well she can beat you. Anytime you get the guts to fight me just say the word.”

Mercedes smiled and replied, “Be careful what you wish for. Maybe after Alyson kicks Charisma’s ass, I’ll kick yours.”

Juliette quickly chirped, “The two of you can settle your differences in two minutes. Charisma’s not going to show up. She’s probably halfway to Las Vegas by now.”

As the young cast members approached the area, Alyson was sitting on a bench. She was still dressed in the clothes she was wearing during the filming, a white blouse, a plaid short skirt, black stockings, and black boots.

While there had been a lot of friction on the set no one wanted to mess with Alyson. While Sarah Michelle and Eliza had been learning how to fight, both had stunt doubles who did all of the falls and took all of the hits. While Alyson was very athletic like her other costars, she was not the wimpy character she played. She had shown everyone she was exceptionally strong and liked rough housing with some of the young male stars. Unlike the other female stars of the show, Alyson did all of her own stunts. While all of the young stars disliked Alyson, they all respected her athleticism and strength.

Juliette looked at Alyson and said, “You’re wasting your time. She’s not going to show. Why don’t you kick Eliza’s ass instead.”

Eliza shot a dirty look at Juliette. Holding three fingers in the air, with the back of her hand pointed to Juliette, Eliza asked, “Can you read between the lines Landau?”

Sarah looked at Alyson and asked the redhead, “Why’d you challenge her?”

“The last scene where we were supposed to argue, the bitch said a few things that weren’t in the script. When the scene ended she told me she meant everything she said. She walked away before I could tell her to meet me outside. So I sent her a message. I was told she’d be here. But it doesn’t look like she is going to show.” Alyson shrugged and added, “It’s going to be interesting on the set tomorrow because I’m going to get her one way or the other.”

As Alyson got up and started to walk away, Charisma came walking out of the main building. Like Alyson, she was still dressed in her costume, wearing black heels, black stockings, and a blue skirt. “Where are you going Hannigan? You challenged me to a fight. You’re not backing out? I’ve been wanting to go with you for a long time.”

Alyson’s face turned beat red. The angry redhead said, “I was leaving because I figured you’d be too chicken shit to fight. I wish I knew sooner you wanted a piece of me. I would have loved to have given you a chance to show how tough you are a long time ago.”

“Well Red, I’m here now and you’re going to find out how tough I am. Talk is cheap, let’s get this over with. I want to get changed and go home,” the beautiful brunette replied.

Alyson, who hated being called Red, immediately showed the brunette how she got her reputation of being the toughest female, putting Charisma in a headlock and flipping the brunette over her hip. Charisma landed on her back, with Alyson, also on her back, on top of her. As Alyson tightened her grip, Charisma grabbed Alyson’s wrists and struggled to pry her hands apart. However, Alyson had great leverage, was exceptionally strong, and Charisma could not free herself. After struggling for a few minutes, Charisma let go of Alyson’s wrists and grabbed Alyson’s hair. Alyson screamed, but held on tightly to Charisma’s head. When Alyson tightened her grip, Charisma started digging her heels into Alyson’s long and shapely legs. However, Alyson continued to hold on to Charisma’s head.

Both of the 5’7” beauties were punishing each other and their fellow female cast members loved every second of it. One thing was very obvious to everyone, although Alyson was the stronger of the two and the better fighter, Charisma was not about to give up and was going to inflict as much pain as possible.

Sensing that she was doing a lot of damage by grinding her heels into Alyson’s legs, Charisma decided to release Alyson’s hair and grabbed Alyson’s breasts. Alyson screamed as Charisma continued to dig her heels in the redhead’s legs and squeeze her breasts, but would not let go of Charisma’s head. As Alyson applied even more pressure on Charisma’s head, Charisma, squeezed Alyson’s breasts even harder. After about thirty seconds of intense pain, Alyson screamed and let go of Charisma’s head. Although Alyson was still on top, she was no longer in control. Alyson grabbed Charisma’s hands and tried to pry them loose from her breasts. Despite Alyson’s strength, Charisma continued squeezing Alyson’s breasts. However, with her head free, Charisma was able to adjust her position, sitting up and wrapping her powerful legs around Alyson’s waist. Alyson screamed again, as Charisma tightened her scissors lock and breast lock. She continued squeezing Alyson’s breasts. Charisma was now in complete control and knew it. As she continued squeezing Alyson’s breasts, she adjusted her position again and rolled Alyson so that she was now on top of the redhead. With Alyson on her stomach and Charisma on top, Charisma released her legs, let go of Alyson’s breasts and started pushing Alyson’s head into the pavement. Alyson made a few futile attempts to grab Charisma’s head so that she could put her in another headlock and perhaps roll the brunette off. However, she couldn’t reach Charisma’s head.

After grinding Alyson’s face into the pavement, Charisma let go and rolled Alyson onto her back. Charisma grabbed Alyson’s wrists and pinned her to the ground. Alyson tried moving her arms so she could free them and throw Charisma off. However, Charisma was much stronger than Alyson realized and the punishment she had taken had sapped her of a lot of her strength. When Alyson was unable to free her arms, she started bucking and kneeing the brunette, who obviously knew how to fight and was in complete control. Charisma gave Alyson a hard smack, which caused Alyson to scream. Charisma started slapping Alyson at a furious pace with lefts and rights, occasionally slapping her with the back of her hand. Alyson managed to free her hands and cover her face.

Sarah Michelle, turned to Eliza and said, “I can’t believe how badly Alyson’s gettin’ beat. Maybe we overestimated her.”

Eliza laughed and said, “Maybe.”

Meanwhile, Charisma started taunting Alyson, “Who said you could fight? You’re a wimp. Why don’t you throw me off?”

As blood streamed from Alyson’s nose, lips, and mouth, the redhead grabbed Charisma’s chest and started squeezing. Now it was Charisma’s turn to scream. Charisma grabbed Alyson’s hands and tried to pry them loose. Alyson held on for all she was worth. She started to roll Charisma off, however, just as Alyson was about to throw Charisma off, the brunette managed to shift her weight, giving her the leverage she needed to put Alyson back on her back. The redhead continued to squeeze Charisma’s tits, occasionally moving Charisma as if she was going to throw her off. However, Charisma would continue to recover her dominant position at the last minute.

Finally realizing she could not remove the redhead’s hands from her sore breasts, Charisma grabbed Alyson’s breasts and started squeezing. The two Amazons squeezed each other’s breasts for about thirty seconds. However, Alyson was weakening and finally let go of Charisma’s breasts. Charisma, now having the advantage again, squeezed and clawed Alyson’s breasts until the redhead could no longer tolerate the pain. She finally screamed, “I give! I give!”

Charisma released her hold and got off her fallen foe. As she got off her beaten foe, she planted her foot in the pit of Alyson’s stomach. Looking at the female cast members she grinned and said, “She’s a pussy. Anyone else want a shot? I’m ready!”

When no one answered, Charisma sneered. “That’s what I thought. What about it Sarah? You’ve learned how to fight. Why don’t you show me what you’ve got?”

Sarah Michelle never moved. Charisma looked at her female rivals and said, “You all disgust me. I’m out of here.” She then turned and left.

As Alyson slowly started to sit up she was still sobbing, “That bitch can’t do that to me. I’m going to get her and show her I’m tougher than her. She was lucky. I can take her any day of the week.”

Eliza looked at Alyson’s face and shook her head, “Lucky hell! She kicked your ass. You’re a bloody mess. Why didn’t you tell her how tough you were before she left? Actions speak louder than words, Alyson, or should I call you Willow?”

“You wanna see what I have Dushku?” Alyson asked angrily.

“I doubt you can beat any of us, but I wanted to kick your ass for a while and now I have my chance. Let’s go Hannigan,” Eliza answered.

Alyson got up slowly and it was obvious to Eliza that Alyson was still shaky. Eliza had five targets to shoot for: Alyson’s two sore tits and her bloodied nose, lips and mouth. When Alyson was finally on her feet, Eliza attacked, leaping at the last second and hitting Alyson on the side of her neck. She followed with a left and a right to Alyson sore breasts.

Despite the pain from her throbbing breasts and the fact that she’d been weakened badly by Charisma, Alyson was angrier than she’d ever. As Eliza moved in to grab Alyson’s hair, the redhead kicked her in the shins, then hit her flush on the jaw with a hard right. Eliza grabbed her jaw and Alyson delivered two more kicks to Eliza’s shins then three lefts and three rights to Eliza’s breasts.

Eliza screamed in anguish, turned and began to run and the tall redhead took off after her. Alyson was a much better athlete than her younger, smaller foe and easily caught the brunette despite the fact she was wearing heels and Eliza was in sneakers. She caught Eliza by her dark hair and yanked her over backward. Eliza screamed as Alyson held her hair with her left hand, planted her knee in Eliza’s back, and pulled her head backwards so that the brunette’s body was bent like a pretzel.

The redhead reached over Eliza’s shoulder and drove several hard right handed chops to her breasts before she grabbed Eliza’s tee shirt and ripped it off. As Eliza fell back, she quickly managed to cover her bosom with both arms.

Alyson grabbed Eliza by her hair, lifted her to her feet and maneuvered behind the brunette where she pounded several hard punches into Eliza’s back. Then she spun the brunette back around and started throwing rights and lefts at the tough talking Eliza’s face and breasts. Eliza tried to cover up but she was defenseless against her tougher foe. After Alyson landed ten unanswered punches, Eliza went down.

Alyson looked down at her fallen foe and asked, “Well Eliza, do you want some more of me?”

Now it was Eliza sobbing uncontrollably as Alyson put her foot on her chest and pushed her down, then raised her hands in the air, smiled down and wiggled her foot on the brunette’s chest then said, “Get up and finish the fight!”

Eliza didn’t make any effort to get up, so Alyson looked down on her beaten foe and asked, “So, you still think Charisma’s tougher than me? We’ll see if Charisma can get lucky again. She got the worst of it, not me. She was lucky. Next time I’ll take her apart and it will be soon.”

Alyson turned to the rest of the onlookers and asked, “Anyone else think they can take me?”

When no one answered she added, “Tell Charisma this isn’t over. I owe her big time.”

She took her foot off Eliza’s chest but as the fiery redhead turned to walk away, Mercedes smiled an evil grin and said, “I can’t wait for round two. She got her ass kicked and I bet she gets it kicked again next time.”
4-Charisma Carpenter vs. Alyson Hannigan (Rematch) by Bob

A month passed after the fight and Alyson had carefully avoided Charisma both on and off the set. Although the female cast members didn’t say anything to Alyson, they talked behind her back about how the redhead boasted Charisma was lucky and how she’d take her apart, yet she’d gone out of her way to avoid seeing the brunette.

All were careful about what they said because they saw how easily Alyson beat Eliza and most of them feared the streetwise Eliza might do to them what Charisma did to Alyson and Alyson did to her. Alyson could sense her fellow cast members were laughing at her behind her back and, despite the fact she was sure the brunette was lucky, there was still some doubt as to whether or not she would really do any better if they fought again.

Alyson started working out more intensely than ever as she kept thinking about the beating Charisma gave her. Every time she replayed the fight in her mind she saw herself winning and thought about her fatal mistake. While working out, Alyson made sure that she did a lot of kick-boxing. She knew she and Charisma would battle again and wasn’t about to lose again.

Ironically, for some reason Charisma seemed to change after the fight. Alyson couldn’t figure out if Charisma was afraid of her or setting her up for another fight or if the brunette had really changed. Whatever, she seemed to be much nicer and was the lone female celebrity who now was getting along with the other females on the show.

However, Alyson had never lost a fight before and she was having a lot of trouble dealing with the fact she’d lost to the brunette. She had made a mistake by not doing more damage when she had Charisma in a headlock but the next time she’d challenge the brunette and capitalize on her strength. She also had plans for a few cast members after she got her revenge on Charisma. Mercedes McNab would be the first to learn the redhead wasn’t to be messed with.

Finally the day arrived after Charisma ad-libbed a few cutting remarks and as the director announced it was time for a fifteen minute break, the redhead turned to the lovely brunette and said, “Back lot. Me and you.”

“Okay big mouth, it’s me and you. I guess you didn’t learn anything in our last fight.”

Alyson put her hands on her hips and defiantly said, “I learned plenty! This time I’m gonna to finish you off when I get you down.”

Charisma smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

The two divas exited followed by a large group of cast members and stage hands. When they got to the area of the fight, the spectators formed a large circle. Alyson and Charisma started circling each other and much to Alyson’s surprise, Charisma threw a right hand, which landed on Alyson’s chin. Before Alyson could react, Charisma threw another right to her chin. The punches hurt, but Alyson wasn’t going to be denied a chance to gain some revenge.

Alyson quickly countered, throwing a left-right combination, both punches hitting home to Charisma’s nose. Alyson continued her assault, landing five more hard punches. The brunette had been taken by surprise but she tried fighting back, throwing several punches, all of which Alyson easily blocked. Then Alyson rocked Charisma with a right to the stomach, causing the brunette to grab her stomach and double over.

Alyson sensing her chance. She grabbed the Charisma’s hair and pulled her head forward and started kneeing her, alternating rights and lefts, catching Charisma in the face and stomach. Each time Charisma’s legs would buckle and she’d start to go to her knees, Alyson yanked Charisma’s brunette hair to keep her from falling. After a minute of hard kneeing, Alyson hair-hauled the brunette’s head between her legs and started squeezing with all her might as Charisma sank slowly to her knees.

The cast were screaming loudly, cheering Alyson on as she continued squeezing Charisma’s head between her legs. Then she leaned forwards and started punching Charisma in the back. After fifteen punches, she released her painful vice-like grip and watched her hated foe slump to the ground on her stomach. Alyson stood over her for several seconds, then reached down and ripped the brunette’s dress off. Tossing it aside, she grabbed a handful of brunette hair again and dragged Charisma to her feet. The redheaded beauty moved behind her as she continued to pull the brunette’s hair, then brought a foot up and planted her heel in the small of Charisma’s back. Grinding her heel into Charisma’s back, Alyson continued pulling her hair.

Alyson held Charisma like that for more than thirty seconds before releasing her and letting Charisma fell to the ground. The redhead stood off to the side of Charisma and kicked her in the ribs several times, laughing with each groan and moan from Charisma’s mouth.

Alyson turned to her fellow cast members and said, “Looks like the fight’s over.” Then shoved her foot in Charisma’s face and told her to, “Kiss it.”

Charisma was weak from the beating and she struggled just to get to her knees. However, once on her knees, she grabbed Alyson’s foot and tried to bite it.

“Oh. So you haven’t had enough yet!”

Alyson held Charisma’s hair as she kicked her in the mouth with the same foot she’d ordered Charisma to kiss. Once again, Charisma fell to the ground and this time Alyson stood behind Charisma, grabbed her legs and started dragging her around the lot on her belly and chest until Charisma screamed, “All right, dammit! I’ll kiss your foot.”

Alyson dropped Charisma’s legs, grabbed the brunette’s hair, lifted her head and said, “Too late! Both feet.”

Determined to torment the brunette, Alyson kicked off her heels, slowly lifted Charisma’s head by her hair and put the bottom of her right foot on Charisma’s mouth.

“Lick the bottom first - then kiss it!”

Charisma obeyed Alyson’s order, then Alyson raised her left foot and again commanded, “Lick it and then kiss it.”

Again Alyson did as she was told. When Charisma finished, Alyson put her left foot near Charisma’s mouth one last time and said, “Again!”

Having no choice, Charisma did as she was told and everyone cheered loudly as Alyson pumped her fist in the air.

Finally, Alyson turned her back to Charisma, bent over and said, “Now my ass.”

When Charisma hesitated, Alyson repeated, this time with an edge to her voice, “Kiss my ass - or else!”

Fearful Alyson would resume the fight if she didn’t; Charisma leaned forward and did as Alyson commanded. Then Alyson grabbed Charisma’s legs and dragged her beaten foe out of the way for what was about to happen next.

Alyson turned to her cast members and asked, “Who’s next?” No one answered so Alyson pointed to Mercedes McNab and said, “No volunteers? Then it’s you!”

The blonde stammered and protested, “I .... I can’t beat you.”

Alyson laughed, “Too bad. Because we ARE gonna fight!”

She started moving toward the blonde bombshell and when Mercedes slowly started backing up Alyson told her, “You said a lot behind my back after Charisma beat me. Now it’s time to pay for your smart-ass remarks. You can back up all you want, but I’m faster and I’ll catch you.”

Mercedes stopped backing up and, realizing she couldn’t avoid a fight, lowered her head and charged the redhead. Her attack caught Alyson by surprise and unprepared to defend herself. She doubled over grabbing her stomach, and went down as Mercedes head-butted her belly. Mercedes knew she could only beat Alyson by catching her by surprise and capitalizing on her sneak attack. She quickly moved to where Alyson was lying down and stood over her, waiting for the redhead to get up. Just as Alyson started to get up, Mercedes kicked her in the chest, knocking Alyson over backward. Mercedes stepped behind the redhead and ripped off own halter top, then twisted the halter and waited for Alyson to get up again. When Alyson raised her head, Mercedes wrapped her halter around Alyson’s throat and pulled as tight as she could. Alyson began to gasp for air as Mercedes continued to choke her, occasionally giving the redhead a hard kick to her back. Alyson was unable to defend herself.

Realizing she was in a position to beat the tall redhead, Mercedes tightened her grip on her halter and dragged Alyson to her feet. As soon as she had Alyson up, Mercedes started kneeing her in the back and ass. She continued to knee her as Alyson struggled to pull Mercedes’ halter from her neck and free herself. She continued trying to pry the halter from her neck but Mercedes held on tight.

Finally realizing she wasn’t going to get the halter away from Mercedes, Alyson reached back and dug her nails into Mercedes face. She screamed as Alyson continued to dig her nails into her face until she could feel blood running down her face. Still, Mercedes wasn’t about to give up her advantage.

Alyson could feel Mercedes weakening and the halter loosening, so she raked Mercedes face one more time , then grabbed her long blonde hair. As Alyson pulled hard on Mercedes hair, she bent forward and flipped Mercedes over her. Mercedes landed on her back at Alyson’s feet and Alyson stomped her right foot down onto Mercedes face.

Mercedes screamed, “You broke my nose you bitch.”

Alyson laughed, “Yes, I did,” then stomped down on Mercedes face one more time.

She looked down at Mercedes, surprised that the blonde was making an effort to get up. She was obviously a tougher bitch than Alyson figured and could take some punishment. As Mercedes got to her knees, Alyson was still behind her and she grabbed Mercedes’ hair and slammed her back down on the ground, then mounted the blonde bitch.

As she sat on Mercedes stomach, Alyson ripped off Mercedes’ bra and delivered a hard left to her right breast, followed by a hard right to Mercedes’ left breast. As Mercedes body quivered in reaction to the two painful punches, Alyson raked her sharp claws over both bare breasts! Mercedes could sense that she was bleeding and she recalled Charisma had beaten Alyson in their first fight when she dug her heels into Alyson’s legs.

Mercedes tried to move her legs so she could use her heels as weapons, but no matter how she moved her legs, she was unable to use her heels as weapons because they couldn’t reach Alyson. Finally Mercedes tried a desperation move, bucking like a maniac. Her bucking took Alyson by surprise and she went flying off. But Alyson was able to get to her feet before Mercedes could mount her and the two combatants now stood face to face, looking into the other’s eyes.

Surprisingly Alyson didn’t see any fear in Mercedes’ eyes as she threw a left hand, which caught Mercedes behind her right ear. Mercedes countered, catching Alyson under the left breast with a hard right. Alyson gasped and took a backward step but as Mercedes stepped toward her, Alyson snapped her foot up in an effort to kick Mercedes. Much to her surprise, Mercedes grabbed her foot, lifting it higher and higher until Alyson tumbled over backward!

Mercedes let go of Alyson’s foot so as not to fall herself and as soon as Alyson hit the ground, Mercedes reached down and ripped off Alyson’s red dress. She quickly mounted Alyson, ripped away the redhead’s white bra and landed five punches to Alyson’s face. When Alyson tried to cover her face, Mercedes landed several quick left-rights to Alyson’s bare breasts bringing squeals of pain from the shocked redhead.

Realizing she HAD to protect her sore and tender melons, Alyson shielded her breasts with her hands and let Mercedes smack her on the chin with a hard left-right combination before she moved down and sat on Alyson’s knees. Alyson saw this as a chance to throw Mercedes off but she was in a lot of pain and had been weakened by the punishment Mercedes had dished out. Once again, Mercedes went to work, pounding her fists down into Alyson’s groin and the redhead screamed with each punch until her body went limp.

Mercedes looked at the redhead, who was motionless, her eyes closed. Then she looked at Charisma, who had just regained consciousness.

Charisma told her, “Take off her panties and stockings. Use ‘em to tie and gag her.”

The blonde looked at other cast members they all nodded in agreement. She quickly removed all of Alyson’s undergarments with Charisma’s help and when they were done, Alyson was lying on the ground with her hands tied behind her back with one of her stockings; her legs bound and pulled up at the knees with the stocking tying her hands wrapped around the one used to tie her legs. Alyson’s panties were stuffed in her mouth.

The cast returned to the set and the first question from the director was, “Where’s Alyson?”

Charisma laughed and said, “She’ll be unable to shoot this afternoon. She’s all tied up.”

After cast members stopped laughing, the producer looked at Mercedes face and asked, “What happened to you?”

Before she could answer, the director looked at Charisma and asked, “And what happened to you?”

Mercedes shrugged and giggled, “I may LOOK horrible, but I FEEL great.”

Realizing he wasn’t going to find out where Alyson was and since Charisma and Mercedes were in no condition to resume shooting, the director suggested they call it a day and go home. Mercedes and Charisma spent a lot of time in their respective dressing rooms getting cleaned up but then they decided to go out together for a few drinks. It was going to be a great night to celebrate for one of them and a great night to forget for the other.
5-Mercedes McNab vs. Alyson Hannigan (rematch) by Bob

As Charisma and Mercedes relaxed in the dressing room, Charisma said, “She’s going to be looking for a rematch. She did the same thing to me and she was much tougher the second time we fought.”

Mercedes looked at her new friend, “She can try any time she wants. I was afraid of her but no more. Besides, now that we’re friends you can watch my back.”

Charisma nodded, “And I’ve got you to watch mine. I heard that Juliette went back to help Alyson; got clothes for her, untied her, even drove her home. Looks like Alyson and Juliette are forming an alliance. Juliette has been wanting to fight me for awhile but my guess is after she saw me kick Alyson’s ass she won’t be looking for any trouble, at least for a while.”

Just then, Alyson pulled into her parking space, turned to Juliette, she said, “Just like I got revenge against Charisma I’m gonna get revenge against Mercedes. I can’t believe she beat me.”

Juliette was starting to get annoyed with her new friend and wondered if she should have helped her, “Drop it Alyson, that’s all you’ve talked about the fight. Are you gonna to take her on tonight or are you gonna wait a little while?”

“I’m going to wait a few weeks. I want Mercedes to think about what she did and let her get her head get bigger than it already is. Then, when the time is right, I’ll get her.”

A month passed and just as Alyson had worked out intensely after losing to Charisma she worked out harder than ever for Mercedes, this time practicing boxing. Now however, unlike last time, she had a partner. She and Juliette worked out together and as they worked out they got stronger and stronger. Finally the time had come! Alyson walked into Mercedes’ dressing room and issued a challenge.

“You want me, you’ve got me,” Mercedes replied. “But why wait, let’s do it right here and now, just you and me. Shooting for today might have to wait, although I plan to finish you pretty quickly.”

No sooner had Mercedes got the last word out of her mouth than Alyson grabbed her by her blonde hair, pulled her head forward and started kicking her in the stomach. With each kick, Mercedes’ body lifted off her feet. After kicking the blonde beauty several times, Alyson let go of her hair. Much to her surprise, the blonde was still on her feet but even more shocking was the fact that Mercedes grabbed Alyson’s hair and started kicking HER in the stomach!

Mercedes kicks were hard and Alyson grimaced with each one. Mercedes finally stopped kicking Alyson, but she immediately slapped her across the mouth with her right hand, which sent Alyson flying back. Mercedes followed her, using her right leg to sweep Alyson’s legs out from under her and Alyson went down hard on the back of her head. Wasting no time, Mercedes jumped on the redhead, grabbed her hair and banged the redhead’s head on the floor as Alyson screamed. Still holding her hair, Mercedes slammed Alyson’s head against the floor three more times.

As Alyson lay dizzy and dazed, Mercedes ripped off Alyson’s white blouse, then the redhead’s black lace bra and started to work over Alyson’s firm tits, landing punch after punch. Not only wasn’t the redhead fighting back, she wasn’t even trying to defend herself. Mercedes was on the verge of giving the redhead another savage beating and her only regret was that none of her fellow cast members were there to witness how easily she was dominating Alyson. But she vowed they’d hear all about it from her and she planned to parade Alyson in front of them to show how Alyson’s spirit had been destroyed.

Of course, the blonde beauty would have to land a few punches to Alyson’s pretty face so that the cast members would know how easily she’d beaten her hated rival. But first, there was some unfinished business. Mercedes reached behind her, grabbed Alyson’s plaid skirt and ripped it off, leaving the discombobulated redhead in only a pair of white panties but Mercedes would change that in a few more seconds!

Alyson was still on her back, not making any attempt to get the blonde off her but just to be on the safe side, Mercedes landed two hard rights to her stomach. Although Alyson wasn’t fighting back, her body spasmed every time the blonde’s fists drove into her rock-hard stomach. Thinking she had inflicted enough pain on Alyson, the blonde ripped off the redhead’s panties.

Now it was time to work on her face! The blonde assassin started throwing rights and lefts to Alyson’s face and with each one her entire body would jerk and quiver. The redhead wasn’t looking so attractive anymore; both eyes had started to swell and blacken, her nose was bleeding and swelling but surprisingly Alyson wasn’t crying and was still conscious.

Frustrated that Alyson hadn’t given up yet, Mercedes got off, bent down, lifted Alyson by the hair and started spinning her around. After swinging her around several times, Mercedes let go and watched as Alyson’s body hit the wall headfirstl. Alyson toppled over backward, landing hard on the floor and hitting the back of her head - out cold! Alyson wouldn’t challenge Mercedes anymore!

Oh, Juliette may still try to goad her into a fight, but if she did, Mercedes was confident that she could tear Juliette apart. And, as long as she and Charisma were friends, no one would bother her either of them. A short time after the series of fights, Charisma was told her services were no longer required on ‘Buffy’ but rather than fire her, she was being transferred to the cast of ‘Angel,’ a Buffy spin-off while both Mercedes and Juliette were let go outright.